Hp elitebook 840 g6 battery replacement

WLtoys V911 4 Channel R/C Helicopter - v911 h911 y911 - RTF BNF

2013.01.18 07:20 josephdyland WLtoys V911 4 Channel R/C Helicopter - v911 h911 y911 - RTF BNF

A subreddit dedicated to the affordable WLtoys v911 mircro Helicopter with discussions, news, articles, videos, photos including upgrades, repairs, parts, new deals, and places to purchase. **Other Info** * **RTF** -Ready to Fly - Comes with TX (controller) * **BNF** -Bind and Fly - Use your own TX (controller) long live the 'corter'

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2011.09.14 04:01 light_twin Pokémon Roleplay

A Pokémon Roleplay Server dedicated to both Trainer and Pokémon Roleplay.

2023.06.03 09:06 abdullahmnsr2 Do you think the following laptop will have any worth?

I'm planning to sell this laptop but don't know if it will have any worth. This is not a gaming laptop but I'm sharing it here because you guys would know better.
HP Laptop – 15s-du2063TX
The battery is dead. It has been dead for a couple of months now and I didn't change it because I was getting a new laptop. It runs through the charging cable but not through the battery. It has 2 cracks on the panel.
What will be the worth of this laptop? Can I get more money out of it if I replace the battery and panel?
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2023.06.03 02:24 KingNosmo738 Laptop Track pad only works for first 15 minutes after boot

Hi all,
I have an HP x360 laptop with a trackpad that only works for the first 10-20 minutes after booting until it starts becoming unresponsive and laggy.
Does anyone have any experience with intermittent trackpad issues?
I replaced the battery in the laptop myself around a year ago, and this issue started a few months after (roughly, I don't use the laptop often enough to be sure).
This issue is independent of OS, as both my Ubuntu and Win10 systems have the same issue, leaving me to believe it's hardware.
Should I take the laptop apart and check the connector is properly seated? Is it likely the trackpad unit is damaged and needs replaced? Any help with the troubleshooting steps would be greatly appreciated.
I don't believe it's a driver issue as I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling on windows a few times, and the issue is persisting on dual-boot Ubuntu or a usb live-boot image.
Please let me know if any further information is required. I'd like to take all reasonable steps before the expense of buying a new trackpad (I'm a junior in an IT profession and can't burn money before good troubleshooting)
Thanks in advance :)
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2023.06.03 00:02 Jackant01 HP Jornada 820e

HP Jornada 820e
Hey guys, i have this very old HP Jornada 820e that i wanted to bring back to life, it shows on a button on the bach that it has battery, and i saw that it has small batteries on the side and i replaced them and its still dead, what do you think i can do more?
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2023.06.02 19:28 lsignoret Tips for Low End Laptop?

I have a HP Elitebook 840 G5 (i7-8550U and 8GB RAM, Intel UHD Graphics 620), already put all the graphical settings on Low or off, but I still get crashes trying to load the game after character creation.
Any tips? My new Laptop arrives in 5 Days and a want to start playing this weekend :(
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2023.06.02 13:50 mylaptopsucks1979 My Hp Zbook 15 wont turbo

As you can see from the title the HP Zbook 15 CPU doesnt go above stock speeds when on battery. The GPu is also stuck at 135 Mhz core clock. The CPU just goes up to stock speed which is 2.40 Ghz. So far i have:
  1. Replaced the battery 3 times
  2. updated the BIOS to all versions (right now on latest)
  3. replaced thermal paste
  4. reinstalled Windows countless times and even installed linux (right now on windows)
  5. replaced my SSD and ram
This problem only goes away when the laptop is pugged in. Can anyone help me ?
i7 4700MQ
32GB DDR3L 1600Mhz
512GB Lexar SSD
1TB Apple HDD (dont question me)
Quadro K1100M 2GB GDDR5
Edit: FOr those who say to turn on turbo boost mode i dont have the option avaliable
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2023.06.02 12:33 OthmanAhmedd Hi, Need help setting up development environment

So I read through the foundation articles on the odin project, they all led to installing linux I have windows and one time I did install Ubuntu 20 my laptop got heat up any solution?
I have also installed Virtual machines but they also consume battery really fast ?
What can a HP elitebook G3 support please guide I want to get started as soon as possible.
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2023.06.02 09:10 Bonkysmurf Help me identify this component

Help me identify this component
I think it's a tvs diode. Located on a mobo of HP Elitebook 840 G3.
I've tried searching a SMD codes database without luck. May have something to do with me being a newbie.
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2023.06.02 07:13 cannons_for_days COME ON RIDE THE TRAIN — a 30 Minute Review

TL;DR — Should I Pull?

New Players

Hoooooooo buddy.
Lots to unpack, here.
Firstly, if you do not have UDX Silver, GLEX Silver, Shuzer, or Liam, pull the Romancing Festival reprint for Liam or GLEX Silver. 33k jewels for Liam/Silver with Thyme, Shuzer, Rag Robin, Christmas Empress, and other good styles in the mix is hands down the best deal on offer.
For most new players I'm going to recommend Matriarch's banner. Matriarch and Roc are a very solid support core, and Matriarch gets way better with a couple of inherits that are avaialble in the offbanner pool, which you can select one style from with the ticket you got from logging in today.
If, however, you have Thyme and Overdrive Emelia and you don't have the Matriarch style with Paean of Peace, then I recommend pulling on the Lynn Woods banner for Liz. Liz's Aqua Bash+ can be a functional replacement for Paean of Peace which doesn't require chasing a character who isn't on Rate Up, and the rest of her kit is enabled by Emelia and Thyme is a big way. Polka has similar synergy with them and also brings a damn useful heal to the table, and whilst Jo isn't the same kind of "stupid powerful alongside her enablers" good, she's still a very good style that can deal a lot of damage and avoid nearly as much. Jo is also pretty danged good for a new player to pick up, with a medium Morale Down she can sustain on enemies to help reduce incoming damage by a good chunk. Overall, very solid banner, just not as "ready to go out of box" as the other one.
Depending on what else we see this month, it's possible that going back to the other banner once we see what else is going to be offered may be the best move for newbies. Matriarch + Roc + Thyme + Liz + [ShuzeLiam/Silver] would be a ridiculously good core team for someone with less than 6 months play time. 🤩 But I won't go so far as to say that until we get a better sense of what's on deck. For now, focus on Matriarch if you don't have the big Overdrive enablers; focus on Liz if you do.


OK. So on the one hand, we have a banner with a Liz style that solos Remembrance battles. And on the other hand we have a banner with a Matriarch style. Now you may thi- you're already pulling Matriarch. OK, then.
Kidding aside, I know a bunch of people reading this really are about to pull the first banner here simply because it has Matriarch and for no other reason, regardless of whether she's any good or not. And... actually, that's not a bad plan, here. Matriarch is definitely a solid support style, whether you have the Paean of Peace inherit for her or not. Roc is way better if you have certain inherits, but even if you only have her Tower S style, her offbanner A style, and her Platinum pool SS style, she's still a pretty good style with a few good options.
Liz and Polka are also pretty danged good, though. Liz in particular has amazing synergy with Thyme and Overdrive Emelia in content with direct hits to counter. She dispenses WIL buffs to the team and counters with a defense boost for the team on any turn where she can Overdrive... which can actually be most turns if you have Emelia backing her up. Polka can counter with an attack that grants the party an attack boost, so if you bring the both of them, you can actually get a lot of buffs going on overdrive turns against enemies that throw direct AoE attacks.
All of which is a lot of words to say that I can definitely recommend a pull on Matriarch's banner, and if you are eyeing Liz and Polka's banner and have the jewels to spare, I can also recommend some pulls there, but if you need to choose between them, I would definitely recommend Mama's first.

Planes Balloons, Trains, and Automobeels — Romancing Festival Limited Banner


Unit Summary

Indefatigable support unit.

Unit Analysis

Paean of Tranquility is 3 BP for a tiny heal to the party plus a medium defense boost. It's a defense boost, not a Guard Up, so it stacks with any other kind of defense increases you have. It's a single-turn defense boost, but it's 25% on top of a party-wide heal, so it's totally worth spamming if you don't have other, better things for Matriarch to do.
Saga Balloon Sanctuary is a [Fast] B-rank sun AoE for 8 BP. Its damage is not amazing, but it grants a large Attack Boost to the whole party for 3 turns. Since it's an Attack Boost, not a Morale Up, it stacks, so she can actually wind up increasing party damage output by quite a bit with her +2 BP/turn fueling an 8 BP cost skill.
Her third attack is an SSSS attack for 10 BP, which is kind of ridiculous for a character who can spam that every-other-turn. The problem is that Matriarch is such a strong support character that you're arguably not "winning" that exchange by spending her BP on damage instead of support stuff, especially if you also have a high-octane damage dealer like Silver or Liam dwarfing Matriarch's damage.
For a support character she's also tanky... as long as she's able to resist every hit she takes. Every resisted attack she takes 40% less damage from and has a 37% chance to avoid it in the first place. Every non-resisted attack... she takes full damage. So against enemies that only deal one or two types of damage, she's quite resilient. Against enemies that will fling 5+ damage types at you, you might find yourself taking more damage than you expected.


Paean of Peace. Just... just Paean of Peace. DEX/WIL/LOV/CHA buff for the whole party. 5 BP a pop. This Mama can spam it forever with no BP support. The WIL keeps your day from being ruined by status effects, the DEX helps Liam's damage, and the LOV/CHA buffs help party healers do their job better. Sure, it occupies all of her time, but it's doing a loooot of work, so it's worth it.
Available from the [Leading the People] style, now in the offbanner pool and available to be collected from the 3rd Anniversary Romancing Festival Exclusive SS Style Exchange with the ticket you received upon login. If you're pulling for this Matriarch style, I strongly recommend you use that ticket to pick up [Leading the People] as well for this inherit.


Unit Summary

Reasonable support character who becomes a great support character with inherits.

Unit Analysis

Tons of BP recovery potential. When she hits with an attack that hits a weakness, she gets +1 BP. When she hits with a Shadow attack, she gains +2 BP. So if she hits with a Shadow attack that lands a weakness, get gets 3 BP back.
The attack you're probably be going to do that with is -checks notes- Lightning of Darkness.
That can't be... really, Akatsuki? Really?
Sorry. So, yeah, Lightning of Darkness is 8 BP for S-rank Shadow/Lightning damage. That's expensive for an S-rank attack (although it's at the high end of S-rank, so you can think of it as a weak SS attack), but it hits two weaknesses, it debuffs all of the enemy's stats, and it inflicts an Attack Down on the enemy. So it's expensive because it's trying to cram a lot of stuff into one attack. The debuff is not going to be terribly useful because so many bosses will Defy Weakness at the first hint of stat debuffs, but on the rare occasion where that's not the case it can definitely be useful to debuff a bunch of stats at once. The attack down is small and only for 1 turn, so it's not amazing, but it's also noteworthy that it's not a Morale Down, so it will stack with Morale Down users.
Goby Spark is another overcosted attack, this time an AoE. Spark will clear all INT buffs on the targets in addition to debuffing their INT. That's actually a pretty big deal because it means she is really good at shutting down enemies that like to buff their INT, and enemies that love to buff their INT are some of the most problematic bosses. There's an inherit that's going to be better for this purpose in a lot of boss battles, but we're not quite to inherits, yet.
Like Matriarch, she's tanky against attacks that she resists. (She actually has the same ability - reduce resisted attacks and high chance to evade them.) Unlike Matriarch, she can stack more tankiness on top of that if you're flinging Lightning damage at the enemy, topping out at 40% mitigation if you hit with a lightning attack every single turn, healing herself with each of those as well. Oh, and if she's hitting a weakness, she'll tack a second tiny self-heal on as well. So if you're spamming Lightning of Darkness (-sigh-) and hitting a weakness with every attack, not only do you get the Attack Down effect and maybe some stat debuffs, but you're also ramping up to 64% mitigation (and 50% damage boosts) and double self-healing herself every turn.
And if you can spare the bonus BP, the bonus damage, and the bonus mitigation, she also has one of the most unique heals in the game. It's a 0 BP spell so it's BP positive on the turns she uses it despite forfeiting both of her BP ability procs that turn, but what's notable about it is that it grants the target a small Defense Up. Small Defense Up is only 5%, but it sticks for the rest of the battle, meaning Roc can dump her LP into Liam while he's dumping his LP to give him an extra 20% damage mitigation. And then she'll proceed to spam an Attack Down/stat debuff attack. Not bad, Roc. Not bad.


-deep breath- OK, cannons. You can do this.
This is Rocbouquet's 9th style. Most of those styles have at least one relevant inherit. Many of them have multiple spells worth looking at.
So let's start with GLEX Roc, currently in the offbanner pool. Psycho Boom is a shadow attack that debuffs the enemy's INT and WIL which chases with Euthanize, which is another shadow attack that debuffs INT. It's a lot of INT debuffing in a single turn, and if it happens to hit a weakness, it refunds 6 of its 12 BP cost. The majority of bosses in modern content will definitely Defy Weakness the next turn, but if you happen to find a boss that doesn't Defy, it ruins INT-based attacks.
After that we have Blooming Fireworks, which amplifies into an A-rank shadow/heat AoE for 10 BP which refunds BP to the party. It's random whether it refunds 1 BP or 2, so it's technically an unreliable BP battery, but since it always grants at least 1, it's still functionally a pretty good BP support spell. Roc gaining +2 BP guaranteed when she casts it (shadow damage) and maybe getting another +1 if it hits a weakness makes her one of the best BP battery units in the game.
Finally from GLEX Roc (yes, all three of the spells on that style are worth considering for inherits) you have Lightning Crash. Lightning Crash isn't really anything special — it's just a 0 BP Shadow/Lightning spell that can stun its target. But it's worth inheriting because it lets Roc sustain her Lightning attack buffs while she's spamming her main S2 attack down/debuff attack.
Jumping around to other styles we have Marine Ball from her previous limited style, which is a 5 BP AoE Morale Down attack. It's pure cold damage so it doesn't trigger either of her damage type bonuses, but it's a 3-turn Morale Down that she can potentially stack with her S2's Attack Down if you need more damage debuffing from her.
Dark Pulse from her previous Prefecture style is a 3 BP shadow/lightning AoE attack. Its damage is not considered good for that BP cost anymore, but she can spam it forever and be BP positive like with Lightning Crash but hitting an AoE instead of just a single target, in the event that you need that.
Enraged Squid from that style also happens to be the highest potential damage spell she has. It's 12 BP and it hits randomly between 3 and 5 times, so it's not a reliable nuke, but if you want to use her for damage, that's the spell to go with.
Soul Freeze from her A style (in the offbanner pool; you almost certainly have it if you've pulled on more than 3 limited banners in the last 6 months) amplifies into an A-rank shadow AoE for 9 BP, which is a pretty good cost for the damage it deals. On farms, she can use this on both turns 1 and 2 as long as she hits a weakness with it on turn 1, which winds up being a really good amount of AoE over two turns. It also has a chance to paralyze, although if you want paralyze and you don't need the AoE, Shadow Chains from that style would be better, with both a much cheaper cost (2 BP) and a higher innate chance to paralyze.
Also from A Roc (yeah, another style where all three spells matter) you have Drain Life. Drain Life amplifies into a 4 BP B-rank shadow attack that comes attached with a Small self-heal. The self-heal sizing in this game is not helpfully categorized, and Small self-heal tends to equate to about 900-1200 heals, depending on formation and buffs, making it a spammable attack that is very good at keeping her HP topped up.
Moving on to her SaGa the Stage style, we have Tri-Flower, a C-rank shadow AoE for 6 BP. Tri Flower's damage is utterly unimpressive, but it also buffs the party's WIL, and this style can cast it a whooooole lot with its +2 BP on shadow hit, which is a very compelling option to have for a unit that can dispense Defense Ups.
Her Platinum SS style has Water of Life, which is not going to compare favorably to Graceful Cup in most situations, but it can remove stat debuffs, and in some situations that may be more important than the Defense Up.
Also from the Platinum style is Energy Storm. Energy Storm amps into an 8 BP B-rank shadow AoE. Soul Freeze+ is better damage for only slightly more BP, so on 2-round AoE farms, you would want to use Soul Freeze. On 3-round farms, however, Roc can use Energy Storm on all three rounds as long as she hits a weakness on turn 1 and turn 2. B-rank damage is not always going to clear a round on its own, but being able to cast it back-to-back-to-back is still damn handy.
OK! Final style! We're almost there, cannons!
Last but not least is her S style from the very first Tower event the game released. Lightning from that style amplifies into a 0 BP lightning attack, similar to Lightning Crash from GLEX Roc. Triggering just the lightning portion of her Goby Hook Switch ability is obviously worse than trigger both portions, but it's better than triggering none of them which is what her staff bonk would do. If you don't have Lightning Crash, consider Lightning+ as a filler spell for those turns where she needs to recharge BP - it sustains the DEF boost and it gives her a little more bonus heals.
But Lightning+ isn't the spell we really care about, here. The spell we really care about here is Dark Wash. Dark Wash amplifies into a 10 BP SSS-rank shadow attack, which is already a compelling option over the abysmally-named Lightning of Darkness. But above-and-beyond that, Dark Wash+ removes all stat buffs on its target — not just their INT buffs like Goby Spark does. Getting that buff break function out of a cheaper spell and for all stats is a pretty big deal, and since this is from a tower style, every player has access to it. She has a highly awkward BP rotation using it, so it's not accurate to say she can use it every-other-turn or every-three-turns, but she can use it frequently enough that she can keep even bosses that have pretty aggressive stat buffing in check fairly well.


Unit Summary

Overdrive damage enabler made far better with an inherit from her last style.

Unit Analysis

Macha with no inherits is kinda meh, honestly. She can theoretically get a lot of BP going between her innate +1 BP/turn and her S1's 25% chance to grant her +4 BP on cast. And she has a ~40% chance to chase every attack with Crimson Flare+, which is a pretty hefty chase attack backed up by her 65% damage boosts. But where she falls down is what she can spend that BP on.
Flame Bash and Saga Magical Train are both AoE attacks. Neither one is especially impressive damage-wise, but they both have decent rider effects. Flame Bash will buff Macha's INT (before attacking, so she gets the buff before damage is dealt) and Magical Train inflicts Sundered on the the targets for 2 turns. Sundered makes the enemy take more damage with each attack they take that turn, meaning if you have Liam and Silver on-deck, they wind up taking a ton of damage just from the chase attacks.
Macha benefits strongly from getting more Overdrive turns, both because inflicting Sundered first thing in the turn helps maximize the damage you get out of it and also because she chases Overdrive attacks with Crimson Sunflare, getting a free trigger on the Sundered effect.
Unfortunately, Macha's only innate defenses and a good chunk of her damage modifiers come from an automatic Morale Up and Guard Up she gets every turn, which do not stack with other Morale Up or Guard Ups. That gives her poor synergy with styles like Music Fest Goddess who grant the party Guard Ups, or Riki who grants the party Morale Ups, or Summer Fatima who does both. And since Macha is only helping to deal more damage, that failure to stack with other Morale Ups/Guard Ups does actually hinder her compared to other characters like Urpina who have innate defenses that do stack with Guard Ups and can dish out a decent amount of damage on their own whilst also helping to squeeze more damage out of their teammates.


Divine Tree from her Lunar New Year style helps solve the issue above where the only thing Macha does is damage. Divine Tree is two hits of C-rank blunt/pierce damage which recovers the party's HP on each hit. Divine Tree is actually a decent attack in its own right, and with Macha's +BP tools you can use it frequently enough that it becomes the most heals-per-turn any character can muster without specific kinds of cooperation from the enemy. Of course, you don't wind up using it every turn, which can sometimes be a drawback (you may need the heal on a turn when her BP isn't ready), but on average it winds up being a very, very good healing tool.

Beef... it's what's defeating the enemies — Romancing Festival Limited Banner

Polka Lynn Wood

Unit Summary

Polka is a tank who can get in some counter hits, heal up his teammates, and dispense big hits that come attached to big attack boosts for the party.

Unit Analysis

First is Hearty Steak. Polka sizzles up a decent heal for a teammate and the charbroiled flavor continues to grant them an end-of-turn tiny heal for the next 5 turns. Whenever Polka uses it, he also grants himself that same 5 turns of end-of-turn heal. So it winds up being a good amount of healing for the LP, actually.
Second is Rising Kuroge Wagyu. Polka throws a whole-ass cow at the enemy for SSS-rank heat damage and the... smell...? grants the party a very large attack boost for the rest of the turn. Thankfully, it has [Fast] priority, so it's going to be rare for the attack boost to go to waste. Polka's damage is decent enough on his own, I suppose, but the attack boost for the party is still going to be the meat of the skill, here.
Third is his ability Skills of a Chef. Skills of a Chef is a solid damage mitigation ability plus Flame Ward (polka takes no heat damage and counters all direct attacks with a little heat attack) plus Overdrive chaser. What's the Overdrive chaser? It's Rising Kuroge Wagyu!
-presses hand to ear- I'm sorry, I've been informed that it's not an Overdrive chaser, it's an Overdrive counter. So on Overdrive turns, every time Polka gets hit, he drops a big heat attack on the enemy and he boosts the party's damage some more. If you have characters using big Delay attacks or you just expect Polka to get hit a lot that turn, that attack boost adds up for serious damage.
The longer the fight goes on the tougher Polka gets, so after 5 turns he's pretty tanky (nearly 60% mitigation) and has both reliable self-heal-on-hit and on-demand heal/turn. So he can take those direct attacks like a champ.


Still Blade Phoenix is the big one, giving Polka a 9 BP SSS slash/heat delay attack that drops a decent-sized heal on the party. This Polka is slightly tankier than Robin Polka (the style that has that skill), has better BP rotation, and has slightly better self-heal potential, but winds up dealing less damage if the enemy is dishing out lots of direct attacks. (No stacking buff-on-hit and a weaker counterattack.) Your call, there.
If party-wide heals aren't your concern, there's also Back Detonation, an 8 BP SS heat attack that has a medium(!) self-heal. Medium self-heal is substantial enough that it can actually overheal with enough CHA buffs in play. And at the lower BP cost than Still Blade, Polka can use it more often, just straight face-tanking for the team.

Liz Lynn Wood

Unit Summary

Combination WIL buffer and counter defense booster. It's... yeah, it's weird, just read further.

Unit Analysis

OK, so Liz parallels Polka significantly. Where Polka has decent damage and slowly stacks up defense, Liz starts with solid defenses and slowly stacks up damage. Where Polka counters with an attack boost on overdrive turns, Liz counters with a defense boost. Where Polka has heals for the party and self-heals, Liz has WIL buffs for the party and self-heals. Where Polka ignores heat damage, Liz ignores cold damage.
The main difference between the two is that Polka is going to want to save his BP for the big attack + attack boost, where Liz is more likely to want to spam Aqua Bash+, the WIL buff. Aqua Bash is actually a decent attack (B-rank column cold damage for 4 BP) and has the highest Overdrive gain of any skill in the game (restores 25% of the gauge on hit), making her very good at cycling her Overdrive meter back to full. When she overdrive counters with Karatsu Water Wall, she grants a huge defense boost to the party, meaning in situations where you can focus a lot of direct attacks onto Liz, she can wind up absolutely flooring the damage the party takes on her Overdrive turns. And with support from Emelia and Thyme, you can make sure those overdrive turns happen pretty dang frequently.
Honestly, the spammable WIL buff on its own is a pretty sweet deal, but in battles where direct attacks are flying every which way? Yeah, Liz will put in work.


Droplet from her last all-mage style is a spot heal that grants the target Guard Up. Great for helping someone survive a turn when Liz doesn't have Overdrive built up yet.
Twin Arrows from her A style (story reward from Polka's story) amplifies into an attack that grants her two tiny self-heals on hit for 3 BP. Great for helping top Liz's health back up between Overdrive turns.


Unit Summary

Supportish unit who gets to be super tanky for 10 total turns per battle.

Unit Analysis

When Jo's Overdrive gauge isn't full, she has 55% damage mitigation and 20% damage modifiers. When it is full, she has 30% damage mitigation and 45% damage modifiers.
On her overdrive turns, you will want to use Glacial Ray, a 10 BP SSS cold/sun attack with delay. Glacial Ray can only be used 5 times per battle (it's an arbitrary limit; think of it as costing 1 LP but you get to keep the LP for KO purposes), but it causes Jo to ignore all damage for 2 turns. With 55% damage mitigation on turns outside of that window, I don't think I need to explain how good that makes Jo at not getting KO'd.
OK, so she's tough to KO. That's great. What else she do? Well..... not a ton, actually. Glacial Ray is by far her best attack, the other two being E-rank damage and a B-Rank AoE. Fresh Squid (the E-rank attack) includes a self-heal, which is great, but again, it's not bringing much damage to the table. And Ice & Fire Giant Squid, the AoE, is fine damage-wise, and it even includes a Medium Morale Down for 2 turns to help keep damage input low for the rest of the team, but it's 8 BP, so you won't be spamming it.
Now, in fairness, Jo does get +2 BP/turn, so it's not at all difficult to rotate Hot/Cold Squid or to be ready with 10 BP for Glacial Ray on overdrive turns. But if you don't need the AoE component of the Morale Down, she also offers less damage than Aisha does with Earth Thrust, which also maintains a Morale Down.
Now "extremely sturdy + maintains Morale Down" is still a very good deal, don't get me wrong. There's definitely going to be battles where Jo is going to be better to bring than Aisha. But it's also not breaking new ground.


Lots, but I'm going to focus on two.
Sunshower from her S style (a GLEX style that was awarded during an event I no longer recall; probably going to be avaialble as a drop at some point this month) is a 4 BP cold/sun AoE attack that grants the party a tiny heal. This is actually BP-positive on this style, since she gets +2 BP/turn automatically, allowing Jo to spam that heal until it's time to drop Glacial Ray. Or if you need the Morale Down more, you can have Sunshower in your back pocket to spend a little excess BP on to help keep the party topped up while you're rotating Hot/Cold Squid.
The other is Sparkling Ice from Robingal. Sparkling Ice deals SSS cold/sun damage, chases with SSS heat/sun damage, and then paralyzes Jo for 3 turns. This is not the highest-damage Jo to utilize this spell, but she is the only Jo style that can use it every-other-turn should you have someone who can cleanse the paralyze.
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2023.06.02 03:39 Fun_Set_1065 Computer randomly died, won’t turn back on-3 red flashes, please help

Hey all, I recently got a new computer, (hp pavilion x360 <6 months ago) and tonight I was watching Netflix totally fine when the thing just randomly died. I didn’t remember seeing a battery warning but I assumed it must just be dead. So I plugged it in but the computer still won’t turn on. None of the keys will even light up, so it’s not the screen, the only thing that lights up is the light on the side which blinks 3 times when you hit the power button.
Like I said, this computer is relatively new and I have treated it pretty well and it was working totally fine before this. Any idea on what the problem is?? This is incredibly frustrating, I’m a college student starting my internship on Monday and can’t afford a new computer, idek if I can afford getting the battery replaced.
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2023.06.02 00:30 ChrisTheFencer Pick a Carb'! Any Carb'!

Hey, all! I have a 12 HP B&S Model 234707 1026-E1 engine on my 1999 Snapper rear engine rider... Needs the carb' rebuilt or replaced (For less than $20, I'll start with a replacement...) but apparently they used 2 different Walbro's and a Nikki! (Bought used, cheap in 2017, working since it got new battery, but No manual.) 1. How can I tell? 2. Does it matter?
I'd like to leave old one in place until I have replacement in hand...
Also, the old carb drained a bunch of gasoline into the sump...so, should I do anything special besides draining it well, venting it adequately, before refilling sump? TYVM!
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2023.06.01 22:09 Zennicky Where should I buy a laptop battery replacement?

I need to buy a battery replacement for my hp pavilion x360 (2019 model) but I’m not sure where to buy it. I can’t see anything in best buy and my other option was amazon but they don’t look very trustworthy. Any advice?
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2023.06.01 12:41 Fine_Sell_254 Technical

I have this mb for hp zbook it's powering but does not charge the second mosfet does not the 24 voltage to charge the battery and i have tried replacing it but still it does not respond I also tried changing the bq ic...anyone with more ideas
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2023.06.01 11:47 Chakluxe Best way to take care of laptop battery

How do i take care of my laptops battery to prolong its life. It's one of those that can't be accessed easily as i have to remove the bottom cover and then remove it. I am very concerned because i like to use my laptop with it connected to a power source and i know that keeping the battery at 100% all the time is bad. It's an hp elitebook 850 G7 and i have not been able to find any control software to limit charge capacity to a certain percantage.
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2023.06.01 11:30 curlypaul924 Do thinkpads need a partially charged battery to boot?

I recently purchased an X1C G6 from ebay. I replaced the SSD and configured windows 11 and ubuntu for dual boot.
After installing ubuntu I shut down the computer by selecting "Power Off" from the menu in gnome. I left the computer unplugged all day. When I tried to turn it back on, I found out the battery was dead (it was fully charged when I shut it down).
I plugged in the power adapter. The power button flashed briefly, but the computer would not power on. I tried both the 45W Lenovo power adapter and a 65W GaN adapter (both USB-C). Finally the computer powered on after 20 minutes of charging.
Is this normal behavior for a Thinkpad? I have not yet run a battery test from the BIOS, but I would expect it to power on even with a bad battery. My Aspire S3 (circa 2011) has a completely dead battery, yet it powers on normally as long as it is plugged in.
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2023.06.01 08:22 mylaptopspa Buy Lapgrade Batteries for All Laptops at the Best Price

When it comes to the performance and longevity of laptops, having a reliable battery is crucial. Lapgrade Batteries, known for their exceptional quality and compatibility, are an excellent choice for laptop users. If you're looking to replace your laptop battery, look no further than My Laptop Spares, the ultimate destination to find the best price on Lapgrade Batteries. In this article, we will explore the benefits of Lapgrade Batteries and why My Laptop Spares is the ideal place to make your purchase.
Lapgrade Batteries: Superior Quality and Compatibility
Lapgrade Batteries are renowned for their exceptional quality and compatibility with various laptop brands and models. These batteries are manufactured using high-grade cells and advanced technology, ensuring reliable performance and long-lasting power. Whether you have a Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, or any other laptop brand, Lapgrade Batteries offer a wide range of options to suit your specific requirements.
Long Battery Life and Enhanced Performance
One of the key features of Lapgrade Batteries is their extended battery life. These batteries are designed to provide optimal power backup, allowing you to work, browse, and stream without interruptions. With Lapgrade Batteries, you can enjoy an extended runtime, enabling you to stay productive on the go. Moreover, these batteries are engineered to deliver enhanced performance, ensuring a seamless user experience.
Quality Assurance and Warranty
When purchasing Lapgrade Batteries from My Laptop Spares, you can rest assured about the quality of the product. My Laptop Spares is a trusted online platform that sources genuine and high-quality laptop parts and accessories. All Lapgrade Batteries available on their website undergo rigorous quality checks to ensure they meet the highest standards. Additionally, these batteries come with a warranty, providing you with peace of mind and protection against any manufacturing defects.
Competitive Pricing on My Laptop Spares
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Easy Search and Convenient Shopping Experience
Finding the right Lapgrade Battery for your laptop is a breeze on My Laptop Spares. Their website features an intuitive search function that allows you to quickly locate the battery compatible with your laptop model. The user-friendly interface and detailed product descriptions make it easy to compare specifications and make an informed decision. Furthermore, My Laptop Spares ensures a seamless shopping experience with secure payment options and prompt delivery.
When it comes to replacing your laptop battery, Lapgrade Batteries offer exceptional quality, compatibility, and extended battery life. My Laptop Spares provides the perfect platform to purchase Lapgrade Batteries at the best price, ensuring a seamless shopping experience and peace of mind with their quality assurance and warranty. Visit My Laptop Spares today and power up your laptop with a reliable Lapgrade Battery, giving you the freedom to work and play without limitations.
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2023.06.01 05:37 svvagbeast [USA-NC] [H] iPhone XR 64gb, x6 iPad Air First Gen. 16gb Broken, HP Elitebook 840 G3, Samsung Galaxy Book Flex2 Alpha [W] Paypal, Local Cash

Hey everyone, have a couple things I'm looking to get rid of. Local to Charlotte, NC.
iPhone XR 64gb Verizon Unlocked. - $170 shipped
Good condition, screen has little to no scratches, the sides have some scuffs and scratches on it. The back was in a case the whole time but it does have a bunch of small little scuffs from the case. Battery capacity is at 79%.

x2 HP Elitebook 840 G3 - $120 each plus $10 shipping, both for $210 shipped
8gb ram
128gb m.2 ssd
I installed Windows 10 but since I got these from my job I put new ssd's in so you'll need to buy a windows 10 key, Not too sure about the battery life, but they all have at least an hour for sure, didn't do much testing outside of that. Cosmetically they're all in good condition with some scratching on the outsides. One of them has a notification that comes up in the boot but it doesn't seem to affect the laptop at all. The other has a stripped screw on the back of it, but you're still able to take the back off as the plastic around the screw broke, can barely even see it and I'll include both issues in the timestamps. I'll be getting a couple more of these so let me know if you're interested in some more. Feel free to ask questions, also have the hp sliding docking stations I can bundle in for an extra 20 bucks.

x6 iPad Air First Gen 16gb, icloud/password locked/other issues. - $25 each shipped, All 6 for $110 shipped
Also got these from work, they are all in some state of icloud lock/password lock. One of them shows to connect to itunes when you charge it. A couple of them are cracked as well. They all turn on and work. All of these are sold as is

Samsung Galaxy Book Flex2 Alpha - $450 Shipped
Iris Xe graphics
16gb ram
500gb ssd
1080p touchscreen 2 in 1.
Windows 11 Home
Used this as my personal laptop for a bit over a year, great laptop, used it sparingly and did a bit of light gaming on it. Still has decent battery life and is in great condition, put a skin on the back of the screen since I've had it. Let me know if you have any questions, thanks.
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2023.06.01 02:54 Direct-Piano7965 How to Replace the Battery in a Hp pavilion Laptop?

How to Replace the Battery in a Hp pavilion Laptop?
Any laptop's battery, which supplies the required power for portability in computing, is an essential component. The performance and battery life of laptop batteries may decline over time due to efficiency loss.
In these scenarios, changing the battery is necessary to get your HP Pavilion laptop working again.
Fortunately, changing the battery in an HP Pavilion is a short and simple job that you may do alone, saving you both time and money.
In this manual, we'll take you through each step of changing the battery in your HP Pavilion laptop.

Step 1: Preparation
Gather the essential equipment and make sure you have the right replacement battery for your HP Pavilion laptop model before you start the battery replacement operation. What you must do throughout preparation is as follows:
What model is your laptop? The model number of your HP Pavilion laptop should be found. Usually, you may locate it in the system information or on the bottom of the laptop. You can locate the appropriate battery by knowing the model of your laptop.
Check the battery's technical details: To learn the precise battery requirements for your laptop model, visit the HP website or consult the user manual. To be sure you choose the right replacement, note the battery's component number, voltage, and capacity.
Buy a suitable replacement battery: With the battery specs in hand, you may look for a replacement battery from dependable sellers such as computer hardware shops, internet retailers, and authorized HP dealers. Make that the new battery complies with the requirements you stated previously.
Assemble the required equipment: Depending on your laptop model, you may require a few simple tools like a tiny Phillips head or flathead screwdriver to change the battery. To get the precise equipment needed for your laptop, consult the user manual or internet resources.
Turn off and unplug your laptop: Before beginning the battery change, turn it off and disconnect it from any power sources. This step is essential for your security and to guard against harm to the new battery or laptop.
hp battery replacement

Step 2: Locate the Battery
After gathering the required equipment and knowledge, finding the battery in your HP Pavilion laptop is the next step. To locate the battery compartment, follow these steps:
Check to confirm that your laptop is shut down before continuing.
Turn your computer over. Carefully flip your computer so that the bottom is now facing up. Put it there so you have a solid base to build on.
Find the battery compartment by looking for a rectangular or latch designated as the battery compartment on the bottom of your laptop. Although the designs of various HP Pavilion models may differ significantly, the battery compartment is often obvious.
Check the manufacturer's website or the user manual: If you're having trouble finding the battery compartment, see the laptop's user manual for further information or the manufacturer's website for precise directions and diagrams for your particular model.
Look for any locks or release mechanisms that may be present. Some laptop models feature locks or release mechanisms that keep the battery in place. In the vicinity of the battery compartment, look for any latches, tabs, or sliders that must be moved to release or unlock the battery.
Watch carefully for any screws that may need to be taken out to access the battery compartment on certain models. For the following step, note the locations and sizes of any screws close to the battery compartment.

Step 3: Remove the Battery
It's time to remove the old battery from your HP Pavilion laptop now that you have identified the battery compartment. To securely remove the battery, follow these instructions:
Make sure the laptop is disconnected and switched off: Make sure your laptop is completely turned off and unplugged from all power sources.
Use the proper screwdriver to gently remove any screws that may be present holding the battery compartment lid in place. To prevent losing the screws, store them in a secure location.
If your laptop has a latch, tab, or slider close to the battery compartment, move it by the markings or directions to unlock or release the battery. A latch may be slid, pressed, or raised during this process.
Once the latch or release mechanism has been released, carefully take the old battery out of the container. Take hold of the battery's sides with your fingers and raise it straight. Avoid pulling on any wires or connections.

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2023.06.01 02:48 soloist_huaxin Possible to wake up laptop *when I plug in hub* ?

another day of fun times in USB-C land... here's what I'm hoping to achieve:
I have a HP elitebook 840 G4 laptop with 2x Thunderbolt 4 ports running Windows 10, and a cablematter USB-C "Multiport adapter" with PD passthru, HDMI, Ethernet, 2x USB-A. I plugged a Logitech unify receiver in one of USB-A to connect keyboard/mouse, and connected HDMI to monitor.
The laptop is for work, so I plug/unplug it a fair bit, if the laptop is in sleep, and I plug in the adapter, laptop doesn't wake up, but is charging - I'd hope that laptop would wake up, and get the adapter configured so I can use monitokeyboard. Instead, I have to open up the lid, which wakes up laptop, then monitor lights up, and I have to close the lid again which locks laptop so I have to re-login. Gets annoying real quick. I've checked BIOS, there's nothing related.
The main question is: Is the "Multiport adapter" even capable to wake up laptop? I think a proper Thunderbolt 4 "docking station" (like the HP ones) can do this, but the adapter may be only a USB-C Alt-Mode one, and I have no idea if it's capable...
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2023.05.31 13:37 sumkindafoo Laptop battery on its way to dying (23% health at full charge). Will it die completely until laptop can't turn on, if I keep it permanently plugged in?

Mostly asking if I should order a new battery. Batteries are expensive, and my current laptop has a shattered chassis, so it wouldn't really be worth it to get a new battery for it.
It's a HP 250 G6, and I believe the battery is around 80 euros. https://support.hp.com/us-en/product/hp-250-g6-notebook-pc/15747807/model/15747879/document/c05478277#AbT5
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2023.05.31 05:35 AnthonyFl7 [CWM] Artix and cwm simple, functional and minimalist

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2023.05.31 00:09 Longjumping-Tutor478 Battery stuck at 2%

Battery stuck at 2%
Hey everyone, I got a 2017 HP Envy laptop i’ve been trying to keep alive. This is my 2nd time replacing the battery. The first time it said “plugged in, not charging” in which i replaced it and it worked as usual for a good year or 2. The battery was visibly fried and bubbled up a little bit. The 2nd time, I replaced my battery because it said the same thing again. This was about a month ago. Now it just says “2% available, plugged in”.
I ran the power troubleshoot, did the command prompt (powercfg), uninstalled my ACPI-Compliant, and did a hard reset. I’m guessing it’s probably just some problems with the motherboard or circuit because I just replaced the power cord with a new one today. If anyone has any other suggestions, let me know :/
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2023.05.30 23:22 ChChChillian Enable "Open with" for .bat files

Relatively new work computer, HP EliteBook 840 G8, Win 11 Enterprise 22H2. They were kind enough to give me some elevated privs but where I don't have full admin rights and so won't be able to adjust some things.
It came with VS Code installed, which was probably because it was on my old Windows 10 machine. But I don't actually use it, my preferred editor being Notepad++ which is also installed. For some reason, right-clicking on a .bat file only allowed me to "Open with Code" and no options to choose a different app. I uninstalled VS Code, and now I don't have any alternatives for opening a .bat file at all. "Open" runs it (of course) and Edit brings it up in regular Notepad. No "open with" is available on either the Windows 11 or the legacy context menus.
On Settings->Apps->Default apps, Notepad++ does not appear in the list of apps, and .bat does not appear in the list of file types. I tried a "repair" of Notepad++, but this had no effect at all.
How can I enable the "Open with" menu for this file type?
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