Lps dachshund

Got my ,,revenge" on a scammer

2023.06.07 10:46 Unfair_Campaign2268 Got my ,,revenge" on a scammer

Got my ,,revenge
Just venting here because this scam was really frustrating, yet rewarding in the end.
I bought a lot of LPS for 40€ on my local second hand platform. Great catch, right? The seller and I agreed that I would get every single LPS from the lot and did not mention any faults on the LPS. I asked for better pictures beforehand to ensure that I understood their condition and that none were missing, but the seller said they already packaged them beforehand ( I trusted them because of their good rewievs ). I was especially keen on the pets in the second picture, a cat, a dachshund, a collie and cute LPS in general.
When the package came, half the LPS - especially the ones I was keen on - were missing and every LPS I recieved was damaged, rusty and covered in paint,ink and highlighter. Really not looking forward to cleaning them.
Obviously the seller didn't acknowledge any of these claims. I offered the seller a return shippment of this disgrace on their dime. They refused and mockingly wrote: ,,Let's see if I'll get everything back.", wanting me to pay for the return shippment. Red Flags, i thought. They might try to turn this around on me and claim I took the LPS out and damaged the rest.
I had to file a case with the police ( policy of this selling site. If you are scammed, they only investigate further once you make a complaint to the police. ) Then the seller tried to refund me 10€ for the filthy state in which they came, still not acknowledging the damage and the missing LPS. They also filed a police report ( no idea with what claim😂 ) after me not accepting the offer and the platform closing the case in my favor.
End of story: the platform sided with me and refunded me the money back. I don't have to worry about sending the package back since the policy of the platform states it that way and it wasn't just a light discrepancy, in which case the platform instructs you to ship it back to the seller on their cost, it was full on malicious scamming. Yay, almost free, damaged LPS. I now always videotape the opening of my packages.
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2023.06.07 04:22 pridebun Ah yes a totally real pet

Ah yes a totally real pet
What do you mean that's totally the right color, markings, eye shape, and hair. It's my favorite mini pet shop
(Obviously not the worst fake out there but I just find the color difference to be hilarious. The real 3601 is so much lighter. Not to mention the hair)
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2023.06.07 04:17 Wafflefox_0 Real or Fake? Dachshund and Fox

Real or Fake? Dachshund and Fox
So I just got this dachshund from a Goodwill bag today. I didn't originally see her when I picked up the bag until I opened it. I saw the other pets that were in the bag with her and I was excited to finally find LPS at a Goodwill. So I was wondering if she's real. The dachshund has some rusting around her neck peg and it looks like a clear peg. The bag was $5.99 and it also came with accessories.
For the fox, I got her off ebay. I've made it my collector goal to get all the foxes of this mold. She looked a little sketchy to me so I just wanted to double check.
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2023.06.03 06:43 LeminTree I'm glad that only a few pets are expensive

I bought some lps on mercari earlier for about 5-10 dollars each and realized, wow. I'm so glad that only a few popular molds are so expensive and not every single one. I also collect Monster High dolls, and every single doll is expensive. It doesn't matter if it's in poor condition, missing almost all its accessories and originally cost 12 dollars. That doll is going 50+ no if ands or buts about it.
Sure it sucks cause I really want collies, dachshunds and great Danes, but it's better than every single pet being expensive imo.
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2023.05.28 00:15 robraccoon [Partially lost] "Between you and me" lps youtube series by Petshopmisstv

Back in 2013, a french youtuber named Petshopmisstv (https://www.youtube.com/@PetshopMissTV) made a youtube series of 2 seasons with petshop characters titled "Between you and me".
It was a classic high school story. The main character was named Savannah and was the lps beagle N°77. Her best friend was named Genny and was the lps spaniel N°1318. There was a girl named Victoria who was dachshund N°556. I don't remember the name of other characters but in season 2 there was lps dachshund N°2046 and otter N°2152.
When I made some researches, I found a skyblog (https://super-serie-petshop.skyrock.com/3145491858-Littlest-PetShop-Between-You-And-Me-Episode-1-My-new-school.html) with more complete summaries of the episodes. On the blog, it's possible to see that the videos are private. I couldn't find any way to contact petshopmisstv. All of her accounts are inactive since 2014/2015, around the time all of her videos, except one, vanished.
Here's an old twitter account : https://twitter.com/xPetshopMissTVx
Summaries from the skyblog :
Episode 1 "My new school" : "Savannah changes high school and when she gets there, she bumps into Alicia, one of the most popular girls of the school. This one gets angry and calls her friend, Victoria who is also freaking out! Savannah apologizes and the two girls end up letting her go. The young girl will then make two friends, Lucie and Genny, two very nice girls! Suddenly, the "leader" of Victoria and Alicia's group (and also the most popular girl in high school), Lucie, arrives and begins to taunt Savannah who is falling in love with her boyfriend, James. How will Julie react when she finds out?"
Episode 2 "James ou Rex ?" : "When the lessons are over, Savannah observes James and Genny, as well as Lucie, realize that their friend is in love. The two girls explain to Savannah that James is with Julie and if the latter finds out, she will go crazy. Genny then offers Savannah to have a date with Rex, another boy from high school. Savannah accepts and has a date with him the same evening. Unfortunately, Julie will learn it very quickly and intends to ruin the date."
Episode 3 "Rendez-vous avec Rex" : "As agreed, Savannah goes on her date with him but Genny and Lucie try to follow them because they know very well that Julie will do anything to ruin this evening. Genny therefore advises Lucie to dress and make up as Julie to create a diversion when necessary. Meanwhile, Julie arrives at the same restaurant where Rex and Savannah went to dinner, with James. But, Genny made his plan wrong and everyone goes to the same place without really realizing it. Julie, ready to do anything to break Savannah's heart, grabs Rex and kisses him. Savannah goes home in tears and wonders how she could have become friends with Genny and Lucie who had betrayed her that night. Genny is really sorry but will Savannah have the courage to forget everything?"
Episode 4 "Premier meurtre" : "When she arrives at the school, Savannah is still very sad about what happened the day before and she avoids Genny and Lucie for the first time. The two girls, convinced that Savannah was coming to see them, calles her. They apologize to her and Savannah accepts their apologies. Suddenly, Victoria, Alicia and Julie come to meet them to taunt them and Julie takes the opportunity to go talk to Rex. Genny, intrigued by what could happen, decides to follow them... into the attic. Yes, Julie took Rex to the attic. She kisses him, threatens him, then... kills him. Genny, shocked, runs towards her friends and loses consciousness... What will Julie's reaction be when she learns that Genny has seen her?"
Episode 5 "Julie ou devrais-je dire : criminelle" : Genny stays in the infirmary for a while and Lucie claims to have seen her follow Rex and Julie but it must have been just a coincidence. Savannah will also discover that Rex was killed (because his corpse was discovered) and when Genny wakes up, she ends up convincing Lucie and Savannah that it was Julie who did the murder... Savannah, shocked, can't hold back her tears and cries, cries, cries... But, at the end of the day, Lucie slips away and goes to join Julie, Alicia and Victoria. She asks them if she can come to their group pretending to be fed up with Genny and Savannah. Julie looks convinced and fires Victoria from the group to take Lucie in her place. Meanwhile, Savannah and Genny are worried about their friend and then run into Victoria who tells them everything that happened. She also explains that Julie had a very difficult past and that the murder of Rex is not her first... The two girls, shocked, decide to do research on the internet as well as Victoria on her side. The latter finds some information and sends it to Genny and Savannah: since the age of 8, Julie kills her classmates and in reality, her name is not Julie but Mirabelle, Mirabelle Clow. But Victoria is in great danger and Julie kills her..."
Episode 6 "La menace" : Savannah, late as always, takes a shortcut to school and encounters the ER, the police, and a man in tears. The young girl then asks the nurse (the one from her high school) who was the person who had just been killed. She then learned that it was Victoria and observed her corpse under the watchful eye of her father... Finally, she resumed her journey and meet, arriving at the school, Kelsey, an American girl whom Genny introduces to her. Julie notices the new girl directly and goes to threaten Savannah to kill her. The latter runs to the toilet in tears and crosses James. Savannah then confesses to him everything she knows about Julie and even admits to him that she has loved him since the beginning. James confesses that he loves Savannah and the two lovebirds are now dating. Unfortunately, when Julie learned of this, she went to resonate with James by threatening to kill him. James then promised that he was going to date her and not Savannah. Julie calmed down and left James alive. How will Savannah take the news?
Episode 7 "Before the killer" : No summary
There is nothing on the skyblog after that.
I couldn't find any screenshot on google images but I found an old quizz (https://www.quizz.biz/quizz-805537.html). It pretty much gives informations the skyblog already gave.
While gathering all my informations to make this post, I did find a few videos made by other people with moments from the original videos :
  1. https://youtu.be/jCWIcODQ7Jk ( Moments from season 1 with og sound )
  2. https://youtu.be/f_iomn8X830 ( Moments from season 1 without og sound )
  3. https://youtu.be/KLC_T5gLwb4 ( Moments from season 1 and 2 without og sound )
  4. https://youtu.be/TT1P0Qdi8SQ ( Thumbnails of some og videos )
  5. https://youtu.be/5G7HWAYE5F0 ( Possibly moments from season 2 without og sound )
The wayback machine gave me nothing. I didn't find anything on twitter and tumblr.
Nana, aka petshopmisstv, knew Sophiegtv, the creator of lps popular but I do not know how to contact her either and if they are still friends.
The media and everything around it being french, I wasn't sure in what language posting it but I only saw english posts so I figured I would do the same.
If you read this, thank you for your time ! If there is any problem of missing informations, please tell me, I'm new here.

Edit : Here's a french twitter account I've created about it : https://twitter.com/byamrecherche
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2023.05.10 20:45 RelativeTrue6740 Is #1631 really worth anywhere near this much or are these just inflated prices? If so how much is she actually worth, and is she even that rare?

Is #1631 really worth anywhere near this much or are these just inflated prices? If so how much is she actually worth, and is she even that rare? submitted by RelativeTrue6740 to LittlestPetShop [link] [comments]

2023.05.06 22:42 AARose24 Looks like they lowered the price (used to be $1000)

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2023.04.26 03:05 Cute_Resolution6795 I love this dachshund

I love this dachshund
I want this dachshund SO bad she’s so cute but ya girl can’t just drop $400 on an lps 😭😭😭
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2023.04.23 13:01 RelativeTrue6740 Looking to replace my fake #556 with the authentic counterpart and… these prices are ridiculous. I do not believe she’s in any way worth this much.

Looking to replace my fake #556 with the authentic counterpart and… these prices are ridiculous. I do not believe she’s in any way worth this much. submitted by RelativeTrue6740 to LittlestPetShop [link] [comments]

2023.04.20 23:19 ProfessorAster Hi i own the valentine dachshund lps, how much is it worth?

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2023.04.17 02:15 stellar-marz Have these cuties!

Have these cuties!
im selling these authentic lps.
Dachshund+baby- $20 Butterfly-$10 Caterpillar-$5 Spaniel- $10 Anteater-$5
shipping is about $5 in US
pm me for more pictures, willing to trade depending on the pet!
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2023.04.14 05:35 tristfulone Is the authentic Savvy in the room with us? 👁️👄👁️

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2023.03.29 13:32 ___f1sh___ where can i find and buy genuinely authentic old lps? not fakes. i'm trying to look for authentic collies, dachshunds, kittens, huskies, and shorthairs but every single website i look at (amazon, etsy, etc) there's always reviews saying they're fake.

esp w/ pricey lps, i don't want to risk getting a fake one here's some lps that i personally hope to purchase someday: lps 67, 853, 1262, 1542, 1676, 518, monopoly dachshund, 100, 1301, and 1818
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2023.03.29 13:16 ___f1sh___ where can i find and buy genuinely authentic old lps? not fakes. i'm trying to look for authentic collies, dachshunds, kittens, huskies, and shorthairs but every single website i look at (amazon, etsy, etc) there's always reviews saying they're fake.

esp w/ pricey lps, i don't want to risk getting a fake one
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2023.03.04 06:04 SecretDuckMafia I know she’s expensive, but come ON!!!

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2023.02.26 23:54 dan_dant mildly annoyed by this🤨

mildly annoyed by this🤨 submitted by dan_dant to LittlestPetShop [link] [comments]

2023.02.26 00:41 Vica_ I was just scrolling through the lps merch website and I came across THESE, which oddly enough, I've never seen before in my entire 13 years of collecting lol

I was just scrolling through the lps merch website and I came across THESE, which oddly enough, I've never seen before in my entire 13 years of collecting lol submitted by Vica_ to LittlestPetShop [link] [comments]

2023.02.06 05:33 DarkerVenus Is she authentic? I want to make sure before purchasing :)

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2023.01.17 19:38 bratzbabe9 💀😭

I went to pick my sister up from elementary and there was rare lps spread all over the classroom floor and kids were playing and I was shook 😔 I WAS EYEING THE MONOPOLY DACHSHUND SO HARD
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2022.12.14 22:09 magireallylikesyuki Confused about the authenticity of the lps I see being sold online, help me!!!

Heya peeps, returning lps fan here, and im in a bit of a pickle at the moment...
All the amazon listings for random lots of LPS, singular LPS, etc etc are starting to make me pretty suspicious and confused. Whenever I check the reviews to confirm their authenticity, there turns out to be no reviews at all. I was planning on buying some lots and singular pets, but with the images being absolutely perfect (probably stolen from google) and my limited knowledge on how to identify a real from a bootleg (whether it has the titular LPS symbol on it's head or leg and the colour differences), its gonna be hard analysing their legitimacy.
Help me out peeps. I'll leave some links of figures i want for yall to understand my maybe-not-so-crazed ramblings.
Dachshund #640: https://amzn.eu/d/7N98SRw
Baby Husky #1013: https://amzn.eu/d/b6x3O7d
Short-hair cat #933 https://amzn.eu/d/19td9xy
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2022.11.16 01:45 XlAO_ How can I get the nail polish/ paint off these guys

How can I get the nail polish/ paint off these guys
so recently I’ve been getting back into lps, and dug up some of my childhood pets, unfortunately, young me decided to try customizing them and…
well I’d like to undo that
Is there any good strategies to get the polish off, and there’s a bit of dry erase marker on the cocker spaniel with flowers
i rlly don’t wanna ruin the eyes and stuff, so I don’t think nail polish remover is good?
sorry for the bad quality image but I hope it’s good enough?
I’ve been trying to scrape some off after soaking in hot water a bit, which I’ve done on the blonde shorthair a bit, but it would be nice if there’s a better way :,)
tysm <3 oh I also have a dachshund that’s got some sort of sticky stuff on her head, idk how to get it off, it’s some sort of glue idk?
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2022.10.14 06:52 3delmore How to paint back chipped paint?

How to paint back chipped paint?
Hi everyone! Today i copped (was CRAZILY lucky) dachshund #1631 for super super cheap, sadly her nose paint is chipped. I really want to paint it back when I receive her because, other than that, with a little cleaning she’ll be in great condition. However I have 0 knowledge on painting back spots on LPS, do y’all have any tips for me? What kind of paint, how to find the most fitting color, etc…. Would GREATLY appreciate it. Thanks🤍
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