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Put that product back or so help me. Pictures of misplaced items in grocery stores.

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2023.06.06 05:50 AutoModerator Biaheza's Dropshipping Program (Here)

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2023.06.06 05:49 MonkeyDAtlas all in a week

context my store is in western Canada

1 a customer was attempting to steal stuff and with some “excellent customer service” was deterred only to go around to our lumber yard and try and start a fire

2 a seasonal cashier (who sucked at his job) got terminated and ended up screaming at our day ops asm throwing a water bottle at the wall and texting an associate who quit over a month ago that it was her fault

3 an overnight associate got high and hit something so hard with the forklift the glass in the door broke but nothing else

4 i was ordered to throw out thousands upon thousands of fasteners because they were a buyback and i couldn’t habitat them (even tho other stores did. i wanted to quit right there)

5 i don’t care if it’s not a big deal it is to me i got my forklift license 🫡

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2023.06.06 05:49 zuludog SRAM Etap warranty battery replacement

SRAM have been fantastic on this, 4 day turn around. The Trek store where I did the warranty claim through have charged me a $27AUD handling fee.
This see pretty crap for me as it was a warranty issue and SRAM make you use there dealer network
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2023.06.06 05:48 RaDuhKewl_ Visiting Taiwan need help!

Hi! I’m visiting Taiwan and here until next Friday 6/16. I’m from America, and only speak english.
I came with a friend who is local to here, but he unfortunately got covid on DAY TWO of our trip and now has to rest and isolate for a few days so I’m on my own, don’t speak mandarin, and don’t know where to go/what to do.
I went to the Taipei Zoo the other day solo and then was able to figure out the train on my own so I rode then walked to Taipei 101.
I love the areas in Taiwan so much they’re beautiful and I love the happy culture.
But not speaking the language is scary and even a simple transaction at a convenient store is scary for me and makes me nervous.
I’d love to meet up with people if they are available? I’m solo for the rest of today as well as tomorrow, possibly even Thursday before I regain my friend (hopefully).
Or even recommendations on where to go and do? I’m not really comfortable traveling TOO far on my own.
I’m staying near Taoyuan City and the Bade District. Thanks for reading and hope to meet some people, get recommendations, and more! Would love to get food or explore, and hopefully you are able to communicate in english? 🥹
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2023.06.06 05:48 Whoopdeyitiz Advice on how to avoid bass

Hi all,
Through some poor planning and lack of knowledge, we managed to plan a trip just outside of timeframe in which bass can be caught. Looking at reports from other anglers, it appears that bass is one of the major species that populate the bodies of water in the area. I would like to do some fishing with young kids but I don't want to accidentally catch or disturb any bass.
Would it still be safe to fish for some panfish near the shoreline? Are there ways to lower the chances of hooking bass as we cast from shore?
This is in fishing zone 15.
Any advice would be appreciated. Let me know if any other details would help.
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2023.06.06 05:48 Round-Ninja-4538 How Do I Disclose my Disability?

Hi everyone, I was wondering where I would go to upload proof and officially disclose my disability.
I’m a 2 year partner and SSV who is high functioning with adhd. Recently we got a new SM and she has been making comments to me about how I’m scatterbrained and don’t pay attention and am too slow. I’ve laughed it off and told her I have adhd and she just rolls her eyes at me.
She has been mass writing people up lately after our store unionized and pulled me to the back and told me she doesn’t like the way I run my shifts because of how unfocused I am and she will be writing me up the next time she catches someone slacking off without me noticing.
I’ve never considered myself a problem and neither have my coworkers. I am pretty good at coping for the most part which is why I never disclosed on my application. I was wondering if there is a link to disclose now so that I can protect myself from unfair punishment and discrimination.
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2023.06.06 05:48 Longjumping-Photo970 I (28F) have become a recluse who barely leaves my home. Any advice on some small steps I can take? Or where to start?

Social anxiety prevents me from stepping out of my comfort zone and stops me from living a normal life. I always had so much trouble doing things like socializing, making friends, dating, holding down a job. I can't keep living like this. There were points in my life where it wasn't so bad where I was able to go on dates, travel, go to concerts, see friends. Now it's terrible and I get anxiety for something as little as going to the store, and try to avoid it and only shop online. I have become extremely isolated and find it difficult to leave my home unless necessary. I have very little friends left who I rarely see. I dont have the confidence to online date anymore. I still force myself to go to dance class every week so at least I have some physical activity and a bit of social interaction but its become very hard for me to continue doing and its something I used to be so passionate about. I've had jobs in the past but now am not able to even send out applications or make phone calls or attend interviews without a having a panic attack. I just feel like I've really took a turn for the worse here and started to regress and all the progress I made in the past to work through my anxiety has reset to zero. I'm more isolated, lonely and anxious than ever. Any advice?
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2023.06.06 05:48 irukawairuka I know this is an old tweet, but it gives me great joy to know some underpaid WotC intern had to hide all of these replies on Twitter. It doesn't stop!

I know this is an old tweet, but it gives me great joy to know some underpaid WotC intern had to hide all of these replies on Twitter. It doesn't stop! submitted by irukawairuka to freemagic [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 05:48 No_Grab5116 Mixed feelings about this couple, pity & annoyance, just sharing my thoughts

First of all, I feel bad for joining a 'snark' page on a couple. 'Snark' being according to Google: "critical comments that are made in order to hurt someone's feelings". Did not intend to join to say hurtful things about this couple, but something about them just gets me interested in their future plans despite being iffy with their actions lately.
They are the only 'family vloggers' I keep up with. Others like Matt/Abby, Beeston etc. I don't ever properly watch (their shorts just keep coming in my feed and I skip) because they are genuinely boring to me. Honestly have no idea what the hype of these channels are, but if they are your cup of tea, that's great for you, no judgement, I probably have my own form of entertainment that is considered boring to others.
I actually started watching them when I saw their first video on infertility as that resonates with me as I went through that and started an IVF process before. And then what continued my interest in them was their interest in adoption because it also resonated with me, being adopted internationally at 4y.o.
I was a genuine supporter of them in the beginning, I love to see couples overcome the challenge of infertility and people who adopt to give orphans a loving home. But these people have changed my mind since seeing:
- their open casting call for newborn babies to adopt in one of their Q&A videos.
- constant videos on her talking about "MY" (her) baby she'll get through adoption, which sits horribly with me as that is the baby of another mother who had to give up her baby under whatever horrible circumstance she was compelled to give up her baby for.
- that 2-part clickbait of their adoption scam which I honestly believe they knew the possibility of it being a scam from the beginning but decided to take the gamble, if its not a scam, they get twin girls, if it is a scam, they get audience-grasping content.
- the husband seems so disinterested in adoption as the current option for a baby, he looks forced by his wife and doesn't seem emotionally ready. I could be wrong but his expressions says otherwise. All adoption related videos he seems to be reading of a script but his expressions doesn't match the heartfelt words he recites.
Also, I know she has issues with her egg reserve, but anyone else thinks her IVF retrieval attempts were way to close to each other, their videos of all 3 rounds are within 4-5 months!? Like, her body could not even rest properly in between all the drugs injected in her every round. I know she's probably desperate, but sometimes patience is what your body needs to be perform better.
I genuinely wish the best for this couple, infertility is no easy journey for anyone, if they do end up being blessed with a child whether through conception or adoption, I hope they will do what is right for the child. Apart from the exploitation of kids online if they do decide to go down that route (I hope they keep their word from their Q&A when they said they don't want to share anything about the baby, the birth mother, their story etc.), I do think they will be good parents in private (at least I hope so).
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2023.06.06 05:47 Fearless-Prune7233 Which G-Shock Frogman has the most features of Frogman family?

Hello everyone,
I used to have a Rangeman, a square in 5600 family. In recent subscription to a local watch store, I found they have a Frogman. I've heard about this before until now I found the design is so interesting.
Just wonder which one of the Frogman has the most features, as far as I search the Shockbase website the result was still confused me a bit. I would like to choose the digital one as easy for reading.
Thank you very much for your advice
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2023.06.06 05:47 SecondOfCicero October Krakow Travel Planning Questions... the best soups, Magic: The Gathering, cool military stuff?

Witajcie Polscy przyjaciele!

I, 31F, decided to book myself a flight to Krakow this fall and will be in the city center area for the first part of October, for about two weeks. I'll be the first member of the family to visit the country since my great-great grandparents left Grajewo over a hundred years ago and I think they would be proud.
I have a series of questions and I apologise in advance if they are dumb- google is helpful to a point but things can change quickly and all that.
For context, I will be making use of the public transport systems and am willing to walk to my destination if the route seems safe. I like to wander and observe.

Will things be closed?

Where I live, when October comes, many things shut down for the winter season. Is this something to be aware of in the city? I'd like to see the zoo, but mine closes early in the colder months. I don't see anything about it on the Krakow Zoo's page, so maybe I just need reassurance lol.

What do I wear?

Ladies and gentlemen- what do yall wear that time of year? I am really struggling on how to pack- I will be bringing just a backpack so I want to make sure I bring the right stuff. Layers? Long johns/thermal undies? Is it not as cold as I think it will be? Looking at the historic temperatures (numbers) isn't helpful because my brain doesn't work that way :( when do you guys get out your winter stuff?


I really really really want to sample as many soups as I can. I've got a whole bunch of pins saved to my maps of places near the city center that have good reviews, but if there are some hidden gems, please drop them in the comments. Soup in the morning, soup in the afternoon, soup in the evening... I crave the soup. Bonus points if they have the bowls made of bread and/or a killer rosół.

Best places to find bread and cake

I love cakes and cake-like things. Direct me to the cakemakers, particularly the ones that have cupcakes. I'd like to indulge in lots of good bread while I am there. Are there any Polish cakes I should be aware of and plan to taste?

Ukrainian Friends

I have been studying Ukrainian and would like to meet some Ukrainians- if you folks are reading this, tell me where to find you so we can schmooze)))


I didn't see any national holidays that fall during my stay, but I am very interesting in knowing if there are any local or religious holidays observed during the first few weeks of the month. Baldur's Gate III's full release is August 31st so I'll be happy to play that if everything is closed for some reason lol.

Military Surplus Stores, Militaria, Military Stuff

Museums, stores, displays, events, anything military: drop your faves! Militaria Maciej Zapiec looks cool, and so does Militaria. I'm interested in things from all eras, but particularly curious about modern gear. Bonus points if there are handsome men that orbit around the location.

Wandering Protocols

Are there any neighborhoods I should avoid, particularly at night? I'm used to Detroit, Chicago, Latin America etc- and honestly am just having a hard time fathoming anything different. Do you guys have it the same way, where one neighborhood is just fine, and then the next one over is an absolute shitshow without warning? Or is it very obvious that I should probably avoid an area? My dad worries that I'm gonna get kidnapped and chopped up into tiny pieces or something- the scenario depends on the day. He will feel better knowing I have done some type of research on the subject.

Polish-language Magic: The Gathering Cards

I would like to purchase some MTG cards in the Polish language. I'll also probably scoop some English ones, but my mission is to find some Polish ones for my decks. I see Dragonus, Game Over, and Vanaheim- is it worth visiting all three? Are there others I've missed?

Cool Cars, Car Guys, and How to See Them

I like cars, all sorts- does Krakow have car meets or something like that? I wish to see some Polish car culture, but I am not even really sure where to start with that one. I am particularly fond of old Soviet cars and stuff from that era. As with the military stuff question, bonus points are awarded if there are handsome men orbiting the cool cars.

Thank you for any and all help in advance. This is incredibly exciting for me and I feel like I'm going to spontaneously combust due to the excitement levels.
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2023.06.06 05:46 exviscerous TOTK to Skyward Sword *new* map connections

Most people probably know about the near identical map models of the skyview spring in SkSo, and the spring of courage in BOTW (and TOTK) as well as the>! Forgotten temple in BOTW being the temple of time in SkSo!<. There are definitely many other locations that reference other games in the series, but this newest visual hint really excited me. I believe that the starting sky island is an altered map of skyloft from Skyward Sword; whatever that may imply for the timeline. this image is my very rough attempt at lining up the parts of the islands. I can guarantee that this is not entirely accurate, but I would be thrilled for nintendo to ever officially clarify the details surrounding this theory... perhaps in an art-book or new encyclopedia.
scuffed map overlay
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2023.06.06 05:46 dlschindler My Crow And The Thieves In The Night

Dellfriar became the only operational asylum in the world. Everything had collapsed, outside the Medieval castle, filled with laughing madmen. The skies outside had darkened and the world out there was entirely depleted of sanity. Only in our house was there any joy or reason. Only we possessed any agency that wasn't purely survival instinct. Our straight jackets and drugs and cells kept us isolated from the infectious and rabid degeneration of humanity. We stayed meek and contained as the rest of the world boldly spilled the noise of an era dominated purely by a singular human species. We fasted on grapes and dew as the last remnant of civilization devoured itself in seventy nights of terror, until things became utterly silent. Our song of bedlam remained as one continuous strain until that last shadowed silence fell.
Then it was our turn. We passed through the window and flew as ravens, twenty or so patients of Dellfriar. We were the Choir, the ones sent by our shiny new god.
We saw two suns hung in the sky, for Liminiel had made a second star. All had changed. Man was gone, and we, as ravens, were not intruding in the landscape where animals walked upright and spoke amid the wreckage of the cities. No more were the beasts not as men. They sat outside coffee shops holding broken cell phones and sipping empty tea cups and staring vacantly, trying to remember what their life as an animal was like, before. It was futile, for only the passing flock of patients as ravens knew the truth. Among us there was one crow, and as an animal that had not changed at all, the crow spoke as a human with proficiency and told them they were to know the truth, only in time.
Cory's promise to the ones below, made them wait for his return, anticipating that the secret would come freely. I doubted they would play no part in our survival. In the ruined world of dreamy skies, Man's Bane fell below our shadowed wingbeats.
We landed where we were told to go, by Aureus. The spell of Circe wore off and we became as we were, armed humans in straight jackets and giggling on the castle's drugs. We had flown backward in time and arrived at the height of the decades before our world had come to be. I sensed that I was within myself, watching from a farflung aeon. Some part of me existed at the very end of time and was looking at me, seeing what I was seeing. I was not interfered with or communicated with, just observed. I had always felt watched, but suddenly, as I stood there gazing at the Mirror of Time, I realized who I truly was. I knew I was also some being from many ages into the future. I knew I would remain as one of the very last. Part of me considered that I should, at some point, relay a record of my adventures. I had existed long before and long after, but it was those moments, knowing who I eternally was, that changed me. I felt like I was no longer innocent, and in a much different way than any thought, action or experience had ever made me feel before. Even going insane had not felt so different.
The Choir stood and admired themselves. As we looked we perceived an infinite number of possibilities in the Mirror of Time. It was Cory who broke our trance.
"The trap is that the more possibilities of your fate that you witness, the less there actually are. No dream you have in the mirror will come true, after you have seen it. Look away or lose first your best life, and then your second best and so on, with each gaze into the magical reflection. It will take all from you if you stare too long. You will eventually cease to exist, I am sure." Cory told us.
Not one of the Choir was willing to look at the mirror after hearing such a description. We went around it and beheld the object of our errand.
"Isn't this exactly like when we took such gems for the cats to make their Majara?" Cory asked me, in Felidaen. His meows distracted the rest of the Choir around us, but didn't reveal what he was asking me. I meowed back:
"It is, except now we are stealing for-" I agreed. and added in English: "-Aureus."
"Seems like this is not a good plan. We know that evil is-" Cory meowed and added in English: "-Aureus."
"For now we bide our time and help. When this is complete we will have our chance to stop-" I meowed and added: "-Aureus."
"Are you two meowing about Aureus?" Jacoby the Disorderly asked me. He used to work as an orderly at Dellfriar, but became a patient. From there his spiral into madness had led him to being transformed into a raven and sent flying through time and space to the distant city where a mirror tested all who wished to exist.
There was a gem to steal, and as my crow had pointed out, there always would be. We worked for Aureus and there was no sense in wasting anything. Aureus was a god and we could be faithful or we could be heretics. Only as heretics could we kill another god. We had to tell ourselves we knew what we were doing.
It was all too insane, the murders and mayhem. Crossing from world to world as ravens, stealing the essence, crystalized to us as glowing gems. I was terrified, knowing we were assembling something horrible for Aureus. Whatever it was, we needed something like the book of evil to tell us how to reverse our efforts and stop Aureus. Except we had no such book and no idea what Aureus was making.
There were yellow robed people who stood frail and short, armed with carved clubs too light to move a croquet ball, let alone cause us any harm. They guarded the gem fiercely, not realizing how much stronger and more violent we were. The Choir cut through them in seconds, glass bottles and chains and a razor sharp clawed hook making short work of the natives of the mirrored city.
After we had killed them all we took the gem, or at least, Jacoby did. He began sneezing and then the ground shook and we all fled, taking him along with us. Jacoby carried the gem as we stood on the raven's gesture, a glowing mist to us, visually. There was no actual mist or my right hand would have ached. We could see it and so could the people around us. Only we were enchanted to fly back home, and they could not follow us. At least that is what we presumed. We never saw them again, but other enemies, such as the Folk of the Shaded Places or the Fen and the Fell or even the cat-umbramancers, could follow us with their teleportation abilities.
We flew back and saw the recursion of the beast-men and the times before the end of Man. There we arrived at Dellfriar, standing throughout the times until the moment we arrived from when we had come. Cory advised me:
"If we don't die trying, perhaps we could fly south, instead of to the castle?"
"We would die." I was certain.
"In almost every probability of seven-out-of-seven." Cory clicked in Corvin. It meant that no other outcome was possible. The exception was when something impossible happened, which is what Cory was saying we should gamble our lives on.
I sighed. I told Cory: "You mean that with a component, presumably the last or most important one, if we have no other option, we fly away from the castle with? I don't know if it is even possible. When we are as ravens we fly in one direction, from or to the castle. We might not even be able to deviate our flight. I am certain we would die."
"Death is always certain." Cory said. He thought it was funny. He added his own favorite joke: "Death will always happen."
"Right." I agreed. We sat and waited in the darkness. The morning brought us our breakfasts in our cells. We sat there and waited for Aureus.
Eventually Aureus came to us. The gem of the mirror people was taken from Jacoby.
I asked Aureus directly:
"How many more gems or jewels will we need?" I asked Aureus.
"You think to know what I am doing?" Aureus asked me.
I felt terrified. Aureus suspected my treachery. Aureus asked me, not sounding too angry, but rather, perplexed: "Piecing together what I am making? Is it another Majara? No. I have designed it myself."
Aureus just stood there blinking at me. I asked, nervously:
"What is it?" I asked. Aureus monologued for a very long time, saying:
"It will make me seventy times more powerful. It will be like I have wishes, no - boons, of the gods. And such would be unlimited. I think I am calling it the Amulet of Aureus. The power of the Majara would be less than this talisman. I know of all of these parts of this thing from Creation, from the pages I have collected. I have learned that each world is part of another world. Each universe is part of another universe. And you see, in nature we can find patterns from all these other worlds. With those patterns it is possible to see into those worlds. And when we look through time and space and see the remnant of those worlds, we have, in our own way, a path to them. So we go and take the shining molecule from each of these worlds, not long before they die anyway. It is just the last spark of a dying ember. It is harmless in the light of the brighter particle within me, enhanced by each of the pieces of the center, than is near mine. There are two suns in the sky, and I intend to become a kind of third. Mine however, is much hungrier. I will be more of what you might call, a black hole."
"You are going to become a black hole?" I asked.
"I already have a piece from one inside of me. It is a hellgate. It can eat anything and possess anyone. I am already hungry and unstoppable." Aureus continued.
"I guess all of us are made of particles that are inevitably stuff from the stars. You're saying one of your particles is from a black hole." I said. "That doesn't make you a black hole. It means that some immeasurable fraction of you is the remnant from something from a very long time ago."
"That's just it. The time doesn't seem to matter. I already know the outcome of this. You find it hopeless and cooperate. All of your friends, the Choir, they are expendable. They all die, or whatever. Fate isn't entirely sealed. We both know what happens to you. I can see it in your eyes that you know your fate. Except it is changing, uncertain. I have one fate and that is to live as a god and then die one day and become as a black hole, as I decompose from my living energy. In part of my consciousness I can feel myself as the black hole, destroying whole galaxies. It is my will, and you are as what you are and I am as what I am. That is who we be. For now you must serve me, because it is your path. Don't change your path." Aureus told me.
"I live until some distant time, then so must you. Or we both die." I said. Aureus considered my forecast and said:
"It doesn't matter if I live to complete this or if I die and become the inward cascading darkness that takes all things into it. The horizon of my mind tells me that the time is irrelevant. Even the age of the whole world is insignificant to the scale of the black hole. My existence, even as a god, is but a speck, and trivial beyond measure, to the awesomeness of the black hole. Remember that the first to be consumed will be you and your crow. Then the whole asylum and then the cities beyond and finally the continents. When those are taken it will be the broken remains of your world and those as crumbs as the worlds of your system are all eaten. Then the very suns of your system, the old and the new, both will be eaten. Those before the other systems and then the whole galaxy are eaten. All of it in the incrementally and exponentially growing moments of time. In the end I shall have eaten an entire galaxy, but it will take forever. For now I am in the very nature of my being. It matters not if I die in this moment or in a thousand years. Such a span of time is forgotten against the awesome and endless aeons of the time I will spend eating the whole galaxy as a black hole. And you see, I am not really afraid to become that because I am conscious of such, in the core of who I am."
"I am not going to betray you, not until I know how." I told Aureus.
"You must do as I tell you, that is the only way you can contribute to this world's longevity." Aureus said and then left me and Cory sitting in my cell.
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2023.06.06 05:46 we_are_ghetto do you guys get spoiled on YouTube a lot?

for the past few years I always keep getting spoiled on YouTube for damn near every marvel movie, and I don't even consume that much comic content, but they just keep popping up on my recommendations on the clickbait picture, just the other day I got spoiled about the new miles Morales spideman movie where it showed Donald glover and Andrew garifled in it.
funny story the same happened to me for MoM where they showed John as Mr. Fantastic, I immediately assumed it was fanart so when I saw him fr in the movie I was double shocked
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2023.06.06 05:46 Trick-Arm2476 PG/1RK/1 Bedroom in preoccupied apartment for ONE Month

Hi guys, I’m a 21M working in One Horizon Centre. I am looking for a PG/fully furnished 1RK/1 bedroom in a preoccupied apartment for one month only. My budget is ~25k. If you guys have any leads near One Horizon Centre, pls help me.
Thanks in advance🥹
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2023.06.06 05:45 putsandcallsoption Questions regarding Courses

Hi I am incoming international student and have taken my major as Financial Economics. I want to go to Ivey Business School and have seen most of the applicants taking BMOS. I am very interested in Finance but do not see a lot of courses on it. Is there a way I can transfer to BMOS and what courses do yall recommend me to take
PS: Most of the stuff taught in first year courses in Econ Maths and Stats has been already taught in our school due to our Board. So what do you suggest
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2023.06.06 05:45 theheartisanarrow orgasms are hard to come by during sex

hey! hopefully it's alright to post this here.
so my girlfriend (19) and i (20) are each other's first sexual partner. she had another brief s before me but they never did anything sexual, and she's my first partner. we've been together for 11 months now and i've never had an orgasm happen without a vibrator.
when she goes down on me or fingers me, it feels great but it's just not an orgasm. i tell her where it feels best and things like that, but no matter how long she does anything, nothing happens. it just feels good - and it's the same thing for her as well. i did make her orgasm once, but it took a really, really, really long time! i got the vibrator to help both of us but it turns out that she's really sensitive to vibrators and gets super ticklish, meaning that i can't use it on her at all. so now i get to orgasm (with the help of the vibrator) but she doesn't, and it's really bugging me.
i don't think us being each other first sexual partners is a big factor is this, since we've been together nearly a year and having sex a lot. but hearing my friends talk about how good sex with the partners are (straight or otherwise) makes me really wonder what we're doing wrong. some of our friends are also first timers at sex so i'm just perplexed!
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2023.06.06 05:45 RaDuhKewl_ Visiting Taiwan need help!

Hi! I’m visiting Taiwan and here until next Friday 6/16. I’m from America, and only speak english.
I came with a friend who is local to here, but he unfortunately got covid on DAY TWO of our trip and now has to rest and isolate for a few days so I’m on my own, don’t speak mandarin, and don’t know where to go/what to do.
I went to the Taipei Zoo the other day solo and then was able to figure out the train on my own so I rode then walked to Taipei 101.
I love the areas in Taiwan so much they’re beautiful and I love the happy culture.
But not speaking the language is scary and even a simple transaction at a convenient store is scary for me and makes me nervous.
I’d love to meet up with people if they are available? I’m solo for the rest of today as well as tomorrow, possibly even Thursday before I regain my friend (hopefully).
Or even recommendations on where to go and do? I’m not really comfortable traveling TOO far on my own.
I’m staying near Taoyuan City and the Bade District. Thanks for reading and hope to meet some people, get recommendations, and more! Would love to get food or explore, and hopefully you are able to communicate in english? 🥹
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2023.06.06 05:44 Lookstokill Does he like/fancy me or am I being delusional?

There is this guy I've been chatting to on insta for about a month now. He has a job which requires self promotion on insta and he had quite a large fan base (over 200k) so obviously I was flattered he replied to my messages.
We've been messaging almost every day for a month now. He's asked questions about my personal life and likes nearly my messages, including ones where I've been obviously flirty.
I sent one recently apologising for being overtly flirty and he replied saying if he doesn't reply it's not because he's ignoring it, he's just not seen my message yet (I never get left on read and he normally replies within a day, occasionally its instantly but his job does keep him really busy....more busy recently than normal).
I can't work out if he does like/fancy me or is just really good at managing his fan base. The other thing is I'm a lot older than he is (15+ years) and he has plenty of younger gorgeous women following him who I'm assuming are hitting his dm's (l'm told I'm attractive but you know how it is, all i see is my flaws).
I don't think he's aware how much older I am although he knows I'm older and I know my knowledge about his area of work is really useful to him although our conversation doesn't revolve around that...hes asked what I do for work, where I've been going when I've been off away for weekends and talking about films has become a bit of a thing (totally unrelated to his work).
I'm driving myself insane trying to work out if he likes me or if hes really good at PR. I'm the kind of girl who wears my heart on my sleeve and tells people how I feel but I don't want him to disappear and stop talking to me if I do tell him. I am way to old to be acting like a teenager but I just don't know whether I dare believe he could be interested in me!!
Help a girl out with some advice please?!!
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2023.06.06 05:44 EdwardSandwichHands Got fired yesterday, they forgot to turn off my email and today I saw the introduction email for 3 people replacing my job…

…one of them is the fucking CEOs daughter interning for the summer.
Worked there for 6 months. Yesterday morning out of fucking nowhere my boss called me and said “my services were no longer needed”. i’m technically a contract employee so legally they can do it with no notice.
Idk what to do now, applied to over 300 jobs before i got this one, feels like no one even looks at the applications. I can’t believe I’m all of a sudden back at stage 1.
The worst part is I was finally getting really comfortable there. I am a very anxious person, especially socially, takes me a while to get fully fully comfortable with people. I was finally feeling truly like friends with my coworkers (i was the youngest too so it took a bit to not feel like a clueless kid in the office)
Like on one hand, fuck them, but it just feels… bad. was it my fault? did they think I was a weird little freak around clients? Maybe, who knows.
I just really felt like things were finally going well, this came completely out of the blue :(
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2023.06.06 05:44 Aromatic_Flow_9036 Concern

U know what really bothers me and concerns me about Ava now is the fact that when u text them in game concerning a situation u may be having they never bother to respond back one thing about the previous owners we always got a response! Which brings me to saying this how can I feel comfortable spending my hard earned money on a game that doesn’t have the decency to respond to our complaints or anything in that matter is pathetic I’m a vip and did not receive my monthly free gift have reached out and still no response this game I feel is gonna crash and burn very soon we gonna wake up one day and Ava will be gone out the App Store and will get away with running off with our hard earned money smh like let’s be real even imvu has a contact number where you can literally talk to someone on the phone concerning and situations or problems u may have in the game! Avakin literally has no customer service number where u can physically talk to someone in their company which is why me as an adult will not give this company another dime I’m fed up I don’t know bout ya but I’m done
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2023.06.06 05:44 EarthDense5651 I'm a guy and I fucking LOVE the color pink!

Pink has always been my favorite color. I love all shades of it and like it on literally everything. Everytime when I'm around pink, it feels ethereal. It makes me feel pretty on the inside, light, pink hearts come to my mind, and it's safe. Back when I was a teenager when I was 14, we were at the paint store painting our walls and we me and my brother got the choose our wall colors. I chose pink, but my dad wouldn't let me get it because it was a girls color, and I ended up getting stuck with a ugly beige called walls. I was very limited to the color pink as a teenager I couldn't do much. I knew immediately when I move out and get my own place I can be as pink as I want to be, and that's exactly what I did.
Like no joke, I painted all the walls in my home bubble gum pink, I've wanted to do that for so long but never been able to. Not only that, I've been collecting pink items over the years. Sometimes I just buy things just because it was pink. I also have pink casual clothing. If I could, I would wear pink everyday. I never gets old or boring.
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