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2023.06.05 14:48 Lumpy_Check_4640 Höheres Fachsemester Informatik

  1. Hello everyone. Last year i applied for Informatik Bachelor. I was admitted on 07.09.2022 and it was really late for enrollment thats why i was enrolled to a TU. Currently i am studying at a TU. I applied to höheres Fachsemester Informatik on 01.06.2023 to Humboldt University. Applications to höheres Fachsemester Informatik are NC Frei. Anyone has an idea how long will it take until i receive my admission (will it be faster since it is nc frei) or is there any way to speed it up. I am an international (non EU) student. Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.05 08:28 rustyspoon07 Is anybody else really disillusioned with college in their final year?

I'm about to graduate and I've been reflecting on not only my university experience, but with my interactions outside of the university related to my field. For context, I'm an engineering major.
I've now been in 2 job interviews where I was explicitly told that [person's] company doesn't like to hire engineering graduates from Davis. The first interview was years ago, for an intern position. The second interview, they actually said they prefer Davis students, but then after I said "that's weird, I've heard other companies say the opposite", they started laughing and revealed that they were fucking with me and that I "gave the right response" to that comment. One of the guys in the room for that second interview graduated from Cal Poly SLO and he thought that was hilarious.
And I mean, that's fair. From what I've heard, SLO has a great engineering program. Their professors have strong ties to industry, there are connections that make it easier to get jobs, their classes actually teach practical engineering.
Do you know when I was ever required to actually build or work on something at Davis? It never happened. The track only includes one hands on manufacturing class. GD&T was just a single homework assignment in a 1st quarter course. As a MechE, I was required to use Solidworks for my courses just as much as I was required to use Arduino IDE, and that's a bad thing. CAD, CAM, DFM, GD&T, these aren't just small curiosities, for most engineers these things are the profession, day in and day out. And they're all treated as after-thoughts on the way to getting an engineering degree at UC Davis.
Yes, mathematical theoretics and fundamentals are important, and if you lack that foundation, you won't be useful as much more than a button pusher, but those are still useless skills if you don't know how to apply them. And I understand its not cost effective to say, provide the materials for every student to build an airplane. But at the very least you could teach the concepts required to design, manufacture, test, and release a product. Provide more practical examples in class, make students create drawings and documentation for their work like they would in industry, try to impress upon them that a solution which looks good on paper might not work in real life.
Because as it stands, the only area of engineering where I can confidently say a David student might be well-versed straight out of undergrad is high level design. Because we've been taught how to do the math, how to create models of systems, how to be aware of our assumptions. But an engineer needs to be able to do more than that. Because if I model a solution that isn't feasible, or can't be manufactured, I shouldn't have to be told a week later by the manufacturing engineer that it won't work. I should have some immediate gut reaction, some amount of training to realize when I've designed something which doesn't make sense in the real world.
I'm going to be fine. I'm decently far along in the interview process for my dream job. I was fortunate to find a student team which has given me some amazing opportunities that a lot of college students don't get to have. But that's just it, not everybody can do that, and not everybody should have to. I want my peers at UC Davis to succeed because of this school, not in spite of it.
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2023.06.05 08:03 abrookee chance me poor white girl in stem

demographics: low income, white (technically half white and half asian but i’m going to claim white), divorced parents, from California
hooks: went to a performing arts high school, low income, legacy student, women in stem
intended major: comp sci or engineering (biochemical or biomedical)
stats: UW gpa 3.8 Weighted 4.8 (for ucs they only look at this gpa or a recalculated version of it) SAT: 660 ebrw 790 math took it once without studying gonna retake in august hopefully for a 1500+ possibly 1530+ superscored
coursework: took 12/15 aps offered 5 honors 12 aps (all 5s and 4s so far) 8 community college classes
rank: my school doesn’t rank but I know i’m in the top 9%
awards: -CM classical music awards and honors to the highest state and national levels (similar to abrsm if you know what that is) -music teachers association of california senior award -awarded money from boeing for making a rocket out of a soda bottle -national and state competitive dance titles
extracurriculars: -worked 2 part time jobs to support my family and younger siblings 1 was a manager position at subway 1 is a lifeguard at a local water park -attended an arts school where i went to school for like 10-15 hours a day. performed in over 60 shows in my highschool career (not including freshman year because covid) -performed 15 shows at the major theatre in my city lead and supporting roles -competitive dancer performed in 4 shows a year and 8 competitions -TAed for calculus and tutored students in math -worked as a student music teacher -graduating with a biliteracy seal in mandarin and iworked as a translator for foreign students at a summer school near me -helped start a science nhs chapter at my school (kinda a weak ec) i raised the money to pay for the club lol -generic nhs and csf + some random service hours
essays: i think my essays are strong esp my common app. it’s about why i love taking out the trash LOR: honestly probably mid
schools: mit, harvard, yale, stanford (legacy), usc (legacy), udub, ucberk, uci, ucsd, ucsb, ucsc, cal poly slo
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2023.06.05 04:25 pinkxpeach Got medical insurance from my employer, still have medi-cal

Hey everyone. I recently got enrolled in Kaiser from my new job a few weeks ago. I completely forgot to let medi-cal know about my new job/change in income. The website is down but I plan on reporting the change as soon as it’s back up. I was so distracted by all the new changes in my life that I forgot to report. Am I going to be in big trouble?
Also, should I just cancel my medi-cal? I was planning on doing so but I’m not sure how to go about doing it.
Any advice would be appreciated.
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2023.06.05 02:49 simmiixx how do financial aid refunds work?

ive never gotten a direct deposit before and rn on my cal central i enrolled into my summer classes and received grants covering my classes and additional costs. i owe nothing rn and still have a grant applied that will be dispersed ten days before classes start. will i receive that as a direct deposit then?
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2023.06.05 02:26 MineCraftIsntReal Transferring Fall 2024

Chance me, Cal Poly SLO, UCSD, UCI. Biology.
3.9 GPA, at the time of transfer I will have Bio 116 (human biology), Bio 10, Chem 101, Chem 112, Bio 112 (ecology), and Math 112 (stats). No physics.
Work experience, volunteer experience, and wrestling, which I have excelled at.
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2023.06.05 02:24 Dragthismf Work outlook for summer 23

So I keep hearing about work being slower than usual thought I’d make a post about potential jobs and reasons for slowdown , material shortages etc.. I’ve heard there are transmission projects in WY and Colorado planned for the summer, I know California contractors for Edison have been switching areas and that has a lot to do with slowdowns in so cal I have a buddy who’s been on books in 1245 for over two weeks. My buddies in the north east are saying they still can’t get poly wire or 25kva cans
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2023.06.05 02:10 Laine_yy Welcome to RegTransparencyChat

Hey everyone! Welcome to RegTransparencyChat! We're here to talk all things Cal Poly SLO registration. Share your stories, vent your frustrations, and brainstorm ways to make things clearer and fairer. This is our chance to make a real impact, so let's speak up, support each other, and work towards a registration process that works for us.
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2023.06.05 01:44 Aoreyus7 I been lying to my grandparents

So I feel like a terrible person because like 2 years ago in 2021 I got kicked out of college due to my bad grades for two consecutive semesters
But I been lying to my grandparents saying that I have been going to college this entire time. And right now was the timeline I'd given them for graduation
They sense that I've been lying to them, but I'm too afraid of telling them the truth
The truth is I'm enrolled back into regular community college taking classes now to transfer back into a 4 year Cal State University
Should I just come clean?
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2023.06.04 17:29 Sacto-Sherbert Temporary Bridge Fix…?

TLDR: National Guard saved cows delivering hay by helicopter. Could it also save human lives delivering a temporary footbridge?
During this winter’s big snows, the California Air National Guard ferried bales of hay via helicopter to herds of cows stranded on Humboldt county hills and mountains. This was back in March.
Today, news of the the Woods Creek Bridge and the South Fork San Joaquin River Bridge damage is being widely reported - and quite frequently - in the mass media.
Those media reports not only talk about the dangers to human lives brought by fording dangerous fast moving water but also the very-highly-likely disinterest among thru-hikers to backtrack or take long re-routes. The thrust of this juxtaposition is that lives will be put at risk while fording the rivers.
The SF Chronicle summed up the “three disappointing options” as: backtrack and reroute; abandon the thru-hike altogether; or attempt to ford the streams on foot. And then in the next paragraph stating “Stream crossings are perhaps the most perilous hazard of those scenic trails — hikers have been swept off their feet and drowned in recent years — and this season these wild streams are flowing colder, higher and faster than normal.”
The article is pretty clearly foretelling outsized human toll this year. It’s not a happy thought but we are perhaps only days or weeks away from hearing the grim news of a tragedy brought about by a perilous crossing.
So I’m wondering what Cal National Guard resources (or perhaps Marine Mt Warfare unit resources) could be brought to bear as a temporary fix?
I’ve not served in any branch of the military and have limited knowledge of how this sort of stuff works. But I have followed news of various conflicts and seen images of temporary bridges installed for ground troops as well as armored vehicles during over land advances.
Couldn’t the Cal National Guard or Marines install temporary footbridges adjacent to the two impassable bridges in order to save lives? Do this bridges exist as items in inventory somewhere in a form that could be airlifted into place in whole or parts and secured in place to save lives?
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2023.06.04 09:50 Dismal-Walrus-82 best transfer school for business marketing

hello everyone !! ok so i just wrapped up my first year at cal poly pomona as a business marketing student and while i am beyond grateful to even get the opportunity to study there, for some reason i just feel so unhappy there. i was thinking about applying to other cal states in the fall and maybe transfer for my 3rd and 4th year. what do u guys think about this ? and any cal state business marketing programs y’all recommend ? i’m really interested in csun but im still not too sure. thank u and anything helps <3
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2023.06.04 07:13 YellingHusky I Survived: Memories, Nightmares, and Pretending

TW: light abuse mentions, educational neglect, language, religion
So, picture this—I spent my entire schooling years being homeschooled. My remarkable mother decided to revolutionize education by starting these fabulous hybrid homeschool religious schools in sunny SoCal. You know the ones, right? Two days of "classroom" time and three glorious days of being stuck at home every other day. Ah, the memories. It's been nearly 25 years since that grand adventure began.
Now, let me tell you how much I adored every single moment of my homeschooling experience. It was an absolute dream, truly. I just couldn't get enough of those fantastic days, being taught by my mom's dear friends. They were quite the unique bunch. They had this incredible ability to either conveniently ignore the bruises or graciously contribute to them. Oh, what a joyous time that was!
But wait, there's more! Let's not forget about the top-notch education we received. It mainly consisted of having textbooks hurled our way, followed by the expectation of finishing tasks week after week, month after month. It didn't matter if we understood the material or not because, hey, our beloved teachers (the other homeschool parents, of course) sure as shit didn't have a clue either. Oh, and let's not overlook the highlight of our academic year—the mandatory summer reading list. Nothing screams "fun" like being forced to devour a stack of books while everyone else is out enjoying their summer break.
I recently discovered that a friend of mine is enrolling their child in a similar homeschooling nightmare on the opposite side of the country. Can you believe it? Turns out, these homeschool religious schools have formed a glorious network with about a dozen branches across the good ol' US of A. Oh, the excitement! It's just marvelous to know that the abusers I witnessed and experienced firsthand are now in positions of power within this illustrious network. And the best part? Since they aren't considered "real schools," no one needs a pesky degree or even a simple background check. Who needs those qualifications anyway?
Oh, how I adore the fact that this delightful tale is a part of my life story. It brings me immense joy to be well-versed in the intricate details of this peculiar system. It's truly a privilege that, even after a solid decade since bidding farewell to that charming town and another remarkable fifteen years since my graduation, these treasured memories continue to resurface. It's like they never want to let me go!
I found this group and couldn't resist sharing the burden of these "delightful" homeschooling memories. Thanks for listening and letting me dive into the extraordinary world of pretending I lived through it. It's been quite the "pleasure."

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2023.06.04 04:10 bubba_yogurt Engineering MS before an MBA? Risk being lazy or risk wasting time?

Goal: High-level infrastructure advisoconsultant or private-public partnership liaison
Undergrad: Respected California engineering school (Berkeley, Cal Poly, Caltech, UCSD, etc.)
I recently started a new position at a global engineering company as a structural engineer in Texas. I have been considering getting my online engineering MS from the University of Houston, which would take 3 to 4 years. While work has been getting progressively more interesting, I do not foresee myself doing technical engineering work in 7 to 10 years.
My company also has strategic advisory and management consulting divisions that I am interested in. To pivot into these divisions and career-proof myself, I would pursue an MBA.
Here are my questions:
I will admit that the engineering MS is not required, but the material interests me and would also career-proof a fallback option. I only need another YOE for my PE license. Either way, I would eventually pursue an MBA.
What do y’all think? Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.04 03:49 OskiGrin Signing up for classes in July

I am a newly admitted transfer from Berkeley. I am in the process of finalizing my acceptance To-Do’s and curios about fall enrollment. I know I am able to begin enrolling for classes in July….or so I think? Am I supposed to schedule time with my counselor now? How do I know what classes to enroll in? Do I just base it off what the major requirements are😭? I haven’t had any guidance on this besides speaking with people at Cal Day and transfer weekend. Thanks I’m advance!
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2023.06.04 03:14 Human-Performance-77 Subjective Brandeis Questions + Questions for Graduates or anyone attending right now

I know that this can be subjective to everyone, but I would want to know if majoring in Poli Sci / International Business / IGS is any good and if there are any graduates scrolling, are these majors paying you well?
Also, for those who know, do a lot of people actually transfer in their second year ? I am saying this because I saw many Reddit posts regarding a dead social circle and the atmosphere not being good.
Does Brandeis have a high rate of people enrolling in Masters in an Ivy League or a top-tier University?
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2023.06.04 02:17 graceful_ant_falcon What “fit” means, why it matters, and why you should care

I see a lot of people on this sub talking about fit, but no one really goes into the details of what exactly it is. To the first gen kids, oldest siblings, and people who just don’t get much guidance about what college is really like, this one's for you. As a senior, I heard a lot about cost, location, and class size, but that was really the extent of what I knew about “fit” as far as a college. Now that I am a college freshman, I absolutely love the school I picked, but it is for practically none of the reasons I chose it in the first place because I just didn’t know that these were things I should look into or care about.
Why does fit matter?
Disclaimer: This is general advice and does not apply to specialized fields like IB, but I think it is pretty sound for maybe 90% of students. You can get into a super competitive and prestigious school, but your ability to do well is THE first and foremost thing you should worry about when it comes to fit. Especially for all the pre-meds, pre-laws, and anyone looking to go to grad school, the grind does not stop once you get in. You have to perform even better than you’ve already been doing, and the coursework only gets more difficult. If Harvard is the right school for you, by all means, apply, but do not discount a school you love just because it is not a T50 or even T100. When I mention the ability to do well, this includes things like mental health, support systems, and work. For example, if you get into a school that is far away, has completely different weather, no one you know is going, and you have to work part time, your ability to thrive is going to be heavily impeded compared to going somewhere with a high support structure. If staying local is not an option because of abusive parents/other bad situations, consider a similar time zone because it will be easier to stay in touch with friends during the day. You can always make new friends, but I always see posts on my college subreddit about people crying for the first few weeks because they miss their family and friends. Having to work will limit the amount of things you are able to do, whether academic or social, so reducing that burden will be helpful in keeping grades up and just increasing overall quality of life.
What should I consider?
Location: This one seems obvious, and it is, but I’m putting it on here anyway. Make sure to actually research the city/surrounding area of where the college is, especially if you’re a minority. For example, UCSD is in Socal, which tends to be pretty liberal, but it is in La Jolla, which is an area with a lot of wealthy older people. On the other hand, there will be universities in the south in liberal areas where you’ll be safe as a minority. It’s important to consider how much legislation vs. social issues matter (abortion, access to trans healthcare, etc.).
Size: I think people overstate how much the size of the student body matters, but it’s still important. Make sure to look at the number of undergrads, student to faculty ratios, and housing issues. The actual number of students matters less than the distribution of resources. People love to talk about small lecture sizes, but I also do not think that having a lot of students in one lecture is immediately a terrible thing. I have taken classes that range from 20-350 students, and I have been able to interact with the professor equally as much and get the same level of attention. You just have to be a bit more proactive in a larger class. The more important difference here is actually the type of school in my experience. My friend and I go to UCs and we have the typical lecture+discussion combo where you go to lecture and just listen to your professor talk and then go to discussion section where you get to talk in small groups. My friends at CSUs and CCs say most of their classes are similar to high school where the professors interact a lot more with the students and there is more student-student interaction during the class. I know someone who taught at a CSU and they always talked about how they made an effort to include everyone in the class, which is definitely not my experience at a UC.
Access to public transportation: This one might not seem important, but it actually makes a bigger difference than you may think. Having easily navigable public transit means you’ll be able to get off campus and actually go somewhere. If your school is a small college town, then this matters less since you can walk everywhere, but I highly recommend considering it for bigger city schools. If you’ve never used a bus before, now is also a good time to get used to navigating it since it makes your life easier if you’ve done it before.
Majors: I cannot understate how many people switch their majors in college, so it is really important to make sure there are a few majors that you are interested in outside of what you apply with. I went into it thinking I was going to stay a molecular bio major forever and that anyone who didn’t have total loyalty to their major was weak (totally ice cold take, I know), and here I am switching to physiology. Even if you end up sticking to your original major, you may choose to minor or double major. If you’re a STEM major but like the humanities and are doing STEM because it pays better, definitely look into which humanities majors are offered because you never know. Also, consider the language classes the school offers, especially if you speak something a little niche but not niche enough for it to never be offered anywhere. Make sure to actually look at the schedule of classes for the last 1-2 years since sometimes they say they offer something but never actually do.
Type of schedule: Anyone deciding between Cal and UCLA is probably familiar with this issue, but in case you aren’t, some schools offer a semester schedule, and some offer a trimestequarter schedule (I think trimester and quarter are similar in practice since most people do not consider summer classes a proper quarter). A semester schedule means you’ll be taking more classes at once and for longer periods of time (12-15 ish weeks) with a generally longer winter break, while a trimestequarter schedule means you’ll be taking fewer classes at once and for shorter periods of time (10ish weeks), which also means you’ll have to take three sets of classes every year and deal with enrollment three times instead of twice. This is great for getting classes over quickly, but it’s also super fast and people are behind by the time week 2 starts if they aren’t on top of things right out of the gate.
How you pay for units: I didn’t even realize this was a thing, but some schools charge a flat rate for the term, while other schools bill you per unit. This is less important if you are looking to only major in one subject and finish within 4 years, but if you’re trying to graduate early, double major, or just take classes for fun, there is a huge difference. I go to UCLA, so I pay the same amount every quarter as my roommate, except I’m taking 18 units and she has 12, which is full time for UCLA. Since I’m a double major and pre-med, I’m consistently taking over 15 units every quarter, but I do not have to worry about paying more for it. My friend is graduating a year early, so she is front-loading classes and will save on a year of tuition. If either of us went to USC, where they charge per unit, we would have a much higher cost for the same thing. On the other hand, paying per unit can have its advantages, especially if your school has few requirements.
Dual enrollment: A lot of people do dual enrollment in high school, but you can also do it during college. You can take your required major classes at your university and dual enroll at a community college to fulfill GE requirements. This can be great because CC tends to be easier, or at least offers more support, and classes are also way cheaper. The only thing is that some schools do not allow you to dual enroll. For example, UCLA prohibits you from dual enrolling, and because of the weird quarter system, summer classes at my local CC overlap, which means I have to take summer classes at UCLA (or another UC). If taking summer classes at a CC is something you plan to do, make sure to look into the rules about dual enrollment.
Accessibility: Not all campuses are created equal, and some are really difficult to navigate in a wheelchair or have features hostile to people with less visible disabilities. If you cannot tour the school, definitely look at their virtual tours (one of the good things that came out of the pandemic) or even google street view. Look into policies for accommodations (this goes for testing accommodations too), and try to find what other people say about the assistance offered.
Food: If you have a lot of dietary restrictions due to allergies, religious reasons, sensory issues, or personal preference, it is really important that the school can cater to your needs if you plan to live on campus.
Thank you for making it to the end of this post. I hope people find it helpful. If you have any questions, please comment or PM me and I’ll try to answer to the best of my ability :)
Take care everyone, and good luck in the following app season!
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2023.06.04 02:09 BulkyPositive7874 How much Base A&B to use on an outdoor plant?

How much Base A&B to use on an outdoor plant?
The schedule provided for the Base A&B seems to be for an indoor plant schedule. How would this convert to an outdoor plant?
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2023.06.03 20:39 Scared-Corgi-997 Very Content Asian Male

Gender: Male
Race/Ethnicity: Asian
Residence: SoCal
Income Bracket: upper middle class
Type of School: large public
Hooks (Recruited Athlete, URM, First-Gen, Geographic, Legacy, etc.): none
Intended Major(s): applied math / statistics
GPA (UW/W): UC UW: 3.97 / UC W: 4.23 Regular UW: 3.96 / Regular W: 4.14
Rank (or percentile): N/A
# of Honors/AP/IB/Dual Enrollment/etc.: (9th-11th grade: 8 honors/AP courses)
Senior Year Course Load: AP Physics C Mechanics, AP Physics C E&M, AP Calc BC, Required English, Required Social Science, Required Fitness
Standardized Testing
SAT I: 1470 (680RW, 790M)
AP/IB: 5's on AP Calc AB, AP Stats, AP CSA 4 on AP Chem (waiting for BC, Mech, and E&M scores)
#1 Violin - been playing for more than 11 years, played in lots of concerts at prestigious venues, and have been recognized by top-tier artists.
#2 Percussionist - been playing for more than 12 years, performed some concerts, created rhythmic compositions, collaborating with other fellow musicians.
#3 Tutoring - tutored lots of people around the world in math/stats/CS and participated in various community events. Designed coursework, problem sets, etc.
#4 Music Organization member - organized community events, publicized concerts, maintained the website.
#5 Statistics computer program creator - authored this over the course of a year featuring numerous statistical computations.
#6 Club founder & president - involved in image editing and creating a friendly environment to showcase creativity.
#7 Blog - have worked on this for about a year and a half on a multitude of topics.
#8 JV Badminton team player - not much here, just played for fun :)
N/A so I'll just put this:AP Scholar with Honor
Letters of Recommendation
LOR 1 - AP Calc AB teacher - knew her since 10th grade. Another amazing teacher and we are still in touch and she knows how much progress I have made in my math abilities. 10/10.
LOR 2 - AP Stats teacher - knew her since 9th grade. Amazing teacher and she highlighted my work ethic multiple times. 10/10.
LOR 3 - Counselor - Although we were assigned new counselors for this school year, we have a great relationship and she really liked my essays. 9/10.
Cornell - pretty mid. Talked about stats and its applications and campus vibes. 6/10.
Spent all of summer polishing UC essays. Took me around 10 drafts to get my essays into the final draft. Asked some family friends to review my UC essays. These essays were clearly my priority.
For the essays to other colleges, I kinda tried on them but didn't really care too much.
Decisions (indicate ED/EA/REA/SCEA/RD)
UC Berkeley (RD) (committed!!!!)
UC Davis (RD)
UC Merced (RD)
UC Santa Cruz (RD)
UC Riverside (RD)
CalPoly San Luis Obispo (RD)
CalPoly Pomona (I think it was rolling)
Arizona State University (Tempe) (rolling)
Purdue (EA)
University of Washington at Seattle (RD)
UC San Diego (RD)
Carnegie Mellon University (RD)
UC Los Angeles (RD)
UC Santa Barbara (RD)
UC Irvine (RD)
San Diego State University (I think it was RD)
UT Austin (EA)
Stanford (RD)
Johns Hopkins (RD)
Cornell (RD)
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (defer reject)
Georgia Tech (EA)
University of Michigan Ann Arbor (defer reject)
Additional Information:
As a lot of students say, don't apply to these many colleges. Yet I was another one of those, but at least to future applicants, please do not apply to these many colleges. I started writing essays for these colleges even before I decided where to apply, which was stupid. Regardless of how many colleges you choose to apply to, I must say that essays are SO important. This is cliche, but communicate yourself across naturally and you will be fine. I did not have a private counselor and I really felt that I was content with my essays (along with the rest of my application).
Good luck, and I wish you all the best!
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2023.06.03 09:01 AnotherLandAwesome What is the EE graduate program like at Cal Poly SLO?

I'm about to graduate with my Bachelors in Computer Engineering from UC Davis in the fall. While I was anticipating burnout, I'm not ready to be done with school, and I am up to the challenge. I'm very interested in VLSI, digital design and electronics. Cal Poly SLO was my number one for undergrad, and I was hoping someone from the program could provide some insight and experiences. Ty!!
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2023.06.03 06:39 gobananaslugsjk Concerned about my future as a Data Science Major

I committed to UC Berkeley as a data science major and I'm worried I may have chosen the wrong majocollege. I wish I applied as a computer science major and not data science since I want to become a SWE, work in tech, and ultimately have the career outcomes of a cs graduate. Data science just seems weird with its stats classes and math courses instead of the interesting computer science course curriculum. I want to take CS courses but i'm scared I won't be able to enroll in CS courses as a data science major.
I did turn down Vanderbilt's computer science because of their lackluster cs curriculum and bland cs prestige, as well as UC San Diego data science and UC Irvine software engineering. Did I make the right choice when choosing UC Berkeley data science over an actual bachelor of science in computer science major at UCI or Vanderbilt? I do wish I applied to UC Berkeley and UC San Diego as a computer science major, but there is nothing I can do now. I am a data science major at UC Berkeley.
What should I do? Will I still be able to get a lucrative career in computer science/Software engineering as a data science major if I put in the effort? Will I also be able to get the same career outcomes (including salary and jobs) as the cs graduates at Cal? Thanks so much! This has been stressing me quite a bit and I want to enjoy my summer.
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2023.06.02 23:04 -isthishyperreal- Left 3 months pre-hrt, right 19 months on hrt

Left 3 months pre-hrt, right 19 months on hrt
Been on injections from the start and added progesterone at about 1 year.
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2023.06.02 22:11 Beneficial-Nature282 Getting into college

What hs gpa did some of you have and where did you go for cs? I am a local to cal poly slo and got waitlisted I have a 4.4 and they only look at gpa so I am thinking about appealing. I have very little coding experience but will be a first time freshman.
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