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Bridezillas on WETV

2018.01.27 05:23 katie_not_holmes Bridezillas on WETV

Bridezillas, the reality tv show.

2022.08.12 21:52 Lost_Kaleidoscope885 batesnark

This community is for snarking on the Bates Family from TLC’s United Bates of America and UpTV’s Bringing Up Bates. More specifically to criticize how they are “a more charming version of the Duggars” -Jen (FF) therefore can mask their true extreme right wing Christian beliefs and their ties to the IBLP. Essentially duggarssnark but the Bates version. Sorry, do not join this page if you are a Bates fan. Any racist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist rhetoric will not be tolerated Have fun!

2018.02.09 01:09 DuggarsSnark Subreddit

Welcome to DuggarsSnark, a board where you can snark on, make fun of, and criticize the Duggar Family, the far right, ultra-conservative, fundamentalist Christian family behind TLC's fabulously canceled Counting On and 19 Kids and Counting. This subreddit is NOT for fans of the Duggars, and is all in good fun. Come join the discussion!

2023.05.31 19:57 LightningStormK It’s been an interesting week…

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2023.05.20 22:26 elacmch Almost everything about "Snark Subreddits" on this site perplexes me.

Firstly, I'm a younger millennial/elder Gen Z'er. I genuinely don't think I have heard anyone younger than the age of 60 talk use the term "snark" in real life outside of these subreddits that are all about hostility towards certain celebrities.
These seem to be about celebrities overrepresented in popular media...but they aren't otherwise especially popular on Reddit. Like...I've never encountered people on Reddit talking about the "Duggars" but /Duggarssnark shows up on my feed all the time.
There are also subs that fill the same purpose but are named differently. /SaintMeghanMarkle is one of them.
I'm confused about how popular these subreddits are for a variety of reasons....not the least of which is who the heck in 2023 is using the term "snark" casually??
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2023.03.02 22:28 No_Satisfaction2002 Snark Awards - Duggar winners

So the Reddit snark awards featured too few Duggars so I'm suggesting the following Duggar winners;
Biggest Shitshow - Anna
Biggest scammer - Famy
Biggest exploitation of minor children - Boob
Most delusional - Anna
Biggest fake - Famy
Bought the most bots/followers - Jinger
Worst hygiene - Jed
Worst Photoshop - Jana
Worst liar - Famy
Worst pet owner - Dwreck
Messiest house - Jessa
Most likely to get cancelled - Dwreck
Worst dressed - Meech
Most unrelatable - Anna
Worst couple - Ben and Jessa
Least influencial influencer - Jinger
Biggest decline - Anna
Worst influencer owned brand - The Hope We Hold (or honestly any of Jinger's)
And of course, best snark sub, duggarssnark !
I've removed the positive awards, purely as for most I couldn't make a decision.
Feel free to suggest alternatives!
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2023.02.04 19:41 Ublind Users who post on this subreddit are 10.2 times times more likely to also post on /r/thefighterandthekid (Brendan Schwab's podcast)....hmmmm

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2022.12.31 07:11 APW25 DuggarsSnark 2022 part 2

link to part 1
Austin takes a break from looking like he's home on a 2 week furlough courtesy of Stonewall to look like a throwback meme
D-wreck was sworn in as a lawyer. I guess now he's legally a hater
That time SOTDRT struck years later
The inmate out here doing the Lord's work for us
Jessa reminding us that she is a bitch
Nostrildamus prediction
The Books moved and we all wondered how the fuck they afforded that
Solid gold snark
When fansites grt too creepy
The AMA that puts every other AMA to shame
AMA meme
Joy's what the fuck saying of Jim Bob, but i thought this when i saw a dealer tag with my birthday
Calling out Caleb Williams bullshit
Jinger's dead eye kitchen
SiRen sighting
Nuggets calling out bullshit that no one has adopted yet
Jinger announced (maybe not officially announced?) she wrote a book, this time with no pictures
J'eriatric Duggar Snarker love
That time snarkers tried to deduce if Kendra had yeeted another baby based on a few pixels in the background of a photo (it's me, I was the snarker) one two three
This lovely snarker who was Michelle for Halloween
This poor snarker who literally ran into D-wreck
Jed!'s one-time political opponent snarks on his loss
Nugget shitpost
Joy's performance wasn't as good as the flying Bible, but close
This unfortunate snarker
Snarkers calling out Amy's bullshit
Josh Duggar was supposedly hiding his sister after coming home from a renovation at 3AM
The world is being blessed by another Nostril and Katey looked like Billy the big mouth bass in the thumbnail
The time Josh announced his downloaded porn was bogging down his laptop
Jill gave in to MLM oils
The sub scrambling to count all the grandchildren after Jim Bob said Joy's was #30
An opportunity for a good pun, Jinger roasted over her coffee grift one two
Katey jnocked up again? Snarkers dived into Pinterest (adding this because it may happen)
Spurgeon's mysterious hospital visit never explained, but used for Christian insurance grifting
Snarker crochet blanket
A lovely thought provoking post
The sub putting out the legwork to see if Jason is dating someone one two
It's another set of masculine nostrils for Joystin
A snarker discovered Amy's Walmart modeling gig
Jessa explains what we all knew already
Joy cut her hair and it was a whole thing
James had a fabulous photoshoot
This wholesome post that touched everyone's heart
Jingles made "pizza"
James started vaguebooking one two
Jim Bob did something incredibly stupid and thought 'helth'
Throwback to when the Lost Boys had spicy food
People finally stopped lusting after Austin after he showed that he wasn't different than any other fundie man (surprise surprise) one two
Joy makes questionable safety decisions
Jeremy displayed his privilege
The mediccorps wives had the most boring Christmas party ever which says a lot because I went to my work one
That time Bin wore short jorts
Pest conviction anniversary!
Michelle edit in that one weird pink shirt that ever fundie girl and their mom owned
Jill baked the whitest, non spiciest pancakes to ever pancake
More gun safety from the Forsyth's
The Sun threw some shade that made me giggle
Surprising no one, Kathy is knocked up again
Gracie was a mood
Joy tried to avoid safety criticism but only drew attention to it
That time Nathan Bates was the only excited about a pregnancy announcement
Peak snark
Joy threw the blandest birthday party for Jesus ever
It was noted a couple times that Jessa was MIA from social media
Joy continually refuses to use dishes one two
Jed! creepiness factor is off the chart
The sub guesses if the family really does share one brain cell
The amount of detective skills this damn sub has
Amy being a dick really wraps up the year nicely
Famy snark is my favorite
Is this the Duggars or the Maitlands?
Jed! and Kath! announced to the world they are having their first sister mom
Jer and Hannah had a girl Christmas day
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2022.12.31 07:00 APW25 DuggarsSnark 2022

This is my recap for the year. Stuff I found funny, not necessarily top posts. I started in October and since there's a post limit, July on back is from the various top post settings. Oh well. Onward to 2023. Hopefully I don't fuck this up. October, November, December will be another post because FUCK
Speaks for itself
That moment we thought Michelle wore pants and we lost our collective mind.
The sub pointing out the disaster that is Jessa's car
The glorious moment we banned WOACB posting
Josh calling a toddler attention seeking
Jinger showed her shoulders
The Planes crashed their plane
What even
Anna thinking she was doing something
When new snarkers visit
The sub questioned if Justin had found the right hole
Jill announced she was jnocked up
I will always share this
I don't even recall this the first time
Pregnancy speculations
And I oop
place was a thing
Jinger updated her Instagram photo
Jeremiah got married
Nuggets snarking on snarkers
Joy stating the obvious
Bin snark
D-wreck tried to be relevant
Denise Wilson's son in law spoke out against the letter she wrote to judge Brooks asking leniency
Famy was Famy
May really had Famy posting shit one two
Nuggets gold
Famy "reaching out" to Anna after putting her down numerous times
Amazing tweet
It was a glorious day
This same meme was actually shared the day after the trial ended too
Nuggets one two
The memes y'all made were priceless one two three four five
Someone had a servant's heart
That wholesome moment when the whole sub stands up for each other
Jason deep in the kool-aid
The Jed!s had a baby and named him after chick fil a. Jed! proceeded to be a dick to his wife during labor
Jabbie announced a pregnancy
Fuck this was cute
Amy showed she really is garbage
Fuck Amy Duggar
Seagoville updated their page
Jed hate
Anna road tripped to see her bestie
That was a fun fact
Claire is trash too
Jed put his baby under a grill
Josh doing the prison shuffle
We are here for guessing if Joe and Kindra had another baby
Amy had a baby shower for Jill
Jessa clapping back because we questioned if Michelle showed up for Jill's baby shower one two
Jill yeeted a fetus
Derrick viewed a snarkers LinkedIn profile
Spurgeon isn't the only one with deep insight in the family
The sentencing transcript was released and the defense told Anna she could work
Meech with the crazy eyes
Amy trying to garner attention again
Jinger and Jerm's racist book released one two
Throwback to the "Chinese" Geisha dress-up
That time Michelle inadvertently said how much they use their daughters
Jinger and Jerm and their racist church...it tracks with their racist book one two
When Jessa vowed to support Bin's endeavors she never would have predicted his music career
Jim Bob and Stephen King are scary in their own way
A great meme about Jim Bob and Michelle's parenting
Jill tried to convince us Michelle was being loving
Jinger started on her cooking grift and yikes it's been a fucking disaster
Nuggets throwback to middle school
Joystin demonstrating gun safety
Idek what this is but I love it
The Books gave a tour of their old home and there was a deer head in their daughters room. Quaint
There's a lost boy courtship speculation
That time the sub predicted the Nostrils blessing
The sub revisited Jason's infamous orchestra pit visit
Claire made guac using essential oils
Jim Bob was spotted at an airport looking due any day
Gideon had his first day of school and posed in the driveway with a backpack...so he could watch something on an iPad in the living room
A snarkers dad had a magic moment with Michelle
Nuggets meme
Snarkers trolled Adam Levine
Hannah had her bullshit called out
Snarkers doing what they do best
The sub effectively shut down the idea of a mod chat. lmao
Josh and Anna have been married 14 years
Spurgeon wasn't quite as articulate on the show as he was on Jessa's Twitter
Austin cuddles Jason during birth
A great TBT featuring Ellen
Jinger and Jerm went completely wordly going to a concert: Michael Bublè
Peak snark
Austin was not prepared for Joy and her enthusiasm for PDA
Anna Duggar deleted her Instagram. I guess there wasn't more to the story
The sub ponders how fundies age
John and Abbie had a second blessing. He has the Duggar hairline already. one two
This baseball player is keeping his distance
Jer managed to find the right hole. Spoiler: it's a girl
Famy let's her kid climb in the fridge
link to part 2
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2022.12.08 23:37 xtina-d An appropriate post underneath r/duggarssnark

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2022.06.09 12:53 Von_Mix I made r/toomanykids, a community for people who feel their parents had too many kids.

I used to come here and write up long posts but I could never quite put into words the abuse i was facing. That's because it was complex, involving many factors which go unthought of even in modern contexts. That is why I have created toomanykids, for those of us who have suffered at the hands of our parent's repeated decisions, but go mostly unheard due to lack of community and resources. Nobody should have to be neglected and gaslit as we so often are by our own family. I feel like it's time for the perception to change. Much like duggarssnark, but for our own families. Anyone who feels like they belong in this community is welcome. Everyone has a voice that deserves ro be heard.
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2022.06.05 19:47 SpaceAstro2367 It had to be done. (cross-posted from my original post on r/duggarssnark)

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2022.05.25 14:15 Aecritter Herb and Spice Names Over Time

In the flavor of my post on flower names, I present to you the herb and spice names. Again, using the US SSA data, so this likely varies if you're elsewhere! I've probably missed a name or two, but hopefully I've gotten the big ones. Also, I'm in the process of getting a few more posts like these together, so there is more to come. :)
Name that has never left the charts:
Rosemary: Has had a long run as a solidly popular name and was in the top 200 from 1916-1962, peaking at 74 in 1946. Rosemary hit an all-time-low in the 2000s, falling to 749 in 2008, but has been making a comeback and currently sits at 368. Based on the trajectory for the last several years and the current love for "old lady" names, I would expect Rosemary to keep becoming more popular.
In the Top 1000 now:
Angelica: Has had a slow rise and fall on the girls list, entering the charts in 1959, peaking at 97 in 1996. It is currently at its lowest since then, occupying number 601 on the charts.
Juniper: A relatively new name to the charts, Juniper first broke the top 1000 for girls in 2011 and has shot up every year since. It currently sits at its peak of 138.
Laurel: Laurel has had several rises and falls on (and off) the girls list since 1900, first rising to 541 in 1928, then to 241 (its highest peak) in 1956, 509 in 1998, and most recently at 597 in 2017. Laurel had its lowest moments off the list for several years in the 1900s and again in 2009-2010. For boys, Laurel appeared twelve times, all between 1904-1934, and peaked at 789 in 1926.
Sage: Has been seen on both the boys and girls lists since the early 1990s. For girls, we first see Sage in 1993 and it has more-or-less risen since then up to its current seat at 179. For boys, Sage hit slightly earlier, in 1991, and has waxed and waned more on the girls side. Still, it hasn't left the charts since entering and is currently at its peak of 427. Sage was more popular by ranking for boys in 1991-1998 and has been more popular for girls from 1999 onward.
Used to be in the Top 1000:
Basil: Appeared on the boys list from 1900-1969, mostly in the 300s and 400s until 1940, then losing ground until falling off the list. Basil peaked at 329 in 1911 and is a name I would love to see make a comeback.
Cicely: Made a very brief appearance on the girls charts in 1973 and 1974, peaking at 608 in 1974, then leaving to never be heard from again.
Cinnamon: Appeared on the girls charts once, in 1969. Its highest and only rank was 699 in that year.
Ginger: Had a long run on the girls list between 1933 to 1989 and hung out around the 200s from 1951-1978. Ginger peaked in 1971 at 187. (For any duggarssnark folks, Jinger never made the list)
Herb: Comes in lower on the list from 1935-1947, and again in 1958 and 1960. While being in the top 1000, Herb never got higher than 791 in 1941.
Maryjane: As a type of ~herb~, Maryjane appeared on the list from 1914-1964, peaking at 463 in 1923 and had a smaller peak in 1944 at rank 500. Wasn't heard from for decades until reappearing for a couple years at the bottom of the list in the late 2000s. It has since disappeared again.
Pepper: Hit the girls list for one year, 1975, at ranking 956.
Never in the Top 1000:
Anise, Bay, Bergamot, Burnet, Calendula, Caraway, Cardamom, Cassia, Cayenne, Clove, Coriander, Curry, Dill, Fennel, Hibiscus, Mace, Marjoram, Oregano, Parsley, Saffron, Tarragon, Thyme, Turmeric, Vanilla, Yarrow
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2022.05.22 16:25 EstesParkRanger 🔔MOD OUTLINE FOR WEDNESDAY 5/25 SENTENCING🔔

Well hello everyone! The big day is almost upon us. Here are a few notes on how we’ll be approaching sentencing day:
Starting early in the morning (around 6 am EST) we will close the sub to user posts. You’ll be able to comment but we won’t be letting any new posts through. We’ll keep a megathread pinned so we can talk amongst ourselves. If you think we need a meme megathread or any other type of megathread, let us know here in the comments. Feedback is important and we want to give you the space you need Wednesday morning.
When word comes out, we’re going to pin one user post. If you’re looking to possibly go to the front page and to bury your inbox with notifications, here’s what we need: A clear title and something snarky af. We’ll get about a bazillion posts coming through our queue so we’re going to pick fast. If you attempt to post about it even 5 minutes after word is out, you’re too late. We will then make a sentencing megathread and pin that. Sort by hot and refresh incessantly, you’ll see our pinned posts go up.
After all of this has transpired, mods will take a shot for every year Pest gets and open the doors back up to you. We expect madness, we’re here for it.
We’d like to be very clear on what we’d like you to report on Wednesday:
Infighting: don’t take the bait, if someone is being a dick, report it and we will kill their comment. Any back and forth fighting will be removed and locked.
Rape jokes and graphic SA descriptions: If the past has taught us anything, we expect we’ll be getting people from all who aren’t aware of our rules. We can deal with this one of two ways, if you feel like it is an honest mistake, report it and feel free to have a DuggarsSnark teaching moment. If it’s a gross troll, report as problematic and we’ll zap it. If things get crazy or you need us to see something right away, just use the word mod, we will come help.
Sexuality speculation: As usual, please report this
Victim Speculation: Speculating on who victims are/were is prohibited. Talking about Jane Does 1-4’s identity is permitted
For all of Wednesday we will be moderating mainly to the rules listed above. We expect to be very busy so we ask for your patience as we work through the day.
The last year has been a long and intense road, DuggarsSnark has grown so much. We’ve noticed along with the explosion in size, the sense of community has grown right along with it. We love it here and we’re very proud to be your moderators. Here’s to being held accountable for crimes against women and children. From all of us, Fuck You Josh Duggar.
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2022.04.23 16:06 BigRed0816 My r/Duggarssnark habit is starting to take its toll on my targeted ads…

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2022.04.06 01:30 ANKLEFUCKER New Submission - "Fuck Josh Duggar!!!!!!"

{ "id": 0, "name": "Fuck Josh Duggar!!!!!!", "description": "A project by duggarssnark, a subreddit dedicated to snarking on the Duggar family of 17/18/19 Kids and Counting fame. As of April 2022, eldest son Joshua James Duggar is awaiting sentencing for possessing child sexual abuse material. \n\n\n", "website": "", "subreddit": "duggarssnark", "center": [ 594.5, 1120.5 ], "path": [ [ 564.5, 1111.5 ], [ 624.5, 1111.5 ], [ 624.5, 1128.5 ], [ 563.5, 1128.5 ], [ 564.5, 1111.5 ] ] } 
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2022.04.01 06:00 EstesParkRanger WELCOME TO THE PICKLE JUICE PARTY

Well, hello and good day, Snarkers. A very happy April Fool’s Day to you. Say, can you hear that in the distance? It almost sounds like the furious and foreboding piano scapes of Erin Bates. Something big is happening on Duggarssnark today. Don’t be scared.
What is it? you ask. Why, it’s just a real bad idea we like to call The Pickle Juice Party and it has begun, my friends. Welcome to hell.
If you remember from last time around (you dirty sick bastards), we play it loose and sloppy. We’ve lifted all rules but the following:
-No Rape Jokes
-No victim speculation
-Stay Within Reddit TOS
This is gonna be fun. Shitpost your faces off, take it where you want to go. Fuck it up DuggarsSnark.
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2022.03.25 14:26 harmony-rose u/LadyMillennialFalcon wrote a comment that blew my mind cause of how true it was

u/LadyMillennialFalcon I hope you don't mind me putting you on the spot and/or taking your comment.
Her opinion was that Josie wasn't the golden child. They just used her condition for views. I was gob smacked, cause damn it, she was right. Michelle couldn't breast feed her so as a result gave Josie to Jill most of the time. Jill was left alone with a few months old baby, who still had tubes in her nose. The "parents" left the country while their daughter was still prone to seizures. The moment she found out she couldn't breastfeed was the moment Jill had a new baby buddy.
The thread her comment came from
What is the smallest hill you will die on related to snarking on the Duggars? : DuggarsSnark (reddit.com)
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2022.03.12 16:43 TonySchiavone1 No leg humping but a post only about being high is a OK.

I’ve finally done it! Mods pls delete if not allowed, but I figured this is related to the flair😂 This is my first time on the Duggarssnark subreddit after taking an edible and boy, let me tell ya it’s a trip for sure Also, it took me 20 minutes to write this brief post
I think this may hit a new point of low effort posts. And it has 400 up votes and 86 comments. Don't you dare say you wish Jill's baby well though.
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2022.03.12 03:07 Not_A_Seria1_Killer I’ve finally done it!

Mods pls delete if not allowed, but I figured this is related to the flair😂
This is my first time on the Duggarssnark subreddit after taking an edible and boy, let me tell ya it’s a trip for sure
Also, it took me 20 minutes to write this brief post
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2022.02.19 03:27 Gold_Conversation_20 Some interesting stats

Although my account is over 1 year old, I’ve only recently started using it constantly. I found this site where you put a sub name on the search bar and it gives a list of the users overlaps with other subreddits (don’t know if this is known so sorry if I’m behind).
It says that the scores listed are "probability multipliers", so a score of 2 means that users of kuwtk are twice as likely to post and comment on that subreddit. A score of 1 means that users of kuwtk are no more likely to frequent that subreddit than the average reddit user. A score of 0 means that users of kuwtk never post/comment on that subreddit.
The top subs were teenmomogandteenmom2, vanderpumprules, bravorealhousewives, realhousewives and duggarssnark. Some other notable subs were TaylorSwift, rupaulsdragrace and truecrime. Interestingly enough, kanye was way down the list. What are your thoughts on this? I would also like to use this opportunity to ask what other subs you guys frequent!
Here’s the link.
submitted by Gold_Conversation_20 to KUWTK [link] [comments]