Never let a hard time humble us tattoo


2019.01.24 07:46 KsbjA Im15AndThisIsYeet

When you are 15 years old, and something is yeet

2020.06.05 14:19 Fight-meh coom


2012.10.03 16:31 thetankster Keepin it Frickin' Hillbilly

Redneck and Proud is a community by rednecks for rednecks. Here we discuss all things southern; Mud, Guns, Hunting, Fishing, Country Music, Line dancing, beer, whiskey, tobacco, and Daisy Dukes. Not limited to those things of course.

2023.02.18 22:52 tylerwarnecke Taking the plunge! Building my first PC shopping right now!

Hey all so I’m currently shopping for PC parts to build.
Right now I have a case the Corsair 4000D Airflow, picked out but am having a hard time deciding on AMD vs Intel. For the graphics card, I’m thinking of getting the GeForce rtx 4080.
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2023.02.18 17:52 gavodel Aarma Granite 4x4 Tyre Ripped Apart

So I literally just got my aarma granite now since Thursday 3 days ago,
Was enjoying it great.. just driving around the back garden,
Not doing anything too extreme, Had 2 jumps set up but quite small and straight onto grass, didn't have any major crashes or anything,
But today on only my 4th time to drive it the tyre ripped it self off, I was driving in just a straight line at the time, On grass, nothing else around, Here is picture of the remains of the tyre,
Has anyone with a Granite seen this happen before?
I'm only new to rc cars and I know they break etc, but a tyre ripping apart by itself after 3 days of use on only grass surely isn't normal,
I've ordered 2 new tyres and went back to the shop I bought it off about via email to tell them what happened Not sure if it would be covered under warranty or what,
Anyway let me know what yous think,
Thanks in advance, Gavin
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2023.02.18 16:03 Extension-Muscle6193 I have Leo in north node 10th house at 29 degrees. This is a fame indicator? Also I can 3 planets in the 11th house , 4 including Lilith. Also have sun conjunct mercury.

I have Leo in north node 10th house at 29 degrees. This is a fame indicator? Also I can 3 planets in the 11th house , 4 including Lilith. Also have sun conjunct mercury. submitted by Extension-Muscle6193 to AskAstrologers [link] [comments]

2023.02.18 16:03 Low_Present_7571 TN Visa after previously living in US as a child

I am a Canadian citizen and received a job offer in California on a TN visa. I was born in Canada, but lived in the US from the ages of 5-11 while my Dad was on a temporary work visa. Do I need to let the company know about this when they are preparing my visa application? Would having lived in the US previously as a dependant change the TN visa process at all for me? I don't know the exact dates or what my previous visa status was and I'm not able to get this information from my parents.
Thanks in advance
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2023.02.18 14:37 ThrowRAminsci My best friend (19F) and I (20F) deal with our mental health in totally opposite manners and it's putting a strain on our relationship.

My best friend and I went to high school together and we've been friends for about 6 years now. Out of the six years we've had a long distance friendship for 4 years and everything was fine till she moved to a different state for university a year ago.

Both of us haven't been doing well at university but the biggest problem has been how we both deal with that. When I'm going through a bad time I tend to cling on more to the few people I talk to, while she tends to withdraw and disappear for days straight. Because of this we barely talk to each other these days and even when we do it feels like I'm talking to a stranger. I feel hesitant to text her about my problems cause it takes her days to reply and whenever she reappears she says she'll explain why she did so later, except for the fact that she never does. I want us to be able to talk to each other but I don't know how to when she keeps putting this gap between us. I don't want to confront her because I don't want to add to her problems.

As of date it's been about five months since we've had a proper conversation and every time she texts me now, I start feeling sick. Whenever we do talk it feels like we're both talking to a wall. I keep pretending like I'm fine cause I know it's not her fault and I know she's going through a hard time. But, it's really taking a toll on me now. Should I confront her or just keep pretending like I'm not affected ?
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2023.02.18 14:17 ValuelessHuman I'm Trying, but

Things have been going better for me as of late. I've been trying to socialize and talk more with people, I've been going to some on-campus counseling/therapy, and even group therapy. I've been trying to do more for my future. Though if I'm being honest, it doesn't feel enough.
I'm 26 and still finishing up my degree. I feel old compared to everyone around me. I live far away from the campus too, about an hour to an hour and a half on most days. I live with, and have been living, with my father whom I carry a very strong disdain for, but I have no choice. I only rarely have a conversation that lasts more than three sentences with him these days, which is probably a good thing.
I made a friend recently, but I feel kind of stupid about it. She's nice, and we've been motivating each other to do more for our degrees and to help set us up for our future careers. She talks to me about her trauma in life, and I try to do my best to listen and be supportive. I shared some of my trauma, but it doesn't always feel like she cares all that much. I'm a guy, so I get that it's probably weird for people to listen for so long, but I hate being ignored for 14 hrs or more when I do open up. I feel stupid for feeling hurt, people are busy and I know I'm not even close to being important to her, but that still hurts. I feel unnecessarily needy and that upsets me a bit too.
I'm planning on getting a job again, I haven't worked for a bit due to college and commuting times taking up a lot of time, as well as my 20 yr old cat being a bit sick. He takes half a thyroid pill twice a day. If he doesn't get that, he'll get really sick.
I guess I wish that I was worth enough to someone to be a considered good enough, where people actively seek me out, or at least someone who I care for does. I want to feel heard, but I also want to be around someone who doesn't make me feel ignored if I bring up things that have happened to me and still effect me. But I don't even want to focus on trauma anymore, I just want to be around people that enjoy being around me and I enjoy being around them. I would rather leave my past in the past if I could. I just feel old and useless compared to those around me. It's hard to do things when you don't have much support, but it also hurts a lot when you get support and then feel cut off. In some respects I feel used, but maybe that's not bad since I benefit too.
I feel like I go above and beyond for people, and they do the minimum for me. I don't have family I can emotionally rely on. I don't really have friends, I talk to people and try to be social, but I know that's not really much generally, that's probably something I find value out of or something.
But I guess to sum up, I just feel lonely and isolated even still. I'm still trying to put work in, but it doesn't feel enough. I feel like I'm missing something important that other people have. I feel like if I had support that I felt I could rely on and trust, I could be okay. I don't though, and I don't know how I can even get that anymore, everything feels shallow. At least I'm doing better now, I have a friend who seems to sort of care maybe, and I'm able to talk with more people. I just wish I didn't feel so alone still.
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2023.02.18 14:11 ninjamansidekick Military Harrassment.

Is it possible that the numbers for "bullying and harrassment" in the RAF as described in one of the clips from Friday's show are wrong? They stated the numbers came from a military ambudsman and while that may be accurate did anyone consider its self reporting? It seems to me that the "grievance culture" has made minorities more sensitive to thier status and they may be over reporting.
I did my time in the military years ago I was called some pretty awful stuff but never even considered reporting it, its just part of hanging out with men and it was never in hate, just dudes being dudes. But my experience would indicate that most anybody would have a legit "bullying/harassment" claim, just nobody cared enough to report it.
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2023.02.18 14:02 InformationStrict520 Xbox game bar clipping not working! HELP!

So recently, about a month ago or so, I noticed that clipping videos no longer captures my audio. Sometimes it does, but 1/5 times, it clips only whoever Im in a discord call with and the game. Never me. Recording anything works normaly, but clipping is really important to me. I checked the settings and nothing has changed. I checked online what windows says to do ( which I did), and nothing has changed. Settings have my main mic set up properly, clips are on a last 3 minutes clipping, all my recording settings ( system sounds, game sounds, discord, mic, etc) are turned on properly. It just refuses to capture my mic most of the time. I tried setting it up to record last 10 minutes, but that would break it. It would clip about 1.30 minutes (without audio), from 10 min ago. So the thing I would clip ( lets say I clip something that happend 2 min ago), wouldnt even get clipped, but something from 10 minutes ago would. Ending up with me not being to clip at all.
Has anyone dealt with this? I wana know if Im the only one or not. My boyfriend has the same exact problem... Does anyone have any solutions? I would greatly apreciate it!
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2023.02.18 12:59 AirlineFreak Hit my head while entering the car

So I haven’t really experienced any symptoms so far and it’s been around 5 hours since. I hit it quite hard on accident and aside from initial pain everything dissipated fast. Do I plausibly have anything serious? Should I be concerned? I’m surprised I don’t feel much pain even in the area but would like some thoughts on this. I’m not dizzy, and am aware about my surroundings etc. I have a mild cold right now but that is unrelated to this incident and started a few days prior. I should’ve been more careful and I wasn’t looking at my phone but seemed like I was too confident and underestimated my height (i have never really hit my head) hence this occurrence.
UPDATE: Upon feeling my head I notice a slight pain/sting on the rear area of my head but it doesent really bother me untill I touch it etc. I reckon a bit of a bruise /swell as a result no bleeding.
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2023.02.18 12:35 TheTrueRobespierre Is there a mod that sorts your troops ?

Hi everyone, I have a hard time tracking what types of troops I got, I was wondering if there was a mod that helps sorting your troops by their types.
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2023.02.18 11:53 COReilly2017 [F4M] Survival In A Zombie World

No one knew how it had happened so quickly. Given the amount of guns that people had, all of the survivalists out there, and still, society had collapsed in record time. People had risen from the dead, and the dead were hungry. Across the world, anyone bitten was doomed to die, and rise again to consume the living.
Charlotte was only fifteen years old. She'd been fourteen when it had happened. When she and her parents had been rescued by a military unit. Even those soldiers had failed to keep them safe. Breakdown of discipline, infighting, and the dead, caused the unit to collapse just like everything else. Charlotte's parents had been killed in the crossfire when one set of soldiers attacked another. She fled, and in the month since then, she'd been on her own.
She was scrawny, as were a lot of people, malnourished once food distribution had ceased. She occasionally found some food and water inside of an evacuated part of her city, but it was risky. People were fighting over what was left, and there was the constant risk of the dead, and other diseases. She had a camo green jacket and hat, not much good for the city, black jeans, and a pair of sneakers. A spare set of clothing was in the grey backpack that she wore. Her red hair was cut poorly, having learned early on that long hair was dangerous. Many had been caught in the grip of one of the undead, and pulled towards gnashing teeth. She was filthy, not wasting what water she could find on cleaning.
She was huddled in a garage, with her hand clamped over her mouth to stifle her sobs. She was miserable, tired, hungry, and scared. She also wanted to scream, but didn't want to ring the dinner bell for a group of the undead. She had no firearms, and her only weapon was a hammer she had found days before. Her parents hadn't been religious, and neither had she, but still, she prayed to something in the hopes that things would go back to normal. Finally, exhausted, she drifted off into a restless sleep.
((I would like to play against an older character. Original characters only, as this isn't in an established world. Charlotte is young, but not completely clueless. She won't survive on her own, and needs a companion (human-only, no furries or such nonsense). I don't want a super soldier who has a huge arsenal. We're trying to survive, not thrive. I would like your character to be older, like, at least 30. While my character is young, I am not. Due to the dark nature of the setting, I would like to play with another adult. I don't want to role play such violence with someone who may not be able to handle it. I role play in the third person, but if you role play in first person, that's fine. I'll write 1-2 paragraphs per post, perhaps more if it's needed. I'd like the same in return. If you're writing more than that, or give a couple of sentences, we're not going to gel. I will not respond to "I want to play this", or any such brief message. Also, do not write my character's actions for me. I'm quite capable of controlling her myself. If you have nothing in your profile to show your writing ability, I'm less likely to respond. I only role play in Messages, not chat, and not off-site. People who write that I have Messages disabled are quite wrong. I get many messages in my Inbox. Sounds like a You problem. If you suggest Discord, I won't respond. If you're interested, let's give it a shot.))
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2023.02.18 11:07 CommonAd9065 My best friend is jealous of my relationship

I 19f recently started dating a good friend (19m) of mine and my best friends (18f). We all used to hang out as a group so obviously she feels upset, i would too so we still all hangout together as a 3 sometimes on video games and stuff. but me and my partner prefer to spend time alone sometimes and she has taken it the complete wrong way saying we hate her etc. At first i didn’t blame her. it’s a very difficult situation for all of us but now she started asking my bf if he’ll hang out with her on their own and constantly flirting with him. this makes my bf really uncomfortable and it makes me really angry but i still care about her like my own sister, i just don’t know how i could negotiate with her in this situation.
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2023.02.18 10:31 Equivalent_Goose8099 I feel like I wasted two years of my life on her

My ex girlfriend and I (23F, 21F) have been broken up for two months now. It wasn't the most amicable break, not the worst, but her last words to me definitely kept me from missing her too much even if I still loved her.
I've been doing better the last few weeks. I can say her name without wanting to cry and when a memory causes an emotion, it's either anger or just a sad kind of fondness, nothing extreme.
But tonight, I feel like I'm sinking because it feels like I wasted two years of my life on her that I can never get back.
Our situation was kind of messy in that we were long distance friends for awhile before we ever started dating, dated a year with her visiting me once, but then a year into our relationship, I got free flights because of her job.
However, for the first year, it was around the time I should have been applying to college. I put it off because at the time, we were talking about finding a way for me to move to her. It didn't happen that year with all the pandemic restrictions making it hard to both travel and get a job. So I just did my casual online job and waited on college or any major career choices.
Year two came, and when I got the free flights, she wanted me to visit a lot. We were still talking about ways for me to move to her, so again, I didn't bother with a degree or a more serious job since the plan was for me to move by the first of 2023 with my savings. I visited her for three weeks early in the year, didn't see her for a few months because of events we had planned separately, and then was with her and her family for the last five months of the year, give or take a week.
All of my free time was given to her, I put off my career for her, I put off college for her, all because I thought we were building a life together that would happen soon. By the time things crashed and burned because of all the issues that she would never talk about with me came to a head, I had already put off my life for two years for a life that she hadn't even wanted to build with me since the middle of last year.
It's too late to change anything, but I can't stop myself from regretting it now. She was so cold to me in the end and blamed me for everything, and I genuinely believe she hadn't loved me for awhile. I feel like a failure now, like I not only failed at a relationship with someone I thought I would marry someday, but also disappointed my family by being the oldest to go to college or get a decent job, and became a burden on my ex's parents staying so often.
I know my parents told me it was okay and that they just wanted me happy, that the college and job thing didn't matter to them. I also know her parents enjoyed hanging out with me as much as I did with them and that I was respectful, payed for my own meals, and cleaned up (they always invited me to stay longer when I was there and her mom cried when I would go home), but I can't help but feel like I was just a mistake in their daughter's eyes and maybe theirs too because of us breaking up.
Has anyone else felt like they wasted so much time that they regret now even if they didn't know it would end this way?
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2023.02.18 10:23 Humbletravellers Best Places For Holi In India 2023

Best Places For Holi In India 2023
Holi, also known as the "Festival of Colors," is a Hindu spring festival celebrated in India, Nepal, and other regions of the world with significant Hindu populations. The festival usually falls in late February or early March, and the exact date is determined by the Hindu calendar.
Best Place For Holi Celebration In India
The festival signifies the victory of good over evil, the arrival of spring, and the end of winter. It is a time for people to come together, forget their differences, and celebrate with family and friends. During Holi, people engage in throwing colored powder and water at each other, singing and dancing, and sharing traditional sweets and dishes.
Holi is a very vibrant and joyous festival that brings people together to celebrate life, love, and unity. The festival has gained popularity across the world and is celebrated in many countries with significant Hindu populations, as well as by people of other cultures who appreciate the festive spirit of Holi.

Best Place for Holi Celebration

Holi is a popular and colorful festival celebrated in India and many other parts of the world. There are many great places to celebrate Holi in India, each with its unique traditions and festivities. Here are some of the best places to celebrate Holi in 2023:
  1. Mathura and Vrindavan: These two cities in Uttar Pradesh are famous for their Holi celebrations. Mathura is believed to be the birthplace of Lord Krishna, and Vrindavan is where he spent his childhood. The week-long celebrations in these cities include temple rituals, street parties, and lots of color.
  2. Jaipur: The Pink City of India is another great place to celebrate Holi. The festivities here are grand and colorful, with music, dance, and food. The city also organizes a Holi Elephant Festival, where elephants are decorated with colors and taken on a procession.
  3. Hampi: This UNESCO World Heritage site in Karnataka is known for its grand Holi celebrations. The festival is celebrated for two days here, with music, dance, and a grand procession of chariots.
  4. Shantiniketan: This small town in West Bengal is known for its unique Holi celebrations. The festival is called Basanta Utsav here and is celebrated with traditional folk songs, dances, and lots of color.
  5. Delhi: The capital city of India is also a great place to celebrate Holi. The streets come alive with colors, and the celebrations are grand and lively. You can also attend a special Holi event at the India Gate.
These are just a few of the many great places to celebrate Holi in India. It's important to note that due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it's advisable to check the local regulations and safety measures before making any travel plans.


Holi is a joyous and colorful festival celebrated in India and Nepal, usually in the month of March. It is also known as the festival of colors or the festival of love. The main idea behind this festival is to celebrate the victory of good over evil, the arrival of spring, and to let go of past grudges and embrace new beginnings.
During Holi, people gather to play with colored powder and water, dance to music, and share sweets and snacks. It is a time to forget past grievances and celebrate together with family, friends, and neighbors. Holi is a festival that brings people together, regardless of their social status, caste, or religion.
In conclusion, Holi is a vibrant and festive occasion that is celebrated with enthusiasm and joy in India and Nepal. It is a time to forget the past and celebrate new beginnings, unity, and harmony among people. It is a festival that promotes love, happiness, and togetherness.
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2023.02.18 09:51 Competitive-Edge-641 Is she (F27) into me (M22) or not?

So there is this girl sitting next to me at work, we have known each other for 2 months now. I have made some advances and asked her to go out for a coffee a few times (50% she does go) though she does not seem to like cafes very much.
She started accepting my gifts and noticably my chocolate for valentine's day while refusing to even touch another guy's.
Lately she has been quite bold, touching me often and sometimes even squeeze my biceps and shoulders as hard as she could, even put her hand over my chair (as if to immitate me, I do that to her quite a lot). She also allows me to get really close and feels comfortable with me whispering closely to her ear.
I know for a fact that she appreciate me as a smart, neat person who is capable and knowledgable, but she is not the type of girl who would like having intellectual conversations, she said that they were too sophisticated and she felt intimidated by them.
A few days ago she asked me out for dinner and said that she was hungry (which was unusual), I refused and moved that dinner to 2 days later due to having another promise with the guys. However, when the day came she refused the dinner saying that she was so full after what we had at lunch (it was a lot because one person did not join the meal and we had to eat their portion). So later that afternoon I asked if she would join me at the cafe (I should probably stop inviting her to the cafe seriously).
After dinner's cancellation I was extremely confused since she gave me all the green lights and when the time came she did not want to proceed with the plan.
What the hell is going on?
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2023.02.18 08:38 Environmental-Dot507 How many circles did you spot in this optical illusion?

(Really) difficult optical illusion: Only geniuses can find the right number of circles in this image! Optical illusions are always fascinating, but this one is particularly difficult to crack. In this image that recently made the rounds of the Internet, there are a multitude of circles, but only the most astute can find the right number.
This optical illusion caused a wave of confusion and frustration among netizens, with many wondering how it was possible to count so many circles without getting lost along the way.
In this article, we're going to take a closer look at this image to try to understand how our brains process visual information, and why this optical illusion is so hard to solve.
We will also see how some tricks can help us find the exact number of circles and unravel the mystery of this fascinating image.
Test your observation skills by spotting all the circles in 30 seconds
How many different circles do you see in this image? Up to you !
The image above was shared on Imgur by TikTok user @ottaken and left people on social media with crossed eyes and headaches. Under this illusion, the circles are made up of tiny white and black squares, which is the main reason why this puzzle is so painful to watch. Even if you focus hard to spot the circles in this image, it will be impossible for your eyes to follow the individual lines of each circle. In this image, the most difficult thing is to find all the circles.
This optical illusion helps test your observation skills and eyesight. The image appears to be a spiral, but is actually a series of squares arranged in four concentric circles. The pattern rearranges itself before the viewer's eyes. The circles appear to overlap, causing a "pretzel" pattern. Those who can spot all the circles are considered creative people and also have amazing intuition.
How many circles did you spot in this optical illusion?
Let's look carefully at the image of the optical illusion and spot the number of circles one by one. Try drawing circles in each layer of the optical illusion.
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2023.02.18 08:32 creaturisms My incredibly narcissistic "friend" copies quizzes/tests from my other friend. Am I wrong for wanting to tell?

I have a friend we'll call K who is the nicest, most genuinely caring person I've ever met. I met her this school year and it's like we've been friends for years. However, she always sticks around her best friend R (they've known each other longer.) I sit near them or beside them in all of my classes because I'm in a program that takes up all of 2nd sem.
R is supposedly rich from what she constantly makes us hear, and from the start, she always irked me. She's overly "friendly" because she talks to a lot of people (probably so she can have more people to order around) but she only ever talks about herself. The first time I hung out with them at lunch, R spent all 45 minutes talking about herself NONSTOP about how rich she is and K was actually listening and laughing along. I'm a mouthy person too but not to the extent that R is and I make sure to let people talk as well. All R talks about is her family's "6 million net worth" their 4 properties and how if she wasn't attending our public high school she'd be in an academy with 10k tuition a year. Despite all that bs she genuinely thinks she doesn't brag and she's being humble. It's like she thinks she's the rich girl in some sort of sitcom and we're her peasant side character friends.
Anyways, the school started handing out honour rolls and I mentioned I was proud I was even part of that list and she scoffed and went on about how she should've had Honour Roll with Distinction because she has a 3.8 GPA which I think is funny. After all, so far on every test I've seen R peek at K's work and copy everything, but K just lets her. Every time we have a worksheet handed out she sneaks up beside me and copies from me or some of her other friends and refuses to do any work herself. How could you brag about something built on other people's work? This wouldn't bother me so much if she doesn't call K every synonym for stupid as a "joke". She even calls me "slow" as well but I did not appreciate it, so I told her that it offends me. So far she hasn't called me it since, but she still calls her best friend K names and exploits her. K is so blind to it that I feel sorry for her.
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2023.02.18 07:27 derangermouse by my cautionary tale

my face lacks charcoal allure, smeared with inky failure, and not innate artistic grace
control my frozen erratic self with your callous constant heart
my eyes obscure what you see, dim as a periwinkle overcast, with the same sincerity
be my cautionary tale, unappealing at stock photo family dinners and tedious to high society
subtracting something from you gives me a chance with what remains
I was designed to please, so let me have time alone with your apathy
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2023.02.18 06:37 JMDePue3442 My Keurig mini that I got last Christmas smells so bad! Like moldy. (Please be kind)

So let me explain… I haven’t used it for about a month or so. (I am not really a coffee drinker so I use it for when I want fun drinks) anyway. I was gonna make myself a drink. But I noticed it smelled. Being a mama I just forgot…So I tried to rinse it with just water first I did that twice. Then I used a dash of vinegar. When that didn’t work I took out the cup holder to clean that and where it sits. That still smells so I let it soak for 30 mins or so. Along with letting bins get sit where the water goes. Then I rinsed it a couple of times and again it didn’t work! I ended up giving up. Now it smells worse than before! What do I do?
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2023.02.18 06:02 Awkward-Moose5558 Sharing in hopes of finding someone in a similar place

So basically I discovered NoFap at a very young age (about 13), and I've been fapping almost everyday multiple times a day since 11 years old, so at first I was super glad I found it, the benefits were huge and I felt so alive.
However, it seems that ever since I started this long-ass journey, my streaks last less and less.
For example, when I turned 15 I've had my first 30 day streak (as you might have imagined, doing NoFap is extremely hard for me, theres newcomers doing 300+ days on their first try) and I think that was among the top best moments of my life, not only because of the benefits but because I was proud of my streak and that day I learned that I can be the master of my own body to a certain extent, and I can control my own impulses.
But now it seems I was horribly wrong, as I mentioned with every passing month of constantly trying and failing in NoFap, every passing year I did less and less days for some reason (even though I didn't want to). I barely even watch porn, in fact I hate it, its just me alone in my bed jacking off. A fucking addiction, an endless cycle.
I must mention I've gone through periods of time in which I just stopped caring in hopes of later starting again and pleased my self in any ways I wanted.
I hate it, I don't even feel good anymore when masturbating, its just my fucking brain trying to get its fix.
Today I am 23 years old, its been a ten years, A FUCKING DECADE TRYING AND TRYING AND TRYING. I've fell a thousand times, I can't even get past 3 days anymore, I don't know what the fuck to do.
Brothers, if anyone has a similar experience or a word of advice it would be greatly appreciated, any replies are welcomed.
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2023.02.18 05:42 Educational-Ask-1454 Fascinating heat map .. identical hexagon pattern

![]( ![]( ![]( ![](
I don't know I was sitting here for twenty minutes and finally get an order for $3.00 so I paused my session for now 😅 these rats either will let me earn or I ain't driving 😅
The identical patterns for the two Hotspot Zones confirmed my suspicion about how they work, sort of .. I think it just adds one for each single order within a set geographic radius based on some kind of time rule or something like that ..
The red hexagon being over a space doesn't mean that orders ever came from there if you ask me
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2023.02.18 05:28 Prudent-Pilot5517 SyncSMP [Vanilla] [SMP] {Whitelist} {Java 1.19.3} {13 or older} {Discord required}


SyncSMP is a fun new Java server, with the aim of establishing a friendly community amongst its players! Here are some things you should know about us:
• The server is completely vanilla!
• The server is run on the latest version of Java edition!
• Griefing and stealing will not be tolerated!
• Cracked players will not be able to join!
• The server is a dedicated server and is up most of the time, only rarely going down either due to maintenance or problems out of our control!
To join, all you have to do is fill up the google form below, send a friend request to dolphinator#4697, and wait until we've officially approved you!
• Once you've been approved, we'll send you a link to our discord server where you'll find our server address!
• Must be 13 years of age or older
• Must have a discord account
• Must have an OFFICIAL Minecraft Java Edition account
Here's the Google form you need to fill up before you can join!
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