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Drawings Featuring Cute But Troubled Characters - You Won't Be Able to Leave Them Alone ♡ [2023.06.05]

2023.06.07 12:56 eza2510 Drawings Featuring Cute But Troubled Characters - You Won't Be Able to Leave Them Alone ♡ [2023.06.05]

Drawings Featuring Cute But Troubled Characters - You Won't Be Able to Leave Them Alone ♡ [2023.06.05]

Drawings Featuring Cute But Troubled Characters
病みかわいい (yami kawaii, lit. "sickly cute") is a kind of aesthetic that really challenges the traditional ideas of cute. Who says that those who're cute can't also be navigating complex issues with their mental health?
Consider this topic and aesthetic as you get to know it better by taking a look at the illustrations below!

エラー この少女は存在しません。 by わた めうこ

エラー この少女は存在しません。 by わた めうこ

no title by 白ロック

no title by 白ロック

by ゑいた

羊 by ゑいた

過負荷 by くせっけ

過負荷 by くせっけ

Locker Maiden by まりもる

Locker Maiden by まりもる
Please feel free to check the original article over at pixivision to view the rest of the artworks for this gallery.
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2023.06.07 12:49 PeanutSea5759 37 [M4F] #UK - ATTRACTIVE 6ft4 daddy dom CG for sub/little/switch

I’m very tall, olived skinned, athletic, dark hair, brown eyes.
I’m a daddy dom … I am a strict, fair and flexible type of daddy, but I am very affectionate and emotional.
I am non-sexual and sexual.
I am flexible with kinks.
I am into affection and aftercare, cute activities like colouring in and drawing… for kinks I’m flexible but open to CNC, degrading, edging, dressing up (her), toys, instruction, mental and emotional control, needy (from her), cute things, reassurance (giving). Impact play, bondage… I am very flexible and open to kinks so if there is something that is not desired I’m okay with that, I don’t force if it’s not liked, or happy to adopt more. I’ve been into bdsm since I was 17.
Also I do have a foot fetish! So be warned!
I do love to give a lot of attention so be warned I might seem very active and talkative!
I am just taking things easy so to speak and just trying to enjoy things.
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2023.06.07 11:11 Bradycakes Anyone with experience in or planning on keeping the gender secret?

I'm 12+2 today and we had our blood draw appointment for NIPT screening this morning. It's illegal here in Germany to communicate the sex prior to 14 weeks, and our understanding when reading up on the particular test we're doing is that they wouldn't do any sex screening on tests that were carried out prior to 14 weeks. Well we were wrong, and we made a quick decision to include the test this morning.
I'm not quite sure how I feel about knowing though 😄😄😄😄 I've no doubt that I want to know in advance, but I hadn't anticipated finding out so soon, I assumed it would be at the 20 week scan. And I quite like the idea of keeping the redult to ourselves, at least initially, as my husband and I hate the idea of "team pink" and "team blue" and are a bit worried we might end up with a tonne of no doubt cute, but possibly very gendered clothes and toys as gifts.
Realistically though, I don't know how well I can keep it secret. If someone asks me a direct question, I have to answer honestly 😄 I wasn't planning on telling people we were even doing NIPT screening, until I was asked directly, and wouldn't or couldn't lie or redirect the question. Plus, what if I slip up? I think my parents would actually prefer not to know. I'd hate if they accidentally found out because I blurt out "we bought his baby phone today" or something!
What are everyone else's thoughts? Any second time parents with experience?
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2023.06.07 08:57 Sad-Bullfrog8946 Looking for a music on youtube

Hey everyone! I need some help finding a music. I have been listening to it on youtube, but somehow I lost it and can't find it (don't remember the title or artist). I remember its animated clip though. . It has this cute lineart style of drawing with subtle colours to its background clip . There is a forest in the clip, where a guy is playing on a piano and a girl chilling at a lake . There are frongs all over, which are "quacking" along with the song . I think it was around an hour long music . There is no singing in it, just humming . Super chill music
Thanks in advance! 😁 👌
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2023.06.07 08:07 megamindbestmovie I wanna be pretty too

sorry for the bad English tldr; teenage low self-esteem rant
I have never been cute, even as a toddler I wasn't treated like others and could tell I lacked cuteness or something.
My brows are black, thick and angry looking, my body is hairy, my checkbones are sharp, I have downturned mouth and eyes, since I was born my eyebags have been really noticeable and nothing can get rid of them, all my life people have asked me if I'm angry or sick or sad when my face is resting.
Then puberty came, my boobs and hips grew, I started trying to take care of myself, I learned to shape my eyebrows, shave my entire body, do makeup and put effort in my clothes, still, I was average.
When people gave me attention it was bc of my body, it makes me feel gross, while others girls were called cute and pretty, I was only called hot or strong, people say shit like "I thought u were a bitch before I knew you" "I thought you were mean af", I hate it.
Why can't I wear cute clothes without looking vulgar like them? why my face is sharp and and isn't soft, dainty and innocent like them? why they still have baby faces and I never had one? why can't I be pretty too?
I just turned 18 and I look so fucking old. I hate taking photos bc when I'm not using a filter I look like I have a lot of wrinkles. People see me as if I were a mean and strong woman and treat me like one. I just wanna be a girl, I want to be treated with the same kindness as them, wear girly or more childish clothes and accessories without looking like I'm sexualizing it, I want to be bubbly without people thinking I'm a weirdo, but I can't, and i look dumb trying to. There's nothing I can do about this.
pd: I'm not fishing for compliments or anything, I just wanted to get this feeling out.
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2023.06.07 07:23 Pleasant_Budget7760 what does this mean?...

i (16 female) have never had a boyfriend or anything when i downloaded an app last summer i started talking to guys one by one for the first time I was un experienced with how people my age come upon to talking to someone romantically so slowly I was getting the hang of it when I first started around summer time last year so obviously my talking stages wouldn't last long it would last around one or two days at first until i got to this one guy a couple days before thanksgiving he was one grade older than me and he lived around half an hour away from me when I started talking to him it felt different than all the other failed talking stages I felt like he actually liked me and i saw us dating he was the first that made me feel comfortable enough to go on call with for the first time he would do the bare minimum but I wasn't used to it so I was blindsided he would say " you look beautiful without makeup" and " I really liked talking to you I want to talk to you more" he was the first guy I slept on call with i never really talked to or texted guys before but i felt my self quickly opening up to him we would talk about hanging out together and he would say he would give me his sweater since I've mentioned i get cold easily and that wed hug and go on a date which i now realize he never intended on actually meeting up with me he only said things but never did the actions he was promising at this point we have been talking for around a month and towards the end he's been getting distant and we have been calling less and less and he says he doesn't feel like calling then one day he says that we should go on a break just for a lil while and that "it won't feel that long it'll go by before you know it" so then i agree but then text him two weeks later to double check how a break works then he says "oh I didn't think Youd still like me" "I'm already talking to someone from my school" " i don't know what to tell you sorry" so then i start crying and i leave him on seen and don't talk to him anymore but then he calls me 3 times in January and said he meant to "change his cousins contact" but asks if we can be friends again and start texting i agree then he would say things like 'its soo cute when you talk fast when you get excited" while he was still talking to the girl in the school then he would only want to be on call with me when it was night time and friendzone me one minute while the next compliment me and flirt i felt guilty for still having feelings for him while he was talking to someone but then he told me how he saw this girl in his class had her chest exposed and said that " she was a hoe and slut for having her boobs shown like that and that she should dress more like you" i said why are you looking there in the first place? then he said " how can i not when she's showing her boobs like that" that's when i knew he was a different person than i thought i noticed that he rarely texted me only when he itd be night time and he would be bored i thought it be different if i showed him how much i was there for him but that wasn't the case one day i sent him pictures of some drawings i had made for him while i was on our 'break" but then he left me on delivered and never texted me again i sent him a long paragraph if things i wanted to say to him but never did to protect his feelings and he never even saw it. After then for some reason i haven't wanted to be on call with a guy or got excited to call them i haven't done it for soo long that i feel like it'd be boring and i honestly don't even know why i liked him i just got attached with all the things hed say and now i have a different perspective on things. Why dont i feel the excitement to call a guy again?
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2023.06.07 06:52 FibersFakers [Friendship] [chat] 24F, i usually prefer VCing but I'm trying texting a bit, idk

I'm a very slow thinkeresponder in text chat. I like a bit of rap/hip hop, beyonce, chess things, cat videos/cute baby videos/cooking videos. Queer asf. I draw, read, make some music, write, design random book covers. I love collecting cat memes and watching youtube video essays & debate bros.
Nothing nsfw, no relationships, just pure platonic connection. Or a fling chit chat. Hmu fellow ladies. (Please be 22+) i might be a little to respond but I'll try to get to you :)
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2023.06.07 06:46 FibersFakers 24F, see i don't usually do the texting thing but I'm switching things up from VC so hmu.

I'm a very slow thinkeresponder in text chat. I like a bit of rap/hip hop, beyonce, chess things, cat videos/cute baby videos/cooking videos. Queer asf. I draw, read, make some music, write, design random book covers. I love collecting cat memes and watching youtube video essays & debate bros.
Nothing nsfw, no relationships, just pure platonic connection. Or a fling chit chat. Hmu fellow ladies. (Please be 22+) i might be a little late to respond but I'll try to get to you :)
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2023.06.07 06:44 FibersFakers 24F, see i don't usually do the texting thing but I'm switching things up from vc

I'm a very slow thinkeresponder in text chat. I like a bit of rap/hip hop, beyonce, chess things, cat videos/cute baby videos/cooking videos. Queer asf. I draw, read, make some music, write, design random book covers. I love collecting cat memes and watching youtube video essays & debate bros.
Nothing nsfw, no relationships, just pure platonic connection. Or a fling chit chat. Hmu fellow ladies. (Please be 22+) i might be a little to respond but I'll try to get to you :)
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2023.06.07 05:39 Teffycom TOKYO TEFUTEFU – “I can confidently say that TOKYO TEFUTEFU, which some people mocked in the past, has become incredibly cool now” (May 2023)

Last March, TOKYO TEFUTEFU continued their activities as a five-piece, and after a tour consisting of joint concerts with other artists, the girls have further developed their sense of unity as a group and now they are about to release their fourth single, “LYCORisALIVE”. TOKYO TEFUTEFU is a group that has been appealing with the fleeting, shimmering tenderness that lurks in the gap between days, expressed through their delicate voices and the body language of their dancing, but this time they have put strength and determination into their songs to reach out and take their fans with them so that together they can break through the harsh realities of life. This is the anthem that TOKYO TEFUTEFU are only able to perform now, after strengthening themselves through many live performances. The spirit of this song is so strong. After their first solo concert of the year in April, they’ll be going on a solo tour across the country, but in the meantime, we asked them to tell us about their new songs and their mood for the future.
– On April 8th, you had your solo concert at Ebisu LIQUIDROOM and it was your first solo concert in a long time. Tell us how it went.
Yuzuriha Ouhi: We’ve been completely focused on our joint concert tour and this was our first solo concert in a year. Also, we hadn’t performed with the band in a long time, so it felt like everyone was having a lot of fun.
Chimura Shifumi: It was a lot of fun. We haven’t performed in such a big venue since our LIQUIDROOM show last year, so it was pretty epic (laughs). We rehearsed thoroughly and the people came out many times more than before, so it felt like we were able to reach our potential.
– The situation at the concerts has changed from a year ago because now it is possible to place more people in the venues and the fans are allowed to sing along. Since TOKYO TEFUTEFU started during the pandemic, you didn’t have many shows where you could get a lot of audience response, right?
Kagari Kohaku Sekai: During our tour last year, the restrictions were gradually lifted, and when I heard so many people shouting at our solo concert, I was very impressed.
Chimura Shifumi: From the stage, I saw everyone jumping up and down with excitement, shouting “Lust!”, “Nonno!” and so on. And I realized that this is how concerts should be.
Yuzuriha Ouhi: Last year there were still some tight restrictions, but this year there was an area where fans could move around a lot, and seeing all those frolicking people made me realize that it’s very different from a year ago.
Kagari Kohaku Sekai: We debuted in the middle of a pandemic, and there were partitions between us and the audience all the time…
Chimura Shifumi: It was like being trapped (laughs).
Kagari Kohaku Sekai: So when the various restrictions were lifted, we changed our approach to performances from having the audience mostly watch to having fun with them.
Chimura Shifumi: It felt like the audience was becoming more and more involved in our performances.
Kagari Kohaku Sekai: I think at the April performance at LIQUIDROOM we were able to show everything we had been able to achieve through trial and error over the past two years.
– During the tour and the solo concerts, were there any songs that you thought were even better at the concerts, or ones that gradually changed?
Chimura Shifumi: There were many such songs.
Kagari Kohaku Sekai: And with the release of our second album “Hyperphantasia”, we also had new songs that we didn’t have last year.
Yuzuriha Ouhi: At the end of our LIQUIDROOM show last year, on the second encore, we had our first performance as a five-piece with the song “ash.”. But then the audience heard that song for the first time, and it was impossible to sing along, but this time we performed “ash.” as the first song, and everyone immediately raised their fists and started singing along, and it touched me a lot.
– The first song at your April solo concert at LIQUIDROOM was “ash.”?
Chimura Shifumi: Yes. At our LIQUIDROOM show last year, we performed it last, so you could say it’s a continuation of the story. But unlike last year, we’ve definitely grown, and I think it was interesting to watch us perform looking back at what we did a year ago.
– And yet, is there a reason why you refrained from solo concerts for such a long time?
Yuzuriha Ouhi: We debuted during the pandemic, so we had few opportunities to show ourselves to people, and so both to show ourselves to others and for our own growth, we felt that we needed to absorb many different things. We ourselves suggested to the director and the staff, “We want to see things we haven’t seen before. By performing with different artists, we want to absorb different things”.
Kagari Kohaku Sekai: And, like, since we’re doing joint concerts, it’s better to hold off on the solo concerts.
Chimura Shifumi: Before that, we hadn’t performed with anyone outside of our agency. Having seen a lot of artists perform, there were many who actively involved the audience in their performances, as well as those who, on the contrary, skillfully got the audience involved themselves, as if saying, “Let’s follow me!”. “This is amazing!” – I thought, and at the same time I didn’t want to lose, and I think I learned a lot.
Mary Lust: I learned a lot.
Tokanai Nonno: I’m in charge of choreography, so I watched a lot of artists perform, and I was able to learn a lot from them. I was able to absorb a lot of things that will be reflected in the future of TOKYO TEFUTEFU, and it was a time when I went through a lot of trial and error, such as changing the choreography of our songs. And I think our solo concert in April was a natural continuation of all that.
– Because the choreography was the only thing you could do together with the audience and achieve a sense of unity with them in the period when shouting was not yet allowed.
Tokanai Nonno: Yes. When the audience repeats the choreography and dances with us, it’s wonderful, and a sense of unity is born. I realized that during this tour. And I started trying to make my choreography simpler, so to speak, so that it would be easier for the audience to repeat and memorize.
Mary Lust: And there were more free sections without choreography.
Tokanai Nonno: I added more free sections. With strict choreography, there are times when you don’t have time to look at the audience, but I wanted there to be more moments where we meet with our eyes. Before, I was always working on the choreography to impress the audience, but now that has changed.
Kagari Kohaku Sekai: Adapted to the current times (laughs).
Chimura Shifumi: By adding moments like this to “daybreak” and other songs with intense dancing, it’s quite the opposite, they’ve become even more charming. Before, the emphasis on dancing was natural for TOKYO TEFUTEFU, but I think we were able to get people even more drawn into the choreography created by Nonno.
Tokanai Nonno: I’m glad~ (laughs).
– It was obviously a great tour that you had a lot of fun on. Listening to you now, I thought that this experience of yours was also reflected in your new single “LYCORisALIVE”. It’s a song in which you clearly look at your audience and listeners, and even more clearly proclaim that you intend to move forward with them and take them with you.
Kagari Kohaku Sekai: Yes. I think that before TOKYO TEFUTEFU’s songs were interpreted and perceived differently depending on the listener, but now it feels like this song is a message from TOKYO TEFUTEFU to our fans (“Mirages”).
Chimura Shifumi: It feels like a kaleidoscope, so to speak…
All together: Kaleidoscope (laughing)?
Chimura Shifumi: When I sing this song, I think of everything that has happened to us in the past two years. Like, a lot has happened, but let’s hold hands and keep going! And the moment when Nonno reads the poetry really touches me.
Mary Lust: It’s a beautiful moment. It’s incredibly moving.
Yuzuriha Ouhi: When we recorded it, Nonno was even asked to perform it in a more restrained way.
Tokanai Nonno: I put too much emotion into it. And syva-san, who was recording it, said to me, “Let’s have a little more restraint” (laughs). So that is the restrained version.
Kagari Kohaku Sekai: But it’s really good.
Tokanai Nonno: It’s just an explosion of emotions.
Chimura Shifumi: I’ve never heard that trembling in her voice, or rather such an explosion of emotions in Nonno’s voice before. I was astonished.
Tokanai Nonno: I’ve never wanted to cry during recording sessions, but this time I cried a little.
– It’s probably not the kaleidoscope that was mentioned earlier (laughs), but you had a lot of feelings inside, didn’t you?
Tokanai Nonno: Yeah. It’s exactly the memories of the past that came back to me.
Yuzuriha Ouhi: But I think it’s a song that really proclaims that we want to take everyone with us. It’s a song about grabbing the hands of our “mirages” and taking them with us, and I’m glad we have a song like that now.
Chimura Shifumi: There’s the line “Kawari wa Inai” (“No one can replace us”) in the lyrics, and I heard that GESSHIRUI-san had never dared to say that in his lyrics before. But after receiving those lyrics, I felt determined to be the one who could fulfill them – I felt responsible, so to speak.
Kagari Kohaku Sekai: It was the same with “ash.” – I call it “entrusting a commitment” (laughs).
Chimura Shifumi: That’s exactly how I feel (laughs).
Kagari Kohaku Sekai: We felt that we had to become people worthy of singing such things. And even if it takes time, I think we have to prove it.

“All the unnecessary things went away. I really felt that I wanted to continue being with all of them”

– There’s obviously a special meaning to the fact that this is the time when you received such a lyric. It’s like a proclamation of what kind of group they want you to be, that you’re really becoming that kind of group. I think it’s because your listeners feel that kind of reliability that it’s all been able to come to life in the form of this song.
Mary Lust: It’s been two years, we’ve done a lot of concerts together and performed at LIQUIDROOM – I think that’s why we can release this song now.
Yuzuriha Ouhi: You could say it’s a song about the five of us deciding to move on after the solo concert at LIQUIDROOM.
Chimura Shifumi: It wasn’t all smooth – we didn’t talk about it, but there were hard times, but I’m happy that the five of us could sing this song, and it motivates me to try even harder from now on. I’m determined to live up to those expectations.
Mary Lust: Kawaguchi Junta-san, the author of this song, is the one who wrote “ao,” and “LYCORisALIVE” also has a youthful feel to it, and it has a lot of sudden transitions. I feel that this music is also a continuation of TOKYO TEFUTEFU’s past and creates a kind of story.
– It has a fast rock tempo, it’s melodic, but it also has poetry reading and rapping, so it has a lot of interesting elements.
Tokanai Nonno: It’s really fun to listen to.
Chimura Shifumi: There’s a moment in the last chorus when the music is muted and Kagari is the only one singing. In the beginning, Kagari wasn’t that emotional – she seemed so carefree, and even on stage she was cute and fluffy, but during our solo concert at LIQUIDROOM, at that moment the spotlight shone on Kagari, and when I saw how passionately she sang from her heart and soul, I was ready to cry. Or rather, I cried. It was so intense.
Yuzuriha Ouhi: At that moment, Kagari came to the front of the stage. And the four of us were watching behind her back, but it was so cool that it really made me want to cry.
Chimura Shifumi: She grew up so much.
Kagari Kohaku Sekai: “LYCORisALIVE” is just a song about us. When we sing something else – we have a lot of cool songs, so we try to sing them cool, and sometimes we show off, but this song I sang without trying to show off – I sang it the way I am.
Chimura Shifumi: It felt really good, and I think the mirages felt it too.
– We touched a little bit on how Nonno-san was recorded, but how did the rest of you handle the recording? Was there anything you paid special attention to?
Kagari Kohaku Sekai: “Tada, Junsui de Irarenai Machi de” (“In this city where you just can’t stay pure”) – I sang that line from the last chorus while imagining myself on a huge stage singing in front of our “mirages”.
Yuzuriha Ouhi: There’s a moment when I sing along with Nonno: “Kiseki wo Tomo ni Ayumu Imi wo, Kimi to” (“So the meaning of our path cannot be wrong”). And Nonno and I are the leader and the subleader, and so by singing this line together… How can I put it…
Tokanai Nonno: Yes, I understand. When Ouhi is around, I feel so relaxed.
Mary Lust: It suits both of you to sing together.
Yuzuriha Ouhi: It’s hard to put into words – there’s a feeling of supporting each other, and I like that a lot.
Tokanai Nonno: I’m glad.
Yuzuriha Ouhi: And also, that rapping moment is something that ‘Tefutefu’ almost never has, so I was looking forward to it.
Mary Lust: Probably the only time we’ve had rap parts in a song is in “siscatharsis”. Before you go on stage together at a concert, you want to show the full power of TOKYO TEFUTEFU, don’t you? That’s how I felt when I sang that moment. Like “Look!”
Chimura Shifumi: In the last chorus, after the English phrase, there’s the line “Omoi wa Boku ni Butsukete? (“So pour out all your feelings to me”), but I don’t think I’ve ever had a moment in my parts where I address the audience like that. I feel like I’m better at expressing my feelings to the audience now, and every time I sing this part, I get tearful and warm in my heart. I sing because I want to save all the people in the world, so I really want people to pour out all their feelings to me.
– The fact that you feel this warmth is probably a result of actually seeing the scene that unfolds in the song?
Chimura Shifumi: Yes, I saw that scene.
Mary Lust: I was the last one to record, so I think I got to enjoy the process a little bit more than the others. It’s a song that brings back a lot of memories, but at the same time it’s a song that looks into our future, so it’s a lot of fun to sing. I sang it thinking about different things: the future of TOKYO TEFUTEFU, what stages I want to perform on, what interesting things I want to do. And my last line was “Boku to, Ikite?” (“Let’s live, together with me”) – that’s also the kind of thing you don’t normally just say. But I was entrusted with that part of the song, so I took everyone else’s feelings on my shoulders and sang “Boku to, Ikite?” (“Let’s live, together with me”).
– That phrase – “Boku to, Ikite?” (“Let’s live, together with me”) – also reminds me of your agency sempai, Zenbu Kimi no Sei da, and it’s also very touching. It feels like TOKYO TEFUTEFU are, if not inheriting the will of the “Zenkimi”, at least going to put those feelings into their songs in the future.
Chimura Shifumi: Yes, that’s true. “Zenkimi” is on an indefinite hiatus right now, so we are filled with a strong spirit to take it all on our shoulders.
– So it’s taken you a whole year to be able to sing this song. Of course you grow a lot at concerts, but by getting new songs and recording them, you can feel your own growth, can’t you?
Yuzuriha Ouhi: Yes, I think it allows you to feel that growth that you can’t feel at the shows. I feel my own growth, but at the same time I feel the growth of the other members very much.
Mary Lust: I get that. Like, wow, she can sing like that!
Yuzuriha Ouhi: I listen to the recording and I notice more and more new things in it and I’m like, “Oh, this is cool!”
Chimura Shifumi: At the very beginning of TOKYO TEFUTEFU, the director told me, “You’re the one who will lead the TOKYO TEFUTEFU songs!” I agreed and never forgot it, but lately the others have become so good at singing, and they’ve also become so good at putting emotion into their singing. So I’ve been hustling (laughs), but I’m trying my best not to lose.
– So you stimulate each other. I felt that before, most of TOKYO TEFUTEFU’s songs and melodic lines were very technical, but “LYCORisALIVE”, like you said, just portrays you as you are, and it has an incredibly emotional side to it. There’s a good energy in it, like “they can sing like this”, “it turns out they were such a group”.
Tokanai Nonno: The days when we were just trying to sing well are gone (laughs). The same goes for the performances: we used to try to impress everyone with our dancing, but now our performances are softer and I guess you could say we’ve come out of our shells?
Yuzuriha Ouhi: That’s what we are.
Tokanai Nonno: I used to show off a lot. But after I sang “LYCORisALIVE,” all that weird pride and other unnecessary things went away. I really felt that I wanted to continue being with all of them. I took over the choreography for that song on a whim. And in the second half of the part we sang with Ouhi, I unconsciously counted to five on my fingers.
All together: Wow, really?
– Speaking of which, what do you think of the choreography for “LYCORisALIVE”?
Tokanai Nonno: I wanted it to have a fun beginning – so that the audience could have fun with us, too, so in the beginning we’re running from one corner of the stage to the other. And also in the verse it’s more like no choreography, we just clap our hands freely and so on, and in the chorus we don’t do anything technical either, we just spread our hands out. “There’s no need for all that!” – I thought. I came up with the choreography for “ash.” based on the image of broken wings. But in this song you could say I’m exposing myself. Also, a very important point is that the song starts with the scene where we open the book and turn the pages, and ends with the scene where we close the book and look into the future.
Yuzuriha Ouhi: Like this is where our story begins.
Tokanai Nonno: The song ends with the proclamation, “Let’s join us in the world of TOKYO TEFUTEFU – let’s go into its future!”
– What was the audience’s reaction when you performed this song for the first time?
Yuzuriha Ouhi: Even though we sang it for the first time, it felt like we had sung it many times before.
Chimura Shifumi: It felt like we’ve known the song for a long time.
Tokanai Nonno: And the audience started running and dancing with us in the chorus from the very beginning.
Mary Lust: That’s probably because it’s a song that represents the past and future of the TOKYO TEFUTEFU’s story, so everyone understood it right away and started having fun with us.
Kagari Kohaku Sekai: It’s so exciting to see what happens next, isn’t it? I feel like this song is getting better and better every time we perform it.
– I think this song will become the new anthem of TOKYO TEFUTEFU, proclaiming that you are gaining momentum and moving forward. The second song on the single, “houyou”, is also emotional, but in a different way.
Chimura Shifumi: It has a kind of nostalgic melody in a visual-kei style, a kind of melancholy, so to speak. There’s a lot of Ouhi-san in the chorus, and I think her voice fits it very well.
Yuzuriha Ouhi: I’m glad.
– Yeah, she gives off a bit of a dark flavor.
Yuzuriha Ouhi: During the recording, on the phrase of the second chorus – “Mune ni Sumu, Batsu wo Negau” (“Dwelling in my chest, begging for punishment”) – syva-san said to me, “Let a parasite dwell in your chest!” And I was like, “A parasite? What?” And so I sang, imagining the image of a parasite consuming me.
Chimura Shifumi: The phrase that comes next, “Subete Yogoshiteshimae” (“Now cover everything with filth”) is really good, isn’t it? That parasite is there.
Yuzuriha Ouhi: I felt like I’d become an incredibly bad girl (laughs).
Mary Lust: “LYCORisALIVE” is a song that says “Let’s live, together with me,” and “houyou” is also a song that says “Let’s live, together with me,” but in a different sense.
Chimura Shifumi: This song is more like a cry from deep inside. Surely everyone feels things in it that they never show to anyone. For example, the feeling of possessiveness that lurks in the deepest parts of your heart – for me, this song is about those feelings that no one usually shows.
Tokanai Nonno: I understand. Both “houyou” and “LYCORisALIVE” talk that “one shines because there is another”. Somewhere in “houyou” I felt an atmosphere similar to “Zenkimi”, so I tried to use their choreography as an example (during one of the livestreams Nonno said that it was the choreography of “Infantry dystopia”, “AntiIyours” and “Natural Born Independent”) and combine it with the choreography of TOKYO TEFUTEFU to create something of the best of both worlds. I wanted to pay my respects to the sempais, but at the same time I wanted to surpass them.
– Both songs came out very rich with different nuances.
Chimura Shifumi: I realized how good everyone had become at expressing their emotions. But don’t think it’s a kind of looking down. When we first started, I couldn’t imagine that we would one day be able to sing in such a tear-jerking way – myself included. And I feel like there’s probably no one who doesn’t like TOKYO TEFUTEFU after listening to this release.
Mary Lust: I tried, but it was hard for me to put my feelings into my singing, but now I think there’s more conviction in my singing.
Yuzuriha Ouhi: And at the concerts, that conviction comes out even more – there’s something you can see with your own eyes, so I want you to see how we perform.
– And besides expressing your feelings, is there anything else you would like to improve or change?
Chimura Shifumi: I think that even though I wanted to change something before, I couldn’t do it. I thought that impressing the audience with our dancing and singing in beautiful formations was a characteristic of TOKYO TEFUTEFU, so I had a lot of ideas, but I was satisfied with what I had. But lately Nonno’s choreography has changed and I think I am doing more of what I want to do (laughs).
Tokanai Nonno: When I do choreography, I always draw and send everyone their positions, but lately there have been more moments where I have said, “Do whatever you want!”
Kagari Kohaku Sekai: Like, show something cool (laughs).
Tokanai Nonno: There were more moments where I started to trust them.
Mary Lust: In the beginning we just tried our best to sing and dance. And I think as we performed, we developed an idea of what we wanted to be on stage and what we wanted our concerts to be like. And I think we finally got our hands on what we needed to do to make it happen.
– Looking back now, was there a concert that you think was a turning point for TOKYO TEFUTEFU?
Chimura Shifumi: Probably last year’s Christmas show in Nagoya on December 25th.
Yuzuriha Ouhi: It’s an annual free codomomental event held in Nagoya.
Chimura Shifumi: It was a joint concert with other groups from our agency, but we performed twice that time. And those concerts were so good that we were satisfied with them ourselves.
Kagari Kohaku Sekai: At first we were only supposed to do one perfomance, but on the day of the show we were suddenly asked to perform again, and we immediately agreed. We didn’t want to waste the chance we were given, and I think that’s why everyone was determined to make a really cool show.
Yuzuriha Ouhi: This was the second time we performed at this event, but the first time not as many people came to see us as we wanted, and it was very annoying: “Why don’t you want to see us?” Both the first time and the second time, that event left a very strong impression on me.
Chimura Shifumi: I can confidently say that TOKYO TEFUTEFU, which some people mocked in the past, has become incredibly cool now, so I really want people to come and see us perform.
Tokanai Nonno: Because we have a tour coming up as well.
– You have a new tour starting in May. It will take different forms including in-store events and solo concerts.
Tokanai Nonno: This time we’re going to take the chance we’ve been given and get more companions. This is a tour that burns with our feelings to make TOKYO TEFUTEFU the best in the world!
Kagari Kohaku Sekai: (laughs). The main purpose of this tour is to make more companions and strengthen our bonds, so I hope we can bring more people into the world of TOKYO TEFUTEFU.
Yuzuriha Ouhi: This is a tour that connects us to the future, so we’re really counting on it.
– A solo concert at LIQUIDROOM, the release of the new single “LYCORisALIVE”, and now you’re getting ready to go on a tour across the country – it looks like this year won’t be the same for you as the previous ones.
Chimura Shifumi: Actually, we were taken to training camp before our LIQUIDROOM show.
Yuzuriha Ouhi: It was so sudden that you could tell we were being dragged there (laughs).
Chimura Shifumi: And before the camp, we had a nabe party together. And it started with the director asking us, “What do you want to be?” We had a serious talk with each other about what we wanted to be and what we wanted to improve, and when we shared those feelings with the director and said that we would try hard for TOKYO TEFUTEFU, he said: “Well, then let’s go to camp.”
Kagari Kohaku Sekai: It seems to me that after the nabe party, there was a kind of change in everyone’s minds. You can feel that our will has become stronger.
Yuzuriha Ouhi: Our current goal is to perform with a fire at Makuhari Messe (laughs).
Chimura Shifumi: I want to do that. And I want to do this trick with the descent to the stage on a rope.
– So your horizons have expanded to such an extent.
Yuzuriha Ouhi: Yes. We’ve already had a meeting to move forward towards that goal.
Mary Lust: I want to have more “mirages” on this tour that will move with us towards that dream.
– And that is another story that is reflected in “LYCORisALIVE”.
Yuzuriha Ouhi: So when I saw those lyrics, I thought, “Really?” This is really our story as it is.
Kagari Kohaku Sekai: That means that when we talk about “LYCORisALIVE”, we are also talking about TOKYO TEFUTEFU. It expresses our story so much that when we read the lyrics, we can literally say, “That was then, this is now”.
Source –
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2023.06.07 05:02 SpookyBjorn MY chonky FFTA character <3

MY chonky FFTA character <3
Very niche but if anybody is a fan of the Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced series, I've been drawing my own clan and one of the members is an opera singer Seeq and her name is Valkara. The last thing enemies hear on the battlefield is her beautiful war song before the slicing of her axe. (her job class is viking)
The Seeq are a race of porcine people and I think they're so cute! I did not want to shy away from her fatness at all (I knew a decent portion of the FFTA community wasn't going to enjoy seeing a proudly fat female character which was confirmed by the massive amount of downvotes she got compared to my other characters) But guess what, I made a big fat lady and I love her! Valkara loves her body and loves dressing to accentuate her features!
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2023.06.07 04:35 geezusyeezus_ 25 [F4F] Anyone in HK this weekend?

I’ll be in Hong Kong by myself this weekend and just wondering if anyone else here would be there and would like to hang in cute cafes, foodtrip, shop, take photos, etc.
Maybe let’s go to disneyland together and take cute pics of each other for that IG feed goals lol
I’m trying my luck here before I go ahead and activate my bumble BFF there na mismo.
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2023.06.07 03:38 Lonely_Repair4494 Emi's Route My Verdict

TL;DR-8/10, very good but not perfevt. Read further for in depth explanation 👍
Ok. Long story short, my first time playing Katawa Shoujo and as I blazed through Act 1 getting all the Hanako choices, I've decided: "Yeah. Nah, Hisao. You gotta run to stay healthy." And guess what. I got Emi's path first accidentally. So, I stopped playing to decide whether to do her path or go back to do Hanako's which is the one I was gonna get if I just didn't run. Someone convinced me to do Emi's by saying it would make more sense to choose what Hisao I'd rather be and have the girl choose me, so I "Took it as it was" and let Emi's path take me through the game in relaxation.
As of now, I have gotten her Super Good Ending in my first playthrough, so I felt naturally very proud of myself by actively being smarter than whatever Hisao was telling himself he was, and then I did her Flawed Good Ending and Bad Ending next to fill in all of her progression and got my heart absolutely wrenched 😢 the Breakup in the Bad Ending reminded me of a breakup I had irl (Obviously I wasn't as stupid as Hisao is in this path for the reasons as to why it happened would be the same, but rather the way she worded it was very similar. Plus, Emi already reminds me of my ex, kinda why I was negating going through her path first), and as of now I have done her entire character progression and will give you guys my thoughts on it.
8/10 in my humble opinion (Very good, but still had details that bothered me)
Why I liked this path so much:
FIRST OF ALL, NURSE IS HOT, I WANT A PATH JUST FOR HIM -You guys already know how much i love Nurse, and he's in this path 24/7. His music is awesome, he's good looking, and he's playful af with both me and Emi, and actually gives really solid advice for Hisao's screw-ups throughout the path. I want to see him in other path even if his role is short, just one scene will make all the path worth it.
It feels surprisingly natural for a Dating Sim/Visual Novel -I haven't played a lot of Dating Sims, but I have a lot of experience with VNs. Danganronpa is my favorite game of all time ffs. Anyway, the way they went from friends teasing each other, to eventual flirting, to kissing, to fucking, to official A Grade Meet My Parent kind of partners felt very natural and realistic. It almost felt like i was actually progressing with someone controlling Emi behind the screen. This is always a plus for me. It gets me more invested in the story.
Rin's role in this path is very substantial when she's not the main focus -Obviously I haven't done Rin's path yet, but she's objectively best girl. I'm gonna leave her for last since I know her path is the hardest to do, but as it is in Emi's path, I loved how she played her role of weird, interesting and oblivious best friend and her interactions with Hisao alone in this path had me rolling in the ground. It's like I could do just a compilation of them talking about nonsense when Emi's not around.
Misha's role, while short, does help the path substantially -It would be understandable she'd be the most realistically reasonable to understand Emi, since they are extremely similar if you discount the trauma. Both are cheery, loud and very intelligent when they want to be, yet still stubborn af. It just felt right for me to Misha being the one giving Hisao's advice in the other two endings.
Emi is a joy to be around -This isn't even a surprise, if you like playful teasing flirting, this path is just wonders, which is my case. I love to both say: "That's cute thank you" and be able to flip someone the middle finger off playfully to demonstrate affection and Emi's path is full of that. Her trauma was perfectly executed and her character development too, it reminded me a lot of me, I don't tend to ask for help much often because I want to be able to handle things on my own, just like Emi, but now being on the other side of the spectrum controlling Hisao, I will try to be more open to help. It inspired me to let some people in on what I do.
This path is kinda easy if I say so myself -You only get to screw this path up like two times to get the bad ending and it's in Act 3. I literally just went to the choice of life and death like: "I think if I go after her I won't get a lot of return or info out of her, plus she'd probably be pissed at me. I think talking to her mom is smarter, maybe she'll let me in on something as well. As I knew it was the exact right call to get a straight good ending, even when characters like Nurse said something like: "Oh, I'm surprised you didn't go after her, even though you made a heck of a smart move" and then I'm like: "Bitch, respect my choice, I am confident things will work out in the end and when they do, I'm just gonna laugh at Hisao's atupid inner voice who's saying that i did the wrong call". So, yeah, I got the good ending first try and the mid ending second, but every choice before her mom's house's choice is just irrelevant. You can choose whatever and you still wouldn't screw it up, which is great when Emi's path is by far the one people get the easier and the most.
Things I didn't like:
Hisao looking like he has only two brain cells when talking to Emi -Jesus christ, I was surprised Mutou even called Hisao a smart dude. He said so many dumb shit on this one that honestly doesn't fit as much as it would fit his Act 1 behavior. It truly doesn't look like the first act guy, if you take a closer look, but it's disguised really well, so I gave that a pass.
No Hanako -She's the only girl who's not in Emi's path and I was trying to get her path, it was just a slap in my face tbh at this point. It doesn't hinder the path for me but it makes me a little sad.
The Sports Shack Scene -I know it's supposed to be uncomfortable, but holy shit, I didn't think it was THAT uncomfortable. Especially since the last H scene still has anal involved and it's the best one in the path imo (No I didn't hate the scene just because it's "Let's fuck on my dad's death birthday", it felt earned and that's fine for me). The second H scene had me rolling in shame, especially since I still feel like Hisao was drawn kinda badly in that one. Not at all how I imagined people would draw him as.
Some of her sprites mismatch the descriptions Hisao has of her face -Sometimes Hisao would say things like "She's angry" and then she has a funny smile sprite. When she says "Get out of my house, Hisao!" Her face looks like she's ready to get in bed with him, I just thought that was kinda wtf
Lastly, the Yuuko subplot kinda went nowhere, so why have it in the first place -Like it was obvious that the book thief was Kenji, but I wanted to see if she would figure that out on her own, but they just kinda drop the whole storyline after the second time it's mentioned. I feel like it would have been way much interesting if it actually resulted in something apart from Emi's story that could steer us away from the drama a little bit.
This path is very good for a first run. It has its flaws, but it's objectively good for people starting the game. Next I'll do Hanako-Shizune-Lilly and lastly Rin. And I'll wait sometime before playing the game again to get it out of my brain for a little bit and start freshly on Hanako's actual path. This time I won't run, guys. I promise I will keep Hisao's heart from almost dying this time 🙏
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2023.06.07 03:30 OrigamiOwl22 Hosting Girls Only Minecraft Server <3 18+

Hi Girlies!!

A few girlies and I have been wanting to play modded minecraft for some time and we also wanted it to be very feminine and fun. a lot of the mods are centered around being cute whether that's mobs, decorations, biomes, etc. I will list a few of the bigger named mods below if you're interested in seeing some of them. There's 100 mods I believe total, maybe 106? BUT it's not really that bad on the computer.

The Server is online 24/7 and if for some reason it's not, its very easy to get into contact with me so that I can turn it on through the dashboard. It uses a hosting site so there won't be "We have to wait for xyz to get on before we can play". The server accommodates both Creative and Survival due to a mod that allows you to teleport to different "Worlds" SO you can easily change what you're doing if you're in the mood for survival/creative without interfering others or your own creations.

I'm personally online daily, I also have a lot of free time and I enjoy staying on late into the night so there is a lot of available time for us to game together! There are other girlies there that don't work or work part time so a lot of us have a lot of free time to game together. We use discord to communicate and we enjoy hopping into VC.

The group is pretty small, I'd say we have about 4-7 people so if smaller groups are your thing, here we are!

The mods general focuses are Exploration, Building, Farming, Cooking, Ambience, Quality of life, and cute mobs! So many! Koi fish, fireflies, deer, different birds, etc!

The Bigger mods we are using:
Minecraft Comes Alive
Biomes o' plenty
Oh the Biomes you'll Go
corpse (so you don't lose your items)
Macaws furniture and building mods
farmers respite
and so many more.

Comment or message me if you're wanting to join! <3
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2023.06.07 03:19 BlueAurora225 I'm not good at anything no matter how hard I try and I'm demotivated to do anything

The title says most of it. I feel like I'm not good at anything. I've been drawing for 7 years, suck at it. I've been singing since I can remember, I still have a voice like nails on a chalkboard. Tried composing and couldn't make a single listenable song. I just graduated highschool and all I can think about is how next to my peers, I've done absolutely nothing of note. And not from lack of trying.
I'm not artistic, I'm not smart, I'm not cute, I'm not funny, so I just feel completely worthless. I don't know what to do or how to pull myself out of it. I just feel like I have no energy for even existing, and every single thing feels like it's too much and too little at the same time. I spend most of the day now playing video games or laying on the couch because I just can't take more failure, but that makes me even more of a failure and I'm lost.
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2023.06.07 01:20 throwawaypoly2021 Vent: I want new (queer) poly friends bad, but they're uninterested unless sex is on the table.

First, just wanna say, I understand why this is and I don't want to seem like I think I'm entitled to anyone's time.
I'm turning 28 soon and recently went through a breakup in January. My ex had some mental health issues that put me in unsafe situations multiple times, and even though I love her I knew I could not stay. We were poly and primaries.
I tried casually dating shortly after, and even met a few really cool people. But I jumped in too soon, and just wasn't in the right headspace. I couldn't be vulnerable, or get there sexually, so I had multiple connections that could've worked at a different time fumble. And can't work now for various reasons.
What I'm realizing now, is I want to take some time to work on myself, heal, and expand my platonic friend circle.
The problem is that I'm realizing pretty much no one wants to even hangout if sex/romance isn't on the table, or on the table immediately.
I know dating apps aren't the best way to make friends, but I just don't know how else I could meet poly people. There used to be a poly meetup in my city, but the organizers moved. There's no queer meetups on Meetup anytime soon. Fetlife has a queer event in my city next month I might try, but outside of that, nothing. There's no poly events in my city now, at all.
Feeld does have a decent amount of people on it, but a lot of people don't get on it for months. It's also where I got the most dates initially after the breakup, so I feel like I've exhausted the pool of options there. And again, it was hard enough getting dates from there. Similar thing with OKC.
A lot of my social circle is poly, and it seems like all my friends barely have any time anymore. My best friend is traveling, my other friends are busy with their LTRs or work or kids.
I'm not only trying to make poly friends, but I'm poly and also an online SWer, so it can sometimes feel awkward meeting new friends who might not be accepting. Or who can't relate to my life at all. I'm on Bumble BFF, and keeping an open-mind, but I'm also just feeling like I have so little in common with a lot of the women on there.
It's beautiful outside, I got in the best shape of my life this year, I bought all these cute summer clothes and I'm just sitting in my apartment feeling lonely.
I don't want to spend my summer like this. I feel like I'm going to end up in a position where I'm forced to date just to get any socialization, especially with anyone who relates to me.
Any advice? Are there avenues I haven't tried yet to make poly friends? Am I pretty much f*cked if I want to meet queer poly ppl without dating/banging them immediately?
Is sex the "price of admission" to be worth anyone's time who's poly?
(Also just to add: I'd be open to romance potentially blooming down the line if I clicked with someone I was friends with. I just know I'm not emotionally/physically ready, and I'm also tired of short-term flings that fizzle.)
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2023.06.06 23:27 riversrunningdeep What are your Rated R / TV-MA media recs? Here are mine!

My Bachelor’s is in Film Studies, so this is my thing! I’d love to read all of your recommendations! I’m still catching up on my Rated R media.
My Film Recs:
Side Note/Soap Box: I believe that watching realistic and accurate Rated-R war films is not immoral or "sinful" in any way (which I love to tell TBM's, because they immediately clutch their pearls). In fact, I would even go as far as to argue that war films that sugarcoat the violence and horror of war do a disservice to those who fought and lost their lives in those conflicts. A PG-13 historical war movie with battle scenes? Not realistic. By sugarcoating violence, especially when it comes to genocides and war, we're basically downplaying how serious those events were, and honestly, I think that's kind of sketchy from an ethical standpoint. I managed to convince a TBM friend of mine through this argument to join me in watching "Schindler's List." Before we watched it, she said, "Why not? I've already read like 40 World War II historical fiction novels." I consider that a win.
Another Soap Box: This film is a big deal because, in film theory classes, we discussed the accuracy of media portrayals of different characters and backgrounds versus the creators' identities. Does German filmmakers’ portrayal of Germans in World War I make the story more authentic than if American filmmakers made the same film? My vote is yes. However, you don’t necessarily want to make this argument into an extreme absolute of black and white, or else you can go to extremes and say, “Only LGBTQ+ filmmakers can create stories about LGBTQ+ characters and plotlines,” or “Only white actresses can portray a mermaid, because the fairytale is Danish,” (side-eyeing majorly on that one). Then that pigeonholes filmmakers/creatives into boxes and genres, and we can miss out on some fantastic stories that otherwise wouldn’t be told.
My TV recs:
If you lasted this long on my ramblings, thank you! I had so much fun writing this. I’d love it if you took the time to share your favorite Rated R / TV-MA movies and TV shows here with your fellow exmo’s! I’m hoping to watch more comedies myself!
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2023.06.06 21:39 NienSeoDahyun 32 [F4R] Scandinavia/Anywhere. Not looking for the love of my life.

I got that one of those already, though we are a poly couple so who knows... Anyway. That's a bit of a strong opening I suppose, makes me sound way more exciting than I am. Haha!
Just a heads up, I'm 163cm and weigh about 130kg (impressive, I know). That might be relevant to you, not everyone likes whale.
I'll start with who I am I suppose. I'm a disabled, asexual, cis woman from Scandinavia. I don't currently work so I'm available for chats all kinds of hours. I have a cute dog and two cats. I live with my fiance. My favorite things are to draw patterns, journaling (I have way too many stickers and tapes), I have a small obsession with Kpop (despite my age) and I do play dota (though I haven't played in a while and know nothing about the new update).
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2023.06.06 21:19 libertyprogrammer [Thank You] “In early June the world of leaf and blade and flowers explodes, and every sunset is different.” — John Steinbeck

miav x3 -- THANK YOU for the two lovely cards! The strawberry one is very cute and I love that you told me about your country’s food. THANK YOU too for the just because slimline card and the cute square postcard. I love all the washi samples #washiislife and the stickers (including the custom cricut ones) as well as the designer post it notes! Thank you for spoiling me. So sorry that the main post office burnt down :/
mypetitmal x2 -- THANK YOU for the narcissus postcard and the Monet postcard! Reply incoming :)
todayisfab x2 -- THANK YOU for the meet up postcards! Always lovely to be thought of.
sebisrude x2 -- THANK YOU for the meet up postcards! Always a pleasure to be thought of during these in person events.
KeenEvergreen x2 -- THANK YOU for the meet up postcards! I love how many are happening and that I can be part of it via snail mail.
pinkpengin x2 -- THANK YOU for the meet up postcards! So many happening all around the world recently, love it! Thanks for remembering me :)
intrepid-researcher x3 -- THANK YOU for another fantastic envelope stuffed full with goodies. Love the vintage sticker sheet, envelope of stickers as well as the tea. Love the winter scene postcard. Did you draw the bird on the red picnic postcard? So funny that you sent me a CA redwoods postcard, lol. I haven’t been there yet, but it’s on my list ;) The squirrel stamp is adorable!
mlks00 -- THANK YOU for your reply and the lovely variety of stickers! I have sent you a response :o)
tigerlady13 x3 -- THANK YOU for the card and all the goodies you included. THANK YOU for the Ohio vintage postcard; so funny that the Kona airport is outside lol. THANK YOU too for the beautiful map envelope, card and all the extras. I’m going to save the map envelope because I love it so much. I have sent you replies :o)
melhen16 -- THANK YOU for the glittery peacock feather card, some of my fav colors in that feather :o) Also, thank you for all the goodies you included inside the card. Love the vintage stamps. Reply is on its way to you.
nooneswatching -- THANK YOU for the Max and Oscar CA postcard! Love the illustration and it is always a pleasure to hear from you :o) Reply incoming!
jaimekj x2 -- THANK YOU for the two Turkey postcards! Sent you replies :o)
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2023.06.06 21:18 hydreclair 22 [NB4A] FR/online transmasc enby looking for friends and possibly a lover

I'm Emil, a 22yo transmasc enby who lives in France.
I love rabbits, Sanrio (especially Cinnamoroll), Twisted Wonderland, video games in general, drawing, plushies and cute stuffs :D I'm autistic with anxiety but I'm like a golden retriever and is kind.
I'm looking for people to be friends with and if it goes well and if we catch feelings we can be lovers :D
Anyone are welcomed, French or beyond, I don't mind long distance relationships at all ^ As long as you're kind ofc.
Feel free to message me here or on my Discord (CX#7313)
(However cis men, sorry but I don't feel safe around you so don't waste your time on trying to contact me)
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2023.06.06 20:59 umeshufan [Thank You] last cards before a trip!

I'm going away for a few weeks so it's time to thank the lovely people who have filled my mailbox this week! Next post will be after I'm back.
Thank you for the cards, you lovely people! 🥰
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2023.06.06 20:48 NienSeoDahyun 32F - I'm a bit awkward but warm up eventually.

I'm a poly person looking for people to talk to. I'm a disabled, asexual (open to date anyone, well like...of any gender identity haha!), cis woman from Scandinavia. I don't currently work so I'm available for chats all kinds of hours. I have a cute dog and two cats. I live with my fiance. My favorite things are to draw patterns, journaling (I have way too many stickers and tapes), I have a small obsession with Kpop (despite my age) and I do play dota 2 (though I haven't played in a while and know nothing about the new update).
Just a heads up, I'm 163cm and weigh about 130kg (impressive, I know). That might be relevant to you, not everyone likes whale.
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