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2022.05.08 03:02 etrim94 Covid (and friends) Western Australia

The central place for anyone in Western Australia to discuss and keep up to date with Covid-19 developments.

2023.06.05 15:34 TravelBabe2020 Must haves/lessons learn items while traveling abroad

Hello fellow, travelers. I travel a lot and have found over the years that I definitely needed to be better prepared for situations where I would not have access to items that I could need in the event I was sick or hurt. I made a list of some things that I definitely carry now because lesson learned, I needed them. It would be great if you could add to that and help others.
• Z-Pack for emergencies (yes, I needed it once…high fever sinus infection with ear infection) • Diflucan (ladies, you don’t want to be stuck in a third world country and get an infection) • Dentip Crown filling and repair with Oragel if you have crowns or dental issues • Stye drops • Ibuprofen • Probiotics • Imodium and/or Docolax • First aid kit (alcohol wipes, bandages, antibiotic ointment) • Motion sickness patches • Ear plugs • Sunscreen • Flonase; nasal spray • Sinus and/or Cold meds • Covid test
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2023.06.05 15:14 artisanrox 6/5--VOCs, Wastewater, Research, Editorials.

Good Morning RonaPA!
Still having some tech issues continuing over here on my end. I will edit this post multiple times so I don't lose my work. Please check back later or reload if it looks wonky. Many apologies. 🙏


Nothing really outstanding again on the [VOC leaderboard side of things]() Looks like FU.1 and FU.2 are going to have some trouble causing numbers to go up.
The virologists I follow are starting to theorize that the next sizeable wave will probably be caused by the next lettered variant (which would be Pi) when (not IF) it shows up somewhere. Hopefully it doesn't to keep antigenic drift low for vaccines.

Variant shedder in Ohio

Sidenote: There is some weirdness going on in Ohio and I'm just putting this out there in case someone reading can get the word out there, and things are quiet right now.
Virologists and wastewater specialists keep finding ONE individual in Ohio that sheds an ungodly amount of strange virus signal.
"...[T]he signal is almost always present in the Columbus Southerly sewershed, but not always at Washington Court House. I assume this means the person lives in Columbus and travels to WCH, presumably for work."
They are looking to track this person down to learn from them about long term infection. If you know of someone that fits the description in this Twitter thread please tell them to contact wastewater specialist @SolidEvidence on Twitter.


Nationally and regionally, levels of SARS2 material in wastewater hasn't's still headed in the right direction!

Signal from NY

There was some interesting discussion Friday ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) about wastewater from NY, and I found this thread by JWeiland, one of the data experts I follow, and who was actually more right about XBB variant levels than viral geneticists.
"I looked to verify the claims that NYC is having high community spread and found that it's an accidental misinterpretation of the WW data. The data comes from ONE WW service, who recently significantly increased sensitivity to their methodology."
"ALL other data available shows relatively very low spread. Here are WW from NWSS (who kept consistent methodology), as well as hospitalizations in NYC specifically. All are still very low."
So it seems good that overall NY wastewater is not as bad as thought??



Neat trackers:
🔴-Covid Variant Dashboard and Tracking SARSCoV2 XBB.1.16 Lineage Over Time by Arkansas data scientist Raj Rajnarayan
🔴-Biobot (Wastewater)
🔴-CDC NOWCAST variant proportion tracker
🔴-Honey/Gilchrist variant proportion visualizer and How to Use It!
🔴 -An important post here (found on Twitter, posted by tern) recently on this EXTREMELY IMPORTANT .PDF release from the CDC that contains:
However, patients who recover from the acute phase of the infection can still suffer long-term effects (8). Post-acute sequelae of COVID-19 (PASC), commonly referred to as “long COVID,” refers to the long-term symptoms, signs, and complications experienced by some patients who have recovered from the acute phase of COVID-19 (8–10). Emerging evidence suggests that severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), the virus that causes COVID-19, can have lasting effects on nearly every organ and organ system of the body weeks, months, and potentially years after infection (11,12). Documented serious post-COVID-19 conditions include cardiovascular, pulmonary, neurological, renal, endocrine, hematological, and gastrointestinal complications (8), as well as death (13).
It's under "Certifying deaths due to post-acute sequelae of COVID-19".
If you didn't catch/test +/deal with symptoms of COVID-19, DO NOT seek out to get infected with it.
If you caught COVID-19 once, DO NOT seek out catching it again.
And WEAR A MASK. Don't spread it!
🔴 -COVID-19 Immunology 101 for Non-immunologists by Dr. Akiko Iwasaki
🔴 -How the Immune System Works, beautifully illustrated by Kurzgesagt. (Seriously, Kurzgesagt is wonderful, go check it out.)
🔴 -The T-cells are Not Alright, an interview with Dr. Anthony Leonardi
🔴 -How SARS-CoV-2 Battles Our Immune System: Meet the protein arsenal wielded by the pandemic virus
🔴 -How to Build a Corsi-Rosenthal Box and then make them look snazzy!
🔴 -Safer, more cautious gatherings.
🔴 -MASK TYPE MATTERS with the latest Omicron Sars-CoV-2 mutations. Here is a chart comparing mask types, mutation type, and the time it takes in each to receive a problematic dose of Sars-CoV-2.
🔴 -A thread by Dr. Jeff Gilchrist explaining how high level respirators work, more mask comparisons, and answers to why we can still smell things even with high level respirators on.
Continue to have a great and safe spring season!!! 🌷🌷🌷
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2023.06.05 15:04 larryb78 3 months later I still have no idea what to do

You left us 3 months ago. It didn't have to be this way. Late 2019 we told you & mom that your first grandchild was on the way - you barreled down the driveway that day when you saw us talking to her outside, hadn't seen you move that quickly in years but it was great to know you still had it in you. Then covid hit - you succeeded in never catching it, but you let it kill you anyway. In a matter of months we went from all that energy to me having to help you navigate three small steps on our stoop just to get in the house and visit your grandson. Was it worth it? Did hiding in the house, refusing to get out & go anywhere other than my place occasionally, sitting in the car while mom shopped, did it pan out the way you hoped?
In case you can't tell, I'm still angry. I'm angry that you allowed yourself to deteriorate this way in your early 70's. I'm angry that you waited a week to tell me you fell in the house and hadn't left the 2nd floor because you fucked up your shoulder trying to get off the floor stubbornly on your own and then couldn't support yourself to even make it down the stairs. I'm angry that you did it twice more, got yourself stuck in a chair, finally had no choice but to let the fire department come in, and then still refused to go to the hospital. I'm angry that when it happened again the next day and you had no choice but to go to the hospital because you couldn't even get out of the chair they left you in you became quite possibly the worst patient in the history of that hospital. I'm angry that you refused the testing they wanted to do - I know you hated confined spaces, but they were willing to sedate you. Was a few hours without food or water before they put you out really so bad? I'm angry that you called me in a panic and expected me to leave my napping son to rush to the hospital, telling me you were going to die if I didn't get there. I drive all that way to find out it was because you didn't like the hospital bed they gave you. I'm sorry that you couldn't get comfortable, I did all I could to make it better for you - when you fell asleep I spent an hour combing over diagrams I found online trying to figure out how to adjust the stupid thing so that you'd feel better. Then you spring on me your genius plan that I should help you sit sideways on the bed with no support and your legs dangling. You were labeled a fall risk for a reason! If I did that you'd have zero support behind you and if you fell I'd have no way to get you back up. I'm angry that if I'd gone with this plan of yours I could've gotten in a lot of trouble if something happened to you. I'm angry that you called mom at all hours of the night expecting her to run up to the hospital and wait on you. She's older and has mobility issues too, that wasn't fair. If you didn't think the nurses were doing enough (they were) you should've hired an aide to be there with you to tend to whatever it is you wanted. And when i told you as much, your next genius plan to be transferred to the nursing home was even worse. I know you worked there for 30 years, I know you felt you could smooth talk your way into anything you wanted there because they all liked you so much, but what did you expect them to do for you? They couldn't keep you monitored the way the hospital did. They weren't equipped to have you hooked up that way. And what happened? 15 hours after you arrived you stopped breathing. Was it worth it? Did your usual attempts at schmoozing your way into whatever you want pan out as you planned?
Now here I am, mourning your loss and stuck wearing two pairs of shoes. I still have my own responsibilities at home, and now I have yours too. Mom still can't drive, still can't see so good, and shouldn't be having to take an uber everywhere. We need to get her out of that house because the stairs are no good for her and it's in disrepair since you let so many things go for so long. She can't live like that, especially on her own. It's taking a lot longer than I wanted it to because you never bothered writing a will. Now we have to get all the finances in order before we can find her an independent living facility. I hope she remains safe during that time. You know that I don't have a spare room for her to stay in with us, and even if I did her having to get in and out of the bathtub would be a big risk every single day. And once she's safely in a new place, guess who will be stuck clearing out the house? More time I don't get to be with my son, your grandson, because it's not safe for him to be in that house either. I hope we can find a way to get it all done.
I'm at a loss for what to do - there's so much to be done, but I feel so overwhelmed that all I want to do is absolutely nothing. You kept everything such a damn secret that I don't even know where to begin
All this while planning for the arrival of our second child. Yes, you heard that right, he's going to be a big brother. You'll never be there to meet #2, they'll only know of you through stories and pictures. Again I ask, was it worth it?
I hope you're at peace, I really do. But boy did you leave me in a bad way.
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2023.06.05 14:42 Epaenetu_Peruka DevOps Online Training institute DevOps Project Training

DevOps Engineer Roles and Responsibilities
A DevOps engineer works with both the development and operations teams to create and implement software systems. Therefore, they need to collaborate with software developers, quality assurance professionals, and other IT staff. A DevOps engineer’s main roles and responsibilities include:
· Write documentation for the server-side features.
· Develop, install, test, configure, and maintain IT solutions.
· Communicate operational requirements and development forecasts with everyone in the team.
· Develop plans and processes for improvement and expansion of the current technologies being used.
· Deploy updates automatically into the production environment using configuration management software.
· Perform routine application maintenance and troubleshooting measure to ensure the production environment runs smoothly.
· Perform gap analysis to identify performance enhancements, identify alternative solutions, and assist with modifications.
Programming Language and Linux Fundamentals
DevOps uses programming languages for developing and automating software. To become a DevOps engineer, there are several programming languages you need to learn in addition to specific DevOps tools.
The three most common languages used with the DevOps tools are Ruby, Python, and JavaScript. It's advisable to learn at least one of these programming languages to work with the DevOps tools.
It's also essential for a DevOps Engineer to know the fundamentals of the Linux Command Line Interface (CLI). The mandatory Linux skills that a DevOps engineer should have include:
· Linux shell - bash or ksh
· Linux commands - find, grep, awk, sed
· Networking commands - nslookup and netstat

Source Code Management

The next milestone for a DevOps engineer is to learn source code management. This is essential for keeping your projects organized, regardless of the number of code sets you have. Learn at least one of these standard source code management tools:
· Git
· Mercurial
For More Information about DevOps Training
Contact Call/WhatsApp: +91-9989971070
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2023.06.05 14:24 thefrustratedpoet It were my hormones what did it!

Tl;dr Cognitive decline improved by HRT!
Background I (F38) had a hysterectomy in 2021 and was briefly prescribed HRT in early 2022. Unfortunately, circumstances conspired to make me forget about my HRT and within a few weeks I had stopped using it.
I then got Covid in April 2022. That’s when my cognitive decline and other issues started. I kept going back to my GP who did blood test after blood test, finding deficiencies in vitamin D and iron and folic acid, but never looked at my notes and never asked me why I didn’t refill my HRT prescription.
Long story short, /s after completely crashing and believing that I was either losing my grip on reality, or slipping into dementia, I went back to my GP last week, and with the knowledge I picked up from the podcast and my symptoms in the menopause Balance app.
I left that appointment with a three-month prescription for oestrogen patches and progesterone tablets, which I will be on for a year. I should’ve been on them for over a year already!
It’s frustrating because I wear my ADHD diagnosis on my sleeve. I have made ADHD my entire personality for nearly 3 years. And yet the surgery won’t accommodate my cognitive disability. I’ve had discussions and arguments with them about the fact that I need reminders, updates, phone calls to tell me when I have appointments etc. But it is left to me to just try and remember.
I know the NHS is extremely pressed at the moment, but this particular scenario could have been avoided simply by the doctor reading my notes correctly. I can’t trust my own memory. I wish I could, but I can’t!
But this story has a positive ending… the brain fog and inability to articulate myself I’ve been struggling with for 8 months finally seems to be improving after six days on HRT.
If you have ADHD and have periods or used to have periods, look into ADHD and menopause, I can thoroughly recommend the ADHD Adult Podcast menopause episode!
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2023.06.05 14:10 k4tune06 Real Estate Question

We bought our home in December 2020, doing it ‘online’ because of Covid. We were buying in a province we didn’t live in yet so we weren’t allowed to travel there until we moved. When we put in our offer, it was conditional pending home inspection and well and septic inspection. We were notified that there was already a conditional offer on the property and that it was based on whether or not the other buyers home sold, so the agent reached out to the other buyer and asked if it was happening and they backed out of the deal. It got tricky because the agent was representing her husband who was the seller, and she lived in the home with him. She tried to change the terms of the deal a few times which made it frustrating for us but we wanted the house so we opted not to walk away from the deal. We did report her to her broker for a conflict of interest, her broker denied knowing that the house was even listed. One hurdle was our well and septic inspection. They made it difficult and refused to let the inspection happen saying ‘it’s winter (absolutely no snow and it was +7 C) and we don’t have time to dig up the covers because one is under the deck’, but they did assure us that the previous potential buyers had an inspection done and everything was fine but that she wasn’t comfortable sharing it because someone else paid for it. My concern was whether or not our pool (they installed it) was on top of the septic field. They told us no, and told us where our septic field was. When the septic was pumped before we moved in, the pumping company did a quick camera inspection and said everything inside the tank looked fine.
In the summer of 2021, a neighbour mentioned that we were lucky the previous owners had a flood or else we wouldn’t have a finished basement. This flood was never disclosed to us on the property disclosure statement. We let it go as we didn’t see any lingering issues.
Fast forward to today and we’re selling to move for work. The buyer is military and requires a well and septic inspection as per of their process, totally understandable. Guess what comes out of it? The septic field is directly under the pool and according to the plumber who did the inspection, the flow rate is too low so it’s been compromised. I lost my mind. Called the pool company to see if permits had been pulled for the installation that required them to know where the field was, they said no. The excavator however, told me that he asked the previous owner where the field was and they told him ‘not there’. I’ve asked for a second opinion as a plumber is not necessarily a septic expert and the septic company came out yesterday to take a quick look. At first glance, they say there is no evidence that the field has been compromised but they’re going to come back when the rain stops to do a flow test. The buyer wants us to drop the price by $20k, we’re willing to pay the average of three quotes IF the second flow test shows that it’s damaged. The septic person did explain that while it’s not ideal or recommended to put a pool over the septic field, it also doesn’t automatically mean it’s damaged and often isn’t. It just makes it more inconvenient if work needs to be done. We’ve never experienced an issue with our system.
About 10 days after listing, my realtor and I joked about how strange it was that the previous owner (a realtor) hadn’t brought a single person through the house during the height of military house hunting season (we live in a 4 bed, 2 bath home on a 1-acre lot 5 minutes from base making it an ideal family home). I’m convinced she didn’t show it because she lied about the findings of the inspection and knew when her buyers came through they’d have to do the well and septic for their financing and then we’d know she lied. She did, after all, already hide the basement flood from us. We were also told, after the fact by someone who knew the other potential buyers, that they offered $25k less than asking. I’m assuming it was to account for a new septic system.
My question is, if we have to pay out the price of a new system, can we go after her liability insurance? Or her personally?
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2023.06.05 14:08 Disastrous_Stuff9372 Advice for a crash?

Hi guys, new to this sub. I suspect I have long Covid/cfs. In January I kept experiencing energy crashes after normal activity like housework or going for a walk. I would recover my energy each time later that day. I got blood tests but the only thing wrong was that had low iron stores for which I’ve been taking high dose tablets. I now think these crashes were PEM. They resolved for a while but I still felt exhausted a lot of the time. Last week I felt another crash coming on and I struggled to gain my energy back at all. I scaled back my normal routine but with two kids it’s hard to do nothing. I felt progressively worse over the week and have been in bed the last two days. I feel the worse I have ever felt. Shaky and weak lying down, all I do is get up to use the bathroom. Lying in a dark room. I have nearly zero appetite but forcing myself to eat. Even holding my phone is an effort. My husband is doing everything for the kids. I spoke to my doctor and they are going to do repeat blood tests but she seemed at a loss as how to help me. I’m so scared 😕
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2023.06.05 14:05 rogerato The main event is getting closer, sanity check?

In four weeks, I will attend a gran fondo where my goals are (in order):
  1. Don't get injured
  2. Enjoy the day
  3. Finish under the time limit
The course is 140km with 4000+m ascension and time limit is 10 hours. I have been training for the event since January and would like to get a sanity check for my plan for the last few weeks. I loosely followed a low-volume gran fondo preparation program from Trainer Road. My longest ride so far was 80km with 1600m of climbing. That's close to half of my target, but it took 6 hours from start to finish. On the event day, I need to be faster for a longer time.
Context: I've been a recreational cyclist for the last few years. In 2022, I got COVID with persisting symptoms (including lethargy and inability to exert myself) and had to take an almost complete break for one year. During the year I got depressed and gained 12kg (from 80 to 92). In January, I started to train regularly and lose weight. Now, I'm 3kg shy of my target weight. My training has progressed very slowly, but it's better than nothing.
In 2023 so far I rode 1600km with 17000m climbing. I tracked my FTP (from 190 to 220) by ramp tests during the year and Strava/Intervals says I accumulated a total load of 4000 -- 1500 of which incurred in the last 42 days.
Plan: Assuming the last week is a rest/recovery week I have three weeks left. My priority is to lose as much of the remaining 3 kilograms as possible by focusing on my diet.
I plan to have three rides a week:
I don't think there is a lot I can do in terms of adaptations, but losing the extra weight seems like the low-hanging fruit. Does that make sense? Given I have only three weeks left, I want to focus on building my confidence and replicating the event-day ride as much as possible.
I realize the course might be a bit over my capability, but during the event, I will have the option to switch to a medium-length course with only a 100km distance and 3100m ascension, which will be my plan B.
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2023.06.05 13:30 AutoModerator Weekly Discussion Post - COVID Testing and Vaccine Location Tips - June 05 2023

A place for general discussion about COVID in Arizona. You can also post any testing or vaccine location tips you may have.
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2023.06.05 12:46 PristineMixture3080 Covid-19, what’s the drill?

Been feeling ill for the past few days and I suddenly tested positive for Covid today. It’s my first time getting it and I know the rules became more relaxed recently but I’m not exactly sure the drill on when I can go outside or back to work… do I just go out when I feel better again ?
I’ve had a look on the Ministry of Health website but couldn’t find anything other than news of the status downgrade of the virus
Any information would be appreciated 😁
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2023.06.05 12:45 AngeloHakkinen Comparison between Yandere Simulator and other long-development games

Yandere Simulator was pitched on April 1st, 2014 on 4chan. The "pre-alpha" would get released 15 days later. The game would get banned from Twitch on January 21st, 2016. However, the first official demo was released on AUGUST 31ST 2020, and the 1980s mode would be released on OCTOBER 2021. As of June 5th, 2023, the game was in development for 9 years, 2 months and 4 days.
So, this post will compare the development time of YanSim to other games who had long development time:

#1: The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

On June 11th, 2019, Nintendo would release a teaser of a Breath of the Wild sequel. This video will collect more than 15 million views, and loads of interest about what could this game have features. However, due to COVID-19, the game development was halted and, on March 29th, 2022, Nintendo released a video and declared that they'll postpone the release of the game to Spring 2023, and apologized to all who waited for the game's released. Of course, there were lots of doubts about will this game be even released in 2023, and multiple persons expressed their frustration. But, on Sept 13th, 2022, Nintendo would release their first official trailer of the game, now called "Tears of the Kingdom", and the release date was officialized: May 12th, 2023. 2 more exciting trailers later, the game was eventually released, and oh boy the delay was worth it: 10 million copies sold worldwide in 3 days, which is more than Twilight Princess did in years, and critical acclaim from every single site. Even I bought the game and I'm super impatient on finishing, but there's still my exams to finish. Gamers waited 3 years, 11 months and 2 days for the game release, and there're more ways to torture Koroks and to kill rivals

#2: Final Fantasy XV

Now we will start in "Development Hell" mode. Final Fantasy XV's development started in 2006 as spinoff on PS3. 6 years later, it would be rebranded as the next mainline title and Nomura would be replaced by Hajime Tabata as the game's director, with the spinoff at 20 to 25% complete. Due to the change, more development was required, as the story was needed to be revamped and some characters repurposed or even removed. The game would eventually be released on November 29th, 2016. The game would be met with favorable reviews and 10 million copies were sold worldwide, making it one of the best-selling games of Final Fantasy. Gamers waited 10 years for the spinoff and 4 years for the mainline game, which is quite little compared to the next game.

#3 Duke Nukem FOREVER

Oh boy it deserves its name. Announced on April 27th, 1997 (yes), the game was released in....2011!!!! Let's start this journey that will make YandereDev look like Eiji Aonuma. 3D Realms was announced in April 1997. Less than a year later, the Build engine, in which the game was based on, was considered obsolete and the devs were forced to change to Quake II engine, and the publisher, 3D Realms, lost $500,000. The first screenshots were released at E3 1998, but the sun won't be seen anytime soon. In June 1998, the devs decide to switch engine AGAIN, this time to Unreal, because it was better suited to open spaces (they had a difficult time to render the Nevada Desert). According to George Broussard, this change was nothing and it'll be back on track, which is countered by programmer Chris Hangrove's statement that they needed to restart from ZERO.
By the turn of the millenium, multiple release dates were missed, as Broussard wanted to add multiple elements. 3D Realms even joked that they are trying to stop Broussard looking at other games because he wanted to include portions into the game. Finally, a trailer was released in E3 2001, which ended up being called a "scam" by Broussard himself 21 years later.
Fast forward to 2003, the game had only 18 people on it, and one former employee complained that Broussard and Miller had still the "1995 mentality". Then, controversy happened: Jeffrey Lapin, Take-Two CEO, said that the game won't be released in 2003 and they wrote off $5.5 million off the revenues due to DNF. and that's Broussard's response:
Take-Two needs to STFU ... We don’t want Take-Two saying stupid-ass things in public for the sole purposes of helping their stock. It's our time and our money we are spending on the game. So either we're absolutely stupid and clueless, or we believe in what we are working on.
YandereDevlike response. Anyway, Lapin was told that the game would be released between late 2004 and early 2005. But it's not finished...
Rumors said that DNF switched for a third time their game engine, this time to iD Tech 4. These rumors were denied by Broussard himself, but it's not like the game was fully developed anyw...Broussard confirmed that many of the game's elements were finished and he's just " pulling it all together and trying to make it fun". but, like YandereDev's statements, it was a lie. Take-Two negotiated a $4.25 million deal instead of $6 million for Broussard. Everyone working in DNF were tired, many of them left the development. Van Lierop was hired to test the game in 2007, and stated that the game was more finished than expected, but Broussard felt it needed two more years.
The delays strained the relationship between Miller and Broussard but, finally, a new trailer was released by the end of 2007, but no release date was announced. As the game was near completion, funding started to deplete and, despite multiple negotiations, Broussard suspended their collaborations with 3D Realms.
In 2010, the staff was reduced, and 3D Realms laid off the staff a year prior. However, problems were not finished: Take Two sued 3D Realms over the failure of completing DNF, which will be settled in 2010. However, Miller stated that the development was suspended. In 2010, 3D Realms approached GearBox Productions to complete the game. Randy Pitchford, the CEO of the studio, decided to help the devs as he felt "Duke can't die". The final trailer was released in late 2010, and the game can finally be played. The game would be eventually released in June 14th, 2011, after 14 years, a month and 19 days of waiting, which will be the longest time of development a game had until 2022, when Beyond Good and Evil 2, in development since 2007, surpassed DNF.
The game itself, is mediocre. I will let this French video by well known Youtuber "Joueur du Grenier" (French version of the "Angry Video Game Nerd") talk about it ( (censored)/ (uncensored)).

Comparison (TL-DR):

Yandere Simulator was in development for 9 years, and the demo was released 6 years after the first announcement, and that's after the Love LetteDrApeis controversy. The popularity wave was already gone, and few people still care about the game (mainly because of mods, concepts and it's not-Sergio-Leone-level spaghetti code).
If we need to compare YanSim with the 3 games mentioned, the game will have a lot of similarities with Duke Nukem Forever than TotK and FFXV. TotK was only postponed because of the need of polishing some features, while FFXV was in development was for 10 years because of change of direction, and both are quite good games. DNF's development was riddled with burned bridges, false hopes and controversies like YanSim, and was only saved because of a dude that wanted to Duke Nukem to survive and even after that, the game was received mediocrly. So yeah, if you want to resume the concept of the game, it's a "Yandere PC Version of DukeNukem Forever made by a pedophiliac weirdo whose only relevance are the potential lore the weirdo didn't even develop, the concepts/mods made by amazing Youtubers, the supersupbar spaghetti code, the mega-controversies around the game, and the fans who are courageous enough to de facto take over the game when the dev is lazy to say that the game is annulled" As always, all criticism is accepted, sayonara.
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2023.06.05 12:29 theseawoof 6 y/o feverish for 5 days, we're nervous

We took our son to his primary on day two of the fever and were told "it's probably just food poisoning". Basically told us to let him poop it out. He had diarrhea on and off starting on day 2, which was the only other symptom presented along with his fever. He vomited once, which was on day three when his fever spiked. We have been getting more and more nervous because of how persistent the fever is. We can bring it down with Tylenol or Ibuprofen and general care, fluids, rag etc but it just keeps coming back every 2-3 hours and hits 103-104 every time.
Took him to ER yesterday, which was day four. They didn't test him for anything besides COVID, which he was negative for. This time we got Amoxicillin after bugging them about it. All the times he's been sick, whether stomach bug or flu virus, he's never had this persistent of a fever which makes me feel like there's something going on other than just a general virus. I know that I've personally never had a fever more than 2-3 days max. Not sure if I'm just a parent that is overreacting, or if I should be raising hell and getting a third opinion. He doesn't have any other symptoms besides this damn fever and occasional diarrhea. No stomach pain or tenderness, no cold like symptoms. Started coughing a little bit around the time he vomited. He's not extremely lethargic, in fact, once he breaks the fever he has a bit of energy and wants to hang out and play video games like the fever never happened, it's strange. Is it normal for a fever to last this long? Doctors didn't really say much other than what we already know to do. Wish they would have at leasted checked for potential bacterial infections in case he ate something bad.
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2023.06.05 11:17 Winter_Assumption_68 My school of ten years ruined my life

I 16 female went to a school for 10 years and it ended up ruining my future The school is lucky I’m not gonna reveal their name. I joined the school in grade 1 I didn’t go to kindergarten because my English wasent good and I’m sorry if I made any mistakes while writing this paragraph English is my 3rd language.anyways and because of my weak English I couldn’t go any other schools as well so this was the only school that accepted me Overtime my English got better and I was one of the best students is the school this continued till grade 7 I knew every teacher and every teacher liked me because I had good grades and respected everyone after grade7 Covid hit and we went online but these 7 years were hell for me The teacher’s teaching was good but not the best the big issue was their actions they would hit student so hard and cruelly I would feel bad they would break everyone in front the whole class they would call us all sort of names that is really cruel for kids such as Ur a foolish kid,how can u be so dumb,how did you reach this grade you might think it’s not so bad but for a kid it is and the beating was worse i remember one time in 4th grade one kid didn’t learn her test she was a very brilliant student and good in studies but the teacher didn’t care she gave her a big slap it literally echoed In the class and the teacher was very fat so it hurt a lot the poor girl started crying another time in grade4 a boy who always made problems in the class and was basically the class clown didn’t do his homework the English teacher lost it she called the boy to the front of class and literally pinned the boy to the board and started chocking him with one hand and pointing her fingers towards him with the other hand the boy started crying so did I My mom knew how bad the school was because I complained to her all the time and she went and complained to the principle more then 20 times I swear and they never did anything there are more details but I’m not going to mention them Fast forward I’m in grade9 and in my first year of igcse so it’s really important to get good grades well I went from being an straight A student to failing every subject I wouldn’t blame it on the teachers because igcse is very hard Fast forward grade10 which I’ll be giving my first IGCSE board exams in total I study 6 subjects English maths ict physics biology and chemistry The maths and chemistry teacher are the best teacher to ever exist the chemistry teacher has been teaching me since grade 3 and the maths teacher is new to me but really cares about the students Anyways I decided to give 4 subjects for my board exams physics biology English and ict In English I was very good because if the practices my mom made me do and I was good in other subjects as well And I was the top of my class when it came to ict or I thought so Our ict teacher is very careless out of the 20 chapters of the syllabus she teaches like 8 maximum.most of the time the class was talking and playing because she never taught anything I don’t have a problem with this and never snitched about it because I liked having free classes but this continued for to long and I still didn’t say anything A couple of months later when everyone decided what subjects they chose for there exams for ict only 3 were there me another girl and boy so we were only 3 student for ict For our exams we had ict practical and was very difficult so she would take the class to the computer lab and sit there do nothing maybe only 2 times she explained us the rest of the times she would make the grade 11 student who already finished the ict exam come and teach us I even asked her to teach me the practical if she got free time I would’ve skipped any class so she would teach me,you know what she said I’ll send you the link watch it and learn I was going to cry I don’t know anything in practical and she just said that to me I watched the the links she sent and watched them I did understand but it wasent enough fast forward it came the day of my ict practical keep in mind the practical counts 70 percent of your ict grade I went gave the exam and came back my dad took me to give the exam And he asked me how was your exam thats when I broke down crying I told him everything about the school I cried to the point I couldn’t breath anymore I’ve never said anything to my father like this before mostly my mom I did tell him to change my school but he thought I was joking but that day he understood I was serious so i knew I was going to fail my computer and it was all my teacher fault But the story dosent end here idk if I should continue about how I’m also scared to fail my other subjects should I make a part 2 about my biology teacher
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2023.06.05 11:14 Remarkable-Bit7860 Is this possible ?

So I had an outbreak on my mouth 4 weeks ago while on holiday, the first time to the best of my knowledge, but I do remember testing positive for Hsv1 years back. Initially I had symptoms like chills and sore throat that subsided ina couple of days. Now 4 weeks later I got flu like symptoms (possibly covid, rapid test was not too clear) and mainly what is concerning me is swollen lymph nodes Uber right armpit and behind both ears.
My question is, would it be possible that these lymph nodes and body aches are related to hat outbreak 4 weeks ago?
Thanks peps
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2023.06.05 10:53 pktrekgirl Does this sound like long covid?

I am a middle aged female, fully vaccinated, including two boosters.
For the main part of the pandemic I socially distanced and used my mask. Kept my bubble extremely small and even got groceries via curbside pickup. Never even caught so much as a cold for 3 years.
In January 2023 I got covid for the first time and it was like a very bad flu. Was sick for 3 weeks. It was rough. Took Paxlovid during this bout; it was horrible but I took it anyway.
In May I got covid a second time, this time I was not nearly as sick; felt like a bad cold. Was sick for 6 days.
Since testing negative and going back to work, I have been coughing a lot; all the time. Additionally, I am tired all the time but have trouble falling asleep. My throat feels like it’s closing up and I get scared I will stop breathing, this makes sleep quality very low. I am totally exhausted.
Have had some brain fog since the first bout in January. I can’t remember when things happened in the recent past and need to write everything down to remember things like instructions and the times/places of appointments. I also forget basic words for things occasionally. I have a very strong vocabulary usually, but I keep forgetting words. Sometimes I worry if I’m getting dementia or something.
I am also itching a lot. Mostly under my right arm but also my calfs and feet.
Finally, I have had IBS for years, but now it’s much worse. I can’t remember the last time I had a normal bowel movement. And I have frequent gas - both farting and even some burping.
I’m worried that I’m sick. Maybe all or partly with long covid, maybe partly with something else.
Anyone know which, if any of these symptoms are long covid?
Thanks for any assistance.
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2023.06.05 10:32 LOOPA_Dub Sent home tonight for going on vacation & having Covid

Let me give you some more context
I’ve been with this employer for only two months.
Three weeks in I got Covid and was required to not return to work for 5 days. My supervisor told me “only bitches take time off for Covid, if you use the Covid pay the company provides you’re a bitch.” This was our first altercation.
Fast forward a few weeks, he notices I have a week off. He scolds me about taking time off being so new, I explained that this was a vacation I had planned and paid for prior to working here and it was already approved by my manager and upper management. Strike two.
Fast forward to today, my first day back from vacation. He aggressively takes me to the back room, scolds me about how it “hurts the business” by missing so many days, that I am lucky I’m still employed because they “accommodate my schedule” because 2 out of the 4 days I work a week I have to leave at 5:30AM instead of 6AM because that’s when my wife leaves for work and I have to be home to watch my two children, this was my availability when I was hired and I was hired with that availability.
He was screaming at me like a child. I was in the middle of speaking and he literally yells at me and says “IM FUCKING SPEAKING TO YOU SHUT UP.” After I explained that he has no right to hold any of this against me he told me I need to find a new position or get another job and that I need to go home.
I told him that’s alright, I’m not working for you any way. I’m not going to be bullied for 1. Getting Covid (went to the doctor to get tested since my at home test was not “valid”) 2. My availability which was accepted upon being hired. 3. Taking an approved vacation that I was not paid for.
This guy constantly bragged to me about how he’s “fired” so many people & to me it seems like he’s the one hurting the team more than anyone. I understand the frustration about me getting Covid but, it’s not like I meant to & it was proven by a doctor that in fact, I had Covid.
Am I in the wrong here? Or is the giga chad want to be drill sergeant of stocking groceries in the right?
I am going to be open minded to all comments, I need some advice.
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2023.06.05 10:16 davidjohnstoncfo The Role and Impact of Life Sciences Tools

The Role and Impact of Life Sciences Tools
As David Johnston, former CFO, pointed out, Life sciences tools are the backbone of scientific exploration, providing researchers with the means to investigate the intricate processes of life. These tools encompass various instruments, technologies, and methodologies contributing to healthcare, agriculture, environmental studies, and beyond breakthroughs. In this article, we will delve into the significance of life sciences tools, highlighting their role in advancing scientific knowledge, fostering innovation, and addressing critical challenges.
Life sciences tools comprise an extensive array of instruments and techniques that enable scientists to study and manipulate living organisms and their components. From essential laboratory equipment to cutting-edge technologies, these tools empower researchers to unlock the secrets of life.
Imaging Tools: Microscopes, including light microscopes, electron microscopes, and advanced imaging systems, allow scientists to visualize biological structures and processes at different scales. They provide valuable insights into cellular interactions, tissue morphology, and subcellular components, driving cell biology, developmental biology, and pathology discoveries.
Molecular Analysis Tools: Life sciences tools such as DNA sequencers, PCR machines, and gene expression analyzers facilitate the analysis of genetic information and biomolecules. These tools enable researchers to sequence genomes, study gene expression patterns, and identify genetic variations, leading to advancements in genetics, genomics, and personalized medicine.
Diagnostic Instruments: Life sciences tools are vital in disease diagnosis and monitoring. Diagnostic kits, imaging systems, and laboratory analyzers enable healthcare professionals to detect and quantify disease markers, facilitating early detection, accurate diagnoses, and targeted treatment strategies.
Agricultural Tools: Life sciences tools contribute to agricultural advancements by improving crop productivity, disease resistance, and sustainability. Techniques like gene editing, molecular markers, and precision farming tools enhance crop breeding, enable disease management, and optimize resource utilization, ensuring food security and sustainable agricultural practices.
Advancing Healthcare: Life sciences tools drive advancements in healthcare by enabling the development of novel therapies, diagnostic techniques, and personalized medicine approaches. These tools facilitate disease research, drug discovery, and precision treatments, improving patient outcomes and better healthcare management.
Fostering Scientific Discovery: Life sciences tools are the foundation of scientific exploration, facilitating research across various disciplines. They enable scientists to test hypotheses, generate reproducible results, and explore the frontiers of knowledge. These tools encourage collaboration and knowledge-sharing, accelerating scientific progress.
Driving Technological Innovation: Life sciences tools drive technological advancements in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and agriculture. They fuel innovation in areas like genetic engineering, bioprocessing, and drug development, leading to the creation of new products, therapies, and solutions to societal challenges.
Life sciences tools are pivotal in expanding our understanding of life, driving innovation, and addressing critical global challenges. From unraveling the mysteries of genetics to improving healthcare and promoting sustainable practices, these tools empower researchers to push the boundaries of scientific exploration. By continuing to invest in developing and utilizing life sciences tools, we unlock the potential for transformative discoveries, shaping a better future for humanity and the natural world.
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2023.06.05 10:03 dankeen1234 Prep aka tenofovir + emtricitabine may reduce likelihood and intensity of covid reinfection crashes. May also help LC/MECFS symptoms by inhibiting viral persistence or viral reactivation and modulating immune system

  1. It reduces the chances of you being reinfected with covid. It is reasonable to assume therefore that it may also help with covid viral persistence (if that is a thing). It has a broad spectrum antiviral so may also reduce likelyhood of crashes from catching other seasonal viruses.
  1. It effectively inhibits replication of reactivated EBV virus which many researchers believe plays a role in some cases of long covid and CFS.
  1. It is immunomodulatory
  1. Some people on phoenix rising forums believed it improved their symptoms. Healthy scepticism as always it may have been just coincidence.
  1. It is readily prescribed (long term) to anyone who claims they are at risk of catching HIV and in many countries it is free.
At first try saying you are uncomfortable talking about your sex life. If pushed they will prescribe if you you say you have unprotected sex with multiple men. You will need to take kidney function tests every six months.
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2023.06.05 10:00 Fruschee To anyone who attented the concert on June 1 in Berlin: i just tested positive for Covid!

Watch out and take care! Hope everyone is going to be fine!
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2023.06.05 09:57 BallBubbly4 I did the test at day 89 and this is the results I'm safe right?

I did the test at day 89 and this is the results I'm safe right? submitted by BallBubbly4 to HIV [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 09:34 cantstopgoogle Covid before FET

Hey all, I have worked very hard to get my euploid embryos - and it’s been quite a journey to this point. I am due to start an FET cycle in a few weeks but I have just tested positive for covid. It’s relatively mild, not really impacting me other than a sore throat and a little bunged up. I did yoga this morning not even realising it was Covid! I definitely don’t want to delay my cycle. Do you think it will be ok? Any positive stories?
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2023.06.05 08:47 xartux I am a 27 year old male who was diagnosed with end stage liver disease, alcoholic hepatitis and severe chronic Cirrhosis last spring 2022. Alcoholism is the worst addiction I’ve ever experienced. No other drug has come close. It’s run rampant through my dad, grandpa, uncles and now me…

I was an innocent kid for most of my life. I had horrible untreated anxiety that I didn’t understand and it got the best of me when I turned 21. I had never really drank or done anything of the sorts until about 19-20 and then the day I turned 21 I was finally able to purchase liquor myself… and it got out of control.
I am 27 years old and was diagnosed last spring at 26 with Liver failure, alcoholic hepatitis and Cirrhosis of the liver with advanced scarring. I was rushed to the emergency trauma center near me in Minneapolis Minnesota after my now fiancée returned home from a work conference out of state and found me in our bedroom completely yellow, tremulous and swollen legs and fluid build up in my stomach. When she left the week before I went on what would be my last drinking bender.
For the past 6 years I was consuming at minimum a liter of 80 proof vodka all the way up to a 1.75 liter handle per day. I stopped once for 2 weeks in 2020 after a small medical scare and also became sick with covid. That’s the longest break I had for those 6 years up until my hospitalization.
I spent a week in the hospital as the doctors tried to do anything they could do to get my increasing liver enzymes and bilirubin down. I was yellow and in a lot of pain. I was immediately placed into CIWA withdrawal protocol and was monitored for worsening mental status and seizures.
I had an MRI done, 2 ultra sounds and countless testing on my first night. I was informed I would need to undergo a transplant in the future as long as they could combat my symptoms. After 3 days the doctors started losing hope of getting it to come down with proven methods. They were left with no choice but to discharge me after a few more days with experimental steroids.
I returned home and was bed ridden while my fiancé spoon fed these steroids once daily and we hoped for a positive outcome. A week later I had blood work done and my bilirubin was decreasing by the day. I was so relieved.
My family is filled with alcoholics and I feel like I was foolish to think it wouldn’t come for me too.
I have since had countless imaging and ultra sounds done that show permanent damage and cirrhotic liver with abnormally enlarged spleen that hurts like a MF. I am now almost 400 days sober and have lost a ton of weight. I finished up my outpatient treatment at the original hospital and gastro clinic here in Minneapolis. I am now getting set up with a liver specialist at the Mayo Clinic here. I will be there getting 2nd opinion tests and imaging done to determine my future. I will most likely need a transplant down the road.
I’m not here to lecture but I wanted to share my story in hopes it helps someone else out. Sober life was hard as hell at first but has gotten so much easier. I am proud of where I’m at but have a long way to go.
On the 3rd morning of my stay I was pretty certain I wasn’t going to make it out. I was able to keep my drinking a secret for 6 years and no one knew about my problem or never questioned me. I didn’t want to get caught and face the embarrassment to my family. I awoke that day and thought about how I was going to have to call up my family members, brother and sister and tell them I wouldn’t be around much longer. I couldn’t stop thinking about how I would never get to see my newly born niece grow up and how selfish my actions were. They would have been so taken off guard and would have to watch me go a slow death. My over was already shutting down and the only thing left was my kidneys next. After those shut down it’s game over.
The last 6 years of my life are a blur. I now run a small business from home while I build my life back up.
Anyways, sorry for the long winded story.
I went to the hospital last year spring 2022 and was diagnosed with advanced liver disease. Addiction can fuck off and so can alcohol.
I drank a liter of vodka a day for 6 years. Don’t be dumb like me and ignore the signs of illness after your body can’t take it anymore.
Here’s a few links with some of my medical experience from that incident. With 400 days under my belt I feel as though I can help someone and prevent making the same mistakes I did.
This is a first for me and I’m only sharing this picture of me when I checked into the emergency room. I just want people to see what can happen in a short amount of heavy drinking time and what might await some alcoholics in their older years.
Peace & love
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