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2023.06.05 15:00 Poisonedteardrops Should I leave after these red flags or give him some time?

Sorry if it’s long. I just need help on what to do. We’ve been dating for a month. But this whole month has been nothing but drama from his side. He was in a relationship for 8months with a woman. Reason why they broke up is because he wanted to start a family with her, but she has a condition that has her unable to have kids (she has a 6yr old though). According to him, she would make fun of him and lie that she has nothing wrong with her and that it’s him that can’t make kids. He supposedly went to the doctor to get checked to shove it in her face that he can. He asked her to get checked and she didn’t want to. Anyways, this is the reason why they broke up I guess. At first he did said they broke up in January, but it was a lie and he just told me it was actually in March. I instantly told him that he should work on healing on himself than rushing into a relationship with me. He said “nooo this is how guys move on. You don’t understand that I want you.”, so I just let it go. The problem is that he keeps mentioning his ex and putting his insecurities onto me. I keep recommending him to take a break because he will be hurting me and that we can try again once he’s healed, but he doesn’t want to. He also wants to get me pregnant when I don’t want that right now since it’s too soon and I don’t even know how he really is. I am starting to feel like he’s doing all this to shove it to to his ex’s face.
She still calls from from random numbers. I told him the only way he can start healing is if he changes his number and cuts off all contact with her since she’s been trying to get back with him and lying that she’s pregnant when she’s not. Because he said she has lied before about being pregnant, so he stayed with her for another 6 months. He said he will change his number, but it has been a week. He keeps on saying that he’s too busy and that it’s complicated to do that. The last time I was with him, his ex’s child was calling him from a “Spam likely” number, but you can hear her in the background telling her kid what to say to my bf. To tell him that he misses him and wants to see him. He feels bad and gets emotional over this. I keep telling him he shouldn’t feel bad because 1. that is not his child 2. she’s the one manipulating him and telling the kid to say these things to make him feel bad. He doesn’t get it!
We went out together today and he randomly snapped at me on why I wasn’t wearing the ring that he has given to me. Most of the time I don’t even like wearing jewelry. And I told him I forget to put it back on, but he gave me the silent treatment and was walking away from me. When we got back to the car, he told me that I don’t take this relationship seriously. I was upset because I know I’ve been giving him peace and showing him love, but just because I forgot to put on a ring we are having a stupid argument. I feel like he snapped on me because 20mins before that, I was questioning him on why is this random girl messaging him and why is he responding to her. He said she was just a friend. But when it comes to me, I’m not allowed to talk to any guy at all. Not even friends. Felt like he changed the topic and flipped it on me so I could forget about what was bothering me.
He keeps telling me to be patient with him but I don’t even know at this point. He has told me that his therapist told him to be careful with me because this stuff is gonna make me wanna leave. Everything I’ve told him to do already, he said that his therapist tells him to do the same. I wonder why he doesn’t do it though. Him entertaining his ex and him talking to other girls is making me feel like he’s keeping his options open just in case I leave. He also said he has never been treated this well before and it scares him that I will be pushed away due to his issues, but he doesn’t want me to leave. He says he is gonna prove it to me that he wants me in his life. It’s only been the first month. But one thing I do know is that it’s way too soon to be having relationship problems.
Should I give it a break or give him some time to prove himself?
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2023.06.05 14:59 goobernatorialliar My first. I don't post to brag.

My first. I don't post to brag.
Out of one case, and I thought I was just picking up another supra even though I've left 3 on the pegs before.
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2023.06.05 14:58 itsvellawithav Car Rentals in Sofia

Hello people! Does anyone have a preferred company for car rentals? I’m going to BG for 2 weeks in July and I haven’t rented a car there before so I’m not sure if there are any smallelocal companies that I might not be aware of.
Thank you!
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2023.06.05 14:58 Terrible_Ant9760 Hello I am Li, I provide you with the top 1:1 quality bags, shoes, watches, clothes, including LV, Hermes, Dior, Chanel, Gucci, BV, Fendi.Goyaro.YSL.and other brands, before shipping will provide the inspection video of the product until satisfaction.My website is https://mikesneaker.x.yupoo.com.

Hello I am Li, I provide you with the top 1:1 quality bags, shoes, watches, clothes, including LV, Hermes, Dior, Chanel, Gucci, BV, Fendi.Goyaro.YSL.and other brands, before shipping will provide the inspection video of the product until satisfaction.My website is https://mikesneaker.x.yupoo.com. submitted by Terrible_Ant9760 to RepVirgins [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 14:58 Jeeyharris 2022 CX-30 won’t automatically lock doors when parked & no one inside the car (just left the car)

i’ve got my CX-30 since may 2022 and it has NEVER locked automatically by itself when parked and after i closed my door. It’s supposed to because i have the function activated and it’s activated by default (60 or 90 seconds).
I réinitialized parameters of the car and this morning it still didn’t do it. Anyone had this issue? Thanks!
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2023.06.05 14:58 Sin317 Problem with Sony NW-WS410 Series "Walkman/Earphones"

So, Saturday I went swimming with them, as I do all the time, several times a week, and all went well. The fit snug, no water got into my ear etc. All perfect. I get out of the pool, turn them off and dry 'em off a bit with my towel and put them into my bag. As so many times before.
Next day, there is no sound anymore. Zero. No voice to tell me "On/Off", no beeps from changing volume, mode, or whatever else. And I mean no sound. There isn't a static, or a hint of something. There is literally nothing.
I can still connect it to my PC, and it opens the storage view just fine. I can add and remove stuff. I tried to factory reset, several times, and that didn't change anything. I formatted the drive, not on PC, but with the button combo on the device, twice, and that also worked, except none of that brought back the sound.
Is there anything else I could try, or is it a lost cause?
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2023.06.05 14:58 JumpMaaaaan Cs fans after seeing the "inferior team that got lucky" get "lucky" again

Cs fans after seeing the
Just go watch your 2008 championship run and then watch the 1986 run after lol
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2023.06.05 14:58 CrappyBark Strange interaction with healing

So I couldn't find an explanation behind this, but I was playing around with server settings and found the damage received setting, fiddled a bit with it and checked numbers, they seemed to line up with what I'd expect, then I went to heal up before logging out to reset the settings
Healing received is also modified by this value, so if you change it to take %20 less damage you also get that much less healing. I couldn't really find any write ups on how settings actually interact with the game so I thought I would share these findings in case anyone was curious like me
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2023.06.05 14:58 cjachyra18 Normal or infected?

I had my ears pierced when I was seven (10 years ago), and took them out a few months after getting it done. I just put earrings in again a few days ago and cant tell if they are infected or just healing again. I didnt repierce them as the holes hadnt closed up all the way. One slid in with ease and the other just needed a tiny push.
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2023.06.05 14:58 HbSz How definitive does a nexus letter have to be for secondary claim?

After 8 years, the VA granted my appeal for TMJ. I've been waiting to file for migraine headaches secondary to TMJ, and am getting anxiety about having a "fully developed" claim. This and poor medical records have been the problem. Plus the VA just sucks. I got my private dentist to write a letter about how "patient complains of migraine 1-3 times per month," (among other symptoms). "Migraines are a common symptom of TMJ." .... the following treatments are recommended... physical therapy, botox, etc.
Is this sufficient? It seems a bit indirect?
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2023.06.05 14:57 Ricosss Application of the ketogenic diet in pediatrics: a range of possibilities (Pub Date: 2023-01-01)


Application of the ketogenic diet in pediatrics: a range of possibilities


Purpose - to describe the possibilities of using a ketogenic diet (KD) in the pediatric population for therapeutic purposes in refractory seizure syndrome and congenital metabolic disorders. The historical aspects of the development of special medical nutrition to achieve stable ketosis in children for the treatment of seizures of various genesis are briefly highlighted, the development of the evidence base for the effectiveness of the KD in children is presented. A review of current data on the multifactorial mechanisms of neuroprotective effects of KD is carried out. In particular, individual ways of modulating fundamental biochemical pathways, presynaptic and postsynaptic changes in vesicular transport and release of excitotoxic and inhibitory substrates at synapses are considered. Four types of diets are described according to the distribution of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates: the classic, modified Atkins diet, medium-chain triglyceride diet, and low glycemic index diet. The indications and contraindications for the appointment of medical ketogenic dietary therapy are considered. The most appropriate age periods of childhood for the type of KD are outlined to achieve maximum effectiveness. The authors describe in detail the main objectives of the stages of preparation of the child and family for the start of dietary treatment, the principles of initiation of KD, laboratory and instrumental monitoring and discontinuation of ketogenic dietary therapy. Particular attention is paid to the issue of counseling a child before starting a KD, the main steps in calculating the proportion of macronutrients and the principles of daily nutrition. The possibilities of prescribing medical ketogenic dietary therapy outside of refractory seizures, in particular, in glucose transaminase 1 deficiency syndrome, pyruvate dehydrogenase deficiency, mitochondrial disorders, heart failure, and brain injury, are analyzed. Available special products for medical purposes (clinical nutrition) for the organization of medical ketogenic therapy in pediatric patients, especially in the first years of life, are presented. No conflict of interests was declared by the authors.
------------------------------------------ Info ------------------------------------------
Open Access: True (not always correct)
Authors: * A.O. Pysariev * * Y.V. Marushko * T.V. Kurilina * T.V. Мarushko * * *
Additional links: * https://med-expert.com.ua/journals/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/09-1.pdf
------------------------------------------ Open Access ------------------------------------------
If the paper is behind paywall, please consider uploading it to our google drive anonymously.
You'll have to log on to Google but none of your personal data is stored. I will manually add a link to the file in this post when received.
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2023.06.05 14:57 eyewander6 QUEST/ORIGIN eligibility criteria and dates

Once again trying to identify eligibility for QUEST/ORIGIN (this was already discussed here but IMO no conclusive conclusion has not been established).
I got my BSc (mech eng) and immediately started professional work. Before I started my MSc (computational eng) it was ~3 years of experience. It took ~2 years to get MSc but I was simultaneously working (75% time). I graduated in December 2022. Summing up - I would say it is ~5 years of relevant experience and MSc diploma.
Am I eligible for any of ORIGIN ("Bachelor’s or Master’s degree and have no more than 2 years of post-graduation professional experience") or QUEST ("This specific Programme is dedicated to Experienced Projects Graduates W/M/NB, with: a Master’s degree with 2 to 6 years of post-graduation professional experience") programmes?
The problem is the reference point to count the experience as "relevant". One might say the reference point is the date of obtaining the highest diploma - but in this case, I would not be classified to any programmes since I have only ~6 months of experience post MSc. I think it is foolish and not appropriate. E.g. I present some adequate professional experience and have also worked with superconducting magnets, also at CERN but in very different contract (I also published one paper directly related to CERN facilities).
Quotations from CERN website.
Bonus question: looking for the next selection starting, any dates?
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2023.06.05 14:57 albertacashforcars Cash for Cars Alberta

Cash for Cars Alberta
As the owner of a used car, you may find yourself in a situation where you need to sell your vehicle quickly and easily. Whether you are looking to upgrade to a newer model or simply need some extra cash, the process of selling a car can be time-consuming and stressful. Fortunately, there is a solution that can help you avoid the hassle of advertising, negotiating, and dealing with potential buyers: Cash for Cars Alberta.

what is Cash for Cars

Cash for Cars is a program that allows individuals to sell their old or unwanted vehicles in exchange for cash. The program was developed as a response to the growing problem of abandoned and junk cars littering up our roadsides, causing environmental hazards and reducing safety on the road. Cash for Cars Alberta provides an easy, hassle-free way for car owners to dispose of their vehicles while earning some extra cash in return. Participating dealerships evaluate your vehicle's condition and provide you with a quote based on its current market value. Once you accept their offer, they will tow away your vehicle at no extra cost, and you'll receive payment immediately after pickup. The program has gained popularity due to its simplicity, convenience, and positive impact on the environment by encouraging recycling rather than abandonment of old cars.


Cash for Cars Alberta

Cash for Cars is a program that has been gaining popularity in Alberta, Canada. This program offers an easy and convenient way to sell your old or unwanted cars in exchange for cash. In this essay, we will discuss the details of Cash for Cars Alberta and why it's becoming the preferred option for many car owners.
The Cash for Cars Alberta program was created as a response to the growing problem of junk cars littering up our roadsides and causing environmental hazards. The aim of this initiative is to reduce pollution by encouraging people to recycle their old vehicles instead of leaving them abandoned in garages or on roadsides.
The process of selling your car through Cash for Cars is relatively simple. All you need to do is contact one of the many licensed dealerships that participate in this program. They will evaluate your vehicle's condition and provide you with a quote based on its current market value.
Once you accept their offer, they will arrange a time to pick up your vehicle at no extra cost. You'll receive payment immediately after they have towed away your car, making it an incredibly hassle-free process.


One significant advantage of using Cash for Cars Alberta over other methods such as private sales or auctions is that there are no hidden costs involved. You won't be required to pay any advertising fees or commissions when selling through this program, which means all the money goes directly into your pocket.
Another benefit worth mentioning about Cash For Car programs specifically operating within Alberta region includes availability 24x7 across various regions & cities; thus enabling quick service delivery at customer's convenience without having wait long periods before getting assistance if needed urgently.
Additionally, participating dealerships ensure proper disposal/recycling procedures are followed strictly so that hazardous material present inside these junk cars like lead-acid batteries, coolants etc don't end up contaminating environment around us unnecessarily while also adhering Canadian government laws related handling & disposing such materials under given conditions.


Alberta cash for cars

Alberta Cash For Cars company is trying to simplify the process of selling unwanted cars. We are very professional in our work and we try not to cause any damage to the environment in all stages of work. We try to get cars that can be driven back into people’s use, but if someone has an unwanted car, we will recycle it. Our team has more than 5 years of professional experience in this field, and our main goal of providing services is to provide a wide range of services to our customers in the future.

Benefits of cash for cars

Cash for Cars has several benefits that make it an attractive option for car owners looking to dispose of their old or unwanted vehicles. Some of the key benefits include:

Quick and hassle-free process

Cash for Cars Alberta offers a fast and straightforward way to sell your car without having to go through the tedious process of advertising, negotiating with buyers, and dealing with paperwork.

No hidden costs

Unlike other methods such as private sales or auctions, there are no hidden costs involved in selling your car through Cash for Cars. You won't be required to pay any advertising fees or commissions.

Prompt payment

With Cash for Cars, you receive payment immediately after they have towed away your vehicle, ensuring that you get paid faster than many other methods of selling cars.


Environmentally friendly

By participating in Cash for Cars Alberta program, car owners contribute positively towards environment by recycling their old vehicles instead of leaving them abandoned on roadsides causing environmental hazards

Safe disposal/recycling procedures

Participating dealerships ensure proper handling & disposing hazardous materials like lead-acid batteries etc present inside junk cars so that these don't end up contaminating environment around us unnecessarily while also adhering Canadian government laws related handling & disposing such materials under given conditions
Overall, cash for cars provides a convenient and efficient solution to those who want to sell their old vehicles without going through the time-consuming process associated with traditional sales methods while contributing positively towards environment by encouraging recycling rather than abandonment of old cars


In conclusion, Cash for Cars Alberta is an innovative program that provides a simple and convenient way to sell old or unwanted cars while contributing positively towards the environment. The program has gained popularity among car owners due to its hassle-free process, prompt payment, no hidden costs involved and environmentally friendly procedures followed by participating dealerships. By choosing Cash for Cars Alberta instead of leaving their vehicles abandoned on roadsides or in garages, car owners can earn some extra cash while also helping reduce pollution caused by junk cars littering our streets. Overall, this initiative is a win-win solution that benefits both car owners as well as the environment, making it an excellent option worth considering when looking to dispose of your old vehicle.
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2023.06.05 14:57 nightblueprime Your longest campaign yet?

Simple question, what is the longest campaign you have played solo?
Two weeks ago I started yet another campaign with a system (Godbound) I had explored earlier but didn't really click with me, but this time it made sense and I'm having a blast with it, my style is journaling so I write a lot and the document is almost 100 pages already! (some images and mechanical stuff related to the system mixed)
I've several other campaigns with different systems, but never got this far before, I'm so hooked at the story I literally dreamt about it.
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2023.06.05 14:57 Eevielutions_ I have a crush on this girl and I don’t know how to approach her

So I (16F) have a crush on a girl, let’s call her Sia (17F). We go to the same school and share 2 classes together and occasionally (very rare) in those classes. In the past, I’ve definitely thought that she was really cool and that I would love to be her friend but I think how I thought of her back then has developed into my crush on her now. She is actually so pretty and she’s in a band and I am 95% sure that she is queer.
As I’ve said, I have 2 classes with her and I’ve spoken to her a few times in those classes. For example, in art once she was going around and looking at everyone’s paintings and said to me “woah that’s sick, sorry I’m looking at everyone’s paintings cause I don’t wanna do mine” (I was the first persons painting she looked at before she continued to look at the paintings of everyone else). And sometimes we’d make eye contact and guys, my heart, omg she’s so pretty and I’m so socially awkward I swear my face goes red every time.
I follow her on instagram and like her posts and she also follows me on instagram. I just have no idea how to start a conversation with her without being like a weirdo. I feel like it would be really out of the blue and weird if one day I just dm’ed her, especially since we’re not friends and we’ve never talked outside the occasional comment in class. I just thinking just liking her stories and adding her to my close friends on Insta? But then I wouldn’t know where to go from there. Would it be better to wait till after school so I don’t make a mistake and make it weird? Please help!!
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2023.06.05 14:57 Ricosss Metformin promotes female germline stem cell proliferation by upregulating Gata-binding protein 2 with histone β-hydroxybutyrylation (Pub Date: 2023-12-01)


Metformin promotes female germline stem cell proliferation by upregulating Gata-binding protein 2 with histone β-hydroxybutyrylation


Background Metformin as a first-line clinical anti-diabetic agent prolongs the lifespan of model animals and promotes cell proliferation. However, the molecular mechanisms underlying the proliferative phenotype, especially in epigenetics, have rarely been reported. The aim of this study was to investigate the physiological effects of metformin on female germline stem cells (FGSCs) in vivo and in vitro, uncover β-hydroxybutyrylation epigenetic modification roles of metformin and identify the mechanism of histone H2B Lys5 β-hydroxybutyrylation (H2BK5bhb) in Gata-binding protein 2 (Gata2)-mediated proliferation promotion of FGSCs.
Methods The physiological effects of metformin were evaluated by intraperitoneal injection and histomorphology. The phenotype and mechanism studies were explored by cell counting, cell viability, cell proliferation assay and protein modification omics, transcriptomics, chromatin immunoprecipitation sequencing in FGSCs in vitro.
Results We found that metformin treatment increased the number of FGSCs, promoted follicular development in mouse ovaries and enhanced the proliferative activity of FGSCs in vitro. Quantitative omics analysis of protein modifications revealed that H2BK5bhb was increased after metformin treatment of FGSCs. In combination with H2BK5bhb chromatin immunoprecipitation and transcriptome sequencing, we found that Gata2 might be a target gene for metformin to regulate FGSC development. Subsequent experiments showed that Gata2 promoted FGSC proliferation.
Conclusion Our results provide novel mechanistic understanding of metformin in FGSCs by combining histone epigenetics and phenotypic analyses, which highlight the role of the metformin-H2BK5bhb-Gata2 pathway in cell fate determination and regulation.
------------------------------------------ Info ------------------------------------------
Open Access: True (not always correct)
Authors: * Xiang Wang * Geng G. Tian * Weiwei Cheng * Xiaoli Yu * Xiaoyong Li * Ji Wu
Additional links: * https://doi.org/10.1186/s13287-023-03360-1 * https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC10214601
------------------------------------------ Open Access ------------------------------------------
If the paper is behind paywall, please consider uploading it to our google drive anonymously.
You'll have to log on to Google but none of your personal data is stored. I will manually add a link to the file in this post when received.
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2023.06.05 14:57 Legal-Psychology-550 5P sign

I visidet 5p before the moon. Then after i left the moon the observer started to showing me a yellow neuron and i believe this is the sign to go to 5p. is this a bag or i should revisit 5p
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2023.06.05 14:57 RedKittieKat "Served Piping Hot" - Kellogg's Corn Flakes [1938]

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2023.06.05 14:57 main_account_4_sure [30M GMT] Looking for accountability work/study buddy to be online on Skype w/ each other for 2 hours while we work on our goals.

I'm a programmer and I have my own online business since 2018~. I'm in the process of creating new apps to scale it.
My plan:
- be online on Discord at the same time with each other everyday for 2 hours straight, no voice or video, just text messaging.
- after the 2 hours we chat a bit about what we did, how we are feeling, what are our plans for the upcoming days and so on and so forth.
- set achievable goals for each week and hold each other accountable for them.
I'll be very happy to listen about your goals and actually hold you accountable for whatever promises you make.
I will treat your goals as my own. I will do my best to ensure both of us get our goals achieved and we can happily look back at them by the end of the year!
My current goals are:
- Make more apps for my business
- Make more videos for my youtube channel
Whether you are studying or working, please feel free to send a message! I would like to talk a bit before starting to see if we are compatible with each other. :)
My schedule is very flexible since my inner sleep clock is permanently wrecked beyond repair, lol.
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2023.06.05 14:57 strictlybrave 35 [F4M] Let's be Exclusive

Here I am again in search since I was sick after I posted last time.
Looking for genuine connection, gf/bf experience, like a secret lover and go on dates. Fun to be with both sfw and nsfw.
If you are:
-- 35 and up -- fit/athletic/buffed -- fair skinned -- can host (not in any motels) and willing to pick me up -- wild and dominant -- 5.5 but pref 6 and up cock size, girthy, big head, + if curved -- easy on the eyes, decent and knows how to treat women well -- loves outdoor and into sports -- pref South (Laguna/Cavite/Alabang) but if you live elsewhere as long us you can pick me up and take me back hom -- consistent/constant/regular in chats and meeting up -- working pro/doing business
Hit me up with your asl, relationship status and vices
** someone not taken (happy with gf/wife)
** Tall - 5'9 and up
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2023.06.05 14:57 Impossible-Ad5691 6 months clean

just a quick and friendly reminder that the pain will stop someday. i just made it to 6 months clean, after many years of sh. don’t blame yourself if you can’t stop selfharming now, the moment when you can will come. find help from someone that will not blame you as well. nothing is permanent, things change.
a nice and warm hug for everyone.
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2023.06.05 14:57 spankmytele Where do I stand

Hey there people of Reddit.
I am just about to turn 25. I am a professional guitarist/musician and also a music store employee who loves music and music gear. I have a busy life between music commitments and work and I have been lucky enough to tour a little bit of the world in professional touring bands.
However, as of the last say 18 months all I have done is not play guitar as much as I find myself rather wanting to drink every night. On a weekly occasion I find myself making excuses for events or meetups wiith family, friends or exceptional musicians because I would just rather be at home to drink. As of right now it is a week night and I've had a 6 pack of 6% beers and a bottle of wine and I have work in the morning. I find myself in this position every night. I could keep drinking but I don't want to suffer too much at work. I feel as though I can just not drink if I want to but I can't remember the last time I was sober past 7pm even if I've woken up extremely hungover and promised myself I'll never drink again. By 5pm I find myself buying more alcohol as if I deserve it.
I guess why Im making this post is to ask - has anyone else been in this situation at my age? I feel I am young, I turn up to work on time, pay my bills, practice guitar where I can, turn up to rehearsals, etc. But I can't wait to be sober after work tomorrow so I can repeat tonight and every other night in the last 18+ months.
Seeking help is expensive and I don't think I'm at that point. Is there a way to seriously think about cutting back?
Thanks in advance
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