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Welcome to GumshoeRPG, where we discuss anything Gumshoe RPG system related! Questions/Thoughts/Hype? Let us know by submitting a post and commenting! You might be wondering, what is Gumshoe? Well, Gumshoe is an RPG system that focuses on investigation. Do you like mysteries, solving puzzles and focus more on social interactions? Then Gumshoe may be the best system for you!

2023.06.05 15:30 KBOG- Engineering/SWE Career Crisis!! Help

TL;DR: Anyone in the dmv area know best way to go about getting a swe role using Yale experience in CS and EE so that I can support fam at home/use that experience to transition to bigger companies
Spent the last 4 years studying CS and EE(joint major with a focus on robotics) only to find that the industry is much more niche than I thought and very hard to get into. I did research and gov't IT contracting internships over my summers because I was just focusing on classes and didn't understand how important internships were. Everyone said u learn on the job and I thought the Yale name would get me in the door but that doesn't seem to be the case. I'd keep grinding for an opportunity in robotics but have found out a most companies in my area(Virginia) are just gov't contractors that just abuse international students status and overwork them/culture is much very toxic compared to other industries so going through a massive career crisis right now.
Hoping to pivot into SWE but companies only seem to invest in potential during internships and Yale name doesn't mean much relative to experience. SWE also seems oversaturated right now and economy is terrible too so not a lot of opportunities. Thought i'd be fine cause friends were going through the same thing but just realized they have family connections to get them in and i'm FGLI so not an option for me.
Anyone here know of any software companies in the dmv that take chances on underrepresented new grads/programs that make it easier to get a foot in so that I can then grind to keep my spot? don't need 6 figures but even making 70 would go a long way in helping pops retire
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2023.06.05 15:29 octobahn Pay off the house; not funding 401K

Hi all,
I don't mean this post to be more of a question than a statement. I'm interested in feedback but not a debate. Also, I won't be sharing too much in background information so please bear with me.
Since mid-2021, I've been refocusing my financial efforts to paying off the house. There are a number of reasons which I won't go into except a couple of reasons being peace of mind and I hate work. Starting balance was ~$300K in mid-2021. Through a combination of lump sum and additional monthly principal payments, I managed to bring that balance down to ~$160K. Probably unsurprisingly, I have a spreadsheet where I manage all these payments. If I stick to the payment plan I've laid out, I should be paid off by mid-2027 with a total savings of ~$112K in interest.
As I see the fruits of my efforts, I've come to a point where I think I'm going to want to push harder to bring in the payoff date. To do this, I'm going to have to pull funds from my fairly meager trading account as well as lowering my 401K contributions. Yes, I understand compounding and playing the long game, and no, I don't plan to touch my rainy day funds. I just want to be as debt-free as possible, not have my life tied to a job, and be set up to start saving and investing again in a handful of years. I'm in my early 50's, and at a point where I feel like if I don't do this now, I may not have the opportunity later.
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2023.06.05 15:28 pastoreddy Advice: Reverse Familiar Warforged Hexblade Warlock

(Posted this in the wrong place first so apologies if you've already seen it)
Hey, so I'm looking for some advice on a cool build I'm working on with my DM. The basic idea is that my character is originally an Eladrin Elf Artificer (yes, its Tony Star) from the Fey who has been exiled from his clan, but one of the gods has given himself a chance to prove himself & be restored by becoming a hero. However, to do so he has been exiled into our world as a Fairy.
To make things harder, the idea (Reverse Familiar) will be that he has used Pact of the Chain with a Warforged & in doing so the Fairy now exists as a 2hp Sprite - whilst the Warforged gets all the main stats. If the Warforged dies he must repair it (re-summon) but is exposed as a 2hp Sprite during that time. If the Sprite takes 4 damage or more he is permadead. He will be housed inside the Warforged chest but from Level 3 (once PotC kicks in properly) the Warforged can be operated without him having to be inside, if he wants. The idea will be that for other PCs and NPCs, the Warforged is the character who has a Sprite familiar - but in reality the Fairy is the Sprite and is in control.
My DM uses starting stats of 16 14 12 10 10 8 or 16 16 14 10 8 6. He also allows you to choose your Ability for most 2/1 boost Races - and gives an option of a mega boost - a +4 to one but -1 to another. I'm going to go for a Hexblade build, particularly as it allows Medium Armour & the Warforged's primary purpose is to protect the Sprite. It will have a Feylost background but my DM's given me permission to switch Survival to any other Proficiency if I want.
Any suggestions on how to build the character? Thinking particular of how to distribute its original stats, what to look for proficiencies in (including Feats), what weapons to use & what spells / invocations to go for? As said, at L3 I'm honour bound to choose PotC. I will be looking to be able to fight close quarters though am open to suggestions re: a crossbow.
Final point; we have just finished a campaign where a number of the other (first time) players joined halfway through and began at Level 6 - so my DM is keen to give the group a flavour of 'you're basically farmers with sticks at level 1.' So we will not be starting with weapons and armour and will need to build up.
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2023.06.05 15:27 Beneficial-Hat-9050 I lost the genetic lottery and want to accept to live the rest of my life without a romantic relationship.

I am not at all a woman who is conventianally attractive by society standards.
I am genetically inferior because i am too short (5'1) which was a major deal breaker for all the men i met, no matter what height they are. I am also of arabic desent, which even worsens my case.
I wasn't so popular in HS. In fact I was constantly bullied by both girls and boys. At one point one bully genuinely tried to kill me by "accident".
I was never felt desirable in any shape or form.
In my 20s the only men who had "interest" in me were the "pump and dump" types, which i could luckily spot way before it was too late.
I was never picked to be a girlfriend in the full term. According to them I am not enough for them to meet my/their parents .
I have also been lied to about the idea that men care about women's kindness than about their appearance. I've been told to remain virgin until mariage because thats what makes a "good" wife. I was raised by two parents who were very poor in the beginning and they taught me that I should look past a man's finances and focus on who he is.They also tauht me other good values like loyalty and nurture and compassion and patience.
However, when i hear men claim they hate goldiggers and abusers and cheaters, I just find it harder to believe them because they still go for those women. And still prefer them just because they are tall and pretty.
I felt lied to my entire life. and I no longer can trust society/men at this point.
I will soon be 32 and I am at a point of my life where I am sick and tired of being gaslight into thinking that there is someone for me, because there isn't. Even if there was, he is probably ran out of his options and just wants a bangmaid by settling for a shortie like me.
I refuse to be treated as men's last option, I want to be at peace of staying alone forever. Which is why I am asking you what can I do to develop a framework of life where the existence of a boyfirend/husband is not necessary.
I always dreamed of getting married and found a family, ever since I was 6 years old. And I am aware that this won't happen because of my appearance, no matter how fit and healthy I am, now matter how kind, empathetic and loyal I am.
I am also aware that removing that longtime-wished dream is very difficult. If you have been throught the same thing, how did you do to forget about dating life and live a fulfilling existence?
Thank you in advance.
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2023.06.05 15:27 AutoModerator [Download Course] Allie Bjerk – Tiny Offer Lab (

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2023.06.05 15:27 Teasodas Advice for a lost student?

Hey guys, I am at a bit of a loss at the moment and thought I would ask for a bit of advice from you all. Sorry in advance, I think this might be a long post.
I am a first year at university, not doing anything in particular. Right now I am doing a course that I thought I would like, but after trying it out it’s boring especially because it is really tedious and has mediocre prospects (maxing out at maybe 100-110k after years).
I was looking to switch into another degree that looks good for the future and will pay better in a field that I have a mild amount of interest in, but it is very academic and the courses I will need to take are not my strong suit and seem very tedious as well.
I am now considering doing a shorter degree that will basically get me into the same career. It seems less tedious and I have a similarly mild interest in it though, it is quite competitive and lots of people in this degree seem to have a strong vested interest/experience playing around with software (compsci). The only things I have done are automate some tasks and attempt to build a website when I was younger.
I didn’t do any particularly difficult subjects in highschool, and while I revised maybe a month or two before exams, I couldn’t bring myself to do any insane study. I am not an especially gifted student, nor do I have a great work ethic and I have never gotten outstanding grades. The topics and subjects that I used to find interesting quickly became mind numbing as I went through highschool and I just did it because I had to. I ended up with a 90’s ATAR (99.5 adjusted for subjects), again, my subjects weren’t demanding compared to my peers who took mostly STEM classes.
Now after graduating, I have no strong interest in any field really, but if I had to pick I would move into some kind of tech degree just so I can be over with it and start making leeway on my career sooner rather than later. I would much rather be uninterested and making some money than uninterested and unsuccessful. I think if I can settle down on a degree without looking at other options I could maybe focus a bit and be feel less discouraged. I have always been okay with tech and could probably do fine, though then I would have to pick a specialisation and I don’t know what to pick.
Everything feels very daunting at the moment, not just school/career wise, but even just waking up and going outside (I am usually a relatively social person). Honestly, I am just going through the motions of life for now and I can’t want to be done with school and work forever.
I cringe at the thought of staying where I am right now and racking up HECS debt mucking around doing a degree I know I will switch out of. I have exams coming up that I cannot for the life of me bring myself to revise because they will be useless when I change courses and are difficult because I let myself not study for the past who knows how long.
I don’t want to take a gap year because I hate the thought of everyone else progressing while I stay put, and I know I would be significantly happier if I could choose a degree without second thoughts. I feel like every second I don’t decide I am falling further behind. Plus, I don’t have much in savings and would probably get kicked out if i dropped university as I am not in good terms with the fam.
TLDR: I am a student having trouble committing to a degree and would like advice on if a compsci degree is a good idea for someone generally unmotivated, but thinks it’s kind of fun to make little bots/automated tasks and wants to make decent money in the future.
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2023.06.05 15:26 engineereng Where to go from here? - Career Advice

Hi everyone!
I'm currently a data engineer working student at a company, as well as finishing my master's degree. My bachelor's was in civil engineering and my master's now is more focused on IT and CS. I picked up a lot of machine learning experience and I did multiple projects with it for school and personal stuff; however, I would say my data engineering skills are more industry proven since I used it at work.
I would like to widen my future job opportunities pool and I don't know where to start. I was considering trying to check out Javascript and go a bit more deep into that area, maybe do some small courses and then create a project and post it onto my github. What do you guys recommend? Should I try out the software development route, or should I just stick to what I know and remain in the field of data eng/science?
For context these are some of the skills I consider myself proficient at during my 1 year internship/working student experience:
Python Apache Spark Apache Kafka Azure Data Factory Databricks TensorFlow/PyTorch Linux Docker REST API Github Actions
And I'm trying to target the german market. This might be relevant because most of Germany use microsoft based products (i.e., Azure)
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2023.06.05 15:25 EX-Bronypony after everything that happened, i have higher expectations for Mobirate going into next update. what are you expecting?

after everything that happened, i have higher expectations for Mobirate going into next update. what are you expecting? submitted by EX-Bronypony to DeadAhead [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 15:25 CoralWiggler I’m pretty sure one of my players is cheating rolls—how do I approach?

For reference, my group and I play online because we’re spread out across the country. A couple of my players use the online tool, and the rest use in-life dice. Generally this is not an issue, and I typically trust that they accurately relay their dice rolls even though I can’t verify.
However, lately, I’ve noticed one player has… unusually good dice rolls. I started noticing it in a one shot run by one of our players, where most of the parties average dice roll (meaning less modifiers, which was around +3 to +4 in most instances) was around a 10-12. Makes sense, right? This player was averaging a 16-18. Now, I understand probability states that can happen, but even so, his lowest roll with modifier for the whole session was a 19. It was improbably high, because we were doing a lot of rolling. He’s one that is rolling physical dice, so we can’t immediately spot check.
But whatever, it was a one-shot. Then I started noticing it in the campaign—he was averaging super high rolls even once you account for the modifier. It’s doubly frustrating because he’s a power gamer & very slightly a rules lawyer as well, so he’s already difficult to work around since most of the group isn’t focused on making super optimized builds & content to roll with rule of cool here and there.
I’m not sure how to address this. I don’t have hard proof that he’s cheating on his rolls, but circumstantial evidence certainly points to it. I’m not sure that asking all them to roll in the app without giving any kind of reasoning would be a great idea either—I feel like I essentially would be obligated after discussion to say I think it’s because one of them is cheating. I also don’t particularly want to “reverse cheat” because then that player is going to feel targeted and that may potentially punish the other players. Any advice would be appreciated!
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2023.06.05 15:25 FordMan100 A question doesn't cost anything to ask. Not asking can cost you.

A question doesn't cost anything to ask. Not asking can cost you.
Last week I called Metro to ask for a refund of my prepaid service that I paid 10 days before due to switching carriers. I posted here asking if anyone received a refund as I was told I would by.Metro. The overwhelming responses were that I wouldn't receive a refund. One person even said I was stupid to switch before the billing cycle was near. Well I switched to Visible at 35 dollars a month and the last day of the promo was May 31 so that would save me 300 dollars a year making it worth the switch even if I wasn't going to get a refund according to all the naysayers. Well not only did Metro give me a refund but they gave me a full refund even after 10 days had passed into the new prepaid billing cycle. So if you don't think that a prepaid service will not give a refund, think again. If you don't ask for one you won't get one but if you do ask it doesn't cost you a dime and you might just get the refund even though others say you won't. Perhaps they say you won't because they never asked. Well maybe they should ask first and answer later instead of assuming. A picture is worth a thousand words, this photo is worth 60 dollars in my bank account. 😁
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2023.06.05 15:23 rleitee Fear of Judgment: How It's Hindering My Performance, Limiting My Life, and Affecting My Mental Health

Hello, I'm an 18-year-old male living in Brazil, and lately, I've been struggling with my emotions. To be honest, I lack confidence when it comes to achieving the level of performance I desire. While I have no trouble making friends or expressing myself, I'm more fragile than I appear.
Ever since I was young, I've found it difficult to voice my true desires, fearing that I would be the cause of someone's anger or disappointment. I experience a great deal of anxiety and discomfort when someone expresses anger, even if it's not directed at me. Unfortunately, this has spilled over into other aspects of my life.
Recently, I've been trying to distance myself from a certain friend whose reactions were having a negative impact on me. He never accepts being wrong and turns every conversation into a logical argument where you have to defend your point. If things don't go his way, he becomes indignant. This process of distancing is still ongoing, and just thinking about it brings about anxiety. I worry about what he might say to me, how he will try to prove me wrong, make a big deal out of it, or use my past words against me. I've been friends with him for nine years, and although this behavior has always been present, it has become increasingly difficult in the last three years. Usually, things normalize over time, so I tend to forget about it and move on. However, I now realize how much it has affected me because his narcissism has eroded my already diminished confidence. Presently, I lack the courage to end the friendship, and I don't even feel justified in being upset about the relationship.
But what truly troubles me is what I mentioned at the beginning of this message—this lack of self-confidence severely hampers my ability to perform well in my activities. I'm an eSports player with considerable gaming experience, but the gaming community can be toxic. Despite everyone telling me to "just ignore it," I find it difficult to do so. Insults and encounters with people who have insulted me in the past paralyze me. I struggle to express what's going on in my mind. It's not that I'm afraid of these individuals physically harming me; rather, their presence completely disrupts my performance. I become unable to concentrate, which has a detrimental impact on my gameplay. In order to train, I've resorted to playing on alternate accounts where my identity is unknown, allowing me to disregard any insults. I did this for about a year and managed to reach the twentieth position in the national ranking.
However, this presents a familiar problem—I can't participate in tournaments with alternate accounts due to the risk of being banned. Consequently, I've never been able to perform well in tournaments. Uncontrollable anxiety and fear hinder my focus. The biggest obstacle is my inability to concentrate. I recognize that this isn't my best performance, and it feels as if a spell has been cast upon me. Whenever I encounter people who I know dislike me, negative feelings arise. Despite having a supportive social circle and people who want to see me succeed, I still find myself struggling. Why do I continue to feel this way? How can I overcome it?
It feels as if these individuals hold the power to determine my destiny. Their words have a profound impact on me, whether they declare that "you won't amount to anything," belittle my achievements by saying "anyone could have done what you did," or personally insult me (which has occurred multiple times). Once those remarks enter my mind, they linger for days, weeks, and if I encounter these people again, those emotions resurface, haunting me. I find myself unable to counter their arguments within my own thoughts. It's as if I'm so fragile that when people utter such things, I unconsciously entertain the unsettling notion of "What if they're right?" Even though I don't genuinely believe it, a sense of paralysis and fear constantly engulfs me.
To be honest, I'm exhausted. I'm tired of being at the mercy of other people's judgment, tired of being afraid of others. I simply want to believe in my own potential. I've dedicated years to training, and I've reached a good level in the game (not yet professional, but close). However, it feels like I'm still the same person as before. I can't convince myself that I'm good enough and the same old excuses keep circulating in my mind: "Those who mistreated you are only as good as you are at the game, so you don't receive any credit for your improvement." "Everyone is getting good just as you, sometimes even better" It's a constant battle to overcome these thoughts and recognize my own achievements.
It feels like I'm trapped in a vicious cycle. I lack self-trust, which means that none of my accomplishments truly bring me lasting satisfaction. My mind always fixates on the things that bother me, amplifying their impact and preventing me from performing at my best. This constant state of frustration and disappointment only adds to the difficulty of the situation, making it even harder to break free from this cycle.
I've attempted to tackle these challenges fueled by hate and by trying to overpower my fear, but it hasn't brought me any real satisfaction. Even if it occasionally yields some results, that's not the path I want for my life. I yearn to face my struggles head-on, to grow and improve without anyone's actions hindering me from pursuing what I truly desire, and I don't want to resort to spreading more hate and inflating my ego as a defense mechanism. I believe there must be a better way to navigate these challenges and grow as a person without perpetuating negativity.
However, I find myself lost and unsure of how to cope with these issues. The impact extends beyond my gaming experience and affects other areas of my life, such as my studies and other ambitions. It feels overwhelming, and I'm desperately seeking guidance on how to navigate these obstacles.
If anyone has a suggestion for a Dr. K video that addresses this topic, please share it in the comments. Your input would greatly benefit me. Thank you for taking the time to read my message.
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2023.06.05 15:22 sadkay98 I (f25) dont understand how I keep messing up from my husband's (m25) point of view. I need help.

Hi! I want to start out by saying, my husband and I try to communicate as best we can and are working through our traumas together. That being said, something happened last night that I need to know who the asshole in the situation was because I am not sure.
Hubs and I recently moved in two of our friends, his past coworkers, to help with rent so we can save money to buy a house. Last night, my husband, myself, and one of the roommates (m21) sat down in the living room to play some board games.
Hubs and I have a very playful relationship, but recently since they have moved in..the playful comments and butt smacks have turned into hurtful comments and more like sibling smacks? If that makes sense.
Heres what happened last night to help make this make sense. The three of us were playing life and hubs was making his jokes as usual and i was biting back as usual, he smacked my thigh. No big deal. I backhanded his forehead when he leaned down to spin the wheel. (Mind you, lightly. Enough to make a sound but not enough to hurt. Reminder, we play like this all the time.) He smacks my left arm really hard to the point where it welts and im trying to not cry from the pain. All joy from the night left me as i was focusing on not crying to ruin the mood. He then draws a card and chooses me to be his opponent. The card states "give your best karate chop and spin the wheel" (sounds silly I know) so I give some limp ass chop because my arm is stilm stinging and im trying to pretend im fine to not make things weird with our roommate. Hubs tells me that it wasnt good enough, so I do it again. We do this cycle about 3 times before Im like, I did the best I could, can you please go so we can move forward with the game. He stares at me and wont let it go so I got upset and picked up my pieces and told them to put the game away when theyre done so the dog doesnt eat it and i laid on the couch. (Mind you, I was polite. Had no attitude. I was just embarrassed and felt awkward) I told them I felt awkward now and it was okay for them to continue.
Hubs stands up and says "Nice babe, thanks for ruining game night." Which felt like a punch to the throat. Then gets up and goes to hus computer with our roommate and he says "Well, this is what happens when someone makes everything awkward." And then they hoth laughed..which hurt.
I clean up the game and go to our room to finally let the tears fall. Once I have calmed down, I text my husband and ask him to come tell me goodnight. (Something we do every night no matter what) and he responds saying "I'm okay baby I'd like to be left alone for the rest of the night. Goodnight beautiful I love you ❤️" which seems like great communication but now i feel like im being manipulated after being embarrassed in the living room.
I go into panic mode and have a bunch of anxiety that I dealt with alone and I texted him aplogizing for ruining the night. I guess all I'm asking is for some outside perspective on this specific situation. I dont like involving people I know as things tend to be biased. Thanks for your help.
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2023.06.05 15:22 trahan94 On the Origin of Spells, or, the Descent of Magic

“But it sounds like it was invented while you were at school,” Harry persisted.
”Not necessarily,” said Lupin. “Jinxes go in and out of fashion like everything else.”
Magic existed in the oldest human civilizations:
It’s amazing here in Egypt. Bill’s taken us around all the tombs and you wouldn’t believe the curses those old Egyptian wizards put on them.
And in nature, in certain creatures and plants, presumably before hominids ever spread around the globe.
Magic is old, very old, but never static. Spells go in and out of fashion. Distinct disciplines are discovered, invented, developed, and forgotten. Magic is primordial, like the powers studied at the Department of Mysteries, but the methods used to harness magic evolve constantly. Those methods could generally be called “spells,” but they include other types of enchantments, potions, broomsticks, invisibility cloaks, and other applications of magic.
Magical Common Ancestors
Continuing on an evolution theme, and this gets more tinfoiley, one can start visualizing the structure of a possible magical tree of life. I call this the theory of magical common ancestors. An example could be the Patronus Charm and the magic of the Pensieve. Imagine these share a magical common ancestor that is silver-colored, and based in the power of memories. Memory, under this theory, is a natural, magical force, in the same way that the wind and the rain are, and the same way love and death and fate are. The Patronus Charm and the Pensieve are merely applications of this primordial memory magic.
To create a Patronus, one must focus on a memory:
“And how do you conjure it?”
“With an incantation, which will work only if you are concentrating, with all your might, on a single, very happy memory.”
The memories of the Pensieve are invariably described as silver:
Harry hesitated, glanced at Fawkes, then got up, walked across the office, and pulled open the cabinet door.
A shallow stone basin lay there, with odd carvings around the edge: runes and symbols that Harry did not recognize. The silvery light was coming from the basin’s contents, which were like nothing Harry had ever seen before. He could not tell whether the substance was liquid or gas. It was a bright, whitish silver, and it was moving ceaselessly; the surface of it became ruffled like water beneath wind, and then, like clouds, separated and swirled smoothly. It looked like light made liquid — or like wind made solid — Harry couldn’t make up his mind.
What’s also interesting to me is the amorphous quality. Neither liquid nor gas. Neither formed nor unformed. Able to become distinctly formed when the right conditions are met. Patronuses are described in somewhat similar terms: spewing forth like a spray when weak and when strong, fully formed. These two magical tools are not the same, but maybe they are sourced from the same type of magic.
I wondered too if ghosts are the same, as they are, in a sense, the living memory of a person who died. Ghosts are also described as silver and silvery:
Dotted here and there among the students, the ghosts shone misty silver.

Candles floated in midair all along the tables, illuminating the silvery ghosts who were dotted about the Hall and the faces of the students talking eagerly to one another, exchanging summer news, shouting greetings at friends from other Houses, eyeing one another’s new haircuts and robes.
Both as gases:
One by one, the ghosts floated away through the opposite wall.
And as a liquid:
The ghost patted his arm, giving Harry the sudden, horrible feeling he’d just plunged it into a bucket of ice-cold water.
A ghost wearing a ruff and tights had suddenly noticed the first years.
Yet also appearing transparent and indistinct. I don’t know if ghosts are a manifestation of this primordial memory magic, but it’s fun to think about.
Secret-Keepers and the Chamber of Secrets
Unplottability. When a Secret-Keeper dies, their secret dies with them, or, to put it another way, the status of their secret remains as it was at the moment of their death. Everyone in whom they confided will continue to know the hidden information, but no one else. If I was the Secret-Keeper of my house and told no-one the location, and died, the house would continue to exist but remain hidden indefinitely.
I wonder if the Chamber of Secrets works in a similar way, except that the secret could be accessed by any Heir of Slytherin. A Secret-Keeper can reveal their secret though, and the Heir can give access to the Chamber to anyone. Secrets lose their magic the more people know them, thus Ron is able to get inside the Chamber in Deathly Hallows - he’d been there before with Harry. Likewise, the security of the Fidelius Charm is compromised the moment the secret is shared with multiple people - just ask the Potters. I speculate that the ancient magic that hid the Chamber of Secrets may be a cousin of the complex Fidelius charm. I speculate that they both operate using an older magic, the magic of secrets.
Boggarts, Dementors, and Poltergeists
These three are all unalive spirits. They float, at times invisibly, and they seem to personify certain emotions, fear, depression, and mischief. Are there other spirits like them, for other emotions?
So what?
I don’t know about all this, but it’s fun to speculate. The subjects taught at Hogwarts could be the basic building blocks; Transfiguration for example is quite distinct from other classes, follows fundamental principles, and could descend from a universal transformation magic that governs change.
What are your theories? From whence came magic?
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2023.06.05 15:21 fisted___sister Ewans Eulogy and the Siblings

I’ve been thinking about Ewans Eulogy for Logan and what that suggested for the rest if the family. The part that really resonated with me was the portion where he talks intimately about Logan’s selfishness and his chosen moral bankruptcy.
“He was mean, and he made but a mean estimation of the world and he fed a certain kind of meagreness in men. Perhaps he had to because he had a meagreness about him and maybe I do about me too, I don’t know. I try. I try. I don’t know when but at some point he decided not to try anymore and it was a terrible shame.”
I’m sure this can be interpreted a billion different ways, but the way I read it is that at some point Logan gave up on investing care in humanity, and committed entirely to building his empire while his soul/connection with human beings withered into nothing. But what it also suggests is that at some point Logan did have some of those sentiments, or at least he tried to, and after a long time, succumbed to living the way we saw him.
The reason it stuck with me though is because I think it suggests a bit about the siblings. Had they pulled off the Reverse Viking and continued on in the same vein as their Father, won the control of the company, how would that have changed them?
We already got glimpses of what that enterprise does to their morality/humanity throughout the series but especially in the final season; Kendall, in his mind, potentially compromising his kids safety to shoehorn a 20th century Fascist out of resentment for Shiv and to block the GoJo deal. Then Roman fully embracing some of his already existent Nihilistic nature and saying that “nothing happens” as it relates to democracy and the voice of the American People while he of course also implanted a Neo-Nazi Purist to secure his status as lone CEO. And finally Shiv using her unborn child to maneuver her position with Lukas Mattson in order to land the CEO spot, and then cozying up to Menken, a man who she utterly despises.
The poison has obviously already dripped down.
What I’m hoping canonically, and maybe I’m a romantic, is that with the loss the company/legacy that already began the rot their souls, that the siblings are able to finally try. The way their father failed to do so and committed himself to being a shell of a human.
I think a lot of what Ewan had to say has some resonance for the Siblings. I hope that without their fathers legacy hanging over them, Kendall/Shiv are more committed to their children, and I hope Roman is able to find some self-worth. Can’t imagine, based on what we were given, that they’ll change a whole lot, but really hope they’ll try.
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2023.06.05 15:20 Gbreeder Information About my Higher Self - Etc

Apologies for the spam.
My higher self was one of the first groups of waves of beings to form in one particular matrix. Actually probably the first.
After that, black horned arthropods, bipedal with claws and large teeth - red eyes, celestials with flesh, wings and humanoid forms popped up. Along with many others. Frankly, being a few seconds older than others isn't significant.
Anyways, when these firsts of races were born - Google+ of the firsts of all of these races shot out all over.
"Kings And Queens" seem to refer to these firsts. They're all made up of different sources (the waves have the same sources in similar amounts of energy - you'll have beings that look near identical). It requires at least two sources to make these children. One big orb can't make children because the energy will return to them and a soul won't form.
My higher selves form, has horns, wings, large teeth, a very large hulking form that's said to have the intensity of a soul.
We are mostly energy beings. We have no metals or flesh in us.
We tended to start compressing ourselves into humanoid forms. That's because our forms were killing other beings. Other beings had that effect too.
So, golden hooded fellows whose faces can't be made out. Or ones with armor and developed features.
Our first descendants, were born / formed as humanoids who wouldn't harm others with their energy.
My higher selves one more notable descendants would be known as the Allkuul usually.
Our energy tends to burn away all impurities and toxins. Approaching us and feeling a burning feeling when going for us in certain ways or attacking our attacks. That isn't peoples energies being eaten or absorbed.
That, is simply people being burned up.
We are basically giant self sufficient batteries with no need to eat. Unless we incarnate. As flesh things.
My one cousin race from the same wave as me is mentioned in a form of literature as "The King In Yellow" or Hastur.
Back during some wars when Eldritch guys began forming after a large source came from another matrix along with others, they banged off all the sources in ours and a bunch of offspring poured off from that - bunch of waves.
This, started the Eldritch wars. A lot of them were psychotic and under the control of their source or whatever else. The white celestial source did similar stuff - regardless. A bunch of them went around trying to kill anything that wasn't them or taking people's territories.
Others, partnered up with us in large numbers.
Some of them were golden energy tentacle masses.
After the wars finished, the celestials and some other made decrees that everyone needed to kill / eliminate any of the beings formed during those wars or they'd be attacked themselves as well by them.
I didn't personally know Hastur. But, I guess he got very, very heated that we'd be doing that to our friends and to beings we adopted into our families and whatever and befriended - just to toss them out as garbage or monsters after they helped us take care of their emotionless relatives.
So. He ran off with one that happened to be his best friend. A large mass of golden / yellow tentacles.
They took others with them too and went somewhere they wouldn't be disturbed.
Anyways, that's why Hastur is shown as a yellow energy being with tentacles around himself. They're two beings that have a combo fighting style.
At some point, Hastur came to Earth and noticed the populations spiritual brains were removed, they thought they were other people.
And they were all raised with lies, planted into flesh prisons.
His main enemy would've been someone that I pieced together as "Sheogorath / Legolas". Someone else told me that's literally the Joker as well. How am I supposed to know all these names. Though, the ability to use a large wabbajack looking thing to shoot madness inducing stuff at people. OK. Maybe I should've clicked with that one.
Anyways. The planes inside of their body had 5 queens of beings known as Jabberwocky or Mi-Go and a lot of brainless / maddened or enslaved fellows.
There were probably a lot more when he incarnated, and set out to attack those guys.
Anyways, those guys I guess collect people's spiritual intermediate 3D / higher self brains.
Then they capture them and make people think whatever and drive them nuts. Literally.
And they funnel commands to them this way and whatnot.
Hastur, was unaware that this was a celestial colony and that the guy was given the resources and permission to do this.
So, he was ganked. Sure he brought a ton of forces and did some damage. But yeah.
Eventually, his origin and who he was / what he tried doing was twisted. Much the same as fellows like Jesus, who tried telling people that they're God's, that the God of the Bible was engineered by angels and that they were controlling the being in the black box using people's prayers. And that reincarnation wasn't a thing - he spiritually flew around and talked to people after his death.
The Orrenkaan, is what my higher self and others used to call the Mi-Go / Jabberwocky.
Anyways, we placed people's brains back into their higher selves, and they should break down fully after understanding that the spiritual bodies themselves are gone. They're not souled or whatever.
This means no more commands or things as well.
I probed one person by asking them questions. Few people actually. One person was attacking me and messaged me that someone was touching or messing with their "Onyx" - I was simply squishing their brain a bit. I asked them what their "Onyx" is, and they said it's a living gemstone that warns them and tells them things.
That was their spiritual brain. I was raiding "Jokers" living area and whatever 4D wise.
He'd sealed people in objects / personal weapons or soldiers that he was working on.
The person sealed in a dragon orb / thing object. After I finished clearing everything out, I found some logs. Those in that orb, broke or went too nuts while they were making soldiers.
Basically, it was labeled failed experiments.
The logs showed some fellows who were ever housed in any of the objects - lists and whatever.
In the failed experiments one, "Etika", Kanye West, recently Andrew Tate and a bunch of others were in there at some points of time.
Normally magic objects are considered illegal to make. The guy though, was under celestial supervision so nobody ever really tried raiding him because he has clearances.
Other objects had other people's brains, souls or whatever else.
He needed to know who people were in 3D to control them to higher extents. So, yeah celebrities were very common there.
This was a place seperate from his main place.
Anyways, there's no such thing as seeing your future self astrally. The next person to see my energy body and call me "Sekhmet" may be slugged. I am not a female nor a cat. I am incarnated, Sekhmet is incarnated and she's a female. We are different beings and different races. Do not call me Sekhmet, I actually dislike Sekhmet. Stop.
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2023.06.05 15:20 ben81PRO Response to China's interception of U.S. aircraft in the South China Sea.

Response to "China's interception of U.S. aircraft" Li Shangfu: All countries manage their own warships and aircraft
2023-06-05 08:29:45
both sides of the strait

(Reported by Hong Kong Wen Wei Po reporter Ge Chong in Beijing) At the 20th Shangri-La Dialogue yesterday, someone raised the so-called issue of "Chinese military planes and ships intercepting US military planes and expulsing US warships". In this regard, Chinese State Councilor and Defense Minister Li Shangfu asked back, why did the questions you raised just now happened near China's airspace and territorial waters, but not near the airspace and territorial waters of other countries? This is because China's military aircraft and warships Never go to the airspace and territorial waters of other countries to do so-called navigation hegemony. The Chinese Defense Minister stated eloquently that the best way is for countries to manage their own warships and aircraft well.
◆Chinese State Councilor and Defense Minister Li Shangfu delivered a speech on the topic of "China's New Security Initiative" at the 20th Shangri-La Dialogue yesterday.

Li Shangfu said that China and many relevant countries have formulated rules for sea and air encounters, these are to avoid unnecessary dangers during encounters.

A fierce confrontation between China and the United States will be an unbearable pain for the world

Li Shangfu delivered a speech on the topic of "China's New Security Initiative" at the 20th Shangri-La Dialogue yesterday. According to CCTV reports, when it comes to Sino-US relations, he said that Sino-US relations are related to global strategic stability and are also the focus of attention of all countries.

Li Shangfu said that China believes that China and the United States should live up to expectations and follow the trend of the times. The significance of Sino-US relations has long gone beyond bilateral relations and has global influence. The international community generally hopes for the healthy and stable development of Sino-US relations, and worries about conflicts and confrontations. It is undeniable that if there is a fierce conflict and confrontation between China and the United States, it will be an unbearable pain for the world. China believes that a big country should behave like a big country, and should not provoke confrontation between camps for temporary selfishness. It should take into account the overall situation, resolve differences through exchanges and cooperation, and respond to the expectations of various countries. History should not be forgotten and lessons learned.

Li Shangfu pointed out that China and the United States have different systems and great differences, but this does not prevent the two sides from seeking common ground while reserving differences to develop bilateral relations, nor does it prevent the two sides from deepening cooperation based on common interests. History has proved time and again that China and the United States both benefit from cooperation and lose from confrontation. China has been seeking to establish a new type of major-country relationship with the United States, but this requires the United States to show sincerity, match words with deeds, and take practical actions to meet China halfway, so as to promote the stabilization of the relationship between the two countries and the two militaries. Find a way to get along without fear of difficulties. In the past few years, Sino-US relations have hovered at a low point after the establishment of diplomatic relations. Everyone knows the reasons for this difficult situation. The world is big enough to accommodate the common development of countries in the region, including China and the United States. The three principles of mutual respect, peaceful coexistence, and win-win cooperation are the correct way for China and the United States to get along with each other.

Countries outside the region try to disrupt the South China Sea for profit

Regarding the South China Sea issue, Li Shangfu said in his speech that with the joint efforts of countries in the region, the situation in the South China Sea is generally stable and exchanges and cooperation are deepening. At present, tens of thousands of ships from various countries pass through the South China Sea every year, and the total value of goods transported to the world is as high as 3.5 trillion U.S. dollars. It has never been heard of a ship whose passage is blocked or its safety is threatened. On the contrary, some countries outside the region are exercising "navigation hegemony" in the name of "navigation freedom". They want to disrupt the South China Sea for profit. We need to be highly vigilant and resolutely resist.

Li Shangfu said that it is normal for neighbors to have differences, and everyone is communicating and negotiating to resolve them properly. However, some countries outside the region are sowing discord behind their backs. We must distinguish between interests and remain sober. China is willing to join hands with countries in the region to fully and effectively implement the Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea, actively promote consultations on the Code of Conduct in the South China Sea, and jointly build the South China Sea into a sea of ​​peace, friendship and development.

The Asia-Pacific does not need to form cliques and "cliques"

Li Shangfu also pointed out that facts have proved that wherever the hand of hegemonism and power politics is extended, there will be no peace and wars will abound. China believes that only by respecting each other and treating each other as equals can we live in harmony. Resolutely oppose imposing one's will on others, putting one's own interests above others, and basing one's own safety on the insecurity of others. Some countries wantonly meddle in other countries' internal affairs and regional affairs, resort to unilateral sanctions, force coercion, launch "color revolutions" and proxy wars everywhere, mess up a region and then walk away, leaving a mess. We must not let this happen Things are being replicated in the Asia-Pacific.

He said that some major powers once again proposed the so-called "Indo-Pacific strategy". China believes that no matter what the strategy is, it should not draw lines based on ideology and use so-called "imaginary threats" to build exclusive military alliances, otherwise it will easily fall into a "self-fulfilling prophecy." Attempts to promote "NATOization of the Asia-Pacific" are essentially kidnapping regional countries and exaggerating conflicts and confrontations, which will only plunge the Asia-Pacific into a vortex of division, disputes and conflicts. History has proved that bloc politics and division and confrontation will not bring real security, but will only aggravate tension and undermine regional stability. What is needed in today's Asia-Pacific is an open and inclusive "big cooperation", not a "small circle" formed by cliques.

In addition, at the Shangri-La Dialogue, Li Shangfu also mentioned the lyrics of an old song "My Motherland" widely sung in China: "When a friend comes, there is good wine. If the jackal comes, there is someone who welcomes it." Shotgun!"

The Chinese army is not afraid of any opponent

Chinese State Councilor and Defense Minister Li Shangfu said at the Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore yesterday that if someone dares to separate Taiwan from China, the Chinese military will not hesitate in the slightest, will not be afraid of any opponent, and will resolutely safeguard the country no matter how much it costs. sovereignty and territorial integrity.

China must be unified and must be unified

According to CCTV reports, regarding the Taiwan issue, Li Shangfu said in his speech at the Shangri-La Dialogue that the Taiwan issue is the core of China's core interests, the Taiwan issue is China's internal affairs, and the one-China principle has become a recognized basic norm of international relations. Any act that blurs or hollows out the one-China principle is absurd and dangerous.

Li Shangfu said that the world can see very clearly that the DPP authorities "coerce foreign powers to seek independence" and external forces "use Taiwan to control China" to interfere in China's internal affairs are the root causes of tension in the Taiwan Strait and the biggest trouble in changing the status quo of the Taiwan Strait maker.

Li Shangfu said that China must be unified, and it will inevitably be unified. This is the aspiration of the people and the trend of the times. We are willing to strive for peaceful reunification with the greatest sincerity and best efforts, but we will never promise to renounce the use of force. If someone dares to separate Taiwan from China, the Chinese military will not hesitate in the slightest, and will not be afraid of any opponent. No matter what the price is, the Chinese military will resolutely safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity.

[Expert Interpretation] China's attitude is resolutely beyond the past

Wang Yong, a professor at the School of International Relations at Peking University and director of the Center for American Studies at Peking University, pointed out to Hong Kong Wen Wei Po that State Councilor and Defense Minister Li Shangfu fully demonstrated the firm determination of the Chinese military to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity during the Shangri-La Dialogue, showing that China In order to safeguard the core interests of Taiwan, the core Taiwan issue is not hesitant to fight. If someone dares to split Taiwan, I believe that the Chinese military will never hesitate. The expert believes that China's statement is more resolute than in the past, and it should be aimed at the current US stepping up its deployment in the Taiwan Strait.

The US security order is an exclusive security order

According to Wang Yong's analysis, China and the United States have different views and opinions on the security order in the Asia-Pacific region. China advocates cooperation among major powers and coordinates a new security concept of mutual benefit and common security among regional countries. This is completely different from the so-called liberal international order advocated by the United States and its so-called leadership responsibilities in the Indo-Pacific region. Wang Yong pointed out that the essence of the security order in the United States is to maintain its own hegemony, to engage in "small circles", and to create an exclusive security order.

Recently, the U.S. side has made frequent announcements, expressing the obvious willingness of several government officials to visit China. According to reports, the Assistant Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs in East Asia and the Pacific will visit China on the 4th. Wang Yong believes that, as China has repeatedly emphasized, the most important thing in the future is that the United States should change its strategic perception of China, correctly understand China's rise, respect China's core interests, and not play the Taiwan card or "use Taiwan to control China."

The United States must truly respect China's core interests

Regarding the direction of Sino-US relations in the next step, Wang Yong believes that the next step in Sino-US relations is expected to usher in opportunities for adjustment and improvement. He said that if Sino-U.S. relations continue to develop along the line that the U.S. side was too tough before, it may eventually lead to tragic results. And results that the international community does not want to see. However, how China-US relations will go next depends on the determination of the US government.

Wang Yong emphasized that what the U.S. government should do now is to truly respect China's core interests, truly match words with deeds, and focus on cooperation in areas where the two sides can cooperate, so as to jointly benefit the two peoples and at the same time help maintain regional peace. and stability.

Wang Yong believes that Sino-U.S. relations may be facing the last window to improve relations before the U.S. election. China and the U.S. now have many common interests. As long as the two sides seize this opportunity, gradually resume dialogue and gradually build consensus during the dialogue, The relationship between China and the United States is still expected to recover from the decline, thereby avoiding the path of conflict and war.
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2023.06.05 15:20 CaspianX2 PowerWash Simulator for Nintendo Switch - Review

PowerWash Simulator

Genre: First-Person Shooter / Simulation
Players: 1-6 Co-Op (Online)
PowerWash Simulator, released on PC and Xbox One in 2022 and ported to PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in 2023, is a game that mixes First-Person Shooter and Simulation elements to deliver an experience exactly like what the title says. Players are presented with various vehicles and environments covered with dirt and grime, and must use their high-powered cleaning equipment to clean it off.
The presentation here is very good, with pretty detailed 3D objects and really excellent textures that do a good job conveying how wet they are when you spray them. And while I feel like this game could have gone even farther with its visuals to show water runoff or to show water deflecting off of surfaces, what’s here is still quite excellent.
When it comes to sound, pretty much all you’ll be hearing here is the constant white noise of the spraying water, varying in pitch based on what you’re spraying with it, with the only other sound being the pinging of your phone as you receive texts regarding other jobs as they become available to you. There’s no music to speak of here, no environment noises, nothing to break the monotony of sound, for better or worse.
As for the gameplay, you’re really just moving around in first-person spraying things with water until they’re clean. You can select nozzles with different widths, with more focused nozzles better able to get out stains but wider ones covering a larger area, and you can change their orientation from horizontal to vertical, or change their angle to get to hard-to-reach places. Over time you’ll get access to new cleaning equipment, as well as soaps to make you more effective at cleaning specific surfaces, but you’ll pretty much still be doing the same basic thing.
When it comes to that basic gameplay, there’s very little to the gameplay here beyond the simple act of cleaning. You’re not building up a business, not competing to get the best time or most efficient use of water (though there are additional game modes where you can do so). There aren’t areas that need to stay dry and you’re penalized for hitting with your spray, nor any limit to what you’re doing. Sometimes it can be a challenge to find the right angle, or to find a way to jump up to where you can spray on a roof or something like that, but you’re given an unlimited amount of time to figure it out. And if you’re ever unsure where you still need to clean, you have a button that will highlight the dirt, a readout showing how clean the surface you’re targeting is, and a menu listing all the things still needing to be cleaned. And if you want things to go more quickly, you can also play in online co-op, where you can clean together with others.
Having said that, for the most part the only “game” here is... continuing to clean until you get everything done, then moving on to the next job. And because of this lack of significant goal structure, this isn’t going to be a game for everyone. However, there’s something almost meditative about the process of systematically cleaning everything in the game, and something satisfying when you get a “ting” and the thing you’re currently cleaning flashes to let you know it’s complete.
A few more things I should note before wrapping up this review. PowerWash Simulator makes use of neither the touchscreen nor gyroscopic motion controls, and the game’s load times are somewhat long, meaning that this game doesn’t especially excel on the Nintendo Switch, even if otherwise it looks and plays fine. Also, the menus annoyingly have you moving around a cursor with the analog stick rather than selecting menu options directly. It certainly seems like there could have been better optimization in this regard.
Overall, if ever there were a game that would speak to your “inner OCD”, PowerWash Simulator is it. And while it feels like there definitely could be more here, and there are certainly areas that could be improved on, what is here is surprisingly compelling, and can easily suck you into hours of slowly, methodically cleaning everything around you. Which is enjoyable, sure, but it also makes me look up from the game to my less-than-perfectly-clean real-life house and wonder if perhaps I could be making better use of my time.
tl;dr – PowerWash Simulator is a game that mixes First-Person Shooter and Simulation elements where players use high-powered cleaning equipment to clean off various vehicles and environments. This game could benefit from more structured goals, the loading times are a bit much, and the menu interface is pretty terrible, but while this game definitely has room for improvement, it still makes for a surprisingly compelling, almost meditative experience. This game won’t be for everyone, but some players will find this to be surprisingly compelling.

Grade: B

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2023.06.05 15:20 AndreiMMA I am uncomfortable at church

Hi all. There isn't much to say here, the title sums it up. I was raised in a Christian family, drifted away from faith, but I "became" a Christian again back in November and December; that is when my faith really started to strengthen and I began praying very often.
Since then, I've been gathering with a student group from my university every Thursday for one hour, singing worship and having guests deliver a short talk about different topics related to our faith, then praying together. Which I enjoyed, however the university year is over for now so we won't be hosting these events for another few months.
Yesterday was the second time I attended church; a baptist church, and the last Sunday, a protestant church. I felt out of place the entire time. I didn't mind the things that were talked about, or even the people who were there; I enjoyed everyone's company and everything else.
However, I can't help but feel that it does nothing for my faith. I don't know what is wrong with me; I like the people at these protestant churches, I like the music, and yet I don't really want to be there. But I tried to force myself to go because whenever I'm asked what church I go to, I always have to say "I don't go to church yet".
I would much rather walk into an empty cathedral, every Sunday, and meditate in the presence of God by myself. I don't know what is wrong with me; I like the people at these protestant churches, I like the music, and yet I don't really want to be there. I just want to be alone with God. Any thoughts?
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2023.06.05 15:19 AMETSFAN England's New Order Cromwell's Commonwealth

England's New Order Cromwell's Commonwealth
After the death of Queen Elizabeth I in 1603, James VI of Scotland ascended to the thrones of England and Ireland, becoming James I of both realms. After James's death, his second son Charles took over as Charles I of England, Scotland, and Ireland. King Charles quickly tried to assert royal prerogatives but faced opposition from various factions in England and Scotland. Charles dealt with various financial, religious, and foriegn issues. A failed attempt to capture Spanish land in the New World, combined with lackluster finances, due to outdated methods of revenue collecting, left England in a financially unstable state. Charles attempted to have Parliament approve taxation to fill the Royal coffers but quickly ran into trouble with the independently-minded Parliament. Thus, the King dissolved Parliament and ran the country solely from Royal Prerogative. To deal with the aforementioned financial issues, Charles implemented various tax schemes to raise revenue and keep the nation afloat. Although the revenue raised was sufficient, Charles’s barely legal programs were widely hated. Nonetheless, most of the nation was fervently loyal to the King, meaning he would be able to keep up Personal Rule, as Charles’s reign was called, as long as expenses did not increase. However, Charles’s religious policies would begin the destruction of his tenuous grasp.

King Charles I of England, Scotland, and Ireland
Despite the deposition of Mary, Queen of Scots by Presbyterian nobles, in favor of her young son James, the House of Stuart remained apprehensive of radicals in the reformation, with James VI/I and Charles I both supporting the “High-Church Anglicans” (who believed in greater Church authority & were more compatible to Catholics), at the expense of Presbyterians in Scotland and Protestant “Dissents” (such as Puritans) in England. While James declined to attempt to impose his brand of Anglicanism upon the Scots, Charles took a different approach. Egged on by his chief religious advisor, Archbishop of Canterbury William Laud, Charles attempted to impose The Book of Common Prayer, the prayer book for the Anglican Church in England, on the Scottish Church. However, the Scots would fiercely resist any incursions upon their Presbyterianism, while some of Charles’s English subjects would oppose his attempts to enforce, what they saw as, crypto-Catholicism. Thus, the Scottish would rise in rebellion, with the sole goal of protecting the Presbyterian Church. While England undoubtedly had a greater fighting capacity in a vacuum, various factors ranging from internal apathy to Scottish determination would see Charles’s forces fall to a humiliating defeat, ending attempts at religious uniformity. Under the terms of the Treaty of Ripon, which ended the war, England had to pay minor reparations to Scotland for the trouble. But, Charles’s thinly-stretched revenue structure would collapse, as he would have no choice but to call a Parliament to raise the necessary revenue.

Archbishop of Canterbury William Laud, Charles's chief religious advisor & hardline High-Church Anglican
But, calling the new Parliament would raise its issues. Many Radicals and Puritans in the Parliament would strongly oppose the King’s actions. With various complaints about the religious, financial, and political changes ushered in by Charles’s Personal Rule, those most hostile to the King would issue the Grand Remonstrance, which listed their issues with the King. As tensions continued rising to the surface, a rebellion in Ireland would blow up the situation. While both the Parliament and the King wanted to send troops to suppress the rebellion, neither was willing to let the other take reign of the Army. This culminated in King Charles sending in troops to arrest 5 MPs who he had particular contempt for. However, all 5 were tipped off, allowing them to escape, embarrassing Charles. With Parliament ardently against him, Charles I had no choice but to escape, setting off the English Civil War.

Painting of Charles I's storming into Parliament & seeking the arrest of 5 MPs.
The First English Civil War would see the Scots and English Parliamentarians (with their ranks filled by political & religious radicals, Protestant Dissenters, most merchants, and those in the gentry who opposed the King’s taxes) ally to fight Royalists. Although the Scots and Parliamentarians would be fragmented at first, their combined force (along with the creation of the New Model Army) gave them the upper hand, particularly at the Battles of Marston Moor & Naseby, the latter of which proved to be a decisive defeat. After the capture of the King, there were debates about what to do with the King, and the new political system of the Three Kingdoms, with a consensus to keep the King around with moderate political reforms, while ignoring many social reforms.

Painting of the Battle of Marston Moor, the first big victory for the Parliamentarian Forces.
However, the settlement was not enough for Charles. Reversing his prior religious policies and personal scruples, Charles settled into an alliance with the Scots, starting the Second English Civil War, with an alliance of Royalists, Scots, and those within England disaffected from the Parliamentarian cause. Although it seemed that the Parliamentary cause was under threat, the supreme generalships of Oliver Cromwell and his deputy John Lambert would carry the day at the Battle of Preston, ending the 2nd English Civil War.

General John Lambert, who would rise through the New Model Army ranks and Cromwell's esteem during the 2nd Civil War
While the defeat of the Scots secured Parliament’s victory and enshrined Parliamentary rule over the 3 realms, the issue of what to do with the King would dominate political discussion. Parliament was willing to keep the King around, continuing negotiations on the Treaty of Newport with the King, despite his continued reluctance to compromise away any of his powers. However, the New Model Army would have no tolerance for any settlement. Hardened by years of conflict, and outraged at the King’s continued plotting and schemes, the New Model Army was firmly convinced that the King had to go. Thus, with the assumed permission of the Commander of the New Model Army Thomas Fairfax, and his deputy Cromwell, Colonel Thomas Pride forcibly expelled members of Parliament, whom the New Model Army found objectionable, thus ensuring that the monarchy would be abolished.

Colonel Thomas Pride's Purge of Parliament paved the way for the abolition of Monarchy in Britain.
But, this did not settle the question of what to do with the King. While the Army Grandees (leaders) opposed, at least at first, trying the King, growing radical sentiment fueled support for a trial of Charles I. But, the King’s continued refusal to compromise under any circumstances led most of the Army leaders, most importantly Oliver Cromwell, to support putting the King on trial. Although this was opposed by Fairfax and other old Parliamentarians, the New Model Army largely got on board with the idea. Their puppet Parliament, now called the Rump (meaning smaller offshoot) Parliament, which while still being an extension of the Long Parliament that dated back to after the Bishops’ Wars, did as the Army said. Thus, Parliament established a “High Court of Justice” to try the King, and, despite the Court’s unpopularity, the High Court decided to execute the King for abusing his mandate. While Fairfax refused to sign the death warrant, Cromwell and his allies, such as Henry Ireton, Edmund Ludlow, and Thomas Harrison all signed the warrant, while John Lambert was a supporter. This reflected the new reality that while Fairfax was still the leader, Cromwell was becoming the political voice of the Army. Thus, as King Charles’s reign came to a definitive end, the former 3 Kingdoms of England, Scotland, and Ireland would begin a new course - one without the King…

General Oliver Cromwell was quickly becoming the dominant force of the New Model Army and has been thrust into a position of power after Pride's Purge & the Execution of Charles.
Explanation of the Series -
Alright so, as you can probably see, the series will start soon after the death of King Charles. While Charles the 2nd was still running around France and Spain, for the sake of simplicity, we'll only have events from the point of view of the Commonwealth. The series will have something of an end-state, stopping when either some force in the Commonwealth or King Charles II secures power after the death of Cromwell. Obviously, this first post was for background, to help set the stage for the series. The next post will start off with the Levellers and it will go up until someone takes over for good. Not every post will have a poll to it, as some will obviously be lore posts, (ie a military decision or dissolving a parliament), but most of them will be polls. The questions posed for the poll are going to be from someone's perspective, usually either a person like Cromwell or an institution like the New Model Army. Since a series hasn't been done like this, to my knowledge, I'm excited to see where this goes. Please let me know if you want to be pinged for the series.
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2023.06.05 15:19 Tjmoores [Retropost] Heirposting™

General note: This post (along with the next in this series) should have come out last week. All posts in the series take place within a 40 or so year period. Note to Callum: The bulk of this post was written before spelling reform. Please do not moan about my æ, ŋ, č etc.

Part 2

Gyias ran his fingers through his thick, weathered hair, a habit he had developed over the years since moving to Bæn. He glanced at Mwač, his eyes filled with a mixture of gratitude and concern. "Do you remember the night of the storm, Mwač? It must have been a lifetime ago."
Mwač nodded, her face forming a reflection of her fear of the memories of that night. "Yes...", she solemnly replied. "It was a night of chaos, but look how far we've come. Bæn is our home, a place so much greater than Pribd ever was."
Gyias sighed, his gaze drifting towards the bustling town of Bæn beyond their home. The town had grown significantly in the past ten years, its once humble beginnings expanding into a thriving community. New houses stood where ruins once lay, and fields new and old sustained the growing population, through the crops which were cultivated within them. Life in Bæn had indeed flourished in recent years.
"Mwač, do you remember when we first arrived in Bæn?" Gyias continued, his voice thick with nostalgia.
Mwač smiled, a hint of sadness in her eyes. "Of course I do, Gyias. We were young, hopeful, terrified and passionate. But as the town grew, so arose new problems."
Gyias nodded, his eyes fixed in a gaze beyond the wall behind Mwač. "We were grateful to Vraiŋ for leading us to salvation, stepping into a role we could never fill, and for for providing us with a new home. He took control of the resources, the labour, he made sure everyone contributed to the rebuilding efforts, and we all had everything we needed to survive. We truly are blessed to have a leader as wise as he is."
Mwač leaned in closer, her voice filled with a mix of appreciation and concern. "Yes, Gyias, we are thankful for Vraiŋ's skilled leadership. He interpreted the wise old stars to ensure we had enough food, even during the harshest times. We all love him and we look up to him as our saviour."
Their conversation was interrupted by a crowd murmouring outside, seemingly with with great purpose. Gyias and Mwač exchanged curious glances, the tingling in their spines telling them that something significant was about to unfold.
"I wonder what this could be about," Gyias pondered aloud, releasing Mwač's hand and rising to his feet. "Let us head outside to find out." They had not seen so much commotion since the year the aphids invaded and took over all their beans, causing great hardship.
Gyias and Mwač stepped outside their home, joining the growing crowd that had gathered in the center of Bæn. The air was thick with whispers of anticipation and speculation. As the crowd flowed through the houses towards the centre of the town, and the grand residence of Vraiŋ, they exchanged curious glances with their neighbors, all sharing the same sense of curiosity and concern.
In the heart of the gathering, a small platform had been erected, and standing atop it was a man that neither Gyias or Mwač recognised - a newcomer. His presence alone commanded attention, with his tall stature and regal demeanor inherited from his father. The crowd fell into a hushed silence as he began to speak.
"People of Bæn," the man's voice rang out, carrying a mix of authority and detachment. "It is with a heavy heart that I must deliver somber news. My father, your Marvuč, Vraiŋ, has fallen into ill health and has departed this world to join our ancestors in the celestial realm."
A collective gasp rippled through the crowd, and Gyias felt a lump of sorrow move down from his throat and into his chest. Vraiŋ had been a central figure in their lives, and the news of his passing weighed heavily on their hearts.
"That's strange", Gyias whispered to Mwač; "I saw Vraiŋ making his way away from the fires of the city to his stargazing shelter just a few days ago". The man continued his speech before Mwač could respond, and Mwač's grip on Gyias' arm tightened as they listened intently to his words.
"As the chosen heir of Vraiŋ," Dviiþ continued, his tone devoid of emotion, "I, Dviiþ, have ascended to the position of your Marvuč. I stand before you today to assure you that I will uphold the traditions, customs, and wisdom of our ancestors. The stars have spoken, and I shall interpret their messages to guide us in these challenging times."
"But, my Pufspuj," Dviiþ's voice carried on, "change is upon us. The stars have whispered of new paths to tread, new challenges to overcome. It is through my interpretation that we shall find our way. We must adapt and evolve to thrive in and amongst the challenges of this new world."
Gyias glanced at Mwač, concern etched on his face. Dviiþ's words seemed distant, lacking the warmth and kinship that Vraiŋ had once embodied. This man called him, his wife, his friends his Pufspuj, but they had barely even seen him before now. It appeared that the community had lost a cherished leader and gained a distant ruler. He was clearly not alone in this sentiment - notes of skepticism echoed silently through the crowd, a deserved suspicion of their new Marvuč. There was an unspoken question lingering in their minds: would Dviiþ be able to fill his father's shoes? Could the people teach him to possess the same dedication and compassion for the community, as Vraiŋ had taught him to interpret the will of the stars?
Mwač leaned closer to Gyias, her voice barely above a whisper. "Gyias, do you trust Dviiþ? Can he truly guide us as his father did?"
Gyias remained silent, eventually stating: "We should go - we have much to do". Mwač nodded, her eyes focused on Dviiþ, searching for any signs of the compassion that Vraiŋ had once possessed. "It is indeed too soon to tell how Dviiþ may lead, Gyias."
As the crowd dispersed, Gyias and Mwač returned to their home, their thoughts consumed by the news of Vraiŋ's passing and Dviiþ's ascension. The weight of uncertainty hung in the air, and they couldn't shake off the feeling that their lives were entering a new chapter - one filled with both apprehension and hope.

Part 2.5

Gyias and Mwač were once again in their home, having returned after a tough day working the fields. "Months have passed since we lost our beloved Vraiŋ, Gyias", stated Mwač.
Gyias nodded solemnly, his gaze returning to Mwač. "Vraiŋ's control over the food, the resources, the labour... it all felt like it was for a higher purpose. He brought stability, but in the hands of Dviiþ it feels as if everything he brought comes at a price. We are dependent on him for everything. He demands for our lives to revolve around his."
Mwač's face grew thoughtful, lines of worry creasing her brow. "It is not only a continuation of the control Vraiŋ once held... the control has become stricter, hasn't it? The rules he imposes on us, it's almost like he doesn't trust us to make any of our own decisions, like we are under his watchful eye every waking second."
Gyias let out a frustrated sigh, his fingers tapping on his knee. "Who people can marry, where we may travel, what we may own. It's suffocating."
Mwač reached out, placing her hand on Gyias' arm in a comforting gesture. "But we must remember that he also holds our safety and well-being in his hands. When disaster strikes or when times are tough, he will surely ensure we have enough to survive, as Vraiŋ always did. The town would have perished without his father; he must remember this?"
Gyias nodded, his expression softening. "You're right, Mwač. We must be grateful for his provision and protection. I still do feel that Vraiŋ held the interests of the people closer to heart. He used to interact with us, listen to our concerns. Dviiþ acts solely based on what he is looking for within the stars and our ancestors, without reading their strongest wishes on how to solve our present struggles, or what the stars or ancestors are asking for the loudest."
Mwač squeezed Gyias' arm gently, her voice filled with empathy. "I understand, Gyias. The person we hoped we would see as a leader is seemingly not in touch with our realities. But we must have faith that he still has our best interests at heart." "And we must trust him", Mwač added, "for it is what the stars have willed."
Gyias nodded, his eyes distant as he contemplated the weight of their beliefs. "Yes, we must trust in the stars and the destiny they have laid out for us. But sometimes, I wonder if there is room for change, for a different path to emerge."
Mwač's brows furrowed slightly, concern evident in her voice. "Gyias, you know questioning the will of the stars is unwise. They have guided us for generations, and Vraiŋ has been their interpreter, and now the baton has been passed on to Dwiiþ. It is not for us to challenge."
Gyias looked into Mwač's eyes, appreciating her unwavering faith in Dwiiþ, clearly as an extension of Vraiŋ. He reached over and gently held her hand, intertwining their fingers. "I hope you're right, Mwač. We have built a life here, and Vraiŋ has played a significant role in our journey. He has chosen Dwiiþ as his heir, and I shouldn't let my doubts overshadow the progress we've made."
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2023.06.05 15:18 ChrisDWrites STARLIGHT (The Z Team Book 2) Chapter 48: Arrival

Read THE Z TEAM: Book 1 on Amazon in ebook/print/Unlimited here!
Reading Links: Royal Road ScribbleHub
Book 1 Sample Start Book 2 Start Previous
The space station Ascension passed through the terminator to bathe in the sun-kissed face of Preemona. It was one of the newer Commonwealth-sponsored designs; a fat cylinder that tapered to a cluster of comms towers. Spire arms lined with airlocks and shiplocks sprouted out of the hull like branches reaching for sunlight.
Beneath it, the thick puffy clouds of a monstrous spring storm swirled on the planetscape. It had gathered its power over the Great Northern Ocean before unleashing its fury a few hundred kilometers from the Royal estate. Projections had it traveling northward, sparring the Provenance grounds from the worst of the wind and rain. Even with the benefit of forewarning and technology, hundreds would perish and billions of damage would be left in its destructive wake.
But the storm wasn’t the focus of Imperatrix Rragustus’s gaze. He sat on his throne in his observation chamber, observing the twinkle of approaching lights out of the expansive viewport. The unassuming luminance of his greatest enemy.
Councilor Traveska and his diplomatic fleet had arrived, carrying with him the wretched collection of opportunists, dissidents, traitors, and Sisters Celescia, the troublesome troupe nestled in a cocoon of blasphemy, seducing malleable minds with their salacious propaganda.
He viewed the ships in the station’s scopes. Colorful icons highlighted each of the approaching vessels. Knife-like Fleet warships lurked on the periphery in defensive positions, with the carrier positioned near the center. Though its hull bristled with weaponry, its innards carried a far more destructive assortment of arms. Days prior, one of its drones had destroyed a freighter who refused to veer off an intercept course with the diplomatic fleet. None of the ministries had ordered the aggressive act, and the Kosmogenic liaison had denied involvement, leaving the likely culprits as religious zealots or third-party saboteurs.
But the incident served as a further distraction to the Commonwealth’s mission, something Rragustus was fine with. It also made him envious and longing for the day when the Pree would build a comparable vessel of their own. The Provenance, after all, would have to ensure that pirates or raiders wouldn’t dare cause trouble in Tyrcellus again when the Commonwealth was booted from the system.
Directly in the center of the formation were the diplomatic ships. His eyes were drawn to the Eternal Spirits, his stomach sick at the thought of the Acculturation rot who hijacked the beautiful vessel. The graceful hull lines reminded him of the songbirds that swooped among the trees of the Royal grounds.
Rragustus had the pleasure of traveling aboard the cruise liner once. Having Acculturation steal it was an embarrassing failure on the part of the Provenance. Enough where capital punishment was levied against the security supervisor who botched the operation. Ghehandris had already made plans for the traitorous crew, with the rogue Captain Leross at the top of the list. When the ship was back in the hands of the Provenance, Rragustus would travel to Tyrcellus with the ministers and the loyal regents. A goodwill tour to promote civility and reunification to smother the divisiveness of the charter controversy.
He had yet to lay eyes upon the Commonwealth’s diplomatic flagship, though he’d seen plenty of media coverage as Councilor Traveska paraded it around the galaxy. Unlike the sculpted grace of the Eternal Spirits, the Good Omen had a beauty derived from its utility and function rather than aesthetics. Rragustus could appreciate the ship’s purity and capability despite loathing what it stood for.
The ship’s diplomatic tours had kept the Commonwealth together, bombarding members with all manners of incentives and promises for buying into the grand bureaucracy. It worked, until the still-unresolved destruction of Auturia had the Commonwealth teetering on the brink of dissolution.
“I wonder what will come of it once the Commonwealth unravels,” Rragustus pondered.
“What does your instinct tell you, Imperatrix?” Ghehandris said. He stood beside Rragustus, scrolling through a datapad, monitoring the storm and other matters.
“My guess is one of the member states will hijack it and claim it as rightfully theirs. Knowing the exorbitant cost, they will likely end up selling it for parts.”
“That is a valid theory, Imperatrix.”
“And what is yours?”
“I believe the ship will be converted to a habitat. Trade and docking fees should make it economically viable.”
“That…sounds promising.” Rragustus opened the ship’s specs from its public hub. “We should discuss this with our Kosmogenic friend. That would be an avenue to continue our mutually beneficial relationship.”
“An excellent idea, Imperatrix.”
Rragustus stood from his throne and went to the window. His gaze swept over the endless stars as he thought of the channel network. Used all advanced races, yet their true nature remained a mystery. Many claimed a long-lost elder race created them before they either perished or ascended to another dimension. Rragustus knew the truth; the channels were a gift from the Spirits, and such a blessing wasn’t meant to be left to the oppressive oversight of the Commonwealth.
He still harbored a small fear that the charter vote would pass. Acculturation had proven to be more formidable than expected. Regent Anncellis and her ruthlessly loyal coalition bribed, coerced, and even threatened other regents into joining with them, rendering the voting margin now too close for comfort.
Though the Provenance held an advantage on Preemona, outside its boundaries it was on the defensive. Every non-native entity operating in Tyrcellus wanted the vote to pass so they could keep the status quo. And the Commonwealth still claimed presumptuous neutrality in the whole affair. Councilor Traveska even addressed the matter publically: the Commonwealth was simply there to run the vote and honor the results whatever they may be. Behind the scenes was another story, as Commonwealth agents pushed every boundary to support Acculturation.
The success of the singers was an unpleasant surprise that grew in magnitude over many cycles. Strategically they shouldn’t be such a threat. They were entertainers. But their captivating presence was a force multiplier, a more potent weapon than even the carrier bearing down upon Preemona under the guise of peace and protection.
No matter what the Provenance did, the singers couldn’t be stopped. Disinformation and smear campaigns only seemed to empower them. There was no denying the troupe had become a cultural powerhouse and surpassed their predecessor, Lady Starlight, whose voice had lost its influence with her pullback from the public eye.
Yes, Acculturation was strong, but the Provenance had the odds in their favor.
The loose ends around Project Fidelity had been all but taken care of. The Kosmogenic liaison reported that the stolen equipment aboard the Eternal Spirits had been destroyed. Without it, the Commonwealth had little chance of unraveling the secrets of Project Fidelity.
The joint operative team now worked to implement the project’s final phase. They would clean up the remaining loose end in the chaotic aftermath of the failed vote. And when Sisters Celescia was taken into custody and the stolen compound retrieved, they would have one chance at changing their allegiance. If they chose Acculturation, then they seal their fates.
Rrghatutus smiled. Even with the star power of Councilor Traveska, Regent Anncellis, and Sisters Celescia, the Commonwealth and Acculturation would fail.
Still, there would be challenges following the charter’s defeat. Removed of a unifying cause, his political enemies would set their sights on him. Tryssnym in particular would be a major thorn in Rragustus’s side. He’d been continually hostile since his kin had gone missing from Sanctum station. Rrghatutus directed Ghehandris to have the Ministry of Security look into the matter, knowing full well the answer: Tryssnym’s kin was a project asset that went rogue. The operative team addressed the problem. Permanently. The investigation would go nowhere.
The Imperatriz suspected Tryssnym knew this but didn’t have evidence to prove it. Not even his politically savvy mind could contain his emotions roiling beneath.
“Imperatrix,” Ghehandris said, “I’ve received confirmation that the shuttle carrying your distinguished guest has just launched. The storm changed course and gave them an opening.”
“Excellent,” Rrghatutus said, still gazing upon the fleet.
Ghehandris came to Rrghatutus’s side. “Let the image burn into your memory, Imperatrix. This is a historic day. One that will be etched on stone on the palace walls. The Commonwealth comes upon us in the pride of their existence, escorted by pawns of their subjugation. They are so blind in their arrogance that they cannot see the trap they are about to step in.”
“I thank the Spirits for that daily. Otherwise, our victory wouldn’t be possible.” Rragustus stood there with his advisor. He watched the approaching fleet, observed the few orbital cargo operations in sight, then gazed upon the stars.
“It is time to prepare for the ceremony, Imperatrix,” Ghehandris said.
Imperatrix Rragustus took one last look at the stars, then faced his chief advisor, flooded with the thrill of imminent victory. “We will need to discuss which wall to etch once this is over.”
Ghehandris smiled. “I’ve already scheduled a meeting.”
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2023.06.05 15:18 ChevalierDeSeintgalt Chaotropic buffer precipitation

I observe some strange behaviour of my DNA binding buffer. It falls out after 2 or 3 days in the fridge and it is also difficult to mix.
The formula: - 4 M Guanidinium hydrochloride - 10 mM Tris - 4 mM EDTA Na2 all in 90% isopropanol
pH (water phase) native ~ 8 then adjusted with HCl to ~ 5,5
Firstly: I can't simply add the 3 ingredients at the same time as they simply won't go into solution, no matter how long I stir as soon as I add the IPA. If I however dissolve EDTA and Tris first (adjust pH there) and add GHCl later it goes into solution easily. Why?
Now if I leave my buffer in the fridge over the weekend I get some precipitation (small granular) which never goes into solution again.
What is happening here???
I suspect a complex formation between EDTA and GHCl although it does not seem sterically favourable. Any other suggestions??
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