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Stay up to date with the latest news, tips, guides, and discussion for the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival. June 15 - 18, 2023

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Discussions, planning, predictions, and general excitement for OMF, in Okeechobee, Florida

2023.06.07 15:30 cLearNowJacob Which do you prefer?

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2023.06.07 15:29 IFInstitute Leaving to Live

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2023.06.07 15:28 emanualinoverdrive Blahaj reference in Honkai Star Rail

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2023.06.07 15:28 Ten_Letters_ First time writing a scene in English as a German speaker

Guten Tag,
my native language is German and I am currently writing a book in my mother tongue. It is going good so far, I am about 270 pages into my first draft.
From time to time I like to write short stories or little scenes that aren't part of my book and are just inspired by the moment. I am mainly reading English literature, though, so the inspiration naturally comes in that language.
This morning I wrote the following scene. I would like to know if it sounds any natural to you or if my English is somewhat weird.
Feel free to comment on my style, grammar or use of words if you find the time. Or just read it.
The Scene:
To an extent, I very much liked the general idea of it. The idea of folks, your ancestors, watching over you while you are alive, and they are not anymore. Watching you grow up, fall in love and divorce, fail and succeed. Watching your every step. Just as birds watch their offspring not to fall out of the nest, the parental sparrows taking turns gathering food, your grandparents might have their benevolent eyes on your daily fate.
Except unlike bird parents in a nest, an angel-like mentor, somewhere up in the clouds, does not protect you from any harm. Grandmother watching over you or not, you are getting divorced anyway. This train of thought lead me to other questions: With the rule being that every living person has a unique person resting in not-so-much-peace and watching over them, there must be exceptions to these circumstances. We thank them if we have a lucky day, but say, what happens if we lose a limb in a freak accident? What do our heavenly supervisors think of that, how do they react? Do they cry out in agony, watching their grandson lose his right leg, eventually ending his ambitious struggle for a career in professional hockey? Or do they remain in omniscient indifference with a mild smile on their face, knowing that ultimately all will work out in a positive outcome, all guided by divine providence? And if they do cry out instead, who listens to their cries? Does the celestial community comfort them or tell them to shut up? It all did not make much sense to me.
Engrossed in this suddenly metaphysical state of mind, I did not notice the sun had already risen somewhat outside, greeting the world a first ‘good morning’. Now, the ochre-colored walls of which I had called home for the last three days, gave a dazzling impression of what lay beneath it. And what was beneath it, hadn’t become any less striking than it had been the weeks before. I moved from my down feather bed to the entrance of my tent, untied a small part of the door, and peeked through, my eyes being blinded once more. I blinked a few times and with my sight finally somewhat adapted, I had a good look. Just like the sun, life had already risen in the camp.
Two camels were being led over the great dune across the central camp place, carrying what appeared to be water barrels to our camp, presumably using the last precious minutes of the day not being full-sun. Their big hoofs left paths in the sand of the dune, which were even visible from my tent at least a couple hundred meters away. In front of the small caravan, just next to the shade-providing palm tree, two servants negotiated something in a language I could not recognize, much less understand. Their custodian – or at least that’s what he seemed to be, from his remarkably-colorful leather hat – stood beside them, scribbling something on a folded map. In the periphery, I made out two soldiers patrolling the perimeter, with coats and muskets and all.
I turned away from the door, turned away from the busy scene. The sun may have risen, and so did the people, however, I was not ready to, not yet. I crawled back to my bed, taking the letter with me that lay on the tiny desk I was provided with, and leaned against a big down pillow. I had read the message the night before. It was a message from Justine, my recently divorced ex-wife. To say it was a message was an exaggeration though, as messages tend to contain information worth reading. It was merely an excuse of a letter, essentially a type of paper which had ink blots on it that coincidentally formed somewhat comprehensible sentences. A million monkeys on a million typewriters crossed my mind.
The night before, when I first read it, I was too tired from the day’s work to comprehend any of it. Now that I read it again, I knew my bad mood was not without a reason at all. “Hope you travel safely”, she wrote. “Make it back to our fort soon” and “watch out for the dehydrating sun” were other parts of it. Watch out for the sun in the hot desert, huh, I thought. If that’s not important advice. To top it all, her text ended in “Regards”. How quickly can one man be degraded from beloved husband to remote business acquaintance? I must have broken the record in that category.
I reached for my can of beer. No chance, it was empty, explaining my premature sleep last night. In lack of liquid substitute, I instead took out a cigarette out of the desk drawer, opened the tiny slit I had cut in the fabric of my tent as a means of improvised exhaust hood and lit the stub.
I knew the smoke coming out of the top of my tent would be visible to anyone. I knew the captain would be angry with me. No blame on him, after all, I smoked what should have been part of his merchandise goods and simultaneously created a fire hazard. There would be dispute about it, no question. He would yell at me, and I would make a half-assed joke about me only performing the ancient art of smoke signals. He would not laugh, his face only redden even beyond its alcohol-induced rouge. But what could I do. I was a divorced man; I needed my consolation. Besides, if they wanted to make it alive through the desert, they would need me. Reason enough to tolerate my eccentric manners, if you ask me.
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2023.06.07 15:28 AutoModerator Paul Xavier and Anthony Gallo - 14 Day Filmmaker (Here)

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2023.06.07 15:27 woodcontract22 Reclaimed Wood Contractor

Reclaimed Wood Contractor

A reclaimed wood contractor is a professional who specializes in working with reclaimed or salvaged wood to create various structures or products. Reclaimed wood refers to wood that has been previously used in old buildings, barns, or other structures and is then repurposed for new projects.
Here are some key aspects of a reclaimed wood contractor's work:
Sourcing and Selection: Reclaimed wood contractors have expertise in finding and selecting high-quality reclaimed wood. They often work with suppliers or salvage yards to locate and acquire suitable materials for their projects. This involves assessing the condition, quality, and character of the reclaimed wood to ensure its suitability for the intended use.
Design and Planning: Reclaimed wood contractors collaborate with clients to understand their vision and requirements. They use their knowledge of woodworking techniques and design principles to develop plans and sketches for the desired project. This may include furniture, flooring, accent walls, paneling, or custom installations.
Woodworking and Construction: Once the design is finalized, the reclaimed wood contractor uses their skills in woodworking and construction to bring the project to life. They may work on-site or in a workshop, depending on the scale and nature of the project. The contractor will cut, shape, and join the reclaimed wood using appropriate tools and techniques.
Finishing and Restoration: Reclaimed wood often possesses unique characteristics such as weathered patina, nail holes, or other signs of age. A skilled contractor knows how to preserve and enhance these features while ensuring the wood's durability. They may apply finishes, such as natural oils or sealants, to protect the wood and achieve the desired aesthetic.
Installation and Project Completion: Once the reclaimed wood components are ready, the contractor will install them according to the project specifications. This may involve fitting reclaimed wood flooring, installing custom furniture pieces, or erecting structures like pergolas or outdoor decking. The contractor ensures that the installation is done properly and meets safety standards.
Reclaimed wood contractors often prioritize sustainability and environmental consciousness by utilizing materials that would otherwise go to waste. They bring a unique touch to their projects by incorporating the rich history and character of reclaimed wood, resulting in distinctive and visually appealing outcomes.
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2023.06.07 15:27 denjohni Leave It to the Pros: Why Gold Dry Cleaner Is the Best in the Business

When it comes to entrusting your precious garments to dry cleaners, you deserve nothing but the best. Look no further than Gold Dry Cleaners, the industry leader in professional dry cleaning services. With our commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and unmatched expertise, we have established ourselves as the go-to dry cleaner in town.
At Gold Dry Cleaners, we understand that your clothing is an investment, and we treat it as such. Our team of highly skilled professionals possesses a deep understanding of fabrics, stains, and garment care.
We employ the latest cleaning techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that every item is cleaned to the highest standards. From removing stubborn stains to restoring the natural lustre of your clothing, our experts have the knowledge and skill to deliver exceptional results.
What sets Gold Dry Cleaners apart is our dedication to customer satisfaction. We prioritise your needs and go the extra mile to provide a seamless and enjoyable experience.
Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is always ready to assist you, whether it's answering your questions, offering garment care tips, or providing personalised recommendations. We believe in building long-lasting relationships with our customers, and your satisfaction is our top priority.
With Gold Dry Cleaners, convenience and reliability are guaranteed. Our flexible pickup and delivery options, combined with our efficient turnaround times, ensure that your clothing is returned to you promptly and in pristine condition. We understand the importance of convenience in today's fast-paced world, and we strive to make your dry cleaning experience as effortless as possible.
Choose Gold Dry Cleaners for all your dry cleaning needs, and experience the unparalleled level of service and expertise that sets us apart from the competition. Trust us to handle your clothing with the utmost care and precision, so you can enjoy clothing that looks and feels exceptional every time.
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2023.06.07 15:26 lesliechowisblind State of reading festival at the moment

The festival is probably in its worse place at the moment, With possibly their worst recieved lineup , ticket sales have been pretty slow and most of the lineup is out, in 2019 they got it right and in 2021 they accidentally made one of their best lineups in the modern era of the festival in my opinion .
Where do you think the festival went wrong in the past few years???
I feel as though it comes down to them trying to hard to please everyone and doing that they please nobody, which is a shame cus festival republic get a lot of their lineups right R&L is just one they have dropped the ball on especially with this years lineup bar a few names.
And they’ve fully owned having the GCSE. crowd as their target audience which drives away a potential audience as the a good amount (NOT all) of the GCSE are cunts and mostly responsible for the fires last year if u put a bunch of teenagers in a field w no rules it was bound to happen.
Idk i just fear that this once respected sought after festival is heading in the same direction as VFest and Big Day Out
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2023.06.07 15:25 WonderfulExercise527 Ruins of Symbaroum using OG Symbaroum supplements/adventures?

Hi, just what it says on the tin - I have been gifted the whole library of books from Free League's Symbaroum RPG, and the art and setting are fantastic - but my group would likely be more receptive if I used the Ruins of Symbaroum 5e base for it instead.
Has anyone tried running the adventure modules/campaigns for OG Symbaroum using Ruins instead? Does it convert fairly easily? Any snags I should be aware of?
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2023.06.07 15:25 Jiaquarium Taking a break from development to show off some concept art for NIGHT LOOPS using traditional ink and dip pen!

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2023.06.07 15:25 Wooden-Scientist988 I drew this pixel art animated scene and called it "Barzakh" [OC]

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2023.06.07 15:24 epicfailnoway Yuya Takahashi's Boys and Chibi waifus (Art by meimei)

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2023.06.07 15:24 JetLagFix Blue Sun Corporation Launches The World's First Nicotine-Infused Energy Drink

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2023.06.07 15:24 3Slavo5U Hi fellas! I just want to show off some of pictures i made. Enjoy :)

I mostly draw on small format, then coloring with watercolors and acrylics. I sometimes try to create art how some deranged person would create it. For me it is the way to push my imagination further. You can follow me on instagram if for more cool art
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2023.06.07 15:23 SaraSafari123 Healthy low carb breakfast idea?

Healthy low carb breakfast idea?
Just thought I'd share a breakfast idea with some Macros for those who might be struggling with new food ideas!
Egglife Original egg wrap( 1 wrap) Tomato 62g Avocado 70g Romaine lettuce 30g A few dabs of Cholula Salt & pepper
Macros: 152 calories 9g carbs 10g Fat 7g protein 2g sugar 6g fiber
I also eat a Chobani zero sugar yogurt to add extra protein( macros not included above).
Its my Mounjaro injection day so I will also be drinking a low carb high protein shake in 2 hours with my injection to balance out the lower amount of protein, so this is to keep me running until then! I would love feedback on this meal and how y'all would tweak it!
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2023.06.07 15:23 IFInstitute Stout Hearted

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2023.06.07 15:23 Jiaquarium Taking a break from development to show off some concept art for NIGHT LOOPS using traditional ink and dip pen!

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2023.06.07 15:23 GarlicOk2904 Even despite its well-known knack for filth, Tumblr has done more for the game than us.

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2023.06.07 15:23 teddyfail Dekalog and A short film a love/killing

There’s a complete showing of Krzysztof Kieslowski at a film festival soon and it’ll include all ten episodes of Dekalog which I haven’t seen.
I’ve seen kieslowski’s colour trilogy in order, and while it doesn’t need to be watched in order, it will certainly has a better understanding as a trilogy (and also there’s the last scene in Red)
So I’m wondering if Dekalog is the same and should I watch it in one sitting? (Ten hours in one sitting seems crazy) Can I watch it out of order?
Also, A Short Film About Love and Killing. I understand both are an extended version of two of the episodes. Do both those movies worth the ticket price if I plan to watch Dekalog already?
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2023.06.07 15:23 No-Engineering339 A quest on Shakedown Street

So I’m going to my first (probably last) show in philly of Dead and Co next week (I’m aware no one cares). I’m a seasoned veteran when it comes to shows/festivals, however this is something I’ll probably only get one chance at doing right.
That being said, I’m under the impression that the Wooks (is that offensive?) have an extensive bartering culture. What should I bring to trade in an effort to obtain the top wook trinket to add to my home collection of weird stuff.
Any other tips/tricks would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.07 15:22 RusticBohemian Classical/Renaissance art seems to be about transcendence. It points to something beyond itself and the one who made it. Much modern art doesn't seem to hold to this. Was there a turning point in which the earlier view was critiqued?

I realize this is a broad claim. We can certainly find Roman frescos of a more mundane nature, etc. But by and large the great buildings and statues that remain seem to be about transcendence on some level.
Historically, was there a point in time when artists began to turn away from this model? What was the driving force?
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2023.06.07 15:21 its_dinah [HELP] Seller not responding

Hello! I commissioned someone to draw an art for me around 2/3rd this month. Order was supposed to be delivered on 5th but it's 7th already and I haven't received anything yet. Order is marked "very late" already. I tried contacting the seller but it says that they haven't been active in 2 days already. Fiverr sent me a message with an opinion to cancel order. I'm really not sure whether to wait or just cancel right away
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