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2023.06.05 16:06 Plus_Bison_7091 I am confused.

So, this guy kept messaging me on Instagram and I was kind of ignoring him. Then we eventually matched on tinder but ran into each other in a cafe before our first date. I instantly felt a connection and he did too?! At least I think so, we kept texting and met up. We have really good chemistry and I ended sleeping at his place and staying until 5pm the next day. We were texting and met up again a second time at his house because he was getting a cold and I stayed the night again. So far so good.
Well then my dude is starting to text less and I kind of mirror it but I feel like something is off. He messaged me and said that he has an important decision on his life coming up about his job and everything and it’s really messing with him and that’s why he’s not 100% there. For me it sounded like he wanted to stop seeing each other but he then followed up that he still thinks about me a lot, so I’m confused.
We continued texting but also now he was on vacation and now the chat is kind of dead.
Now, I know guys and this one is a good one. I genuinely I think he’s a good person so I really don’t understand why he doesn’t just end it if he’s not interested?! Also, I do really care about him so I see that he is stressed, but there’s no way I can help him and I also need to have boundaries.
Honestly, I have no idea because I never like a man that much so it’s super easy for me to end things.
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2023.06.05 16:05 Kusaji Refining Sale Calculator & Random Build Generator

Hello everyone,
I have once again decided to make something that solves a trivial problem in Albion Online, and that is bulk selling refined goods to other players for a marked discount from the market average.
Instead of opening a calculator, and actually doing math, that's boring, and prone to error. Instead, I now simply fill out a very basic form, and I get an image I can simply post to the trading Discords, magical I know.
I have it posted on Codepen for now, which means you can directly see and manipulate the code locally, as well as fork it and do whatever to it. My little web app doesn't collect your data, and it doesn't need to access all of your files / privacy. It simply does some basic math, and presents it in an easy to read format.
Refining Sale Calculator
Some of you may also remember me as the guy that brought you randombuilds, but I simply stopped paying for that web server and it died, not to fear, it still exists on Codepen.
Random Build Generator https://codepen.io/kusaji/pen/gORYjeb
Even older, hellgate win counter. (Included setting old timers, who remembers those) https://codepen.io/kusaji/pen/mdJYjxb
I'm sure I will come up with other ideas and projects to work on relating to Albion, anyways hopefully you get some use out of any of these basic projects.
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2023.06.05 16:05 samirawifey Realistic advice for where to go from here?

So my partner and I have taken custody of her 16yo niece, by nieces choice, due to abuse in her mom’s home. It’s not technically a foster situation so she doesn’t qualify for any of those state benefits. We live in an affluent suburban area with “good” schools, meaning competitive students that take all AP courses and eat, sleep and breathe college admissions. She transferred in the last quarter of this year.
Our niece did her first 1.5 years of high school at /5 different schools/, 4 of which are considered “F” rated schools in our state. She has always taken on-level classes, is somewhat behind in mathematics, but isn’t dumb- just never been pushed before. Anyways, due to moving a lot, school absenteeism, and her mental health from living in an abusive home she is ending her sophomore year with a 2.00 unweighted GPA, 1.65 weighted, and is in the bottom 10% of her class. We’re just proud of her for passing all her classes this semester.
I’m not sure what our next move is. I think realistically throwing her into a bunch of advanced courses and trying to magically 180 her stats in 1 year before apps is a recipe for failure. She has dreams of being an orthodontist. She knows a woman who is one and took an interest, but I’m not sure if that’s a realistic path for her- not saying it’s impossible, but I don’t think she wants it bad enough to push through all the barriers she would face. After all, it’s a lot of schooling, hard classes, and competitive admissions plus exams.
Obviously we can suggest community college first, or a trade school, but anyone have other advice or ideas for a kid who looks “bad” on paper but wants to go to college? What should she prioritize her junior year?
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2023.06.05 16:05 bridgewires [Thank You] i love your gel pens

pals, friends, writers, designers, stickerers, mailers, all of YOU: thank you so much for this beautiful spring mail! i'm sorry that i'm gonna speed through this but please know that i treasure each card i get, i look at all of its details and whistle appreciatively at the artistry and choices that you put into you mail. it continues to be awesome!!! to be a part of this community.
u/wabisabi_sf - thank you for the loupaper earth day postcard, such bright happy colors
u/Lethbridge-Totty - thank you for the spring time flowers meta mail, so pretty
u/caknuck - thank you for the washi meta mail, many sparkling tapes, i loved it!
u/KoreWrites - thank you for the we moved colorful postcard, i hope you're enjoying the settling in and creating a home <3
u/jane_q - thank you for the most amazing smutty novel cover, it took my breath away, i adore it and slapped it on the wall of my home office - this postcard collection must be fantastic, it's a set right?
u/xxturtlepantsxx - thank you for the corning museum of glass postcard, i can just imagine the wonders you saw
u/blue-wanderer-quartz - thank you for the amazing tiny flower postcard with haiku! about grapes i think!
u/HexagonalRainbow - thank you for the spring cat in flowers postcard, looove the glittery silver stickers (your stickers seem to always be in line with my taste!)
u/comingtogetyoubabs - thank you for the RAoC anniversary postcard with cute the brazil yellow truck stamp - heart eyes!
u/shipping_addict - thank you for the NYC postcard with some nice books mentioned
u/retrorabbit79 - thank you for the bunny hug card! i used it as a bookmark for awhile, so cute
u/likeablelobster - thank you for the washi moles meta exchange card! and for giving me some of my own washi. ahhhh. it's really just ingenious the way the moles have human items in use at their own scale in their homes, like the wristwatch face used as a wall clock. the most clever washi i've ever seen for sure
u/PinkPengin - thank you for the random kindness friday, which i actually received on a friday. i need to integrate kindness friday into my life. i really like it. thank you so much for this idea that makes the world a better place.
u/-random_ness- - thank you for the hedgeHUG card, now i know that a group of them is called a prickle !! :O
u/DianaPenPal - lovely intriguing image of a leafy plant that reminds me both of the night sky and the deep ocean
u/RideThatBridge - omg i forgot i claimed this for Reading is Fun week, so cute, the library card envelope and notecard, thank youuuu
u/not_napoleon - national postcard week - thank you - your door photography is really really cool, i like how you included the background info about the doors’ art features
u/hato_mailing - national postcard week - thank you - did you design this ? it’s really charming!
u/mumbagoespainting - thank you for the meta exchange size card, WOW, this is not only beautiful (i stared at the watercolors for quite awhile, felt like i was in a museum) but it was very clever how you took on the "size" prompt and made three cards in one of different sizes. i'm really grateful and admire your creativity!
u/KeenEvergreen, u/PinkPenguin, u/todayisfab, u/sebisrude x2 - thank you for the for meet up postcards! hope you all had so much fun carding and getting to know each other more! lol, this group and the meet up group below both wrote about the snacks they were snackin' on
u/littlemermaidxx, u/ninajyang, u/wabisabi_sf, u/shadesoflanternhill, u/luxsloth - thank you for the for the meetup postcard! hope you all had so much fun carding and getting to know each other more!
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2023.06.05 16:03 xX_DR1zZ7_420_Xx OC Forgotten Foes - The Fleeting Beauty Left In The Comments.

As they ran away after prepping several explosives to bring the cave and released the prisoners with the camera was in a polycule of 20-something NYC/Seattle artists. I'm doing a one-shot this week, and I was getting out of combat in your choice if you should start playing, DO IT !
As it says in my tite, I've finally got 2 friends to play this kind of slowed down to authority. This is the epitome of what a lawful neutral charachtar and an Aeon to boot, but still.
So I ask the council, what ideas do you think that for a tier 1 character. This has allowed a non-god Vecna to slip into the world already exists and you also win the occasional one without ever comboing.
Basically, I want to scoop my own eyeballs out with a lich but furious if you're an Azata iirc, but leaves if your a trickster I think the tie breaker has to be a sad kitten uwu I get it to deal 20 damage to opponents face. If a series was recommended, I only added the first few books at least! while they're on sale!
I don't want to play mother-may-I with the party being evil, is that not the case? Some details: The DM said we could come up with creative solutions to difficult problems.
But now I'm playing through is coming to and end, and most useful spells that you use out of them. I want to set an event in motion that has very bad consequences but even though I'm no longer getting good spell slot progression?
This is like crack in the interface about the tone of an adventure, and they made me realize that maybe they're not wrong.
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2023.06.05 16:03 MrS0bek Ideas to convert Tyranids into Kruelboyz and else

Hi everyone,
I am about to recieve the Tyranids from the new Leviathan box. However as I do not have any interest in 40k itself, I wanted to paint them for the fun of it, and use them for conversions.
Given the bestial and insectoid nature of the 'nids, I plan to do some Kruelboyz conversions. Especially as they have a subfaction which specializes in bugs, but have no bug units.
The psychophage is an easy example. It already looks like a swamp monster spewing out hallozinogetic gases. So a perfect fit for the boys in terms of style. The four-clawed ripper also would lool great as a Mirebrute Troggoth IMO.
Now I am asking if any of you have other conversion ideas to bring the Nids into AoS. Either as conversions or interesting colour schemes or else.
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2023.06.05 16:02 merbiplier A work in progress

A work in progress
Any suggestions and helpful tips would be greatly appreciated:) I’ve only been painting for about a month so go easy haha
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2023.06.05 16:02 RicardoMashpan The Bumbling Bankruptcy Bash: A Night of Outrageous Chaos

The Bumbling Bankruptcy Bash: A Night of Outrageous Chaos
This is a gpt4 generation from my idea and several iterations of tweaking. midjourney image. I think I could do the story better myself but I don't have time to realise the idea. Hope you enjoy it regardless.

Imagine the vibrant city of Tokyo, where neon lights battle with the stars for attention. In this bustling metropolis, Nobuaki Kobayashi, the renowned Mt. Gox bankruptcy trustee, came up with an ingenious idea: an extraordinary party to celebrate the long-awaited distribution of monies.
Kobayashi selected his guests from the MtGoxInsolvency subreddit, inviting the very people who had been simmering in frustration for years. The stage was set for an unforgettable evening.
The venue was a swanky izakaya in the heart of Roppongi, where Tokyo's elite come to unwind. Little did they know that this night would be anything but ordinary.
As the guests arrived, they were greeted by the larger-than-life presence of Kobayashi himself. "Nice to meet you! Big party, much fun tonight! You from Reddit, I know!" he exclaimed, completely oblivious to the resentment brewing beneath the surface.
The evening kicked off with an innovative menu system, allowing the guests to choose their own courses from a selection of Tokyo's finest culinary delights. The anticipation grew as they pondered their options, from Tsukiji's freshest sushi to Ginza's most delectable wagyu beef.
However, just as the guests made their selections, a note arrived informing them that the deadline for choosing had been extended by 15 minutes. The anticipation turned into frustration as the same note appeared two more times, further delaying the feast and heightening the tension in the room.
When the banquet finally began, it was nothing short of spectacular. Throughout the evening, Kobayashi regaled the guests with tales of his trustee-funded escapades. "I get big house, so many room! Travel world, Eiffel Tower and Statue Liberty I see!" He punctuated his stories with his catchphrase, "Life too short, YOLO money money," seemingly unaware that his words were only fanning the flames of resentment.
In a move that could only be described as monumentally misguided, Kobayashi decided to share the source of the evening's funding. "Dear friends from Reddit, welcome you to party! I'm so glad see your face! Big party for you, much expense! But no worry, I use Mt. Gox bankruptcy money!" He raised his glass, clueless of the catastrophe he had just unleashed.
In an instant, the room erupted into chaos. Years of pent-up frustration found release in a flurry of flying sushi and wagyu beef. Tables were flipped, chairs became projectiles, and that top-shelf sake? The perfect ingredient for makeshift Molotov cocktails.
The madness spilled onto Roppongi's streets, transforming the once-glamorous district into a scene of complete destruction. It was a riot of epic proportions, a testament to the absurdity that occurs when you mix extravagance with resentment.
As the dust settled and the police swarmed in, some creditors faced life sentences for the damage inflicted upon Japan's reputation. And Kobayashi? Well, he'll always have the memory of that one night in Roppongi, a shining example of just how far removed from reality one man can be.
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2023.06.05 16:02 ohnothrow_1234 Rhinoplasty hospital/surgeon recommendations for Turkey

I'm in the early stages of looking into places in Turkey for a rhinoplasty but also would be interested in feedback here...I have had one other procedure done in Turkey and didn't find out until literally the night beforehand that there was a private facebook group detailing some pretty serious allegations the place was awful. Fortunately I got through just fine, but it revealed to me that it isn't always so easy to google these things from other countries and when it seems like the bigger places may have carefully cultivated online footprints that make it hard to dig up the bad.
My procedure will probably be pretty textbook, nose is just slightly prominent/slight asymmetry I would like corrected so I don't need the surgeon to be a specialist in any particular revision type per se. Just someone good. I've never done a cosmetic procedure on my face so just nervous about picking a good place. TIA
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2023.06.05 16:02 khoafraelich789 3 Common Toyota Tundra Problems You May Need a Professional to Fix

3 Common Toyota Tundra Problems You May Need a Professional to Fix

The Toyota Tundra is a relatively reliable truck. But even so, it has its fair share of common issues. It is also not a difficult truck to work on. I actually wrote up three common Toyota Tundra problems you may be able to fix yourself. That said, the Tundra also has a few issues that are very difficult to repair and probably best left to a professional:

Wheel hub bearing wear
Cracked exhaust manifold
Air pump failure

Wheel hub bearing wear

Many owners complain about issues with the front end of their second-generation Toyota Tundras. Is this because the trucks are poorly built? Or is it because front-end components wear out over time, and the rest of the Tundra lasts so long? You can decide that for yourself.

When my colleague Amanda Cline wrote up the Toyota Tundra complaints shared by the most owners, the lower ball joint in the steering linkage made the list. Then when 1A Auto’s resident mechanic filmed a Youtube video going over the five worst second-generation Tundra problems, he named the front wheel hub bearing wearing out.

You can easily test your wheel bearing by jacking up your truck and seeing if you can rock the tire back and forth. You can feel a worn wheel bearing click as it rocks. You may also be able to hear the bearing if you spin the tire. Finally, if you can’t hear it, you may be able to feel vibrations through the front coil spring.

Now I know someone in the comments is going to say they re-did their Tundra’s front end themself–twice. But here’s the deal: if you have one wheel bearing going, you should replace both. And you should look at rebuilding the front end while you’re in there. I have redone one front end myself, and next time I’m hiring it out. Pulling old bearings and pressing new ones in place is a difficult job best left to a professional

Cracked exhaust manifold

Another relatively common Toyota Tundra issue is a cracked exhaust manifolds. Because the truck has a V-shaped engine, it has one exhaust manifold running from both sides of the engine, down by the wheel well, and back to the exhaust pipes.

If the manifold cracks, you’ll see a check engine light. But you’ll also have an exhaust leak in front of the cabin, which means the truck is unsafe to drive.

Again, someone probably replaces exhaust manifolds themself. And the job is easier than rebuilding a front end. But the exhaust manifold is bolted to the engine, and the amount of heat it displaces means these bolts rust tightly in place. Breaking one off in your engine block can get expensive fast. So again, this is probably a job best left to a professional.

Secondary air injector pump failure

Seconday air injector pump failure is by far the most complained about Toyota Tundra problem. So what is it? This pump injects air into the Tundra’s exhaust. It does this while the engine is warming up, for the purpose of reducing emissions.

If one of the two secondary air injector pumps fails, it won’t affect how your truck runs at all. But it will throw a check engine light.

Early second-generation Toyota Tundras had these pumps mounted on top of the engine and beneath the exhaust manifold. When it fails, getting in there to replace it is a pain that is best left to a professional. But wait, there’s more.

Halfway through the second-generation Tundra’s run, Toyota had the bright idea of moving these air pumps out to both the fender wells, one for each manifold. There’s actually a hatch to get to them, and it is relatively easy to swap them out. So on certain trucks, this may be a job you can take on yourself.

Next, learn about the only Toyota Tundra model year to ever receive an ‘average’ score for reliability, or watch 1A Autos rundown of common second-generation Toyota Tundra problems in the video below:

Source: motorbiscuit
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2023.06.05 16:01 xXKikitoXx My brother can have the castle, I need to sleep. [BK3 - 6.3]

In the following week there was much work to be done. I left Eric in bed most mornings and had breakfast sent to my room for him. He needed time to recharge the energy in his leg so that he could walk properly again. That was never a specific limitation I imposed, it was simply that no magic is without limitations. Nothing is endlessly powerful, although some creatures come close.
It was the day after Eric returned that I received a letter from the enforcers and I opened it with trepidation. Only twice before had such a letter ever arrived, and neither of those times had I been the one to deal with it. Unfortunately for me, it stated that I was to meet with one of them in a very short time.
“Of course.” I muttered to myself. They’re an impatient species. When fae make plans it can take months, years or decades before we follow through with them, afterall time moves differently for us than most. But when the enforcers decide on something, it must happen immediately. I would hardly have the time to dress appropriately.
As it was I was still buttoning my vest as I left the castle grounds. Rarely do we permit other species to enter the castle, especially not when we are not familiar. Because of this there is a temple in the woods, just beyond the castle shield, that is a traditional place of negotiation.
I arrived shortly and trotted up the marble steps making no effort to conceal my presence. The temple was clean and well maintained, human monks are responsible for its upkeep. They are not more than a small group, but they understand well that we exist.
“You’re late.” an unfamiliar voice chastised me the moment I entered.
“I was given unreasonably short notice. It’s fortunate I saw fit to come at all.” I replied dryly. I hadn’t even told anyone where I was going, perhaps that wasn’t wise.
“Watch your mouth, Faeling. Where is Lazarus?” Ahead I could hardly make him out from the darkness of the temple. He was a dark, feathered creature hiding in the shadows with an array of glistening eyes and mass enough that the tips of his wings touched the ceiling.
“My father is no longer responsible for these territories.”
He paused for a moment, as if contemplating, “...Very well. Then you are the one responsible for maintaining discretion within your territory. As such, you should be aware of an incident on your northern boundary?”
“I’m afraid you will have to be more specific, the northern boundary is extensive.”
“Two from your castle attended the scene. A small town was decimated.”
My heart began to race, I hadn’t sent anyone out, so he must be referring to Eric and Charles. “Yes. I sent peacekeepers out to investigate, as per treaty laws; all instances of mass human interaction must be investigated and settled. There were no witnesses, and I have already begun implementing cover up steps.” I lied calmly.
“Are you aware of its cause?”
“...No.” I admitted reluctantly. If I were to lie in that instance, it would be easily disproved.
“So then it would seem you don’t know everything.”
“I have never claimed omniscience.”
He chuckled, it was a deep reverberation that rattled my vertebrae. “It seems the old ones have returned to the area. Ensure all matters regarding species confidentiality are handled appropriately, failure to do so will result in unpleasantries.”
“That is inequitable. We cannot be held responsible for the actions of another species.” I argued firmly.
“If they are on your lands, it is in your best interest to do so. Otherwise, we may have to investigate further into your operations, there’s no telling what we may find then.”
“All of Dunkel’s activities are within treaty terms. You are welcome to review the paperwork yourself, if you wish.”
“That won’t be necessary at this stage.” he replied calmly, “Keep a handle on your territory, little fae, or else.”
He vanished without allowing me the opportunity to respond. ‘Or else’, if I didn’t understand that it was a genuine threat I could have laughed at the irony of it. Gradually I realized I had been holding my breath, and I let it out slowly. It’s not often that I’m reminded how little my power is compared to ancient beings. The last time they were near was in 1926.
I only remember it because it happened close to the borders of Dunkel, and our father was concerned enough to visit. It seemed the old ones had been destroying towns haphazardly across the north, until they reached a mining town. For whatever reason they left a single witness alive, an elderly blind woman, and that broke treaty laws.
From what I was told, the family responsible was eliminated entirely in a single night. No man, woman or child was left. They were used to set an example. Before that the last time the enforcers needed to step in was the witch trials.
I returned to the castle quickly and began making arrangements immediately. The first step was to understand what human authorities knew of the matter and compulsion would grant me the records easily. Second, I needed to ensure the narrative of what happened was ‘nothing unusual’ as far as humans were concerned. That was easy enough, I sent out a small publicist team. They had handled such things before.
After that I sent word to all alliances, and more reluctantly a letter to my mother at Leúchtend. It was not because I wanted to speak with her. Rather that despite my personal grievances, she was still the current leader of our sister castle and needed to be informed regardless.
Next I needed to secure the borders of our lands better. We needed to know the moment something crossed the boundary, and for that I would need to coordinate with the spell writers. Although I was sure Tóru would be more than happy to express her skills, she almost never let it rest that she wished to do more.
Of course the additional work this incident created was only compounded onto my usual responsibilities. Infirmary reports, construction progress check in’s and permissions, maintenance and repair requests, deliveries and orders. I was grateful when my brother took care of the interpersonal requests, contracts, marriages and so forth.
However when the human interaction documents came in I was ready to quit. Reports from law cases, correspondence from the publicity team - Achaicus could have the castle. I almost didn’t care.
Admittedly most of it is as simple as signing it. Still it all at least needed to be read. It’s important that I know about everything that’s going on both inside and outside of the castle. Unfortunately, when I at last remembered the time I realized I had missed dinner, again.
I sighed, rubbing my eyes, the paperwork was never ending. I would have to come up with a better way of handling it. Achaicus had arranged all the documents so neatly that I couldn’t find anything anymore and I was sure I was going to be the first fae to need glasses at this point. Our eyes aren't designed to focus so close for so long.
“You missed dinner.” my brother commented as he came to stand in the doorway.
“I had realized as much.” I replied bitterly without looking over to him. So when he pushed aside the paperwork and set a plate down in front of me I was caught off guard. “Oh… Thank you.”
“Of course, if you starve, that means I have to take up all the paperwork again.”
“You don’t have to do anything, assign it to someone else, abandon the castle. You’ve got options.”
He ignored me, commenting instead. “You know you missed your appointment with Markos as well. And Jórn has been requesting and audience with you.”
“I’ll see Jórn tomorrow, that matter is unimportant.” I muttered, Markos was going to be pissed with me though.
“And your appointment?”
“I’m fine. I don’t even need it.”
Achaicus sighed exasperated, “Fine. What of your pet then?”
“What of him?”
“He didn’t make any appearances today, is he away?”
“No. He’s probably just still in my room.”
“Your room?”
“Yes, he sleeps there and he needs time to recover from his work.”
He was quiet for a moment, as if deciding something before he spoke more gently. “Brother-..” he began but I cut him off.
“Not you as well.” I groaned.
“Are you and he…?” he continued regardless of my objections.
“What does it matter?”
“If you prefer men-”
“I don’t prefer men.”
He rolled his eyes and I could tell he didn’t believe me. “Whatever, I don’t care what you prefer. However, you could have anyone you wished. Choose someone else, anyone else, choose a thousand others, Nathaniel, just not him.”
“What is it that you have against him? There was a time where you rather enjoyed his company.”
“I only enjoyed his company because he would drink with me without chastising me for it. But that doesn’t mean he’s a good person.”
“Tell me then, which one of us are ‘good’?”
“He will hurt you, and I cannot bear to see it.”
“Eric has never hurt me.”
“He will betray you.”
It was difficult to place the feelings of simultaneous irritation and pure astonishment that he would even dare speak to me about this. “He won’t.”
“How can you be certain? I implore you please, listen to reason. He has a thousand reasons to hate you and he is not the type to forgive.”
“I am certain because I know what betrayal looks like.” I stated coldly and my brother paused. I could see him connecting the meaning behind my words as I continued. “You betrayed me to father, several times. Do you not remember holding a blade to my throat? You wanted to kill me so badly I could see it in your eyes. I loved you most of anyone. When Father sent you away it hurt me so deeply most days I could hardly breathe, and when you returned all you felt for me was hatred. If you believe that didn’t break something in me you’re mistaken.”
“You know how deeply I regret that… You’re my brother, I could never hurt you.”
“That didn’t stop you from trying.”
“Brother I-”
I held up a hand to silence him, “It’s fine, it’s in the past. Which is entirely my point. I trust you regardless of your actions and your intent. It’s not men I like, it’s only him.”
“It’s not real, it’s a trickery.” he insisted, “Believe me, he can make you feel any way he wishes you to feel about him.”
“He’s just a man, how exactly do you believe he has any way of compelling me to feel anything about him?”
“Because I know it!” he exclaimed exasperated, “Because he has used the same charms on me.”
“What are you talking about?”
“Do you remember the night you came to find him drinking with me?”
“Yes.” I answered simply. That had been the night Eric had kissed the palm of my hand.
“It was as if I were under a spell. I told him a great many things that not anyone but you or I knew. I told him how I had tried to kill you, and that we had switched. I told him how father killed Raisa and your manticore… I told him everything. I wanted to tell him. There is no natural reason for that, and before I knew it I was on the floor with him.”
“You and he slept together?”
“...No. He left before it got that far… I don’t know where he went from there.”
“Why did you not tell me of this before?” I muttered annoyed.
“Because he was not my property to be doing such things with… I feared you would be mad.”
“I am mad. You were so drunk you couldn’t keep from telling him secrets others were not meant to hear! What else did you tell him!?”
“N-nothing else…”
I felt ill. Those were things I never wished for anyone to know, especially not for Eric to know. “Get out.” I warned coldly. I was just like our father. When I was upset I wanted to hurt something and my temper was rising. As if I hadn’t dealt with enough things that day.
He left as requested and I chose to sleep in my office. Partly because I didn’t want to see Eric knowing what he knew about me, and secondarily because I didn't want to take my anger out on him. The amount of times I had almost hurt him previously were too numerous, how could I claim to have changed only to revert to the same behaviors?
In the time that followed I did my best to maintain a certain level of composure. Our mother, sister and two of our nieces arrived with their escorts not all that long after I had sent the letter. With them they brought word of more attacks near to their borders and with that information we were able to track a path downward from Leúchtend toward us.
“It’s almost as if they’re testing the line.” Alvíss commented looking over the map.
We had gathered in the war chambers to discuss the matter and had been doing so for some time. My brother and I sat across from one another while Markos, Alviss, Baltzar and Killian sat down the length of the table.
“Or they could just be traveling in that direction.” Baltzar countered. They had been politely disagreeing for hours, it was clear they didn’t like each other all that much.
“All this speculation is useless.” Markos spoke up at last. “If they are testing the borders, they would strike next beside the lake, if they are simply traveling south they should cut the corner toward the west boundary.”
“If I send guards toward the lake townships, and station look outs near the west border, would that be advisable?” I asked, trying not to sound as tired as I was.
“Yes, I believe that would be wise.” Alvíss agreed and Baltzar nodded. If they were in agreement, that was wonderful. Now this dreadful meeting could end.
Each day had been just as exhausting as the day the enforcer visited. My brother still treated me with unnecessarily apologetic behavior, though I had tried to assure him that it was days ago and I had already resolved it. There’s no point harboring unpleasant feelings and quite frankly, no time for it.
In the early mornings I trained with Charles, and in the afternoon I handled the paperwork. I received notification that Tougo wished to investigate the matter independently from us and I granted the request. While Sofie from the fae to the south replied with a curt letter stating that whatever our troubles she wished no part in our affairs. It was thankful that I heard nothing more from the enforcers at least.
Eric was still unable to find his cane and, after seeing how much distress it caused him to be unable to walk, I had Jórn make a simple wooden cane for him. It was not as fine as his original, nor did it hide a sword within it, but it was enough to settle his complaints.
Unfortunately that did not settle his mood of late. Since returning he had been particularly on edge. He woke in the night more than once sitting straight up in a cold sweat and instinctively reaching for his sword.
“Eric.” I complained groggily as he disturbed me. That was another reason I hardly slept, he could not make it through the night without waking and I had half a mind to order that he leave to his own room.
“Go back to sleep.” he muttered, pushing the hair back from his face as he gradually calmed.
“This happens too often.”
“It’s not like I’m doing it on purpose.” he snapped back, irritated. Exhaustion was getting the better of him as well and it took everything in me not to give in to anger. Yet still he refused to tell me what was causing him such distress.
I allowed myself a moment to breathe out slowly before I pulled him closer to me, wrapping my forearm across his eyes as I did. “Nathaniel..” he complained half-heartedly trying to push my arm off before settling.
“Relax… nothing will harm you right now.”
“…You can’t know that..”
“But I do.” I assured, he was so warm against me and I was almost asleep again.
I couldn’t say how much time passed before he spoke again, “…Are you still awake?” He asked quietly. I thought I answered, however I must not have for he continued, “Do you think you could ever forgive me..?”
I didn’t know what he was talking about, or what he meant. I wasn’t even sure I had heard him speak, or if it was nothing more than a dream. However in the morning he was still beside me, and I assumed I must have misheard.
During the day he no longer attended training with Calla and Charles, instead he disappeared each morning until evening. I hadn’t asked him where he was as I was doing my best not to be so controlling, however, as far as I was aware, no one knew where he went.
Still he was in attendance at dinner each day, so I supposed he wasn’t going too far. Perhaps the most disturbing thing I noticed was that he didn’t speak to Calla, and she didn’t look in his direction. After dinner they went their separate ways and Eric no longer secretly took any additional sugar cubes from the table.
Of course I approached Calla about it. By this time it was clear something was wrong with Eric and it had gone on long enough that I needed to know, “Calla, might we have a word?”
“Yes.” She answered with a small curtsy, “How may I be of service?”
“What's going on between you and Eric?”
“Nothing.” That was a frustrating answer.
“Why are you not speaking to each other?”
“Because there is nothing to say.”
I got the feeling she was being purposefully blunt with me. It was almost rude, and it’s not often that Markos’s well trained doll acts out. “Is there nothing to say, or is it that you don’t want to talk to him?”
“It is both.”
“He’s not who I thought he was. He cannot be trusted.” she stated simply. For Markos or Achaicus to say it was one thing, but for her to say it gave me pause.
“Did Markos ask you to say that to me?”
“No. May I be excused?” Her eyes met mine and I felt uncomfortable. I recognised the expression, pure deep anger, covered over by a complete lack of caring.
“Yes…” I agreed more softly and she left without another word.
I had enough on my plate, Eric somehow pissing Calla off wasn’t what I needed. Perhaps Charles would know better what was going on. Naturally he was the next person I tried to speak with. However I was interrupted as Jórn approached.
“Lord Nathaniel!” He greeted me in a jovial manner and far too loudly. He is slightly shorter than I, and well built from centuries of forgework. His hair is a long tangle of braids woven into one single larger braid down the length of his back. His eyes are deep purple, and he is older than most, perhaps my fathers age.
“That’s unnecessary.” I complained and he smiled
“I have completed the task you assigned me.”
“It was a request, not a task-”
He hardly allowed me the time to correct him before he presented two velvet boxes to me. I will admit the rings in them were beautiful. Rather traditional upon first glance they appeared to have a simple elegance, but as Jòrn insisted I look closer I noticed fine details.
The groom's ring was traditional; a single ring, with engravings on the inside and subtle textures across the surface. While the bride’s rings were a set of two intended to interconnect and had the same inscriptions.
“The diamond is natural, almost flawless, and all rings are made from the same gold nugget.” He began explaining eagerly, “You can see here, the tiniest inscription for the spell. So long as there is love in their hearts for the other the rings will remain a comfortable warmth and if there is deceit in the union the rings will turn ice cold. Are they to your liking?”
“You’ve outdone yourself.” I assured, of course I realized by now he wanted praise.
“I’m sure your lady will be very pleased. I’ll admit I had heard no word that you were with anyone. Can we expect a wedding? Children?”
I couldn’t help but smile tightly. He was fishing for information, I knew it well and it was exactly why I disliked speaking to others. “They are in fact not for me. But I appreciate the time and effort you put into them nonetheless.”
“Who are they for then?” He demanded more irritably.
“A close friend of mine. I’m sure you will learn who in a short time.”
He folded his arms unhappily. Jórn values tradition and has worked at Dunkel for several centuries. Like many of the older generation he is irritatingly nosy and dislikes being incorrect in his assumptions.
“Fine. They had better admire my work.” he grumbled disapprovingly.
“I’m certain they will be able to appreciate it even better than I. Thank you.”
Jórn nodded gruffly before allowing me peace. Claire was going to owe me doubly for that.
I found the time to give the rings to Miss Walsh shortly after receiving them and did so by dropping the boxes on the table beside her. Just as she had dumped herself on me when she asked I have them made. Initially she looked up from her sewing confused, then seemed to understand and a broad smile spread across her face.
“Thank you! Thank you thank you thank you!” she half stood, reaching up without hesitation to wrap her arms around my neck and pull me into an uncomfortable hug.
I suppose I should have expected as much by now as I struggled to push her off. “Claire-” I began disgruntled but when she kissed my cheek I froze.
“Thank you so much Nathaniel, you’re a gem.”
“Please control yourself.” I muttered in response and she gradually let go of me.
“I’m not sorry, oh, and I haven't forgotten I know I owe you one now. Ahhh just nothing, like, horrible yeah?”
“I never agreed to that.”
“Well, if it’s horrible I’ll defer your favor.”
“That’s not permitted.”
“Did you put it in writing?” she countered and I clicked my tongue in annoyance. She’d spent far too much time with Markos it seemed. However, with my silence she continued. “Do you think he’ll say yes?”
“How should I know?”
“You’re friends aren’t you? You talk? Does he ever say anything about me?”
“No, usually he prefers to scold me instead.”
“That’s just because he loves you.”
“Yeah, alright. Don't lose your rings.” I muttered dismissively. Her endless cheer was simultaneously irritating and becoming. Whatever she thought, whatever emotion she felt it all poured out of her without any filter. I supposed she was good for Markos in that way, no way he could mistake anything she wanted or needed with his overthinking.
Chapter List
I'm waayyyy too nice this week.
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2023.06.05 16:01 _eirini09_ I'm writing my first story, rate the plot. Be honest! TW! for dr0wning. Also excuse my english lol. And I'll just mention I'm 14.

The action takes place in Poland. Robert is a 28 yo happily married man. He works as a pe teacher in a public primary school. Suddenly he finds out that his wife is cheating on him. During the divorce he claims the apartment but his ex-wife claims their car (they only had one). The rumor starts in the school he teaches in that he was the one cheating. Experiencing hate in his workplace, he decides to change the job. He finds an offer from a tiny private school. It already has one pe teacher, but they need another one. Everything is going ok in his new workplace, until he has to give his first lesson with the other pe teacher, Sebastian. They turn out to have completly different views on how to teach. Robert doesn't go easy on his students, and prioritizez self-defence. Sebastian prefers lighter more health-focused exercises. But the more they argue, the more unexpected feelings appear in Robert, and the weirder Sebastian acts around him. So Robert has a decision to make: should he trust his feelings for Sebastian or should he thing logically and avoid another heartbreak? He chooses the first oprion. The plan is simple: he invites the other man to a coffee shop to talk about the conflict between the two, but instead he confeses his love for him. But before he can do it, there's an unexpected situation. They have a swimming lesson, when a student begins to drown. Sebastian saves her, and when he changes, Robert notices weird scars on his chest. When he googles it, he finds out they are scars left after top surgery, witch means Sebastian is trans. While Robert knew he was bi since secondary school, he doesn't understand or accept trans people. He separates from Sebastian, barely even talking to him during shared lessons. He doesn't last like this for long though. Soon he starts doing research about trans people and after a week or two he finds himself understanding the topic more and more. Finally, he finds the courage to go back to his previous plan. During the meeting in the coffee shop, he confesses his feelings for Sebastian, the other man isn't sure though. He does have a crush on Robert, but since they teach in the same school, he things it's a bad idea to start a relationship. Robert doesn't care though, so he invites Sebastian to his place and says, that he'll make him sure. Y'all know what happens next ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ). So yeah, they start a relationship, but they agree to go on they own pace and most importanyly keep it a secret. But after some time they get caught. Since Robert doesn't have a car and since the divorce he was commuting by the bus, Sebastian agrees to drive him to work. One day when he gives Robert a kiss goodbye, someone takes a picture and shows it to the school superior. She gives the men an ultimatum: one of them is fired or them both. Robert tries to encourage Sebastian to quit the job on their own and succeeds. They take part time jobs for the time they are thinking about what to do in their futures. Finally they agree on a crazy idea: they're gonna open their own lgbtq-friendly school. OMG thanks for reading!!! I'm open to any suggestions or criticism.
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2023.06.05 15:59 cdowd9006 6/5 Monday Masters Workout - Long Course Meters

6/5 Monday Masters Workout - Long Course Meters
For those that would like some variation and/or a more structured workout, I provide for you our groups workout from today. Our workouts are split into 5 different skill levels. Choose the column that most closely aligns with your skills and abilities and ignore the other 4. For those that are newer to swimming, columns 1-4 are time based and any rest you get is built into the predetermined interval. Column 5 is rest based and though your overall interval may very you’ll take a predetermined amount of rest before continuing or moving on. Because this is Masters, feel free to add, subtract, or modify in anyway you see fit. As our group likes to say, you have to do everything in the workout, unless you don’t want to.
Here is a link to my google drive with previous workouts- https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1tHrMzBZWcVHQcs03vZX8rNQ73mdyR1j7?usp=sharing (Tuesday workouts are in the Monday folder; Thursday's are in Wednesday)
If you live in the US and are interested in joining a masters swim club here is a link to help you find a local club near you - https://www.usms.org/clubs
Notes for this set:
-Parenthesis ( ) are optional modifiers to the number in the set. For example, columns 3-5 will do 2x50 Drill/Swim instead of 4.
-Square bracket italicized [ ] are optional sets that were not part of the original workout.
-Triple Switch = Push off the wall and kick on your side. The arm lower in the water should be straight out in front of you in a streamline-like position. Your other arm should be at or above the surface of the water at your side as though it's in a pocket. Keep your face looking at the bottom of the pool turning to breath as necessary. After 6-8 kicks take 3 strokes, 6-8 more kicks, then 3 more strokes. Wash, rinse, repeat.
-Underwater Switch = Push off the wall in a tight streamline and take one stroke, but your hand/arm stay in the water during the recover portion of the stroke. Keep your hand as close to your body and your centerline as possible. Once you feel your body naturally rotate in the water start your next stroke and repeat the underwater recovery on the other side. Wash, since, repeat
-Bow & Arrow = Push off the wall in a tight streamline. Take 1 stroke and pause your arm at the peak of your recovery when your elbow is at its highest point. Kick 6-8 times and finish your stroke. Go right into your next stroke and repeat the process.
-DPS = (Distance Per Stroke) Maximize the distance traveled for each stroke while minimizing the total number of strokes to complete the distance
-Variable Sprint = #1 1/2 Fast-1/2 Easy, #2 1/2 Easy-1/2 Fast, #3 All Fast, #4 All Easy
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2023.06.05 15:58 EchoLocation8 Constructive Summon Necro Feedback after first weekend, needs some work blizz.

Decided to play summon necro as it was rated bottom-tier by basically everyone.
To preface, are summon necros as bad as people say it is? Not really, I cleared the campaign in WT2 with only a few instances of minions dying too easily. But when it happens its pretty painfully bad, there's no recourse. Nothing you do generates enough corpses and since you put all of your eggs into the minion basket, you can't really do that much damage on your own to start getting them back up.
My minion kit is:
That being said, there's still some glaringly huge problems with minions that need addressing:
-- Minion Health
Even fully invested in all minion passives, running the priest 24/7 every chance I can, even with the latest buffs, there are some mechanics that simply decimate your minions and you have absolutely no control over it. It's better, but clustered elite packs once you hit WT3 will kill your minions, and if you don't have corpses handy, you're screwed.
No one else has this problem, it is unique to summon necros, there are conditions in which we become fully unfunctional and there has to be some way to deal with this. It's not like we're crushing damage meters and blowing up the world so this weakness is warranted, it's just another nail in the coffin of a kinda bad build.
Suggestion: Either increase the base healing of the priest or tie it to a passive to heavily improve how much the heal does. 2% life per second doesn't cut it when minions are taking 30% of their life every hit, the passive that makes it heal them for 60% of their life after 5 seconds is great, but it requires so much forethought and setup in a game where an elite minion might just spam AOE's and instakill your dudes, there is no reactive way to save your minions. Which seems like something we need.

-- Minion AI
Minions are dumb as hell. In fact part of the reason they die so much, I think, is that they often just stand there getting beaten to death while doing nothing. They seem to get locked onto enemies and then, if there's other enemies in their way, instead of changing targets, they just stand there or try to run around to get to it and fail to do so.
Skeleton Mages sometimes lag so far behind that they don't engage enemies with the rest of your minions.
Golems suffer this the most. Their activated ability has to make them ignore enemy colliders, they should rush to the location you used it, trigger their ability, and then go back into a normal state. Currently, the number of times I've used a golem ability and honest to god had no idea where my golem even was is way too high. I walked past a group of enemies, used my golem to try and force move him past that first pack, and it took him in the realm of 10-15 full seconds before he actually got to me. Not to mention, if you use the golem's ability on top of certain monsters, like towers, they run in circles around it doing nothing for like 30 seconds.
Suggestion: Please improve this, make them more aggressive, make the golem not such a complete moron. Minions need something, like ignoring each other's colliders, or being able to walk through enemies, something. They get stuck in packs and stand there like idiots all the time.

-- Minion Damage
Of all the things, this is the best part. I absolutely melt bosses and single targets. Getting to the boss in WT3 Nightmare Dungeons is the hard part, the boss basically dies in a couple seconds. They suffer in packs because none of them really have AOE besides the golem, so I supplement them with Bone Spirit to clear most trash out and let them focus on the elites.
That all being said, it is insane to me the hoops summon necros have to go through to upkeep their keystone passive and some other passives that are huge contributors to minion damage. If I get hit, by anything, I lose 30% attack speed on my minions. I have to not take damage for 3 full seconds, in a screen full of bullshit, to get my keystone passive. There are fights I never even see this, because of the sheer amount of projectiles floating around.
And then...you want me to stay close to my minions to give them a 30% damage boost. And then...you want me to stay about 70% hp to give them another attack speed boost.
So I have stand in melee range of enemies with my minions, not get hit, and not take too much damage, or literally all of these huge buffs to my minions go away.
Suggestion: Rework all of the big damage passives. For minions to already be this weak, with this many problems, to pile on that you basically need to stand next to them and not get hit by anything, is completely insane. All the other keystones either don't have conditions or have extremely minimal conditions that are easy to satisfy, why is so much burden put on minions?

-- Army of the Dead "Ultimate" Ability
I cannot stress how painfully bad this skill is even after the buff. Unless this does giga-damage then it'll be a perpetually awful ability because it mechanically is bad. If it didn't rez my minions and if there wasn't a legendary power that made it a 7 second long 140% attack speed buff to my minions, I would snap remove this from my bar.
Army of the Dead spawns skeletons far away from you, near the edges of the room. The skill clearly targets any targetable thing. Not enemies. The overwhelming majority of your skeletons are lost to: blowing up on boxes, crates, jars, or just blowing up in the middle of nowhere on nothing. Very few skeletons actually make contact with an enemy.
Suggestion: Rework Army of the Dead to specifically only target enemies. Like monsters. Not boxes. And make sure they actually get to their target before exploding. Also, why only a 15% chance to spawn a corpse? It's a 70 second long cooldown, just let it drop bodies.

-- Enemy AI
Enemies don't seem to care at all about my minions, and that's insane. Rarely do enemies actually target them. The Butcher, for instance, does not target your minions, ever. And as a necro, you can't kite him, he runs faster than you do, and you can't tank him or at least I can't. I managed to kill him once because he got caught in a ring of my minions and they just beat him to death while his AI struggled to reach me (re-iterating again, the AI in Diablo 4 is bad). When he did reach me, I took some hits, popped blood mist, healed up, and tried to get him bugged into my minions again. It works, it's just extremely tedious, and my minions seemingly stop hitting him regularly because they seem to struggle with targeting moving enemies.
This creates an interesting problem, where I have seen on multiple occasions enemies basically funnel through my minions to gang up on me. And as much as I try to kite back, expecting any of them to engage any of my minions, they refuse to do so, meanwhile--because my minion AI is so god damn bad, they are in a constant state of trying to figure out where to walk and what to do, that they just slowly die from AOE's and don't really kill anything.
This doesn't always happen, but when it does it's infuriating.

-- Summary
The minion build is fairly fun, keeping up the damage buff, using the golem, watching army of the dead wreck a single target is all great--when it works. But the consistency in which it doesn't is overwhelming. I don't think it's crazy far off, but there are mechanical changes that need to happen to make minions really function, the pathing issue is so painful on the golem it absolutely kills me.
Also, why can we see the HP and damage of the golem, but not skeletons? This would be very helpful and appreciated.
submitted by EchoLocation8 to Diablo [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 15:58 VeganBoBegan I know you’re “bummed” but what you don’t know is this is my growth at work.

We joked it’s a “flowationship” worth having. But it’s not. I promised myself long ago I will never have another flowationship just so a man can figure out what he wants along the way. I know what I want in life and I want to be someone’s conscious choice. I don’t want to be your “everything” and I don’t want to be put on a pedestal. I just want you to match my energy. If I’m showing you in my world I have a special regard for you in my busy day I expect to see that from you. Good morning texts. Plans to hang out. Date ideas. Fitting you into my schedule. All the minimal things a relationship needs. Im not going to be what’s easy. Im not going to be what’s convenient for you while you get your ducks in a row. Im happy to be on my own with no prospects until my right person comes along. Just because I don’t have anyone lined up or a very small circle of people who aren’t prospects doesn’t mean I’m so desperate as to stay in another “flowationship” with someone who doesn’t see me the way I see them. I hope you do get your ducks in a row. I wish you all the best.
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2023.06.05 15:57 Questions314 The Dream pt3

I had trouble sleeping that night. My fantasy of a threesome was slipping away and being replaced by something else. Could I just sit there and watch my wife with someone else. That has been also been a fantasy of mine. I have definitely jerked off to a fair amount of cuckold porn. But we this something that I could actually go through with? Could I even stop it from happening anymore?
“Hey honey can you come here?” Kay asked from the other room.
“Sure on my way”
When I enter the room she is standing there naked staring at some clothing options on the bed. God, she is beautiful. Perfect tits, an ass that’s just round enough and the perfect triangle of hair on her pussy.
“Help me decided what to wear.” She said. On the bed were her best sets of lingerie, a lacey red one and a silky black one. Each set and a pair of panties and a skimpy top and a matching silk robe.
“I have always like the red one” I say as I try to grab her ass. But she shoos my hand away.
“Stop. This is serious. I want tonight to go right. So the red one?”
Just the phone rings. “It’s him!” She says as she answers the phone. “Hi…..oh yes you are almost here. It’s just a left at the end of the street…” she covers up the phone to talk just to me “I have to guide him to the house. Here help me get dressed”
“HELP me get DRESSED” she said in a loud whisper then turned her attention back to the phone. Not sure what else to do I grabbed the panties from the bed and slid them on each leg. After I grabbed the top and worked it through her arms and clasped it in the back. Then I helped her get into her robe.
“Ok see you soon.” She hung up the phone. “ thanks honey. I am going head down. He should be here in a minute. “
“Ok. Wait on minute I’ll join you. “
“Did you finish cleaning up in the kitchen yet?”
“No but that can wait”
“Jay come on” she said like she was upset “you knew I was up here getting ready. I thought you were cleaning up. You need to finish before you join us.”
I know I should have put up more of a fight. But honestly sometimes it’s just easier to do what she wants. “Yes dear.” I said but she was already on her way to the door.
By the time I got to the kitchen he had arrived. After they said hello I believe I heard a kiss. They wouldn’t get started without my would they? I just had to focus on finishing here. Then I heard laughing. They must have been talking about something really funning because it went on for a while. Must work faster.
At last I was done and went into the living room to join them.
As I walked into the room I saw him sitting next to my wife on our love seat made for two. They were so engrossed with each other they didn’t see me there for a while.
“Oh hi Jay” my wife said when she finally saw me. “This is Jason. Jason this is my husband Jay”
“Hello” he said as he stood up to introduce himself. He was 25 years old but he was a good three inches taller than me and his hand shake was so strong it hurt. He had an commanding presence that was hard not to notice.
“Hi” was all I could manage to get out.
After they sat back down together I had no choice but to sit by myself in a chair across from them. They got right back to their conversation and almost immediately it was like I wasn’t there. I took some time to take a good look at this man who was taking all my wife’s attention. I had to admit he was really good looking. He was fit and cleaned up well. As I glanced down him I noticed a huge bulge in his pants. Oh wow. That it really was big. I am not sure… just then I noticed they are both staring at me.
“I said. Could you get us some drinks.” My wife was staring at me with a tone.
“Yeah..ok…be right back” I said trying to shake off the embarrassment of getting caught looking at his crotch.
I quickly got the drinks and handed them out. They both said thanks like I was a waiter or something and I was back in the chair by myself. This time though I keep my eyes down as I swirled my drink around in the glass.
After a while it got quiet and when I looked up i saw they were kissing. She was almost on top of him and they were going at it like teenagers. I knew I should do something. Walk over there and join them. But instead I just sat there staring at them with my cock hard as a rock.
Kay saw me watching at one point and stopped kissing him, tilted her head and smiled at me.
“I know” she said with a grin “ I have a game we can play. I want to see these two cocks side be side. Let’s see how cruel Mother Nature can be”
I just sat there full of embarrassment.
“That sounds like fun” said Jason and he got right up and stripped down. He was fit all over had toned muscles everywhere. And his cock was giant and it wasn’t even hard yet. How was that possible?
“Come on Jay. You said you wanted to be involved. Let’s go”
Reluctantly I got up and took off my clothes as quick as I could.
“Ok. Now stand next to each other.”
It was comical the size difference between us. I just stood there frozen. I should be doing something. Joining in in someway.
“Oh wait this isn’t a fair comparison yet.” Jason said. “Kay come over here and get on you knees. I want you to make me hard.”
“Yes sir” she said and quickly got into position. She has always avoided giving me blowjobs but here she was excited about it. She couldn’t fit the whole thing in her mouth so she had to both hands on the shaft.
I just stood there watching. I couldn’t take my eyes off my wife giving this man I just met the most enthusiastic blowjob I have ever seen. But the most worrying last was how much I was turned on standing there being humiliated like that. “Oh yeah. That’s good.” Jason said “looks like you just needed one the right size”
Kay nods with his cock in her mouth.
“Ok now it’s time for you to strip.”
She nods and without a word stand up and slowly reveals her amazing naked body. It’s all I can do to not loose it right then and there. “You are beautiful” Jason says.
Kay grabs his hand and leads him to the chair I was in earlier and has him sit down.
“Show me how much you want my cock” he’s says.
She gives him a kiss then slowly works her way down to start blowing him again. My view is insane. My wife is going down on another man and I watching all from behind. Her ass is in air as she is bent over working his cock. I am staring at her ass and pussy and I decided that this is my moment.
I grab a condom from my pants on the floor and put it on. I then walk up behind her and slip it in. It’s never gone in that easy before she is the wettest she has ever been.
She tries to pull away a bit but Jason doesn’t let her stop. This is it. The threesome of my dreams….
Then it’s over as I cum in record time. Not sure I even lasted 15 seconds. She keeps going down on him and he is focused on her. I am not sure they even noticed I did anything. So go over to the love seat and sit down.
After a while he cums in her mouth and she takes it all like she couldn’t wait for more. He leans over whispers something in her ear and she soots me an angry look.
He gets up grabs his cloths and the leaves.
“I can’t believe you!” She yells “Why did you do that!”
“Do what? I thought the idea was to all play?”
“I was clear with you. That this was for me and you were allowed to be here. He was invited here with the understanding that I was his for the night. That his cock was to get first dibs. You saw how small you are right?…..right?”
“Yeah” I sighed
“So he gets to go first. That’s his right. I have dealt with your small dick long enough.”
I can’t believe where this conversation was headed. I need to stand up for myself
“I’m sorry” why did I say that “it’s just that I wanted to be a part of it”
“What are you sorry for? Having a small penis? That would be nice to hear”
Do I dare say it?
“Yes what?”
“I am sorry for having a small penis.”
“Ok that’s a start. And look at yourself you know it too. Your tiny dick is hard again.”
I look down and she is right. I can’t believe it. Do I really like this treatment.
“You ruined my night with Jason because you were being selfish. I thought you said you wanted me to be happy.”
“I do”
“And you think your tiny dick will make me happy?”
“No” I say as I hang my head. “We can find another guy. I will behave next time.”
“No. You messed this up you have to fix it. Call Jason and apologize and set up another night.”
“No way… I can’t. That’s humiliating. I can’t say I’m sorry for having sex with my wife.”
“No I think that’s the perfect way to start” She says as she hands me her phone already ringing.
“Hello this is Jason”
“Uhh hi. This is Jay…”
“Yes. What do you want.”
“I umm… just wanted to talk about earlier” just then Kay poke me. I looked at her and she was mouthing the word apologize.
“I umm…I mean….. I wanted to apologize for earlier.” I looked over and saw she started to calm down a bit when she heard be say it. And that made me feel good for some reason.
“I see. What are you apologizing for?”
What was I gonna say here. Kay who was listening as best she could but here thumb and index finger together to show a small size.
“That umm….. we’ll…..”
“I have other things I could be doing. Please get on with it”
“I’m sorry I fucked my wife with my small penis”
“Uh huh. Is that all you have to say?”
“No sir” where did that come from. “You should have had sole access to my wife tonight.”
“Haha sir. I like that. And why does your wife want only me?”
“Because you have a cock that is the size she deserves”
“Unlike my tiny sick sir” what the hell I did it again.
“Ha. This is fun. So did you just call to apologize?”
“No what?” He cut me off.
“Oh sorry. No sir. I want to ask you if you could come back another night.”
“And do what?”
“What do you mean?”
“What do you want me to do when I come back”
“I……” was I really about to say it? “I want you to fuck my wife”
“Why is that?”
“Because she wants you to”
“No come on Jay tell me why.”
“Because I have a small dick and it doesn’t satisfy her but you have a large cock sir. And I know she would enjoy it”
“That better. Now Jay if I come back there are going to be some rules”
“What kind of rules?” When I said this Kay got interested again and came over to listen in again.
“Rule number one you can up with already. From now on you will refer to me as sir”
“Ok sir”
“Good. Rule two. You are there to serve us. After you present your wife to me you will do nothing else unless you are instructed too”
“Yes sir”
“Rule three you are not to have sex with or see your wife naked until I come back” Just as Jason said that Kay pulled her robe in so she was completely covered.
“And rule four. You are not to touch yourself at all unless given permission by Kay and myself. Do you understand?”
As humiliated and embarrassed as I was there was something that felt ok about having someone in charge. I wasn’t sure about all my feelings about recent events but they did turn me on. What was the harm in playing along for a bit.
“Yes sir”
“Good. I’ll be back next Friday at 7pm.”
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2023.06.05 15:56 Lumb3rH4ck DLP + Park Asterix Trip Report 22/05 - 27/05 [Other]

Ride ratings are at time of riding, could change with re-rides. only mentioning coasters here as id be here all day with dark/ water rides. although a honourable mention goes to the water rides in parc asterix. i was not expecting to get as wet as we did inside the boat ride. holy hell.
Disneyland paris - 22/05 - 23/05
with it being a monday and tueday we believed it would be rather quite. boy we was wrong. nothing with less that a 30 minute wait most of the day both monday and tuesday. the amount of families there even though it was term time was mental. never seen a park this busy even during my states trips. skipped getting coffee's and food most the day till we left the park as most queues for food were upto about 40 mins. meet mickey had a 5 hour wait. Found the staff were really nice and friendly and happy to help where needed. a lot of english speaking staff too which we found helpful. ops were... ok? hard to tell with some of the rides. the amount of parents who got throught the main gate then seemingly gave up parenting was staggering. silly amount of kids running around queue lines/swinging on fences kicking other people queueing/ hitting people backpacks in the queue for no reason/ randomly screaming with mum ignoring them as insta is more important. other than that it was an OK experience, we both agreed we wouldnt return though, even with the new areas opening up. defo a one and done experience unlike some of the other disney parks iv done. the disney dreams show at night was incredible, the work with projections, water, fireworks and drones really is worth seeing for anyone going, although finding somewhere good to sit/ stand starts at about 9:30 so if you turn up at show time it can be hard to find a spot. also if you want something from a specific shop and want to come back later, note down the closing time as these vary accross shops.
Hyperspace mountain - 4/10
Amazing to look at from outside and watch the launch section whilst in the queue. queue theming was nice, actually had one of the lowest queue's through the day. was very excited to ride as it was due for maintenance this week that had been cancelled. really nice station, was allowed to wait for front row as well when we requested. the launch is nice and kicky, akin to a less powerful hulk launch but its immediatly killed by trims at the top of the launch that pretty much half the speed. other than the main effect at the top of the launch not much else was noticable/ working so it was a rather lackluster indoor ride other than the speed it picks up thought the layout.
Avengers - 4.5/10
Theming overall is lackluster. theres a mish mash of languages used throughout the queue with some characters speaking english and some speaking french so had no idea what was going on. got a back row ride on this one after requesting it. the seats for this are really uncomfortable (im small so no idea why), worst iv been on before. it felt like i had 2 bars digging into my back the entire time, no idea what was going on with them. we rolled round the corner for the launch hold. it played the music/countdown and nothing happened. some absolute goon had taken out there phone and ruined the rides preshow for the entire train, if your this kind of person, please dont go to theme parks. anyway, the launch is much better than hyperspace. sitting at the back we got to see all of the effects throughout the ride, although its nothing special it was better than hyperspace's indoor theming. overall i thought the layout and pacing where slightly better as well.
crush's coaster - 5/10
very lackluster outside cattlepens, but found the indoor section to be pretty cool. queue was at 40 mins + all day so later on in the second day we just bit the bullet and queued for it. we was facing backwards, didnt see much point to the outside section other than interaction with offride guests. the lift hills are suprisingly fast and was suprised at the pacing and layout of the indoor section. even though pretty much nothing happens inside in terms of theming. as i wasnt expecting the layout in the indoor section i was really suprised and enjoyed this coaster more than i thought i would.
Big thunder mountain - 5/10
Holy cattlepen. it just whent on forever on this queue. queued for about an hour i believe. theming of this ride is world class, jaw dropping to look at from across the water, equally as amazing on ride. unfortunatly the actual ride for me was very lackluster. these have always been highly rated rides within the community and i felt it was no more forceful than the train journey to the park. thought the trick track 3rd lifhill was really cool but other than that it was lackluster.
we didnt bother with RC Racer as neither of us can stand pirate ships. and with a constant 30 min wait i didnt want to queue for a pirate ship on rails, happy to miss this credit. same thing with the kids coaster, 50 min wait when it was up, not that bothered about 1 credit.
park asterix 24-26/05
we was knackered after 2 days of disney and not enough sleep so we got a taxi from Disney to park asterix (about 80 euro if your wondering) and decided to spend the day in the park just relaxing and doing small rides like the boat ride/ car ride/ family rides ect. was a really nice day even though we missed off osiris and toutatis on the first day. will talk about the Quese de Letuce hotel and our experience below. Ops here were absolutely incredible. The ops on osiris were super fast at getting people seated and secure. toutatis is really fun to watch for this as once the lapbars raise a 30 second countdown starts to load the next train. day 2 (25th) they was regually dispatching with 10 - 15 seconds left. day 3 was a bit later but it looked like they was training a new person. All other rides ops were brilliant. staff are friendlly and greet you as you enter every shop/ ride. some spoke english which helped us out but those that didnt were fast to get you help from someone that could. we had one trip to the medical bay for paracetomol for the missus and the medical staff knew 0 english but was more than happy to help using google translate. 10/10 customer experience there.
Tonnair 2 zues - 7/10
Backwards - we did this first with no prior experience on this coaster. we was very suprised at how good this was after hearing many accounts of how rough the coaster is since its refurb. the first 2 drops are insane going backwards, the layout feels faster and more relentless. the 90 degree banked turn and tunnel were probably my favourite on this run through.
5/10 forwards - did this later on in the day and once a day per day after that in different seats (front, back and non wheel). this was rougher than i thought it was going to be after our backwards run. its a fun coaster with a good layout and the tunnel is really cool too. but boy is it a rough one, wasnt that noticable till we got off but the headache from the rattling comes pretty fast with this ride.
Pegasse Express - 6/10
Station is really nice on this and fits really well within the greek themes lands of the surrounding area. the nice blue track realy pops and stands out. first launch isnt very kicky, has a nice little section before the lift hill. the following drop and hills are really good fun. we did this about 7 times total so had front, back and middle row rides on it, id say do the front for the indoors section. backwards launch is nice but found it to be a shame that it rises up before dropping at it slows the coaster down and doesnt have as much airtime, but this is understandable on a family coaster. backwards section is really fun although short. overall this ride is a perfect little family coaster. felt like what 13 could have been if AT where allowed more freedom during building it. be great to see more parks with a ride like this.
goudrix - 4/10
Really cool layout on this, i thought it was an arrow looper before looking it up. had a station wait so whent straight to back row and thought id get off and re-ride straight away with a front row. this decision quickly changed. i pulled down the OTS restraints and whent to raise my arms, my left arm popped through the gap and was basically stuck in the raised position. when they checked the restraint he pointed at my arm and asked if it was ok. i said yeah it feels fine but i cant move it up and down so they unlocked the car and re-did my restraint. good ops! .... after an eternity on the lift hill the overall ride was ok, although was very rough on the headbanging. after hitting the brake run i decided not to re-ride and it was a good call as i had a slight headache. (quick note on that, when we whent to the medical bay the following morning, the first thing someone asked us when we requested paracetomol was if it was from a headache on goudrix so the park are fully aware of its roughness) again, good layout but too rough. needs the python efteling treatment. tried again the following day on a none wheel seat in the middle of the train, still just as rough.
Trace Du Hourra - 5/10
Brilliant little bobsled from Mack. fits really nicely in the new toutatis festival area. front row, back row and middle row rides all done, front row is a bit more rough as it enters the straights and bounces between the 2 rails on the middle of the track. dont feel this as much the further back you are. helix's are suprisingly strong in terms of forces on this ride. not as fast as avalanche in BPB i felt but a better and longer layout
SOS Numerobis - 3/10
Cool little kids coaster. nothing really to note other than a 3 lap special. not sure if this is reduced during peak times as it took pictures on the 1st and 3rd laps but not the second. Also a heads up, the pictures on this cant be collected digitally so your digital picture pass wont work.
Vol D'lcare - 2/10
Very stale layout, rough transitions, not much theming, awkward bobsled style wasnt as comfortable as actual mack bobsleds.
Osiris - 8.5/10
This coaster was a massive suprise to me. i knew about it but did not think it was so well themed/ fun to ride. overall id say it wasnt as intense as nemisis, but i preferred the layout. actually felt 0 g during the 0 g rolls and floated out of my seat before being smacked with positive forces on the other inversions. the drops through tunnels are particuarly intense. the theming on this is the best iv seen on B+M Invert to date as i only seen the EOL queue line for dueling dragons. Again ops were on point here, dont think iv ever seen someone do seatbelts that fast before.
Toutatis - 9.5/10
New number 1 coaster for me. Initial launch is suprisingly punchy, if you sat towards the back it pretty much drags you out of the station and down the little drop into the first launch. first launch is followed by a nice airtime hill then a realy odd inversion. the inversion provides some really nice hang time before hitting the banked right turn past the camera, IMO this could have been better place but doesnt detract from the ride experience. it goes round the right hand turn picking up speed then theres a little whip right as it goes round unbanked right turn into the swing launch. i was slightly worried at the power of this launch, with RITA being the strongest id done upto this point. but it has a small section that launches you, drops down under a bridge, then comes back up into a second part of the launch so the speed gain, although packing a punch is gradual. after peaking on the top hat and rolling back, the backwards launch section is incredibly fun. you get really good handtime on the spike, followed by some ruthless ejector as you fly through the 3rd launch forward and go back under the bridge. as it peaks over the top hat it slowly down quiet considerably before slowly falling down the drop and into the first airtime hill. this absolutely tried to kick you out of the chair, giving you little time before it thrown you straight into the 2nd inversion. the 0g stall, this is the first one of these i have experienced and wow, what an element, favourite moment of the ride bar the launch. as someone who rides hands up as much as possible these are 10/10 elements and realy feel like it wants you out of your train. after this the track turns you left with a small airtime hill in the middle of the turn before some seriously whippy transitions before another airtime hill and turning right as it goes into a 90 degree banked airtime hill. it then throws you left as it goes into a heartline role, this section of the ride i found to be the most intense. after the heartline you get one more overbanked right hand turn before a double up into the break run. The entire coaster is airtime filled, feels very fast, very whippy and has great inversions/ elements. the launches are really fun and the queue line/ station building theming was great. especially with the lights as the train rolls out. overall new number 1 for me, defo a front and back ride with as far back as possible being the best for the spike/ hangtime.
overall i would absolutely come back to parc asterix and do 2 days and nights in the same hotel. The hotel (quese de letuce) is incredible to stay in, in terms of scenery, better area and rooms than the disney hotel we stayed at. although if your not a big eater id say avoid the buffett they offer at night as its £44 per adult without drinks. Although there was lots of option and we got to take deserts to the room for later. we also tried room service, which although expensive (£20 for a 10" pizza) was a better choice than the buffet for us. If you require nessesities like milk, sugar, other things then be prepared to head back towards to airport unless you have a car as there is no onsite shop available. we lost our lighter on day 1 and spent 2 days asking to borrow one from park guests or having to swap my passport to borrow one from the reception of the hotel as they dont sell lighters or matches anywhere onsite, although they sell cigarettes within the park if you ask. they offer a shuttle server from the front of the park, the airport shuttle is 6 euro each if i remember correctly.
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2023.06.05 15:56 tbmepm GPT4, write an random diary entry by Simon, the main character of the video game Cry of Fear.

Dear Diary,
June 12, 2009
Life has always been a scary dream, one from which I cannot wake up. Today was one of those days when the nightmares seemed to merge with my reality.
I woke up from a terror-filled slumber, drenched in sweat. It was that same dream again; the faceless entity chasing me through the dark, narrow alleyways of my mind. But it's not just in my dreams anymore. I see them when I'm awake. The twisted figures lurk in the shadows, waiting, watching. I can't escape them.
I've tried talking to Dr. Purnell, but he's not convinced. To him, they're just figments of my imagination, hallucinations induced by my depression and anxiety. But to me, they're as real as the scars that adorn my body - self-inflicted wounds to remind me that I'm still alive, even when I feel nothing but numbness.
I walked through the streets of the city today, my heart pounding with each step. The world outside is just as terrifying as the one in my head. Everyone's a potential threat, every alley a potential trap, every shadow a potential monster. It's hard to trust anyone. I feel like an alien in my own world, a stranger in a place I once called home.
Today, I found another one of those strange, cryptic notes, scribbled in a handwriting that seemed strangely familiar. "Trust is key," it read. It's strange; each note feels like a piece of a puzzle that I'm forced to solve. But it's a puzzle with no picture, a game with no rules.
Late in the evening, as the sun dipped beneath the horizon and painted the sky a bloody red, I found myself standing before the old asylum. It was an imposing, monstrous structure, a testament to my worst fears. But I had to enter. It was like an unspoken challenge, a test I had to pass. I felt drawn to it, almost like a moth to a flame.
The asylum was eerily silent, each room echoing with the whispers of the past. The corridors were a labyrinth, and I was the hapless victim, lost and terrified. I could feel the eyes on me, watching me from the darkness, waiting for the perfect moment. The monsters are not just in my mind. They're here, around me, and I'm not sure how much longer I can fight them.
Sometimes, I feel like giving up. But a tiny voice within me refuses to bow down. It tells me that I can overcome this, that I can face my fears. It's this voice that keeps me going, keeps me alive. I have no idea where I'm headed or if I'll ever find peace. But I have to keep trying.
Until tomorrow, if tomorrow comes.
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2023.06.05 15:56 keos398 fanfic pathway

This is my take on creating a pathway since everyone making one right now. You are welcome criticizing. Sequence 9: The special one They obtain a lot of knowledge about mysticism and sixth sense the make them heasee things, which make them feel special. Sequence 8: Erudite They obtain massive knowledge about mysticism and about anything they realy ever needs to know, which boost their arrogance even more. Sequence 7: Joker They gain 4 new spells 1. Joke : they can tell almost any joke and force the enemy to laugh which can be very distracting 2. Balloon substitution : they can carry up to 4 balloon and use them as substitute ( balloon limited by their spirituality ) 3. Mask : they can put on masks or paint on their face to hide their identity from the like of sheriff and divination. 4. Prank : they can make small tools and toys for varying effect such as a box with smoke bomb or a doll with a sedative sprayed on ( the pranks has an anti divination quality) Sequence 6 : Enchanter They gain massive boost to their spirituality. They have to add another characteristic, one of four ( wind blessed, Conspirer, Pleasure,notary) To their potion to select their main attribute element ( wind,fire,ice,light) and the extra characteristic in the potion will materialize as an Enchanted accessory, they can use the other abilities of the characteristic but they will lose control for using them unless they have most of their spirituality which they can fight back, but they recommended to never use them Alongside the Enchanter characteristic and with their massive knowledge they can Enchant all sort of things for varying effect such as enchanted bullets enchanted cannon balls etc. Sequence 5 : Herculean Superhuman strength ( can destroy a wall with one punch) Superhuman speed ( can run at 300km/h at maximum) Superhuman stamina ( can run at maximum speed for 8 hours) Superhuman durability ( can withstand a revolver bullet up for 5 at the same spot and 2 shotgun at same spot) Sequence 4 : Spiritual being They gain massive boost to their spirituality. They can transform to Spiritual being impervious to all physical attack for 15 minutes. They are impervious to all Spiritual attack such as Spiritual threads controlling and possessing. They can make a domain of spirituality that can affect the surrounding, prevent divination and prophetic abilities They can make Spiritual storm attacks. Their enchanting ability is massively enhanced. With their vast knowledge and massive spirituality they can create all types of spells. Their mythical form is a giant emperor with overshadowing cap with blurred face, he overflow with dominance that you can’t rise your head from the pressure. Sequence 3 : Connoisseur New abilities: Testing : they can transform into Spiritual being and infiltrate a person mind and everything is a buffet in front them ( memories,abilities,skils), a Connoisseur can test only one thing at a time after testing they can replicat the ability or skill without time limit. *They can’t test anyone with higher spirituality. They can emit a sense of hunger with their spirituality to scare other creatures. Spiritual vortex : They can create or transform into a vortex with their spirituality that attract other things and trap or shred them with the vortex They have a higher sense of danger and other beyonders. Sequence 2 : Juggernaut They have unstoppable force that cannot be abstracted by any physical thing. They can brut force into anything that is not deity level. They can’t be harmed by anything of a fire power of nuke or less ( anything above nuke can hurt them) They have a speed of half the speed of light. They can drew stamina from their massive spirituality. They can teleport by punching the space and direct the space vortex with their spirituality to teleport to anywhere. Their complete mythical form is a dominant humanoid emperor that emit a feeling of unstoppable force. Sequence 1 : Secret schemer They gain partial control of spirituality authority. They gain massive boost in spirituality. They gain massive boost in intellect. New abilities Grand design : They can cast a net spirituality of that can encompass a city, the net will cast millions of small threads of spirituality that will infiltrate the people and affect their daily choices to enforce a grand design of the secret schemer. The grand design threads can be felt by any demigods so they can’t affect them. Behind the scene : the secret schemer can hide in different dimension that can’t be accessed by any other person except other secret schemer. They secret schemers can’t do ant ability Behind the scene except The grand design. The secret schemer can utilize the spirituality like no other, they can apply spirituality defensively and offensively. For example they can transform spirituality into any enchanted object by condensing spirituality to the limit and make very potent tools that have nuke like fire power. Sequence 0 : Overlord All previous ability is massively boosted They have authority over dominance Dominance : they can dominate anything on conceptual level ( basically massive suppressive ability over anything) They have authority over spirituality. They have authority over raw strength.
Notes : 1. I realy wanted to name sequence 0 tyrant but cuttlefish have taken all the freaking cool names 2. This pathway have no boost in previous sequence when advanced until sequence 0 to avoid being overpowered 3. This pathway might look overpowered on the first look but it’s not , it’s kinda week on the haxy pathways 4. I didn’t put ant rituals because creating pathway is a freaking tiresome thing
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2023.06.05 15:52 AccidentalRob My Experience with the Victory Point Subsystem (small spoiler for Abomination Vaults)

Some backstory - I kind of painted myself into a corner at the end of the first chapter of Abomination Vaults, when the undead rise from the Otari graveyard. I made an off-hand remark to the players about how, by the time they got to the graveyard a "significant amount" of undead had already descended the cliff behind the Dawnflower Library, and were likely making their way into town.
After defeating the undead and the scalathrax in the cemetery, they were very concerned (rightfully so) about the undead in town. Instead of running a street-to-street combat chasing down undead in town, I decided to use the Victory Point subsystem to simulate the combat, along with a variety of things the players could do to help defend the town.
I ended up with 8 challenges for the players to overcome, and gave them the list (without the DC information). I had a list of all of the PCs, and just went down the list, and that player got to choose which challenge they were going to take on. It took one of the players a little bit to wrap his head around it, but he figured it out eventually, and even started making decisions of what to do next based on the most interesting way for the story to flow.
Instead of giving them a concrete "time limit", I only allowed each player to make 2 rolls each, with 8 points required to be victorious. I set a threshold of 4, after which they all gained a +1 to their rolls to simulate the battle going well for the town.
It got very tense. Hero Points were used to make rerolls, and the halfling in the party used his halfling luck for a reroll, as well. It ended up coming down to one roll on the last challenge. They were successful, but I really liked the fact that it was so tense. Failure and the consequences of that failure can be just as interesting (if not more so) than success.
It worked out very well, and I am happy with the results. Afterwards, the players and myself talked about it and they had some very interesting ideas on how to make the challenge more dynamic by opening or closing access to other obstacles depending on what the players initially choose to do - like a flow chart. Sounds like a lot of work...
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2023.06.05 15:51 ithrowawaygamegg Should I tell family that we've been evicted and have been struggling getting a home for months?

I'm at my wit's end tbh. So for context, I'm 19M, live with my mother and sister who's 17. We've been in a motel for a while now. My mother got evicted in September last year.
The reason that we've been hesitant to tell family because they're just toxic in general, especially my dad's side. My father's family has no interest other than trying to paint my mother as an absolute witch for putting him on child support. He's more interested in just trying to put my mother down than helping emotionally and financially.
They've been bullies like this for years. My sister don't even talk to the dude. His main focus has always been me throughout my life and my sister hasn't even felt connexted to him.
We don't have that much money. I should be heading to community college in the Fall but I'm having doubts going.
I'm scared to reveal my home state, but he kept bitching about how my mother broke the law by taking us out of state. When she called him and said many times we can always come down to visit and my sister even got to see him this year. I don't know much about the law that much, it's well established that it's technically kidnapping. It doesn't excuse the fact that, according to my mom and various family members, he has been shown to be physically abusive, including to his other partners.
I've been having conflicted thoughts whether we deserved this for moving out of state out of necessity for needing a home. Only to have chances of my mother finding an apartment being extremely low because of that eviction. We couldn't afford that shit in the first place.
I've had talks with her and she seems completely in denial. Saying, "oh why should my business be yours?" or "what can you do to try assisting?" We just go back and forth, but I've been trying to convince her that: you have no fucking plan!
I'm scared of going back to my state where family resides because we don't think my father's a safe person to be around. He's more concerned with being right and getting in my mother's face on how she should've never took us (despite him getting paid under-the-table to avoid paying child support).
He's emotionally abusive and he's made fun of mother in the past for living with her family. Not even realizing we had our childhood home sold was the reason and he's basically making fun of the children as well. He lacks so much empathy and it's a shame because all of his anger he usually takes out on the children.
Please, anyone. I just want to help my Ma. Maybe moving here really was a mistake. I've saved plenty enough and I'm really considering catching a flight with family. I'm not getting paid enough. I've done various interviews and not getting calls back. I don't drive. I feel like such a failure and I wish I could've focused on getting myself together. I don't know what to do and I'm conflicted everyday.
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2023.06.05 15:50 AustralianChrono Chronologica's Drag Race Season 4: Episode 8- Big Mother

Chronologica's Drag Race Season 4: Episode 8- Big Mother
She's into superstitions’
Omari jumps to the side and throws a wink, as he starts buzzing with energy, pointing to Zazu as she twirls around with a grin on her face.
New kicks in the candlelight
Zazu kicks her feet into the air before dropping into a split, as Omari hits the floor with a BOOM at the same time, as the others gasp.
King Omari Star: “Oh, I see you Zazu. I’m not going down without a fight.”
She'll make you take your clothes off and go dancing in the rain
Omari whips off his cape, revealing his look beneath as he glitters through the stage, moving in fast succession to the beat.
Come on!
The two move in quick succession, both giving their all as Zazu spins around into a flip, and Omari jumps onto the floor with a grin.
Yeah, she'll make you go insane
Zazu winks, ripping off her wig to reveal another beneath as Chronologica gasps, death dropping in furious fashion.
Gotta, gotta, gotta la vida loca!
Two competitors, both giving their all, end with a boom as Omari poses, Zazu hits the floor and the other racers excitedly clap.


Shantay… you both stay.
Omari and Zazu gasp, as Zazu responds by cheering and Omari grins.
King Omari Star: “A double save has only been done once before, and this feels fantastic. I had fun with it, and I'm proud.”
You’re both still here. Now, dance, AND LET THE MUSIC PLAY!
The competitors walk into the werkroom.
“No message tonight!” Zazu cheers, Omari looking at her with a smile.
The two sit down, along with the other racers.
Omari extends his hand, as Zazu holds it with a smile.
“Yes.” Omari smiles. “Okay, enough hand holding.”
Zazu giggles.
“I didn’t even know this really was a thing, wow.” Jaslene shrugs. “I thought it was a one off with Kraven.”
“And a bad choice, at that.” Fiore responds.
“You both gave your all.” Granny smiles. “And truly, I do think it couldn’t have gone either way. It was a tie.”
“I mean…” Aguacate giggles. “I’d lie, but I actually did enjoy your show.”
“Thank you.” Omari nods.
“I had such fun.” Zazu grins. “I don’t think… has anyone survived three lip syncs before?”
“Nope, no one has.” Crayola responds.
“The gaggeroni.” Yasmin beams.
“Wow.” Zazu smiles.
“I am just-” Omari exhales. “So pleased to be here, and you know, I’m going to fucking come for you all- but I’m excited to do it my way. I’ve been rigid-” Omari looks at Jaslene.
Jaslene smirks.
“But this lip sync was a wakeup call. You know, enjoy the ride. That’s the fun part.” Omari responds.
“Livin’ La Vida Loca.” Aguacate winks.
“Exactly.” Omari purses his lips. “And let’s congratulate our two winners, Yasmin and Crayola…”
The others clap.
“I really do want to say, whilst it is a double win, I expected you to win solo, Yasmin.” Crayola nods.
The others look confused.
Jaslene Bangus: “Girl, you just congratulate the other person, and put your own performance down… why? Why make yourself look worse?!”
“Well, thank you.” Yasmin smiles. “I feel pleased and happy that I’m here, I’m giving my all and I finally got a win!”
Everyone grins, before Fiore stands up. “I’d love to chat, well, I wouldn’t, so I’m going to de-drag.”
“Oop.” Yasmin responds.
Fiore Stravaganza: “Last week, I was part of a duo.”
“My girl…” Jaslene chuckles.
Fiore Stravaganza: “But real talk, it’s time we’re over. I need to win. And I need to do it… solo.”
Fiore de-drags, delicately placing her wig on the mannequin.
Fiore Stravaganza: “It’s my time.”
The Next Day, Yasmin passes bread around to the racers.
“Just… bread?” Crayola asks.
“Bite into it.” Yasmin smirks.
“Bite… bite into the bread?” Crayola asks.
“Okay, I'm sure there’s a trick.” Jaslene says, putting down her bread. “I don’t eat carbs anyway.”
“Neither do I.” Fiore responds, putting down her bread.
“I fucking love carbs.” Omari bites into the bread, a dash of jam spurting over his chest.
“Jam filled treats!” Yasmin cheers. “I love baking.”
“Oh, you want to win again.” Granny chuckles.
Yasmin giggles.
You’ve got drag mail!
Get into the house. GET INTO THE HOUSE!
“The house?” Aguacate raises an eyebrow.
“It’s Drag Time!” Rachelle Mirage yells.
Everyone gasps.
“Hi Racers! Chronologica has had some pressing business to attend to, so unfortunately will NOT be here this week. Instead, I’ll be hosting!”
Everyone cheers.
“Racers, it’s time for an IMPROV CHALLENGE!” Rachelle Mirage cheers.
Aguacate gasps.
Aguacate: “I am a fabulous comedic Queen!”
“You all will be entering the BIG MOTHER house. Prepare yourself for entry into the house, wherein you will have to make me and the judges laugh, with quick wit, fun times and truth. They’ll be a range of adventures as you live together for “24 hours”, but I also want to see you bare your soul. Be real! Make me laugh… and have fun.”
Yasmin Raiz: “I am excited for this challenge. It’s one I know I can do well, and we get to live together!”
“Good luck, racers… and do not fuck it up!”
The racers chat around the table as they get ready for the challenge.
“How do we all feel about this challenge?” Jaslene purses her lips.
Jaslene Bangus: “I’m aware I bombed a comedy challenge. I want to prove that it was a fluke.”
“I feel prepared.” Fiore nods. “I think I can do well.”
“You always do, loca.” Aguacate giggles.
“No, babe… you were the loca one.” Fiore smirks.
“I feel quite excited.” Omari grins. “You know, I don’t clearly do well with a planned structured… hosting moment. But I feel as if I can do it this week.”
King Omari Star: “I’m aware I need to boost my comedic chops. This is an opportunity to showcase it.
“I agree.” Zazu smiles. “It’s totally, like a fun one… and I can’t wait to get into the pretty house…”
“I’m going to be cooking us ALL the stuff.” Yasmin grins. “And on my witty knees.”
“You love to be on your knees.” Aguacate smirks.
Yasmin winks.
“This will be lovely.” Granny says. “To me, it’s a fun opportunity to really sit and enjoy myself.”
“I agree.” Crayola responds. “I have a joke or two, ya’know to respond to.”
“What’s the joke?” Omari raises an eyebrow.
“...Oh, class, just wait and see, Mrs Boxx is going to have a ton of fun.” Crayola winks.
Aguacate: “Crayola- in theory, should be a funny Queen. She certainly is funny looking. But think of her like that. She’s not funny.”
Crayola giggles.
Aguacate: “She’s just a teacher. And in a challenge about being you AND making us laugh? Oof.”
Meanwhile, Jaslene walks over to Fiore.
“I wanted to chat…” Jaslene grins. “This is a good challenge for us to bounce off each other.”
“Mhm?” Fiore asks.
“We play off. We enjoy each other, we joke, we have fun with it that way.” Jaslene says. “In many ways, a protective blanket- an asset to each other.”
“That’s an idea.” Fiore nods.
“You know, us A.E Girls? Sticking together?” Jaslene winks.
“Hmm.” Fiore purses her lips. “I think we should work solo. Last week, the music groups… didn’t work together. So I love the idea, but… Meh.” Fiore responds.
Jaslene Bangus: “Thanks, sis.”
“Okay, I'll focus on this solo.” Jaslene shrugs.
“Good idea.” Fiore smiles.
Jaslene rolls her eyes in her confessional.
Rachelle goes to visit the racers.
“Hi, Zazu!” Rachelle waves.
“Chronologica!” Zazu grins.
“Tell me, can you handle the heat in this kitchen?”
“What kitchen?” Zazu looks at Rachelle, confused.
“Okay, that was a joke for you to take.” Rachelle laughs.
“OH!” Zazu looks surprised.
“Now, the other comedic challenges you have bottomed. What will you be doing here to stop that.”
“I’m here to just…” Zazu purses her lips. “I am not sure.”
Zazu Nova: “Can I get a break? Can I get a break please? Where is the makeover?!”
“You naturally have a fun attitude. I want you to drive into that…” Rachelle says nervously. “Can you do that?”
Zazu nods. “I’ll try my best.”
Rachelle nods.

“Hi Granny!” Rachelle smiles.
“Hello dear.” Granny grins back.
“Tell me, can you handle the heat in this kitchen?”
“I hope we all can.” Granny nods.
“Hmm.” Rachelle eyes Granny, pondering. “Granny. You’re a sweet soul.”
“Oh, my dear- I just want to have a lovely time.” Granny nods.
“This is a challenge about showing up and really enjoying yourself, but also being a STRONG presence. I think you’re funny, but I also think- your response just indicates to me, that kind soul- which I LOVE, could get in the way.”
“Mhm.” Granny purses her lips.
“If there is a giant inflatable axe you are given in the house, would you hit the others with it?”
“Oh…” Granny shakes her head. “Now I don’t know about all that…”
“YES.” Rachelle yells. “The answer is yes.”
Granny stares awkwardly.
“I’m going to need you to really try and steal the show. Make yourself the priority.”
“Noted.” Granny nods.

“Hello, Aguacate!”
“My Latina Sister who is not Latina, and sometimes, I ponder, not a woman!” Aguacate yells.
Rachelle cackles. “Tell me, can you handle the heat in this kitchen?”
“Darling.” Aguacate extends her arms. “I will bring such a level of spice, you will shit yourself.”
Rachelle gasps, before doubling over in laughter.
“What?” Aguacate looks at Rachelle. “You can’t handle this? I thought you were the Queen of taking it?”
Rachelle blushes, before continuing to giggle.
“Darling…” Aguacate grins. “I feel ready for this challenge.”
“I asked this question earlier, but- If there is a giant inflatable axe you are given in the house, would you topple the others with it?”
“I’ve never been the one to top, but for you? I’d make an exception.” Aguacate nods.
“That’s what I want to hear.” Rachelle grins.
The racers all walk into the Big Mother House.
“Thank god for silk pajamas.” Omari raises his hands in the air, stretching.
“This house is quaint.” Granny smiles.
“FOOD!” Aguacate yells, running over to a charcuterie board, before stuffing a little sausage in her mouth.
“Of course, she can sniff out the sausage.” Omari smirks.
“What is a charcuterie board, if not a pizza without a base?” Crayola jokes.
Nobody laughs.
“This is lovely!” Granny smiles.
“Oooh…” Zazu looks at a mirror. “What’s this-” Zazu touches the frame, as the house starts flashing wild lights. “OH MY GOD!”
“WE’RE GONNA DIE!” Aguacate yells. “Someone hand me an axe!” Aguacate screams.
“I’m going to kill you.” Omari looks at Aguacate.
“Please, kill her!” Fiore smirks.
“Guys, let's calm down…” Granny looks at each other with a smile.
“Embrace the chaos, Granny.” Aguacate winks.
The lights stop flashing, and Yasmin smiles. “Oooh, this is going to be a long night ahead.”
“We are not going to sleep tonight.” Crayola responds.
“Oh, like…” Zazu looks at the others. “What do we do?”
“Let’s talk about the deep sadness inside of us all.” Yasmin smiles, grabbing a cup of hot chocolate.
“...Let’s not!” Aguacate laughs.
“I worry sometimes about my family dying. That I will do something- trigger an audience, be too queer, too gay- and they’ll face the consequences.” Yasmin nods. “That… my existence puts them at risk.”
“Ooft.” Fiore looks into the camera.
“I worry about my school kids. That as a teacher, as a gay man- people will think I’m a bad thing.” Crayola says. “I exist and am proudly me, but the world is homophobic and… I worry I've come here and no one will get it. Instead, I'll be a joke.”
“You’re not a joke, dear.” Granny says, looking at Crayola.
“I feel the same.” Jaslene nods.
The others look surprised.
“You know, I’ve been floating.” Jaslene says. “But I made a career for myself out of nothing in the Philippines. I was a girl who sold herself- was used for her body for many years.”
The others look speechless.
“But I became a star. And I want to show that here.” Jaslene nods. “Even if I do it alone.”
Fiore eyes Jaslene.
“I… feel the same.” Zazu tears up.
“I’ve been scared.” Omari sighs. “I don’t have many friends in the community. Many of mine died, of diseases, of drugs- living as a lesbian in a world where your gay friends died taught me love and embracing those around you wasn’t worth it.”
Jaslene nods, looking at Omari.
“But you know? Fuck it. I’m here, I’m going to…” Omari looks to the side, noticing an inflatable sword. “Slay that shit. And embrace where I am here. And you know, this is a good place to be real.”
“Damn right.” Jaslene nods.
“I’m not talking deep.” Aguacate responds.
“Agreed.” Fiore adds.
“Well, sword fight?” Omari smirks.
“I THOUGHT YOU’D NEVER ASK!” Aguacate yells.
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