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2023.05.30 22:49 ffffffudgeyou Lyric Wallpaper

Hi, I'm just wondering if anyone has any Maneskin lyric wall paper they'd be willing to share? Particularly Coraline lyrics/aesthetics as that's the song with the most meaning to me. I've been trying to track some down, but haven't had much success. Thanks in advance
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2023.04.15 04:22 MarvDStrummer [ALL] Would you be fine if a Zelda movie was made purely on Stop Motion or not?

I got a dream that after the success of The Mario Movie, Nintendo decided: *At least, one of our original franchises will got a movie from a different American Animation Studio."
And while i already told that i think Spiderverse's style of animation could be great, i think a TLOZ movie made by LAIKA(the studio who gives us Coraline, Kubo and Paranorman) are a better fit for Zelda's Aesthetic and World, yes, it would be rather EXPANSIVE and too ambitious, Stop Motion Animation takes so much more time than any other style of animation on the market, so it's very unlikely we got a movie like this for TLOZ.
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2023.04.12 21:53 d0wncasts0ul coralines aesthetic?

i love how coraline dresses and the overall feel of the movie, and i would love to find clothes that would match her aesthetic. how would you describe it?
edit: i’m thinking maybe whimsigoth?
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2023.03.13 11:25 MarvDStrummer [ALL] with the announcement of the Mario Movie, TLOZ will most likely got a movie and i have a suggestion of directors in mind

Well, with the Mario Movie coming, it's most likely it will be a box hit in theaters, will not receive an Oscar for sure(this will belong to Across The Spiderverse, *I'm gonna come to you later), and yeah, if the Mario Movie become a box hit, Zelda and other Nintendo Games will most likely receive a movie as well, but in case of Zelda, the question that lingers in my mind is, which game would be adapted? In my eyes(and i pray to Ronnie James Dio NOT) Wind Waker being the one adapted and by Ilumination himself, yes, WW is aesthetically unique and more pleasant and welcoming for kids, but, we as the fans want at least, Ocarina Of Time being adaptated to the big screen and right after Majora's Mask for sure.
But, there's the studio problem for that, I'm really divided in the department of, which studio could make these movies?
Ghibli would by any standards accept this idea because of Miyazaki's douche and angry behavior towards American Culture(Majora's Mask by Ghibli is a long time dream by me, but will never happen)
So, there's DreamWorks, that if approaches Nintendo with the interest on adapting Ocarina Of Time, Dean Deblois is the fucking Jackpot for directing this movie, this dude is responsible for The How To Train Your Dragon Trilogy and Lilo & Stitch, this dude just screams to me as the brightest of the choices to direct a Zelda animated movie(with the art style of Spiderverse, of course).
As for Majora's Mask, they could be wayyyy more ambitious (while i think Nintendo will most likely be too much afraid on touching on this game and adapt him to the big screen due of how damn grim and depressing this shit would be for childrens), i think, Henry Selick(the director of Coraline And Nightmare Before Christmas) alongside Dean Deblois could easily direct Majora's Mask still with Spiderverse animation, BUT, with The Majora presenting himself in a fusion of 3 different art styles, 2D/Stop Motion/3D, i dunno, i just think that Zelda in a Stop Motion would be quite fucking great as well too, but, Majora's Mask is simply a gaming experience that screams a wider experience on a movie format that an art style of Stop Motion alongside the other masks as well would be the cherry on top!
So, what do you guys think about my suggestions? :}
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2023.02.06 03:22 bluthchickendance "Modern" fairytale movies

I really like movies that have a very fairytale-like feel to them. Not movies that are based on fairytales or movies that have fantasy elements that are associated with fairytales (they can fall under these categories too, as long as they also fit the type I'm looking for). They don't even have to involve magic or fantasy at all. I'm thinking more along the lines of movies with plot elements that feel reminiscent of fairytales, or even visual aesthetics that call to mind a storybook vibe. Magical realism pops up in these types of films a lot. Looking for "modern" fairytales where "modern" is meant very loosely (as in, doesn't have to be set in modern times, just not traditional fairytale adaptations à la Disney movies). Hope this at least kind of makes sense. Some examples I can think of that I think have a fairytale feeling include Edward Scissorhands (1990), Coraline (2009), The Night of the Hunter (1955), Joe Versus the Volcano (1990), and Spirited Away (2001).
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2023.01.31 19:49 MrCantFindAGoodName [TOMT][MOVIE][2010s] A weird movie about a bunch of animals and an old man. (animated)

I've watched this movie maybe once or twice, and the name I just can't remember. It had a similar aesthetic to Robots (on Disney) The Little Prince, and Coraline. The movie was on Netflix, I think. It was a kids movie, and I think this was in like 2017 or something. The cover art had a bunch of pretty heavily stylized animals, including maybe some rats and an orange cat. The cat was new to the home and was adopted by an old man. Then I think there are like a bunch of other animals who try and sabotage this cats life or something.
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2023.01.20 21:48 mxrsee_ Ripsquad Iceberg

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2023.01.20 21:46 mxrsee_ #Rs Iceberg Chart Finished

#Rs Iceberg Chart Finished
Took me a couple days but I finished it, can't wait for a mf to do a video on it 😭 💖💖
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2022.12.04 03:19 Ellulfan22 Ripsquad Preset Megathread

S/o u/shorp_ for most of these
Jaws, All the songs on Aesthetics Pak, Waster: Preset: PL Synth Edge Vst: Roland System-8
Coraline (and possibly Facetime): Preset: Arielles Ghost Vst: ElectraX
Facetime: Preset : One of the 70's Vinyl Strings presets (not sure which one) Vst: Nexus
Gotham City: Preset: Soft piano and guitar Vst: Nexus
Dola Beach: Preset: 1785564628 Vst: Autogun
Dola Beach: Preset: One of the Piccolo presets Vst: Nexus (Might be from 808 Mafia expansion)
Alone: Preset: LD King of Buzz Vst: Nexus
Ex Akachi Feb 1: Preset: SYN Magic Vst: Firebird
Hello 2015: Preset: Hollowman MF Vst: ElectraX
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2022.11.11 18:30 viibii3 Lost In Random - A year later and while a little shallow, it was pretty great!

Lost in Random is a nice mix of deck builder and action combat. They really haven't made too many games like this, and I always love them. The last one that was similar and comes to mind was Lost Kingdom on the Gamecube (and if you know of others, please drop them in the comments).
During combat, you run around collecting energy by using a sling shot to hit weak points on enemies. You use this energy to draw cards and then you roll your giant dice friend to decide how much mana you get to play cards. Cards can be traps, cheat cards or straight up weapons. It works fairly well but I say it's shallow because there really isn't THAT many cards in the game, and I found myself just using ones that felt a lot more useful than others to make a consistent deck. Biggest annoyance is having to use your slingshot to gather energy at the beginning of every fight, feels sluggish but better once you get into the swing of things.
The game itself has a Nightmare Before Christmas or Coraline feel to its aesthetic. Feels almost like claymation which is awesome, they totally nailed the style. It's also a bit dark and creepy, but still on the cute side. The story itself is interesting and original enough also, and completely fits the visual style. I won't give too much away, but you have to save your sister from the evil queen of random. You traverse the 6 towns of random getting closer to where the queen brought your sister.
It's a really cool game, and if you find it on sale, def worth the purchase if you enjoy a deck building action game with style.
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2022.10.31 03:11 Diechswigalmagee Attempting to Rank Every Single Treehouse of Horror Segment, Just in time for Halloween!

Please read comments for stipulations and the bottom 5!
1) The Shinning (V) It really doesn’t get better than this. It nails the humor and the scares right out of the gate– the “No TV and No Beer” scene straddles the line between these better than anything else The Simpsons has done– and it even ends on a bit of heart too. It’s also cool that it is one of very few ToH direct parodies where there is no reason you need to have seen the original for it to be enjoyable 10/10
2) Clown Without Pity (III) Oh yeah, this is the good shit right here. Instead of taking the easy route and doing a 1:1 Chucky clone, the writers took the basic premise of that series and made an entirely different story that has one of the single best ToH scenes in the short Gremlins parody. Seriously, that bit still gets a good guffaw from me even though I’ve seen it countless times! 10/10
3) Bart’s Nightmare (II) Beginning The Simpsons’ long fascination with directly parodying old Twilight Zone episodes, this is still one of the best ToH segments they have done. For one thing, it has a lot of heart and some actual laugh out loud moments– especially Bart’s scream when waking up as Homer kisses him. For another… well it’s just too on brand for Bart to have a dream about running Springfield with psychic powers for it not to be a great segment. 10/10
4) Citizen Kang (VII) A lot of people would say that this segment is the high water mark for ToH. I definitely agree that it is close: this one has so many quotable moments that it really is hard for any others to compete (“We have reached the limits of what rectal probing can teach us,” “Don’t blame me, I voted for Kodos,” “That's Slick Willy for you. Always with the smooth talk,” you get the point). The one thing that keeps it from being the best is it just doesn’t feel like there is enough of it. 10/10
5) Fly vs Fly (VIII) This one is just too funny from moment one. Everything at Frink’s yard sale is chef’s kiss, and though things slow down a bit once the plot actually starts progressing it is still consistently amusing, sweet, and a little gross. This isn’t the first time ToH has done “Bart is replaced by an evil doppelganger”... but it may very well be the best 10/10
6) Time and Punishment (V) It’s funny, I feel like this one is never talked about in comparison to the other two segments of ToH5. Which is a shame because it has so many amazing moments: from Homer getting his hand stuck in the toaster, to him screwing up his perfect universe due to an “absence” of donuts, to the Willie ax killing, to the multiple Peabody and Sherman cameos. It has really good horror moments, amazing comedy, and a little heart. That’s the winning formula right there 9.5/10
7) I Know What You Diddly-Iddly Did (X) This one is one of my personal all-time favorites. It plays with horror tropes too well to not be a really fun ride, and Ned is just too on point in this episode for it not to be worth at least a few chuckles. ToH10 in some ways feels like a return to form (not that 6-9 were “bad,” just not as consistently good), and this segment is the poster child for how good later Simpsons can be if they try hard enough. 9.5/10
8) It’s The Grand Pumpkin, Millhouse (XIX) What’s this? A segment from the 20th season this far up?? Well, yes. The Charlie Brown parodies in this are just too good and it is chock full of great, amusing moments and honestly some good horror elements. Millhouse’s Linus stand-in is the star of the show. That’s a huge risk: MIllhouse can either be the best character or the most irritating depending on context. Thankfully, the heart and innocence inherent to the character shines through here and his friendship with Lisa’s Sally (and also Lucy) makes for one of the best dynamics of the entire ToH series 9.5/10
9) Terror at 5 ½ Feet (IV) This is one of the most classic ToH segments, and it is completely justified. Not only is it genuinely funny at points (“Wang Computers” always gets a little chuckle out of me) but it is also genuinely scary. I feel like if you have been reading these you probably noticed I focus on three things: heart, laughter and scares. To get high marks an episode pretty much needs to do all three. This episode just does two so well that it doesn’t even matter about the third 9.5/10
10) The Devil and Homer Simpson (IV) This one's just for fun. Basically from moment one it has some great sight gags– Ned Flanders as the Devil, Grandpa and the birds, etc– and it never really gets old. It even has a super sweet ending, which I always appreciate… and then undercuts it with a funnier one that never fails to get a chuckle 9.5/10
11) Starship Poopers (IX) This one has a really wacky premise– Maggie being Kang’s daughter– that is stretched for all it’s worth. Every single second of this segment is used wisely and it is just packed to the brim with great moments. The extended Jerry Springer section had the potential to completely fall flat, but it ends up being a risk worth taking for one of the best gags in the entire ToH collection 9/10
12) G-G-Ghost D-D-Dad (XI) This one is just too damn funny and quotable to not get high marks. Sure, it runs out of steam as it approaches the ending… but before it gets there there are just too many great moments: from snakes being nature’s quitters, to Homer not running for Jesus. 9/10
13) Homer3 (VI) Definitely the best of ToH6, this segment never stops being funny even if it isn’t as rewatchable as others in the collection. It starts on a high note– with Homer trying to find a place to hide from his sisters-in-law– and only really gets better from there. It was even pretty cutting edge at the time, with 3D animation still in its infancy. It’s another that is a classic for a reason 9/10
14) Nightmare Cafeteria (V) Maybe it is a bit controversial to put this below Time and Punishment... but man both are just too good so it doesn’t even matter. This one has some of the best scares and is pretty much built on dark humor– very, very rare for The Simpsons, even in the ToH episodes. There are so many great moments (one of my faves is Skinner’s “scratch that last part”), all culminating in a hilariously gross closing number. 9/10
15) Send in the Clones (XIII) The entire premise is too on brand for Homer for it not to work. The only real risk would be the potential of him using his clones while he gets to be a jerkass, but given that he mostly uses them to do nice things for his family it ends up being more wholesome than anything. Lisa’s solution is damn funny, and though the ending paints Marge in a pretty sad light, the use of Stephen Stills’ “Love the One You’re With” is at the very least worth a good chuckle. A great segment, which is surprising this late in the game. 9/10
16) Simpsonsworld (XXXIII) This one is such bait. It opens in a classic episode, then moves through multiple famous episodes and callbacks to pretty much every overly quotable Simpsons line… and then it completely smashes the fourth wall for a pretty bombastic ending. I’m not saying it’s perfect— Simpsons has been doing self-referential humour for decades at this point— but the audacity of how much is here would either hit a high point for new Simpsons or show how well they can still do. It ends up being the former, and I’m so glad for it. Now keep the writers from trying again before they ruin it 8.5/10
17) You Gotta Know When to Golem (XVII) You know what? This one is cute. Is it the best ToH segment ever? No, obviously not… but it has a few genuinely funny moments in the first half– Millhouse getting acid in his face amused me way too much for such an obvious joke– and then ultimately just ends up having a little love story near the end. It’s definitely far better than it has any right to be. 8.5/10
18) Night of the Dolphin (XI) Another well-loved episode, this is one of the most unique and interesting segments of ToH. It has some great animation and horror– the dolphins coming out of the sea is a highlight– and it moves along at a good pace, not too fast or slow. It could use some more humor and it is best the first time you watch it, but even still it is at the high end of the spectrum for ToH 8.5/10
19) King Homer (III) A popular opinion is that The Simpsons does the heart really well, whereas shows like Family Guy and South Park deliver the laughs. King Homer proves this point: it is jam packed with jokes– almost one in every scene– but man, it's the love story between Marge and giant ape Homer that keeps it going. 8.5/10
20) Bad Dream House (I) The one that started it all! This and the other ones from ToH1 are big trend setters. They tell a cute royalty free story based around a gag… and then move on. Inoffensive, I guess– funny looking back and thinking that originally it was thought that these would very much be offensive. Anyway, I like the house. I like the blood. Just… not notable otherwise 8.5/10
21) Dead and Shoulders (XXIV) The third (!) time The Simpsons has done a “two heads” bit, this time they switched it up by putting Bart’s head on Lisa’s body. And the results are… actually really good? It’s nice to see some momentary heart between the two– as well as a surprisingly large number of laughs– and it stays engaging right up until the end. I thought twice was too many, but I guess the third time was the charm! 8/10
22) Be Nine, Rewind (XXXI) I don’t know if it’s Stockholm Syndrome from watching so many of these segments or what, but I really enjoyed this episode. For one thing, it has Lisa and Nelson interacting– surprisingly one of the best Simpsons pairings. And for another, it actually tells a really good time loop story. It isn’t perfect by any means, but it is sweet and on plot alone it does quite well, even if it is rarely all that funny or scary. 8/10
23) The Day the Earth Looked Stupid (XVII) What starts as a decent parody of the myth of the War of the Worlds broadcast, turns into a much better political commentary on the War in Iraq and American foreign policy. Does every ToH have to be topical? No, but once in a while it’s nice to have that bite. The downside is it also means this is immediately dated, and it really isn’t funny at all. The best satire can be funny and topical. This doesn’t quite reach those heights, but it is still very good. 8/10
24) Bart and Homer’s Excellent Adventure (XXIII) It’s kind of funny: this is the first segment where I have started off saying “oh no” and by the end it has hooked me. The first few moments in this segment waste so much time on a couple unamusing jokes, but once it switches to Bart trying not to fix the future it gets much better. I like that it brings some heart too– even briefly– and that final “Egyption Slave Homer” joke does give something to chuckle at 8/10
25) The Ned Zone (XV) Right off the bat, giving this segment credit for not handing the premonition powers to Homer or Bart. Watching Ned grapple with his newfound powers (and being directly and indirectly responsible for so, so many deaths) is good fun. Less fun is Homer’s oafishness, which is to a degree beyond his usual hijinks. That said, it still is good fun watching him and Ned play off each other, even if the ending kinda gives Homer a pass for being a total ass. 8/10
26) Death Tome (XXXIII) Simpsons doing “Death Note” was something to legitimately be excited about, doubly so since they brought in DR Movie to do the animation. It ends up looking well… like Death Note, and for later Simpsons it nails the tone. Weirdly, the style of Death Note matches up really well with Simpsons humour. I was surprised, too. Also, anime Homer gets an extra half point. 7.5/10
27) Desperately Xeeking Xena (X) It stretches the definition of “horror” to its breaking point, but there is still something immensely satisfying about seeing Bart and Lisa with superpowers. Couple that with this coming out years before the current superhero craze (and therefore takes more inspiration from the wacky comics vs Robert Downey Jr), and you have something that is mighty entertaining, albeit maybe not a great fit for ToH overall. 7.5/10
28) The Homega Man (VIII) This one really brings the heart, and that serves it well because otherwise it would be way lower on the list. Not only is it not very funny and only moderately scary, but it is over practically as soon as it begins to get interesting. But man, there really is nothing like some good ol’ fashioned feels to really elevate an episode 7.5/10
29) Lisa’s Nightmare (II) The biggest problem with Lisa’s segment is that it relies way too much on gags and not at all on scares. Not saying ToH needs to be scary, but it needs to utilize some horror elements. It needs to have a bit of bite. This… doesn’t, and in fact even at the early stage of The Simpsons, this could almost be a normal– albeit good– episode. Even with Kang and Kodos showing up. 7.5/10
30) Wiz Kids (XII) This one could have ended up resting on the gag that Mr. Burns is Voldemort, but thankfully it does way more than that. Some of the line delivery is weird and stilted, but overall this has some great humor (especially for later Simpsons) and some good horror elements with Bart’s “Prince” as a notable example of both. It also sticks the landing– something even really good ToH often fails to do– with the best joke of the entire ToH12 episode of Smithers crying over Burns followed by a nice heartfelt closer between the kids. It isn’t really a “classic,” but it is quite good. 7.5/10
31) Multiplisa-ty (XXIX) This one is cute. Yeah, sure, it involves Lisa finally snapping but the ending with Bart’s apology really shows why we still like these kids. It’s also nice to see Yeardley Smith show off her knack for accents, and the episode even has a few good jokes (the Broadway song being probably the highlight, but the effects of Marge snapping– and the reason why– are good for a laugh too). It isn’t anything groundbreaking, but it is good. 7/10
32) Bong Joon Ho’s This Side of Parasite (XXXII) I mean I’m a sucker for this movie so that certainly helps, but even still this segment is good. Not great, but good. It is a bit overstuffed– and did we really need a Snowpiercer themed Itchy & Scratchy chewing up the runtime?-- but there were a few parts that gave me a good gaffaw, such as Moe attacking Lisa for “socialism.” That, and the huge fight scene at the end with a who’s who of secondary characters puts this one higher than I would have thought going in. 7/10
33) Toy Gory (XXXI) The animation looks fantastic in this one, and honestly that does so much to help its score. It’s also genuinely a little scary, or at least off-putting. I wish there was more humor in it, but for a scary episode it does its job quite well. Double props for being coherent and especially for having a satisfying ending– something a lot of these segments struggle with 7/10
34) Mr. And Mrs. Simpson (XVIII) I’ll admit it: I’m a sucker for a good choreographed action sequence. So even though this checks practically none of the boxes– except, of course, how great Homer and Marge’s chemistry is in this segment– it gets a bonus point just for being so damn fun to watch in the middle section. The thing holding it back– besides any horror or humor– is that it takes a bit too much to get there, and then it's all over so abruptly. 7/10
35) Oh the Places You’ll D’Oh (XXIV) This is another gimmick segment similar to “It’s the Grand Pumpkin, Millhouse” and “There’s No Business Like Moe Business,” and the results this time are pretty good! The rhymes they came up with for this are fairly clever overall, and I have to give it credit for pretty much nailing PG-13 Dr. Suess. It isn’t all that amusing, scary, or heartfelt but just for aesthetic reasons it gets a good grade. 7/10
36) How To Get Ahead in Dead-vertising (XIX) Terrible title notwithstanding, this one is a good bit of fun from just the first moments and the extended Mad Men credits sequence parody. Homer basically getting away scot-free is not amazing, and some of the jokes don’t land very well… but the sequence of Homer killing celebrities set to Talking Heads is awesome and really makes the segment for me 6.5/10
37) A Clockwork Yellow (XXV) I really appreciated all the Kubrick references here– it probably would’ve been tough to make anything humorous out of solely A Clockwork Orange, anyway– but overall the plot isn’t great and the final joke doesn’t land as well as the segment thinks it does. Extra credit for CBG saying he doesn’t remember Barry Lyndon though. You and me both, man 6.5/10
38) The Exor-Sis (XXVIII) This segment was better than it had every right to be. The first part actually brings a little bit of horror back to ToH, while even bringing a chuckle or two as well (“Your first Pazuzu” gave me even more than just a little one). After the priest arrives it falls apart a bit (well, actually a lot honestly), but it was still a good segment and felt more in line with “classic ToH” than the new stuff. Nice change of pace, honestly. 6.5/10
39) The Greatest Story Ever Holed (XXIII) This one is actually a lot of fun, and I enjoyed that the entire family gets in on the “stupidly throwing their junk in the black hole” bit, save for Lisa. I especially liked Bart’s solution for his math homework– that got a very good chuckle out of me. The episode even sticks the landing– something of a rarity at this point. It isn’t anything mind-blowing, but it is a good segment. 6.5/10
40) Survival of the Fattest (XVI) Mr. Burns is General Zaroff. That’s… that’s literally the entire gag. It’s a bit of fun, and the ending has a ton of heart as it focuses on Marge and Homer’s relationship– always a goldmine. But the entire gag is “hahaha, Mr. Burns sucks” and honestly ToH usually aspires to more. 6.5/10
41) Bart Simpson’s Dracula (IV) Mr. Burns is Dracula. That’s… that’s literally the entire gag. It’s a bit of fun, and the show immediately transitioning to Christmas at the end is even a little humorous. But the entire gag is “hahaha, Mr. Burns sucks” and honestly ToH usually aspires to more. 6/10
42) Homer’s Nightmare (II) Mr. Burns is Victor Frankenstein. That’s… that’s literally the entire gag. It’s a bit of fun, and the head being grafted onto Homer’s body at the end is even a little heebie jeebies inducing. But the entire gag is “hahaha, Mr. Burns sucks” and honestly ToH usually aspires to more. 6/10
43) Nightmare on Evergreen Terrace (VI) I feel like it might be controversial to put this so low. Similarly to the previous segment– “Attack of the 50-Foot Eyesores”-- this one has a great middle section but is bookended by a disappointing start and finish. In fact, I would say both the start and finish of this are worse than “Eyesores,” (both feature jokes that just don’t really land, and not in an “out of date” way) but the PTA meeting at the halfway mark more than makes up for it. 6/10
44) Attack of the 50-Foot Eyesores (VI) This one is uhhh… it’s fine. It has a great middle section showing the advertisements destroying the town (highlights include Otto’s acid trip, Bart playing the devil’s… well… devil, and Flanders’ house getting destroyed), but it starts off rather slow and ends rather abruptly. It isn’t “bad” per say, just fairly average. 6/10
45) Life’s a Glitch, Then You Die (X) The thing is… this is really enjoyable. Even now, over 20 years removed from Y2K, I guarantee you will still get a chuckle out of Lisa immediately saying that Marge is her choice of parent to come with her, or Rosie O’Donnell singing The Trolley Song to a despondent Homer. The problem is even if it’s enjoyable, it’s still more dated than pretty much every other ToH segment… and for every joke that lands, 5 others don’t. 6/10
46) I’ve Grown a Costume on Your Face (XVI) Actually, if it wasn’t for the last few seconds of this segment it would be by far my fave of ToH16, and could even get an 8 or a 9. It’s short and sweet– key word being sweet– with some adorable and funny visual gags as we see Springfield’s residents turning into whatever they wore as a costume for Halloween. Unfortunately, it wastes it with a final few seconds that serve as a PSA of all things with celebrity cameo Dennis Rodman. So strange and such a disappointment, it should’ve ended with the pacifiers 5.5/10
47) School is Hell (XXV) This is sweet….. In its own way. I would say for later ToH it has decent humor and good gore, but where it really succeeds is in a bit of heart. Who knew it would take Bart becoming a demon for Homer to become the proud father figure we need him to be? 5.5/10
48) Wanted: Dead, Then Alive (XXVI) I think the concept for this segment is great– Sideshow Bob finally killing Bart is such an amazing idea that it is surprising it took this long for ToH to do it. The execution? Enh, it’s okay. I like that Bob immediately gets bored and then needs to reanimate Bart and kill him again, but the whole thing kind of just devolves into “how many ways can we kill Bart?” and then ends kind of anticlimactically. 5.5/10
49) E.T, Go Home (XVIII) This one is strange for me. Was it enjoyable? Yes. The entire idea of “what if ET was actually evil” works well enough as a starting point, and the bit isn’t long enough for it to get irritating. The issue is it isn’t really all that funny, and at times is just too dark to even make for good ToH. At the same time though, watching the Rigellians jump out of a portal to hit a firing squad is satisfying in its own way, too 5.5/10
50) In The Belly of the Boss (XV) It isn’t just that Fantastic Voyage has been parodied far more successfully by Archer, Rick and Morty and Futurama, but also that the disparate elements of this have been done better by The Simpsons many times over. Larger concepts like Homer not listening to authority and being the one left behind when the rest of the family escapes are typical, but even the final “joke” of Homer and Burns being in the same body was already done better back in Season 3. This just seems like a rehash 5.5/10
51) The Terror of Tiny Toon (IX) The premise of this one is amazing! Bart and Lisa finally getting a taste of their own medicine by being thrown into an Itchy and Scratchy episode? Sign me up! The problem is it just doesn’t ever do anything noteworthy with this premise… the whole thing just devolves into another “the kids run from a monster” segment, followed by a quick and easy ending. Kinda boring for such a great idea 5/10
52) The Genesis Tub (VII) This does a thing many ToH episodes seem to do. It’s called having a great premise, going into the second act strong, adding a twist and then… completely tripping over itself. This episode– while not laugh out loud funny or hide under the bedsheets scary– has some great moments like the “square pancakes” and Willie taking out the trash. It just isn’t executed very well. 5/10
53) Four Beheadings and a Funeral (XV) Credit to this segment: at least it presents a decent mystery where the actual killer is not immediately obvious. But with the hackneyed accents– and with only a few of the characters having accents at all– it feels very half-baked, long, and leads up to a very unsatisfying ending. 5/10
54) Easy Bake Coven (VIII) The best part of this episode comes within the first few minutes, when it is a surprisingly historically accurate portrayal of the Salem Witch Trials. As someone with a ton of interest in them, that was fun. Once Marge turns out to be an actual witch though, things go downhill faster than you can blink– until it stumbles across the finish line and you thank every deity going that the credits are finally rolling 5/10
55) The Raven (I) The first ToH section that is directly cribbed from a property and well… it’s basically just The Raven. No real gag, no big twist: just a one-to-one telling of the famous Poe poem. It’s good, just not scary or funny. Except, of course, when Bart tells Lisa that anything would be scarier than nothing 5/10
56) Hungry are the Damned (I) Kang and Kodos would become Simpsons icons later on, but their introduction as friendly– but on the surface quite menacing– aliens isn’t just not a very inventive gag, but also is completely antithetical to their later hijinks. It isn’t bad per say, just sorta meh. Bonus points for the cookbook gag though 4.5/10
57) Heaven Swipes Right (XXX) Acting sort of like a reimagining of “G-G-Ghost D-D-Dad,” they really shouldn’t have bothered with this one. Yeah I mean it isn’t that bad, but the idea that Homer can inhabit any body after death doesn’t really lead to any amusing moments. At best it gives a sweet look at Homer and Marge’s relationship, but as much as I like those stories it has been done far better before 4.5/10
58) The Fright to Creep and Scare Harms (XIII) It is marginally better than “Dial Z For Zombies” because at least it’s a very original take on Zombie fiction, but it has some awful line deliveries– especially on the part of Homer– and feels very stilted and unfunny. It also doesn’t scare, and plays up Lisa’s worst aspects in an attempt. Again, the premise alone helps a lot. But the execution is extremely poor 4.5/10
59) Hell Toupee (IX) this one has all the elements to make a good ToH segment– some laughs, good horror, better heart– but man… it just doesn’t land for me. Maybe it's how absurd the episode is, or maybe it is how quickly things escalate, but for some reason I really could not dig Hell Toupee. I know some people love this one so sorry lol… but there are far, far better segments. 4.5/10
60) The Thing and I (VII) Who knew that an episode where Bart meets his evil twin could be so damn boring?? This one's biggest issue is it doesn’t really have much substance: it isn’t funny, it isn’t scary, it isn’t sentimental. It’s just kinda… there? And that makes for a pretty enh ToH segment 4.5/10
61) Dial Z For Zombies (III) It is hard to separate this out and look at it for the time in it was made– long before The Walking Dead and the endless zombie phenomenon… but even doing so shows it is a very middling ToH segment featuring no heart, no jokes, and not even that much of the red stuff for something so clearly needing it. 4/10
62) War and Pieces (XXI) Another one that just doesn’t land at all. The premise is fine (I guess), but it really just devolves into a few short spoofs of classic board games, none of which are all that funny or even particularly interesting (save for Scrabble. I’ll give that one credit, it got a chuckle). I’ve pretty much already forgot about this one and I just finished watching it 4/10
63) Dial "M" for Murder or Press "#" to Return to Main Menu (XX) The premise of the “criss cross” isn’t great, and even for ToH is a bit over the top and out of character for Bart and Lisa. The execution? It’s fine. Neither scary nor funny, just okay. I like the focus on Lisa and Bart– a rarity for later ToH– but otherwise this isn’t a great one 4/10
64) Stop the World, I Want to Goof Off (XIV) This segment starts with a really good first act, with Bart and Millhouse’s extended pranking of Homer at work being a particular highlight. But it goes downhill once the watch breaks, with increasingly lame gags and then ending on a weird hula-hoop filled note. Just watch Futurama’s “Meanwhile” instead. 4/10
65) When Hairy Met Slimy (XXX) For a The Shape of Water parody, it’s okay at absolute best. For ToH, it relies way more on deus ex machina than basically any other segment… which pretty much means that it leans more into the random references and events style of comedy. Which is kind of a misnomer, seeing as it isn’t even remotely funny either 4/10
66) Untitled Robot Parody (XIX) This is yet another “humanity gets enslaved due to the Simpson family” episode, which is almost a cliche at this point. This time around props to not having the enslavers being Kang and Kodos, but it’s still a tired trope and is yielding quickly diminishing returns. 3.5/10
67) The Island of Dr. Hibbert (XIII) I think they were trying to recapture some of the magic of “The Shinning” by similarly focusing on a famous novel and adapting it basically 1:1, but unfortunately not only is Dr. Hibbert a character best used in very small doses, but the transition from Wells novel to the screen was not a smooth one. This one really needed more time to develop the plot for it to be even remotely satisfying, and the twist ending feels especially half-baked. The awful Kang and Kodos cameo is the final nail in the coffin. 3.5/10
68) Scary Tales Can Come True (XI) I think “Bart and Lisa are Hansel and Gretel” is a great idea on paper, but this episode is way overstuffed with disparate elements to stay even remotely cohesive and tell a good story, and though there are a few good jokes along the way most have been told better in other segments. 3.5/10
69) Coralisa (XXVIII) This gets this high up for the sole reason that the “other world” animation is just crazy good. I love that they tried so hard to copy the look of Coraline and they did a good job overall (though obviously being CGI means it doesn’t quite hit the same tactile feeling). But not only is it not funny or scary, but it immediately pulls focus away from Lisa towards Homer (ugh)... and then completely loses any sense of the plot until it just ends abruptly (double ugh). Terrible episode, but amazing animation so it scores a couple points 3.5/10
70) There’s No Business Like Moe Business (XX) When I read that ToH was going to parody Sweeney Todd, I got excited. Silly me. This isn’t so much a parody as a similar concept… but with notably dull songs and very little in the way of inventive gags. The Simpsons doing a musical is always something to look forward to, but this did not capitalize on it at all 3.5/10
71) *The Pookadook (XXXIII) This one is definitely pretty weak. Unfortunately it rests entirely on Marge… and unfortunately it really makes Julie Kavner’s voice strain even more than usual. It’s really just sad, and it’s nothing against her at all. It just isn’t great to have an episode that actively makes you worry for the actors *3/10
72) House of Whacks (XII) The idea behind this segment is fine and I appreciate all the 2001 elements, but is it just me or is the dialogue… weird? Even more than some other segments, the dialogue in this one is constantly stilted and off, with constantly weird deliveries and no comedic timing. It makes what could have been a decent (at best, to be honest) segment into one that is quite far below average. 3/10
73) Un-Normal Activity (XXIII) Again: poor comedic timing kinda kills this one. The very first scene with Homer talking directly to the camera is the best part… and then it just sorta falls off a cliff. They tried to stuff way too much in only a few minutes, and not enough of it is funny and/or scary. 3/10
74) In The Na’Vi (XXII) Speaking of no comedic timing… here’s an Avatar parody! Is it horror? Fuck no! It isn’t horrible either… just pretty boring and with some of the worst writing and comedy so far. Chalmers getting a major role was fun though. He’s rarely in these at all. 3/10
75) Dial D for Diddly (XXII) It starts off fine I guess– the entire idea of Ned being a vigilante is fun in its own way– but it quickly gets boring and limps towards a half assed shrug of a conclusion. At least Homer actually faced some consequences for once, I guess. 3/10
76) Married to the Blob (XVII) This one starts off aping the far better episode “King- Sized Homer '' from Season 7, and then it just goes downhill from there. Whereas the former episode puts a lot of focus on Marge and Homer’s relationship, this one is more about shock value… and if there is something The Simpsons has a mixed relationship with, it’s shock humor 2.5/10
77) BI: Bartificial Intelligence (XVI) It’s pretty much another rehash, this time of the classic Season 4 episode “Brother From the Same Planet”... except obviously a bit darker and with robots. It doesn’t really do a great job of establishing why Bart is replaced except that he obviously can’t do things a robot can do (which makes sense for Homer but why is Marge more or less on board?). But what really ruins it is the awful non-sequitur at the end to a completely different storyline… one that seems like it could’ve been far more interesting had they developed it. 2.5/10
78) Homerzilla (XXVI) I enjoyed the commentary on the endless American remakes of foreign films, but otherwise this goes on way too long and isn’t able to cobble together a plot or enough humor to fill even a third of the runtime 2/10
79) Reaper Madness (XIV) Ugh. This one wastes a huge amount of its runtime on an unfunny Freleng Door gag, and does not use any time on the goldmine that could be the “Homer is Death” concept. It also is really dark in the middle– Moe hanging himself is pretty much pitch black for the Simpsons– but then at the end everything is wrapped up in a neat bow without warning. Obviously I like that Homer doesn’t kill Marge, but it really feels like it needs something more than an extra porkchop to end this story. 2/10
80) The Others (XXV) The idea of seeing the Simpson family interact with… well, the Simpson family… is not without its merits, but this segment gets way too dark way too quick and doesn’t have enough humor or (fun) horror to compensate. I liked the Archer version of the Simpson family though, and the return of the Island of Doctor Hibbert family. Still though. 2/10
81) Don’t Have A Cow, Mankind (XX) The Simpsons does zombies. Again. ‘Nuff said. 2/10
82) Dead Ringer (XXXII) It’s weird that it took this long for ToH to do The Ring, but given how it turned out I wish they just hadn’t bothered. Is it “bad” in the traditional sense? Yes… yes it is. It’s stuffed to the brim with lazy pop culture references and it ends on a note that can only be described as depressing and stupid. They tried something and it didn’t work. 1.5/10
83) Geriatric Park (XXIX) Way too many ideas, way too little time to develop them. It’s the curse of a lot of these, but this one doesn’t even benefit from having decent jokes mixed in there, or a good story. The helicopter with the theme song playing was good though, and flying by all the past movie sets was almost a joke. So it gets more than no points. 1.5/10
84) BFF R.I.P. (XXVII) Credit where credit is due: at least this was a wholly original concept. But in its time on screen, it really doesn’t feel like they explore the concept very deeply, and it certainly doesn’t produce any laughs. Also, a cat dies. On screen. That automatically removes a point or two. 1.5/10
85) Danger Things (XXX) I love Stranger Things, so this was going to either be a love it or hate it for me. Unfortunately, it is more the latter. I like a lot of the references they sneak in, but none of it really goes anywhere and it basically just plays like a greatest hits of a few good moments from Season 1 and 3 (mostly), except with Simpsons characters. It isn't a parody if it’s just the same. Also, whose idea was it to drag the ET video game reference out for that long? Fire that writer. 1.5/10
86) Telepaths of Glory (XXVI) After a while all these segments start to feel the exact same. This one feels so much like that, that I am typing this 10 minutes removed from watching the episode and I already don’t remember the details of this one. It wasn’t particularly amusing and the “Millhouse turns evil” plot line didn’t work, that much I can guarantee 1.5/10
87) Freaks No Geeks (XXIV) I… okay. Look this one has so many disparate plot elements and half baked ideas that never come together at all. On one hand it really really wants to parody Freaks, on another it wants to put a ton of unneeded focus on Mr. Burns and the other side characters. It isn’t very funny, and that ending is just downright bad. Kinda neat though that they did this before AHS: Freak Show AND director of the opening sequence Guillermo Del Toro’s Nightmare Alley. They predicted the future.. Sorta. Again. 1/10
88) Tweenlight (XXI) Look, I like Twilight just as much as the next man. But this doesn’t really do anything all that funny with the concept, plus any jokes it does have seem to go on way too long to increasingly diminishing returns. It does get an extra half point for that gag with the Count from Sesame Street, though. 1/10
89) Moefinger (XXVII) I wonder if this officially means the 27th ToH is the worst one so far? Probably. Look, spies aren’t horror. But I could forgive it if this was good… but um… it isn’t? It’s just a bunch of tired spy jokes, painfully long ones at that, and then it ends with a whimper as a 600 episode based Bond song plays. It could have been really good, but it did everything possible to squander the opportunity. 1/10
90) Nightmare on Elm Tree (XXXII) This is just a less funny rehash of “Night of the Dolphin,” except with trees instead of dolphins. It isn’t a crime against humanity or anything, but it is just pretty boring and doesn’t bring anything to the table besides bland jokes and a terrible ending. 1/10
91) Intrusion of the Pod-y Switchers (XXIX) This segment was just lame to be honest. It wasn’t exactly good to start with, then it stuffed a ton of ideas into one episode and they just didn’t really work together. It wanted to be a biting social commentary, but it ended up just being… lamentary. Get it? That joke was better than the entirety of this segment. 1/10
92) Into the Homerverse (XXXI) The idea of “multiple random Homers” isn’t without some merit, but the execution is downright bad. None of the Homers feel well-developed, thought out, or even funny and many tread past the line into just being annoying. Couple that with a lazy plot and an ending that just screams “they ran out of time for this,” and you have a pretty terrible segment for ToH 0.5/10
93) Mmm… Homer (XXVIII) I’m glad this one gave a warning off the top because not only was it absolutely disgusting and uncomfortable (and not even a little bit in a fun way), but it also featured one of the most boring cameos ever in Mario Batali. Totally skippable, unless you need something to make you feel queasy and disappointed. It gets half a point though for Homer doing what we all do once we are home alone: immediately strip naked and eat junk food. Don’t lie, you do it too 0.5/10
94) Master and Cadaver (XXI) Wow uh… wow. It wasn’t that good to start out with– all the twists were pretty obvious, and every joke went on far too long. Lots of tired erection humor doesn’t a good segment make. But then: the ending. Hoo boy, the ending. That just drove a turd right off the cliff. 0.5/10
To be continued in comments:
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2022.10.24 08:14 __Lavas__ Movies and Shows Similar to OTGW

If you’re like me then you always look for movies or shows that give off the same vibes as OTGW after the annual rewatch. Here is a list of shows and movies that I think give off some of the same vibes, aesthetics, or themes as our beloved mini-series! Some are more similar to the show than others and I tried to keep it as close as possible, but of course there is nothing that quite compares to the uniqueness of the story of Greg and Wirt :)
Fall / Halloween Vibes: The Odd Life of Timothy Green, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Coraline, ParaNorman, Sleepy Hollow, The Nightmare Before Christmas
About Siblings/ Close Friends / Coming of Age: Song of the Sea, Wolf Children, We Bare Bears, Ernest and Celestine, Wolfwalkers, Stand By Me, Gravity Falls, Adventure Time, Steven Universe,
Comfort Vibes: Spirited Away (in fact most Ghibli movies give off a comfort vibe!), The World of Peter Rabbit and Friends (1992 story collection), The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
Old Timey Vibes: Anne with an E, Corpse Bride, Into the Woods,
Gothic / Horror / Dark Themes: Interview with the Vampire, Crimson Peak, Ruby Gloom, Invader Zim, Black Butler, Hellsing Ultimate, Making Fiends, Only Lovers Left Alive, What We Do in the Shadows, School for Little Vampires, Courage the Cowardly Dog, The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, Helluva Boss
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2022.09.15 04:21 Ancient-Acanthaceae3 Sleepless - the RPG where you sleep either too much or not enough at all (KS reminder post, 2 days left!)

Hi folks, two days left to back Sleepless and get free stuff in your package like odd used vintage stamps, logo stickers, a postcard with the cover artwork and maybe also get some add-ons like a logo canvas patch.
We are nearly at 1000% funding (I guess my expectations were low…) so I’ll be able to afford awesome art and layout design.
My prices are super low because I’m stupid, but luckily the project is already successful enough to save my ass. I’ll work on the french digital version later this year.
Link to the Kickstarter page.
Sleepless is a game based around people "waking up" to this dark world of entities that feed on us through our dreams and nightmares and cause what looks like mental illness and abductions. I was listening to too many creepy videos, ARGs, creepypasta, so I had a nightmare where I got the idea for the game and it kinda wrote itself.
It has two tiers of play: Asleep (for one-shots, mundane PCs, ex.: Coraline, Nightmare on Elm street) and Awake (for campaigns, PCs with supernatural knowledge and abilities, ex.: John dies at the end, Don’t rest your head RPG).
It’s a complete RPG, but a zine in format and spirit, punk show poster art style, DIY aesthetic because, well, I’m doing it myself and I won’t act like I’m a pro, just a dude playing and making RPGs since 1996.
Also, shoutout to the Night Shift: Minimum wage, maximum weird “crowd”, I love y’all and I’m working on something about that.
Anyway, thanks for the support!
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2022.09.12 11:16 shorp_ V Ripsquadd Presets/Samples V

I'm going to be listing all the presets and samples I know for fact that Ripsquadd has used in their beats, feel free to post ones that I missed in the comments :D
Jaws, All the songs on Aesthetics Pak, Waster:
Preset: PL Synth Edge
VST: Roland System-8

Coraline (and possibly Facetime):
Preset: Arielles Ghost
VST: ElectraX

For Nothing:
Sample: Seether - Broken

The Silent Boy Cries:
Sample: Kazukii - Design

Alone 2.0:
Daniel Lanois - Flametop Green

lusi please focus!:
Sample: Allie X - Focus

Sample: Tegan and Sara - The Con

Sample: Imogen Heap - Wait It Out

Ripsquad Carols:
Sample: Allie X - Need You
Sample: Soon After Christmas - Stina Nordstein

Gregory and the Hawk - Fin Song 08 (Orange River Remix)

Preset - One of the 70's Vinyl Strings presets (not sure which one)
Vst: Nexus

Sample - a clip from "The Bold and the Beautiful"

Currently these are all the samples and presets I'm aware of, if I find more (and remember to) I will update this list.
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2022.08.09 14:55 Instalock_Wraith [WSIB] Looking for a game with a similar aesthetic to Contrast (2013)

I played this game last night, and while I have mixed feelings on the puzzles the aesthetic is just my absolute favorite. I can't believe this existed for so long and I didn't know about it. I think I would colloquially describe it as Tim Burton Noir, but some research tells me the style is more formally referred to as a combination of Noir, belle epoque, and art nouveau. Coraline is my favorite movie of all time and follows a similar aesthetic. Any other games that fit into this at all?
The steam page is here for reference.
Thanks! I have all platforms but prefer PC if possible.
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2022.08.04 09:14 _Mirror_Face_ Alice in Wonderland Retellings/Spiritual Sequels/Inspirations

Hey!! I've been doing a bit of an odd, personal research project, and I need a bit of help. So, there's a lot of Alice in Wonderland media, specifically in text form. I want to find most of these (good or bad) and then compile them into a list. For fun, I guess. I've done a lot of scouring and reading, but it would be nice to get some other people helping. Things that I'm counting for this project is:
Thank you in advance for the help. Needless to say, I have a lot of reading ahead of me...
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2022.08.02 01:07 Gray_Kaleidoscope Holloweeny books that I haven’t read already

Okay so I want books that have a bit of the Halloween spirit. They don’t need to be explicitly Halloween themed- just at minimum have a little spook about them and have a fall autumnal aesthetic
“Childhood spooky” is encouraged too
I’m not a huge fan of really complex fantasy but they can be okay
Can be scary/horror but not King as I dislike him
~Things I have read last year nearing october~
The picture of Dorian gray (counting it cause why not)
The graveyard book
The ocean at the end of the lane
The October country by Bradbury
The Halloween tree by bradbury
Something wicked this way comes
Doctor Jeckyll and Mr hyde
Phantom of the opera
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2022.07.02 14:48 Genecist84 Music videos for DMIZ

Not sure if anyone else asked this but if Lupe shoots 3 videos for DMIZ which would you like to see?
  1. Precious Things - Idk it’s just my favorite song on the album and I almost imagine a Coraline or 3D animation of some sort every time I hear it following a third person perspective of a hand/hands.
  2. Kiosk - I’d just be interested in how he’d peel back the layers in this song in the video. Would it actually be in the middle of a mall or would he juxtapose it with purgatory?
  3. DMIZ - it’s such a wavy track and I think it could be a aesthetic tone setter. Whatever visuals are used, color schemes, etc. would really set a tone and color for the album.
I hate odd numbers so 4 would be
  1. Naomi - I’d make an afrofuturistic mind bending tale for this one. Some space exploration vibes just cause that song makes me wanna discover things lol Idk why.
What y’all think? Which videos and why?
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2022.06.15 03:50 westonn12312 16 NB USA looking for someone to exchange pretty letters and books and drawings with

Hi! I really miss having a consistent penpal and want to get back into it. I am 16, living in the US, I am a part of the LGBT community (in two ways!) and I am located near the pacific northwest. Some of my interests are books (mainly horror) movies (i collect horror VHS) fashion, art, taping things to my wall, late walks and romanticizing my life lol. Some of my favorite things go as follows… books: The shining, house of leaves, flowers in the attic. Movies: Suspiria, The goonies, Coraline, The fly, beetlejuice. Miscellaneous: dark green, blankets, rain. I’m currently a highschool student, and after the summer i will continue highschool while also being enrolled in a local college to get my AA. I value aesthetics a lot, wether it comes to my room decor, outfits, hair etc it’s really important to me and this translates over to my letters! I’m hoping to find someone like minded who’s open to being my penpal, and maybe even sharing books/a sketchbook? PM me!
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2022.06.07 09:34 bbygirI (oc) little girl doodle

(oc) little girl doodle
i'm rly new to the game and i am by no means good at digital art but i decided to try drawing her because i love her and the coraline-like aesthetic of all the charcs ♡ ( kitty skin for little girl whennn?)
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2022.05.03 21:55 Service_United Hey I’m new here. Can someone explain to me what this game is about?

Why does this game have a Coraline puppet aesthetic? Are people trapped in a carnival?
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2021.12.22 21:18 Equivalent-Cat-7182 [PC] [early 2000s] Point-and-click magical adventure, maybe the Neverhood vibes?

I am looking for a game from my childhood. It was a point-and-click adventure. I believe the player was trapped in some magical land.
You had 2 main tasks:
- finding puzzle pieces, which were hidden somewhere in this land, ex. in the bushes. When you found a piece, a picture would pop up on the screen, where you could see your progress. I think you could win the game by completing the picture. I don't think I have ever finished it though.
- the mini-games, which are probably my best clue (described below). When you started a mini-game, you were greeted by an inhabitant of the land, who asked you for your help. Aside from them, there was a character, who was supporting you on your quest. I distinctly remember, that it was a big ass butterfly-guy. I remember something off about his design, he might have had a human face? And also: I am pretty sure that the puzzle you had to complete was a picture of him.
Unfortunately, I only remember 2 mini-games.
Mini games:
  1. Astrological centreYou were looking at the night sky and connecting the stars to create the zodiac signs. I remember the game being quite aesthetically pleasing and calm.
  2. Feeding boar-like creatures on a shipLol. You were on a ship and you had to help the main cook or the captain of a ship. On the screen there were long, horizontally placed tables. There were hungry boar-human-sailor hybrids, which were sliding towards the right side of the tables. You were at the end of the tables, moving up and down and serving oatmeal-like dishes. They ate the meals messily.

Platform: I remember playing this game on a PC, probably Windows XP.
Genre: Point-and-click with mini-games.
Kind of makes me think of the Neverhood. But it might not be accurate in terms of the art style and there were no cut-away videos. The game felt eery - I think that the main gameplay mostly happened during night-time. But it was definitely a game meant for children and it wasn't supposed to be creepy. It might be one of those pieces of media that feels disturbing to a kid but for unjustified reasons.
*Edit: even better comparison: the tone reminds me a lot of the film Coraline, when she travels to the other world. Dreamy, something off, forever night time, trapped, looking for items to escape.
Estimated year of release:
I guess I played it when I was 8 and older. So maybe 2004-2010?
Graphics/art style: Simple but consistent art style. I think it was quite nice actually. 2D, Soft lines, simple animations. I don't recall any significant color themes. There could have been soft background noises - crickets, calm music. But the boar feeding was bright and fast paced. I remember the art style/tone creeped my out a bit. It just felt quite lonely and nostalgic to travel the land.
Notable characters:
I might be wrong about the inhabitants of the land. But I am a 100% sure that there was the butterfly guy. I also think he could speak?...
Notable gameplay mechanics: I am pretty sure that the player only used the mouse to play. The mechanics were very simple.I don't remember how you would travel to different locations. Maybe there was a map? Or you moved by clicking on sides of the screen? I think that once you were at a certain location, you could click on a building to go inside.
Other details:
It may be worth to mention that most of the games I used to play were demos, or came from PC magazines or were downloaded by my dad/uncles. It must have been released and translated to Polish, as I played the game before I had learned English.
Worst case scenario: Only after writing this whole thing down I realised, that it could have been a Polish game. I haven't tried looking for it using Polish keywords. I'll give it a try but if it's a Polish game, I'm afraid there will be no traces of it.
Please and thank you!! My mind will be blown if anyone recognizes the game.
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