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2023.06.07 21:31 Hefty-Breadfruit3128 Bankruptcy petition signing day

I went to sign my petition today and the only issue we ran into was my monthly budget. I had too much extra money left over. We talked and found more expenses I wasn’t accounting for like car maintenance etc. but even then I was still having a little too much money left over. The only solution was to get my grandmother to increase my rent from 700 to 1200. The rent for her home did go up though this month too and the cost of living has increased a lot in Orlando. Realistically if I was paying truly half the rent and half the utilities I’d be paying between 1100-1200.
So anyways I got on the phone with her and had her send me a text that I need to start paying her 1200/month because of the rent increase and cost of living, I actually still plan to continue paying her 1200/month for the foreseeable future even after discharge. This has kind of made me concerned though when a trustee sees this change in my rent in Orlando even 1200/month for rent when any trustee sees that that it’s still gonna be much cheaper than the average person so I can’t imagine that will raise any red flags. But it’s the last 2 months I paid my grandma 700 and the 10 months prior to that I paid 632.
I guess im asking if I should really concern myself here with the notion that this may or may not be purgery? Technically it’s not because she is increasing my rent and I do intent to pay her said rent. Any advice? I’m most likely over thinking as I always do but I really just need some reassurance.
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2023.06.07 21:31 frostcall We're not going dark June 12

Hey all. You've likely seen all the hubbub around Reddit essentially ending 3rd party apps by charging an exorbitant amount for their api. There are a LOT of subs going dark June 12 in support of keeping the old system in place. We're not joining them. It's not that we don't agree that this makes Reddit worse (most of the mods do agree), it's that we realize that this sub going dark will do little to help anyone and will hurt those who are looking for help. Each day, a lot of people come to our sub for the first time looking for help cutting the cord and saving money. We want that to continue. The new folks coming here likely don't know about the api wars and just need some advice. If you want to show your support for the old api rules, one of the best ways is to simply stop using Reddit for a few days.
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2023.06.07 21:31 Admirable-Style9226 I need to breakup with my boyfriend, but I feel guilty about the financial consequences it will cause him. Any advice or words of encouragement?

I've been with my current boyfriend for 3 years now. We've been living together for one year. A couple months ago, my boyfriend let me know about some financial issues he was experiencing that I had no clue about before. Basically, some credit card debt of his went to collections and he was threatened with a lawsuit when two police officers came to our door. Flashforward to now, I received an email from our landlord that portions of our rent were late. I reviewed the payment history of the past year and noticed that MANY payments of his were late or broken into two separate payments. This, combined with a few other relationship issues ie: romance seems to be gone, his unwillingness to connect with my friends and family, has made me think that it is time for us to go our separate ways. Marriage is the next step in our relationship, and his management and secretiveness towards money is really concerning to me.
I am in the process of planning an exit strategy that includes finding myself a new apartment and signing before the break up. Once we break up, I will move out to my new apartment, and I will give him one month of my portion of the rent so that he has 30 days to find a new apartment. Once those 30 days are up, I am planning to front the costs of breaking the lease.
The thing is, even though I know breaking up is the best thing for myself and my future, I feel incredibly guilty leaving him to find a new apartment and to deal with moving costs when he is having a really hard time financially right now. Although I believe there is no path forward for us romantically, I still deeply care about him as a best friend and the financial stress he would be inflicted with because of this breakup is the only thing holding me back from ending the relationship.
Has anyone been in a situation like this before? Or have any words of wisdom letting me know it's OK to put myself first? Is there anything else I can do to help him post-breakup or is my plan more than enough?
Thank you!
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2023.06.07 21:30 sleepaddledbrain What did you do with your wedding/engagement ring?

Looking for ideas and wondering what other people did with their rings. I have not worn mine since D-Day 2020 and now that we are officially over they are not something that I want to keep. I was thinking of pawning them and possibly getting my first tattoo with the money but idk. I don't think I would be able to get very much for the ring probably somewhere between $400 to $500, it's not a very big diamond. I'm just not sure how to get the most money for it. Any suggestions?
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2023.06.07 21:30 vrid_in What is a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)? How does SIP work and the 5 different types of SIP?

137th issue of Vrid Newsletter is here.
If you have been our newsletter subscriber for a while, you probably know we're big fans of investing through SIP. And guess what? So is Warren Buffett and pretty much everyone in the market!
But here's the thing - not everyone knows about SIPs, and many have misconceptions about SIPs. So today, let's dive into what SIPs are, how they work, and the different types available in India.

What is a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)?

A Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is a hassle-free investment strategy that allows you to invest a fixed amount of money regularly in a fund.
For example, if you earn ₹30k per month and want to start investing. Through SIP, you can invest a fixed amount, like ₹5k per month. You don’t need to wait to save a lump sum amount to start investing.
Many people think SIP is an investment in itself. But that’s wrong. SIP is a mode of investment, just like lump sum investments. You can invest in any mutual fund through the SIP mode.
The selection of the fund depends on you. (If you want to learn more about how to find the best active or passive mutual funds, read here and here)
SIPs offer the benefit of disciplined investing, helping you build wealth over time by investing small amounts at regular intervals, regardless of market fluctuations.

How does SIP work?

Let’s say, based on your financial situation, goals, risk appetite, and others, you have selected a specific mutual fund scheme to invest in. You also decide the amount you want to invest and the frequency at which you want to make these investments (monthly, quarterly, etc.).
You log in to your brokerage account to set up the SIP. You fill in the details similar to the image shown below and create the SIP. Remember, each fund has its own minimum limit on initial investment and installment amount.
After setting up the SIP, the brokerage will ask you to create a mandate with your bank to deduct the monthly investment amount directly from your savings account.
By this, a fixed amount is automatically deducted from your bank account and invested in the chosen mutual fund scheme.
Since the amount you invest remains constant, you buy more units when prices are low and fewer units when prices are high. This way, over time, the average cost per unit of your investment tends to be lower. It helps reduce the impact of market volatility, giving you a smoother investment journey.
Read more about the benefits of investing through SIP and the 5 different types of SIP in our blog - https://blog.vrid.in/2023/06/08/what-is-a-systematic-investment-plan-sip-how-does-sip-work-and-the-5-different-types-of-sip/
Subscribe to Vrid’s free personal finance newsletter - https://vrid.in/newsletter
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2023.06.07 21:30 OzArdvark WSJ on the Amazon Prime (and ROP)

Jassy’s predecessor, founder and former CEO Jeff Bezos, was more focused on growing the video entertainment service than making it profitable, once reportedly saying, “I want my Game of Thrones,” after the HBO success series.
In 2017, he sanctioned Amazon to pay a staggering $250 million for the rights to create a new “Lord of the Rings” series. The eight-episode series, “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power,” ended up costing $715 million for the first season, including the rights agreement, making it one of the most expensive shows ever. The show was met with mixed reviews.
Jassy has told people internally that he sees the value of entertainment and particularly live sports, according to people familiar with the matter, but also has been spending a lot of time reviewing the company’s unprofitable divisions.
Just in case people continue to think that Amazon is an endless money pot. You may like to believe that a contract with Tolkien Estate guarantees 5 seasons of "premiere" television but it definitely doesn't guarantee 5 seasons of premiere spending and production budgets. Let's hope the show improves.
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2023.06.07 21:30 crawlen Getting great COL raise but no merit-based raise - worth fighting over?

I've been working at this company for 5 years. There have been some ups and downs, but overall they treat employees well. Benefits are solid, we have "unlimited PTO" of which I take about 15-25 days per year, work schedule is flexible, we work remotely, etc.
Recently they've done some work on employee stuff. They published the salary bands across the company - including the different teams, levels, and locations that affect how much someone might get paid. I think that's pretty cool.
They used to give a casual "cost of living" raise of a few percent at the discretion of your manager, but now they're being more systematic about it. They review the salary bands (ranges) each year and adjust our compensation accordingly at the same time that we do performance reviews.
My first year, I had a good performance review and got a 10% raise. Second year, was told I needed to improve (this was fair - I was struggling to focus during the pandemic) but still got a 3% raise anyway. Third year, they start setting "levels" for each employee. I had a new boss and proposed my level. He agreed, but we didn't talk about compensation at all. Moving on...
Last year (fourth year) I had another new boss (~10 months or so). This was also when they started to review salary bands systematically. Everyone at the company got a raise, yay. Mine was 15%! I was happy but also asked my boss, well, was any of that merit-based or was it all based on the salary band adjustments? It wasn't merit-based. I was $1K above the bottom of the salary band. I pressed for a raise because I had been working very hard and had a good (not glowing, but good) performance rating, but I was told they weren't able to give more since I was already given such a big adjustment this year. OK, sure, I'm happy anyway.
Now this year (fifth year) I have yet another new boss (also working together about 10 months). They adjusted the salary bands again but not everyone is affected. I am, though. I got an 11% raise! But I had to ask the same question, was it merit-based at all? No. Also now I'm at the bottom of the band instead of being slightly above it. Same thing as last year, a good-but-not-glowing performance rating.
So I'm torn because on one hand, I already got the money. Why make a stink? I'm being treated well. On the other hand, I find it hard to believe that I haven't improved at all within the level that was set for me two years ago. I mean, why am I still at the bottom of my salary band?
What do you think - should I ask for a raise? How should I phrase it?
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2023.06.07 21:29 polypan-storyman [Waybound] Waybound Recap from the girl who REFUSES TO CHECK AT ALL

Okay I literally finished the book a few minutes ago after spending 2 days binge reading it. I am going to mis a hilarous amount of details and important story bits, but I gotta stick with the vibe.
Here is the Dreadgod one Reddit - Dive into anything
You ready? No? Neither am I!
Okay so we start in space again, and suriel and ozriel are like "yep we are def gonna die" and then eithan is like "Okay but hear me out...what if only one of us dies?" And suriel is like "You better not be up to some main character bullshit" and eithan then proceeds to pull a gandalf and fight the main baddy on his own while suriel goes back and goes to pick up something from Makiel, who would really like eithan to die please.
Makiel is looking for the ultimate killing tool everywhere and hopes to get it to kill ozriel, the mad king, and basically anyone who would fuck up the system. Suriel comes and is like "YOUR VIBES ARE ATROCIOUS AND YOU ARE UNDER ARREST" and makiel, having been a villian for a VERY long time, is like "bet. That makes sense."
Suriel, being the goodest girl, and not a hound, is super confused. Makiel explains, "Look I've seen like a billion villian stories. I knew after my final villianous act, I have to die to the hero or get diposed or something so I Was just gonna give up after I murdered your friend." Suriel who likes having friends, decides thats not okay and activates her trap card: Reaper's Gift!!!
By activating reapers gift, she can tap infinite black lands so long as she has the artifact equip. She then is like "Look...you've been a villian for a while." She then transfers the item to HIS character sheet "Wouldn't you rather go out like an anti-hero????" Makiel wasn't expecting someone to be nice to him, which might be a huge theme in this book.
So he says "fuck it we ball" and they go back to find eithan, SOMEHOW NOT DEAD YET, even though he has no super weapon, lost his mantle of ultimate protagonist power, and is literally fighting the solo boss with no equipment besides his pajamas. Makiel is like "Fuck dude I hate you." and ozriel is like "Feelings mutual buddy~" and the mad king tries to kill them both.
And then they realise that they both hate the same thing: Losing. Suddenly, united by the pettiness icon, Makiel and Ozriel trade weapons, and start wombo combing the Mad king like they are bros. They are both upset about the fact that they are actually doing really well. That said, its still a lot, and they are basically in a stalemate until eithan realises how to break it in a way that only he can.
By taunting the enemy in his final moments of life with a meme attack. He bops him on the head with the GOD SWORD OF AIM HAX and is like "Lmao get rektd" and then mcfucking dies, and then makiel super crits the mad king with the +100 sycthe of ultimate murder, and suriel jsut deletes him for good measure.
Then suriel is like "We gotta fix him, but he got mcfucking murdered, which is way worst than normal murder. What can we do?" And then makiel gives her his magic jacket and is like "One life...for another..." and suriel is like "WAIT YOU HATE HIM??? WHY WOULD YOU-"
"Because...nothing would piss him off more...than me going out like a hero...." and then he mcfucking dies to undo eithands death who comes back smiling, but on the inside, is morning the loss of his bro, the most petty man in existence. Truly and honor. Also everything has gone to shit.
**BABY BOX ADVENTURES** Back on baby box, Lindon and co go into the definitely not hyberbolic time chamber to super not go to super saiyan. Lindon is like 1/4 dreadgod and is ridiclously buff, and after having stolen everyones shit, makes sure to set up super training plans for everyone. But first, we gotta fix mercy, who got her ass kicked by her mom, because she's toxic. This will also be a theme for the book.
Mercy gets revived and is like "Fuck my mom IS the worst" and everyone side eyes because yeah, but shes having her time. After that, its time to get used to the weird training everyone has to do.
Orthos has to do cannibalism but not get feral or racist about it. He is very old, so its kinda hard to stop both of those things from happening, but he manages. Mostly. Drops a H slurr in there once.
Little Blue has to become a person. She makes a great mascot, but she has to get more substance to become a full fledged character with autonomy and shit.
Mercy has to deal with her mommy issues. No for real. Not a joke. She just has to deal with her mommy issues and get her own personality, outside of her mommy issues. This is a legitmate struggle for her, due to being the princess of the gaslight/gatekeep/girlboss empire.
Ziel needs to learn that he both has depression, and also, is a very angry person. Also to maybe not be so bloodthirsty. Also how to do time math. Also how to deal with the insanity caused by experiencing eternity....he has to deal with a lot.
Yerin is supposed to learn how to sword from her ghost dad, which lindon summons from a definitely not engagement ring box. Yerin pouts about this. Sword ghost dad says that she could probably get the sword icon if she just vibed correctly, and red faith agrees. She doesn't know WHAT vibe she is supposed to have though, until she thinks about eithan, and beating the shit out of red faith, and realises she REALLY wants to kill people. Like really bad. This is somehow ALSO a theme in this book.
Lindon...has to kill more dreadgods, each being a CR40 encounter. Also every time he does he has to make a will save or jsut straight up stop being a PC. This is fine he says. At least he still has the loot from the last one, right?
No one agrees with him.
Outside, Reigan shen decides to annoy lindon. Lindon responds by firing a **Death** arrow at reigan shen. He then runs the fuck a way because HOLY SHIT THE MAIN CHARACTER HAS A PROTAGONIST WEAPON NOW???? WTF GUYS WE GOTTA GET THEM!!!!
Malice + northsider agree, and decide to also annoy lindon. The more they annoy him, the less time he can spend digivolving his friends, and also prepping for the WEEPING DRAGON who is COMING TO FUCK EVERYONE UP. It is QUITE CROSS that SOMEHONE (hi lindon) MCFUCKING KILLED THEIR BRO!
Lindon uses his ghost dad jutsu to summon everyone has a ghost to fight...3 monarchs, 2 sages, a bunch of annoyances, and potentialyl a dreadgod. It is not a good day for him. Its not going to get better. Still, he has his protagonist weapon! And thats scary! Unforunately, being a protagonist weapon, he can only use as many times as the story allows...
Which is still enough to scare the shit out of reigan shin who just wants to end this all. So instead of using his usually gilgamesh bullshit, he instead uses his fusion ultimate doom attack of enkuidu + Enuma Ellish + Tiberian's Super Storm Beam of Triple Death. He is absolutely sure this combination of super attacks will wipe the protagonist off the face of the earth!
Unforunately, in his rage, he forgot that he was a villian that had just pulled out an ultimate weapon, which meant the hero HAD to pull out a hax option for the plot to continue. Said hax option, is literally just ghost eithan, who is like "bro, you sweep like this? Lemme show you how to clean house." He then proceeds to beat up all 3 monarchs in one attack and a dodge just to be a dick and is like "Oh btw that wasn't even like half my power, summon me when you have more juice homie."
Lindon, being tired of this bs, was like "Okay hear me out. How about 1v1s? You win, I stop being an asshole. I win, you fuck off." The monarchs, who had a lot more experience being assholes, accept this, and northstrider then proceeds to kick lindons ass. So much. So hard. His oracle codex is like "*He is weak. And dumb. And smelly. And he doesn't even sacred arts bro.*" and nothstrider is fine with that for a bit but then squints and reads the script again, and notices most of the lines were written over with sharpie.
Getting a copy of the ACTUAL script, he see's that lindon is drinking him, like a LOT and even stealing his icon and then slams him into the ground and points at Malice like "You want next?" malice, not giving a shit about men, says "Uhh nah im good." and fucks off back to her goth milf castle. Lindon then sighs because damn that was a long day. It'd be nice if he could get 5 minutes of-
Oh look shen found your hyperbolic time chamber, and is really mad that he's gotten his ass kicked twice today is going to take it out on all of your friends! Go lindon go! He does and shen is like "even if I am erased from the plot I am going to get ONE W IN THIS GOD DAMNED STORY!!!!" and lindon is like "Pls stop" and then shen does...but only after blowing up the door to the time chamber. Lindon is surprised that he was being so nice until he looked behind him and saw the weeping dragon charging up his forward smash.
Shen, being an asshole, decided that would have to due, and he'd have to rely on plan Q. He was...running low on plans. But at least he had more of them! Surely they couldnt all fail.
Back inside of the hyperbolic time chamber, yerin and co realise the door broke. Yerin is like "okay I...cut it open?" Breaking the fourth wall, and then, a door opened. Unforunately, she hadn't been specific when she wrote that and walked all the way to the rosegold continent. OOps.
Ziel and mercy also want to help, but are kinda weak. Ziel digivolves by learning how to harness the power of time, tbe universe, and everything, and mercy digivolves be realising that she honestly just wants to be a nice person and do nice things. She realises this by having a pity party about how she sucks and ziel being like "STFU you are a fucking main character. Act like it." and she realises, sHE IS!!!
So they go out to help lindon and he says "Okay uh no **GTFO**" because they will absolutely get stomped if they help. And they land...in the rosegold continent! How convient! Hey is that yerin using the death murder kill technique????
Anyway house eithan is fighting house shen and house shen is busted, with a herald who is a pixie, and a sage who is crazy, on team weeping dragon, and can regenerate from nothing. Which is absurd. Team eithan just has cladia, who is the best, but also an old lady. She has a thousand eyes, but could use more hands. Oh look, youths!
Mercy, being a nice young lady, helps her elder cross the battle field and annihilate threats. Cladia was sceptical about the girl until it slowly dawns on her that this girl is DEFINITELY a main character. In the super fight, yerin is learning how to murder death kill more effectively, but still doesn't have it down perfect. Ziel is trying to also murder death kill but it just isnt working, and instead, he's getting trolled by the calling storm sage, who seems to just like to see people suffer.
Ziel see's all his friends getting their asses kicked and decides "fuck man...that isnt cool" and unlocks the shield icon, as it turns out, he ALSO wants to be a protagonist, he just forgot. Together with mercy being nice, cladia being the best, and yerin using the art of murder death kill, they defeat house shen with style....but are also v tired. Cladia thanks the newly minted main characters and gives them the coveted mid story power up they will need to face the next boss: Weeping Dragon!
What is this powerup? Well a HUD of course! Turns out, very helpful to have. Also some of the weeping dragons stats. Turns out, its very good at lying and its dragons breath is *reads notes* THE MOST POWERFUL STRIKER TECHNIQUE ON THE PLANET. JUST. THE STRONGEST ONE. EVER. IT **CANNOT** Be blocked. In fact, as they get back to lindons side, the attack misses them entirely, firing mostly into the air....AND STILL NEARLY KILLS THEM. BY PROXIMITY!
luckily lindon kept them from being hyper murdered. Unforunately, as per the rules of cradle, in exchange he had to be hyper murded. So he just kinda falls over. Team main character take exception to this, and decide to beat the shit out of the dragon. The eight man empire is here and are trying to help, potentially in exchange for that SWEET SWEET LOOT...but also to not fucking die.
Also Orthos and Little blue got out of the time chamber and are now archlords! They go to find lindon to help him after super dying, and he says "Hey...you guys...are main characters...now..." And boom instantly, orthos becomes the black dragon sage, and little blue becomes a herald because, yeah he got that move from eithan in book 2. So now they can help fight! Also now everyone has a dross in them because reasons!
So they arent doing GREAT on that front because most of them are like broken and half and relying solely on hax to keep fighting. Few more than Laran, who got to use the protagonist bow for a little while!!! It felt good...like being significant....
ANYWAY, now its mercys turn to use it and WOOF that was scary...but oops that used up her protag powers.
Yerin, time to attack with the murder death kill move...which is great! But OOF that used up all of HER protag powers.
And so ziel is left with the s trongest monster who has like one bar of health left but hits for all of your HP. Can he do it? Its kick or carry time and...whats this? Is that ziel getting on the top ropes? With the DEATH ARROW? AND LOADING IT INTO HIS ALAPHABET ARRAY? AND INFUSING IT WITH TIME MAGIC! YO WATCH OUT **WATCH OUT**
And then THE MAN HIMSELF smites THE ULTIAMTE SUPER DRAGON with the INSTANT DEATH NO SCOPE HEADSHOT AIMBOT attack that kills god. Or almost kills god. He's got like...3 anime seconds to live.
Seeing that the fight was over, malice returns to be toxic and player kill all the exhausted PCs. She seems really eager about the idea for some reason and then right as she is about to kill lindon, she hears the weeping dragons timer about to run out. Quickly, she erases her own attack, because she is VERY genre savvy when it comes to romance, and if she kills yerin, the main male protagonist will DEFINITELY kill her.
Which he almost does anyway, because as soon as weeping dragon dies, lindon digivolveS AGAIN and nearly nukes her. She escapes, but FUCK man that was close. PHew. Live to gatekeep another day.
lindon and co return to their training fortress, and everyone is tired and sad. Lindon tries to cheer them up in the way he knows how: Advancement and new toys! They all groan.
lindon tries to cheer ziel up most of all, because he got the killing blow, and ziel is like "Bro I JUST got the chill icon, please no." and lindon smiles because that meant moRE LOOT FOR HIMSELF. Woo!
Mercy is fighting more of her mommy issues and is terrified that when she levels up to herald, itll kick her ass , because her mom's remnant was SUPER toxic and just started pking people to fuck with her. mercy prepares for the fight of her life...only to see that her spirit is a sweet bean and literally just wants to give hugs and encouragement. Mercy is very surprised that its being nice to her and everything goes perfectly fine because mercy is actually a very helpful and kind person. This is a small moment of celebration.
Taht is until he is YOINKED! GASP????? By what???Only reigan shen of course! He had taken sleeping ghosts binding and used it to summon lindon. Turns out, each time the dreadgods die, the rest of them get stronger...and smarter...and get more personalities. Like the bleeding phoniex deciding to be a she/they waifu apparently just to fuck with shen. Shen tries to convince her that he is a very important antagonist, and she responds with "You were." And this frightens him, given the page count. He tells her that she should get revenge on lindon and she is like "I dunno...I think I have a better plan for my otouto. ISn't that right Onii-chan?" She says to the wandering titan who was listening in over space discord. He agrees and shen realises that he has caught YET ANOTHER L.
Also where is emiriss? Wasn't she supposed to be helping??? Well she would be she got captured by northstrider who wanted to make sure that the protagonists had NO MORE ELDER MENTOR FIGURES! THEY HAD TO MANY! He is convinced that he can handle anything that happens...Which is why he is totally chill when lindon++ shows up and tells him to calm the fuck down and gives back tree grandma. Northstrider says fuck off, and lindon says "okay, but we are going to talk about this."
Northstrider thinks this is a threat. It was actually a promise, as he is pulled into lindons house and lindon is like "...So...I've been reading your character sheet...and it says you were...neutral good? And wanted to like...be a hero?" And northstrider squints because no one is supposed to read his cringe backstory. He tries to destroy it but lindon says "Ah ah ah...read it first." And then he relents because fuck this guy was a main character. What was the worst that could happen?
So he reads his character sheet and realises that he's been playing the character all wrong the whole time and was like "Fuck...I am kinda a dick now I...ya know what, I'ma drop before I get worse." And lindon is relieved that at least SOMEONE cared about being a dick. He also tells them how to get emiriss, who was happy to see that she only had to wait 5 dragon ballz minutes to get rescued. That was pretty short for an arc in her opinion.
Now back in the present lindon is dealing with 2 dreadgods, and regan shen at the time. Bleeding Waifu says, "Hey bro, we could just SHARE the planet and its fine!" and lindon says "mmm no sorry, kinda would be a shit ending to just change plot motivations here." The dreadgods nod and then try to kick his ass. Luckily he used the loot from his last 2 wins to summon his new god weapon Wavesplitter++, whose power is to fucking command super god lightning swords, and its companion Silent King.exe, that let dross be a pain in the ass, letting lindon temporarily digivolve to Dreadgod++
Which was JUST enough to survive a fight with 2 dreadgods...for a while....like about.....5 dragon ball z minutes.
So elsewhere, team friendship to go talk to malice, hoping she will be chill, Mercy, having realised the power of being nice, tries to be nice to malice. She is straight up like "Mom I know you are trying to be a protagonist but you are straight up Lawful evil rn. It's really fucked."
This goes very poorly. MAlice figures that being nice is a trap and only idiots are nice and if she has to kill her favorite person in the whole world, who is literally the embodiment of a good bean, she would rather be THE ABSOLUTE WORST. So she tries to kill all of the other people with hax abilities, constructs, powers, you name it, she has it.
Everyone is on the verge of death when dross is like "hey yerin, uh...if we want to live this, you are going to have to game out of control." And she is like "eh what else is new?" and is then overloaded with strats from every single sword artist in the entire series. In seconds, she almost manifests the sword icon, but then that would mean being a monarch. That was bad right? Thats what they were trying to get rid of.
And then Malice calls her a bitch, and yerin remembers that she REALLY wants to kill something. Like super bad. And then remembers wait...she wAS the fighty character...and she DID have a sword...and she DID love killing bad guys. Holy shit she could be the queen of killing. And so she does.
and then malice is like "Wait no what-" and then mcfucking dies to Yerin, monarch of murder death kill, apprentice of Eithan murder death kill. Charity, and mercy are very sad about this.
Back on the ship. Everyone is freaking out become lindon got yoinked and decide, alright we should all probably digivolve. Yerin points to ziel, "Okay time to fight your depression." He asks, "With like...meditation?" and then is immediately mauled by himself. He eventually realises he has a lot of self destructive tendencies and decides to keep the scars as a reminder to work on that. Dealing with his depression, for real this time, lets him be a monarch
Emriss then points to mercy and is like "You are a good person even if you are sad, and everyone actually likes you a lot." and she realises that omg, she doesnt have to be a gatekeeping,gaslighting,girlboss in order to succeed in the world. She could just be like...a good person. That revelation gives her so much relief that she actually becomes a monarch.
That said, this all took a while...like....4 dragon ball z minutes and 59 seconds.
Which is just enough time to save lindon! Hurray! The team works together and defeats wandering titan with a team attack, beat the shit out of the tiger boi, get sha miara on their side, and blow the fuck out of the bleeding waifu. Here's the problem. The second they do, lindon is going to go 100% Dreadgod x5 and...well thats less than ideal. Also means he can't finish the story....not yet.
So the crew all say their goodbyes really quick and decide OKAY WE CANNOT STAY ON BABYBOX! And so the like 7 monarchs leave and go to space.
**Space Adventures Part 2**
All of team babybox goes to space, including the rainbow baby monarch, and tree grandma. They decide they are done being characters and would like to leave the plot peacefully. The story allows that. The main characters ask where eithan is. Eithan, being a protagonist, appears and is very excited to see his squad. He is also excited to immediately get them back into trouble.
The Abidan is in DIRE need of protagonists. Actual DIRE NEED. If they don't get some more protagonists out there RIGHT NOW so many settings are going to collapse. But unforunately, they dont have a protagonist division, because every time they tried to make one, they kept getting ANTAGONISTS out of it. Something about raging against systemic injustice??? Anyway the new team become team protagonist and go do protagonist things which are so funny, I'll just list them out.
Yerin defeats an evil lich king in like 5 minutes and then leaves but not before becoming a legend...with the wrong name.
Mercy solves an ages old racism dispute by saying "I have fixed both of your systemic issues and if you do any more hate crimes, I am sorry, but I will have to kill you, please do not do any more hate crimes...or like any big obviously villianous plans like making an infiinite army of evil or making another sun to set everyone on fire. Okay? Again I fixed everything so just...be nice. Or you die."
Ziel writes a tax code and bill of rights for a planet likely destroyed by elon musk.
**Baby Box: Lindon Saga**
Lindon wakes up on baby box and is very upset that he couldn't go with his friends. So he does what anyone would do and bides his time until he can get everything back together. Has to take it easy ya know? he's on the path to recovery from his hunger addiction. So in order to chill out he-
Bribes the eight man empire with god weapons
Creates more god weapons
Establishes his sect more
Gets another icon
eats Reigan Shen's ghost and takes back his inheritence
meets li maruth, the wind god who killed him in book 1, who has all of the powers of every protagonist system, and smites the fuck out of him for daring to appear in the post credits scene
and generally just preps to leave baby box. Which is very hard considering everything has gone to fuck in space due to...a lot of people dying and being replaced.
**Space adventures part 3!**
So lindon finally gets to space! Woo! Orthos and Little blue are hyped! But oops...he landed on the bad guy side. And OOPS he had to fight a super bad guy like 5 minutes in. If only he had friends!
Akura fury, being trained to be a protagonist, could sense a good entry like a wolf, and thus came in as soon as there was a fight scene he could join in space. He was so happy. He then escorts lindon back to team protag, where lindon gives lindon 3 things she thinks she deserves.
A god killing sword of unspeakable power.
A wedding ring made out of one of the most powerful artifacts on their planet
And a mom...she's probably needed one of those for a while.
And then lindon and eithan hug. Its so pure.

I'm not going to talk about the epilogue but FUCK I LOVE CRADLE! This is easily my favorite magic system and series and OMG ITS SO GOOD AGGGGGHHHHHH
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2023.06.07 21:29 cmysoul0494 What furniture/things do I ACTUALLY need to welcome new baby?

First time mom entering her second trimester... and I am looking at the mirad of furniture and baby accessories that are available and feeling a bit overwhelmed with the cost and options of everything. What are the key items I really NEED to welcome a new baby to my home?
Any suggestions on products/brands that anyone has loved/hated would be super helpful as I find it hard to wade through the millions of reviews on every product. There seems to be so many options available that it's hard to make any sort of decision on anything.
Obviously the less money I can spend on things the better, but willing to pay for quality things versus just considering the cost as a determining factor.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.07 21:29 No_Leather2836 Champ Series Bingo Card

Champ Series Bingo Card
I have a mix of things on here that we’ll see in the threads and on TV. Let me know if I missed anything! I can add lol
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2023.06.07 21:28 brazen177 Found out I’m pregnant..

Found out I’m 3 weeks pregnant a few days ago. I’m young, just shy of 21, in the relationship I hope to be in my whole life. We’re both upset that I can’t keep it, it’s just not our time. Moneys tight, other legal things going on… I’m just sad because I always dreamed of being pregnant, and here we are. I’m trying to find the courage to make the appointment, but it’s so hard, knowing I’m letting the child go that I’ve always wanted.
I really wish I didn’t have to get an abortion but it is what it is. It’s life.
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2023.06.07 21:28 ExpeditionStout Terrible caulk job in the house we bought. Any suggestions welcome.

The house we bought had a terrible caulk job in one of the showers. https://imgur.com/a/NEVmtvv I found out during the inspection stage that the owner didn't use the shower because it leaked into the basement. The leak was from a bad drain fitting and I insisted it was fixed before we moved in (Phew!) We have used the shower for over a month and there has been no leaking, but the unsightly stained caulk is making a 70's tile shower impressively even more ugly. All of the grout work I can see looks well done if stained in places, but I can't be sure that the previous owner caulked the bottom because of the leak downstairs and just misdiagnosed the problem? Or because there is a serious leaking problem if I removed the caulk. My kids bedroom is right below so I'm not excited about removing it and seeing if it leaks. I'm trying hard to put off a full renovation of the bathroom for at least another year or two. Thanks for any suggestions!
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2023.06.07 21:28 Kerwell fightbox f1 or hitbox

i originally had a snackbox but didn't like the nubs because i reset A LOT when labbing. i love the idea of the mpress, but always out of stock. i know the fightbox has the b1 model, but i hear its very common for the buttons to pop off when double tapping. hell, one of the reviews i saw, a button popped out almost right out of the box. so that leaves me with the f1 or hitbox. hitbox is 250 and only on pre-order, whereas the f1 is only about 100 dollars and i only play on pc, so any upgrades on platforms isn't a concern for me and i only play casually with friends and ranked, so i dont care for tournaments, hence i dont need compatibility options outside my platform of choice.

to my understanding, the fightbox has sanwa and has scod cleaning with brook board so it can stay updated. im trying to find out if im losing any kind of quality in the build that i could just prevent by getting the hitbox, or if its just because sticks/leverless are just generally overpriced so im saving money by just not getting a brand name. ive had levered sticks, but i could never master it and had very sloppy inputs, so i opted for keyboard. I enjoy keyboard, but i'd like a dedicated ergo controller with the feeling of sanwa.
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2023.06.07 21:28 Old-Grab2277 Long-term Construction Noise Protection?

Species: Dog Age: 7 months Weight: 23,5 Breed: Mini Goldendoodle Sex: Female, soon to be fixed
I’d love advice on how to make our already noise-anxious puppy less uncomfortable during an upcoming 9-month-long construction of a neighboring house, 10 feet from our home. The absolute worst noise (trees removal, foundation prep, and framing of the house) will last up to 2 months. We are not able to rent anything elsewhere for that time period. We both work from home and we have noise cancelling headphones, so while we will have it, we will make do—but the puppy? What can help her? Do those dog noise canceling headphones from, say, Pawnix work? Anyone has experience w those? How about meds? What else is realistic & helpful? Thank you.
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2023.06.07 21:27 Dark_Drewboy Filliment issue

Hey guys I just finished upgrading my ender 3 pro with a silent board v4.2.7 from creality, it has a v2 screen and first layer company firmware. I just got the printer up and running and I noticed everytime after the 1st layer has been put down it ejects the filliment and promps me to insert new filliment. I'm running out of money and can't afford to keep buying new spools of filliment everytime it asks me. Sorry that was a joke but has anyone else had this issue or know how tk get fix this issue. Treading on new ground here so if anyone with experience could help that would be phenomenal.
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2023.06.07 21:27 conz1208 Mortgaging a property as BTL with no salary

I recently split from a long term partner and have a property that we are struggling to sell. Our mortgage is coming to the end of it's fixed term and we are not willing to remortgage together, neither of us want to take/live in the property.
The property currently has tenants in it and is profitable at the current fixed rate. Is there any way I would be able to get a lender to give me a BTL mortgage based on the facts there are tenants in there paying all of the rent currently? I do not have an income on paper currently as I am in the early stages of starting a new business.
We have 25ish percent equity in the house currently, but half of this will be my ex-partners. I could potentially get capital to bump up my share if it'd make this possible. Are there any options available to me or suggestions of how I could look at proceeding rather than continuing to take a loss on the property if it does not sell?
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2023.06.07 21:26 plzdntfndme Abuse survivor and I’m realizing I’m in it again. I need support.

Here’s a short background: I (33F) have been married to my husband (34M) for 5 years. We’ve been together for 7 years. We have a 2 year old together. I was in a 5 year abusive relationship with a man 10 years older than myself prior to this relationship. It was very abusive. I also have estranged myself from my family of origin because of abuse. I see and have seen a specialized psychotherapist for years and also have been in therapy years and years before. It’s a constant and I feel safe in therapy.
My husband had been drinking one day. He got home from golf at 12:30pm and was clearly intoxicated. I noticed and asked how many drinks he had and he immediately started to gaslight me into thinking I have a drinking problem. I do not. My family has issues with substance use disorder, so I’m limited when I drink. I feel triggered when he’s drunk or others are. I avoid it.
He's financially abusive. He recently forced me to cut back on therapy because he said it's too expensive, but he wouldn’t share bank info with me besides our joint account. This changed yesterday when I confronted him after many confrontations. He shared the financial information after he told me he doesn’t trust me with money. Then said he thought I’d empty everything and leave. That is not a thought I’ve even had.
I feel trapped. I can't get a job because I'm about to have surgery for endometriosis. That alone is an issue because he doesn't understand the pain I deal with chronically and he doesn't seem to care. He tells me I don't do fun things with our 2 year old, however, I do. I do what my body allows me to do. He is constantly shaming me for my limitations and this makes me feel as if I'm a bad parent.
I am estranged from my family due to violent and emotional abuse my entire life. I don't have a support system built yet. I'm very scared of him because he's not himself when he drinks. He just left randomly in the middle of the day to go golf. It’s a work day. I now don’t have access to a car with my child, I also have to hope he doesn’t return home drunk. He’s even thrown a heavy crystal picture frame at me back when I was pregnant during an argument. I’m scared of making him angry. He’s yelled at me and slammed doors in front of our baby.
He’s responsible for recent sexual coercion. I can’t be intimate because of my endometriosis. It causes me intense pain that lasts days. He has tried to convince me to do things for him and I reluctantly have. I feel a lot of shame. I hate this life.
I know I need to leave, I’m terrified. I’m posting because I’ve only talked to my therapist about most of this. I’m afraid to share info with my closest friend. She lives in another state. I wish I could get this all figured out. I feel frozen and I don’t know what to do or where to start.
I’ve spoken with the domestic abuse hotline recently. I know there are resources. I’m very worried about custody if I leave. I have CPTSD, depression, Dissociative Identity Disorder, major anxiety and I’m sure he’d end up with our child and could use my diagnoses against me.
I don’t know what to do. I’m scared and very isolated. I need support desperately. Even from strangers. It’s hard being a survivor of abuse and enduring it all over again. I am so afraid of starting over. I don’t know where I’d even go.
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2023.06.07 21:26 hempnotronix Feeling like a loser since I got out

I guess this is kinda a rant but also kinda searching for any advice you all can give.
I’ve got about a year left before I have my accounting degree. I live in a HCOL area and married with dogs. I pretty much break even every month with finances. This month will be the first I have to dig into savings for a few grand. Between my wife and I we save no money right now but we have a decent savings and no debt.
Watching all of my buddies continue in life with fruitful careers, high earning partners, maxing out retirement accounts and buying houses while I’m stuck barely getting by sucks. I’m not working during the semester because I’m both depressed and drowning in school work all semester long. I have no friends where I live and have struggled really bad socially since the covid lockdowns, and I’ve turned into a really awkward and cold person with no real personality. I feel like I never have anything to contribute to conversations and end up as someone on the sidelines watching everyone else talk. I rarely get to see my buddies I grew up with but when I do they’re so mature, they’re killing it in life, and I feel like I’ve done nothing but move backwards, especially since I got out last year.
2 recent times I got to see my buddies we would go out and do fun shut during the day but after a few hours I’m drained and feel like I need to sleep all night but these dudes just wanna get ready and go party all night. We go bar hopping til 1am and the whole time I feel so tired and miserable and just feel like I third wheel the whole time.
I don’t feel like I was like this when I was active duty. Idk if I’m just depressed now or what but I really feel low in life. I thought getting out was going to inspire profound positive change in my life and I was going to grow into a better version of myself but all that seems is happening is I’m slipping and don’t know how, or why or how to get back on track.
Again I don’t really know where I’m going with this but feel free to comment
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2023.06.07 21:26 Background_Beat9958 Notifications update from hex

Notifications update from hex
I’m at work right now so I can’t copy everything so here’s a update
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2023.06.07 21:26 sgibert Law question: Second hand sale gone bad

I just sold an old but functional computer to someone on anibis today. We turn the laptop on and all works as expected. Later in the day the buyer calls to tell me he cleaned up the screen and now sees some artifacts lines and therefor wants to return the computer and get his money back. He pursues by saying that if I don’t agree he’ll go to penal court…. (And claims to be a lawyer - which is a little bullshit signal IMO) Nonetheless, what are my obligations as a seller of a second hand 10 year old laptop?
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2023.06.07 21:25 FistingPenguins Dear Anheuser-Busch

I am not sad about what has happened to your company stock price. Constantly acting as if you set the rules that the world must abide by, simply because your lobbyists made deals with the devil.
As a consumer having all of this forced on me in almost every major retailer has done nothing but pushed me back to small business that is what the heart of America is about. Local community and support with the freedom to not conform to the woke agenda of the world.
I hope all members of the DEI cult take notice that you can try what you want, however we as consumers will not give money to entities that go against what is in our hearts and minds. I should not have to say this part however, when you attempt to poison the minds of our youth you will be held accountable, weather it be in court or the unemployment line when you inevitably fall off of your woke, poorly constructed stage you stand on. Good Day!








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2023.06.07 21:25 helpimacowinatree A poem for American 2023, June 7

This is no longer the land of freedom It’s now a land of tyranny This land is no longer the home of the brave It’s now the home of cowards who hide behind money and religion. This land we once went to as Immigrants long ago to make a home for the future now shuns immigrants who want to make a better future for their family . We have become what we hate most, We have become what we escaped from all those decades go. This land is no longer my home, but I fear that I may never leave in life or in death
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