Freeman's car stereo south boulevard

Jetta 2017 Bluetooth issues / replace radio?

2023.05.30 23:41 Consistent_Dig_1265 Jetta 2017 Bluetooth issues / replace radio?

Hi all, I am having problems with my Bluetooth. I tried reconnecting my phone and also holding down the power button to reset and it has not fixed the problem. 1. Anyone have any suggestions re: Bluetooth. 2. If I was going to update my stereo where is the best place to buy an updated stereo with car play? Thank you !
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2023.05.30 23:19 JeetP8 The most stupidest roundabout

The most stupidest roundabout
Made another post on this roundabout because its such flaws i find with it. I am entering the south of the roundabout going towards north. It can technically be classified as a closed junction as the as from the south is down compared to the junction and ur car is like elevated on top of that there is a tree which blocks the whole view from travelling north. After the roundabout was visibly clear i went and signalled left after the first exit i did my normal thing. Spoke to my dad and he said that would have been a fail as there was a car that i had made slow down coming from the north going to the west. If the junction was open and i could have seen there was a car approaching i would have not gone. What do i do in this situation. And also what do i do if i brake harshly depending on the situation. Would that be a fail?
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2023.05.30 23:10 reariri Do other cities close roads in the summer?

I am asking this because i saw this last year. In Bucharest they close some main roads in the center (while there already is a center where no cars are allowed). One of those roads also has the best/safest cycle road of the whole city.
So a few months ago, when the weather was nice, i thought, let's get a bike. I go from the south to the north of the city to a pub i like to go to (normally take the metro), but then found out that i got stopped by every policy agent every 500m on the road of 5km long. Because cycling is also not allowed on that road.
That felt pretty bad to me, i like the idea of closing roads in the summer for cars, but seems they close it for bikes also.
I know, officially a bike should be on the normal road, but is too dangerous and most persons cycle on the walking paths. Which make it very strange, because now the best and safest cycle road in the city is where i have to walk, while i cycle on most walking paths because of safety (even some walking patchs have cycle painting paths, even next to this best actual cycle road).
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2023.05.30 23:06 quantXtnaup Eureka commute is soul crushing.

I commute from the south into the north end of Eureka. Traversing Broadway 2 to 4 time a day has taken its toll on my mental health. It has crushed my soul to where I'm a shell of my former self.
Seriously, I want to reignite the plans to build a Eureka Bypass. There is no reason for a county seat to have as bad of a city layout as Eureka has. Eureka needs to be a forward-thinking city.
I ask ChatGPT for advice, this is the response:
It's understandable to want to improve a commute. Infrastructure changes, like building a freeway bypass, are complex endeavors that involve a number of steps. Below is a general guide on how to get started. However, remember that every situation is unique, so the steps may vary slightly.
  1. **Research & Proposal:** Begin with a research about the problem. Collect data and information about the commute, such as the time it takes, the number of cars on the road, accident rates, etc. Also, investigate how the construction of a bypass would benefit the community, including aspects like reduced commuting time, potential economic benefits, environmental impact, and more. This research will form the basis of your proposal.
  2. **Community Support:** Organize a community meeting or start a petition to show that there is public support for the project. Use social media, local newspapers, and community meetings to make the community aware of the project and the benefits it could bring.
  3. **Local Government:** Present your proposal to your local government. This could include your city council, county commissioners, and transportation department. They can provide valuable advice, and you'll need their support to proceed.
  4. **State Transportation Agency:** If your local government supports your proposal, the next step is to contact your state's Department of Transportation (Caltrans in California) or another relevant agency. Present your proposal and show them the support you've received from your local community and government.
  5. **State and Federal Elected Officials:** Reach out to your state and federal elected officials, such as your state representatives, state senator, and U.S. congressperson. If they support your proposal, they can advocate for it at the state and federal level.
  6. **Funding:** Large infrastructure projects like this one require significant funding. This could come from a variety of sources, such as state and federal government budgets, grants, or public-private partnerships. Having the support of your elected officials can be very helpful in securing funding.
  7. **Environmental Impact Study & Public Comment:** Most large infrastructure projects require an Environmental Impact Study to assess the potential environmental effects. There's also usually a public comment period where community members can voice their support or opposition to the project.
  8. **Planning, Design, and Construction:** If all the above steps are successful, the project can move into the planning, design, and construction phases. These phases can take several years to complete.
Remember, this is a long process and may take many years. Stay committed, stay involved, and keep the community informed and involved. You're right that nothing is insurmountable with determination and patience! Good luck!
Anyone reading this that has any pull with the city, county, or state, please let's get this back on the docket.
Thank you.
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2023.05.30 23:05 For2ANJ 2 Weeks Ending 5.30.23 Media Coverage on Everything Guns in New Jersey

Here is a listing of all the media articles, for the past 2 weeks on anything gun related that related to New Jersey:
Note: Articles on the recent PI ruling have been omitted as covered in separate post (Link at bottom)
  1. Man Shot By Police After Firing Gun Near NJ Train Station: Mayor Wayne, NJ Patch
  2. Prosecutor: 6 NY men posed as police in armed NJ home invasion (
  3. New Jersey police officer who authorities say shot and killed a 911 caller is charged with manslaughter CNN
  4. Newark Sees 4th Multiple Shooting In A Month: 4 Shot, 1 Dead Newark, NJ Patch
  5. Person With Gun Reported At Great Falls, Juvenile Charged: Paterson PD Wayne, NJ Patch
  6. 13-year-old's shooting inspires anti-crime initiative in Newark, New Jersey for summer safety - ABC7 New York (
  7. Analysis: Three experts explain America's gun politics CNN
  8. NJ State Police seize guns from Paterson man and woman (
  9. NJ’s attorney general confronts gun violence, corruption, police reform — and a paradox - Gothamist
  10. NJ Teen Charged With Attempted Murder In Shooting Near Carnival East Brunswick, NJ Patch
  11. Pa. man charged after accidentally shooting himself at Wildwood Crest motel, police say PhillyVoice
  12. Church member arrested in shooting death of Sayreville councilwom (
  13. Student Photo With Firearm Probed, 'No Imminent Danger': Brick PD Brick, NJ Patch
  14. NJ road rage gunfire: 7 things to try when you’re this angry (
  15. Pleasantville, NJ, Man Facing Gun Charges After Foot Pursuit (
  16. DWI Driver Found With Loaded Gun After Crash: Montgomery Police Hillsborough, NJ Patch
  17. Three Youths Arrested in Trenton After Bucks Gun Store Heist – NBC10 Philadelphia (
  18. Mom says Newark police handcuffed 8-year-old daughter in search for big brother’s gun -
  19. Hero N.J. police officer wrestled ‘ghost gun’ from suspect, saved bystanders -
  20. Ex-Con Wanted In Edgewater Domestic Assault Caught Outside Cliffside Bar With Gun: Police Cliffside Park-Edgewater Daily Voice Serving Cliffside Park, Edgewater, Bogota, Fairview, and Ridgefield
  21. Atlantic County Man Sentenced for Possession of Illegal Handgun (
  22. Shots fired outside a Paterson school over parking, cops say (
  23. Authorities identify 8-year-old, man killed by gunman in N.J. apartment -
  24. Frackville man charged after gun discharges in Wildwood Crest, New Jersey, wounding him (
  25. Sen. Bob Menendez, Mayor Ras Baraka call for more enforcement of federal gun laws - CBS New York (
  26. Murphy Announces Intention to Nominate Michael Noriega to Serve on the New Jersey Supreme Court - Insider NJ
  27. Eunice Dwumfour murder: Arrest made in shooting death of New Jersey councilwoman - ABC7 New York (
  28. N.J. attorney convicted of murder in shooting death of his longtime girlfriend -
  29. Joaquin DeJesus, 53, of Atlantic City Sentenced to 8-Year Prison Term For Firearms Offenses - South Jersey Observer
  30. AI may be the future of preventing school shootings PIX11
  31. Chicago man arrested in NJ DWI with stolen gun from Alabama (
  32. NJ Fugitive Joel Martinez Accused of Pistol-Whipping Transgender Woman, Shooting Others – NBC10 Philadelphia (
  33. InsiderNJ's Fight of the Week: Platkin v. Bumb (and Guns) - Insider NJ
  34. Worker Wrestles Gun From Gas Station Convenience Store Robber On Route 46 Saddle Brook-Elmwood Park Daily Voice Your Local News for Saddle Brook and Elmwood Park, New Jersey
  35. Armed robber steals thousands in cash from NJ pharmacy (
  37. Man charged in N.J. cold case killing was arrested with murder weapon a decade ago, cops say -
  38. Two Atlantic City men arrested with drugs, handgun (
  39. Atlantic County Man Sentenced For Handgun Possession Gloucester Daily Voice Your Local News for Gloucester County, New Jersey
  40. Brattleboro man gets prison time as felon with a gun again Local News
  41. Southern District of New York New Jersey Man Charged With Gunpoint Robbery Of Manhattan Electronics Store United States Department of Justice
  42. NJ man accused of leading PSP on chase along I-80 (
  43. Camden County Armed-Robbery Suspect Remains At Large: Police Collingswood, NJ Patch
  44. District of New Jersey Essex County Man Admits Shooting of Former Federal Informant United States Department of Justice

Note: Articles on the recent PI ruling have been omitted as covered in separate post here:
Road Rage Incident - Still no proof / reports he had a PTC:
  1. Road rage incident over lane change leads to attempted murder charge for Somerset man (
  2. Road Rage: Driver Charged with Attempted Murder after Shooting at Car Somerville, NJ News TAPinto
  3. Road raging N.J. driver fired 2 shots at car while trying to merge, cops say -
  4. Local Man Charged with Attempted Murder, Accused of Shooting at Car Franklin Township, NJ News TAPinto
  5. Fuming NJ man shoots at driver in road rage terror, officials say (
  6. NJ driver charged with attempted murder in road rage attack (
  7. NJ man shot at driver’s vehicle during road rage dispute: officials PIX11
  8. Somerset NJ man charged with attempted murder in road rage incident (

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2023.05.30 22:55 Comprehensive_Ant984 I'm just realizing now that I think I might have been in an abusive relationship, and IDK if I'm just being dramatic or not

Basically what the title says.. I (then 30F) was in love with this guy (28M) completely and thought he was it for me and that we'd be together for the rest of our lives. But things went south, fast. And bc I grew up in an abusive home, I truly thought that it was just how things go, and that I just needed to tough it out and figure out compromises and solutions, and we'd be okay again. We eventually broke up because he decided he didn't want me anymore (and moved his new, very recently turned 18-y/o GF in to his new apartment less than a month later). But as much as I'm horrified looking back, I can't help but wonder if maybe I'm just being dramatic and bitter because my heart was broken. And I feel like my frame of reference for what is and is not acceptable is just so totally skewed from my upbringing, that I feel like I can't even trust myself to know if what he did was abuse or not or just nasty fighting. I'd really love an objective, outside perspective from someone who doesn't know either of us and isn't going to be swayed one way or the other.
The biggest examples were:
- I was crying in the car while we were fighting, so he pulled over, got out and came around and opened my door so he could laugh in my face and mock me for being upset
- We were arguing at his family's beach house one night and I was crying again (I did that a lot in this relationship, embarrassing to admit) because I couldn't understand why he was being so mean with his words, and he got fed up and held me in place and poured a bottle of water over my head to make fun of me
- when things were tough he said he wanted an open relationship so he could sleep with other women. I said I was fine with that, as long as the same rules applied equally to us both and I could see other people as well, and he said if I did that I'd be a whore and he'd leave me
-we got into a fight about politics (he was a DT supporter and I was not), and he got so angry that I wouldn't agree with him that he punched my closet door and broke his hand, and then he and his family blamed me for it for provoking him
-he would repeatedly tell me that i was stupid or my thoughts/opinions/beliefs were stupid and that i should be embarrassed (for example, he was a huge fan of Joe Rogan, and I can't stand the guy and find him to be racist and misogynistic). Point being, any time I disagreed with him, his answer was that it must be because I was dumb and incapable of logical thinking (note that I hold a doctorate-level degree and work in my field, he holds a psychology degree and worked in his family's pizzeria)
- He always wanted to do an*l, and I just was not into it and repeatedly told him no. One night he asked and I again said no I'm not okay with it, and we went to sleep. I woke up to his fingers inside of me, and freaked out and asked him what he was doing. He said he was just curious and it was my fault for constantly denying when I knew he really wanted it. I tried to talk to him about it the next day, and when I said that it kind of made me feel really violated, he flipped and said "stop being so dramatic, it's not like I raped you"
- he repeatedly told me to unalive myself when he was angry with me at the end of our relationship
Now, I'm not an idiot, I know that none of the above is healthy. What I don't know is whether it rises to the level of abuse. And it scares me, because I know what my mom etc. did when I was a kid was abusive, and I know that my instinct is to believe that it's my job to change and stick it out and make it work. And I don't want to keep repeating those patterns if that's what this is. Like, should I have left instead of trying to make it work? And if so, how should I have known when things reached that point? And at the same time, I have to wonder if the problem is me. I'm still single several years and two crappy situationships later, and I'm the last of my friends or family who isn't in a committed relationship. So maybe he was right and I am just too much and too difficult to love and need to change that. But I literally just don't know. This has so thoroughly screwed my head and idk what to do with it. And I really would just really love an outside perspective, because I've been spiraling in my own head and it just isn't fixing or changing anything. All I want is a healthy supportive partnership, and I just need to understand if/how I'm standing in my own way of that, if I'm doing so.
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2023.05.30 22:06 adamlcarp Car fire 89 south between colchester and winooski

Car fire on the highway 89 south bound, adjust commutes as necessary. Emergency services were only just arriving as of 4
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2023.05.30 21:43 richiesum88 Comparing Used BRZs and GR86s

Have a paid off car to trade in and want a sportier coupe. I have been saving up and finally decided on either a BRZ or GR86. Because this is my first sports car and I am young, I would like to spend 20k or less on a used model and was wondering what years and millage I should be looking at. I can afford a new model, but personally don't like paying the upcharge for new and how fast they depreciate. I am located in south florida and this would become my daily driver. Any suggestions would be great or if I it wont be possible in my price range please let me know!!!
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2023.05.30 21:42 Orphandestroyer98 Proceed with Caution (Ch 8)

Memory transcript subject: Chris, Human Hunter in training Date: [standardized human time] October 28th, 2136
I found the class for my first hour. I entered the classroom and saw the Kolshian teacher from earlier. My first class was an ecology class or something.
“Ah Chris your seat is right over there” the Kolshian pointed his tentacle to one of the chairs next to a Green Krakotl.
“Alright class this paw we shall be learning about your home planets background of animals and overall life” Oh so just like a review of the history of a planet.
“Who’s going first?” The Kolshian teacher scanned the crowd of students. None of them raised there hands so I just went ahead.
“Ah Chris here’s a pad so you can show images on the big screen, go ahead when you are ready” I readied myself to speak and looked at the class. A couple of people were snickering.
“Alright so I guess at the beginning of Earth when there was only microscopic specs in the water which soon became bigger creatures. Soon enough the Cambrien period started which was caused by the global warming of the planet causing mass amounts of Oxygen to be pumped into the sky” I stopped to take a breath and take a sip of cherry Pepsi.
“Because of this many animal groups were shown for the first time like the backbone species which would soon evolve into everything on land” I showed a picture of a jawless fish with spine.
“Another animal that appeared were the Trilobites which would stay for a long time and wouldn’t go extinct for a very long time. Soon however the Cambrian period would come to an end with Cambrian mass extinction where the planet cooled down and killed a decent amount of the water life” alright what was next? Oh yeah that’s right!
“Next was the Ordovician period where some of the modern marine lifeforms appeared like squids kinda like that Kolshian” I pointed at one of the purple squid froglike creatures in the room.
“This is also the time where plants and invertebrates made it onto land, another creature that appeared during this time was the apex predator the sea scorpion” I showed a picture of the creatures of that time along with the sea scorpion.
“Soon enough in the next period the fish evolved like crazy which introduced the first sharks and on land there were giant fungus and the first land creatures millipedes” I showed picture of the creatures.
“Soon enough the fungus got replaced with trees and the first vertebrates came onto land and vertebrates took flight and new apex predators in the sea like the dunk a giant fish with an armored head and self sharpening jaw bones as teeth” I showed the class the picture of the dunk they were amazed by the size and deadliness of the creature.
“Soon there were so many trees there was a lot of oxygen which made bugs absolutely massive such as the meganura. A giant dragonfly the size of a football and arthroplura a giant millipede. And during this time the amphibians went crazy and made a very important evolutionary step in eggs. This would then lead to the evolution of the reptiles and mammals” jeez there is still a decent amount to go over.
“Then began the Permian period which saw the beginning of the two major groups the synapsids and the sauropsids which included the first aquatic reptiles. The trilobites were still there until the Permian mass extinction which wiped out 96% of all life on Earth” the class silenced at that. I mean Jesus that much life lost yet we’re still here is something.
“Soon began after that the age of the dinosaurs. During this time more species came to be like the first crocodiles and turtles” I showed the class a picture of a giant ancient crocodile which amazed some of them.
“Then began the Jurassic period where the first big dinosaurs started to arrive like the predatory hunter the allosaurus that used to hunt the stegosaurus a giant armored herbivore that whipped their tails at enemies” a couple of the Harchens were focused on the allosaurus and it’s similarities to them.
“Also during this time was when birds started to evolve away from the dinosaurs and fly”
“After this came the Cretaceous period with creatures like the horned herbivorous triceratops and the mighty carnivorous Trex” on the screen showed a giant Trex with a dead triceratops in its jaws by the neck. The class stared with much interest.
“There was also the largest carnivorous dinosaur the spinosaurus which could swim really fast and the giant pterosaurs took over the sky’s with some having a 40 foot wingspan like the size of a car or a bus!” I could tell most of the class by now was interested in the presentation.
“During this time grass, flowers and bees appeared by evolving from wasps and another thing that appeared were snakes limbless reptiles who slither around and the crocodiles became humongous” I showed them a picture of the absolutely massive crocodiles
“Yet during this time the mammals were still small because of the giant dinosaurs” here comes the kicker.
“However all good things most come to an end when suddenly a giant meteor from outer space hit the planet having such a massive impact on the planet which made dirt go way up into the sky blocking out the suns light which made plants die” the students were surprised and some were in fright because of this.
“There were giant flaming debris coming down from the sky and volcanoes were erupting. This lead to the dust staying in the sky for a long time which caused 75% of all life to go extinct and most of the bug dinosaurs went extinct because of it” I took another drink of cherry Pepsi.
“Soon after this came the Paleocene epoch and all the animal groups were going crazy and soon came the early primates. Many groups were also going for the title of the apex predator such as the titanoboa the giant snake the size of a bus or the terror birds from the avian dinosaurs which would dominate their landscape for the next 60 million years and if one were in this room you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between them and a Krakotl” I pointed at the one green Krakotl in the crowd while flipping through the photos.
“Soon came the time when the first cats and dogs arrived and the whales went back into the ocean evolving into marine mammels. Another creature is the ancestor to the great apes such as gorillas and humans”
“Next came the Eocene epoch where the terror birds were still dominant in their part of the world. There were also elephants and bone crushing dogs which could crush my leg with a single bite” some of the classmates laughed at that part obviously wanting to do the same to me.
“And then after that came the Pliocene epoch in which North and South America formed a Land bridge in which their two groups of animals met for the first time which wound up making the terror birds extinct in the end. Some animals of this time included the woolly mammoths that looked like that Mazic over there” I pointed at the woolly elephant like predator.
“However mammoths didn’t eat meat instead they ate plants. Another animal was giant ground sloth which used its size to reach trees and eat the leaves off of them. There was also gigantopithecus the largest ape to ever live on Earth. Speaking of apes the first human species the Homo-erectus appeared” I took another sip of my cherry Pepsi. Almost done with this.
“Now for the Ice Age. At the start of this age the planet got really cold in which the first Homosapiens appeared and found the other human species the Neanderthals. When the two met they breaded together and the only one left was the Homosapiens. It should also be mentioned that we domesticated dogs and that after this age many of the species died such as the mammoths who we hunted into extinction” the Mazics were a bit taken back by that. Probably not understanding how something so small could wipe out a species that large.
“Soon enough we got here to where we are today. Any questions?” I looked around the class. I saw a Tillfish raise one of their claws.
“So humans hunted the mammoths into extinction. How did they hunt and have their been any other creatures you hunted into extinction?” I thought for a moment how did ancient humans hunt again?
“So last time I checked we followed our prey continuously until they got tired and collapsed so we could just go ahead and kill them” the class was a bit confused on that one.
“But now I think we just use guns to shoot the prey from a distance” after this I answered a couple more questions until the Kolshian teacher came up to me.
“Alright wonderful presentation Chris how about you have a seat” I nodded and went back to my desk.
The rest of the class went by quickly and smoothly. Next class was some math one. Surprised these guys even have math.
Damn I am hungry.
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2023.05.30 21:28 A__European [3] US State Highways NM Speedrun #65 (1 min timer)

Challenge link: (Edit: I posted the challenge link of last week, now it's the correct link)
Deadline: June 6, 7 pm UTC (12 pm noon PDT, 3 pm EDT, 9 pm CEST).
You are facing a U.S. state route sign. Do you recognize the state without moving? How fast can you find the route number on the map? You have just one minute! Good luck and have fun! :-)
Please post your score as comment in this thread if you want to have it counted for the leaderboard (every posted score counts!).
Here are the results for challenge #64. Congrats to rtlewis123 for winning the challenge.
Rank Reddit Name Result Percentage Points
1st rtlewis123 24999 100.00 100
2nd bdm6985 24980 99.92 99
3rd solarsensei 24973 99.90 99
4th gobluetwo 24951 99.81 99
5th fbrasseur 24948 99.80 99
6th kuhl_kuhl 24831 99.33 99
Total standings of season 2:
Rank Reddit Name Points
1st bdm6985 791
2nd solarsensei 748
3rd fbrasseur 650
4th saladpants77 576
5th gobluetwo 562
6th rtlewis123 494
7th kuhl_kuhl 388
8th Ancient-Recover695 196
9th GateUnhappy7484 89
10th lemontree403 67
Hall of Fame
Season 1st 🥇 2nd 🥈 3rd 🥉
1 bdm6985 saladpants77 solarsensei
Last challenge:
R1: Delaware. Five states are using a plain circle as (primary) state highway signs: Delaware, New Jersey, Iowa, Kentucky, Mississippi. As we see a sign to Wilmington (the largest city in Delaware) and Philadelphia (keep in mind: Pennsylvania has a unique state highway sign) we are most likely in Delaware or maybe New Jersey. We see a sign for I-495. When you turn around you see signs for US 13 and US 40. I-495 and US 13 only run through Delaware (and other states) but not through New Jersey. Furthermore, the car in front of us has a Delaware license plate (dark blue background, golden letters). The location itself was a bit tricky. The exit number was the only specific clue where to look. 2 perfect scores. :-)
R2: The new sign of Idaho with just the state outline and without the state name. Older signs also show the state name. Most of southern Idaho lies in the Snake River Plain. Mountains are in northern and south eastern Idaho. The single digit road numbers are clustered in the northern part of Idaho. Many players found the intersection. 12 perfect scores. :-)
R3: New Jersey. There are several clues for New Jersey. You can see the yellow license plates of New Jersey everywhere. The street sign for Nassau Street shows the circle highway sign. This is very common in Delaware and New Jersey. However, a circle with a black background on a green sign is very common in New Jersey and seems to be unique to New Jersey. New Jersey also has signs like in R1. Therefore, a missing black background is not a hint that you are not in New Jersey. The most important clue was written on the newspaper box: Princeton, NJ ;-). 6 perfect scores. :-)
R4: State outline of Arkansas. I-555 is a spur of I-55. Both are easy to find in eastern Arkansas. You could see the freeway entry ramp when you looked north east. 4 perfect scores. :-)
R5: The flag of Colorado on the state highway sign. You could see a sign for I-25 when you turned around. I-25 is the only north-to-sounth interstate in Colorado and is easy to find on the map. CO-14 also runs through the sparsely populated eastern Colorado and is quite easy to find on the map. Many players found CO-14. Our intersection was right next to a railway track. Railway tracks might me easier to find on the map than road names. 5 perfect scores. :-)
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2023.05.30 21:25 aliceallmessedup What do I do?

I’m currently parked in a parking lot, lying on the floor of my car in front of the back seats. I’m so consumed by regret I haven’t been able to function for 5 months. My Breslin feels damaged, I can’t think. I have constant adrenaline coursing through my body. I scream, i dissociate, I have $0 as my parents have cut me off and I can’t hold a job. In the mornings I have a complete break down I occasionally recover enough to barely act normal for a brief spell in the afternoon/evening. My daughter is with my parents., my ex has my son. He my ex has narcissistically abused me for 20 years and I let him and even went back after I had left when he cheated. I had another chance 5 months ago to get away and rent a place but I backed out at the last second for some unknown trauma based reason. And ruined two lives as a result. Turns out things went really south after that for my would be landlord too. I hate myself. Beyond anything. I can’t function, can’t afford hospital want to die, misssd opportunities of my own doing. I’m not sure where my instability comes from trauma, abuse, my own make up, mold, menopause hormones, but I can’t fix it. Or even see to my own toilet/care/food needs. All I have is my parents who tell me to keep away from my daughter and my ex who continues abuse at me and keeps filing emergency custody things at me. Hard to argue though. He used to be crazy, well still is, but worse and I used to have it toether
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2023.05.30 21:22 OfDiceandWren WYR Be Stalked by a Bear on Cocaine, A Vengeful Lion, A Rabid St. Bernard or An Elite Assassin (read description)

Cocaine Bear- you are in a 20 sq mile area of forest. There are melee weapons scattered throughout as well as many kilos of Cocaine. There is a ranger station somewhere. It has a low caliber six shooter.
Vengeful Lion- you are in a south African game preserve. You stop to check out what appears to be a slaughtered pride. The male shows up and assumes you are the threat. You have 4.9 million acres. None if the villagers will protect you. You have melee weapons and the possibility of other creates as both threats and allies
Rabid St. Bernard- you start off in a car in the middle of a large ranch. There is a small revolver in the house somewhere but you don't know where. The car doesn't drive. You can see the dog from where you are
Elite Assassin- you don't know what this assassin looks like or why he/she needs to kill you. You have 2 passports/identities and 2 million dollars you can divide up into 3 different currencies. The more new identities you make, the closer the assassin gets to finding you.
View Poll
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2023.05.30 21:05 PuroHueso45 How to deal with narcissistic parents who don’t want to accept I am an independent person

I’m (30 m) the youngest of three kids and the only son of my parents. My family is a fairly successful family in a South American country and I have had a lot of advantages because of this. I studied abroad and lived a long time in different countries. While living abroad, I met my now wife from Europe. We decided to come back to my country because my parents were asking me to go back and take care of their business. The problem is, since we arrived, things have rapidly changed. They wanted us to live in their house (they don’t live there, they are retired and live at the beach), didn’t want us to leave that house or even buy a car and use their spare one for what I asume was to keep control over us. The also “need of me to take care of their business because they are going old” suddenly disappeared and just wanted to keep me as their “assistant” without payment.
I decided it was enough and bought our own place and car when my wife got pregnant. The problem is, since we arrived, my parents, and specially my very jealous mother have become more and more hostile against my wife (also due to the influence of my toxic sister) and basically want me to be with them, and put my wife in a secondary place. Our daughter was born and my mom has been disregarding my wife parenting skills, and going to the point to be against my daughter to have my wife nationality.
Things got out of hand when my wife texted my mom telling her in a polite way (with Google translate, because she doesn’t speak my native language) to stop posting pics of our baby on her social media, since we don’t like that. My mom answer her that she wasn’t gonna stop posting it, no matter what she said. I got angry, called my mom and had a fight, where she basically told me that my wife is a stranger and I should side with her, since she is my mother. We hang up and basically we haven’t talk much since then.
I am tired of my narcissistic parents and their controlling methods, and I want to keep distance from them and set boundaries with them, but it’s really difficult to do it since they don’t understand that.
How can I do it without destroying our relationship?
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2023.05.30 20:20 Perfect-Ad2598 Jetta Serpentine Belt Issue

So I drive 2011 VW Jetta 2.5 SE and I recently started having a strange issue with my battery light coming on and even the loss of my power steering in the middle of driving, which is very scary. Each time the issue happens my battery light comes on however my battery itself is fine. One time I was sitting in the driveway idling and I heard something shutter in my engine bay as if the car stalled, and the battery light came on, yet the engine itself did not stall and my electronics continued working (headlights, stereo etc.). Restarting the car resolve the issue. The other time it happened I lost the ability to steer my car and the battery light came on. I proceeded to stop in the middle of the road and restart the car, which resolved the issue. I know it’s not the battery itself or the alternator as I brought it into the shop to be checked and they said both were ok. On top of that the serpentine belt itself it’s in good condition, not broken or scratched. My only other guess would be a bad pulley bearing but I can’t really check that myself and I don’t see any pulleys wobbling or anything. The strangest part about the issue is that it’s not consistent, it’s intermittent. As right now my car works just fine. My guess is something is causing the serpentine belt to seize or slip which instantly causes issues and turns the battery light on. Let me know if anyone has had a similar experience!
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2023.05.30 20:14 scubapopi My PC will be in a hot car for a couple days, what components should I take out before the trip?

For context I’m moving and shipping my car with my PC in it. It’ll be in June across the south US so my car will most likely get hot, but it will be packed away in the trunk. I will obviously take out my graphics card but what other components should I remove to be safe?
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2023.05.30 20:11 Hugh_Maneiror Emergency Alert : Toxic Fire in Favona

Just got yet another emergency phone alert.
Toxic fire on James Fletchers Drive in Favona, close all windows in the vicinity.
Blaze at South Auckland scrap metal yard fills air with toxic smoke, dozen fire crews at scene
A toxic smoke alert has been issued following reports of a blaze in a pile of scrap car parts in South Auckland this morning. It advised nearby residents to close all doors and windows.
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2023.05.30 19:46 BillowingBanana Car buying for teens

Hi! I’m a 19M working part-time in college. I don’t have much financial support from my parents, but I do get a good amount of money from scholarship refund checks. I make my entire year’s rent in one semester from my refund. My fall and spring refunds are the same (around $8000) and my summer ranges based on the number of classes I take. I would try to co-sign with my dad since he makes a decent amount, but his credit is bad so we’ve been struggling to get any pre-approvals from direct lenders. I go to school far from home and need a reliable car that i don’t have to do much maintenance for in the time that I have it. Do you guys have any tips for how to get lower rates and financing at my age for used/certified pre-owned vehicles (2018 and up, preferably 2018+ Honda Civic, 2020+ Kia Forte, or 2021+ Hyundai Elantra)?
Some more info: my income from work and my refunds are about $35k a year, I have a 740 credit score, and I plan on buying in South Florida.
Any tips and advice, thoughts, or opinions that you find helpful would be greatly appreciated. Also if there’s any other people who’ve been in my situation in the recent market, if you were successful, what did you do and what did you find useful??
Thank you in advance!
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2023.05.30 19:24 militantbisexual 2018 Micra Apple Carplay

Got a 2018 Micra recently and for some reason it's not equipped with Apple Carplay and isn't compatible with any of the Nissan Connect malarkey. The only option to use the sound on my phone is Bluetooth because the USB device doesn't recognise Spotify as a playable audio files.
Just wondering if anyone knows if getting it installed without a new stereo entirely is a possibility? Or would I need a whole new one? I'm terrible with this type of stuff, my old car had Apple Carplay and it was a godsend so want it installing however I can. Thank you!
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2023.05.30 19:05 Dull-Maize7645 If you were in my shoes what would you do

Dear Americans,
Please please stop accusing people of mental health problems. Please take your cases to court! I for one need support in order to this because everything has been taken away from me. What’s your excuse?
Think of it this way. There’s more a person can do to improve this planet than vote. Brown v. Board of Education which overruled Plessy v. Ferguson’s pledge of “separate but equal” and created new precedent that outlawed school segregation. There was something called a doll study based on skin color and this study was relied upon. When given a 🧸choice of which doll they preferred to play the children, elementary school girls regardless of their own color, chose white dolls over black and brown. Different cohorts were tested such as one in Springfield Massachusetts which surprisingly had stronger impacts than in the south. There is clearly a problem with this research. Were these dolls still nursing? Were they baby dolls you have to hold? Or the “most racist” doll of all Barbie dolls with cars, houses, tits, and careers all their own? Dolls are 🖼️ not real people, they are taxidermied girls! Where do these dolls come from?
What do people think the point of justice is? Not everything is a high profile case or a mystery to be solved. “You are NOT Malala” says my own mother in writing to me.
Remember when you didn’t know what the word noob meant and it sounded kind of funny. Well that’s what a law student is to everybody. A noob.🤷‍♀️
In conclusion, please encourage 🗽students and others who are oppressed and injured to seek Justice instead of some other route. Everybody knows therapists and social workers exist okay. There is no need to advise your friends to seek diagnosis or medications. These things are inflated scams.
Good day to you
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2023.05.30 18:37 notarealnigerian Bay Area Bucket List

Hello! My husband and I recently moved to the Bay Area from the Midwest - We don’t know how long we’re planning to live here (1-2 years or longer), but want to make the most of it while we are.
What are some “bucket list” items and things to see/eat/do, places to visit, while we are here? This can include anything from restaurants to hiking trails/parks/scenic views or day trips to other areas. We are living in South Bay but have a car to travel around. So far we’ve made day trips to SF, Monterey/Carmel, and Santa Cruz.
Thanks in advance, everyone!
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2023.05.30 18:27 Lopsided_Soup_3533 Advice but not about visiting wales

Howdy. So I live in Newport South Wales and I'm looking for recommendations about reputable car sales places preferably in Newport. I got my last two cars from Barry but for reasons traveling to Barry isn't really an option now ditto Cardiff.
I have to get an automatic and only have a big budget of around £2000. Does anyone know of any decent places in and around Newport I prefer using a garage to a private seller. Thanks
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2023.05.30 18:22 Puncherson CarPlay Unable to Adjust Volume

This started happening a few days ago but I have been unable to adjust the volume with car play either through my steering wheel controls or the volume dial on my stereo. This only happens when connected to CarPlay, Bluetooth audio is not affected.
I’m using an iPhone 13 Pro Max with the latest iOS and I’m driving a 2022 Toyota RAV4.
Is there any fix for this? I’ve tried unplugging and replugging my phone in, rebooting my phone and restarting my car.
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