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Flipping cars ruins everything for everyone

2023.06.08 01:22 shawnot Flipping cars ruins everything for everyone

I've been casually looking for a 718 GT4 for a few months, and after realizing that new allocations are a dead end, I started browsing for used ones in all the typical places. I recently saw a real gem for sale in Westwood, MA at the Porsche dealer, being offered for ~$124K. Gentian Blue, Manual, Carbon Bucket Seats, Carbon Ceramic Brakes, 1 owner, 15k miles.
Not to my surprise, but when I called up the dealership the salesman told me that it was already spoken for, and actually it didn't even last a week at that price. He was a really friendly guy and offered to keep me in touch on any similar ones down the road, which I of course appreciate.
Flash forward a week and now I see the same car being sold at some "side of the road" exotic car dealership in MA, for $137k. WTF?!
This is the kind of stuff that makes my blood boil and honestly is part of what drives the outrageous prices in the used car market. I like owning sports cars that appreciate, and I also understand that a dealer needs to make a profit (especially if they actually do some work on the car), but $13K for flipping a car that you basically just picked up 3 days ago is robbery in my opinion. It's instances like this that make me secretly hope the market tanks and people like that lose a bunch of money.
Sorry for the rant, but pretty pissed about that one.
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2023.06.08 01:13 thenudeplatypus Am I on the Latest Ioniq Update?? (US, California)

Am I on the Latest Ioniq Update?? (US, California)
To preface, when I check my Ioniq for updates it says there is an OTA update available, but to check/fix the device that was plugged. I am not able to download the update via OTA, regardless of what is plugged into that USB port.
Instead, I followed what many of you posted on here:
I downloaded all of the available update files using the Hyundai USB update downloader app on my Mac and burned the update to my USB.
Now when I installed the software via the newly burned USB drive, it ONLY prompts that the fire is for the “Audio System Update”. I let the update complete and I’ve posted photos of what the version numbers are now.
I was under the impression that there was a new route/charging planning feature added to the navigation, but my Maps app doesn’t look the way it does on the Hyundai site (
RE: this feature, Am I doing something wrong? Or not looking in the right place?
RE: the update as a while, Am I on the latest versions of everything or should I try to re-flash my USB and install it again? Would my car actually prompt me and tell me it’s updating the Infotainment system, or would it just continue to say “Audio System Update”?
Also, how the heck am I supposed to get OTA updates working? It would be very frustrating going to a dealer to handle this stuff, as we all know they tend to be complete morons and it’s just a waste of time.
Thanks for any help you all can provide!
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2023.06.08 01:06 RandyBobandy59 Dealer sold me a car with no transmission fluid

I bought a 2011 Camry automatic a few months ago and I just brought it to Valvoline to do a transmission flush because it hadn't been done in awhile according to Carfax and I haven't been getting good gas mileage. They told me there was no leaks but there was basically no transmission fluid to flush. I've mostly been using the car for leisure and grocery shopping as my job is right down the street. Is this going to be an issue?
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2023.06.08 01:05 conorw18 New or used?

Hey everyone!
I’ve been really struggling with what to get recently. Ideally I want a new Corolla or civic (base models) since the APR is lower for new cars. They keep getting marked up causing each car to be priced towards the upper tier of my budget.
I look at used cars and just feel discouraged. I need a reliable car that I can put at least 15k miles on a year. Every car I am seeing is around $20k with over 50k miles.
I have $3k to put down and the more dealers I talk to the worse I feel.
What direction do you think is best?
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2023.06.08 00:43 speed-farce-studios Looking to Network with Middle Eastern based dealers of classic American muscle cars/sports cars/hotrods

I realize that there is a market for these types of fun, distinctly American vehicles in the UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, etc.
I curate the sales of these types of vehicles on a regular basis and I am looking for a reliable partnegroup of partners located either Stateside or on the ground in the Middle East to offer these vehicles for sale.
Does anyone here already work in this industry, or can point me in the direction of discussing opportunities with those who are?
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2023.06.08 00:32 Yakfam1234 Buying a car a few hours away from where I am. Filled out the credit app dealer said im all set and to come in to finalize but will not tell me a rate. Said they haven’t submitted it yet to the bank. Shouldn’t this be final before I head down to the dealer?

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2023.06.08 00:31 marke64896 consumer law - second hand vehicle purchase - uk

Purchased a second hand Hyundai from an independent dealer up in Worcester (England) back in March. I am here in the UK helping family out and needed a car for a few months. Recently I noticed the car losing power when going up hills and took it to Hyundai in Gloucester who suspect that someone has cut out the honeycomb Diesel Particulate Filter, welded on the cover and remapped the ECU to ignore it, causing the vehicle to drop rpm and go into 'limp' mode.
A very expensive thing to fix (more than the cost of the car). They have also indicated that if presented today, the car would not pass an MOT. However the car has a valid MOT certificate until November this year.
I understand there is a statutory 3 month dealer warranty with used cars which I am just within.
The cost of fixing the issue with the DPF and the ECU would vastly outweigh the value of the the vehicle.
Am I within my rights to ask for a full refund?
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2023.06.08 00:29 prrrkrrr1108 Steering wheel/car shakes/shudders when braking hard over 60 PMH

Steering wheel/car shakes/shudders when braking hard over 60 PMH
Video for context but I know you can’t feel the car through a phone.
Just picked up a CPO 2019 RDX yesterday. When braking hard at highway speeds, it feels like the car may be slightly shaking/shuddering, almost like a tiny amount of ABS is kicking in or something. I suspected warped rotors. I don’t really feel it under 60 MPH, and even when i do feel it when going over 60, it’s very minuscule.
Acura’s certification process has 180 points of inspection, and my dealer also does an additional third party inspection through Indiana Independent Inspection. My salesman is reassuring me that the rotors/pads went through rigorous inspection before the vehicle was eligible to be certified. Could this just be the crappy highway road? Is this just nothing at all and I’m just paranoid and trying to find problems?
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2023.06.08 00:25 Neither_Win3637 Prepping a car for Turo (Initial Prep after purchase)

When you prep your car for Turo, what do you do? Here's an idea of what I've done, but wanted to see if anyone had better ideas on how to protect your investment. Keep in mind, I do this for each and every car I buy, even if it's a Yugo:
Updates from comments:
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2023.06.08 00:23 creekcaster 2019 Jetta Spare Tire

My son has a 2019 Jetta with no spare tire (infuriates me I bought a new car with no spare and they didn’t tell me!). He’s leaving to drive across country in a few days and I want to make sure he has a spare. Any recommendations other than the dealer? I’m looking for cheapest option possible
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2023.06.08 00:19 BearsBearsBears_wooo Blend door actuator

Well it finally happened to me. My 2012 had a blend door actuator go bad.
To anyone who had a dealer fix this problem, what’s a rough price for a repair ?
I just did an HVAC actuator in my car for about $33 and some learning time so I’m at least considering doing this myself although I’m sure it’s harder in the jeep than it was in my Lexus.
Any stories or prices ?
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2023.06.08 00:03 Dinevir Mazda Original Long Life Gear Oil IS == Mazda Long Life Hypoid Gear Oil IS

Mazda Original Long Life Gear Oil IS == Mazda Long Life Hypoid Gear Oil IS
For those who searched for
Mazda Original Long Life Gear Oil IS or Mazda Long Life Hypoid Gear Oil IS
as I did and found absolutely zero information here is something interesting: it is exactly the same oil. But do not confuse it with Mazda Long Life Hypoid Gear Oil SG1, it is a completely different product.
Today my car mechanic said that it will be nice to change oil in my Mazda's MX-5 ND2 2.0 manual gearbox. I checked the manual which said "Using Mazda Original Long Life Gear Oil IS is recommended" and as usual I started searching for some local shops to buy it. And to my surprise, I could not find anything. Okay, probably that is not a popular product so I called a local Mazda dealer and asked for gearbox oil. He checked the VIN and said the same thing I read in a manual, Mazda Original Long Life Gear Oil IS. Lucky me, the dealer has it in place. I went to it, grabbed oil cans and did not even check it. At home I found that I paid for Mazda Original Long Life Gear Oil IS but got Mazda Long Life Hypoid Gear Oil IS instead. I was a bit confused as I know that Mazda Long Life Hypoid Gear Oil SG1 recommended for differentials. I tried to google any info about - nothing, except some German forum where the same question asked, "what is that?". At some point I saw that cans have some letters under the sticker. I removed the sticker and... ta-da!... it is renamed Mazda Original Long Life Gear Oil IS from Japan! I also checked text on a can with a translator, but nothing interesting there, just common warnings.
Mystery solved!
Mazda Original Long Life Gear Oil IS and Mazda Long Life Hypoid Gear Oil IS
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2023.06.08 00:03 friday1197 I'm overwhelmed

Just paid the downpayment for my first car and grabe yung anxiety and I'm so overwhelmed na tinanong ko dealer if pwede bang di ko muna kunin agad. Anyone else felt this way buying a car for the first time?
Parang pakiramdam ko I just got a huge commitment and responsibility kahit na I did my thorough research naman and I've wanted it for years.
I'm 25 years old if that information helps. I earn 6 digits a month so maybe it's not the money kasi the monthly amortization is just 7.5% of my monthly income. Medyo malaki lang nga downpayment ko so baka kasama rin yun.
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2023.06.07 23:58 EBITDADDY007 Center Diff Won’t Unlock

Was at a dealer looking at a 2008. I got the center diff to lock but then could not get it to unlock. Car was in neutral tried in Lo, Hi, neutral. Couldn’t get it. Any ideas?
Found something online saying the transfer case is toast.
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2023.06.07 23:54 ToryWithAHighlighter Car parts retailer in Munich

Guten tag everyone!
My bf and I are driving to Munich in a couple of days. We delivered our car to the car parts dealer here in Norway to fix our AC because it’s obviously gonna be hot. But after many days of them saying they didn’t know what was wrong with our car yet, they said that the AC compressor needs to be changed and that they don’t have the part. And since they took so many days to get back to us there isn’t time to order the compressor. So I was wondering if anyone knows we could get this fixed in Munich? We will be there for 2 nights (3 days). We have a Toyota iq from 2010 67,8HP/50KW. TIA!! 💖
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2023.06.07 23:52 yukonlass TIFU buying a hot car

Last July (2022) I (52F) was driving by a dealership and they have this hot little blue sports car in the front line that catches my eye. I was on a mission and couldn't stop so that night I go online to check the dealer inventory. I have a nice little Honda coupe, but it's older and needs a paint job.
I find the ad for the car, a 2019 Toyota 86 GT, and although I'm disappointed it's an automatic (I love driving stick shift), it's not a deal breaker. It's rear wheel drive, has a sport (traction off) mode for racing and steering wheel paddles for standard-style shifting.
The car was listed for a reasonable price, but I was getting married in a few months, (destination wedding) and wasn't sure it was responsible to buy a car right then.
I talk to my fiance and we go to the dealership after hours to peek in the windows and check it out. He's supportive and encouraging, if I like the car I should buy it. I'm still not sure and hem and haw a few more days. I call my insurance and while the quote is high, it's not unreasonable.
I keep thinking about the car and eventually go back to the dealership website to apply for it. The next day, I get a call from the salesperson letting me know I'm approved and asking when do I want to sign the paperwork. This is mid-July.
I ask if I can delay delivery of the vehicle until after I return from a planned trip for a family memorial service, to early August. They agree and so I sign the papers, we do the photos and I walk out with some swag.
I come back from my trip to Alberta, pick up the car and drive it home. I immediately contract COVID, get the sickest I've ever been in my life and am in bed for close to a month. There goes summer!
I'm finally well and get to drive my new toy in September. The car is a dream to drive, so responsive and can pass anyone like they're standing still. I have fun driving it for about a month. But, because I live in the Yukon (#Whitehorse), I decide to park it for the winter when they start throwing gravel down on the roads.
Fast forward to May (yes, our winters are that long) and I am finally able to drive her again. In the meantime, I've been looking at, and dreaming of, getting back into horses and riding. Problem is, I can't afford to have a horse while I'm making payments on the car.
I take my little car for a (day) road trip and while it's awesome, I realize that I want the horse more.
Problem is, although the sticker price was reasonable, all the extra fees the dealership added on, plus the full extended warranty I added means the car is a little over-priced to try and sell.
Now, I've got ads on FB, Kijiji and Autotrader, but no bites. I've found a horse I want and lined up a place to board it, but can't get rid of the car. [TLDR: I bought a car and then realized I'd rather have a horse. I can't afford both and the car is too expensive to sell] Edit: clearly not a stolen car.
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2023.06.07 23:45 KingAndTheSting12 Highest mileage on stinger

Highest mileage on stinger
Proud to say I have the highest mileage on any stinger out there !(per Kia dealership) purchased brand new back in 2018 pretty much as soon as they hit the dealers. Didn't have one hiccup until 125k miles which my oil housing cracked and had roughly 4k in repairs but luckily I had purchased 175k miles extended warranty and came out paying 400$! But I can say the car is driving smooth after getting it out the shop the other day. Hoping to drive until warranty! 🤣 but this is a post to show how durable the stingers really are. I never modded it. Although I did drive it pretty hard. (As you can tell based on miles) but also drove it fast. Just thought this would be a funny post
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2023.06.07 23:31 umeandthemoon Bought car with “clean title”, trying to sell it and didn’t know it was declared as total loss by insurance. Advice?

From Minnesota. bought a car about a year ago from a small dealership. It was sold with a “clean title”, but to my surprise, when I tried to sell it today the company turned down the sale because the carfax reported it as a “total loss” previously.
How is it possible for it to have a clean title still? Looks like the dealer bought it directly from the insurance company. My dumbass didn’t run the carfax before I bought it because I thought I could trust the seller.
What are my options? Is it even legal to sell a car with a mis branded title?
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2023.06.07 23:25 WhataDamnBurger Node-Auto has a nice looking D25 for sale (lore-friendly)

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2023.06.07 23:25 Savings-Ad-2316 This is a story between me Eric Valentin from New York City Bronx New York and this lady who works for Fox 5 Aishah hasnie

They started last year on Instagram she has a fan page I clicked it and she started follow me we hit it off or cause that's who I'm fun she asked me what I do for a living I said I'm trying to get my job back at the janitor he said to me until I get it back this lady is very smart she taught me to Bible we FaceTime four times can we call each other three times I should never erase the conversation a I got this lady on video very nice at first and think I it got to a point she said she has a charity Foundation do you help me within us I don't got no money sorry and then she said $5 $10 fine I'll give it $10 a $5 and I went up to 20 30 50 100 150 another 150 $60 enough is enough I told her she said to me I'm crying because you don't want to be my friend no more she calls me call husband husband she said she wants to name the kids Erica and the boy Eric 2 soft hold on I love to take you out to the movies and drink coffee and walk around Manhattan okay was writing and she text me saying she cannot go she has to go to Ohio something about election day she never did that's okay when we do it at that time about Christmas she said fine she coming to my house and Christmas she's going to stay with me so she said to me I'm leaving to Washington d.c. I said how about a date she said can athletes Washington DC they're going to transfer me and she was right about that and I seen her want you to be seen doing her thing so I asked the web to your mom she said her mother died in the car crash her father it was bad so huh and I looked in the Google I see your mother's day and new pictures with you and your mom why you have to lie to me she said I didn't mean it like that I said my aunt died this is not good anyway that's okay forget about it so she called me last time when she send me I have a life insurance problem I still cannot help you with that I'll give it too much already Amazon gift cards too much apple $100 she said has $700,000 if you help me take this out the briefcase will go straight to your apartment so buddy will bring it over there he will keep $50,000 she's already talked to my lawyer mr. Beth and Greg I'll tell you my husband that's a really nice house okay I got up at 6 in the morning to brushing you and then I'll pay them can the lady from Western Union saying this looks like a scam you should never done this I said I know the lady of course I know the lady is FaceTime just lady we talked in the phone the man that lady was writing but she knew name I'll pay $485 I went home I'll show the picture of the receipt and everything my ID picture she said you going to get your money sweetie I promise you two days later she text me back how do you pick up how you pick it up so she call me FaceTime me she said to me play we got scammed I said by who she said about this man I'll talk with my lawyer mr. Branson Gray she say this lawyers a black guy he was scanning us how she really she said don't worry about it you with your money don't worry about it you want some money now say yes give me $485 right now she's have to go to work I'll call you back later and she called me back like nothing happened like nothing happened she said to me to give me a gift, and I'll set you crazy I don't got no money $485 + with my $50,000 he promised me that's how I'm going to the carnival Samba call to talk don't talk to me no more so and then she text me she said don't do that please my lawyer is here if the Bronx and Greg are you show me pictures of him I was talking to him texting back and forth which I got your money here on I want to know stuff about you awesome 43 years old open New York City I'm married to this lady I want to do the best thing for her he said good okay that was kind of funny the one you have been catching this lady she wake me up at 6 in the morning 6 in the morning 5 in the morning she's a reporter Hershey Kiss out but that man Mr Baston gray we was just texting that sounds just like her that text me that man doesn't sound very professional it sounded like huh trying to be a lawyer by profession I told her stop doing this I know this is you you going to hurt your family going to hurt your friends you going to get yourself fired from a call the cops in that yard on you he said to me I'm sorry so why are you doing this you shall forget about it forget it I'm sorry I said one more 50,000 she show me pictures of the money and a briefcase lots of pictures of fake waste my money she's not dropping my dick come down she told me videos some guy open a briefcase that was fate I reported to Fox fine she said she text me back she said to me you reported to Foxfire yes a yes I did and just the beginning and then she said don't do that please imma get your money today's date she still texting me she thinks it's a joke Yoshi has different emails seen using different faces of the people and she said it's a lot of hackers out there hacking us not me you the ones doing this to me I'm entitled to that money I want my money my paycheck was $3.67 okay from Chase I don't have no job I was my life savings I told him before Thanksgiving I can have no turkey this lady down the hallway she did my mom turkey I was so embarrassed me but thank you God thank you for that lady this lady doesn't care this lady he's going to pay for this he's going to jail for this she's always calling me sugar plum sugar plum somebody called me last week saying stop calling me stop calling me I said to the lady I'm not calling you she said hell yes you are you loser that got to be one of my friends but I'm going to get them back I got a big surprise ball New York on talk talking to the Washington cops hopefully FBI will be part of this because this is happening worldwide this smell funny if you think about it what's going on these days it's a lot of sick people out there that's my story you don't got a camera so I could show you pictures
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2023.06.07 23:22 JulianIQ Will comprehensive insurance cover a botched repair job?

In December, my girlfriend was side swiped around the driver side front fender area. A tow company stopped at the scene and convinced her to take her car to their shop.
Mid March she finally got her car back BUT it has been having a lot of electrical issues. She drives a 2017 Honda Accord which has the fuse box located on the side she was hit. Her car's alternator has stopped working and been replaced at the dealer shop 3 times in the 2 months after getting the car back.Today, her car broke down again. I suspect its the same issue.
After the initial signs of a faulty electrical system (driver side high beams are very dim, turn signal randomly illuminating but not ticking, A/C turning off for a few seconds randomly, etc) She took the car back to the shop and they claimed nothing was wrong or they couldn't replicate the issue.
I have been trying to convince her to take it back to the shop to have them fix it but she refuses to as she worries they'll just mess it up even more and believe they have no idea what they're doing.
She is wanting to sell the car but it is almost paid off, fairly new, and right now seems like a bad time to buy. If she wont have the shop who worked on the initial insurance claim handle it what options does she have? Can she reopen the claim against the other driver or would she have to make a new one with her insurance?
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2023.06.07 23:20 Significant_Spite_64 Headliner color?

My company has ordered a formentor hybrid 204 hp as to be used as a company car. Would like to ask what the color of the headliner is?
There isnt alot of options to choose from as a lot is standard equipment, I have chosen midnight black, but I really dont want a white/light grey headliner. Dealer told me it would be anthracite which is fine, but I dont see it anywhere listed and the pictures that the configurator is showing me shows a white headliner
Any more info bout this? Thanks
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