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A subreddit for the best amusement park in the world - Cedar Point!

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Have you ever heard of this obscure theme park called Cedar Point in Sandusky Ohio?

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2023.06.08 00:50 loonylaurnen Saw this champion in the parking lot of my local Meijer today.

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2023.06.08 00:50 Suckadandick China’s exports plunge by 7.5% in May, far more than expected

China’s exports plunge by 7.5% in May, far more than expected
Exports fell 7.5% in May from a year ago, far worse than the 0.4% decline predicted by a Reuters poll. Imports for May dropped by 4.5% from a year ago — less than the 8% plunge forecast by Reuters. The decline was so sharp that export volumes are below their levels at the start of the year, after accounting for seasonality and changes in export prices, Julian Evans-Pritchard, head of China Economics, at Capital Economics, said in a note.
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2023.06.08 00:50 matt_ex Northern Nights Music Festival Phase 2 is out now!

Northern Nights Music Festival Phase 2 is out now!
Today, Northern Nights Music Festival has announced the phase two music lineup and revealed more cannabis details for its 10th anniversary, taking place in Northern California’s iconic Redwood Forest this July 14-16. With an eclectic music lineup, top-tier cannabis and wellness programming, and serene natural landscapes, Northern Nights remains one of North America’s most unique boutique festival experiences.
The festival’s dedication to discovering new artists continues to make it a staple of the West Coast festival season. Cook’s Valley Campground in the heart of the Emerald Triangle serves as the picturesque backdrop for fans to explore fresh talents alongside performances from some of the top names in electronic music.
With phase two, Northern Nights has added Belgian drum and bass legend Netsky, the genre-bending style of MiMOSA, the unique sounds of Santa Cruz act KR3TURE, and Denver producer NotLö as she continues her rapid ascension in the world of bass music. Phase two continues with rising names in the scene including ION, High Step Society, Spüke, Truthlive, Naughty Princess, Casmalia, and more.
The phase one lineup included the Northern Nights debut of live multi-instrumentalist duo Big Gigantic and returning favorite G Jones, the bass music icon whose epic sound design was bred from the coastal forest landscapes of Northern California. Additional Northern Nights firsts on phase one included GRAMMY-winning producer Mura Masa, multi-genre producer and Young Art label head TOKiMONSTA, and house hitmaker Dr. Fresch.
For its 10th anniversary, Northern Nights will continue its reputation as an innovator in the festival space by delivering a fully integrated cannabis experience powered by Weedmaps, Embarc Events, Cvalt, and One Log House. This activation will do away with the ‘cannabis garden’ model pioneered by NNMF and perpetuated by other events around California, incorporating cannabis vending into the venue footprint itself for the first time at a music festival. Fulfillment via the Weedmaps platform and designated purchase pickup zones will enable open sales throughout the event, creating a new model that reimagines how cannabis sales can be merged into the festival experience.
The NN23 Tree Lounge returns with a new centrally located cannabis activation featuring cannabis sales, live music, shade, misters, and vibes. There will also be festival-wide cannabis experiences curated by Royal Blunts, AbsoluteXtracts (ABX) + Farmer & The Felon, and Arcata Fire, Rising Source x Ridgeline Farms, Madrone, and Boonville Farm (BNVL). An Emerald Triangle independent farms curated menu & farmers market with the finest herb from the best producers in the world! Additional sponsors include Monster Energy and Waterloo.
Northern Nights will also become the first music festival to create its own in-house cannabis strain. Following a multi-year process of pheno-hunting for the best cannabis qualities, Northern Nights will have seeds available on-site for both personal and commercial sales along with flower available for sampling at the Tree Lounge. Created in collaboration with world-renowned breeder Humboldt Seed Company, the new “Northern Nights” strain relies on proprietary genetics while furthering the commitment of the organizers to revolutionize the ways that cannabis culture can be showcased in a music festival format while supporting local curators. The event has always represented the tip of the spear when it comes to bringing cannabis programming into the music festival arena. In 2019, Northern Nights became the first music festival to have legal onsite cannabis sales and consumption, establishing the event as a pioneering force in the legalization that has swept the country. In 2022, Northern Nights became the first music festival to have dispensaries located at stages and the first music festival to have multiple on-site dispensaries.
The festival has also announced its Movement & Wellness phase one lineup in collaboration with Movement Makers, which includes breathwork practices, sound healing experiences, primal movement, exploratory dance, community education circles, live music & arts integration, and much more including a variety of yoga classes and a cacao ceremony.
At Northern Nights, attendees will get the chance to experience seven unique stages which include the massive Main Stage in the middle of the festival, the River Stage that allows guests to hang in the water while watching performances, the Grove Stage tucked away in the Redwoods, and the Bunker Stage for those who want to keep the party going. Fans can also catch music at the Tree Lounge along with the Wellness Stage, plus a Surprise Stage featuring exclusive performances.
Anywhere Outpost Glamping tents are now on sale for those looking for a more luxury experience, which include furnished bedroom tents, lounge tents, air-conditioned restrooms with flushing toilets, exclusive hot outdoor showers, and a complimentary beverage bar. Need a ride and/or want to #NNGreenTeam it? Redwood Ford of Ukiah will be providing shuttle services from STS to NN all day Friday 7/14 as well as scheduled drop offs back to STS on both Sunday 7/16 and Monday 7/17. Get to and from the festival in style, meet new friends, save the planet and get back to work on time thanks to Redwood Ford!
Chart your journey now to one of the most unique festival experiences of the year. Tickets for Northern Nights Music Festival are available now on the festival’s website.
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2023.06.08 00:50 Additional_Crazy_880 Lotus Elise stateside questions

What do you consider high miles?
Do you think prices will continue to rise, have flattened or will drop in the next 12 months.
Will these appreciate over time, or has that ship sailed/too niche to really appreciate like the 90s toys (Supra, 300zx, 240 and company)
Considering one, has a clean title but like 65k miles. I passed on one for like $33k 5 years ago so hard to pay what prices are now and not feel like I missed the boat.
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2023.06.08 00:50 ThreAAAt Song Mix, Anyone Interested?

Hi, everyone. I'm just getting back into DDR and started to do my own mix. I wanted the songs to look good and professional (good banner, cover art, background image/video, etc), but also fit the old DDR eclectic rotations. Would anybody be interested in this song pack at all? If so, I'll work on getting it even nicer and find out how to share it.

Song Artist Year Genre
Tainted Love Soft Cell 1981 New Wave
Bring the Noise (Pump-kin Remix) Public Enemy, Benny Benassi 1987 Techno
I've Been Thinking About You (Joi N'Juno Remix) London Beat 1990 Eurodance
James Brown is Dead LA Style 1991 Techno
Insomnia Faithless 1995 Progressive House
Bailando Paradisio 1997 Eurodance
Never There CAKE 1998 Classic Rock
U Don't Know Me Armand van Helden 1998 UK Garage
Gotta Get Thru This (D'N'D Radio Mix) Daniel Bedingfield 2001 UK Garage
4 o'Clock (In the Morning) Lazard 2002 Trance
La Marche de la Lune Outfly 2003 Eurodance
Numb (80s Remix) Linkin Park 2003 Synthpop
Ramalama (Bang Bang) Roisin Murphy 2005 Avant-garde
Day 'n' Nite Kid Cudi 2009 Hip Hop
The Creeps (Fedde Le Grand Remix) Camille Jones 2009 Dance
Comme un enfant Yelle 2011 French Pop
Til Death (Denzal Park Edit) Wynter Gordon 2011 Dance
Power Glove Knife Party 2013 Glitchstep
After Dark Mr. Kitty 2014 Synthpop
Die Cosmonaut El Tigr3 2015 Synthwave
Fun Tonight MACROSS 82-99 2015 Future Funk
I'm Gonna Show You Crazy Bebe Rexha 2015 Pop
Lone Digger Caravan Palace 2015 Electroswing
Marionette (7th Heaven Remix) Antoinette 2015 Pop
Life Itself Glass Animals 2016 Alternative
Losing It Fisher 2018 Tech House
Washing Machine Heart Mitski 2018 Art Pop
Middle of the Night Elley Duhe 2020 Pop
Sweet but Psycho Ava Max 2020 Pop
XS Rina Sawayama 2020 Pop/R&B
Edamame (feat. Rich Brian) bbno$ 2021 Hip House
Friday (Dopamine Re-Edit) Riton x Nightcrawlers 2021 Dance
Motto DJ Tiesto, Ava Max 2021 Dance
Bad Memories (feat. Elley Duhé, FAST BOY) MEDUZA, James Carter 2022 Dance
Miracle Maker Dom Dolla 2022 Tech House
Spit in My Face! ThxSoMch 2022 Post-Punk
W.I.T.C.H. Devon Cole 2022 Alt-Pop
Parle a ta tete Indila 2023 Electroswing
Possession of a Weapon Ashnikko 2023 Alt-Pop
Tonight Lekota 2023 Tech House
Violet Connor Price 2023 Rap/Hip-hop
UNAVAILABLE Davido 2023 Afrobeat
Initially, all the songs were supposed to be inspired by the Major Arcana, but I did away with that because of how StepMania organizes the songs in the wheel. Also, the songs were meant to be danced with a dance pad and no bar.
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2023.06.08 00:49 mysticrsx Always defensively driving

Always defensively driving
My car got hit and run in the parking lot once and almost side swiped so many times while daily driving. I have to suddenly brake, swerve to another lane almost hitting the curb or another car just to avoid getting hit. Makes me paranoid whenever a big truck or SUV drives right next to me.
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2023.06.08 00:49 Brilliant_Hope_9119 PH testing drops. Anybody still use these?

Just curious to see if anyone has opted to keep things old school and still uses the ole GH test drops? I’m well aware that the fancy meters are worth the money but general consensus being high 5’s to low 6’s are good for ph and swings are beneficial to allow the full spectrum of nutrients uptake why do we need to be so precise down to the decimal with lab equipment when you could get yourself within that acceptable range with a tried and true method that costs 8 dollars? I had several successful hydro grows using only the kit that came with the GH trio back in the day lol
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2023.06.08 00:49 MarsupialParticular7 I wasted all my life

Been severely depressed since childhood I'm turning 26 this summer . I have never had a good single day that I can remember maybe since I was a kid . I couldn't study with a depressed brain that is so drained of energy so I dropped out of university . I'm isolating my self in a 12m room for weeks at a time and the only time I go outside is to either buy cigarettes or food , I lost all my social connections including close friends I'm pushing everyone away , I also deleted social media because seeing others living their best lives while I'm just a piece of sh*t depressed person it makes me wanna go crazy :(
Medication did nothing and I'm truly tired both physically and mentally, I can't keep up with life anymore
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2023.06.08 00:48 Denum- Pride in the park

Pride in the park
Didn't see this posted,
Should be a great afternoon for those interested.
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2023.06.08 00:47 Domo6805 Need help with next steps in selling an inheritance

I'd love some help on next steps and should start by saying this is my first reddit posting, so if I've done something wrong/could do it better, I'll take that feedback!
My wife's uncle recently passed away and they found these collection of comic books in binders. Each is in a simple plastic bag in the binder and stored in a cedar chest. The family doesn't have a lot of emotional attachment to the comics and are interested in selling them, and I've taken the task of doing next steps.
Here's the problem--I don't know next steps!
As you can see from the pictures (again, sorry for not having the actual issues), some of these seem fairly valuable like the first three original Silver Surfers, the first 8 Invincible Iron Mans, and issues 4-7 of The Amazing Spider-Man.
These seem to be in fine condition--I wouldn't say mint by any means, but no massive yellowing of paper nor major folds/bends.
Two questions I need help with:
1) What are the next steps we can take to sell these? I live near Denver, Colorado and the comics and the family are in Casa Grande, Arizona. I don't know if it's best to get them graded, just go to a comic book shop, post them on eBay, or what. I want to help them but am afraid they might get ripped off.
2) Which comics, assuming they are all in good condition, should I tell them are the most valuable?
Thanks for the help!
PS A friend recommended this reddit page but as I look at the rules, it's possible this breaks rule 7 about speculation or value--if so, please give me the feedback so I can follow the rules!
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2023.06.08 00:47 papolo2001 Issue with the parangón brake

Hi ramdonly I have this issue, with the 152 I remove the parking brake but the plane do not move, I can rev it to max rpm that is like the parking brake is active even it is in fact removed, the only way to solve it is to restart the game, it happens randomly. Anyone has the same issue?, any solution?
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2023.06.08 00:47 TrailHikingAust Muru and Yena Tracks (2.8km) Muru and Yena Tracks is a 2.8km, grade 3 hike located in the Botany Bay National Park, New South Wales. The hike should take around 1.45 hrs to complete. https://www.trailhiking.com.au/hikes/muru-and-yena-tracks/?feed_id=5181 #trailhikingaust #trailhiking #trailhik...

Muru and Yena Tracks (2.8km) Muru and Yena Tracks is a 2.8km, grade 3 hike located in the Botany Bay National Park, New South Wales. The hike should take around 1.45 hrs to complete. https://www.trailhiking.com.au/hikes/muru-and-yena-tracks/?feed_id=5181 #trailhikingaust #trailhiking #trailhik... submitted by TrailHikingAust to TrailHikingAust [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 00:47 Distinger_ Why does glider auto deployment height and speed seem different for everyone?

Idk if it's just me, but in the two Seasons I've been playing (current one and last one) it just seems that glider deployment height and glider falling speed are different for some people.
Like I'm playing in duos and trios, and I'm sometimes deploying my glider later or sooner than my friends, and we all deploy it at the last second automatically, so why does it seem like everyone's deploying it at different heights?
Also, why do I see some people going down way way faster than me with the glider? is there like a secret technique to drop faster with the glider that I don't know of?
And it's not just an animation thing, cuz I've been doing some tests between today and yesterday and the glider auto deployment height seems to be inconsistent, even when dropping at the same spots. And I'm 99% sure that glider speed is different sometimes for no apparent reason, cuz just now in my last game I was zooming after I deployed the glider, compared to my previous game where I had like at least half the speed.
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2023.06.08 00:47 AffectionateStory7 Rapid acceleration from stop

I recently got a 2023 model and when I put it out of park into drive to go, it instantly accelerated on its own for a few feet, then it stopped. I luckily did not have anything in front of me.
Before that, the night before, I did accidentally put the car in manual, but I corrected it quickly, the engine was then making funny sounds when I turned it off. I'm not sure if that is what caused the acceleration, it only happened once so far.
Anyone else ever had this issue?
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2023.06.08 00:46 dino_brewster What is this car I found in a parking lot in Pennsylvania

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2023.06.08 00:46 Lil_S_ Ottawa witches hangout?

Hey Ottawa witches,
I see you commenting about our smokey, ashy city. I didn’t realize there were so many of us!
Maybe we should gather in park or something in the future? Not today; today, Mother Nature is showing her fury.
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2023.06.08 00:45 ItchyLifeguard1003 FurkaPass Switzerland one of the most iconic roads of Switzerland- where James bond Goldfinger

FurkaPass Switzerland one of the most iconic roads of Switzerland- where James bond Goldfinger, The Furka Pass was used as a location in the James Bond film Goldfinger). One curve on the east side of the pass is even named "James Bond Strasse". At the sign, there is a lookout point with a small parking area. Visitors can also park next to Hotel Belvédère, close to the top of the pass on the west side, and take the short walk to the Rhône Glacier Ice Grotto. The glacier moves 30–40 meters a year and the 100 meter long tunnel and ice chamber can be visited from June when the road opens.
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2023.06.08 00:45 00ThunderWolf How is the ocean rising X inches a threat?

For context I tend to often hear how if the ocean rises like 4 or 6 inches, etc. So many cities/states would be destroyed and what not. I'm not sure how other places are but most of the beaches I been to have like a few feet of elevation of sand before you even touch the nearest road/parking lot so I imagine that wouldn't be much of an issue.
Is there really THAT many places in the world that even a mere few inches would be Doomsday? What happens when there's high tides/waves then? Is it just constantly destroying things? I understand if it was a couple of feet how it can be an issue and I believe in global warming and everything but I just can't process how a few inches or even 1 foot of ocean elevation is catastrophic or is it just overly dramatized?
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2023.06.08 00:45 Personal-Damage-7051 I just wanted to share about how I dash for others.

I just wanted to share about how I dash for others.
So why I dash. I enjoy it. Pretty simple. I love driving around without any restrictions. The freedom is nice. I get up at 10am, or anytime I want. And dash 6-12 hours jamming to music, talking with friends on the phone while working, and sitting in random parking lots studying network certifications during downtime. I think it's wonderful. I use 2 hot bags, in my second picture. For food orders. And a mini fridge. In my front seat, in the first picture, for drinks and ice cream. Been dashing since January of 2022, and I love it to be honest. I've picked other jobs, worked as a IT PTS agent. But got laid off because my state raised wage requirements and the company didn't want to raise everyone's wages. Looking at doordash now. I like dashing. And I intend to stay dashing till I find another job that can pay me more then $4,000 a month after taxes. Also not in the picture. I have 18x18 inch magnets on both sides of my car saying "Doordash Delivery" and 2 cameras. You can actually see part of my first camera in my back window in the second picture. As for dashing itself. I got a 2005 Camry for dashing. Car's worth is only like $1000 but it's paid itself off many times over and is still chugging along. Sitting at 213k miles now. And I was so impressed by it I dropped out of getting a Ford and got a new Camry instead for regular life. And will just keep dashing in this old Camry till it dies. Which I'm not even sure it will??? But I'm happy doordash was here as an option for me. I didn't want to ask my family for help or anything and took this as an option to afford living by myself nicely. And it's done great. I appreciate doordash bring a job option when I needed it, and it even went so far as to now I'm branching out with my community for more options like driving documents that need signed/signature's identity proven back and forth between banks and residents. Advice for new people would be to really look at your areas you dash in. Learn the best stores. Guage pay per hour vs by order pay. And also most importantly, never forget your safety and always take pictures of everything. Every delivery I make is recorded and saved for 2 weeks. And carry stuff to protect yourself, whether you want pepper spray, or a taser and pistol like me. As a delivery person it is possible unfortunately where you will have a situation where you may need it, don't forget that. Thanks for reading and happy dashing everyone.
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2023.06.08 00:45 throwRA897269420 my (f20) situationship (m22) might’ve drugged someone

advice please, throwaway for privacy
i (f20) have been casually dating/fwb with a guy (m22), i’ll call him T, for about 2 years on and off. we’re good friends. he has known my roommate (f21), i’ll call her S, since high school, but they weren’t close. they just went to the same parties, etc. S recently heard that T and i are hooking up, we didn’t know he was a mutual friend or really any of each others history with him before a few days ago.
when she heard that we were talking, S texted me to tell me not to talk to T because she says he drugged her friend in high school and she was worried for me. initially i believed her and i was very disgusted by him. he has been pushy with me in the past (not to any big degree but enough to have made me a little uncomfortable at times) so it didn’t surprise me much, but again i’ve known him for a long time and i care about him, i felt like i needed to ask him what happened.
T was confused and angry when i asked him and ended up sending me pictures/videos from the night S told me about proving who he was with the night it happened, what they were drinking, etc. he also called all of his friends who were at that party and everyone has said they remember the girl going to the hospital, but that they know he didn’t do it and they can’t imagine why she would blame him.
i asked S how they knew it was T who did it and she said because he was the last person to give the girl a drink. he said yes he was giving people drinks but everyone including him was drinking straight out of the same handle, there were videos of him passing it around and drinking it. he also said the girl who was drugged recently made a trip from their hometown to our college town to see him and hang out, years after she’s saying he drugged him. S has also hung out with him/hooked up with him since that party (before i knew him) which i can’t understand why she would do that if she really thought he did drug her friend.
(also for clarity nobody is saying he assaulted hetouched her after the drugging, she went straight to the hospital and he went home)
T ended up texting S directly to apologize and ask what happened at the party. she basically told him it was a long time ago and to just drop it but it’s fine, so the drama has calmed down.
i feel uneasy though. after talking to both of them extensively, and other people who were at the party, i really don’t think it was him who drugged the girl. i think he’s telling the truth. i feel like a terrible roommate and a terrible girls girl though for not taking my roommates word for it. i’m worried she’s mad at me for that and for talking to him about what she told me. i’ve also been assaulted/had trauma in that area so i do not take it lightly. if i thought there was any chance he was the one who did it i would block him but i really don’t think it was him. i’m worried he’s not going to be allowed in my apartment, im worried i handled that really wrong, and i’m worried i’m being naive and maybe he really did do it. not sure where to go from here. help :D thanks
tldr: my fwb is being accused of drugging someone 3-4 years ago, but after talking to both him and a friend of the victim A LOT, i really don’t think he did it. am i being naive?
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2023.06.08 00:45 nothingreallymatic Threatening Deliveroo Driver

This may not be the right sub, but I was walking my dog late, c. 11pm this evening and a Deliveroo driver on an L plates moped blazed through the zebra crossing I had entered. I yelled at him because he almost hit my dog and he pulled a U-turn and then pulled over 30 feet ahead. He was yelling something along the lines of “come here and say something” and it looked like he pulled a knife. It was dark, and I wasn’t going to go closer to be sure, but he was definitely wanting a piece of me, so I stayed clear and then went into the park with my dog while waiting for him to drive off. I didn’t get plates, but there’s cctv in the area and I’m sure the delivery app would have geolocation data. Is there any point in reporting this or is it just silly?
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2023.06.08 00:45 KlutzyEnd3 When a vehicle run, grasp harness and keep a body.

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