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2023.06.03 22:55 CZ_Dragonforce Is Northern Lexington Safe?

Hey all, my family is thinking of moving to Lexington KY and we’re looking at the Griffin Gate area. My friend suggested that we live near the Masterson Station or Griffin Gate, so I figured it’s safe. One of the apartments there is a bit west of Griffin Gate and it’s fairly new and it looks great.
I just want to know if I should be aware of anything dangerous, like crimes and such. Is Lexington safe up north? I’m not planning to be in the city or in any of its districts. I’m just mostly concerned I’ll be mugged/assaulted/hate-crimed. To preface, I’m an Asian woman, and I know that where I am isn’t super diverse. My friend told me to avoid Nicholasville Road due to high traffic.
As a note, I grew up in the Fairfield/Cincinnati area in Ohio. By comparison, is Lexington safer than Cincinnati?
I’d appreciate all and any advice, thank you!!
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2023.06.03 22:53 PilotObjective6717 Anyone feel like they got a high NBME score as a fluke?

Took the cbse a few months ago and got a 64. Just took my first NBME (Form 25) and got a 78 EPC. I feel like I got lucky and it tested a lot of stuff I happened to know. I know the answer is to take another form to see how I do, but I have that on my calendar for a week from now and I'd rather get some insight now from you guys and see what the odds are this was just luck. Cuz if I retook that cbse ver batim, I'd probly get a 70 I feel like lol
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2023.06.03 22:48 PostReplyKarmaRepeat Defending the Draft: Detroit Lions

Brad Holmes is a wizard. What he has done as the Detroit GM in just 3 years has been a playoff push away from being quite remarkable, especially considering the context of succeeding prior general manager Bob Quinn which ended in typical Lions losing fashion. Brad Holmes would immediately come out swinging and first transaction as general manager was trading longtime franchise quarterback Matthew Stafford to the Los Angeles Rams in exchange for two first round picks, a third round pick, and quarterback Jared Goff. At the time, it was bittersweet for fans, as Stafford was the practically the lone bright spot in the last decade (outside of Megatron), but the haul they got in return was at least something. Stafford was injured and already likely leaving to chase a Super Bowl and Detroit was going into full rebuild mode so Detroit fans were just happy with what they could get. Brad ended up hiring a one time Head Coach, Dan Campbell. A pick made purely on the potential he would be able to change the culture with his grind it out, Football attitude Campbell was known for. All in all, it was business as usual for Detroit as they begin yet another rebuild....

Oh parity in sports.... You never cease to amaze us....
Somehow and someway, In Holmes' first draft, Penei Sewell falls to Detroit at #7 and the Lions draft room goes bananas on camera! At the time we did not know it, but Detroit just landed their future Pro Bowl leader in the trenches. In round 4, the Lions scoop a literal Sun God in Amon-Ra St. Brown. Little did we all know the impact both of these players would have today. Both players are arguably top 10 in their position.
Fast forward to 2022 and the Lions are coming off one of the most promising 3-13-1 seasons that you could ever ask for. The team and coaches have bought in to Dan Campbell's grind it out style of Football. The culture seemed to finally be changing and it felt like Jared Goff turning into a solid Stafford replacement, despite being considered a throw on by most in the Stafford trade.
The 2022 draft Brad Holmes' statement to the NFL. It does not matter where you take guys. If you know how to evaluate talent, you go for YOUR guys and you can be successful. Holmes was able to draft Aiden Aiden Hutchinson at #2 (some say he should have been #1), Jameson Williams (best receiver in the draft at 12 via trade), Kerby Joseph (who picked off Aaron Rodgers THREE TIMES IN ONE GAME!), and drafted James Houston and Malcolm Rodriguez in the 6th round. Both players are looking like future defensive stars. Dare I say the best 6th round success since the Pats drafted TB12? Don't @ me lol
The Lions followed up the draft with a MUCH improved 2022, landing a 9-8 winning record and going 8-2 in their final 10 games. Jared Goff is looking like the guy who took the Rams to the Superbowl, every position has young talent and this upcoming 2023 draft is looking like it could seriously push the Lions into serious playoff contention if the cards are played correctly.

Key Offseason Additions:
CB Cameron Sutton -- Signed to three-year, $33 million contract
CB Emmanuel Moseley -- Signed to one-year, $6 million contract.
RB David Montgomery -- Signed to three-year, $18 million contract
OL Graham Glasgow -- Signed one-year, $4.5 million contract
S Chauncey Gardner-Johnson -- Signed to one-year, $8.5 million contract
WR Marvin Jones -- Signed to one-year, $3 million contract

Key Offseason Losses:
Safety DeShon Elliott -- Signed to one-year, $1.77 million contract with Dolphins.
Running back Jamaal Williams -- Signed to three-year, $12 million contract with Saints.
WR DJ Chark -- Signed to one-year, $5 million deal with Panthers.

Round 1: No. 12 (from CLE through HOU and ARI) – Jahmyr Gibbs, RB, Alabama
Flashback! Remember that Stafford trade where they got got the Rams draft pick? You know that pick that was supposed to be in the upper 20s because LA is so good and are coming off winning a Super Bowl? Yea, well they sucked.... Somehow they sucked so bad that that pick turned into the number 6th overall pick.
Odds makers had the Lions grabbing Devon Witherspoon as their secondary was a big need. However when Seattle took him at 5, who knew what would follow? Well, the last thing fans expected.... The Lions ended up passing on Tyree Wilson, Jalen Carter, AND Bijan Robinson by trading down to 12 to take Alabama running back, Jahmyr Gibbs. Hindsight is 2020, but reports now show the Lions wanted Jahmyr over Bijan, which means Holmes and co. got THEIR guy.

Immediately fans realized the inevitable. Fan favorite and oft injured running back, DeAndre Swift, was going to be cut or traded. Almost immediately they traded D'Andre Swift and a 7th round pick for the Saints' 2025 fourth-round pick and a 2023 7th round pick.

This pick is exactly why you and I are sitting on the couch and Brad Holmes gets paid the big bucks. "HoW cAn YoU dRaFt a RuNnInG BaCk ThAt hIgH". Well, the dude is a straight up baller. If I asked you who led Alabama in receiving last year you would probably say some 5 star Wide Receiver. It was Gibbs. Gibbs is being compared Alvin Kamara in the way he can run and catch. He was listed as running a 4.36 at the combine. Gibbs transferred to Alabama last season after spending the first two seasons of his career at Georgia Tech. He carried the ball 151 times for the Crimson Tide in 2022, averaging 6.1 yards per carry and scoring seven touchdowns. He also caught 44 passes for 444 yards and three catching scores. With the departure of Swift and the newly acquired bowling ball back in Montgomery, Gibbs is going to be an immediate impact as a "weapon" and less of a conventional running back. The thunder and lightning combo the Lions will have will be fun to watch behind their top 5 O Line.


Round 1: No. 18 – Jack Campbell, LB, Iowa
"HoW cAn YoU dRaFt a RuNnInG BaCk ThAt hIgH" made sense with the Gibbs pick, but drafting a Linebacker at 18 with other glaring needs like lineman and secondary left Lions fans a bit puzzled by this pick. It hurt a little less when you remember this was their 2nd pick in the first round. Also, many people had Jack Campbell on their board for later in the draft so in terms of liking a guy for who they are, very few people are against this pick. But like I said before, Brad Holmes and Dan Campbell go after guys they have faith in. Until they screw up, fans cant complain too much!
But who is this guy and what makes him so good? Well if you care about RAS or "Relative Athletic Score" Jack is outstanding. He scored a 9.98 RAS out of a possible 10.00. This ranked 6 out of 2600 LB from 1987 to 2023. He possesses rare athleticism for being 6-5 and that allows him to be exceptional in coverage. PFF rated him as the highest coverage grade since 2018 Devin White at LSU. He also has great leadership skills as he was Iowa's team captain and won Big10 Defensive Player of the year.
Jack Campbell is going to join a much improving linebacking core that is led by team captain Alex Anzalone and 2nd year stars Malcolm Rodriguez and James Houston. The Lions will likely play him on the outside because off his athleticism but I am certain he will be moved all around the field.


Round 2: No. 34 (from ARI) – Sam LaPorta, TE, Iowa
This is getting a bit out of hand for the Lions fans that appreciate positional value when you draft. Clearly Holmes has totally thrown conventional wisdom out of the window. However, tight end IS a need. Of all of the positional units Tight End is probably the weakest. In 2022 the Lions trotted Brock Wright, James Mitchell, and Shane Zylstra....WHOOOO?!?! Exactly...they needed help. Outside of when they took him, most pundits are pretty happy about this pick. Not only did the Lions get their second Iowa captain, but Sam might have landed the best tight end in the entire class.

With LaPorta, the Lions get a player that can do a variety of things. He can play in the slot, in-line or even out wide. This is EXTRA important when you remember that Jameson Williams is suspended for 6 games due to gambling. During his career at Iowa, he had 513 snaps in-line and 304 snaps out of the slot (per PFF). It really wouldn’t be surprising if LaPorta walks into Detroit and earns the starting tight end spot. He has the talent to do it and by being the 34th overall pick, there is going to be some high expectations for him.


Round 2: No. 45 (from DET) – Brian Branch, S, Alabama
For the first time all draft it felt like a player fell to Detroit and they werent reaching for their guy (for better or worse). At 45, the Lions were already drafting their 4th player and wasnt even the end of the 2nd round. Scouts said that Branch was one of the safest picks in the draft due to his lack of a jarring weakness. Branch is siad to have extremely high football IQ which led him to play all around the defense for the Crimson Tide. Branch has primarily handled nickel coverage, but has the range and instincts for single-high or split safety looks. He’s quick, fast and strong with the ability to match up with shifty slots, bigger possession receivers and pass-catching tight ends. Branch is also tough and gritty which makes himu a perfec fit for this Lions team. He has a nose for the ball and is capable of making game-changing plays. He had two interceptions and two forced fumbles during his freshman season at Bama.
Branch made headlines on draft day to be the only guy to stay into day 2 in the greenroom as he was projected to go in the first round. I think that shows how much he cares about this opportunity and has his heart in it.
Also, Branch as a great opportunity to learn from newly acquired Safety, Chauncy Gardner-Johnson who is one of the best young safeties in the league.


Round 3: No. 68 (from DEN) – Hendon Hooker, QB, Tennessee
You ever feeling a little uncomfortable and then you let out a massive fart and all of your uneasiness washes away? Yea, well thats the feeling Lions fans got when they landed Hendon Hooker with the 68th pick. QB wasnt a terrible need, but once we got him, a sense of relief was felt across the fanbase. When the Lions ended up getting Goff in the Stafford trade, it was sort of unsaid that Goff was just the bridge before they draft a QB of the future. However Goff has played way better than expectations and less and less fans are calling for a replacment. So, instead of using one of their first round picks on a QB, they waited and got a guy with first round updside! Now, they are in a much more confortable position at QB with a very solid back up.
The Lions used the 68th pick in order to take the former Tennessee quarterback. The pick came just before the Rams and Raiders were scheduled to pick and been teams have been seen as possible landing spots for a quarterback in this year’s draft. Hooker is recovering from a torn ACL, but his doctor recently informed teams that he is expected to be ready to go by the first week of the regular season. With Jared Goff in place as the starter in Detroit, there won’t be any need for Hooker to rush back for what will likely be a redshirt season if all goes according to plan in Detroit.
This pick was safe, exciting, and sets the Lions up with a solid back up QB. The first time that they can say that since they had Shaun Hill.

Round 3: No. 96 (from ARI) – Brodric Martin, DT, Western Kentucky

Before the draft, a need that was discussed as a hole in the Lions defense was interior line. They got their big boy in the middle with nose tackle, Brodric Martin. After starting his career at North Alabama, Martin transferred to Western Kentucky to play his final two seasons at the FBS level. Since 2021, Martin has played in 26 total games, and has managed to contribute 62 total tackles to the Western Kentucky cause. He’s piled up six tackles for-loss as well as four sacks, one fumble recovery and one forced fumble. This move with help the Lions run defense that ranked 4th to last in the NFL last year.

It is no surprise that winning is won in the trenches. The Lions have done a great job of drafting players to build out this line with the likes of Alim McNeill, Isaiah Buggs, and John Cominsky, but with big interior guys like Martin, they usually operate best in a rotation. This move should be huge in terms of depth and opening up even more opportunities for Aiden Hutchison to get to the QB.
This move didn't feel flashy, but it felt needed.

Round 5: No. 152 – Colby Sorsdal, OL, William & Mary

The Lions had to finally wait a bit before this pick due to moving around in the draft and trading away their pick round 4. They elected to add depth to their O-Line by taking Colby Sorsdal out of William and Mary. Sometimes its fun being the big fish in the small pond. Sorsdal started in all 46 games he appeared in during his five-year stint at William & Mary. He spent the duration of his college career at Right Tackle. Sorsdal is the first Tribe player to be drafted since 2016, when the Chicago Bears selected safety DeAndre Houston-Carson in the sixth round.
Serving as an offensive co-captain and starting all 13 games at Right Tackle, Sorsdal anchored an offensive line that helped the Tribe rank third in total rushing offense and fourth in fewest sacks allowed. Behind one of the best offensive line units in the country, the Tribe accumulated an 11-2 record and won the CAA Conference Championship for the first time since 2015.
He will be joining a elite O-line led by Penei Sewell, Frank Ragnow and Taylor Decker. Colby wont start, but he will add in needed depth for a team that's success will only goes as far as their line will take them.

Round 7: No. 219 (from HOU through MIN via PHI) – Antoine Green, WR, North Carolina
With the Lions last pick in a very intense draft, they selected Wide Receiver, Antoine Green out of UNC. Most projected Antoine to be signed to a team after the draft so it is a but of a peculiar pick. In the late 7th round, you are just hoping to take a flier on a guy and hoping they pan out.
The 6-foot-3, 199-pound receiver impressed Detroit's coaching staff at the East-West Shrine Bowl, and has the opportunity to compete for playing time his rookie season. According to NFL Draft Bible, Green is a "technically sound, fluid athlete that can give you a little bit of everything as a wide receiver. Green runs routes, it is as if he is attacking his defender rather than going about his route without considering what the defense is doing. Green has a good release off the line of scrimmage and does not get held up too much when facing press coverage. He uses his hands well to reduce contact against the press and accelerate off the line. He analyzes coverages well and makes quick decisions on how to break down his defender throughout his route. He can read zone defenses and has a knack for finding spaces to make himself an easier target."
With Jameson Williams missing 6 games to start the year, there is an opportunity for Green to poach snaps away from anyone not named Amon-Ra or Marvin Jones. There is also a chance he doesn't make it out of camp. Unlikely, but we will see.


The 2023 NFL draft for the Detroit Lions was a resounding success. They were able to draft 6 times....BEFORE THE FOURTH ROUND!! The extra picks allowed Detroit to really control the draft and move around in a way to get the guys they wanted. They did not care about who they got and when. They just simply got the guys they wanted. After reflecting on its entirety, they landed a lot of great talent. They were able to add a player at every single positional unit and several will end up starting and making an immediate impact.

Look, the Lions are going to Lions so hold your breath a little longer, however Brad Holmes and Jack Campbell have really turned this franchise around and are making them a legit playoff contender. Right now the Lions are favored to win the NFC North for the first time since god knows when. I am projecting a record of 12 and 5 and a NFL North Division Win.

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2023.06.03 22:47 Grinseengel Rum Barrel Run
I am a hobby game developer and have already implemented some projects with Unity. I would like to present you one of my projects. I do the whole thing alone and not commercially. But now to my little game.
I had played with the idea to create a small Infintyrunner for a long time. Now I have a small game ready and would like to present it to you here.
The player has to dodge rum barrels on an endless parkour. He has a total of three lives. The game is over when all three lives are used up. Very simple. The high score can be saved online. Thus, the player has the opportunity are to measure with "others".
Download: Rum Barrel Run
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2023.06.03 22:44 DankerDork Anyone know how to save high scores in Capcom vs Snk 2 on GameCube?

I figured it would save when I entered name after arcade mode but I was wrong
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2023.06.03 22:43 Jealous_Job7287 High Score Has Been Eliminated! & Here's The Surprise, 6 New Contestants!! Who Will Be Eliminated Next?

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2023.06.03 22:43 Badguyfromthere Chapter 220: Lorenzo did the smartest thing

Before I dive head first in the subject matter at hand, I would like to inform you that I have just published a longer video going into much more details over here: here. Feel free to subscribe so that you don't miss any of my analysis:
Now let's talk about that goal shall we? Yeah, the crazy goal Kaiser has just scored and who even had people saying that Lorenzo should have done better, which is terribly stupid as we will see soon.

First of all, here is a gif to the whole play until Isagi gets the ball from Kunigami back in chapter 219
As expected, Kurona already made a darting diagonal run down the middle to provide passing option. And for those wondering what a Sideback like Kurona does this high up the field, I invite you to go and watch Real Madrid vs Manchester City, the first leg game at the Bernabeu this season. Watch and See what Carvajal did during that game and fix your mouth before thinking that Bastard München is just a bunch of clueless players, but I digress.
If you pay close attention, you will see that Grim is down his left side and Aiku is most definitely making sure that he won't let him free. Aryu and Abdi are now forming the CB pair down the center. Again the defensive structure remains aligned and unruptured. Nobody recklessly charges in, Ubers is all about slowing down the attack and identifying the threat in order to crush it. Except now, Ubers watch tower is blocked by Raichi who is using his body to not let Niko move an inch. Lorenzo is still on Kaiser and Peep Sendo who also tags along making it a 2 v 1 against the german emperor who so far has not made any darting run down the middle that would warrant him being seen as a threat in the current state of the field. You see, the german Emperor is an Apex predator who has found a worthy adversary in Lorenzo. Kaiser understand that all goal scoring opportunities will be rendered void if Lorenzo is in the picture. So Kaiser is patiently waiting for that future where Lorenzo would leave him to focus elsewhere. Now take a look at the bird Eye view again, do you see the right side of the field? Uber's defense is currently onpened on that side. Lorenzo knows it all too well. But at that moment it is not very obvious that Yukimiya could be a threat as Isagi is in a crowded area and may well lose possession of the ball.

Isagi's vision of the goal

In Isagi's mind, given Uber's team strategy, Aiku will not charge in and defend on him. Similarly to this play here
At no point did any Defender Charge in back then. So in Isagi's mind, this is how the play should unfold:

Isagi passes the ball to his planet Kurona who sends it back to his Sun, a pass fast and high enough that even Aryu can't reach.
And if you think this is BS and that Aryu should have been able to deal with it, here is the exact same scenario happening during the U-20 game. Aryu does not do well when facing shorter opponents and above every thing, there are passes that even he can't reach:
Kurona's game sense is definitely incredible. being able to send that pass, with the perfect timing and weighted perfectly too, incredible from him.
Now from Isagi's POV, you have to understand that Aiku was supposed to be watching Grim. So in Isagi's mind, Aiku coming to mark him is a play outside of Uber's strategy. This is why Isagi could not see it coming ( again the element of surprise here on Aiku's side which is a sign that Aiku read more steps ahead than Isagi).
As expected Aiku has MV, he too can see who does what on the field and can foresee potential outcomes. He definitely foresaw that Isagi coulda gotten the ball and immediately went there ahead of time. The thing is, if Aiku had to watch before reacting, he would have been too late and Isagi would have scored this goal. The fact that Aiku was able to block Isagi means that he moved ahead of time implying that he foresaw this. I will make a dedicated post on Aiku's use of MV later.

Let's roll the clock back a bit. When Isagi manages to get the ball and as he is about to make a pass to Kurona, the state of the field immediately changed and Yukimiya becomes a threat that cannot be ignored anymore because Isagi or Kurona could potentially make a pass. And before people criticize Lorenzo, let's look at the situation closely. What are the facts? Yukimiya is totally free and if he gets the ball that's a situation with the highest goal probability.

Possible Scenarios

Isagi links up with Kurona then passes the ball to Yukimiya:
Isagi passes the ball to Kurona who then manages to pass it to Yukimiya:
Isagi is currently in a dangerous area with Aiku who can potentially go and defend on him while having Aryu nearby. You also have Raichi who positionned himself ahead of Niko so that he can receive a back pass, all the while blocking Niko who can't interfere and help the defense. Aryu will follow the team strategy and won't charge in and he will be on the lookout for whatever will be the outcome and it is clear that this whole situation has a lower goal probability than the Yukimiya's one.
So in Lorenzo's mind, it's obvious where he has to go right?
Now peep this, if a pass is to be made in the direction of Yukimiya, it can be a high cross to the far post , leading to an aerial battle between Lorenzo and Yukimiya. It can be a mid goal cross at medium high with more speed, leading to a speed contest between lorenzo and Yukimiya. It can also be a mid goal low cross at high speed, again leading to a speed contest. Now in all those situations the probability that Lorenzo gets the ball is not 100% guaranteed. However, what Lorenzo knows for sure is that if he goes close to Yuki, he can 100% prevent Yuki from getting to the ball. So Lorenzo is not trying to intercept the ball, he is trying to make sure that Yukimya does not get to the ball. This is the safest and more rational play. Plus, you have sendou now marking Kaiser and the area down the middle of the defense will be covered by either Abdi and Aryu or even both. Add to that the fact that Kaiser was not making any runs that could lead Uber's defense to thinking that he could have been a threat and that my friend is the exact future Kaiser was looking for.
This was just a high risk high reward play for Kaiser. For Lorenzo, it was a matter of stopping the immediate threat (Yukimiya). Both did what they had.
And here is the gif of the whole play:
This goal was made possible thanks to the organized chaos created by Kunigami so props to him. S/o to Raichi for putting Niko in lockdown. Raichi always knows who to crush down the midfield. We have seen it earlier when Team Z was playing against team V and Raichi completely shut down Reo, this time Niko had a taste of that. S/o to Yukimiya and Kurona providing options in the attack, it is true that had BM lost possession of the Ball, Ubers woulda scored a goal on the counter. BM is all about that high risk high reward mentality. We dig that.
While analyzing this play, it got me thinking, what Blue lock players do you think could have gotten to the ball like Kaiser did? I can only think of two: Barou thanks to his Isagi hunting and Rin thanks to him being able to react to whatever Isagi does.
However none of them could score from that. Evading Sendou's tackle, taking Aryu's nasty tackle without flinching and still take the shot and score? Naaah none of them could. The only one I can see doing so is Nagi but then Nagi would not have had the IQ to get to the ball in the first place. I even though about Shidou, but we know the guy specializes in direct shot as well. So Shidou would have probably taken the shot amidst Sendou's tackle and that woulda def trown his timing off. Again Shidou wouldn't have gotten to the ball in the first place...

Snuffy was on crack when he told Barou that he had the best numbers as strikers cuz Kaiser is by far the most superior predator in the NEL.

Let me know what you thought if you cared to read all this.
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2023.06.03 22:38 WelcomeWilling551 Refinancing Question

I was able to get an auto loan post chapter 7 filing and before discharge as I gave up a car that was so upside down it wasn't funny. Anyways this new car came with an obvious high interest rate and payment.
My question is how long before I try and refinance to a better rate? Anyone have personal experience? 6 months? A year? Credit score is hovering around 660 at the moment if that matters.
Discharge is slated for mid July! Thanks for any information!
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2023.06.03 22:38 Grinseengel Rum Barrel Run
I am a hobby game developer and have already implemented some projects with Unity. I would like to present you one of my projects. I do the whole thing alone and not commercially. But now to my little game.
I had played with the idea to create a small Infintyrunner for a long time. Now I have a small game ready and would like to present it to you here.
The player has to dodge rum barrels on an endless parkour. He has a total of three lives. The game is over when all three lives are used up. Very simple. The high score can be saved online. Thus, the player has the opportunity are to measure with "others".
Download: Rum Barrel Run
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2023.06.03 22:35 becca0313 Residence

I just received my acceptance yesterday and I am not an out of high school applicant. What are the chances I can score a room in residence if I apply as soon as I get access to DalOnline? Thanks:)
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2023.06.03 22:33 Kubsterrb17 Can Pendragon's black-jack style roll resolution mechanic be improved in any way?

I know that King Arthur's Pendragon black-jack roll mechanic is one of the slickest, most streamlined dice resolution mechanics, liked by many. I wanted to implement it in my "final fantasy-esque" RPG that I am currently working on. It supposed to have class system and tactical combat, but in newer, less matemathic aproach, more like Modiphus Conan2d20 sytem, than DND 5E/Pathfinder
General idea: Roll is single D20 roll under, but you want to go as high as you can without going over your TN.
In unopposed rolls, we just try to go under our TN.
In opposed rolls, we go under our TN and hope our adversary over-rolls his/hers. If he or she does not, we compare the scores - We want to be under our TN but have a higher score than the opponent.
Critical Sucess always beats normal Sucess. A tie is always resolved in favor of the player characters. If we roll under our TN but the opponent still beats us, we get partial success. ( i.e. We may not be able to pickpocket a guard but at least we do not get caught).
Now - it's really solid and I know why It appeals to so many. But for me, it lacks some kind of tools for and/or the possibility of manipulating the roll.
For example: What if my player is a really good roleplayer, and he gives a passionate speech to the king? How can I reward that?
I had 3 ideas:
  1. Moddifers/penalties added by DM to the TN, going from -3 to+3. It's very easy to calculate gives DM some freedom for punishing shenanigans or rewarding creative solutions at the table. But it cannot be used, if characters TN is already 19. (But honestly idk if characters 95% of sucess probability need any more help)
  2. Advantage or disadvantage dices: Honestly I am not sure how to implement them here or if it's even possible. With normal roll-under system it's easy: Disadvantage is rolling 2 keep higher, advantage is roll-under keep lower. But here, i'm not so sure. Maybe it can go accordingly, but just closefurhter from the TN?
  3. I was thinking about some possiblity of meta currency for players, something akin to luck or fate points, for which players could buy D4's to try to "push" their scores, like in real black jack card game. There is of coure risk in going over TN if player is unlucky. I suppose player could buy more than one D4 to support their roll, maybe with cap being +3d4 per roll?
So please great hive mind, share some of your ideas and your insight with me. What do you think? Do you see any potential problems with these resolutions? Will some of these options be "too much"? I appriciate all criticism!
Thank you kindly for your time.
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2023.06.03 22:32 BottomgunMediocrity As a homeschooled student do I have to have a GED or HiSET exam?

When looking at applying to a school I saw this, quote, “To be considered for admission, you must be graduating from high school, have an acceptable HiSET exam score or take the General Education Development (GED) test.” So as a student who was homeschooled does that mean I need a HiSET or GED test? If so which test is better?
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2023.06.03 22:28 ThrowRA202928 I (f21) found his (m25) Reddit post. Now what?

I’ve always found it a bit hard that my boyfriends hobby/interest was more important to him than me. Although he’s never said it out loud, I know that if he HAD to choose he’d give up me rather than this hobby (that I won’t mention in order to remain as anonymous as possible.) he is pretty much obsessive about the interest. He does however spend a lot of time with me anyways, and I know he loves me. It’s just that in order to make a career out of this hobby, you have to work HARD, which he was doing even before he met me a year ago. Considering he has all the traits I’m looking for in a partner, I just chose to accept and support him regardless.
This evening though, I searched up his Reddit username (I remember his username from briefly seeing it on his screen once, but he doesn’t know that I saw/remembered it). I know it’s dumb to do so, but I simply got too curious. I found his response to a post that read “What is better than sex”? He had then responded with something that could be the equivalent of “scoring a goal in football” (but just his hobby instead of football). It makes me feel really fucking sad honestly. I know it’s not that big of a deal, but considering I already feel like he’d definitely chose his hobby over me, it makes me feel even worse. I don’t know what to do now either, I want to ask him about it so we could talk it out. but at the same time I don’t know how to explain me finding his response.
What should I do?
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2023.06.03 22:25 mikerosenstark Thoughts on Taking the SAT, ACT, or Both?

I recently saw a post on Quora that asserted that you should NOT try to take both the SAT and the ACT, as dividing your time between preparing for the two will only serve to lower both scores overall.
As a longtime advocate for taking both (even if you focus your preparation on one of the two tests) as a way of increasing your number of attempts at rolling the dice for a high score, I found this to be a confounding statement. The two tests are so similar now (especially when it comes to grammar, reading, and math) that you might as well shoot your shot.
If anything, studying for both should help overall. Exposure to multiple question types focused on the same material (i.e. the rules of math) should serve to powerfully reinforce these concepts and help to compliment preparation for either test. Both tests are completely score-optional per date as well, and the majority of students score similarly on both tests. "Experience begets improvement." Why wouldn't a student want to have twice as many opportunities at bat to hit a home run?
Any thoughts on how my reasoning may differ from the other person's? Interested to hear your opinions.
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2023.06.03 22:18 transgal_lexi This Luxembourger regen changed his legal name to promote his business lmao

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2023.06.03 22:16 SetCool9740 💲💲Borrowell - Get Your Free Credit Score in Canada! and keep your score always high!!! 💲💲

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#creditescore #free #FreeCreditCheck #borrowell
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2023.06.03 22:14 JabangaBane A Long Overdue FC

A Long Overdue FC
Took me almost 15 years to FC this song, always got tripped up in the bridge
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2023.06.03 22:14 KaTaNa_05 Finally FC-d PianoxFortexScandal on master

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2023.06.03 22:14 arsefeckdrinkgirls This 6’6 15 year old monster just came through the academy. How do I make sure he hits his full potential?

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2023.06.03 22:12 Professional_Hat_74 How long of credit card report need for a AMEX card

Have my credit report from 2019 when I was exchange student in UK, then go back to uk 2021 for MSc, and full time work in London from 2022. I had my first credit card (HSBC UK Premier, credit GBP 6000) Mar 2023.
Tried to apply the BA Amex card, in Apr the eligibility checker's score is 5, now being 7 (guess is because they get first few rounds of credit card payment history) but still get rejected immediately.
I have experian score 820, partly because my credit utilisation is high (45%), but I can always pay in on time, just because spending 3k a month is super easy in London.
Do any guys have any idea? Is my credit report too short for them to review or it's because my utilization high? TY
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2023.06.03 22:10 firecontentprod Chance me for t20s please?

Personal: Indian male, high income, extremely small town in Texas Intended Major: Biomedical Engineering SAT: 1560 (770 R, 790 M) Courseload: Highest possible IB courseload: 5 HLs, Linear Algebra and Multivariable Calculus + Higher Level Biology. GPA; (3.92 UW, 101/100 W) goofy ahh grading system, so idk. Awards: - NMSQT Semifinalist (Expected cutoff exceeded by 3) - State Level Acad Comp: 1st place in Math, Spelling, and Science - PVSA - TCAF (football) Championship finalist (MIP) - Schoolwide Biology related award ECs - Research with Professor to examine effects of visual/auditory stimuli on the human brain - Research at university under professor to look at machine learning and computational biology - Independent Research Project to help my dad (developing mathematical model) - - Worked with my Gurdwara to code a hub for members to volunteer - Made a website to teach little kids guitar - Self taught guitar since the age of 8, played at multiple concerts and shows - Taught kids math online - Worked at Kumon, assisted manager with tutoring and grading - Worked at family friends business for 2 years, managed incoming orders/pallets and sorted inventory Essays: are prolly gonna be good, but you never know ig. LORs: Hella good recs from my Bio and History teacher, idk about physics tho. OK bet bet bet, now im tryna apply to the top schools, but I know every t20 is a reach for me. So idk guys, what do i got?
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2023.06.03 22:05 Antique-Structure-33 i dropped 42 kills with 23 deaths and got blamed for the loss. Who would you blame?

i dropped 42 kills with 23 deaths and got blamed for the loss. Who would you blame?
so i dropped 42 in a gold lobby in ranked hardpoint. the entire team of randoms blamed me for the loss. how am i supposed to play hill, while running around the map getting kills and securing spawns? Who do you blame?
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