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2023.06.07 21:31 Jtowne85 Didn’t know I got the swirl variant 😂

Didn’t know I got the swirl variant 😂
Ordered from the official store, came in today with black swirls in the press. Cleaned and played sounded fine. Just curious if anyone else got one like this.
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2023.06.07 21:31 stickmanstrips Nice Summer Breeze [OC]

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2023.06.07 21:31 Macch1athoe Did the dentist try to scam me?

Maybe someone here can help me make sense of this.
I have been tossing this around in my head and I cannot figure out what’s going on. It feels like a scam, but maybe it’s not. Maybe someone here who knows about billing/dentistry can help more?
So I have to get my wisdom teeth removed. I thankfully have really good insurance thru my husbands union, so when the coordinator ran all my stuff she came back and told me the only thing insurance did not cover was the nitrous for $500. Okay.. that’s steep for what I can pay right now. I tell this to the coordinator, asking is she sure it doesn’t cover. She was firm and actually had an attitude about it, telling me I need this and being really pushy to pay the $500. She kept saying insurance does not cover it. Otherwise I’ll have no nitrous and with my dental fears I just can’t. So I put down $100 and make the apt for a week out (this weekend).
So my husband was talking to his buddy today at work who has the same insurance, and his friend said he has gotten dental work a ton of times and the nitrous was always covered. So my husband calls his union and the rep told him that they do cover it.
So then I call the dentist, I get a different lady then who I spoke with in the office. The lady tells me immediately that from what she can see, it appears it should all be covered with no out of pocket. At this point I’m really fucking confused bc I have paperwork that says $400 is due bc I paid $100. I asked her if I’ll get a refund of the $100 and she says I will need to discuss with the coordinator.
I’m now extremely confused as well as fucking pissed that I almost spent $500 for no reason at all, had it not been for my husbands coworker. Was this some kind of scam? I was definitely thrown by how pushy & kinda rude the coordinator was, and now that I know it’s covered I’m suspicious.
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2023.06.07 21:31 Timkky does matchmaking work ?

Newbie here, playing for like 1 month. Finally got into HUT champions, got rekt 3x for "calibration", in ranking im around place 60. (how?) and i remember all the names of guys i played againts and nobody is in the rankings (is it sepperate for each console?- im playing on series s..)
- also im getting rekt still because even after callibration i play againts dudes who play nonstop and have 99overal teams with hut cards againts my basics..pretty much similar in rivals, i am in lowest Div, yet i play with dudes who have 800 matches and full 99 teams
Is that because of low player base ? if so, whats the point ? then the game is for top 200 players who buy top cards and play againts each other ? wow, sounds funny
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2023.06.07 21:31 Jetathor2 Window picking up a trojan virus from eco's garden decor mod?

I went to hop onto the ark server I play on on a daily basis and it crashed. Then I get a ping from windows security that SteamLibrary\steamapps\workshop\downloads\346110\880871931\WindowsNoEditor\Structures\SM\GDCornerRoofSM_eco.uasset.z is being flaged as a severe trojan. I have not been able to find any info on this from anywhere so I come to you Reddit! Hopefully its just a false flag as I've been using eco mods pretty much since they have been available. Any ideas as to what it actually is would be appreciated.
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2023.06.07 21:31 Amateraszu_ [EUW] support main looking for consistent duo to play with!

so i've been playing league on and off since like 2016, but for the last couple of months i've really been enjoying the game again and so i would love to have someone to consistently play with as i don't have that at the moment. i only really play enchantemage supports, because i don't feel too comfortable playing a tanky one. i'm not looking for someone who exclusively plays adc, because i like to think that you should play whatever you feel most comfortable & have most fun with :) not really a ranked enjoyer but could do it eventually if it clicks.
i'm not looking for existing groups/servers to join, because they make me feel anxious. i do prefer voice chatting whilst playing.
don't be extremely toxic and or homophobic.. in that case feel free to add me:
league: bratty eboy
discord: Amateraszu#6344
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2023.06.07 21:31 NovaRC99 I need help in finding this particular rock song
I need help finding this particular rock song. It definitely sounds like an alternative rock song from either the late 90s or early 2000s (definitely sounds like something Alice In Chains or Temple Of The Dog would play). Sincere apologies for the echo/low quality/commentary over the song as this link to the original video was posted over a decade ago and the original site that had the themes no longer lists them despite my best efforts through the Wayback Machine. I can make out a few lyrics:
Searching for something I can't find my way This road leads to nowhere This road keeps on turning The hell I'm making(?) Keep (or Can't?) finding my way Because I'm coming down It's all an illusion(?) It's all inside your head
If anyone manages to find this song in its entirety, please notify me as soon as possible. Thank you.
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2023.06.07 21:31 starterxy Bugs Playing Poker - By Me - I added a lil blog about all the Easter eggs and references int he drawing.

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2023.06.07 21:31 SmokeAndIron Deck specialisations

Sooooooooo ....
I've been playing this game a good while now, but I generally always play an unspecialised deck. I seem to prefer an all round "jack of all trades master of none" kind of approach where I will try and cover as many different capabilities in a deck as I possibly can. That way if I'm operating independently or my team mates falter my force can still continue as a self contained unit.
I was wondering about the different purposes and approaches to the various different deck specialisations as my understanding is still fairly rudimentary. I know motorised is fast and mobile, allowing you to get in position first, armour gives you lots of tanks for steamrolling, marines gives you a massive navy etc. I was just wondering what purposes some of you guys see for these different types of decks and what approaches and play styles you use when it comes to playing them?
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2023.06.07 21:30 GroundbreakingBed323 Spit you out - cover

Guys, my band and I are planning to do a cover of this old Bullet's banger - Spit you out. This is just my vocal training, but I think the cover will turn out great and I'm looking forward to sharing it with you!
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2023.06.07 21:30 Xmipodalt [FOR SALE] Atmosphere, Rage Against, Led Zeppelin, Common

Hi! Im looking to sell the following records, all have the conditions listed, and prices include shipping. Let me know if you have any questions! Happy to provide pictures. Chat me if interested!
Atmosphere - So Many Other Realities - Big Bang Variant - $75 - has a small seam split at the top. Comes with signed certificate.
Rage Against the Machine - Evil Empire - Sealed - $30
Led Zeppelin - Untitled 2018 180g - Opened, played twice - $20
Common - A Beautiful Revolution Pt 1 & 2 Bundle VMP Edition - Sealed - $35
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2023.06.07 21:30 V8_Only Should my jungler be playing for me?

Zed match up, I’m on red side. Zed and I 1v1 at level one in lane and I push him to my Viego jungle who started top and just finished raptors (he’s level 2 now). Zed immediately flashes and runs to tower. Viego then paths top to collapse on their heimer top with our top TF. They fail but get flash. During that, I fight zed and he Ws towards me still flashless and we fight lvl 2 but sylas enemy jungle (lvl3) shows up from top river and burns my flash but kills me. I fight with Viego saying he shoulda stayed at top river since zed was flashless and he says the top gank was the right play. Who’s in the right here??
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2023.06.07 21:30 SWIM_1312_ACAB Filth vs Cop, Greed vs Holy Money

I know that Filth is probably the general fan favorite of the two, but I greatly prefer Cop. Like if I were ranking their albums, I'd put Filth in the bottom 5 and Cop in the top 5. Don't get me wrong, I still think Filth is a great record, but Cop took all of the good parts from it, trimmed the fat, and had better music and lyrics. For example, Norman is playing actual parts on Cop (and boy are those parts awesome), where his guitars are Filth were mostly improvised noise because a lot of those songs were written when Sue Hanel was still their guitarist and she refused to write actual parts, opting instead for squealing screeching noise. That's really cool in a live setting but doesn't translate well in a recording. Also, Michaels vocals on Cop are much more confident and his lyrics are way more poignant and provocative. Also, slowing the tempos down and removing the excess percussion, second bass, and tape loops that were all over Filth went a long way towards making Cop SO DAMN HEAVY while paradoxically sounding skeletal at the same time. Plus, the songs are just better, imo. Greed vs Holy Money doesn't warrant as deep of a discussion. Again, I'd put Greed in my bottom 5 and Holy Money just outside of my top 5, like 6 or 7. Every song that has versions on both albums is way better on Holy Money and the songs that are exclusive to HM are better than the ones exclusive to Greed. However, if we're also comparing the $ EPs, Bastard (Time is Money) is MUCH better than A Screw. What do y'all think? Agree? Disagree? Think I'm wrong in every aspect? Discuss
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2023.06.07 21:30 No_Philosopher_4610 Question for doo and soup for next podcast episode

I’m a big fan of both of your guys music so my question is what would it take to get slackjaw and the doo to make a cover of the 90’s power rangers theme song
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2023.06.07 21:30 throwaway247888899 What would you do if you found anime tentacle VR porn on your boyfriends steam?

I [18F] found this gay shit on my bfs steam after looking at his terraria achievements Cus we was playing it together and I was shocked. We have been dating official for 15 hours. Wtf do I do help
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2023.06.07 21:30 Papergami45 An alternate theory about the ending of S3 and FWWM

>! Part of a much longer bit of writing in which I try to run through my thoughts on the show, but here is my current conclusion on the ending.
I've seen a few theories whereby it is assumed that Judy is trapped in the alternate universe with Carrie and Cooper at the end of the finale. There, Carrie remembers the life of Laura, and this acts as a "bomb", wiping them all out (or, in some versions, Cooper survives).
I think this is almost right, but not quite. I don't think Judy would consider a huge mass of everything she consumes to be a dangerous bomb. Instead, I think this episode shows Cooper's failure in contrast with the ending we see in FWWM.
In S3, Cooper, as suggested by the pale horse, ends up ignoring the suffering and abuse of Laura, choosing to bring her to her childhood home from another world, in an effort to wake her up - he wants Laura alive, without thought given as to how horrific or awful that might be for her. And sure enough, despite his initial failure, it works. Laura remembers her suffering, hears her mother's voice, and screams. The lights go out. The timeline fractures. If Judy is manifesting through Sarah, she appears and is able to feed unrestricted on the newly-uncovered trauma of Laura. They are, however, pulled away to the Red Room, where Laura repeatedly tells Cooper of her fate - S3 begins anew. Cooper refuses to accept reality and to move through trauma, and he refuses to accept Laura's agency displayed by her decision in FWWM.
And so, we end up with two endings. FWWM arguably does have Cooper go back in time (Laura screams at him in the forest), but he doesn't save Laura. I think his character accepts Laura's choice to put on the ring, against the instincts he follows in S3 and the instincts young Cooper follows in FWWM. Laura dies, and Twin Peaks S1+S2 begins. The Cooper we follow in S3, however, fails. He generates suffering and abuse, refuses to engage with Laura as a person, and makes everything even worse - even if, in his eyes, he's just trying to save her. S3 then loops. My favourite way to look at this is as a time-loop which continues until Cooper changes his ways, at which point he accepts Laura's choice, and smiles with her, full Lodge-entity, at the end of FWWM. FWWM presents the least-bad option, and S3 tells the audience that we're not there yet (hence the references to real life in Carrie's universe). We have to learn to be better.
Briggs, the Fireman, everyone at the Sheriff's station, they are all weaved around this central story of abuse, telling their own individual tales and interweaving with the central one. They are thus secondary in my reading, but interesting to think about. My best guess is that Briggs and the Fireman, possibly with the light and mostly ignorant assistance of Jeffries, Cole, Albert, etc, want the FWWM ending to occur, and we see them push Cooper towards this, unsuccessfully, in S3. Eventually, though, they succeed. Doing so puts out the interdimensional fire Cooper sets ablaze. It also, assuming essentially all S3 plays out as we saw it, leaves BOB destroyed and Judy unable to feed on Laura's suffering at the end - two birds, one stone. Finally, it displays Cooper's growth - he escapes his oft-discussed white-knight complex, and lets Laura die, as she always did. He moves through the trauma best he can, rather than naively trying to change it at its root, lost in time. !<
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2023.06.07 21:30 Autopeds Balanced matches

Ok great wargaming you try to give equal DD or BB to each team. Want to actually make it balanced? Quit giving my team 7 PlayStation players and the other team 2. It’s an automatic loss every time. I’m literally at the point where I don’t care if I’m playing 3v3 and waiting 5 minutes for a match by shutting cross play off 🤬
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2023.06.07 21:30 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi Courses (All of them)

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2023.06.07 21:30 1E28 Haunted or cursed?

Haunted or cursed?
This is one of my households that originated from the original family tree creator, this house or lot kills my adult sims! It started recently but immediately it killed the father then mother and because i dont play with this household i didn’t noticed. Then the older sister got married and got pregnant but their grandmother (who lived in the house) died due to a fire. After the baby was born both the older sister (mom of baby) and husband died, i resurrected them 3 times before i let them be dead, all due to fires. The 2 younger sisters were preeteens so i moved in a fake adult sibling until the baby became a teen but she died 2 minutes after i placed her in the house due to the heat but it wasn’t even summer! Now one of the younger sisters is an adult and i saw she was missing from the family, turns out she died!! And now the other sister is about to become an adult!. Not to mention they keep moving out on their own, not moving to another house just becoming homeless even though neighborhoods stories are off.
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2023.06.07 21:30 turnstiles [FOR SALE] Margot and the Nuclear So and So's, Bright Eyes Box Set, Better Oblivion Community Center, Say Anything, The Wonder Years, others

These are all shipping from Illinois. US shipping only at this time. Pictures of any of the records can be provided. I can also give you my eBay feedback score of 100% over 300+ sales of records.
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2023.06.07 21:30 ogreatgames SmackDown Vs Raw 2007: Aggressive Wrestling - PS2 Game

![video](skimcwvtyrz81 " Play as an incredible wrestler and perform outstanding wrestling movements in the arena. Visit to buy these item(s) & more while supplies last! -- ")
#playstation2 #fighting #wrestling --
SmackDown Vs Raw 2007 for Sony PlayStation 2. Take control of amazing, and spectacular WWE Superstars, like Batista, Daivari, and Finlay! Experience accurate fighting movements with the analog control system feature. Hear the cheer of the crowd as you grab and take down your opponent. Play exciting events, such as Battle Royal, Elimination Chamber, and Hardcore. Feel the exhilarating intensity of WWE wrestling matches in a grand arena with awe-inspiring environmental hot spots, such as ring posts. --
Hey check out similar videos here:
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2023.06.07 21:30 Iyoris My sister is a based gigachadess

So my sister was just sleeping, and I thought of this as an opportunity to test her. I grabbed my phone and played "Butter by BTS" at max volume. She woke up immediately and hit me with an axe kick on the head. She is still based.
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