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2023.06.03 22:20 InkDiamond (cont.) It’s the end of the universe. To celebrate, you just want to chill with your best friend. After all, he’s the only other remaining person in the whole world. But to your surprise, he reveals that you’re not the only one invited to his party…

(Note: this is the second half of the story. Will link the first half shortly)
The two teens both looked toward the front of the room. There was a gray sphere. Hovering in the doorway.
But if you asked Marc, it was an annoying gray sphere. And it hovered in the doorway like an absolute rustnut.
Marc wasn’t sure where on the sphere to level his disdain. The whole dumb surface was the same all over. It was a series of interconnected, translucent hexagons. Stupid yellow lights blinked sporadically across its many faces—for no apparent rhyme or reason—perhaps just to further annoy Marc.
An electronic voice called out from the sphere. “Did I hear muuuuuusic?” he asked. “Before that last plasma burst?”
Marc shot Sid a glare that could kill. But the big blue alien didn’t back down.
Last impression. Remember?” he told Marc before going toward Tōn-E with a brimming, sharp-toothed smile and arms extended. “Tōn-E! Glad you could make it! Come on in.”
On the inside, Marc cringed. He mostly tried to forget that Tōn-E walked (hovered?) the same Levels as them. Tōn-E represented the most self-destructive habits of the Outpost. The only features of the city indifferent to survival.
But Tōn-E was all too real. He entered the room like a ghost in a nightmare.
“I am also happy to be here,” he said. The faces of his sphere randomly lit up as he spoke. “I otherwise had no plans for tonight. Because the planet is set to explode.”
“Yes, I’ve heard,” Sid joked.
“I approximate it will only take a few more—hold on. What is this??”
Tōn-E spun slowly in the air. The side previously facing Sid rotated toward the ceiling. When it reached the top, a spotlight shot toward the ceiling—right where Sid’s door had slotted in.
The spotlight stretched horizontally across the door until it resembled a straight line. This line swept back and forth across the raised door. It moved as if he was cleaning it.
“I don’t believe it!” Tōn-E said. “What an exquisite painting. A remarkable addition to your growing and ever-expanding portfolio, Sid.”
Tōn-E finished his scan of the painting. His expanding spotlight shut off. And he re-centered himself to face Sid.
“Aww, shanks,” Sid said. Each of his right arms latched onto the bends of the left ones. “You really think so?”
“Of course! There are colors here I’ve only seen named in the logs. You have tastefully incorporated /#FF00FF: a color our ancestors previously referred to as ‘magenta.’”
“Yes! That’s right! I was going for ‘magenta!’ You really think I did it?”
Marc looked down to hide his face. He rolled his eyes. Magenta. He would have loved to tell Sid how much he liked it too. But Marc had spent his years surviving, not studying colors in old, useless historical archives.
Sid and Tōn-E continued their snooty, pretentious discussion.
“I made it mixing legblee blood and just a liiiiiiittle bit of groundwater,” Sid said.
“That was a very clever! Allow me to save your painting to my internal memory.”
“Really??” Sid’s cheeks greened a little.
“Yes, I will review at a later time when I am both unable to view the original but would still like to once again be inspired by your clever and skillful hands.”
“Tōn-E, I—I don’t know what to say. Thank you.”
Marc simmered in his anger. Stupid Tōn-E. Always ruining things. Making them about him and his dumb, endless archives.
“I am perhaps only more impressed by your chosen ensemble! Do my eyes perceive veritable Lenorkian armor?”
The talkative orb whooshed toward Sid. It began revolving around him like an annoyingly-attached moon. As his exo-orb hummed excitedly, Tōn-E rattled off his useless knowledge of antiquated armor.
“Snorp-resistant spiked shoulder caps?!” He spun around Sid’s midsection. “Triple-layered chest plates?!” He dropped closer to the floor. “Anti-gravity shin guards made from the rare lenorkium alloy?!”
Tōn-E giggled as he orbited Sid. His laugh disturbed Marc. It sounded like a space rat being strangled in the bowels of an undersea air vent.
Sid could hardly keep up with Tōn-E’s flying. But he looked happy with the attention. “Yeah! I’m told this suit was built for the Frost Ring wars,” he said. “It never got used.”
Marc continued to not engage. He slunk deeper into his shawl, folded his arms, and sighed.
I don’t believe it!” Tōn-E said.
He backed off from Sid, flying back toward the doorway. He turned on his spotlight once again. It now stretched over Sid’s body. “Saving! Saving!”
Sid wasted no time posing for the occasion. He flexed all four arms and gritted his snaggling teeth. His irises turned a deep red and his two small horns protruded from his forehead. Tōn-E was overjoyed. “I did not think I would ever have the chance to record your agitated state,” he said.
I’ll show you an agitated state, Marc thought to himself.
“I’ve got a relic you’re going to love,” Tōn-E said. His tiny sphere filled the cave with noise. But it wasn’t Tōn-E’s usual metallic voice. The sound came from another species entirely.
His orb played an intense, ear-shuddering roar. The recording may have been slightly fuzzy, but Marc knew the source. It was unmistakably Lenorkian.
And like the gears in a drill, something appeared to “click” inside Sid. His eyes widened. His armored chest expanded. And he joined in. But Sid’s roar was… authentic.
“HRRRRRRRRRGAAAAAAAAHHHHH” he blasted out of mouth. Marc’s entire rib cage vibrated uncomfortably.
It spooked Marc. Igniting some primal desire to escape a dangerous predator. That was a feeling he never felt around Sid. He didn’t like it.
Sid himself even looked embarrassed for a second. Something he’d kept suppressed had slipped out. But Tōn-E turned up the volume on his recording. And with a cautious smile of someone nervously breaking a rule, Sid matched it. And then some. The two bellowed together. It was enough to make Marc queasy, although it was unclear whether it was due to the vibrations or Sid bonding so much with Tōn-E.
The roaring continued. Their talking continued. Tōn-E went on about Sid’s armor some more and his people’s valor and the hardship his ancestors must have faced.
“Usually I keep this stuff stashed away,” Sid said to Tōn-E in his soft normal voice. His horns had retracted, and his eyes had returned to normal. “These are shameful pieces of our history. Truly. And with a people I never really fit in with. But tonight, it just felt right to wear it, you know?”
“I understand completely,” Tōn-E said. “It is in these end times that we gravitate toward those traditions that were so much of what made us feel alive in the first place.”
The statement made Marc want to hurl. He didn’t want to entertain such stupid notions. But the gremlin rotated to him next.
“Hello Marc! Did you find any good junk today? Any new additions to your scrap pile?”
Marc seethed. “I didn't scavenge today, Tōn-E. There wouldn't be any use. It's the end of the universe.”
“That surprises me. Humans love their junk and doodads.”
“Yeah well, we don’t have to cling to the past, do we? Not like that ever saved anyone.” He hugged his wrapped arms even tighter, tilting his body away from Sid and Tōn-E. His cold shoulder ended the conversation.
Sid picked it back up. “So Tōn-E, do you, uh… drink?”
As it turned out, he did. Tōn-E accepted a cup of fludge. He held it with a robotic arm—one that had suddenly extended from his exo-orb. Tōn-E’s orb whirred as the center of his “face” sprouted a grotesque, needle-like proboscis. It poked outward like a long nose.
This straw extended into the cup he held. Tōn-E sipped the fludge like an insect sipping nectar (whatever those two things were; the Archives were spotty).
Sid waited with anticipation. Then Tōn-E’s sphere shuddered. The fludge must have reached the insufferable little creature on the inside. “Scrumptious!” he said.
Marc sighed quietly to himself. For some reason, he thought the night would have made a turn for the better if Tōn-E had hated it.
“Two for two!” Sid pumped three victorious fists into the air. He grinned as Tōn-E’s straw dipped into the cup once more. The straw made a little slurping sound.
“My taste buds are tingling!” Tōn-E said.
But the big cup was too much for him to finish. He returned the mostly-full drink to Sid. And his robotic straw receded to his exo-orb. Sid of course finished the cup, slurping up the remaining pool of fludge.
“So…” Sid said. He wiped his mouth. “Should I put some tunes back on?” He pointed over his shoulder to the idle vent. Then he looked across his two guests for an answer.
Marc shrugged. He didn’t care about anything anymore. Next to Marc, Tōn-E bobbed excitedly.
“Oh, yes!” he said. “One reads about concepts such as scales and measures, but it is entirely different to actually experience them with one’s own body!”
What body? Marc thought to himself. And what were the other things Tōn-E had mentioned? Something about… measuring… dragons?
He studied the cave floor while Sid skipped to the vent.
“That’s what I’m talking about!” Sid said. “Get those Level 7 legs ready!” He tugged at the creaking cover once more.
It came off easier this time. With a pop! the storm above returned to the cave. Its natural melody filled the room.
“Woooooooo!” Sid raised his hands again and walked back toward the other two.
Tōn-E mimicked him with two twig arms.
But the music didn’t have the same magic as before. The beats were stale. And Marc found himself unable to ignore the sting of the sand pelting his face. He lifted his shawl over his mouth. His voice was barely audible.
“I’m sitting this song out,” he said.
The other two didn't seem to hear him. They were facing each other, waving their arms sporadically against the air current.
Marc didn’t care. He grabbed his unfinished drink from the kitchen. Then he searched for a place to sit.
He found a couch, just in front of the dancing aliens. As he took his seat, his bottom started to sink into the sofa. The tarp covering the couch crinkled.
He tried guessing the material underneath it. Clay, maybe? He pondered the question while watching Sid and Tōn-E figure out dancing without him.
“This is how Marc was doing it before!” Sid said to Tōn-E. His four arms fanned across the breeze.
But he got everything wrong. His arms whipped around the wind, not with it. And he was thinking too much about his next move, as evidenced by his scrunched brows. But the greatest offense of all was his midsection: his hips and legs stayed in place—as if someone had threatened them.
A part of Marc wanted to get up and show him how it was done. But another part wanted to see Sid fail. Realize the effort was futile. Give up on bonding with Tōn-E. And kick the Sphere of Useless Facts out of his house.
“Am I doing it right, Marc?” Sid asked while each of his arms flew in a different direction.
“You look great!” Marc replied. He took a long sip of fludge.
Tōn-E, on the other hand, did his best to replicate Sid. He waved his skinny arms erratically. It almost made Marc laugh; Tōn-E looked like he’d been set on fire.
But in all, the whole thing was awful. A bad impression giving birth to an even worse impression.
And they didn’t seem to be enjoying it much either. Despite Marc’s glowing endorsement, Sid and Tōn-E danced themselves to the brink.
Sid kept losing his balance. He tried to keep up with the music but flung himself too hard in any one direction. And every time he made a misstep, he’d let loose an acidic snarl. Tōn-E grew frustrated as well. Every few seconds, he simply froze. His exterior lights would blink red in error. As Marc had hoped, the two “painting pals” quickly ran out of steam.
The dancing halted altogether. A tired Sid returned to the vent and hoisted the grate back onto the vent’s mouth. The music stopped.
“I’ll just turn it down for a minute,” he said. He adjusted a dial on the grate. The metal slits creaked open. And a muted sandstorm flowed through them.
The music reflected the overall energy in the room: depleted. Sid secured himself two more cups of fludge before joining Marc on the tarp couch.
Tōn-E followed his lead. The little troll took a seat too, which meant hovering over the last open spot on the other side of Marc.
The boys took a minute to relax on the couch. They sat quietly while the plasma storm above the Outpost boomed and cracked.
Well, Sid and Tōn-E relaxed. They chugged down another couple cups of fludge and floated quietly over the couch (respectively). Meanwhile, Marc continued to be annoyed. He considered stepping outside and climbing to Level 1. Offer himself to the plasma storm a few hours early. The non-stop hum of Tōn-E’s exo-orb goaded him further.
Did it really have to make that noise?
Marc didn’t think the afternoon could get any worse. And then it did. Because Tōn-E’s insufferable humming suddenly quieted. And that only could have meant…
“Oh!” Tōn-E exclaimed, “I know what we can talk about!”
Marc braced for impact. His nails dug into his knees.
Don’t you dare, he thought.
“I read the most interesting fact about cats today!” Tōn-E started.
Not again, Marc thought. Absolutely NOT again. His fists trembled with rage.
Did you know cats were the central deity across ten different ancient civilizations? The trend started with humans, of course, but the religion quickly spread across the galaxy as interplanetary travel became more widely available.”
“I actually didn’t know that,” Sid said, entertaining Tōn-E’s ridiculous theory. “Where did you find that?”
“The Archives! They have somewhat documented this phenomenon. You see, it was a common practice to capture footage of cats, even in their sleeping state. They were so important to these cultures that even the most mundane moment yielded significant reason to capture and worship them. If you want to see, I can—”
Marc had had enough. He slammed his cup down on the floor and flew off the couch.
“—SHUT UP. SHUT UP ABOUT CATS!” he shouted. He swung back around to face the other two. “CATS AREN’T REAL TŌN-E! AND THEY WERE NEVER REAL!”
That’s enough, Marc!” Sid clenched his teeth.“Don’t start this.
Marc returned fire, “I didn’t start anything; that was YOU. Going behind my back! Inviting more of these… fairy tales!
His emotions overwhelmed him. He didn’t know whether to yell more or start crying. He did both.
“It’s the end of the universe!” he said as tears streamed down his face. “We can’t keep clinging to the things that brought us to this point in the first place! All these stupid traditions are the reason no one’s even here with us now! IT KILLED THEM ALL! And anyone stupid enough to keep believing in them is—"
—I said THAT’S ENOUGH!” Sid growled. Marc didn't care.
NO!” he said. Then he looked back at Tōn-E. “NONE of what you’re seeing in the Archives is real! The data is corrupt! It’s ALL CORRUPT! And CATS are just another dumb fairy tale to keep people like you going, while…”
He ran out of steam. He realized there was no more “going.” In fact, there was no time remaining in the universe for anything. But that didn’t diminish his animosity and anger toward the world. He glared down at the gray sphere. His chest heaved.
Meanwhile, Sid kept a cooler, bluer head. He too looked to Tōn-E, but with compassion in his eyes.
Tōn-E didn’t immediately respond to either. The only sound in the room came from his exo-orb. Well, the exo-orb plus the ladle on the counter, which suddenly blooped into the big pot.
All eyes were on the atypically quiet alien, whose hexagonal faces began to light up.
“I suppose,” his voice trailed, “that cats may not have been real after all. You said it yourself: records are foggy. They’re all from thousands of years ago...” He sighed. Tōn-E’s lights transitioned to a new blinking pattern. “And I also suppose… that I should have been more mature about interpreting error-prone information in the Archives…”
“It's okay, man,” Sid said. “I like that you dream big.” He reached across the couch to place a comforting hand on Tōn-E. But Tōn-E floated out of reach.
“I understand my presence here is probably upsetting,” he said. “You two have a special bond. I should not have interfered with it in its last moments. I will go.”
“No, Tōn-E,” Sid said. Each pair of his hands met in front of his chest “Please stay. You have every right to be here too.”
“I should go,” Tōn-E said. “I will spend the rest of the evening focused on real things. And because I will no longer be here, I suppose it will be the perfect opportunity to review Sid’s art so I can feel inspired for the end times.”
He slipped between Sid and Marc toward the doorway.
“No, don’t!” Sid called after him. “We should do this together.
But Tōn-E had already vanished outside.
The Lenorkian, hand extended, waited for Tōn-E to come back. But the floating sphere did not reappear in the doorway.
And that was when a low trill emanated from the couch. It was coming from Sid’s his chest. He looked up at Marc, glaring. He bared his pointed teeth. His horns reappeared. And his eyes flushed with scarlet pigment.
Yuh-oh, Marc thought. About half his prior anger evaporated. Fear of a fight took hold.
Marc didn’t exactly dislike his chances. Lenorkians may have been stronger, but Sid wasn't a fighter. Marc was.
But Sid stuck to his morals.
GET OUT!” Sid shouted.
Marc reflexively jumped out of reach. The short hop sort of ruined his show of anger. But he was still boiling mad. After all, fifty percent of him hadn't abandoned the cat grudge.
Fine!” he shouted back. “Have fun exploding alone.” He whipped away to the exit.
The party was finished now. He almost stopped and went back for his fludge. But he didn’t want it anymore either. He just wanted a nice end of the universe with his friend. And now the end of the universe was ruined.
At least the apocalypse outside was behaving predictably. Marc stepped into the adjacent cave corridor. He surveyed the damage outside, looking through the long, horizontal gap in the cave wall. As the experts had predicted, the plasma storm took its toll.
The canyon glowed eerily bright, despite it being evening time. The wind howled as it raced through the canyon. And the cliffs around the gorge flashed white and pink as the storm charged with electricity, preparing to make its final jump.
Lightning cracked toward the ground. Some of the bolts hit the opposing cliff, sending rubble deep into the gorge. A gentle tremor rumbled in the ground beneath him.
The plasma storm overhead only creeped further around the planet. As the canyon brightened, shockwaves coursed through the entire city. They threw Marc off his feet again. He hit the ground.
Behind him, thunderous clacking erupted. The sound of falling rocks filled the corridor. He flipped over to see what explosion had thrown him.
It was bad. He stopped breathing. Because he could no longer see Sid’s home. All he saw was a pile of rubble.
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2023.06.03 22:20 countdoge Issue with World Tour controls

I'm currently trying to play World Tour using a controller to navigate and a fight stick to fight, but despite my stick working just fine in menus and on the overworld it proceeds to do nothing as soon as a fight starts and I have to use the controller still. I assume it's treating my fightstick as P2 or something similar, is there a setting I need to change to fix this?
submitted by countdoge to StreetFighter [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 22:19 ScamLikely2112 And then there was closure

The closure they got, the farther away they had become something else. There are too many cooks in the kitchen, not enough seats at the table I sit alone, but yet I'm knot a frayed, just a string was attached but now cut, bleeding out of my mind and into the fire....bad I am the monster and Mary Shelly are you even listening to me, to be or not to be......well, what was that you said....ummm.....you be you and I be me???....know know know that's from an alternative time lines on my face now, like an actor I can't remember my line, you've given me soo many lines, I tried to spit em out but enough got in and I'm floating away from myself. A way, a want, a need, dull in the hay stack the odds are against me, myself, alone yet never alone never never never never say never and I might like you better uf we slept together but I guess I will sleep when I'm dead, man walking gets me there but I'm so fucking tired and broken hearted tried to shit but only started to give up give in give more give thin, thinner is the man who eats his own pie, you gave in gave out gave up, maybe its just time to die is cast, hey can't live in the past, the present now lies its just been so fun, phun, phunny is when you laugh and cry, oh not you but me,bso i lay me down to fade away like a Mac, I'm picking up flak, but you don't like that cartoon bear shooting out a rainbow, in the dark, Ness in the loch, but lips sealed no talk no words no speak, is it now a year or months, how many fucking weeks go by, go....bye...
Go.. .bye...go.....bye me a place , go bye me a bed, go bye me a box, to lay rest my head, not east but west sets the sun, years months weeks days almost done...fun, ya, it's all fun and games till someone puts an eye out of mybmind again, again with the end, is this the ??? Do you know the way to??? Pardon me but I seem to be lost, mistaken, misunderstood, but you're Miss Deeds you've done all you could, good not bad, if only I had, a hammer, well I'd hammer in the daytime hammer in the night time, MC fucking hammer time for bed rest awhile sleep when I'm dead. Good night good bye good luck said the male chicken to the ....if it acts like a and looks like a and mother fucking swims like a... .ahhhh......ahhhhh ...Hmmmmm. omg....FUCK (insert idiot here). Shave and a hair cut.....2 bits .. .3 bites to the center of a dream where all ain't what it seem...can't you hear me scream we all scream for you, 4 u, fore we all float down here. M.O.O.N. spells of darkness made my doom. Na na na ...Na na na noooooo body's fault but mine. That's the way it was,when both we were , for I was me then and you played the part of her. Better not go to sleep, better not go to sleep said she, or face will be eaten from the who is thee? <>=3.
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2023.06.03 22:19 kuraiibu Now accepting clients for readings! ❤️ Messages are not going through properly, so please be sure to comment below so I can be sure to see your message 🥰

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2023.06.03 22:19 Froyo_Worm Persistent Variable Issues

I'm trying to have this persistent variable (persistent.pm) set as a boolean that is true by default.
When I launch the game to play it, the lines nested in my if statement (the one hinging on persistent.pm's true/false value) don't appear, how do I fix this?
Here's my code:
snippet from my def.rpy file: Var definitions - (I edited some things out so its just the relevant shit)
# CHARS define p = Character("[PN]") define mc = Character("[MC]") # GEN default INS = 0 default PN = "Polly" default MC = "You" # PERS default persistent.kbm = True 
snippet from my script.rpy file: Self-explanatory -
 menu: "Where do you look first?" "The bathroom": jump rrk1 "The gallery": scene gal1 # This is the part that won't run if persistent.pm: $ INS = 2 mc "The hell?" p "What's wrong?" mc "Nothing...nevermind." # take this out later p "The INS is [INS]." # end of part that won't run jump gak1 "The kitchen": jump kik1 
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2023.06.03 22:19 crochet-anxiety Less is More

I wrote way more than I thought I would.
I spent most of my childhood making sure my mom was happy, and this continued on into adulthood. My mom used guilt and avoidance as conflict resolution. I became a people pleaser with very low confidence in myself.
When I became a parent, I thought maybe I would finally understand my mom more. But I don’t. I have so many questions. I will never ask her any though, because she will feed me her “I did my best” line or start calling herself a “horrible mother”.
I set a boundary that I am not budging on and she hasn’t been talking to me much. Usually I go running back to my mom when she doesn’t contact me, like it’s always my problem to fix. But this time I have not. It has been VERY eye opening to see her responses, reactions, and behaviors.
I realize how much my life has revolved around my mother. How codependent and enmeshed we were. I am trying to figure out who I am now, not just being in her shadow. I feel such a sense of peace, accomplishment, independence, and happiness. I feel free.
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2023.06.03 22:19 anintentionallife Problems trying to add new Apple Watch, using Family Sharing.

1) Bought a new Apple Watch SE with GPS + cellular from the Apple Store. Activated the cell plan for the new watch through my carrier, T-Mobile. 2) Tried pairing it and it gets stuck at the Terms & Conditions screen. I’ve seen lots of online chatter about this but no successful resolutions. Help! 3) I’ve tried everything. All software is up to date. Reboot. Delete app and reinstall. Network connections. Tried installing on my wife’s phone instead…same issue. 2-factor authentication is on. My sons Apple ID is set up and he’s been added to my family. 4) went back to the Apple Store. Tried and tried with their staff. Unsuccessful. They proposed I do a full erase of my phone (thinking it was a software issue). Went through the massive hassle of doing this (and losing all my apps and settings on my phone) and it still didn’t work. Stuck at the same place. 5) just to attempt it, I paired the phone as though it was for me (the phone owner, not using family sharing) and it worked.
Why can I not figure this out?! Please any advice or ideas from this community?
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2023.06.03 22:19 petalesdejuin Urban decay setting spray

i recently bought the urban decay setting spray after seeing that it’s been beloved for forever.. but i feel like it makes my makeup look patchy? Especially under my eyes .. it creases my makeup so bad.
Does this happen to anyone else ? Is there another way to use this?
Any suggestions are welcomed please help 😭
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2023.06.03 22:18 AutoModerator (GET) Laz Chavez & Richard Telfeja – AI Bot Masterclass

I got the course Laz Chavez & Richard Telfeja – AI Bot Masterclass
I found a link for the course for all of you people out there who need.
The link is direct download, no torrents, no viruses.
Let me know if you need anything else.
I can get access to many courses.
Where to download
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2023.06.03 22:18 tetrahedron78 If this person in this group, these are my favorite comments 😂

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2023.06.03 22:18 SolaceMC SolaceMC [SMP] {BattlePass} {Jobs} {Quests} {Ranks} {Economy} {Custom Enchants} {McMMO}

💫 SolaceMC - Enhanced Survival 💫
Welcome to SolaceMC and our brand new season 1 Battle Pass! Be the first to reach tier 50! Also be the first to get your hands on the Blaze's Fury custom sword with flaming pixelated auras!
💻 Our Java IP: play.solacemc.com
📖 Discord: https://discord.gg/529yuMJPNn
🗺️ Dynmap: http://map.solacemc.com
We also have a ton of plugins you'll enjoy and such a great community to enjoy it with! including custom worlds, custom terrains, custom villages, custom dungeons, and custom POI's! It's endless!!!!
Come check us out!
We are also looking for staff! apply on our discord please! (Join our discord for bedrock IP)
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2023.06.03 22:18 Glum-Fortune1342 Book The Next Year Of Any Championship Of Your Choice (Max 1000 words)

The TNT Championship has lost a lot of prestige over the 18 months and its very difficult to get invested in the belt when it changes hands so often. There hasn’t been a great TNT Champion since Miro and this is my attempt to fix its current trajectory.
At the time of writing, Wardlow is the current champion. He cuts a promo on the May 31st episode of Dynamite saying this belt used to be defended weekly on Dynamite and starting tonight that is going to be the case again and he issues an open challenge daring anyone to step into Wardlow’s world. Out comes Ethan Page with arguing with Matt Hardy, who tells him he has to prove his worth to him and the best way to do that would be to accept Wardlow’s open challenge. After some complaints, he gets in the ring and Wardlow throws him around whilst he tries to avoid his high-impact offence, ultimately to no avail. After the match, Matt says that next week he’ll challenge Wardlow to show Ethan how its done. Hardy is much bolder than Ethan was is in his match against Wardlow, taking the fight to him and never once dodging him. Of course, the big man gets the win after the Powerbomb Symphony.
After this, he has a string of defences against a variety of midcarders and forgotten AEW stars including Big Bill, Lance Archer, Swerve Strickland, Kip Sabian, Brian Cage, El Hijo Del Vikingo, Hook and Keith Lee. After defending against Luchasaurus at FyterFest, Wardlow is attacked by old rival Powerhouse Hobbs. Hobbs says that whilst Wardlow was pretending to be a fighting champion, he was ducking the one man who deserved a shot most, the man who he never even offered a rematch to because he knows he couldn’t beat him again; and that man is Powerhouse Hobbs. Wardlow says he has been defending the belt weekly, which means Hobbs could have had his rematch at any time but instead he decided to attack from behind like a coward. He is right about one thing though; I am a fighting champion and therefore he will give him a rematch because he’s not afraid of him; he just has to name the time and the place. Hobbs says Wardlow may as well have dug his own grave by asking him to name the time and place and says he’ll he see him at All In in at Wembley in a Falls Count Anywhere match. Hobbs wins after a Powerhouse Slam onto a car. On the Dynamite in-between All In and All Out, Wardlow says he’s not gonna wait for his rematch and cashes in his rematch clause for All Out, this time in a Chicago Street Fight. This is another brutal affair in which Hobbs comes out on top after a distraction from AEW World Champion MJF. This frees Wardlow up to pursue his former mentor, win the Eliminator tournament and ultimately dethrone MJF at Winter is Coming.
Hobbs goes on a monster run with the belt defeating opponents across Dynamite & Rampage. His first major feud is with Orange Cassidy; who dropped the International title to PAC at All In. After burning the candle at both ends for the past few months, Cassidy decides to chill for a few weeks before showing his more serious side again and decides he wants to be the face of the network. Hobbs just laughs at Cassidy and dismisses him as a joke in the build to their match at Full Gear. This feud is the most serious we have ever seen Cassidy and he puts up a brave fight against Hobbs as he fights from underneath, hitting him with snug strikes and showing off his rarely seen technical wrestling skills. It is to no avail however as Hobbs overpowers the piece of fruit and eventually retains his championship.
After this, Hobbs says Cassidy may have brought the fight to him, but now he wants more serious challengers; people worthy of entering the book of Hobbs. Up steps former TNT Champion Miro. Miro says he’s aware he has been away for some time, however he has been watching from afar whilst Hobbs has been entering people into his “book” and tells him that he is someone who needs redeeming and luckily for him the redeemer is here to do just that and take back his prize. Hobbs says Miro has been away for months and can’t just waltz out here and challenge the TNT Champion to a match but he accepts anyway, wanting to send the Redeemer back to wherever he’s been. The match happens at Winter Is Coming and is a hoss battle as the two just throw each other around the ring for a good 12 minutes before Hobbs retains.
Heading into Revolution 2024, Hobbs wants to know who’ll be the next entry into the Book of Hobbs when he is interrupted by an old friend turned foe, Ricky Starks. Starks says he and Hobbs go way back and he’s been watching as Hobbs has torn his way throw the roster but he knows him better than anyone and says the last time they thought he kicked his arse. Hobbs admits he may’ve gotten the better of him last time but since then Starks has been the Janetty to his Shawn Michaels. The match is set for Revolution and they tell a story of friends turned enemies over their pursuit of individual glory. Starks becomes the new TNT Champion after 15 engrossing minutes. Lower down the card, Swerve wins the Face Of The Revolution Ladder Match. Starks says the Revolution will indeed now be televised as he and Swerve engage in a feud that involves Starks having to fight off many off Swerve’s affiliates until their match at Double or Nothing 2024. This match is a hard-hitting, intense 15 minute long banger with Absolute retaining the title, having overcome every obstacle that Swerve threw at him in the process.
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2023.06.03 22:18 Narchrisus Hot Take : I wouldn’t mind Skrull Minions

I know Scopely said no more minions once upon a time, but they also said no more orb opening events, and see how that went
My suggestion though, is the minions wouldn’t get a full milestone type release, but actually would go straight to the store/nodes
Here’s where you can play with their abilities. Rather than them having a set slot in the Arena and Blitz stores or nodes, they’ll appear in a different slot/node each time, effectively taking the place of the character there, like some kind of Secret Invasion
Release one per patch as part of the 5/6 we would normally get that patch, which is one less unlock method we’d need every 6 weeks or so
I know this will get a lot of negative comments and downvotes, am prepared for that. Think of it this way though, if you don’t care for minions, it’s one less character per patch you have to level up
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2023.06.03 22:18 ObjectivePhone122 Lotr set

How much do you think it will cost to aquire a full set of the lotr? Just the basic cards. No alternates. Is there a site that has them up with values already?
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2023.06.03 22:18 AlliasDM Lost in a fantasy 8

First post

Previous post

Entry 8

From the moment I entered the custody of the Sentinel Suns, my life transformed into a living hell. Each morning, the reverberating clank of chains echoed through the corridors as a procession of fifty individuals, including myself and my cellmate, shuffled forward. For the first time in my life, I feel small, I am dwarfed by the hulking physiques of the others in my procession. It is a striking realization, further emphasized by a fellow prisoner who, despite being over a whole foot shorter than me, is ripped as all hell, with biceps almost thicker than my legs combined!
The chow hall beckons, a temporary sanctuary from the brutality that defines our existence. We shuffle forward, drawn by the scent of a meager yet substantial meal, its flavor subdued but enough to quell the gnawing hunger within. The portions we receive are meticulously measured, a calculated reminder of our individual worth in this dehumanizing realm. As we hastily consume our rations, a palpable tension fills the room, for time is a luxury we cannot afford. Taking too long to eat invites violence, as our time to eat is limited, and wasting food or defying orders leads you to be beaten unconscious by the guards and become a fixture hanging from the battlements. So, I take this fleeting interlude to gather my thoughts and muster resolve for the harrowing yet to come.
Breaking the uneasy peace, a guard emits a clarion call of a whistle that cuts through the air and jolts us into attention, our bodies stiffening as if in sync. With measured steps, we march out of the door, leaving behind the confines of the inner keep. As the outside air brushes against our faces, our senses are immediately assaulted by an unholy stench that permeates the surroundings. The source of this vile odor awaits us—a monstrous cart, resembling the size of a colossal train wagon on wheels. A dozen of these abominations accompany us, as we rhythmically march on, urged onward by the anguished cries of the rulebreakers, their bodies hanging from the battlements and flogged in a haunting rhythm to keep our pace, I cast my gaze down and seek to shield myself from the sun as much as possible as we embark on our arduous journey, pushing the wagon steadfastly eastward, fanning out until the other vanish from view.
Tentatively, we make our way through the desolated industrial hub, a landscape of ruins and despair. Amidst the wreckage, chimneys stood as stoic sentinels, spewing smoke that briefly dances with a myriad of vivid hues above, an eerie spectacle against the desolate backdrop. Within certain structures, a hive of activity unfolds, causing the very ground to quiver beneath our weary feet. As we converge at designated collection points, we encounter a somber assembly of chained and exhausted souls, their toil centered around the arduous tasks of shattering rocks and bearing heavy loads. Envy gnaws at my insides every time I see them, for though their labor is far from easy, it lacks the soul-crushing horror that stains my own. We, a disparate group assigned the grisly duty of scavenging, a macabre amalgamation of garbage collectors and corpse retrievers, pauses intermittently to load our carts with the repulsive remnants of life and the accumulated refuse that marked these sorrowful junctions.
Beneath the unforgiving sun, we toil with a mixture of revulsion and numbness. At every of these collection points, we stop the wagon, attach a ramp that hangs to the side of the vehicle and form a line, passing buckets of limbs, waste, and whole corpses to each other until finally, the one at the end would throw it in the cart. Even after a week I can’t help but shiver every time my hands come into contact with cold, clammy skin. The texture of rotting flesh clings to my fingers, an indescribable sensation that makes bile rise in my throat just thinking about it.
Each body loaded onto the wagon leads to a louder chorus of anguished moans and pained groans to get that thing moving again. The weight of death settles upon me like a leaden shroud, both physically and emotionally, as we strain against the sheer physicality of lifting these lifeless figures. By the time the sun reaches its zenith, my muscles cry out in protest, yet I persist, driven by a grim determination to accomplish this gruesome duty or suffer the consequences. Rivulets of sweat cascade down my forehead, a desperate response to quell the scorching onslaught of light that saps my vitality, only to mingle with the layers of grime and filth that clings to my exhausted frame.
The relentless march continues as we push forward, our bodies are strained and weary, dragging the laden cart back to the dire fortress that every day seems closer to its original grim design. We are joined by other wagon crews, forming a parade of the damned, our carrion load in tow.
Amidst the chilling cries that reverberate through the air, we are herded toward one of the looming interior warehouses. Its door yawns open, resembling a merciless guillotine awaiting our arrival. With aching muscles, we attach the cart to the towering lifting mechanism, its massive wheel lever demanding our strained efforts. The sound of our labored panting is swallowed by the clanging symphony of metal emanating from the cart, accompanied by the sickening sloshes that erupt as the putrid contents spill forth. Once the mechanism is securely locked, we venture inside, our hearts heavy with the impending task. With grim determination, we scrape the remaining refuse into the cell and run back out before the gate descends with a resounding thud. A middle gate swiftly rises and falls back into place, sealing off the wretched scene.
Duty pulls us towards the next stage of this unyielding mistreatment. The rear gate yawns open, beckoning us towards the repulsive chore of cleansing the manure-infested cell. With every ounce of strength, we have the foul mixture into the hexagonal pools, and stagnant lagoons nestled amidst the desolate warehouses. The mere sight evokes a visceral recoil, a loathsome amalgamation of waste and debasement. The scorching heat weighs upon us, intensifying the noxious miasma that pervades the air. It doesn't take long for retching to resonate, mingling with the futile attempts to flee, only to be met with a forceful encounter with the grimy floor.
Once the grueling task of cleaning is complete, we are commanded to strip off our clothes and press ourselves against the cold, unforgiving outer wall, joining the other groups. Then comes the onslaught—the scalding torrent of teal liquid used to cleanse us. Initially, the dead bodies were the pinnacle of horror for me, but now I realize that this daily ritual is the true torment. The moment the shower hits me, I gasp for air, collapsing onto the floor, my throat burning under the assault of the overpowering minty scent. It takes the collective strength of my fellow prisoners to lift me back to my feet. One by one we shuffle towards our shepherds, as one waves his hands magically drying us while the other hands us fresh attire before hurriedly ushering us back to the chow hall. Dinner feels like a brief respite compared to breakfast, but eventually, the blaring whistles pierce the air, signaling our return to the confines of our cells. The question lingers in my mind—how much longer can I endure this?
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2023.06.03 22:18 imakesound- How to properly use Instruct Mode in KoboldCPP?

I've recently started using KoboldCPP and I need some help with the Instruct Mode. I know how to enable it in the settings, but I'm uncertain about the correct format for each model. I'm used to simply selecting Instruct Mode on the text generation web UI, but I'm not sure how to replicate this process in KoboldCPP.
For instance, where should I place the following?
user: "### Instruction:"
bot: "### Response:"
turn_template: "\n\n\n\n\n\n"
context: "Below is an instruction that describes a task. Write a response that appropriately completes the request.\n\n"
Any guidance on how to correctly format and input these elements would be greatly appreciated!
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2023.06.03 22:18 FertileVibes2021 Floyd and Tara, thanks for sharing your story!

Floyd and Tara, thanks for sharing your story!
I hope you lurk on here! My husband and I were both homeschooled. My parents followed the “To Train Up a Child” method (mostly glue sticks, but wooden spoons etc. too), and my husband and was raised IBLP and involved in ALERT. Your love story and relationship reminded us of our own! ❤️❤️❤️
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2023.06.03 22:18 I_Like_Potatoes12 Anyone have the link to the brewstew discord?

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2023.06.03 22:18 pieeatingchamp L-Connect Lighting Issue

I have the following fans connected to the Lian Li Fan Controller:
All are connected to the fan controller and the controller is connected to the 3-pin ARGB header on my motherboard.
When the MB Lighting Sync setting is ON, then all my fan lights are on and have the Rainbow Wave colors.
When the MB Lighting Sync setting is OFF, then all my fan lights go out.
Also, the Fan/Pump Profile screen shows everything as 120mm fans, but I know I have 2x 140mm on my 280mm Kraken Z63.
I want to set them all to a static color. How do I do this? Because when MB MB Lighting Sync is OFF, all the lighting options are disabled in L-Connect 3.
I have v1.7 of L-Connect 3. Here are screenshots of all screens, if it helps.





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2023.06.03 22:18 20rGaming [EU/NA] 20r Gaming [Looking for New Players]

Discord: https://discord.gg/20r
20r is an international multi-gaming community. Tarkov has been our backbone for the past 2 years and our membership in it continues to grow at an unbelievable rate! We welcome anyone and everyone mature enough to join our discord and hop on for some raids or play anything else!
Here are some key reasons we believe 20r is the community for you:
If you wanna game - hop on our discord
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2023.06.03 22:17 GoastRiter [GUIDE] Living Large in Los Santos: Unleashing Chaos. Making Friends and Rediscovering the Thrill of GTA Online!

If you're reading this, perhaps you're like me. You have most things you want in GTA Online. You've "done it all". And now you're bored.
But... have you *really* done it all? Turns out, most of us haven't. There's so much to do in this game, and it's easy to get stuck in old habits that prevent us from discovering everything there is to do in Los Santos!
So I began writing down all my ideas for having fun in the game, and basically use these suggestions as guidelines to always find something new to do. It has completely reinvigorated my joy for the game, and I hope it can help you do the same!
If you're having trouble with motivation or inspiration, then I suggest picking something at random from the list and just doing it! You might disccover that you love it, just like I did!
And if you have anything more to add, please share your comments so that we can all help build this list together. :)

Let's go!

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2023.06.03 22:17 Emrys_616 What teased monsters do you wish Konami would make?

What teased monsters do you wish Konami would make?
The upcoming release of the Animation Chronicle OCG Set led to I and some friends talking about it and one of the more hyped points of discussion was the printing of "Colorless King of Dark World" - a card that we didn't actually get to see in the GX anime because the attempted summoning was interrupted.
That got me thinking about what other cards Konami has teased in various parts of the franchise yet still have to make a card of and what you would like to see. There's actually a list of such cards from the manga and anime if you need to refresh your memory, but the one I chose is actually from neither...
\"Dark Sacrifice\"
My choice would the artwork of Kaiba's trap card Dark Sacrifice from the DSoD movie which depicts his Blade Knight being corrupted by Steelswarm Origin (although the card itself is just generic Dark Support). I don't know why, but Blade Knight is my favourite monster used by Kaiba and it's one of the few of his that lacks any kind of retrain. Anyways, despite the Evilswarms all being corrupted monsters from other unrelated cards, Blade Knight is not one of them and as such has no associated Evilswarm monster. Considering we do have Evilswarm Nightmare which was originally XX-Saber Boggart Knight, I imagine a hypothetical corrupted Blade Knight would be along similar lines as a Dark Warrior type monster that looks like a demon halfway bursting out of broken armour. He would probably have some kind of swarming effect to facilitate the archetype's goal of turbo-ing out Rank 4 Xyz Monsters.
So, what hypothetical monsters would you like to see Konami print?
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