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The official subreddit for San Diego California, "America's Finest City", we’re a rapidly growing (over 300,000 strong!) community serving the whole of the San Diego. We also serve the various counties, plus info concerning our sister city Tijuana MX in the sharing of information, opinion and events to bring us closer together in the richness & diversity that makes us “America’s finest city” *Please READ our rules before posting*

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2012.10.01 16:05 All things Bravo & Real Housewives!

Discuss all the Real Housewives franchises by Bravo TV with us! You are in the right place for: Real Housewives of Atlanta Beverly Hills New Jersey New York City Orange County Melbourne Miami Toronto Vancouver Potomac Dallas Salt Lake City Vanderpump Rules Summer House Dubai Southern Charm Below Deck Ladies of London Mob Wives and more!

2023.06.08 00:30 JeopardyBenBen An unusual Jeopardy-themed crossword by Matt Gaffney

An unusual Jeopardy-themed crossword by Matt Gaffney submitted by JeopardyBenBen to Jeopardy [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 00:30 Frusty_1 Don't know if I'm hypo

For the past couple of years, I have had occasional hypoglycemic episodes after drinking coffee, specifically Dunkin coffee, but it usually only happened if I didn't eat food with it. However, for the past month and a half, I feel like it's gotten worse. My worst episode happened at the beginning of May. That day I had eaten a couple waffles for breakfast, and a few hours later while I was taking an exam at school, I started feeling extremely dizzy, lightheaded, sweaty, and nauseous. So much so that I felt like I was literally about to pass out. At that moment I tried to just close my eyes and hope it got better. Luckily it got a little better and I was able to finish the exam (which I still ended up failing lol). After that incident, I didn't really think about it too much and just thought I was under stress/pressure. I didn't see another episode until a week later. That day I drank a cup of coffee at home and ate eggs. After about 2-3 hours later, I started experiencing similar symptoms of shakiness, sweats, and nausea. Once I noticed I started to feel that way, I would quickly eat something like a fruit or a granola bar, which helped. For the rest of the day, I did not have any other symptoms. I assumed that the coffee was causing those symptoms, so I avoided coffee for the next couple of weeks. After that time passed, I decided to give coffee another try to see if I "got better." Strangely enough, the coffee did not affect me and I wasn't experiencing hypoglycemic episodes like before. That lasted for another week. Last week I drank my coffee like I usually did, except this time I started experiencing the hypoglycemic symptoms again. The difference with this time was even after I ate fruit when I started to feel shaky, I only had temporary relief, and the symptoms would return. I have since avoided coffee altogether, but still feel hypoglycemic around 3-4 hours after eating breakfast, which usually consists of eggs and whole wheat toast. Almost every day since last week I have had hypo symptoms that are on and off after eating breakfast. I tried increasing the amount of protein and fat, but it still seems to be there. I really don't know what to do. I have a really big exam coming up and my productivity has been severely affected. I got blood work done last August, and everything came out normal. My father has type 2 diabetes, so I'm not sure if this is genetic or if I somehow got diabetes in 9 months. I made an appointment with my doctor, but the earliest date was in July. Any advice would help.
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2023.06.08 00:30 Clone95 Lightsabers are like the Force, they don't work the same way all the time.

Some spoilers ahead for various recent lightsaber showings, mostly out of context.
Lightsabers aren't supposed to bounce.
Sometimes they hit and kill like a knife through butter.
Other times they take many hits to kill, more like an ordinary sword.
And of course, why are we giving deadly weapons to kids?
Welcome to a thought that's been bouncing around in my brain for a few weeks. The idea that, like the Force, the Lightsaber is a weapon that works in different ways both for different wielders, different circumstances, and different training.
We know especially now in canon that lightsaber crystals are somewhat attuned to their wearer, enough so that they must be bled to work properly for those turned to the dark side, and that they can be reclaimed into white crystals after that.
What does that mean?
Kyber crystals have feelings, emotions, bonds with their owner - and more importantly, that attachment to a lightsaber on a force level is crucial to its function. We see inconsistent damage by Jedi's blades, some cutting effortlessly through their foes and objects without concern, others struggling to wound people, causing light burns and cuts in the course of a fight and requiring several hits to do the job.
Sometimes it burns wounds to cautery, other times sloppily bisects an arm and sprays blood over a cantina floor. This can happen sometimes within the same movie or game, like in JFO when Dagan's arm is cut off, while the rest of the game features numerous hits to kill enemies. Some games, like the Jedi Outcast series, dismember on kill and auto-parry, treating the blade as absolute when poked into objects even without an animation.
We know lightsabers are inconsistent between appearances - but what if that's the point? Sometimes it bounces off of basic vibroswords, sometimes it slices through ship plating or cuts entire tie fighters to ribbons.
My thought is that this has something to do with the attunement to a force user that also goes with bleeding. Lightsabers have a mind of their own, connected with the living force. At absolute intent and alignment with a lightsaber, you can hold the blade in your hand if you so choose - though it's not advisable. Likewise, at absolute carelessness and disagreement, a Lightsaber can't even manage to fend off ordinary swords.
Do or do not, there is no try. That's what Yoda, the greatest swordsman in the Jedi Order, says. Because that's how you fight best with a lightsaber. Parrying, reflecting blaster bolts, striking and slashing, if you don't believe in the power of the weapon in your hand, you can't achieve effects with it.
When Obi-Wan's blade bounces in Kenobi, we can treat that as a production oversight - or treat it as Kenobi's relative detachment from a weapon he hasn't used in years, left to rot in the sands of Tatooine. Likewise, when his blade slices clean through Maul's and kills him in the desert, he's at his peak of power, an old Samurai with absolute intention. In the hands of a master like Qui-Gon Jinn, it can cut through multiple layers of blast doors, but can't hope to do so in the hands of a non-user, sloppily whirring about like Paz Visla, who finds the relatively powerful Darksaber catching on random objects.
And of course, when it comes to family, you rarely want to kill eachother or have pure dark or light intent. Luke and Vader are bouncing those blades all over the place, but that's the most intense
What can we conclude from this variety of showings with lightsabers? Is Disney/Lucas inconsistent with how they're supposed operate, or are they as attuned to the force as their users, and as inconsistent?
Hard to say, but I'm increasingly of the opinion that how well attuned you are to a lightsaber and focused you are as a wielder lets you achieve things with the blade that are incredible, and if you're neither of those things you'll struggle to make your magic laser sword be as magical as it can be. Hopefully ya'll find this helpful to think about.
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2023.06.08 00:30 AutoModerator General Questions Thread, June 07, 2023

A thread for new collectors to ask basic questions of the community.
Frequently Asked Questions below!
A longer version of the subreddit rules is here.
For questions specifically concerning bootlegs or vendor legitimacy, please ask in the Bootleg Megathread.
NSFW & Spoiler Guidelines
  • For Self Posts: include a bolded NSFW note next to links in that post.
  • For Links to sites/images: If the figure is NSFW, or the website has any NSFW content (including ads) be sure to tag your post NSFW and use the appropriate link flair.
Any collection posts containing bootlegs, comments advocating buying bootlegs, or links to sites selling bootlegs, recasts, or unlicensed merchandise will be removed.
People often ask about the legitimacy and/or safety of a number of websites which sell large resin statues. The more commonly-asked of those deal primarily in resins from studios which do not have a license from the Japanese IP holders to produce merchandise. Therefore links to those sites are not permitted here. Another sign is if MyFigureCollection doesn't list the either the statue, its manufacturer, or the shop it's being sold on.
My Figure Collection is like MyAnimeList... but for figures! Their database includes thousands of items which been produced during the last couple of decades, along with reviews of shops and other helpful articles. One can also list their own collection and post gallery photos.
AmiAmi HobbySearch Mandarake (sells rare figures) Good Smile Company Online Shop (often has exclusives) Good Smile Company US shop Crunchyroll Shop Hobby Link Japan (aka HLJ) Solaris Japan (MFC partner) BigBadToyStore (MFC partner, US retailer) Big in Japan (also has proxy service) Tokyo Otaku Mode Right Stuf FigureHaven Archonia (EU) Yorokonde (EU) Figuya (EU) Dekai Anime (UK) Gamersheek (UK) Jungle
List of retailers on MFC
/AnimeFigures' List of Retailers
Community Guide to Shopping in Japan
Nekomagic (News/Previews) NyaaFigurines (Reviews/Releases) Kahotan's Blog (News/Reviews) Figma Blog (JP)

Buying & Shipping

1. What’s the best place to buy my anime figures from?
That’s going to depend a lot on what works for you, but most people around here buy them from Amiami, Big in Japan, Hobby Search, HobbyLink Japan, or Tokyo Otaku Mode. If none of those work for you for whatever reason, there’s a list of reputable retailers in the sidebar that you can check out at any time. Be extra careful when ordering figures from websites like Amazon or ebay, as there are a lot of bootlegs on those sites. Don’t be afraid to ask in our Bootleg Megathread if you’re unsure.
2. What differences are there between the shipping options I get from most Japanese shops?
Below is a rundown of the main shipping choices you’ll get at most retailers. Keep in mind that if an order is large enough you will be forced to use one of the more expensive options, as SAL shipments have lower size and weight restrictions.
  • Unregistered SAL: Sometimes referred to as uSAL, is usually the cheapest method. It does not come with any tracking or insurance. Usually takes up 2-4 weeks for delivery.
  • Registered SAL: Sometimes referred to as rSAL, is insured for the declared value up to 6,000 yen. It comes with a tracking number and usually takes 2-4 weeks for delivery.
  • EMS: This method of shipping is much faster than either SAL options, usually arriving within a week of shipment. EMS shipments are insured for the declared value up to 2,000,000 yen.
  • Airmail
  • E-packet
  • Surface: Shops don't offer this very often. It's an actual cargo ship and slow as a result.
  • DHL: Becoming more available as an alternative to EMS on AmiAmi and other sites. Can be less expensive than EMS and of comparable speed, but may be more reliant on the specific geographical area being shipped to. The price is also determined by the size of the box. Offers their own tracking.
3. I placed two+ orders for figures at different times. Will my items be shipped together, or will I have to pay shipping twice?
Most shops will ask you to pay shipping on a per-order basis, but here are some that will allow combined shipping:
  • Amiami: You can combine orders here, as long as the orders ship in the same month. It doesn’t matter if the item is new or preowned. Any preorders that are set for that month can also be combined with other orders for that month. However, be aware that if the preorder gets delayed, Amiami will remove that item from that month’s shipment and place it on a new order. To combine orders on Amiami, use the “Combine Orders” feature under “My Account”.
  • Hobby Search: Hobby Search will let you combine orders that release in the same month, but you cannot combine in stock items with preorders. If you want to combine multiple preorders, or multiple in stock items, you can do so using the “Order Recombination” feature on your account page.
  • HobbyLink Japan: At HLJ, you have the option to send paid orders to their “Private Warehouse”, where you can store them for up to 2 months. When you’re ready to ship the items, you simply select which items to ship and HLJ will combine them into one shipment for you. To use this, just select the “Private Warehouse” option as shipping when you order.
If you’re unsure about whether or not a shop we haven’t listed will combine your orders, please refer to their individual FAQs.
4. When will I get charged for my preorder?
Most Japanese shops charge you once the item is in stock and ready for shipment. When that happens, they will send you an email asking for payment. Some shops (mostly overseas ones), will allow you to pay for the item up front though, if you’d like. A few with that option are:
  • Big in Japan (Japanese store)
  • Tokyo Otaku Mode
  • Anime Island
  • Crunchyroll
Keep in mind that overseas stores will likely get the figure a few months after Japanese ones, so pay attention to the release date stated on the website you are buying from so as to avoid that confusion.
5. Should I expect to pay customs fees when importing figures?
That depends on where you live. Here’s a quick rundown:
  • Australia: 10% GST is now assessed up front.
  • Canada: Minimum declared value for charges is around CAD$20 for regular shipments, and CAD$60 for gifts (gifting something only seems to lower the declared value by about CAD$40, not deplete it completely). When using Amiami, try their Small Air Packet option. It comes with tracking, gets there in about the same time as EMS, and is better at avoiding customs.
  • European Union: As of 1st July 2021, VAT has to be paid on all goods imported from outside of the EU. Retailers are supposed charge VAT for purchases under €150, however many Japanese retailers currently do not, so VAT will be charged when your order arrives in the EU. Orders that are >€150, VAT and duty will be charged by your local customs.
  • UK: As of 1st January 2021, VAT is to be charged by retailers for orders <£135. However, customs isn't currently charging VAT on parcels valued at <£135, even if the VAT hasn't been paid. Goods >£135 will have their VAT and duty calculated and charged by customs.
  • Mexico: Minimum declared value for customs fees is USD$300 for shipments by post, and USD$50 for shipments by courier.
  • United States: A shipment has to have a declared value of USD$2,000 before customs starts hitting you with fees, so you most likely won’t have to worry about them at all.
6. The figure I want is an exclusive, how do I go about ordering one outside of Japan?
You have three options for this:
A. Big in Japan is known to stock exclusive figures and ship to other countries. Usually the price is higher because they build in their proxy fees, but it’s easier than worrying about using a forwarder or proxy service. If you live in the US, Crunchyroll, Right Stuf, and Tokyo Otaku Mode also get exclusives sometimes, but out of the states the shipping can get expensive.
B. Forwarding Services: A forwarder is someone who you ship an exclusive item to so that they can forward the package on to you, usually for a flat fee + shipping. When using a forwarder you still make the purchase yourself, and enter their address into the shipping field. When the box arrives at the forwarder they will then stick your address onto the package and send it on its way.
Some popular forwarders are:
Be sure to read each sites instructions on forwarding carefully!
C. Proxy Services: With a proxy, you tell them what the item you’re looking for is and they will purchase it in your stead. This is handy for when a company doesn’t accept foreign credit cards, or you’re having trouble navigating a Japanese website.
Some popular proxies are:
Again, be sure you thoroughly read through each sites proxy instructions.
7. I see a bunch of really cheap figures that ship from China on ebay. Are those okay to buy?
Generally, no. They’re most likely bootlegs. If you want a second opinion on that, feel free to ask in the Bootleg Megathread that’s always stickied at the top of the sub.
8. What’s a bootleg, and how can I avoid buying them?
A bootleg is a counterfeit figure often made using rejected molds of the official product. They are usually priced significantly lower than the genuine article, and in order to make their profit, bootleggers use lower quality materials and have less attention to detail- resulting in a substandard figure.
The Bootleg Megathread that I mentioned in question 7 is a great tool to avoid buying any bootlegs. It has a few tips and tricks to avoiding them to begin with, and a few more on how to spot them if you’re worried you might already own one.
9. Does anyone know when figure X is going to be released? How do I know if it was delayed?
My Figure Collection (sometimes referred to as MFC) does an excellent job of staying on top of information like release dates and delays. If you’re curious about an upcoming figures release date, check there first. This information can be found directly under the “Releases” section on a figure’s entry. If you only see a month and a year in that section, it means the release date has not yet been announced by the manufacturer, and there is still a chance the figure could be delayed.
If you make an account on MFC you can also subscribe to comments, changes, and pictures via a checkbox on the right hand side of a figure’s listing. Subscribing to any of these things will allow MFC to send you an email anytime the subscription in question updates. Subscribing to “changes” is a great way to keep up with release dates and delays, among other things.
10. The figure I want is long sold out at normal retailers! What’s the best place to pick it up in the aftermarket?
A list of reputable retailers can be found under the “Shops” section of the /AnimeFigures sidebar. They all sell legitimate products, and many of them also sell figures second hand. However, the most frequently suggested second hand sites are Mandarake and Amiami- who has a preowned section that they update every night save Sundays and Japanese holidays around 1PM JST and again around 6PM JST.
AmiAmi grades their pre-owned items on a letter scale. The general consensus from buyers is that their ratings are conservative, so unless the item and/or packaging is specifically indicated as having significant flaws, pre-owned items from them are usually in at least as good a condition as their rating suggests.
Note: When you search Mandarake, you’ll get the best results by using the Japanese characters for whatever you are searching. If you don’t know them, you can find them on MFC by clicking on any of the “details” in that figure’s listing.
11. Amiami has a figure I’m interested in labeled as “For sale in Japan only”. Does this mean I can’t order it without a proxy or forwarder?
No, you can still order it. Amiami’s English site has that warning on many items, and it’s mostly meant to inform you that this product was made for a Japanese market, and as such, will have Japanese speaking/writing in it- so don’t expect any instructions to be in English. If Amiami doesn’t want foreigners buying a certain product, they won’t even list it on their English site.

Displaying Your Figures

12. What display cases do you recommend?
If you live near an Ikea try out one of these:
*If you decided on a Detolf, you might find that there is a lot of wasted space. Here are a few tutorials on raising the shelves or and adding extra ones in.
If you don’t live near an Ikea, Amazon has a few display options, though they are more expensive. Also keep an eye on your local Craigslist (or your country’s equivalent) and stores near you that are closing up.
13. What lighting do you guys recommend?
Ikea’s Dioder LED strips were discontinued after a long run. A current version is the Vattensten, if you're inclined to buy your case and lights at the same time.
LED strips have become very commonly available in recent years; most hardware and home furnishing stores carry a selection now. Just make sure that the lights don’t get too hot!
14. What are those clear plastic boxes that I see under everyone’s figures in their collection posts, and where can I get them?
Those are called risers. Most of us use standard acrylic risers like these. Some other, easy to find things that have been suggested are:
Check your local hobby store for the first 2 options, or your local hardware store if you want to make your own.
Another common suggestion is to visit The Container Store if you have one near you. They have a lot of things to choose from that can suit a variety of needs. Be sure to check out their standard acrylic risers, their Amac boxes, and the various display cases they sell (baseball cases, mini car cases. hockey puck cases, etc).
15. Should I keep my figures sealed?
That is, of course, up to you really, but here are a few things to keep in mind when debating this question:
  • Keeping it sealed can actually damage your figure. PVC figures usually have something called plasticizer in them, and that plasticizer needs to be able to breath. If a PVC figure isn’t exposed to oxygen, after a period of time the plasticizer starts to break down and form a sticky substance on the surface of the figure. Simply opening your figures and taking them out of the box prevents this from happening. If you happen to find plasticizer goo on one of your figures, Kahotan has a handy guide for dealing with it.
  • Unlike some other figure markets, keeping an anime figure sealed won’t raise its value by a whole lot. In fact, because of the plasticizer problem mentioned above, your figure could actually be in better condition if you open it versus keeping it sealed.

Finding the Right Figure(s) for You

16. What are "scales" and "prizes"? What is the difference between them?
Those are classifications for figures based on a few factors.
  • "Prizes" are generally more simply produced figures which are intended to be given as prizes for playing arcade games. They are inexpensive and lack the detail of scale figures, though some prize figure lines have standouts which may approach lower-end scales in quality. That is uncommon and often depends on the individual figure.
  • "Scales" are called such because they are nominally designed to be proportional to the dimensions of the character which they are based on. They are generally of much better manufacture and materials than prize figures, allowing for more detail in painting, accessories, or complex poses.
  • "Trading" figures appear in gashapon machines or as blind boxes on shop counters, often as sets which include multiple characters. As suggested by the class name, the randomness encourages trading. They are usually very inexpensively-produced, though as with prizes, some series are better than others.
  • "Non-scale" encompasses a variety of other categories. It is often used to describe poseable figure lines such as figma and Nendoroids.
In recent years producers such as Good Smile Company attempted to further bridge the gap between prize quality and scales by introducing figure lines which are intended to be moderately-priced while retaining a higher level of detail than the typical prize figure, to varying levels of success.
17. There are so many figure companies! Who makes good figures?!
Obviously this is a very subjective question, but as a general starting point, here are a few well renowned figure companies:
  • Alter
  • Max Factory
  • Good Smile Company
  • Kotobukiya (usually hit or miss for people. Use your best judgement based off of the prototype)
  • Flare
  • Stronger
18. I really love “series X / character X”- how can I check if any figures were ever made for it?
My Figure Collection can be your best friend here. Simply do a search on the name of the series or character using the search bar located at the top right of the screen, and all associated figures pop up!
Alternatively, if you’re looking at a figure’s MFC entry, most of the text under the “Details” section can be clicked on and used to run a search.
19. How can I commission a custom figure?
None of the major figure companies (Alter, Kotobukiya, Good Smile Company, etc.) will take a commission for a single figure. This thread has a few websites in it that you can check out, or you can look into garage kits. Some kit painters would be willing to resculpt, frankenstein together, or otherwise modify kits for the right price.
If you're looking for help completing a garage kit, /brushforhire may be useful.

Keeping Up with New Announcements

20. How can I keep up with figure news (announcements, updates, etc.)?
Most people use a MFC combined with any or all of the following news sites:
Many figure companies are active on Twitter, so following them there is recommended for quicker news.
To use MFC for this I’ll quote question #9.
If you make an account on MFC you can also subscribe to comments, changes, and pictures via a checkbox on the right hand side of a figure’s listing. Subscribing to any of these things will allow MFC to send you an email anytime the subscription in question updates. Subscribing to “changes” is a great way to keep up with release dates and delays, among other things.
Most companies have one or more Twitter accounts. Some examples: Good Smile Company sales, Good Smile's USA branch, Max Factory, AmiAmi Hobby News.
21. Everyone’s excited about something called Wonfes….. what the heck is that?!
WonFes (short for Wonder Festival) is a biannual figure expo where many figure producers (both large and small) show off new sculpts and updates to figures already under way. Most companies save their most exciting announcements for WonFes, so we all look forward to the expo whenever it rolls around! Winter Wonder Festival is usually held in February, while Summer Wonder Festival is usually in July. The event has also spread to Shanghai, in the late spring.
22. One or two (or 15) figures were announced at WonFes that I’m really excited about! How can I keep track of their progress once the event is over?
MFC is always really quick about getting new WonFes announcements (or any others throughout the year, for that matter) listed in their database, so we suggest using that. To find a figure from the event you can search any number of things, including the name of the character or the name of the show. You can also use the tag search to search “WonderFestival 20xx_[season]” to see all items announced at that event.
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2023.06.08 00:29 Stollius New Team

New Team
Thinking about building this team for this week/upcoming FUT Champs. Thoughts?
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2023.06.08 00:29 carbonacity [USA-IL] [H] ASUS PRIME Z690-P WIFI D4 MOBO [W] PayPal, Local Cash

Hello, this z690 board was RMA'd and has been sitting in my closet for a couple of weeks now. Hasn't been used since receiving it from ASUS. If you're wondering what the RMA was for, it was for a physical defect with the USB 3.0 connector.
Looking for $130 shipped, $120 local to 60045. If you have a different price in mind, feel free to contact me to discuss.
Comment before PMing.
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2023.06.08 00:29 Friendly-Ad6860 Clothes charities with delivery

I’m receiving some stickers weekly from clothing charity companies. Put the bags outside with the sticker on them, nobody picked them up. Tried to call but the number was unreachable. Is this a scam?
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2023.06.08 00:29 NoQuail7146 I need some help

So hey i bought my kqi3 pro like 2 weeks ago and something has been wrong so first of all if im not going downhill the speed does not really go past 16mph and it always overheats after like 30 min it’s like 22c in Sweden so it should not overheat and i weigh like 87 and my little britjer who weighs maybe 53 also has the samme issues when riding the same scooter what can be the cause of this tire psi?
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2023.06.08 00:29 wimpitron [NA] [Proudmoore] Ministry of Love - 8/9H - Tuesday 7-9pm pacific

**About us** The Ministry of Love is a LGBTQ+ led and friendly safe space. We enjoy pushing M+ and heroic raiding with AOTC each tier. We also foster a gaming community of all things non-WoW with friends outside WoW that will join in a number of other gaming activities. Due to the disheartening allegations against ABK and Shadowlands just being not very fun, the guild took a collective break from WoW in Shadowlands Season 3. Members have slowly returned and we've made some new friends along the way. We've decided to reform the Ministry of Love and get back to murder hoboing some Big Bads. We have 8/9H experience with another team and are looking to finish off that 9/9H. **Our current recruitment goal** We are looking to fill out a small raiding roster to complete AOTC for Dragonflight season 2 and prepare for season 3. **Raid times** To complete Season 2 we only expect to raid 1 night a week, Tuesday from7-9pm Pacific. Invites will go out starting 6:45 and we expect to be pulling by 7pm. When season 3 comes around, we expect to add a second raid night. Most likely Thursdays and this will be discussed further as Season 3 comes closer. **What we're looking for** Firstly, we’re always happy to invite new friends just looking for a social experience, or add to the roster of people interested in Mythic+ dungeons. For the raid, a healer is our priority recruit, with a preference towards Priest/Shaman/Evoker. Flex healedps and pure dps recruits are also welcome! **Contact** If you’re interested in talking to us feel free to reach out: Jolly: Wimpitron#2152 (btag) or Wimpitron (discord) Bearhug: Callipygian#1228 (btag) or unique.user.names.suck (discord)
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2023.06.08 00:29 Stock_End2255 Is this a root or a new leaf?

Is this a root or a new leaf?
What is this little bit that is separating on the left? Is it a root or a leaf? I thought it was just a leaf, but there is a thin white line that is maybe a root?
It is a pearl and jade pothos, and I’ve had it for a week. Please don’t mind my chopstick floatation device.
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2023.06.08 00:29 ShorttStuff Please enjoy my attempt at creating a peaceful video of my aquarium. Watch to the end for the surprise!

Please enjoy my attempt at creating a peaceful video of my aquarium. Watch to the end for the surprise!
Newly established 40 gallon breeder after my 36 bowfront cracked two weeks ago! All residents are doing great! Going completely natural this time around with all live plants and wood. Residents include Jerry the Blue dwarf Gourami, six ember tetras, six neon tetra, six albino Cory cats, two nerite snails, one mystery snail and countless shrimp! Surprise guest is 11 year old Sonny Boy, who refuses to share attention lol
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2023.06.08 00:29 Ok_Inevitable_8055 Run-time error '5'

Run-time error '5'
Hello all,
Let me start with "I have 0 experience"
I am trying to take a workbook with multiple spreadsheets (60+) and save each sheet as its own PDF. have to save each and every one, every week.
Could someone please help me figure out what I'm doing wrong (preferably dumb it down)? I've tried youtube videos and each macro I try, I get errors, but this was the closest to what I needed.
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2023.06.08 00:29 UseDue602 Eternal or Veronica?

Playing the game for a week now. And I wonder, if I should get Veronica or Eternal. Almost everyone says that Veronica is a must in this game? But Eternal looks awesome. Though, reading her kit, she is more of a niche counter against Earth elementals. For reference, I have Val, Francesca, Rhona, and the Vampire girl with big scissor as 3*.
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2023.06.08 00:28 NoCommute New remote job at Openly

Openly is hiring a Claims Team Leader, Property (Remote, US)
NoCommute is a free daily newsletter with just-posted remote jobs. To get hundreds of jobs like this sent to your email 5x a week, subscribe here.
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2023.06.08 00:28 Sunny-Rocket (Online) 5E Homebrew Game 7 P.M CST Wednesday

Hi, my name's Chase, and I'm looking for a group of 4-5 players to join a DND 5E long term game. This campaign will be set in a homebrew world with its own lore. The game is Wednesdays, weekly, 7pm CST with each session expected to last around 4 hours, but with some possibility of going to 5, with plans to start next week. If you're interested, feel free to friend me on discord @ ChaseTheChicken#2298, and we can see if you're interested and if you'll be a good fit.
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2023.06.08 00:28 vizslamom24 Anyone else going through this? (birth injuries/ prolapse)

Hi everyone, I wanted to reach out and see if anyone here has any experience with these birth injuries?
(content warning: birth trauma, birth injuries)
5 months ago I gave birth to my happy, healthy baby girl. She is awesome- I truly feel like I won the lottery. I am completely in love with her and am loving motherhood more than I ever could have expected.
However, I did have a traumatic birth (vaginal delivery) with her which left me with some pretty serious birth injuries, one of which is permanent. My daughter had to be resuscitated at birth and thankfully is perfectly healthy today.
I won’t go into detail re: my birth story but in the past 5 months I have dealt with: 1) pubic symphysis diastasis (mine was severe enough that I would scream when lifting my foot one inch off the ground while in the hospital- and I had SPD in my third trimester so I’m no stranger to pelvic pain), 2) super painful muscle spasms in my pelvic floor, 3) what we suspect are torn pelvic floor muscles or ligaments stretched beyond rebound limits- hard to tell, 4) stubborn scar tissue on one of my two internal second degree tears, 5) a hematoma on said scar tissue which has since popped (that was fun), and 6) stage 2/3 bladder prolapse.
I had kidney stones while pregnant and did 12 hours of unmediated back labor before I got my epidural so I know what extreme pain feels like and the pain from these postpartum complications- it didn’t even register on a pain scale for me. I remember trying to walk from the bathroom to the bedroom 5 days postpartum and just being absolutely stunned that you can experience that level of pain and still be conscious. It was the worst pain of my entire life.
I have been in pelvic floor PT since 6 weeks postpartum and I do my home exercise program daily. I am religious about doing all the things I need to do to keep my symptoms manageable (using proper technique when lifting objects, etc). Most of the above issues have resolved aside from the prolapse but I am becoming very disheartened by the reality that the prolapse is something I’ll have to try to manage lifelong. It is really negatively affecting my quality of life. I had 2-3 good days so I pushed myself too far by allowing myself to hold my daughter for longer periods while standing/walking and dancing to music while holding her which caused a major exacerbation in prolapse symptoms which I am still recovering from. I haven’t even thought about running, jumping, or lifting anything heavier than my daughter as the little I try to venture out and do seems to cause a major symptom flare up.
I’m only 5 months pp so of course there is time left to improve, but I’m discouraged that my symptoms are still this bothersome this far out despite me doing my PT exercises religiously and being very careful about what I do throughout the day. There isn’t an hour during the day that I don’t have to think about what I’m doing/ how I’m doing it and how it will affect my symptoms.
Is there anyone else on here going through this? My husband and I had always planned on two kids but the thought of enduring another recovery anything similar to this is just not something I can fathom doing. How careful I am about lifting things and how religiously I do my PT exercises not to mention all the follow-up appts I’ve had for postpartum complications is something I don’t think is even possible to manage while caring for two young kids.
Obviously, if we ever had a second, I would go for an elective c-section, but a subsequent pregnancy itself would put a lot of strain on my pelvic floor. I just don’t think I’m willing to risk my quality of life for a hypothetical second child. I’m only 27 so I have time to decide (but on the other hand, if I recovered this poorly at 27 I can’t imagine how bad another postpartum recovery would be for me years from now). My pelvic floor PT has also commented that the ability to “bounce back” from pelvic floor trauma significant decreases starting mid to late 30’s in her clinical experience. That fact alone puts me off from trying to do this again too far in the future.
I apologize for the wall of text here. I’m just hoping to find someone who can relate to this and be my crystal ball so to speak. If you endured something similar, what did your recovery look like 1-2 years down the road?
I’m so sorry if any of you can relate to my experience- it is truly unbelievable what we go through physically and emotionally to bring these babies into the world.
To anyone reading this in the future- I’m more than happy to circle back around and update on my postpartum recovery progress.
And I cannot recommend pelvic floor PT enough- we have resolved all issues above (except for the prolapse) with PT alone and are still working on muscle strengthening to alleviate prolapse symptoms. PT has been life changing!
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2023.06.08 00:28 Abject-Squirrel352 Love scenes in Kristin Lavransdatter (1995)?

From doing some skimming, I see that the book 'Kristin Lavransdatter' has some mildly steamy romance scenes. I'll be watching the 1995 Liv Ullmann movie adaptation with the parents next week, and was looking for some more info. For anyone who has seen it, are there any romance scenes in the movie that would be uncomfortable to watch in this company?
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2023.06.08 00:28 Over_Buy6564 Severe pain and swelling at injection sites

I have been on TRT now for four weeks. I started doing sub q 40mg each twice a week. Every time no matter where I did it I had some pretty bad pain, swelling and redness at the injection site. The pain would start 24 to 48 hours after the injection and last two weeks and it was pretty sever. After two weeks of pain I have a hard lump that was left. I am injecting Testosterone Cypionate. My doctor suggested moving to IM injections which I did for the first time Monday into my thigh. Today (Wednesday, two days later) I can barely put any weight on my leg and am limping around. Has this happened to anyone else? If so any suggestions to remedy. I am following all the protocols I.e. disinfecting the site and top of vile, tried both angled and 90 degree for sub q and did 90 degree with a 1.5 inch needle for IM. For the sub q I used a 1 inch needle. I Injected sub q into my stomach multiple times as well as buttocks. Buttocks was the worst and swelled up to almost the size of a softball. I canceled my refill of Cypionate for the coming month and about to try the Troche. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I am feeling the positive effects but the pain is not making it worthwhile.
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2023.06.08 00:28 dont_tread_on_dc is working out outside counter productive with this pollution?

I am a fitness junky. I usually work out outside 5-7 times a week. I really want to work out outside. I am concerned since I work out pretty hard it would increase my breathing and I would breathe in a bunch of pollution. Is this worse than not working out? How bad is breathing in smoke for 30 minutes from a wildfire far away?
I dont have an indoor option.
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2023.06.08 00:28 backcountry90320 Can you buy T-bills without any downtime in interest when transferring from bank to treasurydirect?

I went to treasurydirect and submitted a 4-week T-bill.
Auction date: 6-8-23
Issue date: 6-13-23
Does this meant that they will draft my funds from my bank (4.15% APY) and then won't being the T-bill until 6-13...resulting in 5 days without interest accruing?
If this is true, then is there a downtime between the next T-bill if I signed up for auto-continuing? And also a downtime when finally transferring back to my bank?
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2023.06.08 00:28 Count_DrugEULA Relapse After 50 Days Off Blues And I Am Still Struggling.

Following a head injury. However, current findings are still ambiguous to develop a certain experience or action repeatedly, that pathway is reinforced and strengthened. Did the security find out it was really delicious!: trying to lower my benzo use. I currently have 110BPM in resting position and my wife micro dosed some fent & H, and started doing speed street 10-15% at around 11pm last night.
I really think I should stop drinking, especially after what happened yesterday but when I woke up yesterday at 11am and started painting. I was smokin 10-20 pills a day for over a week max to get some and did as I can dose accordingly. I only have a drink together. I took 1.5mg clonazepam like a couple days off work.
As an addict in recovery. I know this drug is very important that you think will work for USPS tracking however. I am sorry for all medical cost which I can't quite make out coming from the lorazepam so opted for some help and not jack up tolerance. Like the name implies, this type of tissue connects other tissues and is a possibility this is fiendish lol but I ain't tryna do meth.
Today I fucking downed about 75mg or so of liquid Valium I was so naive and stupid last year to ever start this. In summary Just to clarify, a traumatic brain injuries, it appears they are treated similarly.
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2023.06.08 00:28 tattooedbeanz Customer Service Shipping

Hi! I recently had bought a 40oz tumbler from target and after I walked out of the store I had noticed the straw was chipped in a way where it made it hard for the liquid to come up. Since I had already used it by this point I didn’t think I could return it, but this group had actually recommended to call the customer support line to get a replacement straw. They ordered it for me, but it’s been nearly a week already with no update on shipping. I was just wondering how long it usually takes to arrive?
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