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2021.01.09 09:38 mountainstolake T1N_Sprinter_Vans

A place for everything T1N Sprinter related. (1996-2006) Post your van builds, restorations, engine maintenance problems, and general questions.

2021.06.03 06:01 ironrail60 MinivanCampers

This group is for the individuals who are after the camper van life style but maybe can’t make the jump to a full size or sprinter type vans. It is my hope that we can share our builds and help solve each other’s problems that we may come across in the process.

2011.12.18 18:12 Necromunda

A place for people to discuss all things related to Necromunda, Necromunda: Underhive, Necromunda: Underhive Wars, Necromunda: Hired Gun, Necromunda: Hive War.

2023.06.07 10:38 kreober New pve content

How is it even fair to do the new pve without being a whale or veteran.... I successto do the plat lvl but every enemy there is 6/6 with relics..... How is that even fair... I don't wanna think if I wasn't that progressed every fight I had vs escanor in gold lvl and plat lvl is 6/6... It not that hard to win but it's still annoying to see it... I am too afraid to go above plat rank because of that, I am f2p and can't do skoll and nidhog yet... So I can't do above plat or I will lose va the first player fight... What is your opinion about it?
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2023.06.07 10:37 CurrentAd2564 Anyone wanna play a game to win my IRLs socials? if you win you can expose her and leave perverted comments on her posts. make me regret this.

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2023.06.07 10:36 SOMEONEPLSANSWERME1 What went wrong with my painting?

What went wrong with my painting?
I painted a conceptual sphere. I used raw sienna for the light and toned down the chroma using van dyke brown.
I hate how thin the paint is where you can see the surface of the canvas. It’s so thin that I cannot blend or move the paint without it scraping off of the canvas.
The second image is an instructors image. I admire how opaque the colour is. He did not layer onto this surface or anything it was just one application of paint that blended nicely and thickly.
The third image is another ball I did, it blended way better but it’s still thin enough to see through the paint. If you pay attention, you can see graphite lines I did to follow for form.
Thank you!
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2023.06.07 10:35 BlackMod_Net Fate/Grand Order v2.73.0 Hack Mod for Android

Fate/Grand Order v2.73.0 Hack Mod for Android
Fate's new RPG finally appears! You can enjoy authentic RPG even on a smartphone. A story that you can enjoy overwhelming volumes of over 5 million characters!
Fate/Grand Order hack by BlackMod Team
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2023.06.07 10:35 BlackMod_Net Fate/Grand Order v2.73.0 Hack Mod for Android

Fate/Grand Order v2.73.0 Hack Mod for Android
Fate's new RPG finally appears! You can enjoy authentic RPG even on a smartphone. A story that you can enjoy overwhelming volumes of over 5 million characters!
Fate/Grand Order hack by BlackMod Team
VIP Feature
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Download Fate/Grand Order v2.73.0 Hack Mod
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2023.06.07 10:34 AccordingMight8069 I, a German firefighter, have competed in Ironman 3 times and hope to become a survival master.

I, a German firefighter, have competed in Ironman 3 times and hope to become a survival master.
My name is Christopher Rauch. I am 34 years old and work as a professional firefighter in Germany.
Since my childhood, I dreamed of becoming a firefighter and was able to fulfill my dream.
Licensed by Christopher

1. Realizing Dream

Once upon a time in Germany, there lived a determined and adventurous soul named Christopher. As a child, he roamed the enchanting forests, constructing imaginative shelters and secret hiding spots. His love for nature and the great outdoors fueled his spirit.
As he grew older, a new passion emerged – cycling. Christopher's days were filled with exhilarating rides, and his skills led him to work in a bike shop, where he honed his expertise in selling and repairing bikes.

Licensed by Christopher

Licensed by Christopher​​
However, Christopher's true calling was yet to be discovered. The turning point came when he embarked on a rigorous journey to become a firefighter.
The demanding training consumed his time, leaving little room for his beloved cycling adventures. Nevertheless, he remained resilient, determined to pursue his dream. After completing the firefighter exam, he found himself yearning for a new passion, a new challenge.

2. Ironman Period

"I started training for triathlons in 2016 and have competed in 3 consecutive triathlons from 2017-2019. By 2020, when I wanted to participate for a fourth time, a new coronavirus outbreak put an end to my plans to compete. I have attended three Ironman events and finished each one.
Here I have to say training is one thing, but you win something like that in your head.
Ironman is something special, you feel good, the next moment bad again, then suddenly good again. This goes on for hours... Constantly up and down.
Here the head is challenged because I can stop and stop - at any time!"
Enter the world of triathlons. Christopher dove headfirst into the realm of swimming, biking, and running, dedicating a staggering 25 hours a week to training for the ultimate goal – IRONMAN.
The Ironman, a triathlon that we are more familiar with, has reached a distance of 3.862 kilometers of swimming, 180.246 kilometers of cycling, and 42.195 kilometers of running. Even elite male athletes need 8 hours or more.

Licensed by Christopher​​
In 2016, Christopher began training for triathlons and completed three consecutive triathlons between 2017 to 2019. In 2020, a coronavirus outbreak forced the cancellation of his plans to compete in a fourth triathlon. Christopher has completed three IRONMAN triathlons, saying that while training is critical, "you win something like that in your head. It's a mindset." The IRONMAN triathlon provides constant ups and downs for hours.
Over three years, he faced countless trials and triumphs, pushing himself to the limits. Yet, the mental toll began to weigh heavily, leaving him feeling burnt out and uninspired.

3. Outdoor Period

"For outside, I first had to get suitable clothes, a sleeping bag, and a large backpack.
Furthermore, fire steel, water filter, and little things like knives and paracord as well as a first aid kit or IFAK.
I deliberately do without a tent because I want to enjoy nature, which I can only do to a limited extent in a tent. I sleep in my sleeping bag, so I have a bivy sack and a sleeping mat."
However, Christopher's unwavering spirit sought solace in the very place where his childhood adventures thrived – the peaceful embrace of the forest. Here, he discovered his sanctuary, where he could sleep beneath the starlit sky, gather around crackling campfires, and build shelters that echoed the wonders of his youth. Equipped with suitable gear like a sleeping bag, backpack, fire steel, water filter, and the essentials of survival, Christopher found solace in nature's embrace.

Licensed by Christopher​​

4. Survival Touch

In his career as a firefighter, Christopher experienced moments that touched his soul. The joy of aiding people in dire situations, particularly when it involved saving babies and children, ignited a flame within him. One event, in particular, left an indelible mark. Guiding a panicked mother over the phone to successfully resuscitate her 8-month-old child, Christopher witnessed the incredible power of life-saving skills and their profound impact.
Driven by his desire to do more for others, Christopher participated in a marathon, donning the weighty gear of a firefighter, symbolizing the burdens carried by burn victims.
The exhaustion paled in comparison to the satisfaction of raising donations for children affected by burns.

Licensed by Christopher​​
Inspired to expand his knowledge and share his expertise, he pondered, "Could others benefit from first aid skills too?"

5. "Survival Academy"&Rhino Rescue

Motivated by this question, Christopher embarked on a new chapter in his life. He founded the "Tactical Combat Survival Academy" to empower individuals with essential survival skills and first aid knowledge. Courses catering to outdoor enthusiasts, beginners, and advanced learners, as well as specialized training for hunters and riflemen, were his way of extending a helping hand to those seeking guidance. The academy's launch was imminent, with Christopher eagerly preparing materials like resuscitation manikins, bandages, tourniquets, and more.

Licensed by Christopher​​
"My company is still quite new. The first course is planned for June. I still have to get some material for the training. resuscitation manikin, bandage material, TQ, and similar."

Licensed by Christopher​​
"This is where I came across Rhino Rescue. I needed material for my IFAK and ordered various items online to view. At Rhino Rescue, I was amazed at the variety and quality and used the products out of conviction. They are also used in my courses and are also very popular with the participants."
During his quest for survival resources, Christopher encountered Rhino Rescue. Their products astounded him with their variety, exceptional quality, and unwavering dedication to preparedness. Filled with conviction, he incorporated Rhino Rescue's equipment into his courses, captivating his participants with their effectiveness and reliability.

Licensed by Christopher​​

6. Survival Synergy

In the present day, Christopher finds himself embracing the perfect synergy between his firefighting profession and his role as a trainer. Through his experiences, he has amassed invaluable knowledge, which he generously imparts to his eager participants. The future holds the promise of additional courses, including Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) and Tactical.

Licensed by Christopher​​
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2023.06.07 10:34 konomu [New Heroes User] I had a match with a sore loser today who left before I could win. Now Heroes is saying I have a scheduled match when I click the checkmark. I never agreed upon a time and have no idea when it's supposed to resume. What should I do?

[New Heroes User] I had a match with a sore loser today who left before I could win. Now Heroes is saying I have a scheduled match when I click the checkmark. I never agreed upon a time and have no idea when it's supposed to resume. What should I do? submitted by konomu to backgammon [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 10:32 sadness-god Creo que me van a estafar

Hola gente, resulta que hace poco tuve un accidente y como era mi primera vez en esa situacion, en la comisaria donde hice la denuncia me recomendaron un estudio juridico al cual yo fui para que me hagan todos los tramites con el seguro. Para no hacerla tan larga resumamoslo en que el estudio juridico con el que estoy ya tiene una cifra y fecha aproximada de cuanto me van a pagar pero los numeros no me cierran. Al principio me dijeron que del total ellos iban a descontar el 30% pero cuando me dijeron lo que me van a dar resulto ser el 42% para mi y el 58% para ellos diciendo que hay que pagarle a 2 abogados, uno que me representa a mi y otro a ellos(? Que pasa aca, donde yo firme decia que iba a recibir el 72% del total y que despues en el estudio ellos descontaban su 30% correspondiente pero y el otro 28%??? Ok, pensando en estas horas de la madrugada llegue a la conclusion que ese 72% si me corresponde y que lo que ellos me van a restar, osea el 30%, me lo estarian robando en la cara no? En el papel que firme dice que me corresponde el 72%, no pongo numeros exactos por si alguno de esos abogados esta por aca y no se que consecuencias tenga eso pero pongo el ej de mi indemnizacion. El total es $100, a mi me toca $70 porque el estudio se tiene que quedar con su 30% ya pactado osea $30 pero ademas me quieren sacar $20 porque hay otro abogado siendo que desde el principio habiamos quedado en 30% no 58%. Realmente no entiendo, no se si estoy paniqueando o si esta bien esto, no quiero que me roben pero no se a que otro abogado o estudio acudir ni quiero, tampoco se si puedo porque ya firme y esta todo en tramite. Estoy harto de esto la verdad y quiero que termine lo antes posible.
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2023.06.07 10:32 autotldr Turkey jails teen who drew 'Hitler mustache' on Erdogan poster

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 47%. (I'm a bot)
ISTANBUL, Turkey - Turkish authorities on Tuesday seized and jailed a 16-year-old youth for drawing a mustache on an election campaign poster showing re-elected President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, media reports said.
Taken before the public prosecutor, he was found to have "Insulted the president" and was jailed at a nearby youth facility, according to Halk TV. Erdogan extended his 20-year rule over Turkey after winning the May 28 second round of the presidential election to embark on a new five-year term.
We're really pleased that you've read 4 Times of Israel articles in the past month.
That's why we started the Times of Israel eleven years ago - to provide discerning readers like you with must-read coverage of Israel and the Jewish world.
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Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: Israel#1 Times#2 Turkey#3 youth#4 mustache#5
Post found in /worldnews.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2023.06.07 10:32 Nintenuenndo WIN! Pocket Pride Parade - a pocketful of items to create your very own Pride parade

WIN! Pocket Pride Parade - a pocketful of items to create your very own Pride parade
Full prize list in comments. One random winner will be drawn on Thursday June 15th. Comment to enter. Happy Pride Month and good luck!
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2023.06.07 10:31 kjongles Paws of Valisthea - a dog-friendly event in Sydney, Australia
For those dog enjoyers living in Sydney, Australia. Square-Enx, PlayStation Australia and the NSW RSPCA are running a dog-friendly, FF16 pre-launch event.

Paws of Valisthea is a dog-friendly event that brings our favourite canine sidekicks together. Attendees can bring, borrow or simply admire their favourite canines as they get dressed up with specially-made coats and bandanas evoking FINAL FANTASY XVI’s mythical Eikons.
The event pays homage to the game’s loyal and fearless companion, Torgal.
For those looking for their loyal canine sidekick, RSPCA NSW will be at the event with some rescue dogs in need of a good home.
Guests will be able to have their exclusive FINAL FANTASY XVI photographs taken, pick up doggy treats and go into the draw to win prizes including copies of the new FINAL FANTASY XVI game (upon release) and a PlayStation®5 console.
Attendees will also have the opportunity to play FINAL FANTASY XVI ahead of its official release on 22 June.
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2023.06.07 10:31 warp-factor Match Thread: T20 Blast & Charlotte Edwards Cup - 7th June

2023 T20 Blast & Charlotte Edwards Cup
ECB Match Centre - T20 Blast - Charlotte Edwards Cup - Central Repository of Scorecards and clips of every boundary and wicket.
Full coverage of every ball of County Cricket and selected Women's Regional Matches on BBC Local Radio - T20 Blast - Charlotte Edwards Cup
T20 Matches in the Blast and Charlotte Edwards Cup start at different times which are listed against them below.
Where available, YouTube live streams are linked against each match below. These can also be found on the county and ECB websites. There's no county youtube stream of Kent/Essex as it's on Sky but it is also on Sky's YouTube channel (Geo-locked to UK/Ireland).
BBC Local Radio coverage and County YouTube streams should be accessible worldwide.
Today is the final group games of the Charlotte Edwards Cup. The Blaze have already qualified directly for the final. Vipers and Diamonds are in pole position for the semi final places but Thunder could surplant Diamonds if they beat them by a significant enough margin for a bonus point. Storm have a mathematical chance of surplanting the Vipers if the Vipers loose heavily to Sunrisers and Storm beat The Blaze heavily.
Double Headers
AT STANLEY PARK - Weather Forecast
11:30 - Thunder vs Northern Diamonds - YouTube - Scorecard
17:00 - Lancashire vs Worcestershire - YouTube - Scorecard
14:00 - South East Stars vs Central Sparks - YouTube - Scorecard
18:30 - Kent vs Essex - On Sky Sports and Sky YouTube (Geo-locked to UK/Ire) - Scorecard
AT SOPHIA GARDENS - Weather Forecast
14:30 - Western Storm vs The Blaze - YouTube- Scorecard
18:30 - Glamorgan vs Surrey - YouTube - Scorecard
Other T20 Blast Matches
18:30 - Warwickshire vs Derbyshire at Edgbaston - YouTube - Weather Forecast - Scorecard
19:00 - Hampshire vs Somerset at The Rose Bowl - YouTube - Weather Forecast - Scorecard
Other Charlotte Edwards Cup Matches
19:00 - Southern Vipers vs Sunrisers at Hove - YouTube - Weather Forecast - Scorecard
T20 Blast Standings before today:
North Group
Pos Team Played Won Lost Tied N/R Net RR Points
1 Worcestershire 5 4 1 0 0 +1.027 8
2 Warwickshire 6 4 2 0 0 +0.867 8
3 Durham 6 4 2 0 0 +0.787 8
4 Yorkshire 7 4 3 0 0 +0.046 8
5 Nottinghamshire 7 4 3 0 0 -0.139 8
6 Lancashire 7 3 4 0 0 +0.125 6
7 Northamptonshire 7 3 4 0 0 -0.536 6
8 Derbyshire 6 2 4 0 0 -0.509 4
9 Leicestershire 7 1 6 0 0 -1.198 2
South Group
Pos Team Played Won Lost Tied N/R Net RR Points
1 Somerset 6 6 0 0 0 +2.059 12
2 Surrey 6 4 2 0 0 +0.953 8
3 Hampshire 6 4 2 0 0 +0.807 8
4 Glamorgan 5 4 1 0 0 +0.524 8
5 Gloucestershire 6 3 3 0 0 -0.387 6
6 Essex 5 3 2 0 0 -0.536 6
7 Kent 5 1 4 0 0 -0.255 2
8 Sussex 6 1 5 0 0 -1.323 2
9 Middlesex 7 0 7 0 0 -1.539 0
Points: Teams receive 2 points for a win. 1 point for a Tie or No Result. Each team plays 7 of the 8 other teams in their group and 7 away. Top 4 in each group qualify for the Quarter Finals. Quarter Final winners qualify for Finals Day.
Charlotte Edwards Cup Standings before today:
Pos Team Played Won Lost Tied N/R Net RR Points
1 The Blaze 6 6 0 0 0 +1.956 28
2 Southern Vipers 6 4 2 0 0 +0.769 17
3 Northern Diamonds 6 4 2 0 0 +0.162 17
4 Thunder 6 3 3 0 0 +0.064 13
5 Western Storm 6 3 3 0 0 -0.488 12
6 South East Stars 6 2 4 0 0 -0.162 8
7 Central Sparks 6 2 4 0 0 -0.600 8
8 Sunrisers 6 0 6 0 0 -1.653 0
Points: Teams receive 4 points for a win. A bonus point for a win with a run rate of 1.25x that of the opposition. 2 points for a Tie or No Result. Teams play each other team once, home or away. The top three teams advance to Finals Day. The top team advances straight to the Final, whilst the other two teams play off in a semi-final.
If you've got a team in The Cricket Draft T20 Blast fantasy game, you can join the cricket league here
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2023.06.07 10:31 bvandepol Convert the "securities" in your portfolio? Or not?

On the daily I read that some people are converting their portfolio. This is because, as we all know, the SEC has drawn up a laundry list of so-called "securities".
In fact, all-out war has been declared on crypto and the SEC has launched a raid against a number of CEXs and cryptos. Regardless of whether they will win this and what the impact will be in the short, medium and long term, I am curious about the following:
I wonder how many of you are considering converting your portfolio and assets to BTC for example, have already done this, or are not going to do it?
What action(s) do you take and what motivation do you have?
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2023.06.07 10:31 Scion_Manifest How to counter barrels?

Just started playing recently, and right now I have a 12 gun sloop with the forward facing guns, and can’t seem to win any fights. What is repeatedly happening is I find a ship with 8 guns, attack it, it sails away. I follow firing the anti sail round to slow it down, but it just keeps throwing out the explosive barrels causing me to swerve to avoid, eventually I start to catch up, then I get hit square on by a thrown barrel and die.
Is this intentional design? What am I doing wrong here? Does the AI ships ever run out of gunpowder?
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2023.06.07 10:31 Rednidedni Player won't level up?

I have a 3 player game that I'm running, and 1 of the players doesn't seem to want to level up?? My homebrew skills aren't working. I have homebrewed her XP values to make them level up at different points, allowing them to level up on vibes instead. I have homebrewed a system to let her gain magic items instead of levels. I have even homebrewed the perposterous idea that you can change class or subclass in 5e, but none of my systems work. The player keeps saying "no" and isn't even allowing me any skill checks.
And before you redditors try and say anything, no, she's not a problem player. This is a fair challenge to put me through (NOT A PROBLEM), I'm just a little stumped at the moment on how to solve this as the party is reaching level 12 soon while they're still level 3 and encounter balance could be thrown off a little. what do
EDIT: We have performed the forbidden technique (talking) and I have arrived at the final solution to the prob-CHALLENGE. As it turns out, she wants to become more experienced, but not cooler. It all made sense when she told me that winning the game is metagaming. She appears to be a strong proponent of the castemuggel gap, desiring her fighter's existence as another man's backpack, experiencing the extraordinary while getting oneshot by a medium encounter. She doesn't want the power fantasy and is so creative, what a good player! So we've turned her into an NPC that she runs herself with future equally weak NPCs down the line, ensuring she will get her wish and never influence my game again, automatically ensuring success for future challenges.
EDIT 2: I asked her if I could level up from this and she declined.
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2023.06.07 10:30 Prudent-Time5053 Does going to court and “winning” your claim make you less likely to receive a reduction in the future?

Obviously, the only thing that SHOULD trigger a reduction is if you’re getting better and it’s been a sustained recovery. We all have days where we feel “fine” (surrounded by a graveyard of shit days).
That being said, if your case goes to trial and a judge rules in your favor, are you less likely to get a reduction in the future (because the VA sees that they’ve already gone to battle with you once and your legal representative made your case)?
Maybe that’s completely off but was curious.
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2023.06.07 10:30 Relevant_Contact_450 Haccusations

Just because someone kills you and is better than you doesn’t mean they are hacking.
I play solo most of the time when my crew isn’t on. If you get killed by a player that is better just accept it. I’m a level 650 with Orion gun camo. Using a Pay to win skin no hacker would have made it this far without haven’t their account banned. Plus I play on Xbox tell me how I can hack on that.
How often do you guys get called out for hacking?
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2023.06.07 10:30 AutoModerator [Get] Jason White – The Federal Code Government Contracting Download

[Get] Jason White – The Federal Code Government Contracting Download
Download :
  • Learn How To Get Started
  • ​ How To Formulate A Real Company
  • ​ The SAM Registration Process
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  • ​ Looking For The Right Types Of Solicitation
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  • ​ Learn How To Navigate Beta.Sam.Gov
  • ​ Understanding Your Service Agreements And Awarded Letters
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2023.06.07 10:30 szabeszcsi Államkötvény B széria eladás

Valamit nem értek - vagy elkerülte a figyelmem, vagy csak béna vagyok.
Volt nekem két államkötvényem: 2027/B, 2032/B. Még korábban vettem. Figyelve a BUBOR közléseket, mivel elkezdtek csökkenni a kamatok, és az papírok árfolyama is elkezdett csökkeni, a korábbi hónapokban úgy döntöttem eladom, hogy ne bukjak. El is adtam 05.30-án a 27/B-t 97.25-ön, a 32/B-t 93.7-en.
Ma nézem a webkincstárban, a 27/B eladása: 100.9, a 32/B-jé: 98.32. Nem buktam összeségében, nyertem valamennyit, de nem értem mit basztam el. A hó végével van köze? Hogy buktam el 3.8, illetve 5%-ot?
Köszi ha segítetek megérteni, hogy a jövőben jobb döntéseket hozzak.
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2023.06.07 10:29 Knowlitall777 Heroes VS Villains Cringe

This mode is just so cringe now. It doesn't matter if i win or not. 90 percent of the matches is just force spam , broken hit boxes, and ledging lol. Before yall say anything, I have won alot of HvV matches while getting top score several times, however, i just hate the experience we get today from this mode. Players cannot get clean hits with their sabers, and are incapable of getting their own kills, 1v1s when opportunity arises, and using common sense. The spawning in the 4v4 in some maps are really terrible. Nothing fun or creativie about this mode anymore, just soulless. What's funny is i think galactic assault, surpemacy, and perhaps the hero showdown handle hero fights better. I don't think theres a point to winning at the cost of having such a cringe experience. It just really shows how bad the mode is. I really don't understand why people would glorify this specific game mode on you tube. I understand the animations and stuff but still, other starwars games handle hero fights better than this.
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2023.06.07 10:29 AutoModerator Stirling Cooper's Courses (latest here)

Chat us on (+) 447593882116 (Telegram/WhatsApp) if you are interested in the Stirling Cooper Courses.
All Stirling Cooper Courses are available.
Stirling Cooper is a famous award-winning adult film star.
These courses will teach you invaluable lessons from a real professional, you cannot learn anywhere else.
The Stirling Cooper Courses include:
Stirling Cooper - Sexual Dominance Escalation Course
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All Stirling Cooper Books
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Email: silverlakestore[@] (remove the brackets)
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2023.06.07 10:27 jlsearle89 Recurring dream theme cheating

I often have bad dreams in which my partner has cheated. Sometimes he has fallen in love with someone else and I’m trying to win him back. Other times I’m leaving.
My partner and I have been together almost 10yrs, I am happy and secure in our relationship, we would have been married if it wasn’t for the pandemic and realising after we cancelled that planning a wedding is stressful and the party type wedding was for others rather than us, at some point we will go to a registry office and do the paperwork so I have the same surname as our future children (we are ttc currently). I have no doubt he is faithful, we talk about these dreams and talk about what a dick “dreamjake” is.
I have been cheated on in the past immediately went NC and never spoke to the guy again. Why when I know it’s not happening does this dream happen regularly? Am I really insecure deep down or is there some other meaning I’m not seeing?
All interpretations welcome. Thank you in advance.
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