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Truth, justice, and a better tomorrow

2009.01.22 20:31 Truth, justice, and a better tomorrow

Clark Kent. Kal-El. The Man of Steel. The Last Son of Krypton. A place to discuss Superman and all things Superman related.

2023.06.02 01:12 Goonies90 New home build - undersized AC

New home build - undersized AC
Just had HVAC equipment installed in our new home. We’re in south Florida. The house is a 2 story, 2900sq/ft home. I was checking equipment specs and it looks like it may be undersized but Im clueless when it comes to HVAC. Is 4 ton big enough for this house?
Appreciate the help!
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2023.06.02 01:01 AspenSnowmass777 Apple Car play stuck on this screen help!

Apple Car play stuck on this screen help!
How do I get the home page back for apple car play? Every time I click on it, it just has this play button.
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2023.06.02 00:31 minxfebreze how to figure out what i want to do with my life after high-school?

i graduated high school about a week ago. it was an ok public school, not perfect but i cherish it. i've always been a pretty high-performing student and i finished about top 3% of my class out of nearly 400 other seniors, although i wouldn't say i learned too much (especially during sophomore year where i was fully at home because of covid. i barely remember anything that i learned back then). outside of academics, i was running this little satire page themed around the school and i dabbled in a bunch of shit. but, i never took a step back to even think about what i want to do with my life, because i found it too scary to even think about it when i could stay in the temporary comfort of not doing anything about it, instead drowning myself with the time-consuming workload of my challenging academics and my aimless extracurricular activities. and so i did and inevitably the end came. now the structure in my life is gone, the biggest distraction i had is gone. the little rigor i had to wake up early is gone and now my sleep schedule is starting to drift again. now that i dont have any bullshit work to do or extracurriculars to worry about, the pressure is on to figure out my life. but instead of actually properly researching things i currently keep numbing myself with distractions: videogames, youtube, half-assed music production... the numbing works until i go to bed and remember that i'm slowly wasting my life by not doing anything about things and then my stomach fills with anxiety. either that or during the day, my family will ask me questions about college, whether ive looked for more scholarships, whether ive done x or y important thing i should be doing. sometimes it'll escalate and my dad will confront me, rightfully, about how i havent done anything and he'll order me to do the things that i probably should be doing, like researching majors and nearby college costs. right now im not doing that, im fully aware. the only reason i'm not numbing myself right now is because i saw a video for one of those self-improvement channels on my recommended, got scared by it and scrolled away from it (because it looked like one of those videos that would address the issues i'm struggling with right now), then forced myself to find it and watch it and push past the fear not that long ago. like literally less than an hour ago.
my memory isn't very clear but leading up to August (you know, the month where most college applications open) last year, i was pretty damn scared because it felt like i should try things out and apply but i didnt know anything. and i should have researched things about the process and assessed myself to figure out what majors to look at, but i never did out of sheer fear. i was just completely paralyzed because of how scared i was at this whole situation. that and, like i mentioned, my coursework and extracurriculars distracted me too. i was even more scared in October when the federal application for student aid opened — so scared that i didn't even try to fill it out until a few months ago.
i'm sorry for that huge wall of text. my question is now: how do i figure out my life? rather, how do i figure out what i want to do with my life after high school? after applying to some (but not that many) scholarships (most of which i applied for last minute because the guilt of not applying was crushing me), ive been offered a bunch of money for my nearby community college. it's not that much — $5.7k — the college's website states the average cost of attendance for a full-time student attending the fall and spring terms last year was nearly $16k, but i don't know if that includes whatever financial aid they offer the students based on need.
aside from that, probably the biggest hurdle is i don't even know what i want to major in. i don't know what i want to do, or what i want my life to look like in the future. i don't think i even know what my values are in the first place to even answer all the common questions that have popped up in my desperate google searches of how to figure out what to do after high school. my indecision led to me being so paralyzed by fear during college app season that i didnt apply, except for one last-minute application that got cancelled because i didnt truly know if i wanted to go to that university anyway. i could list a bunch of things i've done but i don't know if i'm good at them or if i enjoy them:
  1. i'm pretty decent at video editing, having done it since i was way younger. i've edited gameplay videos, put together footage and put graphics on top of it (for my satire page), and i recall making one video — it was this mock infomercial — where i had to make a basic prop, get footage of it, make graphics for it, get my friends to voice act in it and edit everything together. i was satisfied with the result and i think it's the best video out of all of the videos i made for my satire page. it wasn't even a video in the traditional form of all the other videos i made for it, which consisted of just footage with graphics on top and satirical text about the story.
  2. music. i love listening to music (although i suspect it might as well be another way for me to procrastinate) and for a long time i've used DAWs like fl studio, ableton and renoise to make some. i made a bunch of stuff throughout middle school and high school, and i even made an album. i composed a track for a state-level contest and i won the highest award. but, not only do i not feel like a career in music is a stable one, i don't think my music is that great. im stuck in this loop of having a thousand plugins and instruments and only making short loops and never touching them again. the last thing i did was make a drum loop that i was proud of because i learned how to mix the drums then added some instruments then made a reference track out of it just so i can listen to it outside of software.
  3. ive worked a lot with things relating to image manipulation. i use photoshop a lot. ive used it to make all sorts of things: mock posters, logos, collages, cutouts of artworks, etc. i've worked also with illustrator and some other software. i recall that one project i did for school was a fake medicine product, where i designed the packaging in illustrator (which took forever but i was very proud of because of how it all looked in the end) then printed it out and folded it into a box.
  4. i've done several things regarding videogames. namely i reverse engineered this one game i really liked, after having learned a lot about it (mainly from speedrunning and just playing a lot and researching it despite it being obscure) and i made some mods for it where i replaced the sounds and textures with my own. then i made this custom debug menu for the game where all i had to do was use a tool that allowed me to write my own code (C#) and i could just inject it directly into the game. and the last thing i did was i managed to reverse engineer the game back into an Unity project file (yes it's a Unity game) and i exported it to Android and i was going to make an Android port but haven't made progress because i dont know how to program mobile controls.
i just don't know what it means that i do these things, though. does it mean i should pursue careers relating to these things? i don't know if i enjoy video editing; i was gonna participate in a contest where we had to edit a music video together using the raw footage of it but i was demotivated, but i don't know if i was just demotivated or if im genuinely just not cut out for it. i dont even know what the jobs are like and i dont know how to find that out.
i don't know if i want to do music, like i said because music seems so unstable if it were my only source of income. but i genuinely don't think i'm that good. should i pursue something if i'm not that good at it? how do i assess myself?
about the game, i don't think programming is my thing either. i dont know what it is, i just don't know if i could handle more complex stuff, because what i did for the game was pretty straightforward; i just programmed an UI using a GUI system that Unity comes with, then I learned how to add buttons and stuff to it to manipulate the ingame variables and other stuff. if i want to learn how to make mobile controls for an Android port of the game, that'd take actual programming, and i tried to look it all up and i was so overwhelmed that i dont know if i can do it. maybe i can, but it'd take a while.
tldr: i never thought about what i wanted to do after high school and now that high school is over i could either not think about it and keep wasting my life away or try to think about it, but i don't know where to start since i never tried to truly find myself. how do i assess the things i've done and decide what i could do with them, whether i should go to college, if i should go anytime soon.
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2023.06.01 23:55 spanner44 Is Brave browser not supported anymore?

I have just opened my tab, on Brave Browser that was working fine a few hours ago, and I have now got the message "Browser not supported
Tutoring on Cambly requires using the Google Chrome browser version 60 or higher on a desktop or laptop computer (not on mobile). However, you are still able to access Priority Hours, messages, and reservation features of your tutoring account using the menu above."
So I checked in the settings, and it was doing an update, so I presumed this was why. waited for the update to finish and resarted the browser, and the same message.
It works fine on Chrome browser, but thought it strange that Brave Browser is not accepted.
Is anyone suffering from this ?
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2023.06.01 23:45 Scep__ Off-meta speedloader slacks build

Off-meta speedloader slacks build
Weapons are up to you, but i prefer using Tarrabah for this build since it mows down enemies, if you have any way to improve this build please leave me a suggestion.
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2023.06.01 23:40 whatsthissoundfrom shit food day 81 - Popeyes spicy chicken sandwiches

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2023.06.01 23:03 allycat1661 [Rant] Got called r*tarded by a table of middle-aged mean girls

This was on Mother’s Day, but I was honestly so busy that weekend that I’m just now remembering the story. This is mainly a vent, so it might get long. See TLDR at the end.
So I get sat a two top— conventionally attractive women that are in their early to late thirties. They’re obviously annoyed with me for some reason or another as soon as they sit down, but they’re putting on super fake smiles and voices every time I come over and fill up their water or the couple of times I asked them if they want to order any apps or drinks while they wait for their friend to show up.
Anyway— first incident after the friend gets there, one lady orders a margarita and tells me after a few minutes that it tastes watered down. And in my head I’m thinking, Well it wasn’t watered down when I gave it to you, because I grabbed that drink as soon as the bartender was finished making it and I brought it out to you immediately. Guessing it didn’t cross your mind that it’s 88 degrees outside and that the glass is sitting on a metal table, so the ice is melting faster than usual.
But I don’t argue and I get her a new one, and when I ask her if that one’s better, she gives me a side eye and a fake ass smile and tells me it is.
So everything’s going as fine with them as it can when considering I’ve got five other tables outside and I’m running around like a crazy person. I even find the time to take a few pictures for them just to be nice and try to bump up my tip. (Side note: I asked them if they wanted full body shots or from the waist up, and one of the ladies, all smug, goes, “Full body; [name of one of the other ladies] LOVES her body.” 😐🤮)
They order shortly after their app gets to the table. Two of them ordered the same meal, and this is more or less how the convo went:
Bitch #1: “I want the teriyaki salmon bowl, but with no green onions.”
Me: “Got it, no green onions.”
Bitch #1: “Yeah, none.”
Bitch #2: “Ooh, yeah can I get the same thing? No onions.”
Me: “Sure, of course. Just making sure— you both want the same exact thing, the teriyaki salmon bowl with no green onions?”
Bitch #1 & #2, looking visibly annoyed: “Yeah.”
And granted, I put in their order about ten minutes after they initially ordered because I forgot, so overall it took about 30-35 minutes for their food to come out— which in my opinion isn’t the worst wait time considering it’s the busiest holiday of the year. But it did take longer than it usually would, so of course they’re already angry by the time the food gets to the table.
When I come over to check on them, Bitch #1 said something along the lines of, “There’s onions in here, and I asked for no onions. Look at what I pulled out.” And proceeds to show me RED onions on a side plate. But we can’t request the cooks to take those out because they’re already mixed in with the rice that’s served in that dish. (All the ingredients are listed on the menu, btw.) We can leave out scallions because they’re a garnish.
Me: “Yeah, those are red onions. You mentioned that you didn’t want any scallions— green onions.”
Bitch #1: “No, I said I wanted NO onions.”
And then Bitch #2 not only complains about the red onions in her own bowl, but also the fact that the cooks (of course) garnished her meal with scallions even though I made a note in the POSI for both meals to have no scallions.
Me: “Well I apologize ladies, we’re pretty slammed today. I know I put a note in the system for your bowls to have no green onions, but the pineapple rice does come with red onions already mixed in before service so we can’t take those out. But what I can do is have the kitchen remake your meals with quinoa rice or jasmine rice instead of the pineapple rice, so that there’s no onions in the dish at all.”
Bitch #1: “Ugh. No thanks, the food will take aN HoUr to come out again.”
I ask them if they’re sure, and they barely acknowledge me, so I just leave and ask my manager to check on them. But a few minutes later my coworker (whose section is right next to mine) told me that once I left their table, they called me r*tarded, and asked their friends if I was stupid, that they obviously said no onions at all. So, I told my manager that I refuse to go back to that table and put on a fake smile for rotten, nasty people who obviously peaked in high school. I’m a service worker, not a slave. I have more respect for myself than that.
My manager understood and finished up the table for me after comping Bitch #2’s meal. And I was talking to the host up front about the situation when I saw them walk past us and leave, so I told the host, “That’s them” louder than I wanted to, and one of them turned around to look at me because they probably heard me, but I just gave her a Look— I was daring her to say something so I could have an excuse to let out my frustration that’d been building all day, but of course, she didn’t.
And you know the weirdest thing about this incident? The two whose meals weren’t comped left 20% tips.
TLDR: Two ladies specifically asked for no scallions on their salmon bowl (which comes with rice that has red onions already mixed in, and that’s stated on the menu). One of them gets both scallions and of course the red onions in her meal, and the other has no scallions but still red onions. They complain and said that they didn’t want any onions at all, which they didn’t.
They call me r*tarded and stupid as soon as I leave their table after offering to remake the food with a different rice that doesn’t have onions in it. Manager comps one meal, but I didn’t go back to the table and the ones who paid for their meals they left me 20% tips, oddly enough.
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2023.06.01 22:32 ReferralKing__ Dm If y’all wanna join my Webull team and make between $50-$13,000 just by sharing your link Dm right now the offer only stands today

Dm If y’all wanna join my Webull team and make between $50-$13,000 just by sharing your link Dm right now the offer only stands today submitted by ReferralKing__ to TEMU_Official [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 22:31 ReferralKing__ Dm If y’all wanna join my Webull team and make between $50-$13,000 just by sharing your link Dm right now the offer only stands today

Dm If y’all wanna join my Webull team and make between $50-$13,000 just by sharing your link Dm right now the offer only stands today submitted by ReferralKing__ to temu [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 22:29 Blane_Train [FNV] Archive Invalidation not working/bsa files unticked

[FNV] Archive Invalidation not working/bsa files unticked
By God, I’ve been having the worst luck in modding on my PC. Right now, I got a decently sized modlist of roughly 150 mods and it seems to run well at first. Then it falls apart after a while. When I pull out the laser pistol you get from Doc Mitchel's house or go do the tutorial stuff with Sunny, it runs fine. Then I get the red exclamation mark on my pistol and some creatures, the UI icons in the MCM menus are covered in blocks, and etc. Don't think archive invalidation is working cus some BSA files are disabled. I've tried turning auto Ai on and off, tried using some archive invalidation mods, nothing worked. Will post load order and plugin text files, and a screenshot, hopefully I can get some help.
FalloutNV.esm DeadMoney.esm HonestHearts.esm OldWorldBlues.esm LonesomeRoad.esm GunRunnersArsenal.esm ClassicPack.esm MercenaryPack.esm TribalPack.esm CaravanPack.esm YUP - Base Game + All DLC.esm Interior Lighting Overhaul - Core.esm BraveNewWorld.esm Functional Post Game Ending.esm Wild Card - Open the Lucky 38.esm TLD_Travelers.esm factions reloaded raiders v2.esm Mojave Wildlife (FO3-Style).esp Mojave Raiders.esm Mojave NPCs.esm SomeguySeries.esm NewVegasBounties.esm MTB.esm MojaveExpressCourierWork.esm Companion Core.esm Interior Lighting Overhaul - L38PS.esm RobCo Certified.esm EnclaveCommanderNV.esm Ragdolls.esm Th3OverseerCore.esm Functional Post Game Ending - YUP Patch.esm Courier's Radio.esm YUP - NPC Fixes (Base Game + All DLC).esp Unofficial Patch NVSE Plus.esp PerkEveryLevel.esp Performance Of The Gods.esp NV_Trains_MojaveEdit_Redux.esp JSawyer Ultimate.esp outsidebets.esp Factions Reloaded Legion.esp Mojave Raiders.esp factions reloaded followers.esp FactionsReloadedLegionYUPPatch.esp WeaponModsExpanded.esp WMX-DLCMerged.esp DLC Enhancements.esp DepthsOfDepravity.esp BraveNewWorld-FPGE.esp BraveNewWorld-YUP.esp RadioactiveMuck.esp Mojave NPCs - FPGE Patch.esp ArizonaArmy.esp Headhunting.esp BillyV666.esp Behemoth Spawns (mod)2 (2).esp BraveNewWorld-MojaveRaiders.esp CCSP2_5d.esp CIB Supermutants.esp CloudGrenades.esp Conelrad 640-1240.esp DeadMoneyRealisticGoldBarWeight_10pounds.esp Deployable Hologram Emitters.esp DogtagFistTweak.esp Fade That Faction Armor.esp JIP Companions Command & Control.esp JustAssortedMods.esp LFox Cannibal Perk Improvements.esp LonesomeRoadScorchedSierraPowerHelmet.esp PerkPackPlus.esp RobCo Certified Friendly Hit Fixer.esp Simple Saves.esp The Weapon Mod Menu.esp Toxic Cloud Ordnance.esp Universal Item Sorter.esp WMX-POPMerged.esp CCSP2_5c_WMXc.esp Bobblehunt - Cap Bonuses.esp Bobblehunt - Fallout 3 Bonuses.esp Bobblehunt - Hardcore.esp Bobblehunt.esp Bobblehunt - Hardercore.esp Functional Post Game Ending - Outside Bets Patch.esp FOVSlider.esp DisableDLCLoadedMessages.esp Titans of The New West.esp T-51b_Full_Retexture.esp The Classic Centaur Replacer.esp ILO - YUP Patch.esp BraveNewWorld-OutsideBets.esp courierpowerarmor.esp NaturalWaters.esp ADAM Complete.esp ADAM - MAIN.esp ADAM - Nemesis Armor Pack.esp TeslaWeaponsPack.esp drgNV - Marcus Companion.esp Wild Card - Open the Lucky 38 - Brave New World.esp Tactapack.esp Classic Fallout Weapons Remastered v1.2.esp QwibNewBackpacks.esp ADAM - NCR Patrol Armor.esp NVMMP.esp ADAM - Rangers on Patrol.esp AirForceArmorT57C.esp FreesideStudio.esp NewVegasQuickStart.esp BraveNewWorld-JSU.esp Joshua Graham's Revenge.esp billyreplacer.esp IndependentPowerArmorTraining.esp ADAM - Outcast Ranger Armor.esp Franz - Scrapomatic.esp Karmic Balance.esp Karmic Balance Hitsquad Faction Hostility.esp ADAM - Trooper Gloves.esp Missing Ammo Type Recipes.esp Cheaper Repair Vendors 50%.esp The Mod Configuration Menu.esp B42Retrievables.esp ArizonaArmyRT.esp Titans of The New West - Power Armor Sprint JAM.esp Fiendsfriend.esp BraveNewWorld-ArizonaArmy.esp MTB Remastered Typos Fix.esp Crossbow.esp Simple Explosive Entry.esp B42Descriptions.esp B42Bows.esp MCMetalTesla.esp Vendortron Helmet.esp Branded Robots.esp NewVegasTrueScopes.esp FNV - Energy Visuals Plus.esp Fallout 2 combat armor (remastered) replacer b nonaddon.esp Alternative Repairing.esp Efficient Repairman + Better Repair.esp Fallout The Odyssey Mega Armor Pack.esp Fallout 2 combat armor MK2 (remastered) replacer.esp MCMetalArmor.esp Classic Lightweight Leather Armor Replacer.esp DeadMoneyDeanHairRestored.esp Interior Lighting Overhaul - Ultimate Edition.esp Bashed Patch, 0.esp DNWeathers.esp Desert Natural Sandstorms.esp

This file was automatically generated by Mod Organizer.

+NV Compatibility Skeleton +DiDisaan's Patch Emporium +Mojave Train Travel Redux +Bobblehunt - A Bobblehead Scavenger Hunt +Scrapomatic +X-Files Wild Wasteland Sound Replacer +Ragdolls - EDE Fix (Maybe) +Ragdolls - Blind Deathclaw Fix +Efficient Repairman and Better Repair +Alternative Repairing +factions reloaded yup patch +Mojave NPCs - FPGE Patch +Retrievable Throwables; Arizona Army Patch +Classic Fallout Weapons Remastered - True Scopes Patch +ShowOff xNVSE Plugin +ISControl Enabler and Ironsights adjuster (now ESPless) +Significantly Cheaper Vendor Repairs +Missing Ammo Type Recipes - Lite Ammunition Crafting Expansion +New Vegas Quick Start +Th3Overseer's Core ESM +NVAC - New Vegas Anti Crash +Performance Of The Gods +Bug Fixes_separator +JSawyer Ultimate Edition +Dogtag Fist tweak +Cannibal Perk Improvements +Altered Gold Bar Weight +Simple Explosive Entry +Just Crashed Vertibird Power Armor Training +Fade That Faction Armor +Lower-sitting Ranger Hat +Essential DLC Enhancements Merged +Fiends Friend +Enclave Commander NV Edition +Mobile Truck Remastered - Typo Fixes +Mobile Truck Base Remastered +Functional Post Game Ending +Gameplay_separator +Anniversary Anim Pack +JAM - Just Assorted Mods +Animations_separator +Improved Lighting Shaders +Interior Lighting Overhaul +Desert Natural Weathers NV +Desert Natural Sandstorms +Climate Control NVSE +NV - Energy Visuals Plus 2 +Lumen - Ambient Lighting +Hazard Pip - PipBoy 3000 Retexture +Irradiant Muck +Radioactive Muck +Natural Waters For New Vegas +Visuals_separator +NVTS - New Vegas True Scopes +WMX-DLC +Weapon Mods Expanded - WMX +Tactapack +Marcus Companion +Classic Fallout Weapons Remastered +Retrievable Throwables Reforged +Toxic Cloud Explosives +Cloud Grenades +FNV Crossbow +B42 Bows +Deployable Hologram Emitters +Tesla Weapons Pack +Weapons_separator +Classic Fallout Tesla armor +Classic Fallout 2 combat armor (remastered) +Classic Fallout 2 combat armor Mark 2 (remastered) +Classic Fallout Metal Armor +Classic Fallout 2 Metal armor Mk II +Classic Leather Armor Replacer for Leather Armor +Webb's Titans of The New West Patch Emporium +Titans of The New West 2.0 +Fallout The Odyssey Mega Armor Pack LL Integrated +Classic Brotherhood Patch for T-51b Full Retexture +T-51b Full Retexture +ADAM Reborn +ARIZONA SLAVE ARMY - A Legion Overhaul +Canvas Backpacks - Remade +Lonesome Road - Scorched Sierra Power Helmet +Courier 6 Power Armor +Air Force Power Armor T-57c +Armor_separator +The Mod Configuration Menu +The Weapon Mod Menu +B42 Descriptions Revised +B42 Descriptions aka Pip-Info +JIP Improved Recipe Menu ESPless +M.U.X. Series- Weapon Icons +UIO - User Interface Organizer +Disable DLC Loaded Messages +NVMMP - New Vegas Map Marker Project +FOV Slider +Universal Item Sorter +Simple Saves +User Interface_separator +The Someguy Series +New Vegas Uncut - Outside Bets +Simple Open Strip +The Depths of Depravity +Worldspace_separator +Headhunting +New Vegas Bounties I LE +Wild Card - Open the Lucky 38 - Brave New World +Wild Card - Open the Lucky 38 +Quests_separator +RobCo Certified - New Vegas +PerkPackPlus +Perks_separator +Karmic Balance Hitsquad Faction Hostility +Karmic Balance - Karma Consequences +Joshua Graham's Revenge +Overhauls_separator +The Living Desert - Main File 2.3 +No Toll Booths for Mojave Express Courier Delivery Work +Mojave Express Courier Delivery Work - Primm +Dean Domino Hair Cut Content Restored - Dead Money +Mojave NPCs +Vendortron Helmet +Branded Robots +NPCs_separator +JIP Companions Command and Control +Mojave Raiders +Factions Reloaded - Raiders +Factions Reloaded - Legion +Factions Reloaded - Followers of the Apocalypse +Factions_separator +Menace of The New West +Classic-esque Deathclaw Retexture +Horrors of The New West +Behemoth Spawns (New Vegas) +Classic Centaur Replacer +Super Mutant Overhaulord +Mojave Wildlife +Creatures_separator +Fastys Ed-E Movie Buff +Billy The Evil Sentry Bot +Billy The Evil Sentry Bot Companion retextured +Toasternade Update +Companions_separator +Combined Community Sound Pack v2.5c - WMX Compatibility Patch +Combined Community Sound Pack +Ghoulish Radio +CONELRAD 640-1240 - Civil Defense Radio +Brave New World +Classic XP Sound +Audio_separator +Freeside Studio Apartment +Buildings_separator +lStewieAl's Tweaks +JohnnyGuitar NVSE +Unofficial Patch NVSE Plus +Ragdolls +OneTweak for FNV +kNVSE Animation Plugin +NVTF - New Vegas Tick Fix +JIP LN NVSE Plugin +Yukichigai Unofficial Patch - YUP +Utilities_separator *DLC: CaravanPack *DLC: ClassicPack *DLC: DeadMoney *DLC: GunRunnersArsenal *DLC: HonestHearts *DLC: LonesomeRoad *DLC: MercenaryPack *DLC: OldWorldBlues *DLC: TribalPack *Unmanaged: PerkEveryLevel
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2023.06.01 22:12 diamondtoothdennis FAQ for Autism_Parenting

Q: Who can post here?
A: This is a subreddit first and foremost for parents of all neurotypes, including autistic parents, who are raising or have raised autistic children. We welcome caregivers, therapists, family members, anyone who loves and supports autistic children/adult children. Respectful disagreement is permitted, parent shaming is not.
We welcome autistic non-parents as well, with the understanding that participation should remain respectful, should not push a personal agenda, and that we do have autistic parents participating here: we are not lacking in autistic voices, including on the mod team. Meta posts/rants directed at parents are not welcome. This is a support group, please interact with that in mind.

Q: How do I update my flair?:
A: Desktop: Tap the menu in the upper right-hand corner of the community page. A menu will pop up and you'll see the option to Change user flair.
Mobile: Tap those three dots at the upper right-hand corner of the community page. A menu will pop up and you'll see the option to Change user flair.

Q: What does my flair have to include?
A: Share at your own comfort level. We suggest using a general region, age of your child, and diagnosis you feel comfortable sharing to help others know how to answer your questions best, or to give insight. If you are a ND parent, for example, you are welcome to self-identify but it is not required. If you are an autistic nonparent with high or low support needs, you are welcome to self-identify but not required to do so. It is helpful for users to have a vague idea of who they are interacting with, we ask that you not post identifying information/don’t doxx yourself or others.

Q: Where can I find answers to my questions without making a new post?
A: You can search the bar at the top of the sub page, or in the side bar by selecting flairs like “ABA Therapy” to see if your question has already been answered. You can search keywords like “fidgets” or “Montessori” to see if people have posted anything about your specific topic, and read through old threads. If you have a thread you would like to have highlighted, please leave it in the comments or send it via modmail.

Q: Can I post an AMA:
A: We only allow persons over the age of 18 to post AMAs, and your AMA must include the AMA guidelines answers detailed in rule 13, or as follows:
Age of diagnosis/level if applicable, current age(ish), age you began speaking (if you did), brief summary of schooling experience (homeschool? SPED? Private? k-12?), and if you engaged in any therapies as a child. 3. No identifying info is posted. No doxxing.
All other rules apply to all AMAs. Again, be aware that we have plenty of autistic parents here, and are not lacking in autistic perspective. Your AMA will be removed if you are using it as a parent bashing platform, or to push a personal agenda.

Q: Is there a proper language to use for diagnosis terminology/how to identify our children?
A: This sub is accessible worldwide. We cannot apply USA standards to other countries. We are not going to police if people use person first versus identity first language. We are not going to police the use of words like severe, high support needs vs. low functioning or the use of the levels system (though we acknowledge levels are largely a USA based system), so long as language is respectful. If you feel someone is using abusive language, please use the report button.

Q: Where can I post or participate in surveys?
A: Here is where you can post or participate in the stickied megathread. All other survey requests will be removed and directed to the megathread.

Q: Can I advertise my autism geared products/giveaways here:
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Q: Where can I find some good information about what to do at an IEP meeting?
A: Check out this thread.

Q: I have a link to a thread I think belongs in this thread!
A: Drop it in the comments or send it via modmail under the community info tab.
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2023.06.01 22:09 Riimuki He Dropped

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2023.06.01 21:49 Heylookanickel How do you remove the blue lines? I’ve googled the shit out of it and can’t find the answer

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2023.06.01 20:56 botchnade Es ist Bergfest! Halbjahres-Statistiken des Subreddits

Es ist Bergfest! Halbjahres-Statistiken des Subreddits
Willkommen, werte Freunde des aufs Korn Nehmens und des Zynismus! Ich bin überaus erfreut, euch zur diesjährigen Jahresstatistik von unserem geliebten Subreddit begrüßen zu dürfen. Inmitten unserer kleinen virtuellen Parallelwelt, in der wir uns genüsslich über alles lustig machen, was mit dem grandiosen Rocket Beans TV zu tun hat, haben wir auch dieses Jahr wieder zahlreiche Meisterwerke der Sarkasmus-Kunst geschaffen.
Während die Welt da draußen in ihren Alltagstrott verfällt, haben wir uns tapfer unserer satirischen Pflicht gewidmet. Unsere herzhaften Lacher, unsere humorvollen Frotzeleien und unsere scharfsinnigen Witze haben das Internet auf eine ganz neue Stufe der Unterhaltung gebracht. Und das alles nur, um unseren geliebten Beans zu zeigen, wie sehr wir sie lieben - indem wir sie gnadenlos auf die Schippe nehmen.
Doch genug der Worte! Lasst uns gemeinsam auf die glorreiche Statistik blicken, die uns einen Einblick in unser schelmisches Treiben gewährt. In unserer kleinen aber feinen Welt gibt es keinen Platz für Langeweile - nur für sarkastischen Spaß!
Also schnappt euch eure Tastaturen und lasst uns erneut beweisen, dass wir die Könige der Ironie sind. Stoßen wir auf ein weiteres Jahr voller beißendem Humor und sarkastischer Finesse an! Prost, ihr wunderbaren Spötter und Schelme!
Fangen wir an mit dem Community-Wachstum in den letzten 12 Monaten
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2023.06.01 20:26 smol_zessen Playstation has got a mobile keyboard like Switch! It's in the options menu, you can send QR links to people with this. See comments for how-to.

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2023.06.01 20:02 Ult45 W/f/l?

Should I eat Buddha?
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2023.06.01 19:59 smol_zessen Playstation has got a mobile keyboard like Switch! It's in the options menu, you can send QR links to people with this. See comments for how-to.

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2023.06.01 19:51 elevenmile Weekly Ochiai's Interview with Naoki Yoshida (in full)

The following info is a summary, and contains some info that most people already know. Some information will be omitted. For instance YoshiP and the host's discussion on Metaverse, and YoshiP's opinion on AI (TL;DR: He has no definitive stance)
What is Weekly Ochiai? Basically an online based talk show program hosted by Yoichi Ochiai. He's a media artist and academic researcher.

Program flow (from top to bottom)


  • Ochiai's introduction
  • YoshiP's entrance, introduction (as usual, YoshiP's designation is very long: One of the Board Directors of Square Enix, Chief of Creative Business Division 3, Final Fantasy XIV Producer, Director, and Final Fantasy XVI's Producer)
  • YoshiP accepts the invitation because he gets a chance to speak to Ochiai (his first time talking to Ochiai). So much that he wanted to have a meal with him, so he attended the interview without eating. Ochiai is very honored.
  • Introduction on what FFXVI is.
  • Introduction video of FFXVI. This footage is chosen

Final Fantasy XVI Part I

  • Story introduction
  • YoshiP wants people to have fun with the story. To laugh, to cry and to enjoy. The length of the story is equivalent to a 4 seasons of overseas TV series ※ The word "overseas" instead of "western" is because of playing it safe. "海外" is mostly defined as foreign or overseas countries outside Japan (a general definition). If it's specifically western, the word "西洋 "would be used.
  • As known before, they are doing their best to ensure there's no loading required in this game.
  • Sure, people can enjoy the story, but please take ample of sleep and rest as well.

Final Fantasy XIV

  • Recounting the experience in how YoshiP got into Final Fantasy XIV. This is already recounted numerous times so I'm not going to repeat it anymore.
  • Prior to joining/transferred to work on XIV, he was still in the Dragon Quest side.
  • When FFXIV was in the progress of rebuilding, Ochiai was still in university.
  • Rebuilding the game from scratch is touted by FFXIV as "the first in the game industry". Plenty of media people wonder why YoshiP just didn't scrap XIV and make it XV instead, which YoshiP says that doing so wouldn't restore people's faith in Final Fantasy series, thus revamping the entire game was necessary to do so.

Final Fantasy XV

  • YoshiP heard that there are a lot of people who enjoyed FFXV, however the most glaring problem in the feedback he received was how "abrupt" the story ended, as well as the DLC and its issues. This was already touched on other interviews. So as YoshiP go to various places and talked to the players about XV, most of the criticisms he got focused on that. While each FF is created based on what the director wishes the game to be, since XVI is a title followed by XV, and story being one of the important elements of an RPG, YoshiP wants to ensure that they can tell the story in a coherent manner to address the cons. of XV and also prove to players and fans that Final Fantasy is still going strong, so story is where the development team is pouring their absolute effort in.

On how the story is evaluated※ by YoshiP when creating a masterpiece game

  • YoshiP shares his thoughts by citing the difference between how a Hollywood movie is made (its system and how a script decides who to fund them), and how the game is created in Japan. As games are created by corporations there's no funding involved, therefore it's very systematic, and thus there's no evaluation/review involved in it. Since all of the ones developing the games are gamers too, they just read through and give feedback to the scriptwriter. Just that the requirement is to create a unified "story + game experience".
※ In Japanese, review, but the word "review" is not used because it's not really accurate when trying to get across the meaning in English

Final Fantasy XVI Part II

  • When was YoshiP approached to make the game? 2015
  • Ochiai points out that world changes a lot in between 2015 to 2023, citing the war between Russia and Ukraine, COVID, and even in game industry itself, Fortnite gaining prominence plus Unreal Engine's evolution, how different development 3D games have become, indie games and how game development environment has also changed and move forward since, so he asked YoshiP on how all of this affected the story and the development throughout. YoshiP then shares on how the game started its development: The game started with only 3 members, as at that time FFXIV was gaining prominence and is growing rapidly, and YoshiP directly told the higherups that immediately working on XVI was not possible because of this. And since YoshiP was, and still is, working as a director and producer of FFXIV, he cannot work as the director for FFXVI, which is why he chose Hiroshi Takai to take the position, out of time reasons as well as consideration to the fanbase (which he doesn't feel it's appropriate). The game started with only 3 members: Producer, Director, and Script Writer. As XVI being slowly worked on for one year, the transition from other staff members working on XIV to XVI began. The story was decided at that time to be static, universal and easily understood. The base of the story at that time was based on energy wars - There's crystals, crystals benefit civilization, flourished, and so on. Then the Blight happens, which he won't detail. Thus, it's a story containing military history, with medieval gothic Europe-style as a base, Magic, and each countries on war with each other fighting for resource. However YoshiP didn't expect that war between Russia and Ukraine actually broke out (he didn't mention this directly but you know what he meant) and he actually discussed with Sony before once to cancel the schedule he had with them during the second trailer release. He is worried that in this timing, releasing a game that contain a realistic depiction of war (followed by people dying in war and living desperately in face of death) may not be appropriate because of the events that are happening, even though it's just entertainment.
  • Ochiai also cited a point where VI and VII (where he's from that generation) was also enjoyable due to how "movie-like" it is. And he also thought of how forward thinking VII was. YoshiP agrees because at that time, the Gaia Hypothesis was also gaining prominence during the 90s in Japan, which give birth to the concept of Lifestream, and that impacts him a lot. Ochiai also discussed on how FFVII Remake has a universal story theme that deals with energy as a theme.
  • The other point of XVI is the Eikons and the Dominants, and how their existence affects the story as well as the "energy/resources theme" .
  • Ochiai also brought up FFX, which he enjoyed when he was in middle school days. YoshiP also commented that Ochiai's generation is where they praised FFX highly as one of the greatest masterpiece (FFX is very popular in Japan)
  • Ochiai followed by asking what would be the greatest FF for people before his generation. YoshiP answers that since he's 50, his generation would pick FFI as their favorite because coming into FFI after Dragon Quest is very different because of how FF is so much more dramatic, then followed by III due to how polished the game is due to the job system, as well as the occurrence of Crystal Tower. VII would be another shocking moment for YoshiP as the game transitions into 3D, as well as it's volume (3 discs worth of content), but ultimately the definition of what Final Fantasy is can be different from generation to generation, individual to individual.
  • Switching topics, from 3 starting members, it then expands to about 30, and work further for 1 1/2 years for the alpha version. Ultimately due to the nature of the venue, YoshiP isn't willing to disclose the exact amount of people working on it, but it's on "several hundreds". This game is also not developed in Japan only, it's an international effort (production outsourcing, facial captures done in studio outside Japan, etc). YoshiP has given a very small info. You can press Triangle button to speed up the staff credits roll.
  • YoshiP has cited the reason behind why it's full facial capture because of how the graphics have evolved up to this point that not using full-facial capture is going to end up looking fake, thus breaking immersion.
  • Ochiai followed with another question on how much the graphics have changed between each titles he have worked on, from his days in Hudson Soft, to DQX, to FFXIV , then to FFXVI. YoshiP answered by stating that in XIV, there's a lot of considerations to make when it comes to graphic because of rendering several hundreds of people in one screen, and how the memory has to accommodate for home consoles, so it's a lot different than developing for standalone games. When it comes to standalone FF game, since they are developing the game from scratch, they can reconsider the technology (and did), and find out the trend, which development pipeline to use, and discard things that are unnecessary.
  • And since the game is rendered on real time, Ochiai asks if there's anything YoshiP is particular about when developing the game through the use of game engine. YoshiP's answer: They wanted to stop using anything that is related to pre-render, but there is one particular scene that involves the sea (which he won't detail because spoilers) and he felt that going real time render is impossible for that particular moment, so he'd say 95% of the game is real time, and the sea/ocean is pre-render, and characters that are rendered in real time will be pre-rendered just for that particular part and created a movie cutscene of it without any need of loading (since they are going with an FF with no "Now Loading" on screen). Another thing that the development team is particular about would be the use of Cutscene Editor (things they use to create cutscenes): with many people using the editor, addressing feedback and having programmers working to perfect the tools and create amazing cutscene through the tools as well.
  • YoshiP has emphasized on one thing: He has no idea who or which department will be creating FFXVII (FF17). Of course the above mentioned experiences would be useful for any new work developed by CBU3 in the future, but he has no idea if the experiences working in FFXVI will help FFXVII for now.

On Worldwide Game Market

  • According to this, as of 2023, the worldwide game industry market share (if the term is wrong please correct me) has reached 172.6 billion (Roughly 24 trillion yen), and in 2023, 88% of that number is occupied by the digital market, which includes console games (download), PC games (download), mobile games and so on.
  • YoshiP has one again reiterate that this will be PS5 exclusive (for now). Ochiai asks if there's online or multiplayer content, YoshiP then answered that there's a high difficulty mode after clearing the game once, and a score attack mode will be available, which people can compete with others in scores. While it's not player vs player, the score will be uploaded to the leaderboard, and people can compete with each other. Basically, this is a single player RPG game. Ochiai comments that it's rare to see a game like this today.
  • Ochiai then followed with his next question: In Square Enix, which age range/generation occupies the most for the current development team composition for FFXVI. YoshiP answered that the development members are mostly in their latter 30s (by average), which Ochiai commented that their exposure on their first FF lies on around VI or VII, and entered Square Enix after the merger (Square Enix was previously known as Squaresoft), and also got used to games emulating the movie watching experience, and pursue high fidelity graphics, thus they know what to achieve in terms of their ideal FF. YoshiP agrees, saying that FF has been aiming for high quality graphics since the near end of SNES days (VI), therefore expecting high quality graphics have been the baseline compared to other games. The other would be the game volume, story and music. Those components are what have been expected by the fans, so it's an absolute requirement when working in FF. As someone working in the management side, he is highly aware that those are necessary.
  • Even the modelers of FFXVI are from Square Enix (meaning it's done internally, not outsourced). There's even staff members working specifically at sculpting (especially a master), working on the physical outlook of the Eikons. YoshiP specifically went to Fine Arts university to find talented sculptors to work for him. At first these people doesn't look like they're interested in digital work but demonstrating how important having a sculptor can contribute a lot to expressing their artistry in game industry, it changed their minds and thus willing to offer themselves to work on FFXVI. This shows that the development team can be very particular at their work, so even for sculptors, they can spend one full day only sculpting on the models.
  • Ochiai then followed by asking about how AIs are utilized in FFXVI (as party members acting on their own, the game system operated by AI, etc). YoshiP finds it difficult to answer because it depends on which segment to utilize AI, but to him, there is a worth in creating a stage through human hands because a sense of entertainment can be felt from there, but for things that are extremely tough to be done manually, then a level of automation using AI would be better, although from academic point of view, the level is really low. However since the technology is rapidly advancing and it comes to the point where doing it manually can end up being unmanageable, therefore having AI managing some of the task proved to be helpful and positive in this case.
(To be continued and updated periodically. The footage is over one hour. Status: About 55% done)
Another edit: Apologies. It seems that there's no header format and proper CSS formatting here, so reading this is going to be a headache. Please read through them slowly.
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2023.06.01 19:25 mrbrightsideryu Revised m13 build

Revised m13 build submitted by mrbrightsideryu to u/mrbrightsideryu [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 18:26 Competitive_Crew_521 Issues with fps drop while playing FO4 and mods [FO4]

Hello, Fallout mod community, I came here today to find out what the issue is with Fallout when I play with the mod list below.
Mod list and load order:
"0000","+","DLC: Wasteland Workshop"
"0001","+","DLC: Vault-Tec Workshop"
"0002","+","DLC: Nuka-World"
"0003","+","DLC: Far Harbor"
"0004","+","DLC: Contraptions Workshop"
"0005","+","DLC: Automatron"
"0007","+","Addres Library"
"0008","+","Buffout4 NG"
"0010","+","Console Commands Extender"
"0011","+","Better Console"
"0012","+","High FPS Physics Fix"
"0013","-","Bug Fixes_separator"
"0014","+","Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch"
"0015","+","Fallout 4 Fixes"
"0016","+","Ownership Fixes"
"0017","+","Sprint Stuttering Fix"
"0018","+","Weapon Debris Crash Fix"
"0019","+","PRP Main"
"0020","+","Previsibines Repair Pack"
"0021","+","Backpacks of the Commonwealth - UFO4P Patch"
"0022","+","Chickens Lay Eggs - UFO4P Patch"
"0023","+","Commonwealth Express Courier Stations - UFO4P Patch"
"0024","+","Complex Vendors - UFO4P Patch"
"0025","+","Fallout Ladies - Cait - UFO4P Patch"
"0026","+","Fallout Ladies - Curie - UFO4P Patch"
"0027","+","Far Harbor Boat Fast Travel - UFO4P Patch"
"0028","+","Fast Travel From Quest Hubs - UFO4P Patch"
"0029","+","HiPoly Faces REDUX - UFO4P Patch"
"0030","+","Hot Diggity - Fallout 4 Fixes - UFO4P Patch"
"0031","+","Hot Diggity - UFO4P Patch"
"0032","+","Humble Hot Diggity - UFO4P Patch"
"0033","+","Interiors Enhanced - UFO4P Patch"
"0034","+","Junk Items Give Resources - UFO4P Patch"
"0035","+","Nuka Cola (and Vim) Addiction - UFO4P Patch"
"0036","+","Nuka Recipe Book 2K Retextures - UFO4P Patch"
"0037","+","Raider Gangs Extended - UFO4P Patch"
"0038","+","Some Assembly Required - UFO4P Patch"
"0039","+","Synthetic Variations - UFO4P Patch"
"0040","+","Wetness Shader Fix"
"0041","+","Fixed Gobo Effects"
"0042","+","Jamaica Plain Pathfinding Fix - ESP"
"0043","+","Nuka World Bottle Fix"
"0044","+","Mechanist's Lair Pathfinding Fix"
"0045","+","Newton's Regards - No More Falling Cars"
"0046","+","1 - Lootable Cars And Trucks v2.0 all DLC. (EN) and (RU). Patch (English version only)"
"0047","+","Shredder tweaks"
"0048","-","Misc anim tweaks and fixes"
"0049","+","Misc anim tweaks and fixes 1.4.3"
"0050","+","GCBugFix Release 0.1"
"0051","+","MGEF Condition Bug Fix"
"0052","+","3rd Person Behavior Fixes"
"0053","+","Armor Penetration Bug Fix"
"0054","+","Jet Script Bugfix"
"0055","+","Legendary Drop Bugfix"
"0057","+","Reload Fix"
"0060","+","Hot Diggity - Fallout 4 Fixes Patch"
"0061","+","Better Power Armor - Redux - Fallout 4 Fixes Patch"
"0062","+","Wearable Backpacks and Pouches - 1.4b"
"0063","+","LOST Audio Tweaks - Immersive Animation Framework Patch"
"0064","+","PRP - LOST Audio Tweaks Patch"
"0065","+","Interiors Enhanced - LOST Audio Tweaks Patch"
"0066","-","Combined Arms - 1.1 - PATCH"
"0068","-","PA Ownership Fix"
"0069","+","PA Ownership Fix (with No PA Battery Pathing)"
"0070","+","RAW INPUT - The Ultimate Mouse Sensitivity Fix"
"0071","+","ProtoVaultSuit - Blue"
"0072","+","Weapons of Fate (Ballistics Overhaul)"
"0073","+","Diamond City Ambience - LOST Audio Tweaks Patch"
"0074","+","Unlimited Survival Mode - F4SE"
"0075","-","LOST Audio Tweaks"
"0076","+","LOST Audio Tweaks - No RAO Replacer"
"0077","+","Keep Radiants in the Commonwealth UFO4P Version"
"0078","-","Who's The General - Minutemen Quest Cleanup"
"0080","+","Who's The General - Minutemen Quest Cleanup (Loose Files Version)"
"0081","+","Bullet Counted Reload - v.2.00"
"0082","+","Whose Quest Is It Anyway"
"0083","+","Weapon Scrapping Redone"
"0084","+","Advanced and Realistic Weapons"
"0085","+","Clothing Scrapping Redone"
"0086","+","Realistic Conversations"
"0089","+","Crafting Highlight Fix 1.8.8"
"0091","+","Extended Dialogue Interface 1.3.6"
"0092","+","Mod Configuration Menu 1.39"
"0093","-","HUDFramework 1.0f"
"0095","+","PA HoloHUD"
"0097","+","FallUI - Confirm Boxes"
"0098","+","FallUI - Sleep and Wait"
"0099","+","FallUI - Workbench"
"0100","+","Fallout 4 Wheel Menu"
"0101","+","FallUI - Map"
"0102","+","FallUI - HUD"
"0103","+","MCM Booster"
"0104","+","MCM Settings Manager"
"0105","+","MCM Categorizer"
"0106","+","Less intrusive tutorial"
"0108","+","True Invisibility"
"0109","-","CC Stealth Armor Update"
"0110","-","Combined Arms - 1.0"
"0111","+","Better Power Armor - Redux"
"0112","+","Thrive Redone"
"0113","+","Fallout 4 Scopes Framework"
"0114","+","Perk Up"
"0115","+","Capped Out - A loot and levelled list rebalance"
"0116","+","Perennial Power Armor"
"0117","+","American 180 - Main - 2K Version"
"0118","+","Kat's Power Armor Repair Kits"
"0119","+","Rust Devil Redux"
"0120","+","Complex Vendors"
"0121","-","Improved Map with Visible Roads"
"0124","+","Extended weapon mods 1.7"
"0125","+","Wearable Backpacks and Pouches"
"0126","+","Craftable Ammo"
"0127","+","Proto Vault Suit"
"0128","+","Realistic Ragdoll force"
"0130","+","Live Dismemberment"
"0131","+","FO4 NPCs Travel"
"0132","+","Remote Explosives 2.0"
"0133","+","Lots More Male Hairstyles v. 1.21 - Fix"
"0134","+","Unlimited Companion Framework"
"0135","+","Lots More Facial Hair v. 1.21"
"0136","-","Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR)"
"0137","-","Caravan Shotgun"
"0139","+","Grease Gun SMG"
"0140","+","FlirtyCommonwealth MALE.rar"
"0141","+","More Smarter Companions Mod"
"0142","+","10mm SMG"
"0144","+","Vault 81 1.2"
"0145","+","Loads of Ammo"
"0146","+","Grenade Expansion Pack - All-In-One Plugin 2.4.1"
"0147","-","APC Mobile Base (Possibly unstable)"
"0148","+","MP-153 Riot Shotgun Standalone"
"0149","+","Handmade Anti-Materiel Rifle (REDUX) -2K"
"0150","+","Military MREs - (Script-Injected Lists)"
"0151","+","T51c Power Armor"
"0152","+","BodySlide and Outfit Studio -"
"0153","+","Immersive Wastelander's Armory"
"0154","+","Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE-"
"0156","+","Lightweight Lighting"
"0157","+","Targeted Textures"
"0158","+","Institute and standard lasers"
"0159","-","Institute and standard lasers. Pluginless"
"0160","+","No Holotape Tease - Texture Replacement"
"0162","+","Terrain Undersides"
"0163","+","Swimming Archive Only 1.0"
"0164","+","Swimming ESL 1.0"
"0165","+","Running Hands Archive Only 1.1"
"0166","+","Running Hands ESL 1.1"
"0167","+","All In One"
"0168","-","All In One Custom Billboard Replacer"
"0169","-","Custom Replacer (Commonwealth)"
"0170","+","Enhanced Blood Textures"
"0171","-","Enhanced Blood Textures Standard"
"0172","+","True Storms Wasteland Edition v1.4"
"0173","+","Nuka World Add-On (with TS Far Harbor Compatibility)"
"0174","+","Lowered Weapons 1.1"
"0175","-","VividFallout - AiO - BestChoice"
"0176","+","F4ECC - 1.2"
"0177","+","Real HD Main File"
"0178","+","Real HD Faces Textures"
"0179","+","FTO Stars 1K"
"0180","+","Radiant Clouds and Fogs"
"0181","+","HoloTime 1.1b"
"0184","+","CBBE AssUp"
GPU: RTX 3060
CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3700x
RAM: 24 GB
The main issue that occurs is an fps drop when loading the game and whenever I get to Concord or enter any area that may have dense objects, the game begins to stutter. My fps is usually 100 then drops to about 1 or 37 in loading screens or dense areas. So far, I tried playing from ultra to low but that doesn't work and I know the issue isn't with graphics as the game plays well when it comes to vanilla. So if any experienced fallout 4 players are willing to help please do.
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2023.06.01 18:00 GroundbreakingFee538 Dude, STFU….

Dude, STFU….
Instead of worrying about other people’s kids, ask your nasty ass GF why she abandoned her own children.
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2023.06.01 17:29 Ikaricyber What’s your guys top three favorite non ultra home screens here’s mine (Gohan when zenkaid)

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