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What cheer, friends? Welcome to the biggest little state in the union. We are the largest online community for Rhode Island.

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2023.06.01 23:37 Necessary-Badger-271 F23 (F4M) I'm down..... Horny as fuck, ready to get down. I can host or travel if you are interested, I'm good in giving some head, riding on cock, Doggy, anal, creampie, real fun with no issues Down with a home made glory hole, I'm clean and discreet, Hmu if you down snap 👻 Hmu : valn7220

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2023.06.01 23:37 IckyElephant DISCORD CHANNEL FOR CAVERNS-GOERS

Welcome to my home state Gizzheads!! Thought it'd be cool to try and create a medium for dialogue for us attendees. Let me just cut to the chase and drop this link right here:
https://discord.gg/B7VKNRth -
If you ARE ATTENDING any show(s) this weekend, feel free to hop in and send a message. I was thinking of requesting those who join to verify that they actually are at the show - then I will enable more channel permissions.
I am welcoming any ideas for the channel to make this weekend even more community-friendly than it already will be.
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2023.06.01 23:37 bearsbuns NBD

Haven’t owned a bike since I was kid I’m in my 30’s now. After years of telling myself I was going buy one I finally did it. I’m incredibly out of shape, but had a blast on my first ride. Plus it looks right at home on top of my Cherokee. Cheers and be safe
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2023.06.01 23:37 Necessary-Badger-271 F23 (F4M) I'm down..... Horny as fuck, ready to get down. I can host or travel if you are interested, I'm good in giving some head, riding on cock, Doggy, anal, creampie, real fun with no issues Down with a home made glory hole, I'm clean and discreet, Hmu if you down snap 👻 Hmu : valn7220

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2023.06.01 23:37 augiecrazy86 Bugs during early morning rounds

I live outside of Chicago. On Thursday mornings itee off at 5:50am, walk 9 and I'm back home in time for the kids to wake up. This morning the bugs were literally so bad I couldn't hit the ball. I was getting attacked. I felt like a cow or elephant swearing at bugs with my towel. Off (bug spray) didn't work. I was left swatting at them & waking as long as I could on the car paths. Anyone have recommendations on how to deal with this? Or do I need to wait for the course to do some kind of fumigation?
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2023.06.01 23:36 EE-12345 I found out some things about my bf M/25 and I’m F/25

I met my bf (25M) in Dec 2019 I’m (25F) when we were both 21. We got into a relationship after one month, but I found out he had a long term, but long distance on and off relationship before we got in a relationship, but three weeks after we started talking when I was staying at his. I forgave him for not telling me as I thought we were made for each other. I made him call her and tell her and he decided he wanted to be with me. We were a long distance relationship from Jan 2020. I didn’t know until November 2020, but three weeks after we got in a relationship in January he went on a car journey with someone he had previously known and told her he would leave me for her, something which he told me was only so he could get driven to McDonald’s as he was working away in somewhere he used to live and had no car. He said he liked her before he moved away, but didn’t when he saw her again then. I talked to this girl and she said he never tried to kiss/get with her at all and nothing happened, they just talked. They had also never done anything together before we met. I also found out he saw a different ex and slept with her before we got in a relationship over Christmas, but when he was talking to me (I’d only met him once at this point, but he was love bombing me and arranging to see me still after Christmas- which would be the second time I met him). He stopped speaking to her to see me. But even worse, we’d moved in together in September 2020, been together for six months and found out in November too he’d arranged to meet a girl off a dating website and was saying sexual things to in august and it looked like they only didn’t meet because she stopped replying. He’d been asking her if she would still meet him, and when she didn’t reply until almost the time they were meant to meet, he left his house and came to see me. (Six hour drive). He said he was waiting at his that day to see if he was needed in work the next day, but I’m not sure if this was true. He did leave after someone came into his room (this could’ve been to tell him if he was needed or not in work). But he’d had another offer from another girl a week before but didn’t see her (not sure if this is because he simply didn’t have the time as he was going away the next day). He only ever messaged these girls on this site when he was away with work. He said the girls at the start was because he didn’t know if it would be serious with me, but also he was deciding about me and wanted to test the relationship. But the girls from the dating website was because he was insecure, and wanted validation from other girls because I could’ve just been staying with him because he was nice to me. I know he had self confidence issues because of the people in his job. He said he was never going to meet them, and messaged another one in September asking to see her, when he knew he was going to be moving in with me so I don’t think he actually had the time, and I think he knew that. It was planned I was coming to see him when he had finished working away, immediately after he got home. Since then, we’ve been living together and he’s not done anything wrong since I found out. He’s matured so much and now out of his toxic job. I know right now he wouldn’t cheat on me. Im not sure whether I know everything. He only told me when I said I could get all his old messages back and when I found an email to the dating website. I’m not sure I believe that was actually the reason he went on those sites. Im not sure if I believe he wouldn’t have actually met her. He never used tinder, only sites that didn’t use his name but had pictures of him on there. He said he wanted to make himself feel better and I would never find out, and he’d be content with how he felt with himself when he came home to me. But also, I keep thinking about it and we’re so perfect now but it’s made me develop relationship OCD and anxiety and depression. Im not sure how I can get over it as I’m thinking about it three years on. He says he will propose to me one day. I currently live with him and his family, after we moved out of our house to save money. What advice would you give? Thank you!!
TL; DR: My bf hasn’t been truthful and I’m not sure if I trust him three years on.
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2023.06.01 23:36 M4everybody WTS: Kizer Micarta Sheepdog 3.3", Teal Kershaw Launch 10, Ka Bar USSF TDI BUNDLE w/ free bonus knife!

HELLO SWAP FRIENDS, my girlfriend broke up with me and I'm quite sad. So here some stuff to make you feel better. up for the grabs is a few really neato pieces everyone will love. (sorry for any disappointment but ATM the SOG KIKU XR is being withdrawn and not for sale :(
Id like to sell this as a bundle FOR $145 shipped and with a bonus mtech button lock f r e e
Timestamp: https://imgur.com/a/YA5ycTn?fbclid=IwAR30rcBW-G2ARfy-FKbyOPt2ZByrw4qn9M4_Ex31cePWAim6amgSdGyoBh8
mtech video: https://imgur.com/a/5rvVhEV?fbclid=IwAR3rQ7zuHwkGxDzeRzUo8iBpme5k9tepY6DU\_dBdM084u0pB-Q1jQvRCZA0
(from left to right in the first pic)
1) Ka Bar Space Force Edition TDI, AUS 8 zytel handle and hardshell (kydex?) sheath.
really neat little fixed blade. I was gonna carry it but never did, it was opened and messed around with but never cut anything or used. Its sat on the shelf for a while and needs a new home. its essentially a self defense knife but its comfortable and full of utility as well as high quality build from Ka Bar. Its never ben reprofiled or anything like that its all straight from the Taiwan factory. Im simply not cool enough to appendix carry this knife but I know you are.
2) Kershaw Launch 10, Teal aluminum handles, button auto, wicked little 1.9" hawkbill 154CM blade.
I bought this used on the swap and it was supposed to be a gift for a friend but I'm second guessing that idea and went with something else. I have not cut or carried this piece at all. It has nice strong action, a very cool/sharp 154CM blade, nice deep carry pocket clip, and such snazzy light tiffany blue aluminum body. USA made Kershaws are a great value and this one can faithfully stick by your side unlike my ex- girlfriend.
3) Kizer sheepdog 3.3", Black Micarta scales, 154CM blade.
Last but not least, the one of the trio of knives that has been carried lightly. Fall shut action, solid lockup, sharp and very useful design. Has not been reprofiled or resharpened, only stropped on leather after cutting a couple of packages and a box. I greatly enjoy this knife but as i continue to buy and sell and rotate knives, others make their way into my pocket instead. Everyone knows the sheepdog and if you dont have one, you should try one out. This middle sized 3.3 inch blade is the best imo and my favorite. So much so, it hurts to sell but not as much as being cheated on.
4) MTECH model 1034 manual button lock, black aluminum scales, deep carry clip, no idea steel.
Ok say what you will about mtech but this one is actually kinda cool. I wont lie to you like how my girlfriend lied to me. Its not an expensive knife but its kinda cool to mess with if you dont have a button lock knife. It makes neat metal noises opening and closing it. Its missing a screw on the pocket clip but youre not going to carry this anyway, if you did i dont think itll matter since you have bigger problems at hand anyway...
Thanks for reading, any questions feel free to ask!
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2023.06.01 23:36 Username01007 The chemistry between the Savant Psyker and Cadian Vet is interesting and I LOVE IT

I play a lot of Cadian vet and today there was a ton of savant psykers; and I realized something. The Cadian vet is kinda ok with the savant psyker and ONLY the savant psyker. Of course, when I say “ok” I mean “not actively hating” because it is still the cadian vet. So the Cadian vet has a lack of “wholesome” lines (which kinda makes sense looking at the archetype), except with one voice, savant. And the more I thought about it, the more it makes sense. They’re actually very similar. Both have lost their planet, Cadian of course lost Cadia to Abaddon and Savant lost Atoma prime (which even though we selected their home planet it seems like they are more connected to Atoma Prime) to the heretics. Even though Cadia is gone forever, Atoma Prime has lost an entire hive city and all but the upper spires of the hive city we play on, Tertium, so the Savant psyker probably takes it the same. They both rely upon a group to keep their will to live with savant relying upon the enforcers of Atoma and Cadian relying on the guard (even more the Lex Atoma and the Infantman’s primer though that connection is a more loose because Cadian doesn’t mention the primer as much as the savant mentions the Lex). And both of them love the emperor in the same way; they love him because that was what they had to do in their previous professions: Cadian loves the emperor without fault because that’s just what Cadian’s are taught since birth, and the Savant loves the emperor—even though they are a Psyker of all things—because that’s just what enforcers do. But in their personalities they differ; the Cadian fights because he wants revenge on chaos for destroying their home, the Savant fights because they want to prevent chaos from destroying more than it already has; so instead of for revenge the Savant fights to save, which means they actually care about the people around them because they don’t want them to fall to chaos, the Cadian doesn’t care about other people because as long as they get their revenge it doesn’t matter how many people they lose. The reason why they get along is because of that connection in the past, and the Savant wants to save the Cadian falling to chaos in search of revenge. And judging by the voice lines: the vets warming up to the Savant as well. Fatshark: I beg of you; keep making more lines like this between savant and cadian; it might make people warm up to (even though I actually like the cadian voice) one of the most hated voices in the game.
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2023.06.01 23:36 LoveMangaBuddy Read Demon Apartment - Extra. : Bai Ze Home Alone and the Travelling Taotie - MangaPuma

Gu Bai, carrying his painting board behind him, has moved into an amazing apartment. He noticed that the neighbor to his left is a headline queen, and on his right is the infamous acting king. On the upper floor, there is a supermodel living on the left side and a gold medal lawyer on the right side. And across his room, is a powerful big shot who is constantly featured in finance magazines.The or ... Read Demon Apartment - Extra. : Bai Ze Home Alone and the Travelling Taotie - MangaPuma. Read more at https://mangapuma.com/demon-apartment/extra-bai-ze-home-alone-and-the-travelling-taotie
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2023.06.01 23:36 Rulrol Nervous about Graduation.

So my graduation is tomorrow and I'm worried about the event. I know that we all just walk and get our diplomas but I fear I might mess up. I also have work directly after graduation. I just want everything to play out right, but I'm very anxious and nervous about the event. I honestly don't care for it and wish I could just stay home/ go to work that say and just clock in at 7 like normal.
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2023.06.01 23:36 Any_Ticket9817 Letting you go…

Dear S,
I wish you cared about me the way I do you, I really do. Do you have any idea what I would do for you? Anything. I can’t keep feeling like this though, it hurts too much. Thinking about you kills me because over the past few weeks I have come to realise you will never love me back the way I do you. Do you realise how many hours of sleep I’ve lost screaming and crying for this pain too stop. However I can’t blame you I’m sure you had your reasons why… but that doesn’t stop me from missing you, not by choice believe me. I want to be over you, I want to be able to hear someone say your name without bursting into tears. I’ve wanted to for a while now and it’s killing me deeply, because I can’t I’ve tried. I don’t want to think of you before falling asleep or about the chats we used to have for hours. I don’t want any of it anymore, I can’t, I don’t want too. I just want someone to come along and take it all away so maybe there will be a little chance that I can move on and forget about you. I’m sure you know what it’s like to want to be with someone so badly or that they don’t feel the same way as you. Maybe you’ve met someone else, if you have then I’m happy for you and I hope she loves and appreciates you the way that I do. I hope she supports your ideas and goals in life, the way I would have, however it would kill me inside if you found someone new. I’m not apart of your life anymore and I guess you want it that way. I don’t know what’s wrong with me? Maybe it’s because I can be clingy sometimes, self centred and just plain stupid. But let me tell you something no one will ever love you the way that I do. But when I’m around you, I’m at my best and I felt more at home than I ever have before. I love the sound of your voice, laugh, I loved hearing your voice on the certain problems you had faced. I love how strong you are. It made things feel less difficult for me, like some of my worries were gone, however I am now left with questions, but I am glad that I got to be with you. I just want one night to spend with you and too laugh again. I feel like the goddam luckiest girl in the world. I think there is a good chance I will always think about you one way or another. I’ve tried blocking you out, but I know it won’t work. I just hope time heals faster than it usually does and I won’t have to feel so broken and lonely anymore. I really want you too be happy I really do. I’d just prefer it too be with me, but people in hell want ice water too. I know you’ll be successful, happy and amazing one day and I can’t wait to hear all about it. I love you forever and always.
Yours always S
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2023.06.01 23:36 Proper-Award2660 I think I just found a new mystery

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2023.06.01 23:36 Aftel43 [WP] This morning as you are going about your morning routine you notice a vehicle without anybody in it, parked in front of your home, in a neat and proper manner. Problem is, you have no idea who owns it but, as continue morning routine, there is a letter at the table. In it, keys to the car.

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2023.06.01 23:36 Environmental-Leg282 More people in Britain would feel upset if either the Falkland Islands joined Argentina or Gibraltar joined Spain than if NI became a part of a United Ireland.

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2023.06.01 23:36 xXxcringemasterxXx Today felt okay, I forbid myself from exercising and ate too much cheese

Today felt okay, I forbid myself from exercising and ate too much cheese
Todays meals were really nice actually, it would have been a perfect day if i was allowed to work out ugh ! The meals were all tasty and I hit a new low weight today, 64,5, feeling a bit dehydrated but otherwise really really good.
I had a kind of addition to dinner - i wasnt really hungry just mostly craving, two thinbreads with västerbotten cheese and pickles - which i wasnt planning on having. Ugh. ! But they were absolutely delicious and today was super healthy honestly, micro and macro nutrients. I meal prepped dinners for 3 days today also, using a ton of mushroom and conjacroot noodles. I just wanted to use this old panäng curry that my mom gave us. I fished out so much of the oil though so i think its less calories than it said on the tin, like 50 less per meal.
I ordered more konjac noodles online, got a big bundle, i really like them !!! Gonna try and eat from the pantry for the next few weeks. Honestly, today i only went to the store to have an excuse to walk the stairs and walk a bunch. I got hardbread though which was good, i got too much though hehehe i looove hardbread. But yeah, today wouldve been ideal if i had been able to exercise. This calorie level is a little too high for my wish but it is sustainable. I dont wanna binge. Watching a lot of amberlyn reid youtube, that lady is crazy hahaha. After full day of eating and drinking I'm at 66 kg. Two months ago, a full day of eating had me at 70 kgs. The scales feel good because i physically cant see a difference at all. Still look bloated and gross.
My partner will probably stay home tomorrow so its gonna be hard for me to count calories and fast in the morning ugh :/ Today felt good because i could weigh absolutely all my food. When i do that i have better days. All the guessing makes me weirded out. This weekend we're going to his aunts place so maybe I'll gain some there. I rly hope not.
This month has gone okay. Weight wise I feel okay about the loss. I would have liked to lose more weight, maybe half a kilo, BUT I have actually not been THAT strict on myself. Something I've improved on this month is my calorie burning. I intend to keep it up! I'm gonna try and replicate today in a lot of ways - the low calorie soup, high fiber and chicken snack, the fruity breakfast, its all good! I had 2 oreos today which i could have skipped and i could have had a couple more laps in the stairs BUT my food satisfaction for today has ben sooo high. I'm really only craving tiramisu bad hahahha
May month has gone well. This month I will be a bit more strict with keeping meals 200-400 kcal. When i have 3 or 4 meals like that throughout the day + training -3-400 kcal i feel good and not crazy. Meal prepping is also very good for me. I dont need to go to the store anymore this month, really. Tomorrow I will have my keso again probably, with some dried apricot possibly. No fruit left heheh. May go to costco with the bike to get more. Feeling cheap though. Maybe I'll have keso and musli. That sounds pretty good but high kcal. I should buy some apples. For lunch knäckebröd chicken again and dinner precooked. Snack is up for debate. When I plan my meals it makes it easier not to impulsively eat. Also when i log the kcal before actually eating them, it makes me not over eat. Yea, i would like to have seen more difference this month visually, but it still feels okay. Now i know things are gonna slow down. After this month has passed i hope to be at 63 kgs.
Talking to my old friend, he's also losing weight rn. Hes doing it more sustainably ig, gymming a lot and eating 1750 kcal a day. Lost 4kg in 3 months i think! Good job 👍🏻 Our moms are really similar hahah. I didnt tell him I'm counting calories as well. He said good for you as long as you dont become some anorecia thing. I agreed. 63 kgs for next month. I know I will get there, I trust the process.
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2023.06.01 23:36 ShamanicNinja Counteracting Dark VooDoo Witchcraft

My partner and I live in an apartment complex. A new neighbor directly bellow moved and the pipes smelled so bad I mad a maintenance request. Shortly after she moved in she called the management on us and the police for noise. After several visits by the police our property manager called a meeting in person with me and her. She admitted to hallucinations. She has called the police and property management on us when we weren't even home. Side note, the neighbor prior never complained about us.
Well now she is leaving crushed herbs, tobacco, broken glass and quarts, and black salt at our door step.
What can I do?
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2023.06.01 23:36 SeaKing2001 The Channel Islands

Not going to dox myself but I have recently become interested in policing in the Channel Islands.
Has anyone on here transferred there? How was your experience? Positives? negatives?
Has anyone gone on a 6 month secondment? If so, how did you convince your force to let you go for 6 months?
From someone currently in a large metropolitan city force (not the MetTM), what are the major differences?
Thanks in advance,
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2023.06.01 23:35 lilbutterbiscuit How do I keep them out?

How do I keep them out?
I find these little spider-looking things daily in my apartment. They usually only come when it warms up. Probably pinky nail size. Is there any at home way I can get rid of them?
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2023.06.01 23:35 EmergencyNo5674 Need Help Post Adoption

Throwaway account. I am having issues with a child that my partner and I adopted in 2020. This child was 12F at the time (Now 15) and had zero issues. The foster family she was placed in and she was eventually removed from was over medicating their children, so after having a discussion with her we decided to stop medication but continue therapy. The therapist indicated everything was okay, which it was, and concluded therapy late 2020. Up until June of 2022, she was honor student and had zero issues. Very social, friend group, and great student.
However, end of 8th grade 2022 we caught her with her first vape. Obviously concerned because this is out of the ordinary, we restricted her to show this is not acceptable behavior especially for her age (14). Since then, we have had nothing but issues. She has been very distant at home, staying in her room until everyone is asleep. She is openly using drugs and alcohol, even stealing from the neighbors. She was kicked out of her first highschool within 3 months of being there for fighting and illegal substance abuse (these also came with 3 citations). She is now going on getting kicked out of her second high school due to fighting, defiant trespassing, and use of illegal substances (this also came with 3 citations and a criminal charge). She has openly communicated she does not like living in our home despite having anything she wants up until the dramatic change in behavior. Due to her age she can decide to not do therapy or medication, and has turned down all support.
We have tried contacting the police due to aggression towards us and getting physical in the home as well as running away when she does not want to follow rules. We have tried our local crisis which offered partial intake but was denied due to her aggressiveness and they state that can only help her if she wants support, even though she is openly under the influence. We have tried children and youth for support however are only offered therapy since she is adopted. We have even contacted several lawyers to try and force help and there is nothing that can be done.
At this point we are on edge all the time at home, barely sleeping as we do not know what she will do and there is a younger child in the home as well as a newborn on the way. She is only being fined for her court activity which we do not have the funds to continue paying and she doesn’t have money, and we are at risk of losing our jobs due to having to leave to address her actions. I’m asking at this point for any suggestion, help or anything if anyone as been in a similar situation, please feel free to chime in on what helped the situation. We have tried everything, clean slates with no punishments, trying to communicate more, more bonding time etc. she is just not open to changing.
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2023.06.01 23:35 Koala_Guru [TotK] The Importance of Link's Companions

I will start things off by saying that I am talking about the role of the companions in a story sense, not discussing their gameplay. It is undeniable that some aspects of the new companion system need to be tweaked. Many have lamented how unwieldy it is to have to run up to each companion in the heat of battle to make use of their abilities. But this post is about how important and amazing this new system is for the story of the series, and why it should no go away any time soon.
Hyrule's Incompetent Races:
The Zelda series has always been about one thing at its core: the eternal struggle between the recurring representations of the three pieces of the Triforce. Link, the Triforce of Courage, must rise up from humble beginnings to defeat Ganon, the Triforce of Power, with help from Zelda, the Triforce of Wisdom. Link is the hero, and he must be the one to save the day. To save all of Hyrule. In the beginning, this was all very simple. Aside from occasional encounters with old men in caves or random NPCs in towns, the only characters of note were Link, Zelda, and Ganon. But when the series jumped into 3D, things changed.
Hyrule was now full of a variety of different races, and in order to show the true threat Ganon posed to the world, each one was afflicted with some sort of dilemma. Link was again, the hero who had to save these disparate people and then defeat Ganon himself. The unfortunate consequence of this sort of design is that it made the races of Hyrule out to be incompetent, and unable to continue on living without the intervention of the almighty Link. See, unlike the Hylians, who have their own heroes represented by characters like Link and Zelda, these races were entirely separate, and generally seemed to exist solely to need saving. In spite of their unique attributes that would seemingly give them an edge over Hylians in certain situations, they spectacularly failed to solve any problem that occurred.
In Ocarina of Time, this served to make some of them look utterly helpless and a bit stupid. Who could forget the might Gorons, able to lift the heaviest objects and chew through rocks...about to die of starvation because Ganondorf dropped a boulder over their favorite cave? Or the water-dwelling Zora, an old and wise people who are at home on both land and water...unable to locate the bottle their missing princess had left for them at the bottom of a lake? The incompetence on display is even played for laughs on some occasions, like having to watch the lazy king of the Zora slowly scoot his ass cheeks to the side so Link can go save his daughter.
And this sort of thing continued throughout the series. Every time any of these races appeared, they had a problem that needed fixing. They couldn't do it on their own, so Link comes along to single handedly save their race from extinction.
Previous Attempts at Addressing the Issue:
That's not to say they never attempted to make these races more active. In OoT, the goal of the five temples of the game is to awaken sages: champions of each race who will go on to support Link in his quest. The only issue is, they don't really do anything. Each sage has a pattern. You go to their home and hear from someone that they went off to solve the issue on their own. Entering the temple, you encounter the sage if you're lucky, and otherwise you simply see them all in the Sacred Realm after defeating their associated boss. They awaken as sages, give Link a representative medallion, and then fade into the background until the end of the game where, with their powers combined...they build a bridge. Then they seal Ganon away after Link has defeated him. In fact, the lack of any appearance by each sage after they enter their temples has led to a common theory that the sages actually die. We see Darunia go after Volvagia on his own and then disappear. We hear that Saria and Impa went to their respective temples but we don't hear from them until the Sacred Realm.
In Majora's Mask, you actually play as a few different races. Only, you aren't actually playing as characters of these races. You are Link, inhabiting their bodies to basically do their job better. The Deku Scrubs are not seen as fighters and are pushed around by everyone. But Deku Link navigates the Woodfall Temple and defeats Odolwa. Darmani died trying to stop the blizzard affecting his home, but Goron Link does it just fine. Mikau dies trying to get the Zora's eggs back, but Zora Link can do it. Again, Link is the hero. He is the reincarnated wielder of the Triforce of courage. Only he can accomplish anything of note, even if he has to take on other forms to do so.
The Wind Waker has Link go through the game's two temples with Medli of the Rito and Makar of the Koroks acting as his actual companions. With their help, he is able to solve various puzzles, with Medli having a reflective harp and Makar planting seeds. The two can even be controlled using the command melody. This is closest the series came up to that point of giving the non-Hylian races more agency. After all, in this same game, Link's life is saved by the Rito and Valoo. Unfortunately, things still aren't perfect. Medli and Makar are more sort of escorted through their temples, unable to fight and often having to be literally carried through rooms. Once Link gets his own mirror shield Medli quickly loses much of her unique utility, and a whole segment of the Wind Temple is dedicated to saving Makar who has been kidnapped. The command melody is also explained by the King of Red Lions to be Link straight up controlling his companions so that they do what they need to do, implying that the two cannot figure out "Stand in this light" or "plant seeds here" without Link literally taking over their minds.
And that brings us to Breath of the Wild. Simultaneously the best and most disappointing effort up to that point. Positives first. This game's backstory is about Link and Zelda teaming up with four Champions: representatives of the best their respective races have to offer. They are all competent warriors and play a pivotal role in the plan to defeat the Calamity. In the present day, Link teams up with different members of these races, and it is with their help that he is able to board the Divine Beasts. Only through Sidon's fast swimming, Teba's aerial maneuverability, Yunobo's resilience, and Riju's Thunder Helm, is Link able to gain access to this game's dungeons. Once inside, Link frees the spirits of the Champions of old and gains their abilities to use on the rest of his journey.
How about those negatives, though? For starters, all of the Champions are dead when the game starts. They may be paragons of their respective races, but they have no chance against the Blights that face them. No way could Mipha, a Zora, stand up against an enemy who wields water. Daruk, a Goron, is clearly cooked when facing a fiery opponent. Urbosa, wielder of lightning, seems to be not so lightning-proof herself. And Revali, master of the wind, can't stand up to tornadoes. Not like our boy Link here, who beats them all with ease. Next, the problems facing most of the races in this game are somewhat laughable. Sure, the Zora can't touch shock arrows, but the rest? You mean the Gerudo race of powerful warrior women can't storm the Yiga stronghold to get their Thunder Helm back? The Gorons who are mighty and can stand against any kind of heat can't get close to Rudania and no one but Bludo can use his cannons because...he's the boss? The Rito, literal birds, cannot take out Vah Medoh's cannons without being hit, but Link, a dude with a paraglider, can handle them just fine?
Tears of the Kingdom Finally Shows Some Respect:
All of this preamble later, we now reach TotK and its companion system. From a starting perspective, things may seem to be business as usual. The different races have problems caused by Ganon, and Link must show up to help them. But the differences are very apparent. For starters, the problems are much more believably bad and difficult to handle. The Zora's water is poisoned with sludge that is literally suffocating them. The Rito's home is being buried in a blizzard. The Gorons are straight up mind controlled. And the Gerudo are facing down a never-before-seen enemy that has them on their back foot as they try to keep their civilians safe.
We also see that, unlike in most other cases, the races are already working to solve their own problems before Link arrives. Sidon is manually separating the sludge from the water while healers tend to Zora wounds and researchers try to find some answer to stopping the sludge. The Rito adults are all out of their village searching for food and investigating the source of the blizzard. The Gerudo are actively investigating ways to harm their new foes, and their chief is practicing her new ability that is the only one to show any signs of effectiveness. And the only ones not actively solving their problems, the Gorons, are doing so because their minds are taken over and forcing them to be apathetic.
Another great thing that helps mix up the monotonous formula of Link being the only one able to help all of Hyrule, is that the completion of each temple and solving of each race's problem leads to each of those races aiding the Hylians in turn. Each race sends out representatives to reinforce the Hylian base of operations, and they start performing tasks only they can achieve to aid in the untangling of the problems caused by the upheaval.
But all this leads to the single greatest thing this game does in this regard. Now, each race Link saves is not saved alone. Link instead teams up with representatives of each race and they solve their problems together, providing Link with support that makes an otherwise impossible task possible. They lend him their unique abilities and fight alongside him to defeat any threat that comes their way. When they awaken as sages, they use their power to stay by his side at all times rather than fading into the background. And when the time comes, they fight Ganondorf right alongside Link.
Hyrule is always facing crises, but usually this tends to paint most of Hyrule as helpless civilians with only two heroes in the entire kingdom who can do anything about it. Rather than Ganon endangering Hyrule and Hyrule fighting back, it's more like Ganondorf endangers Hyrule and they call their dad to come beat him up. Here though, in TotK, for the first time, Hyrule truly does fight back. Hyrule's diverse and capable races bring their unique skills to bear in order to defeat the greatest threat they have known, and as a result the world feels more alive and worth fighting for than it ever has before. I hope the companion system does not disappear in the next game, and is instead expanded upon. Because after this, I really can't go back to the way things were.
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