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Supporting any/all transformative works (fanart, fanfiction, fanvids, etc) that depict romantic m/m or f/f love. Also this is *the* place for meta articles, news, and discussion about this wildly popular genre/category of fanfiction.

2014.03.25 04:59 herplede Drarry

This subreddit is for all things Drarry, the romantic pairing of Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy. This is an unofficial fan subreddit - JK TERFling owns everything. Please read all the sub rules before posting/commenting before posting. no form of hate speech or JKR apology is tolerated

2023.04.26 00:07 Hungrysaurus_vexed Ok does anyone know which fic this is???

Ok does anyone know which fic this is???
This sounds so good and I want to read it so bad…
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2023.02.15 22:43 LibbyRoseITM Do you ever want to talk about your ships but feel very embarrassed about them?

Sometimes I'd like to do fanart of my ships or talk about them in places online other than AO3 (where I put my fics). But when I get the idea to do that, I always back out because I'm afraid that people will write snide comments or begin to dislike me. This is for either who I ship, or that many people outside of fandom culture see shipping in general as a very sexual thing (not that sexual things are wrong) even when you're talking about very innocent things.
My main ship, for example, is Drarry. It's strange for me because there's nothing I like more than Harry and Ginny together in the cannon, but outside of the cannon, I really love to read Drarry and think about it often. But every single time I talk about it to any of my peers they think that Drarry is horrible and weird. It's kind of ruined talking about it for me.
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2023.02.10 19:10 EquivalentTax4178 Help me find this fanart! By Reira_21 on LJ

I've been trying to find a piece of Drarry fanart created by LiveJournal account reira_21 for HD_Holidays in 2010. It's been years since I've seen it, but I still think about it sometimes and I'd love to be able to see it again.
The piece was called, "Your hair is bare live wire"
I can still find the link to it with the title, blurb, and comments, however the actual images of the art are gone. Even tried to find the images via the Way Back Machine - nothing.
I wrote to the artist, but the email address on their LJ account is from 2007 and no longer works.
Does anyone know where I can find this piece of fanart?
Or - does anyone know where I can find the artist reira_21 these days? Are they still creating art? I would love to follow their recent works.
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2023.01.24 19:46 draconismalfoy Looking for drarry fanarts

Hi, I'm wondering if there's any dedicated page or links where I can see drarry fanarts/illustrations/animation (I don't mind any ratings). Thanks in advance!
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2023.01.18 01:34 candiedangel Ao’nung and Neteyam - An Explanation

I’m sure everyone in this sub has seen or heard of people shipping Ao’nung and Neteyam. As someone who’s been involved in a lot of fandoms, allow me to explain the reasoning for this ship.
I’m not going to talk about anything that happens in the movie. This might be a surprise to some of you, but Ao’nung and Neteyam being shipped actually has more to do with general fandom culture than with their interactions in canon. We can argue all day about eye contact, Ao’nung backing off when Neteyam shows up, etc., because those things are inherently up to audience interpretation. Some people will see chemistry there, and some people won’t, but that’s not what I want to talk about.
If you’ve ever been involved with fandom for anything else, you’ll notice that there’s a lot more queer ships and headcanons present in the fandom than there are explicitly in canon. Drarry, Destiel, Obikin, Louistat, Spirk, I’m sure you’ve heard of at least one popular fandom gay ship. Everything with fans has gay ships and queer fandom culture - even if you personally haven’t seen it, I promise it exists.
Back to Avatar. The Avatar films have several great canon straight ships - Jake and Neytiri, Ronal and Tonowari, Lo’ak and Tsireya. When making fan content for Avatar, especially involving the kids introduced in The Way of Water, fans will often want to pair everyone up. You’ll see this in any fandom - taking one of the examples I used earlier, people who ship Dean and Castiel from Supernatural often also ship Sam and Gabriel. Dean and Castiel is the mainstay ship; the one that has the most noticeable chemistry, the most scenes together, etc. However, fans don’t want to make one of the characters a third wheel if they can help it. Hence, they often pair Sam up with the other notable and likable angel character - Gabriel. Once one person suggests the pairing, others will follow. Destiel is still the main fandom ship for Supernatural, but Sabriel has its own dedicated fans and fanworks. There are plenty of works of fanfiction and fanart for a pairing that interacts for about one and a half episodes, and then one of them dies.
Ao’nung and Neteyam are the Sam and Gabriel of the Avatar fandom. Lo’ak and Tsireya are the mainstay, obvious, most likely to be canon ship. When fans are given a group of characters, and two characters are either already together or clearly going to be, it follows that they’ll want to pair everyone else off as well.
I haven’t seen any ships involving Tuk, presumably because she’s a little kid and there’s been no characters of her age range introduced for her to even have a crush on. But I have seen Ao’nung paired with Neteyam, and Kiri paired with Rotxo or Spider. Lo’ak and Tsireya are a given after what we see in the film - they’re being set up as a parallel to Jake and Neytiri; outsider boy with the Olo’eyktan’s daughter. But the others don’t really have any canonical romantic interests or relationships, and that’s where audience interpretation and fan culture come into play.
I think because the first Avatar movie didn’t have the largest fandom presence (hurr durr no cultural impact or whatever), fans who have been around since the first movie released are a little confused by The Way of Water getting the modern online fandom treatment. It’s ok to not understand why people ship something, and it’s ok to think a ship makes no sense, but let’s not be mean and toxic to other fans over things that are ultimately driving more engagement with the films we all love.
TL;DR Ao’nung and Neteyam are being shipped less because of their actual canon interactions and more because of how fan culture and fan content works.
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2022.10.28 05:53 EveryAppearance3346 Desi Descent Harry??

Y’all, I had never heard of this in all my years in the fandom and then the last 3 Drarry fics I’ve read (in the last 3 days) all talk about Harry as being of Indian descent on his fathers side and then I found the fanart and it’s so cute. And honestly sold. So, my question, where do you think the Indian blood came in? Because if the Potters were descended from Peverells and Harry’s paternal Grandma is almost certainly Greek (she’s named Euphemia for goodness sakes), could it be from Fleamont? Basically I want to hear your genealogy ideas or opinions or if you could direct me to fics that address this because I’m so curious.
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2022.08.28 13:36 TrissyFanClub Hello! And yes, this is actually something that isn’t meme related.

So I’m working on a few fics currently, and well, I realised that I lacked something there. Fanart. But then I remembered that I’m trash at drawing. And so I’m now looking for an artist for me. If you’d like to help, here’s a few points that you must have
  1. Is over the age of 13 (yes this is important)
  2. Can draw digital art (I don’t want trolls)
  3. Has Wattpad (I post my fics there)
There’s more but those are more personal points, so I won’t mention them. If you’re interested, feel free to DM me! Oh, and I write Drarry, BlaiRon, CeDrarry, Wolfstar and Pansomione fics. Thank you!
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2022.08.15 10:19 ImaTroll23 Helpppp...

Okay, so I lost this realllllyyy good Drarry fanfic list from Tumblr I believe. I remember the background being a light GREEN, with a fanart pic of Draco leaning into Harry's arm and Harry looking kinda annoyed while reading a book.
Many of the fanfics on there included 'The Beginning of The End' I believe, it had mpreg ones, angst one, etc. ? If You KNOW it plz put link below.
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2022.07.16 22:17 va_nillla I can't find enough drarry fanart there. it's a problem😶 where are they

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2022.07.04 10:19 unicornpillow Which drarry fics would you wanna have it printed?

I’ve realized there’s a separate fandom for popular fics like all the young dudes and fans have been making their own physical copies with fanart covers and stuff.
So I was wondering which drarry fics have ppl actually printed on sites like lulu in secret or which ones you wanting to own a physical copy of!!
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2022.06.28 04:19 YellowFlowersareOK Loveless by Alice Oseman; Georgia is the most relatable person to me I’ve ever seen

I finally asked my library to order this book and started reading it. Oh my god, not even 20 pages in and I’ve never related to some one so much in my life before! It’s like a diary, except change Harry/Draco with Harry/Tom (time travel version). I like Drarry with fanart and fluff usually. I’m a hopeless romantic, I love to say dream falling in love however from another always person’s perspective, a false version of me.
Anyways, oh my god I’m loving with books so much so far!! I highly recommend it!!!!
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2022.06.10 16:15 NaginiPsss Hey guys, first time posting my very first Drarry fanart

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2022.05.29 20:25 DryInvestigator2121 Drarry fests

Ok guys, a lot of you are in the drarry discord server
(come join us asap if you’re 18+ : hey come check out Discord with me https://discord.gg/aFPXTNkTVk )
or you follow drarry related tumblr blogs, so you know that very often wonderful people from the drarry fandom organize fests that have one specific theme in common, and all those fests are a wonderful occasion for writers and artists to challenge their talent and create some wonderful works of art, whether it’s fanfiction or fanart. It must not have escaped your attention that many fandom favorite fics have been written for one of those fests. And all these events are still going on!
But since there still seems to be some distance between this subreddit and the tumbldiscord fandom I thought it would be nice to make a post whenever a new fest starts, so you can either decide to join in, or simply read and admire the words as long as they get published
One thing I’m asking you to be careful about, is to respect fanart in particular: when fan works are published for certain fests they remain anonymous until the fest is over and all artists’ names are revealed. So since it’s good fandom etiquette to only repost art after asking the original creator for their permission (so you can credit them), it would be awful to do so when the art is still anonymous
So what do you think? I think it’s a beautiful way to bring the drarry fandom together because I know a lot of you only read fics and chat on here a little bit but I’m sure you’re unaware of how wonderfully active and creative and organized the drarry fandom still is .
For example one of the best fests going on at the moment is the lights camera Drarry where every story or fanart is inspired from a tv show or a movie
I may start posting the links to the fests going on at the moment once I hear y’all opinions so come on tell me what you think !
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2022.05.15 01:58 Idontlikecovid Unpopular opinions

This type of post has probably been posted before but I wanted to see and discuss some unpopular opinions myself...
Here are some of mine (they are not really unpopular, I don't have many in Harry Potter):
The order of the Phoenix book is good and I like the Battle in the department of mysteries:
I liked the fifth book, Luna was a good addition (I know this is not a unpopular opinion, everyone love Luna), the DA at least gave Harry's classmates some development and I felt that this was when the dynamic between the three changed a bit. Also, I get people disliked Harry in this book but I feel it really showed the pressures of war, and with what he was going through, it was reasonable. It may have been a bit long, but I still enjoyed it. The final battle, I felt, showed how dangerous the Death Eaters are, they were sort of short changed in the movies. (I always feel Antonin Dolohov and Yaxley had the two biggest nerfs in terms of power in the series) It also had Dumbledore vs Voldemort, which was great.
Drarry is a "bad" ship, and so is Harry x Daphne:
This is mainly due to me not liking ships that don't fit in with the context of the story, if you want to ship a ship cause you find it cute then fine, but don't get all angry me when I point out it would never happen. Another point, and this is why I dislike Harry x Daphne, is that it's basically an OC in fanfic/ fanart, if you have to change every aspect of a character (or make it up with headcanon) then I just personally can't see why it should be a ship. Just make your own character. I won't stop you if you ship it, its your right to say what you want, I just have the right to say the ship sucks, the same for any trio x Draco/ any Slytherin.
Epilouge was not that bad:
I never understood why people hated it, it showed all the characters married and happy, it was all peaceful, it didn't need to be in the book but I felt it was a nice way to end the series.
Sirius was one of the strongest in the series and was stronger then Kingsley Shacklebolt, Peter Pettigrew, Nymphadora Tonks etc.:
I always feel Sirius was really underrated when it came to his strength and have thought this for years so Im going to put a lot more detail here. I've seen people talk him down or even say Peter Pettigrew was stronger then him due to the feat of blowing a street up and killing a bunch of muggles, but even then the evidence makes Sirius still seem stronger. First of, if Pettigrew was stronger why did he run, he could have easily beat Sirius beat/ killed him and blamed him, Dumbledore and Co. would believe Pettigrew over Sirius. Even if you want to say Pettigrew was worried about being caught after defeating Sirius, or that he didn't want to fight him in a crowded place, he could've still killed him then ran instead of creating a smokescreen for himself. Also why was he so nervous to the point of nearly going insane about Sirius breaking out if he could kill him?
Sirius feats in the department of mysteries are pretty impressive as well, that brings me to the point about Kingsley and Tonks, who I've seen regularly placed above him in strength. The three fought Bellatrix and he was the only one who didn't get outskilled, in fact he was doing extremely well until he got cocky. This is with the handicap that the wand wasn't even his, it was stolen, making his strength go down considerably. Finally, his mental and physical state was much worst, even if Bellatrix had just got out of Azkaban, the thought of Voldemort's rise would make her feel much more happy and in a healthy (for her) state of mind. Something I just thought of, I believe when Voldemort asked why the prophecy was broken, she blamed Sirius as a distraction. However, wasn't she fighting Tonks when it happened? (A legitimate question, I have forgot) So, either Sirius was the only one Bellatrix believed strong enough to be an excuse for a distraction, or was the only one who left an impression. Due to her obsession with trying to kill Tonks, I believe it was the former.
I feel the fact he was able to give one of the strongest characters a run for her money while in horrible condition is enough reason to consider him much stronger.
I wonder if anyone here can change my opinion on any of these
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2022.04.21 14:17 Fowwwww Drarry fanart but I hate it because it was very time-consuming but I'm actually proud of it-

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2021.06.26 01:50 Puffinlove98 LF Drarry fics with Summer vibes aka Beach/Swimming/Travel

Hello loves!!! <3 <3 <3
After I saw this amazing fanart posted by u/Barnesandoboes on drarry, I went on a bit of a Drarry with summer vibes marathon. Please share any fics you have that involve the beach, swimming, travel, or anything else that fits this theme!
Jumeaux POOLSIDE OGLING, PEOPLE!! This fic has Draco and Blaise running a luxury resort. Harry, Ron, Neville, and the rest of the Auror squad go there for a retreat. Featuring sexy massages, a mud bath, and Blaise trying to get Draco to Do His Damn Job.
100,000 Galleons Hermione ropes Harry into auctioning himself off for charity. You'll never guess who wins a three day, four night vacation at Hawaiian wizarding resort with the Saviour himself. Featuring hiking, snorkeling, massages, and The Sunburn To End All Sunburns.
All Inclusive Draco wins a cruise ticket in a raffle. He's looking forward to it until he runs into Golden Boy on the cruise. Featuring a mud slide, Draco haggling with the natives for fun, and Draco building a Hogwarts sandcastle.
The Cruise Ron and Pansy hate Harry's gold-digging boyfriend, so they come up with a scheme to break them up. It all begins with a pair of tickets to a cruise. No spoilers, but if you like odd jobs you'll adore this one. Under my humour tag as well.
Head Full of You Blaise takes the squad to his beach summer home after graduation. Little does Harry know it's all a scheme to set him and Draco up. Featuring soul marks, skinny dipping, ocean smut (Istg I had flashbacks to Twilight Breaking Dawn), and Harry building a sandcastle with Luna and Millie.
Momenti Diversi Harry f*cks off to live in Italy and work in a gelato shop. After 6 months, Head Auror Draco visits in the hopes of convincing him to rejoin the squad. Featuring the Italian lifestyle, skinny dipping, and a smidge of a love triangle. Just a smidge.
The Potters' Pool Party 12 year-old Scorpius is invited to a pool party and Draco insists on attending to supervise him. What he didn't know was who exactly was hosting this party....Featuring disabled Scorpius. Non-magical AU.
Our Dreams, Our Pride Harry is not very good at planning things. For some reason, Draco trusted him to plan their 6 year anniversary trip. Said trip ended up involving a coach bus full of old people. Featuring some cute AF elderly lesbians, and Draco being very polite with old folks while Harry is overly familiar with them. This is also under my humour tag.
what the body wants is coolness 🏆 best example of the genre
This is an established relationship fic where Harry is introducing Draco to his friends as his boyfriend. It all takes place at the beach! Swimming! Beach games (beach quidditch?)! Harry napping on Draco's lap! Draco feeding Harry snacks! It's just. Pure fluff ok. Pure beach fluff.
*4* The Lesson of You This is actually a kid fic/Accidental Baby Acquisition fic BUT there is a super cute beach scene towards the end, featuring the boys getting ice cream with the kid and muggles being confused because the child looks like Harry AND Draco...? If you like kid fics, please read this because it's one of my favs.
*4* Last City The Bachelor AU. The harem romance you didn’t know you needed. Please just read this. Ron signs Harry up for 'Stag Shag' a dating show where the bachelor and the winning contestant each win a million galleons. Harry is mad about it and curses Ron's name up until the moment he meets contestant number 1 and then he spends the next few weeks thirsting over all the beefcakes lining up to get in his pants. Featuring scuba diving, a scavenger hunt, a sandcastle competition, a gay bathhouse, and a tiny little red Speedo with snitches on them.
*4* Big Chicago (one beach scene within a very dark fic) Listen. This is a very dark torture/imprisonment/sexual abuse fic that just hAPPENS to have a fairly memorable beach scene. But you've been warned. It is not for the faint of heart.

That's all I've got so far!! Please share any Drarry fics with beach/swimming/travel, etc!! I know our English boys don't get a lot of sun, but we're in the mood for SUMMER VIBES!!!
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2021.06.06 15:15 Ioshiisa my first Drarry Fanart, hope you like it :3

my first Drarry Fanart, hope you like it :3 submitted by Ioshiisa to drarry [link] [comments]

2021.04.14 17:59 hello-im-cora My opinion on HP ships

(I don't want to offend anyone who likes or dislikes the aforementioned ships. That's just my opinion)
Romione - They were like brothers, it was strange when it became romantic. It was, in a way, laziness. "She has 2 best male friends, she has to marry one!" My biggest problem with the ship is the shippers
Hinny - It was kind of random. I always thought of Ginny as a shy, but sociable girl. But in OotP, where she becomes a Mary Sue, the ship begins. It was as if JK had thought, "Harry needs to be with someone, and so does Ginny. Let's give Ginny a personality that is totally Harry-oriented." It's my biggest problem with the ship, Ginny seems to exist just to be Harry's romantic interest.
Harmione - I ship, it's not my OTP, but I ship. Before they come "how do you think ron and hermione have a sibling relationship but harry and hermione are a couple !!! 11 !!!! 1! It's my opinion, I think they would be a better couple than romione
Linny - My OTP. Opposites attract, an athletic and popular girl and the "strange" girl who has no friends. Also the fanarts are so cute
Drarry and dramione - They would make a great couple. They could have been worked well and would be a good one. Bad guys can redeem themselves. Have you watched Avatar? Look at Zuko
Remadora - RANDOM. Seriously, it came out of nowhere. Suddenly, BUM! They are a couple. It looks like it was only created to stop wolfstar
Wolfstar - Cool, I kind of ship it, especially when they were at Hogwarts
Huna - It's a good ship and Harry and Luna would match. I once read a headcanon in which Luna was a teacher of Care for Magical Creatures and Harry was a teacher of DADA and they were married. I thought it was cute
I forgot several ships, so if you want my opinion on another ship (which I think will not happen, I must have pissed off a lot of people here) put it in the comments
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2021.02.17 20:02 Corvus-Rosier What exactly made you start shipping Drarry?

For me, it was the cute fanart. The fiirst fanfic I read (literally) was Eclipse by Mijan and then The Secrets in the Telling by Sakuri and then more before realising I was hooked. I love drarry. It's my OTP and I cannot see life without it.
How about you, guys?
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2021.01.27 07:52 mtelehin In Search Of

Hey fellow Drarry lovers! I’m on the search for a new fanfic. I saw a piece of fanart, it was of the second task in the Twiwizard Tournament, but instead of Ron in the Lake Harry found Draco. There were comments that the art is similar to a story on Wattpad, something about Black Water, but I couldn’t find it and I don’t think it’s in English anyway 😅 can anyone recommend a story with a similar theme in English? And I love smut so if there’s any of that then yay lol
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2020.10.19 04:00 BookHoarder_Phoenix I need a beta

Looking for a Beta
My fanfic is a Drarry one. It currently doesn't have any chapters posted except for the prologue. I cannot give you the link to the Google doc as everyone would be able to access it. Once you agree, I'll send you a private message.
The genre will be the same as HP just with more romance. There will be triggers for PTSD and Abuse (not sexual). I am not going to have heavy smut, if at all, as I'm uncomfortable writing it and I've (somehow) convinced my mother to be a second beta. If there is to be any smut at some point, it would be when they're both sixteen. There will be some light swearing unless the situation calls for more.
My beta will need to help me with grammatical errors and the like. Also, any ideas would be appreciated (I won't claim that it's mine if you came up with it).
I don’t have a specific word count but I’d like it be 50+ chapters, at least 1.5k words each.
If you want something in return, I can make fanart for you (though I’m not the best) and/or name an OC after you. If you want something different, tell me and I’ll think on it. Me being a beta for you is completely off the table, sorry.
If you aren't one but you have a beta yourself and you trust them, please give me their user. I'm a very paranoid person and I'm worried that my beta will steal my ideas from me.
If you are against LGBTQ+, don’t bother to comment.
~ Phoenix
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2020.10.03 20:09 grazerology best drarry fanart accounts??

im currently trying to edit drarry, but cant seem to find good fanart. id prefer an account with the same style, but anything will do. thanks! :3
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