How did maki get her scars

It's A Show About Nothing!

2012.08.24 02:49 It's A Show About Nothing!

How much $$$ did Jerry give Elaine for her birthday? What apartment # did Kramer live in? If you know the answers to these questions then seinfeldtrivia is for you. Post trivia questions. Answer trivia questions. Get points (coming soon).

2020.08.09 02:40 wezda-kaahkees Kikyo Futaba [kiky0]

kiky0, also known as Kikyo Futaba, is a female Virtual Personality and Streamer who streams mainly FFXIV and variety content. She is also a vocalist and an Audio Engineer. Her concept is a Penguin Sprout Queen. Join our community discord!

2018.04.30 07:15 PM_ME_JAPANESE_BUTTS Unexpected Frasier

When your favorite radio psychiatrist comes up unexpectedly.

2023.06.08 00:39 Ok-Contest-7885 I lost the sweetest boy I ever meet

There was a boy in my class who was there since I came in 1st grade.I never really talked with him ,we were just simple classmates until 6th grade.I was friends with his cousin that was also in my class,she tells me that he has a huge crush on me since 4th grade.I knew about that because it was obvious that he liked me since he stared at me all day and was being nicer to me than the other people.I also chatched feelings for him because I felt a special conection between us,we also had the same interests.After that his cousin gives me his number where I tell him I liked him and we became a couple.We were talking a lot and he was the sweetes boy ever.He was being nice to me and all the stuff....He had my heart and I loves him so much...even tho I was cold beacuse I was not used to relationships.....Time passes and his cousin stared getting jelous because he gave more attention to me and she stared spreading lies about me wearing a fake bra and telling everyone that im actually flat.I was insecure because I had big chest as a kid and always wore oversized chlotes.He didnt really say anything and ignored her.After that she acussed me for stealing her friend and he also ignored that because he couldnt do anything to stop her ,if he did she would tell his grandma about it and they would have an argument.Time passes and I fell more in love with him ...I dont know why but I had a bad feeling about our relationship...his cousin told me that he is cheating and I belived her but said nothing...The next day he brokes up with me with his texts saying,,Im sorry....We have to break up...Im sorry for everthing...You will find someone better....Im not good enough for you...I hate myself...I hope you will find someone better..." I broke into tears to my best friends house who had a brother and he was his best friend he saw me crying and said nothing ,My best friend calmed me down.Two days later he texted me just becaus he was bored... we talked a bit and he asked me what would I want him to do so I would forgive him,I asked if he wanted to become a couple again,he said yes...I was still sad that day and didnt answer.1 week passes and him and my best friends brother are calling my best friend slurs and very ofenssive stuff.I stod up for her and I called him a slur too because I was angry.He texted me saying ,,Im Glad I broke up with you and you cried.I hope you cry again"Then blocked me on all my sociale.Of corse I was upset but didnt say nothing.At school we were chatting in letters and he said that he doesnt care if I kms.I got sad and just told him something that he found ofenssive and called me all the slurs posibile.Of corse I was shocked and the fact that his cousin and my best friend were laughting at me broke my heart.The next day I come at school and his cousin asks me when I will move out and said that she want me to go and that shes sick of me.My best friend didnt talk to me at all.I was in class then I see a paper in my desk where was written,,Come to school with ur fake bra to make everyone laught"And I look trought the class and see him with his cousin and my best friend with her brother laughting.I broke into tears and my best friends brother trew a ruller at my ches and it hurt so bad but I just ignored it and in the break I called my mom and while I was calling his cousin was yelling ,,Mommys girl,she is calling her mommy crying"While he was yelling at me,,Shut up stupid bith" I went home all crying and after that my best friend texts me ,,its ur fault and ur crying".I didnt go to school all the week.The director called them to her office the next day.One month passes and my best friend apologised to me.One more month and he unblocked me and apologised too blaming what he did on his anger issues.I didn know what happend to that sweet boy I knew....what did he become....To this day we are all friends....His best friend is harasing me for no reason and tells me that I wear a fake bra just beacause he is still mad that I reporter him to the director.He just ignores that and he treats me worst and worst each day.....I dont know what to do....I still love him so much and regret that I lost him due to some stupid reasons...He admitted that he is no longer interested in me and sees me as a friend.I still like him and he still has my heart..I dont know what do do next...
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2023.06.08 00:38 umique_name I yearn for a home that doesn’t exist.

I cannot be the only one who wishes if I die strangely in my sleep at night I will wake up there. No words can explain how much I want to be there. I tried shifting I tried astral projecting I tried so many things just to catch a glimpse of this beautiful world I created. I wish and pray when I die I’ll wake up in that body. I know there is no such a thing but I started to get attached to this fantasy life so much it’s killing me inside slowly. I wish I was there, no matter how painful it would be. Whenever I have to make decisions I’ll always decide with the thing that is the closest to my fantasy world. Whenever I feel afraid I always tell myself I’m her not me. She who is brave and loved by others and an amazing person. It’s sad to think that when I will die their stories will die as well. They will die. That “comforting home” will die. The feeling of yearning for such a home that never existed, for warm hugs who can’t be real, for the adventures you’ve been through, for such kind words and people who feel like they have been with you your entire life and know all your stories is such a sad feeling. I yearn for such a home whenever I’m alone so I must distract myself. Such welcoming worlds aren’t meant for real people like me. Maybe I’m too real for a world so perfect and inexistent. Imaginary.
If I die I want to go to such a home. Actually go back to that home.
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2023.06.08 00:38 SkepticlBeliever Tried to sit through Black Vault's coverage of David Grusch... Found multiple issues in his coverage.

Ok. Full transparency, I only I made it about 30 minutes in. Couldn't stomach anymore. There was enough to point out in those 30 minutes that it took me over 2 hours to get through it. I honestly don't have the time to go any further.
Please read it all before you jump to his defense. Every point is important and relevant for you to understand what John is actually doing here. I've provided supporting statements and evidence where available to back up my points.
Just to be clear. Any capitalized words are done for emphasis, not to yell, so please don't read them that way. I'm fully annoyed with his lackluster coverage and omissions, but I wasn't angry writing this out.
In typical Greenwald fashion, he DOES ask some questions that already have answers publicly available. Because to John, the QUESTIONS are the point, NOT the answers. The questions are being used to get you to think along the lines HE wants you to. He's the literal Fox News of Ufology. No actual journalism required. No providing the answers when/if he DOES find them, unless they confirm his own personal narrative...
"Questions" about "Why the pressure to release the story?
John goes on to speculate about rival journalists scooping them, which implies for the listener that this is the only possible outcome, since this is the ONLY possibility he listed. It's the only possibility he wants you to think about. He does that a LOT.
Example: the 2017 AATIP story, and multiple newspapers getting details wrong. Used THAT to question "Was there an intentional campaign to mislead the public???" NO acknowledgement from John that newspapers regularly do that with other stories. One outlet gets something wrong, then other outlets use THEM as a source to write their own article instead of trying to verify with multiple different sources from the original article, or even track down the original article. Lazy journalism. STUPIDLY common. But a fucking conspiracy to John.
NO acknowledgement from John of how the authors' 2017 article led to Congressional changes on the subject, which was actually the main reason it WAS released. It was Lue's entire reason for stepping forward. Inform the public so THEY can put pressure on Congress to take it seriously. And. It. WORKED. Look where we are today.
Also NO acknowledgement of upcoming public hearings the sources for the article likely wanted to get this information out ahead of. He's acting like this story came out by itself in a vacuum. Is there any question about whether or not these admissions will be brought up during that hearing?
Nor did he address the fact Christopher Mellon was involved in the article as well, who DOES have a vested interest in Congress moving this along faster. He knows more than he says. Congress has had this information for a full year next month. NOTHING mentioned about it publicly, not even during the previous hearings.
"Questions" about Non human origin
Described anything as not ET as "wonky", to ridicule and downplay other POSSIBLE explanations.
"Are we talking about another civilization that lives under the ocean? 🙄".
We literally know more about what's out in space than we do what's under the oceans. Sorry if that makes John uncomfortable... but NOTHING should be ridiculed to downplay any possible explanation. We're supposed to be past that. The data. Only thing that should remove a possible explanation from the table. NOT John's personal hot takes.
The reason they're going to use NHI, and will continue to, is because it's as accurate as they CAN be. Unless you actually know and can prove they originate from a specific exoplanet, unless they can can be tracked coming from and heading there, you cannot accurately say it's ET in nature (if we can barely detect exoplanets, we're not tracking ANY craft outside the solar system). That's why even NASA is saying there's no evidence it's ET. They literally don't have the supporting evidence to reach that conclusion, even if they have a recovered vehicle sitting in front of them. How do you determine WHERE it was created? "Unknown origin" means they DON'T have enough info to determine that. There are multiple possible explanations of where they might be coming from... ET is just one.
"This story was built on 100% anonymous sources"
NO. NO. NO.🤦🏻
This story was built on the fucking IC IG complaint. Fuckin NewsNation has it... JOHN doesn't. Just because HE can't verify the information himself, does NOT, under ANY circumstances, mean no one else has. This is about much more than just "Some people saying some things".
The IG labeled his complaint as "Credible and Urgent" based NOT just on Grusch's statements, but documents and pictures he DID have, and the multiple people inside the RE programs who came forward to the IG to provide evidence as well. NOT just statements. EVIDENCE.
The article never stated DOPSR clearing it for release meant they supported it was true. It was just a statement of fact that they cleared it. John's "Well sometimes people misunderstand..." comment was meant to give you that IMPRESSION that's what Leslie and Ralph wanted you to think, or that they misunderstood it themselves. He's inserting meaning to the statement in the article, WITHOUT actually making the claim that's what they were saying. It gets YOU to think that way, and protects HIM from any liability about making false statements. This is an EXTREMELY common tactic of his.
Also misleading is how he showed you the DOPSR statement of Skinwalkers at the Pentagon, while claiming that the statement was kind of a boiler plate response for every clearance. He DIDN'T show you the two statements next to each other so you COULDN'T compare them, because they aren't the same.
(I uploaded evidence of this in a short thread on Twitter)
Notice what's missing from SWATP? Any mention of not sharing supporting documents or images. That they added it to Grusch's release statement LITERALLY means he has them. And they know he has them. He submitted those for review, too, and was denied the clearance to release them. THAT'S why he isn't able to share them with journalists or NewsNation. This has never just been about "anonymous statements". There is classified evidence supporting his claims. Like all other classified evidence, it doesn't stop existing just because John doesn't get to see it.
"I'm a little surprised there was no reach out for an official statement"
WRONG. They had multiple officials making statements. What he's saying is he's surprised no one reached out to PAO and Susan Gough... You know. The office with a history of misleading and contradictory statements on this issue? They even contradicted themselves. Did Lue have "no responsibilites", "no ASSIGNED responsibilities", or was he the Director of AATIP like in their first statement about him in 2017/2018?
Worth noting that the Director of a program is the person who assigns responsibilities inside the program to begin with. Their last statement of "no assigned responsibilities" does NOT mean he wasn't the Director. It's misleading by design. But let's feign confusion about why people are beginning to bypass them altogether. 🙄
"The official line is important"
ONLY when you already know they're going to cast doubt by not supporting the statement, and that's what you want. That's John's entire MO here. He tries to cast doubt on literally everything he's not involved in. Not much better than Greer. He wants himself to be the focus.
"Is AARO cleared?" (To see supporting evidence backing up David's complaint)
Sean Kirkpatrick, AARO Director, admitted during the hearing this year that he DOESN'T have Title 50 Authority. If you want the full explanation of that, since John refused to provide it (Something he straight up condemns other outlets for)...
Tim McMillan of The Debrief tweeted about it that day. Thread is below. No surprise at all John never brought it up, despite fully admitting he knows full well who Tim is. Admitting it wouldn't let him feign ignorance on now big of a deal it is.
John's claim of "I doubt anyone knows what it actually entails" should be a pretty big implication he just wants to cast doubt on what's already out there. Why no mention of Tim McMillan? Because he was ALREADY aware Tim was involved in the discussion. He couldn't discount Tim after he gave him props earlier in the segment.
In short, AARO does not have full access to any and all IC data on this subject. Not every image, video, etc, collected by IC sensors, OR anything someone inside the IC decided to classify to keep it away from AARO. Just whatever someone inside the IC decided on their own to hand over. He has no power to compel them to release anything.
Up to 80% of all data collected is withheld from them. Imagine trying to solve ANY puzzle with ONLY 1/5 of the pieces required to do so. That is where AARO is at without that authority. NOTHING they say publicly should be taken without that in mind.
"We haven't been able to verify any programs"
This IS a statement of fact, but it's also misleading. No Title 50 Authority also means that even if they are told exactly which Special Access Programs to look into, which they have been, they DON'T have the authority or need to know to be briefed in on them. Lue Elizondo had both Title 10 and Title 50. THAT is why he had the position he did managing SAPs. And it's likely why he was chosen to lead AATIP to begin with. He had already had access to those kinds of programs.
So of COURSE they can't verify the claims. Kirkpatrick was hand chosen by OUSDI&S SPECIFICALLY for this reason. It's NOT a coincidence he's in that position while having no power to actually get to the bottom of this.
One more misleading statement provided by PAO. But yes, John, let's continue to pretend it's insane no one involved with the article would reach out to give them a chance to mislead again. Amazing people don't realize how disingenuous he is.
I do NOT have access to anything beyond what John does. There's no excuse for him to misrepresent what he DOES have access to, and intentionally leave context out, just to mislead people. This isn't a one time issue. He regularly does this in all clips I have seen of him. I wish more people would start applying the critical thinking he wants you to use on other outlets, on his. These were all pretty glaring. Don't just let the man's misleading "Just asking questions" frame any part of this subject for you. He clearly has an agenda...
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2023.06.08 00:37 Professional_Dish696 How did you feel about the two witness rule as a PIMI?

Whether CSA or grooming affected you personally or you heard stories of people you knew being effected, how did you view the two witness rule when you were a PIMI?
I remember when the WT came out all about the two witness rule and CSA. There was excitement that victims were gonna get support and recognition. I was a PIMI at the time and felt like it was a step in the right direction, and that the org was gonna keep making victim support articles. I remember not fully agreeing with the two witness rule but trusted that I just didn’t know better and that victims would get proper support. Yeah I was brainwashed.
I knew a life coach who was a sister and she was anticipating that people would come out of the woodworks about their abuse. She thought she’d have so many referrals of people needing help. It was truly an odd time.
Anyways, how did you view it/rationalize it?
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2023.06.08 00:37 UsualPercentage3023 What's your favorite type of candy?

What's the most painful thing you've ever endured and how did you get through it?
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2023.06.08 00:37 Special-Ad-5094 ENFP & ENTJ friendship

To all the ENFPs who can emotionally handle it I would absolutely recommend finding and keeping an ENTJ friend. They can help develop your Te, and they could probably benefit from your influence to develop their Fi.
What I most value about my ENTJ friend: - Always honest - Endlessly loyal and reliable - Thorough and consistent principles - One of the smartest people, if not the smartest person I know.
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2023.06.08 00:37 iamgeorgette Australian Stepparents - Help

My fiancé’s ex-wife is getting all of our Medicare refunds. So my stepson sees a Psychologist once a fortnight which is $160 a session but we are supposed to get $80 refunded by Medicare for each appointment. We pay for these psychologist sessions out of our own bank account (which has nothing to do with the ex-wife) but the ex-wife is still getting the refunds into her own bank account. This has also happened with other Medical related appointments. My stepson is on my fiancés Medicare card and my fiancé has son on his Medicare card. Can anyone give some advice on how to get this fixed? I hate her having our money! She’s very untrustworthy and is having financial difficulties so is withholding money until she gets paid even though we aren’t in the most amazing financial position either and need this money back asap.
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2023.06.08 00:36 wsdpii How to stop hating myself?

I despise my own existence. I feel disgusting all the time. An unstoppable wave of revulsion rises up inside me whenever I glimpse my own reflection. My face misshapen and ugly. My hair falling out. My beard thin and curly. My arm mangled from a bad break. My arms and hands scarred deep from years of hard labor and other things. My body flabby and soft. My skin covered in rashes and hives. My feet blistered, calloused, and cracked.
That's to say nothing of what's inside. My break is arthritic and I'm constant pain. I have the lungs of a 50 year old smoker at 25, though I've never smoked a day in my life. And they're getting worse by the day. Constantly coughing up mucus and blood.
My mind is fractured into a million pieces. The anxiety and paranoia is ever-present. I can hear people when they look at me. Hear them say to themselves "what a repulsive creature, why do they let them walk the streets". Thousands of voices that all say the same. And they're right.
I'm a repulsive person, inside and out. I deserve no kindness. I know that I deserve the hatred I feel, the hatred I know others feel, hidden behind their pity. Their pity that turns to scorn once my back is turned.
I don't want to feel this way, though I know I deserve it. I don't know what to do. I can't afford therapy. I go on walks, away from people if I can. But i slip deeper and deeper into this morass of guilt, shame, and fear. The only comfort I have is that in a few years I will be dead, killed by the body I hate. I will be dead and none will be left who remember me as more than a repulsive cryptid in human form.
How can I escape? Should i escape?
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2023.06.08 00:36 lingoberri Two-year-old wants to play

A couple nights ago, I dug out my full size cello that I had purchased for $150 off craigslist for the first time in front of my toddler (I don't play, but wanted to try at one point). Immediately my kid zoomed over because she wanted to give it a whirl. I let her draw the bow over it a few times (she was surprisingly able to get a pretty consistent sound?!) but she quickly realized she wouldn't be able to actually play the instrument because she's too small. Eventually, she gave up and told me to go get her a "small one". 🤦‍♀️
I told her I'd look, but I doubt it'd be easy to find something affordable and playable that's sized for a two-year-old (she'll be 3 soon, but is small for her age). Besides, even if I did find one, it isn't like I can teach her. My husband laughed when I told him and told me to just ignore her ridiculous demands. 😂 I ended up just letting her watch cello videos on youtube to satisfy her (I don't think she had ever seen anyone play the cello before).
I thought her sudden demand for a small cello was pretty funny, but I figured if I can find an affordable one and she actually wants to try playing it, why deny her?
Any advice?
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2023.06.08 00:36 ThrowRABell I (30M) bought a birthday experience for my girlfriend she (30F) didn't like, how do I make it up to her without it feeling awkward and forced?

My girlfriend of 1.5years had her birthday last week, and so I booked an experience for us. She'd been saying for a while that she wanted to do some kind of activity for her birthday. A few months ago we walked past an escape room and she said she'd like to try one because she likes solving puzzles, so I booked one for us as her birthday present.
For context (because it's relevant) my girlfriend has autism. It doesn't impact her day to day life a lot, but she gets easily overwhelmed with sensory stuff (flashing lights, loud noises) and doesn't do well in large groups with people outside of her social circle who are her 'safe people'.
The escape room was a group activity, and was with a group of total strangers, about 7 in total.
All the other people were loud and obnoxious and I noticed half way through that she was just standing there not participating, clearly feeling very overwhelmed. The other people were all very excited about the escape room so she felt like she was coming across as weird, which only made it worse. She felt on the verge of a panic attack at one point so had to step outside. I offered to go with her but she said she just needed to be alone to calm down.
So basically it was a terrible experience for us. We spoke about it afterwards and she said that she was so grateful I booked it and was so nice, but she found it overwhelming.
I want to make it up to her now, but don't want it to seem forced. I was thinking about a nice dinner but a 'hey I ruined your birthday so here's a meal babe!' just doesn't sound right.
Obviously none of you know my girlfriend so can't help with activity ideas which aren't generic (although any autism friendly activity suggestions would be welcome) but how can I make it up to her without it seeming forced?
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2023.06.08 00:35 sadstateofaffarewell What is it called when a partner does not tell the entire story to his/her support system therapist, friends, family) in order to make themselves appear as a victim and to deamonize the partner?

What is it called when a narcissist does not tell the entire story to his/her support system in order to make themselves appear as a victom and to deamonize the partner?
They basically go to these folks who are openly trying to help them and then will tell them only enough information to ensure they get the advice they want and then they relay the advice that was given to me and it makes me feel ganged up on, unheard, and unable to defend myself and a little bit gaslit as well.
Is there a term for this? How do I counter it? Is this common?
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2023.06.08 00:35 Puzzleheaded_Ad9691 [Hersheypark] coaster ranking

before I get into it, I'd like to say this inarguably the best theme park i've experienced, considering that i've been to SFOG, Dollywood, CGA, Adventuredome, and BGT.
Not pictured: Cocoa Cruiser, Trailblazer, Wild Mouse - simply didn't have time for any of the above but I feel like none of the above is a super unique experience I would have missed out on
  1. Superdooperlooper
  2. ... Disappointing is a kind description of this ride. I chose not to look at POVs for any coaster so they could all take me by surprise and the only surprise I felt on this ride was when we hit the brake run. I was certain there would be more coming and then we were in the brake run. Post-loop the ride slowed down so much me and my sister were having a conversation about how boring the ride was as it was going. Nothing super about this looper I fear.
  3. Laff Track
  4. "You were good, I'm waiting for you to be great." The ride was shorting than I was hoping for and it didn't spin as much as I wanted. I can't really complain, I enjoyed it but left it wanting more.
  5. Comet
  6. This ride deserves better than this ranking but it's competition is simply too stiff. Thoroughly enjoyed this and it did was it was supposed to.
  7. Fahrenheit
  8. I came into this park thinking I would be converted to an Intamin fanboy considering I had only been on one (Cheetah Hunt) up to this point, but the significant rattle was not comforting at all. Layout was great but the valleys after each element was felt much more than I wanted.
  9. Storm Runner
  10. I won't even lie this is an unfair ranking. The launch was so much fun and I loved it but the ride felt like 20 seconds in duration. The rattle was less noticeable in comparison to Fahrenheit, but the rest of this list provided me the same thrill while also having a better length.
  11. Lightning Racer
  12. Lightning > Thunder. Thunder may win every single time but Lightning has a special place in my heart. Ok ok it may not make sense I put Fahrenheit so low because of rattle yet have no complaints about this ride but the rickety feel gives it character.
  13. Great Bear
  14. This ride just feels so fast and I love it. The best invert I've personally been on, as SFOG's batman is just too intense for me, but this one was smooth and more graceful.
  15. Jolly Rancher Remix
  16. May be overrating this ride because I've never been on a coaster this style but man I love this ride. I've never experienced a ride in which I had to rub my eyes midway through to remember where I was. The flavored scent was the cherry on top.
  17. Candymonium
  18. The drop is just so good the rest is the cherry on top. Side note I never knew some B&M hypers used seatbelts.
  19. Skyrush
  20. Thighcrush this Thighcrush that blah blah blah. Personally my thighs were just fine and the way the restraints are let me get airtime I haven't experienced before. I only started feeling it on the brake run but they like loosened the restraints while we sat which is ???? feel like that is a safety hazard as I could've jumped off the ride but oh well.
  21. Wildcat's Revenge
  22. Mouth was gaping the whole ride. Only reason this doesn't beat Iron Gwazi for me is the drop on Iron Gwazi was unforgettable and this one was pretty mid. What an amazing ride and worth the wait. I think i saw 5 trains of people clap after hitting the brake run and it was deserved.
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2023.06.08 00:35 BeautifullyInspire My boss took my name off an Emmy award win

I know this is first world issue and people have other problems. But please give me the opportunity to vent.
Bit of background to set the stage
I hold a degree in linguistics and I have been working in the video industry for 10 years. I have some mental issues, but Im considered high functioning. I suffer from extreme low self esteem, depression, and have social anxiety. I am not considered attractive and I am female. I was misdiagnosed with borderline retardation as a child, which delayed my education. Therefore, it’s difficult for me to get people to take me seriously.
Main: actual vent
My boss told me that I was going to win an Emmy for a series I worked on with she and a colleague. It would have been my first ever. Turns out my name got left off the award. It only allows 5. Three names were dedicated to production, two others were sales and accounting.
My colleague who worked on more episodes than me rightfully got credit, but my name was removed and my boss announced to the whole station that it was because of "lack of space." It's frustrating because I worked on the series too. Honestly, if anyone deserved full credit, it was my colleague who did 4 episodes. I did 1 and my boss did just 1.
I wish she could have left both our names off or included mine as well…and deleted the admin people. Plus, she already has two Emmy wins this year, so it would have been nice for me to get some recognition too.
In addition… I was invited to attend the Emmy awards but my boss said they only would find if people were actually in the lineup to receive an award and if I wanted to go I would have to sit out-of-pocket. So I said I think I’d like to go…and then she went and freaking changed her mind saying that “there’s not a lot of hotel space so maybe it’ll be rude of you to go, (my name)”
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2023.06.08 00:35 WyrdBlackCat I don't know how to deal with my mother anymore

English is not my first language, so I apologize in advance for any mistakes.
I've (29F) been a long time lurker, and after seen how helpful and sweet everyone here is, I couldn't stop myself posting. Idk if I'm looking for advice or simply to say things out loud, so bear with me if this sounds all over the place.
My mother is an amazing woman. She's caring, generous, witty and attentive. She remembers little details about everyone. She always gives thoughtful gifts and is always available to help anyone who needs. But she's also incredibly lonely. She doesn't have a lot of friends and she's very closed off, so her relationships are basically me, my brother, her mother and sister. My brother has left home years ago and I was planning to move out this year, but her health issues put a break to that.
She has a lot of conditions and had to have heart surgery last year. A couple years before that she had a stroke. Amidst it all, the emotional labour of her health issues were placed onto me. My brother checked out ever since he was 18yo, so I was her companion, caregiver, therapist, cleaner, cook and anything else she needed. She scheduled her appointments and took her pills, but I had to take her to and from said appointments, fisioterapy treatments, monitor symptoms, make sure the doctors knew said symptoms (she has a bad tendency to hide things up), schedule hospital stays, etc. When she had the stroke, I had to call the hospital and arrange her stay while I worked on site, since no one else would do it. Then I had to change my shifts so I could leave early to feed her (she lost temporary control of her left side, so she couldn't eat by herself).
She had the heart surgery done during covid, and it was incredibly stressful because hospitals weren't accepting anyone. Her health was deteriorating and I had to keep taking her to different hospitals, hoping someone would do the surgery.
All this to say that, at this point, I'm so fucking tired. I've spent the majority of my adult life caring for her. I want to have my own life and my own things and care for myself, but I feel I can't move foward. She spent the entire year so far complaining about health issues that are nonexistent. Doctors did every single test imaginable and she's fine! Her heart is better than mine probably, and I'm more than 30 years younger than her! And yet she complains, and every time she talks to me is to say how she's feeling terrible, how she's afraid of dying, how shw wishes she would just be well again. i can't take this anymore. I feel slowly descending into madness. I know she is lonely and scared of being left alone if me and my brother move out, but she also doesn't take her mental health seriously and asking her to do therapy is a fool's errand. I've started resenting her for it; I've dealt with my problems, be then health related or not, privately, and never involved her in anything. The need for me to "oversight" her life has made me incredibly bitter, to the point where I'm starting to avoid her.
I honestly don't know what to do. I don't know if I'm wrong or not. She needs me, and I'm all that she has. I just wished she didn't need me as much as she does.
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2023.06.08 00:35 AutoModerator Watch Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse Online Free ReddiT

26 seconds ago - Here’s options for downloading or watching Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse streaming the full movie online for free on 123movies & Reddit including where to watch Universal Pictures’ movie at home. Is Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse 2023 available to stream? Is watching SPIDER-MAN ACROSS THE SPIDER-VERSE on Disney Plus, HBO Max, Netflix or Amazon Prime? Yes we have found an authentic streaming option / service. Details on how you can watch #SpiderManAcrosstheSpiderVerse for free throughout the year are described below
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2023.06.08 00:35 FantasticShoulders A little bit of special interest frustration

I really hate going into “defensive” mode (even just internally) when it comes to hyperfixations or special interests.
For instance, fairy tales seem to be the special interest that stuck around after childhood. When I was little, I would spend hours watching Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and Princess and the Pauper…and then even more time modeling my behavior after my favorite princesses (Aurora’s been the biggest influence). People have called me a real life Disney Princess on multiple occasions, and I know it’s because that modeled behavior became my actual mannerisms and shaped my personality/fashion sense.
Ballet falls under the umbrella, too, due to the Barbie versions of Swan Lake/the Nutcrackethe 12 Dancing Princesses (and Sleeping Beauty as a non-Barbie influence). I don’t know how much of my toe-walking is a sensory thing and how much is a remnant of copying ballerinas. I never took professional ballet classes, but not for a lack of wishing and wanting (there weren’t studios near me).
Now, having gained/discovered a special interest in media analysis (I can’t just say “this could have represented X”, I have to basically write a whole essay on it), I understand fairy tales better. It’s worth noting that Disney’s versions of fairy tales weren’t ever my special interest; it’s fairy tales as a whole. The huge, main thing I’ve come to understand is that we don’t really have “original” versions of tales that weren’t literary ones.
Stories like The Nutcracker, The Little Mermaid, Alice in Wonderland, and the Wizard of Oz are all literary fairy tales: created by an author using a variety of different inspirations. Other fairy tales, like Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty, don’t have originals. What they do have is earliest known examples of their tale type: a number and name given to tales that share tropes according to the Aarne-Thompson Index.
Where my frustration comes in is how I get so ticked off when people say things like “the original Sleeping Beauty included (insert horrific thing), Disney sanitized it!”
I feel compelled to correct them, and when I do it feels like I come off as a jerk (not normal for me) and a pretentious know-it-all. My instant response is “actually, Disney’s version of Sleeping Beauty was based off of the ballet, which was based off of the version of Sleeping Beauty written down by Charles Perrault. The oldest examples of the tale type are horrific, yes, but they’re under the same umbrella…not the same story. Perrault’s version doesn’t even include a kiss; the prince falls to his knees when he discovers the princess and she wakes up after that, asking him if he’s the one she’s been dreaming of.”
I also get super frustrated about “dark” versions of fairy tales that get their lore from movie adaptations. I can’t express how much I hate the Maleficent movies (can you tell I have a special affinity for Sleeping Beauty yet?). I’ve also got a special, specific distaste for Wicked because of how badly it butchers the original Oz books (which the Oz film also butchered in places—specifically the handling of “you’ve all have had the power within you all along” for the Scarecrow/Tin Man/Lion, who got massively flanderized). It further adds to this cycle of misunderstandings regarding how fairy tales work and how Disney has created a pseudo-canon of fairy tales in general.
Snow White figures typically don’t get kissed (usually something happens that causes them to cough up the apple), Sleeping Beauties don’t always prick their fingers on a spinning wheel (it’s usually the case that a piece of flax gets stuck under their fingernail), and it’s not always the shoe that causes the Prince to recognize Cinderella (in some cases it’s her eyes, which is so sweet).
But I can’t go into detail about this stuff every time it comes up, because I don’t want to be seen as a walking, pretentious fairy tale encyclopedia. I don’t want to ruin anyone else’s enjoyment, and I just don’t like the feeling of realizing I’ve been defensive/protective of my interests after I’ve unknowingly spoken an analytical essay’s worth of information to someone.
I wish I could enjoy movies that draw from fairytale stereotypes/Disney’s versions of fairy tales (or at least discuss them with friends) without feeling insulted/attacked. I also wish I had the option to not attract too much attention while still dressing how I like and acting like myself.
At the same time, though, my passion has given me opportunities I never thought I would get. So it’s not all bad, not at all. Just frustrating to deal with sometimes.
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2023.06.08 00:34 thepmdj How to deal with constant rejection?

I've (32) been with my gf (28) for 4 years now. I'm sure like most of you the honey moon phase was great, sex almost every day for months and then it went to a couple times a week, then a couple times a month etc..
Anyways we've had sex 3 times in the past year and a half but surprisingly two weeks ago, she initiated. She went over the top with lingerie that i bought for her last year, enthusiastic head and she got on top.
It's so frustrating. When she's finally horny i have to be ready for it no matter what. I'd love to be able to say no just out of spite but let's be real, it happens so infrequently that I'll take what i can get. I've taken her out on nice dates, given full body massages, I'll rub her feet while we're having a lazy night watching movies but the answer is going to be no 99% of the time when i ask for it. How do you deal with it?
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2023.06.08 00:34 katatonia1112 Wicked game

Please believe me when I say I tried not to fall in love with you. And yes- I acknowledge that love is a very, very strong word. But the way I feel about you, it goes deeper than a simple crush, and it's much more substantial than infatuation.
I cannot logically explain why or how I developed such strong feelings for you. I suppose if I've learned anything from this experience, it's that we truly can't chose the people we love. Sometimes it's utterly inconvenient, even offensive whom it may be. But whether or not we act on it says who we are as a person. Because trust me, I wanted to tell you. My soul was begging me to divulge this forbidden secret. But alas, you know why I can't do that. Even if the best case scenario happened where things were mutual, we both know actions cannot be taken.
The worst part is just when I think I'm finally getting over you, there you go again waltzing into my dreams! The version of you that lives in my head is torturous. But as I've stated, nothing can or should ever happen between us, as painful as that is, that's just reality. But H... after all this time and the many questions I've asked you, can you just do me the favor of answering one more. Just for my peace of mind.
Did you feel it too?
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2023.06.08 00:34 nickraez26 Got results of sleep study back..

Talked to my doctor last week on a follow up about my sleep study results. Honestly idk how to feel lol she said I didn’t qualify for the cpap cuz my AHI was 3.8? She said anything below 5 is consider normal? She asked how I thought i slept I told her I felt like I barely slept but she said I slept 6-7 hours and even hit REM sleep. Said my apnea was worst during REM sleep and supine position but oh my side no apneas at all. I’m just confused I’ve been told my family I have it bad but when I get a sleep study I only have a AHI OF 3.8? Something sees off. Doctor did said that my snoring is really bad and that I most likely have a deviated septum and that getting surgery for it might fix my sleep apnea for good and stop my snoring. Anyways if y’all were me would y’all get a second sleep study done ? Just to make sure ? I see the ENT on July 6th
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2023.06.08 00:34 Far-Weekend912 Going to be homofobic ? Be ready to face the consequences.

I posted this in another subreddit and someone told me that it will be better in this one
I (22) am a waitress. For some context, I'm pansexual, and was wearing a very colorful makeup and some earing with the LGBT+ flag on them. My work place will be shut down next week bc of a high debt in the franchise, so we don't care anymore about our job, even if we still try to do it the best that we can. Half of the staff is part of the community too. Now onto the story. We sat a couple (maybe 60yo both) and at the moment that they saw me, they looked at me like I was a plague. I was annoyed but still went to do my job, and got at their table to take their order. When I aproch them, they were kind of rude to me, but it is what it is and I took apon myself and took their drinks order. When I got back at their table to bring the drink, they asked me if I wasn't ashamed of myself. I was confused and ask them what they ment, and they waved their hand to designate my earings. I got confused and them remembered which ones I was wearing and at that point I was pissed. I told them that it was only earings and that there was nothing upsetting about them. They looked more annoyed and told me that I was setting a bad example for children and that people like me should keep a low profile (I'm Latina but where I live, people think that I'm from the Middle Eastern and they're really racist toward those people) and that I'm an anomaly. At that moment I was like "fuck it, I will soon be jobless, so now I'm gonna tell those rudes customers to go fuck themselves". I look them both and told them "You do know that homofobia is discrimination and that is punished by law? We are here since the dawn of the wold and we're not going anywhere. And I'm sorry that you're such jerks with a closed mind that a fucking simple rainbow trigger you. I bet you get a fucking episode when there's sun right after the rain and that mother nature do her thing. But I guess that I will not be dealing with your BS since you're soon going to be with your moms if you're almost having a heart attack from a flag and some colors in a face." They were shocked and soon they were mad and demanded that I get my boss. Little did they know that one of the directors is gay so I went to get him and let's say that he never stayed really polite with rude clients and that he match the energy. It was a shit show and he told them to go pay the bill for their drinks and to get lost. The two clients started to get loud and threatening to call corporate and the cops to fill a complain, so my director told them to do so, bc what will corporate do about the situation since our establishment will be closing in a week. The other director came to check on the situation and he told the same thing to the customers. I was there the whole time and enjoyed every second of it. Later, other customers was praising the director and myself for standing for ourselves and leaved some tips (that aren't mandatory in my country). So yeah, it was one of the rare time that I standed for myself and I'm quite proud of me.
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2023.06.08 00:34 ArthurMarstonn I(22M) want to ask my(23F) girl friend to be my girlfriend but not today of all days

I've been talking to this girl for 6months now and we've really gotten to know eachother. I've been patience and loved her through all of what others may consider flaws and she's proven to me that she's one worth keeping. I adore this girl and would do anything for her. I think she knows I'd like to take things to the next level and has known for some time now. She's been really good at pacing things and I can tell. Today was her birthday and we live to neighbouring states so ever since she told me her bday months ago I've been planning something huge. She got the surprise today and loved it. She said it topped everything else that everyone did for her today which made me really happy. I know this girl, her day has been going REALLY great and popping the question in my opinion would pop the balloon (bad metaphor? xD) . I want to pop the question just not today. I feel like she gets and know that I care for and love her a lot . I don't want it to seem like I did everything I did just to be justified in asking her to be my gf though.I don't want her to feel backed into saying yes nor do I want her to feel bad about saying no. I want to wait a few days maybe 2 weeks at most. My plan is to be subtle about asking her but my really good friend says I should strike while the iron is hot. In my opinion there's no reason for her to say no, but I just don't want to push my luck. I feel as though she'll look around at all the things I've done for her or sent her and still know I love her if I give it a few days. If I haven't made it clear. I want to let things marinate(worse metaphor?). If she says yes it'll be a long distance relationship ofc but I'm totally ok with that. If she says no, that's not a problem either, I plan on sticking around and not just flipping and being a child about it. Everyone says it's been long enough to ask but I know that things are just different sometimes. Time and patience are all that are needed and I want to say I have lots of both.
Would love some advice on what to do.Cheers.
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2023.06.08 00:34 wrongasian Tired of being told to Forgive my Mother

Tw: Csa, basically everything
If I hear “she’s still your mother” one more fucking time I’m going to freaking lose it, My mother knew her boyfriend was sexually abusing and trafficking me and my siblings and she did nothing. Let it go on for years and her final straw was only when He put his hands on her and all of a sudden police were involved. After we were placed into foster care she did just enough to still keep her parents rights without ever getting us back causing us to bounce around from home to home for years until one day she gave up her parental rights and started a new family with a new boyfriend and a new kid. That women has never cared for anyone other than herself. We finally cut contact and she told everyone and now we have extended family and friends reaching us telling us to forgive because “she’s still our mother” “everyone makes mistakes” “it was hard on her as well”. Where do people even get this level of fucking audacity, I’m one millisecond away from just losing it.
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