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2023.06.07 14:43 lonelyartist10 I am so glad I whiteknuckled my depression and suicidal ideations to get into the Air Force and then left with veteran benefits

If I "got help" and "did all the right things" according to what a depressed person is supposed to do, like if I was honest to some shrink about my suicidal ideations and got locked into 72 hour hold and was prescribed meds, I would never have been able to join the air force. If I "got help", I would've been a victim to the system and be passed around from institution to institution. I would've still been stuck in a bumfucknowhere with no serious job prospects, struggled to maintain a shit job because nobody else would hire me, stayed homeless because I was abandoned by my family, stayed in a crack house with 5 federal convicts because that's the best I can do, sink into medical debt from the involuntary hold even though I had no insurance and was too poor to get regular medical help on my own - who the hell wouldn't want to off themselves in that situation? And if I decided to brighten my future and go to school, I would've been in serious debt to pay for it and I am not that bright either to navigate the college system. Fuck all that.
I was too poor to see an actual therapist or doctor, so I had no medical records. I kept my mouth shut about my real thoughts and joined.
I was less depressed during my service, it felt like I had a pre-established group of friends and I was less likely to just fall through the cracks or float away because someone somewhere would notice if they didn't hear from me for a couple days and bring me back into the fold. I worked on a degree during my service because I had stability for once in my life. Now that I am out again, at least now I am depressed in a nice house with my own car parked out in the garage, depressed with some savings in the bank instead of nothing, and sitting here being depressed with my homework while having the GI bill pay for my master's degree and also giving me money to go to school. It's definitely better to be miserable inside a nice warm house and something to keep me busy instead of being miserable while jobless and sitting under a bridge or inside a crack house with like 5 federal convicts.
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2023.06.07 14:43 kyraaaaaxd Hound's Head Manor

Hound's Head Manor
Hi all, I made this build a year ago and thought I would share! I'm not the best at taking photos, so bare with me 😅
This manor belongs to Actress and Singer, Judith Ward and her husband, Marcus Ward and their two children, Juliet and Matthew.
The Manor consists of 4 bedroom, with Judith and Marcus having their own rooms, a pool house & gym, and a little cottage by the farm for the live-in gardener and Au Pair.
I hope you guys like it :)
There is CC: HeyHarrie, Felixandre, Ravasheen, Pierisims, Little Dica & Peacemaker. As well as TwistedMexi's BetterBuild Mod
Gallery ID: kyraaaaxd (CC on required)
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2023.06.07 14:42 SloanMamba21 Tips on staying sober during those “special occasion” events?

First off, I’m 12 days sober. I feel better — cravings are easing up, and my energy is also increasing.
BUT - I have a Wedding to attend this weekend that I’m concerned about in regards to the temptation. My family loves do drink, dance and have a good time and I have always had a “life of the party” persona. I’ve been anxious about this for a long time and it will be my toughest test yet.
I also have a HUGE soccer match on July 26th to attend with two of my best friends who drink a ton.. they have already listed multiple breweries to attend while there.
It’s super hard to imagine myself not drinking at the “special occasion” events and really, just a life without any alcohol in general. I tell myself, I’d love to have a life where I just don’t think about it and can “take it or leave it” - but I’m terrified of spiraling after one slip.
Any ideas on how to manage these difficult events and rid myself of the alcohol cloud that seems to hover over them?
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2023.06.07 14:42 Overall_Bodybuilder9 My husband (drunk and unprovoked) told a group of our friends (in front of me) that his ex was the best sex he’s ever had. Also that she’s the hottest woman he’s ever been with.

He was going on and on about how kinky and freaky she is and that she was so toxic but he couldn’t stop fucking her and they kept hooking up for years afterwards because the sex was incredible. He also brags about having dated two models (she was one of them and he did not date them at the same time). They were both bisexual and he would have threesomes. While going on about how hot and great his ex was he started talking about the threesomes he’s had as well.
He had also kept all or her nudes and their sex tapes on his phone which I had discovered before we got married. He claims they’ve been erased.
This isn’t the first time he’s randomly gone on bragging about threesomes, his model ex’s, or that his ex was the best sex ever. It’s happened a couple of other times when he was drunk.
I’m just over it. I’m a very sexual person and I love to please my partner but I don’t appreciate hearing this stuff and it really ruins my self esteem. I feel like I don’t want to have sex anymore with him. I feel defeated and gross.
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2023.06.07 14:42 chms2002 Help! Tried 3 different pills and lead a healthy lifestyle but my cycle has disappeared and symptoms keep worsening

I’ve recently joined this group as I am looking to reach out for some support for my PCOS journey/symptoms that are starting to drive me crazy!
I was diagnosed with PCOS after I stopped getting periods and was experiencing severe acne few years ago- despite having a normal cycle for the majority of my teenage years! Therefore, as usual, my doctor suggested I went on the pill- to help with both the acne and to hopefully bring some sort of menstrual cycle back (I understand that the pill is not a “treatment” for PCOS but as I was so young and still in school, lifestyle and diet changes were hard to manage so it was what option fit me best at the time!)
It took two different pill swaps to finally bring back my cycle and control my acne- I was put on quite a strong pill (Diane- which I know is controversial in some circles) and finally my skin completely cleared up, and my cycle went back to normal, no issues at all! For a good few years Diane really worked for me- I felt great, and began to implement some lifestyle changes like diet and exercise which led me to losing 10-12 kgs!
All was going well, until around 6 months ago when I began to notice some horrible mental side effects of Diane- which I had not experienced prior. I tried really hard to push through however my mental health was just getting worse and worse. I therefore consulted my doctor and we decided to try Zoely, a lower dosage pill to hopefully combat the mental health symptoms. My doctor did warn me that I may lose my cycle again as I would be moving to a lower dosage, however I believed that perhaps my change in lifestyle may naturally help with some symptoms, so I wasn’t really worried. I have now been on Zoely for 5 months, and feel great mentally however I have not had a period since swapping pills- and my acne, on my body as well as my face is continuing to worsen.
I’ve talked to my doctor about this and she’s let me know that from her end, we have pretty much tried everything she can offer and my next hope is to visit a gynaecologist.
I just would like some advice/support- I’m feeling so lost and discouraged as I really thought I had the condition under control for so many years, just for it to get worse than it was originally! I feel like I’ve tried all the “treatment” options available to me, and I have no idea what’s next. I’m only just turning 21, and I am constantly so stressed about managing this condition and what it means for my future.
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2023.06.07 14:42 GodBjorn Do you think Jagex is working on Runescape 4? Or a completely new Runescape in general?

Personally i believe Runescape is an amazing game. The whole concept of building your own character through skills is a lot of fun to me. Pair this with great Quests, a massive world, PvM challenges and a fully operational market and i don't want anything else.
While i believe OSRS is currently Runescape at its peak, it does make me wonder. Do you think Jagex would ever build a new MMO from the ground up? Because lets face it. Runescape 3 isn't a modern day MMO. It really suffers from being constantly changed, old area's and feels far too crowded in a lot of places.
Some of the things that i think would be amazing in a modern day Runescape are:
I just think we'd get such a good game if they used all the experience of the past 20 years and made a modern day Runescape. It could really be the next big thing.
Anyways, do you think Jagex is working on something like this? Or will they just keep trying and updating RS3?
What would you hope for in a completely new version of OSRS?
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2023.06.07 14:42 BookkeeperSad9688 Smile Design Dentistry

At Bakersfield Smile Design, we are committed to offering our patients the best in dental care and hygiene services. Our experienced staff will work with you to treat all your dental needs in a friendly and relaxing atmosphere. We look forward to answering any questions you may have about smile design dentistry, visit our website now.
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2023.06.07 14:41 gammablew Try EZ Car Title Loans for Auto Loans

When individuals find themselves in need of swift financial assistance while owning a car, EZ Car Title Loans emerges as a reliable solution. Specializing in efficient and hassle-free loans, EZ Car Title Loans leverages the value of customers' cars as collateral. Regardless of whether one resides in Florida, Texas, New Jersey, or various other states across the United States, EZ Car Title Loans offers accessible auto loans.
Recognizing the time sensitivity of clients' situations, EZ Car Title Loans has meticulously developed an application process that emphasizes speed and convenience. By simply visiting their website at, applicants can swiftly obtain a personalized loan estimate in just minutes. Throughout the loan application, EZ Car Title Loans prioritizes a smooth experience, valuing applicants' time and minimizing any potential complications.
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By seizing the opportunity to overcome financial challenges promptly and effortlessly, individuals can unlock the cash they need. To commence the process and experience the convenience offered by EZ Car Title Loans, interested parties are encouraged to visit without delay.
By visiting, borrowers can obtain auto title loans in Texas, Nevada, Florida, New Jersey, Arkansas and other states.
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2023.06.07 14:41 wizardlizard88 I feel like I'm being asked to decide dozens of variations of the same thing

Hear me out here.... I am 35 and live in a small town now so OLD has become the best option so I can date in a big UK city. When I was younger I always met girls and never had to date. Turns out though that picking girlfriends based on the housemates or work colleagues that would sleep with you wasn't a successful long term strategy.
So I've always had a type but that type has caused lots of problems in the past and I am trying to be a bit more open minded. For those that are curious my type is cute brunette who is shy but a little weird/crazy. The thing is, it's causing a bunch of such polar opposite interactions that I am just confused. Do any of you go in this with a set goal of what you are looking for? I'm a pretty easy guy to have a conversation with so usually it goes well but is that enough to continue seeing them? Am I going to meet people and belike YEP YOU ARE IT? THIS IS WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR.
I am talking about now having dates with age ranges from 28-38. Women who are still renting rooms to those owning houses (nothing wrong with either). Some give me the vibes of my unhinged ex but can't tell if I am just projecting that due to it being so traumatic. Some give off calm energy and I can't tell if I am just comparing to the fun I used to have that wasn't sustaintable. Some are quite spiritual but lack other interests, some are more travel companions but like alcohol alot more than I do.
I am pretty sure one of the women I have spoken to would be keen to keep progressing and I worry I will get into a situation where I think 'yea this is nice, let's give it a go' but is that settling? How do you know? Should I be committing to dating various women over a 3 or 6 month period? I get anxious that the rest of my life will be decided on who I choose to be a partner.
I should also say one thing I'm picking up from all of this at my age is there are alot of women who are very eager to settle down. I can't tell if they are doing everything right because they want kids and I am a very suitable partner. When I was in my 20's at least I knew there was less of a worry about this for them. It almost feels like they have made the decision to stop looking for that connection and settle down and try and find it.
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2023.06.07 14:41 PhoenixFaeldo777 How do I regress?

Hi everyone
So, quite a while ago, one of my best friends told me that they regressed. I was very supportive of them even though I didn't really know what it was at the time.
Anyway, this is quite a while ago now and in the time since that I've discovered I'm a trans girl and turned 17. I remember very vividly that in the evening on my 17th birthday I was in the bathroom crying. I was crying because I don't want to grow up. This is incredibly scary for me. I don't want to go to college, get a job, buy a house, I don't want any of it. I just want to be a child again. I miss when my life was simple, when school wasn't incredibly stressful and when I didn't have to deal with so much dysphoria.
So recently I was thinking about regression because of this. My friend does it and talks to me about it sometimes so I know what it is. And it honestly sounds really nice to me. I really miss my childhood and I wish I could be a kid as the "correct gender". So, long story short, the idea of regression sounds really nice to me but I have no idea how to do it or where to even start.
Thanks in advance :)
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2023.06.07 14:40 Kiranmathew103 E-Check: An Efficient Payment Method for Modern Businesses

Electronic checks or “e-checks” have become an increasingly popular payment method for businesses in recent years. E-checks provide many benefits such as security, convenience, and efficiency. In this article, we will discuss what an e-check is, how it works, the advantages and disadvantages of using e-check texas, and how businesses can implement this payment method to streamline their operations. Electronic checks are often used to make recurring payments such as monthly rent or subscription services. Many businesses also use e-checks to pay their suppliers and vendors.
What is an E-Check?
An e-check is an electronic payment method that is processed through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network. Instead of writing a physical check, the payee (person or business receiving payment) enters the routing number, account number, and payment amount into an online system. The funds are then electronically transferred from the payer's (person or business making the payment) bank account to the payee's bank account.
How Does an E-Check Work?
An e-check works in a similar way to a traditional check. The payee provides their bank information to the payer, who then enters the information into their bank's online payment system. The payment amount is then transferred from the payer's bank account to the payee's bank account using the ACH network.
The ACH network is a nationwide system that connects banks and financial institutions to facilitate electronic transactions. It is run by the Federal Reserve and the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA). The ACH network is used for other electronic transactions such as direct deposits and bill payments.
When an e-check is processed, the payer's bank verifies that the account has sufficient funds to cover the payment and sends the payment information to the payee's bank. The payee's bank then deposits the funds into the payee's account.
Advantages of Using E-Checks
There are many advantages to using e-checks as a payment method.
· Convenience: E-checks are convenient for both payers and payees. Payers do not have to write and mail physical checks, and payees do not have to deposit physical checks at a bank branch.
· Efficiency: E-checks are much faster than traditional checks. Traditional checks can take days to clear, while e-checks clear in just a few hours.
· Security: E-checks are more secure than traditional checks. There is less risk of the check being lost or stolen in the mail, and e-checks are processed using encryption technology to protect sensitive financial information.
· Cost-effective: E-checks are often cheaper than traditional checks. Many banks charge little or no fees for e-checks, while traditional checks can be expensive to order, print, and mail.
· Environmentally friendly: E-checks are more environmentally friendly than traditional checks. They require no paper or ink and reduce the carbon footprint of the payment process.
Disadvantages of Using E-Checks
While there are many advantages to using e-checks, there are also some disadvantages to consider.
· Processing time: While e-checks are faster than traditional checks, they still take a few hours to clear. This may not be ideal for businesses that require immediate payment.
· Risk of fraud: E-checks are subject to the same risks of fraud as traditional checks. Payers must ensure that their bank information is kept secure and payees must safeguard their bank information from potential hackers or phishing scams.
· No physical record: E-checks do not provide a physical record of the payment transaction. This can be problematic for businesses that require a physical record of their financial transactions for tax or accounting purposes.
· Bank account required: E-checks require both the payer and payee to have a bank account. This may not be feasible for individuals or businesses that do not have access to a bank account.
· Technical issues: E-checks rely on technology to function properly. Technical issues such as system crashes or connectivity problems can disrupt the payment process.
How to Implement E-Checks for Your Business
Implementing e-checks as a payment method for your business can help streamline your operations and improve the payment experience for your customers.
Here are some steps to follow when implementing e-checks:
  1. Choose a payment processor: You will need to choose a payment processor that can handle e-check transactions. Some popular payment processors include PayPal, Stripe, and Intuit QuickBooks.
  2. Integrate with your accounting software: You will need to integrate your payment processor with your accounting software to ensure that your financial records are accurate and up-to-date.
  3. Communicate the e-check option to your customers: Once you have implemented e-checks, you will need to communicate this payment option to your customers. This can be done through your website, email newsletters, or other marketing materials.
  4. Train your staff: If you have staff that handles payments, such as a bookkeeper or accounting department, you will need to train them on how to process e-check payments.
  5. Monitor the payment process: It is important to monitor the payment process and ensure that payments are being processed correctly and on time.
E-checks are an efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly payment method for businesses. While there are some disadvantages to using e-checks, the advantages far outweigh the risks. By implementing e-checks as a payment method and following best practices, businesses can improve their payment processes and provide a better payment experience for their customers.
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2023.06.07 14:40 SteelBitePro21 VidaCalm Reviews Reddit : ⚠️Vidacalm Supplement Scam Or Legit⚠️ Does VIDACALM Work

VidaCalm Reviews Reddit : ⚠️Vidacalm Supplement Scam Or Legit⚠️ Does VIDACALM Work

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2023.06.07 14:40 AutoModerator Stirling Cooper - Dirty Talk (updated)

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2023.06.07 14:39 Weltweitewerbung BIDA, weil mich die Geschlechtsidentität meiner Partnerperson verunsichert?

Meine Partnerperson ist AFAB (assigned female at birth, eine Person mit XX Chromosomen) und ich bin transgender, eine trans Frau. Wir sind seit Jahren befreundet, sind uns kurzzeitig näher gekommen, haben uns von einander entfernt und waren kurz darauf beste Freunde, sind es vier Jahre gewesen. Dass sie nicht binär ist weiß ich schon länger und als ich ihr erklärt habe, dass ich trans bin wurde unsere Verbindung immer stärker - und wir verliebten uns ineinander, in die befreiten Personen, die wir waren.
Da meine Freundin (der Ausdruck ist auch in Ordnung für sie) ADS hat und nun in Reha ist, hat sie nun auch Zeit sich Gedanken über ihre Geschlechtsidentität zu machen. Heute sagte sie mir, dass sie einige der anderen Besucher der Reha darum gebeten hat die männlichen Pronomen für sie zu verwenden. Ich sage sie, weil ich leider besorgt bin und ich weiß wie heuchlerisch das ist: ich bin binär trans, nehme meine Hormone und hoffe auf eine baldige geschlechtsangleichende Operation und habe Sorge, weil meine Partnerperson andere Pronomen für sich testet? Das Problem, das ich damit habe ist folgendes: ich behaupte, dass sie, die Person, deshalb so lange mit sich gehadert hat, so lange nicht klar gesagt hat, wer sie ist, „was“ sie ist und wie man mit ihr umgehen soll, weil sie familiäre und persönliche Unsicherheiten hat. Ihr ADS macht sie sprunghaft, unkonzentriert, von heute auf morgen ändert sich ihr Empfinden über sich. Brüste gut, Brüste schlimm, Hüfte schön, Hüfte hässlich, anderes Genital gewünscht, nein doch nicht. Jetzt sagt sie, dass sie diese Pronomen eihn/ihm/seine … ausprobiert und es ist wohl auch vorerst ein Ausprobieren, das steht ihr zu, vollkommen. Aber ich bin nicht hetero; ich stehe nicht auf Männer Ich habe Sorge, dass sie den Wunsch hat - und das hat sie weder eindeutig bestätigt noch eindeutig dementiert - ebenfalls eine Transition zu starten, um ihr Leben als Mann fortzusetzen. Wie gesagt: soll sie machen, ich mache auch eine Transition - aber das war von Anfang an unserer Beziehung klar. Jetzt werde ich hier mit neuen Entwicklungen „überrascht“ und bin unsicher, ob ich meiner Partnerperson noch gerecht werden kann. Sie ist ohnehin pansexuell, für sie kommen also sowieso alle Geschlechter für Dates, Sex und Liebe in Frage - für mich nicht. Bin ich das Arschloch, weil ich Angst habe davor, dass sie bzw dass er sich dahingehend entwickelt, dass er nicht mehr der ist, den ich zu lieben gelernt habe? Den ich aufgrund seiner Eigenschaften, körperlicher und persönlicher, zu schätzen gelernt habe?
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2023.06.07 14:39 Mikillante Forbidden Door isn’t meant to appeal to people, it’s meant to appeal to me

I hear a lot of talk about how ‘casual fans’ and ‘normal people’ don’t like how AEW sidetracks everything they’re doing to set up heatless bangers with New Japan. But what they’re forgetting is I like it! I was subjected to 20 years of McHitler sports entertainment and now it’s my turn to get what I want, so shut the fuck up!
Did I stop watching WWE just because I hated it with every fiber of my being? No, I stuck around and did my best to ruin the show for you at every possible moment. So you owe it to me to tune in Wednesdays at 8 PM ET on TBS for Dynamite. But NOT on Saturdays for Collision. Fuck CM Punk.
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2023.06.07 14:38 NeedATruckThrowaway Colorado (and Canyon) Extended Cab vs Crew Cab

I've been looking for a used truck, and the one I keep coming back to is the first gen (2004 - 2014) Chevrolet Colorado / GMC Canyon. I'm torn on whether the crew cab or the extended cab would be best for me. I tend to lean towards the extended cab because i don't have kids (and don't want them), my partner has a newer SUV for when we need to do SUV things, and most of my driving is done by myself or in the SUV. However, I do have two large dogs (75lb and 55lb) and would like to have the option to take them places when the SUV isn't available. I've really only had to do this a handful of times, and only had to take one at a time, so I can't imagine a scenario where I'd need to have both if them with me.
Pros of the extended cab: more bed space for the same overall length, seems to be cheaper usually
Pros of crew cab: i could fit my partner and two dogs in my truck with me (even though I'd probably never need to do that), seems like the re-sell value would hold up a little more.
Is the extra bed length really that useful? I don't do construction or anything and would mostly be using it to pick up smaller furniture or various smaller equipment that just doesn't fit in my current car.
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2023.06.07 14:38 Paul00791 Does this only happen at my airport?

It's unreal how the local TSA at my airport rewards blatant TSOs while TSOs like me that work our 🍑 hard and find prohibited itemsguns never get a “thank you” at least.
However, I fail just one fake test which I will not mention which one and I’m the worst TSO and have to take several classes. I truly understand some of this but it's getting tiring giving your best every time for nothing!
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2023.06.07 14:38 Excellent_Shine7175 AITA for asking my friend to bring me a Dr. Pepper?

My (20F) friend “John” (22M) and I have been friends for about 2.5 years now. I’m currently taking OChem II with Laboratory as a summer class (5 credit hours). It’s a huge workload to adjust to. I have my first test this morning and my first pre-lab was due last night (6 June 23:59), first lab today. John has historically been really good at calming me down when I get really worked up about something.
I love drinking sparkling water, I like the sensation and it calms me down, but unfortunately I’m out right now and haven’t had time to go to the grocery store to get more. My friend John and his roommate have loads of Coke and Dr. Pepper stocked up in their apartment, and they live a block away from me. I texted John I was stressing out, and politely asked him if he could bring me a Dr. Pepper (as a substitute for the bubbles) and come over to help me calm down. We regularly visit each others’ apartments at any time of the day on short notice because we live so close and are good at replying to texts right away.
John replied, “You want me, at 12:06 AM, to bring you a caffeinated beverage, which WILL keep you up, on the night of a test?” I know Dr. Pepper doesn’t have much caffeine and won’t keep me up, and I have evidence to back it up. I sleep like a rock almost every night no matter what’s going on in my life. I know I’m very unusual and blessed in this area. Caffeine doesn’t have much of an effect on me, it’s weird. You’d think my friend of 2.5 years would know me better. John and I went back and forth about my ability to sleep with a little caffeine in my system. He compared me to his roommate who drinks the majority of the soda between them and constantly complains that he is tired. He was trying to falsify what I had said, claiming I had made a “fallacy by anecdote.” He pulls out fancy words that mean shit to me all the time, which just made me more angry. I said, “I’m not [roommate’s name],” to which he replied, “Ur acting like him.”
I finally just asked why he’s harping on me when I definitely drink less soda than him, and I just wanted the bubbles and a little bit of comfort. I said if I’d known he was going to be an ass about it, I would have just gone to a 24/7 fast food drive thru to save myself time instead of arguing with him. Then he claimed the above question “You want me, at 12:06 AM …” was just rhetorical and then changed the subject by asking if I feel prepared for my test tomorrow. He does this when he doesn’t want to deal with something, I feel like it happens most often when I’m angry with him and call him on his crap. I haven’t been answering his texts, I started writing this post and am seriously considering going to a drive thru before continuing to study.
I know John is just trying to look out for me and my best interest, but sometimes I feel like he’s a bit overbearing and controlling over trivial things like this. AITA for how I reacted when John wouldn’t bring me a Dr. Pepper?
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2023.06.07 14:38 Ok-Stuff-8803 Out with the old, in with the new

Hey all. This group popped up in my feed. I have had a first version Acer Predator x34 for a little while and it’s been good. Last year I started to see the odd flicker and cut out in some games. I thought driver issues and been through it all. Increasingly this year the monitor cuts to black I’m in DP mode and even hdmi. Does it with my Mac and my wife’s Mac connected to it via HDMI along with the lines, flicker and greenish tint now and again. It’s dying and I think everyone would probably tell me it’s going to pack in at some point.
I would like a replacement and not sure what is out there. I’ll use it for gaming as well as web and app development. I am in Australia and 3 kids so I can’t go out and get the best of the best but I don’t want crap either. So I will need something above 120hs and I’d like 1ms response time. The x34 is IPS but for the price range VA seems to be the only option.
This is high in the list:
My ideal:
Any help or suggestions?
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