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Have you ever heard of this obscure theme park called Cedar Point in Sandusky Ohio?

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2023.05.30 23:21 hyperboreanmercenary Optus 4G connectivity issues

How's it going guys, I FIFO to Cairns for work once a month and I've noticed that my 4G connectivity constantly drops out especially in the afternoons in the city. Is anyone else experiencing this?
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2023.05.30 23:21 anavarzaaa Wild Rabbit in the middle of Glasgow ?

Dear Redditors, I live in central Glasgow near the river and please keep in mind I am bit clueless of urban habitat here.
I usually go to work around 5:00-6.00 in the morning. I see this little white rabbit near some bushes and park I have to walk through. Interestingly on my way back I do not see it anywhere so I assume little fella is simply hiding during the days. I am wondering if it is safe for rabbits to live in such high density area, how do they can even find food? Is there anyone I can contact about this? I am sure it is no one’s pet since no one would left their pet rabbit there.
I do even have the picture which of it but I don’t want to share it here, I know there are people out there who hunt and eat rabbits.
Thanks for your help
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2023.05.30 23:20 whitehusky Loj parking question

I'm planning my first hike in the Adirondacks this summer and hand a parking question. I know I need to park at the Loj (and get there early). What I'm confused about though is the AMR reservation system - do I need to make a reservation there for the Loj parking lot?
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2023.05.30 23:20 Eckstar1985 Stiff robotic skating but firsts with the switch axle drop ins and nose stall reverts(kind of!!) [37YO]

Stiff robotic skating but firsts with the switch axle drop ins and nose stall reverts(kind of!!) [37YO] submitted by Eckstar1985 to NewSkaters [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 23:20 Realistic_Ad3795 Trouble with SIXT Rental Agency at CPH =(

Sorry that this is a bit of a negative experience with Copenhagen, but I'm needing some local help. (I did have a lovely time on a previous visit, though!)
I recently rented a vehicle out of SIXT at Copenhagen Airport. Our trip was mainly into Sweden, but stayed the night at the Clarion at the beginning and end and rented at the airport before heading over the bridge. TL;DR... they claimed I damaged the vehicle, and we did not. Here is the background:
My vehicle wasn't available when I went to pick-up, so they offered a larger size for the same price. The catch was that it wasn't clean because it was parked in their overflow lot. No problem for us. We're happy to take a larger car without it being clean.
So I go to pick it up and it is pretty messy. Mostly rain spots mixed with pollen. I give a quick walk-around, but can't see anything that doesn't blend in with the dirt.
We make the long drive to Kalmar, mostly on backroads via Ale's Stones and Glemingehus. Nothing but us, cows, horses, and fields of rapeseed as far as the eye can see. We park at our hotel, and leave it there for 4 days and nights. It is important to note that the space it is parked in doesn't have access to hit the corner which is claimed to have been done by me.
We then returned similarly on backroads until we got to Helsingborg and the main highway. Myself and two passengers are witnesses that nothing occurred.
I dropped it off after hours and left the keys in the drop box, so the inspection took place the next morning as we were boarding the plane home. They found some superficial scratches on the front right and want around $375USD for repairs. I bought the LWD which doesn't kick in until $5000 DKK, and I apparently misunderstood my credit card's coverage, so I'd be on the hook for this. Regardless, since I didn't damage the vehicle, this should be moot.
I've discussed with the SIXT team, and they simply keep repeating that I had to report the damage when I picked up. I told them I couldn't because it was filthy dirty. They won't respond to that part, and simply repeat the policy. I've asked to escalate, and the next person says the same thing. When I ask "How am I supposed to inspect the car when it is given to me in a dirty condition that hides scracthes?" the conversation stops. They simply won't answer that question.
I would love legal advice and/or help logging in to the Consumer Complaint website. It seems to require an ID only available to citizens, and an email to them resulted in a bot response with a FAQ that doesn't help me log in.
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2023.05.30 23:20 Nyu727 How's the padding on the official case?

Does it seem like it could take a reasonable drop in it or is it more so shit in your backpack doesn't bust up the device?
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2023.05.30 23:19 Eckstar1985 Stiff robotic skating but firsts with the switch axle drop ins and nose stall reverts(kind of!!) [37YO]

Stiff robotic skating but firsts with the switch axle drop ins and nose stall reverts(kind of!!) [37YO] submitted by Eckstar1985 to OldSkaters [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 23:19 funnyguy99207 First-time AGR: Am I taking advantage?

I (single 45M) have been working in a college bar for just over 2yrs. I get hit on nightly by multiple women, young & around my age alike. I've never acted on anything with a customer until recently, due to my not wanting to "sh*t where I eat".
Recently, a 21F customer came in at the beginning of my shift and, while stone sober, told me she's had her eye on me for awhile and wanted to shoot her shot. I told her that if she was serious that she'd be waiting for me in the parking lot at 3am & we could go get breakfast at Denny's. Guess who was waiting for me?
Over breakfast, we got to know each other a bit better, and she wound up coming home with me. Since then (8wks ago) we've been screwing 5-6 times a week.
Last night, she tells me that she's been telling her college friends about me... and now 6 (yes, 6!) of her friends have asked her to "put in a good word for them" to me. I asked if she'd be mad, but she said to go for it since we're not "official" or anything. She even said that a couple of her friends had asked her to be there to join in.
My question is: Should I be banging that many of my younger customers? Or does it make me appear to be predatory? I'm confused, yet quite titillated to find that I'm appealing to such a crowd... but hesitant for the fact that it could affect my job. Any advice?
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2023.05.30 23:19 Unlikely-Serve-3356 2022 Promaster 2500: $110000

2022 Promaster 2500: $110000
Built with the intention of selling, this brand new luxury adventure van has only been used one time (for the purpose of testing it out!) and has less than 1,500 miles.
We poured our heart and soul into this van and we hope someone can love it as much as we do.
This van features AC unit, bathroom, and enough power for your off grid adventures!
*Oregon Registration through January 2025 *Insured as conversion van through State Farm *Clean title, VIN: 3C6LRVDG0NE111404
Feel Free to reach out with any questions!
Vehicle Features:
Electronic Brake All-Speed Traction Control ParkView Rear back up camera Tire Pressure monitoring display Push button Start Remote keyless-entry 24 gallon tank Heavy-duty Suspension
Apple Car Play Google android Auto Bluetooth Touch screen display
All season tires Heated power folding mirrors Daytime running headlamps Front Fog Lamps Blind-Spot and Cross-path Detection Class IV receiver-hitch
400 Watt Renogy solar 3000w Victron invertor Victron smart Display Four 100ah Heated Battle Born batteries Bosch 2.5 gallon hot water heater Wet Bath with Natures Head composting toilet Dometic Fridge Fresair 12v low air conditioner Maxxair AC Passenger Swivel Seat 30 Gallon freshwater tank 10 and 5 Gallon Graywater tank 5 Inch Memory foam Sectional mattress ( 55” x 72”) 15 amp shore power plug in 2 ac outlets 4 USB ports
Includes: Mr. heater Eureka stove top weather cover
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2023.05.30 23:19 Peanuttttssss The Pure Order Program

I had a drug problem, and I lived a very chaotic live. I frequently went to bars just to do cocaine with friends and fight people in the bar.
One of my female friends was very concerned about my way of living. I said that it really wasn't that bad. But one day when I got very high on cocaine and I crashed my motorcycle in a farmfield somewhere and laid there until sunrise, I knew it was time to try to change my life. The female friend, named Emma, was very reliefed that I had the courage to ask her for help.
She immediately started to figure stuff out to help me, and after a while she told me she found a program somewhere in the mountains deep in the forest that helped people get rid of their addictions.
The name of the program was ''Pure Order''. I was a bit sketchy at first, but I love the mountains and nature so I thought I could always give it a try.
The only problem, was that I was from New Jersey, and the program was in Montana. But Emma was willing to pay along for the trip, and she'd even come with me to drop me off to make sure I arrived safely.
At the airport, a car, that was part of the Pure Order program, would take us there. The driver was a man in a suit, with combed black hair, a well kept goatee and mustache. He was wearing a dress shirt, suspenders and cowboy boots.
It was a peculiar look that I instantly noticed. It was a very hipster look, but also a very country look. It was a 5 hour, if not more, ride from the airport to the place where the Pure Order program was. It was very deep in the woods and mountains, and very far away from civilization.
When we arrived, I saw 10 feet high walls, made out of wooden beams, with barbed wire at the top. It kinda looked like a military camp to me, but also like a scouting camp. It was close to a very big lake, surrounded by a dense forest.
The big wooden doors opened, and a nice dressed gentleman was standing in the door opening. Also with suspenders, big beard, combed hair, tinted glasses, nice white dress shirt, a black Bolo tie, and a suit jacket.
I noticed some kind of dress code, but I thought that was to tell the staff members apart from the people. The man who greeted me was a very nice man, and super welcoming. Then we heard a gunshot in the distance, and I saw birds fly up from the treelines.
The man was obviously startled by the gunshot, and me and Emma looked at each other. The man said ''Its hunting season, we take the people outside hunting as one of the many outdoor activities we have around the camp'' in a laughing tone with a smile.
The man welcomed me in, and Emma was not allowed in since she wasn't part of the Pure Order program, so they politely asked her to leave. And the driver would take her back to the airport.
The man talked to me for a bit, while we walked to my bed where I could put my stuff and ''Make myself'' at home. I walked into one of those typical summer camp sleeping places, with two rows of bunk beds on each side of the walls, once again very military like.
The man noticed the look on my face and he told me not to worry, as we would only sleep here, and we would be doing activities all day.
Lastly he asked me if he could have my phone, so I'm not distracted by the outside world and we can focus on me getting better instead. I was hesitant at first, but the way he said it just made sense, and before I thought about it I handed over my phone.
Not that my phone had any signal anyway.
He asked that if I had any questions, I could always ask him. I was scared to ask questions but for some reason I just blurted out all the questions I had.
I asked about the barbed wire, why we are so far away from civilization, why I had to hand my phone over even though I didn't have any signal.
He politely told me that the barbed wire was because the wildlife would sometimes climb over the wooden walls. He told me we are so far away from civilization because they don't want anyone to get the urge to get distracted by day to day society, and fall back into our old habits.
I had to hand over my phone because I would be distracted by it, even though I didn't have any signal, they just wanted to be completely sure that I would get better.
That night we would gather around the campfire, the staff members were there, and the other people in the program. The staff introduced me, and I was kinda awkwardly sitting there, but the other people in the program were very inviting as well.
They told me about the program, they had big smiles on their faces and they looked genuinely happy. They showed interest in me, asking me where I came from, what my goal was, told me about their issues and how the program have really helped them so far.
I felt like I wasn't alone, and that I could actually be helped. Almost all my suspicion disappeared. The heat of the fire was getting a bit hot, so I took off my flannel, revealing some of my tattoos. People in the group were very interested in my tattoos.
I had a tribal tattoo that looked like waves, with a boat sailing on the waves. I said it was because one of my best friends was in the navy, and he sadly lost his life in was, and I had the tattoo out of respect for him.
One of the staff member showed me his tattoo. It was a tattoo on his forearm. It looked like a ''Phi'' symbol from the Greek alphabet, but instead of the circle, it was an eye. He said he got the tattoo when he ''Reached enlightenment''.
I didn't know what that meant, but you know, I don't judge, we all got our things, and I was just happy he ''reached his enlightenment''.
As I was getting ready for bed, one of the other people in the program came up to me and told me ''Welcome to the program, one piece of advice, make sure to smile.'' I thought he meant that we had to smile so we don't bring down the mood for the other people and we keep things positive.
So I brushed off what he said, and made sure to keep a positive mindset.
The next day we did all kinds of activities, we painted, we went fishing, we had a couple (Non alcoholic) drinks and it was a very good experience.
When I was getting another drink from the cooler, one of the staff members came up to me, saying that I had a very rough look, with the tattoos and I had a cut in my eyebrow from a bar fight when someone pulled out a knife and tried to cut my face.
I told him about the fight I've gotten in, and said that I could ''basically defend myself''. He said that if I'd like, I could sign up for a boxing match that would be happening that night. He said that they would have boxing matches, so the people could blow off some steam, and since I had a history of fighting he thought it would be something for me. I was actually very excited, so I decided to sign up.
That night I put on the boxing gloves and fought one of the other people in the program. It was a close match but I managed to win. He was laying on the ground, still consious. As I was celebrating they told me to ''End the fight''.
I had a very confused look on my face, the fight ended, he coulnd't fight anymore and I won. But every staff member kept chanting ''End the fight''. I realised I had to kill him. The man that welcomed me at the door, told everyone to be quiet and he told me ''End the fight, prove to yourself that you have what it takes to make a change. Otherwise you don't have what it takes, and we would be forced to take matters in our own hands.'' while putting one hand on a revolver. When I looked around, I saw the other people in the program just silently looking at me. Their eyes looked empty. All of them knew what had to be done, because they were once in my spot.
I realised that if I didn't kill the man in front of me, I would be the one that would not make it out of here. I looked at the mans face, he had this facial expression that begged me for mercy, but he also understood what had to be done. I shut off my mind, and my survival instinct just took over. I killed that man with my bare hands.
I came to the realisation that this wasn't a program to help people get better. This is a cult. And now that I killed that man, I had officially joined the cult.
I walked up to the man who greeted me at the gate the next day, as I got the impression that he was most likely the leader of the cult. I overheard some staff members drop the name ''Head of Order Edgar'', so as I walked towards him I said ''Edgar?'' and he looked up and asked what was wrong?
I tried to maintain calm but couldn't really contain myself and I asked ''What the fuck was that all about yesterday?'' in a very shaken voice. Edgar told me that I had to choose a new path in life, that I had to make a change in my life, and have the strength to make a life or death decision. As the was telling me these things, I noticed the ''Phi'' tattoo in Edgar's neck. The exact same one the other fella showed me before.
I looked at him with a scared but understanding face, while in my mind all I could think was ''These guys are absolutely nuts.'' I knew I had to escape somehow, even though it could be my death with all the wildlife out there, I had to at least try.
The next few days I went along with all their activities, while trying to figure out the patterns of the cult members. I managed to find an oppurtunity to escape. I noticed that every night, after all the program members would go to sleep, the cult members would gather around and they would have a few drinks.
I knew it was risky as it would be very easy to detect me if I were to sneak out, but I had to try.
So after a couple nights, I gathered the courage to sneak out. I slightly opened the door and I noticed the cult members gathered around the campfire. There were even more cult members then I thought, all dressed in the dress shirts, long beards, suspenders etcetera. I sneaked out of the cabin and the door cracked as I opened it.
The cult members heard the sound but brushed it off, but they did stay on their guard. I thought about sneaking back inside the cabin but I knew this had to be my moment, now I had the courage to make a move. I decided to keep going, and sneak towards a weaker spot in the wooden walls.
As I got closer to the wooden wall, a dog in a cage started barking at me. I panicked and kicked down the weak part of the wall and managed to get out of the walls. I felt so free, but I wasn't out there yet. I didn't have time to think and I heard the cult members scream and load weapons.
I didn't think about anything, I just started running, and I heard the screaming get further and further away. I just kept running, I had no idea what way I was running, where I was, it was pitch dark, I guess around 3 am. I heard bullets whizzing by my head, bullets hitting the trees, right next to me.
I zigzagged and all my legs could do was just run. I kept hearing the screaming in the distance, then it got closer and closer and I kept hearing bullet whizzing by. Then out of nowhere, I felt a sharp pain in my leg, I tried to get up but my leg felt heavy, I thought I was struck by as bullet, but my leg got caught in a bear trap. I tried to pry it open, I screamed from the pain, the screaming from the cult members got closer and closer. My heart was raising. And as I looked up I was looking directly into the face of a cult member, with his weapon leaning on his shoulder. He didn't look happy.
They dragged me through the woods, like I was some kind of animal. They said that they had a place for ''people like me''. They dragged me to a tiny shed deep into the woods. It had no windows, just some very small holes in the wood of the shed that let some light from the upcoming sun in.
They strapped me to a chair, and put tape over my mouth. I heard the sound of a shotgun getting cocked behind me. I felt a very cold metal rod getting pushed into the side of my head, the barrel of the shotgun. I was breathing very heavily, I couldn't scream. I felt one single tear roll down my face.
As I looked through one of the holes in the shed, I was looking at the sunrise. I heard a gunshot, and all my pain disappeared. All I could see was Edgar welcoming new people at the gate, as he smiled and said ''Aahhh, hunting season.''
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2023.05.30 23:19 recliningmed Safe to bike for my commute in the Manchester and Vernon/Rockville area?

Hi everyone!
I'm going to be working for ECHN soon and was wondering if it's generally safe to bike instead of drive for my commute from my apartment near Talcottville mostly to Manchester Memorial and Rockville General.
I'm coming from California and am really looking forward to experiencing New England life especially all the beautiful nature around here. I'd honestly love if I never had to get in my car at all but I know that is definitely asking for too much since I'd like to explore a lot of parks and trails throughout the New England area. I do remember reading that the areas around the hospital can get a little rough especially Rockville and want to stay safe more than I want to bike. I'm a woman on the smaller side and so I know I wouldn't look even the slightest bit intimidating to anyone that wanted to start trouble.
I hope I'm not being too idealistic about my plan. Thanks for your help!
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2023.05.30 23:19 ULoveMeYet Aita for trying to tell the truth but my gf wants to hear something else?

Tl;Dr: basically i want to tell the truth but my gf wants to hear a lie which never happened to paint me as the bad guy.
Like cmon, every time I tell her the truth she wants to hear something other than that. As an example I would go hang out with my friend at the skate park. And she’d want me to tell her where I’d been and what I was doing. When I was actually at the skate park. She wants me to admit to cheating or going out with another girl when I was just being honest:/. Clearly there’s some major trust issues since I have lied in the past but when I did I would come clean either right after or the next day. Sometimes all she replies with is “okay” which never helps. I just want to be as honest as possible here.
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2023.05.30 23:18 8ballslackz Extra Socks, or Waterproof Sandals?

Hey everyone! What's the consensus on bring extra socks for the inevitable afternoon downpour in Orlando vs. waterproof sandals (crocs/Tevas/etc.)? Do y'all trust your shoes to dry off even after changing socks? Do you find it annoying to carry around sandals? Are those sandals really comfortable enough to do 7-10 park miles?
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2023.05.30 23:18 Peppashaakaa Drop your go to quick “homemade” meals belowww!!

Got really excited and shared my aglio e olio recipe in the comments.
Its super quick and gives me the satisfaction of having a healthy(-ish) home cooked meal.
Drop your go to quick recipes below!
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2023.05.30 23:17 stormybaker Lord of the Rings does not look good! (spoilers)

So...a bunch of new spoiler for LOTR dropped in the last day. While looking over them, I must admit I was generally very much UNDERWHELMED by the power level of the cards I saw. The power level is nowhere near where it should have been to ensure it's success; this set looks more like Innistrad: Midnight Hunt than a Throne of Eldraine.
But from what I can see, many of the rares and mythics for "iconic" characters are NOT going to be very powerful in eternal formats. Saruman, The Balrog, Gandalf, Aragorn, etc. all seem fairly average to me. And the rare land cycle also looks to be fairly low-powered (Rivendell, Mines of Moria, etc.) Honestly, the best card I've seen in the set is Mirkwood Bats, a common (!) that is likely a design mistake (in combination with treasure and food it's going to end a lot of games of Commander).
According to various sources, the preorders for LOTR is up 200%-400% I suspect this set has been HEAVILY printed and it will probably will break a new record for revenue for Hasbro. But when the dust settles, I suspect prices for most of the cards will tank and everyone who cracked sealed products will stand to lose A LOT of money in the long-term. The cards just aren't as good as they needed to be to smash it out of the park (in my opinion, of course).
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2023.05.30 23:17 Cyrus_Irish WAP is now a highlight in my relationship

I found out recently that my fiancé lied to me about something that's grounds for breaking up for good. For personal reasons I chose to give her the chance to fix her mistakes. She's been doing a fantastic job. When I had found out about her lie, WAP by Cardi B was playing. So yeah, now every time I think about that moment in the car, I hear Cardi B in the background saying "I want you to park that big Mac truck right in this little garage" and honestly it's so f*cking hard to not laugh hysterically when I think about it. Her and I laugh about it every time I talk about me having anxiety over the situation. Thanks Cardi for making light of my situation with your WAP lol
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2023.05.30 23:17 Equal-Air78 Seeing them 3 jumping and having an amazing time reminds me of T In The Park 2011 it’s great to have the boys back together again.

Seeing them 3 jumping and having an amazing time reminds me of T In The Park 2011 it’s great to have the boys back together again. submitted by Equal-Air78 to SwedishHouseMafia [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 23:17 nick__2440 [Question] Viewing PS Remote Play window in OpenCV

I'm trying to capture gameplay from my PlayStation 5 into OpenCV. Using PS Remote Play, I'm able to view the live feed on my PC as a window. I then tried to read frames from this window in OpenCV, but the frame is black: Screenshot
I am using code sourced from here: just using the files main.py and windowcapture.py with the window name 'PS Remote Play'. The window does not need to be actually visible on screen, although it does need to be non-minimised.
I tried viewing other windows and had mixed results: Remote Play and Microsoft To Do show black screens, Microsoft Whiteboard shows a white screen (and it's not the board), while Spotify does actually work. So it seems the code is just a bit unreliable. I've copied the actual code I'm using here.
``` import cv2 as cv import numpy as np import os from time import time from window_capture import WindowCapture

initialize the WindowCapture class

wincap = WindowCapture('PS Remote Play')
loop_time = time() while(True):
# get an updated image of the game screenshot = wincap.get_screenshot() cv.imshow('Computer Vision', screenshot) # press 'q' with the output window focused to exit. # waits 1 ms every loop to process key presses if cv.waitKey(1) == ord('q'): cv.destroyAllWindows() break 
print('Done.') ```
``` import numpy as np import win32gui, win32ui, win32con
class WindowCapture:
# properties w = 0 h = 0 hwnd = None cropped_x = 0 cropped_y = 0 offset_x = 0 offset_y = 0 # constructor def __init__(self, window_name=None): # find the handle for the window we want to capture. # if no window name is given, capture the entire screen if window_name is None: self.hwnd = win32gui.GetDesktopWindow() else: self.hwnd = win32gui.FindWindow(None, window_name) if not self.hwnd: raise Exception(f'Window not found: {window_name}') # get the window size window_rect = win32gui.GetWindowRect(self.hwnd) self.w = window_rect[2] - window_rect[0] self.h = window_rect[3] - window_rect[1] print(self.w, self.h) # account for the window border and titlebar and cut them off border_pixels = 8 titlebar_pixels = 30 self.w = self.w - (border_pixels * 2) self.h = self.h - titlebar_pixels - border_pixels self.cropped_x = border_pixels self.cropped_y = titlebar_pixels # set the cropped coordinates offset so we can translate screenshot # images into actual screen positions self.offset_x = window_rect[0] + self.cropped_x self.offset_y = window_rect[1] + self.cropped_y def get_screenshot(self): # get the window image data wDC = win32gui.GetWindowDC(self.hwnd) # get device context dcObj = win32ui.CreateDCFromHandle(wDC) cDC = dcObj.CreateCompatibleDC() dataBitMap = win32ui.CreateBitmap() dataBitMap.CreateCompatibleBitmap(dcObj, self.w, self.h) cDC.SelectObject(dataBitMap) cDC.BitBlt((0, 0), (self.w, self.h), dcObj, (self.cropped_x, self.cropped_y), win32con.SRCCOPY) # convert the raw data into a format opencv can read dataBitMap.SaveBitmapFile(cDC, 'debug.bmp') signedIntsArray = dataBitMap.GetBitmapBits(True) img = np.fromstring(signedIntsArray, dtype='uint8') img.shape = (self.h, self.w, 4) # free resources dcObj.DeleteDC() cDC.DeleteDC() win32gui.ReleaseDC(self.hwnd, wDC) win32gui.DeleteObject(dataBitMap.GetHandle()) # drop the alpha channel img = img[...,:3] # make image C_CONTIGUOUS img = np.ascontiguousarray(img) return img # find the name of the window you're interested in. # once you have it, update window_capture() # https://stackoverflow.com/questions/55547940/how-to-get-a-list-of-the-name-of-every-open-window @staticmethod def list_window_names(): def winEnumHandler(hwnd, ctx): if win32gui.IsWindowVisible(hwnd): print(hex(hwnd), win32gui.GetWindowText(hwnd)) win32gui.EnumWindows(winEnumHandler, None) # translate a pixel position on a screenshot image to a pixel position on the screen. # pos = (x, y) # WARNING: if you move the window being captured after execution is started, this will # return incorrect coordinates, because the window position is only calculated in # the __init__ constructor. def get_screen_position(self, pos): return (pos[0] + self.offset_x, pos[1] + self.offset_y) 
I realise this will be pretty tough to reproduce, but any advice will be much appreciated.
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2023.05.30 23:17 frailearth Just venting because I don't know where to put my feelings

I know we're not working out. I've known it for a long time. It was apparently when we started arguing three weeks into our relationship and here we are 8 months later.... still fighting. I don't even know why half the time. You think I'm inconsiderate, and I think you're constantly criticizing me. I'm 31 and I feel like I'm failing myself, failing my love life. All I've ever wanted was a healthy relationship and to build a family. I guess maybe I ignored things that didn't sit well with me in the beginning. I feel like I hurt myself in the process of trying to feel loved. But I don't feel loved. I don't feel held. I don't feel seen. I want that from you, but I don't think it will ever happen, even though I know you really do care about me. I've just lost hope of having my needs met, and feeling like I can meet all your needs. I'm feeling myself slide down a slow, dark spiral into the terrible unknown and I'm trying to grab ahold of any light I can to take with my on this new, weird journey that I have to face alone, but light is elusive and impalpable and I can't seem to grasp it and I'm so scared because I don't know what's in the Great Dark Unknown and now... now I know I'll no longer have your hand to hold to comfort me. Even if I always complained that you never held my hand tight enough, at least it was a semblance of solace in knowing that I wasn't alone. I know I deserve better, and you deserve a love that serves you well too. You're not a terrible person-- you're a really good person-- I just don't want to be stuck in a situation where I constantly feel like I'm the terrible person because you don't like my idiosyncrasies or my faults or my personal history. I don't want to be stuck in a situation where there's a lack of physical and emotional intimacy, and far too many complaints about one another.
I'm crying so much now; change happens at the drop of a dime. My broken heart is leaking its aching pain into my guts and the whole inside of my body just hurts and the whole outside of my body is blunted and every incoming stimuli from the world around me feels bland at best and offensive at worst.
I just want to be loved, and all at once I know, and don't know, why we couldn't get along and make this a good thing.
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2023.05.30 23:17 Lost-116-Pages Church Growth Analysis

Church Growth Analysis
Decided to do a little calculation on the numbers the church posts year over year.
Interestingly, but not surprisingly the % of missionaries serving is dropping + "ward" sizes are nearly 85% larger. (was 460 in 2004 and is now 543 as of 2022)

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2023.05.30 23:16 NETINT-Experts NETINT Quadra vs. NVIDIA T4 – Benchmarking Hardware Encoding Performance

NETINT Quadra vs. NVIDIA T4 – Benchmarking Hardware Encoding Performance
This article is the second in a series about benchmarking hardware encoding performance. In the first article available, I delineated a procedure for testing hardware encoders. Specifically, I recommended this three-step procedure:
  1. Identify the most critical quality and throughput-related options for the encoder.
  2. Test across a range of configurations from high quality/low throughput to low quality/high throughput to identify the operating point that delivers the optimum blend of quality and throughput for your application.
  3. Compute quality, cost per stream, and watts per stream at the operating point to compare against other technologies.
After laying out this procedure, I applied it to the NETINT Quadra Video Processing Unit (VPU) to find the optimum operating point and the associated quality, cost per stream, and watts per stream. In this article, we perform the same analysis on the NVIDIA T4 GPU-based encoder.
About The NVIDIA T4
The NVIDIA T4 is powered by NVIDIA Turing Tensor Cores and draws 70 watts in operation. Pricing varies by the reseller, with $2,299 around the median price, which puts it slightly higher than the $1,500 quoted for the NETINT Quadra T1 VPU in the previous article.
In creating the command line for the NVIDIA encodes, I checked multiple NVIDIA documents, including a document entitled Video Benchmark Assumptions, this blog post entitled Turing H.264 Video Encoding Speed and Quality, and a document entitled Using FFmpeg with NVIDIA GPU Hardware Acceleration that requires a login. I readily admit that I am not an expert on NVIDIA encoding, but the point of this exercise is not absolute quality as much as the range of quality and throughput that all hardware enables. You should check these documents yourself and create your own version of the optimized command string.
While there are many configuration options that impact quality and throughput, we focused our attention on two, lookahead and presets. As discussed in the previous article, the lookahead buffer allows the encoder to look at frames ahead of the frame being encoded, so it knows what is coming and can make more intelligent decisions. This improves encoding quality, particularly at and around scene changes, and it can improve bitrate efficiency. But lookahead adds latency equal to the lookahead duration, and it can decrease throughput.
Note that while the NVIDIA documentation recommends a look-ahead buffer of twenty frames, I use 15 in my tests because, at 20, the hardware decoder kept crashing. I tested a 20-frame lookahead using software decoding, and the quality differential between 15 and 20 was inconsequential, so this shouldn’t impact the comparative results.
I also tested using various NVIDIA presets, which, like all encoding presets, trade-off quality vs. throughput. To measure quality, I computed the VMAF harmonic mean and low-frame scores, the latter a measure of transient quality. For throughput, I tested the number of simultaneous 1080p30 files the hardware could process at 30 fps. I divided the stream count into price and watts/hour to determine cost/stream and watts/stream.
As you can see in Table 1, I tested with a lookahead value of 15 for selected presets 1-9, and then with a 0 lookahead for preset 9. Line two shows the closest x264 equivalent score for perspective.
In terms of operating point for comparing to Quadra, I choose the lookahead 15/preset 4 configurations, which yielded twice the throughput of preset 2 with only a minor reduction in VMAF Harmonic mean. We will consider low-frame scores in the final comparisons.
In general, the presets worked as they should, with higher quality and lower throughput at the left end, and the reverse at the right end, though LA15/P4 performance was an anomaly since it produced lower quality and higher throughput than LA15/P6. In addition, dropping the lookahead buffer did not produce the performance increase that we saw with Quadra, though it also did not produce a significant quality decrease.

Table 2 shows the T4’s HEVC results. Though quality was again near the medium x265 preset with several combinations, throughput was very modest at 3 or 4 streams at that quality level. For HEVC, LA15/P4 stands out as the optimal configuration, with four times or better throughput than other combinations with higher-quality output.
In terms of expected preset behavior, LA15/P4 was again quite the anomaly, producing the highest throughput in the test suite with slightly lower quality than LA15/P6, which should deliver lower quality. Again, switching from LA 15 to LA 0 produced neither the expected spike in throughput nor a drop in quality, as we saw with the Quadra for both HEVC and H.264.

Quadra vs. T4
Now that we have identified the operating points for Quadra and the T4, let us compare quality, throughput, CAPEX, and OPEX. You see the data for H.264 in Table 3.
Here, the stream count was the same, so Quadra’s advantage in cost per stream and watts per stream related to its lower cost and more efficient operation. At their respective operating points, the Quadra’s VMAF harmonic mean quality was slightly higher, with a more significant advantage in the low-frame score, a predictor of transient quality problems.

Table 4 shows the same comparison for HEVC. Here, Quadra output 75% more streams than the T4, which increases the cost per stream and watts per stream advantages. VMAF harmonic means scores were again very similar, though the T4’s low frame score was substantially lower.

Figure 5 illustrates the low-frames and low-frame differential between the two files. It is the result plot from the Moscow State University Video Quality Measurement Tool (VQMT), which displays the VMAF score, frame-by-frame, over the entire duration of the two video files analyzed, with Quadra in red and the T4 in green. The top window shows the VMAF comparison for the entire two files, while the bottom window is a close-up of the highlighted region of the top window, right around the most significant downward spike at frame 1590.

As you can see in the bottom window in Figure 5, the low-frame region extends for 2-3 frames, which might be borderline noticeable by a discerning viewer. Figure 6 shows a close-up of the lowest quality frame, Quadra on the left, T4 on the right, and the dramatic difference in VMAF score, 87.95 to 57, is certainly warranted. Not surprisingly, PSNR and SSIM measurements confirmed these low frames.

It is useful to track low frames because if they extend beyond 2-3 frames, they become noticeable to viewers and can degrade viewer's quality of experience. Mathematically, in a two-minute test file, the impact of even 10 – 15 terrible frames on the overall score is negligible. That is why it is always useful to visualize the metric scores with a tool like VQMT rather than simply relying on a single score.
Summing Up
Overall, you should consider the procedure discussed in this and the previous article as the most important takeaway from these two articles. I am not an expert in encoding with NVIDIA hardware, and the results from a single or even a limited number of files can be idiosyncratic.
Do your own research, test your own files, and draw your own conclusions. As stated in the previous article, do not be impressed by quality scores without knowing the throughput, and expect that impressive throughput numbers may be accompanied by a significant drop in quality.
Whenever you test any hardware encoder, identify the most important quality/throughput configuration options, test over the relevant range, and choose the operating point that delivers the best combination of quality and throughput. This will give the best chance to achieve a meaningful apple vs. apples comparison between different hardware encoders that incorporates quality, cost per stream, and watts per stream.
Discover more here: https://netint.com/resources/blog/
#NETINT #ASIC #Encoding #LiveStreaming
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2023.05.30 23:16 Prestigious-Ad-2876 Making up Heroes and Tank Kit

Anyone ever design Hero kits for fun?
Imaging new Heroes might be the last thing to do with OW2 so I made a Tank Kit trying to think of fitting abilities or things that haven't been done.

Tank Hero Kit -
The Hero Spawns holding a Dagger, during this time they are "De-Meched" Similar to D.va.
Their Movement speed is increased with reduced HP/Armor and their silhouette is a reduced size (Mech not deployed).
After first using the L-Shift Ability the Hero enters Meched mode, gaining full armoHP.
There is no return to De-mech state.

Primary Fire - Decided by L-Shift
Secondary Fire - Decided by L-Shift

Left Shift - Holding Hands
Copy the primary weapon of an Enemy Hero (Cannot Swap again for X amount of Seconds, % Damage reduction for DPS Hero weapons maybe).
After the CD ends the weapon is uncopied.

E - Pick me Up
Grab an Enemy or Friendly target in close range, hold them for X seconds, friendly targets gain a damage reduction, enemies gain a damage debuff. No character control is lost for anyone Picked up, you cannot attack while holding anyone.
(This ability probably shouldn't be able to drop people off ledges)

Ultimate - Follow Through
Create a tunnel for X distance that functions the same as a defense matrix for X seconds.

Passive - Can Do Attitude
Every time the Enemy whose weapon you copied is out DPS'd(By You) during the L-Shift CD, your damage is increased by X%.
This buff is reset to 0% if you are out-DPS'd based on pre-buff damage.
This buff does not stack if the same weapon is copied twice in a row.
Stacks to a maximum %.

Enemy Rein does 160 Damage
Hero does 180 + 15% copying Rein
Buff is increased.

Enemy Rein does 200 Damage
Hero does 180 + 20% copying Rein
Buff is removed.
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