G herbo and taina

G 052 182 A2 vs G 052 182

2023.06.07 21:19 fuwizeye G 052 182 A2 vs G 052 182

Can both G 052 182 A2 and G 052 182 be used in Jetta with a 7 speed DSG? Is there a major difference between the two fluids?
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2023.06.07 21:18 ImpalingBlade so lilith is the new Operator for s4 or why is this in the msg of the day

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2023.06.07 21:18 Feverishthree9 Not to sure why Iโ€™m answering wrong :/. Any help?

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2023.06.07 21:18 hitori_666 How "polished" is the game?

Hi everyone :)
I still wonder if I will buy the game or not. I did not have much time to play during the betas, but from what I have seen, the game looks very G-rated to me. In D3 I loved to visit the flay demons from time to time. Has anyone come across areas like this in D4 yet? With a bit of a cenobite charm?

If D4 is as clean and boring as it seems from the vids and gameplay I have seen, I will rather go back to D3 and spend some time with the flayed ones or play GW2, seems to be about the same level of gore ^^
If you have made some nice screens in D4 of areas like the above I would sure love to see them. I can totally live without surprises ;)
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2023.06.07 21:16 mwilkens Just bought my first 10 packs and grabbed these in anticipation of some good stuff

Just bought my first 10 packs and grabbed these in anticipation of some good stuff
Grabbed these from a local GameStop with the buy 2 get 1 deal. Wish me luck! IL update the post with any good pulls.
Power Up Rewards member since 2011!! Also, earnings soon ๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€
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2023.06.07 21:16 IGuiltyParty [META] PayPal Goods & Services is the only service acceptable for loan transactions.

If you include a payment method other than PayPal G&S in your request, your post will be removed and you will have exactly one opportunity to correct your mistake.
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2023.06.07 21:15 ninjanerd032 In regards to the recent UFO whistleblower(s) like former Intelligence Officer David Grusch

In regards to the recent UFO whistleblower(s) like former Intelligence Officer David Grusch,
I want disclosure but what sucks is that the U.S. government probably has one good reason to keep this a secret. I'm genuinely torn between full disclosure and national security. I understand there are more nefarious motives beyond national security but I am solely focused on this because it's debatably the most important.
This technology could be our most significant weapon since the atom bomb. It could be the leverage we've been accumulating to assure a victory in the next potential world war. We need this to maintain the current world order. The U.S. held the atom bomb a secret until it couldn't anymore. Until it had to use it under dire circumstances as millions of Allied soldiers were dying on the battlefield. I believe every modern nation has such a contingency. For most nations, nuclear weapons are that weapon. The U.S. government/military are no exception. They have learned this lesson and never stopped applying it.
The moment that government disclosure is public, we allow other countries into the fold. It would disrupt the status quo, and I can understand (from a national security perspective) why they'd keep it a secret. Look at China (or even Russia). They literally copy every weapon we produce (i.e. F-22, F-35, B-2 Bomber, etc.) perhaps not to standard. They hack and steal. So, if they're also in possession of similar alien vehicles that we have already figured out how to pilot or use, they would hack and steal our knowledge as well. They'd skip decades and billions of dollars of R&D. It would shortcut an entirely new arms race. The government would probably want to be as far ahead as possible before that time. I think this logic has been applied to many next generation weapons most notably aircraft (e.g. NGAD).Of course, there are more nefarious reasons the government and defense contractors might be hoarding this secret (money) which is not ethical and I strongly don't agree with. But overall there is still the important national security question.
This is my only concern:
  1. Are we ready to release the next "atom bomb"?
  2. Are we ready to unveil a new dimension of physics? One that could alter warfare and society forever? Sure the status quo isn't working for some if not most people. But that doesn't mean disclosure right now improve anything without a huge cost.
  3. Why imbalance the scales of power if we don't have to (yet)?
TL;DR - Still, I want disclosure in my lifetime but I am on the fence about it when I look at how other countries will use our disclosure against us. The American way is to disclose and be transparent so that we can discuss, learn, and evolve. Certain things should be shrouded in secrecy but only temporarily. Thoughts?
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2023.06.07 21:15 AshHolmes1 Frank is a literal demon.

I don't get why people like him. I even see people flame the kids for no being there when he died.
G was a literal demon. He was directly responsible for several deaths, tried to pimp out his 15 year old daughter, drugged a baby, tried to seduce his daughter for her organs, attacked and strangled his kids, told carl he had cancer for money, etc etc etc.
Frank dying was the best thing that happened in shameless.
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2023.06.07 21:14 Robotic_Phoenix This is a Muslim nationalist that frequently stalks this sub. Pedo con theory is real.

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2023.06.07 21:14 carbondioxide-7 Why this notification?

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2023.06.07 21:13 A-Couple-Beers Need help identifying/pricing Cards/Figures please!

So I have quiet a few different collectable things from helping my mother-in-law clean out her sisters house after she passed. Iโ€™m not a sports guy and donโ€™t know what 90% of this stuff is. Mostly and lot of different kinds of cards and sets to different cards. Some sealed sports figures with cards Luckily there was an inventory sheet in the trunk for the card sets. It would be greatly appreciated if anybody could tell me if anything here is worth anything or if selling this sort of stuff on eBay is a good idea? So far the only thing I can tell is definitively worth a couple bucks is the garbage pale kid set, thank you in advance this information would be extremely helpful
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2023.06.07 21:13 AffectionateYard8591 why is my memory dissapearing?

So, this started after I downloaded a game called S.T.A.L.K.E.R. G.A.M.M.A (there isn't any malware in it afaik) and since then I remember having 241 gb of free space left and I look now it's 238 (I also save in game but I don't think even 100 saves push 10 megabytes let alone a gigabyte. every time I refresh the disk space it seems to decrease. Is it malware or is it something I have to concern about because I remember it was going up before (the space increased after decreasing and was stable) but not sure now.
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2023.06.07 21:13 AcoTheSerb Replacing HP Slim Desktop 290-p0046 HDD with SSD

Replacing HP Slim Desktop 290-p0046 HDD with SSD
My brother's computer is having some issues; the tower won't connect to his monitor. I believe it's because his HDD died or isn't performing as it should or the ram isn't up to par (at least that's what Google said)(The monitor and cable aren't the issue). I want to replace his HDD with an SSD, but his HDD is 6" by 4", and I don't belive it has a slot for the stick version. I couldn't find an SSD that big, so not sure what to do. I've attached some images that may be helpful. Any ideas?
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2023.06.07 21:13 RyukLoves8Apples [WTS] Initio BNIB (bottle)

Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/scNaOuo
Will ship via UPS + insured. No swaps. Paypal and venmo accepted. Iโ€™m obliged to do g&s but would prefer f&f as the shipping will be insured
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2023.06.07 21:13 DW7000 As a country divided into two hemispheres, what role does the Prime Meridian play in your day-to-day life?

As a geography nerd, it would be fascinating to me to live in a country divided down the middle between the Eastern and Western Hemispheres. Do people generally think about this? E.g. do most people know which hemisphere they live in? Do you make note of the fact that you are crossing from one hemisphere to the other? "I've run out of butter and need to run to the supermarket- on the other half of the planet."
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2023.06.07 21:12 CharacterNet1969 WTS Twosun knives

Pairing down my collection. Starting with 15 Twosun. Almost all of these are brand new/out of the box. Might have carried a few once but never cut or sharpened.
Not looking for trades. PayPal F&F preferred
Shipping will be USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail included in SV price. Should ship by Monday 12th but most likely tomorrow (Thursday 8th) or Friday 9th
When buying two or more I will figure a $10 discount per knife for shipping after the first (e.g. 2 knives $10 off, 3-$20 off, and so on). Boxes included.
YOLO in comments below with the TS number(s) of knives you would like. YOLO gets first dibs
TS129 Ti/micarta SV: $100 https://imgur.com/a/QHjMNrm
TS209 Ti w/micarta inlay SV:$90 https://imgur.com/a/nASmVoj
TS382 Ti/CF inlay SV:$110 https://imgur.com/a/X4oSeZY
TS390 Black stonewash titanium SV:$90 https://imgur.com/a/8Kfn4vn
TS16 Blue/White G10 SV:$35 https://imgur.com/a/eUcQbf2
TS243 Carbon Fiber Small scratches on the blade that are not noticable except in certain light at a certain angle. Second owner but never cut or carried. SV$80 https://imgur.com/a/7RMO3zY
TS162 Burlap micarta SV:$60 https://imgur.com/a/1sGqDLl
TS152 Ti Button lock SV:$100 https://imgur.com/a/mOQ215L
TS336 Ti w/micarta inlay SV:$90 https://imgur.com/a/Tl3ZRUz
TS285 Black/Grey two-tone titanium This knife is really slick looking SV$90 https://imgur.com/a/XG7HYJ8
TS351 Custom Anodized Second owner but never cut nor carried. Previous owner had it custom anodized. Unique piece! SV:$100 https://imgur.com/a/anOuPLT
TS388 Ti/CF inlay SV:$80 https://imgur.com/a/JsieW75
TS138 Titanium SV:$120 https://imgur.com/a/y9sF1Sw
TS380 Ti/CF Brand New, Only opened for pics SV$100 https://imgur.com/a/Pcpr9wI
TS153 Ti w/micarta inlay SV:$100 https://imgur.com/a/i5PMSCN
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2023.06.07 21:12 AutoModerator Joe Lampton Courses - The Full Bundle

I have all Joe Lampton Courses courses:
Joe Lampton - Pussy Money Course
Joe Lampton - Lethal Weapon - Mindset and Mentality of a G Course
Joe Lampton - Onlyfans Genius Course
The tips you will learn in the Joe Lampton courses are unique and cannot be learned anywhere else.
If you are interested in getting all Joe Lampton courses contact me by:
Reddit DM - u/paintreach
Whatsapp/Telegram: +44 759 388 0762
Email: silverlakestore/@/yandex.com (remove the brackets)
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2023.06.07 21:12 MajinBlueZ Devil Fruits themed on the Four Horsemen (manga spoilers)

Inspired by u/Responsible-Smoke183's thread, who needed a Devil Fruit for a Death-themed character. While they ultimately went with another idea, I liked mine so much I wanted to continue work on it. And now it's grown into a full-on character group concept. God help me.
Context - The Four Horsemen
The Four Horsemen are a group of four high-ranking bodyguards/assassins who serve the Five Elders and Imu. Their existence is completely unknown to anyone, and they outrank even the Fleet Admiral and CP0. However, the Four Horsemen are similar to Judge's children in that while they are powerful, skilled and ruthlessly loyal to the concept of "justice", they lack any agency of their own and exist only to serve the Five Elders and Imu. This only serves to make them more dangerous, as they will perform ANY action they deem fit to protect their leaders.
The Four Horsemen have eaten three of the most powerful Devil Fruits that the Five Elders were able to get their hands on. The exception is Conquest the White Horse; they were supposed to eat the Gum Gum Fruit>! a.k.a. the Human Human Fruit: Model Nika!<, but of course Luffy got a hold of it first. So Conquest instead relies exclusively on their Haki.
Blam Blam Fruit (Ban Ban no Mi)
Eaten By: War the Red Horse
Type: Logia
Meaning: The sound of a gunshot.
The Blam Blam Fruit is an artificial Devil Fruit created by Vegapunk, as a Logia fruit that embodies the "element" of warfare. This grants its user the ability to create, become and control any variety of explosives and firearms. Vegapunk used the Arms Arms Fruit as a basis, and as such this fruit is considered it's superior counterpart. The user also has the added ability of being immune to anything that is deemed an explosive or a firearm; only melee weaponry or martial arts is capable of harming them. Like most Logia users they can avoid non-Haki-empowered attacks by turning into their element, in this case by turning into a bomb that explodes on contact.
'Sorb 'Sorb Fruit (Zoru Zoru no Mi)
Eaten By: Famine the Black Horse
Type: Paramecia
Meaning: From the English word "absorb".
The 'Sorb 'Sorb Fruit is another artificial Devil Fruit created by Vegapunk, a Paramecia that allows the user to absorb the characteristics of any object and integrate it with their body. Vegapunk used the Munch Munch Fruit as a basis, however rather than eating an object, the user is able to absorb the object's "essence". For example, by absorbing the "essence" of a fire, the user becomes capable of setting any part of their body aflame, while also becoming immune to heat. The result is a "special Paramecia" that can emulate other Devil Fruits, similar to Mochi Mochi Fruit. There is no known limit to how many "essences" the user can absorb at once, but they can only utilise one at a time.
Bong Bong Fruit (Bongu Bongu no Mi)
Eaten By: Death the Pale Horse
Type: Paramecia
Meaning: The "bong" of a church bell.
In contrast to the others, the Bong Bong Fruit is not an artificial Devil Fruit, but is a naturally occurring Devil Fruit that the World Government tried to keep under wraps, similar to the Human Human Fruit: Model Nika. The Bong Bong Fruit allows the user to see and channel the spirit of Death. This allows them a variety of abilities, the most frightening of which is the ability to sever a person's soul from their body, killing them immediately. When combined with Observation Haki, the user is also able to see the exact moment a person will die. The fruit is considered to be the superior counterpart to the Revive Revive Fruit, much like how the Mag Mag Fruit is superior to the Flame Flame Fruit.
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2023.06.07 21:12 TotalCards You have my sword!! It's the crossover of a lifetime! Pre-order Tales of Middle-earth on our site now!

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2023.06.07 21:11 logan97s Any insight? Semen analysis

Volume (ml) - 3.2
pH - 7.5
Concentration (million/ml) 47
Total sperm no. (M) 150.4
Progressive motility (%) Rapid progressive: 12 Slow progressive: 13 Total progressive: 25
Non-progressive motility (%) 12
Immotile (%) 63
Total motility (%) 37
Morphology (% normal) <1
MAR IgG / IgA (% sperm bound) <10
Round cells (million/ml) 2
Agglutination (mostly Head-Head, Tail-Tail, Mixed) - and Some (Mixed)
Aggregation (none, some, plenty) - some
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2023.06.07 21:11 Alexcat_Gamz My brawler tierlist based on how good they are.

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2023.06.07 21:10 arkangelshadow007 onFormSubmit code stops working on random hours

I have a onFormSubmit code that send an email and other things.
Since yesterday, on random hours, the forms responses keep registering but the code didn't work.
It seems that the code did not execute at all as the executions report doesn't have any failures, but it is as it did not recognized the new entry. The error rate is 0%.
After some time, and with any change from my part the code works again flawlessly. But then again it stops without any reason.
The time lapses I've been documented are that the code doesn't work for 1 - 2 hour lapses and then it starts working again for some time and then just doesn't work again at other random time.
Latest hours that the code didn't work were:
yesterday between 6pm & 8pm, it resumed again working at 8, and stopped at 9:00 pm, resumed at 10
today 7 am to 8:15 am, resumed at 8:30 until 11:20 am and then resumed at 12:50 pm.
Don't know what to do as right now everything works as expected, did test on all variables, did some entries with the same data of the forms that didn't trigger the code, etc. but all of them worked at the time i'm writing this. The email / G drive has plenty of free space , no quotas have been reached as it may receive form answers and sen mail like 30 times a day.
I now put some stuff to alert me if it stopped working again (not in code as it didn't trigger the onformsubmit) but as spreadsheet variable as number_of_form_responses vs mail_sended.
Any help is gladly appreciated.
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