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Vinum Sabbathi.

2023.05.28 14:23 Lord_Splinter Weird Modded flying vehicle bug

So i have for a longer time an annoying bug that i first thought would be caused by the mod from that flying vehicle it self but after getting some more flying vehicle mods it seams like its a bug with the game itself like just wondering if it is a simple mod conflict or just an overall game bug and how i could avoid it if any one else even has ever encounter it
The Bug In short just take off with your flying vehicle and fly for a bit then hit or get hit by an aggressive flying mob (does from the ground doesn't seam to cause it but there usually shouldn't hit you any way) which after that happens the vehicle usually just enters in a state off being frozen somewhat depending on the vehicle, for example the GIC ones just fall out of the sky as if you would have disabled the engine mid air, while over ones just stay frozen in the place of the hit. which after that moment you cant do anything with them any more besides get in and out of them, there also dont take any damage anymore in that state. there does seem to be a way of temp fix it aka get them out of that state by just leaving the area aka forcing the vehicle to reload which does usually mean that the vehicle will receive the damage it would have normally received from that fall (aka gic ones just exploding -.-)
I hope that explains the bug enough otherwhise i have also somewhere a full video of showing the bug in game and go generally more into detail if necessary Also sorry if my english is a iit bad just got up and enlish isnt my first laungwitch so yeeaah bad compi...
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[REQ] ($160) - (#Setauket, NY, USA) (Repay $90 11/05/21 & $90 11/12/21)

Post contents

Hello friends, today I’m asking for assistance today to pay my car insurance (again). A lender helped me pay this months bill about a week and half ago and I’d like to pay novembers before I receive the cancellation notice.
Ive just recently accepted a job offer so I’ll be repaying you starting next Friday when I get paid for my week of training (this week) for my new job and then you’ll receive the rest the week after for a total of $180 in return. Feel free to pm me with your terms and we’ll take it from there.
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2023.05.28 14:23 0canadaa Denali Vest Beige Review ?

Hi guys I picked up this TNF Denali Vest in Beige Color+-+High+-+Tops+-+General+-+Smart+Shopping&utm_term=PRODUCT_GROUP&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIorD8pP6X_wIV5mpvBB3Csw7OEAQYASABEgKqJ_D_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds) today. I went in the store to buy something for else but this one caught my eye and I tried it on and bought it.
Now I’m just concerned that’s it’s light beige and how does it hold up against normal use, it’s probably a dirt/stain magnet besides I absolutely hate the purple loops on the zippers. Review!? Share your experience of you have one of these.
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2023.05.28 14:23 Ziggo001 Share autism survival tips that professionals have shared with you!

Hey everyone,
I am currently receiving help with managing everyday tasks as an autistic person from a specialised social worker. As most of you probably know, simple tasks such as making a shopping list can be needlessly difficult when you're autistic. She helps me organise and start with the endless list of tasks life throws at me.
She has given me some general advice that she gives to every autistic client to make their life easier. It made me wonder if some of you in this subreddit had received advice they wanted to share with others. Specifically tips and tricks that a professional have shared with you.
Apologies if these tips seem patronising to you. If they do, they're not for you. I personally need reminders of things that go without saying for most.
I'll start:
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2023.05.28 14:23 mycommunity_today Discover a World of Possibilities in Our Video Shorts Collection

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2023.05.28 14:22 CountCreepyhead Last 36 hours have been painfully boring.

Sam needs to come up with a better stuff for the final days of Season 2 because this "Cell" stuff is super boring and borderline unwatchable even in recaps.
Show is much better as a social experiment than a bad game show.
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2023.05.28 14:22 RhodesHouse Dysphoria yo-yo

Apologies for the long post... My name's Kodi and I've just recently come to grip with my dysphoria and gender identity the last couple months. I'm 30 yrs old, have been married to my beautiful wife for 9 years and have 2 daughters. I'm also active duty Army of 11 years. I've never truly felt comfortable as a man and have always connected more with the women in my life. I've decided I'm non-binary but would prefer to present as a women. I just came out to my wife with amazing support. But today I woke up not feeling right in my decision. I've been so sure for the last few months and now I just feel... wrong and lost. I know its different for everyone, Have any of you felt this way through you're journey? And if so, how did you settle into your new life/identity?
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2023.05.28 14:22 MayflyAU Intel A770 16gb with an 8700k feasible?

Preamble - current setup is an Intel 8700k, Aorus h370 and a gtx1660ti (not exactly great I know, it was something I threw together at the start of the pandemic so I could work from home more comfortably).
Barely used the PC for gaming since then (I use consoles for that and after I spend mon-fri working in the spare bedroom the last thing I want to do is sit at the same desk again at any point on the weekend) but since getting a SteamDeck recently I’ve been dipping my toe back in again slightly but figure should at least update the gpu.
Since I’m not exactly hardcore PC, what do people generally think about the Intel A770 16gb? I’ve updated my bios and have activated resizable bar. I see mostly good vibes these days with drivers etc, price is right and should provide a substantial enough boost from 1660ti without going 3070 and above, right? I see their requirements state 10th gen and newer for resizable bar but since my older mobo supports that now am I still likely to encounter huge issues?
Monitor is 1440p LG27GL850-B btw.
Any advice and opinions welcome! Thanks in advance :)
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2023.05.28 14:22 idekdood55 Newcomer to the world of Street Fighter. Could use some guidance, please.

All my life, I have always been a Tekken guy. I have only played Street Fighter once, and that was ages ago on PlayStation 1. Street Fighter 2 I believe was the name of the game. Since then, I have only ever played the Tekken series.
However, after trying out the demo and open beta of SF6, I immediately fell in love with how smooth the gameplay felt, and the way the artstyle helped make the game feel “alive” and dynamic. Naturally, I preordered the game instantly because it has been ages since I’ve had that “okay, one more round” feeling with any game really, and SF6 - or, to be more precise, the taste of it that Capcom gave us through the demos - managed to scratch that itch beautifully.
I cannot wait to get my hands on the game and dive in, learning all the characters and ultimately finding my main dude or dudette. As an utter noob however, I would be extremely grateful for any newcomer tips you could possibly have, so I’m looking forward to reading them in the comments below. Thank you all so much in advance, and I’m happy to be a part of this wonderful community and its excellent fighter!
P.S. Back when I played the game on PS1, Dhalsim was my main, if that has any relevance to today’s game. :)
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2023.05.28 14:22 dirkisgod [OFFER] Penfold - £35 total - £25 from them and £10 from me [UK only]

Penfold is a UK pension provider that launched in 2019 and is regulated by the FCA. They describe themselves as a modern, flexible and faff-free digital alternative to traditional pension companies, enabling customers to track their pensions easily via their website or their smartphone app.

£25 bonus top-up

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  3. Once you've paid in at least £25, you should receive your bonus payment within 7 working days and I'll send my share.
Check other offers below.
UK offers: General Investment Accounts, Lifetime/S&S ISA/Pension
Platform Deposit required Reward (total) Offer link
Wealthify £250 £70 Link
Nutmeg £500 £40 Link
BestInvest £1000 £140 Link
Dodl by AJ Bell £500 £42 Link
Penfold £25 £35 Link
Profile Pensions £1000 £65 Link
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2023.05.28 14:22 Locating_Subset9 Time tracker app Pablo uses for Chinese?

Hey, friends. Watched an intermediate (premium) video today—“My approach to learning Mandarin” published in 2022-01-18–where Pablo shows how much time he’s logged for Chinese.
Dreaming Spanish tracks for us but I’d also like to use that app for my own breakdown of time. Anyone recognize which app it is? I didn’t hear him mention it in the video.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.05.28 14:22 Ancientlove1111 Still detoxing even when fast has ended ?

I broke my fast in the early hours of the morning as I didn’t feel good. I broke my fast with watermelon, some coconut water and banana. I did this for the electrolytes and hydration.
Today I am feeling fatigued and kind of inflamed. I was hoping to feel some renewed energy results straight away, but maybe it will take a few days for my system to settle.
I have white coating on my tongue which I usually get when doing a detox of any kind. So I’m thinking that my body is still filtering out the toxins that have been released.
What are your thoughts and experiences with this ?
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2023.05.28 14:22 n0nsonocal How do I know how to properly balance an encounter/trap/other?

Being kinda new to DMing this question came to me when I was designing my quests, challenges etc.: how do I know an enemy's HP/attacks/etc is too much? Is there a general rule of thumb to determine how much damage should an enemy do to a party of "x" level without causing a TPK? What about traps? How should I balance, like, everything based on the party's average level?
I understand the question is so generic it may even be difficult to answer. I'm still learning a lot of stuff so I'm trying to do my best :) Thank you in advance!
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2023.05.28 14:22 2xfresh11 Pokémon trainer or cocaine smuggler? It's a fine line.

My six-year old son recently began his transition into Ash Ketchum. I know it’s a long road, but everyone has been really supportive so far :) To parents currently going through this phase, here’s a fun story for you. There’s also an audio version of this post on Spotify/YouTube/Apple just search the title.

Pokémon trainer or cocaine smuggler? It's a fine line.

There’s a scene in the movie “Blow” with Johnny Depp where he and his cellmate are laying in bed trying to sleep. After finding out that Depp, playing real-life drug smuggler, George Jung, has been incarcerated for smuggling marijuana, his cellmate Diego climbs off his bunk and looks him square in the eye. “What do you know about cocaine?” he asks George ominously.
Everything shifts gears from that point on. George partners with Diego to become one of the most prolific cocaine smugglers in US history. His rise is swift, but once Diego betrays him, poor George loses everything and ultimately ends up back in prison.
I’ve been thinking about “Blow” a lot recently, ever since Apollo came home from school with his first Pokémon card. Unlike his interests in fishing, scavenging or gardening, this was one area where I actually felt equipped to guide him.
As a teenager in the late-90s and early-00s, I’d been swept up in the first generation of Pokémon games and cartoons. And while I hadn’t got involved in the more recent Pokémon GO craze, I was always fascinated by the crowds of people I’d see gathered on Hong Kong Island madly waving their phones around.So when he pulled the card out to show me, I was intrigued and pretty excited. “That’s cool,” I said, before crouching down to look him square in the eye.
“What do you know about Pokémon?”
We don’t get many of these opportunities as parents - something popular from our own childhood that intersects with what the kids are into now. And even though I never collected Pokémon cards, as a kid about Apollo’s age, I was obsessed with basketball cards. So combining the two took me straight behind the velvet rope.
It didn’t last long. Apollo’s enthusiasm couldn’t be matched. After our first trip to the local hobby store for two packs of cards, Pokémon was like a runaway train. The theme song to the original cartoon became our wake up call in the mornings. The piles of cards grew inches high, then into multiple stacks. Handfuls of cards were stuffed into pockets before school - new handfuls came home. Tales of lunchtime soccer games were replaced with Pokémon trading card conquests.
Like George Jung in prison, Apollo had entered with a bachelor of marijuana Lego and left with a doctorate in cocaine Pokémon.
That’s when disaster struck…
One night during the height of this Pokémon craze, his most prized cards went through the wash. After discovering this atrocity, I began peeling the cards apart and frantically laying them out on the kitchen bench to dry. I knew they couldn’t be saved, but I’d be damned if they died on my watch.
I showed my wife. The look on her face said it all - this was bad, real bad. “Are you going to tell him?” she asked. I was already considering the options. Toss the cards and play dumb? Blame him for leaving them in his pocket? Offer to replace them? None of them felt like they were going to fly.
I understood his attachment too well. I remember treating every one of my basketball cards like prized possessions. They were also social currency on the schoolyard. Pokémon was bigger than basketball though. This was a universe and these cards were its centre. For poor Apollo, this was a betrayal of the highest order…I was Diego! It was a bad situation.
When he came downstairs the next morning, I brought him to the kitchen and showed him the cards. As he surveyed the devastation, I explained what had happened. I told him that I hadn’t checked his pockets before washing his shorts. That the cards had been soaked and I took them out to dry. “It was an accident,” I said.
I let that hang in the air. It took so much not to follow it with “I’m sorry”. When his face dropped, it was even harder. “Hate me!” I thought. “I did it!” But it was an innocent mistake and I’d decided this was a moment for him to face that head on. As he inspected the cards more closely, the sadness overwhelmed him and the tears began to flow. All he could say was “My cards…” and all I could do was wrap my arms around him and stay silent. I desperately wanted him to accept it for what it was.
Apollo went to school that day without any Pokémon cards.
I was nervous for him. What would he be feeling when they ran out of the classroom at recess and lunch to trade cards? When he grasped at his pocket and there were no cards there? Wouldn’t it be better if he could tell his friends that his Dad destroyed his Pokémon? Maybe he would anyway. It stayed with me all day.
When I picked him up, I resisted saying anything and he didn’t mention it either. But later that night before bed, I found him in his room going through his other Pokémon cards. They were strewn across his bed and on the floor. I approached cautiously. “Hey Dad, check this one out. It does 120+ damage.” He handed me the card and I took a seat on the floor next to him. He ran me through a few more cards and I couldn’t resist any longer, I had to ask - “How was it today without your Pokémon cards?” He paused, as he often does when asked to recall any aspect of his school day.
“We didn’t do Pokémon today, we played soccer.” He paused again and handed me another card. “This one has 100 health but only 20 damage.”
I stared back at him with utter confusion. I’d spent the day agonising over Apollo’s feelings, filled with doubt about how he would cope with the loss of his precious cards. I proudly seized the moment as an opportunity to build his resilience and get him to accept an innocent mistake. I was Diego, wasn’t I?
As I tucked him in, he looked at me and said, “Dad, can you remember to check my pockets? Sometimes I forget things are in there.” I smiled and told him I would.
I hadn’t betrayed Apollo. At least, not in his eyes. But it was clear now that I had doubted him. And somehow, it felt worse.
He had taken the loss in his stride - accepted the mistake for what it was - and was ready to get back to business. Me, on the other hand, well I think I could learn a thing or two from him about that.
He’s going to make a great cocaine smuggler Pokémon trainer.
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2023.05.28 14:21 Squatchgunner-762 Can’t figure out what’s wrong

I am trying to find someone to be in a relationship with and I am having zero luck.
I am not picky on body type or race because that’s not what defines a good partner. I don’t care if they are white, Hispanic, black, Asian, or anything else for that matter. I also don’t care if they are flat chested with no backside or they look like Jessica rabbit. The only thing I want is someone who is healthy physically and is willing to spend time with me or talk to me, even if it’s as simple as me or her going to the other ones house and chatting on the couch or spending time in the car because there’s a few errands that need to be ran. If they have a great body, yes it’s a bonus, but I don’t care about the measurements.
I have tried talking to people about what I should do regarding my issue of not being able to find someone and they always tell me “stop looking, focus on yourself, love Will find you“ And I don’t believe that to be true. If you are not looking for love then you won’t be able to keep an eye out for any signals regarding a love life or dating in general. You can work on yourself all you like, but if you’re not looking for someone then you won’t be aware of who may be flirting with you or who would want to spend time with you.
I’m trying to talk to women, but I either get ghosted after a few messages or I never receive a reply from the girl I send a message to. I have been able to hold some conversation with a handful of women (enough to count on one hand) and I either find out that they have committed to someone or after a few days of talking they tell me that they are not looking for a dating relationship but that they like to be friends.
I decline on the friendship bit because it would do me more mental health harm knowing that I tried to start a relationship with someone and that someone doesn’t see me as a potential partner but they say they’d like to be friends with me. I can’t do that because in my head there would be a level of discontent (and possibly an eventual level of jealousy) regarding me being a male friend to someone who I tried talking to in the attempt to start a relationship. I do have a couple female friends, but I see them as more like sisters than someone that I would like to be in a relationship with (that and they are already in relationships).
I want someone that I can talk to and be in a relationship with, but also look at them and tell friends of mine that they’re also my best friend. I know that a relationship cannot happen overnight, nor can it happen within a few days. I just want to start a relationship with someone that I can love who will also love me back.
I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.
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2023.05.28 14:21 Hickersonia Establishing a new "level 10"

Not sure what triggered it, but in the last two hours I've gone from just "mildly uncomfortable" to establishing a new lifetime "level 10" of pain. Like... it hurts to pick up food from a plate and bring it to my mouth. Those of you who feel like this every day: I don't know how you do it. I have some things I'm supposed to be doing today and I'm afraid to even try...
Drinking my coffee shouldn't hurt like this...
I really hope some of you are having a less painful day -- at least then I can maybe tell myself that I'm "taking one for the team" or something.
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2023.05.28 14:21 SnooBeans6111 The Project Zomboid sandwich

Anyone else here notice after playing this game for a 100 or so hours that they sometimes make a Project Zomboid sambo?
I was making a sandwich today, nothing too fancy just some ham and mayo, but then I thought, I need something else. I ended up adding some coleslaw, cheese, spring onion, cumin, salt and a pinch of garlic granules.
It was really nice and I feel great about my weird sambo... A bit like my guy in PZ when I add everything in my inventory into a sandwich 😅
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2023.05.28 14:21 StackerCoin Does anyone else feel $10M is the new $1M?

At one point, having a million was a very decent chunk, hence the popularity of the term millionaire. But in recent times, due to inflation/QE/whatever, seems like being a decamillionaire is the new millionaire. I was watching Bugs Bunny (don’t judge) and this villain gets a $3M inheritance, implying he’d become wealthy. The episode came out in 1942, I popped in $3M into an inflation calculator and in today’s $s, that is a bit over $45M, which is a bs high amount of money for anyone. All this prompts me to re-question what my FI number is. Thoughts?
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2023.05.28 14:21 stealth941 Mechanic couldn't get front sprocket off

So went to get my chain and sprockets changed but my mechanic couldn't get the front off. He said the sprocket itself In general is fine but the bolt was stuck on.
He tried all sorts, lubing it heating it, snap on air gun but he said for the life of him he couldn't do it and didn't want to throw in too much effort because if that bolt snaps the camshaft (I think) breaks and I'd need an engine rebuild.
He's referred me to another mechanic where they have engineers or do welding and stuff who he and I will call on Tuesday.
Whats the likelihood of it getting it sorted by the engineer mechanics?
I want to sell this bike soon and would prefer to get that sprocket changed so there's no issues at all when selling. Don't want it to be a reason to knock value off the bike
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2023.05.28 14:21 littlelizu Redshirting for 1st grade in non-native language school - any feedback / research etc?

I've read all the posts on redshirting (thank you!) but our situation is a little different & I'd love any feedback.
We live in Japan & our March-born kid goes to play-based kindergarten from 3yo to 6yo.
School year begins in April. He will turn 6 next March & then should start local elementary school in April. We do not have a native Japanese speaker at home (we speak English & Spanish). Kid can speak Japanese, but is a little behind the level of native children. He can not yet read/write in any language.
He is not officially diagnosed with any disordeetc but has some sensory/developmental issues and is going to therapy, plus has a private Japanese tutor. He's very bright and his English/Spanish speaking & listening skills are advanced so we wonder if this discrepancy might be at the root of some of his issues.
I am considering holding him back in kindergarten one year to allow him to mature/improve his japanese and continue his therapy before school where he will need to learn three Japanese written languages. Repeating a year is extremely rare here but can be done in certain cases so I'm keen to hear of any experiences or research, particularly with multilingual or neurodiverse kids.
From what I understand, elementary schools here don't seem to have teacher aides like in my home country, they have a small 'additional needs' classroom and otherwise kids with ADHD/selective mutism/other emotional or developmental disorders are generally left in the regular classes. Oh and we can't afford international school so that's not a current option.
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2023.05.28 14:21 valentin0711 Loan Rant

I know this topic has been raised several times already but can we talk about how loans and transfers in general are a complete mess in FM23?
Im a mid Bundesliga Team in 2030 and everytime im looking for a loan player I get obnoxious offers.
You want to loan a young player from MUC thats a decent Bundesliga midfielder? How about you pay all of his wages and 2M € monthly while played, 3,5M€ when unplayed. So if I play him every game that would be 26M€ in loan fees. Thats nearly my complete wage budget.
A quick google search for the highest loan fee IRL brings me to Alvara Morata (which im convinced is used to money launder between clubs)- His loan fee apparently was 12M € per season (so roughly 1M€ per month).
And I dont even wanna talk about how the AI can get players for way less than me. Everytime I want a half decent young player I need to overpay like crazy. This happens in the top european leagues and in other leagues aswell.
Why are those things so broken and unrealistic in FM23? They have been way better in earlier versions. at least thats how I remeber it. Or is this just a projection what football will be like in 10 Years? And the immense spending of clubs will keep going?
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2023.05.28 14:20 Grand_Election_6340 My [27F] insecurities about my body are ruining potential relationships [28M] how do I learn to love myself?

Are vaginas disliked in real life as much as people online say that they are?
I am reclusive and on Reddit I learned that people in general believe that men commonly sexualise and fetishize women who have penises, whereas women and gay men don't commonly sexualise and fetishize men who have vaginas
I learned that people in general believe that oral sex is much more performed on men than performed on women. And that this has nothing to do with men being selfish, since gay men are also male and are not known at all to have issues giving oral to men
I learned that people in general believe that vaginas are seen as gross, taboo and have stigma. Also periods too. And that gay men are more openly disgusted by and insulting towards vaginas than lesbians are towards penises. Also that lesbians commonly watch gay porn and are more open to transgender women who have penises
I learned that people in general believe men are more attracted to a performance or costume of femininity than they are to actual women. So overweight women, non feminine women and women who don't shave are more of a turn off than feminized men who look like women
I learned that vaginas are not appreciated as much as large penises, boobs and butts are. And that men are obsessed with anal and eating ass
That sex is seen to be all about the penis, so lesbian sex has it's validity questioned whereas anal (like between gay men) doesn't, so vaginas are less valued. Also that bisexual people often prefer penises
I learned that femdom is mostly about penis imitation in the form of strap ons and pegging
When I asked my parents, sister and psychologist about these things they said the vast majority of men have no interest in transgender women pre op nor post op, that oral sex is pretty much 50/50 between women and men, that vaginas and periods are not seen as gross/taboo, that men are not more attracted to femininity than they are to women and that vaginas are appreciated as much as the others, etc. Basically they said nothing that I read online and wrote above is true for the vast majority of people
So, why does everyone online say vaginas are pretty much disliked and unappreciated, in general? These beliefs come up often and are part of f eminist discourse
Also people on Reddit often ask why I care so much & how it effects me. Why do they ask that? Of course I care what I am surrounded by in society, everytime I leave the house. Humans are social creatures. Are most women fine with having to find the needle in the haystack? And not put off by this? I always wanted to ask how the feminist women who believe these things (like that vaginas are seen as gross in society) still feel sexual and still want sex with men, since most of them can often be sex positive too.
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