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2023.06.07 22:14 Proof_Squirrel_8766 gf unsure if shes *ever* loved me

The first thing Im woke up to this morning is a "I dont know how I feel about you"; "I dont know if I want to be with you" she wont answer any questions about how long shes had doubts for, only to imply shes always felt this way. I wont receive any sort of answer for maybe two weeks. Weve been together for almost two years now. And now shes saying its possible she couldve never loved me, that everytime she said it was lie. I feel fucking miserable. I live in a shit home and shes the only person i have who ive ever felt cares for me, depsite anything shes done to hurt me in the past. I just want an answer. Im trying not to push. I dont knoe if i can handle 2 weeks riddled with doubg and self blame and slef hatred and just the thought yhat she never loved me to begin with. If she said she did, i dont know if id believe her now. I just want everything to be okay. If thats true, i wish we never fucking got together. Why? Why get with me if you dont actually feel that way? I dont understand. She means so fucking much to me and i thoyght things were gling well. Im scared ill relapse during these two weeks. Or worse after. I dont have anyone i trust to even talk to. I just want things to be okwy. Theyre never okay for a split second everythibg always has to go wrong somehow i can never fucking be happy. I dont wanna do this anymore im sick of being in a loop of misery.
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2023.06.07 22:13 natemci86 Seton put in 10 days ago. Questions.

Hello everyone,
I had my 3rd abcess recently, and it took almost 2 months to get surgery for it, because I had major back surgery in January so their were concerns my pain may have been related to nerves. Anyways... In that time my abcess developed a fistula and began draining next to my b-hole. 10 days ago I had a Seton put in, I believe it runs throught my inner and outer sphincter, not sure how deep, but I have an elastic that runs through the fistula and out my b-hole now.
Doc didn't give me pain meds because it often causes constipation problems he said, and recommend I continue using cannabis as I have for my back surgery. The issue here is I started taking gaba Pentin when they thought it was nerve damage which recats badly with cannabis, and now I have the symptoms of cannabinoid hypermesis syndrome.
So long storey short, I've been home, sick as a dog, unable to eat much of anything, nautious, and in pain. The pain is easing some, but it's still uncomfortable. Today the knot is poking me and driving me crazy, plus it feels like I need to poo, I assume because an elastic is hanging out of my ass.... Can I put patrollium jelly on the knot and/or elastic?
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2023.06.07 22:13 Standard_Tomorrow246 Tickets for Costa Mesa

Styx ~ 2 Tickets incl Parking 7/27/23 Pacific Amphitheatre Costa Mesa, CA.
Face value. $190 total
ADA row but neither TM nor Venue cares about that.
Electronic Transfer directly to you via TM
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2023.06.07 22:13 Villainous_Letch Well fuck….looks like pool is coming back….

They’re calling it shared now. ALLEGEDLY limited to just 2 riders now. Same pig, different lipstick. Hopefully we can exclude them, otherwise my 15% AR gonna be taking a beat down….
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2023.06.07 22:13 Cyanbirdy 2 packages but only 1 tracking update

I got 2 separate orders from the same site, one on the 1/6 and the other on the 6/6. The first order has been stuck on "Item processed at facility" in Sydney since the 4/6 but the second one has given me updates every day and is now on its way to my state. Do you think the first order hasn't been scanned or is it just sitting in the facility? What is going on?
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2023.06.07 22:13 mbcls made 700$ in the morning, traded too much end up losing 1400$. I'm so passed, i withdrawal 4000$ where they can't take it from me !

made 700$ in the morning, traded too much end up losing 1400$. I'm so passed, i withdrawal 4000$ where they can't take it from me ! submitted by mbcls to wallstreetbets [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 22:13 idfwulsab Advice on EGR & DPF delete

Hi all. I'm considering a Stage 1 remap with EGR & DPF delete to improve my mileage. Some context:
I drive a 2 litre VW Golf TDI. It's a diesel engine and therefore obviously suited for motorway/distance driving, but I work in the city centre so I'm sometimes stuck in stop/start traffic, or slow moving traffic. Even outside of work, I'm usually driving around the city with a fair amount of traffic and red lights, and very rarely actually do motorway drives. So I considered a DPF & EGR delete to improve mileage and avoid my DPF becoming blocked or dirty.
The quotes I got all tend to suggest getting a Stage 1 remap at the same time is better value for money, and the remap itself can improve mileage. I'm not fussed about the extra power, that's just a bonus. But all the quotes have advised that a DPF delete requires the DPF to be physically removed first, so the total cost shoots up. I do have the option to just do the Stage 1 remap with EGR delete and leave the DPF alone.
So my question is, will the DPF delete actually make much of a difference in terms of mileage and smooth running of my car? And secondly, does EGR delete make much of a difference by itself? Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.07 22:13 goodpointbadpoint COIN - what am i missing ?

Thinking of following -
  1. Buy 100 COIN at 53.28
  2. sell covered call Dec 2025 - $55 - 2760
  3. selll cash covered Dec 2025 $50 put - 2400
at this point net cost would be = 5328 - 2760 - 2400 = $168
worst case scenario - put gets assigned
so will have to spend 5000 to get 100 more shares.
at that point will have 200 shares at total cost of 5168 = $ 25.84/share cost.
so, breakeven would be 25.84, this is way below the all time low.
max loss = $2584. likely can sell at 50% of that. so considering around $1200 a realistic max loss.
max gain (from puts premium = 2400 + from calls 172 (55-53.28)*100)) = $2572. i believe this will be likely outcome as uncertainties will likely subside by that time. and going to take a bet on that.
still trying to double check what i could be missing, and might lead to more losses. your thoughts ?
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2023.06.07 22:13 Missedisland Help me build the fastest PowerMac :)

Help me build the fastest PowerMac :)
I got a PowerMac G5 Quad Core 2.5ghz, 16gb of OWC ECC RAM, a flashed ATI Radeon X1950 XT, running 2 OWC SSD drives; 1 SATA II to booth from and another SATA III running off a PCIe controller for launching apps. It’s running on OSX Sorbet.
I know I’m talking minimal gains here but what could I still do to make this system faster? Are there faster ways to run SSD drives, should I run Tiger? :) does faster (non-ECC) memory make a difference or marginal? Any tricks I haven’t thought off.
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2023.06.07 22:13 NihilisticPuffin Warning on a bag of KFC seasoning

Warning on a bag of KFC seasoning submitted by NihilisticPuffin to IRLEasterEggs [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 22:13 urbansamurai13 Have to rehome my cat

As the title says, I have a cat and for multiple personal and work reasons, I need to give her away. She is 3 and a half years old and I've had her since she's been 2 months old. What would be the best way to give her away while making sure she won't be abused/mistreated? Animal shelters? Kleinanzeige? I have no idea.. Any suggestion would be appreciated. Thanks :)
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2023.06.07 22:12 whitelotus72 How to break the cycle of dating abusers

As someone who dated two abusers and left them both, I started to worry that dating abusive men was part of a pattern I could not override. But I have overcome it, and this is how you can navigate healthy relationships going forward. 1. Do your research- there is a myriad of literature and educational material out there all about abuse, what it looks like, and how the cycle pulls you in. If you know what abuse looks like, you will recognize it when you see it long before it gets serious. Educate yourself! 2. You teach others how to treat you- if someone is not treating you how you believe you should be treated, hold them accountable and demand better. If you don’t you are showing other people that they don’t have to treat you right because you don’t expect them to. You may even be delivering the message that they are treating you well and that you are satisfied with how things are. 3. If something feels off, run or proceed with severe caution. Trust yourself. You wouldn’t feel that way for no reason. 4. Establish firm but reasonable boundaries with a new partner. If you are made to feel like your boundaries are selfish or your new partner threatens to move on if you don’t do what they want, let them go. They don’t want to take the time or energy to compromise and respect you. 5. Don’t move on until you are healed and ready. Do it for yourself and that other person. You can’t focus on a new romance if you are lost in trauma from the old one. 6. Involve outside perspectives- what do other people say about your new partner? Good or bad listen to them. They might see something you don’t and they are looking out for you. 7. Hang on to your independence- don’t put yourself in a situation where you become codependent and can’t manage on your own. If you own your life and are in control, abusers will look elsewhere. They want helplessness and damage. Build yourself up, and abusers will stay away on their own.
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2023.06.07 22:12 TSM130 Quarter Panel Replacement Advice

Quarter Panel Replacement Advice
Quarter Side Panel Replacement Advice
Hello all, this is my first post on this subreddit, so bear with me. I bought an MR-2 Roadster in January, and I have loved every minute of it. As you can see from the picture it’s dented quite badly as of recently by a another car in the side panel and it isn’t pretty. The car functions fine, but I want to fix it right away, judging from YT videos, it seems quite complex to repair. I’m curious to know if I should just take it to a body shop and pay £££ or whether it’s worth fixing myself? I’m seeing it’s worth about £100-£150 for a second hand quarter panel. Thanks :)
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2023.06.07 22:12 RowdyRagamuffin8 Shelly 1pm

Shelly 1pm
So this is the 2nd Shelly 1pm switch I’ve tried to install, and both times I have gotten “device is offline” please help!
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2023.06.07 22:12 Middle-Formal6156 ✨Use the Rewards Code: SKINBEE50 + SHINY23 to get Upto 20% off✨ New customers get 5% OFF their first purchase. Current customers get 2% OFF their purchase. Use the Rewards Code: SKINBEE50

✨Use the Rewards Code: SKINBEE50 + SHINY23 to get Upto 20% off✨ New customers get 5% OFF their first purchase. Current customers get 2% OFF their purchase. Use the Rewards Code: SKINBEE50 submitted by Middle-Formal6156 to YesStyleRewardsCode [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 22:12 eyezdeleon Counter-point - the Oakland A's deal is actually quite friendly for Las Vegas

Per ABC news...

The public funding would mainly come from $180 million in transferable tax credits and $120 million in county bonds. Backers have pledged that the creation of a special tax district around the proposed stadium would generate enough money to pay off those bonds and interest. The plan would not directly raise taxes.
Here's a link to the full bill
Couple of important notes here...
  1. The majority of the public money in this deal comes via tax credits for a business (The A's) that does not currently exist in Nevada
  2. The actual debt taken on is via a $120 million bond, which would be paid for by the special tax district.
This is important - it means no existing public money is being touched for this project. The General Fund is not being used, nor is any existing income stream being directed away from it.
I don't blame anyone for not trusting John Fisher, or feeling guilty about taking a team from another market, but a lot of the opposition to the idea seems to be people thinking that Nevada is spending public money that could go elsewhere on this project, and objectively that is not true
Just to add - the Raiders bond was $750 million and the hotel tax to cover is on pace to pay it back in less than half the time (30 year term, current pace pays it off in about 10-11 more years). $120 million over 30 years should be a breeze for the special tax district being established to cover the cost.
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2023.06.07 22:12 NapaAirDome How many sex-Ed classes did you have growing up?

I don’t know how it’s like in other schools, but I only had 1-2 dedicated sex-Ed classes growing up. I think it was an impactful class because my parents definitely weren’t gonna tell me. I’m guessing in more progressive states you’d have maybe around 3 planned out through your curriculum?
I’m asking this question because I’m starting to think parents don’t even know how schools work, they just send them off for half the day and thats that. Do they understand it’s a class we only take for half the school year and not something that is reinforced everyday?
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2023.06.07 22:12 mild-n-lazy Sanity check: Used Tacoma w/ 640k Miles

I posted this on usedcars, but I figured you folks would definitely know a little more about what I may be getting into.
I've been on the hunt for a used car in the $12k-ish or less range for a while, about to sell a house and have some money available. Decided on a mid-sized truck. Went through countless forum pages, videos, buyers' guides, etc. and decided I'd like to get a Tacoma. Most of the ones in my price range have really high-mileage motors, which I know is kind of a Toyota thing, but I'm too gun-shy and I need something I can drive 30 miles a day for at least 5 years...
...which brings us to today. I need help determining whether I've found a hidden gem or I'm about to really shoot myself in the foot. There's a 2003 Tacoma PreRunner listed locally to me with 640,000 miles on the odo. I saw the listing and just wanted to check it out for curiosity. Turns out, the odo has 640k but the motor and transmission have been swapped-in from a 4Runner with only 90k miles. Listed for $5000.
I asked the seller for the VIN, which they gave immediately (from a photo, so I know it's not BS) and ran the CarFax, and it's been pretty rigorously maintained, at least a couple of service visits each year all done by Toyota dealers. Ran a title check, no issues there. The car passed inspection this year and is registered to next year, and the owner has service records (these are in-person, so I haven't seen them yet). They've replaced ball joints, water pump, timing belt in the last 2 years and it's sitting on new Goodyears. Texas truck, so (from photos at least) it looks pretty much rust-free.
The seller agreed to go with me to a dealer for a PPI to verify that the engine is a swap-in and everything else is kosher. Am I nuts to think that this is a hidden gem deal?
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2023.06.07 22:12 CheekyGeekyStickers First time buying on Mercari

First time buying on Mercari
Seller 1 vs Seller 2…
Plus side, my items arrived safely regardless! Just a little judgy of Seller 2 compared to Seller 1. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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2023.06.07 22:12 BWCforyourslut 37 [M4F] #Lynchburg, VA Casual spanking?

Hello. I am a 6’2”, 210 lb, fit, attractive, and successful bearded white fellow. I am into fitness, healthy eating, cooking, hiking, and the BDSM arts from time to time. I am single with my own apartment over near timberlake.
I am interested in ladies(particularly college aged) that have interest in being spanked from time to time. This is of course NSA. I am 420 friendly though I do not partake. I do enjoy having a beer or whiskey beforehand when possible. Just one…I never overdo it.
Lynchburg has been a tough area to crack. I know you ladies are out there though. “I will find you. And I will spank you.” Or whatever Liam Neeson said.
Anyway if you’d like to chat to get a feel for each other up front let’s talk. I would always suggest a meeting in a public setting for a drink to discuss things beforehand. Let’s talk!
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2023.06.07 22:12 Nateiggers Help with the 'Against all odds' Mod please

For those unfamiliar, the mod makes everything harder, i think even the time for crafting increases, but what is screwing me the most is morale.
In the scenario 'Cold as hell', i have to play with Emilia, Henrik and Ivano (Yes, the mod swapped Arica for Emilia..), both these characters are horrible, my strategy was going to scavenge with Emilia while henrik guards the house, but when i get to day 7, everything starts to fall apart, i simply can't get enough wood to build / craft fuel, and i don't even have enough time to craft (unless i use the kid, which in this case the kid will complain about working too much, how does this work?) by this time i have 2 full heaters and my characters STILL manage to get sick.
For those who beaten this scenario (using the mod), what strategy did you used? What should i rush to build and prioritize, and how do i keep Ivano from going broken and bring everyone's morale down?
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2023.06.07 22:12 Repulsive-Wealth-378 Living his best life

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