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A community dedicated to memeing the ever living hell out of Senior Cianan Power

2023.06.02 00:14 EE-12345 Advice for me (F/25) about my bf (M/25)

I met my bf (25M) in Dec 2019 I’m (25F) when we were both 21. We got into a relationship after one month, but before we did I found out he had a long term, but long distance on and off relationship before we got in a relationship. I forgave him for not telling me as I thought we were made for each other and we’d only known each other three weeks, it was the second time I’d seen him. I made him call her and tell her and he decided he wanted to be with me. We were a long distance relationship from Jan 2020. I didn’t know until November 2020, but three weeks after we got in a relationship in January he went on a car journey with someone he had previously known and told her he would leave me for her, something which he told me was only so he could get driven to McDonald’s as he was working away in somewhere he used to live and had no car. There was no takeaway and he was served bad food at work. He said he liked her before he moved away, but didn’t when he saw her again then. I talked to this girl and she said he never tried to kiss/get with her at all and nothing happened, they just talked. They had also never done anything together before we met. He didn’t speak to her again after he saw her. I also found out he saw a different ex and slept with her BEFORE we got in a relationship over Christmas, but when he was talking to me (I’d only met him once at this point, but he was love bombing me and arranging to see me still after Christmas- which would be the second time I met him). He stopped speaking to her to see me. But even worse, we’d moved in together in September 2020, been together for six months and found out in November too he’d arranged to meet a girl off a dating website and was saying sexual things to in august and it looked like they only didn’t meet because she stopped replying. He’d been asking her if she would still meet him, and when she didn’t reply until almost the time they were meant to meet, he left his house and came to see me. (Six hour drive). He said he was waiting at his that day to see if he was needed in work the next day, but I’m not sure if this was true. He did leave to see me after his colleague came into his room (this could’ve been to tell him if he was needed or not in work). He’d had another offer from another girl a week before but didn’t see her (not sure if this is because he simply didn’t have the time as he was going away the next day), so this is why I partly believe his reasoning (to follow). He only ever messaged these girls on this site when he was away with work. He said the girls at the start (from getting together to two weeks afterwards) was because he didn’t know if it would be serious with me, but also he was deciding about me and wanted to test the relationship. But the girls from the dating website (we’d been together six months) was because he was insecure, and wanted validation from other girls because I could’ve just been staying with him because he was nice to me. I know he had self confidence issues because of the people in his job. His colleagues were very toxic, calling him fat and even tying him down to shave his hair off. He said he was never going to meet them, and messaged another one in September asking to see her, when he knew he was going to be moving in with me so I don’t think he actually had the time, and I think he knew that. It was planned I was coming to see him when he had finished working away, immediately after he got home so I don’t think there was ever an opportunity even though he was saying there was. Since then, we’ve been living together and he’s not done anything wrong since I found out. He’s matured so much and now out of his toxic job. I know right now he wouldn’t cheat on me. Im not sure whether I know everything from three years ago. He only told me when I said I could get all his old messages back and when I found an email to the dating website. I’m not sure I believe that was actually the reason he went on those sites. Im not sure if I believe he wouldn’t have actually met her. He never used tinder, only sites that didn’t use his name but had pictures of him on there. He said he wanted to make himself feel better and I would never find out, and he’d be content with how he felt with himself when he came home to me. He stresses so much it was never his intention to actually meet anyone, he just wanted people to say they’d meet him so he felt good. But also, I keep thinking about it and we’re so perfect now but it’s made me develop relationship OCD and anxiety and depression. Im not sure how I can get over it as I’m thinking about it three years on. He says he will propose to me one day. I currently live with him and his family, after we moved out of our house to save money. What advice would you give? Thank you!!
Edit: since we’ve been together, he met someone two weeks after but didn’t do anything with her, and didn’t speak to her again after he saw her (this was three years ago) and never met anyone since. He’s been a star of a boyfriend since we moved in together, I know because I keep checking his phone, (trying to stop doing this).
TL; DR: My bf wasn’t truthful three years ago
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2023.06.02 00:13 AboodHuncho I have been strong for too long.

The Heavy Burden of Holding On: My Struggle with Hidden Trauma and Mental Health Disorders
I've been carrying a weight on my shoulders for far too long, and today I want to open up about my experiences. I've gone through a lot of trauma in my life, but I've always tried to stay strong and keep my emotions hidden. It's been a challenging journey, especially with my diagnoses of Major Depressive Disorder (MDD), Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). I've never been one to flaunt my disorders like those who fake or fantasize about them. Instead, I've remained authentic, even though it meant struggling silently.
One thing that sets me apart is being extroverted, despite my mind selectively muting itself depending on the context. This dichotomy within myself has often left me feeling conflicted and misunderstood. At just 17 years old, I also struggle with joint problems, and the last time I had a decent night's sleep was years ago. My mind feels blank, and remembering things has become increasingly difficult. I'm forced to live in the present moment because my childhood memories have faded away. However, the pain and heaviness associated with that time still resonate within me.
Expressing what I'm feeling right now is a challenge in itself. My biggest concern lies with my brain health. It's as if my mind is closed off, operating under a constant tiny pressure. My thoughts are foggy, and even visualizing simple things, like drawing a castle, proves to be incredibly arduous. The images I conjure up vanish as quickly as they appear. It feels like my brain is fatigued from thinking, and I'm struggling to find clarity.
While there are many other problems I hope to remember and address in the future, I want to emphasize that I'm not suicidal. I hold onto hope with unwavering strength and believe that there is a solution out there for me. I'm determined to find it.
I wanted to share my story with all of you because I believe that by opening up, we can find understanding and support. If any of you have experienced something similar or have suggestions on how to navigate this challenging journey, I would love to hear from you. Let's create a space where we can help each other heal, grow, and find solace in knowing we're not alone.
Thank you for taking the time to read my story. I appreciate your support, kindness, and any insights you might have to offer.
Update: I will make sure to keep you all posted on any developments or if I remember other aspects of my struggles because I have rarely opened up, and my memories have become repressed as a result. Let's continue this conversation and work towards finding solutions together.
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2023.06.02 00:12 bl33pbl00p1856 True DT experience

Not sure if this fits here, as I don’t drink anymore, but I thought you all would appreciate my experience with DTs.
I saw a few comments and posts about experiences with Delirium Tremens and thought I’d share my own experience. I share this as a tale of caution to anyone on the fence of medical detox. If you’re unsure, just go to the doctor.
My experience was around 4 years ago, but I remember much of it vividly. It’s hard to have an absolute timeline of how things went down, but I’ll just provide a brief overviews of how things went as I remember them.
I had been drinking heavily for about 5 years at this point, with one 2-month break about a year prior to this experience (that had been made possible by a medical detox). I was 23 when this happened. I stopped drinking cold turkey as I didn’t want to tell anyone around me how much I had began drinking again (people knew I was off the wagon, but not to the extent). I’m honestly not sure exactly how much I was drinking, but it was easily over 40 drinks a day (and sometimes MUCH more, when coupled with cocaine especially).
The first couple days included the normal sensation of fear, anxiety, sweating, etc.. that comes with detox. Also the shaking. My entire body was vibrating - my eyebrows, lips, arms, legs, all shook uncontrollably. This eventually subsided. Many of the negative detox feelings kinda went away. I started feeling better. I actually went to the gym! The first sign of things being amiss? They were playing dubstep style music at the gym, which was unusual for the local ymca (spoiler: they weren’t playing dubstep). I then noticed when driving home that if I turned the dial on my radio to 0 volume, the song “Sleep Now In The Fire,” by Rage Against the Machine played. When I got home, I noticed all the fans in my house were playing classical music, various symphonies by Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, and so on.
Things began to ramp up from here. I started seeing people coming into my house, but I couldn’t understand why these strangers were here. I could talk to them, smell them, shake their hands. A bunch of gangsters appeared in my backyard and were threatening to enter my home and kill my family. Luckily, my friend set a bomb attached to the fan in my room that sat on my window sill. This caused them to think twice before entering. Soon enough, I found myself alone in my room with the door shut and people were banging on my door. The police were outside telling me I had to come out. I KNEW they had backup outside. Hundreds of officers stood outside my room with their guns drawn, helicopters swirled overhead shouting for me to leave my room. My mother begged me to open the door. Finally, I open the door and it’s just my hallway. I return to bed and my girlfriend is with me.
My girlfriend clearly knows something is going on, but I haven’t come clean yet (at least, I don’t think I have). She urges me to sleep, but a goat-demon at the edge of my bed keeps running his hands over my body and pulling on my legs. Eventually, I tell my gf we need to move into the living room. We start trying to sleep on the couch, but soon I realize the living room is filled with tiny toy-like horror creatures. Spiders, bugs, misshapen dolls, goblins, they all are crawling across the floor and walls and slowly moving towards my girlfriend and I on the couch. That’s when I notice that a lamp-demon has been pouring kerosine on my gf and I. Right as he flicks the match towards our soaked bodies, I grab my gf and jump off the couch. At this point she is pretty freaked out. The lamp-demon turns towards us and starts shooting balls of fire at us. I grab my gfs hand and yank us out of the way. I begin dragging her around the house as bats continue bombarding us with fireballs. Finally, my friend who lives with me hears the commotion and comes downstairs. He flicks the lights on and all the hallucinations subside. I’m back to reality for a moment. I tell them what was happening. They both tell me I need to sleep.
Things continue to escalate. Eventually I realize I’m on the set filming an upcoming Transformers movie. I’m an extra and my role is to hide behind this bush and hold the dog near me tightly to my body as a large dam ahead of us will break and water will come rushing out. I keep missing the cue and eventually the scene is shut down because of my mistakes. I return home and 3 girls from the set appear at my house. They demand payment for the $1800 they should have been paid for my ruined scene. I chase the girls out and they all proceed to hide around my house and backyard. At one point I’m climbing through my neighbors bushes as one of the girls taunts me onwards. My neighbor comes out and asks WTF I’m doing. My friend appears and explains to the neighbor he’s going to take me inside. My friend again tells me I need to sleep.
Next, I’m on another movie set. This time we’re filming for a new Star Trek movie. I’m on a conveyor belt that slowly leads to a pool of boiling lava. I asks the other actors if the lava is real and they tell me it is. We maybe acting, but we’re really going to die. I freak out, but I can’t move. I’m glued to the conveyor belt. Right as I fall from the conveyor belt towards the lava, the door to my room opens and my brother enters. I return to reality for a moment. When did my brother get here? I’m back in my room. He tells me to sleep.
Continued in comments because it’s too long!
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2023.06.02 00:12 dolcedeal Did I get Scammed for my rear brake job? (See photos)

Did I get Scammed for my rear brake job? (See photos)
Got my rear brakes done 5 months ago as part of my vehicle safety inspection. They said they changed my rear brakes, calipers, and rotors, as well as my muffler and catalytic converter and a few other things. This shop uses very expensive parts but I was in a pinch at the time. I’ve since stopped going to them for repairs mostly for this reason.
Today i got a front brake job done, by a different shop, and the new front calipers/rotors definitely look new. Then I took another look at my rear calipers…
Did I get scammed by the shop who claims to have replaced the rear calipers and rotors? I live in Canada but i still doubt that much rust would form on my calipers over only 5 months. Rust is flaking/peeling off of them.
Also included a pic of my muffler, it also has a good amount of rust on it already which seems odd for a 5 month old muffler. I don’t know much about cars but it all seems very odd.
TLDR: did my mechanic scam me for a rear brake job that never got done? (See photos)
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2023.06.02 00:12 daufaqisreddit123 Host lied that we damaged their property. We did not.

Host lied in review
I'm honestly really annoyed. But I'd like a hosts honest opinion. I feel it's so unfair and I don't know whether to fight it. I live abroad, and i booked a place for my parents to stay so they could visit me for 2 weeks. Host had great reviews, self check in so never met her, but through the messages they seem nice. The apartment was clean and comfortable. Yadda yadda. Gave her a 5 star review when my parents checked out, lovely place etc. Text her like and idiot to tell her this and thank her. She messages me a few hours later saying my parents damaged the property. The photos she sent were wear and tear and honestly so minimal it might of been a previous guest, they were not noticible and I didnt even see them while i was in the apartment the night before. Her photos also were not proof it was even that apartment. But I didn't bother saying it because I thought she was being ridiculous. I was honestly so surprised, my reviews are perfect and my parents are more careful than I am. This was not damage at all, but she acted like they wrecked the place.. I waa polite but I was not accepting what she was saying. She reckoned she need a painter. It was 2 suitcase marks on the doorway. I genuinely feel like she was looking for an excuse to charge me more.
She surprised me by leaving good public review, but then suggestions for next time "damaged property". The property was not damaged. I'm so annoyed that I'd almost ask air bnb to remove my 5 star review altogether. I'd rather her have none than have a good one from me.
Is "suggestions for next time" seen by other hosts? I don't want my good guest profile ruined by a pure lie on her part.
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2023.06.02 00:12 Captain_Mosasaurus An essay: Porn and racism go hand in hand

We all at antipornography know that racism is as pernicious as porn. Turns out, pornography also supports and fuels racism through their frequent use of racial tropes. Common ones are:
Next are my views on the so-called "cuck fetish" as used in interracial porn. I suspect this trope is a fetish built around the infamous racist concept of "race traitor", since I once read porn companies think certain men may find it somehow arousing to watch a girl of their race having sex with a person of a different race. Absolutely preposterous! There's ABSOLUTELY nothing remotely "cuckish" in liking someone of a different race! People are free to be in a relationship with any person they like, regardless of what their race is!
In short:
Also check this super based post on porn and sexualization:
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2023.06.02 00:12 Affectionate-Peak511 How to protect myself in long term relationship?

Hey dads,
No one to really ask in my life so I figured I’d try this.
I’m in my first LTR with a man that is 20 years older than me. He is amazing and our relationship has been very fulfilling. I guess where I stumble is our differences related to money. I live with him and it’s mostly very enjoyable. We travel together, take mini vacations and enjoy our time at home. I pay my percentage of everything (which is an equitable division based on our incomes) and try to enjoy it.
Really though, it terrifies me. I barely make enough money to comfortably afford necessities and save money at the same time.
I’m getting back into school and am looking into a career in computer science, so I hope to make more money soon (1-3yrs). I guess I really want to make sure that if anything were to happen, I’d be okay. Maybe this is just a general fear that comes with relationships, though?
There’s probably too much to unpack here but if you’ve made it this far, I appreciate it. Have a good one :)
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2023.06.02 00:12 LifeLibertyPancakes Olivier & Sandrine: "Martin, you can't move to Portugal!" Olivier & Sandrine: "We're moving to Brazil!"

I recently started watching this show and have to say that I was surprised at how Olivier & Sandrine reacted when Martin told his parents that Eve and him were going to be moving to Portugal for the new job that Eve had landed in her architectural firm as it would help her career grow (pre covid). Martin's parents and brothes (except Raphael) had a freaking temper tantrum at the idea of him moving away. When Olivier told Martin to "think of the family!" Martin responded with "I am. I'm thinking of MY family." Olivier was not having it and made sure everyone knew how Martin had ruined his news of the boat purchase. THEN you fast forward to S3, Final episode, where Olivier and Sandrine announce they not only bought a house in Brazil (a whole different continent!) but that they're handing over the reins! I couldn't help but feel how they both came out as such hypocrites, as you recall, Sandrine argued that she wouldn't get to see Martin's kids if he moved, that the family dynamic would be 'off,' they wouldn't be able to have family dinners anymore or see one another as often. When Martin pointed out that Portugal was only a one hour flight and that she could still see them on the weekends for a quick visit, she angrily replied with "that's not the same! A weekend is not the same, it's not enough time!"

SAY WHAT?!?! So they bitch and moan about their daughter-in-law advancing her career and their son supporting her, while at the same time he was willing to grow the real estate business in Portugal and they shoot him down (Covid also played a part), but then they throw the bombshell of "We're moving to a different country, good luck guys." The level of hypocrisy and wanting to have control over the lives and decisions of your married children and their families. WTF. I wish Martin would've had a bigger back bone and had spoken up during the news blitz at the beach.
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2023.06.02 00:12 Gold-Cauliflower-453 Got it scheduled for tonight boss 🫡

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2023.06.02 00:12 alonberm Bianca Del Rio TONIGHT

Heyyy so tonight (in two hours) is Bianca Del Rio live at college street! Let me know if you’re interested, honestly can meet right outside of college street as I have 4 tickets in total on me and need to give away only 1. We’ll talk lowering prices! If you like drag queens and ending homelessness, you’ll enjoy the show.
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2023.06.02 00:11 hwy89survival Survivor Prom - TICKETS ARE LIVE!

Survivor Prom - TICKETS ARE LIVE!
Tickets for Survivor Prom are officially LIVE! (&limited) Purchase tickets at
The discounted hotel link will be sent to you with your booking confirmation as well as other information for parking etc.
Check out the website for FAQs, How You Can Help and of course purchase tickets! You can even buy a ticket for a Survivor in need!
If you cannot afford a ticket or need assistance, stay plugged into our other social platforms for the next round of assistance. We will be helping survivors cover the cost of their tickets as much as we can!
Thanks for reading! Hope to see you at Prom!
  • Hannah, lead organizer
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2023.06.02 00:11 khamzatsmom Having trouble setting up OpenWrt on my new Belkin rt3200. I am lost, desperate, and don't know what to do. seeking tips

Ok, this is something I am GOING to accomplish eventually. Not giving up. Wondering if DD-WRT or Tomato fresh would be better choices for a networking newb???

my problem is the documentation available for installing on the belkin. There is SO much out there and I get lost. I have no idea where to start and all the next steps. Certain code in certain guides just doesn't work (unless i'm doing it wrong). This firmware is definitely built for the advanced user.

This whole openwrt world is chaotic lol. then I came across this one page that said you need to manually configure every setting in the quick setup and basic user setup.... that can't be right, that would be well over 100 config pages that you manually configure.

IDK guys, I just don't know what to do. Is there a simple solution to this? like a third party installer and configure? Or a good, straight forward guide for newbs. Hope you all can offer insite
p.s. I would gladly be open to some sort of live chat to help me set it up :)
could even compensate via paypal
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2023.06.02 00:11 Ok_Double383 Postwar Louisville Kentucky “Three?”

I read a book as a teen about a girl who lived in Louisville Kentucky and Nashville Tennessee after America was conquered and was part of the resistance against the oppressors.
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2023.06.02 00:11 OliveDangerous6278 My Perfect Setlist. Based not only on song quality, but also how much fun it’d be to be in a UK crowd

My Perfect Setlist. Based not only on song quality, but also how much fun it’d be to be in a UK crowd
I’m not delusional - I would never expect this to actually happen!
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2023.06.02 00:11 NathanCampioni Alt+Tab+Del behaviour in Linux Mint

I've done the leap to Linux Mint, Cinnamon from Windows (for the fourth time but I think this is the final one). But there is one thing that I miss from Windows, this is because I tend to be quite messy, I used to cycle through the too many tabs that I keep open with ALT + TAB and while remaining in the ALT TAB view by keeping alt pressed I would use ALT+DEL (or ALT+X) to close a window I didn't need and I would then continue cycling through windows. Well I've missed this a lot, is there a way of having this behaviour, could I script something in bash maybe using wmctrl to do it? (I'm bad at this stuff pls help)
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2023.06.02 00:11 pls-send-kitties She’s lost her son now.

My mil has always had issues. From the beginning, it was claiming she’s sick all the time and begging us for money. Then once she came to this country, it was refusing to help out with anything while she lived with us completely for free. She talked her son into selling her a car for $500, but fought tooth and nail anytime we asked for any sort of payment. Would borrow money from me and then avoid me so I couldn’t ask about when she could pay me back. Screamed at me while her son was literally attempting suicide by police(thankfully the officer knew us and recognized my husbands mental state and didn’t press charges). Then went around telling her entire family how horrible a person I am for getting her son the help he needed. Recently she sold the car she was sold, but needed a car and decided to beg/pressure my husband to sell her his project car. He decided that yes, he would. Even though he loves that car and didn’t want to, but they need a vehicle. Then she turns around and says she’s going to sell it for 3000. She hasn’t even paid us for the car and already planning to sell it. So when my husband confronted her saying that if she doesn’t want the car then she should just not get it. But then she gets mad and says he can keep the car but he has to pay her 1300 for it for some reason. I have told my husband for years that his family is nice but not when it comes to anything material or money and he always said that hr helped them because they are his family and he wants to keep the peace. After all of this fighting he has finally told them to keep the car and do what they want but to not call him for help anymore. He’s said he is done and can’t take it anymore. When we needed help they turned they’re back while he always did what he could for them. His final decision was to just give up and it breaks my heart for him but he knows I and my entire family support him and love him.
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2023.06.02 00:11 RevolutionaryTerm217 Would like some advice on getting a 10th gen civic

I'm 18, and i plan on getting my first car. I really want it to be a 10th gen civic cuz i like the looks and its reliable and it has good tech and specs for the price. I can't really choose which trim to get, cuz of the engine differences. here are some things i want 1. I dont want it to be a hatchback 2. I want an automatic, i cant drive manual 3. where I live top speed are not that high even on highways so performance doesn't need to be off the charts i really consider getting and EX trim, cuz it has keyless entry, backup camera and stuff that i need, whilst it has a basic 2.0l. I've heard 1.5t ca have some issues, since it's my first car im not much of a maintenance guy. i was just wondering is 2.0 power enough for daily driving and occasionally speeding a little (not over 80-90mph)? and + i really dont like the idea of a smaller boosted engine. note: im getting a used car so probably like 60-90k miles on it, maybe even higher, and i plan on keeping it for 6+ years at least. as for mods i plan on doing only cosmetic stuff so to sum it up: what engine should i consider? is the 2.0l enough? and will i regret getting it?
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2023.06.02 00:11 IanDaHorse 144hz monitor running at 60hz during gaming

The monitor is running at 144hz during normal computing but when I tab to a game it caps at 60hz. I've already updated to the latest drivers and the monitor is connected by DP. I've also made sure it's set to 144hz in Display > Advanced display settings > Refresh Rate, as well as the Display adapter properties for Display 1.
Anyone have any idea why it's capping itself at 60hz?
I can't include an image of the 60hz capped refresh rate, as I'm viewing that through an overlay on the monitor.
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2023.06.02 00:11 shawarma-enjoyer9 Things I’ve learned after a haunted childhood

I grew up in the Middle East (Jordan), and my siblings became religious partly because of what had taken place in our previous home over the years. Our attempts to approach these situations rationally were fruitless, especially when my non-superstitious adults (our parents) just decide to stop ignoring this ‘shadow-entity’ (which we’ve all been seeing but never discussed or brought up to one another), and decide “fuck it, can we please cleanse this place and move the fuck out”.
This “haunting” was confirmed by several Sheikhs (Islamic equivalent of a priest, also invokes the name of the God of Abraham (Allah, if you speak Jesus’s language - Aramaic - then you’d be referring to Almighty God by the word Alaha/Elaha/Aloho). Arabic and Aramaic are semitic languages after all, with Aramaic being much older. My inclusion of this piece of trivia is not to promote Islam or any other religion, but to provide religious context.
Anyways, they cleansed the place with ayat (verses of the Quran) and banished the entities to the underworld.
I can go into the paranormal events in detail if asked to do so by a commenter, but for now I’ll just list the things my parents, siblings and I have learned after living in that place for 12 years.
1) Do not purchase antique vessels, suspicious oils, figurines or dolls from Morocco
2) If you live in an apartment building and your neighbor straight up does black magic, expect your place to be affected by the darkness as well. Demons/shadows slamming doors, scratching on walls, etc? Yeah call the police (some arab countries take sihr (magic) seriously) or get your local priest/sheikh (depending on your faith) immediately. Moving out would be your best bet especially if the magician leaves a token as revenge.
3) Do not use tarot cards.
4) Do not use a ouija board. Ban them from your household.
5) Do not buy used furniture, toys, or clothes.
6) Do not interact with any of these entities. Scratches, doors opening, etc are invitations for investigation. Do not acknowledge any of this. Prayers are your best tool.
7) Never use a spirit box or ANY device/board/tool that is claimed to establish contact with the other world.
8) Only accept incense as a gift from trusted individuals or your local religious institution. Under the category of black magic is a certain type of bakhoor (incense) which when burnt invites shayateen (demons) into the location. We seek refuge in God from these evil deeds.
9) Do not use talismans
10) If some random person asks you for your mom’s name (and the context dictates that it’s for no apparent reason), DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE PROVIDE IT TO THEM. Ask any man/woman who used to practice middle eastern black magic (in this case black magic is used to refer to magic that involves demons) why they need the victim’s mother’s name, and they’ll explain it to you. I can do so if asked in the comments.
God bless you all.
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2023.06.02 00:11 WatercoolerComedian Will you be there when peak gaming arrives tomorrow?

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2023.06.02 00:11 HydraulicAG12 In the fog quest

In my 3rd play through, and just completed the In the fog quest. It is amazing to me how the devs packed so much humanity and beauty into a side quest. The way they associate the concept of Alzheimer's/ dementia in the tenakth tribe to Chaplains because no one else reaches old age was great.
My grandmother got Alzheimer's when I was 7, and she lived with us for a while. She also seemed to always be in a "fog" when she couldn't remember things, or people's faces.
I really appreciated Fenirra's instant reaction to accept her fathers "diagnosis" and vow to care for him, even though the tribe wouldn't agree.
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2023.06.02 00:11 ThatTrashMammal Finally done with Junior Year!

Damn I haven't been on this subreddit in hella long. How y'all been?
Hope y'all been as good as I been. Just wanted to check in with y'all. Ima be real, my junior was probably my most favorite year of all time in high-school. I went in it thinking that it was going be a stressful experience like many say it would be, but damn I didn't imagine I would love it this much. I felt like I finally found my standing in school this year. Like this was the year where I finally bloomed as an individual.
Anyways putting aside the small talk, I just wanted to say that I hope those who dread junior year will learn from my experience. At the beginning of the year, I feared junior year because it was the year where students would take the PSATs, SATs, and overall more difficult classes than they are usually used to. As time went on, my perspective on the year changed completely. I started to learn that the year was not that bad. In fact it was so much fun. You start to get more privileges that you didn't have as a freshmen or sophomore, more freedom in what you can do, etc. At this point I realized, damn this year is going to be a fun and wild ride. Flash forward to today, I still stand by this statement. After finishing this year today, I came out with a positive mindset that I hope others will come out with. A mindset where you learn that although school can be challenging, it can also be fun. Never limit yourself to restrictions. Make sure to explore as there are practically endless possibilities in high-school. Your experience is only formed from your actions and what you choose to.
Please, and I emphasize, please do not put your mental health at risk because of assignments that you see are difficult. Try your best to just chill and mellow out. Don't be afraid to take a break sometimes from studying. Don't be afraid to spend time with friends and never feel guilty about it. Last but not least, please enjoy yourself!
I want to end this post off with a special message for the up and coming seniors like me. Class of 2024, lets make 2024 an unforgettable year!
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