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Does anyone ever have to deal with clients that can’t read a contract?

2023.06.06 05:51 hunterd412 Does anyone ever have to deal with clients that can’t read a contract?

Title says it all. I have a seller that was great until we got an offer that was satisfactory. It’s been about 5 days since the offer and I’ve revised the contract about 3 times. He is reading all 14 pages word for word and is arguing with me about things that don’t even make sense. He is misinterpreting so many phrases and arguing with me about what they mean. He argued with me saying that the buyers electing an inspection means he has to fix everything. I informed him that he is not obligated to do anything but he is saying that the contract says he has too (it doesn’t.. surprise). He says he’s not “writing a bunch of letters” for the buyer, I think he’s talking about delivering clear title? He’s also constantly adding more requests from the buyer. First he asked for no appraisal contingency. Now he wants to see their bank account as a “proof of funds” even though they have a pre-approval letter for a loan.
I tried to explain to him how he’s wrong and can’t read (joking but seriously he’s acting like a genius and I’m pretty sure he’s illiterate). Now he’s accusing me of not doing what he hired me to do. He never told me he wanted an as-is sale and is now Saying he’s said that since day one. I’m actually pretty sure this guy is trying to gaslight me. I know he’s a master manipulator by how he talks to his wife but I never thought of that as being my problem. Now I’m actually considering firing my seller for the first time ever. Anyone ever been in a situation like this?
As a side note, I’m writing this after I just received a super long text late at night with him complaining about 50 different things, I haven’t had time to actually confront him on these yet, although this has been going on for a matter of days. I’ve been very patient and he just wants to argue about everything.
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2023.06.06 05:49 dobbycello First Time watching Eurovison: Debrief and Ranking

I am a Canadian and this was my first time watching Eurovison. Why did I watch Eurovison? Well, I am Croatian (born and raised in Canada) and I saw who won the Dora festival and I had to see where it went. I wanted to wait to post this to let my thoughts settle and not get caught up with the internet over the winner of the contest.
Before I dive in I want to say that I love Eurovison as a contest, it is such a cool way to bring Europe (and Australia?) together. My music taste is… interesting. I listen to Croatian music, but not the mainstream stuff. My favourite band is Tonci Hujlic i Madre Badessa and all of Tonci’s stuff is unique and I love it. I can also play multiple instruments and took music classes for a long time.
I loved this competition, especially all of the unique entries. By unique I mean not a standard pop song.
I also like all of the pre-parties and interviews surrounding the contest. I feel like I learned a lot about Europe from the little that I followed.
Just curious, why are there 26 songs in the final? That is way too many songs to remember and the ones at the beginning of the night get forgotten.
I want to leave you with a ranking and my thoughts. (And some of my dad’s, it was his first time watching as well) It got really hard for me to rank 15 and up… my top 10 keeps on changing.
I thought an outsiders view, without any previous contest knowledge would be interesting to some of you.
Songs that made me uncomfortable:
  1. San Marino – ‘smell you like an animal’ No thank you. The song doesn’t even rhyme.
  2. Romania – The staging made me uncomfortable because it felt unnecessary.
Song I straight up didn’t like:
  1. Demark – I hate that electronic voice. And it sounds worse live.
Songs that were meh:
  1. Azerbaijan – Song was boring (Kudos to the bass player who kept on playing after his strap came off)
  2. Ireland – liked the message but the song we just boring (My dad: Journey called, they want their song back)
  3. Poland – I find her voice annoying
  4. Greece – Nothing special, just a standard pop song
30 – Lithuania - nothing special, nothing stood out but nothing was bad. Maybe it was a bit repetitive.
  1. UK – it’s an average pop song with a good message
  2. Georgia – This song has it’s good moments, but some of the lyrics don’t make sense ("thing is now"?)
  3. Armenia – the line “kiss my face” Makes me uncomfortable. I don’t like the vibe of the song, but when it switched to Armenian it gets 10x better.
  4. Iceland – Average song, good message. Dilja was so energetic, deserved to be in finals.
  5. Italy – Nothing in this song clicked with me. He has a good voice though.
  6. Cyprus – He has a great voice, and the song was good. But you can break a broken heart, it’s called a shredder.
  7. Latvia – In the words of my dad “It is just another love ballad.” Good song, nothing special. “Don’t cry, I just want to say the right words at the right time.” Isn’t that what we all try to do?
Above Average
  1. Belgium – I really resonate with this song, it reminds me of when I was the only sane one in the house over the lockdowns. But I can’t justify putting it any higher. I also loved his hats.
  2. Malta – I love the saxophone and I’m an introvert (why do you think I’m posting anonymously on Reddit?)
  3. Netherlands – I like the harmonies and this love song is some how bearable.
  4. Ukraine – The staging was brilliant, and I loved the bit in Ukrainian, the rest of the song is average.
  5. Estonia – Good song, well performed. Not my type of song.
  6. Slovenia – I really like this song, but it is really similar to some of the Croatian stuff I listen too, it doesn’t stand out among everything else.
  7. Austria – Love the playfulness of the song and the harmonies are really good.
  8. Sweden – She has a great voice, and her song is very powerful energy wise. But in my eyes, it is nothing special. I don’t understand how she got that many jury points. I can’t justify putting this song any higher.
  9. Israel – I love unicorns, and the energy in her performance was great. I resonate with the message of her song. Loved the Hebrew in it.
  10. Switzerland – This reminds me of one of my favourite songs (Ja bi da sam opet mali) and it feels like growing up. It’s hard to explain, but I really like it.
  11. Australia – Love the heavy metal scream in there. The guitar solo is great. And the keytar was fun. This performance was fun and catchy.
  12. Spain – I love this song, and it has that traditional feeling to it.
  1. Germany – It is unique. It is heavy metal. It is fun to listen too. Lead singer has a great voice.
  2. Albania – Love the family vibes, I don’t fully understand the song, there is just something about it that I love.
  3. France – This song is the embodiment of France. There is this je ne sai quois to it. Love it.
  4. Moldova – Epic flute guy, the staging, costumes. I loved everything about the performance.
  5. Serbia – Love the vibes, his voice everything. “Zelim za uvjek spava dok sve gori.” Is so true about so many things. And the video game vibe was so cool.
  6. Czechia – Their harmonies! Love it. The message was great. We are not your dolls. They remind me of Klapa singing from Dalmatia.
  7. Croatia – I mean, this song is the whole reason I watched Eurovision. It was crazy, wacky, fun, what more do you want? Better lyrics. I never followed Let 3 before this nor do I plan to keep on following them but this song was definitely something. SC!
  8. Portugal – Love the ethnic vibe she had going on. My dad was confused as to why is scored so low. She has a great voice and the song was really good.
  9. Norway – Whistle notes. Need I say more? She is the queen of kings. And I loved the Viking vibe and the Italian (I think it was Italian) in the beginning of her song.
  10. Finland – Do I have to explain? I love the blending of genres. The performance was excellent. Back up dancers on point. Vocals were great! And being able to sing Cha Cha Cha, so I felt like I can sing along even though I don’t understand the language. And that human centipede.
You can probably tell by this list that I don’t like pop songs. Personally, I find them boring, they all have a similar chord progression and they’re mostly about love. If I wanted to worry about love, I’d be dating someone right now.
I hope to keep on watching this contest for years to come. I learned that Arcade and Fairytale and ABBA came from Eurovison. Honestly, I didn’t even know what Eurovision was before this year, and I didn’t think major songs came through it.
Tell me, do you agree? I’m up for civil discussions and debates. I am also willing to look into some songs in a more in-depth manner.
Also, why don’t more countries sing in their native languages? I personally think that would be more fun to watch and listen to.
I’m pretty sure I’m within the community guidelines, please let me know if I’m not. And in no way am I trying to offend anyone or any country.
TLDR: I am a Canadian who ranked their favourite songs some of which may surprise you.
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2023.06.06 05:49 grottyolive Wyze camera not showing events clips

So my issue is really weird but ill try to word it as best i can
I received a notification that there was an event on my camera. I checked it out, and tried to watch the event clip, but i got a popup saying i need to assign the camera to the Cam Plus services.
No problem, followed the link to the service page and assigned the camera. Went back to check the clip again but the same message appears. My camera is still assigned to the same Cam Plus service.
Does anyone know what the issue is? Im new to using these cameras and have very little experience.
Thanks for any help
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2023.06.06 05:49 kiselsa Godot community just lost a member

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2023.06.06 05:49 TriumphantPeach LO suddenly struggling to latch onto right breast

She’s 10 weeks. It’s just my right breast. We’ve tried multiple positions. In the football hold we have the best luck. She’ll have my nipple in her mouth and just not close her mouth at all. Then she gets frustrated. This is my slacker boob (still makes enough most of the time, just not as much as me left) and I don’t have a hard let down.
When she does latch it’s only for a minute or two. Then she lets go and starts getting frustrated again. I can hear her swallowing so I know she’s getting milk but she won’t stay latched. For the last 2 days it’s been like this. Every feed I try on the right ends unsuccessful and we have to switch. She has no issues on the left.
Side note: I’m going in 2 weeks for a biopsy of a lump in my right breast. I’ve noticed the last few days my right nipple has seemed more flat but I’m able to “shape it up” before she eats. Could my milk taste weird on that side or something? She’s never had problems like this before. I’ve been pumping every feed now bc I’m getting clogs on my right side from her not emptying it
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2023.06.06 05:47 ZnudzonaAnonka How can I (16F) convince my friends that I'm not a homosexual?

Recently, I've come to accept the fact that there is a high chance that I'm a homo (I will use this term because the word 'lesbian' makes me cringe, don't know why. Sounds like a lizard of some kind). I have two friends, and they both recently got boyfriends, and they hang out with us sometimes. It's become a joke that I'm not the third wheel anymore, I'm the fifth wheel.
It's made me a little sad and anxious recently, that we won't spend as much time alone together anymore because they have boyfriends, and now so much of our conversation is just boy drama. But I endure. The real problem is that they seem to have interpreted my timidness as me feeling left out, because they're trying to set me up with guys their boyfriends know, and they frequently ask me if I like anyone.
I think they're starting to suspect that I'm not straight, because I told them once that I can't recall ever having a crush before I started hiding this sort of thing, and one of them said that that's pretty odd (I justified it by telling her I watch tons of porn. Didn't specify that it never involves men), and because I would joke that I have "waifus," which was 100% ironic but kind of damning now. I don't want to talk to them about my sexuality. I don't want to have to answer their questions, or have others find out and start treating me like a special snowflake. Hell, I can't even be sure that I am in fact a homo - I assume that porn is very different to real life, and I haven't yet had feelings for a boy, but maybe that'll change if the right one comes along. I don't fucking know. Either way, I want to keep this shit private.
So, I need some ideas for excuses as to why I'm not interested in getting a boyfriend right now. "Focusing on school" won't work because they know I'm not that busy, and considering the fact that they're probably already suspicious I'm not straight, not giving them a definitive answer will just make matters worse, and I really don't want them to pop the question - I'd feel bad lying to them. Any ideas? Sorry for how pathetic this is.
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2023.06.06 05:47 Mario-2407 We should join rule

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2023.06.06 05:46 -SirLongSchlong Advice someone may find helpful

Like many on this sub, I’ve had a pretty shitty childhood, and as a result have spent the last decade or so completely disconnected from reality. Burying my emotions and distracting myself through endless means of escapism.
I was actually able to genuinely feel the full spectrum of emotions for the first time in many, many years, following a somewhat heavy dose of magic mushrooms. After a deeply cathartic emotional release, I realized how much I’ve been robbed of, and how forcing myself to ignore the fact has devastated my livelihood.
I knew it was all temporary, so I scrambled to sit down and write everything that came to mind. I’m not sure how much this will help, but I hope it’s at least better than the “eat healthy”, “meditate”, “go for a walk” and “talk to someone about it” bullshit I constantly see masqueraded as advice for this hellish condition.
This is obviously meant for me personally, but I truly hope someone else could resonate with it and potentially find some avenue for relief, or at least try something different.
4.77g - 7/4/23
I know how tiring your life can be. How physically demanding your job is on top of all that you go through day to day. But you need to set some time aside every day. Just to check in on yourself. On your body, on your emotions
What do I feel? What do I truly desire? What sensations go through my body? What thoughts arise in my mind? What does my spirit yearn for? Why?
Meditate or just sit in silence and ask yourself: • What emotions do I feel? • What emotions do I suppress, which do I not want to feel? • Are my muscles tight? Relax them. • Am I worrying? Am I anxious? Am I directionless? Release those feelings. Focus on the present. On the blackness behind your eyelids. • Remind me of one memory I’ve repressed Do not give half-assed answers, but truly dedicate a slice of your time to access and assess my inner feelings.
Or try: * What emotions do I feel? * What bodily sensations do I feel? * What can I do to make either more pleasant? If the answer is nothing, that means it’s already pleasant. There’s always a way to have fun in this life. Enjoy the ride brother.
If I want to get rid of this dissociation, that is all I have to do—to WANT. Not to be rid of it, but to experience what it robs me of. To desire, to actively want to feel my repressed emotions, to actively want to be a part of this world.
Every time I feel like giving up, that is the dissociation. I have to WANT to overcome that. No matter what, I cannot give up. Giving up is easy, but eventually it will be the death of me.
This body I inhibit, and the mind that controls is, is adaptable. Consistency and sheer grit is the only way to get through this defense mechanism. To make my mind understand how devastating it is, reject it, do what is uncomfortable, BE uncomfortable. Afterwards, reward yourself. Make it clear this life is worth living, this world isn’t all bad. And if it is, it’s my obligation to change it (my immediate situation at least). That is how you re-train your mind.
FORCE yourself to be present. Each bite you take out of food, every moment you spend under the shower, every step you take to and from work—feel those sensations and the emotions they illicit. Hone in on them.
Somatic work will open the floodgates of emotion. You’re not ready. You will likely be overwhelmed, and (it being your most well developed self-defense mechanism) the ensuing increase of dissociation will only spiral you into a deeper depression. Feel free to try it if you’ve got the balls, just don’t expect things to go smoothly.
GET COMFORTABLE WITH BEING UNCOMFORTABLE—I can take physical pain and boredom. I don’t need to retreat into my mind to face the challenges of life.
Go through a list constructed of each of your ills and discontentments. All the wrongs you need to set right. And DESIRE them to be such. You must WANT things to change. Identify the issue, determine what you wish for it to be instead, and focus on that. With repetition and familiarity, it will become your reality.
Depersonalization a state of consciousness, like sleep or meditation. It is not a monster. But if it were one, it’d be far easier to take it down if you cut off its limbs first. Weaken it by going after individual symptoms one by one, and it will all come toppling down.
Your situation can be worse. Much, much worse, but your nervous system must understand that you can take it. Embrace discomfort. And your mind will not fear it. You won’t HAVE TO hide from it.
By keeping your muscles tight, by avoiding unpleasant thoughts, by distancing yourself from emotions or discomfort, you’re telling your body you NEED the dissociation. The part of you in control of it does not understand logic or sense. You must demonstrate that you can handle discomfort and pressure by embracing and feeling it, as opposed to running away and hiding from it.
When given a choice, make your nervous system understand you would choose physical suffering over dissociation. Make it evident you would rather take the pain and feel the suffering and discomfort, than the “shield” your body creates to protect you from it.
If your nervous system understands that one of its major self-defense mechanisms is not effective, it may double or triple down on it. That’s okay. Gently sweep it aside in favor of that which it’s trying to protect you from. It will adapt and change. Give it time. And consistency.
I convinced the child in me that this world IS dangerous. That it is lonely, filthy, cold and gray. It’s all about perspective. My mindset is all that stands in the way of freedom.
Do not disregard all the beauty and wonder in this life in favor of the evil. It’s a delicate balance, and you must always sway to the side of beauty. Inability to recognize it is an integral part of this condition. It’s not that life isn’t beautiful-it’s just that you cannot recognize it in this state.
Take time to breathe. To remind yourself you’re alive. You exist. If you’re uncomfortable, DESIRE to be comfortable, right here and right now.
Your subconscious does not understand the concept of time. To achieve anything at all, you must act NOW. There is no difference between you now and a month from now, other than 30 days of wasted time.
Escapism is healthy. Indulge, just don’t let it take over your life.
The nervous system does not understand cognitive thought. It does not understand speech. When you get angry or disappointed with yourself because of it, it serves absolutely no purpose. You’re only ruining your mood and your day. Negative emotions further set off alarm bells within your CNS. You aren’t meant to interact with it, but you can create ways to influence it. Cold showers, hunger, triggers, or physical pain. Let it activate its defenses and show that you don’t need them. Be thankful for them, but remind yourself now isn’t the time to mobilize your defenses. Build a tolerance to suffering WITHOUT DISSOCIATION.
I treat dissociation the same way as the things it protects me from. Embrace both. Accept them and their transitory nature.
Stimulate your memory by learning new words. Memorize poems.
Relax your rigid body and perpetually tight muscles through meditation or that Hemi-sync shit.
Stimulate mental clarity and acuity by using your imagination. By imagining objects as detailed as possible. Move on from individual objects to entire dioramas or scenarios
“Don’t worry about him. Forget about him. So long as I occasionally remember he exists, he’ll be fine”, said I to myself, and my parents to me. I am a product of my circumstance. To change I have to understand where my inclinations come from.
I forget and ignore my problems because that is the way my parents treated me. I was a problem and an inconvenience to them. Remember the only thing that I truly wanted. Their time, their attention, their care, their love, their embrace. Project that onto my current “inconveniences”.
Difficulty hearing? Listen to quieter music. Or just listen. Focus is your friend. Don’t give it all away to your maladaptive imagination. The two don’t play well.
Respect yourself. Take care of yourself and eat healthy. Respect your environment. Clean it and don’t hoard anything that isn’t necessary or doesn’t bring you joy.
Human connection is a direct bridge to the real world. Good people are rare, but in the absence of emotions, they alone can remind you that life is worth living.
Money is materialistic. It fixes materialistic issues. Yours are all but materialistic.
Listen to your heart. Do whatever the fuck your want and don’t ever let anyone or their thoughts of you stop you.
I suffer, therefore I am
Thank you for reading. I hope with all my heart that everyone suffering from this condition will kick its ass and get a proper chance at life… god knows you all deserve it. ❤️
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2023.06.06 05:44 Wicked_Twist my teeth tongue and throat are being damage by how often i throw up

Im afab 19 years old, i weigh about 95 lbs and am 5'2. I vape nicotine and weed. I dont drink. Im on Hydroxycloroquine (200mg daily), Bupoprion, Celexa, birth control, and an allergy med (certrizine or soemthing like that)
Ive been sick since middle school but my parents were neglectful and wouldnt help. I was diagnosed with lupus like a year ago but my rhuem says its not causing my symptoms. Ive been suspected to have ms for over a year but i cant get a nuerologist to take me seriously but the problem im coming to yall about today is my nausea. Ive been suffering from nausea for at least a few years now and its only slowly gotten worse over time im throwing up like at least every other week and I just cant take this anymore. My throat and tongue burn every time it happens now and i can feel the enamel has been seriously stripped from my teeth. What could this be? What should I do? How do I get the doctors to listen to me I bring up my nausea every single appoitment and they always ignore it.
Heres a list of all my symptoms: Severe fatigue (sleeping on average 10 hours a night and usually cant stay awake during the day) Exervise intolerance (i can barely walj to the bathroom i fee extremely weak and out of breath after just a few steps) Joint pain and stiffness Muscle pain and weakness Headaches and migraines Dizzyness and vertigi Visual distrubances Simple partial seizures maybe (episodes where my hands went very tingly and my muscles cramped up? Idk how to explain it my hands kinda closed up almost like a fist and i couldnt control it, the first time it was extremly painful the second time my legs were also very tingling and i felt very panicced for a few minutes before and throught the whole thing it only last a few minutes) My hands and feet are almost alwaus numb and tingly sometimes all the way up to my elbows and knees Im very off balanced and fesl like headed a lot Ive had episodes of presyncope/syncope I might be having muscke twitches but it might also be tics because I have tics, but it feels slightly different. I have terrible brain fog and feel confused most of the time And my memory has gone to shit i often ask the same questions multiple times in a day etc
I think thats all my symptoms but i always forget to list some. Also i have lots of mental illnesses if that matters: depression, anxiety, ocd, and ptsd
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2023.06.06 05:36 TheRogueNarrative CoNarc Wife's Smear Campaign Was Intense But Brief

When Lovebombing failed, she withheld my kids. Then she took her shots.
My wife paints. She has sold a handful for a decent price. I set up a Facebook page for her to gain more exposure, which makes me an admin for the page as well. The last 3 days, she posted to the page to show how much of a POS I am for abandoning her and the kids.
I already blocked her and her family so I have no idea what's on her wall. Her page only ever got 32 followers so the impact was minimal. Most of her followers are from my friends list. Of those, only 2 reacted.
To read through her list of claims paints me as her tormentor and captor. I have stranded her and our traumatized kids in the house. She has been emotionally and physically abused. I am strapping her financially. My alcoholism has led me down the road to pursue a divorce. I am walking out on my vows and faith. My kids are afraid of me. Her apologies are not good enough for me. I blame her for everything wrong in my life.
Last night, I copied her post to a Google Doc and proceeded to answer every accusation with a truthful rebuttal. The list hurt to read and caused me to question whether the accusations were founded if viewed from a different perspective. Then I realized that her entire post was the same gaslighting I've been subjected to for our whole relationship. It provokes doubt in my perception of it's meant to. My rebuttal was therapeutic in that it allows me to use facts (dates, quotes and times via text and recorded phone calls) to refute her claims. I am gradually reconstructing the independent truth using her own words.
I am struggling to determine what I've done wrong in our relationship. When I finally realized after 2 decades that it was not me but her, it provided me with relief. Now I have to extract the wrong I've done from her baseless accusations. I finally got myself off of her hook and guilt. Now, I'm trying to figure what I genuinely did do wrong. Does this internal conflict make sense to anyone else? Sorry if I'm not communicating very effectively.
I want to know my real wrongs vs trauma response, my real problems that are not rooted in her false accusations and my real flaws vs her problem with my independent identity.
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2023.06.06 05:35 gatoAlfa My not so good experience replacing the 12 V battery and how I learned how to put the transmission in neutral.

I have 2018 i3 that had the original 12 V battery. After reading multiple horror stories I decided to replace it preventively and ordered the OEM from Amazon hopping it was an easy one hour fun weekend task.
I have to say I’m relatively handy and experienced DIY working in a related field.
I followed the instructions in multiple videos including trickle charging the new battery overnight and disconnecting the HV interlock in the car.
When I put the new battery I got a “Drivetrain malfunction” and even though the transmission was in “Park” the car computer indicated the car was in “Neutral” and warned me about risk of rolling.
I tried multiple things, like cleaning the error codes with BimmerLink and disconnecting the battery and reconnecting again with no changes.
The screen showed a message that the car could be driven in some king of failsafe mode but when I tried to put it in “Drive” and accelerate the car made a loud noise that I concluded it was the motor trying to move the car but the transmisión still in park.
At this point I decided to try to release the transmission from park and after a lot of reading an research I devised a way to do it that I hope someone here in the group will find useful.
The motor that is engages the park/neutral can be powered relatively easy from a connector easily accessible. Please don’t try this if you are not extremely comfortable with power electronics and under the risk involved. Disconnect the high voltage interlock and the 12 V battery.
Motor is controlled by pins 3 and 4 in this connector.
I used a power supply adjusted for 8V 1.5A. When the positive is connected to pin 3 and negative to 4 the park is released, reverse the polarity to apple. Probably 12 V is ok but I tried lower and current limited to avoid any damage.
This did not solve the problem but allowed me to drive the car, in fault mode with limited torque and max speed of 20 mph) to an independent BMW shop that fixed the issue. I put back the original battery before taking it the shop and claimed total ignorance about what happened.
The shop initially told me “is the 12 V, we will replace and the problem will go away” but later call me saying that car needs a total software update and that this is a known issue covered by a BMW service bulletin.
After the update and calibration done by the shop the car is working great and now as a bonus I can even get CarPlay to use the full screen because of the new software.
I had tens of errors, and I used BimmerLink and BimmerCode to go over and clear them. Most of the errors did not surprise me after the complete power down and power up of the car.
Note: “parking” as used here means the parking lock in the transmission, not the friction parking brake.
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2023.06.06 05:35 Whyisthethethe It’s difficult getting help when my symptoms don’t have a label

I’m getting help for problems that are very unusual and don’t fit into any pre-existing category so it feels like the mental health team don’t really have a reference point for how to treat me. Rather than looking at symptoms on their own terms and trying to figure out a solution they just fall back on formulas - refer me for talking therapies because they do that for everyone, I mention disturbing mental images so they prescribe me Prozac for OCD and direct me to talking therapy even though the images are mainly triggered by physical pain. I feel it’s difficult to convey the severity of a problem to them because there’s not some neat label I can use as a reference point and instead I have to use my own words, which they don’t necessarily listen to. Because I have multiple ‘conditions’ or symptoms at least that interact, when someone tries to treat me for one problem the other problems I have get in the way. But because it’s not all part of one condition I don’t feel I can explain it to them in an easily digestible way that they’ll listen to. Like I’ve had serious problems with in-person communication, and usually get overwhelmed and can’t think straight when I try to do it. I’ve tried to explain this to them (mainly in writing know, communication problems) but they just keep saying I should do talking therapies to treat my problems when I can’t do therapy in the first place because I can’t communicate with the therapist. I already tried to do therapy and I literally wasn’t able to do it, I’d get overwhelmed about half an hour in and wasn’t able to respond to anything the therapist said. I keep trying to explain to them, I can’t use therapy to treat a problem that’s preventing me doing therapy in the first place, but they haven’t taken me very seriously.
It’s frustratingly isolating as well. Some symptoms I have are extremely nightmarish and disturbing and I’ve looked into them extensively and haven’t found anything that quite matches my experience. It feels like my brain’s in some kind of arms race where every time I convince myself it’s ok and I’m still a human being it does something even more disturbing to compensate. I feel if there was something I could point to and say ‘this is what I have’ it would be so much easier. Instead it feels like I’m being cursed or punished for something rather than having a mental health condition at all.
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2023.06.06 05:35 2pigeons1hole Humility in mathematics

Here’s a short story from my most recent semester as an undergrad.
I took my first “advanced” course, combinatorics. This was the first class I was truly nervous to take. Previously, each class would “weed out” a few people and the pace would remain slow and introductory. In this course, it was full-fledged math and comp sci majors. Everyone seemed to know what they were doing.
Except for one guy, we’ll call him M. He asked a lot of questions, some of them seemingly trivial. Every time new notation was introduced, he would raise his hand and ask for clarification. If the professor skipped over something “obvious” in a proof, he’d ask him to include it.
I had multiple classmates come up to me after classes to “commiserate” about M. “He clearly shouldn’t be here,” “he’s not ready for this level,” etc.
M and I studied together often. He came off as extremely bright, studious, and kind. He’s one of the few math majors I know who’s maintained a 4.0. M spent a lot of time in office hours further exploring his questions about the class.
When it came time for exams, M was usually among the top scorers. Many of the students who complained about him were not. He also recently won a research grant from the department.
After receiving low scores, the same classmates who complained about M either accused him of cheating or blamed the professor’s ambiguous teaching style.
If you want to succeed, it is on YOU to ask questions — even if you come off stupid. Pride is the limiting factor for many math students. Sure, wrestle with a problem for a while, sleep on it. But don’t throw in the towel before reaching out for help. I would venture to say that math enthusiasts at every level feel stupid from time to time (for me, it’s pretty much all the time).
One of my favorite professors told me, “if you ever leave a lecture without questions, you probably didn’t learn enough.”
Ask your questions, and if you aren’t humble or outgoing enough to do so, look up to those who do — don’t shame them.
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2023.06.06 05:35 throwaway313212111 does this sound like a narcissist? is anyone able to tell me what is going on?

I’ve been having these issues with my sibling and I can’t really read into it or figure out what is going on. I also don’t know if I’m the problem here or just over analyzing. It is draining being around them and I don’t enjoy it. I don’t know what to do. It’s like everyday there are multiple things they do that drain me and irritate me. I don’t know what is going on.
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2023.06.06 05:33 spacevac Is Manjaro the problem, or is it just me?

Hi all.
I have used Windows all my life, but I have been committed to Manjaro for about a year now. I recently switched my daily driver to Manjaro using the Cinnamon DE, and I was using XFCE on an old laptop for long before that. I like the look of Manjaro, and I've been able to feel my way through issues with time, patience, and lots of online searches. I got a lot handier at using the terminal. I even picked up shell scripting to help automate common tasks.
The fact remains that after this most recent update my system is slow and just not functioning properly. That's not the first major issue I've had either. I had to completely reinstall XFCE on that laptop multiple times and ultimately switched it to Cinnamon because it would quickly develop major issues that I simply could not resolve.
I'll admit that I was kinda lead to doubt my choice of OS because of someone offhandedly mentioning that Manjaro "tends to be a pretty broken operating system" in this sub or maybe Linux recently. It started making me think of all the issues I've had, and it got me thinking that this might be the *Manjaro* experience and not the *Linux* experience. The thing is that I haven't really heard of people on other OS's having as *many* or as *severe* of problems as I have had with Manjaro. It's really discouraging.
I guess the question is: is this a common experience with Manjaro? Am I just not cut out for Manjaro? Would I do better with Baby's First Linux instead or running back to Win11 with my tail between my legs (I'd rather die tbh)? I've been looking at a few Fedora distros I want to try and made a live usb of the Fedora XFCE, but I'm feeling kinda lost with the whole thing.
TL;DR: Manjaro has really been kicking my ass. Is Manjaro the Dark Souls of Linux distros or some other equally trite comparison? Am I just crying like a big baby?
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2023.06.06 05:30 Gaberonian Spreading this around

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2023.06.06 05:29 Ultra_Noob69 Reddit is killing 3rd party apps

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2023.06.06 05:29 Heavy-Kale-5638 Almost 30 and Not So Flirty

I need to get this off of my chest as I don’t feel like I have anyone in my life I can really go to about this. I (F) am coming up on 30 years old. I’ve never had a REAL serious relationship. I’ve had flings, situationships, and short relationships that have never gone past a couple of months. That being no fault of my own as I was always cheated on and used sexually and financially. I always find myself going above and beyond to try and make another person happy and feel appreciated, as that’s what I’ve always wanted.
Friends always say “it’s not you, it’s them.” And for a while I believed that. But when it has happened over and over for years and years… it feels like me, you know?
I know I’m not a 10/10, but I have a heart of gold and love making others happy. A couple of years ago I started my own charity and help rescue animals in need. I take pride in being a good person. I know I don’t deserve how I’ve been treated.
I was a late bloomer for sure. I was an ugly kid and teen, I’ll admit that LOL. I never had guys showing me any interest until AFTER high school ended. I was picked on for my looks, I never was asked to a school dance, never asked on a date. I feel like that may have something to do with how I feel. I can’t describe it, but I’ve seen tiktoks about it that have hit the nail on the head. I hope you know what I mean!
Every time something ends with a guy, it sends me into a depression and I end up isolating for a while. I’ve been alone for a few years now and before you say anything, yes I have found happiness alone. I do everything alone, and I’m even going on my very first vacation in my whole life this summer: yep, alone. I’m happy alone otherwise. I have been on every dating app and the pickings are very slim. “Love will come when you’re not looking for it.” That’s what I’m always told. Well for a while I stopped looking because I gave up and just did my own thing. Still nothing. Just more and more failed “talking” stages that go nowhere or end with them choosing another girl over me. Or them only seeing me as a sexual object and not as a human being. I don’t understand… all of my exes have treated me like garbage, but I see them dating other people and treating them better than they ever did me. I feel like people only date me to feel better about themself or date me if they are broken and need fixing, and then go off to somebody else when I have served my purpose to them. They claimed to care about me, but then did me so so so dirty. I don’t understand. I know my purpose on this earth isn’t to be a human punching bag, but that’s how it feels.
I’m sorry this is so all over the place. Writing is not my strong suit and my ADHD brain goes a mile a minute. I guess the point is…. I just feel alone. No one else in my life has this problem. They’re all in happy relationships and marriages. They can’t relate when I try to get this off of my chest and therefore don’t have anything really constructive to say. I am a good person… When is it my turn to have love? When is it my turn to be someone’s main priority and the love of their life? When is it my turn to not have to do every single piece of life by myself? When will someone choose me over other girls they may be talking to or choose me over scrolling on dating apps? When will someone say they love me and actually mean it and not be talking to other girls at the same time? When is it my turn to not be ghosted at every turn when I do nothing wrong? When is it my turn to get random phone calls and text messages with sweet words that make me feel on top of the world? When can I come home to somebody after a long day and find solace in their company? I long for the day where everything about a relationship is no longer one-sided, where I am no longer making all of the effort and paying for everything just so we can do things, where someone looks forward to hearing from me every day. I’ve even tried making less effort and trying hard not to be “too much”, trying to be the “cool girl” who doesn’t come off as overly interested, and I still don’t have guys chasing me like everyone says that attitude will bring, if that makes sense without sounding pretentious. I still can’t help but to feel like I am doing something wrong or that something is wrong with me. Having BPD, anxiety, and depression really messes with my head.
Again, I am content alone, I have found happiness in myself and doing things that I enjoy without having to worry about another person. I do so many fun things by myself. All of my friends live far away, I don’t have anyone where I live now that I can hang out with and do things with and even be introduced to other people from. Making real friendships as an adult has proved to be very difficult. I kind of have the same feelings about relationships as I do towards friendships as well, never being anyone’s first choice, but that’s a post for another time lol. But as I go through life and see couples in public and in movies/videos, I just can’t help but feel bitter and jealous. I can’t even listen to songs about love without getting a little upset. I really enjoy the time I can spend by myself doing whatever I want whenever I want, but sometimes I can’t help but to think how amazing it must be to share life with somebody. To have someone I can talk to and share everything with and vice versa. I long for the day that I can have somebody to buy a house with, as where I live is very expensive and though I have tried, I can’t afford it alone and I really want to get out of the living situation that I am in now. I just want a companion and to feel real love for the first time in my life, something I have never experienced. I really hope that I am not alone in this, and that somewhere, someone else feels the same and can relate to me. Constant isolation is really taking its toll on me. I don’t want to feel this way anymore, I want to be happy and find love, but I am sick and tired of being treated like shit by guys when I do nothing wrong to deserve it. Trust me, I’m not going to jump into a relationship with the first guy who gives me attention; I am not settling for anything less than what I know I deserve. But I can’t help feeling the way that I feel… I am doing my best despite everything life is throwing at me and all of the other stressors in my every day life.
Again, I am so sorry this was all over the place, it’s so hard to get my thoughts together and I really needed to get this off of my chest as I have been crying about this for days straight. Thank you for letting me vent, and if you have anything kind to say, some good solid advice, or share the same feelings, please let me know. I’m not quite sure what to do anymore..
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2023.06.06 05:22 Technoguyfication r/HondaPilot will be shutting down on June 12th, and will remain shut down until Reddit changes their upcoming policy regarding 3rd party apps.

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2023.06.06 05:22 Slatttcartiiii Na why Dougie b coppped it and nigga face don’t even jack the bitch nigga was dragging it with the big

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2023.06.06 05:22 Rsiri001 Row Level Security Difficulty

Hello everyone,
I have a report that I need to add RLS to using an "Area Name" field. I am having difficulty because the report does not have a "Master" location table with a "Master" Area Name field to enforce the RLS through. Instead, it has four different location tables connecting to different fact tables.
In some of the tabs there are visuals sourced from multiple tables so I can't create roles like Table1 > [Area Name] = "Covington", Table2 > [Area Name] = "Covington", Table3 > [Area Name] = "Covington", etc. because when those roles are enforced, it only filters down the visuals that that location table drives and pulls in all the data into the other visuals.
I've tried making a "Master" role for each value of "Area Name" per role.
Ex. Master Covington
- Table1 > [Area Name] = "Covington"
- Table2 > [Area Name] = "Covington"
- Table3 > [Area Name] = "Covington"
- Table4 > [Area Name] = "Covington"
The problem with this approach is that most of the tables are coming back blank and I haven't figured out why. Has anyone ever ran into this sort of problem? Is RLS even possible on a report like this?
Thank you!
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2023.06.06 05:22 Kn0tnatural Going dark from June 12-14 in protest against Reddit's API changes which kill 3rd party apps.

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