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2023.05.28 15:50 Nailingluck2872 Do you think I should wish my ex à happy birthday?

For context he dumped me. Although I get his reasons, on the long run we just would not work out. Hut what hurt me the most is the way he broke up with me. It was on a call, where he gaslighted me then hung up on me. I felt like he didn’t even respect the friendship we had. He did reach out to me few days later saying that we have to take some time appart and then talk again cause he still wants us to be friends and not strangers. I never replied to that text. But his birthday is coming up, and I feel so guilty to not wish him a happy birthday. When it was my birthday last year, he tool 3 trains to come see me, and so much presents and I spent the best birthday ever with him. And now I feel so bad, I never imagined stuff to get this bad between us, what do you think I should do v
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2023.05.28 15:50 ProgPilgrim Blocked drains

Blocked drains
Hi! Looking to get a sense for what the problem is here, whether I can solve myself or what kind of professional is needed if not.
Drain at side of kitchen takes all waste from sinks, shower, washing machine and boiler condensation. Recently, it has begun to block / empty very slowly, and to smell bad. I’m worried this water could potentially be going into foundations instead of it’s not draining properly, and I don’t have a clear idea of what goes on below this drain hole.
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2023.05.28 15:49 carter_h0lland 4 days nofap

Left a toxic relationship where I was fappinh to cope and lying to her about it, I’m not proud of it but she was hostile even at the thought which mad it hard to come to her with my situation, I’m four days clean and I feel no different I don’t think, this is honestly the longer I’ve gone in years and I’m just proud of myself :)
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2023.05.28 15:49 notsure-neversure [DISC] can y’all help me find a manga I read as a teen?

I’m sorry if this is against the rules, I am not sure where else to go! I’ve googled as many things as I can remember about this manga to no avail. Truthfully I can’t remember much except the art!!
When I was a teenager in middle school, around 2006-2007ish, I bought it off the shelf at Barnes & Nobles because I liked the art. I had two volumes but there were more. It was a magical girl themed manga with elongated characters like in Sailor Moon. It was definitely more 80’s/90’s shoujo style.
The first book is her call to action sort of thing, and there were several male “knights” that were supposed to aid her in her quest. They were also somehow tied to the elements. I remember distinctly one of the covers had one of the male characters, who had black hair and a light blue ornate outfit. The female main character also had dark hair and her transformation outfits were frilly, with lace.
One of the most striking pages I remember is the main character in a flowing/floating gown with the blue outfit male character on his knees with his head pressed into her stomach.
I know this is really vague but this has been bugging me for a long time now. Does anyone remember a manga like this??
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2023.05.28 15:49 Ruff_Magician Building inspection failure

Ok so I bought an apartment back in February but I didn't move in to it straight away as I was working away. I had a building inspection done and everything was fine with the property. Just prior to settlement, I had a pre purchase inspection done and again everything was fine. But I've just moved into the apartment this week and the oven doesn't work. I've gone back and read the building inspection report and it states that the oven is working but after looking at the pictures, you can see that only the hob is working and the oven has no lights showing on the front so it obviously wasn't working when the inspection was done. What id like to know is, what should I do next? Is there a recourse for me? I've paid for an inspection, the picture in the inspection shows that the oven isn't working but the report states that it does. Can the building inspector be liable for fixing it?
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2023.05.28 15:49 Stridyr DeX mode tips

Use a black wallpaper. These displays treat black as 'off', so anything that is black is transparent. A black wallpaper means that you can see thru it. Put your apps in the corners and you have a 'HUD'.
Put DeX into 'Dark mode'. While in DeX, go to Settings / Display and change it from "Light" to "Dark".
Remove any icons, use groups. Anything on the Desktop is distracting. The only icons you want on your desktop are the ones that will be covered by the applications that you will launch while in DeX.
Use Floating Clock. This allows you to have a resizable time, date and battery life displayed, without a background. I use it as 'always on top' so that it's on top of any windows that I create.
Use a Bluetooth mouse/keyboard. There are a variety of available options, from the Tap Strap to a normal m/k combo, including a wireless trackball and folding keyboard/trackpad.

If you have any more tips, please post!
Hope this helps someone!
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2023.05.28 15:49 TrailKaren Visiting Upstate NY and saw this guy in the corner of the closet

Visiting Upstate NY and saw this guy in the corner of the closet
I think it’s the same one I saw in the kitchen yesterday but not sure…sorta skittish and was very interested in trying to maneuver into the corner moulding. Body without legs about an inch/just over an inch.
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2023.05.28 15:48 Sudden-Structure420 A dumb thought about the Periodic Table

A dumb thought about the Periodic Table
Optional Context; I’m writing a fictional story, looking at the possibility of new elements - kind of based on gaps on the periodic table before. Because I want this to be as realistic as possible, I want to replicate reality as closely as I can. I know that the elements are organized based off their atomic mass, and at about 118, they’re typically unstable.
While trying to learn about elements, a thought occurred to me: is it possible we’re viewing chemistry in a very black and white perception? What I refer to is the stuff we don’t see, what the unstable elements do. At one point, the universe fit into the smallest measurement ever created. Is it possible that there’s a ton of reactions and elements that we can’t measure? I know that if you can’t see it, hear it, feel it, or measure it, it doesn’t exist - but we couldn’t even see the quantum world until relatively recently.
My thought is that there are elements or reactions that we don’t know of that could change everything we know about modern chemistry. In particular, interactions between heat and decay. Is it possible that energy actually can be created, but this synthetic version is too unstable to last long? My thought is that heat gives off energy at the same exact time that some elements decay and releases energy.
All this could be pretty dumb. I could be acting uneducated, but I think it’s interesting; especially with the Big Bang theory possibly being wrong (linked)
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2023.05.28 15:48 a_flower_named_you FT: BDSP and PLA Shinies, Aprishinies in SV, Shiny H Zorua, Shiny Oshawott, Shiny Female Froakie, 6IV Aprimons LF: Shiny female H Zorua, Shiny Female Own Tempo Rockruff, Aprishinies in SV, or Apriballs

All Pokemon are self obtained in random encounters besides Dudunsparce, and the shiny starters and H Zorua, which were via Sandwich and Masuda method respectively. I also received the Great Tusk from this trade. OT Gabo ID 20184
Since Home is coming out soon (fingers crossed lol) I also have a lot of Shinies from BDSP and PLA that I'm looking to trade away!
OT: memo ID:131180

Pokemon Gender and Level IVs Nature
Dudunsparce (Heal Ball) M, 61 VG/D/D/PG/D/PG Hardy
Froakie (Moon Ball) F, 1 B/D/B/B/B/B Brave
Oshawott (Luxury Ball) M, 1 B/B/VG/B/B/B Calm
Great Tusk (Friend Ball) 59 D/PG/D/D/D/PG Naughty
Eiscue (Dream Ball) M, 49 D/D/PG/PG/PG/D Gentle
Eiscue (Dream Ball) M, 50 D/D/PG/PG/B/B Bashful
Espathra (Moon Ball) F, 43 Pg/PG/VG/VG/D/D Quiet
H Zorua (Moon Ball) M, 1 B/B/B/B/PG/B Timid
I will only be willing to trade the Female Froakie for another shiny female starter or something like shiny female hisuian zorua, in an Apriball if that's possible, I probably won't accept other offers for it at this time.
Shiny Pokemon I’m currently interested in are (all female preferably) Own Tempo Rockruff, Hisuian Zorua, but you can make an offer I do prefer Aprishinies though.
Please note that you need the Pokeball flair to trade shinies on here.
My rates for Apriballs to shinies is 1 Apriball for a Shop Ball Shiny. Apriball Shinies will be 3 Apriballs. I'd prefer to trade Paradox mons for other shinies if possible, but I'll trade them for three Apriballs too. The shiny starters would be at least 15 Apriballs. I'm currently looking for Beast, Love, Dream, and Moon Balls, but any is fine.
Please note I may respond quite later in time.
I also have several 6IV Aprimons leftover from shiny breeding. I have 14 Dream Cyndaquil, 5 Dream Sobble, 5 Moon H Zorua, and 3 Moon Froakie. Ideally the rates I would trade is like 2 Aprimons for one Apriball but it's such a tiny collection of mons I'd welcome offers if you only want one Aprimon or you're looking for a specific gender or Nature.
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2023.05.28 15:48 TrrowRAwaykekdbzk How to visit each other when neither of us live alone? (18f) (19m)

We have been together for two year now, and met once. W e haven’t met in a year and want to meet but the problem is that I live with my parents and he lives with a roommate. We’ve talked about meeting abroad this summer but don’t have the money to. So the only option is me going to him or him to me. He feels uncomfortable having me over as he lives with his bestfriend, which is understandable. My parents says he’s welcome to come over and stay with us. They have met each other and everything, but I can’t feeling uncomfortable. First of all it feels weird with the intimacy, when parents are constantly around. We also speak English to each other and i can’t help but feel awkward speaking English in front of my parents I don’t know why. I basically feel like we just get trapped. And can’t really do whatever we want.
So my question is if any of you have been in this situation? Is there a way to make it work? Ways to make it less awkward and uncomfortable?
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2023.05.28 15:48 Rik1004 Should women go to a temple while on their menstruating cycle?

I belong to a Hinduism family and recently had a scenario where I had to fight with my family because one of the people could not go to the temple because she was on period. After doing some research, I found out that the reason that woman cannot go to a temple during her menstrual cycle is that she is considered impure during that time, but I have a different thought and a theory behind it. I believe that long time ago in India, Brahmins used to control the economic cycle and religious cycles. Temple was only one of the places where they cannot discriminate between Dalit and Brahmin. Brahmins used to take care of the temple meaning that if a woman had a mishap happen during those times, when sanitary pads did not exist, they would have to clean up Dalit’s blood. So they started spreading rumors that god wouldn’t allow women into a temple when they are on menstruating cycle.
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2023.05.28 15:48 Trisha9714 Dumb question 2016 Honda Fit

Just bought a 2016 Honda Fit after owning a Civi. Dumb question but I cannot find the trunk release latch inside the car. The owners manual doesn’t show one either. Is there a trunk release inside the car so I don’t have to get out to open the trunk and if so where is it? Thanks so much.
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2023.05.28 15:48 eyal8r Salvage or Trash? Subaru EX21 7.0

Got a freebie pressure washer with a Subaru EX21 7.0 (Homelite hp3127s). I'm trying to decide if it's worth salvaging or just toss it. I think CostCo sells decent pressure washers that are comparable for $300. The gas tank is trashed- leaks bad and totally rusted out. The carb bowl is filled with rust/debris- I think they stored this outside in rough weather for years without weatherizing it. It needs a complete tune up (air filter, carb, spark plug, etc). If those things are in bad shape, I'm SURE it would also need a new pump too (not sure if you can rebuild those or not).
So, I'm looking at about $200 to repair it ($50 for fuel tank, $30 tune-up kit, $100 pump). That's just to get it to try to run- who knows how bad of shape the actual engine is, and what other repairs it would need. I'm not a mechanic guy (Handy, but total idiot when it comes to engines). I'm having a hard time just throwing this out- is this worth trying to restore? Or should I just junk it, save the heartache and just buy a new one with a warranty?
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2023.05.28 15:48 Fuzzy_Inevitable_762 Surface Laptops vs Macbooks

I’m looking into buying a laptop for school and also gaming (fps games like Val, apex, etc) , I need it to be under $1500 CAD and I don’t want it to look like a bulky gaming laptop but instead a regular one. I’ve been looking into the Surface Laptops and I’m wondering if they’re good for gaming and work. I don’t mind if I’d have to lower my game settings for it I just want it to look minimalistic, be a reasonable price, and also operate games without too much lag
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2023.05.28 15:48 seth961 Should I cover my grey hair or leave them as they are?

I’m 26 year-old male and I currently have multiple grey hair on my head, especially on the sides. A few days ago I just noticed my beard is going grey as well. I know it’s a young age for going grey, but I think it runs in my family.
My question is, should I cover them with hair colour or leave them as they are? Where I come from people usually colour their hair because grey hair on a young age is considered unattractive, and I do feel a little insecure because of that. But because I live in Toronto Canada now, I’m not sure what people here think of them.
So should I consider getting them coloured or leave them as it is?
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2023.05.28 15:48 sethwt98 Moving from Louisiana to Colorado Springs in 2024

I'm 25 from Louisiana, right outside of New Orleans. Never moved in my life and all of my friends are here. My family and I will be moving to Colorado Springs next year. How far is everything spread apart? Are there alot of opportunities to immediately meet new people? I can't drive, so I'll have to bicycle everywhere. Are there alot of places to lock up your bike in front of businesses? Here in Louisiana, it's a struggle finding places to lock up my bicycle. Sometimes I have to lock it up to a railing.
I'm into Legos, traveling, hiking. Parasailing, kayaking, sight seeing, and such. Never been in snow.
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2023.05.28 15:48 Geek4Forever Mistaken For Flirting

Has anyone in here ever been mistaken for flirting when it’s basically your attitude? I literally get like it as I get a close bond with others (F31) and I was like it with my best friend in High School too (M23) As a Neurodiverget Bisexual (F24) I never really picked up on it until I’m either told and figure it out like a day or two later or maybe even a week. I got told today by a friendo who I see very Sunday, we met in October (F24) that I had a flirty attitude with her and now I’m not sure how to take it, as we talked about her going on a date tomorrow with another friend (F26) she asked if was interested in ‘dating someone’ and all that to which I said “I’m happy on my own right now” or something like that to which the (F24) friend said “Oh really?” And was curious about asking.
I don’t know if I’m overthinking this but I can’t really talk about this to anyone else and I’m not sure how to take it all in, suppose I don’t even know what I’m asking, I just feel the need to get this off my chest. Please also bare in mind I’ve never had this happen before either so you y’know first experience and all that.
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2023.05.28 15:48 Proper-Run1420 Why Is Osu! on the anime spectrum?

I don't want this to come off as a rant but from what I've seen everything about Osu! Screams anime or anything related to It.
All the way from the game design to this subreddit's description: Tatakae!
Personally I don't really care If It's like this (Even though sometimes I cringe due to the overuse) But I'd still like to know the reason why.
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2023.05.28 15:48 Perttukiva the tale of shadow man

the tale of shadow man

Have you ever seen shadow in forest, but you just think it's your own shadow or imagination but it's not.
Once a group of teens wanted to know if tale of shadow man is real. There where 5 teens and they went to near forest where people have last seen the shadow man, and they have a idea that they split up alone in the forest and if they see him they take the picture and then show it to everyone. the names of the boys where Jack, Mike, Toby, Luke and Tom
now when they have split up alone in the forest and the forest is only 1k2 so it's not easy to get lost. but after only 30 minutes Mike calls group call and everyone that he feels like he is being watched everywhere he goes the call goes like this
"Guys i don't feel safe... like someone is watching me everywhere i go PLEASE HELP!"
after those words the call ends, after 45 minutes Mike is nowhere to be seen. They call the police and Mike is nowhere to be found only thing they found is his phone and the last picture he took is the one in above and he's bod was never found.
what do you think who was the shadow man or is it just mystical power what makes people go crazy or is it creature what will eat you or do something else
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2023.05.28 15:48 Novel-Mastodon-4536 How does the redemption feature work on the Fidelity credit card?

Hi reddit,
I was wondering what you can auto invest into with the rewards of the fidelity card? Is it only mutual funds or etfs and mutual funds?
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2023.05.28 15:48 Soppywater 22 pound whole turkey

So.... I have received a free 22 pound turkey that is thawed and I have been requested to smoke it for memorial day. I have done pork, beef, chicken, boar, deer, and squirrel every way but when it comes to turkey, only a few turkey breasts. Nothing ever this big in a single piece before in my life. I don't want to spatchcock or break it down. Seasoning will be butter injections with lemon pepper seasonings. I have 3 types of wood available: hickory, cherry, whiskey barrel and I'm leaning towards hickory. I am thinking 225 for 16 or so hours. Any tips or advice?
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2023.05.28 15:48 Top_Opposite1094 AITAH for ditching the “ disabled” kid in my class after my teacher assigned me to be their friend?

I just want to make this clear before you read my post, this post is 100% just a rant. Advice would be appreciated but everything I am about to talk about happened many years ago so it won’t really effect me much today. I’m not sure if this had anything to do with the fact that I am autistic or not, but I personally, have always struggled with making and keeping friendships. I found it especially hard in high school. For a bit of background, I had the same set of friends all throughout primary school, the only problem was that all my friends were boys and I was going to an all girls high school. When the first day of high school came, I was left stood outside the school gates, not knowing a single person there, while all my best friends for the past seven years of my life were all going to the same school together and it was at that school on the first day, that they decided to cut me out of our friendship group entirely. I still don’t know why they did this, all I know is that when I got back home from my first day of high school, all of their numbers had blocked me and I haven’t spoken to them since. When I got into my school, I was directed to the hall, where we all had to sit in circles with our form groups. I was pretty late getting into school so when I got in there were only two spots left. They were right next to each other so I picked one and sat down. A minute or two later, the last person in my new from came in and sat next to me. We will call them K. They were the only person left on the list so when they arrived, the greeting assembly began. At the end of the assembly our new headmistress told us to turn to the person next to us and find out 3 interesting facts about them. Me and K looked at each other and immediately hit it off. We were best friends in no time. I even remember the 3 facts we said to each other and just about every conversation we had that day as if it was yesterday. After about 3-4 weeks of term, I caught a really bad case of the flew and had to stay off school for a week. When I got back, on my first day I was pulled out of form time by my head of year and told that there was a girl in my class (R) who was really struggling to make friends because she had ( self diagnosed) selective mutism, turret’s, autism, OCD, ADHD, dyslexia, anxiety and a whole host of other disorders. My head of year told me that while I was gone she had told K to try and befriend R and that she had changed the seating plans in all our lessons so that K and R were sat together but I was left all on my own. Before she sent me back to form I was told that is I wanted to continue being friends with K that I would have to make every effort to make R feel welcome. I was a bit angry with my head of year for springing this on me so suddenly but I decided to do as she said and try to be friends with R. It only took me about a week to realise that would not be an easy task. For the first month, R didn’t say a word to me. I tried so hard to include them and make them feel like they belonged but it was no use. R had clearly decided long before even meeting me that I was their enemy. About two month in, I though things would get better as time went along, but in reality it only got worse. They would physically beat me up before school every day, and once we got into school they would constantly be calling me names, shouting at me, and blaming me for just about everything that ever went wrong in their life. I also learned that all their disorders were fake. The only one that R actually suffered from was Anxiety. All the others were fake so that R didn’t have to participate as much in lessons. I hated every second of being friends with R. I told my head of year what was happening and she arranged a meeting with me her and my mother to discuss it. When I got into the meeting, it was basically my teacher going on a 20 minute rant about how in her words “ R had a tough time in primary school, and now that R is friends with K they are finally happy. It would be very selfish of you to take that away from R so if you feel that you absolutely must stay friends with K then you can at least give R the benefit of the doubt and cut them some slack. Personally though, I don’t understand why you can’t just go find some new friends and let R be happy for once. If I were you I would just never talk to K again and go be friends with someone else. It’s not that hard to make a different friend.” By the end of the meeting I knew that my teachers weren’t going to help me so I decided to keep trying to get on R’s good side. I was in a theatre group at the time and we were about to put on a big production that I was really exited for. I was constantly talking about it to R and K for about a week straight and they bother said that they had tickets and were coming to see me perform. However, when the big day finally rolled around, K was in the front row with their whole extended family cheating me on, but R was nowhere to be seen. It was my birthday a few days later and my mother decided to take me, K and R out for a birthday meal. While we were at the restaurant, my mother got a notification on their phone. It was my drama teacher telling my mother that our play had been featured in an arrival in our local newspaper. My mother then showed me K and R the pictures and R immediately got very angry with me. For the rest of the day they didn’t eat or drink anything, they didn’t talk to anyone and they just stood there and stared at the ground. We went to bed and when I woke up the next day to R screaming at me and calling me the worst friend in the world and saying that I was favouring K over them and saying that I had hated them and been nothing but hostile to them since the second we met. This obviously hurt my feelings a lot and being only 11 and autistic, I didn’t handle it very well. I ran out into the back garden crying. I watched as my mother made K and R lunch and watched as R told my mother that “ I just started shouting at them for no reason and that I was being really mean for no reason” My mother apologised for my “ bad behaviour” and served K and R my favourite meal. After a while my mother came outside to shout at me for being a bad friend to R, but when I told my mother what really happened she finally believed me. She sent R and K home and apologised for not doing anything sooner. When I went back to school on Monday, R went off on me. Apparently, R had heard me tell my mother about all the horrible things that R had been doing to me and told me never to talk to them or K ever again. This post is getting really long already and I’m barely even half way through, so I’ll end it here and if it gets a lot of attention and you want an update, I’ll post it but until then, good bye and thanks for watching.
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