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2023.06.05 14:35 lioncrab Husband gets annoyed with me “sleeping too much”

My husband gets up very early for work every day, around 4am. I used to be a teacher and woke up quite early as well but since 2019 I’ve been a stay at home mom to our two kids (4 and 2) when we realized how expensive our daycare bill would be. Our 4 year old also has some special needs. The transition to being a SAHM was hard on me emotionally, I felt very depressed and isolated, as we live very far from our family (over 500 miles) due to my husband’s job. But I’ve made my own routine and I’ve really got it handled at home. I do 99% of household tasks and taking care of the kids, because my husband truly does work a lot and often doesn’t get home until dinner time, and is sometimes gone on work trips for 2 weeks or so. But like I’ve said, I’ve got it down now!
So anyway, with the background story explained a little, my husband has been at home more so the past two months because of medical reasons. Both my 4 year old and I have been in the hospital recently for different reasons; me because I developed an antibiotic resistant infection and my son because he required immediate surgery on an internal birth defect that was just recently discovered. This has caused my husband to have to step back from work a little (but not too much, my dad actually flew down to stay with me and help me out and take care of the kids while I healed). But while my husband has been at home more, he has come to the conclusion that I “sleep too much.” One of my beloved hobbies is gardening, and I have a great big garden in our yard full of various flowers, but also eggplant, different pepper plants, tomatoes, cabbage, broccoli… list goes on. He keeps telling me “if you want a successful garden you need to stop sleeping in and get out here at 6am go tend to them”. This is wild for him to say to me, considering I take care of this garden by myself and there’s no gardening law that says they need to be “tended to” before the sun comes up. I’m not sure where he got that idea. My garden already is successful, so I’m also not sure why he said it in the way. Another thing he has said recently is that “I need to stay up later because adults don’t go to bed as early as I do”. I go to bed around 10pm, at the latest 11pm, and wake up around 7am. He said this is lazy, and I don’t need this much sleep, and that he functions fine on 4-5 hours of sleep. He often doesn’t come to bed until midnight, and like I said he will wake up a little after 4am. I asked him why he thinks it’s weird for me to prioritize sleep when I have full days ahead of me of raising our kids, one whom has special needs, maintaining a clean home, tending to a garden, cooking 3 meals a day (we rarely eat take out). He told me “more could get done if I didn’t sleep so much.” I was like, “what more could get done? What more should I do?” He just scoffed, didn’t have an answer for me.
I cannot figure out why he has a problem with me sleeping through the night. What’s ironic is that he so sleep deprived himself that on his days off, he doesn’t want to do anything with us as a family and just falls asleep on the couch. Me? I never nap. Because I make a point to go to sleep when I’m tired. He always has headaches and stomach issues, and I’m certain it’s because he is so dang tired but won’t prioritize rest. He will complain about being tired but stays up late to play video games.
This morning he woke me up as he was leaving work, I said “have a good day, I love you”. He said I love you back, but was angry I turned back around to go back to sleep. He wanted me to get up. (And do what exactly?) I just don’t get why. Can someone offer any insight? Why does my husband not want me to sleep?
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2023.06.05 14:30 Gganbu703 Weird fungus

I am a first year gardener in Northern Virginia and just came across my first gardening challenge. This morning, I found a weird fungus (?) in my vegetable bed. I added organic fertilizer about three weeks ago, but have not changed anything since. So, I obviously have three questions:
  1. What is it?
  2. How do I get rid of it?
  3. How do I prevent it from returning?
Thank you for your help!

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2023.06.05 14:24 CluelessPotato2_0 None of my dragons have the brain cell and have never had it >:( (stop hogging the brain cell guys)

This post is extremely long, I apologise but I just wanna share how dumb these little guys are. <3
Lola :
Throw herself off high places or out of her tank when I’m trying to feed her. (She seriously thinks she’s immortal, which at this point I’m starting to agree with her)
Jump off my bed and run all the way to my mothers room just to sit inside her wardrobe or attack her reflection.
Try to climb ontop of my dog Jett and have a free ride. (My dogs are terrified of her and will try to avoid her at all costs)
Aggressive bobbing at me cause I cleaned her tank and gave her calcium dusted food.
Sits like a dog when she doesn’t like something.
Protest about being inside her tank then when I let her out, run outside to the garden step and sit there mad cause she doesn’t like being outside. (She wants to go outside but then hates being outside.)
When she’s free-roaming she wants go to the coldest part of my room or the room we’re in and sleep there.
Again attack her reflection from the cabinet we have in our front room.
Has a crush on my fan and will fail/not fail to climb up it and lay there even though it’s cold.
Flicks her food everywhere when eating.
Will fall asleep *anywhere.
Tries to open her tank with her head by pushing it multiple times till I let her out.
Tries to commit dragonside by jumping out my hands when we’re on a walk.
Willow :
Purposes sh*ts on my bed just cause she hates me.
Sh!ts in the bath whenever I give her a bath.
Will run to the most difficultist corner I can’t get her out of. (Gotta climb over chairs to reach her)
Has an unhealthy obsession with her log hide.
Tries to get free uber rides ontop of my dogs. (Again they’re scared of her and run away) Yet she hates my dogs. (Pretty sure she hates everything at this point.)
Rango :
Very horny when he sees the ladies.
Bobs at his sisters when they’re out the tank and he’s not.
Will run like he’s running a marathon.
Purposes sh*ts directly next to his bowl or in his food when I make it food look nice.
Refuses to eat out of his food bowl. (Unless there’s mealworms or crickets in it)
Tries to eat anything and anyone.
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2023.06.05 14:23 SnooFoxes7215 looking for a roommate/subletter from mid august!

*Move-in - Mid August (rent: $1900/month)
Hi! My roommate and I are rising seniors at NYU looking for a new roommate or subletter (female) in our 3-bed 2-bath apartment in Downtown Brooklyn (near NYU Tandon). We are ideally looking for someone to stay till our lease ends in May 2024 but are open to subletting!
Apartment details:
Building amenities:
You can see the old street easy listing here:
Please reach out if you want to see more pictures or have questions!!
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2023.06.05 14:09 createdjustforthis23 05/06/2023

He called me last night, it was only like 11:30 but I was struggling to wake up properly for the call which I feel guilty about. He wanted reassurance and I was so sleepy I don’t think I helped very much. His friends wee bubba fell and knocked his head on the table or something and Andy felt like it was his fault? It absolutely was NOT his fault and I feel bad that he thinks it was. Then again I would feel responsible and guilty too if I was in his shoes so I totally get it. It’s a bit unfair that his friends make him feel a bit as though it’s his responsibility too, like yes Andy will look out for the lil one and if someone leaves the room then sure, he’ll keep a more watchful eye but in a room with two of his parents? Andy should be free to relax? But I always hear about how parents get super relaxed after awhile, but even still. But like their baby is taking his first steps and waddling around, wouldn’t you want to baby proof that room a bit? I would? But I know I can also be a bit overly cautious, but if I had a coffee table I’d be covering the corners and putting some kind of covers on electrical outlets and whatnot, things they need to learn about and be careful about but not when they’re still a baby yknow. Let the wee one just toddle around and explore their surroundings and all that yknow. It’s frustrating how things kick into overdrive when Andy talks about the lil baby, it makes me wanna get knocked up ten thousand times by him, like I do NOT need or want those sorts of thoughts and feelings and yet I start picturing me outside on some sunny day wearing a pretty little floral dress all pregnant up and glowy and Andy with his arm around me and idk, it’s so nice? Maybe at some kind of family lunch somewhere idk. I know I’m being ridiculous even giving that any thought but the idea just leaps into my mind whenever I get all clucky/broody/chickeny. And I bet Andy would be the best partner when giving birth, like he’d learn ALL about it ahead of time (which I would obviously do too because you best believe I want to know every tip and trick in the book beforehand) and anyway, I bet he would hold my hand and breathe with me and all of that. He’d be so wonderful, I just know he would. I really really really need to shush. This is not good thinking. One thing at a time!!! It’s just I’ve never had feelings for a guy that I’ve genuinely seen a future with, he’s the first who I truly love and want to build a life with, and so these thoughts are so exciting. Also important to note: I still don’t even know if a baby is what I want. A puppy? YES. A home? YES. A life filled with nice things and travel? YES. A child? Hmmm. Anyway he called me and I think I was just deep in sleep when he did which is why I wasn’t adjusting to waking up that time? Often I can wake up quite easily when he rings, maybe it depends on how I’m sleeping when he does? Hmm. Anyway I feel bad for not being as present as I should have been. I hope he isn’t feeling guilty or like he did anything wrong, he really didn’t. I get it though, babies being hurt in your general vicinity always brings about some level of guilt. It’s also not fair for them to just plop that responsibility in his lap, especially when I’m sure they know he’s not overly comfy with babies and that sort of responsibility and things - I’m not either, I don’t like being left alone with a kid, it makes me so anxy that they’ll be abducted or killed on my watch and idk. Anyway.
I slept in lots today. I was awake from 6/7am ish but it was so warm and comfy and cosy so I just dozed and daydreamed and read my book for a few hours and I got up around 10. It was very nice. The bed here is so comfortable, it’s far too soft and squishy for me to have but my godddddddd it’s comfy. I watched a very relaxing video of a man mowing a lawn, it was so satisfying. So many people watch them and I can see why. I especially liked when he would slice into the dirt alongside the footpath and whatnot and the weed whacker and things. It was all just quite satisfying, even though lawns are so meh. I looooove lush grass, I know lawns aren’t the best for the environment/eco systems and what not, but anyway. Like meadow and hilly field grass, so lovely.
I tried to tell mum more about how I feel and my mental health etc in the car today and to her credit she tries but idk. It’s hard when I’m comparing against an actual therapist and Andy. No one seems to listen to me or understand me the way they do? Especially him. Not always, sometimes he misses but most of the time he just seems to get it? She doesn’t really seem to accept the depression side of things, she just talks about anxiety. I think maybe it’s what she feels comfier discussing which is fine. I also think maybe she doesn’t realise that I don’t have depression in that obvious sense? Like yes I have had it like that and genuinely wanted to die and would think about how and when to do it etc, but it’s usually just that PDD? Persistent depressive disorder? Or dysthymia? Whatever it is. Where I can function but it’s difficult for me to do so most of the time and just a usual day will take a lot out of me and I just find it hard to sustain a good mood or whatever. Anyway.
This afternoon I ran some errands with mum, I returned some parcels, bought some dog toys and went to a couple of supermarkets. I looove MW, I’d say the name but it’s only in my city/region and hello stranger danger so I won’t say the name. But so they have all this wholesale stuff and so many interesting products and I LOVE it there. The packaging of everything is always so nice. They have these massive cans as they stock hospo places and anyway I just love anything huge or mini of an every day item. For example these were big 3kg size cans of regular Watties spaghetti and then they had the usual 420g on the shelf above and idk there’s something about that that makes my eyes so happy. I just love big versions of normal things or mini versions, it takes me back to when I was a little girl and if always make me and whichever parent I was with at the time go to the cheese aisle so that I could hold and cradle the babybel cheeses as I thought they were so beyond cute and I just had to touch them and hold them and see them. And sometimes I’d ask to have one and I’d get one and I didn’t ever eat them I’d just play with it til I had to throw it out. They’re just so CUTE. Anyway so we did that. Then spend the afternoon on the sofa with pup reading/chatting/watching random YT videos with dad as he watches them on the TV a lot. Like we came home and he was watching how to make some kind of pork belly dish. I showed him the lawn mower videos. He showed me these videos on 3D printed homes or 3D made homes? We watched a really interesting one on ones made from dirt, they looked so cool, like wee ant hills or wasp nests? And some made from concrete and so on too. We also watched one on Gorbachev who was a decent guy and therefore Russians hate him? Go figure. And he was also in a Pizza Hut commercial. And we watched one about the queen mother and some comedy skit from the 60s which I don’t usually find funny but this one I did. Pete and Dud? Something like that. And then I made dinner for us all and cleaned the kitchen again and then again after dinner.
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2023.06.05 14:01 carloosharris Enjoy a Relaxing Day at Rockley Beach with Chair Rentals

If you’re looking for a beautiful destination to soak up the sun and relax on sandy shores, Rockley Beach is an excellent choice. Nestled in the heart of Barbados, this tropical paradise boasts crystal-clear waters, lush greenery, and a variety of exciting activities. And, if you’re planning a trip to Rockley Beach, you’ll definitely want to consider renting a beach chair to enhance your experience.

Discover Rockley Beach: A Tropical Paradise

With its white sandy beaches, turquoise waters, and year-round warmth, Rockley Beach is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. Located on the south coast of Barbados, this idyllic spot is perfect for sunbathing, swimming, and taking in the surrounding vistas. But, there’s much more to Rockley Beach than just sun, sea, and sand.

The Beauty of Rockley Beach

Rockley Beach is surrounded by lush greenery and towering palm trees that provide plenty of shade on hotter days. Along the shore, you’ll find soft, white sand leading to crystal-clear waters teeming with colorful marine life. And, there are plenty of rock formations and coral reefs to explore if you’re up for an adventure.
The beach is also home to a variety of wildlife, including sea turtles, crabs, and a variety of fish species. If you’re lucky, you might even spot a pod of dolphins playing in the distance.
For those who prefer to stay on land, there are plenty of hiking trails nearby that offer stunning views of the coastline and surrounding hills. And, if you’re into photography, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to capture the natural beauty of Rockley Beach.

Activities and Attractions at Rockley Beach

Beyond the stunning natural scenery, Rockley Beach also offers a variety of activities and attractions for visitors to enjoy. Water sports like snorkeling, jet skiing, and sailing are popular here, as are beach volleyball and other games. And, there are plenty of food and drink vendors along the beachfront serving up Caribbean delicacies like flying fish and rum punch.
If you’re interested in history, be sure to check out the nearby Garrison Historic Area, a UNESCO World Heritage site that was once a British military base. You can take a tour of the area and learn about its fascinating history, or simply admire the impressive architecture and beautiful gardens.
And, if you’re looking for a bit of nightlife, there are plenty of bars and clubs in the area that offer live music and dancing. You can even try your luck at the nearby casino, which offers a range of games and entertainment options.
Overall, Rockley Beach is a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to Barbados. With its stunning natural beauty, exciting activities, and rich history, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

The Benefits of Renting a Beach Chair

While you could certainly bring a towel or blanket to Rockley Beach and lay on the sand, renting a beach chair provides a number of added benefits that can enhance your beach-going experience.

Comfort and Convenience

Beach chairs are designed to be comfortable and supportive, helping you to relax and soak up the sun without discomfort. They’re also easy to transport and set up – most rental companies will even deliver them directly to your spot on the beach.
Additionally, beach chairs often come with built-in features that can make your day at the beach even more comfortable. Some chairs have adjustable backrests, allowing you to find the perfect angle for reading or napping. Others have built-in umbrellas, providing shade and protection from the sun's harmful rays.
And let's not forget about the convenience factor. When you rent a beach chair, you don't have to worry about carrying heavy chairs or lugging around a cooler. You can simply show up at the beach and have everything you need already waiting for you.

Protecting Your Belongings

When you’re lounging on the beach, keeping your belongings safe and secure can be a challenge. A rented beach chair, however, provides a secure spot to store your bags, towels, and other belongings while you enjoy the water or take a stroll down the shore.
Many rental companies offer lockable storage compartments on their chairs, giving you peace of mind while you enjoy your day at the beach. This way, you can relax and enjoy the sand and surf without worrying about your valuables.

Saving Time and Energy

Renting a beach chair means you won’t have to spend time and energy carrying chairs or lugging heavy coolers down to the beach. This leaves you with more energy to enjoy all the activities and attractions that Rockley Beach has to offer.
Instead of struggling to carry everything you need, you can simply rent a beach chair and have it delivered to your spot on the beach. This way, you can spend more time swimming, sunbathing, and exploring all the fun things to do at Rockley Beach.
And when it's time to go home, you won't have to worry about packing up heavy chairs and coolers. You can simply return your rented beach chair and head home with ease.
In conclusion, renting a beach chair is a smart choice for anyone looking to have a comfortable, convenient, and enjoyable day at the beach. So next time you head to Rockley Beach, consider renting a beach chair to enhance your beach-going experience.

Choosing the Perfect Beach Chair Rental

Are you planning a trip to Rockley Beach and wondering how to choose the perfect beach chair rental? Look no further! We’ve got you covered with some helpful tips and information to ensure you find a Rockley beach chair rental for your needs.

Types of Beach Chairs Available

Beach chairs come in a variety of styles and designs, each with their own unique features and benefits. If you’re looking for a classic beach experience, wooden loungers are a great option. They offer a timeless look and feel, and are perfect for those who want to soak up the sun and relax.
For those who want a little extra comfort, padded chairs with adjustable backs are a luxurious option. These chairs offer extra cushioning and support, and can be adjusted to your preferred angle for ultimate relaxation.
And if you’re traveling with kids, you may want to consider renting a beach chair with built-in shade or a canopy to keep them protected from the sun.

Rental Packages and Pricing

Most beach chair rental companies offer a variety of rental packages to choose from, so it’s important to consider your options and find the right one for your budget. Hourly rentals are great for those who only plan to spend a short time at the beach, while full-day rentals are perfect for those who want to spend the whole day soaking up the sun.
Some rental companies also offer discounts for multi-day rentals, so be sure to ask about any special offers or promotions that may be available.

Tips for Selecting the Right Chair

When choosing a beach chair rental, there are several factors to consider to ensure you find the perfect one for your needs. First, consider the height and width of the chair to ensure it’s comfortable for you to sit in. You’ll also want to check the weight capacity of any potential rental to ensure it can support your weight.
If you plan to spend a long time on the beach, you may want to choose a rental that offers additional padding or an adjustable backrest for extra comfort. And if you like to enjoy a cold drink while you relax, look for a rental with built-in cup holders or a cooler.
By considering these factors and taking the time to browse the available options, you’re sure to find the perfect beach chair rental for your next trip to Rockley Beach!
How to Reserve Your Beach Chair Rental
Once you’ve selected the perfect beach chair rental for your needs, you’ll need to secure your reservation. Fortunately, there are several easy ways to do this.

Online Booking Options

Many beach chair rental companies now offer online booking options, allowing you to reserve your chair in advance without ever leaving your home. Simply browse the available rentals, select your preferred option, and reserve online using a credit or debit card.

On-Site Rentals and Availability

If you prefer to wait until you arrive at Rockley Beach to reserve your rental, most beach chair companies offer on-site rentals. These are typically available on a first-come, first-served basis, so be sure to arrive early to secure your rental.

Cancellation and Refund Policies

Finally, be sure to review the rental company’s cancellation and refund policies to ensure that you will receive a refund if your plans change unexpectedly. This can help to provide peace of mind and ensure that you don’t have to worry about losing out on your rental investment.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a local or a visitor to Barbados, Rockley Beach is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to enjoy sun, sand, and stunning scenery. And, by renting a beach chair, you can enhance your experience by enjoying greater comfort, convenience, and security. So why wait? Start browsing the available Rockley Beach beach chair rentals today and get ready for an unforgettable day at the beach!
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2023.06.05 13:48 many_splendored A nasty morning

Little Miss getting out of her pajamas and sometimes her diaper in the morning has been going on for a few weeks now. That said, we can usually get to her before there's any mess. We were too late this morning - not only was she completely naked, she had dumped the poop out of her diaper and onto her quilt and bed sheet. There were even some smears on her crib posts and the wall her crib is next to. Thankfully we had time to give her a bath before Hubby took her to daycare.
I'm certain I wouldn't be so angry about this if I weren't already suffering from bronchitis.
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2023.06.05 13:47 CigaretteMastersX What the fuck is wrong with AI detection and combat?

I noticed that my enemies, followers, creatures are acting very idiotic. They sheathe a thousand times, say the same thing a thousand times, taunt again and again, they sometimes don't even attack until i do, followers are barely any help because they just watch me or get stuck on sneak, or shout ''Iaah'' and such things while getting attacked by enemies but not attack them back and just stand there. %90 of the time it's like that.
Please please please help me. What am i doing wrong??
*Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch.esp
*Water for ENB.esm
*Expressive Facegen Morphs.esl
*Heels Sound.esm
*High Poly Head.esm
*iWant Widgets.esl
*Schlongs of Skyrim - Core.esm
*Smooth Weapon.esm
*Audio Overhaul Skyrim.esp
*Immersive Sounds - Compendium.esp
*Obsidian Weathers.esp
ELFX - Weathers.esp
*ELFX Shadows.esp
*Weapons Armor Clothing & Clutter Fixes.esp
*ELFX - Exteriors.esp
*Relationship Dialogue Overhaul.esp
*50 More Perk Points.esp
*[COCO] Pinup Cheongsam.esp
[COCO] Shadow Assassin.esp
[COCO]Bikini Collection.esp
*[ssg]Chain of Darkness.esp
*Anuketh Tattoo Overlays 1.esp
*Black Bear Ancient Nord Armor.esp
*Immersive Encounters.esp
*Embers XD.esp
*Particle Patch for ENB.esp
*Odin - Skyrim Magic Overhaul.esp
Daedric Chainmail Rework - CBBE 3BBB Bodyslide.esp
*KS Hairdo's.esp
*DX Necromancer Robes.esp
*Embers XD - Fire Magick Add-On.esp
*ERF - Futanari CBBE - Equippable.esp
*Heart Breaker SE.esp
*Koralina's Eyebrows.esp
*MikanEyes All in one SE.esp
*Minou Aradia Lace Dress.esp
*RaceMenu Overlays Hieroglyphics.esp
*Shadow Cat.esp
*SkinTight Dragon Wear.esp
*SOS - VectorPlexus Muscular Addon.esp
*SOS - VectorPlexus Regular Addon.esp
*[Vera]Cat Woman Suit.esp
*Work as a blacksmith and cook v1.1.esp
*Aradia Living Tentacle Armor.esp
*Bandit Lines Expansion.esp
*Forsworn and Thalmor Lines Expansion.esp
*HG Hairdos 2.esp
*Vampire Lines Expansion.esp
*Walk Speed Adjustments.esp
*Nordic Warmaiden Body Hair.esp
*[Rektas] Dark Nun [SE].esp
*Dark Disciple Standalone [SE].esp
*[Rektas] Hale [SE].esp
*Kimono Warrior [SE].esp
*[ELLE] Devil Parade.esp
[Rektas] Sins of Daedra [SE].esp
[Rektas] Temptress [SE].esp
*Vampire Chain [SE].esp
*[RektBird] LovelyLatex.esp
*[Rektas] Succubus [SE].esp
DX Witch Hunter Armor.esp
Gwelda Witch.esp
Merta Black Rose Armor.esp
*Book of UUNP Iron And Steel.esp
*[Zynx][Anano] Osare Panty.esp
*WACCF_Armor and Clothing Extension.esp
*DX Dark Mistress SE.esp
Osare DressArmor.esp
Osare GothicLolita.esp
*Osare Underwear.esp
*Wintersun - Faiths of Skyrim.esp
*BWB - Kaidan 2 Extra Dialogue.esp
*Kaidan - Immersive Features.esp
*Schlongs of Skyrim.esp
*Northern Bathhouses.esp
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Celes Mercy.esp
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Gwelda Vampire.esp
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*0KaidanNPCOverhaul - Items.esp
*0KaidanNPCOverhaul - Kiai Replacer.esp
*0KaidanNPCOverhaul - NPCs.esp
*AnimatedEating_Coffee Patch.esp
*Use Special Markers.esp
*Unlimited Shouting.esp
*Assassins Dress.esp
*Cathedral Landscapes.esp
BWB - Kaidan 2 Spouses Enhanced Patch.esp
*BWB - Kaidan Boots and Gloves.esp
*DragonsUseThuum-USSEP Patch.esp
*[Predator] Ancient Robes.esp
*Bears of the North.esp
*BBs Ulfric Stormcloak.esp
*DeadlySpellImpacts Transparency Fix.esp
*[COCO] Mulan.esp
*[ELLE] Knight Winds.esp
*Xing SMP Hairs and Wigs - Fuse.esp
*Xing SMP Hairs and Wigs - HHairstyles.esp
*Hoop Earrings.esp
*Elewin Jewelry SMP - Slot 36.esp
*Aves AoO Eidolon's Edge.esp
*New Hagravens.esp
*Cloaks&Capes SMP.esp
*KS Jewelry.esp
*[Caenarvon] Glasses Pack.esp
*Cosmic Spells.esp
*[Rektas] Nocturnal Disciple [SE].esp
*Black Evening Dress [SE].esp
*OStim Lovers.esp
*Kaidan Ostim Patch.esp
*ZMDs Feet Nail Art for RaceMenu v1.esp
*ZMDs Hand Nail Overlays for RaceMenu v3.esp
*EGIL Shadow of Akavir.esp
*[COCO] Mysterious Mage [SE].esp
*Mini Pj's [SE].esp
*OOH! Bikini [SE].esp
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*Lace [SE].esp
*Vanilla Chokers and Earrings [SE].esp
*Panties [SE].esp
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*Satisfactory Facial Piercings.esp
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Celes Tarot Outfit Light UNP.esp
*LIAT - NPCs.esp
Merta Assassin Armor.esp
*Triumvirate - Mage Archetypes.esp
*DX StLouis SE.esp
Embers XD - Patch - JKs Skyrim & ELFX Exteriors.esp
*[SunJeong] Ninirim Collection.esp
DX Christmas Bunny Outfit.esp
*Calling of the Conjurer.esp
*Twilight Princess Armor.esp
*Racial Body Morphs.esp
*Olfina replacer.esp
*Xing SMP Hairs and Wigs - Dint999.esp
*Twilight Princess Armor - Alt Textures and Cloth Addon.esp
*Tembtra Thief Armor.esp
*Armor 06.esp
*[ELLE] Sherwood Huntress.esp
Celes Rogue Armor UNP.esp
*Sleeping Tree Path Patch.esp
*Embers XD - Patch - ELFX.esp
Embers XD - Patch - JKs Dragonsreach.esp
*Vanilla hair remake SMP.esp
*Tomebound - Immersive Sounds Patch.esp
*TT76 [SE].esp
*Khandy [SE].esp
*DM BDOR Eclipse by Team TAL.esp
*Evil Lady [SE].esp
*[Rektas] Purple Esmeralda [SE].esp
*Miqote Undergarment [SE].esp
*H2135FantasySeries7 [SE].esp
*BDO Valkyrie Olympia [Dint999] [SE].esp
*Fate Scathach [SE].esp
*H2135HalloweenOutfit2020 [SE].esp
*[COCO] Battle Angels [SE].esp
*[COCO] Pinup Cheongsam [SE].esp
*Infernal Succubus [SE].esp
*[Melodic] Raven.esp
*[COCO] Chaos Sorcerer.esp
*[COCO] Scarlet Rose.esp
*[COCO] Demon Shade [SE].esp
*Lightning Archer [SE].esp
*[NINI] Chat Noir [SE].esp
*[NINI] Camellia [SE].esp
*Chain Metal Outfit [SE].esp
*BDO Anemos [SE].esp
*GomaPeroArmorPack [SE].esp
*Fumofumo's Earrings.esp
*[COCO] Witchiness [SE].esp
*Dragon Knight [SE].esp
*Dangerous Jewelry [SE].esp
*IcyV [SE].esp
*Ram Horn Witch [SE].esp
*[Rektas] Iris Scout.esp
*Stoneheart Studio [SE].esp
*Helena Succubus [SE].esp
*[Rektas] Thaler [SE].esp
*Tara [SE].esp
*Luna [SE].esp
*[RektBird] 1001 Nights [SE].esp
*[NINI] Destroyer [SE].esp
*Silent Assassin [SE].esp
*[NINI] Operator.esp
*Hunter of Darkness [SE].esp
*[NINI] Deified.esp
*[COCO] Accessories [SE].esp
*Demonic Seduction [SE].esp
*[COCO] Fairy Queen.esp
*[COCO] Succubus [SE].esp
*[ELLE] Inline Bodysuit.esp
*[ELLE] Maid 3BA.esp
*[ELLE] Bifrost.esp
*[ELLE] X-Fashion Lingerie.esp
*[ELLE] Endless Corruption.esp
*dD - Enhanced Blood Main.esp
*[full_inu] Queen Marika's Dress.esp
*[Dint999] BDOr_Sorceress_PapilloOutfit.esp
*[Ashtoreth] Succubus.esp
*Obi's Vampire Clothing.esp
*[Rektas] Temple Guardian [SE].esp
*PC Head Tracking - MCM.esp
*PC Head Tracking - Patch.esp
*Deadric Armor from Morrowind by Revoith STANDALONE - 2K.esp
*Obsidian Weathers - Patch - Rudy ENB.esp
*ENB Light.esp
*Aric Direbrand Follower.esp
*Dirt and Blood - Dynamic Visuals.esp
*Racial Skin Variance - SPID.esp
*RSV - High Poly Head Patch.esp
*RSV - SoS Patch.esp
*Even More Brows HPH.esp
*Arial Smooches of Skyrim.esp
*[Christine] Fire Princess.esp
*Forest Nymph Outfits.esp
*DM BDOR Orthodox.esp
*[NINI] Dark Sorceress.esp
*DOA Overalls.esp
*Armor 04.esp
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*Cirious Business CBBE.esp
*Armor 09.esp
*(lilyrim)deer star light.esp
*Kamael Valentine SE.esp
*[BAKU]DOAXVV Twinkle Rose.esp
*[GarudaB]DOAXVV Bouquet Hibiscus.esp
*[NINI] Esta Nurse.esp
*[NINI] Gotha Rensa.esp
*[NINI] Karlstein.esp
*[NINI] Neamhain.esp
*BDOR Navillera.esp
*BDOR Oblivion.esp
*BDOR Chic Lua.esp
*BDOR Drakania Talis.esp
*BDOR Hyperion.esp
*BDOR Violeta.esp
*[Witchy] Dark Gothic.esp
*[Xing] Ronin Warrior.esp
*[YoerkSun] All Stars.esp
*[Caenarvon] Plegian Dark Mage.esp
*Fairy Tale Outfit.esp
*ARMOR 12.esp
*Peeno - A Mushroom Follower.esp
*Garnak gro-Mattul Follower.esp
*[Dint999] OutfitOfConfessor.esp
*Egil's Demon Hunter.esp
*Ugath Follower.esp
*AOS_EBT Patch.esp
*True Storms - Obsidian Weathers - Patch .esp
*Headhunter - Bounties Redone.esp
*DX Dark Knight Armor & Shield.esp
*RM Sweater Dresses.esp
*DX Sexy Little Cook.esp
*BDOR Solar Knight.esp
*Dirt and Blood - Seamless soap texture patch.esp
*Missile IED Meshes.esp
*Smooth Animation.esp
*Disable Turn Animation.esp
*RealNames - SSE Edition.esp
*Moonlight Tales Mini.esp
*DX Dark Knight Shield.esp
*[Kirax] OVR Gulfaxi of Protection.esp
*DM BDOR Berserk Griffith by Team TAL.esp
*DX Dark Knight Armor - My Final Version by Xtudo.esp
*[Kirax] Project V Reborn - Python Shock.esp
*Knight's Steel Armor.esp
*Demon's Souls PenetratorF.esp
*Knight of The Village Set.esp
*Ultimate Lingerie Collection 2.esp
*Book of UUNP - Textures.esp
*Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim.esp
*Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim.esp
*Apocalypse - Ordinator Compatibility Patch.esp
*Odin - Ordinator Compatibility Patch.esp
*Sacrosanct - Vampires of Skyrim.esp
*Tomebound - Sacrosanct Patch.esp
*Alternate Start - Live Another Life.esp
*SDA NFF Patch.esp
*Water for ENB (Shades of Skyrim).esp
*Water for ENB - Patch - Rudy ENB.esp
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2023.06.05 13:30 rupa345 Odia Puja book Baluka Puja

Khudurkuni Osha coincides with Baluka Puja.Bhalukuni Osha is another name for Khudurukuni Osha. It is mostly observed on every Rabibara (Sunday) after Rakhi Purnima in the month of Bhadraba .Young girls who want their brothers to be safe, healthy, and prosperous adore the goddess Mangala. Early in the morning, little girls go to various gardens and gather different flowers. After having a bath, they make a little clay or sand statue called a baluka on the banks of a pond and decorate it with flowers, haldi (turmeric), and sindoor (vermillion). The girls then began to make a lengthy garland.By presenting khuda (broken rice), ukhuda (fried paddy sweetened with jaggery), Chuda ghassa, kakudi, lia, coconut, and fruits, they worship Maa Mangala in the evening.
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2023.06.05 13:13 comfortspace1 Private Balcony Room 💰 Next To Jaya One 💥

Private Balcony Room 💰 Next To Jaya One 💥
Lee 60133914903
Room Detail:
This Room Have Private Balcony ! You can Now have your morning Coffee there! Can Use the Space for Gardening
Wake Up with Unblocked Good View
In House Dobby ! We Have Dryer & Washer in The House ! Save Your Time for Your Loved One!
Whatsapp For Video before its too late!
Hotel Standard Queen Bed !
Location : Pacific Star Condominium
Enjoy PJ's Foods, Convenience and Activities
Included Special Perks : - Dryer & Washer - 100% Full Signal Wifi - Remote Work With Peace - Cleaning
Included : - Fan - Wardrobe - Premium Study Table - Office Roller Chair - 10 inch Good Quality Matress - Air Cond
Facility : - Swimming Pool - Gym - 24 hours Security - 7 Eleven
Amenity - Beside Jaya One (Mr Diy, Restaurants, Bouldering, Gym etc) - Beside Gasket Alley - 1km to SS2 Retail Shop - 1.5km to Uni Malaya - 1.5km to Asia Jaya Lrt - 1.5 km to Phileo Damansara Lrt - 200 M to Columbia Hospital
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2023.06.05 13:09 KooKooKangaRoo42 My Chiari Surgery Experience (Part II) - Emotional Effects

6/5/23 Update (Part II of my Amazing Chiari Recovery Tale): "The Cerebellum Ain't Just About Balance, Baby"
So I want to make something very clear. From here on out, I wouldn't consider this a typical Chiari recovery tale at all anymore. As far as I know, it is not usual to have this level of emotion regulation benefit from a Chiari Surgery. But... that doesn't mean it /can't/ happen. Because clearly it's happened for me.
If you watch Dr. Stieg's "This Is Your Brain Podcast: Chiari in Adults" (the same one that convinced me to drive to NYC for consultation with him:
.... you'll see he takes questions at the end. And one of the questions he answers is about whether there are any big cognitive and emotional effects from Chiari. And he essentially says no -- unless there's hydrocephalus, water on the brain, being caused too, why whould there be? The cerebellum isn't really involved with higher cognitive and emotional stuff. It's more about the balance and all that. Of course, the stress and misery and anxiety of living with any chronic pain condition affects people's mental health. So certainly resolving the Chiari may still sort of indirectly help with their mental health in all sorts of very significant ways.
Ok. Fair enough. But here's where, if I were having an argument with him about this here and now (which I guess I am! Because that's apparently just how I am -- sorry, Dr. Stieg, intending no disrespect to your knowledge and authority -- you're the best!)... I would turn the same phrase he used with me in discussing my physical symptom resolution right back at him: "The proof is in the pudding." What he meant when he used that phrase was that, although of course we are going to do a follow-up MRI in a few months, and see how things stand, the imaging is not really important. The evidence is clear. I had the surgery, and all my physical problems (the crippling head aches and neck aches, the trouble choking on liquids and drooling, the numb/weak hands, episodes of dizziness, etc.) almost instantly resolved. We already know the surgery worked. I would say the proof is in the pudding about the drastic mental health/emotional changes I have experienced since the Chiari decompression as well.
So first, I guess I'm gonna have to get real with ya about the the psychiatric struggles. (Oh well. I never was that private of a person to start. I'll talk to just about anyone about just about anything. Always been that way.) So my struggles in this area, summarized:
I had my first bad episode of depression when I was about 13. There were definite stressors, and I would define it as the worst year of my life. Among the stressors, in brief: I was in 7th grade, first year of junior high. I was HORRIBLY bullied, harassed, and teased by the other kids. Mostly girls. They'd wait for me at my locker in mean girl gaggles, taunt and laugh at me throughout the halls, etc. It was *BAD*. Very bad. I can only speculate as to the reasons I got it so bad. I had gender-non-conforming interests. I hated wearing dresses and didn't like the stupid girl stuff I was supposed to care about. I liked Dungeons & Dragons and fighting video games and would rather hang out with my brother and his friends than any of the boring girls I knew. I kind of felt like I /was/ a boy, actually. No different from my brother. But needless to say, no one else really saw it that way. What they DID see... was that I was different, and not following the rules of what I was supposed to like and how I was supposed to act. And boy. The shit I got for it. Like I said... it was bad. They called me "The Thing" when they passed me in the halls ("Look at that THING! What is it? A boy or a girl? We don't know -- we'll just have to call it THING. Ha ha!"). They harassed and teased me about my breasts, because I was one of the first to develop ("There goes the goddess of puberty -- ha ha, goddess of puberty!") And, of course, I was smart - a nerd - always raising my hand to answer the questions in class - so that probably didn't help my popularity any either.
Anyway. No one ever stuck up for me. There were the kids who actively harassed me, and the ones who desperately avoided me to avoid being associated with me. I had no friends in the 7th grade. I had a few, back in the 6th. But lost them all when the 3 elementary schools got merged into the big junior high or whatever. Absolutely NO ONE thought it would be a good idea to associate with me. And so they didn't. It was SO bad, SO miserable, I thought about doing all kinds of crazy things to escape having to go back to school. Maybe... if I did something REALLY crazy, like stab my brother or something (who, by the way, I adored, but that was how desperate I was - like, you know, just a LITTLE stab wound, just for show) -- they'd just put me in a psych hospital or something and I'd never have to go back to school again? I obviously spent a lot of time thinking about killing myself. My mother ultimately ended up having to move me to an entirely different school because of the level of bullying. And it did help somewhat. (Also, the next year, I met my first boyfriend - which meant that I finally also had a friend - and it's no exaggeration to say that probably saved my life. We were inseparable for the next 3 years. He didn't care that I was a girl who kicked ass at Streetfighter. We spent our time playing Streetfighter together.)
13 was also the year my parents divorced. So like I said. A bad, bad year. And... I know that is about the time when I started to come emotionally off the rails and things changed for me. So I always sort of just assumed... that my brokenness was all the result of this social trauma I'd been through or what not. I mean, we all try to make sense of ourselves and our experiences somehow, through some sort of story, explanation. And that became my self-narrative.
Specifically, the sort of mental health struggles I ended up with were major emotion regulation issues. Like way exaggerated reactions to small things. High level of emotional reactivity, particularly rejection sensitivity, and high level of obsessive-compulsive level rumination and depression. Struggled with these things basically for life since, and always just assumed, well, that's how I am. Guess my experiences broke me, or maybe I was broken for birth. The way I tend to characterize myself in short-hand is as a "mini-borderline." (I'm a genuine licensed psychologist, so I can throw terms like that around if I want to!) And you can look up symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder if you're interested in learning more about that. But here is how I would qualitatively describe my problems:
A high level of emotional immaturity. It is like a 4-year-old child is running the show emotionally. And I can SEE it happening at the time (I have no problem with my higher cognitive functions!) -- I can no I am being ridiculous, over-reacting, being childish, whatever, but I unfortunately can't CONTROL that reaction. My stunted capacity for emotional regulation lost me a lot of friends. A lot of relationships. I was "too much" for a lot of people to deal with in that way. When I was sad, I was *TOO* intensely sad, boyfriends told me. SCARY sad. I was clingy. I was needy. I couldn't self-soothe. I hated being alone more than anything. My 4-year-old emotional self was always quivering in fear and always looking for somebody to save them. But there was never anybody around when they desperately needed that comfort and reassurance.
No problem with higher cognitive capacities. And was always of course embarrassed, ashamed, and so on for knowing there was something wrong with me and I wasn't able to function like other people in a "mature" emotional way. But I couldn't change it. Not after more than 10 years of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy or Dialective Behavioral Therapy or insight-oriented therapy or trauma-based therapy. Not after trying a dozen different anti-depressants and mood stabilizers. I guessed it was just who I was. I guessed I was just too broken by my trauma history or whatever to ever really fix.
And that was the story I told myself. To make sense of who I was and why.
Only... what IF. It had never really been true. What if... there had been a pretty significant organic component the whole entire time? What if it had a little something to do with my brain sliding into my spinal canal and blocking CSF flow? Well... let's talk about the what-if.
In doing my week of deep-dive research into Chiari (since being diagnosed on 5/5/23, and meeting with Dr. Stieg for MRI review and consultation on 5/18), I learned a thing or two about Chiari
For example, I learned from Dr. Judy Hwang at Johns Hopkins
... that although Chiari is congenital, there is OFTEN a particular moment that people can remember that triggered their symptoms. That these are often things like head blows and whiplash. (Which, of course, makes total sense. The force of the incident made the herniation worse, or as she mentions, due to the Chiari the person probably doesn't have the natural reserve of CSF that they should bathing and protecting the brain either.
And I learned this. That there's a good amount of evidence to show the cerebellum ain't just about balance, baby:
"Recently, different studies have provided evidence that the presence of cerebellar degeneration or stroke may involve cognitive deficits beyond motor impairment, including the ability to form concepts and other language disorders [1, 2], impairment in executive functions [3], and visuospatial deficits [4], accompanied in many cases by a regressive personality, and emotional lability or dramatic mood swings."
[...] "cerebellar cognitive affective syndrome described by Schmahmann and Sherman [5] as characterized by the following: (a) Disturbances of executive function, including deficient planning, set-shifting, abstract reasoning, working memory, and decreased verbal fluency, (b) Impaired spatial cognition, including visuospatial disorganization and impaired visuospatial memory, (c) Linguistic difficulties, including dysprosodia, agrammatism, and mild anomia, and (d) Personality change, characterized by flattening or blunting of affect, and disinhibited or inappropriate behavior. [...] Personality changes include flattening or blunting of affect, disinhibited behaviors, such as over-familiarity, flamboyance, impulsive actions, humorous but inappropriate and flippant comments, regressive, childlike behaviors, and obsessive-compulsive traits."
Now, far be it from me to gain-say personal hero and actual expert in the field Dr. Philip Stieg (those who know me are probably laughing -- I am the sort of person who will argue with anyone about anything. KIND of a favorite personal hobby, and at times a bit annoying, as I'm sure my family and friends would attest). I know he said in that lecture that Chiari wouldn't be expected to have significant cognitive or emotional effects unless hydrocephalus was also at play.
And maybe this is all just simple, 100% placebo effect. And the seemingly miraculous benefits will all fade away soon. I'm just sayng... since waking up from my Chiari surgery, my mood has been wonderful. Calm, happy. No more depression, anxious rumination, weird obsessive-compulsive fixations... I kept assuming, of course, that this was just a temporary effect of pain medications, or muscle relaxant medications, or steroids, or SOMETHING. Maybe the steroids had triggered a hypomanic high, as the body's hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis was working on straightening itself back out. Maybe it was just the VAST, VAST relief of pretty much all the physical pain and problems that had been torturing me for the past 7 years suddenly being gone. I mean, obviously a mood this great wasn't actually going to LAST. Right? But nice to enjoy it while it does, anyway. I literallly called my first week after surgery "magical." My magical week. Emotionally calm and happy in a way I literally could not remember EVER having experienced. Sure, my neck and skull had been split open and hurt a little. But I honestly didn't care. I just felt so overall good. And DIFFERENT, emotionally. And it manifested in all kinds of little ways
I told you about my 4-year-old child emotional part. Always needy and scared. It's practically like I have no sense of object-permanence - like within a few days of a friend being out of sight, I can't even be sure that they exist anymore. And so that causes a lot of issues for me with this one particularly close friend of ours. He's not really a caller or a texter or a stay in touch type. Which has caused me all kinds of misery and struggles, because of my own emotional deficits and neediness. But.... from the moment I woke up from surgery. I didn't /have/ that constant quivering 4-year-old fear anymore. I knew this friend was my friend and cared about me. I knew I'd seem him again soon, even if not right then. It was completely, competely different. Another example -- weird obsessive-compulsive stuff around eating. I would often be petrified with fear, due to this overpowering conviction that if I got too fat, no one would love me anymore. I'd do weird highly unhealthy restricted eating and over-exercising things when I got into that mode because I was just so fixated on it and terrified about it. Another 5 lbs, and maybe no one would be capable of loving me anymore.
I noticed immediately after the Chiari surgery I had no concerns about it. I was able to eat when I was hungry without any worry at all. I knew people would love me whether I was fat or not. It had nothing to do with whether my friends (or my husband) loved me. I could just like... eat like a normal person without worrying about it at all. As much as I wanted. Whenever I was hungry. So nice, right???
So even though I warned myself not to get ahead of myself, and that these were probably just temporary effects of feeling a whole hell of a lot of instant pain relief... as the days passed... and passed... and I remained content and happy and basically didn't have ANY of my former mental health struggles at all... I began to wonder if something else had really been going on here all along. And thinking back, and back, on when my real mood regulation difficulties first began. Age 13. And what Dr. Judy Hwang had said about trauma. About a lot of people being able to recall a particular trauma -- head blow, whiplash -- around the time their symptoms began. And then I remembered something that I'd never even told Dr. Stieg about my history -- because it hadn't fit the personal narrative I'd created, right, of my own emotional struggles, and I'd kind of forgotten about it.
I *did* have my first traumatic brain injury at age 13. My family was frolicking at a winter party and we foolishly decided it would be a good idea to try to navigate this metal canoe down this steep icy hill as a sled. We hit a tree. I hit my head and was have thrown out. I was unconcious and seizing on the ground. I had a bit of a headache and concussion afterward, but doc said I could count down by 7s, and was probably fine.
What if I had Chiari to start, and it was worse herniated by the TBI, and *that* is why all the real emotional struggles began for me at that time? And what if it had been this cognitive-affective cerebellar syndrome thing *ALL* the goddamned time, my whole entire life since? I've had MORE trauma since, whiplash from car accident in recent years, so that could again explain a worsening of herniation and rapid escalation of symptoms in recent years.
Another thing I wonder about is my severe visual-spacial deficits. I am one of those people who can drive a route every day, a thousand times, and still need a GPS to get there. I have a true disability in that regard. I wonder if that has anything to do with the Chiari. I wonder if that should have been a clue all along to the organic nature of the problem
So I am still thinking, and processing, and exploring, and figuring out.
But the excting upshot is, it really DOES appear so far that the Chiari surgery solved not only all my PHYSICAL problems... but emotional problems I'd been struggling with since the age of 13 as well.
Here's another thing in favor of a cerebellar cognitive-affective syndrome being a significant cotributing cause toward my emotional regulation issues. Let's look at what happened with my mood the first week post-surgery:
Day 1 (5/24): (immediately after waking up from surgery)
A little lability. That night at dinner, I cried because I couldn't get the food cart slid over enough over the hospital bed to eat without dropping two pieces of saucy pasta on my night shirt, and couldn't move my neck more forward to eat because of the surgery. (My husband solved the problem by holding the plate close to my mouth while I ate. Thanks, dear. After food I felt better.
Day 2 (5/25): Wonderful mood
Day 3 (5/26): Wonderful mood
Day 4 (5/27): Wonderful mood
Day 5 (5/28): Wonderful mood
Day 6 (5/29): Wonderful mood
Day 7 (5/30): Wonderful mood
Day 8 (5/31): Wonderful mood.
So 8 days of consecutive great mood and none of my typica emotional issues or struggles.
BUT then... we have Day 9. 6/1. When I started to feel really terrible. In all the ways I /usually/ feel terrible again. Here's an excerpt I was writing to my friend about it: "Well, first major downturn in mood last night at about 10:30 pm. I guess I am still me. And Chiari surgery didn’t fix EVERYTHING. I was feeling *SO* good for a few days I guess I must have left my hopes get a little unrealistically high." Back to pacing, crying, agitated, depressive rumination, feeling that nobody loved me. Like I'd always felt before. Assumed that was going to be the end of my "magical" post-surgery week.
Except that... it WASN'T the end of my happy mood bubble. I continued feeling pretty good every day since then. But you know what WAS different that night? The one night I felt so terrible? I'd apparently developed a strep infection. So that gets you thinking, doesn't it? An infection, causing maybe some swelling... and triggering a return to symptoms like I had always had before. Strep was treated with antibiotics and my mood has continued to be wonderful since, with no returns to the old emotional troubles since. No depresssion, my extreme mood reactivity, no anxious panicky feelings of friends "disappearing" when they are out of my side. Just a seemingly full and complete ability to emotionally process as an adult rather than a 4-year-old.
So. Could all those emotion regulation problems REALLY just have been the result of cerebellar cognitive-affective syndrome? What story do I tell myself now? About why I have always been the way I have... and how that has suddenly so drastically changed?
And kind of drastic it is. Let me give you an example of my typical emotional functioning before Chiari surgery was like.
Strep/swollen brain night (old brain): "Boo hoo, I have no friends, my friend's aren't talking to me, nobody loves me, I have no friends, no cards." Followed by rantic pacing and crying. I then proceeded to send one of my dearest friends an e-mail accusing him of wishing I had died or clearly not caring at all if I had. (Clingy, terrified 4-year-old clearly driving the emotional truck. It is embarrassing, the way that 4-year-old acts. But I could never control it.
And then here, for point of comparison, is my emotional functioning AFTER Chiari surgery: (once I got the strep infection sorted) New Chiari-fixed brain: "Wow. I should probably let all my friends know what's going on." Proceeds to email 15 friends and tell them what is going on, receiving lots of instant emails and concern and support from everyone and one particularly impressive get well bouquet.
It seems like it iso much easier for me to function like a reasonable, emotionally mature adult and process emotional information appropriately. Now that brain is no longer falling down my spine. And I guess that's really maybe not so suprising, right??
So overall, I continue to be amazed and delighted by the results of my surgery. But there is really a LOT to process here. I feel like a whole brand new person, a Version 2.0. I hope my friends like the new me! It is definitely going to take some time to get to know this new me myself. But don't get me wrong -- I totally can't wait to get started!!
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2023.06.05 12:59 No-Tree-0 Should I give my kittens up for adoption?

I've had my kittens for 3 months now (one for 2 months and one for 3 months). Both of them are from the same litter and are almost 6 months old now. I got them because I really like cats and I was depressed, so my family let me adopt them. I do all the work, cleaning their litter box and giving them food. While I'm at college, my grandma feeds them. She's the only person who remains home, everyone else is out for work/school.
There's this one particular room, which if left open, they pee on a fixed spot on the bed, no idea why. We always keep the door locked but if left open by mistake, they do not let the chance of peeing there go.
And sometimes they poop outside the litterbox, I do not know how to stop this, but my family members keep complaining about the smell, my dad doesn't really like them, but doesn't hate them either, he wont interact with them.
Since its going to be my last year of college, I may go abroad for higher studies, if I decide to go, I'm not sure who'll look after them. My mom and grandma both love them and we can't decide what to do, if there's some way to maybe train them where to and where not to take a dump that would help?
Also my mom says that it'll be very troublesome if they get sick so I should give them away.
I know I shouldn't have gotten them in the first place just because I was depressed. But I hadn't planned anything about my future at the time. I've found a decent adopter, but now that its getting real that I'll have to give them away, I feel horrible. I do not know what to do, I don't want to let them go but I don't know what would happen in the future also.
My grandma says that the only problem is their peeing and pooping everywhere, otherwise its all good. My mum keeps complaining about the small plants they destroy while playing in the garden.
Life without them will be so empty. They are the only happening thing in my life. I do for things for them that I wouldn't even do for myself. I get out of bed because of them.
I don't really have any friends, I feel like they are all I have. At the end of the day all I want is to go see them and have them purr when I touch them.
I feel horrible for thinking of giving them away, but I think they'll be happier without me, I don't do enough for them.
This is mostly just a rant I'm sorry, I cant really talk about this with anyone
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2023.06.05 12:51 guywithbluedrinks Could I change GP or see a psych? Already diagnosed and prescribed but not happy with current GP.

Tl;dr: Is it possible to change prescribing GP or be referred to a psychiatrist who can manage my adhd and other mood-related issues in Victoria? If so how?
I was diagnosed by a psychiatrist last July through ADHD-BED, and my GP from a different practice manages my treatment. He is a lovely GP and offers me advice beyond medication. However I don’t feel he provides sufficient guidance and information about stimulants.
I once told him about the vasoconstrictive side effect from dex and he told me he had never heard of it. Today I saw him again because I’ve been experiencing dramatic mood swing and extreme fatigue with out without taking vyvanse. I didn’t feel heard as he told me again about lifestyle changes (which I’m aware of and working on continuously). It’s not until I mentioned I have concern for bipolar-like symptoms he said we could try mood stabiliser if that’s what I want to do after reading more about bipolar and borderline personality disorder. I already read a bunch about both but at this point in the appointment I was a bit on edge so I just said I’ll look into it and come back again.
I understand and appreciate he’s not just handing me a script and brushing me off but tried to suggest areas of improvement beyond medication. I see him almost every 3-4 weeks because I have a tendency to see him whenever something isn’t quite right. Leaving the GP being charged $140 ($70 out of pocket) and not feeling helped has made me quite upset. I already feel embarrassed for asking for help repeatedly and being made to feel like I’m not working on myself and asking for medication to fix everything really put a damper on my already struggling mental health.
Anyway would love to know if anyone has experience changing GP or having a psych manage adhd treatment! I’m in Victoria. Thanks.
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2023.06.05 12:49 MSA784 Kitchen cabinet recommendations.

My wife are I recently went into contract on a 2 bed 1 bath 1938 PreWar co-op. Our current apartment is within the same complex and when we renovated our kitchen (10’x7’ nyc galley) the custom cabinets cost us $14k in 2017. The new kitchen is 18’x7’6” however has a similar footprint except longer which will allow us to use stand sized cabinets. Does anyone have a recommendation of kitchen cabinet brands? I was roughly quoting out the prices and it seems to be $8-9k for Wolf Cabinets sold by Kabinetking
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2023.06.05 12:09 Then_Celebration_107 I am finally going to a therapist, just wanted to share my experience here first

I have decided to go to consult a doctor for my OCD / mysophobia that has been there for at least 10 years.
But first, I would like to share my thoughts here, I guess it would make me easier to speak to the doctor verbally by doing so. (and I can even show this writing to the doctor, just in case I don’t want to speak)
Let me share the 3 categories that I think is dirty:
  1. Things that are really thought to be dirty by general public — faeces, bottom of shoes
    1. I generally do not think public door knobs, lift buttons, or handrails in public transport are dirty
  2. Things that was in direct / indirect contact of any items in this list — Let say someone have touched the bottom of their shoes, and then touched my water water bottle (or anything that I think is clean) without sanitizing their hands, I will feel that the originally clean item has now become dirty. And if the water bottle accidentally fell of the table onto the chair, the part of the chair that is in touch with the “dirty” part of the water bottle will now become “dirty”
  3. My keyboard, mouse, and my bed in my parents’ house — My parents like to invites their friends (who of course will bring along their kids) to the house during long holidays. Those children like to come to my room and play (somehow they seldom go to my parent’s room). They use my computer to play computer games, and when one of the guy sneezes, his snot burst out of his nose and lands directly on my keyboard, and continue using my computer just like nothing happened. They also play poker cards on my bed, and loves to eat on my bed, and just leave the packaging of the snacks on my bed. I think this is why I have an incorrect thought that these stuff are not clean, even this happened quite a few years ago from now.
    1. Now I live on my own, one of the reason is that because of [2], if I live in my parents’ house, I need to clean everything (taking a bath, sanitizing my phone and wallet) before I go out for a normal day, because I feel like the place outside of my parents’ house is cleaner, and doesn’t want to contaminate it.
    2. For some reasons (I don’t know why), I feel that keyboards and mouse that were used by others are dirty, even though I have cleaned them with wet hand wipes before using them. This is causing some issues for me to work in the office normally.
If I touched the things that I think is dirty with my hands, I have to wash my hands before touching the things that I think is clean. I will also avoid placing my hands comfortably on my body, because that will also contaminate my clothes and make them dirty, and I will have the thought in my mind that the specific part of my clothes is dirty until the rest of the day (one way to get relaxed a bit is to stand in sunlight, which can kill the dirty stuff).
I don’t know whether I have OCD or mysophobia, or neither, or both. Because when I wash my hands, washing one time with soap is good enough. And I am not afraid of things that some members of the general public think is dirty, eg. public door knobs, handrails in public transport.
Although this doesn’t take me a lot of time to do the cleaning, I still want to see a doctor to cure this, as my hands have become red due to hand soap, and I look unnatural when I touched something dirty and cannot wash my hands.
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2023.06.05 12:09 clementheng Double Bed Room. Winfow Facing outside

Double Bed Room. Winfow Facing outside
Clement 60162202886
Room Detail:
Uniqueness of this room n house
1) 5 min walk to UCSI uni 2) 2 min walk to LRT/ MRT bus station, banks, shops n restaurants. 3) CCTV for safety n cleaniless 4) Spacious Sky Garden 5) WiFi 800 mbps 6) Solar Heater. 7) Water Dispenser : Hot n Cold 8) All local Chinese Students with majority females. 9) Fire Extinguisher in every floor 10) Newly n fully renovated house n rooms. 11) Modern n full cooking facilities n washing machine. 12) Fully furnished rooms with wardrobe, bed, mattress, table n chair. 13) Rental inclusive of all utilities, wifi, repair n maintenaice except room eletricity. 14) Super Safe, Comfortable and Clean.
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2023.06.05 12:06 vpyr [Rise of the elven sage] - Chapter 31

Chapter 1 Previous Chapter *** Author Note: Never post from a phone again... urgh otherwise you can post twice >.< Annoying... ***
“Say, if I get out of here, would you like to come outside as well?”, he asked. Yes! I want to see your world!
The little bird perched upon his head brought a much-needed lightheartedness to Raphael's weary soul. Like a gentle breeze, it swept away the weight of his sorrows, if only for a fleeting moment. In the midst of darkness and chaos, the bird became a beacon of hope, reminding him of the light that still existed in this world that turned out much more twisted than he ever thought possible. It was a reminder he desperately needed, a spark of joy he was on the verge of letting slip away.
“And how can do that Azura?” You mentally ste-
Raphael's eyes blinked open, greeted by the sight of an unfamiliar wooden ceiling basking in the glow of ample light. Disoriented, he surveyed the plainness of the bedroom, devoid of any personal touches. Just the bare essentials, devoid of books or plants that would add warmth. However, there, lying peacefully with her head on the bed, was Sanya. A surge of relief washed over him, confirming their successful escape and subsequent elusion from capture. A tender smile etched across his face as he gazed upon her slumbering visage, momentarily transporting him to a world where nothing was amiss, where everything was right, reminiscent of days long past. Almost. Were it not for the slender, elongated black tail encircling her body, a visible reminder of the altered reality they now faced. With care, Raphael retrieved the blanket that had enveloped him and gently draped it over Sanya, a small gesture of protection and comfort. Rising from the bed, he approached the window, his eyes casting out onto the world beyond. They found themselves in an apartment, likely occupying the sixth or seventh floor. In this city, at least, the world seemed to have settled into a temporary calm, a respite from the tumult that had ravaged New Trampton, wherever they may be. People of various ethnicities roamed the streets, seemingly oblivious to the transformative events that had unfolded. Non-human beings remained hidden from sight, but the chaos that had gripped where they came from appeared distant, as if the very air breathed an air of tranquility. As Raphael stepped out of the bedroom, his gaze was drawn to the kitchen, where the familiar figure of George the Orc busily prepared a meal. Settling onto a barstool at the kitchen counter, he observed George's culinary prowess unfold. The tantalizing aroma of eggs, sausages, and bacon wafted through the air, awakening his senses. Raphael couldn't help but feel his mouth water as he watched George skillfully craft what he assumed was a hearty breakfast.
“You knocked me out pretty good, back then.”
Caught off guard, George spun around, his hands still clutching the pan of scrambled eggs. An unmistakable sense of uncertainty etched across his face as he struggled to find the right words to express himself. However, before he could utter a single syllable, Raphael swiftly raised his hand, signaling for silence, urging George to listen intently for a moment.
“I understand why you did what you did. And I am thankful. Still, I hate you for it.”, Raphael began. “I hope you have remembered where the manor was, I will go there as soon as possible and free Vivian. With or without you.” “With me and I do remember, this is Offerstone we are in. But not how ya think it will go. No, now ya let me speak.” George said, as this time he raised his hand to demand silence. “I was not completely honest with ya. While I am a tattoo artist, a pretty good one, let me tell ya that, my store is also a front for underground auctions. And the place we escaped from is one of our clients.” George said, setting the pan back onto the stove. He walked around and opened up a laptop sitting on the counter. “I only got a connection when I used the cable, but I had an email from him asking to set up an auction for some exotic creatures he wanted to sell and guess what creature he wants to sell.”
Raphael's senses were utterly bewildered. Before him, displayed on the laptop screen, were a series of photographs depicting Vivian trapped in her confining cage. Accompanying the images was a chilling description detailing the vile methods used to capture her and the sinister intentions of those who sought to profit from her captivity. A surge of disbelief and revulsion coursed through Raphael, intertwining with an overwhelming sense of anger that surged from the depths of his being. The depths of his soul were engulfed in an intense loathing for the perpetrators of such despicable acts.
“We can get her, that’s no problem. Rather we need to think about what comes after.”, George said “What do you mean what comes after? We are taking her, end of the story!”, Raphael exclaimed loudly “Don’t be so naive! If it would be only ya, ya pet and me then fine, but ya saved Sanya and we are now responsible for her!”, the Orc said, slamming his fist on the counter, making some glasses jump.
Raphael felt stupid, as he realized his momentary lapse of focus. In his eagerness to secure Vivian's safety, he had momentarily forgotten about Sanya, even though he had just tenderly covered her with a blanket. Yes, he understood that they were now responsible for Sanya too, at least until they could reunite her with her parents.
“Then, let's bring her to her parents and then we rescue Vivian. You can set up a date and time and then we plan how to save her.”, he said abashed.
The Orc let out an audible sigh, clearly annoyed by the presence of the insistent Elf before him. With a disapproving shake of his head, he conveyed his refusal without uttering a word.
“If it would be that easy, I would have done that while ya were still out. Look at the mails before that one.”
As Raphael opened the remaining emails, his heart sank further with each word he read. These were not ordinary exchanges; they were communications between influential figures and government officials. The gravity of the situation began to weigh heavily on his shoulders. The messages echoed with a resounding prejudice. They branded the transformed beings as abominations, claiming they were even worse than humans. The fearmongering was palpable, painting them as a dangerous threat that needed to be contained, eliminated, or subjugated. Some proposed confining them to zoos, while others advocated for segregated camps. A chilling proposal even suggested legalizing their enslavement. But it was the final email that sent shivers down Raphael's spine. It originated from the Presidential House itself, stripping demi-humans of their rights and granting humans free reign to treat them however they pleased. Attached was a grotesque image of Richard McKennsy, reveling in his position of power, a cigar in one hand, whiskey in the other, his feet resting callously on the exposed body of a cat-eared female. The caption beneath the picture brazenly proclaimed, "Fuck 'em all up. Enjoy the free slaves. R. "
Next Chapter
Thanks for reading
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2023.06.05 12:01 -theBargainBin Cat peed on my bed with me in it

I was asleep when he did it. He has been peeing on my bed once a day for the past three days and pooped on my robe once. I do go to work every day so I believe it’s because I havent given him enough attention, so I have been trying to give him more attention. He has a history of marking, but it was because his previous owner adopted another cat. He is a jealous cat. Vet is scheduled
What can I do in the meantime? This is beyond frustrating. He has his own tree and the entire house is his. I have a dog but they get along together great.
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2023.06.05 12:00 f33lingdeadinside How my husband is turning me LL

Hi, this is my first post here, but I have read posts before. It's going to be long.
A little background: my husband and I are both in our 40s. No kids. We have been married for over 10 years. We have known each other since we were both in our early 20's. He is the love of my life.
I have always been more HL in the bedroom. Always. I couldn't get enough of him. I wanted to experiment, I dressed sexy, I asked him what he wanted, what he needed, what felt good. We struggled a bit because our temperaments were different, but we made it work. He was more LL. He didn't feel the need to have sex. And when we did, it was always the same - very satisfying for me, but very vanilla. But I never complained! It was great. When it happened. But the frequency dropped from about once a week to about once a month.
Then he started to reject me. He wasn't in the mood, he was too stressed, he wanted to sleep. I stopped initiating. I didn't want to pressure him, create more stress.
I must add that he never stopped being intimate with me. We cuddled, hugged, watched TV cuddled together. But I missed something more romantic. We don't celebrate our anniversaries or Valentine's Day. I don't get flowers or gifts for no reason, just because. I do get compliments from time to time, but they are very generic - "you're pretty".
In the last few years, he has started to be more critical of me. He told me I needed to lose weight. That I need to exercise more. That I need to do more (not housework, but more like projects he thinks I should do). That I spend too much money. That I buy too many things, especially clothes. That I should get a better job. That I should learn to deal with stress.
I was overweight, so I lost 30 pounds. I understand that my health is important and that being fit is important, so I try to exercise more. I try to make time for the projects, but his criticism took away any joy I had in them. I stopped buying stuff. I cleaned out and got rid of 90% of my clothes (I admit I had a problem with this). I got a promotion at work and the new job is stressing me out.
He criticizes the way I talk to my co-workers, when I work from home he listens to all my meetings and tells me what he thinks I should be doing better. He tells me how to do the projects around the house, using words like "why do you like to make yourself suffer by doing it this way when you should do it that way". He keeps asking me if I am on my period because I look bloated (the stress from the new position has messed my periods).
He steals small pleasures out of my life. I used to love going out to eat - we don't because it's too expensive and the food isn't good enough, he can cook better at home. I used to love going to the movies, but it's too expensive and the movies are boring.
I used to like taking bubble baths. But he always wanted to take a bath with me. I used to love it, a shared bath sometimes even led to a sexy time, but his critical looks and questions about bloating made me feel shy. Yesterday was the worst. He kept looking at me, and I thought he was looking at my shoulders and the freckles I have from the sun. No, he reached out and stuck his finger in my bingo wing... and told me I needed to lift more weights. This was after a weekend of him criticizing me during the house project we are doing together (how I was mixing concrete) and jokingly telling me that my butt was big.
I got up without a word and walked out of the bathroom. I put on my pajamas and went to bed. As soon as he got into bed, I turned off the light and pretended to be asleep. I had a feeling he was in the mood for sex. I think it was the second time in my life that I didn't respond to his desire. I feel like my desire is burnt out. I realized that I haven't felt sexy, pretty, cute, or desirable in any way for months. That he is slowly, bit by bit, grounding me to the ground. I have no confidence, I don't want to be naked in front of him, dress up nicely for him. I don't even want to spend time with him anymore because everything I do is just criticized.
It hurts even more because I had to learn to be uplifting to him and I always tell him how good, kind, intelligent, hardworking, talented and handsome he is. And now I try to work overtime, take on more projects so I don't have to go home to him.
Before anyone says I should talk to him about this, I have. Almost every time I feel hurt by his comments, I tell him. I asked him to change his tone and the words he uses to tell me things like that. I gave him examples. I told him how miserable he makes me feel. He doesn't see that what he's saying is hurtful. He says it's truthful and he's just trying to help me.
This is a story of how I went from having a fairly high libido to having a low libido. i don't know where to go from here.
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2023.06.05 11:34 AgereSylveonDarling [Let's Build] D100 A little bit of everything for your aristocratic woman~

Do you ever wish that lists had a bit more accommodation for the gentleladies of your fantasy retinue? Weeeelllll step on up to your one stop shop of anything for the highborne girls!~ (Fair warning that most of this list is coming from a huge personal list of concepts that I've had for a long time, so I don't remeber any names of original creators as I never expected to share the list or anyting on it. If your concept is on here, please do contact me, please, so I can give proper credit)

  1. A hairpin adorned with an elvish love note, folded into an origami flower; you always smell nice, no matter how dirty or sweaty you are (u/ChihuahuaJedi)
  2. A veil of creamy, silken fiber shorn from a unicorn’s mane, hung from a braid of cloth-of-gold.
  3. Sweetpearl II: Spoilt pageant pony, a gorgeous Andalusian mare. Fears being alone, and great at making you feel guilty.
  4. A delicate shawl, lacy and fringed, woven from pearly spider silk.
  5. A dark blue silk mantle lined with white mink fur and embroidered in abstract silver diamond patterns at collar and hem.
  6. The Ladies Who Lunch - a guild of the who's who in feminine society that have been issued a holy mandate to find the very best cheese and wine pairing. Often women in full corsets and gowns are found spelunking into forgotten country wine cellars
  7. Phoenix Flan - A delectable Flan that, once halfway eaten, bursts into flames and reforms as Creme Brulee
  8. Ice sapphires. Usually cut into small cubes, these are placed in cups to keep the contents cold on hot days.
  9. A snow globe, and inside, there's a beautiful little pastoral town with rolling hills and pink and blue flowers. You shake it, and in a swirl of pink and blue petals, the scenery has changed to a snow-dusted town. Also goes vice versa.
  10. A small jar of golden nails with flower shaped heads that can only be driven by a glass hammerhead.
  11. A single brilliant blue rose petal that smells faintly of almonds, rolled up in the finest white silk handkerchief.
  12. Sewing Kit. One of the needles is coated in a potent drow sleeping poison.
  13. Flower bread is made from various types of powdered flowers giving it a light floral taste.
  14. Heavenwurst, a sausage made of ground up Angel Wings.
  15. This Drow elf matron wears expensive, white gloves woven from finest spider silk.
  16. A clockwork butler. Every noble needs a servant, though people who keep as dangerous company as yourselves may need something more sturdy than an ordinary butler. For you, the king has prepared a gilded, perfectly-crafted clockwork device to give to you to help you on your journey. It can cook, it can sing, it can engage in basic conversation, it can do duck calls, it can identify mushrooms, it can make your bed, it can dust your cupboards, and everything in-between. While looking and acting like a clockwork automaton, like a man who's powered by gears and levers within himself, he has the stats of a duodrone.
  17. Unicorn Horn Broth - Shimmery golden soup with a taste like a sweet honey roast, often has a small dusting of nutmeg. Has intense healing properties.
  18. A Lady’s saddle, with bit and bridle included. The fixtures are in gold, studded with translucent pink garnets, the leather is of the highest quality.
  19. A tiara that allows you to experience the sensory experience of a black cat as long as you wear it and close your eyes.
  20. A tapestry woven from the finest silk. It depicts a king and his court having a feast in a garden. A kirin (or some other appropriate holy creature) flies across the sky in the background.
  21. Fae Mouse-Dragon - Likes to viciously attack flowers and nap in the destroyed petals. Uses emotion magic on you to communicate its needs and feelings, so try to keep her happy unless you want bad vibes. She sheds her scales once a month, and they're a powerful aphrodisiac when consumed!
  22. A stall of assorted crystal bowls and cups displayed with wax fruits, all of it outlandishly overpriced.
  23. Unicorn Wax: Burning this wax-like substance that is found under the tongues of certain unicorns and inhaling the smoke will cause the user to experience hallucinations of a magical, bright, and colorful world for 1d12 hours, and increases wisdom by 1 for 1d6 hours.
  24. A baby’s mobile bearing four silver plated doves, elegantly sculpted, with translucent blue azurite eyes, suspended from a teak frame.
  25. A gold statuette carved in the likeness of a canary and is small enough to fit in a pocket.
  26. Bride’s day – Commemorating the beginning of summer, all the new brides dance with the unmarried women, to imbue to them their own marital fortunes. The dance takes place in the kings courtyard and no males are allowed in. At the end the queen usually tries to set up an unwed dancer with a royal family member.
  27. At a party the torches emit perfumed smoke that are enchanted as aphrodisiacs or some other effect.
  28. An expensive water feature or fountain is filled with wine, it is in the shape of people and animals doing very risque things.
  29. Golden Scissors - A pair of golden scissors, if you snip a thread from any clothing, however ragged, it shall transform into a magnificent suit or gown of gold thread that perfectly fits and flatters the intended wearer.
  30. A large crystal decanter etched with grapes and vines with an electrum lip, handle and foot.
  31. A Gentleperson's Toolset - A rather large and expensive set of tea, along with a huge and renewable stock of platinum quality tea leaves and sweets of all kinds.
  32. A long, elegant quill made from a peacock. The eye in the feather seems to reflect the light, and the quill tip is masterfully crafted of mithril.
  33. Heartseeker - This pair of velvet gloves allows the wearer to sense the suites of any cards it's touching.
  34. A slightly worn, satin collar that fits any creature it is placed on. It's got the cutest little bell affixed to the front of it.
  35. Wand of Feathery Feline Pleasures. A wand that creates a moving illusion of a feather tuft for cats to play with. Each illusion lasts about ten minutes.
  36. Smellen’s Sweet-Smellin’ Snuff Case'. A box that encases the wearer's nose and prevents them from smelling anything outside of the box. Includes a tiny drawer to place a desired scent.
  37. PipeDream™. A fancy looking pipe used for smoking. It can be used to blow different shapes, colors, and even bubbles.
  38. Celestial salt and abyssal pepper shaker set.
  39. An intricately detailed figurine posed as though singing to an audience on a balcony above her. Her eyes sparkle with tiny jewels to make it appear that she is crying
  40. Cruel Queen’s Sangria - A favorite recipe of an ancient, dethroned tyrant. Her sangria is sweetened with dragon fruit, blood orange and star fruit fit for a crown.
  41. A large tin canister whose lid is stamped with the image of a bountiful orchard whose trees are overflowing with fruit, the ripest of which has fallen and filled a cornucopia. The container is brimming with dozens of well-preserved dried currants.
  42. A hag (or any other long nailed creature) giving visitors a scalp massage. She makes wonderful conversation and speaks fondly of her grandkids.
  43. A silver hip flask engraved with drunken satyrs in various acts of foreplay with nymphs.
  44. Kaleido cakes - Boldly colored cake, made of shifting geometric patterns with different flavors, but always with a moderate dusting of powdered sugar. Simply rotate the cake until the flavors change to your personal tastes, but your friends can change it too.
  45. Stardust Sauvignon - A dry white wine that is traditionally served in silver cups.
  46. A single small pink satin pillow. Intended for a lap cat.
  47. A bright white, woman’s bonnet with a pink silk ribbon tied around the front into a delicate bow.
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2023.06.05 11:33 micksack Just wondering if the content of this box would be an annual bloom or it only for one season. Thanks.

Just wondering if the content of this box would be an annual bloom or it only for one season. Thanks. submitted by micksack to gardening [link] [comments]