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2023.05.28 14:55 Cuckoo_Studio Moondrop LAN Review $39, But Extremely Exquisite And Flat.

Moondrop LAN Review $39, But Extremely Exquisite And Flat.
Welcome to Cuckoo Studio review. I'm Anzol. The following content is presented from the perspective of a mixing engineer.
If prefer video version:
We received LAN sent by MOONDROP, and we will take a comprehensive look at its performance. Similarly to other MOONDROP products, the LAN’s packaging features an anime-style design, with a minimalist silver and white color scheme for both the packaging and the product itself. However, upon taking the LAN out of the packaging, it becomes apparent that its appearance is akin to that of monitoring IEMs, with its one-piece, matte silver stainless steel housing and a small, glossy symmetric graphic embellishment. The LAN’s design aesthetic is perfectly suited for users who prefer minimalist designs.
The LAN is designed to have interchangeable cables, and the included cable matches the LAN’s aesthetics perfectly. The connector and splitter are both designed to be exquisite and integrated, making the out-of-the-box state very satisfying for users.
Their weight of 8.8g per earphone is substantial, as MOONDROP is willing to offer an all-metal body design with their low-priced products, such as JIU and now with the LAN, which provides a sensation that goes beyond its price range.
Let’s take a look at its sound performance.
Frequency response using the harman2018 as the target, the LAN achieves a remarkably flat response, with an overall fluctuation of no more than 2dB from 20Hz to 8KHz. Above 8KHz, the response may vary depending on the insertion depth of the earphone. With a shallow insertion, the LAN has about two high-frequency peaks, with both peaks being above 10KHz, belonging to the air feeling frequency band and will not cause sharp listening sensations. The LAN’s low frequencies perfectly match the 2018 target curve, suitable for most users. It’s a headphone that’s flat but with additional airiness.
Distortion There’s almost no harmonic distortion to be found on the LAN when listening at a normal volume of 86dB. Furthermore, it can be seen that all distortion levels are below the room noisefloor when switching to SPL mode, and any distortion generated at high volume levels will be almost entirely masked by ambient noise. Its low distortion performance is extraordinary for a product at only $39.99. The left and right channel distortion almost remain identical, and its quality control is without any issues.
Let’s enter the Cuckoo Studio mixing space. flat frequency response makes its sound objective and neutral. The volume sensations of important instruments are maintained without any exaggeration or attenuation. The high frequencies will give percussion instruments an sibilance sound fuller, but the addition of gain will not introduce grittiness or sharpness. The left and right consistency is excellent, allowing for solid central imaging. Its remarkable distortion-free performance under normal listening levels and non-colored sound characteristics make its playback clear and three-dimensional, allowing one to hear all song details without any additional sound tinting or smudging sensations.
Subjectively, the LAN has the perfect amount of transient sharpness for my ear characteristics. The high frequencies’ airiness gives an energetic impression without introducing much objectivity interference during monitoring tasks. Its metal housing and the entire set of cables give off a sense of product assurance. Psychologically, I always feel like I’m listening to a relatively high-end headphone.
This year’s MOONDROP product in the 30-50$ price range, the LAN, surprised us with its overall quality. In some cases, high cost-effectiveness headphones can achieve impressive sound quality but lack premium body material and design. Alternatively, some headphones have exquisite appearances, but their sound quality is not objective enough. The LAN, however, delivers in both aspects, presenting a thorough and convincing resolution of such issues. It is hard not to like these earphones and it is truly a product that exceeds expectations within its price range.
This is Cuckoo Studio review. Please stay tuned. I will continue to explore the secrets of headphones with you.
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2023.05.28 14:55 B1tchBetterGetMyCash -the dirt-

I was in the forest somewhere, I just see green trees and brown bark. Tall and surrounding.
I was kneeling down in the dirt, my nails, white dress all dirty and covered.
But then I found something, it felt like a rock. I pulled it out the dirt. It was a diamond. I smiled with the jewel in my fist.
Then I had woken up
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2023.05.28 14:55 nomadiclibrarian Animal Sanctuaries?

My child asked to visit an animal sanctuary or farm for their birthday where they can "pet cows" and hang out with horses, turkeys, chickens, etc. I've checked online, and wondered if anyone here had any recommendations for a location to visit within the state. My kw searching is probably off, as I'm finding rescues that are meant for housepets or sanctuaries that don't allow for interaction. Thanks!
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2023.05.28 14:54 IvanDaVile Looking for Crabscription-deckslists

Hi all, I know that Old Salty's Assault is a rather *devisive* card, and as much as I like monthly cards that have a real impact on the meta, I dont think it was a card that made the game any better. That being said, I love playing aggro decks and as it's the strongest aggro card in the game, I have to play it in my Aggro-Crusader. On the ladder and the gauntlets I encountered a bunch of very interesting Crab decks, namely in Monk (move-cards and Dark Mane) and Orc-heavy Warrior decks, both running the dwemer package and fabricants. I've seen Battlemage and Animal-Scout decks as well but they didnt really do it for me. If you like sharing your Crab-decklist please do so.
Here is mine: SPAEgOsjezrPACxboZAOfTfBgphOfrkpeDfqkXgUmTpqkYxe
Credits: I believe this was originally played in a tournament by emikaela and I swaped out some card for another Edict of Azura making it more reliable in the Crab mirror and against invade. The curve is close to perfect for aggro.
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2023.05.28 14:54 ManaChicken4G How to make Druids a little better.

I was watching the DnD movie last night and the Druid was constantly wildshaping into different forms over and over again during a chase scene, but they were all simple animals like a fly, mouse, cat, and even a deer.
I feel like at a certain point Druids should get used to wildshaping into lower CR creatures and should be allowed to do so either for free or more than 2 times per short rest. Especially if the animals aren't combat related.
Idk what kind of abuse this would lead to as I'm not used to playing Druids but I feel like with the exception of a couple of subclasses, the wildshape ability is a little underwhelming. The only abuse I can think of is HP spam but maybe make it so of you get knocked out of your wildshape via damage you can't wildshape again for like 1d4 turns or something.
Idk, just throwing it out there. Tell me I'm an idiot if you want. 😅
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2023.05.28 14:54 KaseyMcKay Clue/Cluedo: Security Breach

A murder has been committed at the Pizzaplex! Figure out who did it with what weapon and where! (Fan-made concept for a Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach theme for Clue/Cluedo)
Roxanne Wolf (Represents Scarlett)
Glamrock Chica (Represents Orchid)
Montgomery Gater (Represents Green)
Glamrock Freddy (Represents Rusty)
Plum (The Know-It-All, A brunette-haired young adult who’s familiar with the history of Fazbear Entertainment. He wears a purple Bonnie themed hoodie with matching pants. He holds a Fredbear ice cream which he has taken a bite out of.)
Peacock (The Security Guard, A plus-size black woman who wears a blue security uniform and holds a flashlight.)
Mustard (The Sponsor, A black man who wears a yellow suit. Corykxkenshin for reference)
Rose (The CEO, a middle-aged woman with blonde hair and was the victim’s business partner. She wears a rose-coloured pantsuit.)
Vanny (Represents White)
Moondrop (Represents Azure)
Peach (The Journalist. A young freelance reporter who snuck into the Pizzaplex to uncover it’s secrets. Wears an orange, open trench coat with matching turtleneck sweater and pants. Laurenzside for reference.)
Grey (The Mechanic, A fairly muscular man who builds and repairs the robots. He wears grey work overalls with the upper body unzipped and around his waist revealing a grey tank top underneath. Markiplier for reference.)
Burntrap (Represents Brunette (Or Burnette))
Meadow-Brook (The Assistant, an ginger, long-haired woman who was the victim’s former confidant. She wears a black t-shirt tucked into a pleated teal skirt with matching heels. She clutches paperwork.)
Chef’s Knife
Golf Club
Arcade (Ballroom)
Golf Course (Conservatory)
Security Office (Billiard Room)
Construction Site (Library)
Raceway (Study)
Lobby (Hall)
Maze (Lounge)
Bowling Alley (Dinning Room)
Laser Tag Arena (Kitchen)
Solution Suggester here:
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2023.05.28 14:54 instakamina looking for the movie from past years

main character loves to save animals by rescueing from different forest and bring them to his home with the help of magic light which teleport the animals directly form the forest to the heros area. i dont remember that it's a movie or series i saw it in 2008 or 10 i dont remember help me to find this. the hero was 40+
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2023.05.28 14:54 Feisty_mommy Black Queen looking for White Prince ;)

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2023.05.28 14:54 Japan_Life_2023 My marriage is getting miserable (Foreign couple living in Japan)

Hi. I live in Japan with my wife and son. I have been 10 years in Japan and 10 yeas married. At the beginning it was just me and my wife... We had a lot of arguing about many things specially about life in Japan but we were happy overall. My wife complained really strongly about Japan educational values, morals and life style in general. I was not taking any sides and rather a more balanced approach about it. I think there are bad things a good things about anything. However everytime we met friends I had to keep quiet just to avoid endless arguing with her or even try to change the topic. She did not care to argue with me even in front of our friends and sometimes could get really unfortable. Now that we have a son things has got worse. We received he mother in our house last year and they only talk about that and all negative things of living in Japan while I could not say anything to avoid escalating the discussions even the mother ignore my thinking if I proposed anything and my wife and mother took sides together. I am not a kind of persont that will be black and white about cultural ways. Now after some years I find out that she is completely unhappy about me because I do not take any Position about the life in Japan, about what kind of school we should put our kids ( that I should of course choose and international school) and that I have not a plan for the forthcoming years to leave Japan or to convince her that Japan is ok to stay. I work everyday in a well known Japanese company as a manager. We have a nice home in a new building, a nice car, and stability. Nothing is missing from our lives and we can have a conformtable on. She complaints that because I work much (going back 6 pm) she cannot progress in her career and that I am not doing things at home exactly 50-50%. There are so many things she is frustrated and I feel really sad and without any solution to this problem. Any small discussion scalates so quickly that I just don't want to talk about anything. I think I might be the problem but I am terrified of the situation. Have one 1 year old son... I always wanted a stable home and a lovely family. My wife treat me as a roommate rather than a husband. Of course she ask me to travel abroad and buy things for house which I am happy to pay but I feel very lonely and not loved... She loves my son very much but she treats me very cold way. She is even more happy to treat their friends. I earnestly think that I am not a bad person and really try to get close to her. She maybe expects me to be someone else...I am in a point in which I don't know what else to do or who else to be. For some time it seems she is happy for some time but after a discussion she throw all past things to me and tell me about all things bad about Japan and why I don't make a plan about it. any comment is appreciated...thank you!
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2023.05.28 14:53 TwoTreeKeebs Overcrowding? Ph woes? She gon die?

Overcrowding? Ph woes? She gon die?
I seeded this 4x15 or so strip behind my side driveway turnaround spot thing on April 27th and it sprouted on May 7th and May 8th. It also got a dose of Scott's granular fertilizer with meso at seed. Mix of rye, fescue and kbg, guessing it's mostly rye though.
I've noticed over the past week that it seemed to stop growing tall. This morning I noticed some yellowing/browning spots in this grass. It's just a couple of small patches, the rest of the new grass around it looks alright, good even.
I'm wondering if I overcrowded this? This was at the beginning of my lawn care journey and I may have been overzealous. I roughed up the bare spots with a garden weasel, threw down black kow mixed very liberally with seed, spread it out nicely, then seeded with a broadcast spreader, added fertilizer and covered with peat moss. I didn't really go as overboard in other areas as this one.
I have seen my other seeded bald spots 'stall' at the tillering stage, but they seem to be growing taller now. My backyard reno is doing well and I included some pictures showing the grass coming up nicely.
A few other things to note. This area had tons of sun before the trees bloomed and now it is very shaded. This area has not been watered well. I have a 15.5 sq ft lawn and this is a tough spot to water and my overlapping sprinklers here probably didn't give it the water it needs. I started watering it daily by hand a few days ago. I put down Scott's disease ex a few days ago also, albeit at a very low rate because I ordered one bag too few. Covered around 15.5k with 10k of product based on preventative coverage.
Is it overcrowding? Maybe PH? Fungus? Does it need more fertilizer and nutrients? I plan on getting a ph tester and a soil kit. Wish I did that from the get go but I'm dumb. I put down a lot of good organic matter and I figured that would get the grass going then I'd test soil etc. In Maine and our spring is like three weeks long and I didn't have a lot of time to play with which is the excuse I'm going with.
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2023.05.28 14:53 mohammadrashnou Is it just me or people who treated bleach like trash and trying to prove that it is not part of the big 3 got quiet after the new anime adaptation?

I remember seeing people saying the big 3 are naruto, one piece and dragon ball. They were a lot. Now after 4 or 5 months after the bleach tybw season 1 ended,nobody is daring to say that anymore. Am I the only one thinking this way?
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2023.05.28 14:53 80PaperPlanes80 [QC] TS1 Fragment Low (PK) ¥400 WWTOP PandaBuy

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2023.05.28 14:53 ewmanda Baseboards and hardwood floor for free roam

I’ve had my rabbit for about 4 years and his cage has only gotten bigger as we’ve had space. We’re moving to a new apartment and my partner and I intend on free roaming him finally since he’ll be the only animal there.
The real concern is his comfort while also protecting our apartment / wallets. We’re gonna make a home base in our office, but he doesn’t love hardwood floor. How have you combatted this in the past? We’re gonna try to getting a bunch of rugs but idk if there’s a better idea.
The next concern is base boards. What do you recommend for covering baseboards? I don’t wanna use my tiles for his cage around the apartment to keep him out but I do want him to not chew them up.
I’d also love any tips for free roaming a devious boy!!! I want him to have freedom but have comfort doing it.
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2023.05.28 14:52 whitelashgaming It's been fun

Can't finish my quests on Crescent even though I have purple armor and an advocate 4 times in a row because getting through the goddamn oasis just aggros 3 heavy marauders, 4 heavy striders, and 2 heavy rattlers all at the same time.
I can't stop to fight because there's never enough ammo in a mag for that many, their melee range is further than mine, I have to burn extra stamina jumping up 6 inch ledges that they can just run up, and once I'm close to pinnacle some camper with white armor and a PDW can melt me faster than I can even react to because my stamina is burnt and I'm trying not to get killed by a horde of ESP monsters.
Marauders lob spit way too far and track you through walls, you can't crouch walk fast enough to evade so there's no recourse but to run around like a damn idiot trying to 180 jump fire for damage while trying not to get melee'd running past striders.
None of them are even part of the mission kills for Crescent, but when I go to Tharis for the Descent kills there's only ONE.
Here's some other stupid ways I've died lately:
I'm out. The game used to be good, the balance was fine and instead of building on a solid foundation they just rerolled stats to keep things "fresh" and actively destroyed any sort of methodical gameplay by turning the A.I. "awareness" up to 11, so now it's just another imbalanced brainless run-and-gun shooter that plays fast instead of smart because they can't be bothered to care.
Can't wait to get banned from the subreddit you draconian egotists! You wouldn't have mixed reviews on steam if you tried to make the game what players want instead of forcing stupid shit on them and saying we're wrong for criticizing you for it.
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2023.05.28 14:52 chesthetica Chess Problem 03916 (KQRBBN vs krrb, #4)

Chess Problem 03916 (KQRBBN vs krrb, #4)
Now, here we have a 'KQRBBN vs krrb' mate in four chess puzzle by the prototype computer program, Chesthetica, using the approach known as the DSNS from the sub-field of AI, computational creativity. The program can compose problems that may otherwise take decades, centuries or even longer for human composers to think of, or to arise in a real game. There is also no proven limit to the quantity or type of legal compositions that can be automatically generated. The largest complete endgame tablebase in existence today is for seven pieces (Lomonosov) which contains over 500 trillion positions, most of which have not been seen by human eyes. This problem with 10 pieces goes even beyond that.

White to Play and Mate in 4
Chesthetica v12.64 (Selangor, Malaysia). Generated on 9 Nov 2022 at 11:32:34 PM. FEN: R7/1Bb5/3k1B2/r64K3/1N6/8/6Q1 w - - 0 1. Solvability Estimate = Difficult.

Sometimes an earlier version of Chesthetica is credited for a more recent problem because that version was still running on that computer at the time. White has a decisive material advantage in this position but the winning sequence may not be immediately clear. Try to solve this puzzle. Do try some of the others in the series as well before you go. Solving chess puzzles like this is probably good for your health as it keeps your brain active. Nobody wants something like early-onset Alzheimer's.

Move the Pieces Around:
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2023.05.28 14:52 horseshoeoverlook Grande and Max call of Derrick White’s game winner

Grande and Max call of Derrick White’s game winner
Admittedly, it’s not as iconic as Johnny Most
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2023.05.28 14:52 johnkoubeck Here is my Gothic white and gold Venom vision

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2023.05.28 14:52 johnkoubeck Here is my Gothic white and gold Venom vision

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2023.05.28 14:52 InterestingSpeed6371 Camouflage in summer

So the only thing I can put on my type 1 - permanent redness and flushing - rosacea that it doesn’t seem to react to and covers a bit is some of the green concealers. These work well (relative, of course. Not by any means even ‘good’ but they’re the only thing I’ve ever found that works A BIT.)
However, now that it’s summer, the rest of my skin has a more tanned colour to it so the ghostly face now looks odd. In winter it’s no problem as I’m naturally pale. But in summer I work outside so am always tanned - just now with a ghostly white face standing out against my otherwise tanned skin. The contrast from my forehead to my t-zone is now stark.
Any suggestions for something to use in summer? I have never found a ‘make-up’ that doesn’t either look ridiculous or just make me flush even more.
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2023.05.28 14:51 PushoverMediaCritic My theory for how the anime will handle THAT moment

The typical pace for anime episodes nowadays is 2/3rds to 3/4rds of 1 chapter per episode, but episodes 1017, 1061, and 1062 prove that the anime is willing to adapt 1 full chapter or more in service of the story.
1017 covered the end of chapter 1001 and the entirety of 1002, 1061 covered almost the entirety of 1034 and the start of 1035, and 1062 covered almost all of 1035 and the start of 1036.
Therefore, I have a theory for how Gear 5 will be adapted.
First, there will be an episode adapting most of chapter 1043. It will start with this scene:
And end with this scene, before Zunisha talks to Momo about how he can hear the Drums of Liberation.
Then, there will be an episode adapting the end of 1043 and most of 1044. It will start with this scene:
And it will end with this scene:
Then, finally, they will go absolutely insane with a Gear 5 action extravaganza, which will adapt more than 1 full chapter, ending 1044 and covering the entirety of 1045. It will start with this scene:
And it will end with this scene:
So, that's my theory. We will get one episode of the characters despairing after Luffy's death, one episode hyping up Gear 5 with no action, then one absolutely bonkers episode of just Gear 5 action.
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2023.05.28 14:51 disciplesglobal DISCIPLES AND TRIBULATION

The New Testament exhorts followers of Jesus to expect tribulation because of their faith. While it may not be an everyday experience in the life of the church, neither is tribulation for the kingdom unexpected. And the chief cause of tribulation and persecution in the life of the disciple is his or her faithful witness of the life and teachings of Christ.
And this understanding is especially prominent in the Book of Revelation. In Chapter 7, for example, John saw countless followers of the “Lamb” exiting the “great tribulation” after persevering through it.
This striking image is central to his vision of the “innumerable multitude” comprised of men purchased from every nation by the lifeblood of Jesus. Having “overcome” in every trial and tribulation, they stand triumphantly before the “Lamb” and the “throne” in “New Jerusalem.”
At the beginning of the book, John identifies himself as a “fellow participant” with the churches of Asia “in THE tribulation and kingdom and endurance.” In his exile on the isle of Patmos - “for the testimony of Jesus” - he participated in the same “tribulation” endured by the “seven churches of Asia.”


The term “tribulation” occurs five times in Revelation. Each time it is used in relation to believers. In other words, “tribulation” is what followers of the “Lamb” experience. And elsewhere in the New Testament, the word is applied to what the followers of Jesus undergo for his sake - (Matthew 13:21, John 16:33, Revelation 1:9, 2:9-10, 7:14).
In the Greek text of John’s declaration, ONE definite article or “the” modifies all three nouns - Tribulation, Kingdom, Endurance. Each term represents an aspect of the same reality. It is THE tribulation; namely, the same one out of which the “innumerable multitude” came and stood before the Lord.
To live faithfully “in Jesus” results in “tribulation” for his kingdom. And to suffer for him is what it means to reign with Christ. The Greek term rendered “endurance” in John’s statement, or hupomoné, occurs six more times in the book, and it is always linked to believers who persevere in persecution - (Revelation 2:2-3, 2:19, 3:10, 13:10, 14:12-13). And PERSEVERANCE is how they “overcome” and inherit the promises found at the end of each of the letters to the “seven churches.”
In Revelation, the “Dragon” and his earthly vassals wage unrelenting war against the “saints,” not with nations or governments. The object of Satan’s wrath is the church – “those who have the testimony of Jesus” - (Revelation 12:17, 13:7-10).


The “Lamb” who was slain to redeem his people now summons his “saints…to be faithful even unto death,” not only in the city of Smyrna but all believers throughout the period between Christ’s death and his return are called to persevere.
His followers must remain steadfast in trials, even when doing so may mean their violent deaths. And just like their Lord, it is FAITHFULNESS IN TRIBULATION that results in their receipt of the “crown of life.”
And faithful saints endure the “GREAT TRIBULATION,” the period during which the followers of the “Lamb” are tried to the max, but they overcome the “Beast from the Sea” and the “Dragon” by their faithful “testimony.”
And after persevering through “tribulation,” the saints will find themselves “standing before the Throne and the Lamb” in the New Creation, in “New Jerusalem” - (Revelation 7:9-17).
In contrast to persevering saints, the unrepentant “inhabitants of the earth” undergo “wrath” - the “Second Death” in the “Lake of Fire.” And “wrath” refers to the punitive sentence of God on His enemies, and nowhere in the book is it equated with “tribulation.”
Thus, the “churches of Asia” endure “tribulation,” but they do not undergo the divine “wrath.” That is reserved for the enemies of the “Lamb” that afflict his people, and it will be meted out at the “great white throne of judgment.”
Those who would follow Jesus “wherever he goes” overcome the “Dragon by the blood of the Lamb, the word of their testimony, and because they love not their lives EVEN UNTO DEATH.” They remain faithful in their testimony even at the cost of their own lives - (Revelation 12:11).
[Published on the Crucified Messiah blog at the link below]
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2023.05.28 14:51 johnkoubeck Here is my Gothic white and gold Venom vision

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