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2017.01.07 05:30 Bigblockchevy GM Squarebody trucks, years 1973-1987 only.

GM Squarebody trucks, years 1973-1987.

2009.04.19 06:01 hax0r Toyota - Let's Go Places!


2023.06.03 13:19 Wide_Yak2681 To my lovely ladies (35+) who are plus-sized…How was your pregnancy, birth and postpartum?

I hate to use the term obese because it makes me cringe but that’s what I am (*shrug). Are there any working mamas who had a child AFTER 35 and were considered obese before pregnancy? What was pregnancy, birth And postpartum like for you? Additionally, if you are still in the plus-size category, what has it been like keeping up with your kiddos? Thank you in advance! *also, I’m focusing on my health with my doctors so please no exercise/nutrition/ etc advice.
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2023.06.03 13:19 Mundane_Ad_3277 - USD$3,199 Registered On: 2008-07-31 Expires On: 2024-07-31 For Sale at GoDaddy - USD$3,199 Registered On: 2008-07-24 Expires On: 2024-07-24 For Sale at GoDaddy - USD$2,999 Registered On: 2008-07-25 Expires On: 2024-07-25 For Sale at GoDaddy - USD$2,999 Registered On: 2008-07-25 Expires On: 2024-07-25 For Sale at GoDaddy - USD$2,999 Registered On: 2008-07-25 Expires On: 2024-07-25 For Sale at GoDaddy The cost of the domains is justified because they are very short, easy to remember, and have a dot-com extension. In addition, they are vintage domains, having yet to be developed into a website. They are priced to sell and ready for immediate transfer to you.
Domains containing the acronym "SAT" for "satellite" are valuable because they relate to the Growing Satellite Industry: The satellite industry has experienced significant growth in recent years. Satellites are used for various purposes, including communication, navigation, weather monitoring, remote sensing, and scientific research. As the demand for satellite technology and services increases, satellite-related domains become more valuable. Domains containing the acronym "SAT" are also valuable because they are relevant to Scholastic Assessment Test. Popular and Recognizable Acronym: "SAT" is widely known as the abbreviation for the Scholastic Assessment Test, a standardized test widely used for college admissions in the United States. The test is taken by millions of students each year, making the acronym highly recognizable and familiar to a large audience. Many other uses could apply to such a premium domain. Don't hesitate to contact Godaddy or me for any additional questions. Thank you.
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2023.06.03 13:19 TightAsF_ck YouGov Pay £5 for Each Bank Account You Connect/Reconnect via Open Banking (Get up to £200/year)

YouGov is one of the more famous survey sites/apps, usually quoted in the papers for their political surveys. It was founded by that absolute cretin, Nadhim Zahawi, But let's not let that inconvenient fact get in the way of beermoney.
With YouGov, there are several ways you can earn money:

What you get with YouGov/YouGov Finance

What can I earn?
  • Up to £50 every 3 months for connecting your bank accounts (10 max).
  • You get 500 points for each active current account or credit card you connect - this is worth £5
  • 100 points for each active savings account you connect - this is worth £1
I initially connected my accounts last summer. Then I reconnected them at Christmas. This got me quite a few fivers from YouGov Proof. I reconnected them earlier this month too.
This is the message you get when you re-add:
Congratulations! You've successfully added your bank account(s) to YouGov Finance. For each valid active account, you will receive points within 48 hours. (Note: You can only receive points once every three months for each valid active account).
Note: * Each connected bank account must have a minimum number of transactions. * Each connected bank account must be at least one month old.

How to earn with YouGov and YouGov Finance

  • 1. Sign up to YouGov here
  • 2. Then go to YouGov Finance here (This is the bank account arm of YouGov) and share your banking data.
    Use chrome on your desktop for this. Some browsers have issues with the connection.
    You get £5 worth of points for each active bank account you connect, and £1 for each active savings account. Some redditors have reported that some of their accounts aren't accepted (but that's probably because we have so many here on beermoney and might not use them all!).
  • 3. If you get an invite, connect to YouGov Safe for additional points,
  • 4. Top up your points balance by completing surveys as they are emailed to you.
Then tell your friends and get £2 if they fill in 6 surveys with YouGov (you get nothing if they only use the Finance arm).

Getting paid by YouGov

With YouGov you redeem your points in cash or vouchers when you hit £50. Example options:
  • Cash by bank transfer
  • ASDA, John Lewis/Waitrose, M&S, Morrisons, Tesco vouchers.
  • Amazon voucher
  • ASOS, Adidas, AirBnB, Deliveroo, Google Play....
Note: Don't get the virtual visa card, as these are an absolute pain to use.
YouGov sign up
[YouGov Finance (sign up to YouGov first](
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2023.06.03 13:18 EstablishmentFast307 $1000-$1200 gaming pc upgrade

So I bought my current pc in 2020 before the gpu apocalypse, and i've been thinking about upgrading recently since the apocalypse is more or less over and prices have returned to normal. I picked out some relatively budget parts in my current pc (a b450 board with a ryzen 3 3100 and 1660) and just wanted to upgrade most if not all of it.
I have some money and $1000-$1200 seems like a good starting point for a good pc. I recently bought a 1440p monitor in preparation for the upgrade, but have been hesitant to actually buy parts because of a few questions i've had.
Things like atx or matx. I currently have an atx case with an atx board, and I have the room for the case, but I dont think I would mind the smaller board and case.
Whether I should upgrade to am5 or stick with am4 and just go with a ryzen 5000 or go with intel.
And whether I should buy something currently on the market or wait for amd to release more of the 7000 series gpus.
I don't know if this is the right place to ask questions like that, but figured I might as well ask them. So if I do get parts now, here's kind of what I was looking for
With the 1440p monitor, it would be nice to play in 1440p with at least 100 fps in games like Cyberpunk, Resident Evil 4 remake, Monster Hunter Rise, and Elden Ring.
While the white aesthetic isn't required, it would be nice to have. Along with some rgb, because rgb.
I dont mind giving up some power for aesthetics. If I have to look at something for the next few years, I want it to look nice. I've looked at a few lists on here that amount to using cheaper parts in order to fit something like a 6950XT or even a 7900XT. The best I would hope for on a budget like this is a 6800XT I think, but maybe I can fit something better in.
This is only going to be used for gaming and general web browsing. Also I live in the US, and I don't live near a micro center.
Thank you!
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2023.06.03 13:18 ElementalZone 20 [M4A] US/TN/Online, Are you my soulmate?

Hiya!!! My name’s Zone, or at least that’s what I go by online. I’m mainly looking for a long term relationship where my partner and I are just as happy as we could be.
Here’s a few things about me though:
-I’m really introverted, awkward and really shy
-I LOVE music, mostly rock and metal, maybe ask me about my favorite bands?
-I try to be silly as I joke a lot, I do have a serious side though.
-I play video games a lot (PC), mostly steam games or roblox, though I’m willing to try new things
There’s a lot more about me, but if you’d like to know anything specifically just ask!
About me physically: I’ve been told I look cute numerous times, even though I’m really secure, I’m 5”9, and I weigh 150 lbs.
Personal preferences: I dunno, I mainly just like people who are feminine, and not obese or anything like that.
But yeah feel free to message me if you’re really interested. And please don’t message if you plan to ghost, just tell it to my face.
Anyways I have discord, which I mainly use that because Reddit isn’t great on mobile, so feel free to ask for my tag.
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2023.06.03 13:18 HecticTransers I have no friends, love life or anyone that needs me so I plan of doing it once my dog dies.

The only "friend" I have constantly belittle me and asks me to buy him things because "you're such a good friend". One girl at work constantly makes me feel like shit by actively avoiding me and looking at me with what I can describe and a hateful disgust even though I've never talked to her outside of anything necessary.
My grandmother is emotionally abusive and addresses everyone by insulting them or calling them the N word, my brother is a leech and my sister hates me. The only person to ever really seem to care about me is my boss and referred me to the Company's mental health services, whether that was truly him caring or just him not wanting to lose an employee I don't know.
I work at a dead end job making 18.30 an hour with no raises to speak of, I'll own a house and land in a few years but I don't think I'll be around then. I've already started destroying personal items and writing up who will get my possession. I'm a failure in life and I've done terrible things, I used to beat my childhood dog and killed several cats by throwing them down a set of stairs when I was about 2.
When that dog died it broke me and permanently took a piece of me, all I think of when he comes to mind is how horrible I was and how I left him to seek comfort for myself when he was dying instead of being with him in his final moments. I deserve nothing in life and I have nothing, so I plan on killing myself when my current dog dies. He lives an extremely pampered life including commonly eating ice cream and baby food. When this will be Idk but I don't think anyone will care and will only be eager to get their hands on my most expensive possessions.
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2023.06.03 13:18 jusmeig Dwarven Forge & Hall of the Drarven Kings!

2 more quests complete in Keller's Keep. The Heroes missed the hidden 300 gold bonanza in the first quest and lost a bunch of gear to the Abomination who can cast Rust three times!!!
The frantic chase we envisaged in the Hall of the Drarven Kings was a little anticlimactic. The heros rolled well and used spells and potions to keep ahead of the chasing horde! I finally caught up near the end, but Zargon was denied his pound of flesh.
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2023.06.03 13:17 Fit_Depth8462 Real Perst 4 vs airsoft

Folks, those of you with a real and a fake Perst 4… are the fake ones a 1:1 replica? I lost the mount for my Perst 4 and to ship the spare part to the states is gonna cost me $100, I’d rather just buy an airsoft Perst and use the mount from the airsoft one if it’s an exact match
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2023.06.03 13:17 Solid-Sun2922 Florida Project for a Canadian. Love this one. Hopefully still works

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2023.06.03 13:17 sadjonko One month clean from snorting speed

First time ever posting on reddit, English is not my native language so sorry for any mistakes.
My whole life Ive been dealing with social anxiety, extreme fatigue, depression. I started using drugs to cope. First it was cocaine, then speed. I used daily, multiple times a day. Stopped using cocaine I think like 5 months ago. Then my speed use got way worse.
I tried to stop multiple times but always relapesed at day 2/3. Not really sure why this time I’m having more succes. I got so frustrated with everything, myself, how my skin was looking, dissapointing people and losing people that I one day just randomly decided it was time and flused everything down the toilet.
I feel so goddamn empty. I try to keep myself busy as much as I can, but then doing too much and getting so tired. But I cant rest. I cant just lay down and watch a movie. I need to be busy to be distracted from the emptiness. Untill I really cant anymore and need to sleep during the day. Then I wake up and get busy again. Its like I have more hours in a day now but not the energy to fill the whole day. So the last couple hours before bedtime its a mental battle. I want to cry, im so frustrated, but I can’t.
I have support and people around me who know, and are proud of me. But they dont see how much im struggling.
I’m not really sure what I’m looking for. Maybe some kind words from people who understand this better than the people in my life will give me some comfort. I dont know.
Thankyou for reading.
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2023.06.03 13:17 tomwyr AMD low performance compared to Nvidia

Hi, I've been trying to connect an RX 6800 in Razer Core X to my Legion5 i7-11800H laptop.
Technically it works, however, when playing Apex Legends, the performance is very disappointing. I get ~30fps at the start of each game which eventually increases to 50-80fps but it's also very inconsistent (varies between ~30fps if a lot is going on on the screen or a big open space of the map needs to be rendered, and ~140fps when looking at the ground). The CPU usage is 80-90%, and GPU sits at around 50% throughout the game.
What's mind-boggling to me is the fact that GTX 1060, a card that I also tested the laptop with, performs around 20-25% better in the same setup (40fps in Apex Legends games initially, stabilizes around 60-90fps). The system sensors report 50% CPU and nearly 100% GPU usage for the GTX.
I'm still fairly new to the eGPU world and try to get up-to-speed with how to build a setup efficiently, but the numbers I see seem to be confusing. Is there something obvious I'm missing that would explain the performance drop? I've read about bottlenecks but wouldn't it, worst case scenario, "cut" the boost of the AMD card? Perhaps it's Nvidia that has better support for eGPUs overall, but there doesn't seem to be any well-known evidence reported by eGPUs users.
Any hints, similar experiences, or technical explanations? I'd greatly appreciate sharing your thoughts and knowledge.
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2023.06.03 13:17 superkilometerfilter How To Stop Odometer – A Guide

How To Stop Odometer – A Guide
How to stop odometer? – This is a frequently asked question among motorists around the world. Despite the various recommendations and offered technics, some of you are not still quite sure which way is better when it comes to interfering with your odometer. First of all, make sure that you have a legitimate reason for it. it may be some fault in functioning or you may just need to test the performance of your car. Needless to say, there are some people who use this for malicious purposes and search for the optimal way that allows them not to get caught in the crime. Of course, we do not encourage wrongdoers to break the law, we only want to tell you what is accepted practice in this case, what can be legitimate reasons that make you think about changing mileage-related data, and of course how to stop mileage on a car.
Let’s get down to business, get ready and armed with the knowledge that will guide you through different situations you may come across.
It is a tool used for measuring the distance traveled by a vehicle. The device may be electronic, mechanical, or a combination of the two. It is placed on the dashboard near the speedometer, which on the other hand indicates the instantaneous speed of the automobile.
If we look through history, we can learn that Roman engineers developed it around 15 BC. As for the modern prototype of it, Blaise Pascal invented it in the 17th century. Mechanical odometers include several cogs. Each cog represents a numerical digit. Distance is counted by tracking the rotations of tires. If you own a brand-new automobile, you can enjoy the fully electronic instrument cluster, accordingly, you have a digital odometer that is no longer cable-dependent. Now magnetic or optical sensors and electronic circuits do the job. Sensors count the rotations made by the toothed wheel. Signals from sensors are sent to the ECU. As a result, it calculates the traveled distance based on pulses. Hence, the result is printed on the board.
Some people confuse it with the trip meter. Different from the above-mentioned tool. It can be reset at any time. Its main function is to count the particular distance between two points. It is extremely useful when you want to calculate miles per gallon, so it allows you to learn more about your fuel consumption more precisely.
What are some problems related to it?
You may ask what issues can we come across when we need a precise reading of mileage data. The most common reason is a broken odometer. Particularly it means that we get misleading information. The key solution in the case of mechanical one is easy to find and eradicate. There are many free tutorials on Youtube, that allow you to fix it yourself if you follow the instructions attentively. In the case of an electronic one, there may be several solutions. You may need to replace sensors, they are located near the back of the transmission. Another solution can be changing the gears, sometimes those are damaged and need replacement.
According to the, more measures you can take are as followings: removing any dust particles and strains, checking the back of the dashboard connector, taking a closer look at fuses and checking the ECU wires, it is a high chance that those are faulty and make it impossible for meters to work properly.
Why it is important?
People are eager to know how to stop odometer and they have a reason for it. the point is that mileage plays a significant role in determining the value of vehicles. If you want to buy a used automobile, the first thing you may ask is the distance it has traveled throughout its life. The higher the number, the higher the chance of the necessity of high maintenance costs in the initial stage of owning the automobile. With the help of the odometer, you can see it with your own eyes, you don’t need to guess it. there comes the danger of accuracy of it. Some dishonest sellers manipulate this data to their advantage which means that they use some devices for malicious purposes. In the following paragraph, you can learn in detail what is it and how it affects the automotive industry.
According to NHTSA, it is the disconnection, resetting or alteration of a vehicle’s odometer with the intent to change the number of miles indicated. Almost half a million buyers become victims of dishonest sellers. This crime costs $1 billion annually. How do they manage it? the answer is simple, they have tools that are available on any online store. The manufacturers of those tools escape the responsibility. The most common is the correction tool, which is meant to roll back the existing numbers. So, if you are interested in how to stop mileage on a car, those devices do not serve purposes.
Additionally, they are easily detected, which means that it just changes data on the surface and it stays on other control units. So, before you decide to lie to someone, be careful you cause inconvenience and misunderstanding.
Strengthening measures against crime is vital. So, government and individuals need to do their best to avoid it. As for laws, the federal government passed a law that requires a written disclosure of the mileage registered on an odometer to be provided on the title by the seller to the purchaser. An automobile that is 20 years or older is exempt from this requirement. As for individual effort, there are some tips and tricks that will help to protect yourself. Those are as followings:
  • Ask the seller to see the title and compare. Be sure that you take a closer look at it.
  • Ask to see maintenance records and make your conclusion.
  • Examine the general wear and tear of the target auto, especially the gas, brake and clutch pedals. Make sure that they are relevant to the numbers displayed.
  • Request automobile history report to eliminate possible discrepancies.
As you can see, automotive crime is one of the big challenges today. However, If someone wants to change numbers on the odometer doesn’t automatically mean that he or she has a bad cause. There are various reasons why they need it, let’s take a closer look at them and find the best alternative that serves this purpose.
You may have a bunch of legitimate reasons to correct your mileage data. Before we discuss how to do it flawlessly, let’s see what can be those reasons. For example, testing your automobile is the first you want to do after remapping and it’s normal that you do not want those unnecessary miles on the display. Other reasons are as followings:
  • You may spot inaccurate information after jump-starting
  • Inaccuracy after dashboard damage
  • Electrical fault
  • After installing a new engine
  • gauge failure
  • after installing the used odometer
You may not think that it’s necessary but sometimes you need to disable your odometer. If you search for the phrase “how to stop odometer?”. Let’s look through what method you may come across. Firstly, you should know that you will need three steps for it.
  1. Find the relevant fuse.
You may find different fuses for different purposes, for example, ignition, alarm or light. You need exactly the odometer fuse.
  1. Remove the fuse.
Take a fuse removal tool and pull the fuse out. This should disable the odometer of your car.
  1. The final step
Examine attentively. Make sure that every other fuse is properly installed. Take a short drive and see if it worked.
All the above-mentioned sound good, but what if you are one of the admirers of high-tech solutions who would like to do all this effortlessly. If it is so, I have good news for you. I will tell you about the innovative module and answer your question – how to stop odometer? – once and forever.
Mileage Blocker is an extraordinary module that can halt the mileage recording process from all control units. The tool is unique because of the advantages and benefits it offers. Additionally, it is used for more ethical purposes than its alternatives. Manufacturers created this module with premium-quality parts and it comes with mobile applications. This means that you don’t need to press the button to change it from mode to mode. It also includes easy installation instruction. If you decide to test your automobile efficiently, choose the quality product which doesn’t not only meet but exceeds your expectations. I will list the main benefits of this blocker, so you will be sure that it is a must-have device to purchase as soon as possible. Here is the list:
  • Altered mileage remains untraceable unconditionally. The information is not stored in any control unit and even with diagnostic testers no one is able to trace the mileage that was stopped while using the module.
  • Doesn’t cause any flaws in the Can-Bus system. At SKF we devote a lot of time to research and development and make sure that you will not encounter such problems.
  • You can turn it off and on while in motion. A key combination can be applied while your automobile is stationary or in motion and you can set the specific mode that you require during that specific time.
  • Miles do not add up spontaneously after removing it. It is the problem for many counterfeits of this module, when you disconnect them, miles start adding up. If you purchase a Mileage blocker you never come across the same problem.
  • It is a legal tool in most countries. However, in most cases, it is illegal to deceive potential buyers. Hence, you can install this module to test the performance of your vehicle in a controlled environment, but don’t use it for deceitful purposes.
So, if you still think about how to stop mileage on a car, do not hesitate. You can purchase the mileage stopper that will serve its purpose flawlessly. If you have any other questions you can check look through the support or contact the customer center.
So, you get all the necessary information that will help you make a smart decision when it comes to your automobile. Do not forget to identify the legitimate reason for s stopping your odometer. After doing it, you can purchase the most reliable module in the world and enjoy its benefits. So, what are you thinking of ? I think you already know how to stop odometer.
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2023.06.03 13:17 Kurtis-dono anniversary coins for 10 years of service.

so, today i logged in after a long 1 year break, and the game rewarded me with 10 anniverasry coins alogn...and..i completely forgot how or where to use them, i remember that i bought the ae phase 1 with that currecny, so, question..where do i use them XD?
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2023.06.03 13:17 Knightraiderdewd Just once I’d like to work under leadership that actually, you know, led.

My current job just keeps becoming more and more of a burden.
And it’s all because of a combination of 1 employee, and poor management.
Right now, I’m currently being watched, not because of anything I did, but what this one employee did.
I’m a gatekeeper at a trucking facility. We have two gates, one we check in and out an average of over 100 trucks per day. The other one, at most we’ll do 10 on a busy day.
Before this one employee, who is in her 40s, threw temper tantrums to get her way, so now she only has to work the slow gate, never the busy one.
Management decided to try forcing her to work the busy one, and sent me over to take her place.
At which point not only did she throw another tantrum but blatantly threatened to set my car on fire if she didn’t get her way. I literally said nothing to her.
I told upper management about this.
Their reaction?
I must’ve said or done something that made her feel threatened.
Because they’re too cheap to buy video cameras, of course there’s no proof of any of this, so instead of dealing with her, they’re punishing me, for literally doing nothing.
I have been written up, and am now on watch in case any other incidents occur.
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2023.06.03 13:16 wmtf86 New user struggling

I only recently got my medical card, and this is all very new to me. I keep trying different strains and things, but I'm not getting a lot of effects. Edibles do nothing for me, and I got zero results from the concentrates. Only using flower and vapes do I notice any of the medical effects. The people at the dispensaries tell me to try Tums when taking edibles, but that didn't work either. Has anyone else experienced this? It seems like I have a high tolerance but I've only recently become a regular smoker.
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2023.06.03 13:16 Clrly_nt_th_gvrmnt How to ask a girl out?

Give me your best advice. Even if it isn't useful, let's make this post a place that people will go to for advice.
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2023.06.03 13:16 joubi666 Someone in my dream showed me they were using a skin pocket because their jeans didn't have pockets

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2023.06.03 13:16 TheEternalVortex Our New Icon & Banner!

Hi, everyone.
For those who don’t know, we recently held a competition for a brand new icon and banner in celebration for the release of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Gameplay Reveal.
This competition ran from the 26th May to 2nd June and therefore, officially concluded yesterday. Me and IncompleteQuality have been discussing your excellent submissions throughout the week to decide on what our new banner and icon should be.
And as of today, we have finally settled on what we will be using, finally replacing the old banner and icon we’ve been using for a while now.
But before we congratulate our winners, I want to say a huge thank you for everyone who submitted. Discussing your submissions was enjoyable and it was much harder to choose a winner than I originally thought. The amount of times I said to myself, “This is our winner”, only to come back a few hours later and say, “No, this is our winner”, is truly incredible, so thank you.
And now, I will now gladly reveal our winners. So huge thank you to:



We also have some honourable mentions for:
u/0dqir0! Your banner had a unique and interesting approach with a contrasting black and white style.
u/MartianGeneral! Your banner had a simple but effective approach using the vibrant colours of Miles electricity and Peter’s suit on a symbiotic background.
That’s all from us, but we hope everyone enjoyed the competition as much as we did and like the new appearance of the subreddit.
Thank you all, once again. I can’t wait to continue moderating and interacting with you all as we approach the release of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.
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2023.06.03 13:16 SushiNotTasty any suggestions of some opium (new gen wave) type artists here from india?

yo wsg y'all i was just hoping if y'all could suggest to me some new wave artists here from india? i am looking for artists that match the vibe of opium music (playboi carti, ken carson, destroy lonely) OR even artists who fall in the genres of rage rap, cloud rap, new wave, plugg music? basically something that replicates the current soundcloud sound. i am intrigued by these styles and am looking to explore for any underground indian artists who use this style.
thanks in advance!
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2023.06.03 13:16 Squagel27 i for one welcome the wipe with open arms.

now i totally understand why some folks are annoyed. hell, depending on the results of the wipe, such as the loss of certain rewards, i may be annoyed too.
let me explain.
im someone who hit a wall a couple months ago and got stuck on some missions, as a result ive played maybe 3-4 times since early april because i felt so demoralized and unmotivated. ive been bummed out because i was so in love with DMZ.
so instead of complaining, im gonna talk about some results i hope for in the upcoming wipe:
i hope for less tedious and less near impossible missions. i dont mean the neat missions like planting trackers on choppers, or exfilling special items to plant on another map, those are interesting.
i mean missions like Lachmann Weapons Testing, or missions that are just fetch quest/easter egg hunts (collect 0/30 gas masks, blowtorches, $2 billion in cash). or missions that almost require weird manipulation of game mechanics, you know, the missions where tips to complete them overwhelmingly include things like "get two of your squadmates to join another squad so you can kill them over and over to complete the mission" because its not something you can achieve by just playing normally or without playing like an asshole. also ditch missions that have 12 caveats (kill 5 operators, while solo, with a pistol, with headshots, from over 100m, on a tuesday, while dolphin diving out of a heavy chopper, and take the last exfil)
i hope they just open up building 21 all week long. this weekends only bullcrap has seriously outlived its welcome, not to mention they have the balls to have building 21 missions. so either open it up, or get rid of building 21 missions completely.
new worthwhile rewards for missions, while at the same time keeping the good rewards of the past. so keep things like skins, and blueprints (i still want that Hazardous M13b bluprint damn it!) and lose the bullcrap like contraband that no one wants and loading screen wallpapers.
thats all i have for now. what are you all hoping for?
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2023.06.03 13:16 FarradoN [acne] What are you doing about photosensitivity?

Hi, I noticed that I’m really sensitive to the sun, and whenever I’m out for couple of hours it almost immediately breaks me out.
What should I do? I’m already using sunscreen and avoiding direct sunlight.
To be honest I’m not even sure if using skincare products worth it - it indeed helps my acne when I’m indoors, but the trade off of photosensitivity maybe not worth it.
I have probably combination skin - the T zone is very oily and the rest dry-normal. I have also noticed that the t zone gets less irritated from sunscreen, and breaks out far less.
This is my regime:
Cerave Hydrating Facial Cleanser Paula’s choice azelaic acid booster La Roche-Posay Toleriane Double Repair Matte Moisturizer EltaMD UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46
Cerave Hydrating Facial Cleanser Differin (adapalene 0.1 gel) benzoyl peroxide 5%
I would like your help because I’m so lost…
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2023.06.03 13:16 Mobile_Way_7538 I don’t remember the name of these two games on the xbox360

I’ve never used reddit before so I don’t know if I’m posting this in the right way, but anyway, can someone help me in reminding the name of these 2 games by my (bad) description?
1) it was a game 2 players co-op, with a man and a woman in the cover, I downloaded it as a demo and it was not after 2016, you started the game in a cemetery and your objective was to shoot skeletons (maybe even other monsters in the next levels, but not sure about that) with a laser-gun, somethimes it might make the skeletons your allies, I remember a level where you are in a room (I think it was an hotel?) and the final detail is that it was 3D
2) I remember this game was called Tolbot, but searching it does not appear, so I’m asking here, this was a demo too, 2 players co-op and there was no objective (at least, not in the demo) you were put in an arena with the other player, weapon dropped from the sky and you just need to win, this game was in 3D but it did not roteate, I mean it had 3D models but the game was played in only one perspective
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