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The unofficial subreddit for the FNAF inspired analog horror series created by Martin Walls, The Walten Files. Remember to have fun, follow the rules and S̷̛̤̘̱̃̚ť̴̰͎̲ḁ̶̰͍̂͛ỳ̸̧̼̔ͅ ̶̡̗̀̀̇b̸͉̈́ͅe̴̥̦̅̇͝ả̷̢͖̰̄̎u̷̢͇̦͋̈t̷͚͗ḯ̷̗̜f̵͔̘̺̎̂̃u̷̠̰͘l̵̤͍͛!

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This is the unofficial community of The Walten Files. TWF was made on YouTube by Martin Walls.

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2023.05.27 04:49 sou_hidory Xd

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2023.05.21 20:39 PlantBoi123 If Whatsapp was in The Walten Files 🤣

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2023.05.21 19:45 Bunnymif If Jack Walten is actually possessing Bon, why did he kill those people?

I thought he was possessing Showbear but apparently Showbear is a one-time character (sadly bc I really liked Showbear). I really don't understand what Jack had to gain from killing Susan, Ashley, Brian and Charles if he actually is possessing Bon. "To make them beautiful" but wouldn't Jack just want revenge on Felix? I especially don't get why he'd kill Rosemary, even if it is to reunite his family or whatnot because Martin Wells has called him a good husband and said they had a healthy relationship - so him killing her would kinda go against that but idk maybe I missed something?
A theory that makes sense is that Jack can't control Bon but then why is Bon doing all that stuff? What is powering him to?
Feel free to chuck your own theories rather than fact at me, I love theories! I'm still wishing that Jack was Showbear
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2023.05.19 09:55 IntroductionOne6592 Some WF art again

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2023.05.18 22:52 SorizarSatan Any The Walten Files Kins?

Heya guys, im a Jack Walten kin and I just wondered if any of my friends or family is on here!
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2023.05.16 03:14 SorizarSatan My amazing spectacular introduction! <3 <3 <3 <333 :D

Heya guys! I go by Basil because im so cool, my pronouns are he/they/it/void
I kin, Michael Afton, Sal fisher, Tweek Tweak, Kenny Mccormick, Jack Walten, and Sayori! I'm also a demonkin/shadowkin
I have Tourette's and Autism which is a cool fun fact about me! I love answering questions, doing quizzes and anything where im challenged as long as I do not have to communicate with anyone!
Anyways Im overall glad to be here and meet all these other fictionkins and share my experience!!!! 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗
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2023.05.14 01:13 Weird-Ad-106 Jack walten theory

Ok so hear me out, what if jack is trapped inside k-9
My first piece of evidence is that during the little bon's sleepover segment in the 1st video on the tv it says' let me out of here.'
My second piece of evidence is during sha's k-9 tour, she says that the third door is used to hide- and then cuts out
Plz let me know if there are any holes in this theory
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2023.05.13 12:18 a-guy-in-a-box The Ultimate Disturbing Media Iceberg Chart

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2023.05.12 03:12 Emerald_GAME Why does this frame of Markiplier makes him look like Jack Walten?

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2023.05.12 03:11 Emerald_GAME Why does Markiplier look like Jack Walten in this frame

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2023.05.05 00:42 TheReal0ne_ Walten Files?

It’s been a hot second and I wanted to ask if someone has every figured out why Jack Walten is missing yet. Like we know he went missing but have we discovered where he is? Like shoved inside Bon? What’s up with him?
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2023.04.30 23:18 ClassicSonicLove Old FNAF YT Iceberg I made 2 years ago

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2023.04.29 08:43 SOMERANDO2650 Jacky boy (Jack Walten)

Jacky boy (Jack Walten)
This was a fun lil charcoal practice
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2023.04.24 13:21 Birdee_1 unused jack scare from TWF 2 (source: the walten news on instagram)

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2023.04.24 13:20 Birdee_1 unused jack scare from TWF 2 (source: the walten news on instagram)

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2023.04.21 15:38 Different-Elk-5212 Hitler calls Jack Walten

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2023.04.21 01:09 Jowey-meowmeow891 New Photo Of Jack Walten Recovered???

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2023.04.19 21:23 Different-Elk-5212 I was talking to a Sophie AI and she said this………

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2023.04.18 09:03 Buttfucker70000000 Bon Vs Art. (The Walten Files Vs Terrifier) “This only works if you believe Jack is Bon”

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2023.04.12 16:38 NoCareNoLife Nobody was stuffed into Bon, he was re-programmed [Theory]

I watched through the entire Walten files series, but I couldn't quite get the idea as to who was stuffed into Boozoo and Bon. The video tapes were to me hinting that Walten was the one stuffed into Bon and now is reuniting with his family. By the process of elimination I assumed that Brian was stuffed into Boozoo after the incident. However I've heard a very interesting theory.
What if nobody was stuffed into Bon? To me it sounded ridiculous at first, but a lot of things didn't line up with my original view. Like the fact that Bon didn't specifically just kill his family members, it was everybody who was withing him, even those unrelated to him. And if this series was to be inspiried by Five Nights at Freddies, why don't the other animatronics move. There seem to be ghosts as based on the corrupted game. But they can't move the bodies of the said animatronics, with the exception of Bon who is the only one who never shown his insides. Well that's because he didn't have any. Susan the engineer mentioned in her tape that before her fateful night she noticed that something was wrong with Bon, somebody had tampered with his systems. And we've known that Felix was extremely busy at his work as he was getting drunk. Presumably working with Susan on creating those machines.
So what I believe happened is that in self defense (which I am quite unsure myself as to why) he decided to kill Jack Walten by setting up a trap. Once Bon will be turned on, he will attack the closest thing to him and dispose of the corpse by stuffing it into something. However the trap went rogue and started literally rampaging across the building causing for the eventual close and removal of it to the bunker. So why didn't Sophie die considering she was working that same exact day? Well she pretended not to be there, not moving completely silent and motionless which is probably why she was represented as a manikin in the Sha video. Its because she saw everything, but out of fear did nothing as her mother was torn apart by the Bon. But this same fear paralysis is what saved her from the fateful day, as Bon does rely on sight and sound as scene in the company tape where they've discussed the new feature of animatronics to blink and better orient themselves to the audience. However this did mentally scar Sophie which is why she was trying to forget. As for Boozoo we saw his mangled face, and it is likely to be Walten himself. The face was really manly and so far all of the animatronics we've seen to be stuffed were women. However the counterpoint though could be that it was Brian. After the chase we've heard a loud shattering noise, which looking by the face's broken jaw would mean Bon pretty much crushed Brian's jaw which would also explain why on the recording Brian didn't scream, he simply couldn't. And on the news channels it was told that no body was found meaning that Bon carried over with his procedure of hiding it somewhere.
I do feel I have a lot of plotholes in this theory, but I feel like it sounds nice and so I've decided to share it :)
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2023.04.10 17:40 Random-Dummy Jack Walten is actually a God.

Jack Walten is actually a God.
tw for mentions of religion
Hello everybody. It’s been about four months or so since I made a genuine theory in this subreddit,so here’s a new theory.
In Bunnyfarm around 39:40,a text appears on screen above a photo of a door at Bons reading out, “I know where He is. Rosie.”
Since we already know what happens after this,let’s begin the theory.
In the Bible,whenever God appears or is described,do you notice how his pronouns are always capitalized? Example from Psalm 111:10; “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of a wisdom: a good understanding have all they that do His commandments: his praise endureth forever.”
And in the photo,Jack Waltens pronouns are capitalized the same way they are in the Bible for God. Is this somewhat implying Jack is a form of God? Was Jack around during the biblical era? We will never really know.
Anyways,that’s really all I have to say for this stupid theory. Bye.
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2023.04.08 17:15 TatianeXgmr 5 curiosità su Jack Hopper che QUASI NESSUNO sa

N. 5 Il design di Jack Hopper è ispirato a quello di Bon della serie horror "the Walten Files" ( consiglio, se non si sa chi sia, di cercarlo su Google) N.4 All'inizio l'animatronic di Larry Chipperson doveva essere un castoro ,però c'era il problema che assomigliava troppo ad un'orso, e quindi ho deciso di dargli una coda da scoiattolo per renderlo più riconoscibile N.3 il peluche di Jack Hopper è un animatronic e ha anche un nome tutto suo ovvero Jack Hopp. Non fate domande N.2 Il primo animatronic ad essere stato disegnato e pensato è stato Roger il Corvo N.1 Un animatronic scartato doveva essere Gertie la Capra che ora sarà sostituita dall'animatronic pappagallo, il quale ho deciso di chiamare Theodore.
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