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Star vs. The Forces of Evil

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Welcome to the Star VS the Forces of Evil subreddit. The show ended in May 2019, but that doesn't mean the fun is over! You might be a brand-new fan looking for a show that's a little weird and wild, or maybe you're an old fan still lurking around because you aren't ready to say goodbye to our beloved show. Either way, you're welcome here!

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This subreddit is dedicated to the geeky women of science, scifi, video games, anime, fantasy, and any and every geeky genre that's out there. This subreddit is not spoiler free.

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2023.05.28 14:09 MYKerman03 A quick note on Wesak/Vesak/Visakha Puja

Hi guys, saw this post and just wanted to add some notes on Visakha Puja.
In the Theravada world, it celebrates three events of Lord Buddha's life: his birth, Awakening and Parinibbana. All three events are said to have happened on the full moon day of the month of Visakha. So technically, we don't observe his birthday or Parinibbana separately.
When Buddhists got together at the first World Fellowship of Buddhists in the 1950's, there was an agreement (spurred by a Theravadin monk) to make Wesak/Vesak a global Buddhist observance.
This is why there is so much overlap and sometimes confusion. Mahayana Buddhists in Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia etc all tend to weave in this distinctly Theravada Buddhist observance, while still keeping to the Mahayana calendar. It's an ASEAN/Buddhist regional thing now.
This year for Thailand it will fall in (Gregorian) June (still Visakha month though). And to top off the confusion, the day of observance (within the Theravada world) varies from country to country:
The month of May usually has one full moon, but as there are 29.5 days between full moons, occasionally there are two. If there are two full moons during the month of May, some countries (including Sri Lanka, Cambodia and Malaysia) celebrate Vesak on the first full moon, while others (Thailand, Singapore) celebrate the holiday on the full moon of 4th lunar month. The difference also manifests in the observance of other Buddhist holidays, which are traditionally observed at the local full moon.
So we can say there's been a cross pollination of observances – between Theravada and Mahayana – throughout mainland and maritime SEA, because of the ease of communication and travel (and immigration) from colonial times till now.
So if you're outside of a Buddhist region it can get confusing when you get Wesak content on your social media timelines and your calendar says it's not Wesak yet.
Despite it being a super important holiday, Kathina is still flashiebigger, in that it gathers lay and monastics together to reinforce (and reenact) that reciprocal relationship of the four members of the phuttasasana (Lord Buddha's Dispensation). Kathina is where new robes (and other requisites) are donated to the bhikkhu sangha.
The other big holidays would be Asalha Puja: turning of the Dhamma Wheel and the establishment of the Three Jewels (Ven. Kondanna's Awakening) and Magha Puja: the miracle of 1250 disciples appearing spontaneously for a sermon and the establishment of the Ovadapatimokh (core teachings).
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2023.05.28 14:09 After-Professor68 SM keeps changing the schedule and time sheets

So my sm keeps changing the schedule in legion I'm talking to the point we basically have to check it 3 times a day to see if our shift is changed or not. And she changes our time sheets to either she changes when we go on break ( i.e I go on my 30 min at 12:12 and come back at 12:42 she changes it to 1:00 -1:30. And she changes when we clock outed to whatever time she has set on the schedule so if we work 5 -15 mins over... nope not on there.. last night I was there till 10:30 I found stuff to try to keep busy while the sm and ask was doing office. The last 5 mins I just leaned against the register waiting for them 10.30 I finally get told I can clock out and go home even tho I still had to throw the trash in the dumpster. This morning I check legion to see if my shift for today will be the same just to see I'm shorted those last 15 mins.
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2023.05.28 14:09 ChaosClive Need help staying up

Just had back to back to back promotions from the 5th tier in Cyprus to the 2nd. We are 300-1 to win the league this year, and all other teams are at least 22-1. Luckily, the board only want us to fight bravely against relegation. I'll make a list of some of our problems
Any tips/pointers are appreciated
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2023.05.28 14:09 Remarkable_Air_8383 Example of how to fix a hand

Example of how to fix a hand
Many of you are troubled by the messed up hands, I'm one of you before.
After some experiments , I beleive I've found a way to fix it, and I'd like to share with you with examples.

Here is the original image I created yesterday.
As you can see, everything is perfect except the left hand.
so I sent it to inpainting and mask the left hand.

mask setting is as below
and Denosing strength was set to 0.6
after a few run, I got this:
it's a big improvment, at least the shape of the palm is basically correct.
So I sent this image to inpainting to replace the first one. mask remain the same.
continue to run the process.
sometimes I got a mushroom...
I started a 20 image batch and went for lunch.
After lunch, I got one pretty close image.

replace the reference image to this one, and lower the denoise strength to 0.4.
after 2 images I got the final one:

still not perfect but acceptable to me.
and I believe if I continue the process I can achieve perfection, just need more time.
Hope this example helps someone.
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2023.05.28 14:09 Pragmatic_Thinking Looking for the best type diet (I’m not dumb, I know it’s cal in, cal out)

I’m an easy gainer of muscle. I also have a hard time keeping fat off.
Over the years, I have tried several diet, including the Greg Doucette, “I promise you wont cancer from all this sweetener and calorie dense food” to the carnivore, to paleo, and many more. Now I didn’t just try these diets, I ran them for at least a year. So I have experience with them all.
I got the most jacked and shredded on the fake food, Greg Doucette type. And, there mainly because it’s high volume. However, I don’t think this is a sustainable way of living and I felt like shit. The plus side was I was a normal dude walking around pretty shredded and jacked (6’3, 228 pound, with abs).
The thing is, I didn’t feel the best... I felt kind of lousy. Probably from the lack of fat, so when I turned that up, and still felt lousy, I figured it must be from the food I am eating.
So, I turned to carnivore as an elimination diet, and rode that for a year+. I feel absolutely great. But, it isn’t easy to stay lean on this. There is no high volume, it’s freaking beef, and I can’t keep the calories low enough to stay lean. My hunger will over take me, and I will overeat.
What do I do for a diet that is sustainable and keeps me lean?
I would also prefer not to have to track calories daily, but I think that might be inevitable so I don’t overeat.
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2023.05.28 14:09 mossychicken Help me put together an informal tenancy agreement?

Im not sure if anyone here would be able to help but due to the unusual/uncommon nature of the ‘tenancy’ I didn’t really feel like I would get a helpful response from any homeowner Reddit pages - most people I speak to have a very classic capitalist stance which I understand but I don’t want to do that.
I’ve never written a tenancy agreement before. To set the scene, I own my own flat and have had several friends live with me over the past 7 years- I never made any written tenancy letters, instead I had verbal agreements that the utilities would be split between us equally, I suppose I’ve been lucky that the people I’ve shared my space with haven’t taken advantage of this and I have good relationships with them still after moving out.
My current housemate moved in with me a year before the pandemic- when lockdown kicked in another friend moved in and we all applied for UC. At the time I didn’t have the capacity to think ‘I should make a tenancy agreement so that people can contribute towards bills more comfortably’ In retrospect it would have been a lot smarter but what can I say, despite owning a flat I’m not a landlord and have no knowledge or experience and also mentally unstable 25 year old.
I’m now trying to put together a tenancy agreement for her (I need to be a bit sneaky and make one that looks like it was from when she moved in) so that they can be awarded housing benefits. The ‘rent’ would mean they’re able to continue contributing towards bills, due to the increased costs it means that if they contribute towards bills it would be at least half of their universal credit which of course has an effect on her universal credit which then has an effect on her mental health.
I suppose I’m worried that they will smell somethings off as I don’t think I’m supposed to be living in the same flat as a tenant- I’m not sure how obvious that will be, also I’m not sure how to word that there was no rental amount, in lieu of that there was a sliding scale type monthly contribution towards the rent (no more than £300)
Basically I’m a bit out of my depth and feel like I’m a baby in a trench coat attempting to convince a salesperson to sell me a car. As far as I know the worst case scenario is that she just isn’t awarded it, however I really hope that it will work what with the cost of living atm I’m now actively financially suffering from the costs where previously it felt like a symbiotic situation. Happy to discuss and answer any questions 😭
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2023.05.28 14:08 lchdi I 18 F think i lost feelings for my bf 23 M of 8 months

Me (18F) and my boyfriend (23M) have been together for a little over 8 months and i started to lose interest in him about a month ago. In my country 18 is the legal age. Backstory-we met last summer(august) trough common friends and immediately started to show interest in each other. (he found my social media account the same night we met and started texting ) At first no one in my close circle was okey with me getting to know him because they tought he was going to play/use me but later on they gave us a chance and showed otherwise. We started to date about a month and a half after we met. I was virgin when we met but eventually around the sixth month we did it. The problem is because of his job he went in other city and from february till now he came only for Easter and two weeks ago i went for the weekend to see him. However, I've started to feel lately that our relationship is not as exciting or fulfilling as it used to be. I don't know if it's because we've been together for awhile or if it's just a natural shift in my feelings. I feel bad because he still seems so into me, but I just don't feel the same way anymore. I shared with a few friends and they told me at first it was because of the distance and that i miss him physically or because our age gap but its not only that. Some of his habits, his fashion style, his behaviour gave me the ick. I dont see him the way i fall for him. Things that make me think about a break are also that we never hold hands(to him its childish), bought me flowers only when we met and for Valentines day(after i said i want flowers, while i made him a cute gift), never celebrated any of our anniversary and never said he loves me. Yes he paid most of the times when we hang out but never really showed any other effort. I may sound like i want a lot i dont know, but i did a lot of sacrifices for US to work out and now i feel obligated to be with him because now he is a little bit more clingy and affictioned ever since we date. In two weeks he is coming to see me and i think its time to talk with him.I'm not sure what to do. I don't want to hurt him, but I also don't want to continue in a relationship that isn't making me happy. Any advice on how to handle this situation? Thank you in advance.
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2023.05.28 14:08 Intothe-void I’m stuck

I’m so sorry that this is so long
I had a friend who I’ll call Kayla for if she even has this app. I bought her and her best friend stuff, I let her convince me we were a trio, I let her sexualize me, I let her manipulate me, I let her convince me she cared for me.
One random night in December, when I was joyful and confident, she asked if I was busy. I said, “ No but what’s up? “ She began to tell me how she was exchanging nudes with random woman online. She asked if she should tell her girlfriend, replying with yes while explaining how it’s better to tell her and not her finding out, I thought it was over but then she proceeded to question me more. She asked if her breast were big and dumbfounded, I replied, “ I’m not sure I don’t look. “ then she asked if I liked breast, but I felt like it would be awkward to say no so I said, “ Yeah I guess.. “ then she asked if I wanted to see hers, and my mind scrambled with thoughts. I tried to explain on how it was illegal so I would have a reason to say no, but she just kept saying stuff like “ we’re both kids “ and “ no one will know. “ I had a horrible panic attack and just told her it was too much and I was panicking. She got really worried but probably secretly making fun on me.
I wasn’t the same after that. I didn’t go to school the whole week and thankfully my mom got to the bottom of it and figured it might be anxiety. I got a doctors appointment and immediately proscribed to anti depressants. It got worse and I couldn’t even laugh at a joke. My school counselor noticed how drained I was and tried to fix it but couldn’t.
Eventually Kayla asked if I was okay, but I played it off. I couldn’t contain my anger and ranted over text hours later on how dirty she did me, then she proceeded to tell me on how I needed help. About a month later my friend sent her a screen shot on how I said I was going to kill myself, she acted like she cared, then told me to get help.
After I had time to think I realized how bad of a friend she was and I thought about myself and gained so many insecurities. I listened to music all day and cried at least once a day or more. It got so bad I cut myself and no one could save me. I always have a ache in my heart that will never go away.
Weeks ago I move away and everyone said I probably killed myself which still made the ache bigger. Just because we moved doesn’t mean it solved anything, I feel like it won’t stop growing cause my problem never got fixed with Kayla. I don’t feel like living but I’m scared of death and there’s no amount of words that can describe how I feel. I don’t wanna get help because my mom would know and I don’t want her to know she failed another child, especially cause I’m eleven. I know you might be thinking my mom will love me no matter what but I really really don’t wanna disappoint her. I’m stuck and don’t know what to do
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2023.05.28 14:08 Noah-n_Cares My long term gf (f21) moved out with only 3 days notice, and I (m20) don’t know what to do?

(Context) My gf and I would have been together for 3 years in October, and our 1 year anniversary of living together would be in august.
I met my girlfriend in college, we didn’t have any classes together but we had a mutual friend, and we hit it off almost immediately. So much so that she took me on an hour long road trip only a week after meeting me.
I asked her to be my girlfriend at the midpoint of the fall semester and we were inseparable from them on.
Fast forward a year or so and we’ve been dating a while, we decide to move in together. We figure that since she no longer wants to live with her mom, and neither of us can really afford to live in Austin Texas alone, we could move out here together.
That’s what we did.
This last year hasn’t been easy, roaches and fleas and living downtown have put a stress on things, but we always leaned on each other and pushed thru. We are a couple after all.
I’d like to mention that thru-out all of this we have been talking about our future, coming up with kid names and discussing where we will go next, together. As couples do. I mention this to emphasize that this relationship is v much serious to both of us.
About 4 months before our lease is up we decide to start looking for a new apt. We know Austin TX better now, we know where the things we like are at and I got both of us much better paying jobs so we know what we can afford.
We find and apply for this absolutely perfect apt. Double the space of our current place, newly renovated, huge patio, in room laundry, amenities out-the-wa-zoo. Living here would be “like a vacation every day” she liked to say.
To put it lightly, it was perfect.
We were all set to sign a 12 month lease here and work and enjoy the year together. Just existing with one another. I was literally the happiest I’ve ever been.
For about a month.
Summer kicks off, as do UNI applications.
She applies to 3 schools, 2 cool ones in Austin and one 2 hours north. She doesn’t get into either schools in Austin, but (as we knew she would) she receives a letter confirming her status for Texas state university. Almost 2 hours from where I am now.
“We have plans lined up for the next year, we’ll talk about this when fall rolls around” I foolishly thought.
“She wouldn’t do anything without consulting me 1st”I trusted.
“No matter what, I can count on her doing the right thing” I said.
I was wrong.
The day she starts her new job (that I got her), I pick her up from work, we drive home, I make dinner, and cuddle up to her on the couch to watch a movie, and she says the dreaded words.
“I need to tell you something”.
She then goes on to tell me that she got into uni, and what’s to take the classes in person, and not just any classes but 4 of them. She informs me that she does not want to move into the apt we lined up, that she is going to be moving into an apt alone at the college and not only that, but she has already signed a lease and leaves for uni at the end of the week.
My heart sinks of course.
We still have about 3 months on our current lease, we had been officially offered this new apt. And without considering how any of it makes me feel, she is abandoning me without so much as an opportunity to convince her otherwise.
I beg and plead but “she knows what she wants” and “her mind is made up”.
She leaves that Friday, while I’m not home, and doesn’t even say goodbye.
She says she would love to try a long distance relationship. And that all of her feelings for me are still there, that I need to be supportive and that anything else would be selfishness.
Anyone who has had there heart broken like this knows all you want is to be with that person again. But this has hurt me, deeply.
I feel abandoned, I feel she put her wants over our relationship’s needs, I feel she is selfish and uncaring for me.
She has hurt me.
But every time we talk (which is once or twice a day) she reassures me that she loves me and will be back to live with me in 2 years, and that I just need to be patient.
Idk if it’s fair to me to give her that kind of a free pass here.
I want to love her and miss her but I also want to be mad and angry for the emotional and financial burden she is putting on me, without so much as a warning.
Someone told me “don’t fall in love with someone twice, the second time ur falling in love with the memories not the person”.
I don’t know if I should break up with her and attempt to move on, for her selfishness and non caring about me and my feelings in this manner, or if it’s fair to wait for 2 years to be with her again.
I can visit her, she can visit me, and I trust her to stay loyal while not living with me. But idk if she deserves to be with me anymore.
I guess I just need an outsiders perspective.
Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.05.28 14:08 iamerica2109 Do I go to this event or nah?

Hi! I’m 33, in the PNW area, and new to exploring my attraction to women. The apps have not been great, so I went to TikTok for advice. I saw on TikTok that there’s this collective, Sapphic Events, that throws club parties. They’re throwing a party this week that’s 80s themed and I’m considering going. However, I’m worried I’ll be a total old person (I’m born in 89’ so this might also be a contributing factor given the theme lol.) Anyway, It’s a 21+ event but I’d feel pretty icky talking to anyone under 25 and honestly maybe even 28 (this is also how I feel about dating men, my minimum is usually 28). I don’t want anyone to think I’m some creepy old lady trying to hang out with younger people because I’m not emotionally mature. I just am super new to the community and honestly am exploring later than some. What do y’all think? Also for context, I still like to turn up every now and then, like car camping at Coachella hahaha. And I routinely get told that I don’t look my age. Most people think I’m 24/25 until I say something.
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2023.05.28 14:08 TatGemes2000 Dance of Celestials--Chapter 1

The east wind was frigid during this time of the year. Walking through the streets of Winterport slums was a young man with long silver hair and violet eyes on his handsome yet haggard face. He was about 6 feet tall with a lean and muscular body. He didn't have a lot of fat and looked a bit skinny in his jacket. As always, the man had a listless expression on his face masking any emotions.
“Morning Cal, up to the mines again?” said the portly old street food vendor while setting up his cart.
“Hmm,” replied Cal.
“Always so diligent if everyone else was like you then we wouldn’t need that many enforcers. Be careful out there, I heard the shades are more violent and restless this time of the year. See you tonight,” said the old man.
“Not tonight. I have to monitor the deep mines.”
The old man gave him a worried look. He knew how dangerous it was in the deep mines during the winter. “Your terms have all been fulfilled, Callahan…. You are no longer a slave, remember?”
“Then why continue this treacherous occupation? I know the money’s well but there are other jobs which won’t kill you just because you stepped on the wrong stone,” he said in frustration.
“I wonder,” Cal said quietly to himself and hurried on his way.
He couldn’t remember the last time he had done something that made him genuinely happy. All his life he had followed orders. First his mother, then his masters, and now his so-called captain who never bats an eye while sending him to the most dangerous sections of the mine. Not like he can blame the captain as he never objects to any of the orders. To him, he must be the model enforcer. Always on time and never asking any questions.
He could never understand himself or his own actions. Maybe living on the edge of life and death is what’s keeping him alive and distracted from all the pain and grief hidden in the deep recesses of his mind. Or maybe he just likes to fight.
Either way, there was something in the mines that kept calling to him. Something that could move his long cold heart. Maybe it could give him a solution to all the nightmares. Or maybe it would be his end. Well, that was also a solution.

He arrived at the mine where he could see his captain handing out orders to the new recruits. All of them had hopeful looks on their faces like they were ready for a new page in their lives. All former mining slaves freed from their previous positions after they awakened their mana. The big smiles on their faces were obvious. They knew that this was their ticket to total freedom and exoneration from their previous crimes. Once they complete the basic service term of guarding the miners against the atrocities that surface from the deep mines for 2 years, their citizenship to the empire would be restored.
‘Naïve idiots,’ thought captain Reginald. ‘If it was so easy then we wouldn’t make former slaves into enforcers when there were so many awakened in the city guards. Only one in ten ever survive past the 1-year mark and out of those survivors, half get corrupted and must be put down before they kill everyone else.’
“Reporting for duty captain,” Cal said in an apathetic voice.
“If it isn’t my best enforcer on call. Why I was just waiting for you to get here. You don’t know how relieved I am to see your face,” replied Reginald with a tone that failed to betray any sort of relief. “I was just teaching these new recruits about the shades and their duties but now that you are here, I was wondering if you had room for a few more enforcers on your patrols?”
“Sir, I am going to the deep mines today they would only get in my way.”
“Come now don’t be rude to your juniors how will they learn anything if they don’t experience the real deal,” Reginald replied with an icy tone daring Cal to object.
Cal looked at the captain’s eyes for a moment and guessed that he must have made a bet with his friends on how many new recruits would survive past the first week again. “As you command sir.”
“Good. Good. Now don’t be that disappointed I am assigning you the three best recruits of this month. I’m sure they can hold their own in a fight.”
Four years of serving under the captain had made him aware that the only way to hide from his attention is to never get under his nose. He had made that mistake once and the captain has still not let go of that resentment to this day. Always finding a way to make his life harder. Not that it mattered to Cal if someone hated him, but it still annoyed him when he had to put up with his whims.
Cal looked at the three new recruits and wondered if the captain was lying to him. One look at them and he could say with certainty that they would not live past the three-day mark in the deep mines. Not like he cared anyways.
“Follow me,” he said before walking past them and going towards the mine shafts. Several of the miners looked at him with awe in their eyes as he made his way to the deep mines. The three recruits following him like lost puppies.
One of the recruits with brown hair and black eyes suddenly spoke up.
“What should we call you sir?”
“Cal,” he replied.
“No, I meant your rank, sir. The captain just said that someone will be here to teach us how to deal with the shades, we don’t know how to refer to you without offending you, sir. Oh, I am Bryan by the way.”
“Nothing you say could ever offend me. And enforcers don’t have ranks. At least not officially,” replied Cal. “The longer you can survive here the more respected you are. Seniority is also determined that way. You are first-years and at your most vulnerable time right now so try not to die.”
“Heh, stop exaggerating I have fought shades with my bare hands before, they aren’t anything special. Now that I have a flamestone sword nothing can beat me here,” said the blue-eyed and black-haired recruit with a grin. “You can call me Phil and that’s Safid,” he pointed at the last recruit with burly build and average looks. “Which gang are you from Cal?”
“I don’t like gangs,” replied Cal.
“You must be some weakling who no one wanted,” Phil said in a mocking tone. “How about you join my gang? I am going to make a new gang here once I get the hang of things with Safid. We are going to turn this place upside down and become the best gang. Ain’t that right Safid?”
“Yes boss,” said Safid with an enthusiastic voice.
Cal looked at Phil like he was watching a clown. Forget a gang these fools won’t last two minutes in front of the senior enforcers before being slaughtered like lambs. He shook his head and didn’t bother talking with the soon-to-be deceased.
Phil didn’t like how he was ignored. “Your loss, don’t come crying to me when I am done taking over this place.”
“What year are you sir?” Bryan asked after a while.
“Fourth,” Cal replied coolly.
Before he could ask anything else, Cal motioned for them to stop. They had arrived at the deep mines. Before them, everything was pitch black with only hints of light coming from the occasional flamestone lamps that were on the mine walls.
“It's so dark here,” said Bryan. “Why don’t they add more lamps? I am sure our jobs would be easier if we had more visibility.”
“They don’t last,” said Cal. “The shades consume all light. Only warded Flamestone lamps can be used here. And even those don’t last long in the deep mines before being consumed.”
“The fames inside the stones are consumed by whatever supernatural phenomenon shrouds the deep mines, that’s why we enforcers always have to regularly change the flamestone lamps. Whatever consumes the flame stops it from recharging,” Cal stopped explaining and said, “No more questions now. There could be shades anywhere, have your weapons ready.”
The three complied with his words and pulled out their swords from their sheaths. Cal started surveying his surroundings before making his way deeper. They didn’t have to walk for long before coming across the first shade.
It looked almost indistinguishable from its surroundings. They only recognized it because of its white eyes and darker-than-black fur. It had a humanoid figure with a tail that ended with a sword-like structure and a height of 1.5 meters. Cal stepped forward and slashed his sword a few feet away from the monster before it could react. A long slash-shaped white light jumped out of his sword and went towards the shade. The moment it touched the shade it exploded into a bright white light which illuminated their surroundings and blinded the recruits for a few seconds. When they could see again the shade was gone. In its place was a small glowing stone. Cal picked up the stone and showed it to the recruits.
“Flamestone?” asked Bryan.
“Yes,” replied Cal. “That’s why the shades try their best to go to the upper mines. The flamestone lamps here are warded so they can’t consume the flames themselves and there are no active flamestones in the deep mines, but the upper mines don’t suffer from the same environmental phenomenon as here so the flamestones mined from there are all in their activated state. If they can somehow break past the enforcers in the deep mines, then they can go up and consume as much flamestone as they can before they evolve into shadows.”
While Cal didn’t care if these recruits survived, he never half-assed his job so he would train them to the best of his abilities. Whether they were capable enough to follow his instructions was up to them.
“What’s a shadow?” asked Phil.
“Something you don’t want to meet,” replied Cal. “The dropped flamestones are how we make our living. We can exchange them for our salary from the mine administrator.”
“Was that light mana that you used with your sword?” Bryan asked.
“Yes,” he said.
“So that’s your aspect. Must be handy in this area,” noted Bryan.
“It has its perks,” replied Cal. “But that’s enough babysitting. You are gonna fight the next one.”
“But we can’t release our mana yet,” Bryan said.
“I’m sure you learned how to use that sword in your training camp,” Cal said.
“Yeah, stop being a wimp it's only a shade, boss could handle that with his bare hands,” said Safid who had been quiet for a while now.
“Even if we can’t release mana our internal circulation is enough to considerably increase our strength from ordinary humans,” Phil said with some disdain in his voice.
As they were arguing with each other Cal heard some noise in front of them. “Quiet,” he said. “Get ready it's coming.”
All three took up proper stance and looked ahead. ‘At least they aren’t completely amateurs’ Cal thought as another adolescent shade approach them.
Phil was the first to lunge forward and slash with his sword, but the shade jumped back before he reached it. It growled before swiping its claws towards Phil. Phil reacted quickly and blocked with his sword, but the claws were just a distraction as its tail swung from behind and hit his side. Phil screamed as blood dripped down from his abdomen. It was cut by the sharp tail sword.
‘Tch, not even a few seconds.’ Cal was about to step forward when Bryan stepped in and stabbed his sword directly into the head of the shade while it was distracted with finishing off Phil.
“You alright?” Bryan asked Phil.
“Just a small scratch I will be fine. I would have got him if you didn’t step forward,” replied Phil.
“You were never hit by a shade, were you?” Cal asked.
“No,” Phil replied.
“Well then pray to whatever deity you believe in that you don’t get infected.”
“Aren’t we immune to that after we awaken?” asked Bryan.
“Not weaklings like you no,” Cal replied. “Only once you have fully assimilated your mana onto your blood vessels are you immune to that. You only have internal mana circulating in your veins. You have to slowly assimilate mana in your blood vessels so that you can fight off invaders entering your blood.”
“I won’t die just because of some fucking scratch,” Phil said though with some uncertainty.
“Patch yourself and get ready to move we still haven’t reached our patrol area,” Cal ordered.
They began moving again once Phil took care of his wound. After an hour of walking and three more encounters with shades which Cal took care of due to Phil’s delay, they finally reached their patrol area.
It was a fork in the road. One of the caves lead to a large cavern while the other went deeper into the mines.
“We will set up camp here. That cavern to our left has already been fully mined so there aren’t any flamestones over there. Hence more young shades are born over there. The lower the amount of flamestone, the easier it is for the deep mines to affect the surrounding environment. But the shades aren’t as strong since young shades don’t have any flamestones in them,” Cal explained while placing the flamestones picked from the previous shades around them to provide a better view.
“So, the ones we fought earlier were very strong. That must be why I had a hard time dealing with the first one,” Phil said regaining his previous confidence.
“Just one step above the weakest. The more flamestone they drop the stronger they are,” replied Cal. “We will be guarding this fork for 18 hours before the next shift takes over. Don’t let your guard down just because you will be facing weaker enemies. Shades are very smart and will group up when they are young. We can’t let them go deeper into the mines or towards the surface.”
Bryan raised his hand. Which was weird as he didn’t do that before.
“Yes,” Cal said letting him know that he could ask what he wanted.
“Why can’t we let them go down?”
“Because they will be a nuisance and distraction to the other enforcers up ahead,” Cal replied.
“There are others down there?” asked Phil.
“Where there are flamestones there are miners. Even if they are in their inactive state here. You are lucky I was told to patrol this section of the deep mine today. Young shades can’t infect the awakened. If we went deeper, you would not survive for long,” Cal said.
What followed next for the recruits was an excruciating hurdle of disposing waves of shades for hours upon hours until their bodies started to give in. Cal watched from the sides while taking care of most of the shades. Even still the recruits were having a hard time staying alive. Most of their bodies were covered in scratches. If they were ordinary humans they would have already been infected, maybe even corrupted. Cal was slightly impressed and realized he had underestimated them.
‘Huh. They could at least survive five days rather than three,’ he thought. However, he shouldn’t have tempted fate as it turned out.
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2023.05.28 14:08 No_Eight Lifestyle of the Zonowōdjon

Lifestyle of the Zonowōdjon
She held her breath as the clinker nosed onto the island. It was barely more than the size of two houses, covered in tall grass and reeds, but she hadn’t set sights on it for its size. It was hard to tell, so far from the coast, but it did not appear to have the sloping beach of a sandbar island, and even seemed to drift gently with the wind, as would their ship if the oars were docked. If she was right, this was one of the wandering islands.
Her grandmother had told stories to all the children of the village, of her own time on fishing voyages aboard the longboats, and of finding a wandering island herself. Assembled through the will of a powerful spirit, wandering islands were as much life as land, imparting some of the lost vigor of the first generation unto the soil and allowing it to again wander the lakes.
To weather the night here may not seem practical, small as the wandering islands typically are. But the spirits of these islands are kindly if offered due respect, and always protect those who sleep on their backs. And to return to the village with such a story… when she too became an elder, she could regale the next generation with her own story, not just the one she carried from her grandmother.
She teased the land with one foot, and finding it solid hauled herself over the strake and onto the land. It bobbed slightly as it took her weight, and she felt her heart soar as the remaining crew disembarked behind her. As some of their number began fetching the poles and reed mats that would make their lean-tos for the coming night, she watched one of the oarsmen reverently offer a prayer to the ship-shrine, before taking a pinch of sacred ash from the urn within. He took slow, measured steps to the center of the island, before beginning his observances to the spirit who would watch over them that night.
She almost wished she could help, but this was his role, and a spirit prefers to commune with only one regardless. He scattered the ash into the grass of the island as he shook a small chime, two strings of small shells tied on both ends to a T-shaped stick, and filled the quiet air with a gentle percussion. She could not hear his prayers; they were silent after all. But she could witness his devotion in his bearing, and imagine the honor he felt at getting this chance.
It felt strange to see the wild shrine rituals without a shrine, or even an urn, but in truth it would be impossible to erect a shrine here. The proper observances could not be carried out should the island drift and never again be found. To build a shrine, a promise to a spirit that could not be kept, would be a cruelty that the village would not be forgiven for. Perhaps they would instead leave some of the reeds they carried, shredding their mats the same way old thatch is returned to rot in the marshes, for even a spirit powerful enough to set an island adrift must respect the cycle of death and rebirth, and could make use of their gift.
But for this night, they and the spirit would share a kinship, and they would depart on the morrow with a story and a blessing.

The Zonowōdjon

The Zonowōdjon (families of the lake, originally from family.lake-ɢᴇɴ), also known to call themselves simply the Wōdjon, live in the coastal forests and shallow hills along the shores of the southern Titonean lakes. They comprise a collection of small villages, most constructed within reach of waterways with access to the lakes, if not on their very shore. More than anything, the Zonowōdjon are united by their animistic practices and sense of shared identity through language, as well as their predisposition to fishing and wetlands forage over the paddy agriculture predominant elsewhere in Tritonea.

Subsistence, Industry, and Lifestyle

Agriculture practiced by Zonowōdjon is more akin to horticulture. Long domesticated crops of the region such as zizania have made their way into Zonowōdjon hands, but large dedicated irrigation systems are largely not in use. Opportunistic replanting of common forage goods is frequent, typically in gardens just outside the circle of houses. While a fair amount of village labor is tied up in the planting and tending of these gardens, they do not provide a majority of Zonowōdjon caloric intake. Rather, the quantities of vegetable matter their relatively small population sizes demand are served well by a mixture of forage and horticulture, the former seeing many villages built within reach of the freshwater marshes where their most harvested good, cattail, is found.
Cattail is employed for a variety of purposes, both culinary and industrial. Young shoots and narrow leaves are consumed as vegetables, while the root is harvested seasonally, dried, and processed into flour. Tubers found in the root system are also consumed as a vegetable, as are the immature flower spikes. The bast fiber of the stem is processed for use in textiles, as are the leaf fibers, though the former are more productive and make up a greater share of Zonowōdjon textile goods. Lastly, the stems are harvested whole for the production of wicker, thatch roofing, and reed boats.
Beyond cattail, Lotus is commonly foraged for use as a vegetable, particularly its root. Nuts, fruits, and herbs also comprise a major element of Zonowōdjon food culture, though many are sourced exclusively from forage. Wild alliums are the most prevalent aromatic the Zonowōdjon harvest, while cranberries are one or the more prevalent fruits, used both fresh and dried in cooking. Hemp, both foraged and gardened, serves as a secondary source of textile fiber, and its seeds are heavily employed in cooking. Oil is pressed from seeds and nuts, with pecan being the most common source, but is not produced in great quantities by the Zonowōdjon themselves, and some oil comes by trade with their more agriculturally developed neighbors. Lastly, mushrooming is a major tradition among Zonowōdjon, comprising a significant portion of their diet during seasons when mushroom forage is plentiful.


The true backbone of Zonowōdjon subsistence is fishing. Fish, shellfish, and crustaceans are caught through a mixture of open-water net fishing, sunken basket traps, river and stream weirs, and manual forage for shellfish in shallower waters. Crayfish are one of the most common catches in the basket traps and are prized more as a delicacy than a staple food, while larger fish from open-water fishing comprise the bulk of seafood by weight, and enable villages closer to the lake shore to grow larger, and their descendants to found new villages more frequently. Both canoes and wading fishers deploy seine nets and cast nets.
The development of more sophisticated nets, the need for more hands to operate them, and the weight of increased hauls have all driven the development of Zonowōdjon shipbuilding significantly. While traditional reed boats and birchbark canoes are still frequently employed, particularly in rivers and streams and for more coastal operations, open water fishing trips make use of larger and far more sophisticated sewn-plank longboats with proper oar locks. Even large villages may only have one or several such boats, and their construction and maintenance is a significant expenditure of labor and point of clan pride. Crews on these boats often leave their village for days at a time, camping on small islands or distant shores. The reed-mats used to construct their temporary lean-tos are carried on the ship itself, chosen for their low weight. These larger longboats typically manage drop nets, though they may also be used to deploy seine nets with the aid of smaller outriding canoes, as the longboats are better able to transport a large catch.


Zonowōdjon cuisine centers zizania, cattail flour, and fish as staples. A common preparation of fish involves slicing the fish crosswise and stewing in an aromatic and seasoned stock. Both the flavorful broth and the flesh of the fish are fully consumed, with the aid of a lumpy flatbread produced from cattail flour. A flat stone atop a stone tripod, constructed above a fire, is the main method for production of flatbreads. Fish may also be dry roasted whole or sliced, with seeds and herbs pressed into the flesh if it has been sliced first. When catches are in excess of what can be consumed, which is common for coastal villages with longboats, fish will be smoke-cured for preservation and hung in a store hut. Smoke cured fish may still be cooked in a broth as above, or eaten as is. Regardless, at family meals it is common for older family members to pick the flesh of the fish from the bone after cooking is done, and distribute it to those younger than them. Another common dish is zizania pilaf, cooked in a thinner stock than fish. This dish often includes dried fruits, nuts, root and vegetables, and sometimes smaller seafood like shellfish and crayfish, with what is included owing more to seasonality and availability of forage than strict recipe. One more dish of note is a vegetable fritter, formed with shredded leaf and vegetable matter, mixed thoroughly with cattail flour, water, and seasonings before being fried. As oil production is marginal in many Zonowōdjon villages, this forms a less frequent component of the diet, but as a result holds a certain prestige. Ceremonies such as weddings, feasts when hosting representatives of other villages, and spiritual observances and festivals are more likely to see production of fritters. Notably, a vegetable fritter is a common burnt offering at shrines due to its status as a festival food.


Villages are typically constructed of permanent dwellings. All buildings are single-storey, and roofed with cattail thatch. Most buildings are single room, and constructed of wattle-and-daub between upright wooden posts, though additional standing posts may support the roof in a longhouse. The clan patriarch lives in a longhouse, which may also be used as a storehouse and hold clan shrines. Cookstoves and fires are typically built outside during fair seasons, shielded by low reed mat walls and thatch lean-tos, though they are often moved to interior firepits during cold weather. Flooring is predominantly woven reed mats, which are easily pulled back to expose bare soil should a fire be constructed inside. Some homes feature bunk beds constructed flush with the wall.
A village never contains more than three clans, and most frequently consist of only one. Houses are generally communal sleeping spaces, so many villages contain few buildings, and some may be devoted entirely to stores. Houses are generally arrayed so that all doors face the center, which is a beaten earth area free of plants and used for celebrations and ceremonies, as well as being used daily for the practice of industry such as processing cattail and weaving. Doing daily labor indoors is frowned upon during fair weather.


The Zonowōdjon make use of knapped stone and jade tools, reed wicker baskets, hemp or cattail-fiber sacks and ropes, and primarily burn wood for fire. Western obsidian infrequently permeates Tritonia through trade, so many villages are able to make use of obsidian knives, and some use obsidian in jewelry as well. Shells and bone feature prominently in jewelry and ornamentation, and shells are also the primary material used for shrine chimes. Wood carvings are frequently used for ornamentation, particularly on shrines, and those chimes which are not shell are often carved wood. Wooden chimes that can create clear ringing tones are particularly prized, and make auspicious gifts to other villages. Stone-tipped spears are the most common weapons wielded by Zonowōdjon villagers, though clubs with a flat wooden handle and a setting of a fist-sized smooth stone are also common. Obsidian is rarely used in weaponry.

Spirituality and Mythology

The Father Moon is seen as the shepherd of souls and the patron of reincarnation. He is also the father of men and fish, and fish scales are said to shimmer like moonlight on the surface of water because of his blessing within them. Moonbeams contain souls of the deceased returning to the world both as spirits and to enter new flesh, and the Father Moon travels to the edge of the world every night to collect those souls that have traveled the dark rivers beneath the earth to reach him.
The Mother Sun is seen as the patron of flowers and plants, particularly the cattail. Filled with both warmth and rage, she begat the first life in the world, but cares little for the cycle of souls overseen by the Father Moon after the two generations she directly birthed died or otherwise left the lakes.
T’sawayda is a psychopomp and the mythological ancestor of the Zonowōdjon. They are depicted both as a giant man and an enormous fish, or with elements of both such as the head of a pike on the torso of a man. They are a member of the Zonowōdjon third gender, leaning to masculine expression, and are a member of the second generation of life. They are seen as the first of the second generation to climb from land to shore, and thus their descendents are all the Zonowōdjon. T’sawayda urged all their descendents to reap the Mother Sun’s bounty on land, but stay close to the shore to partake of the Father Moon’s bounty. T’sawayda is said to now make their home in the depths of the lake, with one door of their longhouse opening to the waters of the lake, and another to the bank of the dark rivers beneath the world. They find and guide lost souls, such as Zonowōdjon who die on the water and risk becoming demons, freeing them from their flesh and offering them hospitality before sending them on their voyage to reunite with the Father Moon.
Zonowōdjon believe the world is full of spirits, souls without constraining flesh who embody much of the natural world or protect those within it. There are believed to be local spirits both of locations, such as hills, marshes, and groves, as well as spirits to things within, such as the spirit of fish in a given marsh, or the spirit of a particularly ancient tree. Further, all villages and even most permanent buildings have venerated tutelary spirits.


The core of Zonowōdjon spiritual practice is composed of maintaining shrines and holding public festivals. Shrines are dedicated to a local or tutelary spirit, with the latter also often seen as an ancestral spirit from a member of the clan in that village. For those spirits within buildings, a shrine is a simple as a clay urn which bears a pictorial representation of the spirit, into which offerings are placed. For spirits of larger areas, a shrine is constructed, usually from wood, either sewn or assembled through joinery. These shrines contain the urn which venerates the spirit proper. Most shrine urns feature a lid, often a wicker lid which is replaced annually during the vernal festival observances. Shell chimes are often hung from the roof of freestanding shrines, should there be enough clearance, or from poles erected around the shrine or the boughs of nearby trees. Similar chimes are held and shaken by shrine tenders during their observances, whether or not a shrine itself bears standing chimes.
Spirit urns often contain permanent offerings, with obsidian, bone, shell, and jade beads being common. Beads may initially be on a string, but the burning of offerings often leaves the beads free within the ash. During festivals and days of spiritual observance, offerings of food are placed within the urn. Offerings in distant shrines may be permitted to rot, but typically the offering is burned before being placed within the urn. Should an urn break, the shrine tender is expected to go into a period of grief and observance, and produce a replacement urn before interring the shards at the base of the shrine. Beads and other permanent offerings are transferred.
With the small population of most villages, a single man may be expected to tend multiple shrines, but the most important shrines may have a single tender. The clan patriarch is seen as symbolically responsible for the shrine to their clan’s guardian spirit, and the patriarch leading an entire village for the village spirit’s shrine as well.
Clinkers, the prized sewn-plank boats used for open-water fishing trips, hold a similar importance to homes, and thus contain a shrine. Typically the shrine is a small cavity constructed in the prow of the ship, containing a spirit urn. It is commonly believed that new ships are guarded by the returning spirit of an ancestor, so placing family ash or even bone shards within the shrine urn is often part of dedicating a new clinker.Souls are believed to descend to the world starting on the full moon, so dedications of new homes and boats are usually practiced on the night of the full moon, that the soul of an ancestor might find the shrine and become a guardian for the new structure.


All the world was one lake, stretching to the ends of the world, and no souls lived within it. Thus, the Mother Sun and the Father Moon came together to cast the first life to the earth. The first life was enormous, and as it died, the massive corpses divided the world into smaller lakes. The Mother Sun was grieved, but tried again. The next generation was composed of smaller beings, but the world was still unable to bear their weight. Most voluntarily climbed to the sky, becoming stars, though some today choose to return to a world that is too small for them, creating disasters that terrorize the third generation. The third generation was the last attempt, and still lives upon the world, birthed by the giants of the second generation before their exodus, but blessed with life by the sky. After so many generations, the seed of the Father Moon was spent, and he went dark for the first time. It is only when many of the third generation died their first death and returned to the edge of the world that the Father Moon gathered them back to himself, and once again began to shine. Thus, the Father Moon became a shepherd of souls, gaining and losing his light as the cycles of death and rebirth flow.

The Afterlife & Funerary Practice

The Zonowōdjon do not believe in an afterlife as such, but rather in the eventual return of souls, though some may claim the dark rivers of the underworld amount to some form of hell or purgatory. The Zonowōdjon believe that the soul resides in the bones, and is constrained by the flesh. The soul must sink into the Earth to travel the great rivers under the Earth to its edge, where it will be gently collected by the Moon after a long, dark voyage. Souls embraced by the moon are returned to the lakes in the form of gentle moonbeams, souls ready to find new life. Souls of animals likewise find themselves returned to the lakes by the Moon. A soul may become the new guardian spirit of a home or village, or find itself embodied in a new human life. Those souls who return as tutelary spirits are particularly venerated, and it is believed that important ancestors return to protect the homes, boats, and villages of their descendants. Conversely, a soul lost in the dark rivers who never returns to the moon may find itself twisted by the dark, and eventually claw its way up through the lakebeds as a demon. Demons may also spawn from a soul trapped in the darkness of its own dead flesh, a fate seen as especially common for those lost to the waters of the lake. Thus, prayers for the deliverance of the missing to the Father Moon are common.
By far the most common funeral practice is cremation, as it is believed the soul cannot be liberated while flesh still encases bone. After a cremation, bones often remain. Many villages maintain ossuaries composed of shallow earthen mounds beyond the circle of homes in which bones are interred, sometimes alongside carvings, clothing, or even jewelry. Smaller villages without ossuary mounds have simpler burial grounds further outside of the village, with skulls alone being instead interred at the foundation of family dwellings. In both cases, carvings may be made on the forehead of an intact skull before burial, and a shrine urn decorated to match, in hopes that the soul of the deceased will return to grace the village as a tutelary spirit. Some ash from every burial is placed in the spirit urn of a family home, some in the village longhouse, and often distributed to important shrines of the region surrounding the village, with the latter being obligatory for those who served a particular spirit. Remaining ash is stored in a communal family urn, and on the construction of new homes, some ash from this urn is ritually placed in a small pot or basket which is buried at the foundation to consecrate the ground, and allow the descending spirits of ancestors to find and protect the site.

Culture and Gender

Zonowōdjon clan names are matrilineal, but the ruling structure of clans and villages is more patriarchal, with each clan having a patriarch who serves as both the face of the clan, and the arbiter of important decisions. However, there is a strong cultural importance put on the opinions of elderly women, who hold a similar social importance to clan patriarchs as the retainers of oral history. They wield de facto authority in villages, especially those containing multiple clans. Most villages contain 1-3 clans, with one clan’s patriarch holding primary authority, extending from their role as the face of the village when meeting with outsiders or people from other villages.
Gender roles are not particularly strict among younger individuals, especially the unmarried, with only clan patriarchs and village elders taking on especially gendered roles. Both men and women participate in fishing and forage, as well as cooking and food processing and preservation. Older women tend to perform most weaving, as it is a position of some prestige that does not require them to leave the village. A major exception is during mushrooming seasons, when elderly women are trusted to identify safe forage, and often leave the village alongside the typical younger foragers. The main gender differences observed are that it is seen as a more womanly role to plant and tend a garden, while it is seen as a more manly role to perform observances and burn offerings at a shrine (though at major ceremonies, it is still elderly woman who recount myths and tales for those in attendance, while a man performs the actual shrine observances).
Zonowōdjon culture also observes a third gender, though it is mutable and can express as leaning to either male or female gendered expression based on the individual. The Zonowōdjon believe the third gender to be an expression of the returned soul of another life in a differently sexed body. Visibly intersex children are always identified as belonging to this gender, but individuals who are not visibly intersex may also find themselves identified through other means. Commonly, showing early aptitude with reading the stars is seen as a sign that a child is of the third gender, as is a child showing both interest and aptitude in the weaving usually practiced by elderly woman. Regardless of birth sex, members of the third gender identified in this way tend to lean to some feminine aspects and gain some of the prestige granted elderly women, while those identified by their intersex characteristics tend to lean masculine. Members of this third gender are respected, but not particularly venerated. A member of the third gender can be a shrine tender, just as a man might, and participate in any labor, but are usually seen as beyond the institution of marriage and thus live their lives unmarried.


There are several seasonal festivals observed by the Zonowōdjon, though precise timing varies heavily from village to village, with each usually choosing a phase of the moon, timed from the start of a season, to begin and end observances. Most festivals are multi-day affairs, With each day being dedicated to the observance of one particular god or heroic ancestor. Typically only one day features a full feast, and while spiritual observance happen on every day, the last day of a festival week usually sees a large communal observance. For multiple festivals, the decoration of the village is an important observance. Slender cloth drapes hung from the roofs of buildings and the boughs of trees mark the largest vernal festival, while wreaths of zizania stalks and cattail reeds hung on walls and poles mark the autumnal zizania festival. Some festivals call for decorations to be placed on poles erected in the common areas. While for some villages these poles are a temporary fixture, in other towns they remain year-round, but only feature their festival decorations during the week of observance and otherwise remain bare.
A major feature of several festivals, including the zizania festival in autumn, is circumambulation around a temporary shrine or ritual fetish constructed in a village center. Though circumambulation is practiced elsewhere in Zonowōdjon spirituality, here it persists for as long as two hours, described as beginning as the sun sets and ending when the moon is fully ascended to the sky.In addition to festivals, many clans have other non-festival observances. It is a common practice for most families to forgo the eating of fish on the new moon, and to fast during the daylight hours of both half-moons.


  • Celestial Navigation
  • Drop Net
  • Sewn Plank Boat
  • Fishing Trap: Sunken Basket
  • Hand Fishing Net: Cast Net
  • Hand Fishing Net: Seine Net
  • Oar Locks
  • Smoke Curing
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2023.05.28 14:08 randomfan1997 Is hell all that bad?

I want to complain about how unfair and wrong it is that only Mormons go to Heaven in South Park and literally everyone else, including good people, children, and Christians of different types, but is Hell all that bad in South Park in your opinion? Like would you mind going there?
We see that there are houses and hotels there, parks to play and walk at, and Satan sometimes throws fun parties, but its still hot as hell and we see some people being tortured during Satan's song in the movie and Kenny when he arrived there.
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2023.05.28 14:08 skelly218 Hot End will not go above 140°C

I have a CR-10 S5 that a friend gave me that was purchased in 2020. I have printed a few things, but after a failed print I started getting a heater failure error. The error did not specify if it was a high temp error or not. I replace the heater cartridge and thermistor. The printer would then not go above 140° C. I replace the power supply and still have the same issue.
I ran a M303 tune for 200°C and the auto tuned failed due to timing out. I am using Repetier to send the g-code (something I really no very little about) and the temp graph shows the rate the heat goes up starts to slow at 105°C then plains out at 140°C.
I was concerned I bought the wrong heaters (I bought 24v), so i check the voltage being supplied by the printer and it is supplying 24 volts.
I ran a PID auto tune for 135°C and am confused by the results.
The original PID values were kp 20.84 ki 1.96 kd 55.47. The results after the auto tune for 135°C were kp 53.53 ki 4.39 kd 163.34.
I have read that the D value has to do with signal noise (not sure if I am even reading the right info as some PID have to do with C motors and what not). if that is the case I don't know how to fix this given everything i have already changed.
Please help.
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2023.05.28 14:07 WildGrave2 Photo of me leaked out

So, was on a sleepover with 2 male and 2 female friends of mine, who i considered my friends. So, we go to bed last night to sleep. and I wake up and figure out that at the middle of the night the 2 girls have pulled my pants down, and taken a picture of my erect dick. Once Im completely away, I ask them to delete it, but it is already sent somewhere. When I ask where they sent it, they tell me to a girl groupchat. And so, I get angry, start threatening that I will press charges, until one of them says she will do me a favor, blinking her eye, but in a future time. I do not really mind the pic leaking out in school, because it will have positive effects along with the negatives. But I still want to cut contact with these two girls because they could have just asked me, instead of violating my privacy and trust. What should I do?
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2023.05.28 14:07 Effective-Friend-221 Update: I injured my dick jelqing 9 years ago

Context: I injured my dick jelqing 9 years ago in 2014 when I was 16. I remember losing my semi-erection when I did the exercise too hard and then I made it worse by masturbating right after. After I came my dick shrunk to flaccid almost immediately, which hadn't happened to me before.
I'm 25 now, and after thinking about the event again I came across this subreddit and figured I would make an update post. Everyone's experience differs a bit but here's mine.
The Bad:
- My dick still isn't exactly the same as it was before the injury. The most important difference is that my refractory period is a lot longer, ranging from 12 hours to 1 week. However, this didn't affect me in a previous relationship (I was lucky in that my partner also had low libido and was happy to do things not involving me cumming)
The Good:
- It still works. After the refractory period I can have erections just fine.
- It's in the same ballpark size wise.
- The injury affected me mentally a lot at first but now I rarely think of it. There's so much more to life than just your dick.
Overall, I would say you may never fully recover but it's not a big deal. I would just say to try to go as long as possible without masturbating for the first year after the injury, though don't beat yourself up if you do (we're literally hardwired to want to). You just need to make sure that overall your dick has time to recover.
I left out details but happy to answer questions.
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2023.05.28 14:07 remainh1dden Food stuck in throat for 4 days

On Thursday, I was eating my dinner outside and I accidentally swallowed the skin off the kidney beans. I was so anxious so a ew minutes later, I could still feel the sensation in the back of my throat and I tried to cough it out, to no avail. I then drank lots of water to try and wash it down but still felt it there. I then, had this feeling that most of what I ate had not been chewed properly and was stuck in my throat as well (chilli con carne with rice). I kept on drinking my water but felt like it did nothing, I even had lemon & ginger tea.
Symptoms: * Dry feeling in throat * Fullness in the throat * Discomfort in throat * Food stuck in throat * Chest burning/tight sensation * Food stuck in chest * Frequent burping * No pain * Feel like I can't breathe * Altered breathing * Possibly wheezing (?) * Gassy stomach (noisy, bubbling, etc) * Food lodged in throat * Fluids not going down * New foods not going down * Salvia not going down * Food impaction * Lump in throat * Feel like vomiting will relieve symptoms
Fast forward to Friday, I wake up with the sensation still there throughout the day. I'm hungry, stomach is rumbling but I feel like the previous food is still lodged in my throat and is putting me off chewing and eating. Anyway, I attempt my lunch and dinner with anxious thoughts and I continue to drink water but I feel like it still doesn't help.
The same symptoms have been present since Thursday and it's now Sunday. I'm so scared and I do suffer from my anxiety. Thoughts keep going through my mind about *****. Distractions don't work as I can still feel the lump in my throat.
I thought it was globus sensation at first but it doesn't feel like my typical globus experience as it feels like food is actually stuck in my throat. I still haven't told any of my family about this issue because I'm afraid they'll dismiss it as anxiety and I'm "thinking about it it". But the symptoms feel very real and I'm concerned that I have some undiagnosed condition that needs medical attention ASAP.
In terms of seeking help , can't do anything as its bank holiday tomorrow and the hospitals / doctors near me will be closed so will have to wait until Tuesday.
I've been following home remedies like drinking cold milk and drinking tea and they aren't helping. I don't know what todo next.
I'm quite worried that it's serious and I'm going to *** at 24.
I'm on here just looking for advice, and possibly a solution. Does it sound like GERD, cancer, food impaction, globus sensation? or any other throat related condition? Help :(
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2023.05.28 14:07 tiamat96 I dont understand what I'm proving right now and the real motivations under it. I know rationally what I should do, but my emotions push me on the other way. I dont know what to do.

To give a little bit of context: I dated this girl for about 1 year, then I broke up with her because things were no longer working between us after she found out that I had been seeing others in the first time we were seeing each other. I was a jerk, I betrayed her trust, and that made the relationship unmanageable because she simply couldn't trust me anymore. Some time passed, I no longer thought about her, meanwhile I was seeing someone else. With the other person it ends and I meet her again by pure chance and talking with her I find out that she fucked a friend of mine (he kept it from me of course) because she wanted to get back at me/annoy me, she did it once and then didn't give in anymore because she regretted it and felt it was sleazy. I don't know if this involved some "stolen ball syndrome" or what, the fact is that after that we got back together and continued dating for about 2 to 3 years. In November 2022 I broke up with her again, struggling immensely and suffering like a dog, because ours had become a relationship with toxic loops that we couldn't get out of. In the following months we saw each other a few more times to make "peace," since she said she hated me etc etc. I continued to feel bad for months, I missed her, but I didn't want to be weak and fall back into her arms. In the meantime I started seeing another person, who was great and treated me very well, but our relationship did not take off precisely because I was still thinking about her.
Around march my best friend (who has been having trouble approaching girls for years, but I won't dwell on that) asked me if he could hit on my ex, since she had sometimes expressed appreciations about him. On first I didn't want to, then I gave him the go-ahead thinking that this would help me get over her.... I was very wrong. A short time later I found out from him that they actually started dating and that he had already dumped her back for a second time because he preferred another girl he was involved with. I never felt so bad in my life, I couldn't sleep from anger, I think because underneath, even though I had given him the green light, I hoped she would never do that to me for the second time. A short time later I found out that he had started seeing her again for a third time, keeping it from me, this caused big fights between him and me. I also went as well to talk to her, and when I asked her why she was doing this to me, her response was that "she wanted to put herself first, now she's happy with him and she didn't care what that meant for me". She had never been so blunt and detached with me, it killed me. Obviously with my friend I ended the friendship for this situation.
A short time later, as soon as I was finally able to get over this thing, my ex best friend writes me that he left her behind for the 3rd time (after a maximum of 1 and a half months of seeing each other, taking into account that in this period he had left her behind twice already), for various reasons. At first I felt immense joy, as they say "the best revenge is the one not perpetrated". In the meantime, she unblocked me on instagram and started watching my stories again etc etc. One evening we met by chance and we ended up talking for hours and all the affection I remembered was still there. We still had a strong connection, we touched hands, we say sorry to each other for all the suffering we caused one to another, I was so happy, so in peace. In the following days I was in a big pink sphere for what had happened, but at the same time I closed the relationship with the other person who I was seeing, since it didn't seem right to continue seeing each other if I was still thinking about my ex.
To conclude the other day I wrote to her to congratulate about her graduation, telling her that I would have liked to be there, she replied very coldly, when I asked her why she replied that she does not understand what I want to achieve by saying something like this . The reality is that I would just like a signal from her, something that confirms that he still thinks about me, I don't know. I texted her this and today she answered me saying that she is sorry for how I feel, but she cant do anything to help me. I dont understand how we passed from 2 weeks ago with a lot of affection and care, and now she is back to the cold manners, but probably I deserve this treatment.
In light of all this, I really can't understand if what I feel is true and sincere or if it's just the result of all the suffering of these last few months, if I just want to reassert my control over her, if I'm just being a selfish shit or if I really miss her. Emotionally Im convinced that what im proving is real and I feel ready to give all of me for this relationship, but of course I cant be sure and Im worried to wound her again, to wound again both of us.
I don't know what to do, I just want to go back and fight for our relationship, don't let her go, but I know that the correct rational choice is to just let her go and dont insist anymore.
I feel like shit.
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2023.05.28 14:05 Wannabe-Wizard-1007 All Human World & Fantasy Ancestries

Hello. I have been working on a world building project on and off for several years now. It is mostly used for TTRPG campaigns I run. My nerdy high school self loving stuff like Tolkien, Baldur's Gate, & Elder Scrolls meant that world started out as generic. However as time has gone on I have go through multiple rounds of resetting the world and rebuilding. Since I study things like comparative politics, public policy, international relations, political economics, and religious history in college I tend to do these restarts whenever I finished a major semester or year. Right now I am in the middle of another round of rebuilding and had some questions . Sorry for the long setup, I tend to be overly verbose when it comes to stuff that I can care about like worldbuilding.
So the setting I am working on is right now called Mundis. Over time I have shrunken the "known world" down. Decided that it was not really worth adding in all these more outside cultures into a setting for vague ideas of diversity if I wasn't going to be able to give these other cultures their due justice. On of these shrinking efforts resulted in me making it so their were no other ancestries other than humans. After all if I am basing a culture on the Minoan Greeks it kinda feels weird to then make them all nonhuman elves or whatever. Plus other ancestries tend to result in different life spans which makes a historic timeline of the setting more annoying to make or you have to start asking questions about who can breed with who. All and all it is a real headache.
However, I do still like some aesthetic elements associated with ancestries. So I have thought about adding aspects back in, but still making them just minor differences in what are humans. For example have thought about making it so the ancient Celtic like people of my world had elf like ears (again don't know why just always liked that look). Nowadays such a trait is usually only found among the people of the Island Kingdom of Caliden (the primary setting for most of my campaigns). I also wanted to make it so more wolf like peoples live in the northern highlands of Caliden. Cause in the past I made it so the ancient culture of the land thought werewolves were a sacred blessing from Cernun the Slayer & God of the Hunt. Thus in the highlands, where people are more resistant to the missionary efforts of the Church of Magna Matrona, there is still a practice of clan chiefs and their close kin purposely becoming werewolves. Such traditions have made it so the peoples of the highlands clans commonly are more hairy and have sharper teeth. However, they are still normal humans at the end of the day and if it wasn't for people going out of their way to be werewolves then have kids then these traits would go away after a few generations. Then in the north I wanted to give my Finno-Ugric inspired peoples tusk-like teeth, don't have a fully fleshed out reason why, but I already had them using saber tooth tigers as mounts and hunting mammoths, so have some ideas about connecting this to some religious or cultural rites (perhaps some kind of magic blood baptism. That using these more toothy animals blood affects people in way that makes them take on that aspect of these beasts.) Then the last one I thought of was having an cultural group in my ancient Greek inspired island region called the Men-of-Taros. These would be a more traditional, militant, and Minoan inspired people who are also known for having horns on their head. Again don't have a fully fleshed out reason for this.
When it comes to this stuff I am not worried so much if these ideas are bad. I am just worried I am trying to have my cake and eat it too when it comes to having an all human world but keeping aspects of many traditional fantasy ancestries. Not to mention I don't want to seem like I am trying to purposely paint one culture as more "savage" (my goal would be to portrayed something like werewolves in a nuanced way to try to avoid that.) So do you all think I am trying to have it both ways too much and should just bite the bullet, go all normal humans or go back to having some fantasy ancestries again. Again sorry if I my over writing is an annoyance. Also re-posted this since I messed up the title of the last version of this post.
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2023.05.28 14:05 monkeytoheaven Why there aren't anymore Fantasy that feel like a "Fable/Fairytale" ?

I'm currently reading Ryria Revelations and I'm loving it. It's so refreshing after all those heavy fantasy or hard prose that are trending from something like a decade.
But today I was listening to this amazing piece of music and I got lost in the video for at least 20 minutes. Everything now it's realistic medieval, gritty or focussed around Epic wars between humans. Even Ryria Revelations (that is amazing) miss that kind of magic that you can feel in this video, at least until the first book (I still need to read the others). Look, I'm not talking strictly about magic, but more about that sense of wonder when you read about incredible and atypical cities and strange fauna/flora.
What I miss Is what I would call a REAL Fantasy. Everything now feels Just like a re-telling of our history with some lazy magic added and if you are lucky, elves.
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2023.05.28 14:05 gisforgentle Advice for a potential TEFL teacher interested in high earning and saving potential

I'm a 23 year old South African citizen and approximately halfway through my first degree (Bachelor of Public Health). I'm at a major loss as to what to do upon completion of my BPH.
South Africa is in bad shape - in every way imaginable and my parents are encouraging me to immigrate while I'm still relatively young. I will need to further my education if I want to be eligible for the places I'm interested in immigrating to. However, I am not necessarily ready to commit to a Master's yet as I don't actually know what I want to pursue. I don't want to make a mistake as it's a huge financial commitment.
The one thing that is crystal clear is that I'm not getting any younger and I need to make a plan if I want to secure a future for myself.
I have always been interested in TEFL, coming from an entire family (literally) of teachers and professors, the teaching gene is very evident in me. I have come back to the idea of taking the leap and pursuing it. I don't really see any life-altering negatives to it, right? Best case scenario: I find a career that allows me to travel (my biggest passion) and do what I'm best at. Worst cases scenario: I am able to think save up some money for a year or two that will make pursuing my postgraduate studies easier.
Now, let's say I graduate and decide to do this. Where do I go? I'd ideally like to put roots down somewhere in Far East or South East Asia (eventually) but I would definitely be willing to live somewhere where the earning and saving potential is higher for 1-2 years.
I'm thinking of the Middle East? I spent 5 years living in Saudi Arabia a child so it's not a completely foreign region to me (nowhere is, really? I'm a frequent traveler). My A Level English teacher (who I'm very close to and still in contact with) has been working in Kuwait for 4 years now and has actually been made deputy principal of the school she works at. She was making a killing (by TEFL standards) even when she first got there.
I will obviously contact her to enquire, but I also want to ask TEFL teachers on here where they recommend I go based on the information I've provided.
Other information that may be relevant: this will be my first ever job aside from tutoring at my university. I have quite a few tattoos (no neck, face or hands), however, I am willing to cover them up even in hot weather.
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