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2023.06.08 01:25 Weezy_is_the_goat If your the GM are you accepting?

If your the GM are you accepting?
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2023.06.08 01:25 MollieEquestrian A lot of me working with this girl is just finding out what she knows. It’s entirely possible and likely that she has been ridden before, so groundwork training is hard because I have no clue what she knows. Clearly she’s been handled, just… badly.

A lot of me working with this girl is just finding out what she knows. It’s entirely possible and likely that she has been ridden before, so groundwork training is hard because I have no clue what she knows. Clearly she’s been handled, just… badly.
She came in with 4 other horses, 3 of which we know have been ridden before. So it’s likely that she was also ridden. They rode a 2-3 year old mare, a skinny and muscle-less 20 year old gelding, and another young mare and I believe barrel raced her. So I see no reason why they also wouldn’t have ridden this girl. Obviously I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t have ridden any of them, but clearly the condition these horses came to us in shows us they didn’t really care about their well being.
For the past few months I’ve literally just been getting to know her. Only now are we actually starting the training. She knows how to do everything I’ve thrown at her so far, but badly. It clearly hasn’t been done in a while and was also trained in a choppy rushed manner. If you really wanted to I’m sure you could throw a saddle on her and ride in a day, but you’d probably hit the ground and traumatize her while your at it. And that’s probably exactly what happened in her past. All they cared about was riding these horses, so they rushed through all the groundwork training, got it just good enough that they could do it somewhat okay, and hopped on. I think she’s waiting for me to do the same. Obviously I’d love to ride her, but I want to do it in the most comfortable way for her. I’m going to get groundwork done as best I can, pick up all four feet, pick them out, comfortably stand behind her, be able to climb a fence and be above her, jump around her, etc etc. And even her first ride by me is probably going to be bitless and bareback just so it’s as simple and easy as possible.
Yesterday I took her on her second walk down the driveway. I mean, our second walk. People might have taken her on walks before I knew her (she’s been with the ranch for a little over a year now, I’ve been there for 10 months.) but I’m not sure. Our first walk went alright, it was a little stressful, and she did try to trot past me a few times on the way back but it was easily corrected. Our second walk yesterday was a million times better. Her pen mate has separation anxiety and even while she was whinnying extremely loud to her the entire time, she acted like she couldn’t hear her. We went up to the barn, the hose being dragged on the ground was a little bit spooky but a little flinch is all she gave it. Even walking past the pen of 30 horses she’s never met before she just looked at them and continued on. Then we hung out on the lawn for a few minutes and grazed. Last time I took her to the lawn she was so stressed she refused to graze and just walked in circles around me. On the walk back yesterday she didn’t trot past me or even think about it, and even stopped to poop in the driveway 😂 which I had to clean up after!!
Before our walk I decided to pick out her feet. I’ve worked on picking her feet up, but I’ve never taken a hoofpick to them and actually picked them out. She did pretty good!! She doesn’t like holding her feet up for a long time, like 30 seconds at most, but she’s not rude about it, she just pulls her hoof out of my hand. She’s also had her hooves picked before, because she has had farrier work done a bit obviously. I have only tried to pick up her back feet once so far, so I obviously didn’t pick them out yesterday. She was a little dramatic about picking up one of her front feet once yesterday, as shone at the end of the video but nothing big lol. A lot of the work with her is just going to be repetitive and boring until she just gets used to it.
P.S I might also be starting to work with another mare. An untouchable mustang. She has been touched and saddled before but she’s been left untouched for years and reverted back to a wild mustang. She’s got a bad knee that we need to take care of and we also would like to get her handleable so in the future we don’t have to tranq her and all this stuff just to fulfill her basic needs like hoof care, dewormer, vaccinations etc. So, be on the lookout for some posts about her in the near future hopefully! My work with her will only be groundwork. She’s 20 years old and as mentioned she has an issue with her front left knee that we need to sort out. It’s possible she will be sound for riding once we take care of that but she’s older so it’s really not worth it to train her to ride. She’ll probably be living out the rest of her life at the ranch anyways, so we will just be leaving her basically retired.
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2023.06.08 01:24 gorgeously_me4ever For anyone here who’s considering studying at NEU, please read xoxo

If you’re trapped like me, studying at NEU will feel suffocating. We can’t deny the beauty of the school physically or the image they project outside like free from fraternities, peaceful inside, no rallies etc. but here are some of the things that’s actually happening inside the school that’ll probably help you picking the best school.
  1. NEU is boring asf. Fun events only comes once in a blue moon like NEU fair but the rest of the school year will be like you watching cars pass by.
  2. Homophobic professors are everywhere. If you don’t wanna get PTSD because you’re still in the closet, go find a more open university.
  3. They say they don’t force non-inc members to join the cult, but from what I’ve experienced, one of my class was cancelled and my prof at that subject brought the whole class to AVR to listen to their bullshit doctrines (this even happened twice in a day, and even tho we said we already attended, they just said that its okay because it will be a different lesson lol), a friend told me that their prof asked her to secretly told the class that if they attend pamamahayag, they will be exempted for final exam.
  4. Expect that INC will be brought up by the professors during lesson (maybe in a way they boast the image of the cult or share some of the mind blowing doctrines about homophobia)
  5. Bunch of plastics everywhere. For an instance, a lady at the cashier was yelling at us for not lining up properly, then she said to her co-staffs that they should pray first. What an angel<33. And even the profs, after they said something bad about the green school in front (most of them hate this school, one even claimed that they are devil there), or traumatized the whole class, they will pray. As if God will hear you.
  6. Professors who are actually good are rare to find. Some are just lazy fat fucks who likes to give their responsibility to teach to the students in a mask of reporting.
  7. Education system is also fucked up. Ever wonder why NEU has low passing rate (at least in our department)?
  8. You will encounter A LOT of BEM(Bachelor of Evangelical Ministry) students. 50% of what you’ll encounter are pussy hungry freaks so always be careful from their sexualizing looks.
  9. “Are you non-inc? Okay I’ll give you 1.5 grades for the midterm. Be sure to attend the pamamahayag, okay?” “Did you attend the pamamahayag? No? Okay your grades is 3.0, better luck next time”
  10. Discrimination between INC and non INC students are sooo fucking real. They give better treatment if you’re INC but if you’re not, meh.
  11. Their system is slow. A lot of students are complaining about their slow processing specially the paper works, but nothing has changed! They don’t usually update the students with the school’s official fanpage so there are times that we are so clueless (ofc they don’t forget to post anything related to INC. slayy)
  12. Professors has grudge against the big four schools. They just say mean things about the school in general as well as the students and profs there. Like most of those are intelligent people but one requirement to be the devil is to be intelligent therefore they are, profs there teach students to be activist, they join rallies, they allow fraternities which is against the law of human rights—30 universal declaration (funny bcs afaik we rendered are rights to the lord so we don’t have any??), they produce NPA’s who fight the government, etc.
You guys can add more if you have personal experiences inside this school. Help the young people avoid this school in a best way they can. Xoxo
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2023.06.08 01:23 Unknownuser_157 I need opinions if I should move back in with my mother or not.

To give you some background info, I (14F) had lived with my dad for 10-12 years and not too long ago I had moved in with my mother. Back in September, 2021 I had started to live with my mother because of an abusive situation with my step-mother, me and my brother called our dad and told him the abuse we had experienced for 10 years. He got angry at us and started giving us attitude saying he gave her the punishments and told her to do the things she did. He was saying things like “I don’t think y’all realize how much she has done for y’all” and “this is very fucking rude of y’all to do because she has raised you both through all the shit you put her through” he was assuming that we were the bad guys in this. He was never really there for it all because he had a job as a foreman boss and still does. After that summer he gave us a “pep talk” but was really just trying to gaslight and manipulate us to make us think she wasn’t abusing us, we went through physical, mental, and emotional abuse for our whole childhood. She used to push us against walls and throw us on the floor, grabbed us by the back of our necks and threw us outside to work, not to mention the fact that we had that punishment all the fucking time, for the littlest things. When we were around 3-4 if we were crying she would come sit on us to where we could not breath or until we passed out. She would body shame me or belittle me every time she saw me, one time she almost made me eat rat shit because I didn’t like the food I had bc it was old but that’s when her kids said that’s disgusting and too far. She used to starve us too. One time I had lied about something little and I was kid, little kids lie a lot when they don’t like trouble, but she had forced me to eat hot sauce sandwiches for a week straight saying “this will burn the lies out of you” same with foods like artichokes she had 20 or more jars of pickled artichokes and she forced us to eat them when we got in trouble for the stupidest things. There is far more that had happened but I won’t go into anymore detail, after telling my father everything he came and picked us up after summer and so we stayed with him in a hotel with his work and my mom had given me and my brother an hammy down phone that we could use to keep in contact with her, one night I was up late on it and I didn’t realize that my dad had woken up so he saw me on it. After he saw me with the phone he decided to go through it the next day and saw the messages between me and my mom, so he made a deal saying he would let us stay there for a year and see how we liked it. I liked it because I had my brother I wasn’t going to school and I could do anything I wanted to do, but after I while I went down to my dads for the summer and I decided to live with him again because I would be able to go to school and go out more, and be away from my brother, but after a while I regretted it. I miss my brother to death and I wish I was still with him, but I don’t want to hurt my dads feeling nor my papas, I also have my friends and I’d be leaving them. If I lived with my mom I could be with my cousins, and my brother. I just need help deciding if I should move back in with her or not. Opinions will be very much appreciated.
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2023.06.08 01:20 SafeRecording3636 Thoughts I think I may have a winner 😌

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2023.06.08 01:20 ProfessorFrink1 Am I a sucker: Fisker Karma edition

Hey all! Let me start by saying that I'm an idiot. I know this. So if you're going to read all this just to tell me that I'm an idiot, I want you to know that I know! Now with that out of the way...
I bought a Fisker Karma. Nay, I bought two Fisker Karmas. I bought one sight unseen and shortly after that, the same seller stated that the guy that encouraged him to buy one also had one. Neither car was running. This is a common issue with the Fiskers. The 12v battery dies and the car needs a special Fisker computer to wake up. They were cheap and my hope was to fix both and sell one.
I paid to have the cars shipped cross country to San Francisco where one of the prominent Fisker techs is located. I gave him instructions: see if the cars are easily revived. If not, send me a list of what they need. This is November of 2022. He proceeds to tell me that one car is completely hopeless but that he thinks he can bring the other car back to life. He sends me a $6,000ish quote for the battery service. I green light this and we're off to the races.
There was an understanding that if, and only if, the car was viable and the battery was working as designed, that we would then perform a litany of other work. Some of this was stuff that you should do on a higher mileage car (control arm bushings, tie-rods) and other stuff is Fisker specific. The infotainment computers fail due to water intrusion. That's $3000. The heater pumps fail, the gear selector buttons, etc. They perform an entire cowl sealing that makes the car water proof because Fisker failed to do this from the factory. But here's the bottom line: I made it clear that if we didn't have a viable powertrain/ battery that no further work was to be carried out. I bet you can see where this is going.
Likewise, I relied on them wholly for telling me what needed to be repaired. The only problem I was already aware of was a defective blower motor (also water intrusion) which I replaced myself upon taking possession of the vehicle.
At this point they explain that the battery has been tested and is no longer displaying any codes. They ask if I want to do the remainder of the suggested service. This is about $6000 of additional work and includes replacing a door switch, tie rods, control arm bushings, the infotainment computer, sealing the cowl area, windshield wipers, a few broken under trays, etc. I gave them the go ahead and they perform the work. The car is done, my bill is paid and a few weeks after failing to find a shipper, I hop on a train to go get the car from San Francisco.
I'm leaving my hotel the next morning when the owner texts and tells me to get breakfast if I haven't already. The car has a check engine light and they want to figure out why. That's annoying but hey, it happens. I show up a few hours later and they explain that it has a cam correlation code. The cam phasers fail in the engines. It's an easy enough fix. It sucks that they didn't find that but my day's not ruined. What's odd is that my last Fisker had this exact problem and I know it takes at least two drive cycles for it to display the light and yet they tell me the light was never on. So that means the phaser decided to fail that day? Odd.
Then they tell me about the traction control light. It turns on the moment you start to drive. "It never came on for us" was the official response. I've put 1500 miles on the car now. It's come on literally every time but once. It came on for them too. I'm sure of it. They just missed it. But still, I'm assuming a wheel sensor or something like that needs to be replaced. Again not the end of the world.
So now I start driving the car back to LA and almost immediately I notice that I'm losing throttle response in EV mode. Now I'm not talking after driving hundreds of miles or having the car for a couple weeks. I'm saying this happened on my drive home. You hit the gas pedal and the car does nothing. You have to put it in sport mode which starts the engine and bypasses the battery and then it drives fine. I assume I'm doing something wrong because surely there can't be a major issue with this car I just paid $12,000 to one of the top techs in the country to work on.
I live with it for a few days and notice the problem only occurs in EV mode. That's not good. That means something with the battery most likely. This, combined with the fact that they missed the check engine light, traction control light and then I'm finding that the heater pump and the electric heater for EV mode heat are both dead, means they really put nearly no shakedown miles on this. They didn't verify it was a functioning car. They barely drove it after changing the bad battery modules and clearly didn't drive it more than once. Otherwise the check engine light would have popped up for the engine code. Indeed, I looked at the mileage and the car had something like 60 miles put on it in their possession. The all EV range of the Karma is 50 miles. That's one discharge and an additional 10 miles. I couldn't even discharge the battery the first time I drove it without it losing power.
So I call them. Now I'm not sure what to do. Because I'm really upset that they a.) missed a lot of issues and b.) barely put any shakedown miles on the vehicle. Clearly not enough to see that it still had issues.
So they tell me to check the coolant pumps. I do. They're running. So they tell me to bring it back to them. I do. They charge me another $1700 to replace a contactor in the battery and tell me that it's still having the issue. They say the traction control light hasn't come on for them but that they performed a steering angle reset procedure. I go to pick up the car yesterday, I move it 4 feet out of the spot and the traction control light comes on. I'm livid but swallowing my anger at this point.
I'm now $15,000+ in parts and labor into a car that doesn't work fully. The shop has offered effectively nothing other than a "we're sorry" for missing the stuff that they missed. There's no explanation for missing the battery issues other than that it didn't do it for them. Well of course it didn't. You didn't drive it enough.
I'm angry because so much of the work didn't need to be done if the battery didn't work. I didn't need the $1600 control arms or the $1000 tie rod ends. I didn't need the $3000 computer, the $665 gear selector switch, an oil change, under trays... any of it. I paid for another $7,000ish worth of work that absolutely did not need to be done if the battery was not viable. Not to mention all the stuff they missed beyond the battery. The heater pump and EV heater weren't noticed, the traction control light never mentioned to me, the check engine light, etc... Just a bunch of really obvious stuff here that was missed and I never even got the opportunity to say yes or no to have those things fixed.
And my struggle is that these guys are very kind. They are family business with exceptional reviews. But I feel as if they really took advantage of me here, just with a smile on their faces and a kind demeanor. Even the return trip where they were supposed to find the issue they missed the first time, they charged me $1700. If the part didn't fix the problem, I would have removed it and done the labor for free because I severely inconvenienced my customer in the first place. This wasn't even a consideration for them.
Am I nuts here?
FULL DISCLOSURE: This company let me purchase battery modules directly from the company they get them from at a large discount but they would not warranty them. That said, they are not stating that these modules are the cause of my existing failure. In fact, they are unable to say what my existing failure is at all. They're basically throwing parts at the car.
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2023.06.08 01:19 villainocity A Beast Fixie, a Budget Bundle, and Something Interesting?

Back again to sell some more of the stuff I don’t use. None of these have ever cut or been carried by me and all are in great shape. Looking for sales not trades.
Timestamps: https://imgur.com/a/s9EvX31
Ka-Bar Warthog ($60) – This thing is a monster. Blade is pristine and doesn’t look like it’s ever been used on anything. I had it in my camp gear bag, but I just don’t think I’ll ever need it unless I’m fighting a bear or something. I already have a damn good chopper, so this guy doesn’t have a spot. Comes in its box with stock dangler sheath. Custom Kydex sheath included.
Tattoo Your Deejo Kit ($55)– This kit comes with the large Deejo knife with black blade (No design), and engraver, as well as 2 different scales (wood and carbon fiber)to choose from. It came with 3, but one broke when I tightened the screw too much. Also comes with mini torx driver to install the scales and a spare steel blank to practice engraving on. Sellin this because the knife isn’t gonna crack my rotation and I’m too chickenshit to engrave it. At the end of the day, this kit is cheaper than the Deejo knife on it’s own. Knife has never been cut with or carried and comes in the kit box enclosed in its own drawstring bag.
The Miscellaneous Cool Knife Bundle (4 knives) - $65
Picked these up at different times. All are in great shape. Only one was bought used and I never cut with any of them. Shikra comes in its box, the rest will come wrapped in bubble wrap.
QSP Penguin – This is the one I bought used and the only one that’s been carried. Couple scratches on the blade and it looks like it’s been tumbled or something. I think it looks really good and it hurts to let it go. Best thumb stud action out of any knife I own. Letting it go because I want to buy a more premium version for the rotation, I think. Micarta feels good and is nicely broken in.
Ontario Shikra – I like it, but I don’t love it. It’s good and all, but I’m just not crazy about knives that only have the micarta on one side and I didn’t know that when I bought it new. Never cut, never carried. Aus 8 with green micarta. Very pokey.
Gerber Pledge –Bought this new from an Academy store. Out of all of the cheaper Gerber knives, this is my favorite. If it came with a more premium steel, I think it would be talked about a lot more. Really sharp and it feels good in the hand. Has one of those flat thumbstud shelf thingies. GFN handle with
7Cr17MoV. I really like the sheepsfoot blade. It’s long and useful. Came in a blister pack I had to murder to get it out, so no box.
Kershaw Reverb XL – Man, this thing looks cool as hell. Deep carry clip and a frame lock, but another one of those “scale on one side, steel on the other” jobs. I struggle flipping this one. It has milling or something in the blade to flip it out with, but I cant get a good grip with these hams I’m workin with. I can roll it out, though. Nice and useful carabiner on the end. I really dig the profile and it feels good in the hand. Carbon fiber overlay on the show side and a carbo-nitride titanium coating on the illustrious 8cr13MoV blade. This one’s packaging also gave its life to my access, so... no box!
I also still have that Chinese Sampler bundle available if you check my history. 5 knives for $50!
You know the drill. Yolo > Chat and since I don’t have 25 swaps yet, it’s Paypal G&S for your protection. Age 18+ please. Childrens, please don’t buy my stabby things.
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2023.06.08 01:17 echoesofreason 3 months later, here's my Coco Moon review & ratings...

3 months later, here's my Coco Moon review & ratings...
Favorite songs: “Sons of Thunder” & “The Tornado” Least favorite songs: “Field Notes” & “Adam, Check Please” Overall rating: 2.4/5 stars
I’ve known for a while that old-style Owl City music I originally fell in love with is long gone, but I had hoped that whatever route he took for his new album would be just as captivating. Unfortunately, Coco Moon is a sharp turn in a direction I don’t think I’ll be following. While a few songs on the album are fun, standout surprises, they’re the exception by far.
The biggest disappointment in nearly all the songs is the songwriting. I fell in love with Owl City’s music because of the unique and dreamy lyrics, and many of Adam’s songs in recent years have been missing that quality entirely. Coco Moon especially suffers from awkwardly phrased, clunky lyrics filled with cliches, morals, and over-explained messages; there’s not a single song on the album that avoids it.
One of the other major issues that many songs on this album suffer from is undeservedly long runtimes. This album definitely could’ve used some input from another songwriter to help prevent that issue; I think many songs could be greatly improved simply by cutting a few verses and/or choruses here and there.
Something that I noticed but don’t have particularly strong feelings on is the wide variety in tone and topic between the songs on the album. While a lot of the time artists and/or management prefer keeping an album thematically consistent, I personally don’t mind having a wider variety — although I will admit that many of the transition between songs can be incredibly jarring.
Overall, Coco Moon is an album that feels like it’s constantly missing the mark. I won’t be re-listening to most of the songs off of it, but at the end of the day, I’m happy that Adam is making the music that he wants to and continuing to grow and evolve his style.
(Individual song reviews below! Favorite/least favorite lyrics spoiler-ed so you can ignore them if you want; I just included them for fun.)

Adam, Check Please

⭐⚫⚫⚫⚫ (1/5 stars)
The instrumentals are super fun, but I just can’t get over the lyrics. They’re super-literal, awkward, and clunky — and weirdly glorifying underpaid retail work. It feels like Adam’s trying to make a connection between his grocery store job and his music fame with the whole “climb the ladder” thing… Uh, no. Again, the music itself is really fun; the layering of instruments, synths, main vocals, backing vocals, etc. works really well. But in my opinion the lyrics are bad enough to make the song flop.
Worst lyric: all of it “I said, hey, I’m looking for Casey Connor / Here’s my resume”
Best lyric: “All those hours / And store-bought flowers set me free”

Under the Circus Lights

⭐⭐⚫⚫⚫ (2/5 stars)
Although I’m not personally a fan of this song, I can admit that Adam did a really fun and unique job blending pop style with musical/soundtrack style music in this song (and some others on the album). It veers a little too far into soundtrack at points for me to listen to it most of the time, though, especially with the announceapplause interlude. Again, the lyrics here are very cliche at times and overall leave something to be desired, but it’s not one of his worst offenders. The circus setting of the story just feels weird to me — it feels like Adam was trying to pick a whimsical setting for a romance (in the vein of “Super Honeymoon”/”The Yacht Club”) but it feels too grounded and misses that classic Owl City level of whimsy.
Worst lyrics: “I got cotton candy” / “She seemed to drown in the "oohs" and "ahhs"”
Best lyric: “Lighter than a feather / But careful as with a heavy heart / She seemed to fall forever”

Kelly Time

⭐⭐⭐⚫⚫ (3/5 stars)
Honestly, the fact that Mr. City decided to write a whole song about Cast Away from the point of view of the volleyball… There’s no word but iconic. It’s a bop, too, with super fun instrumentals and what feels like a genuinely fresh evolution of Owl City music. It’s so close to 4 stars for me, but it gets points off for a few things. One, awkward and often cliche lyrics throughout the song (I think in this case from trying to fit the lyrics to the movie dialogue at times). Two, for the fact that, like many songs on the album, it feels unnecessarily long — it keeps going several verses longer than it feels like it should. Three, connected to that, at times it goes overly hard trying to impart a moral into the song (one that’s not necessarily present in the original movie!). And four, it’s missing some of the whimsy I think Adam was going for, and ends up too grounded in its source material — even if it works for the song, but I prefer not to listen to movie summaries in the form of songs.
Worst lyric: “The most beautiful thing in the world / Is, of course, the gift of life” (He CHANGED IT — in the movie it’s “The most beautiful thing in the world is the world itself”.)
Best lyric: “And now I have to learn to let you go / Even though I love you more than you'll ever know / I'm getting used to half a heart and the way things are”

Field Notes

⭐⚫⚫⚫⚫ (1/5 stars)
Coming from someone who fell in love with Owl City’s music because of Adam’s songwriting… This is the worst songwriting I’ve ever seen from him. He wrote an overly literal song about one of the more obscure Christian fables, and topped it all off with an explanation that that was what he was doing in the song. Dude, ever heard of “show, don’t tell”? Also, I’ve read the fable and various explanations of it, and I think I understand what it’s trying to say, but I just don’t think the song communicates it well through the story. (Hence the need for the explanation at the end, I guess?) And I guess the music is alright… except for the minute-long instrumental solo at the end that feels like it’s a totally separate song. Overall, this whole song is just a mess.
Worst lyric: “It’s a fable, you see / And the moral is this”
Best lyric: (none)

Sons of Thunder

⭐⭐⭐⭐⚫ (4/5 stars)
Adam needs to do Christian rock more often! This song is a banger and probably my favorite song on the album. The music is incredible, and his vocals, plus the backing female vocals, work really well to give the song a sense of power. In terms of the theme — I’m not Christian myself, and tend to find Christian themes tiring in music. But the first part of this song was actually done really well, in my opinion. It’s only in the tail end of the song where it begins to get preachy that Adam starts to lose me. It’s another example of “show, don’t tell”; the song conveys its message perfectly well through the more symbolic first part of the song, but grinds the pace to a halt to unnecessarily lay it out plainly at the end. And as a final note — nimbusofghosts on Tumblr already made an excellent post about this, but as a queer + transgender person, there’s a few lines in the song that I really connect with.
Worst lyric: “Yeah, we serve a God / Who loves us to death / No matter what we've done / So don't lose hope / 'Cause he will lead us home”
Best lyric: “And even though we are strange and exquisitely scarred / We don’t need to pretend to be anything we aren’t”

The Tornado

⭐⭐⭐⭐⚫(4/5 stars)
WOW. It’s incredible to see such strong vocals from Adam, and the instrumentals really support them and the mood. You can really hear the influence of movie and musical scores in this song; the knowledge he gained from the Adam Young Scores project really shines here, even years later. This song really had the potential to be my favorite song on the album, but (like several other songs on the album) it really lost its momentum halfway through, which brings the song grinding to a halt. The energy and mood of the first half is totally absent in the second half. Once again, the length also does it no favors; I think this song could easily be improved by cutting several of the verses after the climax so it falls later in the song. And, once again, the preachy Christian overtones and explanation of the moral feel very heavy-handed to me.
Worst lyric: “No, I vowed I'd not be murdered by a monster in the sky that night / But if I went home to heaven, at least that's where I'd belong”
Best lyrics: “And then the nightmare started, it got deafeningly loud / Every fiber in me screamed out but I couldn't make a sound / . . . / And this was my prayer: / "Save me from this terrible nightmare"”

Vitamin Sea

⭐⭐⭐⚫⚫ (3/5 stars)
This song is pretty simple but fun. It’s a cheesy, pun-filled bop — solid, but never going to be in my top songs. This is probably the closest to Ocean Eyes that will ever happen, but I feel a little sad that it’s in the vein of “Dental Care” or “Rugs From Me To You” instead of some of the more beautiful, whimsical songs from that era. The cliche lyrics feel a little but less cliche because there are only so many puns out there, but among the many other cliche songs on the album it feels like just one more song filled with unoriginal phrases. Regardless, it’s a fun song with fun lyrics and fun instrumentals.
Worst lyric: “So heads up Nancy, don't get antsy / While I'm working on my tan”
Best lyrics: “Yeah, I gotta go now / 'Cause I'm a little worn down / And I'm a little burned out” / “I’ve gone coastal” (A pun on “going postal” — if you’re not familiar with the phrase, look it up. I do appreciate a bit of dark humor in Owl City songs.)

Dinosaur Park

⭐⭐⭐⚫⚫ (3/5 stars)
This song has so much potential, but falls flat for me in so many ways. The topic (dinosaur statues coming alive at night) and the music (chill, twinkly vibes) are both wonderful, and in some ways a return to a classic “dreamy” style. But the six-and-a-half minute runtime means that the singular topic and limited instrumentals are stretched out for far, far, far too long. By the time some more interesting instruments kick in midway to give the song a little more life, it’s already over three and a half minutes in. (For reference, “The Bird and the Worm” is just a little under three and a half minutes long.) It’s a fun, silly song, but not at all deserving of the gargantuan runtime.
Worst lyric: “Boy, I love Rapid City / And that hilltop of beasts”
Best lyric: “'Cause when the moon's sitting pretty / Above Rapid City / There's much more than meets the eye”

Learn How to Surf

⭐⭐⚫⚫⚫ (2/5 stars)
A fun, funky song, that is also incredibly baffling to me. It really just feels like Adam trying out some new synths with some quickly written cliche lyrics slapped on top. The verses and chorus, while both fun in their own ways, feel totally disconnected lyrically, like they belong to two different songs. Ironically, despite the fact that this song feels super short and insubstantial, it’s over three and a half minutes long, making it a pretty average song length for any of his older albums. I think it’s because this song suffers from the same issue many others on the album do, which is that so much of the song’s lyrics feel cliche, repeated, or like filler material. It’s a fun song but overall insubstantial; really nothing too interesting beyond the funky synths.
Worst lyric: “You can't stop the waves but you can learn how to surf” (A classic-to-the-point-of-cliche “inspirational” phrase… that he made the catchphrase and title of the song.)
Best lyric: (honestly, nothing stands out in particular)

The Meadow Lark

⭐⚫⚫⚫⚫ (1/5 stars)
Honestly, I keep forgetting this song exists. It doesn’t feel like it belongs on this album, much less that it was written by pop musician Owl City. While this might be an excellent song in a different context — An album of modern hymns, perhaps? Relaxing Christian moral music? — it’s jarring to hear it following “Learn How to Surf” on Coco Moon. Also, yet again, it tells its message perfectly fine through the story, but drags the end out by explaining it in the most literal terms possible, abruptly ending the narrative setting and tone of the song. (Also, as a sidenote, I do appreciate Adam’s shift in the language he uses to make it feel more like a hymn or otherwise traditional song!) But to sum up — in a different context, I’m sure this is a good song, but not on this album.
Worst lyric: “If I should live to see more days / I pray the Lord to guide my ways”
Best lyric: “And then, the curious thing occurred / On wings arrived a tiny bird / And troubled not by war or peace / She sang for us a melody”

My Muse

⭐⭐⭐⚫⚫ (3/5 stars)
What can I say, it’s a sweet song. It’s hard to critique a song as personal as this — it almost feels like it’s not meant for any of us to hear — but if there’s one thing I can point out, it’s the (once again) over-reliance on cliched language throughout the entire song, and some instances of awkward phrasing. I will say that this is one of the few songs on the album where it feels like just the right length (although ironically enough, it’s the shortest one on the album). It’s a simple, sweet, personal song, and even though I won’t be listening to it much, it’s one of those songs that just makes me happy for Adam.
Worst lyric: “Yeah, without a doubt, I took you out for coffee”
Best lyric: “There's nowhere else I'd rather be than here with you”

Let me know your thoughts on the album and my review — what you agree or disagree with, any thoughts or context you’d like to share, or your own song rankings if you feel like sharing!
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2023.06.08 01:17 sneakers218 Looking for shipment from 85122 to 60091

Picking up a 4 door bronco from a dealer. Looking to be ready next Friday June 16th
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2023.06.08 01:16 The_Sportsologist Taking a look at the Sixers' cap sheet

Hello friends, today I thought it would be fun to take a look at the Sixers cap sheet and the many paths they could take moving forward. Daryl Morey has a lot of tough decisions to make, but most of those will likely depend on James Harden's decision this summer. Let's take a look at some possible scenarios.
Here is the Sixers' cap sheet going into this summer:
Player 2023-2024 2024-2025 2025-2026 2026-2027
Joel Embiid $46,900,000 $50,652,000 $54,404,000 $58,156,000
Tobias Harris $39,270,150
James Harden $35,640,000
PJ Tucker $11,014,500 $11,539,000
DeAnthony Melton $8,000,000
Furkan Korkmaz $5,370,370
Tyrese Maxey $4,343,920
Danuel House Jr $4,310,250
Montrezl Harrell $2,760,026
Jaden Springer $2,226,240 $4,018,363
total $159,835,456
expected luxury line $162,000,000
The italicized salary for James Harden's 2023-2024 season is the key. Harden can opt into that salary, opt out and re-sign a long-term deal in Philly, or opt out and decide to go to another team in free agency. His decision will be the pivot point for the Sixers roster building moving forward so let's take a look at a few different scenarios and see what they could look like.
Scenario 1: Harden leaves in free agency
Let's say the Houston rumors are legit and it's soon confirmed that James will be on his way back to Texas. The Rockets can sign him outright using their cap space meaning that the Sixers face the possibility of losing him for nothing. What do they do to replace the lost talent? The best route might be to utilize cap space and explore free agency. Let's see what the cap sheet looks like without Harden and with the addition of the cap holds for McDaniels, Melton, and Maxey so we can determine what their cap space could look like:
Player 2023-2024 2024-2025
Joel Embiid $46,900,000 $50,652,000
Tobias Harris $39,270,150
PJ Tucker $11,014,500 $11,539,000
DeAnthony Melton $8,000,000 $15,200,000
Furkan Korkmaz $5,370,370
Tyrese Maxey $4,343,920 $13,000,000
Danuel House Jr $4,310,250
Montrezl Harrell $2,760,026
Jaden Springer $2,226,240 $4,018,363
Paul Reed $2,261,266
Jalen McDaniels $1,805,205
total $128,261,927 $94,409,363
expect salary cap $134,000,000 $143,000,000
expected cap room $5,738,073 $48,590,637
So, for this summer they would have about 5.7 million in cap space to use in free agency, but they could increase that to almost 10 million if they renounce the cap holds on Reed and McDaniels. Or, if they found a way to move Harris' contract, they would have 45 million to spend in free agency and could still re-sign Reed and McDaniels after they hit the cap limit. Considering that Harris's deal is expiring this may be possible, but given the severe lack of tradable picks that Morey has to work with it won't be a guaranteed possibility. If they aren't able to move him then it could be in the best interest of the Sixers to aim for the summer of 2024 when they are set to have about 48.5 million in cap space even after accounting for Maxey and Melton's cap holds. They can make a couple splashes in free agency, re-sign Melton and Maxey, and should still have room to utilize the taxpayer MLE. They also can free up another 4 million by declining Springer's contract this October.
Free agency is a risky path considering that you are never guaranteed to land anyone. These days with extensions and the ability to demand trades, stars tend to enter unrestricted free agency less than they did before. And planning for the 2024 offseason might not sound good to Embiid, who the Sixers are no doubt wanting to keep happy. It could be that Daryl Morey and company don't want to go down this path, but I think that it's nice that they at least have the option if Harden does decide to walk.
Scenario 2: Harden demands a max and gets it
Let's say the recent Houston rumors serve as effective leverage for Harden, he demands a full max contract to come back to Philly, and Morey can't resist keeping his old friend around. Well unfortunately, that will lead to this roster becoming very expensive, perhaps too expensive to keep their high-end talent as well as quality depth. Maxey's new contract will kick in next season and will be a third big salary on the books going forward even as Harris' finally comes off.
The point of this post is not to speculate about what players are going to get in free agency, but we need to make some estimations to analyze what their cap sheet might look like going forward. Let's use Tyler Herro and Jordan Pool’s recent contracts of 120 and 128 million to estimate Maxey’s next deal. Let’s just say that he gets 125 million over 4 years, or 30.125 million per season. Let's also say that Paul Reed and Georges Niang re-sign under short term deals for 7.5 and 4 million respectively and the roster is filled out with a few minimum contracts. Here's what their cap sheet potentially looks like for the next 2 seasons:
Player 2023-2024 2024-2025
Joel Embiid $46,900,000 $50,652,000
James Harden $46,900,000 $50,652,000
Tobias Harris $39,270,150
PJ Tucker $11,014,500 $11,539,000
DeAnthony Melton $8,000,000
Furkan Korkmaz $5,370,370
Tyrese Maxey $4,343,920 $34,500,000
Danuel House Jr $4,310,250
Montrezl Harrell $2,760,026
Jaden Springer $2,226,240 $4,018,363
Georges Niang $8,000,000 $8,500,000
Paul Reed $6,000,000 $6,000,000
total $185,095,456 $165,861,363
expected luxury line $162,000,000 $172,881,999
As you can see, for 2023-2024 the Sixers would be set to go pretty deep into the luxury tax, deeper than they ever have before. While the ownership and front office might be okay with that for this upcoming season, they are going to be much more hesitant in the coming years when the second apron penalties fully kick in along with the increase in luxury tax penalties.
For 2024-2025 and beyond they would have 3 players taking up the vast majority of their cap. Adding in Tucker and Springer's salaries along with the theoretical contracts for Reed and Niang, the Sixers would have just around 33 million to fill out the remaining 8 roster spots before going over the dreaded 2nd apron. Unless they have a plan in place for going well over the apron and dealing with its penalties, they don't really have a way to fill their roster out with quality depth while paying 90% of their cap to Embiid, Harden and Maxey.
Scenario 3: Harden re-signs to a more team friendly deal
Let's say that the Houston rumors are overblown and Harden's desire is to come back to Philly long-term, even if it means settling for less than a max contract. What kind of deal would he be okay with? Who knows, and I do hate to speculate, but I also love to make cap sheets, so let's just say 35 million per year over 4 years and check out what the sheet looks like for the next 2 seasons:
Player 2023-2024 2024-2025
Joel Embiid $46,900,000 $50,652,000
Tobias Harris $39,270,150
James Harden $35,000,000 $35,000,000
PJ Tucker $11,014,500 $11,539,000
DeAnthony Melton $8,000,000 $15,200,000
Furkan Korkmaz $5,370,370
Tyrese Maxey $4,343,920 $13,000,000
Danuel House Jr $4,310,250
Montrezl Harrell $2,760,026
Jaden Springer $2,226,240 $4,018,363
total $159,195,456 $129,409,363
expected salary cap $134,000,000 $143,000,000
expected cap room $0 $13,590,637
Suddenly the tax owed for the 2023-2024 season doesn't look so bad. They could move Korkmaz to duck the tax entirely, or possibly utilize the taxpayer MLE to add another depth piece. The nontaxpayer MLE likely won't be a feasible option unless Harden re-signs for 30 million or below.
The 2024-2025 numbers are very interesting if the Sixers decide to hold off on Maxey's extension since they could have a little cap room to play with. Theoretically they could open up a max spot by moving Tucker and waiving Melton's cap hold, we but already saw how tough it would be to fill out the roster with 3 huge salaries on the books. Instead, they could keep Melton and Tucker and still afford to sign a free agent using cap space and then sign another using the taxpayer. It might end up that they pay players like Paul Reed and Jalen McDaniels this summer and don't have any free cap space in 2024, but again, it's nice to have the option.
So, if anyone's still reading this, I want to know what you think. What do you hope Harden decides to do? How do you hope to see Morey pivot in response? Did you have any interesting takeaways from the cap sheets? Let me know in the comments and thanks for reading!
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2023.06.08 01:14 metalheadgamerdude My personal opinion on a potential Elden Ring 2

1.) I want less bosses actually. With more unique boss fights like in Dark Souls 3. And more unique mini bosses.
2.) Even more options than before
3.) I want to be able to choose wherever I want to go without any sequence for better replay
4.) Better co op play, easier access and able to ride the spirit horse around with friends
5.) Better graphics
6.) More classes to pick with even more options
What else? What do you guys think?
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2023.06.08 01:13 maika420_ I dont know why but I never had the spirit boost mod triggerd can someone help me? or tell me why?

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2023.06.08 01:12 Footie57 Bike recommendations?

I’m looking for bike recommendations for a friend of mine. He is an experienced rider, grew up riding atv’s all the time (ltz400). He currently rides a cbr600 and has a Yamaha vstar cruiser for riding with his wife on the back.
He hates the vstar. He picked it up used and it has never run right. He’s cleaned the carb more times than he can count, is sick of it, so he’s selling it.
He’s looking for something that is a bit more reliable and easier to work on. Probably something mid-size, not too huge, but big enough to haul the two of them around. He’s probably 150-160lbs and she can’t be much more than 100lbs.
I’d guess he wouldn’t want to spend much more than $4-5k on a used bike.
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2023.06.08 01:12 coolproblems If I wanted to be ghosted this much I'd be online dating

My first time selling on Marketplace and I've been ghosted 3 out of 4 times this week on local pick ups. Is this normal? I can't remember ever being ghosted on Craigslist.
On the plus side I delivered a small item by bike to a guy running a snow cone truck at a fair.
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2023.06.08 01:12 Purple_Clowdboy Jíbaro, a "Love Death Robots" Chapter concept.

Jíbaro, a

Spoilers ahead...

Killer: The Siren

Difficulty: moderate/hard Stature: Average Terror radius: 32m Base speed: 3 m/s
Power: Damsel of the lake
Passive ability: Razor scales
The siren possesses 30 scales on her body, a number of scales will get stuck into a survivor's skin when performing a basic attack on them (2 - 4), the siren will loose the equivalent number of scales. Surpassing 6 scales will inflict the mangled status effect on the survivor. If the scale counter reaches 12 scales, the survivor is inflicted with the broken status effect. Survivors can take off scales by healing themselves or being healed by others. For every great skillcheck success, a scale will be taken out. Completing any healing interaction will result in -1 scales, if a survivor is picked up, they will loose 2 scales. All survivors will loose 4 scales after being unhooked.
- Escaping the siren's grasp will add 1 scale to the survivors counter, the siren will loose 4 scales in turn.
- Scale counters are personal to each survivor.
Special effect: Siren's treasure
As a survivor, gain 50 bloodpoints for each scale in your counter once you escape the trial.
Main ability: Song of desire
Killer side:
Hold M2 to charge song of desire (it takes 2 seconds to fully charge). While charging, your speed is reduced by 45%. By releasing M2 you'll be able to walk backwards at 110% speed and your terror radius is replaced by the song of desire for 10 seconds. You can end the song by performing a or lunge attack.
- While charging "song of desire", all survivors inside the terror radius will hear the faint sound of a waterfall. This sound can still be heard even if the killer is undetectable.
- Song of desire can be heard all around the map, but will only affect the survivors that are inside the terror radius.
- Song of desire has a total of 90 sec cooldown, if it hasn't been cancelled before the 15 seconds are over. Song of desire will take an extra 5 seconds to charge when less than 20 meters from a hooked survivor.
Survivor side:
All survivors inside the siren's terror radius while song of desire is active, become enchanted and loose control of their movements and actions. Enchanted survivors will start running towards the the siren's location, avoiding any obstacle along their way. Their screen will become slightly distorted to signify this. The enchanted status effect is displayed in the survivor hud to survivors and killer alike.
When less than 20m from the killer while enchanted, a series of fast skill checks will appear. Succeed in 4 of these to resist the call of the siren and become free from her call.
You can avoid being enchanted by becoming deafened. You get the "deafend" status effect for 30 seconds by missing a skill check while song of desire is being charged. While defened, all sounds except for the heartbeat are omited (does not affect visual heart beat).
Special effect: The lake
Releasing M2 will cover the ground area of the killer's terror radius with water. The lake will not follow the siren's terror radius and will stay in place untill "song of desire" becomes active again.

Speciall ability: What lurks beneath
I know this GIF doesn't have anything to do with the ability, I just thought it was cool.
By pressing the action button, you dive into the water and surpress your terror radius. While diving, the siren's head remains partially submerged and can be spotted by survivors. In this state, the siren moves at 170% her speed and can pass through dropped palletes, but is unable to attack, use her ability or interact with objects. If stunned while diving, she is forced out of the water.
- For every 2 seconds spent diving, gain back 3 scales.
- Press the action button again to come out of the water by perfoming a 1 sec animation, you will automatically emerge when exiting the lake's perimetre. You are unable to exit the water while under a dropped pallete.
- The lake will dissappear after hooking a surivor inside the lake's perimeter.
- The lake can be relocated by charging and releasing song of desire outside the lake's perimeter.
Special interaction: Healing blood
The siren will leave small pools of siren blood every time she looses scales or when getting pallette-stunned while inside the lake. Any survivor can perform a 3 second interaction with the pool to fully heal, even if they are broken or affected by deep wounds. Survivors that heal this way will loose all scales from their counter and their location will be revealed to the siren via killer instinct.

  • Hex: Visage of madness.
Your horrifying aspect is imprinted into the psyche of those who dare get too close.
You start the trial with 4 tokens (1 per survivor).
After a survivor stuns you, a random dull totem ignites and you lose the token corresponding to that survivor.
While the hex totem is active, all non skill check interactions will now have a 20%/50%/70% chance for a fast skill check to appear. If the survivor misses said skillcheck, they will scream and their location will be reveald to the killer.
  • Swiftness and precission
You are no stranger to the art of killing and your efficiency is spottless.
Injuring 4 different survivors within 60/90/100 seconds grants up to 4 tokens . For each token your speed and vault speed increases by 2%. Loose a token after putting a survivor in the dying state.
  • Morbid curiosity
Your monstruos nature weaken's your prey's mind.
Ending a chase with the obsession without hurting them will cause them to become incapacitated and exhausted for 5/10/15 seconds, but they also get the haste status effect for 8 seconds.

Survivor: Jíbaro

  • Self-willed
It is worth to take a risk and abandon all moral in order to survive.
You get up to 4 tokens for every 6/5/4 seconds you spend less than 16 meters from the killer without being chased meanwhile another survivor is hooked. For every token, the speed at which you're healed or heal yourself is increased by 2%. You loose all tokens after being fully healed.
  • Thick skin
In order to complete you objectives, you must endure pain. At least for a while.
You don't scream after being injured by a basic attack, any status effect that would be applied on hit appear after 7/13/16 seconds.
  • Opportunist
You wait patiently till the time is right... You may get something out of the death that surrounds you.
Picking up an item dropped by a dead survivor will make it regain a 30/50/70% of it's initial charge. The item will be fully charged if you are the only survivor left in the trial.
Thank you for your attention. This took me a while to make so I'm looking forward to hearing your opinions and criticism. Feel free to comment any changes you'd make to the killer or the perks.
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2023.06.08 01:11 FederalInternet5912 Let’s eat tail or fade

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2023.06.08 01:10 aster2560 Arc Family History

Background information to “What the Jaunedice Arc should’ve been” https://www.reddit.com/RWBYcritics/comments/13yzqni/what_jaunedice_shouldve_been/
Julius Arc: the first wielder of Crocea Mors, bastard from a prostitute and a Vale lord, the Vale lord made a promise to the prostitute to give Julius an education, train him in combat through retainers and give her a decent amount of gold as long as he never uses his family’s name, Julius’s mother both worked him to the bone to try and use him to elevate her status so when Julius was recognized by a Vale high lord during a tourney who asked for his family name so he chose Arc since he didn’t want to use his mother’s or father's family name, the high lord commissioned him a sword and shield that befitted his skills, fought for Vale in the Great War, during the Great War he earned the name “Julius the Undaunted” for his boldness on the battlefield, fought in the final battle of the Great War alongside the king of Vale, retired from combat, married a woman, had a son with the woman, and passed away from wounds he sustained during the Great War
Tyson Arc: Trained to be a huntsman to make a living, designed dual broadswords to be his weapon, took huntsman exam and passed it with flying colors, earned the name “The Whirlwind Demon” for how he fought, married a woman, had a son with that woman, and died due to contracting a disease
Lance Arc: attended combat school to train to become a huntsman, designed a specialized lance to be his weapon, took the huntsman exam and barely passed, had an okay career as a huntsman, married a woman, had a son with that woman, the woman he married died 2 years after childbirth, and he died from a heart attack
Chase Arc: never really knew his father due to him dying when he was 3, was raised by his aunt and uncle on his mother’s side, enrolled at Beacon to train to become a huntsman to earn good Lien to support his aunt and uncle, designed a katana to be his weapon with help from a blacksmith from the most eastern region of Anima, used a small meteor he as the material to create the katana, became the leader of team CYAN, made many friends at Beacon who helped him out, met a woman from Atlas named Sara Stark during the Vytal Festival, romanced Sara up during the Vytal Festival, graduated from Beacon and passed the huntsman exam, enjoys a pretty successful career as a huntsman, helps out his aunt and uncle by sending them Lien, marries Sara Stark, fathers Clarice on their wedding night, fathers Saphron 2 months after Clarice is born, Sara Stark and him divorce 2 months after Saphron’s 3rd birthday, Chase gets Saphron while Sara gets Clarice, meets Morgan Pendragon who works as a blacksmith and manages to romance her up, marries Morgan Pendragon and fathers Alyssa 1 month after their wedding night, Chase and Morgan divorce after 5 months Alyssa has been alive, Morgan got Alyssa, his aunt and uncle pass away due to old age, meets Amanda Lancaster who had opened a new bar where he was drowning his sorrows after the passing of his aunt and uncle, manages to romance Amanda up and marries her after accidentally getting pregnant, fathers Emma 3 months after Lyla’s 4th birthday, Amanda and him get divorced 4 months after Emma’s birth, Amanda got Emma while he got Lyla, meets Rosine Anderson who runs the local bakery 2 years after his divorce with Amanda, marries after 6 months of dating, fathers Jaune 1 month after their wedding night, fathers Fiona 5 weeks after Jaune’s birth, Rosine and Chase get divorced 2 months after Fiona’s birth, Chase got Jaune while Rosine got Fiona, meets Vivi Wells who works as a local innkeeper 4 months after his divorce with Rosine, Chase marries her after dating her for 7 months, and fathers Darcy 2 weeks after their wedding day. Despite the divorces Chase generally does have an amicable relationship with all of his ex wives. Has a good relationship with all of his daughters that he doesn’t have custody over due to both him and them being able to visit each other without any difficulty due to all of them still growing up in the same mountain town. If he had to pick a favorite kid he would choose Alyssa and if he had to pick a least favorite it would be Jaune because of his extremely whiny attitude and the fact that he gave up on the first day of his initial training. He still works as a huntsman to support his family. Chase is called “The Lightning Blademaster '' for his work as a huntsman while the town calls him “The Lightning Husband” due to how fast he goes through marriages with his wives. The reason why he doesn't give Jaune his approval is due to Jaune’s reason for going to Beacon being about family pride instead of feeling like it was his true calling or some other higher purpose.
  1. Clarice Stark 31: works as an independent journalist so she mainly travels around all over Remnant looking for stories to report on, just broke up with somebody, currently in a crappy mood because of the break up, usually quite chill though, her favorite sibling would have to be Lyla since she constantly does help her out with her photography and her least favorite would be Emma due her trolling nature
  2. Saphron Arc 30: moved to Argus to try to pursue a career in acting that went nowhere and was gonna move back home until she met Terra and fell in love with her, so now she married to Terra and now has a job in teaching at the local theater, her favorite sibling would have to Clarice for encouraging her to go to Argus to pursue acting and her least favorite Lyla for blaming her for messing a photograph when she didn’t
  3. Alyssa Pendragon 27: The only other Arc sibling that chose to become a huntress, did not have faith in Jaune and did discourage him due not wanting to see him get hurt at Beacon, she managed to gain world renown due to be one the few huntsman in all of Remnant to single handedly slay a Megoliath all on her own, has a bit of a gambling problem, does some amateur modeling for a magazine when she her gambling debts get a little too steep, and her main weapon is a 2 handed great sword that she designed and her mother made, and her semblance is a light that she can either use to cover her blade that allows it to cut through almost anything or condense it to the tip of her sword that allows her to send the light either straight through her enemy or make the light expand and explode on the part the enemy that it has made contact with the latter two requires extreme concentration especially the third one and they both wear her out, her favorite sibling would have to be Lyla due to helping her out with her gambling debts and her least favorite would be Emma due being trolled by her a lot
  4. Lyla Arc 24: works as a professional photographer, works for the magazine that Alyssa models for occasionally and is Alyssa’s contact for the magazine, has bit of a drinking problem whenever she gets stood up for a date, ends up ranting to Jaune about stuff whenever she is drunk, her favorite sibling would have to be Jaune due being able to vent things at him with him being fine with it and her least favorite would have to be Saphron due her messing up a perfectly good photograph at one time
  5. Emma Lancaster 20: works as a bartender at her mother’s bar, likes to smoke from time to time, can give okay advice when she wants to, can be a bit of troll at times, currently in a relationship, doesn’t think it’s gonna go anywhere though, always gives Jaune good advice when he comes to her, doesn’t like alcohol, her favorite sibling would have to be Jaune since he only ever comes to her for advice when ever he really needs it And her least favorite sibling would have to be Clarice since she ruined a perfectly good prank and got her grounded for a month when she was younger
  6. Jaune Arc 17: the only son of the current Arc family, currently a student at Beacon Academy, finds Darcy to be bit annoying, his weapon is Crocea Mors, thinks that his father is disappointed in him and he’s right but not for the reason he thinks, wants to surpass Alyssa and get his father’s approval, quit on the first day of his initial training from his father, had a lot of pride in his family name, helped out with mother’s bakery, got stood up for his first date and was really depressed for a couple of days, gave up on love after being stood up until Emma, Lyla, and Fiona managed to help him out, his favorite sibling would have to be Emma due to the good advice she gives and his least would be Darcy due annoying him at times
  7. Fiona Anderson 16: currently helping out with her mother’s bakery, is eventually gonna take over the bakery, not good at cooking anything else besides bakery goods, trying to fix that, often tells Jaune to shut up when he’s whining, comforted Jaune when he was stood up for his first date, her favorite sibling would have to be Darcy due how cute she finds her to be and her least favorite sibling would have to be Jaune due to his constant whining
  8. Darcy Arc 13: occasionally helps out at her mother’s inn, really hyperactive, easily amused, gets along with animals, tries to play with whenever she can but she ends up just annoying him at times, her favorite sibling would have to be Jaune due to how funny she thinks he is and her least favorite would have to be Fiona due to how clingy she thinks she is
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2023.06.08 01:03 sharkswithlasers tricksy hobbit

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2023.06.08 01:02 guywithpie42 So… What the heck is going on with Anakin and Obi-WAN’s sabers in RotS?

I feel like I’m unraveling a conspiracy theory or something…
Does anyone know what was the original story behind what was going on with the dynamic duo’s sabers in episode 3?
Ok. Grievous takes them and they take them right back. The hilts after they take them back are their correct hilts.
Fast forward to “Hello there” and Obi Wan appears to be using his saber (it’s hard to tell.)
The scene where Grievous pulls out his 4 sabers, Obi has a different hilt. Grievous’ right arms are… Obi and Anakin’s saber? (Anakin’s has a green blade though throughout the fight it sometimes switches to blue.)
Can’t really tell which hilt Obi uses when he fights Grievous but the second arm Kenobi destroys is has his own hilt falling to the ground.
We don’t see Obi pick up his saber which fell from Grievous, but when he drops a saber which Cody picks up, it’s his. No explanation what happens to Anakin’s saber.
Anakin’s saber teleports and is actually held by Palpatine in some scenes during the Windu fight.
Anakin uses his own saber to cut off Windus hand.
Anakin keeps his saber and Obi Wan keeps his until they fight.
The scene where Anakin is choking Obi WAN during their fight, the saber in Obi’s hand switches hilts between shots of Anakin’s is the further away shots and Obi Wan’s in the close up shot. Later Anakin knocks saber from Obi Wans hand and then they both force grip their correct sabers and they keep their correct sabers for the rest of the movie.
Now you COULD chalk all that up to continuity errors, but does anyone have any more in depth knowledge of what’s going on?
Here’s my theory of what originally was planned:
1)Grievous steals their sabers and was originally supposed to get away with them.
2)Obi Wan gets them back when he kills Grievous
3)Obi Wan is supposed to have returned to Coruscant and returns Anakin’s saber.
4)Obi Wan was supposed to be doing something else when Palpy vs Windu fight was happening.
5)Anakin was actually involved in Palpy vs Windu fight and I guess Anakin sides with Palpy during the fight which is why he is using his saber or else Anakin starts the fight against Palpy and then as it goes on he loses his saber to him. (Side theory: Since it could have been Anakin’s saber that Palpy loses out the window, maybe Anakin was originally supposed to have Vader saber during Order 66 and for the rest of the movie, though there are some issues with the theory like “how would Obi Wan have gotten Anakin’s saber for Luke in episode 4”? A good question… for another time… 😑)
6)Deleted scene during Obi Anakin fight where Obi loses saber and somehow gets Anakin’s.
Anyway, if anyone wants to post a theory or actually has “making of” knowledge they got from a commentary or something, I’d be very grateful to read your comments.
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2023.06.08 01:01 Haunting_Towel607 95 F-250 5.0 Misfires

Honestly, really starting to lose my passion for this truck. Just replaced the water pump last week, now engine is misfiring, cab is shaking, and exhaust is choppy. Took it in for a diagnosis, mechanic said he checked all the connections on the spark plug wires and gave it back to me working perfectly. Two small trips (less than 20 min each) engine starts misfiring again but now irregularly as opposed to the regular misfires I had before I took it in. Picked up all brand new plugs and wires and went to install, but some of the wires in the box weren't the right size? I had time to change all 4 spark plugs on the left side of the engine, and the first two wires that go to those plugs before I had work. Started her up and now the regular misfires are back. I pretty much know only what I absolutely need to to fix what I've needed to fix in the past so I'm pretty lost as to what's going on. I know that mixing the wires up can cause misfires, but I was careful to plug them into the right plugs. I've still got 6 more wires and 4 more plugs to install, but I don't understand why the misfiring changed after putting new plugs and wires in, am I a dumbass or just unlucky?
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2023.06.08 01:01 throwawaylovefreeme Hacked in September

Did LastPass ever say exactly when they were compromised?
Did they ever clearly state what was unencrypted when the user information was stolen?
In September I was hit with 200 phone calls, 600 voicemails, 9,000 emails and a fraudulent use of my credit card in a 4 hour time span (to purchase and pick up a midrange iPhone, in person, at the mall 15 minutes from me). They had compromised the phone number, sign-in email, billing address, and credit card used to purchase LastPass Premium. After months of monitoring, it appears like nothing else has been compromised.
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2023.06.08 00:58 Boring_Possession489 my dog was with malicious intent accused of biting a child

we live on a gated family farm and on the property we also have a few renters that live here. One renter has been here less than a year and been drama since the very first day. shes like a karen but so much worse. anyway at approximately 5:15pm on 4-20-2023 she accused my Pitbull, Prada of attacking her 13 year old at the bus stop that morning. Just to be clear, supposedly my dog attacked this 13 year old child at the bus stop before school, after the attack, the child got on the bus never said anything about it to the bus driver, nothing to a teacher and just "toughed it out" all day at school. Got off the bus at the same bus stop and because we have cameras all over the place inside the gate. you see the child as she just got off the bus walking down the long driveway to her house. she doesn't have ripped clothing, shes not covered in blood screaming for help as she drags her blood soaked body to her house, in fact shes not even showing any signs of any kind of injury at all. but mom calls the sheriff out and a firetruck make an appearance and then animal control and after all that they take her to the hospital 12-13 hours later for an injury that I'm able to confirm was not from my dog in fact the child was not any animal that attacked that child that morning because 1-we dont get up that early my husband works night and 2-the mom didnt know I have cameras outside the gate until a few days ago. I have sent copies of the morning and the afternoon of her getting on and off the bus to Animal control and the sheriff and they are good with closing the file with just that I wont be criminally charged and my dog wont be sentenced to death. I want this bitch jailed and charged with reporting a false crime!! How many PITBULLS die each year because they are the scapegoat for so many dog attacks and in my case I think mom put those marks on the kid cause it doesn't look like a dog bite at all. I am having her evicted this next week and after that she is going to be picked up for threats she made to me back in February and for mail theft as well( she was stealing our packages and mail) but I want her to feel the whole damn full effect of her bad choices especially my Prada cleared of biting any child. Yesterday she and her kids were throwing rocks at my drone which is a federal crime. she doesnt have any money or i would sue her civilly. anyome else had a simlair situation?
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