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A market for you to sell your clothes, shoes, and accessories!

2023.06.05 16:29 Hachiii8 Adam's not The First Man Theory

This one has been on my mind for quite some time and I would like to ask about your thoughts on it, but first of all let me summarize how I came up with this.
The Bible has a very specific order of how God created everything but let's just talk about the necessary creations for this theory:
3rd Day - God created vegetation (plants and trees)
5th Day - God created the sea animals and the birds
6th Day - God created ground animals and 'Mankind', to be more specific it says in Genesis 1:27 "Male and Female he created them." (to be specified later why this is important).
This was the order in which God created the aforementioned things here on Earth, but if we go to the next chapter, (Genesis 2) we get a completely different order of things.
Now in this theory I believe that God created Adam and Eve after the Lord's 6 days of creation, why? Because if we hold on to the belief that the 2nd Chapter of Genesis is a flashback to Day 6 of creation (because that's when he created mankind) then we have a problem.
Let's go with the order of creation in this chapter, in Genesis 2:5 it says "Now no shrub had yet appeared on the earth and no plant had yet sprung up" (I believe that this only talks about Eden but that's for later), so no plants at the moment, but then God created Adam after 2 verses in verse 7, the trees in verse 9, the animals in verse 19 and then finally the woman in verses 21-22 so basically we have:
1st - Man (Genesis 2:7)
2nd - Trees (Genesis 2:9)
3rd - Animals (Genesis 2:19)
4th - Woman (Genesis 2:21-22)
I guess by now you can see the problem already, now I believe that The Garden of Eden was created sometime after the 7th Day of Creation, because if it was indeed a flashback to the 6th Day then it wouldn't make sense since as stated above, in Chapter 1, the order of creation is Trees - Animals - Mankind but in chapter 2 you have Man - Trees - Animals - Woman and this I believe would be a contradiction if Adam was the first man, but it would make sense if chapter 2 only entails the creation of The Garden of Eden (apart from the 6 Days of Creation).
Nowhere in the Bible does it specifically say that Adam is the first man on Earth and furthermore if you go back to Chapter 1, The Lord created Mankind in his image as Man and Woman, but then Eve was created from Adam's rib in Chapter 2, what I believe is that when the Lord created mankind in the 6th Day in Genesis 1:27, it wasn't Adam and Eve but other human beings.
To further support this theory we can go look at Cain and Abel's story, after Cain killed Abel he went out from the Lord's presence (consequently away from his parents as well) and lived in the Land of Nod, East of Eden (Genesis 4:16). Away from his parents, however he made love to his wife and she gave birth to Enoch in verse 17. We know that Adam and Eve's third son was Set but he wasn't born till verse 25, so the question is "where did Cain's wife come from?" or rather "where did the people of the Land of Nod came from?" In my theory Cain's wife came from the descendants of Mankind (the actual first humans) that the Lord created in Day 6 of creation instead of from Adam and Eve (which would've been his sister) since, well, as stated before he went out from the Lord's presence and Adam and Eve stayed there instead of following him. So far everything fits together quite nicely. If you actually read this far, what do you guys think?
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2023.06.05 16:28 sossy111 3 week old bags . Can you help with opinions?

3 week old bags . Can you help with opinions?
Hi. First timer and would be pretty shocked if this actually worked for me. Inoculated 8 bags three weeks ago and did a break and shake a week ago. Three bags had to be chucked because of zero growth. I’m down to 5 bags. How does the color look? Are any of these viable ?
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2023.06.05 16:28 Top_Stop50 “Expecially”

Lol does anyone else notice/get annoyed when Rachel says “expecially” instead of ESpecially. I swear she says it all the time and it’s starting to drive me nuts like that’s not a word lmaooo
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2023.06.05 16:28 craxols Help finding Artist

Help finding Artist
Hi Everyone!
I am in love with this fan-art drawing of Sora and have been wanting it as a tattoo. Problem is, I want to ask the artist permission first. I believe they used be very active in the KH community before and went by shield_draws. I dm’d them on IG, and found their Twitter but it seems like they haven’t been active for a few years. Does anyone know if they go by a different name now? I’d appreciate y’all’s help!
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2023.06.05 16:28 Ok_Foot2376 Can I get two perms in the same month?

I got a wavy/loose curl perm last wensday but it didn't really take on the top of my hair (I have short-ish hair, doesn't go down to my shoulders), would it be possible to get another one to fix the top? I know the general rule is that you have to wait 3-6 months to get another one, but the reason is because chemically changing the shape of your hair strands is harmful, so if the perm didn't take, and my hair is still straight in parts, does that mean it's safe to re-perm the parts that didn't take? Thanks for any help.
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2023.06.05 16:28 No-Ad2323 Bright Blue BMW M1 Hatchback (2022)

Bright Blue BMW M1 Hatchback (2022)
Total long shot, but does anybody know of anyone locally that owns one of these cars?
I'm desperately appealing to find someone specific, and I'm losing my mind searching on everything I can possibly think of.
The one in the picture is actually the specific one I'm looking for, not sure if it'll help but I'll try anything at this point. TIA.
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2023.06.05 16:28 ajmt93 Taxes and outsourcing

Hello all,
I have been working on building an app while also working my full time job, however I've reached a point where I want to hire some extra developers that have more expertise in areas I do not have.
Due to my low budget for this app, I was looking at websites to outsource from places like the Philippines, however I'm concerned about what the CRA may consider an employee vs a contractor and I have no clue where out of country developers would fall into this.
Does anyone have experience with this, or know what kind of service I should be contacting to ensure I'm going through the right processes?
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2023.06.05 16:28 mattyman189 Does Themis not know how to spell “ endorsement” ????

For context, See Commercial Paper (lol)
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2023.06.05 16:28 HistoricalAd6321 Hair takes forever to dry

Does anybody else’s hair take forever to dry? If I leave my hair to air dry it will easily take upwards of 12 hours to dry. I recently switched from a Conair hairdryer to the Shark HyperAir in hopes of cutting dry time but it still takes well over an hour to dry. It makes me hate wash days because it takes so much time. Does anyone else go through this every time? Any advice would be appreciated!
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2023.06.05 16:28 alycks Thinking through an Altra-only rotation

I'm fairly new to regular run training, having just caught the triathlon bug in Feb 2022. I am currently running 25 mpw and am looking to increase that to 40+ eventually. I have been wearing zero-drop, minimalist shoes for years (not for running but just calisthenics and daily living) and have never run in anything but Altra. As I ramped my mileage up from 350ish miles in 2022 to my current clip, I have never been injured and have gotten a good deal faster. I ran a half marathon at 1:40 and want to level up my rotation game.
I'm training for 70.3 triathlon, a 3:30 marathon, and possibly some ultras. I run in the "Born to Run" style at a 180 spm cadence with a forefoot/midfoot strike.
I'm thinking of going with an Altra-only rotation since I know they work for me. Here are my current shoes:
Shoes I'm thinking about adding:
I've never run in anything with much cushion in it - only ever Xero HFS and Escalante Racers.
  1. Does anyone have experience with adding in some cushioned or some race shoes after running primarily in minimalist shoes?
  2. Are there any other brands/shoes I should consider?
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2023.06.05 16:28 Norviskor Solo Ecthar help

Trying to get my first solo dungeon clear. I’ve watched all of the videos and seen people do it with ease, but every time I enter into DPS with Ecthar, it’s a mess.
Running double special, OTP shotgun, Lament, Assassin’s Cowl. 90 Res (I know I know 100, but my Hunter isn’t my main and I just don’t have the armor to do it atm), Amped Up, Electric Armor, Thunderous Retort, Spark of Resistance, etc.
First off, does anyone know what could cause the Lucent Witches and the Knight you get the buff to break Ecthar’s shield to not die to a One Two Punch and a melee with 3x Combination Blows and Lethal Charge active? It’s extremely inconsistent for me, sometimes killing them in a shot+melee as intended, sometimes leaving them with half of their health left. This often messes up the beginning of DPS as I’m fully prepared to melt the buff Knight but he doesn’t die like he should.
Next, Ecthar always seems to hit me with a shield that tracks like crazy before I can get to him with Lament. This leaves me with half health and it’s just a game of perfect Lament timing at that point, often killing me. Is there any way to go from dunking the final Vestige into killing the buff Knight (assuming the effects work as intended and he dies right away), into dealing damage without getting bonked? I always try and hit him with the super+grenade combo while in buff to break his shield fast but the timing is so unreliable, especially when he’s running around behind pillars.
Any and all tips are welcome! Thank you!
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2023.06.05 16:28 StressCanBeHealthy LSAT Logical Reasoning: How to deal with the “When I get it down to two answers, I always select the wrong one” conundrum

No, I’m not a mind-reader; just been in the business a very long time. So a few things…
(1) Students tend to overestimate the frequency with which they select the wrong answer. Two reasons for this.
Most of the time, when a student sees that they have selected the right answer between two, their brain suddenly says: “I knew that was right the whole time”. But your brain is lying to you.
Equally often, when a student sees that they’ve selected the wrong answer between the two, their brain yells at them: “Dumbass! You always do that!” Now your brain is being a drama queen.
This over-estimation strongly supports the idea of performing a careful review of every question answered, not just those answered incorrectly. After all, does making an educated guess between two answers mean that the question was actually answered correctly? Perhaps not. There must be a better way to answer that question, no?
(2) Very often, one of the two remaining answers will be so poorly written that it’s difficult to comprehend, especially in limited time. Make no mistake – the LSAT does this purposely.
The LSAT doesn’t just test reasoning skills, it also tests emotional and psychological fortitude. At least, in my humble opinion.
That is, the LSAT is testing students’ ability to select the correct answer even when they don’t understand it. This requires emotional and psychological fortitude. Again, at least in my humble opinion.
Some view Process of Elimination as a trick of standardized tests. Perhaps. But it’s also a very real thing in every day life.
In medicine, the process is referred to as Differential Diagnosis. Even in the law, the concept is known as “Res Ipša Loquitur” (the thing speaks for itself) - where every other explanation has been eliminated.
So what to take from all this?
When faced with two potentially correct answer choices, focus on the answer that’s easier for you to read. Quickly recharge yourself by recalling what the question is asking for and the strategies you have at your disposal.
From there, determine whether that easier-to-read answer is either definitely right or definitely wrong. If it’s definitely wrong, gather your strength and select the other answer that doesn’t speak to you. Because that’s definitely the correct answer.
Please believe that four answers will be absolutely 100% wrong. In fact, I’m more than happy to provide an explanation for any wrong answer from a test no more than 15 years old.
That being said, I know of at least two credited answer choices that I just do not believe are correct. In other words, I believe all five answers are definitely wrong. But that’s just me.
I would submit that all of the above is quite basic. Nothing terribly profound. But that doesn’t mean it’s not effective. Hope this helps.
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2023.06.05 16:28 sophiestiques How to use clips from series and music in a youtube video ?

Hey hey - I'd like to do video essays on YT and I am very confused on the copyright laws. I know there is the fair use usage but i don't really get what fall under it and what doesn't.
So i'd like to understand : how can I download those clips ? If I need to pay a licence, how does it work ?
I don't care if the videos are demonetized, they will be as it will be videos about music...
Thanks a lot for helping !!
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2023.06.05 16:28 immabettaboithanu Wrote some legislation, what do I do with it?

I wrote some legislation that would apply to federal law in the United States. I’m not really in a position to be in direct contact with any political organizations who could use it, what does anyone think I should end up doing with it? Are there any sites or forums where it could even be reviewed by SMEs?
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2023.06.05 16:28 Why_did_I_09 Negative Z.E.R.O

DAY 001
Turns out my life at been changed like the anime call " Lie in your April ". I met a girl just like the main character of lie in your April did. She was just outstanding in my eyes anyways. I was in totally in love with her . It's the first time I love someone in 19 years,my age is 20 now .so I didn't know how to love someone,I didn't care to love someone,I was not interested in that part at all. But after saying her my life got totally changed. It's not like I don't have any friends (girls). But something about her totally different from others the way I look at her I don't I just don't felt this kind of thing before . First I didn't figured it out what was going on , slowly I understood that that i liked her so much . She didn't even put that much effort but even so sometimes that little things she did for me was enough to do so .she didn't know anything about this and I didn't wanted to tell anyone even so after a few months I told my best friend about this . Basically I thought that this feelings will be gone eventually but it didn't it became strong. So told my best friend that i liked her . But not the all of it just some part . ( After i met her and became friends with her, i introduced my best friend to her and her friends and we became close we would hangout in a group).Then a few months went by i talk to her like normal ,try my best to act natural around her cuz you know it hard to act normal im front of someone who you have a hard crush on. I best friend would tease me about her, so I told him that I didn't have a crush on her anymore. And some months went by , we would hangout together all the time.I got some dates but didn't wanted to go to everyone asked why did i not wanted to go ,i lied that i didn't wanted to we didn't match vibes. Last month my best friend got a girlfriend. And here comes the "lie in your April" part after my best friend got a gf the girl i like one of her friends told him that she liked him and all indirectly. Then my best friend told me everything and i did take it well on the outside but you know how it feels on the outside. I'm not excatly sure if that's true and all cuz her friend does this all the time . Anyways if you are asking that why don't i just man up and ask her on a date . The reply would be i just can't right now, I don't wanna lose this thing with her as friends, i can't risk it all . And that part she like my best friend above all pains me . I mean c'mon man it cloud be anyone why it had to be my best friend. Anyway i try to not show any emotions.
Today we had a meet up and i gave a cold shouler to her because i wanted to go this feelings away so then i wouldn't be in this much pain . I didn't wanted to act bad with her like i did today.but i just had to. Now she is angry with me and I'm trying to make it even bad I don't now what am i doing.
Just felt like to share it
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2023.06.05 16:27 Confident-Horse-7346 Acceptance

Does anyone find self hating soothing? Like you keep being a dissapointment keep underachieving you hate yourself more and more to a point to derive some satisfaction when something bad happens to you like you are a scum that deserves it. I think this is a self defense mechanism of the mind and only thing keeping me going whenever something bad happens i say " i fucking deserve this shit of course it happened to me" such acceptance has been of help to me
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2023.06.05 16:27 Turbulent_Place_7064 When should i protest ?

Lets say someone hit me , unintentionally . It s VERY clear that it wasnt intentional for exmaple he lost control of his car and i got hit . After the race i lost some safety ratong because of that . Should i protest ? Will i get my SR back if i do ? How does that work .
( Sorry the iracing page for protesting was waaay to long for me to read , had to ask in here hoping to get a shorter answer )
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2023.06.05 16:27 Sufficient-Ruin5353 re-sale value of trail edition

Thinking of buying the trail edition tacoma. Does anyone have any idea if it'll have similar or worse re-sale value compared to the trd off road?
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2023.06.05 16:27 SirFailsAlot66 Deadshot

Need some help here guys, I only have precision fusion rifle final blows left for the dead shot title. Two questions 1) does it have to be in the crucible? (I'm assuming so) 2) HOW DO YOU GET A PRECISION SHOT WITH A FUSION RIFLE!?
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2023.06.05 16:27 thefaultisours Episodes to catch up on before S10 “Come Along With Me” ?

Watching adventure time for the very first time (!) and loving it, but now it’s come time for me to watch the last of season 10. I wanted to rewatch some old episodes to review (ex. they showed Samantha as part of Gumbald’s army at the end of Gumbaldia and I couldn’t remember who she was, so I’m rewatching the episode where she’s introduced). Other than episodes relating to the characters of his army introduced at the end of that episode, does anyone have any suggestions ? (that also wouldn’t somehow give away spoilers lol) thank you in advance to anyone who answers!
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2023.06.05 16:27 KuBa345 Just went through a breakup in my first serious relationship - need some advice

Hey all, this is my first post here on this subreddit. I hope everything I say here is within the rules.
I'm a newly graduated university student who is beginning medical school in a few months. I had been in a relationship with a woman who graduated the semester before me. We were together for about 8 months. 2 months ago she started her one-year-long master's degree in a foreign country. No doubt, I figured it was going to be challenging, but not as hard as it really ended up being.
We got in a massive fight yesterday - the day before I was going to go fly over to visit her. I ended up cancelling my flight and breaking up with her in a harsh manner if I may say. After hearing opinions from my loved ones I realized that I made a massive mistake and reacted poorly to the situation - I ended up apologizing to her. However, I know there was really no going back. She is doing her studies there - why would she want to be with someone who keeps stressing her out (insecurities, being too hard on myself, not thinking logically sometimes and taking stuff out on her - all of these things culminated in our fight yesterday).
Today we officially ended things. She decided that it was not healthy for us to be together right now although she acknowledged that I made a mistake (and so did she) and that she does not hold it against me. I agreed with her, even though it pains me because I still love her. I have begun to scour the internet for self-help guides to address some insecurities and some of my personal flaws that ended up failing her and this relationship. No doubt, in our situation, nobody was blameless and we both acknowledged that. But I know my reaction and my behavior to the situation at hand was not proportionate. I feel ashamed for the way I treated her at the end of the day because she was a very sweet girl who I do not think deserved it.
Anyway, I am feeling really down today - this was the first serious person romantically in my life who I introduced to my family. Her family was fond of me in the short time we were together. She returns to the United States soon for vacation (where we are from) and will do so also after she graduates to start looking for a job. I am finding it incredibly difficult to ever bring myself again in front of her, although at the same time I know I want closure by seeing her perhaps for a last time and talking through the whole situation so we can both feel better and potentially move on or try again with one another, should she want to.
What should I do? How do I begin to heal? I am certainly not going to hold out hope or wait for something magical to happen - whatever happens will happen. Just having some trouble starting the healing process and making sure that I don't fail someone ever again like I did again. Was hoping you good folks on this subreddit could help me out. Cheers.
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2023.06.05 16:27 Brinsig_the_lesser Good app/software for creating pictures of myself

Okay so this might not be specifically for chat got
Does anyone know an app/software that can get trained on pictures of me and create new pictures on me in various scenarios.
I saw last month someone posted AI created photos of himself in a cafe, Infront of the empire state building etc.
I'm wanting to create a new linkedin photo but don't really like taking my photo.
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