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Live better longer.

2009.06.02 12:17 bimomib Live better longer.

Reasons to hope to see the age of 100 and beyond: Biomedical rejuvenation through damage repair, manipulation of metabolism, beyond the mere results of exercise, caloric restriction, and fasting. Stem cell therapies, anti-cancer viruses, gene therapy, senolytics, and whatever is coming next... /longevity is the place to find all information about new longevity, healthspan, happyspan, and rejuvenation research related news.

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Having a medical issue? Ask a doctor or medical professional on Reddit! All flaired medical professionals on this subreddit are verified by the mods.

2023.06.07 23:41 habibazahid How to apply to IU International University of Applied Sciences?

The study advisory team at IU international university is an invaluable resource they offer extensive assistance throughout the application process. When applying for the online bachelor's program the following documents are required.
High school transcript, High school certificate, Curriculum vitae CV, National ID card/Passport, English proficiency certificate.
They also provides scholarships to support students. With the guidance of the study advisory team, securing admission becomes a seamless and enriching experience.
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2023.06.07 23:39 a-patrick Ohio: My (48M) employer denied coverage to my wife (48F) despite enrolling during enrollment period. [Dependent Verification]

I work for a large company in Ohio. At the start of this year, during open enrollment, I added my spouse to my insurance. I was informed that in order for her to be insured I needed to submit dependent verification including a marriage certificate and tax documents within a certain deadline. Due to a series of unfortunate circumstances I missed that deadline but have provided the company with proof that she is my spouse. In January she did receive an insurance card. We used that insurance when she was hospitalized that month for a week (and nearly dying) due to sepsis. At this point, she has been dropped from my insurance because I did not send verification documents within the time limit. The hospitalization is not being reimbursed by the insurance we thought we had. I understand that under the Affordable Care Act I have a right to have my spouse covered by my insurance. Is there any legal grounds on which to compel my company to get my spouse covered again, or otherwise get the insurance to pay the extensive hospital bills?
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2023.06.07 23:31 Legitimate_Course686 My mom won't let me leave

Hey everyone,
I'm a pre med student taking courses at a top university in my country. However, I got a call saying that some of my research labs will be in different provinces, which is 4 hours by plane from where I live.
My mom freaking out saying, "Tell them why and ask them for a lab exemption." These labs must be taken in the course to get credit. She doesn't understand, I told her I would be only gone for 5 days, which they told us, and I can return back home. She is a protective mom and strict (Arab mom).
I told her I won't be going there on vacation. All those 5 days are lab research. She is panicked cause I don't know what I will do when I get there and I don't know anyone there. I told her I will do my research it's not until 2 months from now. I can see any hotels beside the lab center and the transportation. She is still uneasy, I even asked her to come with me but she refuses so, like wtf what I am suppose to do. I am 19 BTW!
I understand why she is worried but, like I even offered her to come with me so I don't know what's the problem.
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2023.06.07 23:26 Chi847 Shrooms are hitting different, looking for some support/answers.

I've been experimenting since Feb of 2021. It hasn't been easy. I am NOT a typical responder by any metric. I was born super premature with brain damage due to oxygen deprivation and am considered to be somewhat on the spectrum. Later in life after my first cancer I had one of those drug response tests done and it says I am a super rapid metabolizer.
I have a long documented history of things not working right. I did Ketamine therapy for depression and I was taking 650 MG via IV and I was up and walking 30 minutes later. That's not supposed to happen. I can take a half dozen Ambien with zero response. I don't really drink as I don't care for the taste and it's frankly a dedicated job if I want to feel anything from it. To get me drunk would require an amount that would hospitalize some people. Sleeping pills don't work. 50 mg+ injection of Benadryl, no response. I have no response to Opioids..which a great discovery when you're on the oncology floor. I've had two surgical procedures with only local numbing because I cannot be twilighted. If it doesn't require legit going under..then I don't get pain management. I confound the hospital. I had 3 rounds of immensely harsh chemo. I didn't feel a thing, no pain, no discomfort. It was like sparkling water.
I'm telling you this so you can get an idea of just how fucked up I am in terms of drug response.
My medicine of choice is shrooms. But I need a lot. about 4 to 5 grams with rue ie Psilouacha, which to my understanding at least doubles the potency if not more. So I'm probably around 10-12 grams per journey.
I would change myself in a second if I could, but I can't. I just have to deal with things as the immense drug fuck up that I am. I don't get any sacred geometry. That magic hyperspace realm a lot of you go to..I don't have the faintest idea what that is like. Things look a bit brighter..and after a extensive supplementation regimen I can see trees do some odd shit but that's as far as it goes for me in terms of visuals. Internally? Black hole
I've had an immensely traumatic childhood/life. I've been in therapy since grade school and I'm 41, been on meds since the same time roughly. Been on pretty much every cocktail out there with minimal effect. Lithium has been the med of choice for a while but I've been off it for a long time. I used to disassociate heavily as kid, have diagnosed ptsd and whatever else. My oncology therapist says I'm the most fucked person she's ever had. And when the floor staff heard some of my story when I was inpatient, they sobbed. I'm a fucking mess.
I'm pretty much emotionally numb inside, I don't really feel things. I can recall a handful of emotional experiences in my life, that's it. For instance, I know my parents love me, but I don't feel anything, I can't...really connect with people, my mother says I see them like trees. Like objects. The first time I ever felt what seems like love was my first aya trip in May of 2021.
When I do a journey..I can experience..love and joy and grief and..wonder. Emotions and feelings that I can't otherwise access in sober life. It's like I get to cosplay as a human for a day.
I have a progressive chronic permanent illness that cannot be cured and it will eventually result in my death. There's a lot of complications with it. I can't really interact with society. Heavily immune compromised, I've had to live with my parents for the past 5 years in their spare room. Can't be overheated, can't be exposed to sun for more than a few minutes a day. Can't tolerate cold or mold friendly environments. I have damaged lungs, can't do anything physical to any real degree. Tired all of the time.
Psychedelics..are like my window/door to something else outside of my little bedroom. And when I do them I feel great..like perfect, I feel good and energetic...like before cancer type good. It even seems to be effective in rolling back some of the dysfunction/damage that I have. I had massive light sensitivity and a trip last year eliminated that. I don't have to wear sunglasses 24 hours a day anymore. It's far more effective than anything the hospital throws my way.
I started around every 3.5 to 4 weeks. It's been pretty great overall. Most challenging experience was I had the great timing to dose about 2 hours before a mass shooting. That was..not a great time.
Last summer they stopped working as I had advanced thyroid cancer and apparently the thyroid is important to psychedelic trips. Things looked prettier but emotional connection was pretty much gone. Had to get it removed and radiation etc, blah. Post surgery, amazing, it's like a filter was removed. Hospital says I've had it ongoing for years, so ever since I started. So from Aug of 2021 to Oct it didn't really work at. Post surgery, better than it had ever been.
In Jan of this year, I had radiation scheduled and I managed to catch Covid for the first time. I'm considered unvaccinated as my disease requires immune suppression to treat which makes vaccines useless. I tried a trip a week post Covid as my radiation treatment was soon had a really shitty prep and fuck all. Absolutely nothing. But I've read that Covid can really screw with it. So I wasn't surprised by that.
This past Feb was one of the most amazing trips of my life. I had recently lost my aya Shaman Steve Hupp and on that trip I connected with him somehow and it was the most incredible experience.
But ever since then it hasn't really worked. Now..the only change that I can say happened around that time was I vacuum sealed my supply because I was worried about degradation. I cannot think of a single rational reason why that would fuck everything up. I cannot think of any logical reason why that would impact things. The strain I've been using is PE6. My go for a while was Z strain, but I dumped that entire supply into making blue honey which turned out to be a massive mistake. I have old PE6 and GT on hand. I am planning on doing an APE grow..but there's a lot going on atm with my fathers health. We just ruled bone cancer for him, but he's going to need major spine surgery with a decent odds of paralysis. That shit has to be dealt with first before I embark on a new grow.
Sometimes you can just get weak shit..but this has gone on long enough that I think something else is going on.
Lately..it like doesn't kick off. Like a mild afterglow is all I get, and that's after hitting a vape to bring it up. My typical method is lemon tek, though I am planning to experiment with a chocolate bar as I hate drinking that shit.
Maybe something in my health has turned and it's impacting this. If that's the case I'm probably just screwed.
I did a experience a couple days about, 7 grams and change of PE6 with lemon tek. Extremely puffy powder, it just absorbed an entire lemon..it turned to the consistency of oatmeal almost or grits...it was..odd. That was a chore getting down.
It felt like it took forever to go anywhere, normally 40 minutes and you kind of get shoved off the cliff. I had to hit the vape pretty decent to get anywhere.
Normally I have really excellent recall with this stuff. I'm very present. I went to the bathroom to look out the window. It was really hot that day and I wasn't allowed to sit outside, so I went to the bathroom to sit and look out the window. Fucked as it sounds it's the only way sometimes for me to look at nature. I remember looking out the window and then it was dark. I lost time like hours of it. Which has not happened before. The afterglow for me usually lasts for some days..but it was gone that night. Now my mother was explaining just how potentially fucked my father is..so that may have had something to do with it.
I just want my normal emotionally fulfilling experience..
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2023.06.07 23:25 Right_Resolution6823 wordpress hosting in uae

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For those who want a more hands-off approach, A2 Hosting also offers managed WordPress hosting plans. With a managed hosting plan, A2 Hosting takes care of all of the technical aspects of running a website, including updates, maintenance, and security. Managed WordPress hosting plans come with A2 Hosting’s Turbo Server, providing improved website performance and speed.
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Benefits of Choosing A2 Hosting for WordPress Hosting in UAE:
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2023.06.07 23:19 slowfreak MCPHS self-paced online course info

Just wanted to post this because I was looking for information online about MCPHS self-paced courses and could not find answers to my questions. I'm pre-med, not pre-PA, but I saw most of the MCPHS posts come from this sub so this is for anyone googling this information in the future that might need it.
Not really important, but I just needed a more recent biochem course on my transcript (and quickly) so MCPHS was a good option for me. If you are a new student your first course is 50% off which comes out to around $780 and is comparable to other online options like UCSD or UCLA extension which are not self-paced and much cheaper than UC Berkeley Extension or UNE.

  1. You can email admissions and they will send you the syllabus and the professor's contact info if you need it. I talked to the professor and admissions before I enrolled to make sure I was not going to waste money.
  2. You have 16 weeks to finish the course but you can literally finish it in any time frame within that. I took Cellular Biochemistry (BIO 360E) and finished in 5 days *****. Started Friday after work and took my final exam Tuesday after work. Needless to say those 5 days were horrible but I did what I needed to do.
  3. ****I was NOT new to biochem. I had taken 2 biochem courses during undergrad, took the MCAT last year, and have tutored biochem a few times. This course was just an expensive technicality I had to fulfill unfortunately. I could not find Reddit posts about people who had been in a situation like me and needed to finish the course ASAP so hopefully this post helps someone Googling this in the future.
  4. I can only speak for BIO 360E but the structure of the course looked like "modules" with pre-posted lecture videos and ppt slides. There was assigned reading and textbook homework problems due for each module as well as a "knowledge check" quiz for each module through Blackboard. Every 3-4 modules there was an online exam using Lockdown browser and you also had to submit a "study guide" of your notes and some practice questions that you made up and answered to prove that you studied. The grade was 40% homework/quizzes/study guide and 60% from 3 exams that were purely based on their assigned modules and there was no cumulative final. It basically felt like 40% completion points and 60% know-your-stuff points so do with that as you need.
  5. Tests were open book/note but mostly short answers and timed with a lockdown browser. I'm sure yall are more online-school savvy than me since i graduated in the before times (pre-pandemic) so it was a little weird for me. Despite being familiar with the content I was a little worried about my exams and you don't know your grade on any of them until you finish the course. My grade was a 97% and i did better on the exams that I thought I did. No extra credit and I have no idea if anything was curved. There is little to no guidance in this course so beware if you are a person who loves office hours and discussions.
  6. After you finish everything you just email the professor that you finished. My stuff was graded in 2 days after i finished but admissions and the professor make a point to tell you that getting your grade on a transcript can take 1-2 weeks after you tell the professor that you are done so YMMV.
  7. Hope this helps someone and good luck!!admissions
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2023.06.07 23:11 mjbrown2112 Weird blood results.

I have been on and off keto for a few years now. I lost 100 lbs in 9 months a few years ago doing keto. After gaining 50lb of it back over the last 2 years I went back on keto in March.
I have been consistently under 20g of carbs daily since March.
My morning fasted blood glucose is always between 115-130 and my ketones are always between 0.7-1.5 however I just had a physical and my A1C came back @ 4.9%
How is it possible to have a fasting glucose lvls of a pre-diabetic or even full diabetic yet have an A1C of under 5? Im not on any meds by the way.
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2023.06.07 23:05 carlitayeeta No clue where to start. No guidance from my school.

I’m planning on taking the Mcat a year from now (end of next summer, hopefully July/august). I will have completed all of my pre-reqs by next spring, and was planning to start studying Dec/ Jan. I have no one I know in medicine and very few friends who are pre med. I don’t know where tf to start. I have no clue if I should start studying earlier or start doing stuff now to prepare.
Any suggestions on where to start?? I feel so overwhelmed and my pre med advisors have really been unhelpful. I feel stupid and naive. Is there a course I should take, any suggestions for study plans???
I’m sorry if this isn’t the right sub for this, let me know if I should ask somewhere else.
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2023.06.07 23:01 kel_bel92 Question about New York State professional teacher certification

So I’m trying to get all my documents in order to apply for my professional teaching certification here in NY. The only thing I am missing is my verification of paid days in a job. My district is making me wait till the end of this week to get the 540 days I need to apply. My concern is that my initial certification expires on August 31st. My mentor teacher has stated that as long as I get everything in by the 3rd week of June it should be fine. Many of my colleagues have also made it sound like, as long as my stuff sent out pretty far in advance of the expiration date that they will approve it.
Has anyone had any experience with the NYS certification office taking so long that you’ve had a certification expire? That’s kind of my biggest fear at the moment. I know I can apply for a time extension, but it’s significantly more money than applying for my professional and it would literally be a quick turn around of me getting the extension and then having to spend the money to apply for the professional.
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2023.06.07 23:01 Right_Resolution6823 free hosting in nepal

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2023.06.07 22:57 Aqua2d Did Stronglifts, got injured, decent replacements?

Hey all, big stronglifts fan. Have sorta moved passed it but used it when I first started into lifting and have stuck around the sub.
My question is, I tore my left Achilles 2 summers ago and sort of have been afraid of doing legs for a long time. I started into it again pretty recently, but my legs are so strength-imbalanced that my right leg/glute does so much of the work on squats that I’m getting a little back pain right above my butt on that side.
I’m trying to think of a good unilateral routine to help balance things out, such as moving weight Bulgarian split squats to my primary exercise & using light(er) back squats as an accessory, as squats help build muscle overall, not just in the primary movers. Are there some other good unilateral exercises people like?
Pre-injury a typical ‘front of leg day’ (I know it’s not really front, but in my gym notebook I have a deadlift-centered day) is:
Back squats 4-5 sets x 5 reps Leg Press 3-4 sets x 10-12 reps Dumbbell Split Squats 3 sets x 8-12 reps Leg Extension 3 sets 10-12 reps Hollow body, moving planks, or hanging leg raises for abs.
Should I just drop the reps on dumbbell split squats and up the weight and do them first? Just looking for some insight, as I haven’t done a bunch of unilateral strength leg training except split squats & I know there’re a buncha knowledgeable guys in the sub.
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2023.06.07 22:44 Right_Resolution6823 webhost ghana

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Reseller Hosting: A2 Hosting's reseller hosting plans are designed for those who want to start their own web hosting business. With these plans, users can create and manage multiple websites under a single account, and even brand their hosting services with their own logo and branding.
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2023.06.07 22:41 Nroseg Are they too thick?

Are they too thick?
Hi✨ Im on the last classes of my nail training so im a beginner(im in Quebec, Canada so there’s only training no certification). I did theses on me and i was wondering if they too thick they are hard gel extensions. Plus if you see anything else that i should correct please let me know .
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2023.06.07 22:40 Right_Resolution6823 wordpress hosting sri lanka

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2023.06.07 22:28 Psychological_Pea715 pre-med

hello guys! i am an incoming first year student. i am planning to take medicine in the future but my decision regarding my pre-med is uncertain. i passed upm as dpwas (no specific course) and slu nursing.
reagarding UPM. currently, the available courses in upm are ba developmental studies, ba pol sci, ba social science, and ba org com. my parents are giving the urge to take ba pol sci, so i could be a doctor and an attorney (medicolegal) at the same time, by chance. also, if i rlly didn’t like the curriculum of ba pol sci since my initial goal is to be a doctor, they’re telling me that i could shift to a course and i won’t be having a hard time since i am already in a up campus where white courses are placed. tho, i have worries since the courses available in upm now are not aligned with my goal, they are all bachelor of arts, not even science. they rlly like me to take a risk and pursue upm, since it’s UP and the campus i passed is the campus that requires the highest upg afaik. however, shifting to a course is not certain again, it’s like i’m continuously gambling my future. now, i am contemplating of switching campus since there is bs physics in up baguio, which i think could be helpful as pre-med, in NMAT. NMAT is actually also the reason why am i having hesitations in taking UP.
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2023.06.07 22:21 Right_Resolution6823 wordpress hosting in nigeria

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2023.06.07 22:19 Niznack The Advent Home and a discussion of Adventist psychology

Advent Home
trigger warnings
rape, suicide, physical abuse, emotional abuse.
note: Several organizations share a name with the Advent Home. I am specifically referring to the now defunct group home near Calhoun, Tennessee.
We talk a lot today about trauma in a way I don't remember it being discussed even in the broader cultural consciousness when I was young. Mental health was just viewed differently. Adventists have always had a weird relationship with mental health, but I think rarely more strange and harmful than the ideas of Dr. Senior and the Advent home. Through most of this I will use fake names but as Dr. Senior's name is intrinsically and publicly tied to the school he is my one exception. Also, if any reading this had the misfortune of also attending the school, you will know we were told to call him Dr. B or Dr. Blondel but we are adults and his title was Dr. Senior.
I've wanted to write about this for some time and this will likely be a first draft of a larger discussion. Psychology isn't my field of expertise and I've never felt I found the right platform to talk about such a niche subject but finding the Ex Adventist sub and with more being said about mental health I at least feel qualified to discuss where I feel Adventism was used to twist psychology into something harmful by Dr. Senior.
Before I continue, I wasn't there for the worst of what was to happen nor did I receive the worst of what happened in my time there. I also cannot entirely claim innocence of some of the emotional bullying that was tolerated if not encouraged. I hope I have grown since then and have learned from mistakes I made when I was 13 and do believe I am largely innocent of the physical bullying and certainly the sexual assault.
First, I want to address the lawsuit. As I say, I wasn't there for most of this as by 2014 the Advent Home and Miracle Meadows seem to have become much more closely related, swapping students to hide them from law enforcement and deposition. The school closed around 2014 , the time a lawsuit was filed. More lawsuits have since been filed and the director of the sister school miracle meadows was imprisoned. I will link the lawsuit and articles above. As the events detailed in it represent a massive escalation from what was happening while I was there, but I do think the events described are merely the codification of the policies being unofficially implemented on a smaller scale in my time. In short it lays out regular forced sexual assault by students and staff, duct taping students in rooms for days if they were violent and forcing them to study the bible for days at a time as punishment. Thinking back, I can see how the deference to authority and refusal to treat mental health as anything other than a religious failing could lead to the behavior detailed in these allegations. To be clear I am linking the allegation and articles below though I wasn't part of any of these trials and don't know which charges exactly stuck.
Even though the school is closed and from what I can tell Dr. Senior is retired, I think there is a larger discussion to be had about how the Adventist Church handles mental health and firebrands. So, what was the Advent Home? The Advent Home was a young men's reform school begun by Dr. Blondel Senior in Calhoun, Tennessee. There isn't much left to find on it as it shut down around 2014 and never had a great online presence. I suspect a lawsuit around the same time was to blame, as, if any of its allegations were proven, it would have cost the advent home, Dr Senior, and the conference a lot of money and embarrassment. More on this later.
The Advent Home advertised a range of services from treating ADHD and general misbehavior to serious developmental disorders and outright criminals. Basicall, he wanted it to be everything from a more structured middle school to a juvenile detention center, and predictably, it would fail at both.
I don't know how my mom found out about the Advent Home, but I know her reasons for sending me. A nasty divorce between my parents caused me to lose interest in schoo, so I barely passed 8th grade, and I had started listening to Eminem. That's it. it seems so laughably tame but that's all it took for Dr. Senior to be able to convince my mom that this behavior would escalate and the only recourse was his school which was built on and advertised correction through a strict adherence to Adventist principles. Every student came with fundamentally different problems. Some, like me were struggling scholastically while several had been ordered there by courts for violent offenses and several had what I cannot give another name other than a complete stall in mental development (one student thought and acted like a toddler, mentally and emotionally well below his age).
We were all, however, given the same treatment regimen, Maturation Therapy. This I will argue is the root of the problem. Dr. Senior claimed to have gotten his PHD in psychology from the University of Jamaica. I am not going to cast aspersions on this institution, but if he did have this degree he missed some crucial lessons and did not keep up on developments in the field. Dr. Senior had identified 70 ideals he believed every young man should emulate as he matures. I could not possibly list them, but they ranged from keeping a clean room, respect for staff to whether you used harsh language to how often you prayed. These would have made for fine rules for a religious correctional facility, but this was the entire treatment plan. Each of the 70 points would have you ranked 1-5, and you graduated by achieving a 4.5 average. 230 points overall. An important note here is all of these points were external. There was no mention of healing trauma or discussion of past actions. We were seen as immature children and by forcing mature behavior our other issues would right themselves. Right? In short, Dr. Seniors idea of therapy was entirely about becoming presentable, respect for authority, and respect for God. I want to go through these because in each I see a failing not only of the school but Adventism's handling of mental health in general. Also while I cannot speak to the lawsuit I will be linking it below as I believe sexual assault survivors and I want to say what these points contribute to how this environment may have developed.
His entire idea of personal growth was based on becoming outwardly his idea of a respectable man. He was willing to cross any number of boundaries violating others' religious taboos, disregarding the desires of the parents and showing no interest in the students as individuals. We were broken and needed only to be put in his mold and recast. One student was Rastafarian and his father wrote a letter explaining their faith and why he shouldn't cut his hair. His father had barely left town when the boy was forced to get his hair shorn off. Our 'civilian' clothes were confiscated on arrival and sorted for how appropriate he felt they were. Anything he didn't like we would get back when we left. I never did. As for speech we were strictly regulated on what words we could say. Cuss words, and even adjacent words like darn, would result in a loss of points and thus longer before we would be able to go home. Instead of psychological healing, his priority was always to make us look healed on the outside.
The most egregious example of this was a boy I will call Zach. Zach had a severe developmental disorder that in my opinion Dr. Senior was woefully ill-equipped to treat but that never dulled his confidence. Because of his neurodivergence Zach was habitually unpresentable. Zach would frequently have food dripped down his shirt, throw temper tantrums in public areas and speak loudly about bodily functions that would have been amusing from a four year old but Zach was almost 14 and just beginning puberty if you get my meaning. At every turn, Zach was not met with treatment but ridicule. To the Advent Home staff, he wasn't sick, he was misbehaved and punished severely for it. We all had to run up to 3 laps of 1/3 of a mile as discipline regularly, but Zach's condition often racked him up more laps than could be humanly run. at one point, a new staff member refused to allow Zach to eat at all until he completed a number of laps I doubt would be humanly possible, let alone for a confused neurodivergent. One of the proudest moments of my life is that I stood up for Zach and pointed out, whatever punishment was meted out, food was an illegal method of punishment in the state. My shame, however, is how often I joined in the ridicule and bullying of Zach when the staff made punishments for his misbehavior punishments for all of us. As I say, I hope I have grown.
Dr. Senior saw scruffiness and cultural differences very much the way the Dursleys from Harry Potter did. These were not the markers of young men expressing themselves or of cultural differences but of moral failings to be stamped out or hidden until they faded into normalcy. We didn't need to discover ourselves, we needed to learn the joy of conformity
The real problems would come with his reliance on authoritative structures. Both the staff and students had clear hierarchies within them. New students would be Group Members, GM, while you could be promoted to Assistant Group Leader, AGL, a Group Leader, GL, with a possible Super Group Leader SGL at the top All leaders had the authority to report misbehavior and physically restrain violent students. Here, we start to see the problems. What constituted violent behavior was entirely up to the authority figure, and unless there were witnesses who ranked equally, Dr. Senior would implicitly believe the higher ranked individual. Keep in mind that some of these kids had real criminal records, and as I've established, we were not getting our problems treated.
I want to use one student as an example. I'll give him a fake name (James) as I hope he's reformed and also should not be judged entirely on his actions when he was 16 but these are actions I either witnessed or saw the fall out of so believer their veracity. I was walking by him one day. he had been given a job he didn't want to do. Instead, he was sitting talking to a group he bullied but passed for his friends. He called out to me to do the job for him. I laughed and kept walking. he took offense and deciding I had disrespected him, chased me down, hit me, tackled me into the gravel road, and held me there until I begged to be released. Those words; I beg you to release me. I was cut, bruised, crying and bleeding. James was unharmed, but when I told Dr. Senior, he believed James because he was a group leader and I a lowly Group member.
One of the students who had been sitting on the steps with James, who I will call Sam, would get caught performing oral sex on James only a few months later. James assured Dr. Senior Sam had asked practically begged to do it, and here again, James authority had him taken at this word. They both received punishment, but Sam got the lion's share as he had initiated and must be gay. I firmly believe James pressured Sam into this, and likely not just this once.
Dr. Senior said the word "manipulative" more than anyone i have ever known. often as we lowly students tried to explain actions or avoid discipline for petty offences, he would accuse us of manipulating. In hindsight, this is how he viewed the relationship between those with power and those without. There were those the system had put in power and those below who now would try to manipulate those who had the power. from the bottom of the ladder, he was incapable of seeing sincerity or pain. only manipulation. To be clear, I don't know how much of the reality reached Dr. Senior's ears, but enough had to he had to be actively ignoring warning signs in favor of authority. I talk about this to show how Dr. Senior felt strongly that respect for authority was essential regardless how abusive the authority figure might be. Hold on to that too.
The final point is religion. It should not need said, but Dr. Senior wanted all of us studying the bible and practicing a very conservative faith even for SDA. This is fine(ish), but he also believed that Christ had predictable healing powers and that mental health was only a failing of the individual to have the faith necessary for healing.
We were all encouraged to discontinue any medications we might be taking. For me, with ADHD and Ritalin this was probably fine, but for one student with borderline schizophrenia this led to several violent episodes he was blamed for despite the staff convincing him to get off his meds. A diabetic student was eventually pulled from the program after his 4th hospitalization when he was allowed to opt out of his insulin/ blood sugar checker. Christ, as a placebo alongside medicine, is silly but fine, but as a replacement for lifesaving drugs, it can have dangerous consequences, and Dr. Senior refused to see this. In Dr Senior's mind, I believe, these boys weren't sick, they were failing to let Jesus in to heal them and that's what needed to change.
Furthermore, behavioral incidents were often met with explicitly Christiaan remedies. Issues of bullying and cursing would require not time out but a scripture reading. sometimes alone sometimes publicly, along with a public admission of what we did. This was done at a weekly meeting when Dr. Senior came down from his literal house on the hill to play mediator and in no metaphorical sense moral arbiter of our actions. in essence, he got to play God for 2 hours a week.
The most heinous example of the use of religion however was, Mr. V who I believe saw jail time. This man was a thousand walking red flags. He went to boys' rooms to pray alone, and he insisted on a separate bible study with a group of boys he was particularly close to. Outwardly, however, he was fanatically religious, and this was enough to assuage Dr. Senior of concerns. Mr. V was the guy who when the pastor said kneel for prayer he would stand with his arms to heaven, when the pastor asked for a moment of silent reflection he would exclaim AMEN! every five seconds, He played moral police intervening in behavioral issues after considering a matter settled if a student agreed to a private prayer session (yup, nothing sus here). Dr, Senior employed and sung the praises of Mr. V's work even as this concerning behavior began to escalate to the point that some students, formerly in his inner circle, began to actively distance themselves from him but were unwilling to discuss why.
Dr. Senior could not, however, ignore when Mr. V took a kid off campus without telling anyone to a small mountain cabin to "diet" for three days. Only once the police were involved could Mr. V. 's behavior no longer be ignored and his religious authority be given priority. If you are wondering Mr. V gets a fake name because, while I am telling the truth to the best of my knowledge, we were never told the full story. The student in question was withdrawn before he was willing to talk about it, and Mr. V was not seen again. I don't know what he was charged with or what stuck but I think we can put the pieces together.
Fortunately, other than some more bullying and getting through a nasty flu with nothing more than pepper water as medicine, I graduated. Yeah, shocker, he also didn't like doctors. The shock of seeing how normal people practiced Adventism after a year of this cult like fanaticism has a lot to do with why I'm on this sub and not the SDA sub, but I got off easy. For the criminals and really troubled kids recidivism was high, with several being in a proper prison weeks or months after. Several would turn around and be back at the Advent Home in months because the behavior never stopped, they just learned to act like it did. But the real harm was a boy I'll call Dan. He had depression when he arrived, it was never treated but pushed down. He pushed it down so far he became the best of us. he was very nice and a bit of a mentor to me. he worked hard and became SGL (the highest one remember) with one of the highest scores that an Advent home graduate had had. One year after leaving the school, he committed suicide by diving into an empty pool. Only then, did I realize he wasn't fine. He was never fine. He had mastered acting fine. The furthest I got in Psychology was a single college course and some youtubers (and the small bit of real therapy I've had) but even with this, I can see how Dr. Senior was out of step with the psychological practices even of the early 2000s. He was so much more focused on appearance and behavior than he was ever interested in the root cause, his system often became a new trauma rather than treating an old one. An excessive respect for authority led to abusive behavior being overlooked if not encouraged, and Jesus was treated in a professional setting as a supreme healer despite real medical issues. I saw these issues in the church I left, and my mom and extended family still practice in. This is why I really feel compelled to write this. People like Dr. Senior may seem like an Adventist version of Godwin's law. "Oh, yeah? If we can look at Jesus to heal, it'll end up like the Advent Home!" (Or Miracle Meadows) I know this sentence has never been uttered by anyone but me and maybe Sam, hope you're ok buddy, but the fact is Dr. Senior is the end stage of the ideas put into their most harmful practice, and some like Dan paid with their life.
Finally, through all of this, I remember how Dr. Senior was treated by outsiders. Entire churches prayed for his good work to continue, meetings were held for him to teach others to copy his program, he was featured multiple times in the herald and other Adventist publications. Like Mr. V his religiosity was a shield despite all the red flags, and like Mr. V he was given the respect and admiration that came with his position all the way up until there were consequences. It isn't that no one could see there were problems. He flew his red flags high. Its that the church didn't want to see the problem and didn't care until the outside world took action.
Please, if you take anything from this, look out for your SDA relatives who struggle with mental health. The church sure won't. But on a larger note, I hope this to be part of a larger discussion about bringing awareness to the churches failing on mental health and how they overlook monsters in their ranks who just haven't embarrassed them yet. Dr. Senior never sexually assaulted a kid as far as I'm aware, but he enabled and protected abusers in service of pushing his ideology all while the church sang his praises. Disclaimer: At no point in this do I feel I deliberately lied or exaggerated, but these are 20 year old memories of a traumatized 13 year old who was never given the full story. I tried to leave hearsay out, but I did find out what happened to Dan through the grapevine, though from someone I believe completely. If there are minor inaccuracies, I do apologize, but I believe I have been accurate in the larger points.
Names are changed for obvious reasons, though my change style switched cause I am bad at coming up with names when stressed, my D&D group will confirm, and this is stressful to write about even now.
The Advent Home I attended is shut and a very attractive hotel now. My research showed he partnered closely with miracle meadows, which is also now shut. If by chance Dr. Senior is still practicing somewhere, or has appointed a successor, please persuade family to look closely and critically at his practices before signing anything. He used to complain kids were manipulative but, as with all projectors, he was the master manipulator. He convinced people to consent to incredible things. I believe everyone can change if they want and as far as I know he had the education to do good work. Instead, he chose to ignore that education in service of his biases. Unless he has updated his treatment, please at the very least accompany his work with another well regarded psychologist.
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2023.06.07 21:58 FusionToad Is the Docketing Statement public record in Pennsylvania?

We would like to keep our anonymity and form an LLC in Pennsylvania. We will use a registered agent for both the "registered address" and "organizer" section of the Certificate of Organization. I realize this document is public record.
Despite extensive googling, I cannot find out whether the Docketing Statement (which requires the name and address of who will be filing taxes) is public record.
If it is public record, we will hire a tax person and use their name/address.
If only the government will see this form, we can do the taxes ourselves.
Anyone have an answer? Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.07 21:53 WannabeMandalorian [USA] [H] Liquidating Remaining Game Collection Gamecube, PSP, GBA, XBOX, 360 [W] Paypal

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Will combine shipping, lower prices for purchases of multiple items. Payment will be via Paypal invoices.
List of everything available is below:
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2023.06.07 21:48 procrastinatador I regret dropping the money on a short study abroad program and just want to go home.

My partner was originally going to come with me but dropped out last minute due to funds. I had already signed on so I thought I'd keep up with the trip as I had signed to pay for it already, although I was hesitant.
I have ADHD, PTSD, anxiety, depression, suspected ASD, suspected BPD, and definitely some brain damage from a number of concussions and drug use in the past, and because of that combo, I have a really really hard time communicating with others in person, processing speed, and misunderstanding what other people are trying to get at, while also seeming too out of pocket. I'm constantly nervous and either way too quiet or way too loud off medication with no in-between, but I've kept my distance here and stayed pretty quiet. When I do start conversations, I feel like people look at me like I'm insane, even when I am careful to start conversations in some of the same ways my classmates are doing, such as asking what their favorite parts of the trip have been.
I also have food allergies and often can't go out to eat with classmates. I think that in part this is why they just stopped telling me when they were going places. They must have an entirely separate groupchat without me in it to plan activities, and maybe the initial intention was to not make me feel bad about missing out on restaurants, but they definitely do a lot of stuff without me that I wasn't even aware of and wanted to do, so I think they've shifted a lot to this other group chat I'm not in. I've missed out on a lot of meals and have lost more weight during this short period of time than I thought possible.
I made some friends in the group who also have the ADHD/ASD combo and it's been pretty great but-
The meds for ADHD they both take are illegal here, but they usually take them back home, so they're not doing all that well not having them. They both sleep constantly when the class isn't doing something or an activity hasn't been lined up for them. They tend to forget to invite me/fall asleep when we are supposed to be doing things, but I've otherwise not had a mental breakdown simply because I have been able to hang out with them. I still miss out on some activities this smaller group of 2 does together, and don't mind because they're best friends and probably want to hang out just by themselves, but there was a time when I purchased tickets for something that they were going to, they knew I had bought tickets, I asked them when it was going to happen, and they were already there without me. They did go slowly on the self-guided tour so I could catch up, and given how they're doing off meds and how I am myself off medication, I really think they just forgot, but it still sucks to feel so alone. They told me we would go out to dinner tonight but have been ignoring me (probably sleeping) most of the evening. When I asked what plans were, they said they'd let me know later. It's 8:30 PM and I'm starving so I just told them I'd get myself food, got depressed and overwhelmed about it, and probably just won't eat anything tonight.
Whenever I suggest an activity, at best, nobody wants to go, or at worst, I literally get laughed at. It makes me feel like I don't belong in a group of people who are neurotypcial.
I feel like the other students on the trip see me as someone who should have been put in special Ed but wasn't. I feel like they pity me. I'm just trying to live my life with what I've got and I don't want the pity. I really can't stand it. At first I appreciated that people were talking to me, but now it really just seems like they're patronizing me and really don't want to have to put up with my existence, and I hate feeling this way. I just wish I could interact normally.
The professor said that nobody had ever told her they had regretted going on this trip in all the years she has done it, but after seeing how she has worked so hard to make this a good trip for everyone, I see why nobody has thought to tell her that, but the issue is mostly my interaction with other students, in which case she has talked about not leaving other students out extensively. I have spent a lot more time than anyone else with just the professor and it's getting so much harder every day to slap on a smile and keep up appearances. I finally just told her that my medication had built up in my system enough to help a little through the trip and now it's completely tapered off and gone, and that's why I seem like I'm struggling (which is also true, but not at all the largest reason). She worked so hard to make sure everyone was having a good time but I feel left out and like I'm overanalyzing things and don't want to hurt her by telling her I didn't enjoy myself.
My roommate, unbeknownst to me when we signed up to be roommates, has political views that are literally against my existence when it comes to something that is highly visible about me, and I'm in high stress mode when they're in our room. It's been relatively rare that I've had any time alone to recharge and try to just be calm. They are also incredibly loud and don't understand when I am trying to give them clear cues that I don't want to be talking to them and am just burnt out. I've told them that I'm burnt out and now it feels like they're giving me the cold shoulder in the group while talking my ear off when I'm just trying to deal with burnout. My roommate is IMO less socially adept than I am and seems to be included in everything, and I don't know how they don't notice/care that the class is patronizing them so much.
We've been going to museums and my mind is elsewhere, not just because of my ADHD, but also because I seriously hate this small portion of my existence - this last week and a half. I've struggled a lot with mental health in my life, and it hasn't been this bad in a long time, when I should be really enjoying myself.
I'm insanely burnt out. I have 4 days and a free day left here and need the credits and the grade I'm going to get, as the class was intentionally made to be very easy to get a good grade in and meant to be more of an experience than a classroom sort of thing. I feel like I've wasted my money. I'm not even sure I can handle it. I usually enjoy class but this is too much. I've been thinking about how these other people would react if they could experience life from my perspective for just a day, how they would cope and how they would handle it. They wouldn't do anywhere near as well as I've been because they haven't spent gruelling years working through things like I have and working so hard to pull myself up.
In talking to other people who have similar issues to myself, it seems that none of them are doing as well as I am. I'm a college student with one semester left with a TA position set up, which I am so proud of. I beat addiction with 2 different substances. I survived an incredible amount of abuse. Yet I can't handle the way I'm being treated on this trip. It's mostly subtle but it's so much stuff. I just wanna lie in bed in the hotel room for the rest of it but I need this degree.
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2023.06.07 21:48 Crazy_Ad4505 Might be starting Saxenda soon.. .tips?

Hi all, I am 44F, BMI of 32, hypertension (controlled w/2 meds), cholesterol (currently controlled with a statin), pre-diabetic, PCOS, anxiety/depression (controlled with Lexapro). Always had trouble with belly flab, always took a lot of effort to lose weight.
Metabolic doc has prescribed Saxenda. Currently crossing fingers that my insurance covers it (Greenshield Canada).
Any tips for starting it? Thanks in advance!
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