Ombu hotpot

OMBU Hotpot: Good or bad?

2022.10.13 08:42 gkyer OMBU Hotpot: Good or bad?

Hello guys, hope you’re doing good and can give me a hand with this.
I’m looking forward to try this place on State St, but the reviews are all double sided and confusing, some people say it’s the worst restaurant on earth (extremely slow service, food poisoning, dirty food, cross contamination) and then some others say it’s the best thing most delicious place ever, I know reviews are always biased but with such extreme reviews I can rarely tell what’s going on :c
I’m relatively new to hotpot’s since the only one I’ve tried is Hero Hotpot (which is close to OMBU) like 3 times, and I think it’s a good 7/10 place, service is slow, food is good, variety is not great IMO (almost all meat feels, tastes and looks the same). But when I saw OMBU having dumplings and takoyakis I got completely excited since they’re one of my most favorite things to eat, of course meat too.
So, what are you guys opinions on this place? Is it worth taking my family there or should I go to other place?
TL DR: Is OMBU Hotpot good or should I go somewhere else?
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