Family dollar near me number

$1 at a time

2014.11.19 03:48 $1 at a time

If a million people gave a dollar to someone, they could be a millionaire.

2022.02.07 10:52 Pumpopoly Pumpopoly

Do your NFTs pay you rent? You can't right-click real estate income. Pumpopoly provides passive income to players and NFT holders. Built on the NEAR blockchain.

2009.08.03 18:21 kingofbigmac DiagnoseMe

The Internet's walk-in clinic. Because going to a doctor would be too expensive.

2023.06.05 15:45 BottleAgreeable7981 Mayachideg shrine

OK, so I am wandering through the game and just completed the Mayachideg Shrine near South Akkala Stable and the little snapping turtle-type constructshave to be the most adorably lethal little things I've seen in the game yet.
Once i got into the main Shrine room and cut them loose on the challenge to overcome, it just reminded me of the little wind-up robot toys I had when I was little. The opportunity to mount other Zonai weapons on them was (makes chef's kiss gesture).
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2023.06.05 15:45 JoeNexgen You never know how much you care about someone until they're gone.

Had a coworker pass last night. Wasn't anything wild like she passed at the Target. Just went to the hospital and didn't make it home. I got the news this morning and I've just been a wreck. "It was just a coworker", I said to myself. "Why am I crying so much?" But then I thought about it and I've known her for 5 years. She's been there for the good and bad times throughout my Target working experience. When I've had trouble at home even, she would listen. When I was feeling good, she was there to hype me up further. When I needed help, she was an extra pair of hands. Somewhere along the lines, she became one of my friends and I'll miss her dearly. I know she'll be missed by her friends and close family, but I do hope she knew how much she meant to the random people that she met and helped throughout her life. RIP
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2023.06.05 15:43 georgiar99 Lost oaks/USPS help please 🙏

Lost oaks/USPS help please 🙏
Okay do I haven't heard from usps since the 26th of May. I know its normal to get slight delays, but it's really worrying me now haha. The last update is this-
Can anyone send me an email or number I can call or have any experience of this? Thanks 😊
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2023.06.05 15:43 ImAGuyNamedJade Dug from old mine in northern CA

Dug from old mine in northern CA
My father in law asked me to post this & see what ppl think. He dug it in an area near Redding CA called crystal creek. It was at an old mine site.
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2023.06.05 15:42 ash_habibi I think I am going through depression, need a little advice please.

Hi, so it started almost 2 years ago, I migrated to a new country to switch my carrier, I was in sales before, but the job was not well paid. I choose software development as my new profession as i always use to create softwire's as a hobby and love doing that till date.
I shifted to UAE, leaving everything behind and to support my family from here, as the pay scales and comparatively better here. I got so involved in my work, which I loved doing and I was earning well. but as soon as 2023 started I got the news that my father passed away, it was very sudden and I was not at all prepared for it. my father was one of the motivator that kept me pushing to achieve more and dream big.
I went to my native, stayed there for a month, and came back with my mother back to work in February.
Now i realize that my mind is not functioning as it used to before, I keep forgetting things, no work is interesting anymore, I am not at all productive in anything, I cant think of new ideas (which was a crucial part of my job, and i loved doing that), I always need someone (which I am not getting at all, as everyone is busy in there own schedule and I dont want to bother them as well). I want a break from everything but cant afford to do that at this time, even when i think about break I cant imagine what will i do and where will I go.
I usually am not a person who asks for help from anyone, but i dont know what to do at this time. my mind is in a mess, i tried to meditate but it dosn't work, I can keep focus on anything.
please, if someone is reading this and if you know what can I do, let me know. ill be thankful.
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2023.06.05 15:42 regressedintofreud Hi! Advice?

Hi all!
So I (22??) am incredibly confused by learning more about my sexuality. I grew up being attracted most frequently to women, and I had very few but extremely strong (at least on my end) friendships with other boys (this happened more frequently when I was a young child; as a teenager, I started to largely avoid relationships with other boys). I frequently felt strong feelings towards male classmates that I processed as jealousy. As I grew up, I began to actively consider my feelings towards people of a variety of different gender expressions. While I felt as thought as though I were at least mostly straight, this past year of being in a relationship with a nonbinary person has allowed me to think more critically about how I experience attraction. I now believe that I might have at least romantic (and maybe sexual???) attraction to those who express significant masculine traits. However, I am still predominantly attracted to those who express significant feminine traits! Every time I believe that I might be bisexual and lean towards coming out, I am worried about whether I am faking my sexuality and whether it would be worth it to potentially affect relationships with family members. All insight is greatly appreciated!
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2023.06.05 15:42 CTInsideInvestigator Opioid settlement money heading to Connecticut, Sacklers win immunity

Connecticut AG Tong called the settlement “imperfect,” noting that “there will never be enough justice to match the depths of pain and suffering the Sackler family caused. But we recognized that we had pushed this as far as we could, and that it was necessary to get communities, victims and their families the resolution and billions of dollars funding desperately needed to save lives and fight the opioid epidemic.”
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2023.06.05 15:42 CTInsideInvestigator Opioid settlement money heading to Connecticut, Sacklers win immunity

Connecticut AG Tong called the settlement “imperfect,” noting that “there will never be enough justice to match the depths of pain and suffering the Sackler family caused. But we recognized that we had pushed this as far as we could, and that it was necessary to get communities, victims and their families the resolution and billions of dollars funding desperately needed to save lives and fight the opioid epidemic.”
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2023.06.05 15:42 CTInsideInvestigator Opioid settlement money heading to Connecticut, Sacklers win immunity

Connecticut AG Tong called the settlement “imperfect,” noting that “there will never be enough justice to match the depths of pain and suffering the Sackler family caused. But we recognized that we had pushed this as far as we could, and that it was necessary to get communities, victims and their families the resolution and billions of dollars funding desperately needed to save lives and fight the opioid epidemic.”
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2023.06.05 15:42 MaterialSong9900 Where do you work while dealing with poor health?

Hello I am new to this sub.
Basically I am getting diagnosed with fibromyalgia by my doctor. I am off work, I reached my limit at work because of all the stress and fatigue. Nothing new to me but this time I went to my doctor and talked about everything and got some sort of sick leave (unpaid by company but social security pays something in my country). I have all sorts of ghost pain. Today he examined my torso and I cried with pain so much that I still feel pain at my whole body. It's tiring. I am tired all the time. I can't develop any hobby besides playing a little video games.
But I was diagnosed with anxiety very very early when I was a kid. Progressed to major depression until now. And it's getting worse and worse.
My relationship is dead. My partner doesn't want to comprehend what it's going on with me and my body and my brain. He thinks I am victimizing myself and I am lazy.
Today is a bad day. But hopefully I will start making progress with this diagnosis that is in occurring. But yeah probably have fibromyalgia. My mom does have it too.
At last if you read everything, what job or career you currently have? I am working as of now in a tech company. I am a graphic designer. Very stressful job. I need to reduce the stress and actually be able to work because I am really really incapacitated. I don't intend on keeping this job at this company because of a lot of reasons and accumulated and constant stress. I might look for some job in my area that doesn't require much mental work and that it won't make me lift heavy things and such.
Thank you for reading if you did. I am at my worst and I have no support besides my family. I am breaking up with my boyfriend at this point.
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2023.06.05 15:42 Separate-Ride6315 I've achieved everything I wanted at 35 - now it just feels empty

First of all, I do understand that this is an insane luxury problem to have. But nevertheless, a problem.
I’ve achieved and experienced literally everything I can imagine in life.
- I worked super hard in school and got a master's degree
- I built up a couple of businesses from scratch and exited. After my last exit I now have a NW of around 7 M USD
- I have traveled to most parts of the world (more than 50 countries in total).
- In my twenties I had a ton of fun and partied a lot.
- I have dated a lot of women.
- I have a stable and great girlfriend for many years.
- I have a nice house and a decent car.
- I’m in great shape and live healthy.
- I have fantastic friends and family.
Objectively, I should be happy. But I am not. For the past 15 years I’ve constantly been pushing the boundaries to achieve and experience more. And now I feel like there’s nothing that ever makes me excited or feel alive anymore.
I am having a fairly normal life. I do trips. Spend time with family and girlfriend. I have started to work on a new company.
But everything feels pointless. Nothing really makes me excited. Nothing makes me feel alive.
I used to have big dreams and work toward everything I wanted to achieve and experience. Now I have achieved it all. And everything feels kind of.... empty?
I don’t feel depressed, just apathy.
It’s so hard for me to talk about it with friends as no one really can relate to it.
Can anyone here relate?
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2023.06.05 15:42 Publixworker Customers behind cashier, bumping into cashier

I am a cashier. Two times recently I was running a register when a customer in the line behind me bumped into me. This annoys me. I am literally standing still at my register, it is not like I can go elsewhere. And people in the line behind me can't even "stay in their lane". They say sorry, but I am still annoyed. I think this happens when multiple family members are shopping together. Anyone else have this happen?
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2023.06.05 15:42 sgerken 2023 Buy/Sell/Trade Megathread

Disclaimer: This is a non-ACL-affiliated, public forum. Reddit nor the moderators are not responsible in any way for transactions conducted on this site. Buy & sell at your own risk.


By keeping all comments to only sellers we can help keep this thread clean and organized for buyers.
This is not a place to make a profit, only a medium to connect real fans with one another to exchange tickets. And since the face price now includes shipping & fees, any shipping expense on the seller would be already covered in the list price. This year, 3-day tickets were priced at $375/$725/$1755/$5705 for GA/GA+/VIP/Platinum, respectively, while 1-day tickets were $170/$325/$705/$2205.
This includes any form of ACL passes, tickets to official aftershows, hotels during ACL weekends, etc.
Seriously, the mod team will pull the trigger and not look back. Do not be that asshole who tries to scam good people out of money.
This is a general rule for the sub as a whole but is especially prevalent on this thread. Scammers will usually make throwaway accounts, so this is an essential safety measure. All posts from any account less than seven days old will be deleted by AutoMod. There are zero exceptions to this rule, sorry.
Include price, quantity, weekend/specific days, and level of entry. Any low-effort posts that do not clearly state the exact tickets sold will be warned. Examples of a proper listing: "Selling two Saturday W2 GA+ tickets for $xyz per ticket" or "Looking to trade my one W1 regular GA 3-day pass for two W2 Friday passes" etc. ALL listings MUST include a list price; “make me an offer” type listings are prohibited.
Do not flood this forum with multiple posts for your tickets. Make your post and be patient.
The mod team reserves the right to remove any listing that appears sold, stale, etc.
After 2 warnings, the mods will issue a 3-day temp ban; after that, the next strike will result in a temp ban through 10/16 (the day after ACL W2 ends).
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2023.06.05 15:41 CapeMike Mobile Reddit chat borked for anyone else?

Seems like it's really messed up for mobile users, including me!
Can access chat history, but am unable to respond to nearly anyone; getting similar reports, but thought I'd check here, too...someone suggested a fix was incoming on Tuesday...sure hope so!
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2023.06.05 15:41 happilycake How much of your sahod goes to family?

Read title. 7 months into working pa lang ako. When I was studying my parents clearly said to me hindi daw sila aasa sa akin o hihingi ng money what's mine is mine daw pag graduate ko pero that didn't happen, di naman nila ako pinipilit pero yung mom ko minsan nagsasabi pambayad sa ganito ganyan and she also mentioned I should pay the same amount pala as I would have if I were to work onsite like rent and shiz. And I oblige naman to give her some money since you know panganay thingz hahaha.
For context hybrid yung work ko. Mas madalas naka WFH ako.
Just wanted to know from others' POV if how much yung dapat iallot sa family hindi rin naman kalakihan sahod ko as a fresh grad from a start up.
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2023.06.05 15:41 Fuschia_apple AITAH for insisting on walking down the aisle to the wedding march?

Weird title, but didn’t know what else to call it. Would love some advice!
For context, I (22F) am marrying my wonderful fiancé (22M) in just a few months. As you can imagine, we’ve been very busy with wedding planning. We live in a different state from both our sets of parents, so a lot of the planning has been done on our own. I think we’ve put together a lovely ceremony and am so excited for it! The other day, we were on a phone call with his family. His parents are very busy with his younger siblings and don’t call often, so I was looking forward to chatting. On the call, the topic of wedding music came up. I mentioned that we were hoping to have someone play a simple version of the wedding march live for us, as I was walking down the aisle.
FMIL responded “Really, the wedding march? Ugh, we’ve been to hundreds of weddings, and it’s just so overplayed! Haven’t you considered something else? I have a few pieces in mind! I mean, I guess you should do what you want…but really?” I was taken aback - I had never heard of the wedding march being “overplayed” before! I’ll admit, she’s made many comments like this in the past and they have always irritated me, as she’s never once offered to help with the actual planning (nor are they paying for the wedding). I have already compromised on many things I’ve wanted (including inviting way more of their family than my own to the wedding, dresses/attire, date of the wedding, and more). I responded “No, we would like the wedding march!” FMIL left it with “Well, we’ll see what we decide.”
After we hung up, my fiancé and I both agreed that she was out of line for trying to dictate what I walked down the aisle to. But I haven’t been to many weddings, and now I’m worried that the wedding march really is overplayed. I also really want to have a good relationship with his family, and don’t want to make them feel as if I don’t value their opinions. WIBTAH if I walked down the aisle to the wedding march, knowing FMIL doesn’t like it?
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2023.06.05 15:41 Impossible_Will_7019 AITA for having rules for my sister and her husband when they come to visit?

I m36 have a little sister who's 23. She and her husband (26) are supposed to be coming down to our home state to visit me and my family. The last time she visited me was before the world shut down and because of this, she hasn't been able to meet my two-year-old son and my daughter who was born in April. I also want this to be a time when she and my girlfriend (35) can reconnect since they were so close. So, on Sunday she and her husband flew in and everything was fine until it was time to go to bed. I decided to lay down the rules for staying at my home.
1) my sister and her husband will sleep separately 2) they aren't allowed to show any affection like kissing, touching, or talking inappropriately to each other. 3) They aren't allowed to go anywhere with just them two since this isn't a couple's vacation. This is the time they are supposed to help out with the kids so I and my girlfriend can have some time to ourselves.
I told my sister and her husband these rules and they got really upset and this turned into a whole fight which woke up my kids. They ended up sleeping in their car that night because the city is an hour away from our home. The next day they left to find a hotel and they haven't answered my calls and when complained to our parents. Both my girlfriend and my parents agree with me and believe that my sister was overreacting and I don't believe I was wrong since this is my house so Reddit AITA
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2023.06.05 15:41 h2u5i1o4p3l1k1j2b7nm Am I the Only One Struggling with social Isolation and Lack of Social Skills?

Salam fellow Moroccan Redditors,
I can't help but feel like I'm the only person who is struggling with severe social issues. I'm a 22-year-old male and I've never really had any friends or a girlfriend. I also have a strained relationship with my family. I lack basic social skills and struggle to hold even a simple conversation.
When I venture out, whether it's to the streets, cafes, school, or the gym, I see people laughing and enjoying themselves with friends, girlfriends, and families. They seem so at ease with their social interactions, while I walk alone, workout alone without a spotter at the gym, and sit alone in class, barely knowing the names of a few classmates. It makes me feel extremely bad about myself and leads me to question why I am the way I am.
Am I really the only one who is experiencing this? Or are there others out there who share these struggles? I would greatly appreciate hearing about your experiences, and any advice or resources you might be able to share to help me better understand and cope with my situation.
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2023.06.05 15:41 elivings1 Customer service helped me get good seats with my mother

I did not know I had to book seats and you could do that when you book your flight. Well the night before I was checking and all the seats together were taken that were free with economy. There was plenty of seats that were economy plus together though. I selected seats that were towards the back. Come this morning I saw there were two economy seats 20 rows ahead of me and thought they were the same price. I called because it was not letting me change for free online. The customer service agent told me they were more expensive by 10-21 dollars but she could let me talk to a supervisor. Turns out there was no supervisor there yet but she gave me the seats 20 rows closer to the front free. That is customer service in my opinion.
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2023.06.05 15:41 Brutalxbetrayal Figure out what God is doing and do that...

A local church's sign near me currently reads "Figure out what God is doing and do that!" Not sure giving children bone cancer is the best advise.
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2023.06.05 15:41 Bryguy1331 My outlook on life and dating has completely shattered

27 (M) I have never felt so alone and hopeless in my life. I understand I could just be depressed and things might get better but knowing I will never have a normal dating life is killing me inside. The women I loved is no longer in my life cause of this diagnosis, and everything for me is shattered. I don’t know who else to reach out for support. I have exhausted myself watching coping videos and reading articles. My family is traditional and a diagnosis like this would change their opinion of me and look at me differently if I were to one day tell them. I’m so desperate for a cure , I no longer want to feel like this
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2023.06.05 15:40 InsideRevolution7456 My mom believes I am Jealous of her.

I just want to know if someone here as a similar relationship with their parent and want to share advice.
I (19 F )had a difficult relationship with my mother ( 54 F ) while growing up. She was physically abusive towards me, punching me, slapping me and throwing me out of the house etc. she kicked me out the house 11 times before the age of 7. and when I became a teenager, I started to fight back, so she started emotional abuse. Eventually, I had to move out of my house and go to a different country for college when I was 17 because I couldn't live with her anymore.
One thing that's peculiar about my mother is that she believes I'm jealous of her. Currently, I only talk to her once in two weeks. Our last major argument occurred when she told me she would invite people who SAed me as a child (between the ages of 2 and 7) to my brother's engagement, justifying it by saying "they are family".
she has always made everything about herself. every birthday or special event of mine, she has made me cry somehow or made the entire event about herself.
She has always been in a secret competition with me. Whenever I remind her she is four times older than me, she starts laughing and calling me a jealous person. She often says that she should be my friend rather than a "mother" because i'm not a good a daughter.
Recently, I discovered that she has been going to the gym and doing yoga every day, which GOOD FOR HER !! However, she lied to me about it ? claiming she was going to the market to buy fresh groceries everyday.
I'm just like, why ? why lie about such a petty and small thing ?
I'm confused as to why she sees me as a rival and feels the need to compete with me all the time ?
this is why i am writing this. its not about her lies, she has been lying forever. its just so bizarre to me how she lies for ABSOLUTELY no reason.
How do you even deal with people like this?
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