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Some facts about Lithuanians who fought for the USSR.

2023.06.07 11:25 Definition_Novel Some facts about Lithuanians who fought for the USSR.

Some facts about Lithuanians who fought for the USSR.
Lithuania had the most Soviet partisans out of all 3 Baltic states, with an estimated 7- 10,000 operating in Lithuania during the Nazi occupation. (From Wikipedia.)
About 5,000 people, many being Lithuanian citizens, gave their lives defending Lithuania during the early moments of the German invasion (from Wikipedia.)
Most of the following info is from an interview with Lithuanian Soviet veteran Julius Deksnys from the Russian language newspaper Obzhor, translated.
-The 16th Lithuanian Rifle Division is often considered the most diverse division of the USSR. In it, ethnic Lithuanians, Lithuanian Jews, Russians, Poles, and other ethnicities in Lithuania were represented.
There was also the 29th Lithuanian Rifle Corps, which unlike the 16th Division, the 29th was filled with deserters who fled to the enemy. However, most of the soldiers of the 29th Corps who chose to stay with the USSR who didn’t desert were eventually sent to the much larger 16th Division. Among those who stayed with Soviet forces was heroic Lithuanian Soviet lieutenant general Vincas Vitkauskas, the only Lithuanian to receive such rank. The 16th Rifle Division did not generally have a desertion problem, and most of its members were committed to defeating both the German and Baltic fascist enemies. (From Wikipedia.)
-in Vilnius in 1944 sometime before liberation, 1,417 soldiers were recruited to the Red Army. Of the Lithuanian citizens recruited to the Red Army from the city that year, 898 were from the Polish minority of Lithuania, some of whom served in the Polish Armed Forces of the USSR.
5,000 Lithuanians participated in the East Prussian offensive.
8,000 Lithuanians participated in the Soviet liberation of Berlin.
The 16th Lithuanian Rifle Division is well known for its defending of the Russian city of Oryol, where a memorial exists, as well as its amazing feats in the Battle of Kursk, the Klaipeda and Siauliai offensives, and the battles against Latvian SS in the Courland Pocket in neighboring Latvia. Of the 16th Lithuanian Division, 9, 255 soldiers of all ethnicities died in battle. When measured strictly for ethnic Lithuanian casualties, the number is 5,040.
In all units of the Red Army total, 40,000 Lithuanians went missing, never to return home. 80,000 were confirmed dead. 253 memorial monuments were built to the veterans of Lithuania throughout Lithuania, many of which unfortunately are decreasing in number due to the right wing government as well as ultranationalist sentiments of much of the ethnic Lithuanian population, whom have replaced many Soviet veterans monuments with ones to fascist collaborators.
Regardless of troubling circumstances in present day Lithuania, some Soviet veterans, among them ethnic Lithuanian veteran Julius Deksnys, who leads a support group for Soviet veterans. Not mentioned in the following article, Deksnys has been fighting fascism since the very beginning of the war in the Baltic states. He willingly enlisted in the Red Army to avenge the death of his father after his father was killed by Lithuanian nationalists for being a communist. Towards the end of the war, when Deksnys was captured on the battlefield, nationalist Nazi collaborators took Deksnys prisoner and he was sent to a Nazi labor camp, where he survived to Soviet liberation. He had much to say about the mistreatment of Soviet veterans in modern Lithuania in an interview a few years ago, which I will post much of his lengthy statement below, where I have fixed certain translations typing errors:
“After the collapse of the Soviet Union and the restoration of the statehood of the Republic of Lithuania, veterans of the Great Patriotic War had to solve the problems that arose with the change in the socio-economic, political and ideological system of the country.
The most offensive for veterans was the statements of politicians, then enshrined in law, that Lithuania did not participate in World War II, and on May 9, 1945, the day of the Great Victory over fascism, seemed to be the day of the second occupation of our country.
Attempts by some Lithuanian politicians and historians to rewrite the history of World War II, distort it, to show the period of fascist occupation of 1941-1944 as a noble mission of Nazi Germany to liberate Lithuania from Bolshevism, to justify the crimes of accomplices of the occupiers against humanity are a monstrous lie.
In fact, during the Second World War, the issue of the life and death of the entire Lithuanian people was resolved in the most brutal way. After all, according to the plans of the Nazi leaders, Lithuania should have disappeared in the future like a drop of water on a hot stone.
We are urged not to forget the lessons of the war to remember the huge human losses during the years of fascist occupation, including the victims of the Holocaust, the soldiers of the Red Army and Soviet partisans who died for the liberation of Lithuania.
The Soviet-era veteran organization and its Republican Committee of Veterans ceased to exist in 1990. Many participants of the Great Patriotic War, citizens of a once great and powerful country, faced the need to decide on citizenship in the newly created independent states of the former Soviet Union. This is how citizens of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and other countries appeared in Lithuania. But they were all united by one thing - the fighting past, the fighting brotherhood and the memory of the Victory over fascism.
the combat history of the Lithuanian national unit, the combat service of the intelligence officer of the 18th separate reconnaissance company Paulius Širvys, later an outstanding poet of Lithuania, who was often compared to Sergei Yesenin, is especially noted. But few people know what a brave intelligence officer he was. P. Širvys distinguished himself in many battles and was awarded the Order of Glory of the 3rd degree and two medals "For Courage".
His romantic poems and poems dedicated to the soldier are read and recited by both young and old. Composers compose music based on his words, organize concerts.
When communicating with young people, you are convinced that many young people did not know that their favorite poet during the war was a combat scout, my combat friend.
My platoon commander of the same reconnaissance company, Hero of the Soviet Union Boleslovas Gegzhnas and many other soldiers and officers of the division, deserve good memory.
People died in those hard battles. During the entire existence of the division, 9,255 fighters have died, including 5,040 Lithuanian soldiers. But how do young generations know about it? In the programs for studying the history of secondary schools, only the fact that such a division was during the war is mentioned, but nothing is said about its heroic combat path, combat exploits.
Almost 40,000 Lithuanian residents mobilized to the Red Army did not return from the war. The memory of them is sacred. It will not be possible to emasculate from public consciousness, forget the heroic and decisive role of the Red Army in defeating fascism, denigrate the feat of Soviet soldiers, forget about the victims of the Holocaust, about 80,000 soldiers who gave their lives for the liberation of our Motherland.
From 1946 to 1948, military memorials were created in cities and districts, in settlements where major battles took place, where the remains of Soviet soldiers were transferred from solitary graves and mass graves.
In total, there are currently 253 military memorials and graves in Lithuania, many have monuments, there are memorial plates with the names of the fallen soldiers. Since 2000, with the support of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Lithuania, repair and restoration work has been carried out on military graves. But recently, extremely negative trends in the fight against monuments of the Soviet past have been increasingly manifested in Lithuania. Monuments of special artistic and historical value created by Lithuanian classic sculptors are being demolished. I mean sculptural compositions on the Green Bridge in Vilnius, as well as monuments to Marita Melnikaite in Zarasai and twice Hero pilot Yakov Smushkevich in Rokiskis.
The most important attributes of the life of veterans, the object of their well-deserved pride are combat awards for feats on the battlefields. Orders and medals have Soviet symbols: red star, sickle and hammer, the image of Supreme Commander-in-Chief I. Stalin. For this reason, wearing them in everyday life is prohibited at the legislative level.
This is not only a moral insult to veterans, but also a direct violation of human rights. Such laws have contributed to the activation of ultranationalist sentiments and neo-Nazi manifestations.
Cases of vandalism actually encouraged by the authorities at the graves of Soviet soldiers, the demolition of Soviet symbols from monuments have become more frequent, even though they are included in the register of cultural heritage. What will remain of this kind of intervention? Naked memorial steles and plates...
The most interesting thing is that the main argument for such actions is the statement that Soviet symbols offend the feelings of a large social group of people affected by Soviet power. But it is permissible to ask: are veterans who did not spare their lives, health in the fight against the Nazis deprived of feelings and the right to memory of their dead comrades?
At the origins of our veteran organization were front-line soldiers Juozas Adamonis, Algimantas Stankevičius, Petras Eidukas.
With Algimantas Stankevicius, I happened to serve in the first platoon of the first company of the first battalion of the 156th Rifle Regiment of the 16th Lithuanian Rifle Division.
On January 27, 1945, we walked together in a chain of attacking warriors, freeing Klaipeda from the Nazi invaders.
Stapas Shimonis, becoming chairman of the organization in 1993, did a lot to unite its members, her admission to the World Federation of War Veterans. At the General Assembly of the Federation in Seoul, he was elected a member of the executive committee.
After him, since 1999, the organization was headed by Petras Eidukas, who was awarded the title of Honorary Chairman in 2015. Unfortunately, he passed away this year.
Despite his 92 years, Nikolai Mikhailovich Riskov, chairman of the veteran organization of the Shalchinink district, works actively. On his initiative, a museum of participants of the Great Patriotic War was opened in the district center of Šalcininkai. This is the first museum of its kind in Lithuania, which was opened on July 16, 2014, to the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Šalcininkai and Vilnius.
The museum contains a collection of photos of front-line soldiers and Soviet partisans who participated in the liberation of the district or lived after the war, as well as various copies of documents of the war years, military memoirs, books about the war. Relatives bring combat awards, various documents of deceased veterans to the museum. Schoolchildren come to the museum, solemn events dedicated to Victory Day, the Day of Liberation of the district are held here.
During the celebrations dedicated to the 65th anniversary of Victory Day, N. Riskov decided to post photos of deceased veterans, residents of the Shalchinink district, at the city grave of Soviet soldiers, next to the graves of the deceased liberators of the district. This action attracted residents and was continued. People began to bring photos of deceased relatives. This is how the idea of the "Immortal Regiment" was born in Lithuania.
Today it is bitter to admit that Lithuania has enough of those who are trying to forget the lessons of the Nuremberg Tribunal, which condemned not only fascism in all its manifestations, but also Nazi accomplices. The names of the latter are now called streets and squares, they are honored as national heroes. And war veterans, the winners of fascism, have become outcasts of society, the authorities do not pay any attention to them, even in the days of the celebration of the end of the war in Europe, there is not a single kind word for them, let alone gratitude. Nationalist youth call our awards trifs, we are forbidden to wear our combat awards only on the grounds that the orders and medals depict Soviet symbols.” -Julius Deksnys, from an interview with Obzhor newspaper issue # 1041, Dec. 24,2016.
Much thanks to the Russian-Lithuanian language publication Obzhor.lt, whom conducted the interview with Julius Deksnys that I had to translate with a webpage translator as I cannot read Russian. Most importantly, thank you to Julius Deksnys for protecting the Soviet veteran memory, as he is one of my personal heroes whom inspired me to archive photos of Baltic Soviet veterans.
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2023.06.07 11:05 diinfotechdigital Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Marketing: Leveraging Automation and Personalization

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2023.06.07 10:58 Scourge_of_Arceus Are there any plans for joining the blackout on June 12th?

Disclaimer: I know this is most likely not romhack-related and asking this by opening a different thread may also get the anger of Rule 7, but hear me out for a while.
There are a lot of threads that discuss the issue, and I am linking some of them below. Then, I will explain the problem in my own words.
So, outside of the official Reddit app, there are also third party apps of Reddit that can display and edit contents of Reddit such as Apollo, Reddit Is Fun, etc. They use Reddit's API to display Reddit posts and comments without a browser necessary. On May 31st, Reddit increased the price of API to unbearable levels; to such measures that Apollo is forced to pay 20 million dollars in the upcoming month. These third party apps had a lot of options for accessibility, and the official app of Reddit has none. This also means the end of the third party apps and the visually impaired people will be unable to use Reddit anymore.
The price measurement is too high for the third party apps and this is a death blow for them. The API prices are set unnecessarily high. This is just a disrespect to the user choice as well. As a mobile app user (and the mobile app really sucks, and it has gotten even worse), I prefer old.reddit.com website on PC and Mac, mainly because the new Reddit website is quite tough to navigate, and it uses APIs too, which means that this is under risk of closing down as well.
Due to this, a lot of subs Reddit-wide started participating the boycott starting on June 12th. Most of the subs will go blackout for two days (June 12th and 13th), some for indefinite. The blackout means that the subs will go private and no new posts / comments are allowed on these days.
So, what is PokemonROMhacks mods' stance on this? Should this sub also join the blackout?
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2023.06.07 10:46 lechatheureux The Tonpa Kingdoms Part 1 (Overview and The Gods)

(First I'll provide a bit of context, this is a timeline of Earth where several pagan religions have survived into the Medieval age, I'm focusing on the region around the Himalayas where a religion of my making called Tonpa has spread from the desert to the Jungle, I've changed the names of the Geographical features and real life religions and areas/Kingdoms around a bit so let me give you a guide. )
Jangshun - Tibet.
Monyul - Bhutan.
Taishigang - Nepal.
Tsaparang - Bangladesh.
Khotesh - Khotan/Xinjang basin.
Dharmist - Buddhist and Hindu.
Tengger - Tengri.
Boncho - Bon.
(This is going to be split up into several posts, just a warning)

An overview of the 5 Tonpa Kingdoms.
In the Himalayas region, stretching from the Khotesh basin to the north-west through the snow-capped mountains and down the jungles surrounding the Brahmaputra delta, are 5 Kingdoms that have a shared history, connected by one religion.
The religion is known as Tonpa and it sprang from ancient beliefs in the Jangshun plateau, and spread to encompass an impressively large area, beating out several other religions, most notably Boncho and Dharmism and grew to resist attempts to conquer its lands by Tengger and Confucian forces.
---We, the people of Tonpa know in our hearts that the Universe is a giant river and all stars and planets are floating through it, destined for the Great Lake of Rebirth, the Cosmic River starts from a giant fountain where the 3 Universal Gods brokered peace with one another after a great 30,000 year war, the souls created as fighters in the war gained worldly bodies and were greeted by the 3 Universal Gods.
In the great fountain, two places were created, the one atop the fountain a joyous place of life and celebration, but under the fountain a cold place formed, one of constant death and torture, the 3 Universal Gods declared that all shall experience both these places, the righteous shall see the bottom place first to cleanse themselves of their life's transgressions before being rewarded with time among the 3 Universal Gods, the wicked shall see the joyous place first, for even the wicked cannot go their entire lives without doing good and seeing a paradise lost when their good deeds reward expires is a punishment unto itself.
You shall see the least of your deeds first” Promised the Universal Gods, for once your mortal deeds are rewarded and punished then your soul shall spring forth from the fountain and become the water that carries stars and worlds along the Cosmic River, once your soul reaches the Great Lake of Rebirth, you are carried to a world where a newborn body awaits your soul, if you are righteous enough you will be carried to a world that is destined for the Great Lake of Rebirth for once a world enters the Great Lake of Rebirth the soul ceases to exist and once a soul ceases to exist it spreads its will across the Universe and becomes an unknowing part of life itself.
The 3 Universal Gods give every star a world that revolves around it and every world 3 Earthly Gods to govern in their stead as avatars.
- Excerpt from “The Sagas"
On Earth the three gods that Tonpa follows are are.

Daiden - The Father
Daiden's is considered to be the overseer of the arts and intelligence, any pursuit that involves the calm mind and intelligence is seen to the realm of Daiden.
The religious text of Daiden; The Sagas is the oldest of the three texts and the stories contained in the text are thought to be much older. It is said that the followers of Daiden, honour him by engaging in righteous intellectual thought and honest pursuit.The animals associated with Daiden are.
The Monkey – The Monkey is the main animal associated with Daiden, they are intelligent, communal and unpredictable, the long-standing ruling dynasty of The Kingdom of Jangshun has the sigil of the Monkey.
The Elephant – The Elephant is wise and gentle despite their heavy weight and large size, they quickly band together to eliminate threats when a member of their community is in danger.
The Eagle – King of the skies, the Eagle is powerful and insightful, an Eagle landing before you is seen as a sign of tremendous good fortune, they keep a keen eye on the ground and can spot tiny details from afar at great speeds. The Royal guards of Jangshun adorn themselves with Eagle feathers and have motifs of eagle heads on shields and weapons.The Father is also associated with rain as in times of rain people are often inside and rely on intellectual pursuits to pass the time.
Groups associated with Daiden are.
Rain Society – Rain Society see themselves as the rain that brings growth, they talk with young devotees of the two other Gods and challenge them to go about their worship and associated pursuits in more intellectual ways.The Monkey Society – The Monkey Society are a guild for anyone involved in theatre, actors, writers, theatre owners, they send troupes out to remote communities to entertain them, they read scripts to find great playwrights and they make and repair props.

Caihong - The Mother
Caihong's realm is considered to be practical skills like farming, hunting and medicine, fulfilling and nurturing, Caihong is prayed to every year in spring hoping for a bountiful harvest.
Caihong's religious text is The Observations, the newest of the three sacred texts in Tonpa. Adherents of Caihong are caring but at times exclusionary, like a mother favouring her own family.
The animals associated with Caihong are.
The Fox – The Fox is the main animal associated with Caihong, they are clever, practical and they are known for building safe homes for their family.
The Bear- The Bear is fiercely strong and will use that strength to protect their family, Bearskin armor is worn by people that are dual graduates of The School of the Mother and The School of the Dragon.
The Bee – The Bee is small but they are caring of their community, they protect their Queen with their life and provide honey and wax for people.
Caihong is associated with sunshine as an allegory for the light and warmth of motherhood.
Orders associated with Caihong are.
The Order of the Fox – The Order of the Fox devote themselves to making and repairing furniture, because Foxes are expert home builders, The Order of the Fox honour the Fox by donating furniture they make to people without and repairing items that break.
The Order of Spring - A group of doctors that make it their mission to heal anyone in need, they are based in Taishigang but are spread throughout the Tonpa Kingdoms.
Druk-Ta - The Dragon
Druk-Ta is the God of War, wind and thunder, their realm is seen as being anything that requires intensity, both physical and mental, games, sport and trade are also seen as being governed by them.
The animals associated with Druk-Ta are.
The Snake – The main animal associated with Druk-Ta, the snake isn't seen as evil in Tonpa, rather a cunning protector of itself and its land, humans that fail to respect the snake's territory are punished, there is a saying often repeated by The Dragon Priests “You would take 10 steps and be bitten by 20 snakes” Meaning “ You are reckless.
The Tiger – The most feared hunter of the plains, the large Tiger population on the plateau of Khotesh is said to have protected the Tonpa Tribes from a large-scale invasion from a Tengger horde, the Tigers, sensing an opportunity for food attacked the Tengger camp at night, leaving the horde with a high number of injuries and casualties.
The Crane – Graceful and resourceful the Crane isn't an animal one would normally associate with a god of war, however the Dragon Priests take inspiration from the Crane's tempered movements and the resourcefulness of their diets.
Wind and thunder is associated with Druk-Ta as they represent the mental and physical intensity of the Dragon God.
Orders associated with Druk-Ta are.
Company of the Wind – The Company of the Wind are a large guild of merchants and couriers, they specialise in the procurement of rare goods for well-paying collectors, originally trade was seen as the realm of the Father but since trade caravans kept being attacked it was moved to the school of the Dragon by unanimous decision among the three temples, their reasoning was that if merchants knew how to fight trade could be protected better.
Dragon Company – Dragon Company are a mercenary company consisting entirely of transgender and non-binary warriors, as Druk-Ta is seen as genderless, people who fall outside of male and female are seen as being of Druk-Ta.
Company of the Hand – The Company of the Hand are an elite fighting force that place a strong emphasis on physical fitness, to join their ranks you must perform an obstacle course in a satisfactory time, the gruelling course is said to eliminate 9/10 of all applicants, to advance in rank in the Company of the Hand applicants must perform the same course with weights around their wrists and ankles, these weights are a badge of honour and are worn at all times outside of battle, sleep and granted leave, the more bands of weights, the higher one is ranked.
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2023.06.07 10:35 WeightlossXposer Erik: The Reboot. What is the next chapter?.....................

As we stated earlier today regarding Erik's coming clean post, for the fact that he did come clean to SOME things, and because of the timing of it (we feel that his "new start" will be soon plus with the recent creation of this sub and advice that's been given here), we feel that for ONCE he at least took advice that was given........for those two things we said BRAVO, now GO GET TO IT. For today and today only, we were proud of some things and hopeful. But how long will this pride that some of us now feel....last? We thought we would pose the question to our redditors.....WHAT WILL ERIK DO NEXT? While we did suggest to Erik, to do a coming clean post before his fresh start begins.....that was far, far from being the extent of that advice. We said it would be the first step. I saw some comments on Erik's post.....people saying this is habitual and he "comes clean" whenever he feels his followers turning on him or calling him out. Then, he just goes right back to doing the same shit. So what do we think here? Will Erik follow through with the other advice that was given to him? Will he seek out a family doctor and dietician? Or will those plans just go to the wayside again? We saw him answer someone's question about this on his post, and Erik said he was LOOKING into a dietician now. Reading that comment actually discouraged us and we will tell you all why. Erik is most likely on state Medicaid. In any state, no matter where you live, you have to get your family care provider to write you a referral to things like therapists and dieticians, physical therapy, etc in order for your Medicaid to pay. We are quite certain that Erik doesn't even have a basic primary care provider. We think the only times Erik sees a doctor is when he is in the hospital or goes to an ER. We'd bet anything on that fact. Therefore, there is no point in him "looking into" a dietician right now by himself. He couldn't get an appointment on his own that his insurance would pay for. So to us, we're sad to say it, but him saying he is looking into a dietician just sounded like something you say when you're trying to placate someone. We would have felt SO much better about it, if his response had been "I am getting a primary care provider established and getting into a dietician is the very next thing I'm doing" or something along those lines. But by his response, we get the bad feeling like now that he "came clean" and was able to take a sigh of relief after that all his followers didn't leave, he may very well go right back to not taking the important steps he needs to take. We fear that a primary care provider still will not happen, thus neither will the dietician, and within a few days, it will just be more non scale victories, with one food picture thrown in every couple weeks, and just a rehash of what's already taken place to this point. We hope Erik proves us wrong. Sound off below. What kind of reboot are we fixing to see? Will Erik really make changes, or is it going to be the same old shit?
View Poll
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2023.06.07 10:32 WhoAmIEven2 Why do companies buy companies in other countries, but then refuse to understand that country's work culture?

Here in Sweden we have a very flat and relaxed work culture. Everyone gets a big say in how things are run, the lowest worker can go to the highest CEO directly without going through five middle men and then say "Hey, buddy!" rather than "Hi. Mr. Formal Title Last Name". We also have strong unions and worker rights where it's basically impossible to "run over" employees without getting the union, and even the state, on your throat.
A few years back my company was bought by a company based in another country, and it's like that company doesn't even want to understand our work culture. They get mad that we don't go through "proper channels" when we want to speak with higher-ups, they get mad that they can't halt our yearly rise in pay, because our numbers are bad, because in Sweden that would be illegal, and they get mad that ANY big changes has to go through our union representatives for the go-ahead.
I've heard from other people in Sweden that this is very common when a company in another country buys a Swedish company. They don't want to understand our work culture, and then they get mad that it doesn't work how they want it to work. Why do companies buy other companies but then has no intent of even slightly understanding how things work in that country?
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2023.06.07 10:30 AutoModerator [Get] Brandi Mowles – Conversion For Clients Download

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2023.06.07 10:27 WhoAmIEven2 Why do companies buy companies in other countries, but then refuse to understand that country's work culture?

Here in Sweden we have a very flat and relaxed work culture. Everyone gets a big say in how things are run, the lowest worker can go to the highest CEO directly without going through five middle men and then say "Hey, buddy!" rather than "Hi. Mr. Formal Title Last Name". We also have strong unions and worker rights where it's basically impossible to "run over" employees without getting the union, and even the state, on your throat.
A few years back my company was bought by a company based in another country, and it's like that company doesn't even want to understand our work culture. They get mad that we don't go through "proper channels" when we want to speak with higher-ups, they get mad that they can't halt our yearly rise in pay because in Sweden that would be illegal, and they get mad that ANY big changes has to go through our union representatives for the go-ahead.
I've heard from other people in Sweden that this is very common when a company in another country buys a Swedish company. They don't want to understand our work culture, and then they get mad that it doesn't work how they want it to work.
Why do companies buy other companies but then has no intent of even slightly understanding how things work in that country?
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2023.06.07 09:48 Sending-Love Am I working with toxic co-workers or AITA?

So I've worked at a hospital as a per diem physical therapist for almost four years now. When I got hired my manager was very clear that if I added availability for a shift I would get that shift unless the census was low. I can basically work as much as I want and create my own schedule. I'm unable to work full time because I have another job working for my family business. My mom owns the business and my siblings and I help run it, it has to do with care for the elderly. I started working for the family business about four years ago after I graduated physical therapy school. I make the least out of my 3 other older siblings who have all worked there longer and have more job responsibilities.
This post is about the hospital job. I noticed the dynamic was weird in the department from the very beginning, it can be competitive, clique and there is a lot of shit talking. I basically tried to stay out of it and do a good job at work. I always felt on the outs but was able to make a few friends...
However I recently got promoted to a lead position... On days I'm scheduled as a lead I come in an hour early to make the schedule and leave an hour early. I basically manage all calls coming in to the physical therapy department and I get paid 10% more. There were some full time people who were unhappy I got this opportunity and they didn't. However, those people were mostly either hired after me (lower seniority) or are physical therapy assistants (work under physical therapists).
I noticed a big shift in most of my relationships, the few friends I made faded away. The dynamic in the department became worse shortly after I was promoted when another per diem team member pointed out to the union that per diem workers get to choose the major and minor holidays they work every year according to our contract... Our manager had been breaking this rule for years unbeknownst to m. This employee had apparently read through the contract and brought it up to the union. Now all the full time people hate the per diem staff because they get to choose their holidays, even though I had nothing to do with this. They have said it's not fair we get to make our own schedule, they think we get paid too much, they don't think we should get choice of holidays to work and they don't think we should get to be in lead positions. However, this is standard practice for per diem staff in hospitals (I'm not sure about the lead part, but I know everything else is). My sister works as a per diem nurse at a hospital and said high pay, making your own schedule and choosing holidays are normal since you don't get benefits and most per diems have other jobs which is why the schedules are flexible.
Recently I've been having people make really weird comments towards me. This one girl asked why I work here if I work for my family business. I asked her what she meant and she said don't you own the business and make a lot of money? Without going into it I said no, I actually make more money at the hospital which is the truth and she was very surprised. I'm always pretty hush hush about my family business, I've told people what it is but not the name of it or where it's located. Then she asked what my husband does and I said he's a programmer and she went on to talk about how that job makes so much which is not true... He makes decent money, but $29/hour is not a crazy amount of money for Southern California. I just replied vaguely saying he makes okay money and left. She is also a per diem therapist with lower seniority than me. I have a feeling she would like more shifts, but we're scheduled according to seniority and she's brand new.
Another weird comment... Another girl who I like got really weird when I told her my husband and I were thinking about putting an offer on a house. I was excited and was making conversation which we usually do. She asked how much it was and I said $750,000 because that's the truth and there's no point in lying as housing sales are public record. She could not believe I could afford that and asked me, "How can you possibly afford that"... I changed the subject... She's not married, so maybe she doesn't understand joint income. She also lives in an underpopulated desert area in a different county where the cost of living is less. I live in Los Angeles County near my family and other job and commute to work. Right now in 2023 in Los Angeles county $750,000 for a 3 bedroom 2 bath in a safe neighborhood is average or below average actually according to my google search.
My manager who I loved just left, and one of the full time therapists who doesn't seem to like per diem therapists was hired as manager. I'm worried about the future, but we are bound by a union contract so there aren't a lot of changes that can be made. I heard the new manager got mad about the holiday thing and doesn't want per diems to be lead therapists anymore as a result which is totally unrelated and feels retaliatory. I've noticed more than 50% of the lead therapists are per diem. They all do a great job, maintain a professional attitude and stay out if the drama and cliques. It's a rumor though so we'll see.
I'm not sure what I'm even asking... Feeling isolated and constantly judged, it's been getting to me and this is the first time I've considered leaving this job even though my job pays very well, is flexible, I'm in a lead position and have earned seniority. Does this sound toxic to you guys? Am I missing something?
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2023.06.07 09:47 daltonmojica #NoToAPIPhaseout: r/Batangas will go dark on June 12th in protest of new Reddit API changes

TL;DR: Batangas will be participating in site-wide protests against Reddit's new API policy changes. These new API policy changes will affect moderators and casual users usage of third-party tools and applications. Batangas will be private on June 12th for at least 48 hours
Hello Batangas,
As you may have already known the news, Reddit has announced some changes to their API that will affect developers, moderators, and users alike.
So what's an API?
API stands for Application Programming Interface, a way for two or more computer programs to communicate with each other. Think of it as a relay between a site and an app, where an app might request something from a site and said site will provide what an app needs.
What's new with Reddit's API then?
Reddit announced some changes with their API usage, that will be implemented on July 1st:
  1. New rate limits for free access.
  2. New Enterprise tier for large-scale usage (previously, Reddit API usage was free of charge).
  3. New way of accessing data for academic and research purposes (previously, this was done using PushShift, a third-party tool that uses Reddit API to gather data).
  4. Limiting access to sexually-explicit content for large-scale applications.
What's with the third-party apps, why do they exist, and why are they affected with the upcoming API changes?
Third-party Reddit applications (such as Apollo, BaconReader, Boost, Infinity, reddit is fun, Slide, Sync, and many more) provide alternative ways to browse Reddit with additional features, quality of life improvements, and tools that are not available in official Reddit apps. They exist because Reddit doesn't have its own official app for a long time, and the only way to browse Reddit back then was through mobile browsers or third-party apps.
Related thread: Reddit Mobile Apps (Dated 7th April 2016)
With the recent API changes, Reddit will charge exorbitant fees to third-party developers to access their API through the Enterprise Tier. Christian Selig, developer of Apollo (a third-party Reddit app for iOS) will have to pay 20 million US Dollars per year with Reddit's planned pricing. Other developers such as Laurence Dawson of Sync for Reddit are also disappointed with the upcoming fees and how limiting the API is:
No NSFW, no [native] image upload, no chats/polls. No way to monitor [API] usage.
So how these changes affect casual users?
If you are a casual user that uses the official app, you might not see the upcoming changes at first. However, moderators of your favorite subreddits will have to deal with additional workload as the new API changes will disrupt their existing methods of moderating. This may result in more spam and bots in subreddits you browse. Also, the official Reddit app has limited accessibility features so people with disabilities have to rely on third-party apps in order to browse Reddit.
What will Batangas do?
Batangas is supportive for all the affected developers, moderators, and users of the upcoming API changes. With that said, we will be participating in the site-wide protests on June 12th by making the subreddit private.
We apologize for any inconveniences that may affect our users, but it is a small price to pay for the greater good of all. As part of the Reddit community, we hope that this move will make Reddit reconsider their course and have a more reasonable approach with its long-standing developers, moderators, and users that helped shaped their company.
Thank you for understanding,
Batangas moderation team
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2023.06.07 09:15 jvc72 World Acceptance Corp[NASDAQ:WRLD] Financials Q4/2023



Period: Q4/2023
Filling Date: 2023-06-01
Revenue: $148.65M
Gross Profit: $148.65M (100.00%)
Result: $47.93M (ebitda)
EPS: $4.10
Outstanding Shares: 6.26M
Cash: 16.51M
Debt: 679.00M
Financial Score - Altman: 1.77
Financial Score - Piotroski: 6.00
Company Description:
World Acceptance Corporation, together with its subsidiaries, engages in small-loan consumer finance business. The company offers short-term small installment loans, medium-term larger installment loans, related credit insurance, and ancillary products and services to individuals. It also provides automobile club memberships to its borrowers; and income tax return preparation and electronic filing services. In addition, the company markets and sells credit life, credit accident and health, credit property and auto, unemployment, and accidental death and dismemberment insurance in connection with its loans. It serves individuals with limited access to other sources of consumer credit, such as banks, credit unions, other consumer finance businesses, and credit card lenders. As of March 31, 2022, it operated 1,167 branches in Alabama, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, and Wisconsin. World Acceptance Corporation was founded in 1962 and is headquartered in Greenville, South Carolina.
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2023.06.07 09:09 BritOverThere CIA vs ARA

I am an ARA and only worked as an ARA, but my GM heavily suggested I apply for a CIA position that's opened(!) up. However, reading through the job description it does look like something in-between a CA and what the GSM did, although if some could explain what a CIA really does then that would be helpful.
Personally I like working as an ARA and the pay would unlikely change (looking at the pay scales, I would end up worse off) so I'm probably not going to apply but hearing from a CIA would be nice.
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2023.06.07 09:05 TreeBeard_47 My Charges and probation somehow disappeared??😂

So long story short.. I got a DUI and Felony possession charge in October of last year. They sent my “substances” that were on my person to the lab and said I would hear from them in a month or 2 when lab testing was done to dictate what I would be charged with (it’s was some scale btw❄️) but in the midst of that I went to court for the DUI. Had a public defender for the DUI and it got continued twice and the third time was told I had to do the 3 day hotel stay, 3 days in county, and pay my fines. I showed up to the scheduled hotel program and I wasn’t on the list. And then went to turn myself in to do my 3 days in jail and they said I wasn’t on the list for that either. I called the courts and they say they have no record of me ever being charged with anything whatsoever. I tried to report to my PO and they denied me because I wasn’t on his list of probationers. My lawyer I was going to use for the “possession” charge says he’s never heard of a pending drug charge either and he’s very reputable with these people so basically WTF IS GOING ON?😂 has anybody else encountered a situation like this?
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2023.06.07 08:53 TheLittleBrownKid Thanks to this sub I got one of the best compliments from one of the older guys at work

I'm still new to the union and this sub has given me a good sense of direction on how to be a good brother. I basically wanted to say thank you to you guys for being around for all the newbie questions on culture, history, and contracts.
One of the older guys told me this morning that he's glad to have been paired up with me because before he hadn't really been paying attention to the language in our contract, didn't really care about meetings, and the union in general. Basically said I had shifted his perspective just from me keeping him updated on what the unit has been doing and from seeing me call out management for violating the language we have. Not word for word but he said "Im glad we have someone like you around, it seems like guys around here are scared of management and you don't back down when you're right"
I guess looking back, it was a small little compliment but man it felt good to be the reason someone wants to involve themselves. I have organizing steward training at the hall tomorrow and it definitely focused my resolve to be a solid member and brother.
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2023.06.07 08:39 EntertainmentFew3418 My employer has fake company details on LinkedIn

So, I am a second year student, i joined this company as a front-end developer intern 2 months ago, the person in whose name I got the joining letter, was obviously the founder, and the one who called me.
How i got this intern was also a bit weird:-
1) I got the call in morning, and without any Interview or test, or assignment a meet was scheduled later in the day and I was inducted.
2) The mode of payment is 12K, 6K as cash and 6K as Crypto component.
3) initially everything went smoothly and tbh person is nice and supportive, but a bit rigid in my opinion. I was asked to develop the frontend. Initially there was a mess on my part, as components built by me were not upto the mark. Till now I had no issues from the other side, as I understand I was unable to deliver what was expected of me.
4) now after almost 1.5 months, i wanted to find the company on Linkedin ( I'm idiot who never went through the company website or linledin before joining, tbh i was desperate to get an intern ) and to my surprise there was no company of same name. Multiple companies with almost similar names but not with the exact one appeared. I asked my employer for LinkedIn ID of company to add it in my experience, (1.5 months already passed till now). He gave two links for website and they both links belonged to two different companies of similar name on LinkedIn. Person told me he isn't active much on LinkedIn.
5) now this person is based in Bangalore or maybe Hyderabad that's for sure as he once told me about it in our Convo, when he had to go over there and was busy for same reason, I found the company with exact same tagline and work email as in my offer letter on LinkedIn, along with one of my co worker also being an intern over there on LinkedIn, who is new to me. And the location of company is San Francisco, CA, USA.
My employer has no linekdin account, coz i tried searching him a lot, and got no one with his profile pic. Heck, even the company which i now found now, which is def the account made by my employer, has no person by the name of my employer. Can you imagine, a person not adding himself as a founder of a company on LinkedIn? Or is it that i am missing something.
I'm thinking now i made a mistake saying yes to this person with this intern, coz i think it's an extremely early stage Startup, where there's nothing to learn as such, coz i worked here as a front-end developer only. The person as an individual is def nice, but as a professional he on many occassions is just too much hell bent on small details that whatever work i did it was termed as not being proper. As a frontend developer, I worked on websites and after making sure they are responsive, they capture the essence of design from Figma, my work was termed "I'm proper" coz my container was 2px wider.
Look I understand, precision is required, but as a developer are we here to make websites completely being 1:1 with Figma, or the ones which serve functionality, follow the essence of Figma, are responsive and doesn't look like a hack? Especially when the company in question is also not clearly visible on LinkedIn and not some FAANG.
Now i spent two months in this company and till now I haven't got paid till now. I'm stuck in endless cycle of making website, then getting called it's not proper and then some other website is given which is there to make me practice my skill.

In short :-

My employer has no linkedin account.
Company's linekdin account has broken company website link.
I am not getting paid anything for last 2 months.
The pay was supposed to be in 6K cash and 6K crypto.
The work we do is delivering no output, even though most of the built website clearly checks everything and heck, once he said to me that Figma font and your applied font ( the one I imported via Google fonts) ain't same, so correct it, or we can't move further.
I am thinking of leaving this startup. Tell me if I'm just mis reading the situation or how should I approach it.
It looks as an extremely early stage Startup, who is just starting up and the value i got from here, ain't something which i think is worth putting in any effort now. I am ready to work rigorously only if i see the work we do get to a point where we see it getting shipped and live. The work I did till now is "professional" but the person strives for "perfection" at a scale of being 1:1 with Figma or a clone of some other reference website. The payment i was supposed to get was also something i haven't got.
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2023.06.07 08:38 Appropriate-Bar5944 Getting cash into US Bank account while abroad?

In Korea. I have plenty of cash, but am starting to run low on my online balances, which is going to become an issue with paying for things that require online transactions like AirBnB. Not currently working, so I can't rely on a paycheck hitting my account anytime soon.
I need to find a way to get some of my cash onto one of my U.S debit cards. I don't have any bank account locally here as I'm not a Korean citizen, so depositing and then transferring doest look like an option.
I'm not comfortable reaching out to friends or family back in the US and will not compromise on this. I would be open to paying strangers in the U.S on Craigslist or something to coordinate a deposit if there were a way to ensure I don't get scammed, but it seems like trust is required both ways for that.
Has anyone else been in a similar situation? What options do I have? I know you can use Western Union to send money to be picked up, can you send it to bank accounts directly? Or any way to wire transfer without having a bank account locally?
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2023.06.07 08:30 thebigdirty Why do I get denied for credit cards?

Going off my discover dashboard:
Edit: I just pulled my free equifax to make sure my credit wasn't frozen and in my "account type total" it shows 5 open accounts, 3 with a balance and monthly payment amount $3200
Maybe 16 months ago I was denied for a fucking Costco credit card and I just got denied for a venture X.
I only have a discover (usually $100-1000 balance but currently $0 balance) and an amex ($0 balance) maybe a second amex I can't remember if I cancelled (would also be $0 balance)
I have two mortgages in my name, I put $0 rent one time as my partner covers it. I even tried $250 on one app just so it wasn't zero. One mortgage is more than covered by tenants the other my partner pays.
I put in $50k income I believe and also tried $175k out of frustration once.
Does it ping my taxes or anything? I don't know how my taxes show shit as I'm in a cash based industry.
I got approved for a car loan last year just fine thru my credit union which I payed off real quick. Other than that my mortgage app went through great 2-3 years ago. I'm fucking stumped.
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2023.06.07 08:22 grubbseuph11 What was once an amazing career opportunity, is now a decent paying gig until you find something permanent.

Quite a few people in denial around here, and up until yesterday, there were a lot at my own station.
1 year ago - “It’ll never happen, we’re too big for ground to absorb” (90+ employees and 6,400 packages a day)
6 months ago - “maybe within 5 years or so but probably closer to 10”
1 month ago - “it’s probably gonna happen within the next couple of years”
1 week ago - “definitely happening within the next year as soon as ground updates their facility”
Yesterday - “85% of you will not have a job in 13 weeks”
If you can deal with the BS then it’s a good paying job for a temporary amount of time. There is no career opportunity at Express because within the next 12-18 months this will happen at virtually every station. There’s smoke, flames, heat, and the alarm is sounding, so at some point you have to quit denying the house is on fire.
Unionize yesterday or plan to restart a career somewhere else.
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2023.06.07 08:15 possible-look1411 should I move to the US or stay back?

I am a student from India, having 1 year experience now at a fortune 50 company and earning around $16k per year. Initially i did not want to leave the company and had plans of pursuing masters online because many people told experience >> masters. But after seeing the pay scale in US i feel I'm being underpaid here and the easiest way to get to work in US is to complete a masters degree and convert that student visa. Masters was anyway in my plan of pursuit as i wanted to dive deep. But whether i should proceed with online or on campus is the only factor. What do you guys think i should do? Considering the recession and all that stuff? Should I do it online or on campus??
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2023.06.07 08:10 lezgineer Need a new spending checking account

So background, I've been struggling with budgeting lately and think it's time to have a second account that's at a separate bank from my main checking/savings for day-to-day spending (not bills or emergency/sinking funds). I've tried apps like YNAB and I both lack the willpower to check it before making a purchase and find that having 500 budget categories is much more of a headache than just saying here's $x for the month, leave enough for gas. I have a primary checking/savings with a credit union, a discover credit card, and I had an ally account that I used to use for spending. Conventional wisdom is to just use the credit card, but it's way too easy to overspend that way - even if I always pay off the balance. I basically want a card that's just cash in plastic form at a separate bank so I can't just transfer money over on a whim.
I left Ally after over a decade because I've had a lot of issues with them flagging purchases, then having to call in, wait an hour or two and say my stupid security questions over the phone, etc. I'd prefer an in-person bank/cu but all the ones I've seen seem to have insufficient fund fees or not let me disable overdraft.
So with that said I've been looking at SoFi, Discover and Chime. I've heard good things about Discover and had no bad experience with them, but it's too easy to access my credit card if it's in the same app. I plan to put my bills on it, set it to autopay and cut up the card - for credit reasons.
SoFi and Chime I've heard mixed things about. Are there any others I should look at? Is there a better method of non-cash envelope budgeting I'm missing?
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2023.06.07 08:09 thenwetakeberlin Alt idea: Let’s kill Reddit with third party apps

Edit/preamble: don’t get me wrong — I’ve loved Reddit for over a decade and would love to see them regain their senses and cut this bullshit. I’m just shocked and bummed to see them flip so quickly to the kind of site that no one would have joined 10+ years ago. That said…

Who actually goes to Reddit’s site or app directly on a regular basis? Don’t most of us access it via third party apps? To me, Reddit has basically become a backend for Apollo at this point, and I’d be fine to just “use Apollo” rather than “use Reddit via Apollo.”
I mean, think about it: if Apollo and a few other recently impacted apps got together and pitched in on building a backend, couldn’t they just swap it out for reddit.com?
Or where are the Mastodon crew on this — hell, build out some infrastructure to support Reddit-like features and then re-direct the app traffic over there.
Would it be the same right away? 3 months in? Probably not. But at some point, why not? And besides, the way Reddit is going, I don’t think it’s going to be the same in 6 months anyway.
Would it be hard to scale? Hell yes. I know that (I have lived some versions of it, though not reddit-scale certainly), but also cloud infrastructure is better than ever, so it’s also potentially not out of the question.
Also, to be sure, I know I’d be willing to pay something monthly to help support something like this if it reputably came together. And I bet a lot of others would too, if it came to that.
I know this is kind of crazy, but this is also a crazy-unique moment here where we could really flip this to something special.
(and honestly, I just was so pissed reading that thread with the Reddit response to the Apolloapp creator’s request for more detail on his API use, that I felt the need to at least throw this out there.)
I saw Digg collapse — they realized too late that all they were was a backend for a community with some ads. Reddit has apparently forgotten that too, but this time we already have the scaffolding to possibly transplant that community elsewhere.
Just a thought.
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2023.06.07 08:04 theTitaniumTurt1e A History of Human Precognition

Humans are not the fastest, not the strongest, not the most durable, or even the smartest race. They do not proliferate quickly, live very venerably, or evolve rapidly at will. They variously track higher on all of those scales, certainly making them one of the most formidable species among the stars, but none of that is what makes them the most terrifying predators in the known universe.
As humans would put it, the six sensory groups are touch, taste, sight, smell, hearing, and place. There are many many more specific senses of course, but each is a subset of one of those, such as a sense of temperature being part of touch, or the sense of motion being part of place. There is however a seventh sense that all humans possess and only humans possess: Precognition.
Several thousand cycles ago, a ship of the Tlygot was investigating the human home world long before they came to be and found many species of similar build to modern humans proliferating across the planet. They were all variations of the same evolutionary line, but not quite sentient. Seeing potential to corral them into a docile, slave race they collected a few specimens to see which genetic variations had the most desirable traits and began experimenting with the Terran genome.
They wanted a race capable enough to complete nearly any task they might be assigned, but not innately intelligent enough to defy their masters. They removed genetic markers for dangerous traits like claws and fangs, and then crippled their infants to prevent escapees from becoming invasive to the local environments wherever they may be. As fits the Tlygot reputation, it was masterful bioengineering, but there was a single flaw. One of the newly spawned hominids possessed a genetic mutation that seemingly gave them the ability to predict future events. This was not immediately apparent to the Tlygot, and all evidence had been written off simply as savantism. As such, the Tlygot release the first humans to their homeworld to reproduce and eventually become a valuable source of labor amongst the galaxy once they’d reached significant enough numbers to collect.
Following their standard procedure for such ventures, the Tlygot left the world under the eye of an AI meant only to alert them of anything that might spoil their investment. A few hundred cycles later they were alerted that the planet had begun to show signs of civilization which should never have occurred. Assuming another race had missed, or more likely ignored, their claim to the planet, they returned with a small task force of assault craft should they need to deal with them aggressively. Instead they found that their creations had spread across the globe and advanced far faster than even the most intelligent known sentients would have in that time. Still primitive and restricted to simple wood and stone, but a dangerous development nonetheless.
As per galactic treatise, no species may subjugate or enslave another without formal declaration of war, requiring witnesses from at least three non-party races. As an uncontacted race would have no representation, the war could not be approved by the Assembly. This was a problem for the Tlygot because, before bioengineering, the various species of the world had been pre-sentient; therefore outside jurisdiction of the treatise. A clearly sentient species however could not be enslaved, and furthermore, resource rights to the entire local cluster would be lost.
Attempting to hide their mistake before it was made known to the wider galaxy, the Tlygot had their assault craft divert an asteroid to strike the planet in an attempt to wipe the slate clean. The impact caused massive climate change across the biosphere that decimated the populations of all life on the planet, but unexpectedly enough humans survived to not only replenish their numbers, but allow them to advance further still. The Tlygot tried again by setting off a super volcano, and both again, watching the evidence each time they returned and witnessed as the humans somehow managed to predict what decisions would lead to another advancement. Even lacking the Tlygot's own genetic memory traits, they passed their knowledge on to subsequent generations despite the crippling of their young. It was in the young that they found the truth of their mistake.
Lacking the physical ability necessary to survive in any capacity for the first several cycles, the species had adapted to continue development of the brain far beyond infancy. Particularly the enlarged frontal cortex. This has been well documented to be the origin of sentience, or at least its equivalent in other species. All sentient species in the galaxy evolved as predators due to the increased need for the brain to predict the actions of its prey and prepare the appropriate reaction. This would eventually lead to planning and reasoning and the building blocks of sentience. Humans have a frontal cortex so highly developed that what most species would take rotations to calculate and predict, they can often do off handed in moments. While most species could not develop any feasible ranged weapons of war until the development of advanced mathematics, humans could sling stones at avion prey while in motion and predicted where large beasts would flee over long distances, all before they had even invented clothing.
For the Tlygot, the species they had created was beginning to become too expensive to hide and while resetting a biosphere was doable without being noticed on the galactic stage, destroying one would be troubling to say the least; but better to lose a single planet than the entire cluster. The Tlygot with their final attempt decided to crash a comet into the planet's moon on a path that would then in turn cause the moon to collide with the planet. Gravity tugs were dispatched to gradually curve the comet into a collision course to better avoid any unexpected witnesses. As if by cosmic coincidence, the new path accidentally converged with a major hyper lane and an antimatter fuel ship collided with it, destroying both of them along with many more; and slingshotting the situation to the forefront of the galaxy's awareness.
The debacle immediately cost the Tlygot much more than they would have ever lost had they simply openly admitted to everything from the start. The Tlygot were immediately sanctioned and the entire sector of space around the Human homeworld was quarantined while the Galactic Assembly reviewed the records turned over by the Tlygot. The ruling against them for the destruction of the fuel ship and cascading damage to everything within 500 stellar units along the hyperlane was damning. They were forced to inevitably sell themselves into indentured servitude to pay off the debt that could never be repaid.
While the Assembly prioritized matters of blame and repayment, the matter of the fledgling sapients at the center of the events was entirely overlooked. After all, new sapients blinked in and out of existence frequently, and few ever advanced far enough to even be worth contacting. Those that did, took millions of cycles to stumble into electricity let alone any form of communication that could be interpreted into galactic common. They had expected to have ages to come back to the small world, after they settled the financial matters first. The quarantine enacted after the hyperlane disaster had left their corner of the galaxy practically uninhabited and untouched, and with the cloud of antimatter blocking the hyperlane, it stayed that way until the Assembly ordered a proper clean up.
By the time the Tlygot’s sentence was carried out, the Galactic Assembly found themselves facing an entirely different monster than had ever been expected. The humans had advanced. They had advanced into a thriving interstellar civilization. Not just one civilization either, but several independent states of their own. Their ability to predict possible futures inevitably gave way to the means of creating said futures. While every sentient race was capable of planning and devising new means of accomplishing goals, they did so out of immediate need or convenience. None did so with the foresight of humanity.
The disastrous antimatter explosion that ravaged the hyperlane and facilitated the human’s isolation didn’t go undetected by them. Their primitive detection systems registered the energy release and caught their attention like lightning to an iron rod. The whole of humanity suddenly became aware that they were not only not alone, but that they had been in the direct path of imminent destruction. They leapt forward into the stars with all their intuition, which they had mistaken for imagination and ingenuity.
They imagined reviving the reassembled dead with lightning and manufactured their medicine into defibrillation and artificial organs. They imagined being able to fly like insects and avians and navigated their means of transit to hypersonic jet propulsion. They imagined statues that could think and function autonomously and fabricated their machinations into robotics and cybernetics. They imagined harnessing the power of stars and delineated the secrets of fusion power. They imagined faster than light travel and illuminated their physics to the warping of space and time. They imagined instantaneous communication and compiled quantum mechanics into the creation of an ansible.
It was the humans who made first contact with the Galactic Assembly, much to the shock of every other sapient race. Humanity had used its time to not only advance to a level of technology almost on par with the Assembly, but had predicted where and how to communicate with them once the cleanup of the hyperlane was underway. As far as the rest of the galaxy was concerned, a new galactic power emerged from the aether overnight. A power that proved proficiency in nearly everything they came in contact with. Anything humans didn’t know, they quickly figured out; and anything they couldn’t do, they quickly made something to do it for them.
In physical ability they were certainly not the strongest or the fastest, they didn’t have the most powerful weapons and armor, and there were ships far larger and more advanced; but all of that counts for little in combat if your opponent knows what you are going to do before you do. Even more so if your opponent is the one who planned for you to do it. Their ability to predict what others might do and what events might unfold was so ingrained in their society that their most simple spawnling games involve divining where their opponents might hide from a predator.
By adolescence most were already so proficient in prediction that they played dozens of advanced simulations that follow various sets of goals and restrictions involving everything from combat and commerce to technological development and social engineering. They even bestowed the title of Grand Master to those so proficient in their clairvoyance that their greatest competition wasn’t each other, but advanced artificial intelligences that could calculate every possible move faster than their own minds.
Humans were the most cunning diplomats and merchants because they could guess how far to negotiate before settling any deal. Humans made the best security forces because before danger they always felt their hair “stand up”. Humans seemingly avoided disasters and created miracles seemingly on a whim based on nothing more than a “gut feeling”. Humans navigated the ins and outs of societal norms and taboos simply by feeling “the vibe”. Even works of art or ability they themselves deemed masterful were often attributed to simply being “in the zone”.
In the span of only a few Human centuries, the new galactic standard of time, humanity had seemingly conquered all of known space simply by existing. They may have been products of the Tlygot’s less than savory business practices, but even they were freed by their creation as the humans saw no need to enslave what could be just as easily guided to a better future.
A future of their own design.
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