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2012.04.28 10:42 BurritoFueled Elk Grove, CA News, Events, and Discussion

Welcome to Elk Grove, California!

2012.01.08 04:54 Panda Express

Panda Express is a fast food restaurant chain which serves American Chinese cuisine. With over 2,300 locations, it is the largest Asian segment restaurant chain in the United States, where it was founded and is mainly located.

2020.07.16 01:55 MaCliqueFans

The Ma clique or Ma family warlords is a collective name for a group of Hui (Muslim Chinese) warlords in Northwestern China who ruled the Chinese provinces of Qinghai, Gansu and Ningxia for 10 years from 1919 until 1928. Following the overthrow of the Qing dynasty in 1911, the region came under Chinese Muslim warlord Ma Qi's control until the Northern Expedition by the Republic of China consolidated central control in 1928.

2023.06.05 15:00 accessdenied65 Is there a way to play with English speaking players?

Probably know the answer (it's global, no region servers?), but just gonna ask anyway/rant.
Located in Asia but whenever I start a game, I see like 3/4 of the players are chinese/koreans/japanese basing on the characters in their names.
I am simply not fluent in any of these languages and would prefer to paired up with English speaking players. There's no point in playing with folks I can't converse with.
This "global" claim has been misunderstood. You still get paired up with players in your region, basing on your IP address it seems.
Whenever I connect the VPN, all these players vanish.
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2023.06.05 14:57 Ricosss The regulation of Tfh cell differentiation by β-hydroxybutyrylation modification of transcription factor Bcl6 (Pub Date: 2023-01-01)

The regulation of Tfh cell differentiation by β-hydroxybutyrylation modification of transcription factor Bcl6


Transcriptional repressor B cell lymphoma 6 (Bcl6) is a major transcription factor involved in Tfh cell differentiation and germinal center response, which is regulated by a variety of biological processes. However, the functional impact of post-translational modifications, particularly lysine β-hydroxybutyrylation (Kbhb), on Bcl6 remains elusive. In this study, we revealed that Bcl6 is modified by Kbhb to affect Tfh cell differentiation, resulting in the decrease of cell population and cytokine IL-21. Furthermore, the modification sites are identified from enzymatic reactions to be lysine residues at positions 376, 377, and 379 by mass spectrometry, which is confirmed by site-directed mutagenesis and functional analyses. Collectively, our present study provides evidence on the Kbhb modification of Bcl6 and also generates new insights into the regulation of Tfh cell differentiation, which is a starting point for a thorough understanding of the functional involvement of Kbhb modification in the differentiations of Tfh and other T cells.
------------------------------------------ Info ------------------------------------------
Open Access: True (not always correct)
Authors: * Jingtian Guo * Yimeng Wang * Lei Tang * Tiejun Tang * Zhuolan Li * Mengyuan Li * Liming Wang * Aizhong Zeng * Yuxiao Ma * Shihao Huang * Xiaomeng Jiang * Wei Guo
Additional links: * *
------------------------------------------ Open Access ------------------------------------------
If the paper is behind paywall, please consider uploading it to our google drive anonymously.
You'll have to log on to Google but none of your personal data is stored. I will manually add a link to the file in this post when received.
Upload PDF
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2023.06.05 14:56 Lolman-Lmaoman Everyone is thirsty for Miguel alright

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2023.06.05 14:56 EmilSPedersen Mette Frederiksen på forsiden af La Stampa 'Una donna per la Nato'

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2023.06.05 14:55 vialauren Moving to Everett!

Hi friends! My boyfriend and I are moving to Everett come July. We are big food people- and I’d love the local take on some of your favorite restaurants!
We’re really open when it comes to eating- nothing we don’t like. However I’m really interested in your recommendations on:
-best breakfast/brunch joints (love a good classic diner, especially with a killer waffle!) -seafood (obviously) -Asian (Chinese/Korean) -sushi!
Sorry if this is a repeat post but the last one I found was a bit out dated. TYIA! (:
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2023.06.05 14:52 RobinWuzz Global audience demand for streaming Asian movies, series grows with hits like ‘Squid Game’

Rakuten Viki, a streaming service owned by Japanese ecommerce giant Rakuten, has seen a surge in growth in recent years across various Asian language content.
The company said its registered user base grew by 27% globally in 2022, leading the streamer to increase its investment in content by 17% that year. Korean content remains the majority of what is consumed on the service, but viewership for Japanese, Chinese and Thai-language shows increased, too.
Karen Paek, vice president of marketing at Rakuten Viki, said in an interview that while the company has been in the Asian entertainment space for more than 10 years, it’s recently seen a growing interest and passion around the world for its shows, which are mostly licensed.
“For Viki specifically, we have been seeing a shift in terms of the ethnic makeup of our viewership toward non-Asians,” Paek said. “But at the same time, the whole audience size is growing.”
Paek said the streamer sees a boost in registered viewers and viewership in general when hits like “Squid Game” hit the mainstream.
The user base for Rakuten Viki has been so passionate that the subtitles for much of its content are actually generated by a volunteer community around the world. Its content is mainly produced and created in Asian countries, although the service licenses hits like “The Farewell,” especially during Asian American Pacific Islander month, for its U.S. audience.
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2023.06.05 14:51 Lazy-Comfortable-174 AITA for telling a customer she is brave?

I 25 m am a delivery driver for a restaurant that serves in house and delivery to an area of town with about 50/50 split customer wise between affluent and less economically stable customers. I had a delivery order to a typically middle class suburb and the customer did not add a tip online so my manager (there is 4 of us at the restaurant total) wrote on the order slip with the address no tip get signature with the signature line and tip line circled. Nbd her way of helping me get tips as I don’t like having to do this it’s awkward but at the same time I’m paid a flat rate of 1$ a delivery and 24$ a night. So I arrive all is well then the lady goes off on how she doesn’t believe in tipping and it’s just delivery it’s not like I made the food and how she shouldn’t be pressured to tip. I agree and say she’s free to write in 0$ and sign it, so that’s what she does. She then asks me what do I think? All I said was, verbatim, “I always tip cause a complete stranger has my address and my name and if I don’t tip I don’t wanna wake up to a turd on my doorstep, I’d never do anything like that but I’ve also seen the movie waiting” she got a horrified look and said that sounds like a threat. My boss said I was right but she still complained. I know I won’t be fired because if I’m let go they have to do my job or replace me and no one is jumping at 30-40$ a night tbh but was Ita?
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2023.06.05 14:50 martcus01 Come avere umorismo

Ciao a tutti... questa è una domanda un po' stupida ma mi piacerebbe molto avere l'umorismo come bonolis, prendendo in giro le persone... come posso fare? Adoro il suo umorismo e mi piacerebbe imparare il suo per averne poi uno mio.
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2023.06.05 14:50 Gumba54_Akula Karen refuses to buy a bus ticket, gets herself arrested

If you take public transit and your phone dies due to a 7 year old battery, you may sometimes get a comedy show straight from Monthy Python himself, such as on a particular thursady evening.
I peacefully sat on the bus after a long day at university, staring out the window, when some male voice interrupts my semi-dissociative state saying: "Please show your tickets everyone". Nothing out of the ordinary, I assume, until I see a woman speedwalking towards the front of the bus in the utmost corner in my eye.
I think nothing of it, show the about 30ish looking ticket inspector my ticket and continue staring out the window, until I overhear the following conversation:
Ticket inspector: "I saw you run towards the front of the bus as soon as I asked for tickets. get out at the next stop or you will be fined."
Karen: "No, I just hopped on the bus on [Main train station], and thus, I went to buy a ticket."
TI: "We got on at [Main train station] and you were in the bus since before then, as you were not on the bus stop with us."
K: "You are obviously lying. You just didn't see me because I entered before you, on [Main train station]."
Meanwhile, the bus has reached the next stop.
TI: "I don't have time for this. Get out now, or you will be fined."
K: "I am not leaving you liar."
TI: "Alright then, that'll be a €60 fine for you."
The bus left for the next station at this point in time, which is right next to the police station.
K: "No, I was going to buy a bus ticket after I have just gotten on the bus! You pathetic liar!"
TI: "Name and family name?"
K: "No, I will not accept your fine and I will not give you my name."
TI: "Fine by me, then show me your ID and I'll gladly fill out the fine ticket myself."
K: "I don't have an ID with me and you are still a liar."
TI, over the radio: "Uhm yeah guys can 2 of you come over? We got a very uncooperative passenger here who refuses to fill yout the fine ticket."
K: "Wait wha... How dare you?!"
Meanwhile, the random guy sitting next to me and I are chuckling.
TI, still over the radio: "Gotcha, awesome. Thanks."
TI: "Well, as you refuse to leave the bus, I will have you escorted off the bus by the police, and the bus will stay here until you get out. And believe me, now you will not be able to go away that early."
K: "This is unacceptable! I will get you fired for this!"
TI: "See you in court lol." Yes, he actually unironically said lol.
K: "It's always you immigrants and young spolied brats who ruin the lives of us hard-working German adults! This is the reason why this country is going to shit!"
TI, with a smirk: "I'm born in Germany but I will gladly accept the compensation for emotional damages."
At that, Karen let ot a shriek of dispair, anger and something else of what I can only describe as demonic qualities.
The bus stopped at the aforementioned stop, waited for two minutes and I saw 2 men in blue approching, looking supremely pissed, as if they were just put on the is last assignement as they were about to go home.
PO: "Alright ma'am, I'm going to ask you nicely to get off the bus once."
Karen storms out of the bus, the ticket inspector leaves as well. As soon as the doors closed, some people burst into straight-up laughter, including the driver.
I had a genuine urge to clap after this performance.
What did we learn today: Buy your bus tickets before you go on the bus and sometimes, the real world can be even funnier than the entire Internet combined. Also, if you make such a fuzz about a mere €60 fine, you can get yourself into knee-deep crap.
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2023.06.05 14:50 Competitive-Air4439 Hi! Looking for advice on apartment complexes in Sandy Springs and Vinings areas.

Looking to move into either the Sandy Springs or Vinings area and wanted to know if anyone has any knowledge/experience with the below apartment complexes. Reviews online tend to only tell you the bad… looking for a safe and clean complex with new appliances, hardwoods in the living areas, and just an overall good community to live in as a solo renter. Walkability to grocery, restaurants is an added bonus but not necessary.
Sandy Springs: 1) Wesley St James 2) The Eva 3) Park at Chastain 4) Cortland Glenridge
Vinings: 1) MAA Spring 2) Wildwood Ridge
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.05 14:50 Aggressive_Divide_96 I need your opinion (mostly from men) about boys time

Hi, I (20F) and my boyfriend (21M) are in a 4 year relationship. We have our arguing but we always managed them.
I see that he puts a lot of pressure on “boys time” such as going out to a friends house, clubbing and so on. He doesn’t go as much with me and I feel really awfull about this (we stay mostly at home and rarely go to a restaurant or to the club).
I got really mad when he went with his boy friends in our country at the beach for one day, including the night and clubbing there (3h of driving from our city) and he didn't tell me. I found out from a friend of his in his intagram story and I asked him if he was there too and he saied yes.
As he came home I confronted him and he told me I didn’t ask him because he would have told me before leaving. I belive out of respect he should tell me first, before going there and maybe take me with him. He knows I really wanted to go to the beach but told me it was a “boys time” and I shoundn’t react like this. When I asked him to go to the beach before he made excuses to not go with me, but with the boys he can go, right?
He told me I can’t go with him everytime he has a boys time and I understand that but I belive I should be included if they are going out of country or city such as going to the beach or to the mountains .
He told me that boys don’t feel themselves around me and cenzureze themselves but I don’t know if it’s true or he just doesn’t want me to come. His friends are really nice around me and really enjoy my company.
He told me I should either accept it because he is going to do it again or leave the relationship because he needs his time with the boys.
I think he is selfish for this and now I can’t be the same or act the same around him because I am really hurt and I honestly believe he doesn’t care. I faked that I am over this but I am not because he belives he is right and I am causing a scene and it’s either his way or we are ending our 4 years old relationship.
I believe he priorites his friends over me and I am really hurt and dissapointed and it is demaging our relationship.
Should I get over this? What should I do? He is pretty sure he is right and told me he is not going to change his mind about this.
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2023.06.05 14:50 Strawberrypants25 My senior work colleague keeps making passive (and sometimes not so passive) aggressive comments to/about me.

It started off as quite small bitchy things. If I made a slight mistake (like all humans do sometimes) she would sigh and say things like “well if you want a job done right then I guess you have to do it yourself” and then would make a big deal out of correcting whatever small mistake I made even though I insist that I will fix it myself.
Another time after work I bumped into her on the way out of the supermarket which is just across the road from where we work. It was Friday and I told her they were doing a good deal on bottles of wine that I had bought. She raised her eyes and said “Going to go home and drink them all by yourself?” in a judgmental tone and insinuating that I have no friends. I laughed it off and said “no I’m going with friends to xyz restaurant and then we will probably come back to mine to watch movies. Do you want to come???” She just snorted and said “I don’t think so”.
It’s also just lots of little things like rolling her eyes when I speak, being friendly to people at work that I’m friendly with and trying to push me out the conversation, purposely praising other people for the same tasks that I’ve done and then pulling me up on petty things. It’s making for a really miserable work experience and I don’t know what to do.
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2023.06.05 14:48 GetMiffed123 "Home of the Free White Men, Home of the Brave White Men"

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2023.06.05 14:47 Left-Peak-6899 [ITK-MA] Our top targets are James Maddison, Lee Kang-in, Alex Scott and Morgan Gibbs-White.

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2023.06.05 14:47 EurekaStockade 67---Bridge Collapses in India-- Bridge= 117---Bitcoin= 117---Collapse= 133--- 4 June= 133rd Day of the Lunar Year

67---Bridge Collapses in India-- Bridge= 117---Bitcoin= 117---Collapse= 133--- 4 June= 133rd Day of the Lunar Year
Another 4 June signalling event
Yesterday--4 June in Asia
Near collision between US & China warships in Taiwan Strait
155th day of the Year

4 June
155th Day of the Year
155 miles from the state capital

30 April 2022-- the same bridge collapsed last year on Hitler's suicide date
30 Oct 2022-- another Indian bridge collapsed on the night before Halloween
We are expected to believe that India has a Space Program & Nuclear Weapons but they cant build bridges

4 June
Day 133 of the Chinese/ Lunar Year
133 days later--
15 October
Day 999 of Biden's Presidency
223 Months after China passed the Taiwan Anti-Secession Law on 14 March 2005
Day 266 of the Chinese/ Lunar Year
My prediction for China Taiwan Wa WW3

4 June is the halfway mark

Bitcoin Collapses
keep an eye on the Pope
Pontiff means Bridge
Pope Francis is the 266th Pontiff

27 July= 27/7
223 days after the Pope's birthday

also keep an eye on--
5 Sep= 117th Day of the Year
666 days after Bitcoin hit its highest value on 8 Nov 2021
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2023.06.05 14:47 telperion87 Pappagallini a Milano: Anche da voi è pieno?

Ma anche da voi è pieno di pappagallini verdi che hanno nidificato in libertà sugli alberi?
So che era un fenomeno già noto ma adesso qui è pieno.
Qualcuno sa se sono particolarmente invasivi? Possono danneggiare altre specie? e se si conoscete delle buone ricette?
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2023.06.05 14:46 Maleficent-Trick8930 misure

Stavo guardando le misure di una maglietta e c'e scritto 3cm error, ma mi chiedo se sono in più o in meno quindi devo salire con la taglia per non sbagliare.
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2023.06.05 14:46 MysteryReese Soft Shell Crab

I know it's on season but haven't been able to find any around here in a couple years when it is. Looking for it in stores not restaurants.
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2023.06.05 14:46 No-Category1703 Has anybody here taken that boat tour on the orange and white boat in the marina?

If so, does it stay close to land at all time, like you can see the land and be close enough to swim if the boat sinks? Or do you actually go out to sea, like open water with land not close by?
Also, is it like the bus with a bunch of strangers, or is it private groups only? I ask because I want to go, but have nobody to go with, and don't want to be the only person in the boat.
This is what I'm talking about:
Buy Cork City 2hr Scenic Tour Tickets online - Cork Harbour Cruises (
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2023.06.05 14:46 milesdaviswetpants Mastodon from an old China Buffett in upstate NY(2002)

Not sure if this has been posted before but Mastodon used to play my town a lot in early 2000’s. They’d usually play at small DIY punk venues but this show was in a recently shut down Chinese Buffett.
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2023.06.05 14:45 akyla_71 Help: contractor contract

Dupa 12 ani de programare, "adaposita" la siguranta unui CIM (adica preaviz and etc)....consider ca ar fi timpul sa incerc si partea de contractofreelancer.
La primul loc de munca(acum hat hat timp) am avut PFA si ma cauta ANAF-ul si la 5ani dupa l-am inchis ca "trebuie sa mai dai" desi ma luptam cu chitante sa dovedesc ca nu. In cele din urma am dat doar ca sa scap de ei 100+lei, si acum aia ii am ca minus :) (lucky me, right?!)
Astfel, am o mare teama(F/35y) sa ma apuc de un SRL.
Ce mi-ati recomanda? Care au fost problemele pe care le-ati intampinat cand ati fost la inceput?
Cum ar trebui sa arate un contract in engleza? De la zile de concediu, zile libere legale, sick days, si orice altceva care NU are legatura cu pretul cerut per ora. Mofturi la pret pot avea mai incolo, cand nu am o rata pe cap...
Thx enorm de mult pt orice ajutor!
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2023.06.05 14:44 a2jeeper Sunday street parking near churches

I witness a really nasty road rage incident yesterday (Sunday) at Huron and State. A few cars were parked in the no parking except sundays spaces. One person got in their car and turned it on, so the driving lights were on and they wanted to pull out. The driver behind them really went to town dropping all kinds of profanities and then almost caused an accident flooring it in to oncoming traffic while still yelling. The thing is, besides that person having obvious rage issues, I think they thought they were in the right and this person was being stupid or parking illegally. Now, this is ann arbor, people need to chill because people are lost, there are tons of student drivers on the road, people are from out of town, people are old, etc. But in this case, huron is a fast two way street. Having one lane just have a car parked is unexpected. And with state street such a total mess right now I can see this being a much larger issue than normal on sundays because people have zero places to park to get to those businesses. What I wonder is how we can educate people about the sunday street parking, but there specifically I feel like they should just put up a lane closed sign or something, at least for now until the construction is done. Or a light up sign for sundays that says beware of parked vehicles. Again, this young kid just went off the deep end on the driver, but you can't read the "except sundays" on the signs, especially at night, so I blame him for being a real a-hole but I really don't think even now he knows he was wrong. What, if anything, could we do or bring attention to the city?
I think we all wish the state street stuff wasn't happening, but besides that, maybe the sunday only parking should have just been made permanent for the construction period. They've closed a lane on division for ages while they built that whole high-rise which isn't even city owned, this shouldn't be any different, people need to park to get to those businesses. Plus food delivery drivers, I feel for you, and restaurant owners that are missing deliveries because no one can get close.
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