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2023.05.30 22:28 Austubisthegr8 I'm tired.

All I ever wanted was to be married and to have someone care for me the same way I care for them, but it's impossible. Every single relationship I've been in has ended within 6 months because they cheat on me with someone else while telling me that they'll be with me forever.. I don't understand how everyone around me can find someone, hell even multiple someones in the same year and they just stick together but I'm just used and tossed aside. Nobody wants to be with me. I'm not even ugly or an ass. I'm just different.. I'm taking care of my goddaughter and sacrificed a huge amount of my life raising her. Honestly she's the only reason I'm still here. But I don't want to exist anymore and play this endless game of heartbreak. I feel like there isn't one person out there for me.. Everyone tells me I need to work on myself and love myself. I do. I do nothing but work on myself and love myself and love others. My heart bleeds to have some of that love be given by and to someone else. It's not a linear thing like everyone likes to believe. I could be the perfect version of myself, try anything, and still nothing. Not even a consideration. The thing is I do love myself I believe I'm a good person who is willing to do anything for those he cares about. I accept myself flaws and all. Nobody's perfect. I just feel immense dread that I'll be alone forever. I'm told I just need to wait and someone will come to me. But that hasn't rang true for 4 years. And when I search for someone. Nobody wants me. Sorry for the long post. Tldr: dude is tired of being alone and is afraid of being alone forever.
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2023.05.30 22:28 AcanthisittaNo2355 Landlord neglecting our issues for the past 9 months

Hi Reddit! My gf and I really need advice on wether or not we should potentially take legal action for our landlord not taking care of things that they should’ve. I’ll try and keep this as short as possible. Here’s the story:
  1. We moved into our apartment in September of 2022. The first thing we noticed was the smell of smoke in our apartment. Apparently, my gf said that the carpets should’ve been changed (not sure if this is true or not) but this was the least of our worries.
  2. When we moved in, we were told that the doorbell buzzer doesn’t work. We were sort of irritated when the landlord told us this, but she said that it would be fixed. Going on almost 9 months now and the buzzer has yet to be fixed. Anytime people come to visit, food deliveries etc, we have to go down 4 flights of stairs to let them in.
In December, I accidentally forgot my phone and keys and my dog and I were locked out in the freezing cold for about 15 minutes. Thank god someone came (it was like 2AM) and let me in because I had no way of contacting my girlfriend and telling her I was locked out. My gf also has a condition with her blood pressure so this is a major concern for her if she was to ever to forget her keys, which isn’t that uncommon.
  1. In November, we noticed that our apartment started to get very cold. When we would sit on the couch, we would feel a draft coming from our balcony windows. The seals in our windows (living room, and 2 bedrooms) are broke and need to be repaired!!! We had the maintenance guy come take a look and he told us that we should just buy some seal and peel because they wont allow people on the deck to fix the windows. We did get the seal and peel, even though we feel like that shouldn’t of been our responsibility. However, the seal and peel didn’t work good enough because our electric bill went from about $80 a month to over $250!!!!!
After contacting our landlord multiple times about the buzzer, she continues to give us the run around saying “there was a landline installed by the previous tenant, and I’m currently working on the issue. I will keep you posted”. My gf did contact corporate about all these issues and demanded that we at least get some sort of credit for our electric bill. Well, we got a credit but so did everyone in the entire apartment. I just find it ridiculous and feel like we are being taken advantage of. Oh yeah, and they want to raise the rent this coming September $150 and we just got the notice today. I’m fed up. But also want to know if there are any legal actions we can take or advice on how to professionally handle this situation.
Please let us know!!!! We greatly appreciate it!!!
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2023.05.30 22:28 Pydras 27 [M4F] BC/Canada/Online - Seeking someone to search the stars with!

Maybe that title is a bit too cheesy, but I really do like exploring the night sky. Helps especially since my hometown was a great place to do so. That all aside, hello! I am Pydras, fat cat collector, lessor avatar of chaos, and most boring of all, corporate accountant. I am to find people to potentially connect with and see what develops. Whether that leads to friendship or something more will remain to be seen, but life is short so have to get out there and try!
A little more about me! As stated earlier, I am a corporate accountant, currently working in BC, starting to save up to buy a place where I am at. I am quite fond of cooking, and decent enough at it as well! I would say at least 67% of it would be tolerable to most people. Since my job is basically just sitting around all day, I try and workout at least three or four times a week to stay active and in shape. That being said I do have a sweet tooth that I am quite good at managing, except for my weakness of homemade baked goods. Art wise, I really have no skills in most of those areas except for writing (use to do some RP back in the day). Well, I do make quite the horrible MS Paint masterpiece if the inspiration hits, so that might count. Politically I am quite on the left side, and religion wise I tend to fall more into agnosticism and atheism.
For subject interests, my top three would probably have to be history, geography, and geology. One of my favourite things to do when bored is open Google maps and go to a random area and see what I can learn of those three for it. However, my absolute biggest interest and the one I hold closest to me is music. While I can't really play an instrument (have been trying to relearn piano), I usually have some sort of playlist on if I am not too busy or in a loud environment. I can literally go into paragraphs upon paragraphs about some of my favourite songs. Just about what I like about them, how they make me feel, etc. I am always up for sharing or creating playlists with someone, I truly feel like music is one of the better ways to get to know someone. My usual genres end up to alternative, indie, and math rock, but I will really just listen to anything that I like the sound of.
Hobby wise, it sort of depends on what time of the year it is. If the weather is nice in the spring or summer, I love to go for long walks and hiking. Just being out in nature beings a sense of relaxation and peace you can't get anywhere else. Plus, the views, just all the amazing views and secrets you can come upon. When the weather is not as pleasant or it is winter (so quite a few months here), I am usually found being a homebody. Probably no surprise, but gaming is a major filler of my time when I have nothing else to do. My main game right now is FFXIV, realized today that I have been playing it for over half a decade at this point, how time flies. I do enjoy the Paradox Interactive games as well, especially with all the amazing mods some of them have. Like music, I could spend hours talking about some of my favourite games. Would also love more people to play with, generally not picky about what, as long as you don't mind me potentially sucking. Gaming with people is always such a joy and fun time. I can be quite the reader if a particular book or series catches my attention. Once burned through a trilogy in a week since it captivated me so much. One of the dangers I found with me reading is I'll always go for one more chapter, then suddenly it is 3 am. Don't really have any specific genres in particular, though I am quite the sucker for some good worldbuilding.
I could probably keep rambling about myself, but why take away all the fun? As said before, I am looking for someone to see what kind of connection we can build. Location wise, for something more than friendship, you would likely have to be in Canada or have plans to move here. While I do enjoy all my friends in the US, I have no desire to move there unfortunately. Either way, if I intrigued your interests feel free to send me a DM and we can connect from there!
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2023.05.30 22:28 ShinyShadowGligar What are some of the funniest things you've ran into in the game? Whether it's a glitch or a mistake you made it something you just didn't expect?

For me one of my favorite glitches is on mobile whenever I walk into the Mayor's house and he's standing on a table before he steps off and sits down. And everytime I walk into his office he's leaning over his desk with his head bobbing like he's eating it. No wonder he needs so many Tea Tables!
And one of the funniest moments was shortly after my husband, Oaks, asked if I wanted a baby. It happened to be Mothers Day in real life too. Earlier that day my daughter triggered the dialogue while playing by saying she wanted to see what happened if you went home early. She proceeded to jump on Oaks sleeping in bed until 3 am. Next morning Oaks asked about having a baby. (Meanwhile I had been wanting to see this dialogue forever and she triggered it when I stepped away for a few mins to make her food, oops).
A few in game days later Oaks gets a pop up over his head "Let's go have some fun" and proceeds to walk to the bedroom 😂. My character woke up pregnant! He gets that pop up often, but it was the first time I saw it and it just happened to be at that moment. Most of the time it's when he's walking towards the outside. So it was just an amusing coincidence I'm sure the developer didn't intend, but it gave me a good laugh.
I wanna hear your funny stories too!
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2023.05.30 22:28 BondageKitty37 Transitioning will never be an option and it's getting harder to live like this

Pretty simple, I'm a man who wants to be a woman but it will never happen. It's just not financially possible, I don't have the skills to start making a good living wage, and I'm way too tired to start learning them now.
Even if I somehow win the lottery and have all the money I could ever need, it still won't happen. I know the end result would just make me feel worse because my face and body would make it obvious what I actually am. I would still see the man I hate most in the world staring back at me in the mirror.
I can't keep living like this. I'll never be ok with myself, never comfortable in my own skin. My depression and anxiety just keep getting worse all the time. I haven't felt ok in almost 20 years, and I'm so fucking tired
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2023.05.30 22:28 Idkjustkindasad 21M I just need a lil advice, or an outside opinion.

Hello, This is weird because all my life I’ve been reading stuff like this, not writing it. First off, as a little context, me (21M) and my girlfriend (22F) have been dating for about a year. We’re only able to see eachother once or twice a week, and she has a curfew from her father. When we first started dating, that curfew was 9, but after being together for so long it’s now as long as she gets home before 12. Her father was abusive in the past and still is emotionally distant in her family.
Anyway, I took my girlfriend out yesterday for her birthday. And we had an amazing time all day, I picked her up early and basically we did whatever she wanted all day and all night, it was great. But when we got back to my place and had about an hour and a half to kill, her dad texted her and told her to come home early. Saying it’s her birthday and she shouldn’t be out dealing with “crap”. I know her father doesn’t like me, but reading texts like that hurts. She(understandably) got extremely upset by this as it felt like he was trying to ruin a good day for her, and this wasn’t the first time it’s happened either. She ended up debating for the rest of the time we had together if she wanted to just stay regardless or go home like she was told, and after some tears and cuddles, she decided she needed to go home. This isn’t the first time something like this happened, and in the past I had some expectations that maybe she would want to disobey her dad to stay out a bit later(I’m always reassuring her that we will do whatever she wants to, if she wanted to leave I’d take her home instantly, but if she wanted to stay she could stay for as long as she’d like) but at this point I knew that wouldn’t happen. It still hurt to see her like that and to see her make a decision she really didn’t want to do. I tried reassuring her I wasn’t upset with her, but I was upset, and she could tell. Not with her, not really, just a lot of resentment for her dad.
To be honest I’m not entirely sure why I’m writing this/posting it. I have no one really to talk to about it,(my friends are horrible with relationship advice) and I just feel very isolated and alone. I got home last night very upset, it felt like I put all this effort in for this day to be the best ever for her(which she had said it was earlier in the day!) only for this to happen, and it felt like all my effort came crashing down. I’m tired of being sad after doing nothing wrong. I’m tired of being upset in a relationship, but neither at myself or at my girlfriend. It just feels like this outside source in our relationship is really taxing on it and I don’t really know what to do.
If anyone took the time to read all of this I appreciate you.
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2023.05.30 22:28 Fishwifeonsteroids Don't you 🅻🅾🆅🅴 the SGI necrotrolls who show up insisting they 𝘈𝘙𝘌𝘕'𝘛 SGI members when they obviously 𝐀𝐑𝐄???

Here's one that got their SGIsplainin' ass BANNED last week - from Why does SGI hate the Shoshu priesthood so much?, from THREE YEARS AGO - first, the OP they're replying to:
Over at the SGIUSA sub, they are discussing how members should just take what they want and leave what they don't about practicing Nichiren Buddhism under SGI.
Someone shared a Gosho quote basically saying that if someone has the same belief as you in NMRK, you should never fight with or even criticize that person.
The commenters take this to mean that SGI is accepting of its members being interfaith and practicing multiple religions.
But I've also read quotes by Nichiren that basically show he wanted to DESTROY all other sects of Buddhism!!! (These quotes have been linked many times, sorry not to link them again).
It seems that Nichiren was only protecting the followers of the Lotus Sutra and not other religions, though . So in our modern-day, we might say that Nichiren would have protected both the Shoshu priesthood and the SGI members.
But we all know how hard SGI has fought to keep the separation of the Shoshu and their own members. SGI is constantly belittling and criticizing the Shoshu. It seems pretty hypocritical, especially considering Nichiren wants protection of all Lotus Sutra practitioners, doesn't it? Source
So far so good? That post was from October 24, 2019 - over 3 1/2 years ago. Now here's from a mere FIVE DAYS AGO, from u/Mobile_Taro1969 (sounds like a BOOMER to me):
From what I have researched, SGI members grew the organization and were encouraged to make pilgrimages to Japan if possible.
No. Virtually ALL the money and members have always been IN JAPAN. All of the SGI properties are owned by the Soka Gakkai in Japan (via one or more of their many shell corporations distributed throughout the various countries of the world).
The SGI is NOT "growing"; it is collapsing. The SGI membership is aging and dying, just as the Soka Gakkai membership is in Japan. The Ikeda organization stopped growing everywhere in the mid-1970s.
Over time, their generous donations added up to billions - far exceeding most churches, including the Vatican.
Really? Show us the money, then! We all KNOW the Soka Gakkai hasn't given the lion's share of the money they have to Nichiren Shoshu (or anyone), and the Soka Gakkai has been very careful to NEVER disclose how much it is worth. So let's see your sources! I can't WAIT to see the details!! 😃
Seems the temple high priests felt it 'acceptable' to use the hard-earned donated funds for their frequent drinking parties with the opposite sex and other irresponsible actions.
Oh, really? I'm guessing you're going off those photoshopped pictures the Soka Gakkai mocked up and then got spanked for in court. You really need to do better research!
Whatever happened to Ikeda's 1990 supposedly "eternal" "clear mirror guidance", in which everyone is instructed to assume FULL PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for everything that bothers them within their environment?? Hmmmm....? Since when has the SGI encouraged COMPLAINING about others?? You really should stop your complaining - Ikeda SENSEI says so!
Frequent requests to stop by the lay organization were ignored.
No, no - this was a power struggle in which Daisaku Ikeda thought he'd be able to take over Nichiren Shoshu and run it however HE wanted. THAT is the ENTIRE problem.
Also, prior to the burning of the Shohondo which was paid for by SGI members
You apparently don't realize that the Sho-Hondo was made of ferroconcrete - concrete reinforced with steel.
Do you really think that concrete and steel are flammable??? Have you ever tried to burn concrete or steel??? Here are images from the DEMOLITION. Enjoy.
[No "burning" was involved, moron. And it was the right thing to do.
the priests had instructed that the cremated ashes of members left in safeguard at the Shohondo, be dumped into rice bags like trash. I was in total disbelief to hear and read of such disrespectful actions - like watching a movie unfold.
Let's see the evidence. SGI members are notorious for making shit up and expecting everybody to just believe them.
Priests like that are not fit to be advisers and examples for others - they are no better than wild animals. The Japanese govt verbally reprimanded the temple priests for their lack of respect and compassion for the deceased and their loved ones. Unfit for their role as head priests, these money-hungry animals showed no remorse as their pockets were already filled they make me sick to my stomach!
Oh boo hoo hoo. EVIDENCE PLEASE
Not true. To set the record straight, their belief is that other faiths are outdated and there is only one true religion. Also, they do not teach to destroy other faiths - a ridiculous statement. (Not a member but I researched enough to know what are false statements.)
SURE you're not, SkinBitchy! You're dripping with "I Will Become Shin'ichi Yamamoto!" energy!
Considering that most, if not ALL, the content you posted has been shown to be WRONG, your "research" obviously needs some work. Idiot.
"All religions except Nichiren Shoshu are evil and poisonous to society and must be destroyed." - All Three Soka Gakkai Presidents
Here are Jōsei Toda and Daisaku Ikeda (ever heard of them?) stating plainly that other faiths must be DESTROYED:
It should be noted that in the immediate postwar era Sōka Gakkai’s extreme intolerance of other religious faiths did not change in the least. For example, on October 31, 1954, Toda Jōsei mounted a white horse (previously the exclusive prerogative of the emperor) on the Taisekiji parade grounds and addressed assembled members of the Young Men’s and Young Women’s divisions as follows:
In our attempt at kosen rufu [converting the entire world] we are without an ally. We must consider all religions our enemies, and we must destroy them. Ladies and gentlemen, it is obvious that the road ahead is full of obstacles. Therefore, you must worship the gohonzon (sacred scroll), take the Sōka Gakkai spirit to heart, and cultivate the strength of youth. I expect you to rise to the occasion to meet the many challenges that lie ahead. Source
The Soka Gakkai:
"All of orders and religions except Nichiren-sho-shu are heretical religion, and they poison society." - "Shakubuku-Kyoten," p286, edited by Soka-Gakkai teaching section and supervised by Ikeda Daisaku. Source
At the time of Toda's death Soka Gakkai numbered nearly a million followers. Under the leadership of the movement's third president, Daisaku Ikeda, Soka Gakkai's influence increased rapidly. He committed himself to continue Toda's policy 'to destroy other religions'. Source
Daisaku Ikeda:
My two hundred thousand comrades in the entire Kansai district, I hereby desire you to open a general attack under the command of Mr. Shiraki, the chief of the General Chapter[,] on the Tenrikyo, the stronghold of all heresy in the Kansai area. - Ikeda
I desire, therefore, that you, under the leadership of the Youth Division Chief open a general attack, starting this very day, on the Rissho Koseikai, which leads people to hell by delusory doctrines. - Ikeda
There it is. DOCUMENTED.
they do not teach to destroy other faiths - a ridiculous statement.
Here ya go:
Like his mentor, Toda was not speaking metaphorically when he urged the destruction of all other religions. Nevertheless, Sōka Gakkai representatives now claim things have changed. Source
They sure do. It is you and your beliefs that are ridiculous, and you should be ashamed of your LYING.
I am hereby inviting u/Mobile_Taro1969, who is banned from SGIWhistleblowers, to send me a private message with any response or comments, which I will post in its unedited entirety here in the comments, with a screenshot to show it is complete.
If anyone finds any more such necrotrolling, please bring it to the attention of one of the mods so that we can deal with it.
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2023.05.30 22:28 Beav710 Should I See An Advisor?

For context I am late 20s. I have been working a job with an income that fluctuates A LOT. For the past few years I made well over $100k, but am making about $50k right now. I have about $70k in 401k, but I've been doing half Roth 401k because I wasn't sure which option was best, so I just did both. Little over $7k in HSA account that I honestly forgot about until now. I have $280k in my personal brokerage account. Finally, I have about $20k in a savings account.
I feel I'm in a good place to start for my age, but lately I'm feeling very stressed out because I'm not saving any money. Saving used to be easy for me, but so far this year I have saved nothing outside of my 401k. I'm starting to make a budget now that income has decreased so much, because I know I can trim some fat. I'm only bringing in about $2400 a month right now after taxes and 401k contribution, though. Would it be smart to get with an advisor to help me get back on track? I feel an incredible amount of stress and anxiety just from not being able to save at the same amount I used to, and it makes me feel that my financials are out of control. It probably doesn't help that I've lost money on a lot of my stocks since I bought them in 2020-2021. Just wondering how people feel about advisors, I always assumed it wasn't really worth the money.
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2023.05.30 22:28 lilprincessofmars Is there or could there be a subreddit for "chronic"/severe/atypical PMDD?

So I noticed there are often two types of posts/situations in PMDD groups. Please know when I say less severe, I do not mean it matters less, just as in there is a spectrum of difficulty/impairment in daily functioning with medical illness.
There are people who may have less severe or frequent symptoms- or maybe within PMDD we have related medical problems or subtypes not yet known with research. I know that I had PMDD with a very clear start and stop/cycle/luteal phase in a past, I have had the diagnosis for many years. But I am only getting worse, it seems to be constant now, and I also struggle to differentiate between all the issues for me- PMDD, ADHD/brain fog/memory/trauma/physical symptoms- joint pain, hot and cold, insomnia and sleep and weight change patterns etc.- now having had COVID 3x...may have long COVID too?
I notice a divide with those who maybe have more cleaclassic or just a few symptoms or they are not constantly recurring, not every month, only episodes here and there. And many people for whom certain treatments are effective in managing their PMDD (and I am so happy for that.) it is often not a good experience here/in PMDD groups for these people as we also have those struggling with very severe symptoms, and those posts are usually very heavy.
There are many for whom treatments have been adequately effective, stopped working, cannot use or afford them for various reasons, etc. I know it's hard for me to keep seeing the same things that seem to help a few people but I have long since tried, and rants about how it is too hopeless and depressing. I don't belong anywhere and feel very isolated so this hurts, as the last place I tend to go back to when feeling lost and alone. And then feeling ashamed is difficult, like pmdd isn't excuse for x behavior. I'm really glad many people have this measure of control over their behavior all the time. I don't, it's incredibly scary, I'm lost, and I spend all my time focused on trying to manage this and somehow improve.
What do you think about making another subreddit/does anyone feel that would benefit people?
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2023.05.30 22:27 Difficult_Fee9861 Trans friends - I have a question about charities/where to donate.

I am planning on hosting a fundraiser and there’s just sooooo much I don’t know about the Trans community or where I can possibly donate to. I’ve read about a lot of the charities, but how do I know which ones are ACTUALLY helping? Where can I donate that will do the most good & show the most support?
( I hope this post isn’t too ignorant - it’s of course not your job to educate those of us who are learning about how to be a good ally - I just wanted to hear first hand where you think the most good could be done.)
Thank you in advance💕💕
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2023.05.30 22:27 Both_Canary1508 My mother texted me ‘just thinking of you, i love you’ a month after i confronted her about abuse with no mention of it.

A month ago i sent my mother an email because she consistently downplays the abuse i went through and uses my dead father as a scapegoat for every issue. She doesnt even remember or recognize some of the things she did as abusive. An example would be her talking about how good it is they changed the working age in my province from 13 to 16, when she would kick me out of the house from the age of 12 until i got a job, which i did, a full time one she made me work while going to school while she completely stopped paying for anything for me and went jet setting across the world with her new husband. I genuinely cannot begin to tally up the amount of times id come home and theyd be gone. for days from a very young age. Sometimes weeks. One time they said theyd be back in two weeks — 5 weeks later they came home because they just had to ride around the Caribbean in a private catamaran for another few weeks. I was 14. (Theres alot more i wont get into)
I also told her that after she let me be in the vicinty of my rapist grandfather and i fell, when she took me too the doctors and left the room he sexually assaulted me and that i dont view her as the main offender but i do view her as at fault for letting that entire situation transpire and letting me be around my grandfather ( she saw first hand him SA’ing two people while passed out, and heard from one of his child victims) which led to me needing to be rape checked by someone who then actually assaulted me. I told her i dont want to talk about it past this. I just need to know the name. Apologize and we can move on. I said i didnt want to rehash all of this but it was hurting my recovery being around someone who hurt me like that, who refuses to acknowledge the reality and consistently warps facts in order to not feel bad. I told her i loved her no matter what, but this stuff is really effecting me and i cant ever say what needs to he said in person.
She never responded. And i know thats not the point. And i was fine with that. I also was expecting it to take awhile before she came to terms and wasnt expecting her to be able to answer back for awhile. But this morning she messaged me saying that shes thinking of me and she loves me and i guess im just feeling really hurt because she didnt mention it at all, and i feel like she’s going to try and brush it off and make light of the abuse again like shes done in the past.
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2023.05.30 22:27 this_one_wasnt_taken What is proper playground etiquette for a dad?

How do you all deal with other parents?
This experience has been bothering me. I was at the park with my boys a few weeks ago. They were playing with other kids. A little girl was going across the monkey bars, fell, landed flat on her back. I could tell by the sounds of the scream she knocked the wind of of her and scared herself. I did the is usual "ooooooo" and yelled if she was okay. I hadn't got up from the bench yet.
All of a sudden, a dad comes up to me and tells me to leave his kids alone, not to talk to her, and to mind my own business. Realistically, probably a good 45 seconds of being hollered at by another man standing over me.
Dick punch was the first impulse, but I just asked the dude what he was on about, and he left.
I get that parents are protective. But we're all right there. If someone pushes my kids on the swing, or I spin other kids around on the spinning top of death no one has batted an eye.
My wife says I need to let it go, men aren't allowed to help other kids. My neighbor, also a father about the same age says, I should have just sat there and let her scream, you aren't allowed to be concerned. I thought I just ran into an asshole.
Question is, what's the proper etiquette? Do I mind my own business? Help anyway and deal with the occasional angry dad? I'm to old to get into fights. My kids don't need to see me get my ass kicked, and I don't need to embarrass someone else's dad.
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2023.05.30 22:27 OrgasmTorture Life sucks lately.

My ARFID, OCD have been working hand in hand… I’m fearful to cook food… I’m too broke to buy ensures… or take out…
I keep cycling between using the money I don’t have and going into debt due to having to spend 25-30 on delivery a day (no car, ) just for a $10 piece nugget combo.
With no job, and a monthly house payment. I am going in cycles of like eating for 1-3 days then not eating at all for 3-4 days because it’s expensive, cooking isn’t an option due to my OCD so I just drink soda all day and eat any gum/candy I may have.
The only good side is my weight loss. Lost 10 Lbs in a month not even. I’m now 202. Which is the skinniest I’ve been in 5 years.
I hope life Gets better and I find a job soon because how life’s been lately has been difficult . I wish I had a car everyday cause I could then more so afford the few foods I can eat and have them daily.
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2023.05.30 22:27 PenguinWithWings Imagine thinking your of higher intellect than everyone else then blocking me when I give you a different opinion that you don’t like so I can’t respond to your post 😂😂😂

Imagine thinking your of higher intellect than everyone else then blocking me when I give you a different opinion that you don’t like so I can’t respond to your post 😂😂😂
P.s. cry much?
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2023.05.30 22:27 Dramatic_Guidance988 My (25f) boyfriend (28m) doesn’t take me feelings serious…

My boyfriend of 2 years had just started a new job as an assistant manager at a restaurant last year. His work hours vary and some days he can come home around 2am. Him and i share locations with each other and one night i woke up and he still wasn’t home so i had happened to check to see where he was at. When i did, it wasn’t at work but at a different location i wasn’t aware about. I called to see if he was okay and when he answered he seemed nervous, i asked what he was doing and he told me he was dropping a friend off at home and i asked him what friend he said a girls name i’ve never met before. My boyfriend is a very social person and i know he has a lot of girls that a friends but this threw me off and upset me. I am one to jump to conclusions and get jealous quickly. He ended up coming home and telling me that she needed a ride home from work and would give him a cigarette to do so. Around this time, an old friend of theirs had also passed away and he said he needed someone to talk to about it which i understood. I told him i’d appreciate more communication about where he’s going and when because he works in a dangerous area and i want to know if he’s safe. Him and i both have lots of friends of the opposite sex which we both understand, i just want transparency about what is going on because i know it would bother him if i didn’t tell him where i was at with someone he didn’t know at 2am.
Fast forward, to this year. Him and i have seem to be off lately (lack of intimacy/communication/friendship). I’ve been feeling lonely because of us not seeing each other as often and when we do, not much is going on between us. I think it’s because of his work schedule and my new work hours. I keep having this weird feeling in my gut and i happen to check his phone. He had 2 conversations deleted in his phone. 1 from an ex and another one from the girl he took home last year. I bring this to his attention and he laughs it off saying “i could’ve checked them”. I tell him this bothers me because if these conversations are friendly then why were they deleted? I left the house for a few days because i just couldn’t hear the excuses anymore. He proceeds to text me and tell me that he just didn’t want me to see their name pop up on his phone and that all the conversations were that his friend wanted a serving job at his workplace and friendly “banter”. I asked him if they had ever hooked up and he says “yes, a long time ago.” He told me he’s never cheated on me and never would, which i can believe (or else i wouldn’t be with him today). I tell him that i couldn’t live in a relationship where he has to delete text messages so i don’t start an argument with him and he shouldn’t be with someone he feels like he needs to tip toe around. I’ve told him time and time again through multiple occasions of him hiding stuff from me, that it’s worse when i found out myself or through other people rather them him telling me firsthand. I tell him it looks like he’s trying to hide something from me and i don’t like when he does that. Whenever it comes down to that conversation he brings up his feelings and own experiences instead of owning up to what he did.
I guess i feel like i’m at a standstill and don’t know what to do. i have no one to talk about it with because i don’t want my friends to over exaggerate it and just tell me to break up with him and do better. He is a good guy i’m just sick of the hiding.
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2023.05.30 22:26 BeefSandro Lesbian - GF first real sex experience, looking for advice

Hello everyone,
I'm posting here seeking advice.
I (F32) recently got into a relationship with a wonderful cute woman (F27) and we got intimate one night the other day.
After a nice and sensual session +/- 15mins of foreplay, touching and discovering our bodies, I was going to initiate going down on her, while unzipping her pants, she lets me know that it is kind of her first time, that her exes were never into sex so she never really did it. For info, on my side, i've had 2 girls before and did standard package, i ain't a sex expert at all (lol).
So knowing that, i stopped everything and asked if she was okay with me doing it and if yes, she can always stop everything at anytime for any reason. I also told her that communication is the key for me, she must tell me if something i do is unpleasant/hurting and i'll make sure it won't happen again. She gave me her consent. I carefuly continue unzipping and start to tease her and then i, kindly and slowly went to work. Played with her clit, added a finger in, a second one (which she said wasn't good so i stopped straight away). After probably 7/8mins into it, she stopped me. Not because she didn't like it or i hurt her but because she said it's hard for her having orgasms. She got bored ? She didn't want me to get bored/tired ? I don't know, i didn't want to ask her on the moment, not to make her feel awkward or uncomfortable after her first time. Then come the long cuddles naked (which i'm crazy about !) Keep in mind that she is a shy, introvert person and during sex time she's also like that, not very expressive, not vocal unless she says something to guide me during the act. So i can't read her body language.
We got intimate another time like a week later and after the foreplay and the soft touchy touchy part i asked if i could go down on her and she said she'd rather keep me playing with my fingers only down there. So that's what we did ! And after a good 10 mins playing with her clit and 2 or 3 times soft fingering, she stopped me and said it was nice but no orgasm. And we cuddled a lot after (hells yes i love it :D)
So, i wonder should i just keep following what she asks/wants/feels like until she gets more and more comfortable to maybe have an orgasm one day or should i try to "innovate" and try to find something that she could enjoy (of course, always with her consent) to get her to orgasm? If you tend for the second option, what would you suggest i should try ?
I know sex pleasure isn't only about orgasm, maybe she isn't really interested by it (orgasm), i will figure it out the more our relationship grows !
Many thanks for taking the time to read and give me your opinion/advice !
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2023.05.30 22:26 HBMexlife I know he has been texting and calling

Female 37 and male 38, married for 15 years secretly texting ex bf
I have a friend that has been married for 18 years (let’s call her “Y”) to (let’s call him “G”). So a few months ago he started acting strange and being more secretive with his phone. Now what he doesn’t know is that she can see the cellphone bill call and text on the phone statement. And for the last 2 or 3 months she has been noticing a lot more exchange between them( let’s call her”E”) At first she didn’t think much of it since his cousin (let’s call him “M”) has two kids with her and M didn’t have a phone to communicate with.
Recently she found out they E & M are not together anymore. So one day G left his phone when he went into shower and Y had seen in a video that there is a spot on iPhone that you can retrieve deleted text and she saw the old one asking about M but those where from months ago and she thought nothing of it. Weeks went by and she keeped seeing her number come by on the bill with many calls and text between them. So on another occasion G left his phone there again and Y checked it again because she didn’t understand why he keeps erasing all the text and calls from his phone if it’s suppose to be in communication about M, this time I think he might have seen the video or looked it up but he erased them from the deleted file on iPhone. So Y decided to log him on the iPad so all the text are backed up in there. So when Y did this the old one that he had completely deleted from his phone where gone completely and she was only able to see the ones from right now and moving forward.
A little context of Y and E relationship, they had known each other since elementary and grew up in the same neighborhood. They had gone out and partied together and Y knew how E was. They where close for awhile and Y even considered that E might be their daughter’s godmother. Unfortunately 11 years ago they had a fall out because when Y had gone to Mexico for a few months she had been getting notes from her sister and mother in law that E had been around her house at all kinds of hours. When Y came back she confronted G and E about this and they both got very defensive about this and try to say she was crazy and non of the rumors where true. Y gave them the benefit of the doubt and just cut ties with her and told him that if he really wanted to work on this marriage he would cut ties with her too and they did. Then E got pregnant by M and they where on and if for a few years and have 2 kids together.
Y decided instead of letting things just simmer confront G that if he does not cut ties with E completely that it’s over because if it was Y and M doing what they are doing E and G would not like it. The crazy thing is that I think M has no idea what is going on because G would make it impossible for Y to communicate with him.
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2023.05.30 22:26 Xerxeskingofkings The First Rift War, chapter 6: Epiphany

++I regret to say, we have lost control of the system to these invaders.++
The words hung in the air of the command centre, literally stunning those present. It was almost impossible to imagine. The image of Quinn on the screen continued.
++I’m pulling back to the jump limit, to preserve whats left of my forces. The repair ships can rendezvous with us there, and contact temporary repairs to enable us to get to Ti’an for proper repair work.++
Himdo took some time to react, as the enormity of what the fleet-master was saying sank in. When he responded, he spoke with A tone that was equal parts surprise and indignation
“You’re abandoning the system?! We cant just let these humans have a sector capital! Its unprecedented!“
Due to the distances involved, their was a significant delay fore the fleet-master responded.
++The humans ALREADY have the sector capital, My lord. I am in no position to stop them. ++ Quinn countered. ++We need to fall back at Ti’an, wait for the Battle fleet to arrive from the Core, and then retake the system. Parbat is lost.++
Dar’cy reared onto his true-feet, bringing him to his full height
. “We may have lost the orbitals, but we still hold the surface. Unless they are willing to destroy their prize, they will have to dig us out!”
“They may well decided to do just that, Corps-lord” Dal’ton said. “Those ships have more than enough firepower to raze most of the planet if they chose to, but they lack the transports needed to occuy the system. Only the Palace is fortified enough to survive.”
Himdo shifted his weight slightly as he was reminded of the weakness of the planetary defences. The Central Command, ever-paranoid about rebellion in the Frontier (which was not without cause, considering Imperial history) did not allow much fortification of worlds in the frontier. Normally, only the governor’s palace was properly fortified against orbital attack. The rest of the world was at the mercy of whoever held the orbitals, and when the Imperial Navy was the only force around, it made sense.
“Incoming transmission form the Human fleet!” a comms tech shouted, and the terran admiral appeared on a screen, and began to talk again. The translation text indicated it was a repeat of their demands to release any human prisoners, or “suffer the consequences”.
Himdo turned and advanced towards the camera pickup
“You do understand what your facing, don’t you? The Great and Bountiful Empire is more than a thousand worlds! We will not be dictated too by some upstart species that doesn’t recognise how overmatched it is!“
The terran grunted, the translator labelling it as mirth.
++wiː ɑːr əˈbaʊt tuː teɪk kənˈtrəʊl ɒv jɔːr ˈɔːbɪtl speɪs ænd dɪˈmɒlɪʃ ˈɛvri ˈsteɪʃᵊn ɪn ˈɔːbɪt. duː juː ˈrɪəli wɒnt tuː luːs ɔːl ðæt ˈəʊvə jɔː praɪd? ++
“They ask if we are really willing to loose the orbital industry for our pride” Mer’es, the xenologist, dutifully translated
“Tell them we do not have any prisoners, they were taken further into our great realm.” Himdo lied.
The human nodded in agreement as he heard the message.
++ðæts tuː bæd. ɪn ðæt keɪs, pliːz pɑːs ɒn tuː huːˈɛvə dʌz hæv ðɛm ðeɪ kæn ɡɛt ðɪs ˈsɪstəm bæk wɛn ðeɪ ɡɪv ʌs ˈaʊə ˈpiːpl bæk.++
“They say they will hold this system until we return their people” Mer’es read out.
Himdo reared up in anger…then forced himself back down, and spoke with a tone of measured anger.
“Tell them anything they do here will be repaid a hundredfold onto their people”
The face of the human was hard as stone, his eyes as cold as the depths of interstellar space.
++juː ɑː ˈwɛlkəm tuː traɪ, bʌt ðæt wɪl nɒt hɛlp juː naʊ.++
“He says we can try, but it wont help us now” Mer’es said as the human admiral carried on
++ aɪ ˈɒfə juː ə ʧɔɪs. juː kæn səˈrɛndə, ænd ˈɔːdə jɔː fliːt tuː rɪˈmeɪn ɪn ˈsɪstəm æt ðɪs ləʊˈkeɪʃᵊn. ɪn rɪˈtɜːn, wiː wɪl lɛt juː ɪˈvækjueɪt jɔːr ˈɔːbɪtl ˈɪnfrəˌstrʌkʧə wɪˈðaʊt ˌɪntəˈfɪərəns, ænd liːv ɪt ɪnˈtækt. rɪˈzɪst, ænd wɪl klɪər ˈɔːbɪtl speɪs ænd ˈskaʊə ðə ˈplænɪt ++
“He offers is a choice, surrender and order the fleet to this location” A image of the system flashed up, a location not far form Parbat orbit highlighted, as Mer’es translated. “If we do, he will spare the orbital stations and even let us fully evacuate them. Or we resist, and he scours orbit clean and then starts on the planet.”
The terran spoke one final, short sentence, then cut the feed. Mer’es said “he says we have until he reaches orbit to choose”.
Dar’cy reared up onto his rear True-feet, and bared his fangs. “Choice? What nonsense is this? What makes him think we would agree to such terms?”
“Control of the orbitals” Dal’ton said sourly.
“You don’t think they are actually going to carry through with their dire threats, do you?” Dar’cy scoffed “They must understand the scale of the response it would provoke!”
“They just went face to face with the majority of the sector fleet and crippled it”. Dreams of Cogs, the gangly, simian Chief of Engineering interjected “Would glassing a major planet really provoke the Empire that much more?”
Dar’cy looked puzzled “Well...” he said, then composed himself. “Could they even damage the palace? I was told the planets rain-storms would cause plasma weapons to suffer excessive bloom and waste most of their energy in clouds.”
“That is half-truth, Corps-lord” Gor-sek, the small, hyperactive Vren who was the chief physicist for Dal’ton answered Iit would be inefficient, yes-yes, but perfectly possible for a point target. Also, their rail-guns will punch though that without issue. They would struggle to get though the damper field, but they could dig us out if they wish-desire it” He carefully did not mention what effect the Terrans could have on the rest of the planet and its inhabitants, as it was clear the Corps-Lord did not care what happened to the subject races who worked the systems industries.
Dar’cy’s ears flicked in annoyance, then the army commander stalked across the room, muttering to himself “Who does this human think he is, holding a knife to our throats and dicating terms? Who does that?”
Dar’cy then became aware of the gaze of more than 30 subject race techs in the room, all looking at him in amazement. “WHAT?" He snarled as they all jumped back to their work.
Gor-sek, however, skittered over “You act like that.” He explained. “The Empire jumped into Vren clan-space, destroyed any ship you encountered, and melt-fused to glass any clan that didt surrender fast enough for your liking”
Dar’cy looked up at Dreams of Cogs, who’d come up behind the rodent “We were still pre-stellar when you found us, but yes, this is EXACTLY how you guys act to everyone else”
“BUT WE’RE THE EMPIRE!” Dar’cy exploded in a rage so violent, the two subject-scientists literally ran in fear of their lives. “WE ARE THE GREATEST FORCE IN KNOWN SPACE! NONE CAN STAND AGIANST US!”
ENOUGH!” Himdo, who’d been quiet until now, suddenly shouted, which brought the raging Dar’cy to his senses.
Himdo pointed to a comms tech “Order Quinn to move his fleet to the designated location, and send the mobile repair ships to meet him there.”
Dar’cy physically stumbled in shock, “your agreeing to his terms!?”
“Yes” Himdo said simply. the room fell silent, all eyes on the Noble.

“You said it yourself. Hes got a knife to our throat. If we are to have any chance of salvaging this…disaster” Himbo waved his armed expansively to encompass the events unfolding around them. “then we are going to need to Quinn and his fleet in as good a state as we can get it. If Quinn is here, the terran fleet will need to stay here as well, to keep watch on him. We have heavy elements of the Battle Fleet and over a dozen divisions of the Army en route to us, here. If we can keep the systems yards intact until they arrive, we might still be able to push them back.”
Himdo looked at Dal’ton “Your subordinates have the right of it, as well. These demons” for the first time, Himdo called them ‘demons’ without mockery “are acting like us. We need to stop thinking of them like just another subject race we can conquer with a few ships and some threats, and start thinking of them as our equals... at least temporarily.” Several of the staff in the room looked openly shocked. The Empire had not dealt with a near-peer opponent in over 300 cycles, not since Emperor Shaddam had broken the Tulak Hordes and secured the Core-ward borders of the Empire.
“if we can stall them here, we can regain the initiative. But for that to work, we will need to play their game, and set the board for my successor to capitalise on.” Himdo seemed to slump, and said in a quiet voice “Send the orders to Quinn”. The Lord High Commander then turned and walked out of the command centre
Dar’cy looked at the departing Lord High Commander with a mix of awe and condolence. He understood, as almost no one else in the room did, what Himdo had meant by “his successor”.
The Imperial Court did not choose the rulers of Imperial Domains by pulling names out of a bag. For Himdo to be granted such an honour was a sign he was destined high office in the Court, but that destiny was contingent on him delivering success.
Himdo had just admitted, to himself and his staff, that he fully expected to be recalled, tried and disgraced for his failures. If he was lucky, he might be allowed to keep title and current rank, but any shot he had at a nice Minsters position was gone. Himdo now know that Glory was beyond his grasp.
All that was left was the burdens Duty. Duty, to a government that was going to crucify Himdo to avoid looking too hard at its own decisions, the decisions that had sabotaged their chances before they ever met the humans.

Duty, that must be carried out, even in defeat.
This is part 6 of my ongoing work, the First Rift war. Part one is Post-Mortem.
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2023.05.30 22:26 serieshunter Torn between two

Hello I’m a (24f) and looking for advice I’m (not pregnant yet) so I’m not sure if I’m in the right thread but hopefully I am. If I am not please just let me know I will immediately delete this post. I figured I am since I’m sure everyone has done pregnancy announcements. Alright so If Aunt Flo shows up this month I will be starting ivf in a few weeks which then hopefully within the next two cycles I will be officially pregnant. The reason my title is torn between two is that 2021 I was pregnant but it turned out to be a chemical. When I announced everyone was happy for me expect my older sister who is 10yrs older than me and I thought we were close. when I told her she was like ok….. and her daughter my niece wasn’t happy for me either (she’s 14 so ofc she will follow her moms mood) once I came out and told my family it turned out to be a chemical, my sister then was happy and called me and said when you announced I was jealous and made a spell (she practices dark magic) she continued to say it wasn’t fair that I would be able to keep my pregnancy and she wasn’t I was confused and she continued to say she she also was pregnant during that time but the day I announced she was on her way to get an abortion. she was pregnant by a married man and she just had cosmetic surgery (bbl) and didn’t want to ruin her body. She continued to say you have to understand where I’m coming from and not be be mad and your niece was mad bc she wanted another sibling not a cousin. I was in complete shock and what was worse when I told my mom she said I was lying. Fast forward to this year and I told my mom we were trying again she said do it another time bc the same sister is trying for a baby too with (another married man) and my mom said since she’s older she deserves to have her next grandchild. Now that’s the back story so here’s my question will I be wrong or the asshole if I hide my pregnancy and my baby? I live 3,000 miles away for the last 5yrs and they have never came to visit so the chances of them ever coming are extremely slim to none. I expressed this to my husband and he doesn’t want to say too much because he is extremely close to his family so in his eyes he sees it as taboo. I will accept any advice I just want to make sure I make the right decision.
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2023.05.30 22:26 SuellioAlmeida 50 Sim Racing Mistakes From Beginner to Pro Levels

This is the ULTIMATE Sim Racing Mistakes List. If you want to become the best racing driver you can be, this is for you. If you just want to have fun and don’t care about your sim racing performance, then skip it without going to the comment sections saying "I just wanna have fun" lol. Some things are just not going to be easy to solve so get ready to get out of your comfort zone.
Ready? Ok, let’s go.
1- DO NOT use the ideal racing line! This completely fucks up your vision technique and you create terrible habits. Train your eyes and learn how to scan the track!
2- Do NOT use Driving Assists! Should I really explain this one?
3- Do NOT use the Chase camera. Onboard cameras like hood, bumper or cockpit view will be much better for performance and precision.
4- Look forward! Try to aim where you want your car to go. Scan the track, don’t just keep looking right in front of your hood. Your eyes have to be looking to the next target every second. Ever heard of Guitar Hero? The good players look at the notes as high as possible, as soon as they show up on the screen!
5- Don’t get right away in a race without practicing! Learn the track and be consistent before racing to make sure you improve as a driver in the future and prevent getting bad habits!
6- Don’t turn graphics up if you can’t keep your FPS high! High FPS is essential, and if you’re stuck with 60hz, turn V-Sync off to minimize input lag.
7- Don’t get used to a wrong posture just because you started with it first and it feels natural! Make sure your seating position is proper to prevent getting hurt in the future!
8- You’re not making sure you’re using ALL the track. When I say ALL the track, I mean AAAAAALL the track. To the centimeter! You may think you are but you are NOT. Align the white lines or grass to something in cockpit view to improve your track usage consistency.
9- STOP changing your line or angle expecting the car to behave exactly the same way! Find a line, align the car with the entry kerb or something and DO THAT lap after lap!
10- STOP Braking Randomly! Find braking references to the meter and brake there lap after lap!
11- Stop holding your breath while driving into corners! This makes you tense up more than necessary and your driving will be worse. Try to breathe normally while driving. Depending on how bad your habit of tensing up is, you should be slower for a few days until you get used to it.
12- Stop releasing the brakes quickly from full pressure to zero! You’re just popping up the front tires and understeering terribly, and you’re losing many seconds per lap because of this. Learn how to trail brake!
12 - STOP STRANGLING THE STEERING WHEEL! You’ll hurt yourself and have a much less fun experience driving. Instead, use the Light Hands Technique and feel what the car wants from you.
13- Stop doing blind laps! Just doing 500 laps without analyzing your driving is the easiest way to become a terrible driver. If you only believe in talent and nothing else, you might be creating bad habits that you’ll carry forever in your driving. FIND THE INEFFICIENCIES!
14- Stop applying the brakes too slowly. There are places to be smooth, but brake application should not be slow. You should take no more than half a second between initial application and peak pressure.
15- You’re using the wrong settings because you were lazy to research the right ones! Take some time to make sure everything is perfect, and that includes steering range, linearity of the pedals, deadzones, calibration, force feedback!
16- You’re using the wrong Field of View. Use a FOV Calculator and find your ideal one. You can increase it a bit, like 10% more, but keep it close to the ideal to be more precise, even if it feels a little bit too slow!
17- Stop keeping the steering fixed while turning into the corner! You should only keep the steering fixed if your speed is fixed, and this is very rare in motor racing! You should almost always increase your steering on corner entry and decrease your steering on corner exit, continuously!
18- KEEP THE HEEL OFF THE PLATE WHILE BRAKING! Unless you’re driving with an extremely light brake pedal, you should feel the pressure on the ball of your foot, and it should naturally lift your heel just a little bit!
19- STOP turning in with 100% brakes and relying on ABS. Learn how to control the brakes with finesse. Drive cars with ABS as if they didn’t have them.
20 -Stop looking directly at other cars while racing! Your peripheral vision is good enough to know they’re there. Keep looking for useful places on the track to know where you are.
21- Stop giving way too much space when fighting for position. This makes your pass actually more dangerous as you will most likely run wide on the exit and hit your fellow competitor.
22- DO NOT downshift randomly! Pay attention to the timing of your downshifts, they’ll play an essential role in the car balance on all stages of the corner, and have an impact even on exit, of course!
23- Stop practicing if you’re tired! If you’re plateauing and not improving at all, don’t let the frustration consume you. Take a break, watch a team mate driving, get up, stretch, have some sleep!
24- Don’t turn in fast while trail braking. Your front tires don’t have infinite grip! If you’re braking, turn-in slowly. If you’re coasting, changing direction, or accelerating, turn in fast.
25- Do not drive alone all the time! Try to compare your driving with teammates, help them improve and let them help you improve. This is a win-win for everyone.
26- If you go off-track, PLEASE don’t try to desperately come back on track. If you keep turning too much back to the inside, you’ll spin right away!
27- Stop releasing the brakes in a High Downforce car consistently! You should release it slowly on a straight line as you lose downforce, but then more quickly as you turn in, so your braking trace should have TWO lines, the second one being steeper!
28- Stop releasing the brakes too much on a straight line in a low downforce car! You should keep your brakes fairly flat on the same pressure, so release no more than 10% in that phase! Start actually releasing the brakes only when you start turning in!
29- Stop driving the same way in cambered or off-cambered corners! If there’s more grip, you should force the car more, if there’s a hill, or a crest, or off-camber, you should ask for less rotation, less deceleration, less acceleration!
30- Don’t coast. Having no brakes and no throttle should be a rare situation. For 99% of the cars, you should be trailbraking until you get back on power to get proper rotation and be able to brake later.
31- Stop driving purely through understeer. This means you’re not properly using the rear grip and carrying less speed through all corners. Rotate that thing!
32- Stop relying only on steering to rotate the car! Make sure you’re also consciously using engine braking and trail braking as tools for rotation!
33- Please don’t change your line if you’re the slower car in a multiclass being overtaken by a faster class. Let them do the job and prevent crashes!
34- Don’t forget to practice your pit entries! This can save previous seconds and penalties in endurance events!
35- Stop being under the limit for the sake of consistency. You’re in a simulator, if you’re practicing, abuse the car as much as possible. You’ll learn when sliding. You will NOT learn when not sliding.
36- Stop getting on half-throttle and understeering like a pig mid corner. Find the traction limit and stay there, so you keep the rotation where it was before!
37- Stop trying to gain rotation on throttle! This is one of the most dangerous ways to spin. You’re probably doing it because the car is understeering on entry and you’re compensating that. What about making the car rotate more on entry in the first place?
38- Do not turn in slowly in flat-out corners! You should turn in slowly if you’re braking, but much more quickly when accelerating!
39- Stop changing the car setup to solve your bad habits. Try to correct the balance of the car through driving inputs before you make changes. This will help you be more liked by your teammates in endurance events.
40- Don’t increase the brake pressure mid-corner too much! Although in some cases, you have to do it to compensate for a mistake on corner entry, trying to gain rotation on the brakes mid-corner should be avoided. Use it as a sign that you made something wrong on turn-in. The perfect line has your brake trace going DOWN and only DOWN all the way to the apex.
41- Applying the brakes too fast while coming from another corner. If you start braking as fast as if you were in a straight line but with the car completely unloaded on one side, you’ll instantly lock up the unloaded side or get into ABS and unsettle the car.
42- DO NOT go straight in between compound corners! If you’re sacrificing the line of a corner to improve the next one, use the lateral grip in every inch in between to improve your exit speeds!
43- Stop using the throttle on corner entry! Only a few cars with open-differential require maintenance throttle to control the balance. In most cars, braking and accelerating are like asking them to do opposite things at the same time. And the result is a lazy and unresponsive car.
44- Do NOT turn the steering linearly on corner entry in Low Downforce cars. If the car is low downforce, it’ll have V-shaped lines, which means your steering trace should be progressive and exponential, not linear.
45- Stop relaxing and hesitating after turn-in oversteer, which makes you under the limit for a fraction of a second before you turn-in again mid-corner. Try to make micro-corrections on entry but immediately come back to using the rears, so you keep them busy at all stages of the corner!
46- Stop correcting oversteer with Active Countersteer, where you’re actively turning towards the outside. Let the force feedback do the correction for you!
47- Stop braking the same way in elevation changes! If the track is going up into a compression, sometimes you can brake up to 20% more, and if the track is going over a hill, sometimes you should brake even 50% less!
48- Stop doing the same lines in double-apexes in cars with different downforce levels! If the car is high-downforce, the distance between the apexes should be smaller, and if the car is low-downforce, the distance should be much bigger!
49- When accelerating, make sure you time the speed of the first vertical application to the traction limit from corner to corner. If the corner tends to be oversteery on exit, apply it a little bit slower, like over three tenths of a second, but if the corner tends to be understeery on exit, apply the throttle more quickly, like over one tenth of a second, to keep the car rotating!
50- When correcting oversteer on entry, focus on inducing understeer with the brake release by letting the rotation of the car be a trigger for your brake release. This will make sure your front tires are busy and optimal at all times while you manage the rear tires and oversteer with your pedal release!
If you want to be a good driver, write down the ones that you identified with, then put them to practice. You won’t magically improve, so get your shit together and be disciplined.
A bit of advertising on my coaching work: I have complete and detailed lessons ready to go on my online course, The Motor Racing Checklist. They cover all of these tips in-depth. The course has 1750 participants so far with incredible feedback from drivers of all levels. I’m also writing a book version of The Motor Racing Checklist that is being developed for years and is in its final publishing process with the editor.
If you have any question, leave a comment and I’ll respond as soon as possible!
Remember to have fun on track ;)
Suellio Almeida Racing Driver, Coach, Content Creator
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2023.05.30 22:26 Lanky_Investment6426 Why did such a high percentage of Roman troops come from the Balkans?

Don’t get me wrong, the whole empire had troops drawn from the provinces but the Balkans seem over represented. It’s not like any area lacked martial traditions (the elite not wanting to fight is common across all eras) and while the area had a much higher relative population in antiquity vs today as it still hasn’t really recovered from the Huns and other peoples genocidical the locals, it having more legionnaires vs say Africa or Hispania who were both much richer seems ludicrous.
Were troops from this area of good quality? Rome seemed to face internal declines but this may have been institutional and not just militarily related. The area also has more emperors vs just about anywhere else (legitimacy aside being able to claim the title is still impressive). Do we know what these people were like genetically? I’d assume between various eras they’d have been bred out but the whole idea of an area being the fist of Rome, being gutted over 1500 years ago and not even recovering with new groups moving in is fascinating
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2023.05.30 22:25 WilliamFishkins Which candles/flowers would you recommend for a single guys(34m) place?

I feel like I could use some candles/flowers around my place just to make it generally nicer, but specifically to help female guests feel more comfortable. If you have any recommendations on how to achieve this, I'd love to hear them, but specifically I'm asking:
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