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MBL.REPAIR Mobile Device Repair Whether you are a hobbyist or a tech sitting in the shop. This sub encompasses everything from basic computer, phone & tablet repair, to also those delving into the board level repair and data recovery aspects as well. We also provide basic getting started guides as well as links to vetted parts suppliers in our sidebar. Where we believe that as long as the device turns on, the screen is repairable! Welcome to Mobile Device Repair!

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This Subreddit is for people with specific but often awkward questions about their body and how it works. Intended to be like AskReddit, but for Medical questions only. LEGAL DISCLAIMER: This subreddit is not intended to be a substitute for medical attention. Many of our members are not physicians and are merely offering opinions. Please seek medical advice when necessary, this is not a medical clinic, merely a discussion forum for questions about the human body. If in doubt, see a doctor.

2023.06.07 23:52 love-foodandtravel Advice needed about MOH

I'm am in the midst of wedding planning and have decided on my bridal party. My future SIL and 4 very close friends as bridesmaids. I am however in a bit of a predicament regarding my MOH.
Potential MOH and I have been friends since we were in school (around 18 years), we used to be best best friends but as we've gotten older and life has got in the way, we've drifted apart a bit. I now feel she has many 'best friends' rather than me being her best friend and for a long time I still classed her as my best friend but in reality it isn't true anymore and I've had to come to terms with that which I struggled with for a few years.
We can go weeks without talking and most the time it's me who reaches out first and I do get this 'main character' vibe from her. My other friends and I have this lovely friendship where we respect one another, ask how each other are and its just a lovely positive environment. I don't feel I get that from her.
I have felt for quite a long time that I don't know if I want to continue our friendship. I won't go into all the details but I just don't feel I get positivity from it and I've reached that point in my life where I want to surround myself in positive relationships. Alot of the time I feel like I am a bit of an inconvenience to her (I suffer from anxiety so I know I can be hard work at times with my worrying and reassurance seeking) she can sometimes make comments to me which make me feel a bit shit about myself and I do feel like most of the time it's me who puts in more effort. She's not done any one bad thing as such, it's just lots of little things that bug me and I find myself getting annoyed nearly every time I talk to her and end up venting to my other half.
Recently we had dinner with her and she made a shitty comment that my fiance also heard and he had to stick up for me. I'm too nice and avoid conflict 😂
That being said, we have been friends for a long time and I do feel sad for thinking these things and wonder if I'm being too sensitive/harsh and I would feel sad in a way if we lost our friendship.
She is getting married next year and asked me to be her 'Co-MOH'. I am also getting married next year, 2 months before her and I'm torn on what to do. In all honesty if it wasn't for the weddings, I'd probably be trying to take a bit of a step back from the friendship but I'm now in an awkward situation where I'm her MOH and feel I need to make her mine.
I can't explain but I keep having this niggle that I don't want her to be my MOH but I've already asked her informally if she would like to be a part of the bridal party and was due to ask her officially next week. I just can't shake this feeling of not being 100% happy with the decision. If I don't ask her, I don't know what I can now say and I don't know how I step back from being her MOH too and feel like that would just be the end of the friendship. But equally I don't want to regret asking her if somethings telling me not too. I feel like natural instinct is important also.
I also feel she hasn't shown that much excitement for my wedding tbh. And as the weddings are close together and both abroad, I do also think it'll be stress and financial stress on both parties if we are each others MOH.
What would you do? Has anyone been in this situation before?
Thank you and sorry for the long post!
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2023.06.07 23:52 lyricalizzy99 Book Suggestions for Someone Technically Outside of the YA Demographic

As a 23 year old grad student, I feel like I’m not particularly in the demographic for YA novels anymore. For a time, I really hated them because I grew up in the 2010s era of “strong female lead who somehow is amazing at a random skill or power which she literally just learned and also she’s rude to everyone but somehow everyone is obsessed with her”. Like I read so many novels during my high school years with these exact characters/tropes, so I grew really tired of it. I also got tired of being older than the characters (like it’s hard to relate to a 15 or 16 year old when you’re pushing 20). Because of this I really didn’t have an interest in the area (I think the last YA novel I had read was in 2016 and it was “a court of thorns and roses”).
My first venture back in YA was with the Shadow and Bone trilogy after Netflix first announced the tv show circa 2020 (I have a thing where I have to read the original source material before I watch the adaptation). I read those books over the course of like two years because I’m a procrastinator and also because I was busy with school. I recently read the “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” trilogy because I was bored and it was an easy read. That also inspired me to start the “Six of Crows” duology (which I read in like 4 days lol).
I know there are a lot of YA books that have been popular over the years (Sarah J Maas’ books, shatter me series, grishaverse, etc.). So I’m considering diving into all the quote “standard” YA novels/series. However, I have a preference for fantasy/romance and also characters who aren’t these perfect super humans. That’s one of the reasons I liked the S&B trilogy and the SoC duology…because none of the characters felt like they were unreasonably ahead or behind (if that makes sense…like Alina had to learn her power and the crows were all already experienced criminals). Does anyone have any recommendations?
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2023.06.07 23:52 Annual-One-994 The Advantages of Investing in Gold: A Time-Tested Asset for Financial Stability

In today's ever-changing and unpredictable financial landscape, it's crucial to explore investment opportunities that offer stability and resilience. One such asset that has stood the test of time is gold. For centuries, gold has captivated civilizations across the globe with its beauty, rarity, and intrinsic value. Its unique characteristics make it an intriguing addition to any diversified portfolio. Some of the advantages of investing in gold include:
  1. Store of value and wealth preservation: Gold has proven its ability to preserve wealth over time. Throughout history, it has been a symbol of wealth and power, maintaining its allure even in the face of economic uncertainty and market volatility. Unlike fiat currencies that can be subject to inflationary pressures, gold's scarcity and physical properties contribute to its value as a reliable store of value. It has acted as a hedge against inflation, offering stability and security during turbulent times.
  2. Portfolio diversification: Achieving a well-diversified portfolio is a fundamental strategy for managing risk and maximizing returns. Including gold in your investment mix can significantly enhance diversification. Gold often exhibits a lower correlation with traditional financial assets such as stocks and bonds. When other investments may experience downturns, gold has the potential to perform differently, providing a buffer against market fluctuations and reducing overall portfolio risk.
  3. Global demand and market liquidity: Gold maintains a robust and highly liquid global market. Its universal appeal makes it accessible to investors worldwide. Whether you prefer to invest in physical gold in the form of bars or coins, or through investment vehicles like gold ETFs or gold mining stocks, there are numerous avenues to participate in this market. The liquidity of gold ensures that you can easily buy or sell your gold holdings as needed, offering flexibility and agility in managing your investment portfolio.
  4. Economic and geopolitical considerations: Gold's value can be influenced by various economic and geopolitical factors. It often serves as a barometer for market sentiment, and its price can respond to shifts in the global economic landscape. During times of economic crisis or geopolitical tensions, gold has historically acted as a safe haven asset, attracting investors seeking stability and a store of value. By monitoring these factors and their potential impact on gold prices, investors can gain valuable insights for making informed investment decisions.
One company I’d recommend checking out is CopAur Minerals (TSXV: CPAU). $CPAU is a junior mining company focused on exploring and developing their portfolio of assets. They have one gold/copper asset in BC, Canada, along with 3 high grade gold assets in Nevada. This is where their flagship asset, The Kinsley Mountain Gold Project, is located. Kinsley is a significantly advanced project with a 500,000+ ounce deposit currently and historical production of 138,000 ounces of high grade oxide gold from 1995-1999. They recently announced a drill program at Kinsley where they plan to increase the size and grade of the resource through in-fill drilling, along with testing new targets that have near-mine discovery potential.
Note: this is not financial advice please do your own research before investing
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2023.06.07 23:52 buccanearsfan24 Tips & Tricks for Solo Flawless Ghosts of the Deep w/ Arc Hunter

Greeting raidsecrets, I figured I'd post my tips & tricks along with the build that I ran that got me my solo flawless. Hoping this helps for those who might be struggling!
Lengthy detailed post ahead about my run and how I did each encounter. This will be focusing on just the Ecthar and final boss encounters. I achieved my solo flawless run on my Arc Hunter with Assassin’s Cowl build. This build will keep you healed up, keep you invisible so you're safe from enemies shooting at you, and takes use of Gathering Storm which makes doing boss dmg easy. 😃
This is my general Assassin's Cowl build and we'll be changing some stuff out for each encounter:
General notes:
For Ecthar and the things/mods that would need to be changed from what’s shown on the build in the DIM link:
For the final encounter on the build as well things that would need to be changed from what’s shown on the DIM link:
Proof 1 Proof 2 Dungeon Report
Let me know if you have any questions about it! Took me about 8 hours of grinding over the course of 2 days this past weekend to get thru this dungeon solo flawless.
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Uma coisa que ninguem pode negar eh que carrie eh uma franquia de um filme, são os inumeros Remakes que Carrie possui, afinal carrie possuiu, um filme, 2 remakes cinematograficos, uma continuação e mais 2 teatros que recontam a mesma historia. contanto com tudo, contando tudo a partir do livro, carrie possui 5 midias que contam a mesma historia
Em 2019, surigiu, -rependidamente- UM RUMOR , que carrie teria um remake com uma atriz negra/trans. segundo este site, carrie estaria sendo desenvolvida pela FX e serie uma mini serie. quando lemos tal noticia, percebemos o amadorismo das "tais fontes", sempre com "as fontes dizem" mas nunca dizendo quem deu tal informação EM NENHUM MOMENTO DEMOSTRA TAIS FONTES, EM NENHUM MOMENTO OFERECE LOCAL, LUGAR OU ALGO QUE COMPROVE A VERACIDADE DA INFORMAÇÃO. apenas mandam o famoso "confia" e esperam que pessoas mais leigam caiam no assunto afinal como ja diz o ditado "algo dito sem provas, pode ser refutado sem provas" sem contar, claro, a noticia saiu em 2019 ou seja, ja fazem mais de 4 ANOS, E NADA MAIS SAIU pra vc ter uma noção o FILME DE carrie de 2013, foi desenvolvidedo em 2 ANOS, E ENQUANTO UM MINISERIE, """estaria sendo desenvolvida" por 4 ANOS, filmes normamelmente demoram 1 ano pra serem desnvolvidos, afinal eles tem apenas 1 a 2 horas de duração. Geralmente, as industrias apenas fazem remakes de obras apenas quando estão, extremamente datas e deficimente ira lançar outro remake, apenas claro, se carrie de 2013 ficar datado (oque acho meio dificl ja que a historia de carrie eh meio atemporal) daqui a alguns anos, e se tiver muitas pessoas pedindo. e caso exista qualquer remake sendo produzindo o site OFICIAL do sthepen king (e da propria FX) DEFINITIVAMENTE, teria ja comentado sobre, oque nunca aconteceu...
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2023.06.07 23:52 southernBuscuit I really, REALLY want to get married, but I am seeking someone specific

I am 28 years old, single, and never married. I want to find a woman that also wants something serious and pursue a relationship with marriage and a family in mind.
Here's the thing...I never in my entire life had a real girlfriend. I especially never had a serious relationship.
I don't have that many deal-breakers (mandatory) requirements. Just 6 main ones.
I seek the following... 1. Decently attractive. She can be average or just slightly more. I am not expecting a supermodel by any means. 2. Desires to fall in love just as badly as I do (and is able to...not aromantic or asexual) 3. Loyal (and I don't mean subservient...just meaning she won't cheat on me) 4. Desires marriage and a family 5. Never had a romantic bond with another guy before, especially from her youth....meaning no previous boyfriend or first love 6. Does not use tobacco products or have a problem with drugs or alcohol
That's really it. Not too many. It is just disheartening my options are dwindling.
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2023.06.07 23:51 Few_Pen_1764 I hate this game thoroughly

I've been hardstuck ultra class 4 for such a long time , it's a infinite loop of winning a fight against non meta pokemon and then getting my ass handed to me by either urshifu, zacian , umbreon and glaceon or just a immortal scizor
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2023.06.07 23:51 LoPlainsDriftR Legal steps to removing my kids from a terrible home (BC family law)

Today I tried to get legal help at the courthouse but could not see the duty lawyer due to conflict of interest.
My kids are living with their neglectful mother and her abusive now ex-husband.
The cops have been called to the home a half dozen times or more within the past week.
There are many reports filed to Ministry of Children that prove my kids living arrangement is not in their best interest.
I don't expect much from the MoC even after learning that a report from a couple years ago my 8 year old daughter at the time had been choked or had hands around her neck by the abusive step-dad.
I only found this out recently from my Justice Counselor who is completing a Section 211 report on order from the judge.
MoC tells me privacy laws kept me from knowing what was really happening to my daughter.
Both my kids now age 10 and 8 have missed more than 1/3 of the entire school year so far.
They are the oldest among their other half siblings which number two toddler stage children and an infant.
My ex-wife intends to eventually find her own place but is having difficulty due to the high costs of rent, limited supply for 4+ bedroom place, and she is also unemployed with only child support and government child benefits.
It looks like she is pregnant again so it is looking less likely she will be able to provide adequate care for my kids.
Overall, the situation is horrible for my two kids; however, I do have a home for them where they can each have their own room.
What do I need to do at the courthouse registry in order to become my kids primary care giver when there is an existing order from the Supreme Court that details the parenting arrangements?
I appreciate any feedback that can quickly help my kids situation, thank you!
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2023.06.07 23:51 ShowaTown Question about court (Never been)

I was assaulted a few days ago and I pressed charges and have a court date set for next week. This particular person hit me in the face about 3-4 times on my way back home from the store while i had groceries in both hands and I got him in a headlock and he got out and ran off because I kinda let him go since we were causing a scene and I didnt wanna fight. I’m bigger than the guy not sure if it matters but he hit me because 3 weeks before that his girlfriend attacked me and hit me in the face and wouldn’t let up so I restrained her and she took that as me “Putting my hands on her” and told all her family and started an unnecessary beef that she began in the first place. The reason she attacked me was because she turned off the shower as I was showering so I confronted her about it and she slammed the door in my face and i kept knocking and saying “May you please turn the water back on” everytime she’d open the door, to which she refused (we were former roomates for approx 45 days) during the whole 45 days they harassed me and I kept quiet until that point because it became a regular occurrence for her to turn the water off but that particular time i was showering to leave cause I was moving out and I didnt have time to play games. I never been to court before. Is there any chance of me getting justice? Is this even worth it? I also live in nj if that helps. Thank you.
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2023.06.07 23:51 Necrolord_Nocturnal DD2 Wishlist

Seen a few of those floating around and wanting to more a part of the community going into DD2 I'd like to share my thoughts too
  1. Camping - The exploration in Dragons dogma is one of it's biggest strengths and flaws there's lengthy journeys, always a possibility of running into unknown trouble you weren't expecting (if you haven't played 300 hours, thought that can sometimes still happen lol), and just getting bored in the walking sim. there needs to be more to do on these journeys to make them special and I think camping sections using rations and interacting with your pawns would really add to the experience, and could be useful to apply buffs for the next day like more HP, stamina or damage etc
  2. More Towns - Now this would also be in contention with camping or if we get a map large enough to facilitate both existing, more towns and more standard port crystals spread out. I think the game would benefit from having those as waypoints at certain dungeons and towns that activate if you spend a ferry stone or an item to attune with them. I would still say in the late mid-game getting our own mini port crystal so we can drop it port back to town to deposit or w/e then port back to continue our adventures would be nice.
  3. Re-playable Dungeons - in the post-game of DD some dungeons become populated with enemies again like the Shadow fort, Bluemoon tower and Water Gods, offering a new boss at the end. I think having the puzzles or requirements to progress deeper change becoming more difficult, having the new Post-game enemies litter the area and adding more sections and rooms to expand these dungeons having a new boss in the original location and then a much harder one deeper in. and of course chests in different locations with new end game loot. Having quests to go out and retake or defeat these bosses would also be nice letting us know it's changed (took me 4 playthroughs to realize some of the dungeons added dragons as bosses offering the tears to boost wakestone drop rates form mobs in the Everfall)
  4. Everfall 2.0 - speaking of the Everfall it was so close to being perfect for me. if we get something that's like a equivalent to this, it needs to be randomly generated endless dungeons. All those tile sets, doors and locked out sections. what if we had the freedom to go forward in any direction in a specific Hall and pursue those hard drop rate items from chests every 5 or so rooms we get a boss with 3 rare chests each with a chance to give us what we're hunting with better rates the further we go, better yet give each hall a leader board showing room depth and time, Solo or in a party with the top 100 players in that hall getting a single unique drop that you won't get anywhere else
  5. Two more main pawns - This is gonna be the big one I think people might disagree with in some way, I love getting to use other peoples pawns but sometimes I wish I could have my own full party that levels with me and that I could fully control and develop as the game progresses. Now I feel there might be a lot of people who would love this idea but there will also be a lot of you who think this ruins the experience and you are right in a sense. it will ruin a experience but bring about a new one. So the trade off is, if you wish to create more main pawns from the rift you must forfeit the ability to have your pawn be summonable in online play. Losing the gifting feature, experience area/monster knowledge and all the other benefits. Now is this a strong enough incentive to do one over the other, I'm not 100% sure but I think it would enhance a lot of other playstyles while still keeping the same experience intact.
I'm curious if anyone else thinks these would be great, but I'd also love to know if you think I've missed the mark in any way and that "Solution B" would be better or "Change X to Y" yady yada. there's tons more I would have included like more character slots and other things, but a lot of people have already mentioned these and I didn't want to rehash a post
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2023.06.07 23:51 Status_Square3744 [Grade 12 Ecology] Finding NPP, Community Respiration, and GPP from DO before and after incubation

Hello! I'm hoping someone can help me make sure I understand this correctly. We found the Dissolved O2 before incubation and after 24 hours measured the DO after incubation. I am to find the Net Primary Prodcution (NPP), Community Respiration (CR), and Gross Primary Production (GPP) through the two measurements of DO. I am confused between the usages of words photosynthesis and production in the directions (not included). IDK I understand it correctly. The following is the table That I filled out. Can you tell me if it' right? TIA!

Experiment Condition DO before Incubation DO after Incubation NPP CR GPP
Control (in light) 23.8 23.5 (-)0.3 (-)0.2
Control (in dark) 23.7 23.6 0.1 same as above
Algae (in light) 23.9 26.1 2.2 5.6
Algae (in dark) 23.9 20.5 3.4 same as above
Algae and consumer (in light) 23.8 24.7 0.9 4.7
Algae and consumer (in dark) 23.8 20.0 3.8 same as above

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2023.06.07 23:51 bushaaya [FS][US-NY] Final Girl KS, Battlestar Galactica, Twilight Struggle CE, Middara Act 1, Legendary Alien and many more! [W] PayPal, $$$

In-laws are in town and the guest room is all board games! Need to clear up some space!
Buyer pays shipping from 11105.
Not currently looking for trades.
Contact me for additional information and pictures. Each listing has a number to indicate its condition (5 being NIS).
($45) Unfathomable [4]
($140) Final Girl Full S1 w/ minis and special dice [4]
($65) Clank Legacy (unplayed) [3]
($100) Bonaparte at Marengo [4]
($45) Scythe [4]
($125) Encyclopedia KS Naturalist All-In [4]
($230) Cthulhu Wars w/ extras [3.5]
($25) Pirate Dice w/ expansions [4]
($55) Crisis Deluxe w/ promos [5]
($50) Vikings [4]
($90) Battlestar Galactica [4]
($25) Everdell [5]
($325) Twilight Struggle CE [4.5]
($75) Heroes of Land, Air & Sea [4]
($65) Outlive (retail) [4]
($160) Middara Act 1 v1.1 w/ extra dice & cloth bags [4]
($115) ISS Vanguard [5]
($145) Tainted Grail w/ Age Of Legends [4.5]
($125) Carrier: The Southwest Pacific Campaign – 1942-1943[4]
($45) Crescent Moon [4]
($100) Legendary Encounters: An Alien Deck Building Game [4]
($40) Mezo: Souls of Xibalta [5]
($60) Museum w/ People's Choice [4]
($20) SeaFall [5]
($80) Solarius Mission [4]
($45) The 7th Continent: What Goes Up Must Come Down [5]
($100) Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress [4.5]
($25) Zombicide: Angry Neighbors
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2023.06.07 23:51 puffinstix Startup eng team size tripled, not enough work, should I worry?

I've worked at companies of all sizes as a software engineer for 10+ years, so I'm curious what you all make of this situation.
I've been at this startup for ~2 years. It was great when I started, there were like 4 other people on my team. The company is pretty distributed, headquartered on the east coast with workers across most North American time zones. When I started my team also had two devs from a 3rd-party hiring service who work in South America. VP of tech and a design director. No middle mgmt but it was fine. Super meeting-phobic - any suggestion of a meeting was shot down pretty quick.
Fast forward to now, it's a mess. I'm not sure why but leadership prioritized tripling our engineering headcount without hiring any managers. It's just the same vp/design director leading our team as before, but now there are 12 other engineers on the team. For some reason they are also hiring more people who are 8-10 hours ahead in Eastern Europe. also, the VP let us know earlier this year that he's leaving the role and is just waiting on a new VP to be hired.
A few problems I've noticed that I wanted to ask about:
- Knowledge isn't being shared. The same two or three people who have been around for years are the ones constantly being called on to fix the big problems. For example, how we handle authentication. I get that people want job security, but when I suggested we have a team discussion on this stuff to help everyone learn how to handle it, no one showed interest. (again, meeting-phobic)
- People in distant time zones are given projects to lead. A project in my wheelhouse was given to someone 10 hours ahead in Europe. This person was also hired through the 3rd-party company FWIW. Our designer is usually 8 hours ahead of me (also in Europe) and a few hours ahead of others in South America, so any questions to them usually take a day to get answered.
- Bad planning. The VP and design director are trying to handle planning our team's sprint on top of their other job duties, but it's always sort of half-baked. Many details get missed (i.e. task is added by design director to add X capability in front-end, only when engineers start task do we realize that this requires a large back-end change as well which should have been caught much earlier) and stories/issues aren't being updated to reflect changes. Sometimes it takes days to get a response from leadership for clarification on requirements. Also I've asked before about helping with planning (even just running planning meetings!), vp was adamant that it's up to the leaders of the subteams to plan stuff and for me to not step on their toes.
- A lack of work due to bad planning. for the past few months it's been a lot of "do you have enough to work on?" talk on my team, and other subteams. And we just kept hiring. Today we switched up the teams and during standup, there was still talk of "okay, I'll find some work for you xyz" between the VP and coworkers. I know a lot of people say "refactor something, or build something new" and it's beyond that. It's become a problem across the team, and has been a problem for months. I keep myself busy with finding bugs but I'm always stressed that I'm not doing enough. It's also a challenge to soothe that stress when I don't have 1:1s with my manager. and last time I did, he was so busy with other things that he didn't have any feedback for me regarding my performance.
Any ideas why are we're hiring so many more people when there isn't work there? This startup is great, but I'm getting concerned that we're going to run into more problems soon. Should I just take the work assigned to me and not worry so much?
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2023.06.07 23:51 crazynoyes37 I can't sleep in my room.

I'm not feeling well, I assume this is seasonal allergy thingy (I think I have a dust allergy, but i have no idea what else) but it's never been this bad. this has been going for 2 weeks, but the problem with nostrils have started 5-6 days ago. The inside of my room is normal. Roughly 26 m² with a bed, a table and a wardrobe. Yet still, when I try to sleep, not only one but both of my nostrils get stuffy. None of these things I noted below helped with this. This is day 5 and I'm just, done with this whole thing. I cleaned the whole room, and changed my bedsheets. I leave the windows open, since day 2 I went to the doctor and got myself an anti allergy pill (Cetirizine) I'm not sure if it helped, but my nostrils are still stuffy I used 3 different nasal sprays, 2 didn't do anything, one did help but it makes me sneeze 6-7 times (no exceptions and that feeling sucks) before slightly helping my nostrils for 20 minutes until it's stuffy again. I did saltwater nose cleanse which did NOTHING. I either suck at it or my nostrils got hands. I tried weird Youtube "hacks" to help your nasal congestion which did nothing. At this point i don't want to sleep here. Yesterday I slept at 4 am because of this but yesterday was my day off and i can't keep doing this. I want a permanent solution to this whole thing.
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2023.06.07 23:50 JayAySeaOhBee15 Amazing GC (Guitar Center) Employee Saved Me 4 Albums!!!

Amazing GC (Guitar Center) Employee Saved Me 4 Albums!!!
So I went to a new guitar center one day and there were 4 Metallica albums (vinyl) there. I am a huge thrash metal fan and I recently got a record player so I was super pumped. I was only able to get 1 though. Before we left the GC employee said, "Put those 3 behind a bad album so people don't see it." I didn't actually think it would work but I had nothing to lose so I put the Black Album, Ride the Lightning, and Master of Puppets (plus a Guns and Roses album) behind 3 Dua Lipa albums and, just as a backup, a Billie Eilish album. Needless to say, they were all there when I came back the next week, however, I forgot my wallet!!! I thought, "Surely they won't still be here next week," But they WERE. I now have 6 albums on vinyl (don't know if I said that correctly lol) 😎😎😎
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2023.06.07 23:50 SmokinJunipers High tongue weight

High tongue weight
1) with WDH 2) without WDH (bars left on ground off scale) 3) tongue weight Calc 4) vehicle only 5) max tow, payload, etc. 6) manufacture hitch weight
Tongue weight over 15%. Looking to reduce it a tad before a long trip. We have 20lb propane and 2 12v lead batteries on the front. This was from a short weekend camping, we will have more with us on a week long road trip. Nearly 400 lbs under the trailer max.
The only area behind the single axel is the bathroom. Do we need to store items in the bathroom instead of the pass through? We really don't store much under the bed (front) either.
On our long trip we won't have 150lbs of dogs in trunk of our SUV, we could move items from the pass through to the trunk.
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2023.06.07 23:50 Striking_Foot1208 Passport !

Does anyone have any good news for me? I applied for my expedited passport for a name change in May. It says it went into processing at locator 69 on May 18. I travel July 4 and am now freaking out about times .
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2023.06.07 23:50 Rossilaz Why is much of modern society so hateful, and why do people refuse to think more critically?

Over the last few months and years, I have found it increasingly more difficult to avoid people who seem to do nothing but hate others.
The modern internet is the worst example possible. Whatever you post on the internet these days, you will be faced with unrelenting hatred and threats if you do not fall into a very specific "normal."
The issue here is inherently political. I shall try to not be too biased, but my opinion will undoubtedly shine .
When it comes to the internet, if you happen to be Gay, Transgender, Black or any other oppressed group you will not be able to go very far without seeing a comment about how you are "wrong" or "unnatural"
One specific issue I have noticed is racist "jokes" on social media whenever a Black person is in an image or video. You'll find comments of people playing the character of an old white man represented by 👴 and putting out racist statements that are framed as jokes but never seem to be anything more than a poor attempt at disguised racism.
Another issue is just the word "woke" and all that surrounds it in its widely used definition. If any content is "queer" or could even possibly, by any stretch, suggest "queerness," that content will be ravaged with people who seemingly just hate for the sake of hating.
These people say horrible things, and are near impossible to argue with or suggest any view other than their very strict, hateful one.
My question here is,
Why do people hate others with no critical thought, spreading ange and hurting people for no reason? And why is this so extremely widespread? This issue depresses me.
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2023.06.07 23:50 straightcreate Help

I'm new to this. I purchased a syncler plus 4-month plan and received an email with a code. When I go to Syncler plus though, it asks me to log in. I see no option to sign up and don't know what my login ID is. Any help would be greatly appreciated. (I already have a real debrid account)
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2023.06.07 23:50 Queenanthropocene Squirrel funeral

Squirrel funeral
I think I just witnessed a squirrel funeral and I am beside myself 😭 There were 4 squirrels near the body before I accidentally spooked one away by walking by... 2 of them (one that I frightened) looked like juveniles... Maybe this was a parent. I googled if squirrels mourn their dead and there's a lot of evidence that they do- by reducing activity/staying with the body for a few days, grooming the deceased squirrel, vocalizing and gathering other squirrels. This appeared to me to be a little family who lost a loved one.
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Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator includes over 50 hours of step-by-step training covering EVERY aspect of building an agency from scratch. This is almost a plug & play system with enough success stories to back it up! Signing clients, running Facebook ads, building out your team, on-boarding clients, invoicing, sales... this course has everything covered for you.
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