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Everything related to the Naruto and Boruto series goes here. Although you could also talk about the topping too.

2021.10.21 07:48 isleypamela konohamaru


2023.06.02 07:49 FactCheckerJack Barrier Release - link between Hiruzen and Konohamaru

Barrier Releasing Technique is of course a technique that nullifies a barrier created by someone else. Barrier Releasing doesn't come up in the story very often. And there also haven't been a ton of times that a villain has ever crucially erected a barrier.
So, with that established, one of the few times that a villain's barrier was actually crucial to the story was when the Sound Village isolated and killed Hiruzen. There was no one near the premise who knew a technique to release it. And one of the few ninjas who ever knew a Barrier Release was adult Konohamaru. So I propose to you a fan theory that Konohamaru originally learned Barrier Releasing Technique because it could have saved his grandfather from dying.
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2023.05.28 22:20 GrandT54 What is mirai real height?

Hello guys i just wanna ask you what is mirai sarutobi real height i was trying to find it but i couldn't i know that she is little shorter than konohamaru but i have no clue please help me
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2023.05.28 18:24 wanna_matata this is how i would fix konohamaru and make him relevant again.

the konohamaru that we see is actually a shadow clone. we can go as far to say that he has completely mastered the jutsu and even surpassed naruto in this regard which is why the clone is able to maintain its form even when harmed. his real self is actually in mount myoboku undergoing rigorous training w enma and several unnamed toads/monkeys while at the same time controlling his shadow clone in konoha (yes he's completely OP and broken and thats awesome). only naruto/shikamaru/sasuke know about this and are keeping this secret guarded as a final resort for the safety of konoha. the title for his official appearance in boruto would be "the 3rds legacy"
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2023.05.28 02:45 zekevm So who's going to be the next Hokage

What do you guys think? Post time Skip will need a leader. Remember Tsunade and kakashi are the elder who are helping decide So far
Tsunade is still alive but very unlikely Sakura could be but I also dobt it
Edit: Kakashi- I feel like this will be a popular choice
Shikamaru - honestly my pic because I'm biased and he's my favorite character
Konohamaru - not stronger than the names listed above him imo
Kawaki- I'm going to put the series down until it's done if this happens.
Kiba- 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😭
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2023.05.26 15:20 Abject_Play_3615 What do you guys think of Konohamaru? He was supposed to be like the next Kakashi.

This question might have been asked before but the anime has gone through changes so I'm curious if anyone's opinion has changed on him.
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2023.05.26 14:48 Wide_Cancel_7486 Konohamaru vs Kakuzu Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

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2023.05.25 17:11 OKanija_Chan Who is your sensei?

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2023.05.25 15:41 UIEmiliano What are your thoughts on Konohamaru’s place in Boruto at the moment?

What are your thoughts on Konohamaru’s place in Boruto at the moment?
I just feel like he’s taken a back seat because of the huge power gap between him and his own students (he could likely beat Sarada and extreme-diff Mitsuki). What does he really have to offer as a sensei?
Sorry, but I was expecting Konohamaru to become Hokage after Naruto’s time is up and the story seems to be slowly forgetting about him. The way things are looking, the eighth might just be Sarada since Naruto will reign for a long time and Konohamaru isn’t that much younger than him.
Tl;dr Konohamaru feels like he’s being forgotten by the main story and I question how good of a sensei he is or if he will truly become Hokage
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2023.05.25 15:02 CynicalDarkFox Tsunami Outfit effect

Tsunami Outfit effect
So it’s an attack outfit with a neutralizer in the second half. So why didn’t they just make it not have a debuff on the top then?
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2023.05.24 00:25 hypocriteLord_ Konohamaru as hokage?

I was rewatching shippuden and something clicked my mind. Now that we know that kawaki as inverted his and borutos life and everyone believes naruto is killed, who will be the next hokage? What are other possible candidates In your opinion.
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2023.05.23 23:21 Sweet_Whisper123 Konohamaru might not get the Hokage title but he still deserves a wife, who is worthy of him: Hanabi or Moegi?

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2023.05.18 04:33 allenlvlx The Hokage moving forward

I have 2 questions/thoughts in regards to who will be the next homage now that Naruto is "dead," and we are in the process of the timeskip. Also, I'm not sure if this question was posted already, so imma post anyway, and i wanna hear your guy's thoughts. My questions are:
  1. Who will be the next hokage after Naruto?
IMO, I think it will boil down to 2 possibilities. The most likely logical choice is that Kakashi is reinstated as homage for the time being until Naruto comes back. This I can see happening because it's what happened with hiruzen after minato died.
The second possibility is less likely, but I think it has a lot of story potential. And that is konohamaru is chosen to be the 8th hokage. I'll elaborate later
  1. When Naruto does eventually come back, will he retake his position or step down permanently?
I think whichever one he does all depends on who is named Kage after he comes back. If it's Kakashi, he most likely will only because Kakashi has already served his tenure and will most likely want to return to retirement. BUT, if it's konohamaru, I think he would at least give the idea some thought. Let me explain, and I'm sorry if it sounds a bit like fanfiction:
I think in a scenario where konohamaru has to step up as the new hokage, he would struggle with it initially because while he achieved his dream, it wasn't in the way he wanted it to be. But after some time and some hardship of his own, he comes into the role and proves himself worthy of the title, having the village and his fellow shinobi trust and respect his leadership. Then, when Naruto does come back, he sees how well konohamaru did in leading and protecting everyone while he was away. Naruto then considers the idea but not before challenging konohamaru to their long-awaited "fight for the title of hokage." Whether konohamaru wins/loses, he proves his resolve to Naruto. After being convinced, Naruto makes the difficult decision to step down, passing on the title and his will of fire to his young protégé.
These are just my thoughts, but I wanna know what y'all think 🤔
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  1. Shibai Otsutsuki (Omnipotence/Attack Reflection Full Potential)
  2. Naruto Uzumaki (All Tailed Beast Chakra/Sage of Six Paths/Baryon Mode) (The strongest version of Naruto thus far completely overwhelmed Isshiki and could have killed him if not for being nerfed)
  3. Isshiki Otsutsuki (Jigen’s Vessel/Byakugan/Unnamed Dojutsu: Sukunahikona/Daikokuten)
  4. Daemon (Advanced Taijutsu/Attack Reflection)/Eida (Senrigan: Enchantment/Imperfect Omnipotence) (Both possess power that greatly surpass Jigen)
  5. Code (Claw Marks/No Limiters) (Stated to be stronger than Jigen)
  6. Kaguya Otsutsuki (Byakugan/Rinne Sharingan/Juubi Form)/Momoshiki Otsutsuki (Byakugan/One Hand Rinnegan/Transformed/Lava Golem)/Sasuke Uchiha (Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan/One Eye Rinnegan/Perfect Majestic Susanoo)
  7. Kinshiki Otsutsuki/Urashiki Otsutsuki (Byakugan/Rinnegan/Transformed)
  8. Borushiki Uzumaki (Karma/Current)/Kawaki (Karma/Isshiki Dojutsu/Current)
  9. Madara Uchiha (Sage of the Six Paths/Dual Rinnegan/Rinne Sharingan/Limbo)
  10. Hagoromo Otsutsuki (Original Sage of the Six Paths/Dual Rinnegan)
  11. Hamura Otsutsuki (Byakugan/Tenseigan)
  12. Toneri Otsutsuki (Byakugan/Tenseigan: Chakra Mode)
  13. Might Guy (8 Inner Gates/Night Guy)
  14. Obito Uchiha (Sage of the Six Paths/Rinnegan/Sharingan/Sword of Nunoboko)
  15. Kakashi Hatake (Dual Mangekyou Sharingan/Perfect Susanoo)
  16. Indra Otsutsuki/Ashura Otsutsuki
  17. Hashirama Senju (Sage Art/Sage Mode)/Kashin Kojin (Cyborg)
  18. Minato Namikaze (Yang Kurama/Sage Mode)/Delta (Cyborg)
  19. Tobirama Senju
  20. Nagato Pain Uzumaki (Six Paths of Pain/Deva Path/Planetary Devastation)
  21. Mitsuki (Sage Mode/Current)/Sarada Uchiha (Mangekyou Sharingan/Current)
  22. Killer Bee (8 Tails/Perfect Tailed Beast Possession)
  23. Kabuto Yakushi (Dragon Sage Mode)
  24. Itachi Uchiha
  25. Jiraiya the Gallant
  26. Shisui Uchiha
  27. Izuna Uchiha
  28. Sakura Haruno/Shin Uchiha
  29. Onoki/Hiruzen Sarutobi (Prime)
  30. A 4th Raikage
  31. Orochimaru/Tsunade Senju
  32. Kisame Hoshigake
  33. Gaara of the Sand
  34. Danzo Shimura (Multiple Sharingan)
  35. Nu 2nd Tsuchikage/Gengetsu Hozuki
  36. Yamato (Guruguru)
  37. Gold/Silver Brothers
  38. Konan
  39. Rasa 4th Kazekage
  40. Kakazu
  41. Deidara
  42. Sasori
  43. 3rd Kazekage
  44. Sakumo Hatake
  45. Blue B
  46. Roshi
  47. Yagura
  48. Mei Terumi 5th Mizukage
  49. Han
  50. Darui
  51. Hidan
  52. Ao
  53. Yugito
  54. Fuu
  55. Utakata
  56. Granny Chiyo
  57. Kitsuchi
  58. Kimimaro Kaguya
  59. Karin Uzumaki
  60. Mifune
  61. Neji Hyuga
  62. Deepa
  63. Choji Akimichi
  64. Choza Akimochi
  65. Hiashi Hyuga
  66. Kurotsuchi 4th Tsuchikage
  67. Pakura
  68. Gari
  69. Victor
  70. Dodai
  71. Mangetsu Hozuki/Suigetsu Hozuki
  72. Jugo
  73. Asuma Sarutobi
  74. Fuguki Suikazan
  75. Jinin Akebino
  76. Shikaku Nara
  77. Shikamaru Nara
  78. Kushimaru Kuriarare
  79. Jinpachi Munashi
  80. Ameyuri Ringo
  81. Shino Aburame
  82. Temari/Kankuro
  83. Shino Aburame
  84. Haku
  85. Sai
  86. Kiba Inuzuka
  87. Sakon and Ukon
  88. Hinata Hyuga
  89. Kidomaru
  90. Aoba Yamashiro
  91. Kurnei Yuhi
  92. Jirobo
  93. Tayuya
  94. Kagami Uchiha
  95. Chojuro 6th Mizukage
  96. Konohamaru
  97. Sarutobi
  98. Shizune
  99. Tenten
  100. Omoi
  101. Zetsu (Black/White)
  102. Anko Mitarashi
  103. Himawari Uzumaki (Potentially could be in the top 10 if she trained instead of goofing around)
  104. Ebisu
  105. Baki
  106. Hayate Gekko
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2023.05.17 23:25 JEXBOOM Ni siquiera eso Boruto que pésimo

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2023.05.17 05:53 ree514 Ideal Storm Roster Idea We Will Never Get

Ok so I thought of perfected version of the Storm 4 character select screens I know Storm Connections wont even include most but I would like to share the vision. In this version not only can costumes, ninjutsu, and ultimate jutsu, be customized but also awakenings (not movesets though so just assume they're combined or depends on the costume). Even for characters who have little to show I felt they're very important to add even compared to cannon and filler characters i didnt add that have more jutsu. Lastly yes its longer by each page being 3x9. (135 base game char, about 150 with how much customization adds)
Road to Chunin:
Konoha Heroes: (ordering makes sense if you think vertically for the middle half, but also the teams appear left to right from the arcs they had highlight in)
6P Naruto-Sage/KCM Naruto-Naruto
Allied Shinobi:
A-Killer B-Darui
Rogue Paths: (only filler char that are popular enough included because as much nostalgia they have, the other fillers are just not worth it even if it DLC)
Rinne Sasuke-MS Sasuke-Hebi/Taka Sasuke Suigetsu-Jugo-Karin
Orochimaru-Sage Kabuto-Kabuto
Sage Obito-War Obito-Tobi/Masked Man
Sage Madara-Madara-Zetsu
Guren-Menma-Mecha Naruto
Souls of the Past:
Kakashi-Obito/Zetsu Obito-Rin
Rasa-Third Raikage-Muu
Then whatever for Boruto it would honestly need 2 more pages but I think they shouldve made it a separate boruto focused game to start the new story up (Boruto: Ultimate Ninja) and then make Connections focused on solely Naruto's journey from start to finish by having a condensed full plot story mode (Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm Connections, without the Shippuden to represent its everything), still have Boruto DLC though.
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2023.05.16 23:36 Wonderful_Baker_7808 New Team 7 MUs

Boruto Uzumaki vs Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime (Transformers)
Sarada Uchiha vs Jolyne Cujoh (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure)
Mitsuki vs Nemu Kurotsuchi (Bleach)
Konohamaru Sarutobi vs Coby (One Piece)
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2023.05.10 12:45 ZenDoesReps Sasuke?

Question about Sasuke. The last chapter shows that’s he willing to trust Boruto (because of Sarada) and it could be suggested he’s going to train him up now.
My question is - by doing this, won’t Sasuke be viewed as a traitor to the Leaf? He is helping someone who has supposedly killed the Hokage (Shikamaru’s kid and the squad saw him) and now being the strongest shinobi in the village, his absence will be noticed immediately.
Will the Leaf do anything about Sasuke? I’m guessing even if they would, how would they; send Konohamaru after him lmao?
And where the hell is Kashin Koji
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2023.05.10 10:05 Formal_Bench_4650 Does anyone know where to find this episode>

Episode 26 there was a filler episode during the Chunin exams where they get interviewed by Konohamaru, but I remember a "commercial" break in between where Kakashi is running late with the tape of the next ep. All the sites with the episodes those scenes are removed. Does anyone know where to find the episode with these scenes?
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2023.05.09 18:44 Lost-Truck6614 Just noticed they changed his eye colour from brown to blue

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2023.05.09 00:22 2201992 Boruto 100% abuses the fact that he is the Hokages son.

I’m only on episode 127 of Boruto so no spoilers but I’ve noticed that Boruto 100% abuses the fact that he is the Hokages Son. Multiple episode arcs have him leaving the Village when ever he feels like it.
the Mitsuki Retrival Arc.
And the Urashiki Arc.
He left the Village on his own. Doesn’t the Hokages Family get some ANBU assigned to them?
Kid Naruto and even Konohamaru never acted like this. Naruto was basically a prisoner in the Village. Boruto just gives a excuse to do whatever he wants. It’s like he knows he can get away with it because he knows Naruto won’t punish him for the stuff he does.
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2023.05.08 18:41 TodohPractitioner Any Good Opponents For Konohamaru (Naruto)?

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2023.05.08 08:19 TodohPractitioner A Naruto Fanfiction Chapter 2

Chapter 2

As the shady-looking ninja came closer, Konohamaru screamed, “Someone, help!” The shady-looking ninja was hit by a rock that caused him a minor injury. “Ouch!” He yelped, gazing around. “Who did that? Show yourself!” “Leave him alone!” Naruto yelled, standing on a tree branch, with intense anger and bravery. The shady-looking ninja threw a bunch of shurikens and kunai at Naruto, but he effortlessly dodged them all. “Hey, kid!” Naruto yelled at Konohamaru. “The scroll! Hand it over!” Konohamaru tossed the scroll over to Naruto, and he caught it in his hands. “Nice! Now, keep him busy! I bet there’s a good Jutsu hidden in this scroll!” Konohamaru attempted to use the Sexy Jutsu, but the shady-looking ninja stopped him with a thrown smoke bomb. “Darn it!” Komohamaru said. “That trick won’t work on me!” The shady-looking ninja exclaimed. “Where’s that blonde haired brat?” He then became paralyzed with fear as he saw a army of a thousand Shadow Clones among him. “No way…” The shady-looking ninja said. “In such a short time, too?” The Shadow Clones said, “Hope you’re ready for a beating!” before they proceeded to beat the shady-looking ninja into a pulp, and unconscious. “Thank you!” Konohamaru cried. “It was nothing,” Naruto said arrogantly. “What’s your name?” “Konohamaru Sarutobi,” Komohamaru said, “what about you?” “Naruto Uzumaki.” “Naruto!” A voice called out. “Naruto!” Iruka, nearly exhausted from running, found the two boys in the forest. “Thank goodness! You’re both safe!” He then turned towards the unconscious shady-looking ninja. “But please tell me, what on Earth happened here?” Naruto told the whole story to Ikura. “That scroll is actually forbidden,” Iruka said. “But there’s no point in keeping it a secret anymore now that you found it, huh?” Komohamaru, who was amazed by Naruto’s Shadow Clone Jutsu, said, “I want to learn The Thousand Shadow Clone Jutsu, too!” Iruka rolled his eyes. “Maybe when you’re older, Komohamaru. But I have a present for both of you.”
“Yes, three bowls of ramen,” Iruka told the Ramen Guy, before the Ramen Guy went into the kitchen. “Oh, boy!” Naruto yelled, rubbing his stomach. “I love ramen!“ “I actually made a reservation in advance,” Iruka said. “I figured this place would be crowded.” The Ramen Guy placed down the ramen on the table before returning to the kitchen. “No way,” Naruto said, after he took a bite of ramen. “Iruka, you’re the best! This is the most delicious ramen I’ve tasted!” “This place wasn’t cheap, though. I’ve been having a bad day after a bad day, so I needed to blow of some steam.” After eating the ramen, the trio were at a park in the village. “Listen,” Iruka said. “These headbands are extremely special, and are only reserved for the most talented of ninja. But I’m giving them to you two since you deserve them.” “Thanks!” The two boys said, before they hugged Iruka. “Tomorrow is a big day, so be ready!”
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