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2023.06.05 16:01 Nemesis36978 Eureka! Create [Modded]{Fabric}{Create}{1.19.2}{Whitelist}{18+}

Are you looking for a fun and exciting Minecraft experience? Look no further than our modded Create Fabric server, running on version 1.19.2! Our server is packed with an exciting array of mods and addons. These are some of the main ones that we have:
Whether you're a seasoned Minecraft player or just starting out, you'll find plenty of opportunities to explore, build, and create to your heart's content. With a wide variety of mods and addons to choose from, you'll have access to a wealth of new gameplay mechanics, automation systems, and building blocks that will take your Minecraft experience to the next level.
But that's not all. In addition to our exciting array of mods and addons, we also have VanillaTweaks datapacks to enhance your gameplay experience even further. And with a friendly, active but small community of players, you'll have someone to collaborate with on exciting new projects, trade resources with, or simply chat and hang out with.
So why wait? If you're looking for an exciting and innovative Minecraft server with a small vibrant community of players, come join our modded Create server today! Whether you're interested in complex automation and intricate builds, or simply looking to meet new friends and have fun, there's something for everyone on our server.
The server has been running for around 2-3 months but the activity kind of died down due to the exam season. Some of us are just joining back to play again.
Interested? Come join our Discord and fill out an application! The server is hosted by Eureka SMP, so you will be joining the SMP Discord. Just make sure to choose the "Create Mod" option in the application section in the welcome channel.
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2023.06.05 16:01 Junior_Drawer4977 Which POA forms do I need?

My elderly mother recently sold a pretty valable piece of property and opened a Fidelity account in which to deposit the proceeds, so the funds would be more secure. However, she is totally overwhelmed with the whole system and not computer savvy at all, so she wants me and my husband to have the ability to basically control the account on her behalf, so she can just tell us what she wants to have happen, and we can do it for her. I spent two hours (not an exaggeration) on the phone with Fidelity a few weeks ago (my mom was on for an hour of it) and spoke to five different people, and we never got a clear answer of how to do this. Myhusband has called Fidelity twice himself (he actually used to work for Fidelity!) and can't get a clear answer, either, so I am really hoping someone here can help! Here's the situation:
  1. My mom has already opened the account, but there's nothing in it yet.
  2. I have Durable POA for my mom and have those legal papers in hand. She had them drawn up when I lived in Massachusetts, and I now live in Virginia. I don't know if that matters, though?
  3. My mom lives in West Virginia, and there are no Fidelity offices anywhere in the state, so she can't go anywhere on her own to do anything in person.
  4. My husband and I can go to a Fidelity office an hour away (Richmond, VA), but we don't want to do that until we have all the necessary paperwork in hand, and that's what we're trying to figure out.
I was sent a form that relates to POA from someone at Fidelity, but for that one, I would need to fill it out for my mom, send it to her to sign, and she'd have to get it notarized with two witnesses. Then she'd mail it back to me, and I'd have to have it notarized with two witnesses, and then we'd take it to Richmond to a Fidelity office.
However, I also see a POA-related form on the Fidelity site that seems to say that if I already have papers in hand that show that I have Durable POA for my mom, that is enough (i.e., my mom wouldn't have to sign the form and have it notarized; only I would).
Can someone tell me (1) which form I need and (2) if the Durable POA papers I have are acceptable, given that they have an older address for me? Thank you for any help!!
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2023.06.05 16:00 -343-Guilty-Spark- 343 Plz Weekly Thread

Hey everyone. This week's 343 Plz thread has arrived.

343 Plz List

Feedback Item Date Added Game
Improve theater functionality January 25, 2023 Halo Infinite
Add matchmaking rejoin January 3, 2023 Halo Infinite
Fix asymmetrical vehicle spawns in Big Team Battle January 3, 2023 Halo Infinite
Bundle duplicate/repeating items (e.g. shoulders) in passes November 7th, 2022 Halo Infinite
Add an option to limit menu FPS October 10, 2022 Halo Infinite
Finish the work on Campaign split-screen support and introduce it September 5th, 2022 Halo Infinite
Fix or remove overactive text chat censorship July 11th, 2022 Halo Infinite
Prioritise and fix desync June 27th, 2022 Halo Infinite
Rework or remove rarity on items June 27th, 2022 Halo Infinite
Add Multi-Team June 5th, 2022 Halo Infinite
Allow all items in the in-game store to be purchased at all times June 5th, 2022 Halo Infinite
Add Assassinations May 28th, 2022 Halo Infinite
Introduce the Match Composer, similar to MCC May 28th, 2022 Halo Infinite
Bring back old emblems and allow for better customisation over them. May 28th, 2022 Halo Infinite
Add a Mark VI Gen 3 (Chief's armor in the campaign) core or set for MP May 19th, 2022 Halo Infinite
Improve custom games stability and drastically increase the custom game options available May 16th, 2022 Halo Infinite
Revert changes to slide momentum jumps made in Season 2 May 15th, 2022 Halo Infinite
Introduce more social features and support May 10th, 2022 Halo Infinite
Add Firefight or a PvE mode May 9th, 2022 Halo Infinite
Enable player collision for friendlies May 9th, 2022 Halo Infinite
Redesign the User Interface May 9th, 2022 Halo Infinite
Bring back pre- and post-game lobbies May 3rd, 2022 Halo Infinite
Add remaining Halo Online maps to Halo 3 in MCC May 3rd, 2022 Halo: The Master Chief Collection
Introduce more body type options, including more "feminine" options similar to previous games May 3rd, 2022 Halo Infinite
Implement Cross-Core Customization May 2nd, 2022 Halo Infinite
Enable color on armor attachments outside of certain kits May 2nd, 2022 Halo Infinite
Allow for more control over color customization May 2nd, 2022 Halo Infinite
Improve/Address aiming and aim assist issues on Xbox and PC May 2nd, 2022 Halo Infinite

343 Plz List Implemented/Changed

Feedback Item Date Added Date Changed Game
Add the 'Infection' game mode June 13th, 2022 June 20, 2023 Halo Infinite
Separate Event Challenges into their own deck May 15th, 2022 March 21, 2023 Halo Infinite
Add an option to disable enemy shield outlines February 20, 2023 Season 3 Halo Infinite
Reduce kill effects or let players adjust/toggle them July 11th, 2022 December 6, 2022 Halo Infinite
Improve the KBM experience by addressing balance issues and pursuing other QOL refinements May 10th, 2022 December 6, 2022 Halo Infinite
Enable 'red reticle' on the PC version May 3rd, 2022 December 6, 2022 Halo Infinite
Rebalance the VK78 Commando May 2nd, 2022 Winter Update Halo Infinite
Rework or replace the Challenge system May 7th, 2022 Winter Update Halo Infinite
Team Slayer" challenges should be able to progressed in all Team Slayer modes, not just the Team Slayer playlist May 2nd, 2022 Winter Update Halo Infinite
Implement ray tracing November 1st, 2022 Season 3 Halo Infinite
Accommodate lower population regions better July 18th, 2022 Winter Update Halo Infinite
Add Region/Server selection, similar to MCC's implementation May 7th, 2022 Winter Update Halo Infinite
Rework MMR / Global Rating May 23rd, 2022 Winter Update Halo Infinite
Keep MCC free of microtransactions July 18, 2022 September 14th, 2022 Halo: The Master Chief Collection
Allow us to access the unreleased Halo: Reach armor from Season 1 May 28th, 2022 December 2022 Halo Infinite
Reduce effect of or remove scope glint entirely May 3rd, 2022 August 25, 2022 Halo Infinite
Add more loading screen images May 4th, 2022 June 14th, 2022 Halo Infinite
Fix different UI elements stuck in indefinite or very long loading wheels May 2nd, 2022 June 14th, 2022 Halo Infinite
Improve Scorpion Tank Controls May 2nd, 2022 June 14th, 2022 Halo Infinite
  • New items added this week are in bold
  • You can find the full list along with thread examples for these topics and if/how 343 has acknowledged them on the 343 Plz wiki page

A reminder on how 343 Plz works:

  • 343 Plz is a comprehensive list of wildly popular suggestions/feedback relating to Halo games. This will be a list that is generated by the community and will be visible to everyone. Users can submit a request to include an item on 343 Plz and, provided it meets the criteria, it will be added the following week alongside the weekly thread.
  • The 343 Plz list will be on both our wiki as well as the weekly sticky thread. The sticky thread will provide a prominent place on halo to routinely list and discuss these items, as well as suggest new ones.
  • Once a topic has been added to 343 Plz, it will be 'retired' from the subreddit until there is either significant news relating to the topic, or if the actual topic is added/changed to the game.
You can find the 343 Plz wiki page here:
You can also check out the 343 Plz announcement thread here:

How do I submit to 343 Plz?

  • Find three recent popular threads talking about your feedback; we're looking for multiple front page threads (300+ upvotes) and/or highly-active discussions (100+ comments) over the past few months
  • Submit your idea and the required threads either in this sticky or via this Mod Mail template
  • If your idea does not have the required threads, it won't be added; instead, make a standalone post about your topic

What is the point of this weekly thread?

The point of this weekly thread is to organize and sticky popular community feedback for 343, allow discussion of these 'retired' items, and suggest new ideas for 343 Plz.
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2023.06.05 16:00 -seeker_ Is she monkey branching?

Hi you all,
PLEASE NOTE: I have never been in a relationship, need some advice.
I met a girl on a lil party that I threw in the park (with my dj mixer). So I had interest in her (as in: dating material...). So in the evening we went to her and she had some fun with her male (gay) friend. And then the male friend left. So I stayed up from 3 am to 9 am talking with her about who I am, what I have done in my life and also her interests and goals (etc etc). I really enjoyed the time with and sometimes touched her and gave her compliments about her beautiful eyes and told her she was beautiful just the way she was. And I showed genuine interest in her and she did too. Then we talked about our previous relationships (I had none) and she had a couple who didn't treat her well unfortunately. I felt bad for her and thought: how could guys mistreat her that way... and she never mentioned a boyfriend during our 6 hour conversation. I asked her if I could sleep in her bed(because I was too tired to go gome, but she said: no I could not).
So yesterday ( 3 days after our night together) I saw her in the train and she told me that she was going to her boyfriend in the evening. I immediately got an error inside of my head: I said: huh what? and she said: what and that was it... Gladly I am not madly in love or something, so I can get over this with a breeze (if she has someone I respect that and I back off).
Do you guys think she should have told me that she has someone now, while we were talking about her previous relationships? Was she low-key monkey branching?
I would have loved to get to know her better, start a good foundation of trust, friendship and love, but it's unfortunate for me that she has someone, and I am happy for her and wish her and her boyfriend a wonderful relationship filled with love. (I am not that type of guy who would try to win her over, because that would mean that she could also move on with someone else if we were in a relationship.
What are your thoughts about this situation?
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2023.06.05 16:00 squishy208 must consume cosmetics

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2023.06.05 15:59 MilkedSquid The use of prescription medications for weight loss?

23F 5’3 I’ve been trying to lose weight for a bit now. I was always a high weight number wise, but looked skinny. After a really bad relationship and a LOT of WEEKLY medication changes from a very bad nurse practitioner, I put on tons of weight. These are some pics of me at 250 pounds vs when I finally hit 190. I got put on a new medication days after hitting this milestone and in month gained 30 pounds from it, putting me back at 220. Back down to 205 and I’ve been sitting here for a month and a half with no lowering of weight. I have physical disabilities that make it hard to exercise and have a low caloric intake already. My weight is high enough atm that w my chronic pain and flare ups its just too hard sometimes to motivate myself to do it, and consistency is my worst developed skill other than maybe patience lol Anyways, getting extra outside help w my weight loss would make it easier for me to exercise. I was thinking of starting a medication to help me lose the more troublesome weight, in hopes that it’ll be easier to start and maintain a more active lifestyle AFTER I lose the weight. I have a family history of diabetes, and got genetic testing that shows I have a 50% chance of developing it in my lifetime so I want to be proactive about my weight. I might be able to drop a good portion from a breast reduction, but I’m still on the fence about getting one after the risks described to me by my plastic surgeon and I’m not at the correct bmi or health to get it done rn, plus I’d wanna lose more weight first anyways. Im sitting at a 40J US which also makes it very hard to exercise. Even after losing that 60 lbs my bra size went up so idk what to do about that. Thats been consistent every time I lose weight I go up bra sizes, might just be the years passing. I was going to physical therapy, but I’m moving soon and my schedule is hectic so it’ll be a while before I can start it again in addition to my weight loss. You don’t have to give me “medical advice” but I’m curious about y’alls opinions of weight loss medications, especially in my situation. I would post pics so you can kinda see my body type bc I don’t think I look too heavy for my weight and height? I mean, def plus size obviously but my doctors have always thought I looked healthy for my weight and height despite bmi, plethora of other health conditions aside. My final goal is 165 w milestones in between. At each milestone I reevaluate what I want my final goal to be. Its a soft final goal. If I get to 170 and think I’m healthy there, I’d stop there. If I hit 165 and still think I should go lower, maybe my goal switches to 155, y’know? Lmk if I need to mention anything else. Sorry this is so long 😵‍💫
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2023.06.05 15:59 mrcruks Seeking Insights on Internship Conditions in Belgium

Hello fellow Redditors!
I hope you're all doing well. I am currently a Masters Student in Financial Analysis from Portugal, and I'm seeking to gain some valuable international experience through internships. However, before diving into the application process, I wanted to reach out and gather some insights about internship conditions in Belgium.
I believe that each country might have its unique set of practices, expectations, and work cultures when it comes to internships. Hence, I have a few questions and would greatly appreciate your input:
  1. What are the typical working hours for interns in your country? Are they strict or flexible?
  2. Do interns in Belgium receive any financial compensation or benefits? If so, what is the average range?
  3. How competitive is the internship market? Are internships readily available, or is it a challenging process to secure one?
  4. Are there any legal requirements or regulations that govern internships in Belgium, such as minimum wage, working conditions, or duration limits?
  5. How are interns typically treated in terms of responsibilities and mentorship? Do they receive meaningful tasks or are they limited to menial work?
  6. Are internships more prevalent in specific seasons or periods of the year?
Feel free to share any additional information or personal experiences that might be relevant to understanding the internship landscape in your country. I'm eager to learn about the variations and similarities across different nations.
Your input will help me make informed decisions and choose the best possible internships abroad. Thanks in advance for your valuable contributions!
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2023.06.05 15:59 MeetTheFeetGeek [spoiler] Marty's offices

So at the end of season 2 KC Cartel bombs Marty's office. Why though and why are they in that exact same office in season 3?
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2023.06.05 15:58 YngSndwch One of these was decried as an instant flop in his first season, one wasn’t. Guess which one.

One of these was decried as an instant flop in his first season, one wasn’t. Guess which one. submitted by YngSndwch to Gunners [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 15:58 No_Commercial_6750 The Phantom Thieves (Persona 5) are tasked to steal Snoop Dogg's heart, but his palace makes them progressively high due to the cannabis smoke in its air. Could they still steal his heart?

The Phantom Thieves experience the classic effects of weed smoking during their infiltration (munchies, hallucination, confusion, uncontrollable giggling etc) and the deeper inside Snoop's palace they go, the stronger the effect has on them, including the treasure room which gives them the strongest high possible immediately. All of the hallmarks of a palace infiltration are still there, from palace guards, to shadows and Shadow Snoop himself are all of the enemies the Phantom Thieves must encounter. Only the entrance and safe rooms in Snoop's palace are safe from the effects, and the effects will always affect them no matter what. Assume that Snoop's palace is as large as Kamoshida's castle, the first palace in the game. Can they be able to steal his heart?
All of the chief members of the Phantom Thieves are here for this mission:
Joker (Ren Amamiya)
Skull (Ryuji Sakamoto)
Panther (Ann Takamaki)
Queen (Makoto Niijima)
Oracle (Futaba Sakura)
Fox (Yusuke Kitagawa)
Noir (Haru Okumura)
Round 1: 3-month deadline
Round 2: 1-month deadline
Round 3: 1-week deadline
BONUS: Akechi and Kasumi joins in.
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2023.06.05 15:58 AffectionateNote3848 submitted by AffectionateNote3848 to u/AffectionateNote3848 [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 15:58 BedAdministrative718 I want to ghost my job, should i?

I work for a popular massage store chain. The 3 locations are franchises and the owners are horribly greedy people who don’t give a rats ass about their employees. They consistently overwork us with 8-10 hour days, 9 days straight, sorting thru massive amounts of paperwork, cold callimg people and expect us to cram an entire life into 12 hours (sleep, eat, basic life shit). I’ve been working 8:30 6:30 and waking up at 6am to get back to work by 8:30am. That means in order to get a decent nights sleep i basically need to be in bed by 10. They’re scheduling me at the location that’s over an HOURS drive away, the one location I said when i got hired, I was not willing to work because its way too far and at $13 measly dollars an hour, i just can’t afford the gas to get up there and back. They said that was fine, they would keep me at the two locations close to me. I’m exhausted, running on pure caffine and barely exsisting. I haven’t spent quality time with my spouse in ages because im either working or sleeping just to feel human and my relationship is quickly going down the shitter because of this job. I ask for time off and its “well we just don’t have staff to cover you.” I barely see my kids because im working when they go to sleep and at work when they wake up. My husband is stretched thin, handling 95% of everything. And don’t even get me started on the stress levels and anxiety this job gives me. I have to sell memberships as part of the job and god forbid we don’t shive it down people’s throats and respect their basic boundaries when they say no the first time. The owners are breathing down our necks because “numbers aren’t good.” No shit numbers aren’t good. People can’t afford luxuries anymore, no one is willing to shell out $80 a month for a shit massage thats more of an lotion rub down and its summertime. People have kids at home to feed and groceries are expensive when they can’t rely on their public schools to cover breakfast and lunch. However my job is dependent on memberships and the constant stress of getting fired for not hassling people into memberships is stressful. I’m highly considering just changing my phone number, and not showing up tomorrow and ghosting all together. I always give my parents addresses at jobs because i don’t think they have the right to know where im living so im not worried about them finding me. I already have some interviews lined up and they seem promising. Should I just call it on this job or try to tough it out until i have a better job lined up?
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2023.06.05 15:57 traumathrowawayacc 22 [F4M] New York - I haven't met another Ace before, so I'm hoping to meet one here! Looking for a wholesome connection!

Hi there!! I'm Jay! :)
I want to find a guy that is compatible to me and shares the same values. Hoping to find him here!
I am a 22 year old who graduated college and will be living in New York!
I am looking to form a bond with someone before I move, and then continue with an in person relationship! The only thing I am asking is that you live in the east coast. Since I'm asexual, I'm okay with doing long distance for the time being. So whoever is in the east coast, I'd love it if you reached to me!
A bit about me: - I have natural hair that I like to keep short, and I occasionally like wearing different wig styles to show my personality!
-I am on a weight loss journey! So I cherish healthy living and fitness. I am looking for someone who will motivate me to make the right decisions but at the same time also loves my body the way it is right now. I am currently 170lbs, my goal is around 130-140lbs. I've done it before, so I know I can do it again! I love walking and being active so definitely looking for a man who is the same!
-I am looking for someone who is mature and is established. Meaning, a man who works hard every day in any aspect of his life (career, family, or fitness). Someone who is level headed. But I am also looking for someone fun, kind, affectionate, and chill to hang out with!
-I am looking for a man who will prioritize spending time with me, whether it is virtually or in person. Someone who communicates and is neither pushy on me texting back within seconds, but someone who respects me enough to let me know if they're busy/to expect a longer wait time. Someone who is not shy to take random pictures of themselves and send them to me just so I know those silly little thoughts you have. Also someone who doesn't mind me taking tons of pictures too (because I do take a lot of pictures haha)
-I believe in communication! I need someone emotionally available, someone who isn't afraid to have those long, deep conversations with me. Someone who will hear me out and not judge me. A man that really listens but also has enough confidence to speak up too!
-My love languages are words of affirmations and quality time! It's my top two love languages :) Also, I want a man who intentionally plans dates/hang outs/skype sessions, and wants to genuinely have fun with me!
-I love anime! I watch so much anime, and I need a guy who is willing to watch some with me!
A bit about my careeschool...
-I am a published author! I have written 3 books, first one dating back when I was only 13! I was introduced to the publishing industry at a young age, so I went to college to study creative writing. I am currently minoring in creative writing and majoring in psychology! What I plan to do in the future is become a liscensed Expressive Writing therapist and/or create books for the youth to help their mental health!
-I used to have 3 on campus jobs when I am on campus. Library Assistant, tutor, and I work at the gym as a proctor. I am going to be starting a new job soon so I would consider myself a busy person, but I ALWAYS make sure to prioritize my relationships that are serious, and I expect my man to do the same with me.
***I consider myself to be a religious person, and this is something that value. I am Catholic and hope to meet someone who shares my faith! I'm looking for a deep connection, where we can pray together and listen to gospel music!
*** I smoke weed! So I am also looking for a man who does the same! I'm very 420 friendly!
*** I would consider myself to be asexual, which means that I want to form a relationship where sex is not a priority and isn't expected of me. Sending nudes is also something I will not participate in and is a hard boundary. However, I am an extremely romantic person and value intimacy and closeness in other ways! If you want clarification on this, I will gladly explain further over PM!
I am open to talking to anyone between the ages of 22-29 years old!
I want to say that I am a very open-minded person and welcome many different guys! Please decide for yourself if you meet these qualities and send me a message! All I ask for is commitment to having something serious and someone who is ready for that. Looking forward to finding you!
PS: link to my pictures 😊
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2023.06.05 15:57 IcyJackfruit4144 Unsure if I’m ENFP or INFJ

Every one of the ‘most accurate’ MBTI tests say I’m an INFJ, but i always thought I was an ENFP.
I relate to almsot everything about ENFP, stereotypes, hyper activity, almost everything in the enfp
However, i also relate to INFJ’s a lot, in terms of building a impenetrable mental wall and being very private. Like, I love and hate being with people, my mood is very much 50% extrovert and 50% introvert, and i get along with almost anyone.
However only 3 people in my life know more than the surface I show, and that’s all my family. I feel like nobody ever truly gets me and my train of thought, and only those I’m really close to even get to see my more personal side. Even then they’ve barely scratched the surface. I’m very guarded in terms of emotions and I’m empathetic (according to others, and the fact that many friends, even if we aren’t that close, come to me for advice or to vent)
Ah I’m not too sure what to type, but does anyone have any input? How do I differentiate between the two when I relate to both?? 😭
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2023.06.05 15:57 jost69 [MW2] Battle pass

Anyone knows when the season 3 ends. There is no timer for it or maybe I'm just blind. Thanks!
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2023.06.05 15:57 DistinctMath2396 Kim and Khloe talking about S2 reviews

they addressed that people didn’t like S2 but i feel like they picked out the things that were easy to kind of “debunk” and therefore tried to made the reviews/hate as a whole seem unfounded
for example, an opinion that Khloe didn’t share enough about the pregnancy/surrogacy and Kanye not being on the show. Correct me if I’m wrong, but in general the major complaints had nothing to do with either of those things! I think it’s generally agreed that Khloe majorly carried the “personal drama” side of the show last season to the point that it actually felt sad and weird that no other sisters were willing to. And Kanye has never had a major presence - people wanted Kim to talk about what was happening with Kanye, not for Kanye to be on the show necessarily
the conversation didn’t even touch on the fact that Kim was a major source of the dissatisfaction with S2 and kind of turned it all onto Khloe. Like no, Kim, it was your storylines that people didn’t like!
ultimately it’s up to them to decide what and how much to share, but I feel like their PR strategy when things don’t go their way is to pick out the most ridiculous/hard to defend critiques and then dunk on those rather than have a real conversation about what people are saying
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2023.06.05 15:57 vanderstrom The Producers (1967)

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2023.06.05 15:57 nruffo007 Top 40 RBs

This list is purely based on who is better RIGHT NOW. Which RBs would you take first in a fantasy draft (think madden) for multiple seasons.
This is not based on past seasons and accomplishments!! This is just my opinion. Everyone has one! Let the games begin...
*Rookies Excluded due to never playing a down in the league, therefore I feel I can’t compare them to established vets fairly*
Starting High to Low:
  1. Christian McCaffrey - San Francisco 49ers
  2. Saquon Barkley - New York Giants
  3. Austin Ekeler - Los Angeles Chargers
  4. Nick Chubb - Cleveland Browns
  5. Josh Jacobs - Las Vegas Raiders
  6. Derrick Henry - Tennessee Titans
  7. Jonathan Taylor - Indianapolis Colts
  8. Tony Pollard - Dallas Cowboys
  9. Rhamondre Stevenson - New England Patriots
  10. Alvin Kamara - New Orleans Saints
  11. Dalvin Cook- Minnesota Vikings
  12. Najee Harris - Pittsburgh Steelers
  13. Aaron Jones - Green Bay Packers
  14. Joe Mixon - Cincinnati Bengals
  15. Travis Etienne - Jacksonville Jaguars
  16. Breece Hall - New York Jets
  17. Ken Walker III - Seattle Seahawks
  18. David Montgomery - Detroit Lions
  19. Dameon Pierce - Houston Texans
  20. Miles Sanders - Carolina Panthers
  21. Jamaal Williams - New Orleans Saints
  22. James Conner - Arizona Cardinals
  23. Leonard Fournette - Free Agent
  24. Javonte Williams - Denver Broncos
  25. Isiah Pacheco - Kansas City Chiefs
  26. D’Andre Swift - Philadelphia Eagles
  27. Tyler Allgeier - Atlanta Falcons
  28. Michael Carter - New York Jets
  29. Antonio Gibson - Washington Commanders
  30. Brian Robinson - Washington Commanders
  31. Zeke Elliot - Free Agent
  32. JK Dobbins - Baltimore Ravens
  33. Raheem Mostert - Miami Dolphins
  34. Rashaad Penny - Philadelphia Eagles
  35. Cam Akers - Los Angeles Rams
  36. Khalil Herbert - Chicago Bears
  37. AJ Dillon - Green Bay Packers
  38. Devin Singletary - Houston Texans
  39. D’Onta Foreman - Carolina Panthers
  40. Damien Harris - Buffalo Bills
  41. Tie (40)- Elijah Mitchell - San Francisco 49ers
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2023.06.05 15:56 Lumb3rH4ck DLP + Park Asterix Trip Report 22/05 - 27/05 [Other]

Ride ratings are at time of riding, could change with re-rides. only mentioning coasters here as id be here all day with dark/ water rides. although a honourable mention goes to the water rides in parc asterix. i was not expecting to get as wet as we did inside the boat ride. holy hell.
Disneyland paris - 22/05 - 23/05
with it being a monday and tueday we believed it would be rather quite. boy we was wrong. nothing with less that a 30 minute wait most of the day both monday and tuesday. the amount of families there even though it was term time was mental. never seen a park this busy even during my states trips. skipped getting coffee's and food most the day till we left the park as most queues for food were upto about 40 mins. meet mickey had a 5 hour wait. Found the staff were really nice and friendly and happy to help where needed. a lot of english speaking staff too which we found helpful. ops were... ok? hard to tell with some of the rides. the amount of parents who got throught the main gate then seemingly gave up parenting was staggering. silly amount of kids running around queue lines/swinging on fences kicking other people queueing/ hitting people backpacks in the queue for no reason/ randomly screaming with mum ignoring them as insta is more important. other than that it was an OK experience, we both agreed we wouldnt return though, even with the new areas opening up. defo a one and done experience unlike some of the other disney parks iv done. the disney dreams show at night was incredible, the work with projections, water, fireworks and drones really is worth seeing for anyone going, although finding somewhere good to sit/ stand starts at about 9:30 so if you turn up at show time it can be hard to find a spot. also if you want something from a specific shop and want to come back later, note down the closing time as these vary accross shops.
Hyperspace mountain - 4/10
Amazing to look at from outside and watch the launch section whilst in the queue. queue theming was nice, actually had one of the lowest queue's through the day. was very excited to ride as it was due for maintenance this week that had been cancelled. really nice station, was allowed to wait for front row as well when we requested. the launch is nice and kicky, akin to a less powerful hulk launch but its immediatly killed by trims at the top of the launch that pretty much half the speed. other than the main effect at the top of the launch not much else was noticable/ working so it was a rather lackluster indoor ride other than the speed it picks up thought the layout.
Avengers - 4.5/10
Theming overall is lackluster. theres a mish mash of languages used throughout the queue with some characters speaking english and some speaking french so had no idea what was going on. got a back row ride on this one after requesting it. the seats for this are really uncomfortable (im small so no idea why), worst iv been on before. it felt like i had 2 bars digging into my back the entire time, no idea what was going on with them. we rolled round the corner for the launch hold. it played the music/countdown and nothing happened. some absolute goon had taken out there phone and ruined the rides preshow for the entire train, if your this kind of person, please dont go to theme parks. anyway, the launch is much better than hyperspace. sitting at the back we got to see all of the effects throughout the ride, although its nothing special it was better than hyperspace's indoor theming. overall i thought the layout and pacing where slightly better as well.
crush's coaster - 5/10
very lackluster outside cattlepens, but found the indoor section to be pretty cool. queue was at 40 mins + all day so later on in the second day we just bit the bullet and queued for it. we was facing backwards, didnt see much point to the outside section other than interaction with offride guests. the lift hills are suprisingly fast and was suprised at the pacing and layout of the indoor section. even though pretty much nothing happens inside in terms of theming. as i wasnt expecting the layout in the indoor section i was really suprised and enjoyed this coaster more than i thought i would.
Big thunder mountain - 5/10
Holy cattlepen. it just whent on forever on this queue. queued for about an hour i believe. theming of this ride is world class, jaw dropping to look at from across the water, equally as amazing on ride. unfortunatly the actual ride for me was very lackluster. these have always been highly rated rides within the community and i felt it was no more forceful than the train journey to the park. thought the trick track 3rd lifhill was really cool but other than that it was lackluster.
we didnt bother with RC Racer as neither of us can stand pirate ships. and with a constant 30 min wait i didnt want to queue for a pirate ship on rails, happy to miss this credit. same thing with the kids coaster, 50 min wait when it was up, not that bothered about 1 credit.
park asterix 24-26/05
we was knackered after 2 days of disney and not enough sleep so we got a taxi from Disney to park asterix (about 80 euro if your wondering) and decided to spend the day in the park just relaxing and doing small rides like the boat ride/ car ride/ family rides ect. was a really nice day even though we missed off osiris and toutatis on the first day. will talk about the Quese de Letuce hotel and our experience below. Ops here were absolutely incredible. The ops on osiris were super fast at getting people seated and secure. toutatis is really fun to watch for this as once the lapbars raise a 30 second countdown starts to load the next train. day 2 (25th) they was regually dispatching with 10 - 15 seconds left. day 3 was a bit later but it looked like they was training a new person. All other rides ops were brilliant. staff are friendlly and greet you as you enter every shop/ ride. some spoke english which helped us out but those that didnt were fast to get you help from someone that could. we had one trip to the medical bay for paracetomol for the missus and the medical staff knew 0 english but was more than happy to help using google translate. 10/10 customer experience there.
Tonnair 2 zues - 7/10
Backwards - we did this first with no prior experience on this coaster. we was very suprised at how good this was after hearing many accounts of how rough the coaster is since its refurb. the first 2 drops are insane going backwards, the layout feels faster and more relentless. the 90 degree banked turn and tunnel were probably my favourite on this run through.
5/10 forwards - did this later on in the day and once a day per day after that in different seats (front, back and non wheel). this was rougher than i thought it was going to be after our backwards run. its a fun coaster with a good layout and the tunnel is really cool too. but boy is it a rough one, wasnt that noticable till we got off but the headache from the rattling comes pretty fast with this ride.
Pegasse Express - 6/10
Station is really nice on this and fits really well within the greek themes lands of the surrounding area. the nice blue track realy pops and stands out. first launch isnt very kicky, has a nice little section before the lift hill. the following drop and hills are really good fun. we did this about 7 times total so had front, back and middle row rides on it, id say do the front for the indoors section. backwards launch is nice but found it to be a shame that it rises up before dropping at it slows the coaster down and doesnt have as much airtime, but this is understandable on a family coaster. backwards section is really fun although short. overall this ride is a perfect little family coaster. felt like what 13 could have been if AT where allowed more freedom during building it. be great to see more parks with a ride like this.
goudrix - 4/10
Really cool layout on this, i thought it was an arrow looper before looking it up. had a station wait so whent straight to back row and thought id get off and re-ride straight away with a front row. this decision quickly changed. i pulled down the OTS restraints and whent to raise my arms, my left arm popped through the gap and was basically stuck in the raised position. when they checked the restraint he pointed at my arm and asked if it was ok. i said yeah it feels fine but i cant move it up and down so they unlocked the car and re-did my restraint. good ops! .... after an eternity on the lift hill the overall ride was ok, although was very rough on the headbanging. after hitting the brake run i decided not to re-ride and it was a good call as i had a slight headache. (quick note on that, when we whent to the medical bay the following morning, the first thing someone asked us when we requested paracetomol was if it was from a headache on goudrix so the park are fully aware of its roughness) again, good layout but too rough. needs the python efteling treatment. tried again the following day on a none wheel seat in the middle of the train, still just as rough.
Trace Du Hourra - 5/10
Brilliant little bobsled from Mack. fits really nicely in the new toutatis festival area. front row, back row and middle row rides all done, front row is a bit more rough as it enters the straights and bounces between the 2 rails on the middle of the track. dont feel this as much the further back you are. helix's are suprisingly strong in terms of forces on this ride. not as fast as avalanche in BPB i felt but a better and longer layout
SOS Numerobis - 3/10
Cool little kids coaster. nothing really to note other than a 3 lap special. not sure if this is reduced during peak times as it took pictures on the 1st and 3rd laps but not the second. Also a heads up, the pictures on this cant be collected digitally so your digital picture pass wont work.
Vol D'lcare - 2/10
Very stale layout, rough transitions, not much theming, awkward bobsled style wasnt as comfortable as actual mack bobsleds.
Osiris - 8.5/10
This coaster was a massive suprise to me. i knew about it but did not think it was so well themed/ fun to ride. overall id say it wasnt as intense as nemisis, but i preferred the layout. actually felt 0 g during the 0 g rolls and floated out of my seat before being smacked with positive forces on the other inversions. the drops through tunnels are particuarly intense. the theming on this is the best iv seen on B+M Invert to date as i only seen the EOL queue line for dueling dragons. Again ops were on point here, dont think iv ever seen someone do seatbelts that fast before.
Toutatis - 9.5/10
New number 1 coaster for me. Initial launch is suprisingly punchy, if you sat towards the back it pretty much drags you out of the station and down the little drop into the first launch. first launch is followed by a nice airtime hill then a realy odd inversion. the inversion provides some really nice hang time before hitting the banked right turn past the camera, IMO this could have been better place but doesnt detract from the ride experience. it goes round the right hand turn picking up speed then theres a little whip right as it goes round unbanked right turn into the swing launch. i was slightly worried at the power of this launch, with RITA being the strongest id done upto this point. but it has a small section that launches you, drops down under a bridge, then comes back up into a second part of the launch so the speed gain, although packing a punch is gradual. after peaking on the top hat and rolling back, the backwards launch section is incredibly fun. you get really good handtime on the spike, followed by some ruthless ejector as you fly through the 3rd launch forward and go back under the bridge. as it peaks over the top hat it slowly down quiet considerably before slowly falling down the drop and into the first airtime hill. this absolutely tried to kick you out of the chair, giving you little time before it thrown you straight into the 2nd inversion. the 0g stall, this is the first one of these i have experienced and wow, what an element, favourite moment of the ride bar the launch. as someone who rides hands up as much as possible these are 10/10 elements and realy feel like it wants you out of your train. after this the track turns you left with a small airtime hill in the middle of the turn before some seriously whippy transitions before another airtime hill and turning right as it goes into a 90 degree banked airtime hill. it then throws you left as it goes into a heartline role, this section of the ride i found to be the most intense. after the heartline you get one more overbanked right hand turn before a double up into the break run. The entire coaster is airtime filled, feels very fast, very whippy and has great inversions/ elements. the launches are really fun and the queue line/ station building theming was great. especially with the lights as the train rolls out. overall new number 1 for me, defo a front and back ride with as far back as possible being the best for the spike/ hangtime.
overall i would absolutely come back to parc asterix and do 2 days and nights in the same hotel. The hotel (quese de letuce) is incredible to stay in, in terms of scenery, better area and rooms than the disney hotel we stayed at. although if your not a big eater id say avoid the buffett they offer at night as its £44 per adult without drinks. Although there was lots of option and we got to take deserts to the room for later. we also tried room service, which although expensive (£20 for a 10" pizza) was a better choice than the buffet for us. If you require nessesities like milk, sugar, other things then be prepared to head back towards to airport unless you have a car as there is no onsite shop available. we lost our lighter on day 1 and spent 2 days asking to borrow one from park guests or having to swap my passport to borrow one from the reception of the hotel as they dont sell lighters or matches anywhere onsite, although they sell cigarettes within the park if you ask. they offer a shuttle server from the front of the park, the airport shuttle is 6 euro each if i remember correctly.
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2023.06.05 15:56 mrcruks Seeking Insights on Internship Conditions in the Netherlands

Hello fellow Redditors!
I hope you're all doing well. I am currently a Masters Student in Financial Analysis from Portugal, and I'm seeking to gain some valuable international experience through internships. However, before diving into the application process, I wanted to reach out and gather some insights about internship conditions in the Netherlands.
I believe that each country might have its unique set of practices, expectations, and work cultures when it comes to internships. Hence, I have a few questions and would greatly appreciate your input:
  1. What are the typical working hours for interns in the Netherlands? Are they strict or flexible?
  2. Do interns in the Netherlands receive any financial compensation or benefits? If so, what is the average range?
  3. How competitive is the internship market? Are internships readily available, or is it a challenging process to secure one?
  4. Are there any legal requirements or regulations that govern internships in the Netherlands, such as minimum wage, working conditions, or duration limits?
  5. How are interns typically treated in terms of responsibilities and mentorship? Do they receive meaningful tasks or are they limited to menial work?
  6. Are internships more prevalent in specific seasons or periods of the year in the Netherlands?
Feel free to share any additional information or personal experiences that might be relevant to understanding the internship landscape in your country. I'm eager to learn about the variations and similarities across different nations.
Your input will help me make informed decisions and choose the best possible internships abroad. Thanks in advance for your valuable contributions!
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2023.06.05 15:56 MeetTheFeetGeek [NO SPOILER] I'm invested

My mind is blown how good this series is. I've been binging for the past weekend, 3 seasons down and 1 to go.
I can't believe that this could be a variation of other people's life that went through similar situations. How stressful this lifestyle is....
But i love it😁😁
People may not agree, but Darlene is my favorite, so unpredictable. What will she do next......
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2023.06.05 15:56 trupnik Step by step

It's been a year since we broke up. We've been together for 10 years, lived together for 8. First cracks started to show in January, but we kept going till June. He collected his belongings at the end of August and moved out. We had absolutley no contact since the last time we talked. Saw eachother maybe 3 times on the road and waved. The problem was the communication on his side. When he finally told me all the things that were bothering him, it was already too late. You people really helped me to realise I'm absolutley not the only one with the broken heart. I was really romanticizing what had happened to me. »Nobody has gotten their heart broken as much as I have, nobody knows how it hurts«. Well, every single person in the world knows. My friends were really helpful, there were just a few days that I spent alone. I told myself to work on me, do what I always wanted to do but couldn't or didn't before. I was already hiking a lot since covid started, I just kept doing what I like. And then something just cliked. Day by day, step by step. The storm slowly became smaller and smaller. The advice I would give to everyone is: do not look for love. It WILL find you. It will find you when you're ready. And it did.
TL;DR: after a really shitty year, I can say that things do get better. Thank you guys, for your stories.
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